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Lardeau Eagle 1903-04-24

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* ^ .- I
New York IMm-k.t.
Silver���Bar 40}
���LEAD���100 lbs    $3.90
COPPER     $14.50
Vol   III, No   62
Ferguson, B. C, April IMh, 1903
$2 a Year
Pool, Young, et al Have
Purchased Another
Group. Ophir-Lade
Company Progressing.
W. B. Pool, F. W. Godsal, and E.
Godsal walncd into Forguson Tuesday
night. Mr. Pool had been from homo
six weeks getting things in readiness
for the different works that aro being
erected by tlie Ophir-Lade Co. near
Camborne to bo used in working thoir
free milling gold mine. To the Eagle
man Mr. Pool said things are alroady
pretty woll advanced in tho way of
preparation and nctlvo building would
soon start. Their tram site is cleared
also the mill site but the exeavatinS
for the quart/, mill is not flnishod.
The dam is also completed and the
piping will be got from Vancouver the
forthcoming week. All the machinery
for the mine and mill will be run by
water power. Mr Pool was asked concerning'the report that ho had pur-17^~~.
"I sized you
Kevei'les of n Baohelor
The fellow and tho other tellow woro
standing on the hurricane dock ol tho
Rossland goeing down tho lakes tho
other day.
"Thats a swift town is Ferguson,
remarked the follow "Tis, Eh? enquired
tho other fellow. Botcher life.
They've got leetric lights all over,
high pressuro water supply, monoy to
burn, and all the trlmmins of an advanced civilization. Also and likewise telephones, telephone houses and
just loads of whisky phonographs."
New kind of booze I suppose ventured
the other fellow looking puzzled.
"Woll not exactly. Follows got possessed of the whisky phonograph
like people used get possessed of
dov'is and .'Jim. Jams and truck of
that, sort in tho old times afore tho
Flood. It lakes so much, or thereabouts of boozerlne to set the 'graph
in action. Its like this. The boozerlne tailing by tho law of gravitation
down the throttlo ot tho owner of tho
graph impluges on tho automatio
dingusjoontrolling tho break. Mechanism aud rincarnates tho reerudes-
cencrof tbo collateral. "Guess thats
right. Interrupted Tho Other Fellow,
wiping the perspiration of his forehead, I always seen'em   worked like
chased another group of claims, He
said yes he and J. J. Young and their
associates had purchased the Homestead, Detroit and Idaho groups, each
containing 4 claims or 12 claims in all,
making 025 acres and lying directly
between the Beatrice and Eva, Oyster
and Criterion. So it will bo seen that
tho position Ib excellent. Howe/er
that is not all for tho ledges found on
the former groups can be traced right
through this ground and one can break
of bits ol quartz where the lodges come
to the surfaco In several places and
lots of freo gold can be seen with th.e
naked eye. There has been somo work
done and rock has boen extracted that
assayer A. H. Holdich of Ferguson
found to contain 81400 of gold to the
There aro 7 known leads on the
property, most of which are froe milling but like the Criterion group there
is a galena lead which lias a good surfaco showing. Tho property was
pur.hased from Messrs Beaton, Strut
and McKay Bros. A new company will
most likely be formed to work this
acquisition and activo development
will bo   carried out this season,
Messrs Godsal wero returning from a
winters sojourn in far away New
Zealand but visited tho Ophir-Lade on
Fish Crook and the Nettio L. at
Ferguson in which properties F. W.
Godsal holds large interests. Tho two
gentlemen looked well over tlio Oyster
Criterion, sampling the wholo works
and on their arrival .in Ferguson Mr
E. Godsal purchased a block ol
shares. Mr. Pool thinks this action
told moro for the property than anything that could bo said for Mr.
Godsal has been extensively engaged
in quartz mining in New Zealand and
other countries for many years and
should bo a good judgo of a mining
property, being as well a shrewd and
successful business man. He expressed himself as being highly pleased with
tho quartz, the formation and the good
location ol tho property; as well as the
inexpensive natural water ppwer, the
abundance of fine timber nearathand
and tlie conditions existing generally.
By Unanimous Vote of
The Victoria House.
Lieutenant Governor
Vetoes Thc Bill.
Clark Is Ueutenant Guvornor.
A Despatch dated Toronto April 20
states tbat W. Mortimer Clark K. C.
has beon appointed Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, succeeding the late
Sir Oliver Mowat. The despatch goes
on to say lhat Clarke Is a citizen of the
highest standing and prominent in
Churoh Circles.
up as an Intelligent
man, and a gentleman of the tho deepest dye. Well the clay I was there I
took notlco of a chap whoso graph was
loaded to his perfect satisfaction..
Drunk, he was a live cents tho imitation of a-fifth rate man. Later, he
was, is and over shall be a booze tank
and an empty ono at that' But ho
wanted his graph to get a show.
Pretty language it used too. Every
second big word out of a kids reading
book was to tlio fore, It was Let me
tell you .this. Excuso mo but lot me
tell you that, If you will permit mo
let me tell you tho other." Aud other
Tommy Hot ol affectation. Some of
tho boys glad handed him round to try
to get him to slow his monitor on
somebody else. Sombody elso back
heeled him and told nlm to go to blazes.
Judging by his nose there was a fan-
lighting chanco of his obeying orders.
But his graph just churned rot and
lies and rubbish out of him. It appeared to me to bo actuated by a power
independent of the control of his
sensorial ganglia.
