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Ferguson Eagle 1900-04-25

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 V /  l1
VOL. IL NO. 11.
12.00 A YEAR.
Visited by Awayer Shannon, M. L.
Moyer and tbe
.A Splendid Opportunity For a Big
Thing, if Sufficient Development
to Proeeouted.���The Great Horn
Ledge Will Soon be Tapped at an
Immense Deptli.-Circle City Notes.
On Wednesday morning an Eaole
���representative, in company wl;b S.
'Shannon tbe well known assayor, and
M. h. Moyer, the smelter man, look
Atrip up the north fork of Lardeau
���ereek, as far as the Rob Roy mine on
(Galena oreek some eight miles from
Forguson, or about one mile up from
iClrcle City, where Galena
empties into tho Lardoau.
The wagon road up the  north  side
��f Galena creek to tlio Rob Roy, gives
to all the many properties   in   that
Immediate locality, as well as those
lying on the Duncan slope.   The trail
is'built on a
*nd could be widened out with comparatively little expense.   There are
��� few mud slides here and there which
���will require repairing at once. The
���now is going fast, the trail being bare
In many places, the big snow slides
are all down (much earlier than last
year) and everything is in Bhape for
*he commencement of
in that direction.   M. Pettiplece will
have twenty-five horses at Circle City
s/ery soon now, so that there will be
<ao delay on that soore.
At Circle City Messrs. Thompson
.and Carter are busy slashing timber,
and otherwise getting ready to crown
���jerant their ranoh. The slt6 is an on-
viable one, situated much tho same as
JVsrguson, two or throe creeks forking
*��lf up tbe different draws and several
mineralised stupes lead directly into
the coming centre of aetivity. There
la ample room for a good sized town
It is free from snow slides, has unlimited water power, is surrounded by
working properties, and will enjoy a
(good pay roll this season. ���
(Leaving Circle City at noon the party
went right up the gulch, Galena creek,
to the
owned by tbe Scottish-Canadian Mining and Development Company. After
viewing, the picturesque scenery, ob-
-fervlng the var lous formations on tho
hill sides which are almost clear of
.���now In many places, we approached
iho tunnel on the south side of the
creek. Here a splendid view of the
much-talked of
to found, in fact the Rob Roy tunnel
-month' Is only some 200 feet southeast
of it. The mountain here rises sharply
for several hundred feet, and a big
.draw comes down to tho creek bottom.
There are four leads standing almost
parallel in this draw, the first one
-about 40 feot south from the commencement of the tunnel, the second one 60
feot, the third 100 feet and the fourth j
possibly 300 feet. As one goes further
tip tn the d"aw the leads become moro
��� defined, and near the top of the first
slope a good shewing of mineralized
lodge matter Is plainly visible, which
,rnns well In
The strata tn this area stands almost
vertically and trends northwest and
���outhoast, the dip being towards the
northeast. The ledges are conformable with the strata of the formation.
"Numbering the ledges from the north-
oast, that being the side from which
the crosscut tunnel le started, No. 1
ledge, whioh Is seven feet in width
where orosscut, lies in the contact between,a belt of dark greyish colored
lime ami a belt of talooso schist. No.
$ ledge, which from its outcrop appears
to be, fully two or three feet wider than
So. 1, lies wholly In a bolt of marble-
i��ed; Jtrae, while No. 3 ledge which is
of about the same width as No. 2, lies
in the contact between lime and a belt
of thin-bedded highly silicious schist.
No. 4 ledge we did not visit.
consists of quartz and lime, tho latter
somewhat preponderating, and is impregnated     throughout    wjth    iron
country at this particular point makes
the Rob Roy as good a
as there is in the Lardoau. Tho pros-
ont development consists of a tunnel
boing driven from a point, free from
snow slides, just east of the draw and
tho four loads, tho idea of the superintendent, J, W. Westfall, being to
crosscut and work the whole ol thorn
from tho ono tunnel, an experiment
whioh both Mr, Moyer, tho smeltor
representative, and Mr. Shannon, tho
assayor, were pervaded with. Aftor
going 03 feet straight iuto tho hill to
get depth, an'anglo orosscut was driven
almost duo south, whioh is now in a
litclo over 100 -feet, with two miners,
Messrs. Bigger and Hayes, still bard
at work. It might hero bo mentioned
that tho tunnel is an ideal ono, boing
high and dry, with fine smooth walls on
each side and up to date no timbering
has been required.
When the first loud spoken of was
orosscut thoy drifted in S3 foet on it,
found somo values,  bnt determined to
until all four loads aro broken into.
The second streak of lodge matter, 40
feot further in had a very fair shewing
und with II) feot of drifting somo ore
was taken out; but Supt. Westfall
being anxious to tap the No. 2, or what
is known as the big Horn ledge, continued work in that direction. Judging by the distance shewn on the
surface and taking for granted that
the leads are regular
any blast now. Here a big load should
be found if indications go for anything. Tho third lead about 100 feet
further south might possibly be tbe
great Horn lodge, in fact Mr. Westfall
thinks it is the objective point. Be
this as it may it is only a matter of
that many moro feet tunnelling until
it Is found. The fourth lead some 200
feet from the third one will eventually
be crosscut but there is no rush for the
present.' As soon as the Horn ledgo is
and the ore piled on the dump. At
this point evory foot in means at least
two feet of dopth, so that the advnn-
tuk'o -..ill rci*uii;y bo kcuu. Tim P&CBUi
immense strike on the Silver Cup at a
dopth of 310 feet goes to prove con-
clusivley that the greater the dopth
is tho ore. If tho Rob Roy people get
Into the ore at this immense dopth they
need worry no longer for transportation, money or smelters, as they can
then force their way ahead. Tho
Eagle does not profess to bo an expert, but it will venture to say that
the Rob Roy is as good a gamble as
there is in tho country. If they get
oro at this dopth they can recall any
or all shares now on the market at
once, for thoy wo'n't need tho money.
Mr. Shannon and Mr. Moyer expressed
themselves in much the same terms,
on the economical and systematic
manner in which ho was developing
the property.
Whether a mining expert would consider the Rob Roy a good proposition
or not is neither hero nor thero. The
Nottie L. was condemned by four of
o was the Silver Cup and other
of what has since proved to bu tho
richest mines, for tho dopth attained,
In tho province
A big strong woll built cabin has
been creeled and everything uportain-
Ing to tho comfort of the employees
has beon provided.
Mr. Shannon considers the Rob Roy
has big prospects in viow, and says tho
company should push work and get
under the surface showings as 60on as
possible. Then tho oro taken out in
development work alone would enable
them to do as has been done on tho
Nettie L., pay us they go and take their
stock off the market.
Supt. Westfall is now at the property
and is awaiting with interest the
results of tbe crosscut in No. 2 load.
The next 100 feet of tunnel, if No. 2
does not prove to he tho big ledge, will
bo pushed with a full three-shift fovco..
Thon for tbe first timo In the history
of the camp will the groat Horn ledge
bo tapped at such a depth, even greater
than the Nettle L. or Silver Cup now
havo. This big strike will'start it
whirl of activity In that section of the
country. One dividend payer is better
than many columns of newspaper space,
und tho ffjAGLE feels safe in leaving it
An Admirer of Hon. Joseph Martin
Gives His Opinion.
What the '��� Eagle" Sees and Hears
Throughout the Week.
For That Reason  Mr. Ledingham
Says the Masses Should be With
Him.���Chinamen Rushing-'Into the
Province.���Advice to Electors.���
Martin and Curtis on tho Stump.
To the Editor of Iho " lui^'lo":
I was pleased to see the statomcut
that you "would support und work for
tlie party having the most progressive
ideas of legislation in its platform."
Vou also state "that every faction now
before tbe British Columbia electors bus
a 'progressive'platform, but the trouble
is to determine which is most likely to
live up to their professions.1'
When tho above was written it was
no doubt true, but since that time the
Conservrtive faction through tho Victoria Colonist and otherwise, have
repudiated tho progressive platform
laid down at the Now Westminster
convention. With reference to the
Government platform, up to date
students of government will be in harmony therewith, and hero I might
state that the one member of the Liberal-Conservative association who was
responsible for the Eight-Hour plank
in the Westminster platform is now a
supporter 'Of tho Government. With
respect to the present situation it is for
the social reformer to consider seriously us to whether the Government, if
sustained, will carry out that platform.
And the surest guide T can conceive of
is to note tho opinions and actions of
thoso who will be most affected by tlie
currying out of said platform.
It is not necessary to have attended
the late Liberal convention held ut
Vancouver to notice that the great C.
P. R. machine, corporation lawyers,
chartermongors and all that kindred
and class who are continually after
something for nothing, are deathly
opposed to tho present Govern ment.
ft Is for the pooplo to consider as to
whether all that class are fairly sure
of which side thoir bread is buttered,
and should they be successful in attaining their desired ends, what will bo
left !(����� the musses after they become
Sail fled '.' There is no political indicator so sure as the action of those
always harmonious combinations. As
you well state : "all tho factions have
progressive platforms." And I submit
that that party who is mostly fearedi  . ,   ���,     ,
by tho above referred 'to combinations ! "'"�����ously if only worth
is tho one demanding the support of the I the abovo stated  values  and  concen-
common people. I trating only 10 to J.   In the Slocan tho
The Silver Belt, Kootenays, Silver
Cup, Nettio L., Annio F., Pioneer,
Kamloops No. 4., Lade and Other
Groups.���Never Before Was So
Much Development Work Dono.
