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VOL. III. NO. 33.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Tbe Mining Industry Haa Created
Wealth and Prosperity
Mining Districts are  Large Consumers But Produce Mineral
Wealth Only"
The Immense importance to Canada
ot its mining Industries is a fact that is
but little understood and appreciated
outside ol the mining districts. In
Violin ia lor instance the enormous uplift to the west which tbs development
of Koutenay means is only dimly
apprehended, while at Ottawa it is lost
sight of altogether, says the Revelstoke Herald. Yet there is no question
that It has been the level which has
brought this province and the neigh
bori'lg territory of Alberta to the front
with an Impetus, which nothing else
could have given.
It In Miners and Mining
who have within less than a decade
converted Kootenay and South Yale
from an unknown and uninhabited
wilderness into one of the most impor
tant business territories of the
Dominion. There are cities, towns,
mining camps, railways ind steamboat
lines where before there was absolutely
nothing. The Cariboo stampede found
Victoria a trading post, it left it an
important town, and Kootenay and
the Klondyke together have given an
impetus to the rer.ent gn> vth of both
Victoria and Vancouver, which ordinary conditions would bave been entirely
inadequate to achieve.
Alberta again has derived a very
large share of Its present prosperity
from the development of the Kootenay
country. In '03 '1)4, '93 and '90 the
farmers of tho Saskatchewan valley
were at a loss to know what to do with
their produce. The crops wure there,
it is true, but there was nomarket. In
Edmonton thousands of bushels of
oatB were stored up by the merchants
after the harvest nf '95 and there ap.
peared to be absolutely no prospect of
getting rid of them. On the southern
range cattle were sold ns low as 925 a.
head and horses could not be even
given away. This summer there have
been no oats to be got in Alberta at all
aud cattle are being sold for between
$40 and $50 a head and overy hoof
bought thut cornea on the market. The
simple explanation is that
A Ma::. ��� ������ bas Sprung Up
within thu last si.-; years in the mining
districts of Koi tenayand the Boundary
There is In tact no known industry
which operates bo rapidly and over
such wide spread ureas us a population
bringor and commerce creator. No
other agency can comparo with it us u
stimulant to activity in agriculture and
tho manufactures. As a rule it is
pursued ln districts, the nature nl
which absolutely preclude tho possibility of any other class of production
being attempted except on the most
limited scale. Kootenay and the Klondike nro absolutely dependent on the
rest of Canada for almost everything
tbeir people use, except in our case
lumber and building materials. They
ore today the
Uftckboiio ot the Commercial Activity
of the provinco of British Columbia.
One has to try aud picture what shape
affairs would be lu if Kootenay was to
revert to the conditions of 1892 and
Klondike to the status of 1895 in order
to really grasp the immense importance
of tbe mining industry to tho whole
social structure.
Every mining man, ovory mining
partnership, every mining company
engaged In tho development of a
mineral olulm or group la while primarily without doubt seeking to carve
an Individual fortune out of nature's
treasuro bouse, helping | along the
"'ole community, helping to Create
fresh business areas, frosh freight for
future railways, Irtlb sources Of gov
ernment revenue. Any government,
within whose territory rich mineral
resources are known to exist, should
from a purely business point of view
bend every energy and postpone overy
other consideration to the policy of
fostering and aiding the
Development of Those Resources
for tbe very simple reason that therein
lies tho speediest road to increase of
population, increase of general business, increase of the total activity and
prosperity ol the community. Every
aid which a governmentcan give should
be rendered, every obstruction should
be removed, any attempt, while the
industry is in its infancy, to make it
the milch cow of the community,should
be frowned down. If tbe expenditure
in connection witb tbe government
assistance to the industry is heavy at
first, as it Is certain to be, thero is no
possible excuse for borrowing money
as valid. A great point should be
made of giving stability and permanence to tbe regulations and legislation
connected with the industry. It is not
alwayswhat a government has actually
enacted but what the tendency and
trend of its enactments seem to fore-
east, which has the effect of deterring
capital from taking hold. Thore are
only two ways by which a mining
country can be opened up. Either
capital must be attracted to do tbe
mining or
The Government Must do the Mining
themsblves. Any government not
sufficiently radical to adopt the latter
policy, should carefully refrain from
dabbling in legislation, of which tbat
policy is the only logical conclusion.