Tho othor Follow backed his chair
uneasily "Why dont ho get it cut out
of him? he asked. Thats a new kind
o'tliem things the doctors monkeys
���'Naw Taint Either, snapped The
Fellow. But the graph was under way.
It whispered fairy tale's in tbo drunken
eare of Its drunken owner for sixteen
hours straight. It fought through the
Civil war, and tho Mexican war, and
Waterloo and the Battle ol the Boyne.
Lord, how it lied. No gas meter or
cyclometer was a marker to lt.
Says tho 'graph Far be It Irom me to
pi also myself (and hero this owner ol
tho graph suckedthe air thro a broken
tooth. Ho thought It sounded genteel)
Let me tell you Grant and those other
poor devils Sherman and Leade and
Bob Leo and Stonewall Jackson wero
fair good men. But let mo tell you
only I���humblo and meek as I am���
brought up the hard tack and whisky
the week before Gettysburg where
would the United States be? Old Abe
Lincoln Item up an' he sayB���ses ho--"
Right then some one emptied a pail of
water on tho graph and put it out of
wotion. Wouldn't you like to have a
mental attachment like that warranted
to hpynoti8B the anomalies of the interstellar cosmogonies!
"Would you like several drinks?
darkly enquired The other Fellow.
"Sure Mikel oheerfully responded
The Fellow and they drank, Moral:
There are  others.
The act which was passed by tho
British Columbia Legislature granting
to the Columbia and Western railway
two blocks of coal and oil lands in East
Kootenay and which has caused such a
whirlwind cf opposition, and riglitly
too, was cancelled by an act that was
passed on the 21st instant by unanimous vote.
The measure brought out a good
many speeches and tho lato government was soundly criticized for having
given away this line tract of public
land without any value received by the
district in which tho land is situated.
The grant scorned most unjust and one
can hardly seo anything but fool-hardiness in thc action of tho government
In giving tho land to a railway company that did not complete the
work in consideration of which the land
was givon.
However the gratification over tho
cancellation of this grunt seems to have
been short lived, for although tho
measure was curried by au unanimous
voto of thn legislature, when it was
presonted to the Lieutenant Govenor
for ratification he used the power of
veto which is vested in him and the
bill is therefore dlssallowod.
Instead of British Columbia possessing provincial self-government it Is
ieally a one-man government and that
man an appointee of the Ottawa ministry. Is it possible that tlio whole
membership of the Victoria legislature
mado a mistake in passing what
seemed, to us also, a necessary bill of
protection to tlie country's lnterosts.
Sir Oliver Mowat died possessed cf a
grand record, ills was above all an
honorable record and throughout his
long career of usefulness ho retained
tho respect and admiration of his
followers and opponents alike. He
had the distinction of Jhaving lield the
position of premier of a province,
continuously, for a longer period than
any other man iii tho history of the
whole Hrilish Empire. Sir Oliver's,
tntno will be written in history as one
of tho truest and groatast statesmen
who have graced tlio political chambers 6f the nation.
deserve thinking on. It is a most
ditllcult country to build railroads over,
but their littlo narrow gauge gots
there in a wonderful way and travelling is very cheap.
I havo no timo for moro now. One
needs six months instead of three to seo
tbe colony properly and accept tho
hospitality that is offered one. Tho
scenery Is magnificent and there are
samples of the whole world in this littlo
eir Oliver Mnwut Passos Away.
Toronto, April 20.���After hovering
between lifo and death fur five days,
Sir Oliver Mow"at, K. C. M. G.. passed
away at 9.55 yesterday morning. He
was surrounded by the members of his
family and the immediate relatives.
For 30 hours prior to his death the
vencrablo statesman had been in a
comatose condition, and was quito unconscious when the vital spark fluttered
out. So quietly and peacefully did he
pass from life to death that anxious
watchers athis bedside did not quito
realize the fact until the physicians
who had been almost constantly in
attendance since the accident, informed
them that all was over.
Written by an Extensive
Alberta Rancher Who
Has Been Visiting the
Silver l.eiiil alon Hut.
A despatch from Nelson states that
at a crowded mass meeting hastily
called at tho opera house on the ISlth
inst. strong resolutions on tho refusal
of the Dominion government to grant
protection to tho silvor lead industry
of this provinco were unanimously uuJ
enthusiastically carried. Tho feeling
horo on tho tariff question is pronounced and bitter.
Major General Baden���lowoll, Inspector general of cavalry in tho Imperial army who mado such a lino
record In Soutli Africa as defender of
Mafeking and organizer of tho South
African constabulary Is in Ottawa.
He (staking a holiday aud has been
travelling through Canada and the
United States incognito.
The N. W. T* Assembly now in
session at Regina will adjourn on the
20th until the Federal appropriation is
received. That the country Bhould be
put to the greatly increased expense
thus involvod wns nnnecessarlly caused
by the slowness of the Dominion officials.
The address in reply to tho speech
from the throno was adopted without
A special committee was appointed
to draft a memorial to the Dominion
government regarding transportation,
publio domain, finances and provincial
On Thursday last nt Nelson fire
destroyed the planing mill and considerable amount of lumber owned by tho
Nelson Saw and Planing Mill Company. Loss $7,000 fully covered by
insurance. Tho fire is supposed to
havo been caused by a dust explosion.
