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VOL IU. NO. 46.
12.00 A YEAR.
B. B. Meriiii ot Nelson, on "Chronic
Objections to Sooialism."
Lay Aside Your   Prejudioe  And
, Give This Article A Ohanoe
to  Reason  With  You.
IA impcr delivered' liy B, E. Merrill before
��� Loi:hI 42, Socialist Party ol B, C, NelBOO,
on Sunriay, uecorabcr 15th, 19U1 ]
Chronic diseases ai'e never dange.i
ous; no more are chronic objection,
'to socialism. Tho sufferer from if
chronic disease rarely dies of that ail
ment. He.is, more frequently, over
taken by a sudden and acute mulad
that will have ono of two effects. I'
will either rout out tho old complain
and make a well man of its victim, oi
it will carry disease and diseased to
tho plane of dead things.
So also will It bo with the suffer'-
from a chronic objection to socialism.
He is liable at any moment to be o.vei
taken by an acuto attack of Hai"
Times, Money Panic, Business Depres
��ion; Bankruptcy, Assignment, L<k
Job, Starvation Cramp or any of th
thousand other ills the conipetitin
system is heir to. If he escapes with
his life you may bo suro ho will I.'
effectually cured'of his chrouic objection to suclalism.
Neither nro chronic diseases con
tajrious; and I never yet heard of r.
healthy socialist "catching" any of tin
chronic objections with which he comes
in contact.
But tho' chronic diseases are neitho1
dangerous, fatal nor ''catching" the.v
are distressing to thoso who have
them and annoying to thoso who hiiv
to hear about them, consequently ihe
' are not unworthy the attention of ib
medical man. What does be advise
In nine oases out of ten, a chain e ol
ulimate, as most likely to prove beno
llcial, fn this respect again chronic
objections to socialism bear a wonder
ful llkene��s to chronic diseases. The.'
almost invariably yield to a change ol
air; they cannot withstand the braciu*
atmosphere of hope and brotherhood
that is characteristic of tho soolalisl
climate. Change your tliought atmosphere, oh sufferer from a chronic ol>
lection to socialism ! Let your mentu
being take In the pure doctrines in
socialism! till your brain with scien
tiiic. knowledge concerning this mosi
redemptive philosophy and you will be
cured ol vour malady even tho' it hr
hereditary und deep seated.
With your permission 1 will diagnose
a few of these chronic objections thi*
afternoon, at the same time endeavoring to send you a current of pun
thought from tho socialist atmosphori
in which T delight to dwell. Tn thp
words of Professor Mills, "If you meet
a nuui who has a smilo so large thai
it reaches clear across his face and Is
wrapped around his ears and the ends
tucked under hia shirt collar you may
know that he is a socialist. In fact the
socialist is tho only man who can face
tho future and wear a smile. Whoever
knows nothing of socialism can see
nothing hut disaster for the future.
hut whoever understands socialism can
son nothing before him but the glorious dawn of tho Golden Age," To
such an outlook suclalism will lead
ovorv man who gives it his honest
First let mo tell you what socialism
alius al. Briclly the entire science
may lie summed up us follows! "The
collective ownership of tlie means of
production and distribution; the collective management of the means of
produotion and distribution, aid the
equal opportunity of all the people to
use, und enjoy the benefits of their
use, of these means of production and
distribution, so collectively owned and
'' Nothing very terrible about that, is
.-there? Nothing to shock tho Christ-
inn principles of my Christian brother,
r nothing to delude the unwary, nothing
to scare tho timid, nothing to assail
the respectability of tho most honorable member of society I Yet wo are
warned ln solemn accents from pulpit
and press that socialism will destroy
individuality, restrain liberty, encourage laziness, annihilate ambition and
crucify genius in the sons of men.
It seems easy, yot wo aro told it Is
Impractical, Utopian and visionary.
It looks righteous yet tho sufferer from
chionic objections tells us it Is anti-
Christlaii, atheistical nnd contrary to
Cod's plan. It has for its apostles the
thinkers, thc poets, tho philosophers,
the literary men, tho professors, the
preachers and the scientists of tlio ago,
yet wo aro told that Its chief exponents
'nro unbelievers, cranks, and the bob-
tall aud riff-raff of society.
Lot us take these objections ouo by
one and treat them to it little fresh air.
Socialism will destroy individuality, in
other words it will make every man
just llko his neighbor.    At tho present
time tho coal oil of tho American continent is collectively owned and collectively managed by a consolidation
of individuals, known as tho Standard
Oil company.    Did Rockefeller sacrl-
lico any of his peculiar Identity when
in joined hands with the other fellows
n the oil ring?   The wator supply for
' he oity of Nelson is collectively owned
>y the whole people; moreover it is
lolleotivelv managed and collectively
listributed for private consumption in
tiie homes of the city.   Does your individuality   suffer  becauso  you  do noi
personally pump the water you need
>ut of a hole in your back yard ?    You
:et your letters through a collective!'1
owned and collectively operated postal
ystetn.   Does it in any sense interfere
v'th  tho development uf your natural
raits of character because you share
his   benefit  with   tho whole  people.
Do you read your letter with less zest
localise the stamp on It cost no more
han the stamp on tbo other fellow's
"Met*.    Does your sweetheart become
my less youi' own because her letter
i"stled the othor fellow's letter in the
ame postal bag ?
You went to a public school, colloct-
vely owned and collectively used by
he   whole  youthful   population.    Do
ou look less like yourself or act less
ike  yourself  because  all tho  other
ioys In the neighborhood neut to that
���ante school ?
You wero brought up in a family
'.'-���here all the means of life were col-
actively owned and collectively used.
I'ou washed In the samo basin and
vlpert on the samo towel your brother
sed, and yet your mother used to say:
��� Those boys are no more alike than if
iliny were strangers; what suits John
ih hateful to Tom: John is all for his
���jooks and Tom wants nothing but u
jack-knife and a bit of wood." And
John studied law or gospol and you
became a mechanic.
Jn the face of all this how can you
nelieve that wc would become a nation
of peas In pods if not only our water,
but our coal, not only our roads but our
'.'eomotives and vehicles; not only onr
po-.t offices but our bakeries; not only
our jails but our factories; not only our
schools but our farms wero collectively
owned aud collectively operated for the
nerietit of the whole people.
Then we aro tflld socialism will retrain liberty Whose liberty i What
Iherty? It will most assiiredlv retrain the liberty of tho able-bodied
voluntary idler to appropriate nine-
enths of your earnings to support him
in luxury while you toil in penury. It
,vili restrain the liberty of a few individuals to appropriate the wealth of
ho world and give you a dole, as it
uits their caprice or their emergency
a doio that is withdrawn the moment
your earning power ceases thro' any
cause. Thc man "'ho employs a horse
feeds bim. even when lie cannot for lhe
time use his labor, but the employer of
nen feeds nnil clothes them only so
lung as their labor is his immediate
necessity, lf his horse sickens lie calls
In a veterinary surgeon and gives him
���a comfortable stail. but if his man
sickens he turns hlra out to starve.