Tim SUvar Belt Group, Brown Ci-��ek.
Since tho date of tho engineer's
report, condonsed in the EAGLE of
April 14th, which was mado previous
to tho recently completed contracts for
tunnelling und shafting, the Silver
Belt has developed wonderful richness
and is now one of tho show properties
of tho district. Solid galena, .S inches
wido, struck' in the 65 ft. shaft, at|20
ft. deptii, assays $:- gold, 844431
silver, $50.60 load, and $20.35 coppir,
total$532.20, and a test shipment jof
mixed galena, pyrites, zinc blende and
quartz, from which tho clear galejuu
had beon picked out, yielded $70.40 per
ten at the Trail smelter. The tunnels
follow tho main vein, No. 1 boing in
l-j ft. and No. 2, 200 ft., and in 50 to IjOO
ft, further on thoir respective leyAls
will cut beneath the rich ore chdte
that outcrops where four of tho solid
galena stringers join the vein. In tio
faoe of tho upper tunnol tlie who
matrix of tho vein is u very high gra
concentrating ore, carbonates with
galena liberally scattered and in smi.ll
Stringers all through, whioh assays fS
In gold and 10 ounces silver or about
$i!2 per ton, besides load and copper
values. As both lead carbonates and
copper values aro known to loak oht
under surface influences, tlie deeper
tho outcropping chute is cut, tlio
richer and moro solid it will bo found,
affording tho usual high grado
i hipping oro in abundant musses, as
nil experience in this camp proves.
To Illustrate how valuable the property
is. based upon tlio concentrating ore
alone, it may bo explained that carbonates aro soft and more economically
milled than quartz, and would pay
fourth of
man to commence a tunnol on the
end. Tho Black Eagle cabin will bo
used. The group lies between 0 aud
7-mile crooks between the Union Jack
und Black Eagle groups. The Black
Eagle sold for $IO,iRin some timo ago to
a syndicate. An EAGLE representative will visit the property next
Saturday, in company with the local
assayer, S. Shannon, and in all likelihood siillieient deptii will have then he
hud to give a much better idea of the
values in the apparently big strong
silver run's Hie strike.
R. Bury, ono of the minors at ihe
Silver Cup, brought down tho glad
news of another big strike on tliis
property, on Friday evening. Lkst
issue the Eagle mentioned that tlicy
were still orosscutting from the lowest
long tunnel to catch the old Cup lead
at a greater depth, and now they ht|.vo
it, much to Supt. McNeil's satisfactlu
Mr. Bury says they will possibly ht
four feet of clean ore, and at thisdei
it contains more native silver tltjan
above. It is not unlikely that as sc
as the welcome news is heard
Manager Didisheim a large force
men will again bo put to work to continue development. Tho company Ore
pursuing the policy of getting all the
ore they can easy of access for taking
out when the snow or railroad arrives,
and getting their development wo!rk
well advanced, There arc hundreds
of tons of high grade oro now in siglht
in the different workings. Dopilh
improves the values of every true lead
in tho Lardeau.
pyrites.   The oxidation of tho pyritc:
gives to the surface of tho ledges a | to the Rob Roy to become the Lo Hoi
reddish color, and makes it vory easy of Galena creek.
to trace their outcrop across tho coun ���	
try. Fragments of serpentine scattor-1 Kansas is lighting the binder twine
ed through the matrix of No. 3 lodge j trust in u sensible manner. It bus
distinguishes It from the others. Btarted a state twino factory and will
The, precipitous -condition of   the sell direct to tho farmers.
Since the disallowance of the Chinese
legislation by tho Dominion government and the possibility of tho present
administration being sustained, has
hurried the Influx of thousands of
Mongolians Into tho province for tbo
reasons: 1st. That in view of the
probable activity in railway construction together with tho disallowance
measures, tho Asiatics will build the
rouds. 2nd. With reasonable grounds
to fear the action of tho present administration it would bo cheaper to provide a few months rations of rice than
to have to pay say $500 per head to
land on our shores.
The wagon and truck loads of those
Celestials 'being driven through tho
streets of Victoria from tho outer
wharf all day Saturday caused a shudder to come over many who nover bo-
fore realized the situation, and it will
go far to influence tho veto in this
city at tho coming election.
Without giving our to tho subsidized
press of the provinco, T am sure that
after Premier Martin and .Minister of
Mines Curtis havo been personally
heard throughout the province it will
be conceded that novor before In our
history has such a favorable opportunity presented itself to allow British
Columbia to have an up-to-date and
progressive government.
Tho present minister of mines is ono
whom tho province cannot afford tn
lose. Among thoso who have transacted business with him in bis department thore can he no two opinions, but
that ho towers away above any hitherto occupying that position, If nothing
olso : the manner In whioh he settled
the Rossland lahor dispute by calling
to his aid his most ardent opponents
and then after all was accomplished
tho manly way in which ho gave the
entire credit to these who assisted him
without reference to himself is ample
evidence of tho "statesman."
These mon havo no money to buy
newspapers, so lot no one fail to hear
them if they should speak within a
reasonable distance from their locality.
Being only a blacksmith nnd miner
anything tbat I might say that to your
readers,who know nothing of mo, could
havo no effect, but as one of the people
I only ask all workingmen und especially thoso interested in tho social
questions of the day, to arrange places
convenient for tho largest numbers to
congregate, and ,thon write Mr. Martin of Air. Curtis to tako in your locality on their tour through tho province.
Assuming that they are bout on
carrying out their platform thoy (the
government) will have tbo strongest
opposition.which can only be overcome
by the individual voter, and for that
reason if the various centres of population would so arrange to gather in
the people from surrounding camps
and neighborhoods many will bo able
to hoar for themselves (should request
be sent ns before stated) tbat otherwise
will, more or loss, have to vote in tho
Victoria, B.C., April Kith, 1000.
Whitewater oro concentrates 7 to 1 and
brings up the value from about $3 to
$80 per ton at a cost of about 50 cents
per ton of crude ore.
Tho work done in 18011, some 255 ft.,
is intende'd to bo exceeded in 1900, and
even better results are looked for, as
considerable depth closo to tho ore
chute has already beon attained.
Coney Island Group,
W. fllonn returned to the camp tram
southern Kootenay points yostordiy
evening. He has a big deal on for tne
Coney island group with an Amortoan
syndicate, and loft this morning for
Thomson's Landing to meet the cxpcK
who is coming in to -make an oxaruia-
ation. More particulars Jwill be made
known in the EAGLE next issue.
Kamloops No. 4.
Ed. M. Curruthers and W. H. go*
ard finished the assessment work en
this property yesterday, Mr. Currut' 1-
ors returning to Revelstoke to-da,'.
They put in an open cut on the loai i
but not onotigh work has been done
yet to determine its morits. Tlie
property is in good company, situated
on 2-milo creek on Nettie L. mountain.
A Crap Column for Those Who Like
Polities Better Than Food.
Platforms, Political Meetings -and
Press Opinions���More Development Work and Less Polities
Would Be Extremely Beneficial
to the Country in General.
1. Revision or our antiquated
federal institution, in order to remove
tho obstacles to full and complete control of tho government by all the
pooplo, irrespective of sex,
2. Tho public ownership of all
industries controlled by monopolies,
trusts and companies.
���!. Tho public ownership of all railroads, telegraphs, telephones, all
n:oans of transportation, communication, waterworks, gas and electrio
plants, and other public utilities.
4. The public ownership of all gold,
silver, coppor, lead, iron, coal and all
other mines; also of all oil and gas
o. Reduction of tho hours of labor
in proportion to the ineacasing facilities for production.
(I. The inauguration of a system of
public works and improvement for the
employment of a large'number of the
unemployed, the public credit to be
utili/.od for that purpose.
7. All useful inventions to be free
to all, tho inventor to be remunerated
by the public
8. Labor legislations to be made
national, instead of local, and international where possible.
9. National insurance of working
people agui list accidont, lack of
employment, and want in old age.
10. Equal political rights for men
and women, and the abolition of all
laws discriminating against women.
11. The adoption of the initiative
and referendum, and tho right of
recall of representatives by the voters.
Tin) Kettle '������
The Nettie L. mine is very wet at
present, as the surface water strikes
tho footwall and runs down through,
making it rather disagreeable for tho
miners. But thoy are taking
out ore! just thu same. Thoy
arc now stoping to the oast
and aftor raising to tho surface
havo decided to drift on tho lead
following it into tho Ajax, their adjoining property which gives promise
nf being just as good a mino as the
Nettle L, Work in tho lower tunnel
which will tap the lead at a deptii of
;!S() feet, deepest tn the Lardeau as
yot, is boing pushed) threo shifts being
employed. They aro now In ovor 000
foet, having passed through a good deal
of ledge matter between tho 500 foot
mark and where they are working.
