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Lardeau Eagle 1901-04-05

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The larde
VOL. IU. NO. 8.
12.00 A YEAR.
The Construction of tie Railway
R. Leckie-Ewing Has Unbounded
Faith in Our Mineral Resources
In some respeots the progress made
by the Trout Lake distriot Is disappointing, in others there is no cause
for complaint. The great drawback to
the whole district is still the want of
adequate transportation. None but
the highest grade ore will stand the
excessive transportation charges. Consequently the development of the
distriot as a productive mining district
has as yet been small in comparison
with Its resources. On the other hand
the exploration made during the season of 1900 has amply demonstrated
that tho resources of the district are
both large and rich, and from this
point of view the season's progress is a
matter of congratulation to every one
Interested In the province's industry.
The Lardoau country as a whole is one
of the largest mining sections in the
silver lead belt of British Columbia; it
has been and still Is one of the least
accessible. The mountain ranges are
very lofty, very rugged and very difficult to conquer by either trails, roads
or railways. In spite, however, of tho
great difficulties under which the district has labored, progress has been
continuous, aud under tho impetus of
railway building 1901 is likely to mark
an epoch in the district's history and
place it in the position among productive areas of tho province, which its'
resources entitle it to occupy.
Only 20 miles of railway aro required
to connect the district with the C. P.
R. system at Arrowhead. The grade
is an easy one and It has already beon
The eamp Is a wonderfully rloh one,
prospects are numerous and attractive
In every way, and the certain amount
of development work which has been
done has in most cases proved encouraging, but it Is costly work and capital
is hard to induco into a district where
access is none too easy and the chances
of economical shipments not fully assured.
The government has spent in roads
and trails ovor $22,000, which has done
much to mltigato the hardships of travelling over them, which had to be
encountered last year.
Prospectors have been working
steadily nn their claims, and a fow excellent results have been attained, notably so In tlio cusos of thc Triune and
Cromwell. Thc first nutned wns staked
three years ago, but up till last season
no work of any Importance was dono
on lt. Last year, however, tho owners
leased tho property, and after ten
weeks' work tho lessees woro able to
make a 20 ton shipment to tho Trail
smeltor, which aftor paying $47 per
ton for freight chargos and treatment
netted them thc handsome returns of
$268.84 to tho ton. The values in the
20 tons were, gold $237.68, silver
$4,985.95, lead $689.90. Picked samples
from some of the rich carbonates ran
$13 in gold, 989!; oz. silver, 58 per cent,
lead. The lessees before quitting work
for the winter had in a little over four
months taken out 200 tons In all, and
as careful assaying has been done
right along, the valuos of the shipments to come will net them returns
quite equal to tho first. Needless to
say tho present owners place a very
high vn lue on their property, which is
reasonable as tlio ore shows overy sign
of holding out.
Noxt in importance to the abovo
must bo rankod tbo Cromwell, which
was staked a year ago. It Is situated
in the samo mineral belt as tho Silver
Cup and Triune, but differs from them
In {tbat it is a high grade proposition,   The ledge lie! In slats. The ore.
buyer from tho Trail smelter took
seven average samples from the outcrop for a smelter test, and these averaged $213.60 in gold, silver $15.50 or
$229.16 to the ton, From picked samples, however, as high as $800 have
been obtained. Owing to the early
fall of snow the owners were unable
(working in an open cut on the surface)
to take out more than a 7 ton shipment, which netted them $150 to the
ton, the ore evidently not being as
carefully sorted as it might have been.
The Lucky Jim group ls>one of the
recent and richest finds. Tljese claims
are situated in a belt lying between
the Silver Cup and Trout lake. This
shows a quartz vein from 5 to 6 feet In
width, which contains iron pyrites and
copper pyrites, the gold values being
carried chiefly in the former. The
formation in which the lead lies is
straight schist and slate, the vein is a
fissure one and crosscuts the formation
at right angles. A picked sample assayed $984 in gold and 55 oz. sliver
From a 60 pound sample of iron pyrites
taken from the ledge the values ran
$544 gold, silver 19i oz., copper 21 per
cent. Tbe proposition is a concentrating one and would of course require
considerable capital to handle successfully.
Favorable claims have also been
staked in the vicinity of the Triuno,
such as tho Triune No. 2, Triune Fraction, and from the little work done on
them the outlook is promising.
On the north fork of the Lardo prospecting has not been so vigorous as on
the south fork, although capital has
recently been Interested in two properties which appear to have good
prospects as the ore is high grade and
in a good body. On the Duncan slope
so far as railway transportation is concerned, the district is in much the
same position as that round Ferguson.
A good trail, however, has now been
carried up the river, and work on properties thare has been vigorously
pushed, and in tho opinion of many,
construction of a railway up tho Duncan will be long delayed. The properties depending upon transportation by
the Duncan aro low grade as compared
with those surrounding Ferguson, but
the ore bodies are much larger, and
with eapltal sufficient to develop and
prove them they will undoubtedly be
big dividend payers ln duo time.
The Wagner and Kmpire groups re-
semble eaoh othor, the surface showings being exceedingly good, and
although the ore at present is too low
grade to handle profitably, the Duncan
railway will alter tho situation. The
assay values run from $00 to $100, the
Wagnor having slightly better grade
of the two. Work on the Empire for
the last season consistod of a 210 foot
tunnel and 30 foet drifting. The tunnel crosscuts two veins, each from 3 to
4 feet wide, and carrying concentrating
ore, proving tho oro body at 150 feet
depth. Another promising Duncan
river prospect is the Black Warrior,
which is situated in tho Lime Dyke
belt. The surface showings are very
fine, consisting of galena and copper
oros in carbonates. Tho surface showings can bo traced for over 00 feot, and
from ono to two feet In width of galena
ore averaging 140 ozs. silver and 50 per
cent, load havo been devolopcd. The
oarbonates are richer and assays of 300
ozs. havo been obtained.