What liberty has the worker then, being absolutely dependent upon the
purchaser of his labor power? He is
not free to wear the clothes ho needs
to make him comfortable; he is not
f-eotooattho food his pulale .appreciates! ho is not free to live his own
life; bo is denied the right that is
common to serfs tho world over, that
of mating with his kind and pn creating
the race, for the average man dare not
marry under our present system. With
no certainty that he -will be able to
support himself ho dare not assume thc
responsibility for other lives, Ho has
but one minute of absolute freedom in
tin year, or once iu four years as the
'���us'; may be, anil that is when ho Is
hidden in tho polling booth. Will he
always use thutsingle minute of liberty
"�� perpetuate his slavery ? Not so, in
that solitary minute or freedom, wrested from his oppressors tlie proletuiro
���vill shortly strike thu blow that means
liberty indeed. Let mo ask with Van-
dorveide, how in the name of common
sonso liberty can lie compromised by
ihe fact of an increasing number of
self-regulating public services being
operated collectively Instead of being
'eft to the operation of private individuals. Is the public less free when
it rides on a municipally ownod street
car than on a private one!1 is it less
free when it consumes municipal water
or turns on municipal electric light
instead of using the water or burning
tho light of mprivate company? Is it
not perfectly evident, on tlie contrary,
that tho socialization of capitalist
monopolies by the citizens of a dome-
craoy Is tho very condition of real
Another chronic objection plagues
tho industrious souls of those people
who, like tho Indian, enjoy no work so
well as to "sit on tho feneo und see
white than hoe corn." Socialism will
encourage laziness, tboy say. And I
ask in return what our present system
Is doing when it turns millions of men
Into a workless world to tramp nnd beg
or statujo, when it remunerates labor
so miserably that tho tramp himself is
as well-off at tho end of the year as the
hardest toller? Is tho only incentive
to toil provided by an omptv stomach V
Givo a man the fruit of his labor and
time to enjoy it, and you will givu him
encouragement 1, koop working. Sooialism makes absolutely no provision
Continued on page 2.
Foreman H. Brown Estimates 1000
,   Tons of Ore iu Sight.
Company Will Take Up the Bond
and Make All Payments in
a Lump Sum.
Hugh Brown, foreman nt tho American group, was in town during the past
week, Thc American group is undor
bond to the Mountain Lion Mining Co.,
of Minneapolis. Mr. Brown informs
the Eagle that thoy r.ow havo some
300 feet of tunnel worlc done, some fifty
feet of which has exposed a body of
clean silver-lend oro varying' from
threo to twelve inches in width, the
ledgo matter also carrying small gold
valuos in the carbonates encountered.
They havo gained a depth of some 75
feet, and Mr. Bt'oWn seems safe in estimating that tho company have 1000
tons of ore in readiness for Immediate
shipment, if they so desired. Only
three men nre nt work just now, and
they will continue development work
only until spring, when a larger force
will be employed. Tlie company purposo taking up the bond, au.l in flint
aro seeking a discount on the purchase
price, from tbe owners, Messrs. Abrahamson brothers rnd Taylor, if nil
future payments aro made in one. The
American will bo heard from next soa-
The r,irKns<,n of Flxli Uroek.
Lots in the new townsite of Gold-
fields have already been disposed of to
parties for tho erection of a throe-
story hotel and stores, dwellings, etc.,
savs the Revelstoke Herald. It is tho
intention of the owners to bring in a
sawmill and arrangements are already
on foot to that end. there heing about
IJIOO acres of splemlid timber lands belonging to tho townsite company. The
owners aro opening negotiations with
the Smelter Co., who nro building a
smelter at Ferguson with a view to
having them locato at Goldflelds to
treat the silver-lead ore of the. mine's:
that nre adjacent to that town.' All in
all the new town of Goldfiolds has a
bright future, for boing so closely connected with thc producing mines of tlio
camp, it is bound to become, as Ferguson has become, the payroll centre of
the famous mining camp known to tho
world as tho Fish Creek free milling
gold ore camp.
thoroughly appreciated, especially by
the boys who delve in the dark and
dampness of the bowels of the earth,
and scarcely know the voice of woman,
let alono enjoy tlie comforts of u home,
oven in an isolated embryo mining
town. After tbo entertainment, the
quadrilleolubbeld its weekly assembly,
ii which many took part, and nil
present had a jolly good time.
IVIi.it tho Miners Say.
The Western Federation of Miners
are not afraid of socialism. Their ollieial organ, the Minors' Magazine, n
splendid monthly, published at Denver,
says this month:
"It would bo n terrible disaster (?)
were trades unions toemerge from their
slumber of indifference, where they
have lain dormant, and enter the political arena to obtain their rights by
organizing tlieir forces to strike at tiie
ballot .box on election day in favor of
tho socialist party, which advocates
equality for all and special privileges
to none. Old political heelers in the
parties of broken pledges would suffer,
and corporations could not evade tlieir
just share of taxation. The working-
man in thc little cottage in tlie back
street would have the same rights as
tho millionaire in tho brown stone
front in the avenue."���C. nnd C.
I'1'o/.reHl of Ferguson's School.
The locnl school trustees pnid an
official visit to the school here lust
Thursday. They found tho pupils making excellent progress under tho tuition
of Miss F. N. Elrasley. New maps
havo been received from thc educational department. Tho government
appropriation for expenses is already
exhausted, so that the trustees must
sustain tlie school with private funds.
Progressive Slomii City.
At Tuesday evening's meeting ot tho
Socialist League, a lengthened del ato
resulted in Hie verdict Hint trades
unions had failed in their object to
benefit tlie proletariat to any great extent. A motion wus also passed ohat g-
ing the date tf meeting to Sunday
afternoons. Next regular meeting iiev.
Mr. Roberts of New Denver, "ill lecture on socialism. ���Drill.
Holidays Over and Mining Settled
Down to a Winter Basis.
Lots of Snow.-Cup and Nettie L.
Ore Shipments.- Smelter Construction Progress.
Lowery'i Now Year Resolutions,
Never quit a eamp until tlie last puck
train lias gone.
Do not undervalue littlo things,
Four deuces can make an ace full crawl
into thc discard
' Do not forget to tell tho editor that
his littlo sheet Is ull right, and that
everybody else Should pelt it with their
Nothing unusual has transpired dur-
Ing the past week. Work has settled
do ami to a winter basis. Tlie cup ic
tali ing out 800 tons of oro to Beaton to
ship to the Trail smelter. The Nettio
L. is taking out just enough on* to
k op tlio sleigh road to tho mino
b ken, and piling it up on Victoria
avenue, but just where it is to be
treated is still uncertain. The Black
W irrior men aro down for a fow days,
bu will increase the force and resini o
work next week. They have struck i ro
i i the drift at a depth of about iii1 foi t,
witli the prospects growing better at
every blast, The basement for tho
s in iter is about ready and tho frail o
work will soon begin. Mi*. Wood las
let a contract for 700 cords of wi od.
w'lich will materially help to rid the
townsite of its timber, nnd employ
nearly all the idle men in town. Tho
s iow full has been very heavy for tho
past week. Very few now peoplo arc
coming iu, and tho freighters aro well
up to tho freight supply, tho' tlie smelter plant is expected to land any dny
now, which will keep tlie teams busy
for a fow weeks. Business, locally, is
ratiierqtilet, there being comparati oly
no outfitting lo do at this season "f the
year. Work on the A. i: K. railway is
still being pushed ahead nml will bo
completed to Gerrard in a few wcei s a',
most. Now that tho bolida; s are ovi r,
Lardeaultes are ulready talking of
what is to transpire "next spring."
But this is certain; if there is a mining
camp in America which can be operated
under our present metal market conditions, tiie Lardeau is one of them.
