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 VOL. III. NO. 2.
$2.00 A YEAR'.
An Easier and Direct  Outlet tor the
Fish Creek Camp.
Mr. Taylor Will be Asked to Intercede
With the Hon. W. C. Wells.
The following petition, which
explains itself, is being circulated
throughout the district by BenBauey,
an old timer, and is being largely
signed. It will bo forwarded to Thos.
Taylor. M. L. A., in he course of a few
To the Hon. W. O. Wells, Minister
of PUBLIC Works, Victoria, 13.0:
We; the undersigned residents, miners and claim owners, boing directly
interested, in nnd about the Fish
Crenk camp of the Lardeau mining
district, beg respectfully to call your
Honor's attention to the following:
Thut the unexpectedly rapid develop-
intuit nf tlio Fish Creek camp, demands'
the immediate construction of a wagon
road from the head of navigation, along
Fish oreek, as far as Pool creek, because the present pack trail Is wholly
inadequate for the transportation of
the necessary supplies. machinery,
Tbat such road Bhould bo so located
as to connect witb tlio present Trout
Lako ami Ferguson wagon road, and so
beuelii, the who!" district,   rather than
Honor cause to bo built tlio aforesaid
wagon road; but before sodotngyou
will cause to bo made a careful Investigation and estimate of the proposed
route by a competent engineer,
And your petitioners will ovor pray,
etc., etc.
A recent report says: There is a
business understanding between Duns-
muirand the New Vancouver Coal Co.,
and that the companies will resist the
miners' union's de: .nnd for a 10 per
cent, advance noxt month. Tho strike
of all the colliers on Vancouver Island
is predicted by porsons in touch with
both sides. It is believed, that Superintendent Itobins, now returning from
ICugland, conies back to decline the
demanded advance. The Dunsmuirs
are determined to keep tho Alexandra
raine closed until the men agree to
work on their conditions.
The C. P. B. is now in tho midst of
the diffloult navigation season on the
Arrow lakos, the trouble being caused
by ice which forms there several incites
thick. Ths steamers have never
failed to got through the floes yet, but
thoir arrival is usually from an hour
to two hours late,' and this may ho
expected to continue until a thaw
breaks up the ice. A barge specially
built nnd equipped for thu work is used
us nn Ice breaker, and with this it
in impossible for the steamer to make
better time than half speed.
The   Double   Eagle  Mining Co.  Will
Commence Work on the Maybe.
The Mines   Starting up for Good.'-No
More "Railway" Excuse Goes,
the snow roads arc gone. R. Davis
bas been appointed thoir agent, an J alt
orders placed with hlra will receive
prompt attention. Comparison with
other firms show their prices to lu
right, and tho number of orders the,.,
secured while here indicates that
local builders also think ho.
to   serve   individual
Th.it ihe only safe
route for such road
son'c Landing along
Fish creek. Col lowing
the line of the pre
or   corporate
and fjoompiniijal
in from Thorn-
tho east side of
ut pack trail, lot'
��� reasons:
tho heid of
water, (frnnr
from two and
s, nearer' to
r point on the
the* following itraoujr othi
Thomson's Land ini> if
navigation during hiyh
May to October), nnd it
one-half,   to   three    mil'
Pool creek, than any otb'
lake.        During   low   water;    (from
October to May), the .loco water landing, approximately one   inile jHatanr,
is reached hy a wapon road already
built.     By   this   route    there i? , nn
necessity of bridging Fish ereelc.'^A^l
bridges over hiiiil.I1  stream a,  gullies*
etc., and nil timber work on the pack
trail, has been built full  wagon road'
width, and, we arc informed, a exeat
portion   ni  ihe road could be built for
less than $500 per mil....    The costof
keeping the   road   In repair .vouliT.-be
Blight, an it would ho above flood water
and entirely  free from snow, rock >ir
inud-Blldes.   Being above flood water,
and free from slides, the road would be
always safe and open for traffic at all
seasons of  tho year.    This  route is
practically without grado, being with
ont   hills and with  a gradual rise of
150 feet  to   Poo'  ore.uk, a distance of
from five and one-half to six miles.
Tho only other possible route lies on
the west side of Fish oreek, and is
open to the following, amongst other,
objections i
During hiyh water, (from May to
October), from two to three miles of the
southern ond is subjeot to overflow.
Thero is upwards of throe milos of
cedar swamps through which It would
be expensive and difficult to build any
kind of roads. A heavy grade, which
cannot be avoided, and which ends in a
rock slide, dangerous at ull seasons of
the year. Hock slides in summer and
snow slides in winter on this route
would be a constant menace to life and
an obstruction to traffic,
The sum of $8,000 has already boen
spent in unsuccessful attempts to keep
a bridge or ferry service on this stream.
This route Is not only more expensive
mile for mile than that on the east
side, bnt it Ib from two and one-half to
three milos longer. Wo are informed
that two engineers have reported
against this route as being dangerous
expensive and impracticable.
On account of the above conditions,
aud because of tho foregoing reasons,
we respectively   petition   that   vour
If in Favor of Government Ownership Why Not Vote For it.
Editor Eagle: It is only fair that
the elector ahould know that at the
nut session Smith Curtis sought to
have introduced into railway bills and
uhartCrsa clause enabling tho province
to purchase the railways outright after
a specified time, should such he
desirable. The object us stated was In
the event of the province or the Dominion adopting government ownership
ample provision would be made.
Mr. Curtis labored 1 -arc. to show that
there were members in ihu house who
were elected on the Wilson  platform
that thoy   were not free to mis-
their constituencies by  vi
Mny against tho principle in question
Ini'j.pjWilson and his platform was dis-
countenanced by members of the government as well as by private members
but not one man rose in his place oi
3{.fc government side in support of
either the platform or the principle,
WJlllothe discussion was going on and
wjp names called by Mr, Martin, who
wore elected as Conservatives but on
that platform, Mr. Thos. Taylor rose
from his scat, returning only when the
voto was called and voted against the
clause looking forward to government
ownership, In justice to Mr. Taylor
ho should be permitted to explain
through your columns the reason why
he east that vote in direct opposition
to tho platform on which ho wns
elected. VV. .1. LEOINQHAM.