Development work on tho Old Gold,
also in the samo bolt, has disclosed a
chute of oloan oro two foot In width
and consisting of galona, grey copper
and zinc blcndo, This has beon driven
along for about 30 feet and is still hold'
Ing out, and is probably the best strike
that has so far been mado in tho Duncan slope.
I could tf space permitted mention
many more claims which from the surface showings, and assays which can be
obtained by any one who wishes to inspect them, offer attractions of a very
favorable character to mining men and
capitalists who care to visit the distriot.
I ought not to closo without mentioning the two banner mines of the
camp, namely, the Silver Cup and the
Nottie L. Both of theso properties
(more especially the former) are now
proved mines, and with adequate
transportation could bo largo shippers.
Tho ores in both mines are high grade,
the former averaging $10 in gold, 200
ozs. silver, 50 per cont. lead and 7 ozs.
zinc, Nottie L. oro runs even higher
than this, they havo soveral hundred
tons ready for rawhldlng, and expect
before the winter is over to ship somewhere round a thousand tons.���R.
Leckie Ewlng, Ferguson, in March B.
0. Mining Record,
What the Progressive Laws of New
Zealand Have Done
While stopping at the Queen's hotel
in Comaplix some days ago, tho writer
picked up an acquaintance with a
young man named Geo. McCarty, who
had just come down from work on the
Eva group. Fish creek's great free
milling property. Soon we discovered
that Mr. McCarty was only out from
Palmerston, New Zealand, less than a
year. Having heard so much of New
Zealand and its progressive laws, an
opportunity to obtain first hand information from ono of the working class
was not to be overlooked.
"Woll, how do the laws of British
Columbia compare with thoso in vogue
in New Zealand?" asked the EAOLE.
"There simply is no comparison,"
replied Mr. McCarty. "You people
here are on the wrong track altogether, although I believe the trades
unions of BritiBh Columbia will yet do
as we did in New Zealand. But I can't
afford tn wait. I will return to Palmerston this fall. With tho resources
of this province and the laws of New
Zealand this would make the best
country on earth. Why, If tho provincial government in British Columbia
were so constituted, they could bo profitably employing more people than at
present reside in all Canada. I tell
you, you people don't know you're
alive. After 11 years of the state of
society we enjoy ln New Zealand, we
havo five times as much wealth as tho
United States in proportion to our
population. We don't have to "suck"
around or kneel to a "boss" to securo
work in New Zealand. We get good
monoy, short hours, and plenty of
amusement for the evonings and noli
days. Wo always go in for the enjoyment of life; you people hore aro too
busy chasing after tho almighty dollar
to enjoy anything. You havo the
wrong incentive. In Now Zealand
people appraise thoir own property for
taxation, and tho government has the
right to tako their property at their
appraisement plus 10 per cent, when it
wants it. They do not give In their
property for less than Us worth, for
tho govornmont is continually buying
It in. Thoro is no tax on improvements
on land, but only on the land Itself;
and no tax on the man who has not
moro than $2,500 ot property, and tho
rate Incrcasos as the holding increases;
the govornmont loans money to tho
people at 4 and 5 por cent. Intero9t on
long time; sells him land and loans
him tho money to Improve It; employs
tho unemployed to cloar up farms
ready for tho new comers or children
when they grow up; tho govornment
takes tho largo estates' granted years
ago and divides them up so that uono
neod want for land and not be extortod
from; they call tho great land ownors
'social pests' and do everything thoy
oan to tax them out of the country.
They do n ot think they will starve unless they have somo capitalist to draw
an income off their labor, like people
do hero."
on the Wagner group, at tlio v.tvy
summit ol tho great lime dyke. For
hours, sitting by an open camp flro,
were wo entertained by Mr. McCartney's stories of thrilling experiences
while prospecting in the earlier days.
Many a heavy pack and many a weary
milo has poor old John tramped in his
search for the precious mineral. And
though he held a few good properties in
this district he has died a poor man,
too often the case with men who have
Bpent tbeir lives in solitary privation
and fortune seeking. He was as full
of vigor as any of our young men, and
on the way home last season, his last
trip, he Bcaled the peaks, crossed the
glaciers, and talked of the future'as
one of us. Poor old John! He has
done his share in moulding the future
of tho Lardeau, and the pity is he did
not live to see the result ot his lifelong efforts. He leaves two sons, who
reside in tho district. The funeral
took place yesterday at 2 p.m. from the
Trout Lake City hotel, Trout Lake.
i n
With $15,000 in the Treasury They
Will Commence Work
M. C. Miller of Minneapolis, who has
succeeded in organizing a company to
operate the Mountain Lion group, up
the north fork, writes that he will be
in Ferguson just as soon as the snow
isoff, to buy supplies, hire men and
commence development work, which
will be pushed ahead all season. Mr.
Miller has also two other groups under
consideration which he may buy, float
companies and proceed with work
Word is being patiently awaited as
to whether the Chicago parties holding a bond on the Towser, whieh
meant a final payment to Messrs. J.
Knowles and D. Forguson of $37,000 on
Monday last, bad taken it up or not, as
it means much to this town and camp.
The fact that no proposals have been
made by the bondholders to the owners
for an extension loads to tho conclusion
that they intend to buy the property.
The result, at any rate, will appear in
next issue.
The Slocan Drill has entered upon
its second year of existence. What
publisher Smithoringale has to say is
true of other mining papers, especially
so of the Eaole.   He says:
"The Drill must rise or fall with the
the destinies of the burg. True, the
monetary-outlay so far has been in
excess of tho income, but there is nothing like a sound foundation for future
advancement, provided duo heed 1b
paid to tho close proximity of the sheriff and tho poorhouse."
The Maybe Will Bi
Tested This Season
By the expected though sudden demise of John McCartney, aged 82 years,
at Trout Lake last Tuesday morning,
another of Lardeau's old pioneers, has
crossod the great divide, the immediate canso of death being dropsy,
though a constitution completely worn
out by the discomforts and hardships
of a pioneej- prospector, waB the real
factor In terminating his career, Only last summer Mr.