Christum. Day in Ferguson.
Christmas day (yesterday) passed ol)
quietly in Ferguson. Tho married men
spent the day at their respective homes,
and most of the few miners who came
down tho hill indulged in boozology and
green-cloth pastimes. Turkey dinners
were provided in every house in town,
probably moro than could be said of
many another community. It snowed
all day, and in fact is still snowing, but
of courso this is nothing unusual In the
Lardeau nt this season of tlie year.
Ltirilenu Minor Has Siiiiitl|������x.
William Gnrncy, n member of tho
Lardoau minors' union, is confined In
tho pest house at Grand Forks suffering from smallpox. Ho was takon ill
last month, and will not bo at liberty
for a few weoks yet. Though only a
young member of tho union horo, Mr.
Gurney has beon forwarded $100 to aid
him in his distress. This does moro to
show the benefits of labor unions than
a column of rhetoric display.
Christum, live Entertainment.
The entertainment held In Minors'
Union hajl last Tuesday evening was a
gratifying success. The program was
lirst rote for a town of Ferguson's
proportions, and tho Christmas tree
laden with presents for young and old
was an entertaining feature of the evening. Tho littlo tots "said their pioecs,"
and tho singing and oxercisosof tho
older participants In the program wore
&[iilo-8klnners tfor South Africa.
Five dollars a day for expert mule-
skinners and packers in South Africa
looks good to Percy Johnson, woll
known hero. Ho will throw tho diamond for a year in consequence,
Neither glory nor patriotism bothors
Percy, but ho thinks lie would just as
leave take chances io .South Africa ns
where eoinpetitiou is more keon and
wages smaller.
11,'ni,' tin' (1,'iny iii Publioation,
Tho EAOLE has just received a touching (in two senses of tho word) telegram, sent collect, from one of its employees who managed to get. as far as
Kevelstoke to spend Christmas. He
says: "Dead broke. Send mc some
dough to return."
Steel I-nylnc oil A. & K, llrnnvh.
Tho steel on thc Lardo branch has
not yot been advanced beyond the second crossing of tlio Lardo, but by
Thursday it Is expected that it will be
laid as fur as Poplar creek. This will
leavo twolvo miles of stool to complete
the branch;���Tribune.
(lull Output or tho Klnmllko.
Since the Klondike was discovered it
has contributed 106,00(1,000 in gold to
the wealth of the world. It yielded
last year $22.0011,000. This year's production has, however, boon oonsidor-
ably smaller.
Tho mime of Thomson's Landing hns
been changed to Beaton, to begin with
tho New Yenr. Application has beon
made to the postmaster-general to ha' o
the natno of the postoflioe changed accordingly.  Hats off to Boaton!
Biffgegl Smoltlu*". riant In Anirrica.
Something of 'ho magnitude of the
no"' smelting plant at Anaconda can be
soon when it is understood that to build
tho works it took more than 1(1,000 car
loads of material. Of this 1,00(1 carloads were brick. Over 25,000,000 feel
of lumber wero used (n the buildings
and Hume. This flume delivers 50,000
gallons of "'liter every minute. Fifty
thousand yards of masonnry were con-
Ftruoted in thc worlc und more that:
250,000 yards of earth were excavated
for foundations! Tlio site occupied
contains (100 acres, sevon acres of
which are covered hy thc concentrator
building alone. Thero wore 7,000,000
feet of lumber used in tho bins at thi'
reverberatory alone. Tbe capacity o:
th" works are fully 5,000 tons of ore
eiieh 21 hours. It took a force (100 mon
employed from June 18th to dato to
complete the immense plant. This Is
certainly tho largest smelting plant,
in tbe world.*���Western Mining World.
Christmas Rvo  lit  lltmtnH.
Not only did Thomson's���-we mean
Boaton, havo an exceedingly pleasant
and successful Christmas tree and
entertainment on Christmas eve, followed by a social dance, but tho oiti- i
zens also made use of tho occasion to
christen their town with its new name
���Beaton. A representative crowd
from Comaplix and Camborno visiter
the gateway city, and helped Celebrate
the innovation, which was still in progress as we go to press.
Andrew Ferguson returned from
Revelstoke on Christmas eve.
The last word received from Dave
and Poto Ferguson was dated from Salt
Lako City, Utah.
Tho world is governed moro by appearances than by realities, so that it
is as fully as necessary to seem to know
something as to know it.���Daniel Webster. \J
Advertising Ratot: DUpln-* arts., fi.un tier
column inch per month. Legal ads. !������ cunts
net (nonpariol) lino im- flrsi insertion ; Brents
nir encli udditioiiiil Insertion, ttearttne notice.
II) oeuts nor lino oaen ls.,nc. Ninety iiny loiml
notk-c8, *in: sixty tlnys, *-7.60; thirty days, *.���>.
No ads. aeeeptert hi less limn full rates.
Subscription Itnios: By mull or carrier t2.ro
)>ei Qniiuin ; M.ixi lur six months. To InrcfKli
,i'i<iri.hNL's-f',.ri(i,  Stopped io cx|iiratiou.
.'ni) Prluttug: Tlie EruIo job dopnrtmout is
itiebost oquipport ofllcii iu North KoolBnay,
iu'i is prepared to execute nil kinds of itriniini,'
hi honest jiricos.
Addross nil eoinmunietttlons I"
THURSDAY, T>l'<'l"\ini*T! 20    inni
Il Marconi's wireless telegraphy
is what it is represented and proving to be, where are the thousands
of present-day wire operators going
to get off at ? Each modern invention decreases tlie need ol labor.
And who receives lhe benefit ol' lb,
inventions? Why the men who
own them, of course, But do you
think thousands ol idle nnd intelligent men are irii'iij,' lo walk the
streets in wat I, without demanding
io opportunity to --hare in our God;
given resources ? The people's
hum "ill solve the seemingly perplexing problem.
The Revel*',.I,,. H raid con
the lypogrnphicnl unii..*i label "a
cheap lake, n sort of graft lor decoying men who believe in co-oper
nlion to note up a subscription.
That is the Herald's privilege. The
iCagle is not so foolish as to say
that the label on a newspaper
necessarily means it advocacy of
���my policy ip particular. But the
label at least stands for fair conditions among Ihe workmen who
produce the paper. The Herald
thinks that because the Eagle is
produced "by a man and a boy" it
has no particular claim to the label.
Without explaining to the Herald
editor that the provisions of the
typographical union make it quite
possible lor newspapers where no
union exists to come under the
jurisdiction of the nearest union,
the Eagle might say that even its
"boy" receives $2 a week more
lhan tlie editor ol the Herald, while
its "man" is a member in good
standing of the Rossland union, receiving $21  a week, or $3 a week
The attention of most men to-day
is occupied in rustling for a living;
and as a consequence they h;.ve
little time to read or awaken to
'heir position in society. If these
chuhbers would pound more reason
and thought into their think-tank
and less bnozology into Iheir stomachs, industrial competition and
capitalistic robbery and greed would
sidcr-' he supplunleil bv co-operation and
' brotherhood inside of a few years.
more than the  Herald promises to..        ,   , ., . , r
,, .   r...       .    v    ..       ,   ing what they want now, to a  few
pay.   But of this we have said enuf.     ���* i,_ ., ���_*..��� .,.*,,
if   the   Herald   editor  chooses   tor  '    .����������,'
delegate thc label to "any portion
ol" his own anatomy, which seems
most natural and convenient," we
fear its brain will be disturbed.
