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Lardeau Eagle 1901-12-12

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The Lardeau eaqle.
VOL III. NO. 44.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Ferguson   SurpaBsea   AU   Other
North Kootenay Towns.
feuilt as Tho People Had Pinned
Their Faith to Ferguson and
* the Camp,
Among the buildings erected in
Ferguson during tbe past yenr is numbered tbe King's hotel, Nettie L.
block, Gunn bldg., Eaole bldg., Bah
moral hotel addition. Hotel Ferguson
addition, McKinnon & Sutherland store
addition, Ranklne'sdrugnnd stationery
store, S. Shannon's resideuee, S.
Danny's residence, K. Leekie-Ewing's
residence, Fid. Perry's residence, R
Forin's residence, Kennedy brothers
res dence, Miss Davis' residence, Al
Pelney's residence, James Otto and
.Tames Lnde's residence, and the commencement of a smelter bldg., not to
mention shacks, stables and outbuildings. And tbe assessment roll will
show very clearly thn large amount of
personal property brought in during
tho yoar. No other town in North
Kootenay has made such pogross,
Ami these town improvements only
serve as an indication of the develop'
ment of our mines. With a railway
next season and lhe consequent influx
of investors there is no estimating
what next year will do towards further
development iin:l ;idvancement of tbis.
tho coming minim; camp of B. C.
When we can mako such progress
tinder present conditions imagine if
you can what it will be under more
favorable circumstances.
.T. M. Cameron, one of the provincial
organizers for the Socialist party, is
meeting with a good deal of success In
the lower country. The Slocan City
league was i'e-organlzed and placed
under tho jurisdiction of the provincial
executive. Locals wero organized at
Silverton on the 23rd ult., at New Denver on tho 24th, at Sandon on the26th,
and at Kaslo on the 27th, while at Nol-
son tlio movement is already well
organized with over 110 active members.
The Slocan City local has 56 members,
among whom are many good speakers,
Thruout the Slocan a most enthusiastic
sentiment, in favor of socialism prevails. Mi*. Cameron is in Kossland
and Trail ere this, and then be goes
into the Boundary, and back to soutli
*3Jp.t Ifnntoniiy.
i Tbe Eagle Is in receipt of tho pro.
.ccodlngs of ii meeting of the executive
recently held in Vancouver, from
Ernest Burns, tho secretary. The
platform and constitution drafted and
submitted to provincial locals for
approval is printed elsewhere in this
Tlio membership of tho Lardeau
i local, No. 8. is growing. To become h
member the following pledge must he
signed: "As a member of the Social-
ist Party of B. C. 1 declare my belief
in, and my intention to work for thc
public ownership of all tho means of
production, distribution nnd exchange
And I pledgo myself to vote and wont
for Socialist candidates, whon such are
nominated for any elective position by
our organization."
who organized tho Socialists there this
suran lcr. He secured the registration
of evtiry Socialist, and ;fet worked so
quietly that the nomination of tho
Socialist ticket after the closo of
registration came as a complete
surprise to tbe old parties. It is
probable that tbe showings made by the
Socialists will give them considerable
prominence in Stevens country politics
next year.
A High Tribute to the I.imleitn Map.
We bave to express our thanks in
the editor of the Lardeau Eagle, Mr.
Pettipiece, for a copy of u very excellent map of the Lardeau mining district, including Fish creiik and Upper
Duncan river, printed in three color?
and showing, properly indexed, the
situation of minim; clu.ims���to the
number of 1400���in this territory
Upon tbe completion nf tb'e brunch line
of railway, now under construction,
from Lardo on Kootena. p lake to the
Northeast arm of the 1 Upper Arrow
lake, many doubtless of these properties will become importu nt producing
mines, for there can 1 io no lunger
room lo diniht. tho u nqnestinnable
richness of the field.--The Mining
Mart-It,'* Lire Is Happier, of Coarse.
"Married life is more conducive tn
happiness than single 1 Ifo." Such was
the judge's decision all the Literary
society debate last Friiday evening.
Mrs. J. C. Kirkpatrick a cted as leader
of the affirmative, whi 1�� R. T. Bury
endeavored to plead tho hrpeless case
of the bachelors. Tho j'ndge was Rev.
S. J. Green. The enl rrtainment tomorrow (Friday) evenii iu will consist
of vocal and instrume ntal selections.
For tho following i'riday another
debate has been provid ed.
Winter Work Will Now Benin.
With the present cold spell of
weather, tbo first or tbe season, nor.
mal conditions will s'oortly prevail in
this camp. Freigli 6 will begin to
move, ore shipments, win increase and
moro men will be pla ccd to work in tbo
mines. Tborc nre plenty of men in
tho camp to haudle all the work in
Success to ".Handy.*'
'Sandy" Laughtm) took a notion on
Saturday evening t o quit rawhldlng,
and try a few v aonths in the old
country. Accordin irly he left on Sunday morninu' with ti full purse and no
bundles. "Sandy"'-did not deny that
ho would return from the Orkney
islands with a life companion.
The Worst of Livl uu in n Growing Town.
Of courso the- Eagi.E will havo to
admit that smelt or smoke Is unhealthy,
hut tbis Is a hea Ithy country. What,
with smeller sm oko and snow, producing mines iu id minim: companies'
offices, a growi ng pay roll and a bnnk-
ing iiiftitutioi i, Fergusonites surely
have much to - s-orry over.
Preparations, for the Festive Season.
The progra ,m for tho Christmas tree
entertainmei it on Christmas ove is well
under way. Mrs. Lade and Mrs. Otto
havo the eh' ildren in chargo and everything point s to a most enjoyable lime.
Somo thir ty dollars has been raised
and the I lttlo ones will sure be made
Social!   it-Labor Calliliilate Will Win.
D. A. McPhee, a member of tbo Lardeau V .leers' Union, and a socialist,
has loft ,the Cup and returned to bis
homo at Burton City. He says the
social' jt-labor candidato in this riding
at tb e next provincial oloction will
bave a walk-over in his end of this riding.
Tho municipal election at Northport
resulted in the eloctton of thc following
members of tho Socialistic tickot:
Mayor, Goorgo Stillinger; councilman-
nt-lnrgc, Fred Blair; councilman for
two yearn; Henry C. Rugabcr and
George Foster; city clerk, Henry
Charles Thompson; city trensuroi .
Floyd C. Smith; health officer, John T j,
Connolly. Of tho citizen's nomini ���,
Justin Raird was elected cotincilu ,an
for two years and John A. Kollog, i jj;y
attorney. Tlio Socialist victory is fiae
to thc clever work of John 0. Hnrki jesa,
But John I). Most Have Profit.
���  /. B. Hyde, an  Alberta  dealer  in
C(   ial oil,says ho thinks there is a laxity
0 n tho part of tho Dominion govern-
1 iinnt officials charged with the
inspection of oil or olso an illegal
evasion of the inspection by the Standard Oil Co.
