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Lardeau Eagle 1904-07-01

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N��w York Market.
SJCVBR���Bar     ��55i
LKAD-lOOlbs       4.75
THE   EAGLE     IR     MORE _ vnnnr.Y    I    THAN*   AXY
NEWSPAPER    IN    NORTH     KOO'J'K*    |
Vol. V, No II.
Ferguson. B. C, JULY 1, 1904,
$2 a Year
K--��^***-��-**>**-*^*��-��->���-*���������-*-,' .������>.��-������->...->>'......
The sittings ot the supreme court,
with Mr. Justice Martin presiding,
were resumed Saturday morning, and
the trial ot the Poplar adverse action
of Rutherford vs. Morgan' and Pool
occupied the entire day. When the
oourt arose at 6:10 the easo was qnly
partly concluded, and it is expected
that' at least it wouldsoccupy all of
Monday, and possibly part of Tuesday.
Notwithstanding that it was Saturday
and a hot close afternoon, the court sat
,'rom iC'a.m. to 6.10 p.m., tho learned
>dgo remarking that the assize day at
Barkerville had been advanced a day
*.ud that he must bo there by Monday
week, consequently the Nelson sittings
*.-3U6t bo terminated as speedily as
Contrary to general expectations,
no judgments were delivered during
the day, nor was thore any ollieial intimation when they would be given.
Aftor live challenges were made the
following jurymen were selected in the
Rutherford vs. Morgan et al trial: W.
E. Ellis, foreman, Thomas Morley, W.
G. Brown, W. H. Leo, A. H. Clements,
W. W. Bradley, P. B. Leys, nnd Geo.
E. McLaughlin.
E. V. Bodwoll, K.C., appeared for
tho plaintiff, and with him P. E. Wil.
son. -vf. A. Macdonnld, and with him
Robert Hodge for the defendant.
Thu plaintiff's case, proving tho
location of tbo Edith claim, which was
not recorded, and the subsequent location of tho ground by the Ruby Fraction, under which the plaintiff now
claims the ground covered by thc
famous Lucky Jack claim, was partially
concluded during the afternoon, and
caso (or tho defence was opened up.
A order was mado directing the production In court ol the posts used in
staking tbe Edith claim. As these are
all trees cut and trimmed tliey will
have to be cut down and put in as exhibits. Both plaintiff nnd defendants
produced largo photographs of the
ground, showing location posts In position, nnd a map showing tho ground
On Monday tho original stakes wore
produced In court, and able speeches
for both sides were given. The eas.
was practically concluded, although
no vordlct was given whon the court
On Tuesday tho 'companion ease,
that of Hanna vs, Morgan aud Pool
was proceeding before a new jury,
whon tho jury of tbo preceding caso
returned with thoir verdict, which
thoy wero Instructed not to divulge, and
wore discharged. In tho second case,
both sldos retained tlio same legal representatives, and the whole of Tuesday and part of Wednesday was devoted to the hearing. (Ip to thu time
of going to press no remits had
reached hero, but a rumor hus It that
a telegram has been received at Poplar
containing news of a vordlct. for tbe
defendants In the first mentioned case,
| A Result of Enterprise
,4**************<*4***4**4 4*44***4*4*4-4 4*
The Provincial Mineralogist in
his report to the Minister of Mines
has some very interesting data of
the famous Triune mire, and as the
claim is situate almost at our doors
we naturally are proud of the fact,
and our efforts to induce others to
share our pardonable pride is justifiable. The development of the
Triune is proceeding apace. Large
quantities of stores are daily being
sent from the town to the mine in
readiness for the busy season
now upon us, and a large staff of
men with anxious hearts and eager
eyes will soon be participators in a
big fat pay-roll. To those who are
interested in the town ot Ferguson
the following will be interesting,
while to the average reader it
should prove instructive.
The Triune mineral claim is situated on a small tributary oi the
South Fork of Lardeau creek and
about a mile to the south-east of
the Silver Cup, hut in an adjoining
basin. The property is at present
held by the Metropolitan Gold and
Silver Mining Co., of which Mr.
Battey is executive manager at Ferguson, with an office on Main St.,
and the mining operations-for 1904
are under the superintendence of
Mr. A. Dodds. The claim is
reached from Ferguson by a wagon-
road to 8-Mile on the South Fork
road, from which point a sleigh
road has been made up to the basin,
at the head of which the property is
situated. The workings are located
in the high, steep ridge which forms
the head of the basin and are at an
altitude of from 8,200 to 8,500 feet
above the sea, or about 5,000 feet
above the town of Ferguson. The
distance Irom Ferguson to the foot
of the sleigh road is estimated as
five   miles.     The   sleigh   road is
Another Rich Strike.
A. J. Gordon struck a very rich vein
nf over three feot of carbonates yesterday while at work on the Raven. It
carries very high values ln gold and
silver. The claim where tha strike
was made Is within a mile and a half
nf the mill at 5-Mile. Full particulars
will be given ln our next issue.
Roosevelt was nominated by the Ro*
publican party of tbe United Statos at
the Chicago convention on June 22rd,
amidst scenes of the wildest excitement.
Senator Fairbanks, wbo two years ago
was hardly thought of ns a factor In
political life, wae nominated ylco,
about four miles long and has a
regular grade, but is narrow and
not at present suited for a wagon ;
it ends at the lower terminal of the
aerial tramway, at timber line,
at which point a trail almost
two miles long rises by switchbacks up the side of and
around the basin, for about ".,000
feet vertical, to the cabin and
tunnel. A telephone line connects
the cabin with Ferguson. The
mine, from ils situation at an elevation of 8,500 feet on a steep biui"
and above timber line has many
natural obstacles which would have
made a low-grade ore unworkable,
but the " preliminary operations
yielded ore of so high a grade as to
admit of its being mined and shipped at a good profit. In 1903 the
property shipped 113 tons of ore
which yielded about $128 per ton,
the values being chiefly gold and
I The bluff in which the mine is1
situated rises at this point at an
angle of approximately 50 deg.,1
rendering it nearly impossible to
ascend without the aid of ropes, but;
enabling the ore body to be reached j
by short, cross-cut tunnels (rom the
hillside. The upper outcrop of the <
deposit was found to be on the edge
of and possibly underlying a permanent glacier. This outcrop was
so situated as to be very difficult of
access, and the ore body was con.
sequently attacked by tunnels.