Victoria, H. ('., ' eb  I5t.h, 1901.
The consummation of the deals mentioned -below means a great deal for
Ferguson and the district generally.
Tho Double Eagle Mining Company
will begin work about March 1st on
the Maybe claim, adjoining tho Nettie
h , on an extensive scale. The Maybe
is almost certain to bo a second Nettie
L., it being on the saint* ledfje.
Ole Sand berg has sold his interest in
Wa Wa, on Laformo creek to W. B.
K A. Allan, of Calgary, has transferred his interest in the CMleat.
Noble Three, Treadweil, Wa Wa aud
White Elephant claims to tho Double
Eagle Mining and Development Company.
Tho Double Eagle Mining and
Development Company have sold to
Alfred Ootavious Klrby, of London,
Eng., tho White Elepnant, Treadweil,
and Noble Three claims, and an
eighth Interest in the Wa Wa and
Chiloat claims on Laforme creek, Big
Bend, and also a third interest in the
Moscow claims on Pool Creek.
J. J. Youny; of Calgary, and W. B.
Pool of Kevelstoke, bave sold their
interests in the Moscow and Ottertall
claims or. Pool creriK, ..��d thettllvoi
How, Butte and Black Diamond on
on Lexington creek, and in the Tread-
well, Noble three. Wa Wa. Chiloat
and White Elephant ou Uaformeand
Carnes creeks, to A. O. Kirby of London, Eng., who is understood to bftVe
Conned a Company to take up and
develop these properties. ft is
believed that the deal will result in
operations of an extensive character
and which will bo of great importance
io Revelstoke, Mr Klrby being
expected from London next month to
make arrangements.
Tho Dominion govornmont has
decided tu try the results of government ownership, control and management of tho telegraph lines of the
country. With that end in view it has
taken stops looking towards tbe
aquircment of the entire telegraph
lystem of Canada, and will operate it
connection with the postoffice department Jn doing this Canada will be
but following in the footsteps of Great
Britain, which in 1868 acquired the
ownership of all the telegraph lines in
the British isles and has since operated
them with its own officials,
Completion of the  C.  P.  R.   Branch
Will Cause an Awakening.
Feeling That Now Is the Time to Secure
Ground Floor Propositions.
If Chinamen Gau-uirt the Aooident
Someone Will Pay Dear For it.
"Sixty-five men entombed in shaft 0.
of Union mine. All are thought to bo
doomed, as tho only exit is completely
cut Off. Groat volumes of Ihime spouting through the mouth of tho shaft
prevent rescuing party from reach in jr
imprisoned victims. Terrible havoc
at top of shaft lue to explosion. Miners escaped from shaft No, 5, whore a
Becond explosion occurred. Theory of
how the oxplosion occurred. William
Allison believes that Chinamen,
unable to read the posted warnings,
caused it. Reporters ordered oil*. A
parlimentary investigation will be
Such was the heading which
appeared in the P.-I. of tho 10th, followed by columns of tho sad details
concerning the awful disaster at one of
Mr, Dunsmulr's coal mines lust Friday
* If you want all the mining news
of the Lardeau you must become a
paid-up reader of tho EAGL��.
A   Ferguson     Property     "Which
Promises to Become a Shipper.
Messrs, Win. Shannon and Frank
Efolton will leave at once to continue
work on the Sunset group, up the
north fork, owned by the Golden Link
Mining Co. A.8 has already been
stated In theso columns, a cab'n was
erected on this property last fall, and a
winter's supply of provisions packed
in. Work on a tunnel was continued
up till Christmas, but will now be continued Indefinitely. Mineral wa
ing In during the last few shot!
the hoys knocked off, so they expect to
have a good showing beforo many
weeks roll around.
Arranuemeuts havo been made by
the miner's union to erect a handsome
hospital iu Slocan this summer. It
will be modern in design and equipment and will cost $5,000. Dr, Forln
of Nelson, has been engaged by the
union to superintend tlie hospital and
look after the health of the members
of tho organization, and ho enters
upon his duties on March 1st. A
building will be secured as a temporary hospital till the new one is erected.
���Slocan Drill.
Looked Upon in Lower Country as
tho Coming Town.
Assayer S. Slump on, rl. A., returned
points on Saturday last. He reports
business rather quiet In that direction,
but lays it to the oil season of tha year.
At Nelson the evidence of solidity and
growth is surprising. At [Casio all
are enthused over tho commencement
I of railway construction into this eamp.
i as they expeel a smelter to be erected
| in that town upon thc strength of it
Urgent business at borne prevented
Mr. Shannon remaining over for the
Kossland carnival, but In
another year he hopes ti
fund ion in tbe pay roll i
all others interest ed in I-
more than ever convinced of the certainty of this town becoming a grea1
commercial centre,and Iho many many
encouraging remarks concerning this
place as the coming town hoard In all
the lower country towns only clinches
his belief.
The day the last spike is driven in
i ho Lardoau branch of tho C P.R., now
under contraction, you will see one of
the greatest transformations in the
Lardeau and particularly in the town
of t'erguson, ever witnessed In tho history of any mining-district, and from
a population of less than ;,00 there will
be a growth unrivalled In the province.
The Lardeau has lonff since passed the
experimental stage. Her future greatness is to be found not. only in tho
many mines already enriching their
owners, hut in the exposed ore of
numerous companies representing
millions of dollars and only waiting the
advent of a railway tn place thorn in
ready touch with a smelter Such a
railroad is now actually under cons'ruction.
The nearest railroad to-day is 2S
miles away, at Arrowhead, a branch
Hue run down the /Columbia river
valley some thirty miles from Revelstoke. A number of surveys have
been mado, bybothtbp Groat Northern
from tlie Kaslo ��� ml, n*><1 the C P. Ii.
from both end and ' n-- put ������'" .-
tin* tion ... ;... l ." .; a.!.,,,'. .;,,,..
with the fact that the rails are being
j shipped to that noint. dallv, offers
evprv assurance that in the very neai
I future the rond will be cnmnleted to
Ferguson and mo��t Hkely right through
to Arrowhead, thus dfrectiv cpnnec-
Wne the Crow's Np*-t and nim'n line,
[ which will ulve us access to nt least
side from the fact
have   a    local   one
the course of
attend a like
���litre. Like
irguson he \<
three  smelters,
that     we     uiav
To InvAstors the world ���
this will
I he psnoelnllv irond news a* wo always
' find thorn willing and anxious to* follow  un a  new railway.     R- t  to the
\ Lardeaultes who have ntaypd bv the
camo thrmitrh yenrfl nf apparent failure.