But if tbe Herald wanted to be
"fair" thc typographical union will
moke provision for it. The fact
remains, however, that lhe Herald
has not a member of the union in
its employ ��� in good standing,
which should he reassuring to the
" Railway Men's Journal " readers.
you siy ?
pond   v, it
hul   i:'<
and so become a great man in tlie community. May find forgive us for having created and perpetuated and glorified such Ideals! Socialism "ill remove them afar from us, aud tliii-
Ignnble ambition will givo place to
something else. .Man will live and
strive to henellt the race, he may even
consider it not an unworthy ambition to
lie good, oven to pattern his life by tlie
One who is deilied yet degraded by
ih" t'hristian world.
A more potent objection is offered
bv tin* doubters who say "Socialism is
ail right in theory but it can never lie
put in practice." That there are din*)
enlti'"' in the way of carrying out the
whole socialist prouagundu is not
denied; that it Is im practical wo most
emphatically deny. It has been said
"The question ae to whether economic
brotherhood Is practical is a question
of whether Christianity is practical."
Another says "Rather than Utopian it
is the widest possiblo application of
practical common sense to human
relationship in the place of inherited
prejudice and privilege, with their
countless train of barbarities."
Thoro Is not room In tlie spaoe of
this paper to discuss ways and mean
but Marx, Vundorwelde, Leibkneeht
and others have given scientific solutions to each phase of the problem that
may arise, and If you will but become
a student of socialism your objections
will all be vanquished. The trusts havo
demonstrated the practicability of collective ownership; all the socialist
nsks is that the trust bo widened to
admit all tho people to its benefits
Of one thine I must warn you, "You
will never get what you want by voting
for what you don't want." If'you be-
lieve in socialism vote for it, and don't
vote for anything else. In this way
only can you Increase thc. strength of
socialism. The politicians have proved
that they believe in the practicability
of socialism, by the methods they are
adopting to sidetrack the vital issue;
the decoy ducks they have thrown out
to catch tho unwary, in tho shape of
Independent parties, reform parties,
citizens parties, etc. I know I am
treading on delicate ground when I say
a word in regard to tho Independent
labor party, but I would earnestly ask
you to consider who are tho men who
are most earnest in promoting thoso
parties. Are they out and out socialists, or aro they in tho pay of tho
capitalists'/ And in any case what
can thoy givo you that is of any real
benefit to yourselves, a little more
wages, which you yourselves will pay
in increased rent, taxes, prices, etc.
Vou may get a shorter work day���and
less of them, but what benefit is that
! to you? If you work only six months
j in the year are you any bettor off
, i eventually for vonr shortened hours of
No change coming, did j labor? Never" mind it socialism has
no show at present. What show did
________ I trade unionism -'havo when lt was first
 "~     " '     'projected?    The men who voto and
prices do  not corres-  light for a principle, even if it is a for
The drop in the price of copper
has caused no little uneasiness in
thc Boundary district, where the
great copper mines have been
���perating upon a very close margin.
It has brought home 10 the people
of the Boundary how very dependent they are after all upon the
gigantic trusts which dominate the
industrial affairs of the United
States.-���Nelson Tribune.
Even the Calgary Herald is advocating socialism. it implores the
government to establish a "home"
for consumptives, where the best
medical skill'-And attendance would
be forthcoming, whether the nfflict-
ed has money or not. This would
only be one ot the benefits of socialism.    Why not have others as well?
If you   fire   building"   or contemplate building we will be
pleased to quote you estimates  on anything" made  in our
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel confident that wc can give you satisfaction in
every particular.     Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
Note the difference between pro
moters and subsidy seekers obtain
i  the silver-lead market,
cMiin r in beer passes
lorn  hope, aro  iho  men   wlio  nring
things to pass,   Von iio not want pal
natives, not*  half   loavo*?.    You want
Niruiirlit nut. uncompromising collective ownership ol' ail tho moans ol' production nml distribution, in ordor Mint
I you may have tho private ownership of
'.your own lifo.   Don't use tt hand shoved
to remove a biff pile of dirt, whon you
mi/yht as .well save time and trouble hy
��� using a st'ojim shovel.   Tho' you get
! every planU in tin; socialist platform
without  the abolition of i ho wajje sy.--
; tern you remain a slave, tho' either or
Mining is a business  which re- S'ifSK party on earth ?lvo ym,
quires   special   qualifications    and funds that placed comrade Cameron In wo'���-'����"' -''-,:-'- ,;.., u ���.-������, 1,11- .
spec al  experience,  like  anv  other it lie Held,  as organizer, ure now ox-!,,',,
railinp-,  to  insure   success.'    It  is hausted, and hia services will have to
Vi   .   .1       * ��� 11 ' hi* lllsnunr-L'tl   I'.ltliil   IhiuJh should not
true  that  the   inexperienced   have  be (ol,^com1a?I   The per capita tax n[
occasionally succeeded  in it  while members will not 0 mence to bo paid
men long seasoned in  mining ex- until the constitution is accepted, and
perience have foiled in it.     But the until'suuh timo tho executive is with-
same  thing  cm  be  said ot  other!
kinds nt'  business.     Nevertheless
Fund Appeal
The executive of the B. C. Socialist
Party ut'i"os upon nil local and iuili-,
vidua! Socialists in tliis provinco tlio
I ofBUbBcrtblugto tbis fund.    Tlie!
lew people have tbe rashness to
enter deliberately into a mercantile
venture concerning which tbey know
nothing and trust to tbe element of
luck solely for success. Why
should success be expected under
such conditions in mining? The
percentage of successes amonq"
those following mining understand-
ingly is quite as hirire as it is in any
other business. There are many
failures in mining ventures, it is
true, but it will be found on investigation tbat most ol tlient belong tn
that   cla
out lu nils.
Funds can be sent to Thos. Robinson,
New Westminster, treasure]*; or to
Ernest Burns, secretary, Ilil) Power
.St., Vancouver.
Executive Committee,
li. c. Socialist Pahtv
Vancouver Cc-mradea..
Continued from piihh 1.
for the lazy iiuin ; it will mako it possible to justly apply the biblical rqle
"II ii man will not work neither shall
ho eat." To-day those who work the
Icasl have the most to out.
Then we are told that our inventors
������.'ill cease to invent., our artists will
cease to create, our poets will cease to
sin-j und ive will all become a nation of
wooden heads. This is tin ohjeetion so
of   speculations   which  palpably false, so utterly tiillytliiit.lt,
absorb many an inexperienced man's
fortune ami perhaps forces bim into
Insolvency, .Mining is safe enuf if
thc man who follows it will adhere
10 the same rules in conducting it
that he would apply in carrying on
sonic in her business in which expert
knowledge is essential
Mining News.