McCartney, Cutler T. Porter, A.
Laughton and the writer were oamped
The following are the names of tho
pupils in the Ferguson public school,
arrangod according to merit:
Sen. LU-Ray II. Wilson.
Jim. Ill ���Robt. A. Kirkpntrick,
Kthol M. Batho, Poroy M, Wilson,
Louisa M, Batho.
I Header���Mary L. Wilson.
II Primer���Ray N. Thompson, Harry
G. W. Batho.
I Primer���Clarke W. Pettlpicco.
Tho following wero neither absont
uor lato: Robt. A. Kirkpatrick, Ethel
M. Batho, Poroy M. Wilson, Mary-
The kaliedoscopic changes daily
being made in what is to be the Lardeau's first dividend payer, tbe Nettie
L. mine, go a'niost unnoticed locally,
since each week brings tidings���or
what is better, ore���of a new strike in
this or that portion of tho workings.
The news of such high grado oro
being encountered, backed up by smelter returns, is having a beneficial
effect upon the investing public in tho
money centres of the world. In faot,
through the success of the Nettie L.
much English capital has been interested in and around Ferguson's many
promising mining properties. So well
satisfied were a few English shareholders in the Great Western MinC3
company that they organized a strong
now company in England a few months
ago (tho Double Eagle Mining company), bought in over a dozen claims,
including the Maybe, adjoining the
Nettie L., and now, with over $15,000
in the treasury, will commence development work and also establish their
head office in Ferguson, their supply
point. Thero are no shares on the
market and the company has unlimited means, quite an unusual exporienco
in this camp. The manager is W. B.
Pool, who has fought the sheriff for al)
these years and brought the Nottie L.
to its present standard. This is a guarantee that thero will be no salaries
drawn by eye-glass chappie cousins of
tho directors, such as has boen the
case with too many English companies.
While the shareholders are Englishmen, most of them live in Canada and
bave boen educated up to the ways and
means of doing business in the west.
Witb tho known qualities possessed in
somo ot tho properties tho Double
Eaglo company hold, good management and lots ot money, there neod bo
no fear of ultimate success. The operations of this company arc going to help
Ferguson out as a town: in fact, witt.
the Great Northern, Nettio L. nnd
Silver Cup hills on three sides of us,
thoro is no occasion to worry as to
whieh is tho best point to locate in.
t'ergusonites can well afford to let thc
other follows do tho talking, but to
stop the progress of the pay roll centre
anil supply point would bo like unto a
snow ball stopping an avalanche.
Thero Is probably no one in this
district who is In a bettor position to
judge ot the future of Ferguson and thc
Lardeau district than W. B. Pool,
manager of tho best mino in the camp.
After returning from a trip through
tho lower country, over to tho coast, in
again to the mine and out to Rovelstoke, Mr. Pool said to a Herald reporter: "Ferguson is tho centre of
attraction. Whon tho railway reachos
the south end of Trout lako thoro will
be a tremendous rush into Forguson
from nil directions and the question of
providing accommodation for tho influx
of uow comers will bo a difficult task.
The Lardeau is almost a household
word among mining men in two continents and the prosperity promised for
years will lee its-realization this year."
Ovor ten tons of the highest grado
oro yet oncountered, grey copper, was
mined and taken out of the Nottie L.
last Saturday. Tbo daily output is
averaging about eight tons now. A
big program for development work is
being arranged for this summer. It is
more than likely -that machinory will
be installed this season.
Lardeaultes generally will be interested in tho atfswer to the following
question* asked by Mr. Martin on tht
floor of the house a few days ago.
1. What security was deposited by
the Arrowhead and Kootenay Railway
company, under section 30 of their
charter, with tho minister ot finance,
and dato of doposit.
2. Was said security returned to
said company ?   If so, when and why :
3. Copies of any documentary evidence produced to the minister of
finance showing that said company had
done $10,000 worth of work ln surveys
or construction on or before 30th June, '���*!'��� "\ ��� '<'.
'���>:-    -   .     ������
4 '-.        ��� '-     "
It now transpires that the pas'.-
! master general .'iiscl Inspector Dor-
J man are not muler Geo.T. Newman,
! postmaster at Arrowhead.
A'lv.Tii ha: Rates:   1 <ict,I.��� iv  nils., S[.6Q n
column inch pormonth,   l.ojral nt] . u cen
('>'������ (' Iiartd) l,ii- (,-r lirst ln�� Mon ; Scents
Inroacli udtUtloiml Insortlon.   [Uia'ltim notices
10rani      ��� lino - "���:. issue.     Im li Sij I
' IO;  ilxty iluys, 17.50:  thirty d -.-
si .-��� - thon ;.ni rates..   "
1 ' ���: i'  ni Rates:   By mall or curler, a a
I 111.09 (or six months,  To (oi-ui ������
'   ���   ' . |     llUOX] :.:���:'
��� - ���     ..:'.-���.. ;lo ' ibdoi :>���:'. nl :
lhe I . .:; ;,    ���   , i      ... ; .     	
���    '     l>ro| Itooxceutoiillltlsds
nl i est prices.
Address nil communications to
i I'liiiuii
W'licti a prospectus gives you a
simple statement of facts showing
location, eu\, and reads as though
the company's management thought
you had a grain of wit, yem may be
reasonably interested in looking
into it lurllier ivith a view of buying some shares,
Some very important disclosures
are now being made in the legislature as to the collection of the
poll lax. Less than half the Chinese
and about the same proportion of
our own people paid the revenue at
all clearly demonstrating that only
those working for corporations
have had to pay. The government,
jn raising the revenue tax to $5 at
his session, apparently wants to
nake those who have to pay, pay
what should be shared by all alike.