��� f >r better or for worse" it  will  be  an
exeppdingly hrie-ht experience    The
hundred*,   of     undoveloppd     mineral
claims lying latent   for the  want  of
capital "in ?.t)<vi hflcnme a veritable
I hive nf industry, hundreds of men will
j ho put on easy street, if they don't got
j ''swelled" and nsk too high prices, and
the  pay  roll   will include thousands
j instead of dozens.   Industries nf every
nature wdlsprinc Intoexisteuoe,   And
Wilks  of Nelson, provincial   such veil known and proved properties
James    Wilks   Will   be   Hero  to
Organize About; April 1st.
The Preliminery Work has Actually
Several carloads of stool rails are
passing through Uevelstoko enroulc to
Nelson. From there they will be taken
up Kootonay lake on barges to tho new
Lardo wharf. Track laying over the
thirteen milos of the Lardeau branch
graded in 'i��8, will begin as soon us the
snow goes off. The road will then be
pushed through with all possible speed.
Over 100 men are now engaged on tho
new wharf at tho head of Kootonay
lake, besides those employed getting
out tho 80,000 ties contracted for.
as the Silver Cup will have no further
excuse for not shippinv ore.     The turn
In the tide has come; and  the fondest
that  he was on his wav to Kamloops to  , , ,,      ,
nope   of the long ami  weary waiting
unizi'r for the W. !���'. M., informs
oom- | tho KaQLE under ditto of tho Ifith Inst,
Lardeatiito will bo a howling reality,
The   Sawyer Bros.   Will Lay in a
Stock at Ferguson.
Both members of the firm of Sawyer
Brosr, sash and door manufacturers at
Kevelstoke, wero in town Tuesday
to Thursday, arranging to place a
stock of thoir goods iu Ferguson before
organize a miner's union, from where
ho will proceed to Van Anda on Texada   Island  in the  gulf of Georgia thk state of trade in nei.son,
about  iiO miles   from  Vancouver to
repeat the dose. And in all probabil- ! Business In slack in sonic lines in
ity he will thon go Into tbe Cariboo, Nelson. Poker stacks havo fallen to a
upon his return home, where he dollar. Frogs are live cents, while the
axpects to organize at Lillooet and, best of solo seldom bringa more than
Clinton, From there bo will oomo to j 16 cents, White pants are bolow cost.
Ferguson to establish a union, which | Rolfgion Is looking up, Roulette Is at
promises to be one of the most flourish- j *.to. Street cars are fare Daily
societies in the province bofore papers are weak. Hockey is high,
very long. while tho ice is  not  feverish.    Cock
tails have not changed, and jacs arc
quoted at old prices. Real estate is
i solid.     Brick  blocks are up.    Free
m,     ,       , *,,���. ,    n i. *��, 11 l'Mohes are at a premium,  but buck -
The Local Mill is Running nt  Full. w,1Pa, pauoakog arQ 8?1UV0     v-h.^y
Capacity. j y cruinj; flown iliiily.    Beefsteaks arc
Aftor n few flavs of siio* stovolltog iiin"'   ��tl101' lincs ll,'�� nl)out tho same.
and   fixing  lip  tho local paw mill Is 0!!TO1"  tho old limevs-   M��rt of tho.ii
running' full blast.    Three men ami a
team ai'o engaged f?etti..|�� on! lojjs,
whilo 'qui* men are operating the mill
tho cil.l tlmei't
A llllllll IIK1   IKINII.
plant. Mr. Davia is determined to 1111: Thc control of tbo Iron Mask Iki-
overy order placed with him without I been I'Onded by C'orbln and Uoborts to
delay, even if it necessitates running a j IHrnest I). Levcrson, a London mining
night and day shift, Already two or promotni'. li is understood thai tbo
three lull orders bave been placed In i bond is on a basis ot $400,000 for tho
bis hand's, besides small orders from 'entlra capital stock of 500,000 ihavPR,
tbe present local builders. or .nl cents per share���ltosslund Miner. Lardeau Eagle.
Published every Friday morning at thc oflice
'tf publication, Ferguson, B.C., by
Advertising Rates: Display ads., jr.fjO per
column inch pur month. Legal uds.]-�� cunts
iter (nonparieE lino for Aral Insertion ; Scents
iur each additional Iiimtijoh. Roadlng not icon
m cents per Uhe each issuo. No ads. accepted
at lOSS than lull rates.
Subscription Kates: By mall or carrier. $2,00
per annum ; Jl.00 for sfx months. To foreign
addrcssui- jj.oo. Stopped at expiration,
lob Printing:) Tlio Eaglo job department ii
well equipped, nnd is prepared to execute nil
kinds uf printing at honest prices.
Sm9r*sa cheques accepted.
Address all communicationH to the
FRIDAY,   FEBRUARY 22, 1901.
The provincial press at present is
lull of railway talk, tor or against
certain charters being granted. If
our government, Iqcal..and general,
would put all proposed roads on a
common basis and let them build
where they would���provided they
did it with their money, not the
people's���there would be fewer
roads built on paper and more
spikes driven. The motto of our
legislators should be "The more
railways the better, but not one
dollar nor one foot of land. "���Silvertonlan.       -   -
The Rossland Miner editorially
comments upon the fact that the
great trusts of the day are crushing
the small captatilists out of existence. And it further argues that
these men having despaired ot
holding their own against the trusts,
and areiturning their attention to the
mining industry, a business which
offers a fair and equal chance to all.
British Columbia seems to be their
choice as a field of investment, so
that a great influx of American
capital may be looked for this year.
