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Lardeau Eagle 1900-10-31

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OC^Vt-4 ���'��� ��� -"<JL$
82.00 A YEAR.
President T. G. Shaunossy Explains tbe O. P. B.'s Position in Regard
to Lardeau's Long-Promised Railway.
Surely the President Does Not Thoroughly Understand the Situation.
���The  Subsidy Was  Granted to  the Lardeau-Dunoan People
With Practically No Conditions for Its Construction.���
The Laurier Government at Fault foi the Absence
of a Railway at the Present Time.  But���.
Some days ago tlie Eagle wrote
President Shaughnessy as to the immediate necessity for a few miles of
railway between 'here and deopwater
landing on the Arm, thus avoiding tho
rook bluff work near Arrowhead for
the time being. The fact was pointed
out, that Trail was to be made the
smelting point for this distriot, and
that this short piece of road was all
that is really necessary this winter,
since it would tap the mines now ready
to ship ore steadily. The answer received is as follows:
Montreal, October 10.���My dear
Sir: Referring to your letter of the
12th inst., and the enclosed clippings.
I hope that in the near future the Lardeau district will have improved trans-
to close a deal with one or the other of
the electric tram people. We must
have a railway over this short haul,
and the sooner the better.
and ihe triiium: is bight.
The Tribune is the one paper in the
province that has always advocated
smelting the ores of our mines at home.
By doing so it has incurred ' 4 will
of tbe mine owners and tr justness
element whom the mint wnors control. But the fight for tho home
smeltor is gaining ground. The
Rossland Miner now says the people of
the province can only secure the full
measure of prosperity by keeping
within the province the hundreds of
thousands of dollars that arc annually
portation facilities.   At the last session |
of parliament, a subsidy was voted to I P'lid fc"'��*n transportation  companies
the Lardeau-Dunoan Railway company
for the construction of a line between
Arrowhead and Kootonay lako.   The
Lardeau company, like  the Kaslo &
Slocan, is not controlled by the C. P.
R,, and, naturally,  we felt  annoyed
that a subsidy should be given to an-
othor line when we had dono a considerable amount of  work  on  tho  same
route  without  receiving  government
aid .of  any  kind.   I  think, however,
that tlio Dominion government when
recommending tho subsidy  had   not
beon correctly informed as to the situation, and I have little doubt that next
session the voto will bo corrected. Tho
twenty miles to which you refer would
be very expensive indeed, and it may,
therefore, be found desirable to build
the other ond of the Hue first.   Yours
truly, T. G. Shaughnessy, President.
Tho Eagle is pleased to note that
President Shaughnessy "hopes" that
the     Lardeau    district    will    have
improved   transportation facilities in
the near future.   But the fact of the
matter is we have boen working hore
under difficulties and living on "hope"
for some years.   Something more substantial is necessaay in our business.
The district is making steady progress,
there is any amount of tonnage, both
ready  and  to  bo created  on   short
It Is a peculiar thing that "no subsidy" was thought of when there was a
valid probability of the K & S. getting
in horo ahead of the 0. P. It. They
movod heaven and earth to cut the K.
& S. out, and tho Eagle presumes
they succeeded. Tlie subsidy would
indeed lie a vory small Item if once tho
railway wero built, for wo havo the
business here for a railway.
The Kagle has no railway engineer
in Its employ, but It falls entirely to
soo how the short distance���18 miles
would do���between hero and water
navigation would bo vory expensive.
The survey already made follows a
nice open valley all tho way, no snow-
slides, oasy grades, no bridges of any
account, and very little rock work,
One slip is all that is required on the
Arm. The scows, tugs, etc., now in
use at Arrowhead would serve for this
additional short line. No regular
train service would be required. Just
any old thing that would pull ore out
would do, and there need be no expen
slvc outlay at all.
If we had this mueh at self, then an
opportunity would be afforded the
district to prove itself worthy of more
and greater things.
When It is so profltablon proposition
that already two electric tr.am companies are negotiating fpv the
Installation of a plant, thore must be
some good solid, reasons for the
presence of better nnd cheaper trans*
portation. If President Shaughnessy
**   will not aot, then let us do our utmost
and smelters for handling ores mined
in British Columbia.���Nelson Trihune.
It is curious the manner in which
the Canadian parties of the day persist
in failing to recognize the real issues
of the coming century. Tbe Liberal-
Conservative, wrapped in his cult of
the bye gone Macdonald, the Liberal,
blind in his worship of Laurier, are
arguing of matters of no interest except to a fossilized ward politician.
Their real distinctions are as the
distinctions of twedledum and tweedle-
dee, In the nursery story.���Industrial
CAMBORNE, Oct. 27.���A party of capitalists, eight in number, conducted by
Andrew liosonborgor, arrived in Camborne (in thursduy evening and started
early Friday morning to inspect the
Eva group of claims, free milling properties. Your correspondent understands that they are so woll satisfied
with tho proposition that they intend
commencing operations directly with a
large force of men.
Messrs. Roberts and Leclcie-Ewing
paid a visit on Wednesday to tlio Imperial group adjoining tlie Eva, from
which they took samples, In some of
which the gold was discernablo to tlio
naked eyo.
A temporary bridge lias been placed
across Fish river at the end of the Fish
creek wagon road, which enables
saddle and pack horses to reach Camborne from Comaplix, thereby avoiding tho old switchback trail.
. Contractor Perrio is making good
progress with the cabin which he is
erecting for tho Eclipse Mining Co., in
spite of the adverse weather,
'ii fiew trail has been built to, and a
cabin built ou the Lucky Joo, where
the owners intend working all winter,
Mrs. Drew, who returned from a
short visit to the Halcyon Hot Springs
and Arrowhead, accompanied by Wi
B. Pool, came In over the now trail
recently completed from Thomson's
Landing to Camborne. They were the.
first to make the trip since communication has beon opened for horses.
With the exception of two mud holes,
whieh could he easily fixed, the trail is
good. With a little more work ex-
ponded on it, it could be widened into
a good wagon road, and it is to be
hoped It will be done noxt year.
A Well Known Group at the Head of Macdonald Crook Upon Which
Enough Work Has Been Done to Prove its Value.
