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 VOL. III. NO. 3.
$2.00 A YEAR.
The Provincial Departments Are
Besttrimt Themselves.
Deaoriptive, Neat, Comprehensive
and Well-Compiled Epitomes
Concerning the Province.
The staffs of the various provincial
gqvernment departments must be working over-time at Victoria these days.
Among the publications received by
the Eaole this week is the public accounts for tbe fiscal year ended June
30th, 1901; tbe thirteenth annual report
of the public schools of the province;
a neat, comprehensive and well-compiled epitome of retrospective and prospective conditions affecting the province, a splendid thing for circulation
ln  tbe outside world as advertising
matter.    This "general  review" is
labelled Bulletin No. 1, so we may look
for a continuance of the good work-
thanks to whoever brought the idea
into execution.    Another descriptive
pamphlet, profusely illustrated, sets
forth tbe agricultural capabilities of
certain portions of B. C, issued by tbe
department of agriculture.
The following Is dipped from Bulletin No. 1, concerning Lardeau mining
in 1801:
"The faot that 3,200 tons of ore, of
the gross value of nearly half a million
dollars, have been shipped out of 'the
Lardeou district, notwithstanding the
present excessive costs of transportation and treatment of from $30 to ISO a
ton, affords some idea of'the potental*
lties of this section of the province.
During the summer months a branoh
railway of the Canadian Pacific, following the course of tbe Lardeau river
from Kootenay lake to the foot of Trout
lake, was under construction, and when
this line is completed, as it is Uoged it
will be early in the spring, the development work prosecuted during 1$01 at
tbe mines will be rendered effective.
During the year all the iblder established properties have been able to increase their production, while new dis*
coveries, like the Triune, thanks to the
exceptionally high-grade character of
the orejwhich carries a value of 8201.
per ton), have also'assisted ln swelling
the districts output by entering the
shipping olass without the usual delay
incidental to quartz-mining development. The rlob free-milling geld orje
discoveries at Fish Creek, and silver
finds about Are miles west of Trent
Lake City, have also helped to attract
attention to this distriot, In whose
mines very considerable investments
of capital were made during tbe year."
Whatever party seeures the reins,of
government the Eagle hopes to spe
this step In the right dlreetion oontin*
ued. It will prove Invaluable totfie
country in general, and is a something
wbieh we have been shouting ourselves
hoarse for for years.
steps-is he may think best in regard
to this matter. ,   .
We are sorry that you seem to be
anxious to cast insinuations upon both
our property and our company. We
would like to bave an opportunity to
air ourselves before a court of justice
in order to set forth to the people the
truths and facts upon whioh our company is built. We do not wish to make
you any trouble, but we will permit no
one unjustly to attack us,
We have often heard of the bird that
befouls ito own nest and you certainly
seem to us to belong to that family.
Hoping that you will see the right
side of this matter and set yourself
dear, we remain, very truly yours,
Mountain Lion Mining Co.
Per J. N. G.
All right gentlemenl Trot out your
evidence. If the Eagle has befouled
its own nest by contending that there
was no sane reason for advancing the
price of Mountain Lion stock, as per
circular now In our possession, to its
par value of II, it is ourselves who
bave to live ln it.  The Eagle does
see the right side of this matter" and
haa nothing to "set yourself dear" of.
111 llILf IT
Contractor Carlson Says It Will be
Completed in Six Weeks.
lor.  Messrs. Clifford and Rogers withdrew before the meeting concluded.
The government attempted to come
to terras with the opposition whereby
they might be able to combine forces,
In return for this the government unofficially offered the opposltiou two
seats in the cabinet and also tbe
speakership, but the offer was declined.���News-Advertiser.
Tbe Road Will Open One of the
Finest   Mining   Sections  of
British   Columbia.
The Season Just Opening Is Full
of Good Tidings.
A Proctor Tbat Preaohei.
Rev. S. J. Green's pulpit in Ferguson
last Sabbath afternoon waa occupied
by Rev. Dr. A. Whittington, superintendent of Methodist missions in B. C.
The reverend gentleman's discourse
was a treat to listen to.   It was full of
what one would call ideal Christianity,
a Christianity whieh appeals alike to
christian and sinner.   He said that a
man could not be a christian merely
by profession, bnt that the light of his
Christianity must be reflected in his
life.    He very much disapproved of
that class of so-called christians who
strive to serve God and Baal.'who
while tbey would like to point others
to and wiggle thru tbe golden' gate,
also kept their weather eye d-pen for
the main chance���who' pjaced the I
before their God.    This, he "felt, was
the cause of the Church's weakness
to-day.   He pointed out that a man
was his own best judge; while he
might deceive others he could not deceive himself, and if   he professed
ebrlstianity and at the same time was
connected witb shady dealings be must'
know that he was a guilty hypocrite.
Mr. Whittington also told the church
people bow to increase the strength of
the church.    Tbey must live lives of
christian love and charity; to make
the church such a home of peace, goodwill and unity that the worldly minded
would see and rever tbe beautiful light
of the love of Christ reflected from
within the church and become anxious
to enter into the fullness of such joy,
Contractor G. A. Carlson was in Nelson last Friday, and ln speaking to a
Miner reporter about business in the
Slocan he said there had beon a noticeable change lately for the better and
that hopes were high of a more sue*
cessful year than last. Each advance
of a fraction of a cent in the price of
lead, he said, brings comfort and joy to
tbe people of the Slocan.
In relation to the railway which Is
being extended into the Lardeau
country by the Canadian Pacific and on
whioh he and his associates havo a contraot, he stated that 200 men are now at
work and good progress is being made.
The train which used to run Into the
end o{ Where the track has been laid
for some twenty odd miles has been
abandoned on account of the snow, and
now the trip to whero the principal
work is in progress, which is about
thirty miles from the lake, is made ln
The Sound Baals of Good Government.
We cannot expect a stable government ; we cannot expect to have political rest and contentment until justice
has been done to the people of important sections of the province by giving
tbem proportionate representation
with those in other districts, Wben
that is done and their voice has been
beard thru a general election, we may
look forward to a period of political
stability and material prosperity.���
With the Completion of the A. &
K. Railway Mining Maohinery
Will Be Introduoed.
How's This for Ore.