While the government may need
the money for educational purposes,
to keep up a nonsensical school
system, it must be apparent to any
one outside of Victoria, lhat the
poll tax system is the wrong way
to raise the money required. If the
la:: only applied to those not carrying a miner's license or to persons
nol otherwise taxed to say the
amount of $10, then there would be
some sense of justice about it.
Hut after all, it matters very
little when or how the taxes are
raised, for it eventually comes out
ofthe man who the labor
that creates the wealth of the province.
This educational fund should be
used lor keeping up schools in unincorporated . communities, and
assisting incorporated towns
proportion to the assistance they
themselves render. Many of the
towns in this province have been
wet-nursed for so long that to become their own financiers almost
paralyzes them. Liberal assistance,
say dollar for dollar or even more,
should be rendered; but the government is wise if it passes legislation
which places the responsibility and
destiny of this or that town upon
tlie shoulders of those most immediately concerned, the town or city
As the  Eaole  stood in the post
office at  Revelstoke   recently,  the
day after   C. P. R. pay day,   and
watched  the  wives and daughters
of men, who receive good wages on
account of their being protected by
unionism, sending, in al*, hundreds
1  dollars to eastern sweat-shops,
. -.��� 1'.,; ni  to  think  that alter all a
newspaper  man was a damphoo! 10
I other   his   head   about   laborers'
lights in this world.     When union
men themselves will   permit their
money to buy scab-ma      ;oods and
clrbase'lhe principles they espouse,
then who is to blame fi r i| ?   The
union   men themselves.     There  is
more room for education amongst
those already organized than there
is necessity for more  labor  unions.
If the union man  who talks himself
hoarse  about  his  unionism  would
see   that   his  money bought only
union-made   goods     how   cjuicldy
the  merchants  would tumble over
themselves to secure these goods,
since  they only  would be marketable.     Talk  is   cheap.     Practice
what you preach   and benefit by
yourself.     Insist   on   your money
being spent for' union-made goods-
only.    Then see how suddenly the
eastern    prostitution-creators   will
come around to your way of thinking-
The mining men ol British
Columbia want a lead refinery in
the province, and this want is being
very emphatically expressed in various ways. That it would prove of
immense value in building up and
promoting the development of the
mineral resources of the province
goes without question. The Ameri
can Smelting trust makes it imperative by its actions for British
Columbia to do something.
When eastern departmental stores
will supply you with union-made
goods they may be entitled to your
patronage. If the wives and
daughters of union men in the west
demanded union-made goods, and
none other, the eastern departmental stores would have to be put on a
fair-wage basis or go out of business. It is unfair and unjust to
expect your husband or father to
receive union wages and protection
in thc west, while you patronize
cheap-john scab sweat-shops in
Ihe east.
Nearly every jerk-water country
sheet a person lays eyes on is full
of something concerning the delinquent subscriber. The Eaole has
no such trouble. When a subscription expires we chop the name
off. If all publishers would join in
this mode of dealing with the reading' public, there would he no need
of wasting space in abusing' a person who doesn't think enough ot
your sheet to pay for it. Gentle
publish er, if your readers do not
pay shut them off and give the
paid-up reader a show for his
The person who goes to church
three times on Sunday and sends
his or her laundry to a Chinaman
on Monday, is somewhat inconsistent. So long as Chinamen are
patronized they will remain in the
province. And just so long as they
remain in the province will girls bo
deprived of their rightful heritage,
white men subjected to unfair com-
petion, steam laundries (operating
under fair-wage conditions) kept
within the shadow of the sheriff,
urine-fertilized vegetables will take
the place of (hose grown by the men
ot our own blood, cheap wage competition will increase, and finally
the Chinese will drive all poor men
nut of the province, since no true
white man will allow himself to be
reduced to thc level of the scum of
the Orient.
If the eastern departmental stores
'were conducted on the right .basis
there could ho no reasonable ob-
jectioh to people in the west patronizing them.- But they are not.
They possess all the means of economy available in this modern world;
hut it never seems, to occur lo vice
crusaders or the wives and daugh
tors of westerners that these same
stores employ girls at from $2.50 to
$5 a week, requiring them to work
nine, ten, aleven, or twelve hours a
day, often in dark, dirty and un-
ventilatcd rooms. These employers
make big profits and are able to
move in good society, so-called.
Some of the girls can stand such
conditions and live on, a dull, monotonous, halt' human life. Some
get discouraged and desperate, and
take to an easier occcupation by
which they can earn a better living
and indeed have more freedom.
Then the people in "good society"
are shocked nnd make a great outcry. And are you helping these
unfair employers to drive many of
Canada's fair daughters to lives
unworthy of print? If so, is it not
time that you demanded fair wage
conditions before patronizing these
eastern sweat-shops. Spend your
money where you make it; else
your community will ultimately be
reduced to the level of the place you
make your purchases,
Lumber I   Lumber!
The Lardeau Saw Mill carries constantly a large
quantity of Seasoned Lumber, and is now running
night and day to keep ahead of ihe coming rush. Yards
in Ferguson and in Trout Lake. January, 1901.
D. L. Clink,   -   -  Proprietor.
Price $60.00
Visible Writinsr Prom Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, Prance, Italy, United States,
Mexioo, etc., giving entire satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
American   And
European Plan.
The railway question, the smelter
and refining problem, poll tax, redistribution, settlers' rights, exclusion of Oriental labor, a new school
system, protection ol miners by excluding Chinese from the face of|
tunnels, and so on, ad libitum, are
matters now before the provincial
legislators, but as yet they may all
be captioned as "unfinished business." If the government really
means business its railway policy
will be a popular one. Redistribution will get another twelve months'
hoist, pending the taking of Ihe
census. The poll tax will sure be
raised to $���-,, and the mineral laws
will probably not be further tinkered
with, which will mean a hard luck
story from many of the mine owners. The remaining questions are
beyond our conception. Smith
Curtis is doing good work, and
Hawthornwaite is the right man for
the people. Our Mr. Taylor has
had little to say, but a quiet effort
may be working out all kinds of
good news for this riding. John
Houston has given government
ownership of railways exponents an
opportunity to show their colors,
but from the meagre information
we have at hand, personal spite and
jealousy is to interfere with the
unity there should be upon this
subject. The house is likely to be
in continual session, judging by the
present progress being made.
