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New Vork Market.
t 65*
IV, No 47.
Ferguson, B. C, JANUARY 1, 1904.
$2 a Yeai
The Citizens of Fersruson do Honor
to the Chief Mining Man of
the Lardeau.'
Tbe Quest of the Evening Deals
With the Subjeot of The Mining
Record's Critioisms,
A banquet and meeting of the mining
and business men of tho Lardeau took
place last Saturday night at the Windsor Hotel, Ferguson, in honor of-Mr.
W. B. Pool. Mr. G. B Batho occupied
the chair, and Mr. A. J. Gordon acted
as vice-chairn.an. The after-dinner
speeches were.excellent, and servo to
* indicate the strong feeling existing in
the district against the misrepresenta-
of the Lardeau which have boen made
Mr. Batho, in a short speech, said
tnat having met thero as loyal subjects
of a loyal province, be had much
pleasure ln proposing tho toast of "The
King." This being responded to in a
hearty manner, Mr. Sutherland briefly
replied to the toast of "Our Commercial Interests" by savingtho business
interests of tbe Lardeau wero so bound
up with tho mining interests that he
would occupy no time in making a
speech, as there were gentlemen present far more competent than he to discuss such a topic. In reply to thn toast
of "Bankingand Financial Interests,"
Mr. Macdonald, manager of tnn Ferguson branch of the Imperial Bank of Canada, said tbat so far as bis experience
went, tho people of Ferguson and the
Lardeau generally were in a prosperous financial condition. His board of
directors had the greatest faith in tho
Mr. Pool on rising was greeted by
heartyand'prolongedcheering. When
this bad subsided, he thanked those
present for the kindly manner In which
they had received his name. He said,
"I see a number here who have eaten
from my pack, and I have eaten from
theirs; we have slept under the one
blanket, and have tramped the hills to*
gether not only In British Columbia
but in tho wilds of California, Montana,
Idaho and Washington. I see businoss
men who helped me ln my early struggles In the Lardeau, and I see goodwill
and friendship depicted on every countenance hero. Mr. Chairman, I wish
tonight that I were an orator, that I
might havo the language to express my
appreciation of the honor you have
conferred on me this evening. I shall
not take up your time by referring to
the provincial mineralogist or the Mi*
ning Hecord ; we havo something more
important to occupy our minds. We
are living today in what I believe is the
richest undeveloped mining section in
the world. Wo have surface showings
such as the world has never seen, but
these showings are only indications of
the great wealth which lies burled in
old mother earth. To make mines requires capital, and it has been my aim
to interest outside capital in the riches
of the Jjardeau, and I am proud to say
that all the men who helped me in my
lirst ventures havo re-invested part of
thoir profits in tho Great Northern
Mines, Limited. Fate seems to have
worked against the development of this
section. The Slocan boom, the Boss-
land boom, and then the Klondike boom
all detracted from the Lardeau's
chances. Then thero was our lack of
transportation and the uncertainty of
the price of silver. These .conditions
worked against the Lardeau and made
it very difficult to interest capital.
There are people who profess fear that
this section may have a false boom,
Mr. Chairman, I claim it Is Impossible
for tho Lardeau to have a false boom ;
Mure of this country.   The next toast
proposed was " Mining Interests," and
was responded to by Messrs. 0. Morgan ' thero is room in the Lardeau for the in*
and J. Thatcher.    Mr. Morgan said vostment of a huudred million dollars,
.*,���. it i,n.i \.��������� 1,1- t���i ,��� ...n,.,.i ���,,���������  evory dollar of which could be invested
tbat it had been his lot to travel over a to ,^vmUg0 ,��� ���.,���-_ m w,th ,���
good part of the world, but never yot *,*���*._ prospects of returning big divi-
bad bo seen a district which possessed dends than the early Investments in
the resources of the Lardeau, resources Colorado, Calif., nla, Montana or South
.,..,.. . .        Africa.   Tf tbis country is a delusion,
which for the most part were as yet un- we want to know ,t| th/worI(, ���mt��^
touched and undeveloped.   In his opln- know it, and the only way to 8nd it out
ion tho country stood unrivalled as a Is to dig, and to dig takes money.   I
field for investment. As secretary ol ^VB lleal;d _*ots ��r talk , a,Put fa'��e
_. ,,, , tt i u ,1 .1 . booms, and tbat some capitalist might
the Miners' Union, he could say that be misled t0 ,nveg|. mmeFot h(a       <|M,
the miners and prospectors of this part cash In something that was no good,
of British Columbia had tho greatest but, sir, I have never heard a word said
faith in the probity and sincerity of tbe aboi-t ,tu�� PrOBReotor, the man whose pi-
,, , v      .1.     , . * oneer labor has gone a long way toward
chief promoter of mining Interest, in 0i0atll-g the money   kings of today.
the Lardeau, Mr, Pool. (Hear, hoar.) Has ho no rights? Is It just, that after
Mr. Thatchor made an interesting ho bas gone through hardships such as
speech which revealed a wide know- seldom fall to the lot of others and has
,  .       ,   . , . , ,  found Indications of mineuu wealth,
ledgo of tho various raining camps of that capital should bo discouraged from
America. He could honostly state that coming in and taking hold of and test-
in his opiolon the Lardeau stood alono Ing his properties ? In conclusion, Mr.
in richness of resources and he von- ^^Lt^^Sol "&?
tured to predict that in the near specimens of oro exhibited at different
future this district would bo one places throughout Canada and the
of the greatest mining camps in tho new United States carried olf Ilrst honors
���. ,' among specimens the world over.   Wo
m.     ��� ,  ., ,,      'havo waited long aud suffered much.