A remarkably rich shipment of silver
ore was recently received at the smelt*
er at Monterey, Mexico. The shipment
consisted of sixty tons, for- whioh $800,
000 was paid, or at the rate of 813,500
per ton. Tho ore came from the Pal.
millo mine in the Parral district. This
mine is owned by Pedro Alvarado, a
many times millionaire, wbo was but
a couple of years ago a poor peon,
Created Hera Powerful than Creators.
A oondltion which requires a province, with but six representatives ln a
house of over two hundred, to combat,
unaided, powerful corporate interests
for every concession it receives, is not
conducive to rapid development, says
tbe Tribune. It is this, condition which
threatens mors seriously than anything
else tbe successful issue of the present
demand for consideration for British
Columbia's mining aud smelting Industries.
Tbe winter has been a mild
one and the men have been able to
make nearly full time since the snow
began to fall. Up to October it was
difficult to secure first-class men, but
since that time there bave been more
men than could be given employment.
The bridges are nearly all finished and
there still remains a mile of filling
near the lake, and two miles of filling
near Tenderfoot creek and some finish,
ing touches here and there. The road
should be completed in six weeks at
the most.
Mr. Carlson says the road waB a hard
and expensive one'to build. The grubbing and clearing was costly as the
timber was heavy, and as there is considerable low ground a great deal of
filling had' to be done. There was not
much rook work. These difficulties
and tbe trouble experienced in getting
men capable of doing a good day's
work made the carrying out of the contract expensive.
Mr. Carlson says the road will open
one of the finest mining sections of
British Columbia. Considerable ore
will be shipped out of there this season,
aa development work in a number of.
properties has been in progress for a
long time,
How Do Ve Like It?
The Dominion estimates are $6,500,
000 less than last year. 12,000 Is set
down for Improving Duncan river, and
$10,000 for Arrow lakes, quietly observes tbe Kootenay Mall. What about
the upper Columbia river, and that
great and glorious Liberal party
which tbe Mail continually parades before the long deceived and patient electors of Mr. Galliher's domain?
The Machine Keats Rlehardion.
Oh yes, the Liberal party likes the
Labor candidates���to stay out of their
house. They, with the assistance of
the old-glory Conservatives, managed
to turn R. L. Richardson down in the
Lisgar election.
Let There Be Jnitlee.
A few weeks ago tbe Eagle reoelyed
a letter from Rev. T. H. D. Harrhld,
pastor of the M. E. church at Seville,
Ohio, asking for our endorsation of the.
statements made by persons Interested
in tbe sale of Mountain Lion Mining
Co. stack. And because we did not do
this the following letter has been received at this office:
Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 15th,
1902,���Editor LARDEAU EAGLE, Ferguson, B.C.: My Dear Sir; Your postal
card of Feb. 7 sent to our Mr. Harrold of
Seville, 0��� has been returned by him
to us. We have referred the matter
to our attorney, Fred C. Elliott, of
Trout Lake City, who will call upon
you In regard to the matter, Mr. Elliott is authorized by us to tako suoh
That Hospital.
The Trout Lake hospital committee,
consisting of Messrs. Abrahamson!
Griffiths and McPherson, were in town
on Monday evening. They handed the
secretary of the Miners' Union, A. X
Gosdon, a proposition to submit to the
members. Until tbeir proposition Is
voted upon by the miners next Saturday night tbe hospital question, which
seems to be somewhat agitating the
public mind, will remain in status quo,
Metal Quotations.
London, Feb. li:���Lead, -Sll 12s, 6d.
New York, Feb. 22.���Close���Bar
silver, 55}, Mexican dollars, 43!. Copper easy.   Lead firm.
Make the Chance With the Ballot.
"I stand here friends to urge that a
new leaf may be turned over���that the
laboring olass   Instead of Idly and
blindly waiting for better circumstances
and better times, shall begin at once to
consider and discuss the means of controlling circumstances and oommand-
Insr times, by study, calculation, foresight, union."���Hornee Greeley, first
president of New York Typographical
union, in an address to workingmen.
Tbey Meed It. .
A few men who never would support
a newspaper friendly to th-*, ultimata
best interest* of the Lardeau, progressive legislation or organl-ftd labor,
want to start a paper In Ferguson. We
wish them success. Tbey need such a
newspaper. If they publish It them*
selves they will have to support it as
long as lt lasts and that could do no
harm, For the most part tbey are
amiable gentlemen who never have
paid a cent towards the support of a
newspaper that has susk time and
labor fighting the battles of the people
against the evil Influences at work ln the
community; tbey are the fellows who
religiously read and support the organs
of those who have no complaint to
make except against the few honest
newspapers that are published for the
common people. By all means let
these fellows have, a newspaper. They
need it.
Opposition Cannot Be "Fixed."
The members present at the opposition caucus were Messrs. Clifford,
Curtis, Fulton, Garden, Gilford, Green
Hayward, Helmcken, Kidd, Murphy
Munro, MoBrlde,  McPhllllps, Neill,
If Not BUewhere It's Bere.
The future of tbe Dunsmuir government is now at the mercy of two votes.
Miss Pearl Thomson of Beaton, paid
a visit to friends in town during the
The ladies of the local literary so
clety will do the entertaining at tomorrow evening's   meeting, so that
something good is ln store.   Evory-1
body is Invited.   No questions ask.
Messrs. Molstyre, Christy and Small,
qemmercial drummers, came up the
hike yesterday, and supplied the pay
roll centre witb the latest of everything���Including itoryettei and popular
Mere trouble: Aotion has been commenced by Mrs. John Dunsmuir and G.
F. Vernon against James Dunsmuir and
other directors of the "Colonist" company, elected a few days ago, to prevent them assuming office.
The Eagle is iu receipt of no less
than two dozen new subscribers,, and a
few letters from men in Trout Lake
and Ferguson endorsing our action in
protecting the future interests In this
camp. If modesty doesn't get the best
of us we may reproduce * few of them
next Issue.
Just fancy, if you can, the child-like
simplicity of a man changing his smel*
ter location plans just because of the
utterances of any newspaper. Do you
think if a mining man like F. August
Heinze Intended to build a smelter in
Trout Lake the criticisms of the Topic
would alter hia plans?
The prohibition question is not a livo
issue in tbis camp, stud poker is on the
decline, the sun rises and sets as usual,
and ore shipments continue much the
same as in days gone by.