London, April 16���Twenty-ore
hundred emigrants sail for Canada this
week. They are members of general
Booth's "Darkest England" colony in
Essex. Altogether skilled workmen,
and strong aud healthy, thoy wero
unable to gte work to do in England,
and wore obliged to join general
Booth's colony.
A letter was received here yesterday
from a former Nelson resident, now at
llegina. N. W. T. ,in which It was
suited that the daily new arrivals
average 500 persons of all classes,
nationalities and condition-', arrayed in
every conceivable 'kind of ccstumes,
Tliey are mostly headed for the Prince
Albert section. Nelson News.
At Revolstoko on April 22nd the
marriage took place of T. L. Kilpatrick
C. P. R. Superintendent to Miss
McKinnon lately matron of thc Kevelstoke hospital. The wedding service
was conducted at the hospital by Rev,
Ladner of tho Methodist Church*
Miss Matheson matron of Lhe Kamloops
hospital was bridesmaid and Dr.
Sutherland of Rovelstoke was best
man. Tho newly married couplo left
at .'1.30 for Vanoouvor In Mr. Kil-
patriek's privato car where the
honeymoon will bo spent.
The adjourned session of Ceunty
Court at Trout Lako has been further
adjourned from tho 28 th of April to
July tho 9th.
J. Doyle accountant for P. Burns &
Co at Revelstoko was married at
Nelson on April 22nd to Miss Bell ol
Grand Forks and formerly of Rovelstoke.
Jack Chism, Jas. Hill and Miles
Custer left town this morning for Ten
Mile on a bear hunting trip,
I*'. W. Godsal of Plncher Crock
Alberta who is a member of the board
of directors of the Ophir- Lade Co. and
the Great Western and Silver Cup
Companies writing from New Zealand
to the Calgary Herald says:
"I met a man today in whom Alberta
may take some interest, as Hector
station is called after him and also
Mount Hector, though wrongly marked
by our mail?, and the Kicking Horse
pass was so called after an incident
that happened to him. 1 refer to Sir
.James Hector director ofthe geological survey of New Zealanu and chane-
ellor of tho University of Wellington.
Sir James Hector was one of tho earliest explorers of our mountains from
the Vermillion pass up to the Peace
River pass, and much of British Columbia and all our prairies from Lake
Superior west into Palllser,
In 1867 ho was camped where thc
Kicking Horse Elver (now called Wap*
tl on tho maps) joins tho Beavcrfoot
.:-...-, near some falls, aud a pack horse
fell in tho river. .lames Hector went
in to savo tho instruments and papers
it was carrying and on coming ont be
approached a mare which, apparently
frightened at his drenched appearance
kicked him over the heart and he was
insensible for so long, over a day I
believe, that when ho at last recovered he found his party had dug his
grave, believing him lo bo dead.
Having since broken two ribs in some
place, he feels it at times and is reminded of his lirst escape.
"Thesplendid museum in Wellington, in which ho has his office, has
many interesting articles supplied hy
Sir .fames Hector, among them a large
raised plan of New Zealand, showing
all the mountains, glaciers, lakes.
rivers and fords of this interesting
This is certainly r. mn-*t interesting
country ami in spite of an unusually
wet summer the climati is most enjoyable, and the, growth ol everything
-*i-ass,'tree, or flowers, is remarkable.
The farming community Is well off as
there aro no hi.- concerns feeding in
them: the country in Ihe dairy section
is dolled overy few miles with butter
and eheeso factories; mostly cooperative; and the products all goto England:
The farmer can take his beef cattle or
his sheep to one of tho many freezing
works and either sol! them outright or
have them frozen and then ship them
himself or have them shipped. Ilis old
sheep that he will not ship lie can have
boiled into tallow and manure���which
pays about as well as shipping���and
thus ho gets all that is in them, or a
vary lair share of it. His duties not
being excessive ho buys his machinery
where he getsthem cheapest and best
(the farmer in Canada subscribing towards this to a considerable extent.)
"The farming community being
prosperous, tho country towns aro so
too, Taxes aro high compared with
ours, asroadmaking is verv expensive.
They have to be made here, not marked
out. The liquor law appears to bo
very good and tho people arc determined to bo "boss" in this as in everything
else and not be the slaves of any "liquor
When they vote for thoir election
they also vote without exponee on tho
,liquor question. They deal also witb
other difficult  questions in ways that
. ' ...
Lardeau Bagle
Published every  Friday at Ferguson, II. C.
to whom all correspondence should be mailed.
Subscription Rntes: J-'.oo per iiiinuui, to
nny address in Ainorlcfti $1.23 for six moutlisj
j.!.")i) n year lo foreign addresses, No pny, no
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hinnk' column Inch per month. Legal ads., 12
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Heading notices ifi cents per Uuo each issue.
Kin. iv day legal notices, fill.: sixty daya, (7.60;
thirty tiiij**.,..... -x.j ads. aceeptou at less than
those rules.   .\o mon. ior'inackads,
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising,
FRIDAY. APRIL 2*. 19('3.
It is a matter o:' deep regret to
th.* peoplj of lhe Kootenays lhat
Ihe Dominion government have
declined to i: crease the duty on
lead or lhe manufactured lead products.
It is b.liev.'d that the solicitations
ol our member VV. A. Galliher,
strengthened us lie was by memorials an.1 n representative deputation, would be listened to and an
effort made to help the lead industry but we were doomed to disappointment.
