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Lardeau Eagle 1902-08-15

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 f   5'
MKTti. uuur.irutins.
l^iiLV-R-Uar S2J
t.eau ��11, I2", Oil.
lOPPBK...Uni'hiin*.ed at 111.371
The Kaiilk ir more widely
cikcul/iied than any other
newspaper in north kootenay it will be found an excellent advertising medium.
VOL. III. NO. 27.
$2.00 A YEAR.
A Borvey Party Found Remalneof
a Man la a Tent
Tuesday the llth Inst, marked a most | Klpnon, Mrs. Knox, Miss Woodward.
six miles m mm
Oaroner'e Jury Believe Quet  R.
Launfors Had  Been Dead
Three Yeara.
The people of Ferguson were startled
Monday evening, Aug. llth, by a report that was brought to town by John
A. Atkinson, ol Trout Lake, to the
effect that the rema'us uf a man had
been found in a tent quite close to ll.e
cabins at Eight Mile and that the remains had buen lying there for several
years.   The coroner, Dr, W. E. New-
oonibe, had a jury of sU impaneled the
same evening and at 7 the neat morning lhe coroner and jury, accompanied
by J.  Snell, a provincial constable,
started on their ride to Eight Mile to
view the remains and huld an Inquest.
In the present* of the jury, the Conner and the police officer made a complete examination of the  remains ol
the roan and of the surroundings.   The
���an  hud evidently been pro.peot.ini*
In t.b<-summer-or fall of 1809 and had
bren can. ped several days In this place*
Be appears tu have gone to lied, cut a
pipe full of Tiibaciiu and had a smoke
ami then went to bIhop.   His bed wus
shingled   with   evergreen   boughs on
which blatiKets were laid, and anuthei
blanket and a eoat covered tbe body.
The body hud  been resting easily on
the left side and there waa nothing to
Indicate violence or pain.   In a screw
top luikiii,. powder tlu were found a
free miners' license, a poll tax receipt,
a mineral glass and a new shaving kit.
An axe was found under the pillow, as
were also the man's  boots, and his
pocket knife was found near tbe right
hand.   No coins were discovered.  The
tent had become pressed down to thr
ground hy tne weight of tbe snow and
this together with the man's wearing
apparel and blankets were very rotten,
but undisturbed.   Following la the evidence adutieed and the lludlog of the
coroner's jury:
Deposition of John A. Atkinson uf
Trout Lake, H. C, assistant to J. 0. I).
Wilkie, H. L. S��� Of Trout Lake, B. f'.
"J am assistant to Mr. Wilkie aad
working lor him near Eight Mlieon
luivey ul tram Hue toSllverCupmlui*.
On llth August, 1908. John Scuti aud
Jim Scott ol Trout Lake were with me
when ne tonnd the remains of a roan
to me unknown, 1 only removed aul*l
.lent of lhe covering from the head to
���airly myself It was the remains of a
avi. I left everything as tbe jury saw
lt. I do n.l know the man. lie must
have died two or three years ago. I'toni
the surt'oundlnjrs death must have betn
from natural causes."
Ua ed at. Eight Mile, 12 Aug. 1902.
(.Si 4 nml) J.A.ATKINSON.
Deposition of James Snell of Trout
Lake, 1! C��� provincial constable, taken
at the inquest on remains of a man said
to he unknown, "was with tbe jury
when  the remains of the man were
viewed.   I produce tbe documents and
effects found by me.   I produce poll
tax revenue receipt dated 14 June 1899,
issued hy A. Mclnnls of New Denver,
also froe  minors' certificate  No. B.
Important epoch in the history of Fer-1
uuaon, as oa that day the new Vulcan
smulter got Its preliminary trial run.
We are glad to bo ia a position to announce tbat the trial proved eminently
satisfactory. Since it demonstrated
that tbe plant is capable of everything
predicted of it by both makers and
Mr. Hubble of San Francisco had
charge of tha operation of "blowing
in," and was assisted ia tbis matter by
Mr. H. W. Gender, the superintendent
anex of the Lardeau Smelting k Re*
lining Co.
Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Newcombe, Mi's.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Shannon, Mrs. Webber. Miss Cowdr.v, Mrs. Forin, Mrs.
Henderson, Mrs. l'ci'ry, Mrs, Dane)
and Mrs Cummins.
Tho furnace does its work with very
little noise, as compared with the ordinary blast stacks, while at the same
time the heat evolved by the vacuum
draft is intense nt the smelting ares.
The slag was fiowihg freely, and the
molten metal could be seen falling lik
rain drops into the crucible.
Mr. Hubble being satisfied that tho
boilee.attachments and general fitting-.
wore working satisfactorily 'closed down
the works for assay of slags, mrial.ctr
On Wednesday morniug the furnucr
At about I p.m. the crucible was I was blown in again and worked as In th,
heated, and the coke, ore and fluxes run j short run nf the day before with most
Into the furnace. In about an hour I gratifying results. Tbe new Inspirator,
and aqtiettertlie whistle sounded as an ! a recently patented appliance for regu
intimation that the actual operation of 'latin*** th" draft, was found to he some
smelting was In progress. Wherettp- what llghtlycohstructedforttieumnunt
on quite a considerable crowd burrlod pfstnam pressure dovelo|ied.
to the works, Including a considerable It'.was therefore decided before put-
number of the ladies of the town, ting.tho plant to the test.of a oontlnti
amongst whom we noticed Mrs, J. A. I ous run to procure heavier fittings for
McCrossan, Mrs. Macdonald, Mrs. Mo- thc viicuiiiii regulating mechanism, On
its arrival from San Franrlscn th.
smelter will be at once started up will
a day and night shift of operators wb.
will form Its regular crew.
Those who know something of smelting were most curious as to the mesns
whereby the draft was created, and
made wise enquiries as tu the cause ol
tbe absence nf tuxerrs and blowing
engines. Most of the visitors possessed
themselves of souvenir pieces of pure
slag and some were under the Impression it wus superfine bullion.
During the evening and night various guesses woro offered as to
the number of ounces of silver to
thn ton it contained. Those of th,*
wiser class gave it as being about
.I'.l'OO ounces. Others scraped it win,
knives, and explored it with mineral
glasses and gave up the case as hope
less, The general opinion of the slat
was tn credit it as being a variety ol
black stilphurets.
It in hardly necessary to say that the
slag is mainly composed of Iron with a
few minoral bases, and wholly worthless. We shall deal more fully with
this important matter in our later
Mesara. Webber and Landon Cant*
to Inepect
Tbey Examined tha Property aad
Brought Down Samplea That
Assayed Very High,
cut tinutd en fruits Fags.
(Edward VII, K. I., by the Grace t f
God, of the United Kingdom of Greal
Uritalu and Ireland, and nf the British
Dominions beyond the sea; King, De
fender of the Faith, Emperor of India.
was crowned nn Saturday, August 9th,
without hltrh or harm and at night all
London was celebrating the event.
The celebration wns Impressive In
every respect and was carried out with
a perfection of detail and lack af accident that has rarely characterized
similar displays
Thn pride of empire which marked
Queen Victoria's jubilte was lacking
and In its stead there pervaded all
classes the keen recollection that only
���ix weeks a;to their king lay in danger
of death and this fact produced ihunk-
fulness and genuine sympathy for the
man rather than adulation of tbe king
This feeling was verified hy the Archbishop of Canterbury wben he inserted
In one of the coronation prayers the
words: "For whose recovery we now
give thanks." Yet this did not prevent
the public from voicing appreciation
of such military display as the short
procession gave them a chance to sec
Burl Roberts, coipmander ln chief ol
the forces, was once more the horn of
the hour and next to tbo king himself
received the heartiest welcome of the
assembled crowds. Most of the hest
positions along the route of the procession were thickly crowded by 8 o'clock
and the spectators were furnished with
plenty of diversion by the marching
and counter marching of the troops,
headed by their bands, and quickly
passing slate coaches, private carriages
and automobiles.