Our Alberta Successor Married.
J. Hamilton McDonald, editor of tho
Alberta Plalnclcalor, In Northern
Alberta, wus married to Miss Alice,
eldest daughter of Mayor Ritchie of
Strathcona, an agricultural and stock
r-ij-iiug centre, last Tuesday week.
Winter Season Has  Set' in  and
Everybody is Busy.
Looks as Tho Mining Hen Intend
to Work Out Their Own Commercial Salvation.
A much needed cold spell of weatho
has set in durfLg Ihe past week, am;
consequently the camp is more lifel
Km, only is freight coming in, bin
rawhldlng, and oro shipping, li
occupying the attention of freight
ers. The most notable event of the'
week, of course, has been the commencement of work in making ready
fir what is locally termed "MrC'ros-
san's smelter," further particulars of
which may ho seen In another colnmn.
Tho Nettie L. poople are still raising
from the lower wokings, and a good
deal of ore not figured on heretofore
bas been encountered. It i'a just possible that this mine wilj keep the
Vulcan furnaco in operation as soon a
it is ready for tire. ThoCup lias nearly
.100 tons of ore out, a part of which is
uow blockading tho EAGLE'S "front
door. That's the worst of doing business in the place where the mines aro.
Between snow and ore Fergusonites
certainly should hate electric lights to
guide tho over wandering night
pedestrians. Tbo bunk safe will
probably arrive this week. A lawyer's
oltico hns boen opdncd during the
weok, and the, sheriff may follow a-ny-
tlmo now, unless people learn tbat duo
of tho nobksst works csf creation is tho
man who pays tho prl nter. Both tho
Old Cold camp and Black Warrior
cews aro expected down for Christinas
week, when newsof tho progress Over
there will be available. Tho silfer-
lead market is still below par. Tbe
American Lead Trust has agreed that
3) cents is all they will pay in Uncle
Sam's domain, but jlmt what, they
intend to do witb us poor ioaderless
and baby Canadians remains to bo
seen. Some people oven go so1 far as
to state that Canadians will awaken
fronrthet> deep deep slumber ami go
Into business themselves, but this
soundsinoredltable. The future, under
suoh circumstances, lies in the hands
of tho electors of this province. And
things in general point to a change id
tactic on the part of thoso Interests'.'
tho development of mining and
other resources of British Columbia,
smelters thruout tho provinco continuo to eli'large and increase in
numher, and oro shipments in the south
country aro reaching astounding
proportions. This, coupled with tho
recent meeting of the mino owners,
looks as if u refinery would soon ho
bil<It. This will mark tho beginning
of a now era for mining in this province. And surely it wits time wo wero
endeavoring to become tho master of
our own destinies.
The following is a list ol I.anloau ore pro.
ducers, amount shipped and the uross returns,
reports oi whlfli have to be furnished monthly
by lnincowucrs to the provincial government:
Numo. .'Pounds.       Gross Val.
Silver fun  2,100,000 .... SISO.OOO.OO
4 Nettie I.  11.500,000 ....    160.IIOH.IK1
Triuno     61U.77B      S2.870.27
llestri���     ifeOUO...,    82,239.89
Great Northern..       M,000 .....      1,944.0!
Ilrosdviow       62,000...       l.fifl-1.00
KtllOl       34.000....       1,60600
Cromwell     !3,''��9....     l.w.w
4 Onhlt-Udc      12.000 ....      1,820.00
Metropolitan     11,974....       72��oo
S'.r.lmo       12.000.... 510.00
Unfiled Oroiiso       11,770.... .W7.W
Llnson View        ��es ....        03.17
t Old Oold	
$ IIOI-FCRhOO  ....
( Mark Warrior. :*.	
$  Returns and corrections assed Ior.
As soon a) tho Englo receives further information this list wlll.,ho made complete aud
corrected weekly..
last Saturday for more supplies. They
now bave the 100 ft. tunnel on the loud
timbered and will eommeneo work in
the face at onco. Their contract, to
obtain an interest in tho group from
Steve Slingor and Joe Brady, calls for
70 ft, but they like the looks of the
property so well tbat the four owners
may continue work indefinitely.
Hrnzen Insult to It. C. Electors.
W. C. Wells, a Dunsmuir cabinet
man. has been in Ottawa, and surprisingly enuf arrangements have been
reached by which tlie Ottawa and
iritish Columbia governments will
jointly assist in the building of four
lines ot railway in this province, the
tlanadlan Northern from the eastern
frontier to tlie Pacific coast, tbe Coast-
Kootenay line, the Atlin inilwuy and
the Vancouver Island rutlwav. The
latter to be sure, is in the interests of
millionaire Dunsmuir. Tho whole
scheme menus a policy of hunusing,
a policy which the people of B. C. will
will not stand for.
Ferguson's Mines Will Soon Havo
a Cash Market For Their Ores.
Preparations Being Made For tho
Reception of O. W. MoOrossan's
30-Ton Vuloan Furnace.
lint Private Capital lines Nut Rule ?
Two oodles were sent out of Rossland
ir ono day last week, of men losing
h pit'lives in mines worked b, inejt-
lei'ienced aliens. There has been a
���nnstant series of mishaps in the
,n,parties ever since iho Missourlans
arrive-d. causing less and suffering. It
was a liisgrace in the first place for the
authorities tn permit tho laws of Ihe
country.-to he violated by the wholesale importation of the aliens, ami a
shamo iu tbo second place because it-
could be easily surmised th*' incompetence o*f the men would result in
disaster. The Alien Labor Law, as
inlerpreted and enforced by the
Liberal government, is a snare and
delusion.���Slocan Drill.
Lardeau Cmrple Wed in Spokane.
Allan Chisholm and Miss Alice Pad-
more of Ferguson. B. C, woro married
bn Nov. 27 In .Spokane by Rev. G.
William Giboney at his home, 1304
Second avenue, says the Spokesman
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Chisholm bave
returned to the pay roll centre, after a
pleasant wedding tour in tho south
country. The Eaolk joins heartily
with tho many friends of the eouplo in
this district In wishing them all kinds
of health, wealth and prosperity. The
boys gave "Al." a reception befitting
the oni.asion. In fact thero is no wine
left in-town.
Old I'artiM Pall to See the  Renter Way.
The only reason why the Liberal
government "'never sold tbeir country
to tho C.P.R." was because they wero
not in'power. Beth the old political
parties have the same Interests to
serve���tho interests of the owners of
the means of production. It will ever
be thus until industrial government
supplants political government. And
thc better day is nearer than many
Why, Row Did Yon Know It, Billie ?