The construction of the Lardeau
branch'of tbe C. P. *R. will serve as
a drawing card for this district. It's
an ill wind that blows no one good.
ing is being conducted as a legitimate business, and when it is, has
no equal in any of the different
branches of industry as a profit
winner. The beauty of mining is
that all are equal. The big operator has none the best of the small
operator; he gets the same price for
his product. Take the large business houses and manufactories
The big department stores are
crushing the lite out of the small
concerns by degrees. The small
houses may carry the same class of
goods, but it is more popular to
deal with the big ones, while in
mining all have an equal chance to
dispose of their product. The
banker, merchant or mint will buy
readily at the same price of the
smallest operator or miner as he
will from the big mine owner.
Therefore all have an equal chance
in mining, and the present year will
witness a wonderful progress all
over the mining regions of the
northwest. ���Outcrop.
It is not more competition in railways we want in Canada; it Is public
Canada has advanced a step���government ownership of telegrahps. The
next will soon follow.
A seven-pound parcel can be sent
anywhere in New Zealand for 25 cents.
The government owns and operates
the railways.
Mr. Fielding has announced that the
government intend to establish a mint
in Canada. Vancouver and New Denver for it now.
Premier Roblin has ljased, with an
option to purchase, all the N. P. railway lines in the province of Manitoba.
Ex-Premier Macdonald's "government
ownership" pnlicy was no Idle dream.
There seems to be a little misapprehension among some employees, and an occasional "red
pump" man, as to what the responsibilities of an employer are.
This is a competitive age and those
who do not get all they can and
keep all they get are out of luck.
A man may be in favor of a co-oper-
tive system of government, but
were he to put his "ideals" into
practice, irrespective of everyone
else, the result would be bankruptcy. The fact of the matter is
an employer is not to blame any
more than that he is an individual���
a cog in the wheel of society. So
long as tradesmen neglect to organize and protect their own interests
for just so long will it be their own
tault. The miners have protected
themselves, the printers, the railroaders, etc. etc., have organized
and are protecting themselves;
capitalists on every hand are cooperating and protecting their
interests. And if the rest ofthe
laboring men do not look after their
own interests politicians will not do
it for them. When the government, as it undoubtedly will,
assumes control of what we term
"trusts" to-day, there will not be the
same urgent need of organization
and protective societies, but in the
meantime it's the only means of
securing a   liv ng show to exist
The Chinese Emperor has asked
certain of his subjects to commit
suicide. The Miner will go further
than that and extend a general invitation to all tbe Chinese in this province
to go and do likewise.���Nelson Miner.
So long as the poor harmless childlike Topic devotes the portions of its
colums not occupied by "dead" ads. to
the wrongs committed by the Eagle
there is no damage done, It pleases
the Topic and only serves to tire the
community. But when Mr. Langstaff
makes BtatementB concerning the personal affairs of the Eaole proprietor
which are absolutely false then patience
ceases to be a virtue.
Men. with capital at their backs
are, .becoming more cautious about
investing in general business in the
large cities of the east, for what
promises to be a prosperous busi
ness is ruined in a single day by
floods, fire or politics and for this
reason they are turning their attention to the mining industry. Go
where you will in mining districts
and you will meet representatives
of capital looking over the fields for
investment. . These, people are
beginning to understand that min-
The Topio has no occasion to speak
of Sunday work in this camp. For it
is a generally acknowledged fact that
the Topic is issued oftener on Sunday
than on Saturday, in fact the very
issue which accuses the Eaole of
Sunday work was printed only last
Sunday. Thore is no Sunday work
done ln the Eagle oflice. But after
all. for oil the work Mr. Langstaff
does, it would scarcely break the
Canada does not want any moro
competition in the railway business.
What we want 1b public ownership,
and then If necessary protect ourselves
as much as we like from outside competition which tends to build up other
couatries. A correspondent In tlio
Rossland Miner puts It about right
whon ho says: " Docs anyone imagine
for one moment that those American
capitalists represented by Jim Hill,
wish tn build railways in Canada for
the welfare of tho Canadian people?
No. They see that British Columbia
is rapidly coming to the front, us a rich
mining country and their object is to
enrich themselves by first gaining
control of tho coal fields and then compelling the mine owners to have their
ore smelted In American syndicate
smelters. This coal question has
troubled Mr. Hill exceedingly of late
years, and if be ever gets control of
Canadian coal the C. P. B. will have
to burn wood or 'lay down.'"
Tho "knocker.'
The Topic never fails to cast a slur
upon those holding socialistic ideas,
and last issue is no exception. As
usual, the damphool who suffers most
by a competitive system scorns the
idea of co-operation.
Tho pubishor of the Eagle is a
member of the typographical union
and employs a union printer at union
printer's      wages. The     Topio
hanger-nn who has suddenly become a
champion of labor, cannot say as much.
Tho proprietor of the Eagle has
been employing men more or less in
the west since '94, and he has to be
accused, for the first time, by a "red
pump" individual who was still in the
"big swamp" down home, at that time,
of working men longer hours than any
other employer.
The Topic has seen fit to twit us upon
our socialistic principles, even going
so far as to say we were inconsistent.
Now the Topic knows different to this.
Following the precepts of a benevolent
brotherhood, have wo not furnished
the Topic for the last four months, so
far without money and without price,
the very ink and paper by which we
are reviled and falsely accused of working men ten hours a day.
An addition to the Eaole staff Is
being made this week in the person of
Fred. S. Kettleson, who will arrive
bere this evening. The EAGLE will bu
enlarged as soon as our new press is
received���with ihe opening of navigation on the Arm���and, with the rest
of our additional plant and stock, installed In tho new quarters which will
be readyWor occupancy Id a few days.
The Eagle, some weeks ago, decided to make room for its growing
business, new plant, now stock and
additional workmen, and also to supply
a public hall which is badly needed.