The formation Is slate at present and
the load shewing in thu upper works
will bo reached very shortly. They
will then raise and pile ore galore upon
the dump. Tho water running from
tho tunnel propels a turban wheel
which drives air into tho miners at no
cost or trouble whatever to the company. The EAGLE was through
tho Nettie L. on Su nday last, and
never before has it seen so much ore in
sight. Thero aro several hundreds
sacks of oro in the warehouse at F<
guson awaiting shipment. The teams
i expected up for it this wook.
'J'lit- Little  Group.
Tho Lade brothers arc busy building
a house on the first bench north of
Walker avenue. They will leave
shortly for their property, the Lado
group, to continue tho crosscut tunnel
and hope to catch the big lead, from
which such big smeltor tests were
obtained from oro takeuolT the surface,
in a fow weeks. The Lade group has
proved the best gold proposition in the
country so far, for the depth they
Silver Leaf.
Supt. J. W. Westfall and A. Brown
left on Monday morning for tho Silver
Leaf on the Duncan slope, via Circle
City, Mr. Westfall will measure up
tbe work already done and lot a new
contract to Messrs. Brown and Gordon.
Additional supplies will betaken over
as soon as possible.
Annie I-'. 1111U  PloltO
Robt McCutchoon loft on Monday
morning to go with W. Sohmoek and
N. I'!. Lay to do assessment work on
tho Annie 1''. and Pionneer ou Tenderfoot creek.
On Wednesday evening last a meeting of those opposed to tho Liberal-
Conservative party was held in S.
Shannon's assay olllce. About thirty
voters woro present. A..I. Cordon was
voted to tho chair and Frank LTolten
appointed secretary. A general discussion of the political situation took
place in which several took part. All
the speakers expressed great personal
respect for Thos. Taylor, but showed
great distrust of several of tho other
candidates of that party. The mooting'
seemed unanimous in their belief that
the Conservative party was insincere
and had no intention of carrying out
the Westminster platform if elected.
J. M. Kellie's career was discussed at
somo length and finally a vote of confidence was/passed in bis favor. Five
delegates, V. Lado, .1. Lade, A. Gunn,
P. Holton and A. .1. Gordon, ^wore
appointed to attend tho Cotton convention when held.
Tlio Kootonuya Group.
J. C. Kirkpatrick returned from the
Kootenays group, owned by himself. L.
Thompson and IT. Carter, on Friday
evening, bringing some nice surface
samples. This group is located only
three miles up the south fork from
Forguson. contiguous to tlio wagon
road, and consists of Kootenay No. 1, 2
and .'1, They aro staked on a big
strong 30 foot lead of ledge matter
containing galena with good Indications of grey coppor being found
with depth. Mr, Kirkpatrick left on
Monday morning with supplies and ono
Philanthropists, agitators, cranks
preachers, now women and other
brands of humanity aro hereby invited,
to send the EAGLE all the books,
magazines, or any other good reading
matter thoy havo to spare, to be
distributed throughout the many mining cabins in this district. Many arc
the solitary hours put in by tho hard
working minors and mineral seekers
hero and there, and any old kind of
literature is read over and over again
by thorn, if you really wish to do a
gnnd turn send along your ovider.eo
and the Eagle will oherfully do the
A D. C. LA It OK  I'l.VH OKM.
I. Proportional representation,
based on adult suffrage. No candidate's deposit to be required when
nomination is endorsed by 100 electors.
~2. Referendum on all questions that
10 per cent, of the  members may
demand to have submitted to the
.'1. Employment for unemployed at
living wages, and and an S-hour work
day on all public works. Union label
on all government supplies.
1. Public ownership of all monopolies.
0. School books to bo suppliod free,
o'.' at first cost.
0. Exemption of improvements from
Tho contractors
extension of the O
over their work o
company in June.
on    tin.    ttalfon
I'.   11,   will   turn
i   the  lino  to  tho
Contracts will then
bo let for grading tho Lardoau branch
to tho foot of Trout lake. Tho company lay tho steel therosolvcs.
The Similkamcon Star, a neat, clean
8-page four-column sheet, published at
Princotown, B. C, by the Princetown
Publishing Co.. -I. Anderson, manager,
is to hand, ft is on tho right track.
Tn its  issue of April  14th,  it says:
"The government of the province of
Ontario is evidently alivo to the
necessity of fostering the growth of
her mining interests by introducing a
progressive mineral policy. Such an
example should bo followed by the
government of British Columbia on
very much larger and broader lines,
for the future of our province lies in
the development of her mineral resources." THE FERGUSON EAGLE, FEUGUSON, B. C, APRIL 25, 1900.
Published everv   Wednesday morning ;i
ofMceof publicHtion, Ferguson. B. 0., t
Advertising Hates: Dlsplny iicls. >l M por
column Inch. Lefral nds, 15c |>er [uonparic] line
for first inmrtion: 8e for t'Hehiu.cHt.niuil insertion.
RiWdlni notices lne per line each Issue. Birth,
Marriage and Death notices free.
Subscription Rates; By until or oarrier, *2.00
per annum; 11.00 for six months. Stopj*d at
Job Department: Thk Kaolk Job Department
Is well equipped, and is prepared to execute all
kinds of printing at honest prices. Malt orders
promptly Attended to. Give us a trial cin your
next order.
Address nil communications to���
Ferguson, B. 0
WEDNESDAY,    APRIL 25,    1900.
Knocked Out Aguln.
The Canadian Pacific Railway put up
a red hot fight against the Kettle River
Vallev Railway and the result was that
it was knocked out last Thursday
the railway committee on a vote nf 89
for to 82 against, a majority against ol
48. The fight which the C.P.R. put up
was not in committee hut beforehand.
On the other hand there was no pressure behind the Kettle River scheme,
except what waB done by its advocates
in parliament. Boatock, who has never
(altered in looking after the interests
of his constituents, showed plainly that
it was in the interests of his constituents that the bill should pass. He gave
statistics to show the increase which
was taking place in exports, and pointed
out that both the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Kettle River road were
wanted in the Boundary Creek region.
Walter Barwick, Toronto, made a
strong speech for the road, stating that
the company would accept the clause
prohibiting the export of ores from
Canada and also prohibiting tlie sale or
leasing of the road to tlie Canadian
Pacific Railway. Ross Robertson
strongly endorsed the bill.
T. G Shaughnessy. C. P. R��� after
pointing out what his company had
done already, said he did not object to
this road on tha grounds of competition
but because he wanted a free hand in
those districts so that lie would be able
to treat the mine owners liberally and
reduce freight rates. He could not do
so if another railway were let in there,
as ha would have to make terms with
it as to rates. Tupper opposed the bill
on the grounds that the Canadian Pacific Railway should be considered.
Blah made a s'trong speech iu favor
of the bill. Ha said that the time had
arrived when the committee should say
whether it was going to refuse, any
charters southward. If ever it was intended to give railway connection to
the south, there would never be an
occasion when a more cogent reason
tor doing so would be given than today.
He waB amused at Shaughnessy's cry
for a free hand, ft there was anything
ia that argument it was that the Canadian Pacific Railway should never have
been allowed to exist, but that a free
hand should have been given to the
Grand Trunk Railway. What Shaughnessy feared from this road was competition, and he might as well admit it.
Despite this strong appeal, the bill
was defeated. There weno thirty Liberals, six Conservatives and three Independents who voted for the bill.
Fighting Joe Martin.
Presbyterian Review:���This is one of
the most interesting characters of Canadian political life. What a figure lie
would have been in the French Revolution I It is not necessary, as it is well
nigh impossible, to pronounce upon the
policy of the man. It is difficult to discover any policy in the cliaoB of British
Columbia politics save that of trying to
obtain power. Ib there any other man
in Canada or elsewhere who could have
done what this man has done? He was
a very prominent figure in Manitoba
politics. It is said that he saved tlie
Greenway Government from defeat in at
least one crisis. He was the tightinv
man in the Cabinet. It is said lie fought
inside the Cabinet as well as outside
When he went to Ottawa lie made
everything lively there. Too lively for
many. When Laurler's Government
was formed Martin was left out Ho
went to British Columbia���a thousand
miles from his former scene nf hattie.
BritiBh Columbia was soon in a whirlwind, out of which emerged Joseph
Martin. Sometimes he was defeated;
sometimes victorious. Sometimes he
had a lew followers; sometimes hardly
any. He was fighting all the time
Every one knew he was fighting all the
time. One wonld imagine that like
Henry of Navarre he would be a cheerful fighter with a smile always hovering
about him. He is Premier at last. One
wonders what would happen if he were
to visit the Maritime Provinces in turn,
thon Quebec and finally Ontario. Would
he destroy all the Governments? Of
the good or bad qualities of the man we,
have nothing to say. But among' tlie
men of the time passing like shadows
through life's brief drama there is no
more unique or picturesque character
than Joseph Martin. One is irresistibly
drawn in thought to Stevenson's character of Alan Breck crying out in glee,
after the bloody fight, to his companion
David: "Am I no a bonny fighter/1"
Between the two lower falls of the
Nile rain has never been experienced.
thk  i.Arximv   CHECK. of 207,842 tons.   Tills is very close tn
  1898, when one ship more was built,
"Most people suppose," said an ex- and the tonimgo was only 42 tons less.