The foundation of tbe whole business is tbe prospector.' He should be
left severely alone by the legislator
and regulation framer. His customs
vary according to conditions. Leave
him to hammer them out for himsslf
and make no law touching prospecting
not based on them. Next to the prospector comes the local mining syndicate, which has a good property,
which it wants to mako into a mine.
It has a tough job in front of it. Any
legislation based on tho assumption
tliat It is picking up large chunks of
gold and silver every shift is bound to
be away off. Then comes the big min
ing companies with directors in London
or Chicago and other embellishments.
This isa very timid bird, easily scared.
Dividends is what it is after. Any
legislation that touches its dividends
is liable to hurt its feelings. Insecur-
ty of conditions will keep it away altogether. But no mining country can
get along without it. And the biggest
problem, which to-day states In the
face of the government of a country
containing unexploitod mineral resources, is how to steer a course amid
the rising waves of
Modern Radical Oplnlous
as held by tbe average elector and at
the same time keep legislation in such
shape as to mako capital willing to invest in mining operations in the
country. At present by dint ol dexterity tho thing can be achieved.
Ultimately tho two alms w^ll become
irreooncileablo. RAILWAYS, tele-
is of course, presupposing thut capital
docs not come out on top, which it is
more than likely to.
A School For the  Landing.���Eva
Bond Thrown Up1���New Mining Syndicates.
An Irish seotion boss out in Montana
bad charge of a gang, consisting of two
other Irishmen, and a number of
Italians. One day a small tree fell
across the track near whore they were
working, Taking tho Italians, the
boss attempted to lift tho tree from the
track. The men ull seemed to be doing
tbeir best, but tho tree did not move.
Presently the boss told the men to stop
and stand aside. Then, turning toward
the two Irishmen, he shouted, "Casey I
Mulligan I Come over here now 1"
They came, and the three laid hold of
the troo and lifted it from the track.
When it waB done, the boss, looking at
the Italians, said, in a tone of deep disgust, and with an expressive wave of
his hand, "Och, sure, but lt just about
breaks the Irish Catholic heart in me
to think that tbey make popes of theml"
Thomson's Landing, Sept. 24.���The
inspector of schools for one Kootenays,
Mr. Wilson, was hero yesterday for tho
purpose of making a report to the
educational department as to the
establisbment of a school at this place.
There are twelve pupils available.
H. Needbam is putting up a building,
18x20. to be used as a public hall, and
a school house if necessary, so that the
certainty of a much-needed school
seems assured.
The road between hero and Camborne is being pushed through vigorously. Contractors Beaton and Kinman
expect to be through by October loth,
while Mr. Bnulby,at the Camborne end,
is mastering some unlooked for
The London & B. C. people have
thrown up tbe bond on the Eva group,
though the property is looking as well
as it ever did, with a good deal more
work done. Tbe owners, the Imperial
Syndicate, composed of Nelson parties,
have decided to continue the development themselves, and Supt. Goldsmith
is now in Nelson making preparations
for the winter's work. A crew of
between 20 and 30 men will be engaged.
Andrew P. Rosenberger of the Prospector's Exchange, Nelson, has
succeeded in floating two syndicates in
Spokane to take bold of the Oyster and
Criterion, and Camborne groups
respectively, and their prospects of
success are encouraging.
Oscar Strauss, who acted as a special
constable, until called in, during the
recent C. P. R. trackmen's strike, has
beon compelled to seek a new boarding
house at Camborne. A couple of
Swedes who showed tbeir prejudice
against Strauss rather forcibly wore
assessed live and costs each by {justices
of tho peace Drow and Thomson yesterday.
A "scab," as defined in the Standard
dictionary, is: "A crust formed on
the surface of a sore; a contagious
diseaso resembling mange; the itch of
human beings; a mean, dirty, paltry
place, but recently of] Waverley, Nova
Scotia, to James A. Lado, a popular
Lardeauite whom dame fortune has
smiled upon this season as a result of
tho Lade group sale. Rev. C. Ladner
ol tho Methodist church officiated with
a very impressive ring ceremony, In
tbe presence nf only a few guests. Mr.
and Mrs. Lado start out in their now
role with tho best wishes of tbeir many
friends ln this camp, and upon their
return from Nolson and other points,
last Tuesday, a more fitting welcome
and western reception was tendered
the young couple.
A View of the Map is Almost Equal
To a Visit to tho Camp.
The long-looked for inup of the Lardeau district, including Fish creek and
upper Duncan river, compiled by S.