The lower tunnel is approximately 216 feet lower than the outcrop,
and is 283 feet long, being rather
winding in its course, but having a
general direction of S. 75 deg.
(Mag). At no feet in, a cross cut
had been run off to the left lor
about 50 feet, and at 190 feet in
from the tunnel mouth there is a
raise nearly straight 'and following
the dip of the ore* body, which
averages about Go de*;*. This raise
connects the upper tunnel, about
105 Ieet higher up, and is continued
to the outcrop some ioj teet above
his tunnel. The upper tunnel is
about 75 feet long from the surface
to the point of intersection, wjth the
raise, and is continued past the latter for some to feet as a drift. Some
200 to 250 feet vertically lower
down the hill a new tunnel is being
run in, and is intended to reach the
ore body at that level. To enable
this, tunnel being started, a small
bench had been cut in the hillside,
and on this a small bunk-house had
been built against the side ol the
hill, designed in such a manner as
to " shed " a snowslidc.
The ore body as developed in the
workings above the lower tunnel,
consists of an ore chute which will
average about / 50 feet long
by four to five feet wide, with a developed d-jptl. r.f about :oo feet,
that is to say to the tunnel level,
the c;e still appearing at this level.
Above the upper tunnel the rich ore
chute has been stoped out, apparently as far as the drifts extend, but
on the two upper drifts to the left
some further galena ore was being
mined, and the ore body may be
found to extend in that direction,
although not so developed in the
The following assays were obtained on samples taken from various points in the mine by an examining engineer :���
S.w<��go<lfi*MeS.ft.orctit An.   a*,       n.
Uiloui ofraiai  M.00  13 oz.
Ill diill   eft, S3 ft. upon
rais..  11.00  _j "    H8p,c.
In l*f! drift ts fl. ni, on
ralm.uin. tamd  0.(10 -       2*1  "
Special sample  ���101 "
At In��� of drift, lo loft, 20
ft, abovo upper tunnol.. 1..Q0-M "   fil  "
The statement that the British are
Invading Thibet becauso of tho exist-
onee there of great virgin gold fields
would seem to he at least partially
borne out by the general reports in the
surrounding coijntries. Tho Ijppaleso
havo a saying th,nt thero Is ��]�����'��, gold*
than gunpowder In Thibet, and certain travellers have assorted thut
there Is, us it matter of fact, a.vast
quantity of untouched gold In tho south
east coi'tuT of the country, and wo
have been regaled with stories of how
shepherds, watching their Hocks, often
sit down for a spare hour or so to wash
gold from the nearest stream. It Ib
assertod that gold Is extensively employed In the manufacture of domestic
utensils for the uso of heads of monasteries. But tho Thibetans will not dig
for it, being afraid of tho anger of the
demons, who they believe reside in the
bowels of tho earth.
An exhibition of mining and hydraulic apparatus, open to all countries, will be held|in Barcelona, Spain,
ln September and during the following
months of this year.
Mining In New Caledonia seems slow
to develop to the Importance so (reefy
predicted in the pust, (hough both
French and English companies are at
And Read
The Newsiest paper in tbe Lardeau.
It Is proposed to hold a drilling contest at St Loula. This should prove
an educational object lesson to many
thousand! of pkiple,
Daily Mail Service.
"On and after July 1st, 1904, a dally
mall will bo put on between Per-
jruBon. Arrowhead and Revolstoko,
und all outside points."
Hare, There, and Everywnero,
ftovolstoke havo u lino programme of
events for tbeir races to-day und tomorrow, $800 being offered In prizes,
Tlie syndicato who aro running tlio
Luck; Boy proporty, after-Jan examina
tion of tlio workings, declared them
selves as well pleaded, and a second
payment was made on tho property
last weok. The ore averrges 2"j0ozs.
silver and 35 per cent, lead.
It Is reported that somo of the deported minors from Cripple Creek will
undertake mining on a co-operative
basis near Tres i'edras, in New
A lump of solid iron weighing about
4 lbs. was taken from the Union Jack
The output for the Cripple Creek
district for the month of May amounted to*l-001,800.
School Board Meeting.
A well-attended public meeting was
held in the School-room on Saturday
morning last. The mooting was eon
vened for tho purpose of electing ;���.
trustee to lil! the vacancy caused by
Mr. J. I,). McKinnon'Btterm of ollico
expiring-, und to transact? general business, Promptly at 11 a/jr.. tbo meeting
settled down to business', and on motion
of Messrs. A. C. Cummins und J, C.
Kirkpatrick Mr, S. Shannon was
elected to tbe chair.
The chairman in a few opening ro-
murks spoke of tbe satisfactory progress tbe school bad made during the
past session. The attendance showe I
a decided improvement, und the wm k
ofthe scholars was inthe highest degree of excellence.
The Secretary (A. C. Cummins) r-sad
his report und submitted a financial
statement for the your.
On motion of Messrs. McKinnon and
Kirkpatrick the secretary's report and
balance sheet were adopted.
Mr. Kirkpatrick asked it were possible
for nn early effort to bo made to clear
off tbo debt of $40 for lumber supplied
by Frank Lebeau. After discussing
tiie matter it was agreed that the
ladies of Ferguson be elected a committee for tho promulgation of u concert to bo held on Labor Day.
The next item on the agenda was lhe
election of trustee for the ensutne
term of three years,
Messrs. Newcombe and Kirkpatrici:
nominated J, Q. McKinnon for re-eld ���
tiun. There being no further nomlna
tion, Mr. McKinnon was duly elected,
and tbe meeting adjourned.
A. Sharp, M.K., mining engineer for
P.,Hums & Co.. suys: "No free gold
camp of such magnitude u.n Poplar
Creek hus us yet-in my opinion, been
discovered in British Columbia.
Por a camp in its initial stages tlie
showing to date is really excellent.
The formation is schist intersected
with quartz veins. Some of the veins
ure very large, several tbat I saw being
us wide us lifty feet. Free gold can bo
panned on the surface showing of all
tho claims.
"Tlie question is, will tbe values
continue at deptii'.- und tbis query can
only be answered by development
work. At the present time tbo indications are all favorable toward a continuance of values at depth,
"About UUO prospeotors are at work
in the district, und in the aggregate a
large amount of work will lie performed this summer, The unfortunate
litigation over the Lucky Jack property is a drawback to tho prosperity
of Poplar oity Just at this time, because the number of men employed
close to tbe town is thereby reduci ���...'
���Kootonay Mail.
The Latest War News.