.1. M. Ko'llo* is forninst John Houston's redistribution scheme becauso it
docs not provide Kellie a seat in tbo
Big Rend conntry. Kellie want- a
chance to rubber in on tbo cheap voto
and tben securo the distribution of tbo
patronage i.i a district where h��* comes
pretty near beinc the whole electorate,
It Certainly Sounds Well.
According to the Revelstoke Herald
tlie Nettie L. will tako out 3,000 tons
of ore this winter, No suoh statement
bas boen mado from tho company's
oftico here, but tho Eagle hopes it
may provo to be tbe case, tbo the b!1-
ver-lead market scarcely warrants
such' nn output, unless turned into
mntto at Ferguson, which would make
a big difference.
J. C. Laing and Henry Jacobeon
wore down from tho Orogon group <if
four claims, situate on tbu Cup hill,
13,000 Paid and 07,000 Moro Beady.
Tho Mountain Lion Mining Oo. have
made tbo third payment of $1000 on
the American mino to Abrahamson
Bros, and havo iuformed them that
they arc ready to take up tl��e bond, If
thc owners wish to accept.
One of tho most important events iu
the history of this camp, and Ferguson
in particular, Is soon to materialize,
N. C, Wood of Minneapolis, represent-
Chas. VV. McCrossan. has arrived
in town, to make ready for the reception of the Vulcan furnace plant which
is now on the way from Pan Francisco
to this place. Tho smelter will be
built on the Daney addition, just- east
of R. Foran's residence, overlooking
thn hanks of Iho north fork of Lardeau
creek, only some S00 yards from tho
business  centre  of  tho    town.    The 1
dec for lumber for tho building was
placed with the local saw mill on Mon-1
day evening. The plans call for a i
building 35x50, two stories high. A \
wagon road up the bill to the high side
of tho smelter will also be built. The
work will be (lono by day lubor. Mr
Wood oxpe-ts to see the plant ii
operation 40 dayB after its arrival hero
Mr. McCrossan, who' lias been it
'Frisco to seo tho plant shipped, i:
expected here this week, with a com
petont man from tbe factory to instn
and tuko charge of the plant- Th,
freighters will ruBh tho work as hur
rlcdly as possible As the EAGL'-: ha
said beforo this Vulcan furnace, cost.
ing $55,(100 f.o.b. San Francisco, has :
capacity of reducing 30 tons of ore t,
matte per day. And what was mor
than many expected, Mr. Wood lu
forms the Eagle that their company
Will Buy tho Ore
on tho Bpot, giving all values to th
ore Roller. Tho result of this polio;
on tho part of the company ca'n scarcel
ho realized. Tho man with one tin (
ore can turn it into money as quickl
as the largo mine owner. The no
company, .known us "Tbo Lardoa
Smelting & Refining Company (
British Columbia," have plenty i
money to back them up in thoir node
taking and the Eagle wishes thei
every success.
As will bo seen in the Eagle's li
of ore producers the Metropolitan oi
returns are given, from Infornvitlt
received from N. C. Wood. Tim
figures may be a few dollars out, tl
tho amount shippod is riuht. is M
Wood quoted from memory, lei*, li
exact returns will be given upon M
MeCrossan's arrival. Tho the ict ir*
wore not as high as many expooiud,
still speaks well for the value
Metropolitan ore. Under anythi
like ordinary conditions thisoro shot
have netted $100 a ton from tho mil
not from Thomson as it did. T
advent of the Vulcan furnace in Ft
gusun will chango the old story ti
largo degree, moro especially if
relinory is established in Kooten
during tho coming year.
A daughter of Hon. A. <J. Blair,
minister of railways, and it *fo��ng man,
tho assistant editor nf tha Labor
Gazette, wero drowned whilo skating
on the Ottawa rivor, a few days ago.
The new constitution of thc Westc
Federation of Miners has heon ct
pletcd   by   the executive  board,
Denver.    Tho board   adjourned   c
will not moot again until tho Don
convention in May.    Threo import
chaug'es, from the terms of tbo
document, aro notod.   Thc lirst is
organization  of   stato  federations
minors from tho local unions of
federation.   Tho socond chango is
establishment of nn insurance plan
all mcnibors of tbo federation.    '.
third important clause relates to
ratification  of tho convention ag
ment for Interchangeable mombert ��|
cards with the Western Labor Un s| \dvortiSlti** Rates: Display ads.. ?i.oo per
. i.lunin inch nor month. Legal sds. 12 cools
, or (noiipnriol) line for first insertion ; Scents
ir each additional bisection. Roadlng notices
10 cents por line each issue. Ninety nay legal
notices, |10| sixty days, I7.MI thirty days, li.
.0 ttds. accepted at loss tbnu lull rates.
nihsorlptlon Itates: Iiymsllorcarrlcr.f2.oo
por niinion ; 1,1.00 lot six months. To foreign
sddresses ?2,50.   stopped at expiration.
Joh Printing: The Eeclo Job dopartmont Is
rhobesl equipped oflloo In North Koon-iiiiy,
..ml is prepared to execute all kinds of printing
,��i honest prices.
Address nil communications to
THURSDAY,   DECEMBER 12,   1901.
The Revelstoke Herald and Rail-
���.vny Men's Journal is the name of
.. newspaper
in Revelstoke. Tho
purporting; to voice the sentiments.'the clays
and further the cause of the union
rnilwiiymeii, and the country in
particular, it does not even carry
ihe emblem of the typographical
union. At times the Herald throws
out enuf socialist matter to create
the beliet that it stands for progressive government ; tlie next
issue is devoted to Ihe shortcomings
of the Liberal party, while ;t following issue tells us how dead to thc
world the Conservative parly is.
Tlie Herald admits al every turn
I lhat the present system of government is Inr from what it should he.
It knows too well that the "growing time" and "prosperity" is confined to Ihe men who own tbe
means of production. And Ihe
Herald must, if it be honest,
acknowledge that "protection"
spells profit, not wages. But with
all this the Herald cannot break
away from Ihe blind hope of expecting either of the old parlies to
change an unjust ecooomic svstem
which is rapidly placing the operators of lhe means of production at
the mercy of those win, own them.
The Herald atlmiis time and again
lhat socialist theories are sound, in
principle, hut makes the assertion
that the skies will fall before these
theories and principles are put into
practice. Tbe editor sits blindly,
flashing the "copy" of old at so
much per bosh, and more than
likely is eking out u hand to mouth
existence, witb no assurance of the
morrow o'her than that someone
may die off and leave him enuf to
become one o( the owners of tlie
moans of production. In the meantime tbe consolidation of capitalistic
J interests goes merrily on. ' The
��� trusts grow fewer and more po.ver-
Iful. The trust shareholders levy
tribute on those outside of the
krust. Wage-earners are given a
Ismail share of what they produce.
jTrades-unions are organized and a
(constant fight is kept up for a larger
share of what they produce. But
the trust is crushing these labor
organizations. The trust cannot be
handled by legislation. They cannot he broken. Nor .should they
be. They are proving conclusively
'hat co-operation, wilh no commercial competition, lessens the cost
of production and benefits those
who arc in the trust. The editor of
:he Herald need not worry about
socialism not coming. It is already
| lere ; hut so far it has only been
extended to and enjoyed hy a few
elfish      socialists���trust      share-
!iolders. Socialism is coming much
juicker than the people are being
nade ready for its general adoption.