Caliibrnian, 'tha', the vertical row since vaccination was made compttl-
of hleroglypblcson a Chinese laundry Lory iu German cities, in isrt, only a
check are merely so many numerals.
As a matter of fact,thcy are nothing
ot the kind, but constitute a brief and
spicv description of the individual
who left the bundle. If you will take
the trouble to notice it, you will see
that the laundryman always goes
through exactly the same programme.
He takes the uackage, gives you a
swift comprehensive glance, and then
proceeds to decorate a slip of rice paper with from two to live India-ink
chicken tracks. What he has written
is probably something like this:
"Kat foreign devil who resembles
a pig; suuinty eyes and wart on the
left side of his nose.''
"You can carry around this flattering pen portrait, innocently Imagining that it reads,'No 1-1114,' and
when you call for your wash you will
find the Chinaman who reads the
ticket will invariably look you over,
making mental comparison, before he
reaches tor the bundle. A Mongolian
friend of mine out in 'Frisco put me
onto the scheme, and I took the trouble to learn whether he was telling
me the truth. I got a laundry slip,
copied it with microscopic I delity
and suhmitted it to several expert
native translators. They all agreed
that it ran some li ing like this:
"Ridiculous old man: very jiomp-
ous; bald head like a speckled egg."
"You will observe that my hair
grows rather high on my forehead,
and I have a lew freckles, although
nothing to justify such an insulting
description. However, it proved the
point. The next ticket I got declared
that I was'an elderly gentleman resembling Yum-Tai, the wind god,
which pleased me immensely until I
persuaded a native curio dealer to
show me a statuette of the deity.
Then 1 wanted tomurderthe laundry
man. The Chinese aie a deep people,
boys. They look as demure as guinea
pigs, but all the while they are quietly sizing us up and having a big
laugh in their sleeves, winch are
made wide tor that special purpose."
Paris lias l.uoo professional fortune
The Transvaal was an unknown
land, sn far as European knowledge or
influence went, prior to the year 1880
The Detroit sTreet Railway is handling sucli a large express and freight
traffic that it intends building depots
along the line where this business can
lie. handled to better advantage.
The bottom of the Pacific between
Hawaii and California is said to he so
level that a railway could lie laid for
5(10 miles without grading anywhere.
A German authority estimates that
almost a third nf humanity speak the
Chinese language, and that the Hindu
language is spoken by more that 100,-
The University of Illinois has opened
a school for instruction in corn grow
ing. Two hundred farmers are already
in attendance, and it is expected six
hundred will attend bufore the session
is over.
Rear-Admiral I.nnl Charles Bares-
ford's lifty-fourth birthday occurred on
February 10th. He entered the Britannia as a cadet in 1850, and in 1897
became Roar-Admiral.
It is asserted that nowhere in the
world is so much candy consumed as in
tlie I Initial States. During the last ycar
figures show that the output of their
sweets amounted tn $75,000,000,
American ships built iu 1800 numbered 054, and they had a gross tonnage
to all points in the
District. Light
rigs for quick trips
provided. Saddle
horses at all stables.
The traveling public accommodated at
any time of the day
or night. For any
further particulars,
freighting rates, etc.
The Pioneer
Livery, Feed
and Sale Stables
few cases nf smallpox have been observed, and most of these occurred in
foreigners coining from countries with
out compulsory vaccination
From microscopic observations it lias
been computed that the skin is perforated with a thousand holes in a square
inch. Ift tlie whole surface, of the
human body bo estimated at sixteen
square feet, it must contain no fewer
than 2,804,000 pores.
In Russia women are employed as
apothecaries. In the State and municipal dispensaries women prescription
clerks stand nn the same fouling as
men. while in tlie large, cities like St
Petersburg, Moscow and Kiew there
are pharmaclos iu which the business
is conducted entirely by women.
(icnernl Sir delivers Buller, when a
youth, had bis choice among all professions. His relatives pressed him to
take up politics, as he had a private
fortune "I'd rather be a private ill
the least of tlie Queen's regiments than
England's Prime Minister," was his
Held For Consular Invoice.
Several shipments forwarded by the
Rambler-Cariboo and the. Florida are
now held at Northport awaiting a consular invoice, says the Nelson Tribune.
Since William P. Kenibbs was appoint
ed United States consul for the Koote
nays, the customs ollicnils will not per
mit minerals, timber, hides and tner
clianilise of any description to enter
American territory without an invoice
bearing his signiture instead of the
invoices signed by two merchants;
which have, been accepted heretofore,
ami this point should he borne in mind
by shippers, Mr. Kenibbs goes to the
Slocan today to interview the shippers
throughout the district
"Did  you  hear   what   Whimptoi
little boy said when they showed him
the, twins?"
"No.   What was it?"
"He said: 'There! Mamma's been
getting bargains again."'
and House Furnishings from
our large and well-assorted
stock is already very evident
in the. Lardeau and Trout
Lake District, which means
that we are successful competitors with all comers in
price and quality. Before
you invest iu our line, drop us
a card for quotations. We
can save you money.
R. Howson & Co.,
All work guaranteed.
FIT; headquarters at
Ferguson, It. C. Contracts entered   into for
Ktc , to uny point in tbt!
IHritrict. <iooil, prompt
service, nnd any work
undertaken guantntoed.
Freighting from Tlnmi-
hoii'h Landing to Fergu-
BOll a specialty.
Enterprise Beer
Made by tlie Knter|>riae
ltrev, ingCo.,at Kevelstoke
. is keeping the canipchoer-
fill. When you want the
best insist on KNTKU-
PRISE. All the leading
Hotels handle it.
Enterprise Brewing Co.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Thomsons Landing,
Trout Lake City,
Ten Mile.
Sick People
If you want medicine supplied
from the purest of Drugs and
accurately dispensed send to the
Canada DitUa & Hook Co,, Limited,
Kevelstoke, B. C.
Mail orderH promptly attended to.
in the
Today the, rate of interest allowed by
tlie banks lias shrunk to il%, .rith an
agitation on foot to still further reduce
this amount. This action is forced on
them because nf their inability to turn
over the ninnies deposited with them at
a sufficiently large margin to allow of
their paying more. The decrease in
interest rates is a matter of necessity
with them,'hot one of choice. At tlie
same time, it renders it necessary for a
man to lay by a much larger sum of
money than formerly in order to obtain
the same amount of returns therefor,and
as mortgages bear a correspondingly
lower rate the average investor is lining
compelled tn turn to other fields for
investment < hie of the few Holds open
for legitimate profitable enterprise is
Mining, which has the advantage that
the riches secured through this source
are obtained from Mother Earth and not
from one's fellow man.
I refer, of course, to actual purchase
of Stocks and Shares, and not to the
dealings ill same nil Margins, which is
but a veiled form of giiinbling.and very
largely responsible for the fluctuations
of the'stock market.
The profits ill Mining are, some good
and some abnormally large, while the
opportunity (or loss' is slight if proper
care be. exercised. One plunging blindly into a foot or two of water covering
a rocky bottom stands a good show of
breaking one's neck, alid a "flier" in
Stocks is apt to bear similar consequences, financially. In either case
investigation will amply repay the
proposed plunger, and this I strongly
My business is to assist you in this.
I have made the, matter a study and am
convinced that for the Investor, especially if of small capital, a judicious Investment in good safe mining stocks is
about the best thing he has to hand today.
These Investments pay well. I have
placed money lately for clients who
have increased their capital two, three,
fnurhnd fivefold within as many months
Do you want anything better than this?
After looking over the "pros" and
"cons" of the mining country of British
Columbia I am convinced that
offers today the best opportunity for Investment, as it is easily accessible from
every direction���it has splendid water
powers (in which respect the Slocan is
deficient), good timber, ample transportation by rail and water provided or
being provided, a climate in which one
can always work (some of the pi operties
1 recommend are working all winter,
night and day), good smelter facilities,
and last but not least, immense values.
These values are in Cold, Silver, Lead,
and copper, and run up into the hundreds of dollars per ton. I learn, too,
that smelter charges on Silver-Lead Ore
are tn be reduced to half the present
rates,and that an independent Company
is contemplating the, erection of concentrators, which will materially advance
tlie Lardeau's interests.
When we see the Le Roi, the famous
Rossland Mine, turning nut about 0,000
tons of ore in a month at a total value
of $180,000.00, we find the average per
toll is tld.50 In the Lardeau we have
mines turning nut ore netting, after all
charges are paid, upwards of 1100.00 to
the ton. These properties arc "bona
fide successes and stock cannot often be
picked up, but there are others, just as
good apparently, in which stock can bo
obtained at a merely nominal figure.