The.St. Kugene mine at Moyle Is In
active operation ajaln. Good reports
art to hand.
Tokio, Juno 28.���After a hot light
whioh lasted for six hours yesterday
morning, June 27th, the Taku Shan
division of the Japanese army completely defeated lire battalions o'
Russian infantry, which was supported
by 2U regiments of cavalry, and ](i
guns, and occupied Pon Smiling. 22
miles northwest oT Siuyen. Tho Russians Anally fell back In the direction
of Shi Mu Cheng, Tho Japaneso.cai-
ualties aggregated about 100 kilted and
wounded. Major Oba was killed'during the battle.
London, June 28.- -A despatch to the
Central News from Tokio says it is reported that another Russian battleship
has been discovered off Tiger Rock, it
ill supposed she was wrecked while running to Port Arthur after tbe recen.
MglgtWIRti Lardeau Bagle
Prlntfld  iiiui Piiblislie.l   cvorv   KKIDAY  nt
Ferguion, n. c��� by
J.  J.  ATHERTON,  Prop.
to whom all correspondence should bo mailed.
Subscription Hates: S'-'.ou por Annum, f.t
iiny addressin America; .1,211 (ur six months:
IJ.6UK year tu foreign atldroii'.os.   Nu pay, in
AtlvcrlUinjy Rates: Display nils.,11.00 per
��� itf.'le column inch por month. Logal mis., Ill
i culs por (nonparlcl) line fur lirst Insertion; S
..���ut, per line fur etui*, additional insertion
Reading notices IO cents per line each Issue
Ninety day legal notices, Slo.; sixty days, $7.50;
rnirly daya,... -no ads. accepted at fess than
tfiese rules.   No rnnin loruuaeaads.
but two observations to make in
reply : In any event there, would be
litigation whether the Government
guaranteed the legality of the
claims or not, the difference being
that instead of the whole country
being saddled with the cost, the
speculators will have to determine
.heir own rights. Then again, it
the parties making application are
afraid that they cannot make iheir
claims stick, they need not pny the
���I'ioo, lhat is all.
rour weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
FRIDAY.   JULY   1,   1004.
Dominion Day I This is the
day of the yenr on which the man
v. Iio is too slow to come in out ol
lhe rain starts out to return his
New Year calls, chortling Christmas
carols. But to the live, energetic
rustler its advent has been fixed for
a resumation of protacted labor on
his claim. With pack at back he
starts out on his journey across
valley and hill, probing here, delv-
ving there, until his life of toil is
rewarded, and he retires from active
service, and watches others pursue
" the even tenour of their way."
Not one per cent of the Lardeau
has been prospected, and where-
cve:* the pioneer has struck his
pick, Mother Harth reveals her
hidden wealth. Our hills are
now in their summer clothing, and
prospectors are setting out in great
numbers. What a compliment to
us that they " cut and come again I "
What a country for the prospector I
We shall be prepared for any sensation likely to accrue from their
researches���and may we be thereto
Says lhe Medicine Hat Times :
" When the natural gas was first
discovered here the Kootenay mines
seriously considered .tne question of
establishing smelters here for treating low-grade ores, but the gas was
then a doubtful quantity. Now it
is a different matter. Medicine
Hat is the very best distributing
point from v.hieh to reach the
Kootenays, and we hope to see the
negotiations (or putting smelters
here re-opened."
Medicine Hat is certainly the
proud possessor of a proporty or
element which ;will place that go-
ahead city on the road to prosperity.
The recent experimenting and subsequent development go to prove
that as a means of providing a cheap
fuel and power, natural gas is away
head of all other elements. As far
as the notion of placing smelters
there is concerned, wa here in the
Lardeau can show them a trick re
a cheaper driving power, but as there
are many mines in the Kootenays
who ot necessity are compelled to
ship their ores a greater distance
than Medicine Hat���which is on the
main line and at the junction of the
Crow's Nest division���there is something in that notion. Natural gas
in that "gassy" little city is there in
abundance, and the writer knows
whereof he speaks, and points to the
fact of his having run a 3^2-h.p.
engine there all day for 5 cents.
VfOTICE Is horeliy given tlmt licence, to
ll prospect for coal uml petroleum upon nnd
under lands slluulei! within Muck !,.'>:[ South*
Kail Knolennv, will be issued  forthwith 10 nil
persons whu have mado proper application, in
pursuance of tin1 provisions uf the " t'onl
.���lines Aet " and iimeiuliiiellts.
The fee fur cncli licence will he 1100, nnd all
apidleonlH win. have n>'l deposited accepted
hank cholines tn cover amount are hereby
required lodco without further notice.
Licences   will   be   Issued   lu   the   following
fnrm, viz. :
The famous Triune I What an
eye-opener lor the wily capitalist.
Learn that there are lots of Triune's
around Ferguson awaiting your
attention. Last year the Metro
politan Gold and Silver Mining Co.
who (.were, and are, the owners of
(he Triune overcame many obstacles
(0 get al the sacking ores of that
mountain. The mine, Irom its situation at an elevation of 8,500 feet
on a steep bluff and above timber
line, has many serious, natural obstacles to overcome, but the preliminary operations yielded ore ol
so high a grade as to admit of its
being mined and shipped at a splendid profit. During last summer
the properly shipped 113 Ions of
. re, which yielded about $t2ii per
ton, chiefly gold and silver.
It is difficult for the man on the
street to realize thc vast opportun-
i. ��� this country effers lo Ihe rustler who gets in on lhe ground floor.
It has been proved by (acts and
figures .that, irrespective of the
tremendous output of shipping ore,
we have enough low-grade, concentrating ore to warrant a mill for
every hill. ���  ���
The whole burden of carping
criticism being doled out to the
Government in connection with the
I..1st Kootenay oil and coal lands
seems to be that they are accepting
$100 for a license, and the onus of
proving priority of a claim has to be
borne by the licensee, which is
asserted will lead to endless litiga-
ation, and the tying up indefinitely
of the lands in dispute.    There arej
WANTED. ��� A  hundred   new
subscribers to the Eaglorfor
duly.   Hel|) spread the good
news of tho i'olden Lardeau.