Buckingham palace was one of the
principal centres of Interest as it was
the starting point of tbo great pageant.
By 9:30 tbe scene In the vicinity of the
palaco aud the Mall was evidently am*
mated, Almost, as animated was the
scene in the vicinity, of Westminster
Abbey,where band* of mujlo, lUtloutd
about the building, relieved the early i Ings for lhe historic  picture ordered
���vailing, and soon after the dimrs were i ty **-8 ki"K*    m*1 ra,mt "ruolc ln'-
opened, state roaches, carriages and j ���>>'���> In the   shhey was  the niarvelou-
automoblles rattled up In line.    The idUolay nf jewel* that certainly surpass-
rich apparel nf the oeeupnnta elicited  e(1 anything previously seen at court
hearty auproval, which waB surpassed , 'unctions In Kngland.
by the reception extended to the men I    Th8 combination of these with the
of-he naval  brigade as thoy marched  magnificent robes and beauty of many
past at a swinging pace to take a favor
ed position guarding the route of the
The colonial premiers and tbe privy
couiicellors wore warmly welcomed.
As the hourappointed forthe depart'
of their lady wearers, mado a sighi
never to he forgotten*
The queen's dress was magnificent.
It was of gold veiled with ivory whit,
tulle and the train was of velvet lined
with ermine.   The costume was orna-
ure of the royal procession approached i B"-"n--"-1 wUh rmm< thistles and sham
the excitement about Bucbtnvbam rooks. It was finished In a high trans
palace was most marked. Punctual to j P*���* ---*1"*-"' ola -��--9 frinRea witl'
the time the advance  guard  to the IK0'*1*
royal cavalcade Issued from the arch-1 Tbe M"*<*e rommenced with the
way, the horses nf the troopers curvet.' re-eonieoratlon of the regalia. The
ting nervously as they faced tho wall of Procession "' the clergy with the rega
humanity that cl cored their coming.    | ���� �����<"��� proceeded from the altar tn
.Shortly afterwards came the Prince *h�� �����">��- ��<��� I"-0"0"1 Handing up and
and Princess of Wales' procession, and ���InKlnff. "Ob, God, uu- help In ages
finally, within a  few  minutes,   their P***"
majesties' state carriage appeared at Tl'�� *)l,ke ��' f-'onnaught took his
the gateway and the king and queen place beside the Prince of Wales In the
.-railed aud bowed In response. *hl"'-v M ll" P'-'"--''"**1"1 entered, boa*
In Westminster Abbey the doors of ing as be passed the prlnco.
that edifice wore scarcely opened and Tb" Archbishop of Canterbury took
tho gold sticks anil ushers hud barely his seat In frutitnf ihecoronatlonchaii
found their stations beforo tho seats and the Karl of Halshury.tho lord high
began to fill. Peors and poet-esses swept chancellor, seated himself by his right,
up tho naive, their scarlet undermine} Several minutes elapsed, however,
making vivid contrasts with the deep ��� b-"'"*"e *������" k"" "n<" I"1""1 <���,���m,, ���'
blue of the eurptt. By 10 o'clock tho j ���,*t*ht* of ,h"8-> Kathe.ed about tin
interior of the abbey presented a blaje, throne, Suddenly "Viva, Viva Ale��-
of color. Alougtho nave, which was,1"*0���." ���**��������� "bouted by the boys ol
lined by gremidiors, everv chair was j Westminster and the queon, walking
taken up by high officers of tho array slowly,to the left of the throne, gained
and navy and others ln equally hand-1 bBr chair and knelt at the silken prl.
sumo equipment, On top of the arch dieu, her magnificent train nf cloth ol
separating tho nalvo from the chancel *<-���>������ M"* ""���"* ou��of >>�� "V -V el*
sat the surpliced orchestra. On stalls. acarlet coated pages,
within with tbo other ambassadors,
were the United States ambassador,
Joseph  E. Choate, Mrs. Choate aad
A party consisting of M. B Webber
and Mrs. W��bb:r, W. J. Landon and
Mrs. Landon, of Winona, Minnesota,
and . Mrs. Cowdry and Miss Louisa
Cowdry, of Milwaukee, came Into Fer-
.uson on Friday last to visit tbe camp
ind to inspect and complete arrangements for resuming development on
the Black Warrior mining property of
which Messrs. Webber and Land* n
represent, the Eastern syndicate that
holds a bond on a five-eights interest.
The whnle party paid a visit to the
Nottie L mine on Saturday.
The following mornin*- Messrs. Web-
ber, Landon and S. Shannon, tbe local
mannger, made a trip to the Black
Warrior and returned Monday evening after a pretty hard trip. A big
force of men are being sent up at onee
to make a new trail fr nn the mine '���
the ruminlt of the divide and as soon as
enough ore is In sight to warrant, an
aerial train will be put In.
Mr. Webber, manager for tho syndicate, brought down samples of ore from
lhe vein which were assayed with tht
following result: Silver 2141 ounces,
copper 18 per cent. This shows the ore
to be remarkably high grade and with
silver selling at 53 cents the value fur
this metal alone would be 11,137 (7 and
the cupper and gold values would
bring the gross value up much higher.
The surface showings are excellent-
Men were at work nn the claim last
year until Christmas but owing to
supplies running out and not able te
get fre.h in on account of snow, development had to be discontinued.
Considerable work has been done on
the property, and a strong force of men
are bring sent up it-day to rusk Ike
work forward. Mr, Alec. Browa will
-uperintend these operations. Tht
parly started nn their homeward trip
Wednesday bat will visit the eeast
cities and other places earoute.
Mr. Webber informed an Eagle,reporter tbat he considered Ferguson a
very pretty townsite and thinks il has
every Indication ol becoming a good
���died t����n In (lie near future. It has
made, he thinks, rapid strides since Lie
trip in just a year ago.
many officials.
During the long wait, Edwin Abbey
the American artist, who was commissioned to paint the coronation scene in
the abbey, and who wore tbe court uniform, took taraful aula of tbe surround-
Two or three minutes later came thr
o-y from the Westminster boys,"Viva!
Rex Edwardus," witb a blase of trumpets. Yet another waltfi They waited
patiently, then there wrs'knother blar.
of trumpets and cheers of "Vlvats,'
and King Edward appeared and walkei
to hia chair in front of the throne, bow*
Ctailautd en rage Tee.
It appear* to he as difficult forthe
Americans to win the Seawanhaka Cup
for small yachts as it is fur the Engll-h
to annex tbe American Cup for Ihe big
In the recent series of races at
Iteaconsfield, Trident completely oat-
paced and ouipoiutod the Yankee challenger Tecumseh ut every turn and at
cured thc trophy by easily wianiag two
nut of three matches, In tht third contest Trident won by a margin tf ex*
actly fourteen minutes.
Botha and Df-lan.y aa, Collrstiag.
Gen. Botha and Gen. Dslaney will
proceed to England, tbe Uniitd Statts
and Canada lo collttt laid* lor Ike
relief uf wldowi and er-pliant ai Ito
Bear wldltra. (*
Lardeau Ba��t$.^
r.-��l in ihe ii"il,irni of his rank ii
Salvation Armv.