Men Representing Capital Have a Splendid Opportunity of Making a
Mine  Out of the  Black Warrior.-Tho Owners' Confidence in
the Property is Evident From the Way They Have
Worked and Stayed by it.���The Wonderful Value
of  Metropolitan   Ore.-Sunset   Working.
One of thc earliest locutions in this I the north fork to tbe front is oertain.
Camp was t!.m FJluek Warrior, nituatcd
ut the li-ad of Macdonald ereok. Tom
Horn staked it in the early'00'b and
has remained with it ever since. He
has now one of tlio most promising
properties iu this I'ainp. We had often
heard thc Black Warrior spoken of, by
thoso who yaw it, as having the best
surface shewing in this district. It
cam 3 our way to have tno opportunity
of looking over this property a couple
of weeks ago and really we were surprised that such a proposition, for so
long-, should have been overlooked by
men representing capital.
Tho owner rightly considered his
pioperty too good to be handed ovor to
the tender mercies of any stock-jobbing
concern for a small cash consideration
and stock, nnd as he has the best of
reasons-: for having faith in it, he can
well afford to bide his  time.
When mining men have picked up
the available properties within easy
range, they will get over their reluct*
aney tn go out of their way a littlo and
will extend their field of operations to
n larger circle here.
For a MINING MAN to Bae this property means that lie will bo almost eer-
Tlio actual 'mineral in ono pound of
ore picked out by hand by .1. W.
McCrossan and given to S. Shannon,
Li. A., for a minature'smelter test,
gave results that speak volumes for the
group. Tho exact values extracted
from the one single pound wore: Silver
,348 oz., at 6*1 cents1 per oz., gives
$.22272; lead, .42!) lb., at 4-1 cents,
$.01823 ; copper, .058 lb., ut IG-J cents,
$.00955. Total value in 1 lb. .$25052, or
the total valuo of a ton of such oro
yields $501.04. The chunk of lead
filled a small crucible,- the copper
looked somewhat like a small nugget
of gold, while the silver button was
not unlike a two-bit piece. To look at
it starts one thinking; over a fraction
of half a pound of pure mineral from a
pound of ore. The amount from a ton
nearly sludgers a man. And t'nero is
plenty of such oro iti tbo many small
veins below the ledgo proper on the
Chicago, one of the Metropolitan
group. Tho rest of thc calculating can
bo done next season wben tho new
syndicate owners eommeneo shipping.
The smelter returns will do the rest.
Excavation work is now in progress
under tbe main building of tho Hotel
Ferguson for the purpose of putting in
a hot air furnace to heat tho entire
building. A brick chimney is being
built as well. Whon tho bar room is
completed, the reading room fitted and
the pool and billiard tables arrive thc
Hotel Ferguson will be ono of the best
appointed hotels in tbo district.
���e  are now  four
claims in tho
with fine shewic
rs  of  ore  on
of tho claims am
abundance of
tim be
���  on   the    fourth,
Tho    ledge
which   cau   lie
eadily traeec
Jas, Grant, of Cromwell '".bib, had
tlio misfortuno to get thrown from his
horse on Monday overling, breaking his
collar bone, just as he was approaching
tho mining recorder's olllce nt Trout
Lako. Dr. Wilson was called in
yesterday, and Mr, Grant expects to bo
convalescent in a few days.
tain   to   take hold of it on the very
But the Methods Applied by Some I reasonable terms  which the owners
Companies are Questionable.
Tho Eagle will admit that it has
been imposed on in a fow instances by
ono or two raining companies in tills
district. But any paid "boost" we
over published was in our advertising
columns at regular rutos, and the
minute we discovered that thc "rich,
safe Investment" was not so golden an
opportunity to becomo wealthy as
depicted in the advt, it was instantly
discontinued ami the company notified.
Tho troublo the minors and storekeepers had to ciillect their money, tho
exaggerated reports of tho property
now on IIlo in this olllco and tho
general concensus of opinion given
personally .to tho Eaole by men who
actually worked on the property, leads
us to tho opinion that things are not as
thoy seem. Tho property itself may
be as good a prospect as there is in
the country j not enough development
work has been done to prove anything
But it is far from tho "waiting for i
railway" stage.   There Is no  property
In this country which can  bo fairly
condemned; but there Is morn than one
company which needs it little fixing. If
the Topic will i.ivo us loss glittering
gonornhitles and point out ono PROP-
kiitv in tills distriot that can honeBtly
be condemned men let it proceed al
Judgment has been reserved hy His
Honor Judge Irvine, In tho ease of A.
Cummlngs vs. Jus. Cummiiigs, at
Revelstoke last wook. The dosputo is
over the ownership of tho Balmoral
hotel of this placo. A decision will
likely be rendered this week.
l.   Free
Just think of this for a moment:
Every time you havo laid down to rest
during the last five yours, the publio
debt of Canada has beon five thousand
dollars moro than It was when you
arose in the morning.���London Froe
tompulsory education.
;al working day of
Next season Is bound to bo a huramor
In the Lardeau district. Every
indication points that way. Tho
foundation was laid this season for
extensive mining operations on every
band next year.
2.   A le;
8, Government inspection of all
industries. .
4. The abolition of the contract
system on all publio works.
5. The public ownership of all franchises, such as railways, telegraphs,
waterworks, lighting, etc.
0. Tho abolition ot Asiatic Immigration, the application of tho oduca-
tioual test and tho abolition of inducements to foreign immigration to settle
in tho Dominion.
7. Tho abolition of child labor
under 14 years of ago.
8. Tho abolition of the $2flu deposit
required of candidates for the Dominion house.-
9. Compulsory arbitration of labor
10. Prohibition of prison labor In
competition with free labor.
11. Compulsory exerclso of tho franchise.
across the length of the throe claims,
has a distinct wall about sixty feet
from one of the several strata of lime
which run through that belt of country.
A wide bell, of slate forms the contact
along this wall, ami tho parts of the
ledge along tlio slate consists largely
of quartz. The whole of this strip of
sixty feet, however, lying between the
slate and tlie lime seems to be ledge
matter and consists of graphite shale
with stringers and lenticular raa.-ses of
quartz throughout.