"In consideration of one hundred dollars
now paid under tlie said Acts, and subject to
tliu previsions, thereof, I, w.s. cinro, Deputy
Commissioner acting fur the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnil Works, licence
to oilier, prospect, search
and work for coal and petroleum (hut nn other
metal or mineral) upon, in and under all that
pice or parcel uf mineral land situate in and
forming part uf block 4,698. East Kootenay
District, and described as follows :���
and not exceeding in Hie whole si:c hundred
and forty slatuleaiercs.   '
"Owing tn th.* number of applicants for
licenses tu prospect for enal and petroleum,
and the peculiar circumstances surrounding
tlie application for and issuance of these
licences, and thc well-known fact that tbe is.
suanee lias been Yinavildahly suspended fur so
many months. Lie (Jovornmcnt of British Columbia finds il Impossible to determine the
equitable rights of Ibe numerous applicants.
Therefore, for Hie purpose of enabling all persons to go before the propor tribunal for the
determination of tlieir respective rights nnd
priorities, this licence is issued and accepted
subject lo such prior rights of othor persons as
may exist In-law, and the date of this licence
is not le lie taken or held as In any sense deter-
mining suoh priority, ond further ii shall not
be taken or held'tn waive enquiry by the
Courts into tiie propor performance of all conditions precedent as between adverse claimants ; and further, on thc understanding that
the uoverniuent shall not bu held responsible for. or in connection with, any* conllict
which may arise other claimants of the
sumo grnnnd, ami that under no circumstances
will licence lees bo refunded.
" And the holder horoby waives any claim nr
demand against Hie (ioveruineiu, and ex-
prossly agrees not tn take auy steps or proceedings, 01* present any petition, to enforce any
ail,.j*ed claim or demand against the Hovern-
mont "f ihe Province oi Hritish Columbia
arislugont id lhe Issuance of this licence or
of anv other mailer or thing appertaining
"The land being under reserve frum preemption and sale Ihis licence does nol Include
any right othor than the right to prospect for
coal and petroleum.
" The duratlun of Ihis licence Is for one vcar
from the , 110   .
" Deputy Commissioner oi Land, A Works,
" Lands and Works Department,
" Victoria, B. C��� , 100 ."
Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, II. C.otli Jiiiic,190l,        jc.
MR. HARPER, one of tho I. C. S.
Representatives for tliis distriot, will
be in Ferguson in a few days. Anybody wishing un interview ro any ol
the following onut'Bes, will lind hirajut
tho Ferguson Hotel:
Mechanical Engineer.
Machine Designer.
Mechanical Draftsman.
Foreman Machinist.
Foreman 'looimakcr.
Foreman I'titlerninakor.
Foreman lllacksmitb.
Fur, man Mulder.
Has Englnoor.
Refrigeration Engineer.
Traction Englnoor.
Electrical Engineer.
Kleclric Machine Designer.
Eleelrlc-J.lglitlng Supt.
i'lectrie-nnlT.vav Supt.
Telephone Engineer.
Telegraph Engineer.
Dynamo Tender,
Hloani Engineer.
Engine llunner.
Marine Engineer.
civil Engineer.
Hydraulic Engineer.
Municipal Engineer.
Bridge Engineer.
Railroad Engineer.
-Mining Engineer.
Mine Burvoyor.
.Mine Foreman.
Cotton-Mill Supt,
Woollen-Mill Supt.
Textile Designer.
Contractor and Builder.
Architectural Draftsman.
Sign Painter.
Show-Card Write!.
sheet-.Metal Draftsman.
Ornamental Designer.
f'crspeotive Draftsman.
Ad Writer.
Commercial Law.
Taught with Phonograph.
French.        (.icriuau.        Spanish.
Start now on the road to success over
whieh 000,000 studonts have travelled
and are travelling. What it hns dono
for others it will Uo for you.
Triune, stiver Chief, Enterprise, Kamloops
and Kamloops Friifttnuiil mineral claims,
situate ln the Troul Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located :���On Triune .Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I. (iconic S. McCarter
acting as agent lor Andrew i'crgusnn, Free
Miners' Ccrtllleale, No. lls:l.V,ll, intend, sixty
days from lhe dato hereof, tn apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claims. *
And further lake notice that action, under
section 87, inici lai commoncod bofore Hie issuance of sucli 1 ertitlciitc of Improvements,
Dated this lsth day of Julioi A.D. 1111)4,
bKp. S. McCAllTER.
���Rrfrfl/    / *n_/-C     in  Ferguson, the Pay-Roil
LJUy     *L_/Ut.-S      Centre of the Rich Lardeau.
Is the HUB
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenominally rich
camps   of  Pop'ar   and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH ol Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where freo mill-
gold ore abounds. ,,
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
-Revelstoke. B. C.
Is Our
|     1
For Tho
I Handle
Only The
Best Quality
Of Goods.
Send Orders To~    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
F0R Jewelry, Silver
Ware, Watches&c
Note the Address
;>��-? ��m��ww��w��)W>..���** �������������������������������������'���'��������������
Ks -ri* .���rfirf2_ri__ri_ sh. ifnLrfi.!"a_rfr
"S Shaving.     Shaippooing,
��        Hpjrdrossin.j,      Singeing.
jj Dyeing,     Baths, hot and
cold water.
I have the bbst appointed shop In tbo
L&, Open" from S a. m. to 8 p. at.
Schnell & Hooker,    ?
mmmmmMMMMM���mm���.mlmmMma*m iihim
S. H. KRUGlfe, Rep.,       4       Ferguson nna Trout Lake.       %
Box 415. Nelson. - ����_?Hi��_?ia?��_W_-Hi��_����5��_2K_lH2{i
The Balmoral
Under the Management ot S. Slinger
Re��Opens To-day. July 1st I
4-�� ��������������>
���#��������� �����������-����
���Or tl Acuta of Incoriioraihin.
I HRRICBV ('EUTft-T, tlmt "The Oroat
Northern Mines, LiMilted." has this day boon
Incorporated linnet the "Companies Act, 1807,"
as a Limited Company- with u capital of one
million live hundred thousanddollar-a,divided
into one million five liumlre.l tliotiMiml shares
of ono dollar (fl) each.
The time of thc existence of the Company is
fifty years.
tllven under my hand and senlofoftiee ai Victoria. Province of British Columbia, thia 7t)i
day of Nuvombor, one thouaand nine hundred
and three.