���vaMUim _����rr  Frid��r at Fsmii.i.n, a
.��wh��m ftll c��rnt|Mi4��n<*e MkAiil 1t�� ia��ll<**ia
Continued from First Page,
ing to the queen .m ne jm-tii'd, and tun
knelt-ctnw.i in ,>r:*v��r.
Afier removing his capa hU majesty
���aAWlftSffi��lWftr*stf-5Kt4,rt^ "P ��ud the Archbishop of Can
���Js, rear to inula* tddreHts.   No par. ao ] terbury, ln a trembling voice, read tbe
**_****'���  ' | , recognition beginning:  "Sits:   I here
,  J-* P-l.tlii:   Tit lt|Ia lot, .l.p-.-ia.ot  present unto 'you   King  Edward   the
iUVl^^At undoubted ���#�� "' Vs realm, .to.,"
-*,.ol la Nona kootsnaj: a laannm la IM**,!! then there was a hoarse about, and the
igooi ��,,rk��*id pnaptaass.
Mending of the choir and the men and
.   Atr-mlnii
-fatte eulaoaa
ni Rats,:  Dlsrlar,a*Is.,li.��i ����r weman, In tbe cry, "God save King
Blacfper mtala,    Lsfsf ail,., H 1.Mwu'rd "    RnvMral   tin.-,-  l.hl. ... m.
3'at.ptriaoap.rieqruit.ftr ���iwlastrtlBBii r-0-**'���*      seveiai timet tnis was reals' par Una Ior iaek s-Mltioanl lanrltoa., peated.     Again   the king and queen
e��*.-tinr aotlpM IS rest, vat liat each Issue. , ,,  .   .   ._    .     . .. . .....
Jliieir5��7lsMlBotleoe,|ll!:sliird.T,,��7f*i knelt and the Archbishop ol Canter.
tti^-A&'&m-a'f-K-ia^MsV "* bur-v     ��  ed *�� lh" *"*r *nd  P"ra"
,        '    -'' nienced tho com ra union.     While the
fiwtr weekly lastrtlaas taastltates .a. If����l'��l    was    being   read   the   king
month's advertising. *M>& erect, supported on each side by
__  the bishops.    During the singing ol
We confidently look to   see  a
iitlthy boom in Ferguson in an-
aher ten day��. . For some time patt
there hare been a number of idle
<B.n about town and they were unable to obtain work, but in thc last
few days practically  all of   them
lave been picked up to go to the
different mines;'and trails and for
cutting righitW-way for  the Triune
{ram.    The superfluity of m.n was
caused   indirectly   by   lhe   Ferine
strike.   The strike caused many ol
the smelters 'hroughmti the province
to close ilown,   ami   this  in   turn
caused qiiite  a number nl the shipping mines to,di**centinue shipments
and cnnsequtijO;  lh: tvcrkir.f; force
of men �����<> decreased.   Tlien these
m.n began lo scatter and n number
foiin.lt iheir w-ny to Ferguson,    A*
the Fergu-on district was very slow,
in opening  up this sea��on ih.* men
Could not find employment .ificr th-_j
jot   here.    Nnw,   however,   th^se
men have employment and mte can.
nin--.ee so many about  Ihe. streets,
but  just the -.ante  titer,  are more
signs   ol   life   and   activity.    The
business men are kept hu-y preparing orders, the  hpiels are still lull,
mostly transients, and the freight
teams are all busy hauling machin
ery, and also ore to the smelter and
f..r shipment to Trail, and the pack
ers can scarcely bundle the goods
t ia! are warned at the various mines
a il prospects.   So il the activity
c 'itlinues to increase Ferguson will
wake up one ol these mornings to
find hersrll Ihe centre cf a healthy
the crude all the members of the royal
family turned eastward. Both King
Edward and Queen Alexandra following the service' carefully, frequently
looking at tbe enpiet of the service
ritual wbloh they held In their hands.
Tbe admintttration of the oath followed. Standing before the klng't
chair the archbishop asked: "Sir: Is
your majesty willing to take the oath?"
The king answered In firm strong
tones, "I am willing," etc., his replies
being distinctly beard. Then the ink
stand wat brought and tha king algned
the oath.
After the archbishop's anointing I!
prayer a gold ��u nopy was brought over | J
the klng.s chair nnd hit* majesty divest* | ���
��d himself of' his outer robe tli.in j 1
walked to the anototi't chair, while the *_
choir sang an anthem', The atioiiittng' ���
ceremony was scarcely seen owing toil
the canopy, < J
The queen than arose and proceeded
to tlio altar sicpn, under n pall
of gold she  was quickly crowned by ��� .
the Avohblshop of York supported by | ���
the l.lahop-.   She was then led to the'1
All kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
in stock.
We have engaged a
first class mechanic
and are prepared to
take contracts for anything in the building
line.   Workmanship
oceeded ���
of cloth; I
toed hy j J
r'e.1 bv ' ���
ho tl���. :J
tliriinu beside ih,,t iu which t.lic Ici'if t
sat. wnd Der enthronement  was nceon,-  I
..lluhurl ���
James V. Reeves,
Ferguson, B. C.
Tbe ser
thu sin
< ughi to
of thu
waa compb led
Te Doitiii, wus
in :i hili'li.
Threw   good .carpenters   wanted  ai
Litsr. once.    Steail.i   work   for  summer  t<-
On July 2nd a silver llt-K  lietween  right men and standard   "anus (.4.(Hi
I'rout tiiike and H'ergiison,   Finder will   per day) will be paid,
r,mfer a favor hy leaving same ai, Kagle U A. DUNBAR,
'���Wee. IHjuly Ferguson, li. C
County Coun will he held nn the
l/th inst. nt Trout Lake. Parlies
who have any legislation will do
well to take note of this. A great
saving in expense will be effected to
t'te Lardeau people by ihis move.
We believe that in future regular
jitting* ol the county court will be
held at Trout Luke.
One of the most curious incidents
ol the coronation was the appearance ol the uniform ol Ihe Salvation Army in Westminster Abbey.
King Edward directed that a representative of   the Salvation  Army
* should be invited lo Ihe coronation,
and Bramwell Booth waa appointed
to attend- A difficulty arose about
the uailorm he should wear, and
" the Karl Marshal, the Duke of Norfolk, intimatid that he was not
authorized to recognize the uniform
of (he Salvation Army. Mr. Booth
thereupon Wrote to the king requesting permission to wear the army
unifojm, and this His Majesty read-
'UJf (cava.   Mr. Booth thtrtftw ap-
ANDY CUMMINGS, Proprietor.
Ferguson, B. C,  Qppnsite the Pusmffice. '
%fai&te$s$t.i$ Hi -.-- m ��i ua i>jri>ii>iTit$mrfrm r��-msm^-&
._,    FINELY IQUiri'EU BAR.
BKST |..l�� A DAY H0U8K
IHotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
������"���   ���-) ANB "
Windsor Hotel-
When coming Into Perguson the first hotel to
see tt the Windsor. If one Is looking for the
best accommodation, i, a. Clean, well tended
rooms, a well furnished table and choice liquors and elgart, then the Windsor It the bett
place to atop. Reading rtsiras and parlort
nicely furnished.   Everything quiet.
Madame O'Connor, Proprietress.
A Golden
For a safe, profitable investment there
is nothing in the Kootenays to equal lots
in the town of
������"���*���><������"""��������������������� �����mi whip aa
Apd trains are now running
to the foot of Trout lake.