The editor of the Eagle only regrets his inability to "practice what
lie preaches," as our friend I.owery
would have us do. The trusts got
too much of a start before we saw
lhe economy and wisdom of collec-
ininliy worth consideration, f.otm
ask however if any of you believe Unit
auy really great work was ever done
for money. Tho poets, the inventors,
the iiriists 11 ml the geniuses havo Hourly all lived and worked and died in
poverty : working becausethoy bud to
work out the ('oil-given talent within
them, sacrificing tho present prospect
AmericanIto tins chlmerieal vision unfolding
within them. Howmanyof tho world's
great ones we havo murdered preuia-
| turely. how muny sweet songs ive have
smothered unsung, hy our hellish
competitive system of greed, we
can never know. Prof. Marshall
says: ''More than one half of the
best natural iienius horn Into 11
country is born among the working
classes and to a lureo extent lost on
account of thi' lack of opportunity
tivc  ownership, and now our bank I Glvo genius a chance, mako our artist!
roll is loo small to join the selfish
socialists- -the trusts. Hut we will
all get in on the people's trust,
Mr. I.owery is an old-time and well-
read newspaper man, and publishes
thc most entertaining weekly in tbe
Dominion, He also advocates,
under olher names, the very principles  which  socialists hope to see ambition wo recognize Is tbo ambition
��Hrf itmrlr fnr in nor fime Fnr tht.    10 MUSS money.      ThO   child   is tttUght
and work for in our time. 1or the .f,. .(8 intlM^ the bov ia schm)M tr)
reason that we agree with Mr. think the highest type of manhood will
I.owery nn so many questions, we be aohlevod when ho has gathered to-
refuse lo believe that thc sage of pother a million dollars, no matter by
v������ ri0,B��� !<> nnnneMl tn thp what means. Ho cannot earn it, but
New Denver is opposed to ��*e ,le can, by hook or by crook, get his
nation owning the trusts.                 j fingers upon the earnings of other m6n
and  inventors free to work out, thei
glorious dreams, and we may become
a nation of gods with aspirations reaching to tlio clouds.
Along tho sumo lino Is tho objection
that socialism will annihilate ambition.
It will I grant you, annihilate our
unworthy ambitions, our ignoble aims,
und give us a chance to fix our eyes
upon higher things.   To-day the only
until you own the government
Think of these things and beware of
decoy ducks or half way measures.
And  lastly let us consider tlio objection   iniido   by   the "unco' giiul" who
claim that socialism is antl-Cbrlstlan,
atheistical and contrary to God's plan
To this I Buy that if Christianity Is
responsible tor the modern system" of
plunder thnt dnos duty for civilization
then nil 11si i 1 to the nut is: If Christianity looks with eomiilueeney upon sueli
oppression, injustice und iniquity  a>
prevail  in  the  world  to-day then Is
Christianity a worse thint than thai
>oo It came to supplant, for did not one ol
tho ancient prophetls pronounce tieiir.-e
upon the bonds of ihe house of Jacob
and the princes of the house of Israel
''that abhorred judgment and perverted  equity," saying "They build  up
Zlon with blood und Jerusalem ivlth
iniquity; tho heads thereof judge foi
reward, and the priests thereof timet
for  hii;e,  and   the   prophets  thereol
divine for money j yet will they lean
upon the Lord and say : is not tho Lord
among ns, none ovil can eonio ainoiu.
us."     What   a    picture   of    moileri
ohurchlanlty I   if the conditions thai
prevail  in   tho   world   today   are  ol
(iod's   planning thon   I say the doit*,
ought to ho iishaitii'il of Itself.   But.
you do not, say It is by God's plan thai
men got drunk and debase Iheinselvus
to the level of the boasts : you do unsay it is by (lod's plan that the female
of the rare prostitute tlieir bodies Ini
gain:  you do not say It is by God't
plan that, men  butcher each other in ti
lust of Hate���unless indeed, they di
it by wholesale and by sanction of th,
government, then you glvo  Cod thi
credit for thut job���you do not say it is
Cod's plan that man should steal the
property of his neighbor, except indeed, he cloak himself with thu lav
and   stretch   out  his hand   under  It-
shadow, then theft may he perpetuated
by nod's design: you do not say thi
maiden is betrayed by God's plan"; yon
do   not say  Truth  Is   corrupted nnd
Honor made bankrupt by the desigi
of your  God, yet   why   hot ?   If God
planned tlie misery, want, dogradutioi
and woo that result from  the pcrpetrii
tion of thoso crimes how can lie cscapi
from tho odium of having planned tin
original crimes ?    You cannot  maki
men bear the weight of this sin and
shift its natural outcome upon tbo back
of a god.    Tlio socialist nas not ri
learned God; und bo is willing to belt
Him tn right His world.    Wo euro nol
whether you know Hltn ns Spirit, Lav
or Love, we welcome yon to the work nt
so adjusting tho relationship of man
to man that ho may huvo time to consider his relationship with tho source
of his being.
For the best ChrlBtmtu presouts
write or rail uu
J. Guy Barber
the Revelstoke Jeweler*
All  work   warranted  to  give
All Kinds
Our [Special
The Union
Tlicy (ire nil Unio . muile nnil of tlie
best Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one nnd tmtlsfv yourself
us to their quality.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
Brown, Prop.
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the.
I   M,
MAKE    CIGARS.    ���
Enterprise and Selkirk
Brands, manufactured by- the Enterprise
UNION*-  f	
IIGARS.   I   *'""rs
t Cigar Co., Kevelstoke, are unoquullcd in -f��-��-fr-*>.�� ��� . *���-���-��-��-*
ihe province i,
sale by Ferguson's Leading Hotels.
Ask for tlioiu.
.... o-o^-o-*- mimniiit
Wholesale Liquor Defaj^llanofata of Aerated Water
1 Address :   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
There is only our best mining journal.
That is
Mines and Minerals.
Il has n largoi circulation than any two ollic!1
American mining journals I* <-hiim- it is the
Iji'.-I. It la tin- lurstvd, best lllllslratcd nnd
handsomest mining journal in tha ivo Id. it
i- n mining paper ior mining men, Subsortp.
lion prlco 52.00per year. Bond fur free sampio
copy. Address JUNKS INB HINKUAL3,Scran-
lon, I'u., U.S. A. Denver olllces, llnrlli Illdg.,
Denver, Col.
I United Oatteof North
--'--i-.""^ T II is   IS   T II B
t'l ~.D /V UXIOV LABEL ul
>V -"^'��.,\ tlio i'nliwl flatters
*"'���"". -''V.A nl North America.
/��� ���.���,&>-���*���, V*'\ When yuu iircliui
;���] :-
, V*'\ " nen vnn uu- luiv-
I yn\ ng a It'll HAT,
1   \-cl lflior suit or situ,
,'. .7, toe 10 it. Hint 1 im
/L   genuine   I' N I o \
''���/. / Label Is sn�� ml in it.
.    ,    ,   if  it
V>*V '   "���?/&���/   loose   UtlH'l
jsseNHlon  nml   of*
' "'. lora Io [ill' one ill A
hat for you, do net
patronize him. lit*
hm not iiny ngiitio oa\o loose Inhola, Loose
lnbels in rot all etorosare counterfeits, Do not
listen to iiny explanation as to why tii'' hitl
litis no label, rim Genuine Union Label is
perforated on the four i'd��es exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits nn1 some*
times perforated on three of tlie edges, aud
sometimes only on two. Koop a uliarp lookout
for the. counterfoils. Unprincipled manufacturers aro using them in order to net ml of
tlieir seab-mado hats. Thu John li Btoisoii
Co,and Henry il. Roolofs&Co.f botii of l'hila-
dotpbla. I'a., are non-union coneornf*,
JOHN A, MOF-PXTT,President,
Orange, N. J.
;t 797 Hertford Ave.,Brooklyn. .VY.
1 Hotel Ferguson       ;
The bar is supplied with the best brands 0/ i
Wines, Liquors and Cigars. f
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfcet comforted.