The government ol Sir Wilfiid
Laurier may find before very long
ih it it is unsafe lo wink at lhe de-
* lands ol tlie west and il they were
wise they might see that tliey are
pursuing au unwise policy toward
Hrilish Columbia. By protectin
tlie lead industry and thus preserve
the Canadian market for Canadian
lead mines nol only would the mill
ing men be benefitted but the whole
Kootenay country and other pur-
suits as well as mining.
The people ot the Kootenays
must not permit this important
matter to drop here but the effort
hat has been put forth during the
winter must be continued with renewed vigor until tlie Ottawa authorities find they cannot dilly-dally
with us; we must fight till we get
our rights in this respect.
We consider lhe increase in the
bonus on lead, which has been
promised, will not do much good
but is an excuse lo tide over '.he
matter of a change In the existing
lead duty till Ihe session is over.
To provide lor the revenue that
will lie lost to thc provincial treasury by an abolition ofthe obnoxious
���j percent mineral tax, it is proposed
to amend the assessment act by
which an increase in the land tax on
crown granted mineral claims of 25
cents per acre will be made. This
will make the ta:c on every crown
granted claim that is not worked
regularly $26 per year. The proposed legislation has already raised a
wail of indignation in many parts of
A meeting has been called of
citizens, miners, prospectors and all
others in the Furguson district to
meet in the Eagle hall Saturday
evening April 25 at 7.^0 p. m, for
the purpose of forming,*i permanent
district mining association. It is
expected there will le a large turnout, especially to h jar the reports of
the delegates who attended the
Victoria convention.
.Much good may be accomplished if
a strong association be formed ar.d
the matter is taken hold of in a
proper manner.
the province; some maintaining that
the increased lax will, be the means,
it passed of injuring the prospecting
business of the country to the point
of killing it. It will also discourage
prospectors and mining men from
getting their claims crown granted
lor the.men feel that they would
rather continue to do a full Sioo
worth of work each year and thus
increase Ihe value by opening it up
than pay the tax to the government
without any good accruing to the
It seems to us that it would lie
wiser of the government to encourage the prospector and miner by
training legislation governing the
mining industry that will make this
industry as attractive as may be,
until such lime as this, the most
important industry of the province
is on its Ieet ami the metal markets
again reach the normal condition.
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th.j dally and the Tivlce-a-Wook.
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ly dispatch wnrk and quickly si cure Patents)
asbroadosthcfOVenHon, Highest references]
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district to save a few shillings. Don't be fooled.
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carry only the first quality in office stationeiy, etc.
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THE  EAGLE,   Ferguson. B. C,
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���Accurately Compounded..
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Trout Lake.
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Mines and Minerals.
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American mining journals because It is thc
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copy. Address MINES AND MINERALS, 9cran-
ton, Pa��� U. B. A, Denver ofllces, Barth Bldg.,
Denver, Col
The Townsite  of-
The Pay-Roll   Centre of the
Rich   Lardeau   District.
Buy Lots Now And Get
in on the Ground Floor
The Lardeau is the richest
known mining district in British
Gohimbia and the mines, particularly those about Ferguson,
contain large quantities of ore
being big as well as rich. Several
new properties will ship
ore during the coming year and
the town is sure lo double
in size Buy a few lots now
before the effect of this year's
progress sends them up, mayhapJjeyondyom^reacb.	
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further^ Information* Apply to-
Henry  Floyd
General Agent,
-Revelstoke. B. C. '
aiftJUcji \* htafy (.lveli t'lldt 30 days after
Hnte I lutein! to apply to the Chief Comrai*
Gioner of Lands and Works fur a special license
to out and carry away timber from tbe follow-
Ing described lands in West Knotcnuv, com-
mcnciiifiat a post situated about 80 eliains
north of JJI-sut-WIlo Bridge on the south fork
of the lardoau rivor, tlioneo 40 chains north,
thence 160 anauiB west, thenee -io chains south,
thence 180 chains east to tho point of com-
Dated 20t!l l-'ebrnarv, 1003,
Erland G. Hadow-
S'ottre la hereby given tlmt :si) davs aflor
date I Intend to apply tu the Chief Commls.
BiOttorol I.iunlstiiiii Works for a special license
tocut and carry away timber from the following doseribod hinds in West Kootenay com-
monclng from ii post sitnnii'ri about :,n rhuius
north of Kight-Mito Bridge on the South Fork
ot tho Lardoau River, thenee 40 chains south)
thence 100 rhuius west, thence -10 chains north,
thence 100 chains east to point of commencement.
Dated 20th Fobruary, 1008.
Erland ti. Hadow,
Certillcate of Improvement!.
Rrow Mineral Claim, situate in the Trout
Lake Mining Division of West Kootenav District. Where located:���Between tbo North
and the South Forks of Lardeau Creek, West
Kootenay It. 0,
TAKE NOTIOE that I, Arthur P. Cummins,
of Ferguson, p. ('., acting as agent for George
0.Lembke, William H. Lembke and Christian
0. Lembke, Free Miner','. Certificates Nos.
11.07107, B, 08187 and ll.ti7l.vj rospcottvely,
intend, sixty days from tiie date hereof, to
apply lo tbe Mining recorder for a Certillcate
of improvements, tor thc purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the aliovu claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section is", must be commoncod before the
issuance of such Certificate ol Improvements,
Dated this till duy of April, A. D, 1008.
aplli) 0:. A. ('.CUMMINS. P.L. S.