Is being pushed as never
before and the outlook for
the season is most promising.
Buy a few lots before the
rush sets in for they are
bound to be valuable before
Is the most promising town In
the Lardeau
Business Lots   Q 1 Cfi  and
are held at V> MOU   upwards.
Residential Lots
are held
S 75.00 aad
Write or call on
Oeneral Agent,
Henry Ployd.
Revelstoke, B. C.
>'ii ou
Calfforv  Man Talks  to a  Ooaat
Taper   About  Mining, Etc.
Victoria (.f*|.inl-t (Aug. Rl: The Col-
oois'.'s mlnlntr .-dli-n* hsd an lntero.it-
ing ..'list yesterday afternoon wl'th
Mr* J. J. Young, M. P. P. for Calgary,
Alberta, who is spending a few days la
Victoria and vicinity with Mrs. Young
and fimily, uniting business with
pleasure. Mr. Ynutig, although a
young man, Is one of the old timers of
the prairies, where he has evidently
been among the successful ones. He
III he proprietor of the Dully Herald,
of Calgary, and Is Interested In cattle
ranching and other enterprises in Al
bertn, ns well as In various mining
concerns In West Kisitrnsy.
Knowing Mr. Young tn have been
prominently RssiifiilM with the Nettle
Li Silver Cup and other Lardeau mining ventures, the Colonist, induced him
to give some facts relative in the Lardeau and Fish river districts, two
comparatively new camps of the Inter*
ior, which have recently attracted par
tlcular attention throughout the
province by the rlchuess of tnelrsilver
lead and gold wet.
"I cst'io over to the coast last week
with iliy partner, Mr. W. B. Pool, on
buslners connected with a big free-
inilliii" gold property near Camborne,
which we recently acquired for our
j.vnd.'cu.'e," said Mr. Young, "and we
huvo evory reason to boiler**, we have
tiiw-oeticl In getting hold of a bouania.
_':'.�����������:���!,���     Ilfl   VOU   knO
in   ii! tftver
Ol :::��� III i   '*
rial ij.'.-i*
tin I'.niih.i
o,; i.   ti*.*
CooiMlih.t, i
h, venires
elrcti ;<��� i.t,*
tii** rli*il|-;
inclinles '.*<
k ti    ns
Bosslnnil li
���"!'l���* Kri
b**r ol I'lllil
done niu.'li
Bmv iruliln
when ilicj
01' i* no f.-i
atu luiij ��
avi i;H*/ing
Jen**' WI per
iMi.   This
Is thn new
itmtr.V. UU
ll   going   from   the
��� ���,. Bootnltrgl! 1
'he irrfi"  ditHeiilti
t'id ,jth,'i* sui.iplies
���lipply the d'miintl.
pnipei'tloa of tho
tvvr.cd l'.v lhe Impo-
t'ndiciilc, of .".'ilson;
finch ���_" oiin I'l'eriit-
n-ni De.eltipnient
���.,..i.  ,- ,tii'i)i*ii,  who
,,J n ;,', ',.ii*-,  |,!>��rer
...*���.*  I".,'kee elec
i*. rj pri ���ly ivlilch
-. ul sevi*u cl.tirat,
-I,,,-(.���fltcrtoh   und
.,1 ge. up*
ti it Iui'ch niim-
llotls, nnd have
r lung drift Is
ol our ground
lied u deptii of
ns nnd i"o
,vi.l|t.    Til,*1
n few feel
huvo  Ht.tlll
i, ui which point the values
s rli'h as on ihe surface,
ruin iii to ��40 In gold, at
eei.t to' �� >>ieli is free mill-
-rtiup, I  I'i'lieve, l�� on the
returned the remarkable vulue nf 667
oiinces'tn the inn���over 111.000.
"Mr. Pih.1. who is a California and
Colorado gold miner, Is one of ��ie
n.'dert timers In the Lardeau. He discovered the Nettie L In 1892. and ua.ll
la��t month wus manager of that mine,
nml also of the Silver Cup, which we
Isuight from the Hume-Payne com*
puny last winter. lie resigned the
management uf these properties In
order to be freo to devote himself to
gold mining.
"The members of our syndicate have
great faith ln tbo Lardeau. Indeed
they have good reason tn, at all of
tbem made money there, and some of
thorn have achieved nice little fortuatt.
We expect to do even better with our
gold ifropenies than we bave done with
tbe others."
rroip.rllr.r falsing.
The unparalleled prosperity of the
mining industry or the present and i
mediate past, with every reasonable
assurance of its long continuance, i���
Cau��log widespread public at.ti.ntli
The followers of mining aro obtaining
fortunes oy carefully investing in mining stocks, and men io commercial
lines of business are realising this fact
and profiting thereby as at no other
time in past history.
Kvery business has in it an understood element of hazard, and, with the
same care observed In tbe mining ventures at would be expected to be observed in mercantile pursuits, the risk
will be found to be much lets than Is
generally supposed, and no greater
than in tbe average of mercantile callings,
More than almost any other line,
mining has been reduced to an exact
business, almost an exact science. Improved machinery, scientific knowledge and business management places,
nnd raalitfuliit*', milting on as ��afe a
basl** ns tl.iii, of uny business requiring
tiiesn elnit'etit.-, 5.llli.itmii*es ami mul-
ti-niilllohulres art* oecoiiillisr mutter*, of
fart. !<i lhe v.(do and ever tiioi-i'dlfig
Held ol minim*.' . '
In exercising great rare iu the selection nod pni-i;.iase of its prii|M*rlI.*s,
and experitlliiij siiKHent money In de-
winning, Improving und working, a
million complin* is practically assured
of suri'c-,*., and It. stockholder* bene-
lltt'il by uilvain i'loepi nf-lts stock and
In tlio returns I null tlie mints.���Journal fill' luVt'Stlll'S
polnt.nl lining turned over for a quarter nf u million dollars.
"'I he NuWhttpstei'fi i pie ure doing
tone* rapid development work with
tln'1" Improved elei-trlii drills, which
tbn;* elnim Is a gloat sue-es**. They
ate now building it large saw mill ami
have nn serial train and a 10 -tamp
mill on i'o way from Portland,
������ii i,e OysierCilterli.n we have _M
me,i tfftlshliig tlevelniimetit work pre-
pa "a" ii' to witting lu ;t slump mill und
trittifvav,   Tne-e weexpMetto have In
fuil "i it'i,,n before the ind t.f the
y��n. Onr nre runs about tho same at
tin. KvnV in. the average, thuiigh we
hi,.'* si-Hi., rich streaks assaying over
12.001) lo the Ion, There are several
qniirli veins running through all the
properties liinntloned, They arr
mainly Unsure veins, nnd are all the
wu.v from 2 to III Let iu width, aud
clearl*. ii'.i.'.-ubl�� for several tboiisand
feet The facilities for cheap mining
ana milling are excellent���good tunnol
site,, plenty nf timber, and an Inexhaustible water power. Three dollars
a ton Is un outside liguro for the cost
of mining and milling. Mr. Pool and
I btnitiht this property for the Ophir
Lado Mining syndicate, limited, which
it piuctlcully a private corporation
with nu slock on the market, to you
seo I ��m not talking for the take ut
booming. 1 might mention tbat tbe
free i.old belt extends over the mountain Inui the Ferguion camp, at Is
shown hy the work the Ophir Lude
Syndicate bus done on Its tollurldo and
free gold property on Gainer creek,
known as the Lade group. I hare In
my pocket, a certificate from the Kaalo
city sutnpling works of a test on tellur-
A.lve Use Vour Camp.