Tho Drat puit of the proceedings The night ha., heon long but tbe duwu
being now concluded, after a short in- is breaking. Soou 'hu sun will riso in
torval Mr. Gordon roso to propose tlio.'"" splendor, and lbihsection will have
principal toast of the evening, "On^^&fc^fl"
Guest.'    He Bald: " I feel the greatest! world.!' ���
pleasure In proposing the name of one j In response, to the toast of "Tho
who has donoinoro for tho Lardeau, and 1 Press," Mr. Booth said that it had al*
���i...i.���i...i., /������ i?���_j���.n��� th.. _������.!ways boon tho aim.of the Press of the
particularly for 1'erguson,  than  any * jjdl),w m publl9,. -,,,* tt.,a ac(,urato
man ln it.   We are mot hore tonight j Information concerning  tbe   district.
He could assure them that it would be
tbe duty of the paper whicli he had tho
honor to represent, to lot its subscribers
know what kind of a country we had ln
the Lardeau.
Dr. Newcombe responded to tho toast
of "Tho Learned Professions" He
expressed the greatest esteem for Mr
Pool, and characterized the statements
of tbo provincial mineralogist, with
respect to the Lardeau, as detrimental
to the Interests of the whole province,
Messrs. Benson, Lebeau and Barber
replied in short and appropriate torms
to the toast of "The Ladles," after
which Mr. Day and Mr. K. M. Morgan
of Poplar wero called upon for speeches.
Both these gentlemen expressed their
great confidence in the Lardeau mines.
The proceedings then terminated by
the hearty singing of the National
Between Bussia and Japan.
May Be Declared At,
Any Moment.
Great Britain's  Attitude.    China,
It Is Feared Will Be The
Chief Sufferer.
partially as a protest against the un
warranted attack made on_ Mr. Pool
by the B. C. Mlning.Beco'rd. Tha. paper takes exception to the promotion
methods of Mr, Pool at Poplar creek.
We know whnjl has beon done In Ferguson by tho same methods, and aro
proud of it." _]Je referred to Mr. Pool's
enterprise in exhibiting the ores of the
Lardeau ip different parts of Canada
and tho United States. Continuing, he
snid, "Mr, Pool never yet turned a
deaf oar to a prospector who was in
hard luck, and we are proud to have
him represent lis,-despite tho B. C. Mining Beoord to the contrary. Gentlemen,' I ask you to rise and drink the
health of a man who never went back
on ��friend."
New York, Dec. 23.���Tho World
prints the following special from
Washington: " Tho administration believe that war between Bussiaanil Japan is Imminent. The beginning of hostilities within a short time would not
surprise tbo president or secretary
Hay. Their conviction that war cannot
long be avoided Is based on reports (rom
minister Conger and from other sources
which fow people bave seen. Those
reports show that Bussia, whoso demands have dally grown more exacting
and insistent, is determined to force
Japan to doelaro war without delay.
If the acceptance of the czar's challenge is not as prompt as could bo desired, advices to the state department
show that Russia will begin hostilities.
War within a fow days would bo a fulfilment of the predictions of minister
Conger, and would be just what the
British foreign olgce looks for."
Berlin, Dec. 23.���ThoGennan foreign
office in estimating the probabilities of
war in tho far east, fixes its attention
on Great Britain at this moment rather
than Japan, for it is recognized that
Japan is only waiting for Great Britain
to give the word 'before beginning hostilities. A new and even portentous
element in the situation, as it Is looked
upon here, Is the rising feeling in Great
Britain that Russia mustiyield or Japan ought to light hor. The Associated
Press learns from the highest diplomatic source tbat thc German government, while still refusing to believe
that war is certain, is convinced now
that if war between Bussia and Japan
comes, Great Britain will take part in
it because the British government looks
upon war as possibly tho only means ot
saving and re-establishing her position
in tho east. Sir Frank Lascelles, tho
British ambassador, who returned here
three days ago. is understood to have
imparted his impression unofficially to
the German government that tho British cabinet apprehended thut war
would result tf Bussia persisted In the
present attitude toward Japan.
Londou, Dec. 23,���Baron Huyaslii,
the .Japanese minister here, in an interview witli an Associated Pross reporter
said nothing lias actually been arrived
at between Great Britain and Japan re
tho course of action Grout Britain will
pursue in tho event of a l'aisso-Japanese
war, boyond the stipulations of the
Anglo-Japanese treaty. Tbo minister,
whilo admitting some such arrangement for tho support of Japan by Great
Britain, provided that Japan agrees to
accept a certain specified compromise,
as surmised by tlio German umbassy,
fails to sob how Japan's demands can
bo moderated.
A New Railway.
A St. Paul's dispatch says: It Is announced hero on high official authority
that president J. .1. Hill's engineers
have found a satisfactory route from
Prlnooton to tho coast, and that tho
Kootenay lino he has had in mind for
two years will bo built, running in a
northerly direction to Princeton, B.C.,
and then in a more southerly courso to
tido water. The lino will follow tho
Similkameen river to Princeton. Tho
difficulty has beon to find low grades
wost of Princeton.
Tho official statomont is as follows:
"The lino will bo an oro und coal
lino, and tho grades must bo low, or
Mr. Hill will not build. Such grades
havo been found. Thoy aro lower than
thoso of tho Canadian Pacific through
Kicking horse pass. Mr. Hill is now
in a position to go after a tremendous
amount of Canadian business, for which
lie can afford- after the lino is built to
mako a lower rate than tho Canadian
Pacific can afford.
"It may bo interesting to stato that
thero will bo a kind of rovonge in this.
Tho Canadian Pacific onco blocked a
Kootenay project of Mr. Hill's in thc
Canadian parliament, and asked $3,000
000 in subsidy and 2,000,000 acres of
land. The project partly covored tho
same lino Mr. Hill now intends to build*
The building of this' lino moans that
Mr. Hill believes that there is traffic to
support a lino which tbo Canadian Pacific will uot build without an enormous
" 1 am informed that the lino will be
built within a year or ao. The matter,
as I am advised, now rests almost en
tlroly with what the decision in the
Northern securities case is. This decision will moan tlio expenditure of
millions in Great Northern construction
if it is favorable."