The Silvor Cup people have out
nearly 700 tons of the proposed 800-ton
output, and it is reported have also
struck a large new chute of ore in an
unexpected portion of the mine, which
if taken out will largely increase tho
The Nettie L. people are continuing
development work and ore is now being rawhided down over the wagon
road. Work is being prosecuted on
the Black Warrior, Horseshoe, Beatrice, and a few individual properties,
but of course there can be very littlo
real activity expected for a couple of
months yet.
Silver and lead values are gradually
climbing back to tbe old figure, which,
to Lardeaultes, is "a thing of beauty
and a joy forever."
Tbe manager of a bie Slocan dividend-paying mine, has informed thc
Eaole that he intends to acquire
some mining interests in this camp as
soon as the snow disappears, and letters
from enquirers in every direction foretell an unusual season of development,
probably as a direct consequence of
the nearby completion of tbe A. & K.
Tbe EAOLE, too, has good authority
for believing that machinery for at least
one of our oldest mines has been
ordered and will arrive in Trout Lake
as soon as trains are operated between
Lardo and Gerrard. This marks a new
era in tho camp, an 9ra which has
long beon patiently awaited.
Following the introduction of maohinery and cheaper transportation
facilities we hare good reason to look
upon the bright side of Lardeau life.
There will bo moro labor employed,
more development, more sales of properties, more ore shipments, more business, and more changes in tbis camp
'luring tbe coming few months than
oven the most optimistic have looked
for, if the EAGLE Is any judge of coming events.
Will B. C, Submit ?
Quebec has the nerve and backbone
to ask for amendments to tho British
North America Aet, but poor old sleepy
1$. C. Is still kept down, for Imperial
reasons. Despite the fact that this
province Is being next to bankrupted
by the excessive drain of tho Dominion government the Eaqle notes that
our heretofore Inadequate appropriations have been cut down $6,500,000 less
than last year. Is lt possible that tho
electors of B. C. cannot look for a fair
deal at the hands of the Dominion
government? Like the dogs tall and
tin can story: This province is the
oan. But the reason for its present.
financial predicament is not tbe fault
of tbe can, but of the dog it is tied to.
Rogers, S, C. Smith, Tatlow and Tay- j ladder.
A good intention makes but a short
No Progreii Without Then.
The agitator is the advance agent of
social improvement and fully realizes
that reforms are not achieved by conservative methods. To the agitators
from the beginning of the world is due
the advancement and semi-civilization
of the present, and if ever we see
Utopian conditions dawning upon thc
world we must thank the agitator.���W,
H, D, in Miners Magazine, I'ul-Hshed every Thursday at Ferguson, II. ('., by
lo whom all correspond-
ouce should beaddiesscd.
Advertising Rates: Display ads.,91.00 persilicic
column Inch per month.
l.,-l*>il ads., 12 cents por
' uimpariell line for lirst Insertion: 8 cents per line (or each additional
Insertion. Readme notices 10 cunts per line each Issue. Mnely day
legal nollces, 110.: sixty days, S7.W: thirty days,'.*. No ads. accepted
a', less than these rates.     No room for quack ads.
Subscription Rates:    |2.00 per annum, to any address In America,
11.00 for six months; KM a vcar lo forolj-n addresses.   No pay, no paper.
Job Printing:    Tie Eagle Job department Is tlio bost equippedloffloS
.id Ihe only office which can furnish the typographical union label in
Mirth KOOtenny: a guarantee ln itself of good work and promptness.
The government must cease giving away our natural
resources. Let it retain and operate them in the interests of the province.
The province of British Columbia can never hope to
get out of debt, nor develop its natural resources until
its political "rulers" are succeeded by an industrial
The difference between a privately-owned and operate -i "-"-I nnd ;i cnllecMvcIv-owned and operated trust
is that the profits go into the government treasury instead of into the pockets of men who are already spoiling with wealth.
Kootenay labor unions are showing; their wisdom.
They are one and all going into politics. The ballot is
lie place, gentlemen, to do the trick. Make the right
:se of that one minute of voting liberty accorded you
and one single election more will place the balance of
,-iower in your hands.    Then use it.
A representative of the Vancouver Independent is
making a tour thru the lower country. As a result of
':is observations in the Slocan he writes:
"The province needs badly a government owned refinery as well as a lead factory. Then where now only
a few hundred men would be employed, there would be
many thousands, the province would go forward with
leaps and bounds, and people who now are loud in their
praises of the Klondike and Horse Fly would gradually
drop out of sight. It is a crying shame the way this
splendid district is handicapped."
The same words could be applied to the Lardeau
with equal force.
An economic system ol collective-ownership and
management of the means of production and distribution would do much to lessen the number of upstart'
and snobs, who occasionally hob up importantly and
endeavor to demons!rale to an ever-bowing public thai
they are the only living creatures this far north. A
iittle sudden money, and a cranium full of ignorance,
does much to annoy ,-iny community burdened hy this
particular species of human kind. When our government is so constituted that all profits, interest and rent,
$,'oes into the public treasury snohocracy will largely
cease to exist, and after a few years of education, and
.quality ot opportunities, the folks will probably be as
-food as the people.
Because the editor of the Eagle happens to be a
Socialist, and doesn't care particularly who knows it,
he appears to be made a mark by a few newspapers,
and men who differ with his convictions. The Eagle
grants every man a right to his opinion, but we insist
on being accorded the same inalienable privilege. Just
because the Eagle said that Joseph Martin's platform
"contained enuf Socialism to make it vote-catching
and enuf vagueness to leave plenty of loopholes,"
which is a statement of fact, the Topic trumps up thai
old "motive" insinuation.
If the Trout Lake Topic, or any body else, can prove
one single instance of where the Eagle ever "sold" a
line of its space other than that which is devoted tr>
commercial advertising, we will make them a present
of our business as a going concern and walk out of
camp like an U. S. parson. The Eagle has never
been "bought," nor can it be bought so long as it remains under the present management. The Eagle is
in business for the same reason as any body else���to
make enul money to keep the sheriff at arm's length
and allow the staff to feed upon something other than
sweet remembrances, prunes and snow water. But
there is no man living who can truthfully point to a
single instance of where we have' made money dishonestly���or for that matter any other old way. The
Kagle objects to the Topic throwing out base insinuations as to our "motives," simply because we get dpi
and rustle for business while our friend roasts his shins
by the fireside. The Eagle asks no man for his sympathy or money; but we do demand a fair deal. Will
the Topic kindly cut the cards?