The following advice from the Daily
Mining Redid of Colorado Springs, it
not only applicable to mining, hut to
all kindred luisine**, The competition
in mining machinery business Is keen
and the American houses that make
the most noise and display their wares
in bold type before tbe mining puldle
in mliiln-r j nirnuin are the ones tt-ut
are doing the business. British and
German maoulauiurers are beginning
to realize thai fact. Tins Is an ad\er*
Using age und if u mining cunp it, es
not use printer's Ink in making the
world uequuiiileii with the richness of
tbeir ores It will always remain in an
nndereloped state although tl ore are
millions of dollars worth of preciout
metal beneath the surface.
"Make a noise!" suys the Record.
"This Is the keynote to success of
any mining eamp. The hest prospect
is vuluele-s If there Is no money for development. Capital bas to ho sought.
It requite* getting. It needs a whole
lot of muse to attract it. The camps
that are making tha most nofte are at
the present time the camp* which are
active and prospernut-wliluh are re-
pclvlng the capital and the attention
they need to develop their promising
"Make a nuisel"
a..it��*. *��� **r*3*Jl,-��rs.    :
In lbs mstltr of ths cattle ol Daniel .t nder-
.011 l,iie of Trout Lake, Brltl-h Columbia, de-
Nulls* is hereby given Hir��uant to the
"Trustees a&d Kamiaturs Act," that all creditor,-in<1 others having claim, sfHln.t the en-
tHleof the .eld Paufel Anderson who died un
or abmlt the -Mb day i��I January, ttU tie re*
qulrisl on or before Hi* lath day of July, list..
lo Mend up post prepaid or deliver lo the under*
stoned silmfnfstrator.il tbe estate of the,slit
derre.e'1 at Trout Lake. R. <.., tutlr fthr.alien
and surnun,es, addreases an4 deaorlpttona, the
fnllparticularanf their claim,, the at.teraeut
of their accounts and the nature ot tbeir M*
cnrfites, if any held by them.
And A-klber late uu'li'*-, thut after aueh U.t
mentlonsd dtfe the undferalgued will prnceed
tod'atrlbutt tbe aaaotffor the >aid deceased,
amongst ths parttea- entitled thereto lia, ittr
regerd only to tha rlslm- of width be -hall
then haw notice, and that he Will nol be
liable for tlie aaeet or any part thereof, io ��nv
pcrnon or per.en, of whose claims notice shall
out have been received by hfni at tbe lime ol
such dlsti Italian.
Dated Ibt llth day si June, IM2.
Administrator of tht estate of the said de-
i-eaHd. Juneis
Take noti.-t that thirty IH; days alter Ibt
���late hereof I will make application to the Chief
Comtulufouer of Landa and V'orka, for a leaae
of the folloalng lauds: CommenelBirala post
marked "J. A. Mrl'maaan" ou tbe south lork
weiron road between Fertuaun and tbe silver
''Ui, mine; ilicnre tlflv ch-dn- lna*<.ulhea,ler*
ly dire,*Hod; Ihenee INI chain. In an ealterly
llrecilon; Iht'iet laichalna In a northerly df-
���I I, ���!,-, 1,11, ,   I ,,.,,.�� ,_*, , H��,,IB    1,1 B  II,I, .������;,,.  1,1'
rcellon; thence lOlcbaln, In a weaterly dlree-
tion; thence fl'ly ehaltia to point ot betlauilit-
fnr tbe purpose of tusrryfnr and removlni
lime-tone for -meltins purl
bated at Ferguaon, July "
_>th. IKd.
J. A. Hei'ROfHtN.
Nodes nf Asalgnniou,.
Puranent la iht "Creditor, Truat Deeds Ael,"
and amendtnt Acta: i
Notice la hereby given tbat Ales. c. Cast-1
kin, nf tht towu ofFenriiion In the Province (
ot British roluinbla, tradlnf ua-ier tbe Srm j
name and style of I'uramla, a Co., utatial ���
Merchania, bas by deed dated the llth day ol
June. Ifs��, aaalgued all hie real and persenal |
estate, eiceid as therein mentioned, to Fred C.
Clllott al Trout Lake (,'liv In Ihe Provlnct
aiortsald, Solicitor. IN TRUST (or Ibe pnrpoat
of paying and aatlafylng raleably sud proper*
tlonatety and without preference or priority,
tht crt'lltora of ibt aaid Ales. C. Duuinlna,
thtir just det-ts.
Tht ��ld deed waa eseeitted by tha atid Alei.
C. Cummins, assignor and Freil U. Elliott, ae>
etgnee oa tbe llth day of June. Itus.
All persona bating claims agtluat Ihe aaid
Alex. C. Cummlua ore required to forward pa*���
tlcular. of their claima. duly verified, tt required by the Aet, te the aufd Truatee, oa or
before tbe llth day ol July, lan, alter which
data tht Trustee will proceed to dl-trfbute ibt
acuta among tbt ptrtttt entitled thereto, har.
Notlee fu. Ocllnqiisat 11.,-owurre,
TnZ Gordon Ooldherg ar L. Ooldburg, or to
any person or perenns to whom tbey may
have transferred their Interval. In the Little
Robert aad 1,1 trie i:obertNo.-_iiner..lelalma
situate al the head of the north fork of Lardeau creek, and a Joining the Klai'k Warrior
group on tbe soutaeaat, In Iho Trout Lake
-.lining Division ���! Wast Kootenay District.
You are bereby notified that I have expended
two hundred and fire dollara and tweutyfi.e
cents (*-0.._*<) (a labor and Improremeuta on
the -.hove mentioned fafuenil claim- ior the
current year la order to hold said mineral
claims under 'be prortalon, of the mineral
Act. sad If within ninety daya from the daie
ol this notice yeu lull or refuse lo contribute
your proportion of auob expenditures lo-rrther
with all coat ol adverti.in..   vour jnlereat
In add elaliaa will beeO'iie tne property o. tbe
���.utMeritier under section 4 of en Aot entitled
An Act to Amend the Mineral Act, lsno.
Dated at Fergusua. this llth day nf July, lie..
Notlco to Dollaeaeat Oo-Ovnovt.
To 0, J. smith and F. W. Hlasdeie or fo any
peraoa or person-in whom il.cy i/siy bave
.ran.fertcd tnelr Intercut* In the following
mineral claims, the "Mollie A" end "Coin-ei
h'tiy" lot-Hied at Short creek, .outb of Pas.
,r,ek In the Tront Uie ��� luln. ttivlalon of
WcMt Sooienay,        I'
Tako llntfCH lhat wt the undcr,l*.'ned have
1 e.formed thc wnrk'and teenrded theaase���,
incnt on the above' named prupe.tlts for the
tears iswsisoi and' iu order lo hold you,
inlcrc-t In aaid claims under Mc-tlon'.'4 of tbt*
Mineral Aet, and If within todays nl the ��r*'
publication hereof yon fail or refuse to con.
rlbi-tc your poriioa of aueh expenditure
logc-licr wilh the cost of adverrlalng, .our
interest In tne aaid claima will become tn.
properly of ihe aubaeriber, under, .ctloii 4 oi
the Mineral act of Hue.
Dated at Ferguson, V. 0, thia 4th day ol June
Sleaad   |HENItVSANN.
June I "'S"1*0 Ijokmorktt
Take notlee that thirty (So* daya after the
da ie hereof 1 w<ll make applleatltn lo tbe Chic!