Considerable prospecting work has
been done along the lino of stripping
tho ledge and this work has uncovered
tbe outcrop of a magnificent ore chute
some llfty or Blxtj feet in length and
from two lo throe feet in width situated
along the contact of the lodge witli
the slate.
Mr. Horn started a tunnel on the
ledge below to tap this ore chute ut
some depth, ami at the time of onr
visit was In about 200 ft, and getting
near lo his objective point. In the
last ten foot of his worlr, ore has boon
coming in which has been very
encouraging, anil them is soarcolj any
doubt lint that with 10 01'60 ft. more
work on that tunnel and some cross-
cutting, Tom will have attained the
object of his work,
Tho ore consists of galena with a
small proportion of yellow copper and
runs from 120 to 160 ozs. of silver to tho
ton, with from 60 to 0!i por cent, lead,
A good pack trail leads from Forguson to the Black Warrior cabin, so
that, although on tho Duncan slope, the
property is easily readied from
The Duncan, however, Is tho natural
outlet. The trail built up that river
during tho past soa.-on is now only a
short distance from tho mouth of
Macdonald creek. Tho advent of the
K. & S. railroad up the Dunoan or even
a wagon road will ut once put an end
to the poriod of waiting and tlie bond
of Macdonald creek will be the scene
of a busy milling eamp for the surface
shewings and tlio nature of tho
formation points to tho presence of
large rich bodies of ore.
The Criin.ivcll Ri'tiiriiN.
The ti'ial shipment f il* tons gives a
gross vale of $703.71, This is divided
as follows: Cold, $722.."..") and silver
$71.21. Charges for freight, anil treatment from the Landing are $7:'.22
leaving a net value of (714.55, Tlie
gross returns per ton wore $122.11 from
which is to be deducted transport at ion
and treatment from the mine to tlie
smelter amounting to about $46 and
the net returns per ton are $711.11.
These returns, while not reaching the
figures tho owners thought tbey would,
are still vi'y satisfactory and with an
increased knowledge of tbe very difficult material iu the vein tiie next shipment will lie freer of tin* valueless stuff
which was thrown in with the rieli era
under tlie impression that it was pay
ai Work ii
The Golden
ii tlio
Mining Co. havo
placed two men at work on this prom-
isinur group, oil the north fork, forthe
winter. Eighteen pack" horses took up
supplies this weok ami development
work will be pushed from now on.
Judging from surface Indications tbe
men should succeed in making a very
good shelving by nexl spring, Tho
company has tin' money and a good
prospocl to develop, a combination
whioh sliould result in another Lardeau dlvUlond-payer, They Inn.' an
easy outlet and w ill bo able to ship a
yoar henoo railway or no railway.
Horn Snow Nooitoil Por Ore Slitpi ts,
Tlie sooner more siioiv conies now
the better, as rawhldlng will then he
commenced. The Silver Cup and
Nettle L. trails aro already being put
Into shape. S. Daney has a contract of
taking out 200 tons of Cup ore. while
Craig & Hillman can got all the ..re
from the Nettio L. they can handle
this winter. Rawhldlng will commence
next week.
RtiOi Veins or Ore on tho Olitoiij-o.
That  tho  Metropolitan group Is to
become an important factor in bringing
A Slav is no better than a Chinaman, and a Dugo i.i no better than a
Slav. Chinamen, Slavs nnd Dagos are
a detriment to tho country, and always
will be, and until there is a better
class of wage-earners in Fernie
thc town will never  bo what it should.
If trades unions and govornmont
commissions would look into this
matter thoroughly thoy would lind
that thero are thousands of so-called
white mon���foreigners���in the country
who aro moro of u detriment to it thai)
Chinamen.���Fernie Froe Press. Lardeau
Published every Wednesday morn tug at iho
olllcc of publication, Ferguson, B c.,by
R,   P. I'KT'i'lIMEClS,
Advertising Rates: Display ads., 11.50 per
column Inch per month. Legal ads. Vi cents
per (nonparlcl) line for first Insertion ; Scents
f'ir each additional Insertion*. Heading notices
15 cents per line each issue. No ads. accepted
at loss than full rates.
Subscription Rates: By mail orcarrlor, $2.00
per annum ; 51.00 ror six months. To foreign
i. Idn ������������-*j..',it.   Stopped at expiration.
fob Printing: Tho Eagle Job department la
well equipped, nnd is prepared to execute all
kinds of printing at honest prices.
v^No cheques accepted.
Address all communications to thc
The Topic need not think it is the
whole funeral just because many of its
ads- are dead.
longer intends to ho bam-boozled by
machine politics at tho hand-; of professional politicians, and it may set thu
party leaders thinking that tho best
thing they can do to hold their, jobaia
to introduce legislation along tbe lines
advocated by the laboring classes. , , ,
There is no penalty attached to anv   .   W hac0��� ���-"ra al'�� hl''h<f woaUh
politician for doing as he wishes; but ls raos�� abundant and Intelligence
.,.   ,  . ,..���      .,������.,.��� ��i   ���, most widely diffused.���Henry l* cargo.
this boing a  froe country tne musses
havo   the  privilege of  selecting and
WEDNESDAY,    OCTOBER .'tl, lildfl.
"The most newsy and best printed
paper  in   Revelstoko   riding  is  the
Eagle, published at Ferguson, a little
town  in Trout Lako mining division.
Hiring   the   provincial    campaign   it
supported ''Tom" Taylor, tlio nominee
u, tho V.'llsou party-line Conservatives,
and Mr. Taylor was eloeted to represent  the   riding   in   tho   legislative
assembly.     Mr.   Taylor,   during  the
session of the legislature which closed
in September last, did not profess to be
anything  elso  than  a   Conservative.
The Eaolk, notwithstanding it helped
olect Mr. Taylor  as   a  Conservative,
now says that Mr. Taylor must voto for
Chris.  Foley, the Independent Labor
candidate for tho house of commons, or
his "name will bo Dennis" if he again
oilers himself as a oandidate for oflice.