Since the Topic has taken our private
affairs into print we are compelled to
make our position clear. Mr. Steve
Woods of Trout Lake, was given the
contract at $4.75 a day, 75 cents more
than the local scale. He in turn hired
two men, also of Trout Lake, at $3.50
a day, and assumed charge of the
work. These men have put up at
Andy Cummings' hotel, ate their meals
with Mr. Cummings' men and worked
exactly the same hours as Mr. Cummings' men, probably 8 or 9 hours a
day. It ill becomes the Topic to accuse
the Eagle of overworking or underpaying employees. If it can find one
single man in this cam;) who can prove
that we have ever paid less than the
scale or worked employees too long
hours we will meet the matter squarely. In the EAGLE office at the present
time a union printer is employed���
and paid���at union wages. The Topic
can not say as much. The proprietor
of the Eagle may have socialistic
ideas of government, hut he is not a
philanthropist. Nor does le stand off
hia men when they do earn their
money. The Topic may have some
difficult ��� in proving that tbe carpenters employed on the Eagle building
are scabs���or by intimation termed
scabs. Thero is no carpenters' union
and no Bet hours of labor in this distriot, but tho wages paid as quoted
above are even more than the general
scale for carpenters and laborers.
With the proprietor of tho Eagle, who
pays his way in the world, it is necessary that he receive good value for
his money, To an object of charity
such as the Topic scribe, he can prom
ise to pay anything���but that doesn't
help him out particularly on the
"square man" feature. There are
somo mon who appreciate a favor but
the Topic "knocker" isn't built that
way. He throws down the very men
who do what's right hy him. To be
possossed of any ordinary amount of
gall, in the company of such men as
he, Is a wasto of energy.
As to tho differences of opinion as to
which town is to lead in the Lardeau
wo will not discuss. We havoour own
opinion and it is backed up by every
dollar we have madosinco striking thi
eamp in '97 or ovon before tho all-wise
Mr. Langstaff loft the county of Bruce.
Mr. Langstaff has waBted a good deal
of wiod���the only commodity he has
on tap���and kept a tired community in
agony for some three years, but so far
there is no other evidence of his faith
in anything. Tills Is a free country
and every man has a right to his
opinion To tho Topic, which advised
us to hunt for a job on the seetion,
when we announced our intention of
launching the Eaole in Ferguson, and
boasted that it would put us on tbe
bum in two months, lt must be a bitter
dose, but none but the "knocker"
would envy the Eagle's success.
And this, ln a nutshell, Is all thats's
wrong with the sorehead down the row.
We admit unhesitatingly that the
above is of no special interest to tbo
outside public, but a clieorrul and
deliberate falsifier, when furnished ink
and paper gratis, can leave a false
Impression of anyone's position, if not
Lumber I   Lumber!
The Lardeau Saw Mill carries constantly a large
quantity of Seasoned Lumber, and is now running
night and day to keep ahead of the coming rush. Yards
in Ferguson and in Trout Lake. January, 1901.
D. L. Clink,
Price $60.00
Visible Writing From Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, France, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving entire satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Let the Eagle print
Your Printing . . .
The   Eagle has   now   enroute
from Toronto   one   of   the  most
complete stocks of stationery, etc,
ever imported in North Kootenay.
Several Fonts of   new   type   will
also be added to our already up-
to-date plant, which will enable us
to    successfully    cater    for   the
Lardeau   printing   trade.
Our Printing Is neat,
clean and attractive
Hotel Ferguson
the pioneer hotel or the larde j v
The Bar is supplied with the best brands of
tPines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Hates Sa.oo^a day nnd upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
Hotel I^ardea u
J. Laughion, Proprietor.
Wholeflttlfl   Denier   In
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
Thu Host Goods Only,
Stock Large and Complete.
Is the....
TTlie place where^
the Mines are.'
c i^i$Hi^#*-$HH*--$ ^-^���^���^Kjr^ $-#-*����� ���$ $ unfit
Will Do Well to PeruBe the Facta
Herein Contained.
T.J. Wilson, M. D., CM.
L. R. C. P. & s.   [Queen's University.]
Provinoial Coroner, Eto.
The Man Who Can See the Length
of His Nose Will Not Hesitate
to Invest His Money in the
Lardeau,    the   Coming
Camp     of     B.    0.   .,.
That the   Lardeau  district- has
unbounded   mineral  resources   no
well informed person will deny.
.   The Lardeau  district is entering
upon a new era, brought about by
wonderful developments,  finds and
strikes already  made;  along with
the fact that the construction  of a
railway by the C. P. R. is absolutely certain for early next season, in
fact the company are now building
the wharf at the head of Kootenay
lake, and the contract   for 80,000
ties has been let.
The large ore shipments being
made this winter in spite the fact
that, transportation and treatment
costs $35 to $50 per ton, indicates
the high grade nature of our ores.
With cheap transportation next
season, when Lardeau's low and
medium grade ores can be treated
profitably the possibilities are
The attention of outside investors
has already been arrested and hundreds nre now making arrangements to operate in this district���
in fact some of them are here now,
securing bonds, looking for and
finding ground-floor propositions.
No district in Canada to-day
offers better inducements for the
investor than this one. The mining
industry is no monopoly. The poor
man has even chances,at least more
so than in other lines. When he
finds a "Triune" he doesn't need to
sell. What other occupation in
life can a man follow where his
chances with a wealthy competitor
are less diminished than in prospect'
ing and mining?
"There is a tide in the affairs of
men,which, taken at the flood leads
on to fortune." It may not be your
lot to make a fortune, but if ever
there was an opportunity in a mining' camp, the Lardeau offers it
to-day. Don't wait until the railway comes; for then the prospector
is not in the same need of money to
hang on.
If you have money to invest now
is the time to investigate. Come
straight to Ferguson ; you will find
men here who have properties to
sell; in fact Ferguson is the home,
. the meeting place for prospectors
and investors. The owners, as a
rule, will be lound most reasonable
and always ready to give you information, cheerfully escort you to
their properties, and otherwise
interest you in their interests. We
have the mineral resources and no
money to develop them. Will you
come in and help us and thus help
yqurself ?
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, 3. C.
Purchasers of lots are
hereby notified that all
payments from this date
must be made to the undersigned, whose receipt only is
Final Payments may be
sent to the fmperial Bank
of Canada, Revelstoke, P.C.,
to be held till delivery of
Harvey, McCarter # Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
��oo. S. McCarter.                J. A. Harvey.