The Eagle has no desire whatever to prolong the
local discussion concerning the inflated prices of certain mining stocks. We have had our say, and no man,
not even one, has stepped forward to say that we
uttered an untruth, or asked other than fair questions.
Our columns have been open, free of charge, to the
reverend promoters in question, but no refutations or
explanations have teen made. We have endeavored
lo be fair. Our interests are all in this town and camp,
and naturally enuf we want to safeguard 'them against
a repetition of the earlier history of the' Kootenays.
There is not a minister of the gospel in British Columbia who will endorse the methods of those whom we
have pointed out. But for having done so the Eagle
must suffer a boycott at the hands of a few who seem
to think the future of this camp depends on a few of
Uncle Sam's parsons. This we are prepared to do,
and the chances are the Eagle will still be doing business at the old stand when they are gone and forgotten,
iho the ill effects of their having been here may injure
this camp until such times as the din and busy whirl of
prosperity will have forced it into oblivion���a day not
l.-ir distant we feel certain.
Thc Lardeau's mineral resources will win out indue
time.   The completion of the railway, the  reductions
in fuel, transportation and smelting rates, the gradual
raise in the metal market, and the consequent influx of
practical mining men and investors indicates the future
of this district. The' Lardeau is all right.;, The men
who have stayed by it thru thick and thin are made of
the right kind of clay, and in six months from now
many pf our old-time associates, while blowing rings
of smoke irom line Havanas in their cushloned-offices,
will, in a reminiscent mood, look tyick to the little incidence which is now given a place in their minds because there is nothing much else to spend the long
winter evenings chewing the rag about.
A Baltimore clergyman in a recent sermon endorsed
the union label in the following eloquent words, says
the Canterbury Outcrop:
"What can be more sacred, more holy or more deserving of the reverence of men or the angels than the
union label, which signifies that human life has been
more highly valued in the production of human commodities than mere profit sought for by greed?"
"The label is an emblem of justice, of fraternity, of
humanity. When you find a label on a garment or a
box of cigars, or a loaf ot bread, or a piece of printing, you can be sure that neither was made in a sweat
shop, that no little children's fingers were compelled to
sew, or sort tobacco in the hours of night intended for
childish sleep. When you see this label on any commodity, you can buy it with a clear conscience, knowing that in doing so you are not becoming a partner to
nn institution that degrades humanity to private profit.
You can sleep soundly, also and not be worried with
thoughts of typhus, fever, smallpox, leprosy, which are
so olten scattered broadcast from Chinese opium joints,
penitentiary convicts' cells and tenement sweat shops,
where (he most degraded specimens of humanity put
their life's blood into marketable goods, from which
the poor unsuspecting public suffers'all manner of foul
and loathsome diseases.
"The union label is a religious emblem. It is a
religious act to buy goods to which this label is attached���an act blessed on earth and honored in heaven,
while it is a sin to buy a cigar, a piece of clothing, a
pair of shoes, or a loaf of bread, without this label,
for then you do not know but what you are building up
the business of some heartless tyrant, who is extracting a fortune from the drudgery and degradation of his
fellows, at a risk of public health.
"God bless the label! And I hope that all of you,
as you leave here tonight, will carry indelibly impressed
upon your minds the picture of the union label, surrounded by angels, and that you will always know that
the favorite banner in heaven presents justice to labor,
fresh air and sunshine, and healthful conditions to those
who toil, and the truth that human life is of gold."
The Eagle has just found in the Calgary Herald,
the editor of which is interested in Lardeau mining, an
experience of striking similiarity with the combination
ol circumstances which it has been our lot to face for
ihe past few weeks. And the arguments the Herald
outs forward in defense of its position apply with a
refreshing degree of truthfulness to the contentions and
position of the Eagle..
The Herald says: "A few days ago the Herald had
occasion to refer to a form of social perversity * *
"In touching upon such delicate gronnd we cast aside
fear or favor and endeavored, in the best way known
to us to discharge what we considered to be our duty
as a public newspaper.' If the Herald wished to blow
.1 fanfare for itself we might enlarge at great length
upon the number of responsible and prominent citizens
who have called at the office and tendered their congratulations upon our outspoken treatment of a flagrant evil, and thc letters couched in a similar strain
which have come to us thru the mail. We are not in
the puffing business however, and having neither friend
to serve nor enemy to chastise we refuse to believe that
our utterances require justification,
"The principle generally laid down by "men of the
world" is that although 0 crying evil may exist, may
even be eating the roots out of society, a newspaper
which however unworthy it may be tries to discharge
its functions, should remain silent; recreant to every
precept of decent journalism. ��
"A newspaper can do a great deal to prevent the
public flaunting ol undesirable relations and thus remove a good deal of the example which keeps pernicious practices alive.
"It is neither an attack of dyspepsia nor a desire
for spicy paragraphs that gave rise to the article in
question. It tvas to our sorrow existing conditions
that called it forth, Our readers have but to consult a
few representative citizens to see whether it was justified or not.
"In saying this wc are pleading no extenuation, we
take nothing back and have no apologies to make. We
attacked a social evil that required redress and in so
doing our position is unimpeachable. The task is not
a pleasant one, but that is no reason why we should
shrink from it.
"The matter is grave and the flippant tone adopted
by a correspondent is characteristic of the view taken
by a certain section of the people, of a social perversity
that feeds on sordidness and has only tragedy for its
atonement. ,
"To minimize and pass by with a tolerant laugh,
perhaps, the worst evil with which a community can be
cursed, is���to employ the classic precedent suggested
by our correspondent's Lajinity���on a par with Nero's
Addling while Rope was burning.     .
"A correspondent says: 'The press can do nothing in the direction of influencing public morality.' We
beg to differ most distinctly wilh him. In this particular instance we intend making a jolly good try at it,
Sheridan, a gentleman of some repute in his day, was of
the opinion that the press could overturn a tyrant king,
a hostile house of lords and a corrupt house of commons; and it it could successfully run up against such
a combine it is a little strange if it could not do something in the way of making people who were misbehaving ashamed of themselves." .'
��� ��� I. J-U-Ul	
Send at once for a
copy of the Lardeau map
Address LARDEAU EAQLE Ferguson, B. C.