The duties and responsibilities of
he press and pulpit is to educate
he masses to such an extent th.it
hey may, know how to accept Ihe
esponsibiiity of I urn ing our present-
lay political government into an
ndustriill government. Ridicule
nd  slander will  not  stop the on-
(rard march of socialism���the trusts
nvned by lhe people. It is no sublet for jesting. The duty of every
rue citizen should be to protect and
ro'motcjhc welfare of his fellow-
len nnil' cotinlry, Socialism is
levilnble. Conditions already
xistent  must  he  iriet.     And   the
tiltpr of the Herald need not think ___
ir n single moment lhat socialism fiod-given
I always be "coming." I,et him
���>ok to Germany, let him size up
lirbtilent France, and then follow
te wonderful social and commercial
���olutidn in Great Britain and the
nited Slates, not to mention our
;vn Dominion at all. We have
dual records of over nine million
icialist voters ill these countries,
pch election  gives  victory alter)
victory to the socialists. Socialism
is not a class movement. It is
broad enuf, and fair, and good enuf
for all. It means a death blow to
politics and politicians, and a
system whicli creates classes and
allows one set ol men to own the
means of existence ot another. The
times of panics caused by over-production will soon cease, for the
producers intend to turn political
government into industrial government. If the trusts are good for
those within Iheir ranks, the sooner
the ranks means all the people the
better. The profits of the trusts
will then benefit all the people.
Laugh and scoff as you will, these
things are already undergoing
evolution. The ox at one time
took the place of the man; the horse
took the place of ihe ox ; steam is
taking the place ot the horse, and
electricity will, in the end, entirely
displace steam. In the days of the
sell-binder, the trolley car, the perfecting press, tlie phonograph and
other modern wonders at the sight
of which our forefathers would fall
dead, why should an economic
system survive that dates back to
of Abraham and the
Pharaohs ? Nor can it survive.
The people have already tasted of
the fruits of intelligence, and the
educative campaign of the socialists
cannot fail in its purpose. "Go
way back and sit down" Mr. editor
of the Herald. You are a back
number. If you haven't the dollar
and a hall to buy "a string of extracts from socialistic literature"
exercise your own think tank for an
hour or so. Then tell us some more
of what you don't know about
The Eagle can see noihing but
success for the new Socialist Parly
of B. C. The executive committee
arc now getting primary organization into shape. An organizer is in
the field, assisted financially by both
the provincial and Dominion executive. Locals are being formed in
nearly every town visited, charters
are being issued nnd payment ol
dues has commenced. This wii!
provide a necessary fund lo go
ahead wilh organization and education, two factors which mean
success to any good movement. An
official newspaper will he established
in the interests of ihe Socialist
Pirly in March or April, and iho
political action may he deferred for
u time, it cannot be long until lhe
socialists will plainly demonstrate to
the old political parties, foggiesand
editors that socialism will not always he "coming." The new party
has a noble cause to make it a
power in Canada, and B. C. in
particular, Ii embodies all thai is
good in the objects ol our present-
day lodges and secret societies, in
fact it will be run on similar lines,
except that there will be no secrecy,
and every reputable man or women
mav become a member. The new
party means to turn our political
government, of which nothing need
he said bere to condemn it, into an
industrial government. As the new
organization grows its principles
will be better understood, and the
pie-crust clement will not hold up
their hands in holy horror, but
change their views and become
workers within ils ranks. As we
said before, the new Socialist Parly
of B.C. has a bright future ahead,
and will rapidly become an economic
power in this province.
tion the horrors oT baby farms, and |
other atrocious crimes and tact ors |
which go to make up society as i
constituted today.
If the rising generation, regard
less of their parent's financial stand
ing, were to receive the same
opportunities for obtaining a com
mercial and scientific education as
is now the privilege of monied men's
sons and daughters, would it not be
reasonable to suppose lhat the race
would be raised to a higher standard
of intelligence. Then nations would
settle their disputes by arbitration
and direct legislation, r.-itbcr than
by legalized murder. The money
spent by the people for war ships
should be put to better use.
The residents of this province
need not bother their heads about
getting more "capital" into this
province, it they place a government
in power whicii will develop all our
natural resources in the interests of
the province. A policy of this kind
would sustain the entire population
of the Dominion without difficulty.
"Capital" is leaving New Zealand,
but the people are not. Any profits
which are to be made the people
over there make it themselves. This
is what B. C. will do at no distant
Labor unions, while rendering
immediate protection to their men.--
bers, are not unlike the many
present-day churches. They boih
deal wilh an "effect" of some
primary evil, Socialism will do
more lor humanity, since it will remove the "cause" of evil. This is
why labor-union men are fast becoming socialists,while the churches
are getting further out of touch with
the masses���the people who produce wilh lhe means of production
owned by capitalists.
If Smilh Curtis, M. P. P.,
Rossland, will stand pat, and work
consistently along Ihe lines he has
laid down in a platform he has
proposed, he will win a place in the
beans of tlie people. But his
recent boosting for a V. V. & E
subsidy doesn't look good to us.
The days for expecting railway
competition are past.
If you   are   building   or contemplate building we will be
pleased to quote you estimates  on anything made in our
Sask and Door Factory
and we feef confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.    Write: S.'iwyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
! hoBt ChristmBB or-caeuls
write or coll en
J. Guy Barber
The Revelatoke Jeweler.
work   warranted  to glvo
All Kinds
Goldflelds Townsite
LOTS will boon thc market oh soon as tho surveyor has finished plaiting
(iOLDFIKLDH is thc coming centre of thc famous Fish Itivcr free-gold
For further partiPillars apply or write at once to	
it out.
Wholesale Liquor Dealerc^Ulaniifaeturers of Aerated Water
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
s  mokes
Our Hpecia
Just slop nnd think a minute!
Fancy ilic nhstirlty of one man having to a��k another man lor the
privilege ol working. And if you
arc nol an employee, as an employer yon are just as much a slave
to the present loolish competitive
system as your employee is to. you.
If the government would establish
a refinery in this province, and
mis d the price of silver and lead to
American Lead Trust figures,
Ferguson would soon he so warm
that there would be no snow lor
Ed. Bell'sl
I pack train
Why do more men not marry ?