A.M. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
A. H. Holdich, M.C.M.L,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Henry Floyd,
Sole Agent Ferguson Townsite.
January 5th, 1900.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service' iu school house every
Sunday at :i p.m   junday schoolata p.m.
Trout Lake Cltv . Services 1n Forrester's
hall every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at 2:30 p.m.
REV. 8. J:'GREEN. Pastor.
Showing the position of the
streams, mountains and passes,
waterways, every claim in tbe
Trout lake mining district, the
trails and wagon roads, location
of surveyed railways, and everything which will assist an outsider to acquaint himself with
our district. The production
of.this map has been taken hold
of by two of the best fitted men
for tho purpose in the province,
Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P.L.S.,
and S. Shannon, B. A., both having personal and practical knowledge of the district.
The map is to be beautifully
lithographed in live colors and
entirely free from advertising
matter of any kind.
The urgent necessity for such
a complete map, probably 40 x 40
has long been felt by all persons
Interested in this district; and it
is a pleasure to note that two
such able men have decided to Ull
the bill. The Price, the same
to all, has been plaoed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You   Want one or   More
Send your address at
onoe to
The Lardeau Eagle
Ferguson, B. C.
of thu United Hatters of North America. When you
are buying a FUR
HAT, cither soft or
stiff, see to it that
theecmiine UNION
LABEL i�� sewed in
it. Ha retailer has
loose labels In hin
possession and offers to put one in a
hat for you do nol
patronize him. He
has not any right to have looce labels. Loose
labels lu retail stores arc counterfeits. Do no'
listen to anv explanation a�� to why tlie hat ha?
no label. The Genuine Union Label is perforated on tho four edges exactly the shihc as a
post age stamp. Couterfeits are sometime-
perforated on three of the edges, and sometimes
only on two.' Keep a sharp lookout for the
counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are
using thehl in order to get rid of their scab-
made buls. The John B. Stetson Co. and Henry
II. Hoelofs, both of Philadelphia, Pa., arc non^
union concerns.
JOHN A. MOFFITT. President, Orange, N. J.
JOHN PHILLIPS, Secretary, 477 Park Ave.,
Brooklyn, N. V.
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing THE BLUE LABEL.
It helps-manufacturers to see the force
of paying lair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M. I. U.
A Reliable
Is a .Towel.
If your watch is out of order, needs
cleaning or regulating bring it to me
at- once and I'll guarantee its repair.
My shop Is in the Eagle bigg.
S. F. W. Gainer.
In the Lardoau
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters    of    Legitimate   Mining
On nil trains from RovolHtoso una
Kootenay Limiting.
The Union Label
on everything yon buy is a guarantee
tbat the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.
See thut this Label Is on all Clothing yon buy.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Tlio most complete resort on tho continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
uurlvalled for grandeur. Boating, ashing
and excursions. Resident physician sn.i
nii-so. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of tlio world. Two mails arrive and
di'ptirU'very day. Its baths euro all nervous
aud muscular discuses Its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach aliments. Us
baths and waters arc a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TKRMfit 115 to
|IS per week, according to residence In hotel
or villas.
pass Dunmore Junction lor
St. Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Toronto on Mondays
and Wednesdays, Montreal and Boston on Saturdays. Same cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
For timo tables and full lnformstlon. til on
or address nearest local agent.
.t. McCREKRY, Agent Arrowhead.
.     .1. S.   CARTER, T. P. A.,   Nelson.
Ferguson! Packing
and Transfer Outfit,
Contracts entered Into for packing ol
Mining Supplies, etc., to any point
in the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work
'    undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landinp
to Ft rguson a specialty.
e.j coYMlAmt.iW,w..v��ueower,B.c. S.. DANEY, Proprietor.
Real Estate
in Ferguson
Is ���probably the safest investment in the country
as can be readily seen from  the  actual  records
of assessment,  certificates   of   improvements,
development,   new strikes in   various mining
properties surrounding Ferguson  and . the fact
that a railway will reach here this  year.'     The
demand  for  Ferguson   Real Estate will be too
brisk by spring to secure the  same  values   as
now.     Choice lots   already   disposed   of  are
changing   hands   among   private    owners   at
double  and   more   than our prices.    And it is
quite   reasonable  to suppose that the townsite
prices will  be advanced as the demand for lots
increases.     In  anticipation  of what is in store
for the near future, several large buildings are
being erected, a public school building is  to be
provided, two banking institutions will establish
branches here, and taken altogether the citizens
are   evincing   their faith   in   the     town     by
something  more   than   talk.
Ferguson is the
Coming Town
The Place Where
the Mines Are
Ferguson  is recognised by all to be the best
located and laid  out townsite  in the Lardeau
district.    Its unique position  at  the  base and
gateway to the Great Northern,   Nettie L. and
Silver Cup hills,  entitles it to the well known
local name���the Pay Roll centre.    Ferguson is
the headquarters and outfitting ptjint for all  the
mining   men   now   operating   in   this district.
Accept a pointer, make enquiries, come in  and
see for yourself and you   will   agree   with   us
that  Ferguson  Real  Estate  is   the best thing
now  offered  as a safe investment in this country.        The     large   number   of   sales; among
private owners of lots, the   stea.dy  upbuilding
of   the town,   and  the confidence   displayed
by men who are already on he ground   should
be sufficient evidence for the a-veragc  investor
that like all othar mining camps,   the  leading
towns are located where the  mines  are.     And
Ferguson will be no exception t<o the rule.
Henry Floyd,
Sole Agent,
Revelstekct, B. C
$$***+**+A)**4**+��A*+*Q**^.4di4^^WQ4��>1W****9*��**< ONulEWINGITEMS
Calgary, Alta., ia to have a stroot
Bubonic plague is playing havoc in
Botnhay, India.
('. it. Scott wont out to Revelstoke on
Tuesday on business.
Manager W. B. Pool ofthe Nettie
L., came in on Tuesday.
Assayer Shannon has placed his
lumber order with tho local mill. He
will lath iirirl plaster the interior.
W, A. Foots of Revelatoke has nnr-
ehuscil another lot in tho pay roll
eent.ee. this time on Victoria avenue
B. Crilly, foreman ol the Nettle L.
' mine, hns evidenced his faith in the
"place whore the mines are" by
acquiring two lots.