4 Hates ��i!.on 11 .lay nml upward
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens. .Good accommodation
.. Best ot service* .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars. .Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
X BE8'.' ft
I   Hotel La.rdeau
\ ���/��� Laughton, Proprietor.
NEATLY FURNBHE0..     *���� ""V W��	
1 m
B. C. Socialist Party
Vancouver, [Executive! Ernest Burnt, Bee.
Victoria    ...O.Lco (;harllon,6lJohnSt.,Hcc.
Nan.ii:ii.i toliii A. Fraser, Beo.
[*Hoy��i��ltli ���. Cooper.Sue.
south Wellington	
Port Moodv John Walton, Seo.
Itovol��tolce i'. W. Mitchell,Seo.
rerguion  R. P. Pettipiece, Bee.
Slocan    '.H.J. Llpsott,Boo.
Silverton Walter Smith, See.
Sow Donver  Duncan Wolr, See.
San-Ion tames McDonald, See.
Ka*--li>    Geo. T. Kane, sec.
Nelson Thos. Hunter, Sec,
Itos-laud  w. B, Baker, Sec.
iiriii,,! Forks I. A. McLeod,Bee,
I Iroun ivood, J. 0. Helm, See.
Anv 'o
will plet
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham.
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Qoo. S, McCarter.
ihommltteiior incorrectly reported
nminiiniieiUe With the Provincial
ruosl Burns, giving corrections.
a. IX, Pinkham.
J. A. Harvey.
:The Townsite ofE
lis Now on the Market
Have tho trusts made you rich ?
Vou have freedom at the ballot; use
it to promote sooialism.
If you don't lino socialism, it's becauso you don't understand it.
J. M. Scott, B.A..L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Socialism does not advocate absolute
equality, but only economic equality,
or equality of labor.
The trusts are fond���for those who
own them. Therefore the people's
trust will be good for tho people
Thoro is little hope for improvement
in political conditions so Ions; as the
politicians and not the pooplo control
Municipalities should ho given more
power of self government. Then they
could more fully prove the practicability of social ism.
Socialism seems to bo growing in
British Columbia. And socialists ate
not anarchists, as many would believe.
���Cranbrook Herald.
Some men can only bo reached thru
their stomach. This is probably why
the editor of tho Sandon Mining Review is beginning to seo tho errors of
his way,
We aro our own enemies. As the
majority wo voto out* own conditions,
of it would not be thus. Become a
student of socialism, and learn of its
Tho average wage-earner works ono
day In tho week for himself, ono for
churches nnd charity, and tlie other
liv    n   iho owners of prodilolion and
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Holiday Excursion
Tickets on aulu Doc. 2:1, 21,'25.  For Now Year
Deo. no, 31, Jim. 1.
All licki'ls itooil to return till Jim. S, 1002,
Tourist Sleeping Oars-Crows N'ost Section���
lelivo (-out, iiny I.iiiiitinii: '1'iiosdiiv mi<l Frlitnv
for si. i'hui n,ni nil (i. s. pointii, via Son Line;
Friday only:  Toronto, Montreal, and Iioston.
icpe'tiati' c indllions which
ma'.' ���������!   '��� h-   it":  rc-piiti-iliillty of
mu i*i     ���. i*o .-' ic vice, immorality,
and -non who ace unworthy of tho love
of a true woman.
For reservation of berths, nites nnd complete
information, call   on or write nearest
U, 1'. it. Agent.
D I'. A., Kelson, A.O.P.A.. Varicc
J. DONOVAN,Agonl  Arrowhead,
Corner Lois,  ��125.00.
Inside   Lots, S100.00.
TERMS:   tf CASH ;
Bal.) 3 and 6 months.
Circlic City is the future terminus of the
proposed railway, already surveyed via the
Lardeau creek  north  fork to that  point.
Circle City is beautifully located at the
base of the Lardeau, Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks.  (See map of the Lardeau.)
Circle City is absolutely surrounded by
mining properties now under development.
Circle City affords splendid water power
which will be utilized next season for concentrating purposes.
Circle City presents  business openings.
Send for full
particulars to
the General
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situate1? midst scenery
nmlvulled for grandeur. R*mting, fishing
and excursions. Resident plivsiciiin nml
nurHc. lu telegraphic- commimiciition witli
all parts of the world. Twy mails arrive and
depiU'teverv day. Its baths OUro all nervous
iind inuaauiur diseases ;�� wnii>r�� hen! nil
kidney, liver nnd nfomaeli ailments. Its
baths and waters nre p. -.uro remedy anttlnsl
all argentiferous poMous. TiSUMa: $12 to
$16 per week, aeiwirdlng to rcflldonco in hotel
Packing and
Ferguson Pat "king and
Transfer Outfi t.
Contracts ontorotl into for pacltlttg ot Mining Supplies, ett'���> to an>
point in tho district.
Good,  prompt service, ami  any  work  undertaken   ^ttftt'\ tnteea
Freighting from  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson      ���*   *i ,l)ty.
Headquarters al: Ferguson, B.C. '*-*"*$' S. Daney, !':     , etof*
Matty etnnlnvers mean well anil
would -In right if they could, but our
competitive svsiem forces them to follow tin- suit nf tho greedy ones in order
tu survive, or go to tho wall.
If tho people can collectively own
tmd manage waterworks and electric
llffht systems, can you give any reason
why thoy should nnr. collectively own
ami manage tbeirown coal mines?
The trust, as a method of using the
iiiai'hinei-y nf produotion and distribution, is not the finished product of
evolution, any moro than the maehino
is. The perfection of the trust will
como only with socialism.
Tho capitalist likes to have the people call their respective abodes''our"
country. It entertains him to seo
them puff ont their stomachs with
pride so long as they pay him for tlio
other things that go into thoir stomachs. _______
The homes and churches of tho
preachers and congregation aro owned
uolloottvely by the people. Does that
interfere with their individuality? If
you condemn collective ownership It is
because you do not understand it, nt*
are too blind to your own interests to
I'inneer camps dn not feel nor see
poverty as it Is. Competition has nut
reached tlio acute stage in these localities as yet. But after nil. we pay
tribute tn a good many of the private
trusts, not to mention the tariff. The
sumo principle Is Involved in either
pioneer or modern llfo.
Some day, and not so long either, tho
world will cease to produce Morgans,
but that will only bewhen'tho material
resources of tho world, its fields, its
mines and its railroads, etc., belong to
all the people: bolonir to tho paupers
us woll aa tho millionaires. Whon
that timo comes a man will not heed
the characteristics of the devil to gain
what the world calls succoss.
For what are labor unions organized?
"For protection of the members." Aro
thoy not organized to givo tho workers
a voice in tho management of the industries, i. o., regarding the number of
hours, tho wages, and other things ?
"Yes." Woll, if the object of labor
uulons is to givo workers a voice in tho
management, why do they not see that
socialism proposes to give them full
control of the Industries, with modern
methods and competent management
for each industry. Why pay in strike
funds, enforce idleness, suffer and
waste wealth, whon by simply electing
socialists thoy will get oven moro than
tbey over asked for ?
Is the Coining Solid Town of the
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
Becausi; of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
BECAUSE thc wonderful mineral
developments during the past
season have been a marvel to
outsiders seeking investment.
Not only have the old stand-by
properties improved with depth,
but the new finds and many test
ore shipments are exceedingly
gratifying, and attention must
surely be attracted this way.