Certainly not because there are nn
mates for them. The fear of tomorrow is probably one reason. An
economic system such as tve have
today leaves no man certain of his
job. Today he may have work ;
tomorrow he must seek work elsewhere. And when he does work he
only receives a portion of what he
produces. And hy the lime he pays
tribute to the owners of production
on what lie eats, wears, drinks or
spends in transportation he is for-
tunate if lie is not dead broke. The
only way to get money is to make
somo other person earn a dollar for
you that he does not receive, or by
specula!ion for whom tlie producer
must suffer in the end, As lhe
chances for becoming an owner of
the means of production (a selfish
socialist) become scarcer, and our
natural resources nre
money-gods,  the
The Union
They aro h11 Unlo-i mado and of the
best Havana Tobacco money can
boy. Try one and satisfy yourself
as to thoir qtmlity.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
Brown, Prop.
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkirk
Brands, mannfueturcrt by the Enteri.rlsu
Cfgar Co., Httvelstoke, are unequalled in -
the province
For sale by Ftii'jfiiKou's Leading Hotels.
Auk for tbem.
"   M,
Promptly Cut to Order by the
Ferguson Saw Mill
I Hotel Ferguson
Stables at Ferguson <
and Trout Lake Cityl
The bur is supplied with the besi brands of
/fines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headqmrters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Hates .8.00 a day and upwards,
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
United Bate of North America
s noi any riant tn nn\o
- -'- POtail stores are counterfeits.
tho United Hatii
of North America.
when you are buv-
Of* a EUR HAT,
ilhor soft or stiff,
nee lo it that the
ceiintno UNION
I.aljol Is sowed in it.
If a retailor has
loose labcla in his
possession and offers to put ono In a
lint for you. do not
patronize hlm. Ho
ioso labels. Loose
Do nol
...,,....-,.:,.. -r :��i:nM u/~^L.~- ~  _I i ',s'01110 any explanation ns to why the lini
necessity of socialism becomes more j has. no label. The Genuine Union Label is
handed over to
necessity of sods .._ ��� _. ,���,
rpnl /nd th,�� t�� tehv socialism ic i perforated on tlie four oil-*es exsetly the seme
real. _ una mis is u ny socialism   is ;ls ��� nostllR(, B,llnip   counterfeits are some-
growing SO rapidly as It IS toddy, tinies porforatcd on throe of the erlees, and
t**L       .i I *u    *     I    sometimes only on two.  Keep a sharp lookout
When the people own the trusts for the counterfeits. Unprlnolplod manufao*
there will be more marriages, and iii"1:"."'. ��������ln.�� '!,om in_?rdor.to gct_rid ol
happier marriages, for the  "marry
him for his money" feature will be
eliminated. Childless aristocratic
unions may also cease ; not to meii-
tholr senb-mndo lints. Tho John Tl Btetson
Co. and Henry II. Hoelofsli Co., both of l'lilla-
dclphin, I'n., are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N. J
H 79* Hertford Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y,
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens. .Good accommodation
..Best ot service ., Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
���.m���.-,������       CONVENIENTLY
<tk ������'
Fred C; Elliott,
Havo the trusts mule you rich '.'
Elopoless  men   heenme  anarchists;
hopeful  mon  become socialists.���Au-1
peal, i
Woi'kitigtneti of .Sweden aro propar-
iiiu' for a jfi'uat national strike to gain
universal suflVugo.
Direct legislation is the only system
which will bring ahout public ownor-
Ijtilp of government.
Ferguson, B. C,
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors Ior Imperial Bank of Canada.
Goo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham.
Beware of fusion. Fusion kills.
Educate and organise until your party
1| strong enough ; then striko with the
Old party polities and politicians,
like the Chinese, must go. They havo
lodged the real Interests and issues of
lhe people long enough.
Handle the old-time politician with
earn. Too muny of them will truckle
with your platform for no other purpose than to gut your votes.
Direct legislation is not a cure-all
for tlio ills of the body politic. It is
simply a method by wh Ich the people
can remedy ouch particular evil when
they desire to do so.���C. antl (.'.
From tho rate tho Eagle's subscrip*
tion list is growing, its policy doesn't
seem to he hurting anyono except a
fow who benefit by privato and seltish
profits. Tiie peoplo are ready and
ripo fur such n change in our economic
laws as the Eagle advocates.
Who gets the benefit of ingenious
labor-saving nHiehlnory? Tho man
who Invents it; tbe man who operates
it J or the man who owns It? i'lio lat-
ter of course. Thou why not have the
government owri It, ami wo would all
receive p. proportionate benefit.
Tho Toronto Daily Giobo is right
when it says: "No ono can improve
social or political conditions by toe
shedding of blood." That is true in a
far wider some than the Globe probably means, 't'he legitimate result of
such a belief would Oo the abandonment  of   war ii-it    nos''to improve
social and political   otld|tioil8."
Society ii-pnor , .en a citizen works
with crude machinery. Soulallsm
pro o es' ie em i|.,i ���i-,>ryhnri.v w ih the
best maolil ec ,*so that the ureaiest
possible le'silils will be hud. The
national weiillh would be doubled In a
single year if ibis wero done, and the
ppopl*. not. monop 'lists, would own the
wealth. Would that be bud for you?
Tho recent hi.- railway combination
aot'uss the liep will-throw 30.00(1 persons out, of a job. Co-operation means
economy, and is good lor those in the
combination While these men are
looking for another job they may decide to quit voting the old way, and
express a desire to become shareholders in a trust whieh will make
them shareholders���the people's trust.
President Itoos-velt is a pronounced
supporter of women stiffrace. When
he was yovernnr of New York he recommended women suffrage in his
Inaugural message to the legislature.
He is tiie lirsL president sineo Lincoln
who bus pronounced himself iu this
way. Garfield reungnjzod the growing
importance of the question by saying:
"Laugh as we may, put it aside us a
jest, if we w'll. kuep'lt out of congress
or political campaign, still the women
question is rising on our horizon
larger than the size of a man's hand ;
und some solution, ere long, that question must lind."
A lawyer goes Into a court of justice
and tip* judge asks to see his working
card. In other words, he has to belong
to his labor union���bar association,
tbe lawyer calls it, sounds better. A
doctor to have a standing must be a
member of the medical association.
Those without its pule are dubbed
"quacks"; with labor unions they aro
kiiiivvo as "scabs." A minister in
order to preaoh the gospel must belong to a conference or other organization. The bankers have their associations, and tho masters in trade
throughout tlio entire Industrial Held
are organized. Is there any logical
reason why the the workingmen should
not organize ?���Akron, Ohio, Argus.