It is generally believed that Revelstoko
riding is in Canada, and that -Canada
is a free  country; but, according to
the EAQLB, this belief is based on a
misapprehension,     Mr.  Taylor   and
others who have political convictions
must not, on  peril  of  their  political
lives, exercise them contrary to the
views of the ;'men, who for tho time,
happen to be adherents of the Indepcn
dent Labor party.   Were adherents of
the Liberal party or tho Conservative
party to declare that if Labor party
men dared exercise the right to voto as
they saw lit they would be made suffer
penalty, what a how!  would bo raised
by the Labor party newspapers.   This
Ib a free country, and the Labor party
m.is; stiu I  on  its merits, just as tin
other political parties do.   The people
of Kootenay will not be bulldozed Into
supporting a candidate simply because
that candidate happens   to   represent
one class, however numerous that class
may be in certain localities In the district."
The abovo is an editorial note from
ths Nelson Tribune of a recent date.
While tho EAGLE firmly believes that
Uu, Tribune is a friend of labor and
always has been, wo can see no reason
for its "strictly independent" course tit
tlie present time.
tf the Tribune has no uso for either
of tlio old parties why not help to
found a party which will finally gain
tho balance of power in tho house of
commons and bring about the legislation desired. No man in British Columbia knows tho needs of this country
bettor than John Houston, nor is there
a person more fitted to help brine
about the progressive measures needed
than John Houston. But, to the
Eagle's way of thinking, Mr. Houston
is missing a golden opportunity by
not supporting the Labor candidate
om and out.
('In is. Foley's platform is broad
enough for all classes, It is far from
being In the .-"iii I. interests of any one
class. Mr. I luusion already advocates
tlie major portion of the platform, Why
nol come out flat-footed for the Labor
candidate, and let us try to elect a man
who will endeavor to bring the desired
legislation about ?
If the Tribune is sincere In its advocacy of certain reforms why doesn't it
back It homo now that the opportunity
is afforded. The Tribune surely does
not expect any relief at tho hands of
the old parties, so what other course is
there open but to oioet a man who will
help to control the balance of power
and force tho party in power to action,
rather than election promises only.
Tom Taylor, M. L. A., may too be a
friend of Labor's causo; but since tho
oid parties have done nothing
but talk of dead and -scarecrow issues,
avoiding entirely the real issues, what
is .thore loft to do but to oppose thorn
both and support a platform whicli
advocates the measures most vital to
tho people as a whole.
If we do not succeed in electing Mr.
Foley we will at least havo the satisfaction of getting recognizance from
tho candidate elected. It will shew that
evory  man   who  voted  for Foley no
electing men who will act in tlieir interests. And if men already elected
for that purpose do not do thoir duty
thon tlie electors have a perfect right
to choose and elect men who will. Tho
othor classes, if such thore be, can and
what Labor purposes doing is to
have looked out for their interests, and
elect men who will devoto thoir time
to securing progressive, reforms���in
tlie wholo people's interests.
It doesn't require bulldozing; just an
honest straight vote from tlio people
most interested. The ballot is the
best weapon to secure equal rights and
the Labor party purpose using it
frsely hereafter. If John Houston,
Tom Taylor and others want to be in
tlie swim lot them east their lot with
tlio Labor party and help to accomplish its cr.ds. Tf not they must needs
sink into the cold sea of oblivion.
If tho Topic is not with us it is
against us. JJut no better indication
of tlio Labor party's success could be
found In this district, Who over saw
tlio Topio ou the right or winning side
The Labor party will stand on its
merits; and if the mull who havo condemned both the "groat" parties for
the past two or more years mako use
of tho opportunity now in sight, it will
not only stand but win on its merits.
m^^^-vf.- ��� �������S?N��-.-��>5-*"H''Ss$*$$'<**$ -.���
POT or AT .
Hotel *.
Abrahamson Bros.. Proprietors
If Revelatoke II
&<��      under <���<!> ms**��
P>      tho _ |f
management.       <|<f> MODERATE BATHS GIVEN.
Everything new and up to date.
Hri: Proof Safe.
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Mining men's headquarters.
Cheerful diuiug room ; a i service
Tho Revelstoke Herald makes a
good suggestion when it advocates a
mineral exhibit at Kossland. This
country would bo largely benefitted by
tho institution of suoh a scheme, and
there is no moro likely town in Canada
to  mako  tho  affair"  a success  than
Tho EAGLE'S choice of candidate
before the last provincial election was
heartily endorsed by the electors, his
opponent, supported by the Topio, almost losing his deposit. And the
hancea are the Eaglh is just as
cognizant of thc people's best Interests
now as it was then. The feeble old
Topic may come In out of the wet somo
day. It reported very heavy rains last
On July tho 14th tho Topic Raid of
the Silver Belt property : "Surveying
and crown granting will bo proceeded
with immediately and arrangements
are being made for systematic development on a large scale under the direction of a competent engineer." This
may havo been good news to sell shares
on, but when Lhe fact is known that
not a pick was put in on tho properly
this year the management appears to
have been somewhat tn error.
Foley is an idea : Galliher and Mac-
Neill uro parts of a machine. Foley is
the representatives of the coming and
tho governing thoughts of the coming
century; Galliher and MaoNeill are
but tags on the garments of tho senile
and palsied ideas of the past.���Industrial World.
��� ���
'v- W*i
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
Ferguson, B.
And now tlie Topic wants civil servants siwaslieil���nil samoe Chinaman.
Tlio Topic is not to be taken seriously.
It simply lies anil does it knowingly,
No use of wasting space to correct it���
that is a matter of $ $, and the EAQLB
wouldn't give two bits for all its
influenco or opinion one way or tlie
$r$ 5?H?H?Hfc$H&$-$ $ ^KH^- $H&-&$
The Dominion election results
promise to be close, and for this reason
;i Labor representative will lie able to
do more than either a Liberal or Conservative. With A. W. Puttee, Ralph
Smith, Mr. Maxwell, Dr. H. G. Hariri avo, Hugh Stevenson, Chris, Foley
and perhaps one or two others in the
house of common.-* they are almost
certain to control tho balance of power.
Then either of the old partloa can bo
forced to give the people what they
really want���more progressive legislation.
The EAOLE is only too happy to
learn that the Topic is not guilty of
conspiring with the Sliver Belt company to boost Its property at so much
per annum. The Topic has been
bought up politically before now, and
of course thore was a grave suspicion
that such was the ease in this instance.