Notice is hereby given lhat 80 days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for perm:
ion to purchase WO acres of land situated on
thosoutli side ofthe Forguson townsite commencing from a post situated near the southeast eornerol same; thence40 chains south:
thence *l(i chains west: thence 40 chains north
thonco io eliains cast to point of commencement!
Porgusbn, B, C��� February 22nd, 10U8.
������������������>�� I
Smith & Co.
45 Bleary St,
* Montreal
Notice to Di'iitKjtu'itt Co-Owner,
To S. T. MoColl, or whomsoever lie may have
transferred bis interest iu the Triune Fraction Nn.:: mineral claim, situated oil Rrown
creek, in lhe Trout Lake Mining Division,
West Kootenay District ol B. C.
You nro hereby untitled that I have expend-
���ad $100 in labor and. Improvements upon the
above mentioned fractional mineral claim
since .inly 1st, 11102, under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, and If within 00,days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute vour proportion of the above mentioned
sum, "which is uow due' together with all
cost of advertising! your Interest In tho said
claim will become the property of the undersigned under seetion 1 of thu ".Mineral Aet
Amendment Act 1000.
Dated at Ferguson, n. ('., this 0th day of
April, 1008.
C. O. Woodrow
Notice is hereby given that 30 davs afterdate
L Intond to apply to tho lion. Chlof Commissioner of I.amis and Works for a special license
to cut cud curry away timber from tho following described lands in west Kootenay! Com-
m-onclng from a post situated about 40 chains
east   of  tho   Ferguson   townsite, thonco ho
chains south,  thonoo 80 chains cast, thence 80
chains north, thonco 80 chains west to point
of commencement.
Dated 28th Fobruary 1008,
Notice Is hereby given tha!* 80 days after date
t Intend to apply to tho fton. Chief Commissioner of Lauds und Works for a special license
tocut mid carry away timber from tho following described lands in West Kootenay: Commencing nl a post planted about 10 chains
-east of Ferguson townsite, th'eneolflOchains
north, thence'in chains east, thence 100 chains
south, thenco Hi chains west to point ol eom-
Dated 20th February, 1003.
Halcyon Hot Spings
Sanitarium   ,   .   fc
Situatcdjmldst sconory unrivalled for
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on thc continent of North America.
Its baths cure all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal alt
Kidney, Liver and Stomach ailments.
They aro a never falling remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying the system.
TERMS-J15 to 118 per week, accord-
Ing to residence in Hotel or Villas.
Will be represented in
Ferguson three or four
days eaeh month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
Our representative
S. A. Scott is a
practical tailor and
will mako clothes
fit. Hold your
orders for him.
Time Table.
A. II. Holdich, Secretary.
Noi ice fs horoby given thai 80 days after data
I Intond to apply to the chief commissioner
bf Lanes and Works for a special license to
cut and curry away timber from tho following
described lands iii west Kootenay, eommenc-
nta post about 40 ciiuim
gtigon townsite,   i it once  IGO
st of tho For-
gtisdn townsite, thenee hlO eliains north
thonco 40 chains west, thonco 100 chains south
thonco 40 chains east to point of commence*
Dated 26th February, 1003,
A. II. Holdich, Secretary.
Oortlllcute of   liiipioveini-nts
Nettie L.Fraction, Uo, I Fraction and Copper
Keef   mineral   claims,   situate   in   tho   Trout
Luke milling division of West Kootenay district.
Where located.--Ou Nellie L. mountain,
TAKK NOTICK lhat I, Ocoriro S. McCarter,
acting as agont for the Great western Mines,
Limited Liai.ilitv, Free Miners' certificate No
B, 48174, Intend 00 days from the date hereof to
apply io the Mining Itecorder for a Certificate
ol Improvements ior the purpose of obtaining
a CrownOrant of the nhovc claims.
under Soctlon '���'���' must, bo commenced boforo
the issuance of such certillcate ol'Improvements.
Paled this 28rd day of January,A.D., 1003,
Schools, SCR^0N-
Gives instruction by mail In the follow-
lug subjects: Mechanical engineering,
mechanical drawing, Electrical engineer-
int.,telegraphy, telephony, sanitary plumbing, heating and ventilation, civil engineering, architecture, architectural draw-
Ing, sheet metal pattern drafting, lettering
and sign i-.'iii.in.r, ornamental designs,
book keeping, stenography, milling, smelt-
Ing, metallurgy, hydromotallurgy, electro-
thorapontlos, French, Gorman, .Spanish.
Send for tree catalogue.
10 por cent discount by cutting out thi.-
ad. and enrolling before cud of month.
W. U. McDOUGALt, Local Agent,
Nelson, I). O.
..rent  Wostern   Minos,     Limited    and
Double ISnglo IU, & l>. Co., I.id.
Notlco is Hereby given that any written
transfers of stock in either of thoso companies
that havo not yet heon sent iu to ibe oflice for
registration and the issue of propercertificates for them, nitTBt be sent In by the lasi
day of Fobruary, 100a, as they will not bo
rocognizod after that date.
Ferguson, fl, c. Jan. 2fl. mo:;.
.A. n.iiot.nicii, Sec'y,
Certificate of Improvements*
"Culhert," "Handy,"    "Handy     No.    2.,"
'���Lynch,"        "Low,"     ("Low      Fraction."
mineral claims, situate In tho  Trout   Lake
Mining Division of Wost Kootenay Distriot,
��� where located:���Near Lynch creek on Lar
lean river.