The Nolson Economist fools all put
out because "a convict in tho Kingston
penitentiary actually refused a ticket-
of-leave, preferring tlio good food and
warmth ut that institution to tlie cold
wouthor outsioo tlie walls." How
strange ! This man bad to become a
convict to escape tho evils of competition. As soon as ho wus sent to prison
ho had no worry concerning the morrow, tie was sure of a good living,
providing ho worked, was taught u
trade, worked short hours, and other
than being eonvlnod within prison
walls wus In much less need of
sympathy und aid than muny thousands
of peoplo outsido of our prisons in the
industrial centres of tho world today.
The samo happy conditions outsido of
the prison, with the additional happiness of freedom, is tlio aim of the
socialist movement. If the government can handle penitentiaries, post
unices, public works, schools, police
systems, and other things which the
pooplo would not think of handing
over to private corporations, it can
operate nil tho mean6 of production, in
tlio interests of its shareholders���the
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
The Townsite of;
S, Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
1 1
1    1
Christmas Sailings
to England ,
Parisian, Nov. 2.1.        Numldian, Nov. 30.
Ionian, Per. 7. Tunisian, Dec. U.
Dominion, Nov. j::.      Cambroman, Nov."(
Yancouvor, Dee. i*.
Ivcrnin, Nov. 28, Saxonia, Deo. 7.
Now Eiifjlaml, Pee. I.   I.'lioniii, Dee. 21.
Celtic, Nov. 26.
Geroionic. Nov. 27
.Majeslle, Pee. I.
Cymric, Dee. 10.
Oeoanle,Deo, il.
Toutonlr. Pee. IS.
Etrurla, Nov. 2:1.
Campania, Nov. 80.
I'mhrlii, Pee. 7.
Lucania, i ee. it.
Etrurla, Pee. 21,
Catnpauia, Pee. 2s.
Havorford, Nov. 27.     Philadelphia, Doc. I.
St, Paul, Dec. 11. St. Louis, Der. IS.
of North Gorman Lloyd, Hamburg Paokot Co.,
Holland, American. Red Star, French and
Anchor Lines  on  application.
For reservation of berths, rates and complete
Information, call   on or  write  nearest
c, P. R. Agent.
J. S. CARTIOIt.      ��71 COYLE.
D. P. A., Nolson.      A.O.P.A.. Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Agent Arrowhead.
:Is Now on the Market:
Corner Lots, $125.00.
Inside   Lots, $100.00.
TERMS :   yi CASH ;
Bal.i 3 and 6 months.
Circle City is the future terminus of t'.ie
proposed railway, already surveyed via the
Lardeau creak north fork to that point.
Circle City is beautifully located at the
base of the Lardeau, Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks. (See map of the Lardeau.)
Circle City is absolutely surrounded by
mining properties now under development.
Circle City affords splendid water power
which will be utilized next season for concentrating purposes.
Circle City presents  business openings.
Send for full
particulars to
the General
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   .
The mosi -wmjilcte resort op thccontlnent
of Xorih Amerieu. Situatp*1 midst H'onery
unrivalled for Rrandeur.' '-"mtinj,', lisiiing
find excursion*. Resident fihysfcinii nnd
mi'-se. Iu telegraphic communication with
oil parts of the world. T-���> miiila arrive nnd
dejiftrtovery day. its batlm cure all nervous
and muscular diseases :s waters heal all
kidney, liver and yiomacli ailments Its
baths and waters are a -Jure remedy airatust
all argentiferous poOi'jnB. TKKMS: $lfi to
IIS per week. aunorcHug to residence iu hotol
or villas
Packing* and
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered, into for packing; of Mining; Supplies, etc., to any
point in tho district.
Good,  prompt service, and any work  undertaken  guaranteed*.
Freighting from   Thomson's Landing  to Forguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ,**k{*"f S. Daney, Proprietor..
Is the Coming Solid Town of the
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the wonderful mineral
developments during the past
season have been a marvel to
outsiders seeking investment.
Not only have the old stand-by
properties improved with depth,
but the new finds and many test
ore shipments are exceedingly
gratifying, and attention must
surely be attracted this way.
Because thc shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. bill, between thc two creek forks; on
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
the south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Because the offices of many of
the companies operating in the
camp ate located here.
Because Ferguson receives the
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is the point where
mining men cominginto the district make their headquarters; as
they can walk or ride and return
from most of the properties in
one day or less.
Because every pound of ore from
these mines coming down the
hill lands lirst in Ferguson.
From here it will be teamed to
transportation on thc lake, a
distance of four miles,
Because when the railway reaches
the place where the mines are il
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natural advantage for the building up of a
great mining center.
But why give other reasons: We have the mines, the pay roll, the natural geographic
cat location, the supply trade, the banking institutions, unlimited water power for all
purposes; and the right kind of people to make a town. The ore shipments, increasing
business, and money and enterprise will do the rest.    Come here and see for yourself.
From $150 up
From $75 up
Henry Floyd
^^^^p^^^^J I On the Wing
1        Items
RS.WILSO n'Afej-r Site
New Store
New Goods
Joseph Ry��D of Trail, is a visitor to
Ferguson.   He may locate here.
A number of men from Trout Luke
nre linding work on the now smelter
Chas. Molten of tho Enterprise brow-
cry, Revelstoke, struck camp on Tuesday,
James Ferguson loft on Sunday for
another throe months' trip to his old
home in Ontario.
R. Davis of Revelstoke, ex-lessee of
the local saw mill, arrived in town on
Tuesday evening.
A. P. Cummins, P. L. S., has gone to
Rovelstoke to do some work for the
water and light company tbere,
The December number of The Mining Record, published at Victoria, just
to hand, is a credit to tbo province.
A. M. Pinkham, of the law firm of
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham, Revelstoke, arrived here on Monday evening
to open an olllco.
Chas.- W. McCrossan writes the
Topic that it iB his intention to instill
one nf Mb 30'ton Vulcan furnaces In
Trout Lake next spring.
Cory Menhenick of Camborne, has
gone to his old home in Cornwall,
England, to spend the winter. Town-
site business must be strictly ull
S. Shannon and A. C. Cummins left
on Tuesday morning, on snow-shoes,
for 'the Black Warrior  group.    Th
working   force   may    be    down   for
The outbuildings built in connection
with business houses and residences In
Ferguson during tho past year would
amount tn more in valuation than
those which the Topic takes over a
column to tell about.
A. F, Rankine, druggist and stationer, bas moved into bis new store,
ono dnor wort of the post office. He Is
enlarging his drug stock, and a l.il'ire
shipment nf  fancy  confectionery and
stationery is now on the way here.
Job Printing
Tlio. EAGLE is the only iiriminr* oflice In
North Kootenny which can furnish the
Typographical' Cnlon Label upon your
printed matter. .This alone is u guarantee of
fair wage conditions and best workmanship.