Snowshoe-Mother Lode Consolidation.   Will Have -21,000,000
Prosiclaut Underwood  of Mother-
Lode Corporation Gives Basis
of Transfer.
Sir Robert Hart, director of Chinese
imporial maritime customs, said today
that he feared China would be the chief
���sufferer should war occur, for sho
might be ground between the two mill-
stonos. Tbe decadence of tlio Chinese
government was never more complotcly
displayed than in these times, when hor
ministers go from legation to legation,
imploring other governments to holp
China, without any thought of China
helping herself. There Is absolutely
no' strong man among the ruling ministers.
Antipathies of Great Men.
It is a natural human trait to desire
kinship with great minds, nud partly
for this reason tlio world loves to hear
of the little weaknesses, inconsistencies,
and illogical prejudices of its intellectual giants. The following/then, a carefully compiled and, so far as the writer
knows, absolutely authentic list of the
antipathies of certain past masters may
prove to bo of general interest:
Shakespeare, it seems, disliked a
forced abstention from victuals.
Lord Clie3terlield hated to bave tlie
cliair upon which ho was just sitting
down withdrawn from under him.
Tho Iron Duke (and it may bo remarked in passing that Lord Roberts
of our own day'has a*similar aversion)
would grow quite uneasy if shut up in
tbe same room with a mad dog.
Schillor would nover, if ho could
avoid it, write with a broken nib.
Carlylo never liked being alluded to
as a "blithering idiot."
Keats would go out of his way to
avoid a lunatic with a knife.
Faraday, tho great chemist, disliked
the sensation of nitric acid on his hands.
Mticoady had a groat disrelish for
either the llavoring or perfume of bad
The Snowshoo Gold and Copper
Mines, Limited, uud tho British Columbia Coppor Co., tho latter owning the
Mother Lodo mine aud smeltor, have
been consolidated, an arrangement by
which tlio ores of both mines will be
shipped to and reduced at tho Greenwood smelter.
According to tho circular issued by
tbe management of tho British Columbia Coppor Co, to tho stockholders outlining tbe plan, it is proposed that the
stock of tho company and other assets
aro to be secured by a now British corporation with a total authorized capital
of ��1,000,000 or more.
The new plan is tlie outcome of negotiations for tho purchase of the Snow-
shoe Gold and Copper mines, Ltd, The
capital of tho new British company is
to be usod as follows:
For all stock of B.C. Copper... ��015,000
For stock of Snowshoe* Co.,
(capital ��200,000)  225,000
Treasury  100,000
Mendelssohn did not like tho sound
of a finger-null being drawn across a
slate. A thumb-nail caused bim similar disquiet.
Disraeli would walk about or stand
rather than sit upon a freshly-paintod
Wo could supplement tbis list considerably by instances which have
como undor ouY own personal observation. For example, tbe editor always
gets hot wheu you forget to pay your
subscription. It seems to hurt his feelings. It has also been remarked that
another prominoot citizen of this town
has a distinct aversion to hitting his
thumb with shammer. Thoso trifling
inconsistencies which groat minds havo
in common with each other aro very
curious, and worthy of close investigation.
  i, uoo.ooo
It is expected that about ��50,000 of
the treasury stock will be sold to raise
new working capital.
Tho now corporation is to lie governor the first year by soven directors,
three chosen by the Snowshoe company,
threo by tho B.C. Copper company, and
one by agreement. After tlio first year
stockholders will elect the hoard.
Stockholders in tlie British Columbia
Coppor Co. are invited to doposit their
stock on ot* beforo January 11, 10C4,
with the Continental Trust Co., ovory
sharo to receive its just share of new
stock but not less than 2 1-5 new shares
for ono old. If tho plan is not consummated by March 15, depositors will receive their deposited stock. President.
Underwood of tlio B. (,'. Copper Co.
says: "Tho consolidation '-.ill bring
your property up to the maximum of
operating efficiency and economy, by
providing a greatly increased and certain daily supply of ore and distributing
tho fixed expenses over this tonnage |
it will raiso tho average value of the
ore treated, as the Snowshoe oro is of a
higher grade, chiefly in gold : it should
thus increase the revenues more than
in proportion to tlio increase of capital.
It will distribute und so diminish the
risk of stoppage by accident; by its
provision for ample working capital it
will pay not only for the present Im.
proven.cuts, but not using earnings for
theso purposes, leaving them freo for dividends, It will nt onco afford a wider
market for the company's shares, both
in Loudon and New York, and the new
company Bhould occupy, at once, a com
mantling position in the coppor field of
British Columbia."
School Finances.
Tho following is a statement respecting tho School Concert:
Gross Heeoipts $50.75
Exponsos 10.75
Net. Balance 48.00'
$40 of tho abovo balanco lias been
paid on account to tho Sawmill Co.
This leaves the school in debt to the
amount of $41. Tbe balance of $3 bas
been deposited to meet current expenses of tbo school. Anyone wishing
to bco a detailed statement can do so
on application to thc secretary, A. C.
Cummins. Lardeau Bagle
Published every  Friday ��t Fcrjuson, D. C
tOWhOU all oorreipondancopliotildUe mulled.
Sublcrintlon limes: 13.00 )>er annum, t<
any ii.ldresBluAmericailt.SS lot alxmontlia;
fJ..O a yoar to foreign addresses. No pay, in
AdVOrHling Kates: Iilapluy ada.,11.00 pc
Olnclo column inch per month. I-citul nds., 1:
cctits por (nonparlelj lino tor ilrst insertion; 8
cents per line for oaoh additional Insertion.
Reading noMoos 10 eeuts per Lino eaoh Isauo,
Ninety day legal notices, .10.: sixty days, J7.5D;
thirty liiiy's.s,. No ada.accepted atlessthan
these rales. No room lor quack ads.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
The Xmas holidays which are
now on seem to have brought unusual cheerfulness anil goodwill to
the people of the province of British
Columbia. Whether or not it is on
account ot God's tjootlneiis during
the past twelve months in caring for
his people, or from tbe improved
conditions that are felt aud seen to
exist everywhere throughout the
province, and an anticipation of
good and prosperous times in the
ne.-ir future. At any rate, the people as a whole are cheerful, prosperous and happy, and one has but to
take a little run through thc country or read the papers to notice the
vast improvement everywhere manifest over this time one year ago.