Shannon, B. A., and A. P. Cummins,
P. L. S., is to hand, and all orders ��ill
be filled by the Eagle this week. The
map was well worth waiting for, for it
is certainly tho. best thing' ovor
attempted in this line which has como
to our notice. The Trout Lake division
is shown in black, tho Lardeau In red
and tho Alnsworth in blue. A tenderfoot could take a copy uf this map and
lind any claim in the three divisions.
The mountains, creeks, wagon roads,
trails, railway routes and the location
and name (by a unique Index) ol every
mineral claim In the district is shown.
Noxt to visiting tho country in person
this map takes lirst place. Iu tact
every geographical feature is so well
defined tbat one can see at a glance the
nature of our country, and thu trend of
the claim locations gives an intelligible
idea of the mineral bolts running
through the camp. It is certainly tbe
best worth for one single dollar ever
offered in the map lino of a mining
camp. It is the first complete map of
the district, and should sell like tickets
to the Pan. Address your ordor, with
an enclosure of a one dollar bill, (no
cheques, orders, etc.) to The Lardeau
Eagle, Ferguson, B. C.
James A. Lade Leads to the Altar
Mies Nellie Otto.
On tho evening of September 10th
there was a quiet and interesting
wedding ceremony solemnized at tho
home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Davis, Revel
stoke. It waa tbe ocoailon of tha
marriage of MIis Nellie Otto of tbla
Ed. Hillman is building a cabin on
the Horseshoe mineral claim, and the
force of two men will be increased
upon its completion. The ���property
has been surveyed and is being crown
granted. The Horseshoe, as defined,
takes in the ore showing supposed to
bave been on Lucky Boy ground. No
suit on either side has been entered as
yet, except tbat the Lucky Boy owners
have been forbidden to remove the
ore. The mix-up will probably land in
the courts before the ownership ques
tion is settled. Both parties have the
ore showing in their survey plans, but
in any event either of the parties to
the dispute will have a half a claim on
the same lead. Tbe legal contest will
likely begin when either side begin to
ship ore.
Ore Shipments Increasing in Spite
of the Silver-Lead Market.
A Pew Important Strikes Disolosed
During the Week.-Properties
Paying Their Own Way.
Are you on the voters' list in the
riding in which you reside ? The B.C.
Gazette gives notice that on Monday,
the fourth day of November next, a
court of revision will bo held for the
purposo of hearing and determining
any or all objections against tho retention of any name or names on the
register of votes for the Revelstoko,
riding of West Kootenay, ln the West
Kootenay electoral district. Such court
will be open at 12 o'clock noon, at tbe
court house, Revelstoke, B. C. As a
provincial election may bo sprung at
any time it behooves every elector to
see that his name is on the list. Blank
forms may be obtained at the Eagle
Andrew Ferguson left on Monday for
tho Trail smelter with a second shipment of 40 tons nf Triune ore. With
the 20 tons belonging to thc lessees of
last year this makes an output of 80
tons so far this season. T ,io owners
hope to make another 40-ton shipment
this season, and more if possible to
work at the mine.
Wednesday's isBue of the Seattle P.-
I was accompanied by a handsome
picture of the late president of tho
United States.
J. E. Spurling of Kevelstoke, bas
tired of life In the railway centro, and
will put in a few shifts hereafter in
this growing camp.
R G. Fauquier, the defaulting government agent at Kevelstoke, wns
sentenced tn two years' imprisonment
in tho Westminster penitentiary.
A meeting of the representatives of
tho interior press will ho held at
Halcyon on Monday noxt, for the purpose of organizing a newspapermen's
Of necessity events trauspiring on
the outside are rather stale for a
weekly to chronicle, but for tlie mining
news of this district lirst hand tho
Eagle ails tho bill.
The Brantford Trades and Labor
Congress bas decided to ask tho Dominion government to levy a per capita
tax of $500 on all Cbinamou entering
Canada. Apparently public interest is
at last being aroused on this momentous subject in B. C. even in Ontario.
"Do you know who I am, sir?" asked
the aristocratic looking man. "I am
Sir Francis Daffy, Knight of the
Garter, Knight of tho Bath, Knight of
the Doublo Eagle, Knight of the
Golden Fleece and Knight of tho Iron
Cross." "Sure," said the young Irishman, "an' I'm Michael Murphy, night
beforo last, night before that, last
night, to-night and every other blessed
night I"
For the past week the weather has
been rather unfavorable for mining in
this district, so many of the properties
working being located near the summits. However, development is forging ahead and good reports continue
to come in from every direction. The
anow-capped peaks indicate that the
present successful season is drawing to
a close. Preparations for the raw-
biding season are now being made, and
Lardeaultes bave a good winter to look
forward to. Our ore production this
winter will do much to attract outsiders for next yoar. The itemB following will give Eagle readers some idea
of the mining news of the week.