Andy    Cummings,
The Balmoral Hotel will be found
always prepared to accommodate
guests in an up-to-date style. The
bar is stocked with the choicest wines,
liquors and cigars, and our cuisine
service receives special attention and
is unsurpassed in North Kootenay.
The capacity has recently been
increased by an extensive addition
and furnished and refitted throughout.
There is a marked contrast be
tween the effects of mining as a
business and oilier lines of activity
upon tiie individual. Let the most
conservative banker or any one following any one of the various lines
of business, once become interested
in mining and be is not content
with lhe ordinary rates of interest
on his money. The mining broker
with a few hundred dollars invested
in his business would never be satisfied with a profit the same amount
of capital might bring in mercantile
lines. Indeed, men interested in
milling in any of its various phases
want to make money very, very
fast, and they want to simply because it. presents more possibilities
for making money fast than any of
the other callings.���Northwest
Mining News,
-��� _*_eF<**\
Thoro will be n
of Mcoiijo Comi
Polico Office Rov
f.a .it: 3mj
Hotol at Forgiuoi
pi -Jul iiii-i-liii-r'
li   sllllllTK   J11   III
���l-i'iko, mi April
ii tlio granting;
i illuming* in'
, U.C,
1 111
nl i
:u 7::ii
CJllot Licon
0 Iflsiiicclor.
Hotel Ferguson       |
��  The bar is supplied with the best brands of :
/Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Kates SS.OO^u tiny ami upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
5*3* tAt \-T-i ���'W ~-n-f t-*>* tA�� *JV�� .A.   _V�� *A, ���'i. -A, -/,- ��A, JV ��A, ��J\j ..A* -.A. _t* ��.-W -T-r *-V  *��
s*/r# g-^v-.!^^ i>^
>f I1EST ?2.00 A DAY HOUS1!
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laugh/on, Proprietor.
^-^HJH^HJH^^^JH^^ .-.: sJhMhNs #���$���#���
Halcyon I Jot Springs
Sanitarium  .   .   .
Tho most complotq resort on theeontinont
of North America, Situated raids! scenery
Unrivalled for graiidour. Boating, fishing
mid excursions. Hesldent physjolan ana
nurse. In tolegrppliio communication with
nil parts Oi thO world, Two mails nrrlvc and
dopartevery day. un baths cure- all norvous
flint musf-ulur (lisi'iises. Ua waters heal all
kiduoj'i liver and stomae.Ii ailment*. Ha
baths and Waters area sure remedy ntjiiiiist
nil argentiferous poisons. iKRMBi |15 (o
fig por week, according to residence in hotol
or viihw.
In Iho Lardoau
For Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters   ot   Legitimate   Mining
a promising partially itevd-
oped group of mineral claims
in the Lardeau, near Ferguson and the coming railway. If so drop a line to
this office and we will (put
you in direct communication
with the owners, The price
is right, either cash or working bond.
Tlie Lardeau Eagle, Ferguson, U,
Wholesale IH-iUer  Iu
...Wines. Liquors and Cigars...
i'liu Uegt Hoods Only*
Stock Ltttg* ninrooniplctu.
���Life la v hat we muko it.
I/you can't boost, don't knock.
1b a goldan lining to every
���   Vancouver now belongs to the cunt
bolt fraternity.
Many ti man with .1 forehead like a
cow lives up to tlio part.
The trusts will go on growing until
the public takoa and operates them.
Whoix, people are going to gbt married, they Ho tiy freely as people who
havo been fishing.
Copper coins aro boinff introduced in
Vancouver by the Hudson's Bay company.   It's time to go wost.
The boys who came from the farm
'and who are managing the trusts still
remember to water the stock.
TO 1 iUn-r HARGIS:
Talcr. notice that I, tho undersigned co-owner
with you ol tho Ukary mineral claim, all l
at tho headquarters of uke creek >ni<i Haloy
creek, in the Trout Cake Mining Division at
West Kimtcimy, lit the province Of Britisli
Columbia, havo purlormed ami roeordi ��� !
the assessment work and mado tho oxpondituro required ro oortouo aud recorded on tho
above minoral claim for the year 1900, under
aeotimi -2\ of the Minoral Aot, and the year for
which work was dono nnd expenditure mado-
having expired, 1 hereby give yon uotico pursuant to section-I oi tho Minoral Ael Amend-
ment Act, tn contribute your proportion of
such expenditure toy th�� year 1900 within
ninety days from the first publioation hereof.
Dftted at Ferguson this iltii day i��f March,
A. D, 1901.
Per Agent, Robt. Foran.
Tako notice thai ThoDoubloHttBloMIn
ninl Development Company, Limited Liability)
co-owner with yuu of tho "May Deo" mineral
claim, sltuatodori tho S'etHe f-. mountain near
Ferguson, In tho Trout Lake mining division
of /West Kootenay, British Oolumbla, imvo
performed and recorded the assessment
work aud made tho expenditure roquired
to be done and recorded on tho above
mentioned claim [or Hie yeailDOO under section 24 of the Mineral A'et and the year for
whioh work was dono and'expenditure mado
having expired, wo hereby plve you notice
pursuant to seetion four of the Mineral Act
Amendment Act LOGO, to contribute your proportion of such expenditure for the yenr 11)00,
within OOdaysof tho lirst publioation hereof.
Dated this 18th day of January, A. D. 1901.
Per Ai H. Holdich, Secretary,,
A, Wilson, M.D., CM.
L. It, C, P. ��� B.   [Queen's Oniversi y.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C,
Fred C. Elliott.