[L.-4.] S, V. WOOITOX,
HpjrlBlrnroJ Joint siot-n Companios,
Tho following nr,Miie objects for whieh lhe
Company lias Ijuph incorporated :���
1. To purohtwo ihe proporty of "Tho Ophir
Lade Mln ing ���*������. i Hoate* Limited :" and to pnr-
uhaao the following mineral claima, viz., the
ifSirathcona," "Triuno Fraction," ���' tuaky
Jack,""LuckyThroe," "Little Phil," "Lucky
Jack i'm.'tion." "OoluBmlth," and "Gold Hill,"
all sltuHt'jn in the Trout Lake Mining Division
of West Kootenay District; nnd also to purchase, lease, bond, lorato or otherwise acquire
iuiv mineral < Irilin*, mineral lands, mines, properties and nny real estate In the Provinco of
British Columbia or elsewhere, and to pay for
the same either in monoy or in fully paid-up
Bliarea oi the Company, or oartly in monoy and
partly in such share:*, ami to aoll, lease or other-
wise dispose-of tho same or any of them or any
interest therein :
2. To dig for. raise, crush, wash, smelt, assay,
analyse, reduco, amalgamate and otherwise
treat gold, silver, copper, lead ore8or deposit a
Bpd.Other minerals and metallic substances
(ind compounds of all klndB, whether belonging to the Company or not. .and to render the
same merchantable, audio buy, soil aud deal
in thc same, or any of them :
8. To. carry on tho business nf a mining,
amcJUng, milling and refining companv in nil
or any of its branches :
4. To acquire by purchase, lease, hire, exchange or otherwise such tiiiibefluiuls or leases,
timber claims, licenses tocut timber, surface
rights and rights uf way, water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces, fur smelling
and treating ores and refining metala, bulla-
lugs, machinery, plant, or otherwise real or
personal property as may be necessary ior or
conducive io thc proper currying out of any of
lhe objects of the Company :
s Tq construct, maintain, alter, mako, work
und operate oi. the property of the Company,
nny canals, trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges and reservoirs; dams, Humes, race and other
ways, watercourses,aoqueducta, wells, wharves,
piers, furnaces, saw-mills, orushlng works,
smelting works, concentrating works- hv.lruu-
liu works, oleotrlc works and appliances, ware*
houses, buildings, machinery, plant, atores.and
other works and conveniences which may seem
conducive to any of the objects ofthe Company-, and witli tho consent of tlie shareholders
in general Meeting, to contribute to,subsidise,
or otnerwlse aid or take part lit anv such operations, though constructed and maintained by
any other company or persons outside of the
properly of the Company, and to buv, sell,
manufacture and deal lu ail kinds of goods,
stores, implements, (provisions, chattels and
effects required by the Company or its work
men aud servants :
li. To take, acquire, own and hold as the oon-
.'.Itl.'Nuioii for ores, metals or minerals sold or
otherwise disposed of, or for goods supplied or
for work done by-oouiraetor othorwlso, shares,
debentures, bonds or other securities of or In
anv other company, the objects of which arc
similar to t hose of this Com tinny, and to sell or
otherwise dlBposeol the Bame :
7. To enter into any arrangement for sharing
profits, union of interests, or co-operation with
anv other person or company, carrying on, or
about to cany on, any business or transaction
similar to that which this Company is author*
I fled to carry on :
H. To puri-liiise or otherwise acquire nml un-
d-ii-tako all or nny of the assets, business, prop-arty, privileges, contracts, tights, obligations
and liabilities of any person or company eitrrv-
ing on nny part of the business whicli ft companv specially limited under saiil section is
authorised to carry on. or possessed of property
suitable for the purposes thereof:
U, To borrow or raise money for the purpose
of the Company, but so thai tiie so burrowed or raised shall not, without the sanction
nf a goneral meeting of the Company, exceed
one quarter of Ihe amount of the paid-up capital for the time being, and for the purposo of
���".(���['UriPg HUCh money nnd interest, or for any
pthoc purpose, to mortgage or charge thoumh'v-
nikingor all or any part of t)ie properly uf Uie
Company, presont or after -acquired, and to
create, issue, make, dra-Wtaccept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or debenture stork, promissory notes, bills oi ex-
chnngo, bills uf lading, warrants, obligations
and other negotiable and transferable instruments :
10. To distribute any of lhe properly of tho
company among the members in sjiccio :
11, To sell, Improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage dispose of, turn to account, or otherwlso ileal wilh tlie undertaking,
ur the whole or any part of tho property nud
rights of the Company, with power to accept aa
the consideration nny shares, stocks, or ubllga-
rlopi" of any company the objects of whieh are
fCAifU-Miil ns aforesaid or otherwise :
na; Tp do all such other things asn^c incidental i��r conducive' id the Attainment ol the foregoing objects,
Dec. 18. ���*
I'tL-rlflleiite of huproneiiieiils.
Cold Hill and Goldsmith Mineral Claims, situate in the Trout Lftko Mining Division of West
Kootonay District.     -___.,
Where located���on Poplar Creek about one
mile from the railway.   ,       ,,  ,
Tako Notion that! Robert Hodge, acting ns
agent for \V. B, Pool, froo Minora Certificate
No. 6, 71717, Intend, ifxty days from the dnto
hereof, to apply to tho Mining Recorder for
Certificate! of improvement!, for the purpose
of obtatulng Crown Grants ol the above slai ink.
And further lake notice that action, under
section :i7, must bo commenced before Ihe issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
uated ihlHOth day of .January, A.D. IQM,
KUUT. 1IO|m;k.
Smith c�� Co.
45 Bleary St,
Will bo represented in
Ferguson threo or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
ami we
Our representative
S. A. Scott id a
practical tailor and
will mako clothes
lit. Hold your
order.) for him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Situated midst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur.    The most complete health
resort on the continent of North America
Hs baths cure all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal nil
Kidney, Livorand Stomach ailments.
Tliey are a. never failing remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purlfv-
Ingtho system.
TEItMB-116 to SIS per weok, accord-
Ing tu residence in Hotel or Villas.
Two Bargains.
for**', H'i'iii*, ute,, apply lo .). Ktlvviiril
lllril, Imrrlxler, .Alioouvor, or to E.ti. wood'
MHrd, ForKUSOli.
rpHAToomiortattlolltllo Dwelling Houso oo-
X Giiplad by 0. M. Nosbltt. hihI two well <;ul-
ilvuti'il lots, nicely fennod, .liimteil In lhe bust
roiiidonoe part ol Ferguson. Fur mhIo cheap.
This Ik uKiiiip.
ritllK Eaglo Monk, odruplcd by the Lardeau
I |:hi:1" llP'v*|iqii*r unit the MiHliodlft
lltiorch. Tho building draws n good rental
nnd tljo salu pploe and terms will stirTrlee you,
Locals With a fnystronk.