I'ommi.aanuernf Uuda and Work* fpra lease
of the following landa: Commeuclnrr at a po,t
marked "J. A. Mcl'reaaan." locate.! on the tear
of the townsite arrvey. Bltuated southwest o!
the Horn-Payne buildings and Ihe Ferguion
a agon road, a dlatan.ei.l about dltcen chain.
In a northerly direction from said road; thence
fifty chain, it a weaterly direction; thence
fifty chain, ia a northerly direction; theace
Afty chains la an etaterly dbecllou; thence
ao'tlheily to point of besfnnlug, (or Ihe pur*
poae of quarrying aud removing llue-iuue lor
auieltiugj'iirposes. '  '
Deled Fergusoa July J5, ltui,
Any tltaechock leased at the Qreat Western
��� Inea, Ltd,, or Stiver ..'up Mlnea, muat ht pre
stilled for payment at the above com panic*
ooleeB hy thc nan Ior whon It la laaued.
DONALD 0. FORBU. Utnagtr.
Drugs Mi Stationery
t rawripllnai CattMly aad
..AsWHrateljr Cn-upoanttt-t.
Upper latko Stoamert
leave Fort William sttid-r,
Tuesday. Frlttny vlaSoo Line.
St.  Paul.  Dululh. Chltago.
Tourlat Sle-^por Novvleo
Lv. naatanie Jet. dally lor
St Paul. Kooty. Ldg.iTtee.,
Sat. lor Toronto aad all etatr*
era points.
Lv, Revelslate dally for Seal*
tie Vancouver and Loom site
Through tickets to Earopt
via. all Atlantic llnee.
Prepaid   tickets  .from   all
points at lowest rates.
ft Ml /a/enul/sa a j_tj_r la Jeeal tftMs ]
J 8. CARTER,   E. J. COYJ.B,
D. P. A.,      ,    A. G. P. A.
Nelson. Vancouver.
J, DONOVAN, Agent, Arrowhead.
tltto dtflrt. TORONTO.
D. R. vrilkle, Otnertl Manager.
Capital (Md-vS) f2,B00,004
Hut  4   .   .   . $-2,115,000
BroMhet to Ontario, Uucboc. Manlteha, X. W.
T. *_��d lirltlah Columbia.
Ureal Britain���Lloyd, Bank, Limited
United n-tatea-New York. Bank ol ���dettrreJI.
���I       "*i, -rhlcago, Wrat National Rank.
"        '*    -��an Frauclact, Wells Fargo
A I'o'a Bank.
���'   -St Paul, Second Nat'l Bank.
"    -Mlnnc,|ioll�� Flr.l Nat'l hank
"        "    -Seattle. Seattle Nalluaal Bark
A. Jukes, Manager.
< A. E. Pbippa,
'  ", La.
Vancouver,  -.
tcvela'oke, ���   ���
\'elson, - J. i<
Onli'ta.  .......  J, B  Olbb.
Ferttioa,   .  .  .  .  m. Macdonald.
latere,; allowed al urrent ralea.
A general Waking bnalueea tranaacied.
Schools. ��*$ro*
<���>"���(>����� ATTRWTION-A -Ota-
tlete blowpipe outfit and reference
library free to tbo., taking a eourat
In Metal Mining, send for free
circular.    Addreae IteprMeiilallre
W. H. Hennt'UAI.L,
Nelaon, H. V.
��� tottttcettttt )
liniled Hate of iilmeto
,. ' TflI9    IH   Tii z
CMO-i   L.V1IEL  of
,   '   '. ��� the OntUwi Hat (en
of North   Aiui-rica.
���;,',   '��� H'Jieu you arebltv*
. .      i   . !ik   ii PUK   HAT,
���! _ iilier nofl ot ultiT,
���*'���--  i, U4-C .to  lt  tJirit   ihi
.'��� M-nuiuc    DM 01
;. ���.�����-��� ��� ���������t, LaUI I" unwed In it
��� ���  *'       ' Kty.   t ft  *   neiHlWr   I'm
'���'���^' '���'.'    ���'. V.  ��� Ifl'V* l-**"-*-1" '�� *��������
���sV/'-KWiP/ |��1 'M>i0U   fttnl   oi
1 ���'.' ^'/-V ���-'        MM '" l��* i"-*' ID ���
I '"' fc^ lor you, do ti.*
MUiOitUe bim. li*
kftaioeanr nt&tMH>i 101 ��- lubaln. Loo>��
JnlMittia rfllAliitoitM arc voMiirrieiti, i'o uo|
listen to toy exblautltiti ���� tu why Ihu ba
iho no 1* be I. The Genuine Unlun Ubel i��
]��rf-srftt*d oa ihvfomfdKoi ex��c(iy ili�� ���mug
m ��� poiUgt Mtftinp. Cduttt-nrieitH *r�� wotv
time* perfunied on. thitv oi the uAvv��. tut
wiohmImm only on two, Keep a ibnrp lookout
for th* counterfeit*. Caprim-ifled n-iiiuiBc-
ItaMH ��rt iuIm tbem in order io itt rid of'
tutlr Kftb-wftde bftU Tbe -iobn B M'-tew*
Co. and Henry H. Kooloftt A Co., botb of Pklln*
���ittpbto, -f��., ft/t DOD-nuinu couif rat,
john a. vonirr, >��wid#Bt.
OrftUflo, N. i,
JOHN rUULUPS, Secretary"
!4 m-H8di��rdAi*e..*lr��i)kiyo.N.r
The Fnhllr are'h'e'fpb'y aotlted that
noaoeoiinta will ho pall for goods
aupplled or deblB veutravted on bv
hall ol either the Melropoll Ian Hold
at Mlver Mining Co. of K...'., Ltd.. or
la tat Lardeau smelting * Reflnlair
Co, ot K. C��� Ltd., ttoleas authoilced
In writing hy tht uhdenlgaed. No
ono else has authority to parvus*,* oc
orderaupplica or goods uf any kind.
Ferguson, Junhlo, ISO..
J. W. H&tMH*, M*r.
35u*�� rf_.r.--_ivti<�� jh. T.i_ittjt*.. ���
���? perguson [}arber I
fall at ft. L, PULMtK,
Hoi or Cold a.m, la ccnnriloa.
Tlarher ."hop n 1)1 iIum ol
Sundays at r.o'rlook,
j N. B.
LPlrtjsc fti In betarr .aa*,
��� ��,n�� ���
Halcyon Hot Spriog-j
Sanitarium   ,   _
��� ARHOf \V LAKKfl  Ji to
The. moat cool-dele resort  ��� the coniiint
situs um midai mciicrr
-latliig, lahlno
ol North Atoerlca.    	
unrivalled for gramleur,
and eieursloiis.    Re.id. ���,, ,,h�����jj,n
na-ae. la leleirapble t ���m_.,.','.', ;���' _,,*??
all parts of the world, *,-i."7 ~���R_ _���?J,"'H
depart ever, day It. t ,,���_ __.,.',*,���,*;.
andnuaculardlaeascB ;, irateri hllil .11
kidney, Im end t..-,mA"in���.?1 "��
hath, and water, are a .ure rauai.*_���.-_;-.
all argentlleioa. p/iw'* TMMtrf, %���*__
Prospectors* Exchange
ARTHUR EVANS, Proprietor.
A     Il__ffi��'ffi5WiRMJff *>�����CH0IC1W0PWI*.W.,     _
ym    .+��imr in the market** ������uqbojirak.ii.W.mSJ. .J-*
ne b. C. ASSAY �� CHEMICAL SUPI'LT 10. t**.