Tho EAGLE is very glad indeed that it
was mistaken.
Hotel Ferguson
The Bar is supplied with the best brands of f
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfcet comforted.
,00 it (lay und upwuvilH.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
When the Eagle has to sloop to a
man like Manager Didisheim, simply
because, he imagines he's thc whole
earth and no citizen of this country
has a right to speak, and with whom
tbe Topic is so happy to curry favor; or
cling to a political party which sells
senatorshipa at $10,000 each and has
nothing hut a record of unbroken
promises, it will discontinue business,
So long as there are newspaper men
in this country who will cast principle
to tho forewimls and boost for this
company or that party, with tho fond
hope of getting easy money, just so
loner will thore be corruption in high
John Houston does not tako the
Eagle to task for the cause of Thos.
Taylor particularly, for just before the
elections the Tribune prodtctod "Tom
Taylor is a doud duck in Rovnlstoke
riding." Mr, Houston just happens i"
he in tho Bame fix as Mr, Taylor, and
where there is one point explained
away by the Tribune for Thos. Taylor there is two for John Houston, In
fact .Mc Houston is In a worse pro-
dlcaraontj he having attended the
Conservative convention whioh nominated MaoNeill, while Thos. Taylor Is
baking tho very wtae course of at least
kee pi u jar mum, and Mr. Houston's powwow only shows tho weakness of his
own position.
The Topic iriiiiitB that "a friend of
labor" should and will veto and work
for Chris. Foley. This plain declaration by the Tonic at once decides that
it is antagonistic to labor's interests
aud desires to make it known. Thi?
course, alone; with roasting Lardoau
prospectors to a brown, must be pleasing to the citizens of the town in which
it is published.
! c^^^^X^^^^MM^S^^ 8
It is quite truo that tho EAGLE
helped to elect Thos. Taylor as ft Conservative. And bo it said to Mr,
Taylor's credit he ban fulfilled every
singlo promise he made to the electors
before his election. At tbat timo
there was no choice; either Joe Martin
or tho Conservatives were apparently
to bo on top. (Who ever thought that
Dunsmuir was to come out ahead.) In
tho absence of no Labor candidate tho
Eagle was justified in choosing the
lesser evil and'helping to olect Thos.
Taylor. And tho Nelson Tribune will
most likely ace thc same "Tom" Taylor out an a straight Labor, candidate
at tbo next provincial election!). Can
the same be said of John Houston?
Instead of saying that a man is tho
creature of circumstances, it would be
nearer the mark to say that man is tho
architect of circumstances. Tt is
character which builds an existence
out of circumstance. From tho samo
material one man builds palaces,
another hovels; one warehouses,
another villas. Bricks and mortar arc
mortar and bricks until the architect
can mako them something elso.
On March 24th tho Topic said : "Tho
Silvor Belt, ono of the richest prospects ever opened up in this country,
will resume operations shortly. This
property is located on Brown's ck., a
tributary of Gainer ck., and astonished
tho mining world lastjsummor because
of the richness of Its ore���$532 in silvor, load, copper and gold having beon
received." The Topio forgot to mention how much ore there Was. Does it
really believe they are waiting for a
railway to commence shipping.
\ i
| If You have a Lot in Ferguson or a Worthy Min- I
���: ing Property in the district you wish          ��
9 ���>
\ to sell, write, giving full                   |
| particulars to                           f
Mining and Real Estate Brokers,
Office;   "Baf/t" BMjj.
Ferguson. B. C.
Mr. Elector:
{    If you role for Chris.)
]Foley, the people's candi-)
date, you role for a sound)
and progressive principle.
Thus you cannot waste a
vote.    Let   the  machine
politicians howl about dead
issues; but "plunk"" for
Civ is. Foley and progress.
] November 21st,
Or if you desire, to buy real estate or acquire mining
interests in this district just drop us a line. We
will cheerfully give you all the information we can.
Mining Properties Wanted. I
�� Hniitlled on comtnlwHlotl, v %
\ See or write us before purchasing. We can put you \
I next to some of the best buys in this district. I
I Actual residence and experience in the camp places I
| lis in a position to give reliable, service. :
IfYouWaitt all the Newsoftlfe Lardea
l       -A-fc   GXie ��� o o o
Po not bo annoyed ii' ��t tho expiration nf
your subtler.pMon the Eftglo censes n> fly your
wny. Due notice will tie Bfirtt you and if there
is ito response your nUtxio will beeutofl, It
saves us time and moauy, ami "business is
The place "where
the IVtines are.
m J��
United Hatters of North America
Worthy of Careful Consideration
By All Classes.
And the Old Parties Are Unequal
to the Occasion.
To the Elootorsol Yale-Cariboo :
In requesting your support to my candidacy
tor tlio Dominion House of Commons, it is due
to you thut I give publio expression to my
vlowson thosovoral planks ot tho platform of j
thu Independent Ubor Party:
1. Compulsory education has become ti
recognized nocossityin most countries nnd as
suoh has my hearty endorsement.
2. Legal work day, s hours.
Modem Invention has ao enormously Increased the productive power of mini that lifm wants
can be supplied with a fraction of the time and
effort horotoforo nooessary for that purpose.
Labor aa well as capital should benefit by these
changed conditions, The 8-hour law, is a stop
ln that direction and I shall heartily endorse
any legislation look in;- to that end.
8, Government Inspection of industries.
Under modern economic conditions the management of Industrial concerns figure on result?1, not the methods by which thoy are to be
obtained. An ovorsupplied labor market en-
able.i them to Impose on employes any conditions they may doom necessary. Protest as a
rule means dismissal from service aud probable want to their 111tic ones. In throwing tho
strong arm of the law about those children of
misfortune yon aro simply following the teachings of the meek and lowly Jesus, who said
suffer the little ones to come unto me, for of
suoh is the kingdom of heaven.
4.   Abolition of contract system.
The abuses that have grown up under the
contract system as outlined in the first Issue
of the Dominion LaborGafsetteshould convince
even the hide-bound piirtfzau of the necessity
of tho enactment of such a law.