Another big strike of oro has been
discovered on the Ajax, one of the
claims on tlo Nettie L. group, somo
300 ft. above the find mado some weeks
ago whilo the claim was being surveyed. The possibilities of the Nettie
L. group seem to enlarge each wool!.
The wagon road to this mino la now
nearlng completion, and the forco will
bo gradually increased Irom now on.
Evorything is shaping well for tho
winter, which promises to bo :i record-
breaker in tho matter of nro shipment.
Ferguson's Le Roi Is holding her own
against all the new properties nov,
being opened up.
The contractor, Sig Davis, and his
men are down from tbo Mountain Lio:i
group, having completed the 60 ft.
tunnel. They have not struck the ore
body, but things are looking all right,
and instructions may be received this
week to continue work until the ore
body is tapped. A cubin has bee;'
built and well provisioned, and Mr.
Davis thinks there would bonndifM.
culty in working there for two months
yet. The same owners, tho Mountain
Lion Co., havo mado the first monthly
payment of $1,000 on tho American,
which is under a working bond, aud
the pay roll money is expected daily.
.1. W. LiviniiBton, of tho Ruffled
Grouse, was in town on Sunday soenr
ing supplies. Ho and his co-owuo.-.*
have oil sacks of $300 oro ready for tho
packers, but this amount will be moro
than iluubled beforo shipping. Nex',
season thov will put on mon and push
Manager Chas. W. McCrossan is expected to arrive here from Colorado
this week, and tho Metropolitan may
then ceaso operations for the winter o?
account of its location; but work ou
the Black Warrior will be pushed
Incessantly. The Warrior cabins are
now almost completed and a force ol
twelve men will be at work by Monday
next, under tbe old owner of the property, T. E. Home. Over a hundred
sacks of the proposed 20-tou shipmen:.
are now ready for shipment.
An important strike has been made
on tho 1. X. L. group, at tbe head of
Brown creek. Assays of the ore er.
countored while drifting on the ledgo
run as high as 1270 ou. in silver to the
ton. Advertising hates: Display mis., 91.00 por
(���aluinii Inch per moutli. Legal ads. 11! cents
ver (nonparielj line lor tlrst insertion: Secnts
ior caeli additional Insertion. Reading notices
10 cents per lino eaeh issue. Ninety (lay legal
notices. ilu; sixty days, 17.50: thirty days, 16.
\o ads. aeeepteil al less than full ratcH.
Bubaorlptlon Rates: By mail or carrier, 12.00
por annum ; si.oo for six mouths. To foreign
addresses I'J.W.   .Stopped at expiration.
Job Printing: The Eagle jol)department is
the bost equipped office in North Koolenay,
snd is prepared to execute ull kinds oi priming
at bones', priees.
Address all communications to
It is readily observable that the
school-boy who edits the B. C.
Trade Budget has a limited knowledge of the economic conditions
existent to-day, however enlightened
he may be upon ancient history. It
so happens that we are living in
the twentieth century, and naturally
are interested in the things of our
time. It is entirely unnecessary
for the  Eagle to "brood over the
all  the  old  vested-rights grannies
vould ha
to   do
other than own a cinch. The B. C.
Trade Budget is unfair. It will not
uryue this question on its merits.
Belittling and "chuckling" is no
argument, and is entirely unworthy
of the journal from which it
eminates. If the Budget has a
desire to be honest with us we will
be pleased to give it the benefit of
our studentship. The idea of the
public ownership of tlie means of
production and distribution is growing rapidly in our country but unfortunately is still much misunderstood and unappreciated.
The assassination of President
McKinley has set the world agog.