Ferguson. Bt 0.
No wonder tho town of Revelstoke is
quiet. Salaries that aro not paid into
building loan companies are aont to
eastern sweat-shops.
IE evory man who receives fair wages
would domand all his goods with the
same guarantee, the union label, there
would be no scab joints in business.
In London, England, dwellings containing over 1,500 tenements, recently
erected solely for tho benefit of the
working classes, are owned by the
city.   London-is progressing,
"To err is human." This we all
freely admit, and yet somo of us make
somo vory queer mistakes, which seem
almost nnexplalnabls according to tho
rules and regulations of cosmical evolution. 	
A man wlio has onco becomo a socialist knows bnt ono moro object to
life���to devote himself to the noble
work of liberating the working people.
And then comes tho second partoi his
duty���to show to those whom ho has
convortojd by what the old system is to
be replaced, This is tho new enthusiasm of humanity.���Van Noss.
Take notice that we the undersigned co-
owners with yon of the Little Robert and
Little Robert No. i!, mineral elaims situated at
the extreme head of the north fork of Lardeau
ereek In the Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootenay in the province of
British Columbia, have performed and recorded the assessment work aud made the expenditure required to be dono and recorded un tlie
above mentioned claims for tlie year 1900,
UUdersectlon 24 of the Mineral Aet and the
year for which work was performed and expenditure made having expired we do
hereby give you notice pursuant to section lof
thc Mineral Aet Amendment Act WW), to contribute your proportion of such expenditure
for the year hereinbefore mentioned within DO
days of the lirst publication hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake this 28th day of January,
A. D. 1801.
Earvey, McCarter # Pinkham
solicitors for Imperial Dank of Canada.
Geo, s. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
RevelstoTce, B. C.
A.B. Holdich, M.C.M.I,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
What tho socialist desires i3 that tlio
corporation of humanity should control
all production. This is tho frletiohloss
way; it Is a higher law; it eliminates
tho motives of a selfish life; it enacts
into oni overy day living tho ethics of
Christ's gospel. Nothing elso can
bring the glad day of universal brotherhood.���Frances B, Wiliard.
Oh to bave a Liberal gra ft. 83 a day
with $5 a day foi' expenses, while employed taking the census. A. J. Cordon is the lucky man in Ferguson,
whilo our friend "Sandy" MoBae is
the main works for the district. While
tho fact ot those men being- good 'grits
secured for them Iho job, tho EAOLE
is prepared to say that no bolter choice
could have boon made.
A woman cries ten times out of
wounded vanity whoro tho cries onco
but of really wounded feelings, And
each one of tho ten times does her
good. Let your wounded vanity smart
all tbat u. will, for vanity Is a kind of
"proud Bosh" of tho human soul that
has to be treated with sharp caustic,
every littlo while to keep it from bo-
eomlng an oxeresenco that will dis-
figure the wholo character, ��� April
Ladles' Homo .Journal,
S. F. W. Gainer,
and Repairer,
will re-open a hospital for sick watches
in Ferguson on or about May 1st.       8
Ferguson : Service* in school House every
Sunday nt 8 p.m   Sunday school at2 p.m.
Trout Lako City , Services in Forrester's
hull every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at2i80p.m.
REV, S. J. GEEEX. Pastor.
The Eagle Hall
now ready for parties desiring to secure
it for public lauposes. For prices, etc.,
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof rei olvo a fair
rate of wages for its production.
W        \7r~-*"3
*.<Vir,"c:i\," '-.**.
ce that this l.aljcl Is ou nil Clothing vou buy
Now Zealand has morn milus of railway in proportion to population than
bus the Unitod States. Tho figures
are: for Now Zealand, ono milo for
every 100 pooplo; for tho Unitod States
ono milo for every .'IfiO pooplo. tn 1899
tho pcoplo iu tho United States paid
$8,000 for tho uso of each mile of railroad. In New Zealand thoy paid 81,000
and of that $1,250 went into tho publio
treasury. Besides that thoy carried
free all their own traffic, 'mails, and
othor publio services. Canada should
own tho C. P. R.
Showing the position of tho
streams, mountains and passes,
waterways, ovory claim in tho
Trout lake mining district, tho
trails and wagon roads, location
of surveyed railways, and everything which will assist an outsider to acquaint himself with
our district. Tiie production
of this map has been taken hold
of by two of the best fitted men
for tho purpose in the province,
Messrs. A*. P. Cummins, P.L.S., |>
and S. Shannon, B. A., both hav- <p
ing personal and practical knowledge of tho district.
The map is  to be beautifully
��� lithographed in live colors and
^ entirely free from advertising
4 matter of any kind.
<r Tbo urgent necessity for such
x a complete map, probably -10 it 10
a has long- been felt by all persons
y interested In this district; aud lt
X is a to note that two
|> such able men have decided to fill
# tho bill. Tlio Price, tbo samo
x to all, ha3 been placed at the
4 sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
4 Address.
X If Vou Want ono or Moro
,| Send your address at <&
��                    onco to                    x
I The Lardsaa Eagle |
Tho Eaole regrets to hoar that
Manager Heurn of tho Imperial bank
is to leave Rovolstoko for something
better in Portage la Prairie. Whenever wo hud SHOO worth of socurity ivo
could always acquire paper with $50
markB upon It, by paying 10 por cent,
interest and leaving the gold still In
tbo possession of Mr. Hoarn, And at
tho end of ",'!0 days" in vain have our
ontrontles boon given the marble
heart when we asked for a renewal
and extension. Hut after all, if Mr
fiearn will only square us witb his
cuccessor, wo will forgivo but not for.
get him.
Ferguson Packing
and Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into for packing of
Mining Supplies, etc., to any point
in the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work
undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Lauding
to i\ rguson u spoeiulty.
S. DANEY, Proprietor.
I ' Guaranteed
143-i New York Aye., Washington, V.C.