Take notice that I, A.it. floyland, agent forW,
N. Brayton, Free Miner's Certificate No, 1169185
intend sixty davs trom the dato hereof, to
apply to the Minim,' Recorder for a certillcate
or improvements, forthe purposo of obtaining
a Crown Crant of Ihe above claims.
> And further lake notice tbat action under
section   87. must   be commoncod before the
issuance of suctl Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of January, A. D��� 1008,
Certificate of Improvements.
Two and a Half
mineral claim situate in tbe Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Wijerc located:-On Lade mountain near the
Itadsbot mine.
TAKK NOTICE that I, O. It. N. Wilkie, act-
ingns agent for thc Ophir-Lade Mining Syndicate. Limited, Free Miner's Certificate No. M.
48172, Intend (JO days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
n Grown Grant of the above claim,
And further tako notice that action, undor
section 87. must be commenced beforo the
Issuance of suoh Certificate of improvements.
Dated tbis llth day of December, A. I). 1902.
O. fl. N. WILKIE
Notice Is hereby g von that the undersigned
will not be responsible lor anv account except
ou puoductlon of a written order signed by
the manager, Superintendent or Secretary,
Running between Arrowhoad, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October 14th, lUOi, will sail aa follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily���10k and 16k.
Leaving Beaton ami Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice daily��� 7:15k and
12;-15k. Making closo connections
with all C. P, K. Steamers and trains.
The owners reserve tho right to
change times of sailings without
Th9 Fred Robinson Lumber Co.Ltd
�����������-��+���������-�����-��-���� ���
IRON BEDS a Specialty      1
1 $5 and up. i
-f ���������������������*��������>������������������� ��-M���������������������� ��� -*-*"�����?
Goods can be furnished to any part of Lardeau on very short notice
as the service is such that delivery can be made in one day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing 4mm��������������mm������mmm*mm>mm
t Funeral Directors and
Embalmers. *
(Graduate of Myer's Oollego^ol Embalming]   ���
Can attend case at Ferguson at ten   *
hours notice if advised by wire. J
D. J.  Robertson * Co-
nelson, B. C
Hondnunrtorsfoe A..iiyer., Mini,,,-
.v-illll Bll*>|>lli*��. Solo ngonts In II.
C. for Mor*:iiii Cruolblo Co., Rnttorson.
England; K. \V. iirnuii .t co.'n Pntont
t'aiv FurnnooB. Btirnors,otc.j Win. Ains
wortti i_C6.'8Flno Bnlnncos ok'.,ui
Hied flatters of NortbAmerica
^Sr n^-S      .     TH IS   IS   T UK
���^'.\Tc-U  yv i  union i,.\iii:i, oi
W^JlLyjft��. ��. Ifortli Amerlcn.
\\ lit-u you nre buv*
ns   a Ki'U   HAT,
flier .soft or stiff,
0  in   it   ilitft   tiir
nuino union
Label is sawed In It.
If u rotallor tins
looso labels in his
��� possession and oilers m put one ill il
hut for you, 'In nut
pntronizo bim. Uo
has not any ngnt to inn o iooso labels, Looso
lnbels In retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation tis to why tin? bat
lins no label. Thu Genuine Onion Label Is
perforated on tlio four edges exactly tho same
us fi postage slump. Counterfoils nro sometimes perforated on three of the edges, and
Bomctlmnaonlyon two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tho counterfeits. Unprincipled mnuufae-
ttirors aro using thorn In order to get M-i of
their scab-made hats. Tiie John fi. Stetson
Co. of I'hl I ado I p!i la- I'a.-. is non-union concern,
JOHN A, MOFFITT.Prosldont,
Orange, N.J.
M 7s)7 Bedford Ave.. Brooklyn, N.Y
The threo claims owned by the company are tlio "Lardo.au
Queen," the*'Lardoau King" aud the ''Lardeau Princo," all abutting
ond to end, through which three loads pass the entire length- situated at the head of Lexington creol:, in the Lardeau lainitio; division
of West Kootenay. British Columbia.
These three claims aro located on the western slopo of Goat .Mountain, the linos being north-westerly and south-easterly, and form one
complete portion of Mineral laud of about lOH acres. Tliey ho east
loss than four miles up from Fish river.
Tho group lies in the "Sitting Bull" and "Wild West" bells,
two of tho strongest and best known loads in that district, aud work
already dono on apjaeent cxtontions has given most satisfactory
results as to oxtont of oro bodies and increased values with depth.
The formation is slate and schist, lying In an immense lime
dyko, nnd the oroppings of the leads are generally topped witli heavy
iron capping and quart.*., whioh'gives assays from >���< upon tho
Exploitation consists of two opon cuts along tho surface for a
distance of twenty foot, which exposed a body of argoutiferous
galena over 8 inches in width. The value of tliis ore body was $25.00
on tbe surface, but at a deptii of less than three feet it lias increased
to$10,110. To tap this oro showing and tho massive iron capped
ledge close to which lt lies the present tunnel was commenced and
Is now ln a distance of 82 feot. Another &"> feet of ot'OSSOUttlug
should reach this ledge at a depth of about Iii foet, When 01 feet
had been driven, an almost-solid body of iron ore tliree foot thick
was encountered in tlie tunnol lying against a wait of slate. A
samplo at this point assayed $77.liO in gold, silvor, copper and load.