F. C. Elliott of Trout Lake City,
bought the Minnie E. claim for $314.75
at a sheriffs sale yostorday afternoon.
���Revelstoke Herald.
Tho Nelson Tribune of tho I4th inst.
contains an interesting Interview with
Assayor Shannon, B. A., concerning
Ferguson's mines.
V. T. Alley writes the Eaoi.e that
ho will open a drugstore in Ferguson
about April 16th. He is arranging for
a ftnre in the Eagle building.
"What's in a name?" Even the
tobacco manufacturers recognize the
Lardeau metropolis. "The Payroll"
is a'new brand now sold in town.
John Sutherland knows a good
speculation when ho sees it. He has
obtained two lots, one on Victoria
street am' one on Walker street.
Another fatal accident has occurred
lit flic Lo Hoi mine, by which Loon
Bodkin, ii young man, lost his life. Tho
explosion of a stick of dynamite wn9
the cause.
Murray F. Janes writes from Sandon
that lie nnd Mrs. Jflnos will take up
thoir residence in Ferguson this
spring. Thoy intend building nn a lot
in block .'id.
W. N. Brnvton purchased six lots it:
Ferguson Inst week, and disposed of
four of them a day or two later. He
snvs Ferguson lots aro a vory saleable commodity just now.
P. McVeigh hits placed nn order
with ,T. B. Willow's mill for 150.000
foot of timber foe stringers, cups, ties
and plank to be used In the construction of the whnrf nt. Liifflo.
H.   Edwards,   taxidermist,    Rovel-
st"k". Im�� nn advt. in ibis issue. The
EAGLE ''nn vouch for his work ns being
tbe best, as may be seen from samples
of his work tit the Hotel Ferguson.
If tbe Am is not. soon oponed persons nn tec outside intending to brino
in thoir ���-locks, etc. nn the snow rnn'fs
will bo dlsnppolnted. An effort should
he made fn have tlie ice on the Arm
brokon at once,
J. I). Graham, the well known Atliri
gold commissioner], Is on a visit to his
hume io Revelstoke, renewing old
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
At the Poorman mine, near Nelson 'office: . VICTORIAAVB.,FBRODSOK, B.C.
with the  Rand   baby drill, opson, an	
interesting experiment was orated by L-, . .,.      . ... .
one man.    It  was demonstrated that "Cneral lilacUSinitlling
tho    drill    did   excellent   work   and
lt Is stated that tho company   will put
in several more of these at an uarly
That's ���  the    Question   Whioh is
Puzzling us Here as Well.
That there is something wrong with
tho postal delivery Is quite evident.
Each and every week subscribers are
mailed tlieir papers promptly, and tho
fallowing are answered by emphatically
denying it to bo any fault of ours.
"I am not receiving the EAGLE
regularly, which I much regret.
What's the matter?"���W. J. Landon,
Winona, Minn.
"Enclosed   find   sub.    for    another
year.   Havo only received  five copies
in as many months, and 1 must request
some    improvement   in   delivery."'
Newman Taylor, Comaplix, B. C.
"What is the matter with the
EAGLE? I havn't got one for four
weeks, nor docs Frank Landrian get
his."���Patrick Nicholson,Sandon, B.C.
"What has become of our EACiLE,
I havu not seen mine since Jan 2. It
seems a lontr time to hear nothing
from the Lardeau. I now have an
interest iu four properties is your
neighborhood and am watching for
developments. Spring will soon be
here and work ought to start up
briskly. I enjoy the Eaoi.e vory
much���when it conies." ���S. W.
Kuhns, Dulutb, Minn.
and Repair Work-	
Promptly attended to at moderate rut'
Horse Bnoolng ft Hpecialty.
a  lot    in
you   wish
to    sell,
. The ratepayers of tho citv of Kaslo
will vote on a by-law providing a
$50,000 bonus to a'smelter. A smelter'
in Kaslo should be n paying proposl-1
tion for tbo iuvf.st.ors as well as a)
benefit to Kaslo citizens, i
Frnnk Holten returned to "Four
Mile" on Tuesday from a plensunt two-
mnnth's visit, with parents nnd friends
in MlnrmKpnlls, Dulutb nnd other
Araerloan cities. Mr. Holten certainly
looks the, bettor of his trip.
M, .T. O'Rrlen, aerlated water manufacturer, witb branches at Vernon nnd
Revclstok". hns purchased two lots In
Ferguson and announces that ho will
establish n branch of his "business in
���'the coming Ro��slnnd of tho Lttrdemi."
* If you want to cure ia grippe send
io the Canada Drug and Book Co.,
Revelstoke, 13. C. Mail orders
promptly filled.
* If you have a lot in Ferguson you
desire to sell, write, giving full particulars, to this olllco. A buyer guar
tttitcod, if thc location is suitable.
" When you reach Trout Luke City
register at lhe Queen's Hotel, Abra-
liumson Urns., proprietors, Good
accomodation: host service: choice
.vines, liquors'auil cigars; fireproof
safe; rates reasnrnble.
send particulars to
the Eagle office.
Sale guaranteed, if
the location and
price   is right.
Imperial Bank
*<*-���*���-��,   of Canada.
RE8T - - -
. J2.S0O.O0O.0O.
- 11,700,000.1)0.
General Banking business Trnnsactcd
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
A. R. bThEARN,
When buying a suit of clothes,
a hat or anything in the line of
wearing apparrel, one naturally
looks for quality and style. Our
first aim is to see that every article is substantial and durable. Nexl we see that it is
thoroughly artistic in design. Our experience
enables us to do this. Our stock of Miners
cothing is the best in the Lardeau and we
carry the most complete line of boots and shoe's
in North Kootenay. No matter what your
taste may be in these lines we can satisy it
H. Edwards
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs Cleaned
and repaired.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
R. S. Wilson-
��� REVELSTOKE, Tl. ('.
To C.