An unusual number of people have
"gone visiting," to the east, lo
California', to Europe, and tp the
sister towns of the province, which
in itself bespeaks prosperity. Then
when one takes up the exchanges,
it is astonishing to find what a large
number of newspapers have got otil
special holiday numbers, and these
of high merit. Then again most of
the papers have an unusual amount
of advertising space occupied hy the
merchants of the community where
the paper is published, and the ads.
have a bright look and a prosperous
rhig. This all goes to prove that
the people are prosperous, or that
they feel that they are on the eve of
prosperity. Everything goes to
show also that this is correct. In
the first place we have a good solid
government in power, which encourages people to take hold of new
enterprises, and also to improve and
enlarge what we have ; for we feel
that the country is saved, reckless
government is at an end, and nol
only will local men of mentis loosen
tlie grip on their money, but outside capital will flow in to develop
our intent resources. Our chief Industries, mining and lumbering, are
now on a better looting than tliey
have been for years. The markets
are belter, tbe labor question shows
no cause for anxiety, and such advancement has been made in equipment for mines nnd mills Mint everything along this line looks most
favorable lor the country, and (or
the people who arc now interested,
artel lor those who may come.
As we go to| press, the new year
of 1904 is about to be ushered in,
amid, in many places, the ringing of
bells, the singing of men and women and the prayers of God's people. The .year that is waning has
been a fairly good and important
period in the world's history. In
the twelve months there have been
some important changes, yet nothing has transpired of an extraordinary nature, and the time maybe said to have been a chapter in
the world's history minus any dark
'���oderlined   passages  or  startling
paragraphs. The year shows practically a clean record as regards
bloodshed by means of the awful
wars that usually blot the pages of
history. Numerous catastrophes
marked the year's record, and in
many of these a great loss ot precious life resulted. Mortality (rom
the action of Nature and its forces
was extremely large, while that resulting from artificial forces was
about the average.
The main thing about the year
1903, it was a fruitful one ns regards the growth of our fair Dominion, and what is better, during this
period the whole ol Canada experienced what seems an entrance upon
an era of abundant prosperity.
In conclusion, we wish all our
readers a bright, happy New Year,
and we trust they may all have a
taste of the prosperity that we anti-
pate for 1904,
In this issue will be fonnd a report of the public school entertainment and a financial statement,
which we believe will prove very
gratifying reading. The school is
in excellent standing, and the finances as shown by the statement are
greatly improved. Running a
school in Ferguson has proven an
up-hill task on account of the few
pupils available, there being too few
to obtain the needful government
assistance for building. However,
the way our town has grown for the
past two months leads one to hope
that the difficulty will be overcome
by spring.
ME. HARPER, ono of the I. C. S.
Representatives for this district, will
he here again in a few days, about
Wednesday. Anybody wishing an interview re any of tho following courses,
will lind him at the Ferguson Hotel:
Mechanical Engineer,
Machine Designer.
Mechanieal Iiraltsman.
foreman Machinist.
.Foreman Toolmiiker.
Foreman Patternmaker.
Foreman Blacksmith.
Foreman Molder.
Gas Engineer.
Kc.rlgeration Engineer.
Traction Engineer.
Electrical Engineer.
Eleelrie .\Inehinc itcsigner.
Electric-Lighting Snpt.
El"ctrie-ltallway Supt.
Telephone Engineer.
Telegraph Engineer.
Dynamo Tender.
Steam Engineer.
Engine Itnntier.
Marine Engineer,
civil Engineer.
Hydraulic Engineer.
Municipal Engineer,
Bridge Engineer.
Railroad Engineer.
Mining Engineer.
Mine Surveyor.
Mine Foreman.
Cotton-Mill Supt,
Woollen-Mill Sunt.
Textile Designer,
Contractor and Iiuildor.
ArchileeturHi Draftsman.
Sign Fainter.
Hliow-f'ard Writer.
Ornamental Designer.
Perspective Draftsmen.
Ad Writer
Commercial Law.
Taught with Phonograph.
French.        German.       Spanish,
Start now on tlie road to success over
which (100,000 students have travelled
and aro travelling. Wbatjlthas dono
for otherB it will do foi' you.
S. H, KRUGKR. Rep.,
:*. ��� IJox -16, Nelson.
Go To
J. 0. PIPER,
Trout Lake.
United flatter, of North America
_^?c7*TML        THts   IS  TIIK
���/\t^' /X* UftlON LABEL ol
,*T\^>-^rr^/:'U\ tho Unite* Mailers
of North America.
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ng a PUR HAT,
iilier -soft or stiff,
boo to it that the
Konuine UNION
Label tssmved in it.
If a retailer li&s
Ioopo labels in his
i-osscssion and oilers to put one in a
lint for yon, do not
patronize him. lie
hns uot any rigiit to navo loose labels. Loose
labels in retail stores nre eountcriuits. Do nol
listen to any explanation ns to why the hat
Iihs no label. The Genuine Union Label is
rierfoiHted on the four edges exnetly the same
as n postage stamp. CouittoriOtta ara sometimes perforated on three of tlie edires, and
���sometimes only on two.  Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled raanufac-
hirers are using them in order to get rid of
their sen b-m tide hats. The John B. Htetson
Co. of Philadelphia, I'a., is non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT,President,
Orange, N.J.
11 Wavcrly Place, Koom 15, New York City.
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L'Ferguson and Trout Lako.  &
Ferguson, the Pay-Roll Centre
of the Rich Lardeau.