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. hill, between the two creek forks; on
ihe Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
thc south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Because the offices of many of
the companies operating in the
camp arc located here.
Because Ferguson receives the
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is the point where
mining men coming into the district make their headquarters; as
they can walk or ride and return
from most of the properties in
one day or less.
Because even- pound of ore from
these mines coming down the
hill lands first in Ferguson.
From here it will be teamed in
transportation on the lake, a
distance of four miles.
Because when the railway reaches
-the place where the mines are it
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natural advantage for the building up ol a
great mining center.
But why give other reasons: We have the mines, the pay roll, the natural gi wgraphi*
cat location, the supply trade, the banking institutions, unlimited water pow er for all
purposes; and the right kind of people to make a town. The ore shipments, i ncreasinq
business, and money and enterprise will do the rest.    Come here and see foi ��� yourself.
From $150 up
From $75 up
Henry Floyd
S-gggij l^&S^J^d^^s^^
���Si p
<pw *���*���*>����� ��"�����������"��
j On the Wing
Compliments of the season.
Smallpox is rampant ln Ontario.
Work is proceeding on the smeltor,
tho' considerably hampered with the
present heavy snowfall.
According to tho Kosslaud Miner the
miner's striko in tbat city has been
"onded" fifty-throe times.
Frank, Alberta, a new town on Crows
Nest section, has been mado a flag station for passenger trains.
Remember the masquerade ball in
Trout Lake on the evening of New
Year's day, next Wednesday.
W. H. Shannon, has returned from a
pleasant trip thru' the lower country.
Ho says that Nelson is very quiet.
Apparently Ferguson's Christmas
week was a tamo affair, compared with
the celebration in the city at the lake.
Messrs. Perr.y, Lobeau and Smith, of
the local saw mill, are busily engaged
getting out lumber for the smelter now
well under way.
Al. Pelkey is down from the Black
Warrior mine, whore be officiated as
oBef, and has again assumed his position on tbo Eaolk stair.
Tom Horu, foreman at the Black
Warrior, is its Kevelstoke, but will return to the mine next week with a
larger forco of men than heretofore
Tbo proceeds of tbe collection at the
Christmas tree entertainment, some
$18, was bfiudod to tho school trustees
to apply on tho rent account for the
school building.
The roeinlist party executive are
making an appeal for funds to push
further organization in this province,
as will be seen by Secretary Burns'
advt. elsewhere in this issue.
Government of Sweden has ordered
the directors of the ptflte railways to
prepare plans for converting the steam
railways to electric roads. Waterfalls
will be utilized to generate electric
The Western Mining World, publishers In Butte, Montana, devoted con-
llilerable space to British Cnluni' io
ln-t week, thc Lardeau receiving
Ipoolal attention, clipped from tho
Eaole. i
.    The safe for the FergHBon branch nf
the Imperial  bonk has arrived, and is .
now being installed in the bank qti r-
tars nf the Nettle L. block.   Manu-.-er '
Machitiiild will be ready for business
in a few* days. i
T o Tonic expresses fear that Fergu-!
sorites will obliterate the feminine
pupnl tion of Trout Lake by marry'i g '
them o v, and removing them to con-
fortablo hnroos in the pay roll utd
smil itigccnli".
The following Is n list nf i.iiiiiciiii ore producers, Amount shipped and tlie groan returns,
reports of which havo to bo furnished monthly
by mine owners to the provincial govornmont:
Nn in e.
Gross Val
... |180,000,OI
��� I'reai Northern,
���J Opliir-Ladc...
Kt. Elmo	
Ruffled Grouse.,
Llnson View.,..
4 Old (iold
$ Horseshoe	
. Black Warrior
$ Returns and
As soon ns tin
million this list
corrected weekly
       13,000 ....      1)820.00
      1..000 ....        610*00
      11,770 ..,.        007,10
          868 ....         08,17
corrections asiod for.
Eagle receives further infor-
Will 1)0 made complete and
New Site
New Store
New Goods
Including the Fish Creokcamp
ami Unpor Duncan River section, compiled by A. P, Cummins, P, L, s., and H
Shannon, B, A., is now on sale at this
office. The ready sale of the map is
proving all wft havo said Ior it. The
Trout Lake division Is lithographed in
black, the LBrdeau in red, and the Alnsworth m blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copy of I his man and lind any
claim recorded in the three divisions.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway rouies,
and the locution and name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim in the
district is shown.
Next    to    Visiting   the   Country   In
Person This Map Takes First Place,
In fact every geographical
feature Is so well define ' lhat one can
see at a glance the nature of our country
and the trend  of  thc elaim locations
fives an intelligible idea of the mineral
cits running through thc camp,  It is
The   Best   Worth   For   One   Dollar
ever offered in the map line ol n mining
camp, It is the first complete man of
the dim rift and is scl ling well. It is Just
what vou are looking for. WE ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a one dollar bill, tno
cheques* orders, etc.) to
Ferguson, B.C.
Druggist am> Stationer
Imperial Bank
*���*���      of Canada.
REST - - ���
.7 tl,85O,0llO.UO.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits In Savings
Department at i-urrent rates.
a. eTThiits,
H. Edwards
Deer Hoads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Purs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
To Z. Gordon Goldberg or L. Goldberg, or to
any person or pornoijBto whom they may
have transferred tlieir   internets in the
Little Robert and Little Robert No. 2 mineral claims situate at tho head of the North
fork of Lardeau ereek. and adjoining the
Black Warrior group on the northwest, in
the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenav Dletr-ac*.
You'are hereby notified that I havo expended Uro hundred and five dollars aud twenty-
five reutH (fcJM.i'j) in labor and improvements
on  the  above mentioned  mineml claims in
order to hold said mineral claims under the
provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date ol tbis notico you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of
such  expenditures together with all cost of
advertising, your Intetest in said olaims will
become the property of the subscriber, under
tton4of an Act entitled An Act to Amend
the ''ineral Act, 1000.
Dated at Ferguson this 4th day of December,
I Ed. Bell's]
pack trainl
To Mike Dwj-i-r and 1'atriek N.bliolson, or to
1   any person or norfons lo whom tlioy may
,    have ti-iinsft'i-reil llieii interests,
i    TAKE   NOTICE tlirtt I, tlie undersigned, co-
��� owner with you In tlie .1, c. mineral group,
i consisting of the Smuggler, Lone star, J. C. ami
I Bushwhacker dlalma, simateU on the head of
1 Luke crook, in tha Trout Luke mining division
of West Kootenay, in tho province nf iirlti-.li
iloiiuiibia, luive expended lour hundred |*lulil
dollars in labor and ImprOVOmont upon the
above mentioned mineral group in ordor to
hold said group under Soallnti '.'t of tlie Mineral
Ant, nnd if within ninety days from the tlrst
nubllcutlufl hereof, you fail or refuse to eon.
tribute vour portion ot suoh expenditure, together ivitii mc eosi of advertising, for mm,
your Interests in tlio said group will becomo
. the properly of the subseitbers, under Seetion 4
of lhe Mineral Ael 1'JOU.
!    Haled at Ferguson, tl. (.'., this 29th day of
October, 1901.
octal J. W.OIIISM.
Al'l'l.lCA'l HIS I'llll LAM).
* 100 men wantoil���to tnlec ft bulh at
the O. K. harbor shop ovory week.