'Ihe question is often asked "Why sacrifice the stock if it is so good?"' The
answer is simple, for the Mines need
money to develop them, and then,when
they are able to ship ore in quantities
sufficient to pay Mining expenses, the
stock is withdrawn.
After all it is a very simple problem���
on one side it is a good Mineral property, ou tbe other is money: singly they
are of little value, together they are a
giant in power. "Union is Strength."
Some of the very best are situated near
Circle City, at the head of the Lardeau.
Of these, a" fow only can be mentioned
here, and. that but briefly. First _
would mention the "Rob Roy" Mines,
owned and operated by the Scottish-
Canadian Mining and Development
Company of British Columbia, Limited
with ollices at London, Canada; Ross-
laud, B.C.; and London, England. This
is a very promising investment and one
that, 1 can personally recommend, as I
have visited and carefully inspected the
property, and have largely invested iu
it myself. The Company are working
night and day, and have nearly 8IX) feet
of tunnel work done, besides other necessary works, such as buildings,trails,
surveying, etc., etc. The Company is
free of debt, and the Stock is very
largely subscribed right here in London
where tho Directors are best known.
Two strikes of ore have recently been
made on this property. The last assav
(Feb. 18,1900) shows values of 1111.27.
The Troadwcll property has an immense ledge of ore uncovered and it
should be one of the big things of B. C,
very shortly.
Then there is the Old Gold Quartz &
1'lacor Mining Co., with their Minesjusl
over the Divide from the Rob Roy
Mines. They have two large .tunnels
and a splendid strike of ore made, and
this Stock sliou'd prove a splendid investment, as also should that of the
Primrose Gold Mining Company,whose
mine is opposite the Old Gold Co.'s
The Monitor Mines, the Galena Creek
properties (just above the Rob Roy
Mines), Canadian Lardeau, the Detroit
Lardeau, the Wide West, Standard.and
Bear Creek properties, among others,
are also very promising, and full information can lie obtained on application
The Monitor Mines Company deserves
special mention on account of its showing, and as being in such a remarkable
Kosition for transportation, being just
elow the Rob Roy Mine, and
within ten minutes' walk of Circle City,
the last point of distribution for the
above and many other properties,
i'rimrose, Old Gold and Canadian Lardeau are exceptionally good things to
get into just now, but their stock for
subscription at present prices (like that
of the Scottish-Canadian) is limited and
but comparatively little can be obtained. These are a few of the Companies
operating in this section, and from my
advocating theseit must not be inferred
that 1 consider them the only good
things in existence. I am prepared to
buy or sell stock for clients in any Company of good repute,either in this eamp
or any other, and would be pleased to
hear from any one proposing a deal in
Mining Stocks. All communications
will be considered as strictly confidential, and anything entrusted to my
charge will be given most careful consideration.
Cable Code: 207 Dundas Street,
"Western Union."    London, Canada
Telephone lOfX).
Spring, 1900.
Tlhe Double E
Capital, $1,000,000, in $1 shares.
4oo,ooo in the Treasury.
First Block of Treasury Shares now
on the market for a limited time
at 10 GENTS.
WM.  ���'. (Ol III1ANK,
Malinger tin- Cochrane. Itnm-li, l.lmiti-il. Mneli-od.
Managing Dlmotor of The rlornlri, Calgary
\V. II. I'lMII,, I'ri'slili'iil Smut Western Mines. I.llnltiil. Ferguson and Hevolstoko.
UnliH'onuulssloiior. Atlln, 111'
Itancher, rlnolior Groek
��KO. 8. M, I Alt! Kll.
Solicitor, Kevelstoke
Craig & Hillman,
For Wedding
or Fancy Cakes
Drop a line to me, or if you
want Bread in anv quantity
let me know, and I'll quote
1 prices low enough to interest
you. Our Wedding Cake
artist is the best in B. C.
Address; A. N. SMITH, Revelstoke.
w. M. iikown, Proprietor SI Loon Hot Springs, Revelstoke.
The Double Eagle Company li. s been formed for the purpose, not only
of mining its present properties, but of acquiring promising claims and developing them to an extent that will justify their sale to English and other
companies at a profit. The company already owns and has paid for in full,
the Trilby and Old Saul properties in the famous Fish River district, and a
three-qua'rti rsinterest in the May Bee mine, in the Lardeau district one and
a hn If m iles from Ferguson. Sufficient promoter's shares have been set aside
for the purchase of the remaining quarter.
The May Bee is the sister claim to the now famous Nettie L, which has
broken all records in British Columbia for large bodies of phenomenally
rich ore. The May Bee and Nettie L were located together in 1892 by
Mr. W. B. Pool (who has been appointed manager of the Double Eagle Co.)
Both claims carry identically the same rich ore on the surface and the same
remarkable ledge runs through both, carrying high values in gold, copper,
silver and lead. The promoters have already spent $4,000 in developing
the May Bee, withexcellent results, and in order to place the mine quickly
on a shipping basis the company now offers the public the opportunity of in-
sesting to a limited extent in hilly paid and non-assessable treasury shares
(par value i?l) at 10 cents each.
Shares will be sold in blocks of 100
b. c-
Reasons why
The Eagle is In
the District
and upwards.
 ���.nv reserves IUc right (^withdraw the sale of shares from tho market nt any time
without notice.      A|>iillcntlnii8 roii.v lie seul lo the Secretary,
The eoiopi
in,iin may no mon 10 ni�� uo.i.;,,,,/,
A. H. HOLDICH, Revelstoke.
Or to.I NO. J. VOIJNU, Herald Blonk, Calgary.
I'orguson (its nest) is
nol n "liooin" town, or
liooinerangi Imtnsteadv
growing mining camp
since the season of '07.
Us unique geographical
position is liy sheer force
making it the commercial and social centre of
Golden Lardeau.
It is situated al the
point where the waters
of the north and south
foi'kn of the Upper Lardeau River meet, is
beautifully located on a
spacious Hat on the side
of a mountain, which
affords the only possible
location for a' town site
for many miles in anv
direction. Planted as it
is at tho forks of the
river, it commands the
traffic of the mining
camps on both the north
and south branches of
tho river.
At least 20 mines are
ready to ship ore as soon
as the railway furnishes
transportation in the
vicinity. The railway
experts have been quick
to perceive the natural
advantages which its
geographical position
has conferre 1 upon Ferguson.
Both the C. P. R.
and Kaslo, Lardeau
& Duncan Ry have
roads surveyed into
Thus making the place
a' competing point and
insuring its future as an
important railway and
distributing centre.
Taking this fact into
consideration and remembering that as i,��on
as ever the cars reach
I'crgiison there will be,
on a conservative eiti-
��� mate, 25 or 30 minos
oommenuhuri to ship ore
of a grade which is a
marvel in Kootenay, the
land of high-grade silver
pre, there is no reason
for doubt as to Ferguson's  future   prospects.
The pay-roll of the
mines tributary to Ferguson will,within a verv
short while oftheadvent
or the, iron horse, begin
tn run away up into the
. At present the following concerns are doing
business in Ferguson:
A sawmill, three general stores, (which sup-
Ply even the mining
I'oninanies operating in
'he district, which speaks
volumes for their just
P"CI)8), four first-class
hotels, (and two more to
follow), two liverv, reed
and sale stables' (good
outfits for nil purposes),
an assay office, a blacksmith shop, a newspaper,
a private school, (a public school to be established at once), a money
order office, ore. and supply houses.
All three store, lirms
purpose enlarging their
spare and stock in the
A town hall, lire hall
and several residences
are lo lie erected as soon
as lumber Is available.
Several owners nf partially developed properties adjacent to the
town intend moving
thoir. families to Ferguson in the spring, and 1
will then devote their
whole time to opening
up their properties.
Throe mining companies, now working full
fortius on high-grade
propositions, which are
shipping ore right along,
will make their head-
qiiartorB and offices at
I' erguson at once.
Ferguson will be a
smelting and railway
How to reach
this promising camp.
Ferguson lies about 54 miles southeast of lle.velstoke, and the, main
line, or tlie Canadian Pacific Kail-
way. It is approached nt present
by taking the. Arrowhead branch
at Kevelstoke to Arrowhead, 28
miles, thence by steamboat up the
northeast arm nf Arrow Lake to
Thomson's Landing, H) miles, and
from the Landing tn Ferguson, 11
distance of 16 miles, over the government wagon rond bv stage,
team or horseback.
Soon, however, these conditions
of travel will be changed verv much
lor the better.
Kailroad surveys hold out 11 promise of being able to reach Ferguson
either from the south or north comfortably In Pullman cars.
Thedistrlci.ii well worth gaping
and will stand investigation.  X THE FERGUSON EAGLE. FERGUSON, B. C, APRIL 25, 1900.
THE   tiihhk  SAINTS.
They sat on the steps at the station
And waited for I ruins to connect;
A colporteur, eating his rations,
And a skipper who thrice had lieen
And the strangers struck iipconversation,
line was wrinkled ami hoary
And his face was the color of leather-;
The other looked hungry and sorry;
And after they'd talked of the weather
The skipper lit into his story.