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenominally rich
camps   of  Pop'ar  and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH ot Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information. Apply to
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
The only paper tiring attention to British Columbia in the United States,
A voluminous weekly journal, abundantly newsy and informatory. Tho printing
ia neat and clear, the paper pood aud tlie pabulum of great interest and viporously
written. Thc gold mining intelligence is plentiful, carefully collected and discrlm-
Inately proHented to the public. Its whole get-np vouches for tho vust amount uf pains
that havo been takon in ita compilation. -Supplies exactly what resident! in tins
country aa well as tlie KHsterners, whose internals are wrapped up in gold- silver,
copper.lead, iron and coal, arc desirous of learning iu these matters. Tlie contributions from correspondents aud tlie emanations from the editorial brain-pan are
always readable, generally, terse and to the point.
In the great world's arena of competing claimants for capital. .
Inquiries this year at onr head offloe from interested parties regarding the merits
nnd demerits of Western stocks havo been more numerous than ever.
/ Will Disseminate Exact Information
Regardinomining ventures, protecting the outside investor from having unpayable
properties foisted upon him by unprincipled promoters. Because the people of tlio
province will not heartil'' support a flrst-cla ss, bona fide Eastern mining journal of
immense Influence such information is una-, allable at present, and
Of disinterested capital,
Tho Mining World must be well received and supported to the extent tbat an office
be maintained hore.  Bend |H today and it will be mailed vou weeklr for one year.
Advil-.! mi Washington and British Columbia stocks given free.
Good prospects written up.  Terms from fSQQ.OU up.  Ask for particulars.
Special Correspondent,
526 Peyton Block, Spokane, Wash. Box 680, Nelson, B, C.
Is our business.   We have the facilities and ingenuity necessary to execute artistic work.
Legal, Survey and Mineral Claim Blanks always in stock.
Certificate of Incorporation*
I HEREBY CERTIFY, that "The Great
Northern Mines, Limited." lint* tliis day been
incorporated under the" Companies Act, 1807,"
u*. ft Limited Company, with i. capital of one
million I've hundred thousand dollars,divided
into one million live hundred thousand shares
of-ono dollar (fl) each.
Tho timo Ot the existence of the Company is
fifty years, ��
Given under my hont! and sealofofflco at Victoria, Province of Hritish Columbia, this 7th
duy uf November, one thousand nine hundred
and throe.
lL.s.] a, y. woorroN,
Hegistrav of Joint stock Companies.
The following are the objoota for whicli tho
Company litis boon Incorporated ;������
1. To purchase the property of "The Ophir
Lade MiningByndieato, Limited >t" and to pur-
chaNc tho inltoiving mineral claims-, viz,, tho
���' Strathcona." ������ Triune Fraction." " Luoky
Jack,"" Lucky Three," "Littlo I'hil," "I.iiukv
Jack Fraction," "Qoldsralth," and "Gold Hill,"
tut situated in tho Trout Lake Wining Division
of Wost Kootonay Dtatrtel: nud also to purchase, lease, bond- locate or otherwise acquire
u-tty mineral claims, mineral lands, mines, pro-
Iicrtics and any real estate in tho Provinco of
Iritish Columbia or elsewhere, and to pay for
the same either in money or iu fully paid-up
shares ol tho Company, or uartly in monoy ana
partly iu Bttoh shares, and to .sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the same or any of them or any
interest therein:
���l. To dig for, raise, crush, wash, smelt, assay,
analyse, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise
treat gold, Btlv-pi'i coppor, lead ores or deposits
and other minerals and metalllo substances
and compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, mid to render thc
samo merchantable, and to buy, sell and deal
in the same, or auy of them :
8, To carry on the business of a mining,
smelting, milling nud refining company in all
or any ot Its branches:
���I. To acquire by purchase, leaso, hire, ex*
change or other-.visesuch timber land? or leases,
timber claims, licenses tocut timber, surface
rights and rights of way, water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces for smelting
and treating ores aud refining metals, build-
Ings, machinery, plant, or otherwise real or
personal property as maybe necessary for or
conducive to tho proper carrying out of any of
the objects of the Company!
5. To construct, maintain, alter, make, work
ond operate or. the property of the Company,
any canals, trails, roads, Ways, tramways, bridges and reservoirs, dams, flumes;r'aoo and othor
ways, watorcourses.aoquoduots, wells, wharves,
piers, furnaces, saw-mills, crushing works,
���Smelting works, concentrating works, hydraulic works, electric works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, ninehinory, plant, stores-ami
ntjier works aim conveniences which may seem
conducive to any of tho objects of tlie company, and with tho consent of the shareholders
in gonorul meeting, to contribute to,subsidise,
or otherwise aid or lake purl in any sueh operations, though constructed and maintained by
any oilier company or personB outside of the
property Of the Company, and to buy, sell
manufacture and deal lu all kinds of gooils,
stores, implements, [provisions, chattels and
effects rtuiuired by the Company or its workmen and servants :
fi. To take, acquire, own and hold ns the con-
(jlduratioii for ores, motels Or minerals sold or
otherwise disposed of, or for goods supplied or
for work done hy contract or otherwise, shares,
debentures, bonds or other securities of or In
any othor company, Iho objects of which nre
similar to thOssof this Company, and tosdlor
otherwise dispose of the same :
7. To enter into any arrangement for sharing
proms, union of interests, or Co-operation with
any other person or company, carrying on, or
about to carry on, any business or transaction
simitar to that which this Company is authorised to carry on :
li, To purchase or otherwise acquire and un*
tfoftako nil or any of the assets, business, pro-
fibrif, priv-llegos. contracts, rights-obligations
and liabilities of any person or company carrying on any part of the -business which a company specially limited under said BopHftU. is
authorial to carry on, or possessed of properly
suitable for tho purposes thereof:
il. To burrow or raise money for the purpose
of the Company, but so that the amount so borrowed or raised shall uot, without the sanction
of ft general mooting of tlie Company, exceed
(jnp iiuartpr of the amount of tho paia-upcapi-
(;-3l fljr iho fim-j l-rtinir. and for (he purpose of
securing sucli money and Interest, or for any
other purpose, to mortgage or charge tlio undertaking or all or any part of the property ofthe
Company, present or after acquired, and to
create, Issuo, make, draw, accept and negotiate
porpetlial <ir redeemable debentures or de*
uentnre fttook, promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading, warrants, obligations
and other negotiable and transferable instruments :
10. To distribute nny of the property of the
Company among tho members in specie :
JJ, To sell, improve, manage, develop, ex-
fthang'j, (ease, mor.iv.tge dispose of, turn to no-
noun!, or iithc; wis-; ijen) with the undertaking,
or'the whole or any part Of the properly am]
rights of tho Company, wit)) power to accept mi
the consideration any sharos, stocks, ol- obligations of any companv the objects of which are
restricted as aforesaid or otherwise :
12. To do all such other things us arc incident-
ul or conducive to the nttainmenl oi thc fore'
going objects.