Ii pays to use tho telephone. A trip
cnn often bo saved to Trout Lako, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the 'phone. Office in Cummins & Co.'s
. D. J. Robortsoii, the Nelson furnitite
dealers aro funeral director! and em-
i Tho Canada Bi'itz & Book Co.,-Ltd.,
of I.ovelstoko, carry an iminenBo stook
of stationery, fancy (roods, jrames of nil
kinds, the latest books nhd magazines,
lubber goods and mountain and raining
views.   Give them a mall order.
* Smokers: It you want the getsU:
ine "Union" and "Our Special"
tiiGAB seo that "Union Cigar Factory"
s Btamped In gilt letters on overy box.
���H.A. Brown, Reyel.toke,
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, llca-
ton and Comaplix, commencing October l-ltb, 1908, will sail as follows,
weather permitting,
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily ���Hlk and 6k.
Loaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhoad, twice dally���,7il61t and
12,15k. Making closo connections
with all C. 1'. 11. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve the right to
change times of sailings without
Th9 Prod Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
United Batters of North America
XffFK""^ i I'M 8   18   THE
/a\l��=~- (VV UNION   LABEL  ol
./o/KS'-*�����ytfi>i 'ho United Hatters
/��� / hr J"".-, *4\C\ ���'���  North Amerlra.
JiV. f,'.'-::;;���',��� ������>�����   V-���'; "*'   '��� l'l;"   '���'"'���
j'J-WM^*;'.....'���-*   *,���. ---'i   . tier si,ft or Miff.
0 to it  Hint 'till
��� \|-A.* .':,.'���*���'������ ���'*', / ! onnlno UN I OX
. >\ 1' ���' '*-��� i' ' / l.abul is sewed in It.
���vWv'i'*-A-r-.-.'-.C-*.     H   "   retailor   has
tj^'j    loose labels In his
jtJSiT/*HA.1>5j>. **   ������essesslbtt ami  of-
T/V^rirS    ��� ���        wrs to put oue hi n
-sloTfcV.,.. ' hat for you. do not
patronize bim.   He
has not any rigntto nave luosc lebols. Loose
label, In retail stores ure Muuterfeits.   Do not
listen in any explanation as to why the lint
lias no label. The Gonnlno Union l.nbt'1 Is
perforated on the four edges exactly the same
us n posing stump. Counterfoils are sometimes perforated on tliree of the ediro., and
s etlmeaonlyontwo.  Koop it sharp lookout
for lhe counterfeits. Unprincipled maniimo;
turors are using ibem ln order to get rhi ol
their seah-miiile hats. The John II. Slelson
Co. of I'hlliidelplila, I'a., Is 11011-11111,911 eimeern,
JOHN A. M01**I'ITT,l1'csli':cnf.
Orange, M, J.
II IVavorly 1'Iaec, Room l.*i, New V.rl: City.
Anyono sending a shot eh and dencrlptlon mar
aulekly iweertiiln our opinion freo wlnitlier an
Invention Is prObattty patentable. Ciiinninnlra.
tionsstrictlyuopfldentfal. Hanilbookon Patonti
uent tree. Oldo*it ncencr for BeeurliiB patonts.
I'statit, takon through Munn .V Co. reeolvo
,ji,Yliii fiofico, without onante, lu tho
Scientific American.
A hnndsomolf illustrated wppuiy.  T.nrizeat dr.
I'lilHtloii ot imjr aciciitlUfi jouriml.   'I'finis, *��������� a
ronri utiir nmntlw, fl, Sol-i l>J"Rll newn.l-.M'loi-s.
Biaiiob Offleo( 83$ BI Kt., WoBhlut/toti, I). D.
Including UioFIbU Creek camp
and Upper Dimanit llivor sootiotii cojii-
plled in-a. r. cumniins, p. i..s.,nu<i a
Slmtinon. H. a., is now on Bale tit tliis
olili'c. Tin! ii'iuly Bale of tbo map !���������
proving nil we have said f'ir it. Tlio
Trent Lako division is lltHograuhod in
black, the Lnrdoan In rod.and tlio Ains-
worlli in bluo. Even a tenderfoot could
tflko a copy of tliis unip mi<i lind any
oiiiiiii recorded in the throe divisions,
Tlio mountains, Ink-as, crooks, wagon
roiids, trails, surveyed railway rouiCBi
and the location and namo(by n unique
index) of evory minoral olalm in lho
district is shown.
Next    to    Visiting   the   Country    In
Person  This Map  Takes First Place.
in in ft ovory geographical
feature is so well defined that ouuean
kim. ti i ti glanco tho nature of ou> country
aud tho trend ol the claim locations
gives anintolllffiblo Idea of tho mineral
belts runnina through the camp, it is
The   Best   Worth   For   One   Dollar
over offered in the map lino ol�� minim,'
camp, lt Is lho llrat comploto map til
tho diBtriotand ts selling woll. itisiust
whatyouarc looking for. \VK AL8p
WHICH SK.,I_ AT ?1.W. T1I1-.SI-; AKK
Address your order, with nn
enclosure of n ono dollar hill, lm>
oheques, ordors, etc,] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others orilori lift
lots ol 20 or more, maps will bo supplied lit 50 cents each.
Subscribe Now
And Vou Will Get The
4 4 4*
��� ���-��>
=-= Frte ���
With The Latest War News,
$2,75- ���$2.JS
The Lardeau Eagle will give you the latest reliable information on Mining and Lumbering.
The Winnipeg Free Press is one of Western
Canada's greatest family newspapers.
,.,-.���> .�����>.�� .................a*.
��� ���
I      IRON BEDS a Specialty      j
. $5 and up. I
4 4
Goods can   be furnished to any part ot Lardeau on very shori notice
as lhe service is such that delivery can be made In one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing *****.. *t....��i %**.'**' .*..***** '���'_���
.**** *** 44 444 ............... ������-*'
i Funeral Directors and   *
i Embalmers. t
I  lOrsiiustb' of M'-er's Collcgo ol Embalming]     ���
Can  attend  citso at For-juson at ten     *
.,  hours notico il advised by wire. ���
D. J. Robertson * O
Capital Authorized, $l,0i.0,ll0(i i��=,i/) OPPICB'
Capital (paid up)    -    2,��8H,28U inrnntn   nnt-irin
Best 2,650,001) loronto, Ontario-
Branches in the Northwest Territories. Provinces i ol British Columbia. Manitoba, Cntitrio and Quebec.