And the citizens of the United
States have put on their thinking
caps. Whv was McKinley shot
down ? Is there not oppression by
private capital and despondency and
spitefulness created by unequal
social conditions ? Must there not
be trie beneath to-make the water
boil?.. These enquiries must, after
aJI,' 'result in good. While the
Eagle is bitterly opposed to
anarchism, and breathes throbbing!)'
at the thought of the atrocious
murder ol an innocent man, it can
not help viewing  with alarm  the
lessons of history."     The   Eagle.
merely claims that the same govern-'acute industrial conditions develop
ment which   operates   our    postal
system,   our   public works system,
our school system,  our  police  system,  etc.,   can   own   any   of   the
industries which are  to-day enriching   the    shareholders    ot  prhate
trusts.    These shareholders, foreign
for the most  part,   Jo   not operate
these  industries,   they  sjniplv own
them,   and  their  money   hin s  the
brains  which  operates   them.     It
would be silly and child-like  to say
that the government could not hire
the same   or   better   brains.    The
Trade   Budget   editor   has   a   few
things  to    learn   still,   though   we
grant that he will assume a dignified
air   and   close    up    like    a  clam,
through having "no particular   desire to enter into a controversy with
the   Lardeai;   Eagle."     What  a
calamity   it  would   be   for certain
were  the  whole people to  go into
business.    Why there would be  no
one left to fleece,   and   the  accrued
profits  could be used in the further
development    of    this    god-given
country.       Educational      facilities
might be made absolutely free,   and
Silas Jones' child might acquire as |
good an education as   a   Senator's.
Railway fares might he reduced, and
a   consumptive   might   be- able to
reach a better clime where life could
be prolonged, or we might have too
many family re-unions.    It would
never do to have national parks and
resorts within reach  ol  the  wage-
earner.      Smelters and  a  refinery
might be established and the silver-
lead mining property owner given a
market for  his   raw   product,   the
refining might he done by Canadian
labor,   and  those  who  cannot buy
white load   to   paint   their   houses
might    have    lhat  product  placed
within reach of them.    And besides
if   the   government   owned   say a
smelter   "all  engaged   would work
fewer hours and get more pay than
under private ownership, the finished
product costing thereby say  35 per
cent, more."    This would he awful.
Part   of   Ihe profits   would go into
the    pockets     of      the      wage-
earners      rather     than     into    the
coffers    of    foreign   shareholders,
while the balance would still belong
lo thc whole people.   "Government
ownership of an enterprise to which
private capital is directly opposed
would mean the robbing of Peter to
pay Paul."   Why yes,   instead of
Ihe   man   who   simply   owns   the
industry getting all the profits the
wage-earners would get a (air share
and the whole people the  balance.
What a pity it would he to rob the
non-producer?     Oh   the    dreadful
ihings that might occur, were   the
government to go into business.   It
is awful to' contemplate i   Think of
jing in America, more noticeably so
in Uncle Sam's domain. It will be
noticed by careful readers that only
in lhe countries where oppression is
most predominant is anarchism
most rampant.    On the one  hand
of it is more rapidly and thoroughly
reached if the preliminary trai ning
has been of the right kind. We
must pay more attention to mining
and less to the share market, thin k
more of dividends earned from the
sale of mineral and little of those
realized by the manipulation of
stocks. The man who says, 'Oh,
damn dividends, I want a quicker
way of making money, than that,'
will probably disagree with the last
remark, but for the benefit of the
community, it should never be for-1
gotten that in stock transactions
money simply changes hands���
'twas mine, 'tis his���whilst by the
opening up of a mineral deposit
which can be worked at a profit
new wealth is created and the
country, as well as the shareholders,
to that extent benefitted."���J. D.
Kendall in the London, Eng,, B, C.
��� ���-���-**��������-���-���
map ofthe I Has Arrived
The Rossland mine owners are
suing the miners' union for $50,000
damages because they went on
strike for the same scale of wages
as exists in the Boundary, Nelson,
Alnsworth, Slocan and Lardeau
mining divisions, and thus put the
mine owners to considerable expense. The result of the suit will
he of vital interest to all labor
unions throughout Canada, as it
practically means their right to
exist. Of course when the mines
close down and the miners are
ousted without notice there is no
suit for damages forthcoming.   The
and all orders will be filled at onee.
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STAKUEV & Co,, Nelson, 11.0., Agent! for tho Kootenays
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we  see socialism growing by  leaps laborer  must take his medicine and
and   bounds���a    state   of  society! say he likes it.    Such suits as these ;
which anarchists abhor,    Socialism are merely paving the way for tiie
is      diametrically      opposite      to supremacy   of labor  at the ballot, j
anarchism.     The  former means a : If  the   people make laws they will |
people's  trust,   all  working  under j make   them   for   the   people, and
law   and   order,   while   the  latter i when they  arc  unable  to  do this
demands  none  but  natural  or un-'there will  be  trouble,     Such bull-
written laws,  a state of perfection headed    men   as   Macdonald   and
which can alone be reached  beyond  Kirby are simply forcing  the  fight,
the grave.    Anarchists   apparently which  will  he settled once and for
kill those in authority because of!all    as   soon   as   the   people   are
California Wine Co., Limited.