Vancouver, r. v.
Headquarters for Aaaajrors, Mlolng
_k Mill -...lipliee. Sola egeate fa a.
L-. lor Morgan �� ruelhle Va., Rllteraea,
England; F. W. Brtun * Co.', Patent
C'eiy Furiueee, burner..ele.j Was. Alnsworth a. Co.'a Fine Rolancta. tie., tit.
Thoro la only oat test mining journal.
That la
Mines and Minerals.
It haa t larger clrealatloa that any two elktr
    _.    Amcrlean lalnlog Journal., b-eanae It II Ike
la.gr regard only to those claima of whiehh't  heal.   It It tho largtet, beat llluetrated and
^r-SSK&ffiCSteM wm h. b.id.1 ;*-*--���"'"'"'>'."","", W;_* "
IheQuetncTloteLNilsoa, R. I)��� on Tuesday Is a Blalaf paper lor ailalig men. tuheerip-
tbe .4th day of June, ltv2 at lhe. hour of (our Ilon orke Fiet per year, lead (or (ret soraple
SfiTOuS-***,_^,,^'^���,_W,f ����FF* *>*l��eitMlliaARI>MIN����AU,Reraa-
W. or. ta. Ub. Lad. ,��.p, whichU^^^I^^W jSi^*' **"***"*"*���
When you rtach Troui Lake City put
up Iht Queens. .C.hhI atcumnio-Jatiiin
.. B*-if of aerrit-e .. Choicest wines,
liquors and ci(cnrs. .Fire proof gate..
Everybody  Our -Special
smokes     AIJD_	
The Union
Thoy are all Halo. made aad ol Ihe
beet Havana Tobacco money can
������� .Trr out and satisfy youreoll
aa It their quality.
Union Cioar
FactorV, H. A.
Brown, Prop.
If you are  building or contemplate building we will be
pleased to quote you estimates on anything made in our
SaSoft and Door Factory
and we feel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.    Writes Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
a       * ;��s.;v
Work on tha Frater hrldfe at New
Wttinilatu-r began last week.
Mis.Batho and fan:II; returned from
Ibe Okanagan valley auturdej evening.
Ten men were tent Ut rut the rl-jht-
ef.wajr lor the aerial tramway to the
Triune thlt morning.
CoaslfJtereble newt relative to mln-
IOR it crowded out of lilt ioaua.   n'lp,ndlii-{ her vacation with her mother
Mra. Al. I'elkey and children left f i
Vancouver last Saturday morning.
Coronation Day waa observed In Fer-
etitun l.y Humorous private picnlce ant
Balling axruralona.
N. J. Cavunuugh, Sandon. Jnmea H.
Dlinmick, Trout Lake, and J. W.Gill.*,
Grand Forks, vlailed Ferguaon yesterday.
Hugh Gillltof Ratio wat io Fergueon Wedneaday visiting hit cousin, J.
McKinnon. Be and Jack had not met
tor nineyeart.
Mlaa Edna Knowlton, who hat been
will appear next week.
I In Ferguson, returned Wedneaday to
Sinco March the JOih 1902.809 people | Nelson to retua.o her ..utiles at tbe
Wtve died from cholera In tbe Pbllllp-1 convent,
pine Inlands and Manilla. Pottmastor Curry, Mra. Curry and a
Jno. Sutherland and ChaB. Weedrow j couple of friends, all of Trout Lake.
Will go to the Triune Fraction to-muf | visited tho Old Gold basin Wednesday
hiw to do tbo anmaal assessment.
i. 1\. Kirk, Revelatoke, Geo B.
Cayne, Rossland and E. 1. Balfour,
Rossland, were In Kerguoou tbis week.
Acting upon medical adviea Lord
Salisbury obtained tke King's permit-
diiiu tu absent himself from the corona-
8. Daney is hauling tbe machinery to
the Nettie L, for the comi.i-ei-.or plant.
Re is favored by good roadt and See
dry weather,
Bert Ackert suffered a painful aecl
dent to his baud some days since by
!and returned to-day   after  having
��� moat enjoyable time.
| Meisrs. Edson, McClellan and Morgan, while prospecting on Walke.
creek, found a vein of galena whiol,
they promytly put stakes on and will
have recorded to-day.
Continued from First page,
14109, Issued by A. Mclonis of New
Denver tu Guat R. Launfurs. dated 13th
��� June 1809.   The tax receipt is Issued in
ttriking it witb a hammer. The wound, <*��� ����">��� ��' &>** Launforst,   Atnongat
it healing nicely.
the effects I found one razor, soap,
brush and strop. Tbe rnior is by
Baker, nearly new. The soap is Williams shaving stick In case.   Pair of
B.  N.  Couralcr ol  Kevelstoke,  a
thaieliolder  in  tbe  Black   Warrior
A. Wetmore and E. G. Uaddow spent a pocket knife and a piece of lead pen-
r-d  Ferguson Tuesday, and   wat .....^ ,,,,���,.���, __a(rnlfv,Bir ,,���,,
mt at tbe smelter -blow In. j f()Und a  .    _*t *.,. -^ , fuund ^
Sunday boating and Biking-  Tbey i
turned with a line string of trout which
the Eagle Inidtheplnaaureof sampling.
The reorganized quadrille club guvu
tbeir usual weekly dance last night in
Eagle ball.   There waa a good attend-
eil. Moat of these articles were ia a
baking powder oan. The pocket kaifr
were near the bones tit the right hand.
I also found a cap box containing some
needle* and thread, some cord and webbing.   I produces-lull axe found undor
i. i  .. -. - -..._��� .- i -._. his left side aad partly under his head,
tdkcoof towaipeo lie aoia number from        * '       '
,_,      i _ .There  woro a few camp uteislls���a
Loeale With a Puyatreak.
Saddle horses for sale. We have all
Kindt and at all prices. We can suit
vou.   Craig <k Blllman, Beaton.
New lino of Children's Hats, Dresses
and Plnafore'a at G. U. Batho A Co.
All lhe latest books, nmgnilnes and
periodicals for holiday reading in stock
at. the Canada Drug fk nook Co.'t store,
Hevelatoke, B. C. Prompt attention to
Fine line of Ladles' White Underwear at G. B. Batho <k Co.
Ii pays to use the telephone. A trip
can pften be saved to Trout Lake, lieu-
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the pbone. Office In Cummins -k Co.'t
Call and see our Prints, Ginghams
and Dress Goods. New stock at G. B.
Batho A Co.
��� Smoker*: If you want the oentj-
ine "Union" and "Our Special"
CIOAR see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on every box.
-H. A, Brown. Kevelstoke. B. C.
If you want a Sailor Bat go to G. B.
Batho A Co.
* To get acquainted with this distriot
vou should have a copy of the new and
only map. Send a ono dollar bill lo
t he Eaols and ware one at onco.
Bargains In Blaek, White and Colors
In Ladles Shirt Waists at G. B. Batho
j McKinnon c�� Sutherland^
outajde i-ointe.
F. Bubble, repretenletlwof the Vnl>
oan smeltor works of San Francisco,
who ��a�� in Ferguson to superintend
1 frying pan and a few tin boxes. Tin-
position of the remains points, In my
opinlou, to death from natural causes.