T. R. MERIUTT, President. D, 11. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Gui   Man.
B. TIAY, Assistant Gon. Manager. TV. JIOFPAT, Chief t:i-,*,:cu>r.
Ferguson,   B.   C,   Branch���A   General   Banltlng   Business   Tr.vis;;ctsd.
Saviiiirs Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Draft, Sold avatlnble In All i>aris ol Canada,
United SUtea and Europe.
Special attention given to collections ami
Mining iiihhK
Union Cigar Factory
Manufactures only Union f-oods, and besides, they aro the hest. on the market.
They aro inadeof tho best. Havana tobacco,
and their excellence is undisputed. Insist
on jotting
H. A. BROWN     -     Proprietor I
I iiir.ii Cigar Factory, KBVBLSTOKB'<B.-C. ��� [
VS '5*.
**iT.*AL_rff-.07.t,y.'._*.5.' ���i'-^rU-Tk-^-I^-rf^^-i^^-^-'i'-jJ. ;���;���������/���-i   ������
We try to give satisfac- V,
tion to our   guests. *$,
w   1
Laughton Bros.
Proprietors. ,';-
The Kootenai
Steam Lanndo
Docs All Kinds ur Work In
Way Of
 Made in	
There Is only ntie best mining Journal.
Tlmt in
Mines and Minerals.
It hns n lurgor ctronlfltion than any iwnotlior
Amerimn' mining Jonrnnia Irepfiimo i: Is iiio
best. It i�� tho largest, lioat UhwtMtcul anO
JiiutdsomcHi mining jouriin! in tlie rforld, it
is a mining paper for mining men, Subscrlp.
timi prici' f2.00 per vear. Bend for rreo stinipi"
cony AiMress M1X KS A N 1> MIX HR \ L9, BerM*_-
ton, Pa., U.S. A. Denri'r offlcflBi Barth Hl'lB.,
Dtnver, Colorado.
Either Machine or Ilntul WopIc.
Wc Guarantee Our Work
To lie First-Class
Any complaints may bo lodged
with our Agent,
Trout Lattc
The Brightest, Newsiest Paper
in the District ���*-��.��., 44*4* .... 4 ..'....'. . *���
I Local and General. I
Ailvet'tlse !
Hns tlio cuckoo skipped ?
All proclamations ure off.
We're moving !   A mail a tiny '.
'.VtintoJ.���A mill for every hill.
All heads nro heading for Ferguson
Tho stores are fining n roaring trade.
Wo  have no time   for polcor theso
.lays. ���������������
Jack Lundy went to .Rovelstoke last
A. P. Garrett took a trip to Camborne un Wednesday.
Rov. Mr. Sharpc conducted service
iu town ou Sunday night.
Tho Silver Cup is shipping its Ilrst
car-load of ore this weok.
Mr. livers, ofthe Ashdown Hardware
Co. wns in town doing biz this week.
The Hal moral Hotel opens up to-day,
Friday.   Sieve Slinger is in thu chair.
Ml', iiattey, manager of the Triune,
has taken over the ofiices of tho Great
Northern Co.
W. H. Pool is talking of forming a
joint company to work the Horse-Shoe
at Trout Lako.
Our Trout Lake correspondent says
the groom was " supported " hy Mr. F.
Lebenti.   Doar, dear!
Here's a snap. The Family Herald
and Weekly Star and Tho Kagle for
the remainder of the year for $1,25.
Hob, Hates is coaching Slough-Water
lack in bar-room etiquette. He's out
after more pupils.   Terms: 2 bits.
'Rah ! for tho Lardeau Hovers who
have grit enough to tackle Rovelstoke
with a scrub team. Football at a 100
in the shade : phew !
���' Time is monoy" and money is
lime. How much " time " will tho
money " making " outfit at Seattle got
this timo ?
Reg. Travers, has gone to Creslon to
, 'ill a position with the B. C. KibletCo.,
i who are erecting a trnm at the Alice.
,���   He pulled out on Wednesday.
A boat was chartered on Sunday to
��'   renveytbe Intakes " whicli, by order of
the court, had to be sawn and produced
ae evidence nt Nelson in tho adverse
trial from Poplar,
The boarders at the King's challenge
any other hotel in town to a tug-of-
war on Dominion Day. Six tvsido.
First come, first served. Tho losing
learn to pay for six plug hate.'
Barney Crilly wasin townee Sunday.
He reports that tho mill at the Oyster-
Criterion is working splendidly. Another gold brick was sent to tho mint
last week, and a further shipment will
be made next week.
A. P. Morrison is nOw wielding tho
lather and blade at Trout Lako In tho
temporary absence of Mr. Hooker. It's
not generally known that A. P. was
the lirst barber to open up in this town,
but that's " langsyne."
Rubber ! Honors were oven In the
water carnival outside McKinnon &
Sutherland's store on Wodnosday.
Dad Dubay and Chummie Johnson
ure requested to repeat the exhibition
on Dominion Duy.  " A scrapfor a hose
In one volume.''
We've run out of liguro *.'�� at this
illice, iinii each one is worth 12. Thu
reason the 4 box Is empty is becauso so
many of them are standing In the mailing list. If the date or. your wrapper
is 10 hundred and Four, just send along
two dollars. It will help us out tome,
nnd enablo us to give the fl'sa twisting.
Savv.v ?
So far only two prospectors have
taken advantage of the olTer made by
���Mr, Keen some weeks ago to bear all
-.he expense of freight and treatment
on 100-pound samples of sohlst sent to
be tested by the Hondryx process in
Spokane. A glance at the extract
from Professor Kemp's book, appearing
in tbe first column of this page, will
-how the importance of having a
thorough test of th3 schists of this district. There is no doubt but that the
schists carry gold values, but whether
in.paying quantities or not has yot to
be determined. For each sample of 200
pounds the cost of freight and treatment will amount to about 120. This
expense Mr. Keen has kindly offered to
bear, so the claim owners should do
thoir part,-Nugget,
Ginger's got work I
Rich strlkos are being reported on
all sides.
School was shut down on Friday for
tho vacation.
Sam Shannon has been doing assessment work on his claim.