If you   are   building  or contemplate building we will be
pleased to quote you estimates on anything made in our
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel .confident that we can-give you satisfaction'in
ev<��ry particular.    Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B.C.
smoke union- J   There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkirk
Brands, manufactured by the Enterprise
nm leeeeeef Cigar Co., Koyelstoke, are unequalled in *.*.*.. inn*
��� the province ���
MAKE   CIGARS. I -F��rs-aebyIJrjuwn-sUj|dl����Hotsls.  I ma0|-   c,gars.  ��� '.
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall >4_.   t
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
1   Sewing   Machines,
Etc. 10*10*10*1^
.�����������-��� REVELSTOKE, *.' C.
Wholesale Liquor Dealeb^JaDofactraof Aerated Water
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Everybody  our Special
smokes     A��D	
-  The Union
CIGkAR ���     r
They are all Union made and ol the      UN'""    ClGAR
best Havana Tobacco money can      FACTORV, H. A.
tinw      Ten  nnn   anil    eellifu  ��niii,calt '
Brown, Prop.
buy. Try one and satisfy yourself
as to their quality,
All branches of the Tonsorial Art
executed with ambidextrous dexcrlty.
' Wm. Schnell, Prop.
Ferguson Meat Market
Fine stock of the :   PRRSH BBBP, PORK, MUT-
���.������.best Alberta ;   TON,   PQILTRY,   Btc,  Etc.
Palrrfi��*   Shopont'dr/rtoVK^rdeau.    Prompt Delivery
Packing and
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into for picking of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point in the district.
Good, prompt service, and  any work undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's  Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.. "^f. S. Daney, Proprietor.
REST OUiaiNX      RVICE.   W
BEST 12.00 A DAY BOD 81
Hotel L,arideau
J. Laughton, Propn 'etor.
��UTtM*f OT8H*a>.      AND "mm *M'"V" ��� CONVENIENTLY
_B****.M*B m*-���
+**.**.**.....,.,,.*.*��...... .+.,..,,..*
The Socialist Movement
in Britisn Columbia
Contributed by Members ef tbe Socialist Party of B. C,
To be happy one must have nothing
to forgot.
!   The first and worst of all frauds is to
OIBelal Lilt of B. O. Locals.
Executive Sec.:
Ernest Burns, US Powell St., Vancouver, I). C.
Vancouver John ,Dodd, Sec.
Victoria o. Lee Charlton, 61 John St., Sec.
. Nanaimo    Geo. Kirby, Sec.
' Port Moody      John Walton, See.
Itevelstokc C. W. Mitchell, Sec.
l-'erguson    ...   R, P. Pettiplece, Sec.
���������Iocbii  J. V. Purvlani-e, Sec.
silverton Walter Smllh, Sec,
.Vow Deovet. Duncan Welr.Sec.
-landon , James McDonald, sec.
Kaslo Geo. T. Kane, Sec.
Nelson .John Roberls, box lOT, Sec.
Holland       W. II. Baker, See.
Trail       Alfred Benkett. sec.
Grand Forts J. A. McLeod, Sec.
ilreen-v-ood       J. 0. Helm, See.
I'hoenix             G. W. Rogers, Sec,
Vmlr              Andy Burges,-ec.
i-algary, Alberta J. McCorkey, See.
Maple Creek, Asia       M. Elliott, See.
cheat one's self.
A Lnrdeaulte'e View of SooialUui.
Knowing that the Eagle is in sympathy with the Socialist movement now
doing such great work in the United
States, io fact all over the world, and
to a lesser degree also in Canada, I
Venture ii few remarks to help along,
perhaps in a small way, the good cause. Uo give a cheap fuei inducement to iron
troubles.  Result: change of editor.
The Times also has internal troubles
in the press room,  Result unknown.
Several new unions have organized
here recently. Among them tbe
plumbers and barbers. And tbe Trades
and Labor counell meetings are well
The Socialist vote at the Rlley-Bar-
nard contest was 100 per cent, larger
than the returns stated in the papers.
They conceded us one vote. There
were two.
The last meeting of the Socialist
league in the old hall was on Tuesday
evening last. Several of our members
are out of town, so only an Informal
meeting was held, and not much effort
will be expended on holding meetings
for a few weeks.
The Dunsmuir government has not
yet announced a-polioy of opening up
coal mines and operating them so as
The sorrows of to-day makes tbe
happiness of to-morrow.
An argument brought against us is
that ambition will be.killed if our
future life were assured, so far as not
being left to starve to death Is concerned. Now any one, (and there are
many)' who makes a statement like this
is grossly ignorant of the fundamental
principles of Socialism, or else wilfully
distorts what their own common sense
must tell them are the facts. It is
tantamount to saying that you bave to
be hungry to become ambitious, and If
Few men can resist the devil when
thc profits are considerable.
For all misfortunes thoro are two
remedies���time and silence.
There are more rooster-pecked wives
in tbe world than hen-pecked husbands.
There are a number of bureaus of
labor that bave not labored very much
for those who labored!
13. Hume & Co.
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The largest importers in North Kootenay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake City, B. C.
You Can Always Depend
Upon getting the Best Workmanship and the Best Materials for your money, when you buy your clothes from
D   C   Wifcftn   MERCHANT TAILOR,
and steel and smelting and other industries and consumers.
Childhood is composed of dreams and
bowel trouble, manhood of love and
heart trouble, old age of gout and blad
der trouble.     	
This would be a better world if
people would take tbeir own advice
instead of giving it all to others,���Fort
Steele Prospector.
Collective.Ownership Will Change It All.
Laborers use tools they do not own;
capitalists own tools they do not use.
t Laborers produce wealth tbey do not
own; capitalists own wealth they have
hot produced.