6. Public ownership of franchises.
Our experience in the control of the postal
department, public schools, public highways,
municipal lighting plants and [waterworks is
sufficient ground for the extension of the samo
system to railroads, telegraph, telephone, and
express business. Tho experience of people in
New Zealand, Australia, Germany and else*
where has demonstrated that thoso lunations
can be; performed by tho government with a
very great advantage to the pooplo and 1 most
heartily endorse legislation looking to that
fi. Prohibition of Asiatic emigration and the
educational test.
Thc presence here In large numbers of this
non-assfmllating race robs Canadian labor of
Its birthright livery Mongol binding upon
our shored lossonS rather than increases our
population. The white laborer which be replaces would ns a rule marry and sottlo among
us,Increasing tho population by al loasl three.
This means to tho merchant less mouths to
feed, and loss backs to clothe, to tlio doctor ;
lees demands for his services, to the transportation eonipanlos loss traffic, to tlie dentist less
teeth to till, to thc mechanic less buildings to
erect, to tho real estate dealer less demand for
property Including legs force for ihesame, to
the'farmer leas sale tor produce, to tho newspaper man less papers lo be sold, to the
preacher smallor congregations, and to the
bootblack fewer shoes to shine. Their presonoo
works injury to all branches of tho economic
system. I oppose their coming hero on thc
same grounds I would oppose, tho taking of
more passengers Into an open boat alroady
loaded to tho sinking line In mid-Pacific.
Every Chinaman occupying a position in domestic services interferes with the natural laws
ns applying to iho InduBtrlnl body, robbing our
women of employment naturally belonging to
them to (lieextent that f��r every Chinaman so
employed some one's sister or daughter Is
driven to prostitution, evolving a we problem destined to breed sea of blood nnd that
will some day mantle tho Canadian cheek
with a blnBh for his counlryip shame,
7. Abolition of child labor.
An economic system that drives the child
from the cradle to the factory to compete with
Its own father ia certainly tho legitimate child
of an industrial sysiem having greed as Its
basic principle, Legislation along 1'nos opposed to thia will receive my hearty support.
8. Abolition of the$250 deposit.
Uniler conditions where nil arc amenable to
thc law and assume the responsibility of defending tho country's dag nnd institutions all
BhOtlld bo entitled alike to aspire to the high-
ost position In lhe gift of their countrymen
Without b ilng taxed for tl.c privilege Of fiQ doing.   ! wouldropi al that law.
ti.  Compulsory arbitration.
Compulsory arbitration as applied In New
Zealand looms upon tho horizon of progress
not as a dream, bm osa practical method of
reconciling the conflicting Interests of labor
and capital, and Is dcsllned, I think, In tho
near future. If applied, to proven! thoso periodical Industrial wars and bind a security to nil
branches of buslnosa such as is impossible
under existing cnndltlous und an such receives
my hoarty approval,
days to be mado public noil-
nolabol. The asm
a ted on the four -
postage slump,
perforated on ihreo
only on two. Hi
couutorfolts. I'npi
using them in
of the United Hatters of North America, When yon
are buying a KIK
HAT, either soft or
stiff, see  to it tli.it
thegonuine UNION
LAEEL IsBewedin
it. If a retailer has
loo.se labels ill bis
possession nnd offers to put one in B
hilt for you, do nol
patronize htm. He
loose labels. Loose
; aro counterfeits, Do nm
ttiouaa mwliv ihe but has
ne Union Label Is per
iges exactly thu same as a
outorfetts are BOinetlnie*
f tho edges, and sometime*
;��� a sharp lookout for lb<
iicinled manufacturers tin
���:ei rid oi their Beab*
made hats. Tho John B. Si )tson Co, and n
H. Roelofs, both of Philadelphia, Pa.( are nonunion concerns.
JOHN A. MOI'TITT, President, Orange, N, J,
John PHILLIPS, Secretary,477Park Ave.,
Brooklyn) N, y
Smoke Cigars
And at all times  insist on the
box bearing the blue label.
It helps manufacturers t?�� Bee the foroe
of paying fair nnd honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
umng and Real Estate Brokers,  |
^RGUSON,      ' -        BRITISH COLUMBIA. |
The Season of 1900 has been 1
an unparalleled period
progress in the.
jkfr&i&fcfafc #-$-$$ $4
The Union Label
On everything yon buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.'
��� ���
100 Unit tills Label Is nil ..II nothing you buy. I
Ferguson Packing
and Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into lot' packing of
Mining Supplies, etc., to any point
in tho district.
Good, prompt service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing
to Ferguson a specialty.
S. DANEY, Proprietor.
All elootln
I would also fore
Ing'tlio . lorclroo
fill'II." lolliivlu':
Iho passage
' a law mill:-
nml do. ������ i'tvhu.' the ratn ..I tlio drunliard,    I
tlio i.'ivi.' i...i: .���:..:  "li'.lniil, tho \ou. nl tho I
ititolllgcnl but i.'���;���:;' reni Htliioii wouldcohit- l\
torbnlnnco liii evil, and I believe ii is .is muoh -*���*
The Commercial Centre
Supply Point
I   *&S   m     M     W ��        i %-v-     ' >       E^i
20 Miles of Railway
stll we need
to Invest is Now
f.FSi li RSS o POJICrsf There will be more ore shipped this
winter than all others combined
On at!  (ruins from llOVClstORO Mid
Kootenay handing.
ijtoko nm
thoduty of every cltifjcn to poll his rote as It
I�� to pay hia taxes. In mukinirthl i n eompuh ;
sory duty you an- simply compelling him t�� do i
that hy tlio ballot which he is already com-1
polled, io do by the bullet-defend thc I
institutions of his couptry.
12   Abolition oftho'Sonate.
Hook upon the upper house ap a useless and
extremely annoying political luxury, ns a
stumbling block to progressive legislation, an a
homo for political imbeciles, who {wm to have
rosoh .1 thomuolve-i Into n political Inqul-
sltion, who pounn*? upon every progressive
measure thai passes tlio lower house, brands it!