At a distanco of 14 feet from this lead a lino body ol oro hrs boen
encountered which, when crossed, proved to bo seven and a half foet
wide, carrying the finest looking mineral yet found on tlio properly.
A third ledge whicli contains the richest ore and widest surface
showing, will bo reached about February 15th. This ledge when
oncountored, will bo from 1:1 to 16 feot wide and groat results are
Tho property bas an exoellent surface showing. The average
assays are most encouraging, considering tho great width and con-
tinuancy of tho loads across tho country with such great width and
prominence ofthe surface judging from'other properties in the near
vicinity, some uf which are ou tlio samo lead and havo developed
very rich ore bodies.
In conclusion 1 would say that tha Lardoau Minos arc as good as
any, if not tho best, in tho vicinity, and I verily believe with a
nominal expenditure, they should be made dividend paying in a
short time, and I would strongly recommend extensive development
toward that end.
H. O. McClymont, M, E.
Por Further information, prioo of stock, etc., address
B. Noi'hert Ouimette, DManagor.
Bank of Montreal Bldg., KOSSLaNJ., B. C,
Ferguson, B. C,  Opposite the Postoffice,
Capital Aulhorlred, $4,006,000
Capital [Pald-ap] $2,923,866
Rest   -   -   -   -   $2,4sr,,2ti.1
ttti.i�� office 1
loronto, Ontario-
Branches in tho Northwest Territories. Provinces 'of British Columbia, ' Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R. MERUIT!', President. D. I!. WILKIE, Vics-Pres. and Con. Man.
10. HAY, Assistant Gon. Manager. AV. MOFFAT, Chiof Inspector.
Ferguson,   li.   C.   Hruncli���A   General   Banking   Business   Transacted.
Savings Department���-Deposits received and intorest allowed,
limits Sold, available In Allparts otCanatla,
United States and Europe,
Spcfi.il attention given to collections and
Mining 11.,nds.
Our Special
��� AX D	
Tlie Union
Thoy nro all Union m��do and of tho Union    Cigar
best  Havana Tobacco n y cnn FACTORY, H. A.
buv.  Try out* nnil satisfy yourself n ,1 '
ns to thoir quality. '' b Ii o V, N,  Prop.   I
iv ��� ������:-
��� ...
We try to give satisfac-  .".
tion to our   guests.
Laughton  Bros. \f
ARTHUR EVANS, Proprietor.
i    prospectors'  Exchange
+-���1.1(1! (HIS AND CIGARS-*-*
1 :        -':
Local and General.
Wednesday April 23 rd was St.
1; eorgcs day.
La-grippe still holds a numbor of
Fergusonites in its grip.
Jew elet'Bcoves mado a trip to Revelstoke returning   last Friday.
0. N. Woods of Trout Lake joined
tho Eagle Stall on Thursday.
Tho mails aro expected to arrive and
depart regularly from this date on.
Malcolm Matheson and F, .1. Ilossloy
wero down from tlio Silver Cup Saturday.
S. Danoy sent his idlo toam horses
out to Beaton yesterday in caro of
Harry Carter and Lew Thompson
arc. up on tho Union Jack doing assessment work.
L.*���* Francis, lately on tho mechanical staff of the Eagle, left for tho
coast Saturday.
Canada has beon asked to tender for
the supply of Hongkong garrison commissariat with flour.
Hugh Rrown, Superintendent of tho
Mountain Lion, visited Trout Lake
early in the week.
U. ti. Forbes, manager of tlio Croat
Western and Silver Cup Minos paid a
visit to Kevelstoke this week.
If the Bnow continues to melt, ns
rapidly as during the past week, wheels
can bo used by next Friday.
H. Small, traveller for Kelly Douglas
<S* Co. of Vancouver camo in Friday
night last and left again Sunday.
The fifth legislative assembly was
opcnel at ftegina on April Kith precisely at 3 o'clock by Lieut. Gov. Forget.
Death visited 'the home of Mr. and
Mr.s G. Cowing of Beaton, on the 17th
inst., taking away tbeir seven year old
Geo. Lux brought a i horso load of
vegetables through from Beaton on
Friday last Ior McKinnon nSs Sutherland.
Mrs. A. C. Cummins has purchased
tho fruit and confectionery business
from Mrs. Nesbitt. Look for her announcement.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Ennest of Camborno
aro mourning the loss by death of their
little three year old daughter. The
Eagle extends sympathy.
Frank Watson, formerly Superintendent of tho North Star mine in East
Kootenay has been engaged by manager
Stead as Superintendent of the Lucky
"Chummy" Johnson camo out of the
hospital Tuesday, having spont a few
days in tho institution, suffering from
a severe cold whieh settled in one side
of his face,
P. Burns & Co. have decided to put
in cold storage plants at Fornio and
Iiovolstoko. Tho firm has cold Btoragc
plants at Nelson and Vancouver, and
one at Calgary,
"Soapy," tho chief poo-bah of Ferguson is around again. He encountered
a snow slide or something of that
nature at tho Ferguson hotel on the
night of the Sth inst.
Visiting davs at tho Lardoau Minors
L'nlon Hospital, aro Tuesdays, Thurs-
bays and Sundays from 2 tr 4 p. m,
Visitors from tho mines can call any
day they may bo In Ferguson.