Laborers toll and make capitalists
rich; capitalists remain idle and keep
laborers poor,
this is the case we are certainly de;,. Labor is exploited; capitalists are ex-
generating.   What is ambition?  True
ambition is a longing to excel���not financially as some people seem to think
���but morally, socially, physically, and
in i, general way for the betterment of
mankind.   It is the fear of to-morrow
that makes tbe first aim of life consist
of trying to get the bettor of our fellow creatures by fair means or foul in
the struggle of life, and the habit
grows to such an extent that a man
sinks to a depth at which hia sole ambition is to hoard up wealth at some
one's expense.   It is generally believed
that those who bavn.accumulated large
fortunes in a life time were men above
the average intelligence.   Now for the
saic** of argument, suppose we admit
this tribute to this class of men. Would
it not have been a grander, and nobler
incentive     had    these     intellectual
"giants" used these great intellects in
improving mankind generally, rather
than in the selfish individual one-man
manner wblch tbe world seems to admire and bold up as an examnle to our
youth.   If this is the ambition that we
should admire, then heaven- help our
future   One of Socialism's principal
aims Is to teach us to think less of
ourselves directly and more of each
other, so that we may never think tbat
the earth was meant only for our Individual selves,   Under existing conditions there are two arguments that can
be given as shewing that talents or incentives are not cultivated to their
fullest extent.    First,  poverty often
prevents a talent being developed or
an incentive being pursued; and secondly, when men make a change from
abject poverty to luxurious comforts
through a talent it is Inclined to Induce
them to "lay on their oars" so tn speak
aud resign themselves to ease and com
fort, thus stopping the further development, which under a more equitable
economic system might have been attained.   In fact being too rich Is as injurious to true ambition as being too
poor.   Of course there are exceptions
to three arguments, but on the whole
they will be  found correct.    Then
again, under Sooialism all would receive credit for what they actually produced in whatever capacity they happened to be occupied, thus creating an
incentive to excel which would' eventually bring the whole people to a
greater state of efficiency in the general
standard of tbe whole world.   These
may 'not be very strongly put arguments, but tbey are only a drop in the
bucket to the many arguments which
can be produced In favor of the coming
great social system,
Lardeau Socialist.
Tbe man who believes that all men
are liars will be vastly more happy than
he who believes that most men are
honest and tell tbe truth.���Exchange.
ploiters. Laborers are numerous; capitalists are few.
Laborers form a political party for
whioh capitalists will not vote; capital-
l.ts form a political party for whiob
laborers always vote.
Laborers are controlled by governments that are always controlled by
Laborers are those who earn an
honest living by the use of either mind
or muscle; capitalists are idlers who
prey upon those who toll by collecting
rents, interest and profits.
To the producers belong tbe profits,
and not "to the victors belong tbe
spoils." That is a proposition that it-
easily understood by anyone of ordinary Intelligence.
// ever there was a time in
the history of the town of
Ferguson Socialists Active
The Ferguson .Vocislist league met,
as usual on Mondny evening, and "the
arowth of Social! nm" us their topic for
discussion was most interesting. Next
Monday evening it mixed program will
be provided, and the publio are especially invited, One more new member
enlisted at last meeting. Tf you are
not a Socialist it is probably because
you don't understand what its objects
and aims are.. Come along and "let us
reason together." TheFerguson league
Is now thirty strong and growing svery
week. *
A letter from H. J. Lipsettof Slocan,
says the Socialist League was given a
good lift a week ago Sunday by Rev,
R. Whittington, superintendent of
Methodist missions for B. C. The Slocan Local is growing.
No man can know a moral truth until
he feels it. He must think and know
before he can realize bis full obligation,���Rev. I. W. Joyce, Methodist
Bishop, Pittsburg, Pa,
While gold mining is the only business on earth in whioh there is no competition, the statement does not apply
to the sale of mining shares in which
there is at times considerable competition.
to bay lots that time is now
"You talk about natural resources!"
scornfully exclaimed the Minnesota
man. "Why, last year the catch of
lobsters In ourstate was over 7,000,000!''
"And your state is full of 'em yet!"
fiercely ejaculated tbe cheerful idiot.
Sidelights From the Capital.   <
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 22.���The people here turned out ln crowds to witness
tbe opening of parliament on Thursday���that is those of us whp had time
to spare from tbe struggle for oread.
And the government promised u* a
redistribution measure, and some of
the members will be tumbling over
each other introducing bills for labor,
He would be a-rash prophet who
would predict results ln tbe house now,
' Victoria and Nanaimo Socialists endeavored to secure Prof. Mills for a
lecture next week, but could not as
dates were already arranged. We may
secure him on his return trip. ,,
The Colonist   is  having   internal
Independent political action Is the
watchword, tbe ballot the means by
which tbe wrongs of labor can be
righted to usher in the cooperative
commonwealth���tbe Socializing of all
tbe means of production and distribution.
"We may choose what kind of Socialism we shall have, but the nature of
things leaves us no way of choosing
whether or not we shall have Socialism. It is manifestly the next stage of
historic development. It Is cooing because It is as inevitable as life."���Prof.
Tbe 20th century belongs tn Socialism. Labor saving machinery, with
all tbe other means of production and
distribution, have ln them tbe power
end patency of the: greatest blessing to
mankind, but at present we notice that
the benefits accrue to the owner of the
. In terms of religion Socialism has for
its basts, "The Brotherhood of Man" it
seeks thru association and equality, to
realize fraternity; it would substitute
tbe sacred rights of Humanityifor tbe
so-called sacred rights of property; consign capital and dividends to oblivion,
and make sons of Cod out of slaves of
Socialism is a simple yet comprehensive means for the improvement of the
conditions and character of men. In
terms of economics Socialism Is the
public ownership of all natural resources and public utilities, and the
common operation of all industries for
the general good. R is opposed to the
private ownership Of the means of production and distribution, whieh is indirect ownership of men; and to our
wage system which robs men of a large
part of the product of their labor.
The Standard Oil Company bas declared a dividend of 20 per cent, forthe
first quarter of 1902. It will amount to
120,000,000, of which John D. Rockefeller will get 40 per cent,, or {3,000,*
000. A tidy little sum to put away for
three months labor. How would you
like to be the oil man?
He best loves his country who desire*
for her tbe most precious of all possessions, justice, honor, equity and charity, who will not countenance oppression in any form, nor give his influence
in favor of national pride, or vengeance, or persecution, or outrage with
In or without her borders.
Coder the present system, "prosperity to the country" does not mean prosperity to the workingmen. These
workers are in the condition of the
children whose father gave tbem
cent to go to bed without their supper,
and then oharged tbem a cent for their
breakfast in the morning. See the
The syndicate, headed by J. P. Mor
gan &Co., which did tbe underwriting
of the United States Steel Corporation,
made a net profit of $50,500,000, according to the Evening Post's Interpretation of the report made last Wednesday by the company. Undor Socialism
these profits would now be iu the government treasury.