Dec. 18.
Smith c* Co.
45 Bieury St,
�� Montreal
Will bo represented in
Forguson throe or four
iluys each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive closo attention
and wo
Our representative
S. A. Scott is
practical tailor and
will make clothes
tit. Hold your
orders for him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   k
81tuated*mldst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. Tho most complete health
resort ou the continent of Worth America.
Its baths cure all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Us waters heal all
Kidney, Liver and Btomach ailments,
Thoy aro a never failing remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying the system.
l'BRMS���118 to $13 por week, According to residence in Hotel or Villas.
In the matter of Allan Cnlilnr, d-fceuaed,
Free Miner.
NOTICE is hereby given ; all persons having
claims against ALLAN CALDER, late of Ferguson, II.c, Free Miner, deceased, are requested to scud the same, dulv verified, to thu undersigned on or before tlie 1st day of December
A.D..1D08 ; and all persons indebted to the said
decnuii'd are requested to remit the amount of
saiil indebtedness to the undersigned forthwith
Dated at ItcTclitoke this 80th day of October,
a.d. num.
Gold Commissioner,
Kevelstoke, B.C.
Certificate of Improvements.
Gold seeker Fractional Mineral Claim, situate
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District,
WherolQoated���On Silver Cup-Hi)].
Tako Notice, that I, Geo. S. MeCarter, Agent
for Alfred 0, Kirby, Free Miner's Certificate
No. U. <;7fi_.5, intend, sixtvdnvs from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
u Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a crown Grant of the abovo claim.
Ami fttither take notice that action, under
section J17, must be commenced before tlie issuance of such Certificate of improvements.
Dated this 12(1) day of November, A.I). 1903,
CYrti limit, of Improvements,
Chicago. Metropolitan Fraction, New Vork,
L;ap Fraud-co. Montreal, Itoston, Fairview and
/-;.ici.;-o Fruj.llou mineral claims, situated in
thc Trout Lake Mining Division of Wost |<_oote-
nay district. Where located: On the North
Fork of (ho Lardo riycr, about threo miles
above Circle Cltv.
Take Notice tbat I, Robert Hodge, as agent
far Tlie Metropolitan Cold aud Silver .Mining
Company of Lardeau, B. C,, Limited, free
miner's certificate No. B07782, intend, sixty
days from the dato hereof, to,apply to tho
Mining ltcerr'der for Certillcatcs of Improvements for the purposo of obtaining Crown
Grants of ihe above claims,
And further, take notice that action,under
��rKt\pn "". must be commenced before the
lUuancQ oj shah Oprtlflcato of improvements.
Dated this WtnuapQi Sortem-her, A, p, l��8,
Public notice is hereby given that the undu.
signed Intend to apply under the provisions of
tho "Tramway Company Incorporated Act"
and amended acts, for the Incorporation of a
(���ompauy witli power lo biiibl, equip and ope-,
j,..;.1;- tramway and to construct and equip
���frtid Mpanjfo telephone or telegraph lines in
cuu'iiijiMiuii filt<nt>-��.tl), between a point on
Trout lako, *i or near the towutito of Trout
liHke and a point on Unloau river, Went
Kootenay, at or near Ferguson. Il, V., with
branch lines from, at or near, Ferguson,!.., C.,
to Circle City on the North Fork of Lardeau
river, and to Ten Milo on the South Fork of
Lardeau river.
The general route of said proposed tramway
and Mr phono or telegraph lines shall bo along
or near tho banks of Lardeau river and tbe
North and South forks thereof.
Dated this 10th day of July, IMS.
A. JOHNSON,       >
J.A. DARRAGH, {Applicants.
-M. y. If (.CARTER, I*
There is only one best mining Journal.
That la
Mines and Minerals.
It has a larger circulation than any two other
American mining Journals because It is tho'
best. It is the largest, best Illustrated and
handsomest mining journal in the world. It
Is a mining paper for mining men. Subscription price $2.00 per year. Send for free sample
copy. Address MINES AND MINERALS, Scranton, Fa., U. B. A. Denver offices, Darth Bldg,,
Denver, Colorado.
Certificate of Improvem-ants.
Lucky Jack Fraction mineral claim,lituatepn
the Trout Lake mining division of West Koote-
nay district. Where located: On tho eastsldo
of Poplar creek, about lot) feet from tin. railway
Take Notioe that I, Robert Hodgo, as agent
for 1_. M. Morgan, free miner's coitfticnte No.
Hi".";;.., intend,.sixty days from thc date hereof,
toapply to tho Mining Recorder fop a certiil.
cate of improvement, for the purpose pi obtaining a crown grant ol the above claim.
Aud further take notice that action, under
section 117, must bu commenced before the is-
Buanoeof such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 30th day of September, A.l). WM.
��1)00.-11. ROBERT HODGE,
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comapiix, commencing October llth, 1003, will sail as follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice dally���10k and 5k.