" To Kent.   Two email houses, one
fut'iilsh&il nt 810 u month, tho other
��� unfiii-pl-iipd at 90 per month.    Apply
at Eaoli*. office.
To Rest.���Quarters suitable for any
oominerntal purpose. Will ho altered
or Diil.-ii'ijed to Ruit lessee.    Apply at
iio Eaole offloe.
' The O. K. barbershop Is the place
to cleanse yourself. For ah tor mid
hath, sea-salt bath, a shave, haiirut or
shampoo try the now tonsorial parlors.
* The Kevelstoke. Trout Luke &
liiu- Bend Telephone Co,, limited, hns
olliur.s nt Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thorn-
foil, t':, in home, Trout Lake and Fei'gu-
SOU,    Reliable serviee.
* Tliis is to remind you that the
EAGLE job department is ut your serviee when you need printing of any
kind.    Pi-lcos correspond with quality
' of work.   Mall orders solicited.
* Smokers: If yoti want tho GENU
INK "Union" and "Our Special"
cioak see that "Union Ci***iir Factory"
is stamped In pllt. letters on every box.
���H, A. Brown, Kevelstoke, B. 0,
.    * Tho   Canada   Drapr i* Book Co.
Kevelstoke, have received a large and
/ excellent stock of Christmas goods,
'       cards, souvenirs, toys, etc. Mail ordors
receive prompt attention.   Order while
you have first choice.
* Tho Ferguson quadrille club will
hold a social danou In tho Miners'
Union hall ovory Thursday evening.
Anyone desiring to become a member
ihould apply to R. T. Bury, the
secretary. Membership fee, $2 per
* It is possiblo you have tried other
tailors for yourolothes, but your orders
aro coming back again. Lardeaultes.
like KevoTstokern, get tho most satisfaction all round from tbo old stand-by
liim-K. S, WlUBON. See advt. on
���JlgO &,
Stables at Ferguson <
| and Trout Lake City]
XOTICK IS HEULIIV (IIVKN that sixty days
after date 1 intend to imply to tin- Hon. the
"Jliief Commissioner ol Lands and Works lor
permission to purchase the following tract nf
land, eonsisting ot IHO aeres more or less, In
the Trout LaKc mining division of West
Kootenay district,and described us follows:
Commencing at a post planted about 400 feet
norlh from llic ivagott road along tlie south
lork of f.ardeati ereek, H|>|>roNfinatelv half way
between Kiglit-ralle ereek and Ton-mile ereek ;
thence GO chains east; thenco -*0 ohahiB south :
thence liu chains west ; Ihenee :*0 chains north
to point ofeomtnent'omont.
Dated at l-'ergusoii. II. (.'., this '.'7th dnv of
November, 1001.
The Lardeau District
ao a profitable Hold for t lie judicious advertiser Ih unexcelled in this province, TUB
LAKDKAU EAGLE i�� tlio only medium
actually covering tlie district. An ed. ir the J
EAQLE will roach more pooplo in Ferguson,
Trout Lake City*. Thomson's Landing*. Coma*
pllx, Camborne, Arrowhead,Ten Mile. Circle
City and every solitary mino in the distriot,
than any other paper published.' No othor
district In Canada offors such splendid op
]>ortunities (or good, wide-awake advortUera,
Un you want more bust now? Then write at
onee for our advertising rates und plaeo ynur
patronogo in die only medium thai actually
covers the ileld-TilK LARDEAU EAOLE.
Job Printing1
The EAGLE Is tha only printing offloe In
North Kootenay which can furnish the
Typographical Union Label upon your
printed matter. This nlone is a guarantee of
fair wane conditions ami best workmanship.
Mall orders Oiled promptly. Let iho EAQLE
print your printing; always neat, clean and
Smoke Cigars
And at, all times insist on the
box bearing the blue label.
It. helps mauu'QGtllt'Ql's to see tho force
nf paying fair and honost wages.
The Label committee, C. m. I. .U
Try the
For Baths or Tonsorial Work.
(Form F.)
NETTIE L. mid AJAX mineral claims, situate
in the Troul Lake .Mining Division of Went
Kooiouny  District.     Whore located:   On
Nellie L. Mouutnln, between the North aud
South forks ol Lardeau oreek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, A. I*. Cummins, as
agent for Tlio (I real Western .Mines, Limited,
of Ferguson, it.�� ., Free Miner".*- Cortllioiite No,
818.10, Intend,sixty daya from the dato hereof
to apply lo tho Mining Heuordor for m Certttl-
eaie nf Improvements, for  tho  j.uri������>!���.' of
obtaiulngfl (frown Grant of then hove claims.
And further take notlco that action, under
M'ctiun 87. must in; commonced beforo the
[���suanco of Much Certificate of Improvements.
Haled liiis twenty seventh ilay of November
A. fi. IDOL
deeo-iim A. P. CUMMINS, P. L.S.
(Form F.j
SILVER CROWN mineral claim, situate in the
Lardoau Mining Division Of West Kootenay
District    Where located :   On Kidd crock,
a tributary of Boyd ereek.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Hector Polrcr, F.M.C.
U6G278, acting as agent for myself and George
Johnson, F.M.C.D4872ft, intend, sixty days from
thc date hereof, to apply to (he Mining Keeorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, ui.der
seetion 87. must be commenced bofore tlio
Issuance of such oohiflcatu of improvements.
Dated tliis 7th day of November, 1001,
Nov 7 2m.
[Form F.j
MOUNTAIN ROY mineral claim, situate lu
the Lardeau Mining Division of west Kootonay   District.    Where located:    Mohawk
creek, n tributary of Pool creek.
TAKE NOTICE thai I, William A. Ilaner, act*
Ing asagonl for .(innes A. Magee, Free Miner's
Certillcate No. If. 1670O, afld W. Q. Olrard, Free
Miner's Certificate N'o.'U*. 15086, inlend, sixty
dajHfroni tbndato hereof, to apply to lhe Mining Keeorder for rt OOrtlileatO "f linproveiiicnts.
for tho purposo of obtaining a Crown grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section ;."7, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificate uf Improvements.
Ditied this luth day of October, idol.
00117*10        WILLIAM A, 1UUEK,-P.L8.
+ -  \ McKinnon & %   f\
IV \ Sutherland    J |
i...... ���������-���-���-���-�����
Jl^l McKinnon &
of the
G. B. Batho &
i  i
Established 1896
General Merchants
Our Importations for
the Christmas Season
Are the largest and most complete stock in Kontenay.
You can make no mistake in sending to ns for Christinas presents, Send us the money you desire to expend for presents ond
give lissome idea of what you want. We can please you for
selections are easily made from our assorted new slock-���lhe
latest in everything,    Letter orders given particular attention.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Carpets. Floor Oils, Agents for Pianos,
Linoleum, Wall Jk^s,   XtiXXX   Sewing    Machines,
Paper, Blinds, Etc. Etc.
*-'   -   'MAIL   ORDERS   PROMPTLY    ATTEMDED   TO..~-."~
'"''______5 BEti����.AN'" '-"*rj."'''!T*'k'|:i1'
Citizens ofthe Lardeau District
Whon you cotuu to Rovelstoke to do your shopping, remember that
Bourne Bros.
luivo tlio lut'trust  nnd   best  assorted   stock  in  North  Kootenay.
Compui'o our prices and seo our poods Imforo purchasing olsowhet'o.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled


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