Nelson, 13. C.
Agents for Calgary lloer.
I��l ��t�� >>
sufficiently educated, and prevailing
events are proving to be great
educators for the masses.
the odds against them in their hopeless fight. They brood and despair,
then become despondent and seek
vengeance. They refuse to bide
their time and wield their influence
with thc ballot.    They determine to
strike fear into those elected by thei   , . .    ,.      .     .   . .
,  ' ,       who pose as intending to  insta
people to serve them.    It is silly,
useless and appalling, but it serves
a purpose. Public sentiment is
aroused and the cause of such an
evil, rather than the effect, is discussed. The greed of private
capital may be the direct cause of
the oppression, but the electors
who vote for and perpetuate a
system of government which allows the trusts to cinch and oppress
the people are really their own
oppressors, hence have no one but
themselves to blame. We may be
plunged in sorrow for the unfortunate victim of the assassin, but
we ourselves create the conditions
which lead up to such atrocious
"If we are to survive in the
struggle for existence we must
improve our commercial methods.
Wc must not send nut men to purchase mining properties who are
Utterly ignorant of mining, as we
have done. We must not buy on
vendor's reports, as we have done.
We must not build mills and smelters, when we have not sufficient
money in hand or at command for
mine development, as we have
I done. We must not build mills
before we have a mine nor leave the
selection of treatment processes to
men who are mill-builders only, as
we have done. We must not send
out to manage properties, men in
whom we have so little confidence
that they are little more than puppets worked from this end, as we
have done, We must not leave the
management of mines largely to
boys, just from school, as we have
done ; even il it be from a school of
mines. Mining can only be learned
in the mine, although a knowledge
Residents of Ferguson  have all
but decided that the Nelson parties
waterworks system in this place
this fall are merely having a little
pastime at our expense. There is
another syndicate, whicli certainly
means business, prepared to undertake the work early next season, so
that fortunately we are not dependent upon any one combination.
Tired ot waiting, most of the
business houses and residences have
already put in private systems,
which will answer the purpose
nicely until next year.
Hort. Mr. Brown, provincial
secretary, was defeated in the election at Westminster last week,
Gifford having 52 majority. The
electorate are impatiently awaiting
the next move. Premier Dunsm
still holds lhe deal, but will have lo
draw to 16.    Joe Martin is standing
Rivalry is not always confined to
jerk-water towns, as may be noticed
in ihe following scare-line heading
clipped from the Vancouver Province: "Vancouver is now
supreme. But little northern freight
is being shipped from Victoria these
days.    Local wharves crowded."
NO. 4 K. W. C. BLOCK, NELSON, li. C
Hold, silver-Lead aud Copper Mines wanted at tiio EXCHANGE.   FREE
MILLING   GOLD properties  wanted at onee for Eastern  investors.
Parlies having mining property For Hale are requested to send samples
, of tlieir ore 10 the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
All samples sliould be sent by  express   prepaid.      Correspondence
solieited.   Address all communication to
P. O Box 700,      NELSON, II. 0.
Edison    Phonographs    and    Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
J. W. BENNETT, Revelstoke Station, B. C.
Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands 0/
[Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Kuten 93,00 a day and upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
The Kin^s Hotel
f Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Three   Storeys   High
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-M.ade
Cigarsin the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
Victoria Avenue, East,
Ferguson, B. C.
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
Tho world is like a piece ol musii
lull of sharps nnil lints.
Americans need no longer joer Britishers as a royalty-worshipping people.
A lair redistribution bill is now
coming to this province. Will Promier
Dunsmuir do his duty ?
There will bo many a poor cuss in
Canada theso days standing tho tailor
oil' to wear a Princo Albert in tho pres'
onco of royalty.
"No country can long remain froo
when the tendency ot the law is to
concentrate tho wealth of the country
Into a few handB."���Daniel Webster.
Porco of character and imputation
are all very well in their way, but the
man without the lon;; green In this age
of competitive greed is in a sorry
Individualism is scattering old
families and preventing the formation
of new ones. It Is malting harlots of
women and muffs of men. Is it not
time to call a halt ?���Lowery's Claim.