Leaving Boaton and Comaplix lor
Arrowhead, twico daily��� .llBk and
I2;4',k. Making closo connections
with all O. P. 11. Steamers and trains,
The owners reserve the right to
change times of sailings without
Th. Frod Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
Including tho Fish Creole camp
snd Upper Dunoan River section,compiled by A. P. Cummins, P. L. B,,ancl s
Shannon.B,A.,Is now on sale nt this
office The ready unlc of the map ii
proving all we have said for it. The
Trout Lake division in lithographed in
��� black, thc Lardeau in red,anil lhe Ainsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take ft copy of tliis man and And any
claim recorded in the three divisions,
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, Mirvoy-id railway routes,
aud tlie location and name (by &uni.|ii��
index) of every mineral claim in the
district Is shown,
Next   to   Visiting,   the   Country   In
Person  This Map Takes First Place.
In , fact -fiery geographical
feature is su well deflnad lhat one can
nee at a glance the nature of our country
Mid thc trend of the claim locations
gives an intelligible idea of the mineral
belts running through the camp. Itis
The   Best   Worth   For   One  Dollar
ever offered in the map line of a mining
camp. It is tlie first complete map of
the district and is selling well. Ills just
what vou are looking for. WE ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a one dollar hill, tno
cheques, orders, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will be supplied at ou cents each.
Bnbsoribe Now
And You Will Get The
And The .
Winnipeg Free Pre
To JAN. 1st, 1905,
The Lardeau Eagle will give you the latest reliable information on Mining and Lumbering.
The Winnipeg Free Press is one of Western
Canada's greatest family newspapers.
|      IRON BEDS a Specialty     I
I $5 and up. I
?������-���-���>���-��-���-�����>-��-��-��� ����������������������������������������� ��� . 4.1
Goods can be furnished to any part ol Lardeau on very shot', notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing  <.��.>�������������.������*-��-..��������-�������-.>��.��,��.���������.������.<>
(.���-***-*-*��� ��� .............. .....��������.**���'
Funeral Directors and   .
Embalmers. X
IGraduat. of Mj*er's Oollege of Embalming]
Can attend caso at Forguson at ten
hours notice if advised hy wire. ��
D. J. Robertson cfr O
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite Ihe Postoffice.
Capital Authorized, $1,000,0011
Capital (paid up) ��� 2,038,200
Kest 2,050,000
Toronto, Ontario-
Branches in the Northwest Territories. Provinces 'of British Columbia,  Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R. MERRITT, President. D. H, WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Ge*   Man.
E. HAY, Assistant Gon. Manager. W. MOFFAT) Chief ln_. ictor.
Ferguson,   B.   C.   Branch���A   General   Blinking   Business   Transnctsd.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
DnfttSold available in AUpirti ot Canada,
United .Sliitey and Europe.
Special attention given to collections and
Mining Homls.
Are You
A Union
Manufactures only Union goods, and besides, thoy are the bi.-^t on Lliu market.
Thoy are made of the best Havana tobacco,
and thoir excellence is undisputed. Insist
on ��L'ttin��
H. A. BROWN,     -     Proprietor]
Union Cigar Factory, KEVELSTOKE, B.C.
I Lardeau
it ��-/<zi u*^*ciii
f    iiOtei     . We try t0 give satisfac-
_L *, tion to our  guests. S
Laughton ��� Bros.
&^ $���&-$'���$$&&& $ ���jjf-sHt-* sNh^-J^-^i-^hs.'^
Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
Where he keeps light and heavy vehicles, single and
doublo drivers, saddle and pack horses for hire.
Also proprietor of tho stase routo  running between
the above points, making tliree trips weekly,
���. '���
M "1
Local  and General.
Jack Crawford and Mrs. Crawford
visited Five Milo on TuoBday.
(ieorge Parker, from tlio Silver Cup,
spent a few days iu Perguson this woek.
Ed, Hell wasitakon ill last Tuesday
Wo hope to seo him ahout again in a
few days,
Charles Ilalsey returned on Tuesday
from tho Halcyon Springs, where ho
spent Christmas.
Slim Hendricks and Hilly Davey
wero the blushing recipients of pros*
cuts ofT the Xmus tree.
Democratic leaders ol Massachusetts
intend to nominate Goneral Miles foi
"A Romance of Poplar Crock," hy
Percy Godenrath, appeared in thc
Xmas Day issue of tho Nelson Daily
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Woodward arrived in Ferguson on Wednesday night
from thu south, whero thoy spent a
week on a little wedding trip.
A good sized shipment of oro was
made from the Swodo group at Poplar
to Camborno to be run through tho
Oyster-Criterion mill.
Thero is at present a great influx of
Chinese into Canada, in consequence of
tho head tax of $0110 which comes into
force on .fan. 1. Tho present tax is but
$50. '
Imports of cement into tho United
States for the ten months ending Oct.
,'ll were 412,590 short tons, tigainst IJ0O-
K)fl tons iu tho corresponding period of
last year.
Lou Thompson, manager of the Union
.lack mine, sent up a pack train loaded
with provisions and furniture for their
now buildings. Mr. McParland will
havo charge of the culinary department.
In his roport to the minister of mines
of Victoria, Mr. E. li. Meolcison, the
senior inspector, says that the cause of
expensive mining and injury to miners
working underground is unsatisfactory
The feasibility of using liquid air as
an explosive is boing tested in an En.
glish coal mine, it is thought that it
may bo valuable iu gassy mines,
where the uso of, powder and similar
explosives is extremely dangerous.
Last Sunday tho members of Tuscan
Lo.Jgo A. P. & A.M. attended divine
servico at Trout Lake, when Mr. Solly
their chaplain delivered an appropriate
address. Messrs. Hodge, McKinnon
aud Kirkpatrick of this town wero. in
W. B. Pool, B, Crilly, W. F. Cochrane, "Shorty " Day, S. A. Sutherland,
Andy Garrett, J. N. Black, Dr. New-
combo, R. Hodge and Mrs. Hodge drove
ovor to Camborne to bo present at tho
lirst clean up at the Oyster-Criterion
mill on the 2_th inst.