"I'll tell you three saints that 1 knowed
What gave up their lives for   their
A sort you may not have allowed of,
But beings what die tsi save others
Are lieingB for God to be proud of.
"Tlie Sparrow, Captain .lames Boe,
In a fog off the llatteras coast,
Was wrecked on a ledge to the lea,
.Mm stood like u rock at his post
And went dowy iu a gulp of Die sen.
"He helped us to build n lug lafl
And crowded her full as she'd Host;
Then he sprung In tlie davits abaft
And lowered and loaded each boat,
Hut he stuck to the battered old craft.
"He saved every life but his own���
Tlie women and children and crew;
Cheered when the last dory was gone-
No room for hint in her, he knew���
And he went to tlie bottom alone.''
"My friend," said the colporteur grim,
"Had he-made his peace with  the
The skipper looked  puzzled.   "What,
Say, stranger, do you think that God
Would be mad at a feller like him!'
"Tbe next was my friend, Andy Bell,
He worked iu the Cumberland Coal,
A crowd had surrounded the well,
For the mine was on fire and the hole
Blazed up like the furnace of hell.
The men were imprisoned below
And the women were shrieking above,
The Boss shouted, 'Who'll face the foe?
'Who'll fly to the rescue for love?
And Andy remarked, 'I can go.
"I can die in tlie shaft, for 1 huint
Any father, nor molher, nor wife,'
And down in the bucket he went���
Saved fifty by losing his life,
Now, I say Andy Bell was a saint."
"Did he ask God," the colporteur cried,
"To aid him in fighting the flames?1"
"Now I think on't, the skipper replied,
"I heered Andy mention His name
More frequent than some would advise.'
"Did he love Jesus, bow at His shrine?
If so," said the preacher, "'tis well,"
But the skipper said "There was no sign,
But if Jesus didn't love Andy Bell
I don't want nn Jesus in mine'.
"The third was Newt Evans of Berne,
He took his engine to Prairie DuChesue
Saw a speck on the track at a turn
And he called to his stoker, Eugene
"If that aint a brat I'll be dura!
."Yes, a baby, and making mud pies,
Mind the engine!' To the clang of the
He ran forward.anil reached out for the
Saved the gal?   Yes, lint, parson, lie
Moth his legs were cut off at the thighs."
"Was he washed in tlie blood of Ihe
Asked the preacher,   "and cleansed
from his sins?"
The skipper remarked. "Amsterdam!"
Then he arose on his pins,
Gave the door of the station a slam.
He walked to the window���stood mute,
Wken the agent asked what he desired,
He tapped on his pate in salute
Ami turned his thiinih hack  and  in
"Who in hell is that crazy galoot!-"'
MohHtekllo   A New Mineral!
Houghton, Mich ���Two months ago a
fissure vein, carrying what was supposed to lie a sulphlll'flt of copper, was
encountered in the Mohawk mine, a
new copper property being opened in
Keweenaw county. Samples were submitted to Dr. George, A. Koenig, the
eminent professor of chemistry and
metallurgy at the Michigan College of
Mines of this place. So Interesting was
the specijueii that Dr. Koenig sent lor
more from the same vein und lias devoted much time Lo determining exactly
the Mains of Iho new mineral, for such
it certainly is. nothing like it having
ever before conic under scientific observation.
Chemical analysis of the ore���which
has been named mohawkite by Dr.
Koenig,from the mine where discovered
���reveals an arsenide ot copper, similar
to the domeyklto, iu connection with
which is also found an arsenide of
nickel, the. two metals being chemically
and not mechanically united in the
mutual embrace of the arsenic. Nickel
has occasionally been met with in small
quantities in Lake Superior ores, but
this is its first appearance on the southern shore of the lake in commercial
quantities. 'I lie assavs, as determined,
reveal an almost, ideal composition for
an alloy of copper and nickel for which
there is already a good demand.
Thp Coiic for the Poor.
The virtues the poor are always praised
(or nre Industry, Honesty and Contentment. The first is landed because Industry gives the poor everything they
have; the second because Honesty pre-
"cuts an iota of said everything being
taken away again, and third because
Content is to hinder those poor devils
from ever objecting to a lot so comfortable to the persons who profit by it���this
is the morality taught by the rich to the
Machinery has been invented which
rolls iron into such thin sheets that
1,800 of them, piled ono upon the other,
are onlv one inch in thickness. ���
Imperial Bank
���      of Canada
Capital iiiithurizi!.! 12,500,006
CupftJil paid up    2,391,863
Rent ..'  1,554,710
General banking: business transacted
Interest allowwlon deposits in Savings Department at current rates.
A. H. 11. HKAJfN. Manager Revelatoke Branch
In prompt and safe delivery of
WATCHES entrusted to me is
my claim for the Lardeau trade.
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Silverware; Gold and Silver Electio
Plating and Engraving. Repair
department is in charge of R.N.
Doyle, an expert in English,
Swiss and American watch repairing. All work guaranteed.
C.l'.R. Watch Inspector,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Leaves Comaplix for Thomson's Landing at 8 a. m. Leaves Thomson's Landing for Arrowhead at 8:110 a. m.
Returning leaves Arrowhead for
Thomson's banding at 2:30 p. m.
Leaves Thomson's Landing for Comaplix
at 4 p. tn.
Comaplix, B.C.
Mail Order
We especially cater to
Postal Orders.
Chemists, Druggists and Stationers,
The Union Label
Ou everything you buy is a
guarantee that the producers
thereof receive a fair rate of
wages for its production.
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the blue label
It helps manufacturers to see  the
force of paying fair and honest wages
Nelson Cigar Makers' Union,
Don't Delay!
Hugh McPherson
Before you locate in this promising district.     Watch for his big announcement
Next month.
Kossland, Nelson, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks
and Vancouver.
House Painting
and Decorating
Paper hanging and Sign
Contracts taken, with or
without material.
(Inly one kind of work���
the very best.
Address- ,f. BOOTH,
Hotel Lardeau.
Don't wait
for Lumber
We have on hand at the
lowest prices in the country	
Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc
Call on us or write for our
i| notations. Special orders
promptly filled	
Kootenay Lumber Co., Ltd.
Comaplix, It. 0,
Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Ymtr, Kaslo, Sandon,  New Denver, Silverton,
Cascade City, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway,
Camp McKinnev, Revelstoke, Ferguson, Vancouver
Royal Seal,
Kootenay Belle.
Little Gem Cigars
Nelson, B. G.
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Finely Equipped Bar
Refitted and Refurnished
Best Cuisine Service
Best $2.00 a Day House
in the Lardeau District.
J. LAUGHTON, proprietor.
Headquarters for Miners and Mining Men.       Neatly furnished, well-lighted und
Heated Rooms.     Conveniently situated on Victoria Ave.
MRS. S. O'CONNOR, Proprietress.
Fe Feasor?, B. ��.
Every convenience for the comfort of Guests.       The best equipped hotel in
the Lardeau District.      Rates from $2.00 to $3.50 per day.
The  Bar is supplied with the best brands of Wines,   Liquors   and  Cijrars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
FERGUSON BROS., Proprietors.
See that the Blue Label is en eaeh box.
Operating Kaslo & Slocan Railway,
International Navigation & Trading
Schedule of Time��� Pacific Standard Time
Effective Feb. 1st, 1900,
Kaalo A Slocan Railway
Passenger trnln for Sandon and Way stations
leaves Kaslo at R a.m. dally; returning. leaves
Sandon at 1.1.1 p.m.. arrivl gat Kaslo at 3..W p.m
International Navigation �� Trading Co
Operating on Kootenay Lake and River.
SS. International leaves Kaslo for Nelson
at, fi a.m daily, except Sunday; ratunilng. leaves
Nelson at 4.90 p.m.,calling at Balfour. Pilot Bay
Alnsworth and all wav points: connects with 8.
F.4N. train to and from Sp"banf at Five Mile
Lardo-Duncan Division.
Steamer ALBERTA.
Steamer Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lardo and
Argenta at *.sn p.m. Wednesdays.
Steamers call at principal landnirsin bothdl-
rcctlonfl, and at other points when signalled
Tickets sold ro alt points In Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates mid full Information, ail-
Manager. Kaslo, B.C
Letter Fads
A fine assortment of Letter
Pads now in Stock.
Fcrpuson. B.C.
The only direct route from
Kootenay Country to
all points East & West
First-class Sleepers on all trains from
Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing.
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoke Daily
for St. Paul; Tuesdays and Saturdays for Toronto; Thursdays for
Montreal and Boston. Same cars
pass Medicine Hat one day later.
Daily train to Arrowhead from Revelstoke on main line. Daily steamer connecting for all Kootenay
points and Crows Nest branch.