Toko notice that I llto undersigned Co-owner
wild yon <>f tin- 'Bier Fox" mineral claim situated on the northwest aide of Haskins creek
and about throe milos irom its mouth and bo-
hii4 a aouth-oasterh oxtension of tin; Payal
mineral I'liiim in Hie Trout Lake Mining liivis-
inn. of west Kootouay, in the province of
Uritli-h Columbia, have i>erfnrmed nnd recorded the assessment work: and made tho e��
'''���iidiuirii required lo bo done and reronled on
tho above moutioued claim for tlie year 3899
undfcf'section21 ol the Mineral aet ant) tbe
year for which such work waa performed and
expenditure made having oxplred I do hereby
give you notice pursuant to bocIIou ���( of the
Mineral Act Amendment Ael IPuO. to contribute your proportion of such expenditure for
the year hereinbofnro mentioned within 90
days of ihe first publioation hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake this 8th day of November, A. u. v.m.
37-49 PETER MoVEIGH, Co-owner.
R. Laokle-Ewlnjr,
tho Etnplro mino, who ia presently in
Dol 1 ur. Sent)anri, has purohft*<ed hy
latter two moro lots adjoining hlfl
provrir property. Report aays that
Mr. giving and brkle will tako up their
residence hero this summer.
Excitement runs high In Kuakanook
over a rich And of gold bearing quartz
nn tho hill about 1,000 foot back of the
thn postoffice store and within tho town
limits. Tho vein in said to Im four
feet in width and gold oan lno seen in
tho quartz quite plainly with tho naked
o;. n. The original location was mado
by Ptwh-o Choho, who is very enthusiastic over the find, as aro also the
Inhabitants of the little bm-rr.
W. Ii. .lelTry, consulting engineer
for thd Canadian Goldflelds syndicate,
returned to Kaslo recently aftor a
trip tntheoast. partially in tlio interest
of tbe Kaalo smelter proposition, lie
Mated that the prospect for putting
throuffh iho smelter deal waa rery
otu'puracing and thut .7. G* ijpewery
would be in Kaalo shortly to go into tho
matter at further length. Mr. Teffryj
also announced thut the Canadian
(Sold lie Ids would start Work at oneo on
tbe True Blue jp-oup.
Take notice that Tho Double Ea^lo Mining
nnd Development Company, Limited Liability,
co-owner with you ot the "May-'Eee" mineral
ciiilin. Bltuated on the Nettie L, mountain nenr
Ferguson, lu. the Trout Lake uiinliijj division
of West Kootenay, British Columbia, have
performed hii. recorded the assess men 1
work and inudi' tlie rxi-.-iniii un: required
to be done and recorded on tlie above
mentioned claim for the year 1900 under sec*
lion  24  of   the   Mineral Act and tlie year for
which tvnrk v.iis done and expenditure Rli.de
I having expired, wo hereby give you notlco
pursuant to soot Ion four of tho Minora! Aol
Amendment A't lDUO,to contribute your proportion of such exneii'liture for tin; vear l\m,
UPertntendenl   of   within 90dayi of the first publioation hereof.
Dated inti 18th day of January, A. n, I'M.
Por A, ii. Itoldioh, Secretary,
4tOur Special"
Kevelstoke Cit|ar Mfg. Co.
���   Druggists
Chemists      $
Before Receiving Our
Spring Stock
We desire to turn our present stock into
ready cash, as wc need tho money and
room for our large now stock. Extra
good values will be offered in "clearing
out" lines. Drop in and let us give you
Pioneer Store
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
Before buying Hardware for building Purposes
drop u line for quotations to ....
BOGIE BROS., toftbtiMC.
Moro   than   freight  saved   by    buying   your
requirements   from   the Departmental   Store.
Take  notire  that wo tiie undersigned co-
owners  with you of the Little RoDortand
Littlo Hubert  No. 2, mineral claim* situated nt
tnooxtromd head of iho north fork of Lardeau
creel; in lh��' Trout   Luke  mining  divl.sion of
Wcm K op ten ay in tiie proVlifco of
British Columbia, havo performed and rocord*
ed the nssossmont work and made tlio expend!*
lure required tn be done and recorded on the
abovo mentioned claims for the year KHJD,
under section 24 of tho Mineral Aot and the
year for which work was performed and ox��
pendlturo made having expired wo do
hereby glvo vou notice pursuant to section 4 of
tho Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900, to eon-
tribute your proportion of such expenditure
for tin- year hereinbefore mentioned within tx)
flays of the first publication hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake this 28th day of January,
A. 1). 1901.
ClEttT. Lli'NDY,  j, 0. KIRKPATRICK,
To Lardeau Patrons
The crOAR and STATIONERY business
which I havo been conducting in Rovelstoke
opi ^site the station, has been sold to J. W.
iti<;NM,TT. Thanking you all for your
print patronage and nolle)ting aeontinunnce
tot my .successor, I remain, yours,
Carpets, Lineoleum,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Agent Pianos, Sew-
.ing  Machines,   etc.
Msll orders promptly attended lo.
R. HOWSON, Furniture Denier
and Undertaker, REVELSTOKE.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and .Retail
��:��   General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Branch at ���
Trout Lake City.
Chas. J. Amun.
For all the difference
in the cost
Everyone should use printed
stationery. You buy canned
goods by the case to save money.
Why not buy your Letter
Heads and Envelopes in 500 or
1000 lots; then you have printed
stationery at the same price as
if you bought blank papor by tho
pad. To sooure the best quality
of paper, neat, clean and attractive printing and prompt attention
to your order, call on or write
The Lardeau Eagle,
Gold, Bllvor-Lcad and I'opiior Mines wanted al tho KXI'HAXCiK. KIIKE
Mll.l.lNii   OOLD propcrtloa wanted at once lor Eastern  investors,
Parties having million property For Siilo are requested to send snmplus
ol their ore to the EXCHANOE lor exhibition.
All samples should be sunt by oxpress prepaid. Corrcspondeuec
solicited.  Address all communication to
P.O. Box 700,      NELSON, B.C.
Don't    Hesitate    About   Building
' Because you fear you will have to wait for Lumber. I have my mill running daily and can fill
all orders, large and small, with despatch, and
furnish the best of lumber at reasonable prices.
R.   Davis,
Ferguson,  B.  C.


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