Jack Laing, one of the owners of tho
Oregon group, left Ferguson Xmas Day
on a visit to his homo in the old country. A good deal of development, work
has been done on tho Oregon group during the past year. Mr. Laing will return about next July.
Concert & Christmas Tree.
A goodly number of pooplo attended
at tho Alexander hall, Ferguson, on
tho occasion of the concert and Xmas
tree, and a most enjoyable evening was
spent. Miss Edwards gavea pianoforte
selection in a rolined and pleasing style,
and Mrs. Shannon und Mr, A. C. Cummins rendered a couplo of oxcellent
songs. Tlie main part of the programme was given by tho school chil.
dron, tho recitations aud drills being
vory effective, I'ho recitations by tho
younger children wore greatly appreciated. Kspoolal mention should bo made
of the drill.; some of these woro quito
difficult, and tlie performances of tbo
children relleet great credit on tho caro
and attention which Mr. Shannon must
have bestowed upon their training.
A series of tableaux representing the
story of Evangeline, a poem of Longfellow's, was also given, tho characters
boing for the most part sustained by
adults. Short explanatory remarks,
preceding each scene, wore given by
Mr. Shannon.
A feature of the ovoning was a ship,
the masts and rigging of which represented a Xmas tree, laden with toys,
which were distributed among the children. Each person in the audience
also received a small hag of sweots.
After tho concert was concluded, a
dance was given, to which a large number of the company stayed, spending
Eta excellent llmu.
WOODWARD-FORDE.���At Nelson, British Columbia, on the 23rd ull.,
Ernest G. Woodward, editor of tbo
"Eagle," was married to Annie Eliza
Forde, of Greenwood, B.C.
Locals Willi a 1'ayatreak.
Old papers for sale, 25 conts per hundred, at EAtiLEolhco.
R pays to uso the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lr.ko, Ilea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
tho phone. Olllco In Cummins & Co.'s
For Toys, Dolls, Rocking Horses,
Dolls' Carriages and Handsleds, send
to tho Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoko.   Tliey have a large assortment.
D. J. Robertson and Co? of Nolson,
have one of the largest and bost select-
stocks of furniture in tho Koo.onuy's.
Just samplo their prices.
This year wo havo some beautiful
Manicure & Toilet Sets, Well Bound
Books, Gold Mounted Fountain Pens,
and thousands of other excellent Xmas
Gifts at tho Canada Drug &Book Co.,
Revolstoke, B.C.
* Smokers: If you want tho genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
cigar seo that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt letters on ovory box.
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke. B. C.
When you go to Revelstoko, just go
to the Canada Drug & Book Co. for
Choice of Thousands of tho prettiest of
Xmas Cards, and also British Columbia
View Books, only 75c. each, showing
beautiful mountain scenery.
10, iu block 55, ou Main street, next to
Ferguson hotol, and lots (i and 7, in
bloek 1, also on Main street near post
olilce. These are very desirable lots
and can bo purchased cheaply. Apply
t6 E. G. Woodward, Eagle office.
FOR SALE, or would lease to ade
sirablo party who could furnish good
bonds, Tbo Criterion Hotel in Camborno. The hotel has the best location
in town, and is tho largest house. The
bar has the largest business in Camborne. Reason for desiring to discontinue business, must devote my attention to mining.    .
Apply to
Camborne, B.C.
Has something nice for everybody in the line of
A Very Complete Stock.
Ferguson,     -     -     -     B. O.
Saw c��
Ferguson. B.C
Orders for Rough and Dressed
Lumber Pilled Promptly.
Square Timber Supplied  When
Loavo Ordors for Lumber and for
Installing Electric Lights at
Frank LeBeau
4-4-4-4, ....... ..��*....*.*��<
��� P. L. S.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Ollico:      -      -      Trout Lake.
B. C.
Survey, ol Mines, Mineral Claims ami
Crown Lends. Crown Ureots Obtained Mid Assessments Managed
[or Absentees.,
Offices:  Carobortfe nml Vancouver
I'.   L.   S.,
Boaton, B. 0
Solicitor for
The Imperial Hnoli
Perguson, B. C.
OFPICE-In the OiAirLadc block.
Barristers! Solicitors, etc.
Offices: Hevolstokc, Golden, nnd Ferguson. Solicitors for Imperial Bank
Geo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A.M. l'lnkliam.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
FERGUSON,   n.   C.
-���-a-*-*-. .
ITendquartoi's for AHHHyorj., Mining
& it:ill KupiiilcK. Sol.- UK-pins in It,
C. for Morgan <'ruHW(! COm Hiittcrsen,
England] K. Vf. Urnim -.t co.'s i'atoiit
t'niv l''uriiReee,BurncrH,et<-.; Wm.Aiua-
wor'.h ���.���tCo.'sFlnuIlalain.o-J etc., etc.
Send Vour
E. M. Allum.
Mall Order Businoss Receives
Prompt Attention.
Xmas Novelties and Jewelry ln
Great Variety.
Ms Presentation Goods
In Great Variety and of Exoellent Quality.
Something For Every Member Of
The Family.
We should be delighted to have you call
Elegant Travelling Sets, Superior
Cutlery and Smokers' Sets.
Our New Stock includes  many  Useful
Articles for Ladies of a kind never shown
McKinnon c& Sutherland I
Get Your Winter Ware
New Stock of Winter Underware
Rubber and German Socks
Full Line of Fresh Groceries
Always on hand.   Call and seo our
Large Reductions to clear odd piee.g for New Stoclc.
Quotations for all Mining Supplies on Application.
Gr. B. Batho & Co.,
Well lighted and heated by hot
air furnace. Tables supplied
with the best the market affords.
Rates $!.SO Per Day
JAS.  CUMMINQS,   Prop.. Ferguson, B.   C.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
..Best ol service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Transfer Outfit.
Packing and ^guson Packing
Contracts entered Into Ior packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point In the district.
Good, prompt service, aud any work undertaken guaranteed satisfactory,
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop.
Perguson fjoteti
-      Proprietors.


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