Mail orders tilled promptly. Let the EAUI.E
print your priuting; always neat, clean ond
To Members of tbe
Tbey Decided "No Fusion." \
Tbo socialists hud a lively debate on
Tuesiay week in Slocan, says tbe
Drill, upon the advisability of fusing
with either of the old parties to obtain
certain objects. Tho verdict waa
against fusion at any and all times.     j.
local B��w Mill Cbango* Bead**.
Frank Lebeau succeeds James Aoder;
son as director ot the destinies of thi
local bsw mill. He is working a -small
foroe of men and keeps the mill
humming. The smeltor order will
icoep thorn Iwstlirr: fev a few days.
���    Apply
* Fob Sale.     An   A
saw, hammw* ond wedge.
at Eacilb office.
* A superior kind of printing is the
kind you net from the Eaole. A trial
will convince.   Prices right.
* To RENT. Two small houses, one
lurnishod at $10 a month, thu other
unfurnished at $0 per month. Apply
at Eaole otlioe.
To Rent.���Quarters suitable for any
commercial purposo. Will bo altered
or enlarged to suit lessee. Apply at
the Eaole oflice.
* Tho Rovelstoke. Trout Lake &
Big Bend Telephone Co., limited, has
offices ut Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thon ���
son, Camborno, Trout Lako and Ferguson.   Reliable service.
���This is to romind you that the
KaOLR jnb department is at ynur sei-
vice whon you need printing eff any
kind. Prices correspond with quality
of work.   Mall orders solicited.
* Smokers: If you want the genu
imp. "Union" and "Our Special"
i iOAR see that "Union Cigar Factory"
in stamped in s-ilt letters on overy box.
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
* The Canada Drug & Book Co,
Revelstoko, have received a large and
excellent stock of Christmas goods,
cards, souvenirs, toys, etc. Mall orders
recoive prompt attention. Order while
you havo first choice.
* Tho Ferguson quadrille club will
hold a social dance in tho Miners'
Unloh hall overy Thursday evening.
Anyone desiring to become a member
should apply to R. T. Bury, the
secretary. Membership fee, $2 per
* If you haven't a copy of tbo now
map of tills district, send a dollar bill
to the EAQLE at once. Bound copies
at 81.50. Rest valuo for the money
ovor offered in maps. If you have
interests hore, you can't afford to be
without, it.
The convention of the Socialist organization of B. C, which recently
met in Vancouvor, adopted a platform
similar to that of the U. S. Socialist
Party as a provincial statement of
principles, and authorized the executive of the U. C. Socialist Party to draft
a platform for this province and submit the same to a referendum vote of
1 the Locals in B. C. -*k
In submitting tho ivsult of their
labors the executive wishes to point
out that many of the vital demands of
Socialists were omitted from this platform because they belong to the sphere
of Dominion legislation.
All local branches of this organization in B. C. will be asked to vote by
membership, separately, on each demand of the platform and section ol
constitution, and forward same to the
provincial executive secretary,
��� Ernest Burns,
^^ Vancouver,*!). C.
nn or bofore JaBtrm-y-Hik, 1902.
DruggistAND Stationer
Imperial Bank
���   -i      "f Canada.
. $2,5110,000.00.
��� ��� ?1,850,000.00.
General Banking business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Depsrtinent at current rates.
a. eTTwps, .
H. Edwards^
Doer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
Provincial platform ot the
Socialist Party of B.
(submitted to Local." by tbe Executive)
1, Direct Legislation,
3. I'roportlona! representation.
2. Abolition of property qualification for
voters mid miidiriHU'X in munidpnl elections.
4. Abolition of sy.-totn of cash deposits for
candidates at provincial elections.
6. Adult uuffriige.
G.   A Minimum wipe law, fixing wages nt
not Ipk* tlinn |i�� per tiny for adult-a.
7. Reduction of hours of labor in all trade*
to forty-four pur week.
fl. All coalmines to bo owned and operated
by tbe province, in the interest* of the people.
9. Graduated land tax, similar lo New Zen
land law.
10. Free medical attendance lo all needing
11. .Scientific and practical management of
fisheries, forests, anil waterways, in the intercuts of the province.
12. Employment of Unemployed labor on
useful productive work. ���
13. Extension of powers of inunieipalitief.
14. Tlie education of children under 14 years
of ace to be free, neculnr, and i-oinpul-snry.
Text books, meals and clothing to be supplied
to children outof public fnnd.s when necesxary,
15. Municlpnliztttion and public control of
tho liquor traffic.
1G, Abolition of poll and personal property
17. No moro bonuslng private individuals
or corporations, with land grants or cash sub*
Blilics. j 	
'/- Coil-ttltUtlOU.
Bee. I. This organisation shall be known
as tho "Socialist Party uf H. C."
Pee. II. The party shall bo organized ns
follows : Fii-nt, local branches of not less than
five members; second, an executive board ft
���even members, these to be elected nt annual
subvention of delegates from all Locals. At
least four of tin* Itxecuttvo shall be chosen
from  place '���' hi'ii'l-uiattcrs, and  known at
reshlcnt ntetnbe
of the Kxrcuti
present at nil nn
and kept adv] -
Seo. III. The
supervision ol ti
have powei to
grunt to nud i.
adopt sueh niei
carry, out objoc
The non-resident members
fht.il not be required to be
tings, but shall be consulted
ol .ill th* proceedings of tht
onulive hoard shall bave
inrty organization, it shall
���t and appoint organisers,
ke charters of Loch Is, and
res ns mny he required to
u'gutilzHllou. The executive bnnrd shall he required to make a report
of itb meeting through it ollieial nr��at),
IV. Any member of the executive board
may be recalled by nu imperaiive mandate of
the membership of thc Party; iiit successor to
be elected Ir the Initiative mid referendum.
Hcc. v. The officers of the Executive shall
he: Ohrtlrmuu, TroMUror, Literary Agent,
Orirnuizcr, nnd Secrciary. Thoy f-hnllbe elected at annual conventions.
VI. The duties nf the secretary shall bo
to act as oorrosponptng nnd recording secretary, and to roceivo tho provincial dues from
socrotarieiof local branches. Thu Irensurer
j-lisll take elmrpe of ihu fundi nf the Pany,
nnd furnish h bond to amoont required by the
executive board,  Thn literary agent shall take'
hargeof the literary propaganda of the I'artv.
Th'1 organizer shall organize new branches,'
ami build up existing brunches, und shall be
subject to direction of tho executive board.
ace. vii. a l'nriy convention mny be called
any time, at the request of five branches.
Sec. VIII. Auy reputable person who subscribe* to thc principles of thc Socialist Pnrty
of D. (!., and severs ull connection with the old
political parlies, shall be eligible for membership.
sec, IX. The dues of the memhors shell be
fixed by each Local, but .shall be sufficient to
pay ten cents per month, for each member, to
the executive board.