::���:::;; i^,^:;::i!::;zz'lz.[Fall and Winter Schedule Effective
Ingly, and ii' any littlo effort I nm make can
assist In exterminaMiig  lhat  arlstooriuiy in
polltlon I oau assure um It vt'Ilt bo exercised       f0' niles. tickets and   full Information
apply to
No Trouble to Quote Knits nnd Give
You a  Pointer regarding  tlie
Eastern Trip Yon Contcm-
Inte tnking.
f  Daoo/^*
with tho greatest of pleasure,
Trusting that my ideas on (hosevoral subjects will meet your views, nnd that 1 Will
receive your support, I romaln,
Chris. Foley.
j. uoonsxKV, ai
T. W. lltlAIKli.lW
Or lo	
W. I'. ANIIHIHON, T. I'. A., Nelson, II. (
K. J. COYLK, Asst, Piiki. Agt., VaOOOUVl
Local Ageai.
Ferguson may bn where tho snow is,
but is also whore the mines are.
M. P. Janes, for a lon"; time ore
sorter at the Silver Cup, has gone to
Dad. Black says: "I think we are
going to have a nfeo, quiet, sociable
time of ithere this winter.
S. A. Sutherland is away on a
business trip to Kevelstoke. He is
expected home ibis evening.
Walter Edwards and Andy Ward are
trapping up Trout creek. Wm. Glenn's
"wigwam" will be their headquarters.
L. .1. Frances, a typo of Calgary. will
arrive here nn Sunday to accept a
position ou the EAGLE mechanical
Mr. Fielding. linancc minister in tbe
Laurier government, has announced
that a mint would be established in
It's an ill resolution which benefits
no one. Alec. Morrison has decided
not to re-enter tonsorial circles at
Trout Tittke.
.fas. Lade and .las. Otto left for their
home in HaliFax, N. S.. on Sunday.
They will return in tbe spring. Mr.
Lade came west iu '05 and Mr. Otto in
Through tbe Slocan at least tt is not
a question of who is the strongest of
the three candidates, but rather the
size of Foley's majority. It will bo in
the hundreds.���Slocan Drill.
A letter addresod to this oilice from
Calgary on tlio 22nd arrived on tbe
20bh--only seven days. A man could
walk it iu that lime. The letter went
round bv Nelson via Crow's Nest.
Tho Kettle River railway bill, passed by the provincial government hist
session, is to be votood by the Liberal
governmeni. Remember this electors
of Yale-Cariboo-Kootenay, when election day comes.
The ICAGUH has a complete voters' list
for tbo Revelstoko riding of West
Kootenay on hand, There are 1061
names on it, but of course many are
absent or doad. It Includes all names
on up to May 30, 1900.
Tbo EAGliE is !n receipt of a subscription from "(Jay Puree" this week.
This makes over a dozen old country
paid-up readers within tbo last three
months. Who says outsiders are not
becoming interested in this camp.
Newspaperdom in Vancouver has
been evolutlonlzed to a marked decree
by tbe Provinco. While the 'Province
has reporters as vivid in their imagination as those of big American
newspapers It is thu newsiest production in the .vest.
While then ire many men leaving
the district f r <��� a winter, a Rossland
oompanv hi" ������������'���' In twenty-five men to
Comaplix last week to work in tbeir
mine* "��������������������� ������ likely to be more
work In here iliis winter than there
will be men lo perform it.
Polo Cum��rnn, loo Desjardine and
Charlie Short left for Vernon last
week to P* end the winter. Tbe
Okanoiran valley ts becoming a favorite
resort, for Lavdfluuttes, Living is
cheap, not much snow, plenty of game
and tl mild climate. The hoys will
return in the nnrly spring.
A pprs m living in this distriot, witb
modern conveniences lacking, naturally
feels Bomnwbal out of tbo world or just
a little mil of dato; but the EAGLE is
just in rpceint nf n letter and subscription, from Patersnn, X, J., dated Oct.
II. 1001, The chances are wo have
slipped a cop nnd nre really a year
An will '���" i ��� Heed la our advertising
columnar] Ci  I'urenn, ono of the mosl
widely   kno   hn^btpftfl men In  East
Kootenay, hi ��� i ������> ��� ed n bin lirst qlnss
wholesale liquor nto<*e in Rovolstoko.
Mr. Ptti'pnn ' ropes tn do a share of tlie
business 1" ' ;- -(up :,i this distriot and
prosppcfivr      ���'���'���" ft will do well lo
write for pi	
A letior forelved by tbe Eagle from
Ross F. C-bysnut, Seattle, snys:
"Since leaving1 Trent Lake and Ferguson I havn visited Rossland, and
Spokane exposition, and shall bo here
on I'ugei, .������'ut. ���: a couole of weeks. I
am booming Lardeau everywhere and
am pleased lo note tbat it Is not an
unknown <���;���   '-v."
Thc Per "iv scliiol crustees, Messrs.
Batho, !���!������ r i and Pettiplece, have
asked ihe i ���>��� i ?\iv. tiompatiy foi*.a block
of lots to be o-ed as school and athletic
grounds, if gran led, and tho EAGLE
believes It will be, the government
will bo n'-k'-d to clear one-half and tbe
citizens will clear the other half. A
public hcIwoI and building will also be
coming to us next year.
Slxty-ouo cUya  more in   the   nine
teonth century.
L. Didisheim, Silver Cup manager
was up to the mine yesterday.
A. C. Cummins and Jas. Cummings
have roturnod from Rovelstoke.
W. B. Pool, manager of the Nettle
L., came down on Sunday and left for
"Foley will be elected as sure as
you live. His ability over the two old
party candidates is acknowledged by
all. He is certainly a credit to tbo
eauso wo advocate."���James Devine,
J. N. Nelson, who has been confined
to his bod for over a month with mountain fever at tbe Queen's hotel, Trout
Lake, is recovering slowly. Ho had a
hard pull and a close call of it.
afterdate I intend to apply to the chief Com-
miastoner of Limits nnd Works tn pnreluise :�����)
nereBof land In the District ofWosl Kootenay.
described as follows: CommoncinR at n post
marked "Jacob smith's south-west corner,"
plaeed on tho west bank of the little west fork
of the west fork of I lie liiiiienn rh'ur. about III
chains north of the mouth of the littlo west
fork: thence north It) chains ; thence east SO
Chains] thence BOUtll 10 chains; thence west SO
chains to point of commencement,
Forguson, B, C��� September 24,1900.        31-31
T.A. Wilson, M.I)., CM.