Doc. Milloy is raking it in all right,
He's running the J.X.L. mine with tlio
object of having handy a good supply of
gold to inject into the molars
of his clients who are desirous of ruin
ing the hotol-keopers. lie's au artist,
and he " draws " from real life.
J. H. Alexander of this town has
just received patents for a now automatic hydraulic air compressor, which
promises to become of great benefit to
the mining industry of this province.
We had the privilege of inspecting tho
specifications tills week, and * up.n recommend the compressor to tho:e contemplating Installing a powerplanc.
A merchantalone in a desolate store
sang "Willow, tit-willow, tit-willow."
I queried, " OI Y It U pacing tho floor.
Singing willow, tit-willow, tit-willow!'"
I Alas,' he replied, as he stifled Mb cries,
II thought it was nonseHse to advertise.
Now I've no custom at all but the Hies,
Oh, willow, etcetera, etcetera."
The ladies, bless 'em, throw light on
subjects sometimes,' and as an instance
of two heads being better than one, thc
light���that is, tho electric light���was
thrown on tho " subject" by our electrician's littlo wife on Saturday night last.
'Arry wns unavoidably detained at the
school meeting at Beaton, but tho light
shone ns usual.   Hats off to the ladies!
A serious accident occurred at the
Saw Mill nt Trout Lake City on Monday lust. John Scott sustaiuod a com-
pou nd fracture of the jaw, and Charlie
Johnson received a severe scalp wound.
The valve stem in connection with the
feed works in Borne way was brokijn,
and the sawyer losing control of tbe
carriage, it swung back, striking the
two unfortunate young fellows, and
causing some damage to the mill. Both
patients are progressing.
It has been a theory among the mem:
bet's of the fourth estate that a newspaper could no more suspend publication for a time and resume successfully
than a man could stop bt'oatbing for u
week or two und begin again. Hut the
Forguson Eaglo proposes to show the
fallacy of the theory, evidently. After
experiencing inanition for several
weeks It hus once moro spread its
wings, tliis time with a now editor, E.
G. Woodward having relinquished the
quill to J. J. Atherton.���Tho Phoenix
A quiet wedding took place at the
Methodist Parsonage, Trout Lake, on
Friday evening, June 24th, when Rev.
A. K. Sharp united in marriage Miss
Emma Ostling to Mr, Aloxandor
Laughton, both of Ferguson, B.C.
The bride woro a costume of pale blue,
trimmed with white silk applique, with
hat to match. The bride was attended
by Miss Short of Trout Lake, while
thu groom was supported by Mr. F.
Lebeau. The happy eotiplo left next
morning for Rovelstoke and Goldon for
tbeir honeymoon.
Will Eddy mot witb a very nasty
accident, on Saturday morning. Whilst
engaged laying steel on a forgo at
thu Nettio l_, minu ho was struck on
tho head by a ple"e of falling rock,
which crashed through the roof from a
distanco ol 160 feet. He wus picked up
unoonBoIoiis, und brought to tho hos-
pltul with all speed, whore lu the
bands Of Dr. Neweombo he rallied. H
wus dlscoverod that his injuries con-
slBted of an ugly gash on tho right slue
of the head and a sprained ankle. It
Is extremely fortunate that ho did
not meet the full impact of the falling
rock. Ho is out of the hospital, but is
compelled to rest, and Is progressing
favorably. Dr, Newcombe is endearing himself and Inspiring confidence in
all with whom he comos In contact���and
it's not to be wonderod at. For a doctor,
who gets at the life side of a man when
it is almost nip and tuck,'there is always a warm spot in the hearts of
the people.
IN llic matter of ��n application fnra dupl!
cue of a certificate oi lltlo to Lot ��, Block 1 *
Lot. .0 and 111. Block 2 ,* Lots 7 and K,.Block s
and Lot 10, Block 29, all In lhe Town ol Fer.
gu.on-Mapi U71 and >I7U.
NOTICK la hereby given that lt U my Intention to lime at tke expiration ol one month
Iron, the lint publication hereof a duplicate,
of the Certillcate of Title to the above mentioned lola In the name of tiny Alexander Laferty
which certificate la dated the 26th day of
March, l'.'tll, and numbered 101A.
.    ,���   , DistrictBeiiitrttr,
Und Rwlitry Office, N.lion, gift '
4    .4.. �������>�������><�� . ..****..*
.        r. a 1. ns .
*******44 4**4* 4* ******
r\   B.N. WILKIE,
v-,�� p. h. s.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys mado and Crown Grants
Olllco:      -      -      Trout Lake.
B. C.
Surveys ol Mlnea, Mineral Clttlmi and
Orown Lands.   Crown Grant, Obtained and Aasoasmenta Managed.
4       for Absentees. ,
���   Olliees:   Camborne and Vancouver
l\   L.   S.,
c hi ...
Ucaton, 11. C
Solicitor '���
The Imperial HanK
Of Canada
The Great Northern Mines,
Ferguson    *    R*c*
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Offices: Ilcvclstoltc,Golden, and Ferguion. Sollcltora for Imperial Bank
of Canada
(ieo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
������*������ 4 4** 4******* ***** ��� ��� ���-
B. M. Allum.
Mnil Ordor Buitinois Itei>��lvc_i
Prompt Attention.
Novel ties iiii'! Jewelry in treat
"  ~~Nolu tlie A^ilrcM���""^*"���
Headquarters tor Aaikyim, Mli-inr'
4 Mill Nuppll... Sole agent-. In, l"..
O. lor Morgan Crucible Co.;'llattettea,
England; K. w. llraun & Co.'s Patent
carr Furnace,, Burner., etc | Wm. Ala"l.
war 111 A Co. 'i t lag siuncti etc, ttty -
We have
Stetson's Christie's
Pride of the West
McKinnon k Sutherland
\     Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
(Whoro he keeps light and heavy vehicles!, singlo and
doublo drivers, saddle and pack horses for hire.
(Also proprietor of tho stage routo running between
the abovo points, making three trips weekly.
The Best Place To Put Up Ap When in Ferguson ia
The-iKing's Hotel
Heated by hot air and Lighted by electricity.   Table! are provided with the best that money can buy.
The rooms are well ventilated and always clean.
Rate by tt\e Bay
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation .
..Hest   ol service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors,
Packing and *��w **-##
Freighting Transfer Outfit.
Contracts  entered Into for packing of Mining Supplied,
em., to any point in the district.
Good, prompt Bervlce, and any work undertaken guaranteed satisfactory,
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney,Prop.
Perguson Motel


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