*9cc. X. A local branch shall consist of at
least five mctnbors, and shall hold at least one
meeting.per month. It shall make Its own
rules and by-laws so long as they do not conflict with tlie provincial constitution.
Hoc. XL Any person subscribing to our
principles aim platform in a locality where
there is no local branch may become a member
at largo by sending bis application to the
provincial secretary and complying with the
Pec. XII. All questions not provided for In
this constitution shall be dealt with by thc
executive board, subject to n referendum voto.
Hue, XIII. The Executive shall submit all
questions lo u referendum vote upon thu request of three Locals.
.Sec. XIV. Unuor no circumstances shall (he
Socialist Party nf J). 0, JUBO or act with nuv
politicitl pany, unless they have substantially
the same principles ns our n?.rty,
.Sec. Xv. This constitution shall lie in forco
nnd effective from and after its endorsation by
a majority of thu membership of the Party.
Bee. XVI. This constitution may bo amended by a referendum vote of the membership, nr
Ht the auuual provincial convention of thc
Patty. j
To Z. Gordon Gold ber* or L. Goldbcrg.or to
any person or persons to whom they inav
havo transferred  their   interests in  the
Little Robert and Little Robert No. 2 mineral claims situate -t tho head of the North
fork of Lardeau creek, and ndjoinluK the
Black Warrior group on the northwest, in
the. Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay IM-drect.
You"are hereby notified that I have expend*
ed two hundred and five dollars and twenty*
five cents (^OVi.'-i-j) in labor und improvements
on  the above mentioned  mineral claims in
order to hold snid mineral claims under the
provisions of thc Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of this notice vou
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditures together with all cost of
advertising, your inteicst in sniil claims will
befome the property of thc subscriber, under
section 4 of au Act entitled An Act to Amend
tlie "literal Aet.iaoo.
Dated at Ferguson this 4th day of December,
deeo-3m        J08KP1I (\ KIRKPATRICK.
To Mike Dwyer and Patrick Nicholson, or to
any person or persons to whom they may
hsve transferred theli interests.
TAKK NOTICE that I, the undersigned, co-
owner with you in the J. (.!. mineral group,
consisting of the Smuggler, Lone Star, J. c, and
Hush whacker claims, situated on the head of
Lake creek, in the Trout Lake mining division
of West Kootenay, in tlie province of British
Columbia, have expended four hundred [$4l��01
dollars in labor trnd improvement upon thc
above mentioned mineral group in order to
hold said group under Heetlou 'Ji of tlie Mineral
Act. und if within ninety days from thc first
publication hereof, you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of advertising, for lffli,
your Interests In the said group will become
thc properly of tho subscribers, under Section 4
of the Mineral Act pjou.
Dated at Ferguson, !'
October, 1901.
net al
C, this cotli day of
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the Hun. thc
'Jhief Commissioner of Lands and Works ior
permission to purchase the following tract of
land, consisting of iuo acres more or less, in
the- Trout Lake mining division of West
Kootenay district, and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted about 400 feel
north from thc wagon road along the south
fork of Lardeau ereek, approximately half way
between Eight-wile creek and Ten-mile creek ;
thence 00 chains east j thence VI) chains south ;
thence -in chains west; thcucc '-J0 chains north
to point, of commencement.
Dated at Ferguson, li. C, this 27 th day of
November, 1001,
novtf��-2lil JOSEPH MURRAY.
(Form F.)
NETTIE L, and ajax mineral claims, situato
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.     Where located:  On
Nettie L. Mountain, between the North and
Sotuh forks of Lardeau ereek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, A. P. cummins', as
agent for The Great Western Mines; Li:,Htcd.
of Ferguson, B. C, Free Miner's Certificate No.
818JHI, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to applv lo the Mining Recorder for u Certificate of  Improvcmmt.f,  for   thc  purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grunt of the above elulins,
And further take notice lhat action, under
section 87, must be commenced  before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated Mils twenty seventh day of November,
A. 1>. 1901.
docS-'Jm A. P. CUMMINS. P. L.H.
MlMKRAIi ACT) 1890,
IForra F.j
-SILVER CROWN mineral elailn, situate in thc
Lardeau Mining Division id West Kootenay
District    Where located :   On Kidd creek,
a tributary of Hovd creek.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Hector Poircr, F.M.C.
B50278. acting as agent for myself and George
Johnson, F.M.C.IH37IW, In'end, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to lhe Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim,
And further take notlco that netlon, ut.dcr
section. 37, must bo commenced before the
issuance of such certificate of Improvements,
Da.ed this 7th day of November, 1WI.
Nov 72m,
[Form F.J
MOUNTAIN   BOY  mineral claim, situate in
the Lardeau Mining Division of West Kootenay   District.    Where located:    Mohawli
creek, a tributary of Pool creek,
TAKE NOTICE that I, William A, Unuor, act-
lug ns agent for James A. Mugce. Free Miner's
Certillcate No. H. 16700, and W, O. Girard, Free
Miner's Certillcate NO. B, 15088- intend, sixty
days from iheduto hereof, to apply to tho Mitt-
Ing Recorder for n certillcate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
the above claim.
And. further lake notico that action, under
section  87. must be commenced before the
Issuance or such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 10th day of October, I'M.
-octlftm       WILLIAM A. BAUER, P.L.S.
rl ���>���*>*��� *>��->��*-H��44-> ��������� ��������>������*���+ ���+*��� J
j      FOR THE MINER      L
Oftr Immense stock of
Come and See Them.
www ��*���������� J
j���� I McKinnon <��
��� +*-+++���++-+ ���*
Christmas Goods
We beg to remind you that this season we have placed in
stock lor the firstttime, so that all our goods are brand new,
a splendid line of CHRISTMAS GOODS and CHRISTMAS
FANCY GROCERIES. You should waste no time in
making your selections. Never before was such an enticing stock of this kind placed on sale in Ferguson. Our
choice lines of fancy confectionery, nuls, etc., is already
finding a ready sale. Don't fail to call at once and see our
Christmas goods.   No need to send out.
G. B. Batho <����� Co.
i  i
Established 1896
1     1
General Merchants
iC. B. Hume &c Co. 1
I  Wholesale and Retail  f,
| General Merchants |
% Tho largoat Importers in Nonh Kootena}*. X
I i
I Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City, B. C. |
Carpets. Floor Oils, Agents for Pianos,
Linoleum, Wall j��*   \XZtX%   Sewing    Machines,
Paper, Blinds, Etc. Etc. J^jf^fc-Vi^
-REVBL3TOKE, 11. I .
Citizens of the Lardeau District
Whon you come to Revolstoko to do your uliopiilDt*, remember that
Bourne Bros.
havo tim  largest  ami  best assorted  stock  In  North  Kootonay,
Compare our prices and see our goods beforo purchasing elsewhere.
Mail Orders Promptly Tilled


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