The "society" girl should remember
that the men whose vital forces they
are helping to deplete���to say nothing
of their bank-accounts���are men that
they may marry some day ; thon the
vosos will turn-'to rue,
Destroy tho privileges granted to
combinations of capital by legislative
assemblages, and place tbem on an
equality with labor, and the Taps and
Chinaman will not. be (eared by the
working people of this province.
When a man hasn't, a good word to
say fur the community in which he
lives, it's time for him to move, because
ho has no interest, thore, and, further
more, ho is out of his element. If he
persists in remaining, he should be
given a tin bill ana made tn scratch
gravel with the chickens.���Northport
Miner. _____
A political economist says; "You
cannot get money without earning it
unless someone else earns it without
getting it. The largo dividends and
the enormous salaries paid the owners
and managers of such combines as the
steel trust show than the real workers
are not getting their share of the
From what one can road In the reports and newspapers of New Zealand
there is no such ill-feeling between
emyloyers and employed, parties or
creeds, as is seen and felt in this
country. Surely wo aro as intelligent
and honest as thoy are, and if they
havo found somo remedy lor the discordant factions of society, we ought to
bo able to do so to the evident satisfaction of every one.
The zinc smelter trust will soon be
ready lor business, with Mr. Morgan
at the hulin. Tho producer's association will Hirht the proposed combination, us It, will materially interfere
with the prolits of its members. The
small concern, however, is doomed,
hence the zinc trust will go on its way
triumphantly, and tho former muBt get
in out of tho wet if it dosnn't want to
take cold,
Strange ns it may seem, there 19 only
ono country in this wholo wido world
that approaches anywhere near an
acknowledgement of a man's inherent
right to live, That country is Now
Zealand, a colonv of Great Britain,
Today this littlo.colony stands to tho
unique position among nations as boing
tho most progressive country onfjtlio
face of the globe, and this faot 1b fafet
boing recognized by all of tho nations
of tho world. Tho Bcoret of it all lies
in tho recognition of overy man to Jive.
"Thoy tell us thilj tho interests of
capital and labor are Identical. That
ono could not get along without tho
other, etc. And millions bolievo it.
Hut it is not true. Capital cannot get
along without labor, but labor can get
along without capital. It has done it
and cau do it again. If there was no
capital, labor would go to woi'k and
produce some. But If there was no
laborers, capital would be* as wortu-
Iosb as so many rocks. Before this
capitalistio ago sot tn, every artisan owned his own tools and could
make a good living for himself and
family. Ho could do this by tils own
labor alone. Now how Is it ? With all
the machinory of production in tho
hands of capitalists, ho can | barely
live. Often his wife and children must
help, and then be doos we|l to keep the
woll from the door,"
The Union Label
On everything yon buy is n guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate of wages for its produclion.
Insist on having the label.
Med Butters of North America
tho United Halters
of North America.
When you arc buying a run HAT,
either soft or stiff,
bco to it that thu
genuino UN'I ON
Label issewud iu it.
ff a retailer has
loose labels in his
possess ion and offers to put one in a
/���ut for you, do not
patronize him. Hu
has not auy ripnt toiiavo loose labels. Loose
litbeli iu retail stores nre counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation ns to why the hat
has no label. The (.Jenuino Union Label is
perforated on the fouredj-es exactly the same
as a postnge stamp, Counterfoils am sometimes perforated on three of the edges, und
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits, Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-mado hats. Tlie John B Stetson
Co. and Henry lf. Itoelofs A Co., both of Philadelphia, l'u., are non-union concerns,
JOHN .A. MOFPITT. President,
Orange, N.J.
11 797 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Fred C. Elliott,
harristkr, notary public,etc.,
tbout lake city b. c, and
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter tf Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of ouwulu.
Geo. H. McCarter. J. A. Harvey,
A. M. Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
barrister, solicitor, etc.
offices: Mckenzie avenue,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Lardeau Miners'' Union A'o.
119, W. F. ofM.
Meets every Saturday evening at 8 o'clock,
In tho Eagle hall, Ferguson. B, C. Visiting
members cordially invited.
President.       Recording Secretary.
M    V *| III  I ar>: prepared to fill ordets for V
I     �����!.�����* us   /*, ^a III .uly  doscrjptiori  or quantity   of JT
I.imiher   on ths shortest notice.   K
Sash and Doors
*J*\ James Anderson
fit Ferguson Saw Mill
nn agent for	
���Sawyer Bros,' -
-Sash and Door-
and will be pleased to fill orders.   K
Packing and
Ferguson Packing' and
Transfer Outfit.