Solicitors of American  and  Foreign
Patents, Designs, Trademarks,
Will return fee if  Patent is not secured.     Sc-nd   for   Inventor's
Guide, or How to Got
a Patent.
t-V Mention this Paper and secure
spoolal rates.
East and West
from   Vancouver    to    Alaska,  Capo
Nome, Australia, Now i'oaland, China,
Through tickets to and from England
and tho Continent.   v
For time tables, rates and  full  information apply to local agents.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
D, V. A., Nelson,     A.U.F.A., Vancouver.
*i?n-vr !>��������$���* ?;������ vvo-v. Wi I    ������
Is probably thc safest investment in the country
as can be readily seen from the actual  records
of  assessment,  certificates   oi   improvements,,
development,   new strikes in   various mining
properties surrounding Ferguson and  the fact
that a railway will reach here this year.     The
demand  for  Ferguson   Real Estate will be too
brisk by spring to secure  the  same  values   as
now.     Choice  lots   already   disposed   of   are
changing   hands   among   private    owners    at
double   and   more   than our prices.    And it is
quite   reasonable to  suppose that the townsite
prices  will  be advanced as the demand for lots
increases.      In  anticipation   of what is in store
for  the  near future, several large buildings are
being erected, a public school building is  to  be
provided, two banking institutions will establish
branches here, and taken altogether the citizens
are   evincing   their faith   in   the     tov.'ti     by
something   more   than   talk.
Ferguson  is  recognised by all to be the i '
located and laid out townsite in the Larde '�����
district.    Its unique position  at   the  base an d
gateway to the Great Northern,   Nettie L. ana'
Silver Cup  hills,  entitles  it to the well known
local name���the Pay Roll centre.    Ferguson is
the headquarters and outfitting point for all  the
mining   men   now   operating   in  this district.
Accept a pointer, make enquiries, come in  and
see for yourself and you   will   agree   with   us
that Ferguson   Real  Estate is   the besi thing
now offered  as a safe investment in this country.        Tho     large   number   c'i  sales ami ng
private  owners of lots, the   steady  upbuilding
of   the town,   and  the confidence   displ tyed
by men who are already on he ground   should
be sufficient evidence for the average investor
that like all  ithcr mining camps,   .'���...'   ;
towns are located where the  mires are.     And
Ferguson will i : no c: ception to-1     n le.
FOR   PRICES   Olr   LOTS,   ETC.,  AI ;:.',   '.   I
Henry Floyd,
Sole Agent, Revelstol e, B. C.
���4&H^hH^��*l<^vi^^iii>$.^ilviv;v : i ��� ��� \ ��� - ��� -
Is the	
The place where ^
the Mines are-
, 9''
r I On the Wing ���;
W. B. Pool Is in,Calgary.
The date nf the next assize at Revelstoke has been fixed for May 7th.
The "big six" trust has purchased
three million dollars worth of C. P. R.
Hugh Ross Is in Revelstoke, having
returned from an extended visit to
coast cities.
T. V. Downing has returned to Revelstoke from Juanlta, Wash., where he
spent the winter.
Patrick Crilly, a Nettle L. miner,
has purchased lots 3 and 4 ln block 10,
Victoria avenue.
There are 3272 Chinese in the oity
of Victoria alone, not including Japanese and other brands of Asiatio labor.
The Knights of Phythias will most
likely inaugurate a lodge in Ferguson
at an early date, as several local
knights have taken the matter up.
Por the Easter holidays all Canadian
Pacific railway agents will sell round
trip tickets at fare and one third, good
going April 4th and 5tb, returning
April 8th.
J. W. Westfall has been doing the
right thing by this district in Rossland, judging by the Miner's newB
columns. Mr. Westfall is a firm believer in the power of printer's ink.
lames Wilks, provincial organizer
for the Western Federation of Miners,
writes that he expects to reach Ferguson on or about the 15th inst. for the
purposo of organizing a branch here.
F. P. Johnson, "Badshot iFred.", has
done went gone and didjit. The happy
bride is a popular young lady of Silver-
ton, Miss .Mary Fletcher. They were
married at Three Forks on Thursday
week. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson will be
welcomed to the best the camp affords
if they take up their residence here.
Sufficient progress has been made in
the construction of the two additional
lead furnaces at the Trail smelter tbat
it is expected tbat operations may be
started in tho course of tho next two or
three weeks. The roasters are being
built at an estimated cost of $30,000,
and when completed will double the
capacity of the works at Trail, and ihe
company will at once enter Into contracts for lead oros.
The conipanios soiling dynamite in
the Kootenays have announced a rise
in the price of powder ranging from 2
cents por pound in car lots to 2j- cents
in smaller lots. The cause of the increase is stated to be a rise In tho price
of glycerine, one of the most important
constituents. Within recent weeks
glycerine has gone up 5 cents per
pound, equal to 20 per cent. A glycerine trust, evidently.
" You can't expect a through mail
from Thomson's Landing .to Ferguson
while the roads are breaking up! it's
too hard on horse flesh. Why it keeps
me hustling to go from Trout Lake to
the Landing and buck in one day, a
distance of twenty-four miles, and I
don't seo how you could expect me to
go from' Ferguson to the Lauding one
day, and return the next. Why that's
sixteen miles."���Present mall carrier's
H. M. Carter is now in Snohomish,
Wash., having returned from Walla
Walla, whore he went to visit his
aunt and uncle, whom he had not seen
for 31 years. Harry says the Walla
Walla valley is a fine country for raising wheat and women. He says Lew
Thompson is still in England having a
good time; and wishes to be remembered to friends here. Both Carter
and Thompson will return to the camp
ln time to again commence assessment
work on their many properties up the
north fork.