The railway is being pushed to completion and
soon the C. P. R. will accept through freight
for Trout Lake. Trains are now being operated on the new road as far as the steel is laid.
Many mining properties surrounding Ferguson
are rapidly reaching the shipping stage, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only is
Ferguson the commercial, banking, smelting
and pay roll center, but here is where the most
prominent Lardeau mining men have their
interests and headquarters. The best lot locations are being picked up by shrew d investors.
There is Big Money hi
"The universality of education will
make tbe competitive principle in any
department of human affairs an insult
to enlightened Intelligence. Socialism
is the next great political creed to occupy our attention, and tlie central
problem in this oreed is the question of
tbe distribution of wealth."���Prof.
Henry Dsvis, Yale University.
Under a competitive system, where
private ownership is tbe central figure,
two classes with interests diametrically
opposed bave sprung Into existence.
The one class robbed of all tbe means
of life except his labor, is forced to
sell that at a price dictated by the one
wbo employes him, while {the other
class, by a system of exploitation and
fraud���legalized by his hirelings the
bench and the press���rests secure until
the voice of labor demands that the
competitive system be supplanted by
the co-operative commonwealth.
If Seeured at Present Prices
Business Lots are Still on the Market at
$150 Upwards $150
Residential Lots at
Write or call on the General Agent,
Henry Floyd*
Revelstoke, B. C.
**#t& ********Ml*4 *********!**** (**-*-��.*.*���***���* How's your printing?
Ijr. B. Pool is in town.
James Cummings of the King's hotel,
will leave for Revelstoke on Monday
for a few days.
The looal Vulcan furnace is now near-
ing completion.. The management are
now looking for fluxes and ore to begin
operations with.
The present exhorbltant price of egg)
if likely to lead to the demand for the
government ownership of hens.���The
People, Butte, Mont.
"Who are those fellows holding a
meeting in the hall on the floor above?'
"They are anarohlstB." "They look
like it.   They'rea bomb lot."���Ex.
Miss Annie Murray, who has been
visiting her aunt, Mrs. R. P. Pettipiece, here for the past five months,
left for her home in Fletcher, Idaho, on
Saturday last.
Thos. Taylor's announcement that
Richard McBride would be the Conservative leader of the opposition was
merely prematurely announced. It bas
turned out as intended.
Andrew Ferguson, one of the owners
of the Triune mine, bas joined the benedicts. As a result the usual Ferguson
custom of festivities and congratulations have been coming fast and furious.
Andrew F. Rosenberger, who is
largely interested in the Fish Creek
camp, has returned to Nelson, with
strong financial backing- This may
alter things considerably in the free-
gold camp.
The Western Mining World, published at Butte, Montana, for a number of years, has been removed to
Chicago, Illinois, where many Improvements in its already excellent service
will be made.
Poor Fernie! The Crow's Nest Coal
company has bluntly told the Fernie
merchants that, in spite of all former
pledges and understandings, they will
establish a company store at the mine.
What about Kellie's Truck Act?
Rev. Charles W. McCrossan, a stook
promoter of considerable renown, ot
Minneapolis, Minn., arrived in the pay
roll centre on Saturday last. No startling developments as yet. In fact the
Eagle has been overlooked like s
white chip.
Jno. J. Young of Calgary, arrived ln
town yesterday. Mr. Young is managing dirfotor of the Calgary Herald,
holds large ranching interests ln Alberta, and is a leading figure ln the
Nettle L. and Double Eagle companies
in this camp.
'"Well! that's queer. I stopped my
paper last week, and even Rev. McCrossan, with brotherly sympathy, haa
declared a boycott on the Eaqle, yet
I'll be jiggered if the pesky rag didn't
appear aB usual. Really I don't understand it at all."
A controversy is now raging in England over tbe use ot cross saddles for
both sexes. Fashion Is not ln favor of
girls riding nsti -i, as do men, but common sense and physicians favor the Innovation. Therefore the Lardeau ia
up to date in thi   rospeefc
Busy Slocan 1 Says the Slocan Drill:
About one-half of the male population
of'-the burg here been in Nelson this
week ���on mining business, getting
married, attending presbytery, Orange
society and Chapleau meetings, courting, and sundry other errands,
The latest epidemic in Ferguson li
bibliomania. It has spread to Trout
Lake already. Those "pyritic jokes,"
"vulcanized riddles," and "high-grade
smelter localisms," "great doin's" and
"refined nlpplns" concoctedTbjr the late
minstrel show must be responsible,
Oold Commissioner Fraser of Revelstoke, was in town yesterday on official
business. Up to that date the minutes
of our reoent public meeting asking
for appropriations for public work) in
the Ferguson camp, had not been
banded him, tho they should ere this
have bees forwarded to tbe assistant
csmmlssloner of lands and works,
The report that three malls a week
would be forthcoming this week seems
to be unfounded. The mail came in
and went out on Tuesday, and there
will be none again until to-morrow.
Surely, now that tbe boat is running,
the old service could easily be placed
in vogue. The inconvenience ^caused
by the present service Is keenly felt
in Ferguson, j
The following is a list of Lardeau oro producers, amount shipped and the gross returns,
reports of whieh have to be furnished monthly
by mine owners to the provincial government:
Name. Pounds.      Cross Val.
Silver cup 2,400,000      -jiso.ooo.oo
Nettle L  1,760,000 63.S80.00
Triune     619,776 82,870.27
Beatrice     412,000 32,239.39
Great Northern     66,000 1,344.00
Broadview     62,000 1,664.00
Ethel  34,000 1,696.00
Cromwell  23,289 1.206.79
4 Ophir-lade  12,000 1,320.00
Metropolitan  11,974.... 726.00
St. Klmo  12,000.... 510.00
Ruffled arouse     11,770....       907,19
Union View         M .... 18.17
��� Old Oold	
I Horseshoe	
{ Black Warrior	
t Returns and correetlons sited lor.
Answers to Eoqlrera.
This department is established lor the benefit
of SUBSCRIBERS wbo desire particular information about mines and mining affairs. While
we will endeavor to secure and give reliable
Information we cannot guarantee accuraoy ln
every case.
Roaders who are not upon our subscription
list must enclose II. with their questions. This
fee will include six months' subscription to
" The Lardeau Eagle."
Nelson P., Littleton, N. H., U. S. A.