For Boundary country via Rohson,
leave Arrowhead daily except
For rates and rail  information address nearest local agent or���
Art Arrowtwsd. Art Revelrt.ikr
W. V. Anderson. E. ,1. COV1B,
T. P. A., Nelson.     A 0. P. Ant, Vancouver
 ^  K -_	
8 nERQUSQN/heCfintreofthe LARDEAU NINES |
The Sandon of the Lardeau. The destination of both the Canadian Pacific and Kaslo <fc LardorDuncan Railways, which will provide the long-looked-for
transportation for ore to places of treatment. High Grade Ores, silver, lead and gold, now being shipped, even under present conditions, at a handsome profit
by a few companies operating, Conveniently situated on an ideal bench at the forks of the North and South Lardeau. All the roads from the many developing
claims and working mines lead to Ferguson. Plenty of timber and abundant water power. Capitalists come straight through to Ferguson, put up at the com
fortable hotels and from there walk to personally inspect prospective purchases.      The miners come down the hill into Ferguson to get their supplies.
Over 1(10 mem now working underground and many more will be in a short time. The highest wages paid to miners in the Lardeau or Trout Lake Mining
Divisions,     Blest with practical men, bonafide mining companies.      Plenty of room for legitimate investment.
Lots in Ferguson are going steadily through the quietest time of year. Ferguson is the natural and commercial centre of the  Lardeau and will be the
headquarters for wholesale houses, corporations and banking institutions. The mines' direct supply point.
The starting point for all mining operations on the North and South Forks of the Lardeau River.      Ferguson is well represented with business houses, hotels, etc
and many have purchased lots with a view to establishing businesses of various kinds as soon as the coming' season properly opens up.        An Al location for market
gardening.      Special inducements offered and a splendid field and opportunity for manufacturers.
For further information, apply to���
'   W. N. Braytoin, Henry Floyd,
General Agent. Lo**1 Agent. I THE FERGUSON EaGLE, FERGUSON, B.C., APRIL 25, KillO.
Keep your eye on Ferguson.
Snoiv is going fast at Circle City.
All eyes ure fixed on tho Lardeau.
This season is six weeks earlier
than last spring.
* Bill of sale forms for sale at the
Eagle office.
Several mining men will bo in to
visit this camp next week.
J. Laughton returned from Revelstoke on Saturday ovoning.
J. M. Kellio is apparently a candidate for political honors, as a Cotton
Frank Holteii and Jas. Mosloy are
building a residence on Victoria
avenue, oast.
* Burdock and Sarsaparilla Compound, the best spring medicine, 76cts.
a bottle at A bey's.
* If you want all the mining news of
tho Lardeau all the timo become a
paid-up reader of the EAOLE,
A letter from Trout Lako City ro
"water and other privileges" is unavoidably held over this issue.
1c is useless to spond valuable timo
battling with millionaires, rather attack the conditions that aro responsible
for their creation.
It is time the saw mill hero was
running. Persons anticipating building aro becoming tired of waiting and
will soon go outside for their lumber
if not supplied at home.
3. Shannon, M. F. Janes and H. P.
Pettipieee left for a visit to [ihe Silver
Cup, Towser, 'Kootenays, Union Jack,
Gold Bug, Black Eagle and other
properties this morning.
F. C. Campbell came up from the
Hub on Friday evening and went on up
the south fork on Saturday to spond a
day or two sizing up the advancement
of the season in that locality.
E. E. Vincent, representing the
Calgary Brewing & Malting Co. Ltd.,
was in town on Friday on his semiannual trip. He left the same day
for Slocan and Boundary points.
The last issue of tho Eagle loft
Ferguson on Tuesday, April 17th, at
1 p. m., and arrived in Revelstoke on
Saturday April 21st, at 4:30 p. m., just
four days and three aud one-half hours
going 50 miles.
The Liberal association at Revelstoke has endorsed Joseph Martin's
leadership and intend placing a candidate in the field; more than likely
W. M. Lawrence, a prominent Revelstoke hardware man.
Tho privato school, kept up by the
parents during the winter months'here
which comes rather expensive, was
closed yesterday. Ferguson has no
school. An effort will at once bo made
to induce the government to take some
Immediate action.
L. Thompson and H. Carter have
slashed about 15 acres of timber on
their ranch, known as Circle City, in
tho last month. The property, ,120
acres, has been surveyed and otherwise improved. Thero aro many good
mining properties adjacent to this
S. Sutherland, of the firm of McKinnon & Sutherland, returned from
Revelstoko on Friday night. Ho has
been hustling up tho freighters at tho
Landing and expects a start to bo made
this week. Tho roads aro as good as
can bo expected at this season of tlie
Nelson Tribune: The Great Northern railway has replaced several
hundred ot its white section men with
Japanesu. It has also ordered that
tho men on work trains shall put iu
full twelve hours a day, no time being
allowed for dinner. Is it any wonder
that there aro labor organizations and
Tom Taylor Is now making a
political tour of his constituency doing
a little quiot work before commencing the real light in the campaign.
Last wook ho was down Arrow lake,
stopping over at various points and
getting names for the electoral roll,
At Halcyon Hot Springs ho succeeded
io securing no less than seventeen
additions to the roll.
Ferguson came nearly having
another fire yesterday from the same
old cause���defective stove pipes.
About 10:30 yesterday morning tho
Hotel Ferguson was discovered to be
on lire in two places. There was
plenty of water on hand and a few men
soon put out tho blaze, causing little,
damage from either lire or water. A
fire brigade equipment would never
Rev. S. J. Thompson of Revelstoke,
paid Ferguson a short visit on Tuesday evening. A fair audience, considering tho hour's notice, was rustled,
and Mr. Thompson delivered a
splendid lecturo o n Tennyson, in
Laughton's hall. It was heartily
enjoyed by all who wore fortunato
enough to be present. Tho hour spent
with Mr. Thompson was a treat in
this land of experts and townsites.
Hon. Hugh John Macdonald proposes to accept the Northern Pacific's
oiler to sell its .Manitoba lines by buying tbem for tho province and thus to
make a beginning of government
owncrhin of railroads.
Tho world moves. Tlio town council
of Portage La Prairie has reached tho
conclusion that there is no logical
reason why church property should
be exempt from taxation and has had
the courage to act accordingly.
Thorc must bo men in tho next British Columbia legislature who will see
to it that the promises mado before the
election are carried out, and these men
can only conio direct from the ranks of
labor. Act now, quickly and wisely,
and you will never havo causo to regret it.���Winnipeg Voice
The Liberals and Conservatives in
the Dominion are having a hot time
getting enough socialism into their
platforms to satisfy the electorate and
still hold fast to enough monopolies to
make good the "replile fund" whon
election day comes round. Somehow
they don't jibe.
If it wasn't that some unfortunate
widows and children aro loft behind,
cruel butcheries such as that of chief
Main at Steveston, B. C, last week,
by Chinamen, are persons dying for
just as noble a cause as our soldiers.
It hastens public sentimont for the
exclusion of those heathen crooked-
eyud specimens of human carelessness.
When lynch law almost takes place in
Canada it is high time lor tho government to act in tlio matter.
No matter how one. is opposed to
party lines they cannot but admire the
manly way in whioh the Conservatives
of Manitoba under Hon. Hugh John
Macdonald's leadership, is wrestling
with the social problems of that provinco. Railway scandals have been
exposed, power has been asked of tho
Dominion government to allow them
to build or buy thoir own railways, in
fact every promise, including somo
radical changes, is being quickly fulfilled to tho letter by Manitoba
There is only a weekly mail service
between here and Trout Lako City
now, though tho mail practically
leaves there three times a week. Its
protty near time Inspector Dorman was
paying an official visit to this burg.
Then a few things which he may be
unaware of will be pointed out more
fully. The people hero aro patlont
and long-suffering, but there's too many
coming into the district now unaccustomed to such painful mail facilities to
to tolerate it much longer. There is
no reason under the sun why the mail
leaving Arrowhead in tho morning
should not bo contracted for to roach
here the same evening, returning tbo
morning following in time to come
back with tho next mail. A
first visit from the inspector is
anxiously awaited.
| ..Lardeau Laundry..
B. U. smith, Proprietor.
Laundry work of all kinda promptly
attended toon shortest notice at prlcefl
consistent with tliu ailver market, and
only ono kitul ol work���tho boat.
Minors' work especially solicited.
Laundry l door east of Hotel Lardeau.
\T.A. Wilson, M.D.
Cash In Your
But hold out enough to got a suit lwn��
llu> best tnilnrhii: establishment in Norlli
Kootenay. Slany nilners and others in the
Lardoau district aro already my n'Kulnr
cuatornorfl. But with more and 8ETTBB
LINUS <>!���' STOCK I want now trade.
Tryinoouco, I'll take chances on your
next order.
R. S. Wilson, Revelstoke.
Ferguson, B. C.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solloitors for Euiporial Hunk of Canada.
Geo. 8. MOCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham,
To mail
Has Increased Our Postal Business
Dress Goods
Send For Latest Dress Goods Samples
Bourne Bros.,
NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that sixty (601
(lavs after date, I, tlie undersigned, Intend
to make application to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works to purohaae tho following
ilescrihed preemption, situate in the Trout
Lake mining division! Commencing at No. 1
initial post, at a given point on the east Bide of
tlie north fork of Lardoau oreek, about seven
miles from Ferguson, marked " L. Thompson's
preemption post" j thonee 80 chains south;
then0o40ohainBeo8t; thenoo so chains north;
thence -10 chains west to point of commencement, containing .H0 acres more or less.