I do not consider there It any evidence
the "blow lu" of the smelter, left for of violence. Thn man.appears to have
Ban Franolkoo this miming. i been alone. He probably camped then-
Rev. T. K. Usher left iTorguion for *wo *>r ���*���*������������ """J'-4* The po|ntof hi*
Mb home io Wioneapolla lait frrlday camp It about 800 yards from Iho can*
morning after bavingspantihpeeweekt ���M"EII��I" Mil��i about ten feet from
In thlt camp. Mr. Flifaer It heavily t*18 K* * -*������ <"-"���'�������� "���� ��l>i'!h �������" P-"
lotereited lu tne Smelter and Metro-1 ���*-*m��*h ��bu-1 *������"��������� ���' Jul'   	
yolltan company!.
Over Ave tons of provisions and
supplies were sent out of Ferguson thit
sunning by McKinnon -St Sutherland
and G. B. Batho It Co., our local merchants, to tbe Triune, Black Warrior
aud Kettle L. mines.
A party consisting ef Mr. aad Mra.
Kirkpatrick, Dr. and Mis. Knox, Rev.
R. J. and Mrt. Green, left for a visit to
believe the man was Gusli?. Launfurs
whose free miners' certificate I have
handed In."
(sSlgned) JAMIS Shell.
W. Edwin Newcombe, M. D���
Verdict of the uudertlgned jury impaneled to enquire into Ihe cause ol
death of a man said to bo unknown:
"We find upon our oaths that the re-
Mr. Kitkpatrlck's mine, Little Robert, ���������������'�� ��������� "horn from the evl*
adjoining the Black Warrior group, on d*Qce WB b*>'-"v* to ba (}""1 R* L��u"-
Wednetday    We predict a Joli* good �����"'���>�� Prospector, w.re discovered as
time for the party.
Much to tbe regret of a host of
friends, Mrs. Fordo and - her' little
daughter left Forguson Wednesday, to
go to Greenwood where thoy purpose
a.landing a month visiting with rela-
ti *-es before returning to their borne lo
R 'velstokc.
Mr. J. A. McCrossan and Mrt. McCrossan returned from their western
lei' Monday. Mrt. McCrossan vUited
frl -nils in Vancouver while Mr. Mc-
C ossan proceeded on a bu-lnet trip to
Sa i Francisco and returned via Vancouver.   Mr. nnd Mrs. Mcf'rosstn In
stated. We further find that he probably died about three years ago and of
natural cause*."
Joseph Ryan. Foreman.
At XANDEIt Lainq.
John a. Atkinson.
Andrew Rankine.
John McTaggart.
.S'amT. McColl.
W. Edwin Newcomhe, M. D.,
A Lraeky  Itoaslander.
Dr. Mlllt.y received a very nice little
piece of news to-dny of hi* property,
the I. X. L. in thn Lardeau, about a
form ua they hud a mostonjoyable time mile and a hall east of the .Silver Cup.
whin out, hut the heat of the cities G. MacNoll1, late mpeilnten-ent of
wet almost unbearable and this time of, the Silver Cut), arrived In camp this
the year it is far mote pleasant In Forguson than any other place visited en
Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald and Mist
Woodward rode to the Kettle L. Saturday to visit the mine. The weather boing splendid both tbe ride and the visit
were much enjoyed. Through the
courtesy of Pat Crilly the visitors were i t'ITu". 7-'Ce ru,-*"
shown over the surface cropping, and I   ���. M���, ;.hMea   ha��� ,
al through tbo insltlo working, of the ,��� .hu dur,     h|, ,
mine, but a. our readers aro nearly all ������ the Urd(|HU ,Bd ,et of
lamillar with the Nottie L. from hav-; t0 ������,.*,, i>hl)y had not been at work
log vWlted the mine and reading the more than sixteen days whon the atrike
Eagle we will not go into details.   A i "as made.
weak from the Lardeau and brings the
information thut tho boys came down
from the I. X. L, early In the week and
took back w th them 5n0 sucks to suck
ore out of ih.* mine.
It was repored thst the suifnc*'vein
had been struck at depth and that It
ran very rich In gold. Some excitement it ln consequence prevailing in
number of mon wero busy tacking ore
Dr. Mllloy says tnat tho surface showing gave values running high in gold
for shipment froo a new surface show- ���_���_- totalling tome .70. but the vein
ing near tbo cook house. This looked
remarkably good, A littlo above tbe
Ajax claim a fine view of Ferguson it
obtained, and one can .tally discern
was small. Ha Is uf the opinion that
a large body must have been struck
else so many ore sacks would not have
been taken to the mine.
Dr. Mllloy leaves for tbe Lardeau
���art/ nut week,-RossUn<l Werld.
Jj -_T{rAM-i5XA--">s itsrvr rrv* f?K k
j I        CAKDS.        11
���'  '"i-*-  ���'~ sas"L *-- ���="1
��� P. L. S. i_
" Provincial
_ Land
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Survey, made and Crown Grants
Office*.      ���       ���      Trout Lake.
Itrvtvanf Mints, Mineral Claims and
crown Lands. Crown Htanla Obtained and Aaatutututa Managod
for Ateeawes.
Ofirea:   lamlwrne aad Vaneouver
.I1AKNOM. g. A.
3 S.
3H-'taaartarsf��rlaferatatleane|artla| ft
lartiaa rreaertlaa. k
���i  W.lleferlaferaatloa. ���<
Call eat aee taaitlea. *i
opricE:  victouia avk,. ���*
rKKouaoN. a c. t
Solicitor for
Tke Imperial Hank
Penjiisnn, I). C,
omci-Over tht Imperial Rank.
Barristers, Sollclters. etc.
OBcea: RtvelBtakt, Oolden, tnd Fergu-
,on. sollt'ltsrt lar Inperlal Rank
tf Canada,
Oto. B. MeCnrter. J. A. Haney.
A. H. rlnkhau.
Barrister, Notary I'ubllc etc.
FerqtiHon. B. C.
dt V.leMAl��TRI��*.;.M.8COtT  |J
Barrister, Sollciter, etc.
..,,1   ���
J. M. SCOTT, A. B. L. L. I.
W. de V. la Utittro, M. A.
,Jo,;*f its-wrww "��V H* tyrtyTp -jjs �����,*
Send the Eagle
to your friends
in the East.
are oon-
atantly odd-
���_...-_.:T .
lag to our stock
of Ladlee.' Ooodg.  A
full line of Men's Steteon
fgp Hnte has been added to our ��T^|
a took elnoe theflrat ofthe
month.  A carload of
OfgUvlee Flour Just
arrived last
| McKinnon g Sutherland |
i *^^***^ *^-^**��W Am^P^m 4^am>.\\\1^i*^^ f^^^^t al~^^^ ��9^^^ J^^f\ a~^^^ -^^^*^K df*^^}\^1k
The Post Office Storef
r G. B. Batho & Co. I
The most complete stock in Ferguson.
Union-Made Hats and Shoes.
Full line of Ladies' and Children's goods.
Make a specialty of filling mine orders in groceries
and hardware.
Try a Pair at Our Hand'tladt Prospectors' Shots.
Established 1896
General Merchants
i Packing andFerg"s:dPacki"��
*?( Freighting     ,^nsfer 0utfi*-
!t Contracts entered Into for iniclting of Mltiinp Supplies,
j etc., to any point In lhe district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken euaran-
teed. FteltfhtlnK from Thotunon's l.atidhij; to Ferguson
a apecialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop.
:: R. S. Wilson,
Everv garment turned out in Ihis shop
will hear this lahel, a KUarantca in il-
aelf ot first clas-t workntuitshtp.
Drop in and see our stock and cample*.
.   -   -   FERGUSON B. C
Perguson Hotel
i ��ttuttswi,w ������"-


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