L. R. C. P. tfc S.   [Queen's UniverBtty.l
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Hunk of Canada,
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey,
A.M. Pinkham.
White, Gwillim <f Scott, '
Revelstoke, B. 0,
To I.II.I.tAN HOAR, J.W, M. HOAR, R. 8.
Take notice that we the undersigned Co-owners with yon of the Jumbo, Florence, Union
.lack, Unnadlan Hoy, tndependant and Parrsboro mineral claims, situated on the south
fork of tho Lardoau ereok in tho Trout Luke
Mining   Division   Of   West    Kootenay   in   thu
Provinco of British Columbia, havo performed
and recorded tho assessment work and made
lhe expenditure required to lie done and
recorded on the abovo mentioned claims for
the year IBDflas well ns tlie yeais 1898,18B7 and
1890 under section 24 of tne Mineral Act nnd
tho years for which such work was performed
and expenditure made having oxpirodwodo
hereby give vou notice pursuant to Section 4 of
thc Mineral Aot Amendment Art 1000, to contribute your proportion of bucIi expend!tUrtj
for (lie years hereinbefore mentioned within
00 days of the first publication hereof.
Dated at Trout Luke this 20th day of September A. D, 1900.
81-40 L. THOMPSON,   Co-Owners.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that (80) thirty
days nfter dato I intend applying to iho chief
Commissioner of Landau no Works for a license
to cut and carry away timber from tho follow*
Ing described binds situated in Trout Luke
mining division bf Wosi Kootonay; Commencing at a post on Triune cruek.n tributary of
the south fork of the Lnrdetiu river; thenco
running west Vl'y chains ; thence north 80
chains; thenco oast 12fi chains; thence south
80chains to the point of commonooraent, con-
illinium UHH) neres more or less.
Ferguson, It. ('.. Septemhe*- vi, 1900.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service h. school bouse every
Sunday at 3 p.m    junday st:hoolat2 p.m.
Trout Luke Cit*'. Services in Forrester's
ball every yanduv at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at'.!:30p.m.
REV. R. J. GREEN. Pastor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
ISffAll kinds of Photforaphlo work done.
Mining properties a specialty. Local views for
sale.   Call at oflice to sec samples.
nonth I intend to apply to the Chief Coratnis*-
���   '   ��� '-  "iid   Works  to  purclm- *���������
mon ,...,. -
SionOr   of   LalldS    atlu     niun--    i"    pmi���iiit-i- .'���!
acres of litmi iu the District of West Kootenay
situated on tbo west side of Dunoan rive
Immediately north of the mouib of Mclionah
crook and moro particularly described as roi
lows: Commencing at fl post marked "il. M
carter's S,E, Corner," thence west40 chains,
ihenee north 20chains, thenco east 40 ennlns,
thenco ponlli 20 chains to the point of com
Dated at Trout Lako this nili day of Soptom
ber, A. 1). 1000.
29-82 II. M. CARTER.
Mining Properties
Reported up by
Parmater & Co,
I It's a Pleasure I
1 to have
| Your Printing!
<���> Just as you like it.
<�� If you are discriminating in your tastes
5> yon will appreciate the neat, artltjilc*
*v and appropriate styles adopted Iu <
I .       .      i
i    The  Eagle's    ;
Job Office.
x Wo have ample improved faoliltlos and X
know how to use tbem. We cfltl do nil
tlio printing In this entire district,'!/'
strict attontton to order.* will secure \i.%
| Prices Consistent
with the
i Quality of Work
Try us with your next onler.
.Mull orders promptly filled.
The Lardeau Eagle, \
Ferguson, B. C.I
General Blacksmithing
and Repair Work���
Promptly attended to at moderate rates.
Horse shoeing a specialty.
Boot and Shoe Maker
Miners' Shoes a Specialty.
Trout Lake and Ferguson.
When yon want a Cool
Refreshing Drink
Enterprise Beer
All Lardeau's loading hotels handle It.
.Manufactured by lhe
I'lnturliriHO HriMvim: Co.,
Kevelstoke, I). C.
Imperial Bank
of Canada.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED, 12,500,000.00,
CAPITAL I'Alll LP . . fa.l.W.lilU.IW.
REBT      |1,"00,000.00. .:
General linnkinii Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Saving.
Dopartmotlt at eurrent rates.
A. K. kThEAHN,
I FIELD <!'��� BEWS,
��    Druggists
Chemists      (��)
'"''ti1,'��� REVELSTOKE.
If you need anything In
Send to the
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ...
The most complcto resort on the continent
of North Amorfeii. situated midst scenery
unrivalled for urandeur. Boating, fishing
and ��� exnurslons. Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cure all nervous
and muscular dUeaaeH Its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments, Its
baths and waters are a sure remedy against
nil argentiferous poisons, terms : lis to
^18 per week, according to residence in hotel
or villas.
You can easily understand
why so many people in this
district patronize
Lardeau's Leading Store
They get proper goods, proper
prices and proper treatment,
consequently they stick to us.
We can take similar care of you.'
Best and Biggest  Stock of General Merchandise iu the Lardeau.
Special line of Gents' Furnishings and Hoots and Shoes just opened.
McKinnon k Sutherland. 1
Post Office Store
THE RAILWAY may not be here, but our Fall and Winter Roods
have arrived nevertheless. We havo a nicely usssorted stoclc ol Fresh
Groceries, Canned Vegetables, Fruits and Meats. And our Clothing,
Boot and Shoe stock is well worth examining before purchase elsewhere. Our General Stoclc is well "sorted" up and we can BUppl/
you mostly anything from a needle to an anchor.
SIXTY DAYS SPECIAL SALE: As wo desire to turn most of our
stock into money before another sixty days, special Inducements in
prices will he made. If you want anything iu our Hue it will save
you money to purchase from us.
-ttmvxftooo -
Don't Send to Eastern JSweat-Shops for
Goods until you try the
Send for Prices, samples and particulars
. . . Bourne Bros.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail
General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Branch at
Trout Lake City.
WholHHalu   Dealer* tn
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
Tho IfcRt Gondii O illy.
Slock Liirk'c unci Complete.
Vote for Chris. Poley
a.nd Progression.


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