���1. One of their properties gives
promise of becoming a good producer
of low-grade silver-lead ore. 2, It
may be all right ln time. 3. No. The
Mountain Lion people have made no
shipments of ore as yet. 4. The Nettie L. mine has shipped $03,380 wortb
of ore, yet their shares are only valued
at SO cents. The Mountain Lion Co.
have shipped no ore, but according to a
late circular the Eagle has received
the company announce that they will
raise the price from 40 cents to 81.00.
This is out of all reason. 5. Have
placed your name on sub. list as requested. 	
Locals With a Paystreak.
* For anything in the book or sta*
tlonery line send to the Canada Drug &
Book Co., Revelstoke, B. C. Mail
orders receive prompt attention.
* To get acquainted with this district
you Bhould have a copy of the new and
only map. Send a one dollar bill to
the Eagle and secure one at once.
* The Revelstoke, Trout Lake &
Big Bend Telephone Co., limited, has
offices at Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thomson, Camborne, Trout Lake and Ferguson.   Reliable service.
* The Ferguson quadrille club gives
a dance every Thursday evening in
Miners' Union ball. Sedure a membership ticket from the secretary, B. U.
Smith.    $2 a month.
�� Smokers I If you want the genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt letters on every box.
H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Offices: ^Revelstoke, Goldon, and Ferguion.
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo. 8. McCarter. J.A.Harvey.
A. K. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, 3. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Imperial Bank
%n      of Canada.
��� ���2,600,000.00.
��� 11,860,000.00.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits ln Savings
Department at current ratei.
a, eTphipps,
To Z.Gordon Goldberg or L. Goldberg,or to
any person or persons to whom they may
have transferred their   Interests in the
Little Robert and Little Robert No. 2 mineral claims situate atthe head of the North
fork ot Lardeau creek, and adjoining the
Black Warrior group on the northwest, in
the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay Dlstrect.
You are hereby notified that I have expended two hnndred and five dollars and twenty-
nvo cents (120.1.25) in labor and Improvements
on the above mentioned mineral claims In
order to hold said mineral claims under the
provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of this notico you
rail or refuse to contribute your proportion of
���uch expenditures together with all cost of
advertising, your interest In said claims will
become the property of the subscriber, under
section 4 of an Act entitled An Aot to Amend
the Hineral Aet, 1900,
Dated at Ferguion this 4th day ot December,
de'ct-Sm        JOSEPH C. KIRKPATRICK.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium  .   .   .
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Boating, fishing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts ot the world. Two malls arrive and
depart every day. Its baths cuio all nervous
and muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and wators are a suro remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS: 112 to
Hi per week, according to residence ln hotel
or villas.
Bate of North America
the United Hatters
ol North America.
When you are burnt a FUR HAT,
liner soft or itlff,
see to It that the
genuine UNION
LabeHreewed In It,
II a retailer has
loose labels In hli
possession and offers to put one In a
hat for yon, do not
. patronise him. He
hai not any ngnt to nave loose labels. Loose
labels In retail stores are counterfeits, Do nol
listen to any explanation ae to why the hat
has no label. The Osnulns Union Label It
perforated on the lour edges exactly the lime
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits are sometimes perlorated on three of the edges, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them ln order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John 5. Stetson
Co. and Henry H, Roelofs A Co,, both oi Philadelphia, Pa., be son-union concerns,
'JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N, J,
M  WI Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, n.Y.
B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co.
Headquarters for Assaycrs, Mining & Mill
Supplies. Sole agents in B. C. for Morgan
Crucible Co., Bittersea, England; F. W. Braun
& Co.'s Patent Cary Furnaces, Burners, etc.;
Wm. Ainsworth & Co.'e Flno Balances, etc., etc,
at this time of year, and never were
we better prepared to fill orders tor
the miners than jusc now. Our stock of
Men's Clothing and Furnishings
is such that we can suit the requirements of everyone. We have the
largest and best stook of Footwear,
Underwear, Mackinaw Clothing, Overall*, etc, ever placed on tale ln Ferguson. At lt already well known by our
Increasing   number   of   customers.
"Everything tor the Miner"
Our Grocery Department it a leading
feature of this store. Turning over
our stock, as we do, so regularly, our
Stock.of Groceries are always fresh.
Right Qoods, Prices and Treatment.
McKinnon <�� Sutherland
Lardeau's Leading Store.
H. Edwards**-.
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed,
Third Street ^Revelstoke
Change of Service,
Until further advised the steamer "Kokanee"
for Kaslo and "Moyle" for Kootenay Landing
will leave from Proctor, connection from Ncf
son being as follows:
FOS--CJ-,2,7l���N5Kl^INI"pBO_,ST. PAUL,
7:10 a.m.
6:10 p. m.
Leave   I NELBON I   Arrive
* P. a. I DAILY ex. SUNDAY. 110:16 a.m.
For Kootcniy Lake points. Proctor to Kokanee Creek connection from Nelson will be 7.15
a. m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, returning the same evening at 6:15 p. tn.
For berths, time tables, rates and full In-
formation, apply to
D. P. A., Nelson.
E. J. COYLE, A. G. I*. A., Vancouver,
J. DONOVAN, Agent, Arrowhead.
For the NEXT TWO WEEKS We desire to
CLEAR OUT our stock of
Canned Goods
To make room for a new shipment.   Call and get prices.
Established 1896
General Merchants
Drugs and Stationery
Prescriptions partially and Accurately Compounded.
'    A. F. RANKINE
'   HllllllllHISIIHIIIIII   ���
Ferguson Realty
Qood Investment
Write at once to
General Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B. C.
The Man who will risk the Purchase of a Lot or two in the
* ii   ~���
Now has many good chances of making
Circle City is the future terminus of the proposed railway, already surveyed
via the Lardeau creek north fork to that point.
Clrole City Is beautifully located at the base of the Lardeau Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks.
Cirele City is absolutely surrounded by mining properties now under development.
Cirele oityaflords splendid water power which will be utilised next season for
concentrating purposes.
Clrole City will present business openings this spring. Send for tbe new map
just out (free), and full particulars, to G. B. Batho, general agt., Ferguson,
Two hnndred lots on sale now���Present prices: Corner lots, $125. Inside lots
1100.   Terms:  i cash, balance three and six months.
G. Bv BATHO, General Agent, Ferguson, B. C.


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