Tlio N. W. Territories nro to be
given 10 members in tho house of
Commons instead of 4 as tho 'house Ib
now constituted. The rapid Increase
of population justifies tbo additional 0
D. Johns, latoly of Sudbury and
formerly for ft yoars in tho Lake of the
Woods district, Ont., arrived in Forguson Saturday last to fill tho position of
assayor for tho Groat Western and
Silvor Cup mines.
F. W. Godsal and 13. Godsal returned to Beaton Thursday on foot
from which point thoy will return to
Pincor Creek and in a woeks timo E.
Godsal will continuo his journey to his
home In England.
Birds! yes ono can actually soo birds
in Forguson now and wild ones at that.
A robin perched itself on an electric
light pole opposite our window yesterday and sang as cheerfully as if Ferguson wero Ub happy home.
Locals With a Paystreak.
Ii pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhoad or Comaplix by using
the phono. Olllco in Cummins & Co.'s
Orders for furniture will bo fillod as
quickly and with better results at the
wholesale and retail storo of D. J.
Robinson & Co., Nelson, than any-
where olso in tho provinco.
* Smokers: If you want tho genu-
in'e "Union" and "Our Special"
ciciar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on ovory box.
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke, B. C.
FOR SALE���A four roomed dwelling house and two lots on one of the
bost corners in the residence part of
Ferguson for sale on easy terms.
Apply to Eagle oflice.
Order a ping-pong set, framed or
unframed pictures, picture frames,
drawing requisites, books, magazines
or anything In tliis lino of goods from
the Canada Drug & Book Co., Ravel}
stoke, B. C. Mail orders attended to
A. M. Craig still conducts tho food,
livery and freighting stables at Beaton, and has saddle horses arid light
and heavy conveyances for hire at all
times. His daily stago for Goldlields
and Camborne meets the steamboat on
its arrival and departure.
THEiOLD CAMPER has for forty-
five years had one article in his supply
���Borden's Eaglo Brand Condensed
Milk. It gives to soldiers, sailors,
hunters, campers and miners a daily
comfort, "like the old home." Delicious in eolteo tea and chocolate.
Wants Your Washing*.
Mangling and
guaranteed to be
First  Class.
B.   U.   SMITH,
Victoria   Avenue.
PETTIPIECE���At Vancouver, B. C,
Wednesday, April 15 th, 1903,to Mr.
and Mrs, R' P. Pettiplece a daughter.
Do You Want a
Team for Driving- or
for Freight hauling?
I have
the best
My Ladies' and Gent's
Saddle Horses are docilo
but Spirited. If you want
to go anywhere cull mo up
at any hour.
Including tho Fish Creak camp
and Upper Duncan River Heotlon* coin-
Siled by A. P, Cummins, I\L. 8., and 8
})imn..h. B. A., is now on ��alo at tliis
ofl.ee.   The ready sale of the roup in
Proving nil we have said for it. Tlie
rout Luke division is lithographed in
black,the Lardeau In red.nnd the Ainsworth in bluo. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copv of this map and find any
claim recorded iu thc three division.-.
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim in tho
district ia shown.
Ferguson, B.C.
. ............ ��������������
���       pawns
��� P. L. S.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys mado and Crown Grants
Office:      ���      ���      Trout Lake.
Surveys of Mines, Mineral Claims anil
Crown Lands. Crown Grants Obtained and Assessments Managed
for Absentees.
Offlces:   Camborne anil Vancouver
(J     SHANNON, B. A.
H-"iii quart ers tor Information KegardSn-y
Lanlcuii l*ropertlc����
WJte for In fur m nt tun.
Cull and see Samples-.
Solicitor for
The Imperial Bank
OFFICE-In tlie Ojihi
Ferguson, B. C. t
3phir Lade block.     J
Spring Clothing
Suits, Overcoats, Rain Coats, Trousers.
Also complete stock of Men's Furnishings.
We have a good supply of Borden's
Eagle   Brand    Condensed  Milk.
McKinnon <fr Sutherland
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Ofllces*. Rovelstoke, Golden, and Ferguson. Solicitors tor Imperial Bank
ol Canada
Goo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvoy.
A. M. Pinkham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
���^ do V.le
Barrister, Solicitcr, etc.
J. M. SCOTT, A. B. L. L. B.
W, de V. Io Malstro, M, A.
Having purchased the
Ferguson Meat Market we
aro prepared to supply our
customers with all kinds of
Fresh and cured meats.. A
good supply ot Beef, Pork,
Mutton, Sausagcx, Hams
and Liacon  always on hand.
������*>���>*���-���������-���>-�������� ��<-����<���� ����������������
The Post Office Store
We have moved into our New Store Budding
and have plenty of room to display goods.
If anything is wanted   in the  Meicaniileline
we can supply it.
G.  B. Bath   d? Co.
Well lighted and heated by hot
air furnace. Tables supplied
with the best the market affords.
,_���>_; Rates $1 Per Day j^
JAS.  CUMMINGS,   Prop., Ferguson, B.   C.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
..Best of service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe.
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
| Do You Know ��
That a man is more
manly when he keeps
his face cleanly shaven
his hair neatly trimmed and uses the
% bath frequently.
�� All tho require-
j ments of a first class
V. barber shop supplied
i       ��; ���
LRoy Jameson  fl-
Transfer Outfit.
Packing and ^gusonjacking
Contracts onterod into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in tho district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed. Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Forguson
a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop.
perguson Hotel


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