We look into the cradle and behold
a crying male babe. At the age of ten
he is a noisy kid with half the buttons
off his pants and an eye of meanness;
at fifteen he is the devil in a print
shop; at twenty the publisher of a
country newspaper at the head of every
enterprise calculated to improve the
town, or enrich the business thereof;
at thirty-five he is an emaclpated, worn
out man, with a bald head and holes in
his pockets ; at fifty he's a corpse in a
cheap coffin and his only resources left
behind are two cases of long primer, a
Washington hand press and a subscription book with 678 delinquent
subscribers, who line up and march
past the coffin, saying: "He was a
^publlo-spirited man, but be ���'oouldn't
never ����ve enytning."-��uo Vernon.
Today is Good Friday.
Not an egg in town for Easter.
The Rovelstoke Herald has installed
a new plant.
April Fool's day presented the burg
with a foot of the beautiful.
The working expenses of the Nettie
L. mine average close on $200 a day.
Dawson, the Yukon capital, has a
gloomy outlook. Business is dull and
not much In sight to make it any different.
Trout Lake people have 36 hours In
which to answer mail, while Ferguson-
ites are lucky to get two hours. Things
may be different when tbe new contract is finally taken over.
R. Davis returned from Revelstoke
on Tuesday. The family will follow
next week. Mrs. Davis will be a valuable acquisition here in Sunday school
work, and will be missed very much in
social circles at Revelstoke.
Nelson Tribune, March 29: S. A.
Sutherland of Ferguson was in town
yesterday. He gives a very encouraging report of the prospects of that
section of country, and says that as
soon as railway communication is established the Lardo country will prove
the richest mineral district in British
Miss Shepard,
Rcvolstolco, will be in
Ferguson tho second
week in April with a
full line of	
Trimmed and Untrlmmed Goods,
Fancy Combs, Pins, etc.
"Well, what's the matter with you
and the Topic man now; have you arranged an armistice? I haven't seen
an exchange of courtesies for four
weeks," was the surprised remark of
a genial rubberneck.
'Oh, we just got next to ourselves,
and to avoid letting everybody know
we were crazy we jUBt sawed off. See?"
chirped the senior imp from the back
If some people would stop worrying
about other people's business, they
would have more leisure to look after
their own.
Wanted.���A live and reliable correspondent for the Eagle in every
camp in the district.
' Sweet peas and lawn .grass and
clover seed, guaranteed good, at the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke.
* By all means send to Field &
Bews, druggists and stationers, Revelstoke, for anything you want in their
* Remember if you want photo-
graphio chemicals, plates and films,
etc., you can get them at the Canada
Drug & Book Co.'s store, Revelstoke.
* When you reach Trout Lake City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson Bros., proprietors. Good
accomodation ; best service; choice
winos, liquors and cigars; fire proof
safe; rates reasonable.
McCartney ��� At Trout Lake, on
Tuesday, April 2nd, 1901, John McCartney, aged 02 years.
Hotel Property
A largo hotel, including furnishings nnd
stock (monthly receipts last season, $1500), in
good mining and lumbering town for sale at
big sacrifice, (iood reasons for selling. For
further particulars apply at onco to
7*10 Ferguson, B, C,
Now Ready
for Sale
Lots 1 to 14 in Block 39,
Lots 3 and 4 in Block 38.
Lots 8 to 14 in Block 40.
Lots 1 to 8 in Block 8 on Victoria
A snap at present prices.   Write or
call at the Eagle Office.
(best American  strain), 81.60
per setting of 13,   Write to
H. E. R. SMYTHE, Revelstoke, B. O.
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the blue label.
It helpB manufacturers, to see the force
of paying fair and honest wages,
Tbt- Label Committee, c. M. I. U.
If you wish to purchase the well known
Sewing Machine, an Edison
Phonograph or Records,
Quaker Vapor Baths, or have
your clothes cleaned or dyed
by the renowned dyers R.
Parker & Co., write for prices,
etc., or call upon
Bookseller, Stationer and Tobacconist,
Imperial Bank
�������� ii     of Canada.
CAPITAL 12,600,000.00.
REST *.1,725,000.00.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
A. R. bThEARN,
Carpets, Lineoleum,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Agent Pianos, Sewing Machines,   etc.
Mall orders promptly attended to.
R. HOWSON, Furniture Dealer
and Undertaker, REVELSTOKE,
H. EdwardsisV
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third street ^Revelstoke
���   Druggists
R. S. Wilson.
'Our Special"
and "Union"
Revelstoke Cigar Mfg. Co.
We always lead
with lowest
Twenty cases of
Spring Goods
just arrived.
It is with
pleasure we
answer questions and furnish quotations.
Mail or
Carrier Orders
receive special,
prompt and
Our constant
aim is to give
our customers
better value
than can be
got anywhere
Dealers In Groceries,
Hardware, Clothing,
Gents' Furnlfihinffg,
lloots and Shoes,
MlnerB' Supplies, Etc.
Grener al
Pioneer Store
Cummins& Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
in any quantity
now ready for local builders.    Special orders
'   promptly attended to.    Moderate prices.
Agent for Sawyer Bros.' Sash and Door Factory.
Ferguson ��aw Mill
R, Davis, Proprietor.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail;
��-��   General Merchants....
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Branch at
Trout Lake City.
NO. 4 K. W. C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. 6,
Gold, Silver-Lend and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
      ���rtlc     "* "*   ' -  " ~*   '-
laving mining propu..-..
ot thoir ore to tne EXCHANGE lor exhibition.
UUUl, U.T.PUIWI HWUUUJI.I .'ii,,.. n"".v�� ... ...v .......... .......      .��� m.i.
MILLING   GOLD properties  wanted at once lor Eastern  investors.
        ilnf���  ""'   " ' '
Parties having mining property For Sale aro requested to send samploB
All samples should bo sent by express   prepaid,
solicited. Address all communication to
P. O, Box 700,     NELSON, B. O.
Before buying Hardware for building Purposes
drop a line for quotations to ... .
, B.C.
More than freight  Baved  by    buying   your
requirements  from  the Departmental Store.


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