Dated at Ferguson, B. C, April 24,1900.
There are possibly two dozen voters
in tho Lardeau who would voto for
Tho.u. Taylor if .1. Roderick Roberta on,
C. II. Macintosh, ,T. II. Turner and the
Dunsmuii's were not supporters of the
Conservative party. Theue men do
not control the Conservative party by
any means, nor in any way prevent
Thos. Taylor from adhering; to his
principles and fulfilling his promises
to the electors of this riding. Thos.
Taylor is a man of his word, and thu
EAGLE beliflvOB a man who will at all
times stay by the interests of his constituency at any sacrifice. There is
not another man. likely to run, in tho
riding with sufficient grasp of the
progressive govornmont movement to
equal Thos. Taylor. Some think J. M.
Kellie a radical reformer. His past
ten years of experience has not demon*
slrulcd him to bo a marked success in
any particular occupation, except that
ho plays a very fair game of Bluff or
solo. Now movements require new
blood: men with influence and unflinching backbone. At present Thos.
Taylor best Jills the bill.
There has beon a great amount of
development work done in the district,
enough to satisfy capitalists and
promoters that with the facilities for
marketing ore, this section will
become a large and constant producer.
Tho fact that this district has an
abundance of mineral, many mines
that arc already producing and shipping, and a large number under various
stages of actual development, also,
that It is practically a virgin field with
great possibilities, has become known
all over tho world. These facts,
together with the knowledgo that
railway communications aro to bo
extended in a northerly and southerly
direction through tho Lardeau valloy
this year, has caused mining promoters
and capitalists to look to this district
for mining properties.
The Liberal-Conservative Platform
1. To revise the voters' lisft.
2. To actively aid In tho construction of
trails throughout the undeveloped portions of
the provinco, and the building of provincial
trunk roads of publio necessity.
S, To provide for the official inspection of
elevator;, it nil hoisting gear.
���1. To improve tho administration of justice
and secure the speedy disposition of legal disputes.
f>. To provide an effective system for tho
settlement of disputes between capital and
0. To adopt tlie principle of governmenl
ownership of railways in so far as tlie circumstances of the province will admit, and the
adoption of the principle that no bonus should.
bo granted to any railway company which does
not givo the government of tho provinco the
control of rates over lines bonuscd together
with the option of purchase.
7. To assume control and administration of
the fisheries within the boundoriosof the province.
8. To actively assist by state aid in the development of the agricultural resources of tho
��). To make the London agonoy of British
Columbia effective in proclaiming the natural
wealth of tho province and as a place for profitable investment of capital.
10. In the Interorest of labor (he Liberal-
Consorvativo party Bympathu.es with and endorses tho principal of an olght-honrlaw.
11. To provide an improved .system of education.
12. To recognlxe and reform tboBystomof
provincial aid to medical men and hospitals in
outlying pans of i be provinco.
i8,   To actively BUpporl the advancement of
the mining interests of British Columbia.
14, To aid in tin: immigration of female
domestic servants.
Manufacturers of"
xxx Stout
xxx Ales
Also Buffalo Brand Aerated Waters.
Watch for further announcement next issue.
While, Gwillim tf Scott,
offices: Mckenzie avenue,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Fayette Buker,
Mining and Real Estate
Milling Properties Listed.
Lessees of
The Revelstoke, Trout Lake
and Big Bend Telephone
Company, Limited.
A large stock of assorted Wall
Papers, embossed and ingrain,
witli border and ceilings to
match, now selling at a very
low figure.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
The Pioneer Store
Cummins & Co.
Ferguson Shaving
Parlor j	
Wm. Sncl!,
All branches of the tonsorlal art executed with
ambldextcrlous dexterity.
NOTICE IS' HEREBY GIVEN that at the next
session of the Legislative Assembly of tlie
Provi ice of British Columbia application will
be mt-de for an Act to incorporate a company
with power to establish waterworks and
supply water for mining, domestic, manufacturing, fire und other purposes to tlio inhabitant:, corporations, mines, mills, manufactories and all other works of the towns of Trout
Lake City and Ferguson in the district of West
Kootenay and ot the surrounding district
within ;i radius of ten miles from the present
post office ��t Ferguson, II. C, and to lay pipes
and erect flumes for the conveyance and supply of witter to the said towns and radius; ami
also to supply, transmit nnd distribute power,
Iij:111 and heat by comprosscd air and electricity .o the Inhabitants, corporation,--, mines,
mills manufactories and allothor works of tbo
said towns and radius; nnd also to construct
and maintain tramway nnd telephone systems
in tho said radius and to extend the said systems to other districts contiguous thereto! and
also to erect, lay, construct and maintain all
such works, bridges, tracks, roads, nibwnvs,
bulb! ing'. il times, dams, raceways, poles, pipes,
wire., oables, structures and appliances as may
be n< 'OSBary to fully and completely carry out
i ho i irposos of tho company; and also tohavu
the r (ht lo enter and to expropriate lands for
sites nr power houses, stations, tramway lines
and othor necessary work.-, nnd to appropriate,
UBQfluddlvortBomuchof tho waters of Lardoau
creel: niii point about one and a quarter miles
from the school honso ot Trout LokoCltyand
any othor creek, lake or stream which may be
foun i moat convenient and advantageous
with, u the snid radius aa may be necessary for
the i irposesof thecompany In order to supply
wate , neat, power nnd light to tbo Inhabi
tant!   oorporatti
I0BR1  l"H
and t i di
i, mills, manufaclor-
itbln   tlie  said   radius,
r things as are Inoiden-
attainment oltlio above
t March, A. li. 1000.
Solicitor for Applicants.
KO"H B IH HEREBY GIVEN that an applications ill be made io ihe Legislative Assembly
of lln. Province of Itrili.-h Columbia al its next
with |t.
und 'h
balith t
ir an Act to Incorporate a company
���r to construct. e(|iifp, maintain mid
lephoneond telegraph lines wimiu
ighout nil the duos, towns, mit.nici*
:nl districts of the mainland of tho
of British Columbia and to construct,
and maintain such aud SO many poles
aid other works and devices as tlie company
doom necessary for making, completing, sup*
porti.1;;, ""lug, \iorking, operating and maintaining the system ol communication by tele-
pbon ��� and telegraph, and to open or break up
any ; art or part's of the said highways or
street ��� an often as the said company, Its auents,
oflice sor workmen think proper and forthe
tmrpi.-o of ilm undertaking to purchase, ae-
3liiro, letine, expropriate, hold and sell and
ispofeoo' lauds, buildings, or tenements within the limits aforesaid, and to purchase
or loaf    lor any term   of   years, any   lelr
telegraph line established or to be
 _ ,cdln British Columbia connected, or
tn be I'Ontioited with tbe lino which tho eom-
pnny may construct, and to ainnlgainate with
'���' e its line or lines, or any portion or por-
nereof, to any company possessing as
ator, any line of telephone or telegraph
miration connecting or to im connected
ho said company's line or lines, and to
t money lor the purpose of tho company,
and to plodgo or mortgage any of thocora*
Hany'a ns-^ots for that purpose, and to receive
bone- os, ��>r privllept s From any person or body
corporate, and with all oiin'r usual, necessary
or Incidental rights, powers or privileges as
iiiey be necessary Or Incidental to tho attainment of tho above objects, or nny uf them.
Dated thia 1st day of March, liwo.
5���tf Solicitors forthe Applicants.
oh on
for everything
and anything needed by anyone or
eycryone in the line of
Hardware, Groceries, Hoots and Shoes, Miners'
and Hotel Supplies, in endless variety.
McKinnon & Sutherland.
i Post Office
Wc aim to givo lull value for your money in
Groceries, Provisions, Dry Goods,
Tools. Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Crockery, Steel, Powder: all kinds
of Miners' Supplies
Call and see our stock and get quotations.
General Merchants and Outfitters for the Lardeau
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Farm Produce,
Hay and Feed, Cured Meats, Fish, etc.
Write for quotations in any quantity.    Prompt shipments.
Revelstoke, B. C.
The Inland Cigar Mfg. Co. of B. C.
Nothing- But Union Labor Employed.
' Protect Home Industry. ���
Interior     Payette
LaMorena  Miner
Kept in stock by-
d. r. molennan,      thos. abriel,    a. ferguson,
Trout Lake City. Nakusp. Ferguson.
Imperial Brewing Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of Lager Beer, Porter and all hinds of aerated waters.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Tj   T*   TX7    "D^����.r>^
All orders by mail or Jw.   1 .   VV .  1 earSe,
otherwise promptly attended to. manager.
Vancottver Bottling forks
Vancouver, B. C.
PABST Milwakee
Brandies, Champagne, Domestic and
Foreign Wines, Kummel, Cordials.
| The Pay Roll and Mining
I Centre is ...
The Centripetal Point of
the Lardeau district
m&WV&^WWtpmSt �����HS H$H5HJ5 1=1 ^Hp-S^JfrSHS


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