I       I       I       I       I
I   I   I   I   i
Scenic Line
ofthe World
Kootenay Lake Serviee,
Leaves. Arrives
TUGS.,Thtir,,Sat,,  I --Ar. Tues.,Thur.,Sat.
22.00 "-.drill) 21.30
Arrowhead Service.
Leaves Arrives
pally o.is  Arrowhead   19.15 Daily
Daily 19.40 ARROWHEAD BRANCH U.lj Daily
Connects  Revel-    JbaSt
stoke with '
Imperial Limited    Vri��St
Steamship service from Vancouver, China,
Japan, Australia and Alaska.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLTC,
D. P. A., Nelson.       A.C.P.A., Vancouver.
Ceo. \V. "orcy,
Mining Engineer,
R.Lyman, Jr., B.S..E.M.,
Memb.A. I.M.E.
Corey $ Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lardeau properties managed,
SfiattpS.  Ferguson, B. C.
T. R. Davey,
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service*- n Eagle hall every
Sunday at 3 p.m    _unday school at 2 p.m.
Trout Lake Cit'*. Services In Forrester's
hall everv -aiidayat 7:80 pan. Sunday
school at'J:_0 p.m.
REV. fl. J. GREEN, Pastor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Contracts entored into for packing ot Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, and any  work undertaken guaranteed,
Freighting  from  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ""j**^ S. Daney, Proprietor.
B. C.
The Lardeau District
ns a profitable field for tlio judicious advertiser Is unexcelled in this province. THE
LARDEAU EAGLE is tho only medium
actually covering the district. An nd. ir. the
EAGLE will roach mora people in Ferguson,
Trout Lake (''.ty, Thomson's Landing, Coma*
nMrJCamborne, Arrowhead, Ton Mile, Circle
City and every solitary mini! in the district.
than any other paper published. No other
district in Canada offers suoh splendid opportunities for good, wide-awake advertisers.
Do yon want more business? Then write at
once for our advertising rates and place your
patronajre in thc only medium that actually
covers the field-THE LARDEAU EAGLE.
Job Printing
The BA(
luir iviii;
Mail ord
print yo
is the only printing office in
���nay which can furnish   the
��� 1 union Label upon vonr
1.. This Alono is a guarantee tit
1 '.noiiMaud best workmanship.
��� It .1 promptly. Lot ihe EAGLE
luting; always neat, clean anil
yec lhat this Label is on all Clothing you buy.
r*\ a The pay roll contro and the placo whore Lardieau's snipping
I ^ _ j-,-��� -^ ... /x ay\ 1 mines are-located, is situated nO miles southeast of Rovelstoke.
U iii I I 111/I 111 1 From Kevelstoke to Arrowhead by rail, 28 miles; from Arrow*
V I   I V I l\S III I 1**'��-1 to Thomson's Landing by boat, 12 miles;   from tae Landlnj;
I   \ il l_'     till _ to FERODSON.by horse or stage, 10 miles.   Come straight to
*   vi^uwuu ��� Ferguson.   Investigation courted,
Is the Coming Solid Town of the
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the Nettie L. Double
Eagle, Ophir-Lade, Silver Cup,
Triune, Metropolitan, Sunset,
Lone Star, Comstock and other
properties will operate the year-
round hereafter, and this winter
will see probably 400 men at
work, over 200 of which will be
engaged on thc properties of
the first three named.
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. hill, between the two creek forks; on
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
thc south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Flrguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Becai sis the offices of many of
the companies operating in the
camp are located hero.
BECAUSE Ferguson receives thc
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is the point where
mining men coming into the district make their headquarters; as
they can walk or ride and return
from most of the properties in
one day or less.
Because every pound of ore from
these mines coming down the
hill lands first in Ferguson.
From here il will be teamed to
transportation on the lake, a
distance of four miles.
Because when the railway reaches
the place where Ihe mine:: ape it
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natural advantage for thc building up of a
great mining center.
But why give other reasons: We have thc mines, thc pay roil, ihe natural geo=
graphical location, unlimited water power, etc., and the right kind of people to make
a town. The ore shipments, increasing business, and money and enterprise will do the
rest.   Come and see for yourself.
From $150 up
From $75 up
Henry Floyd
\ ��� �����������
I On the Wing
:        Items        j
The Oddfellows contemplate building
a ball at Trout Lake.
A broom factory is tho newest of
Vancouver Industries.
* Hello central I Have you Invested a
one spot in tho new map V It's a daisy.
Tho endeavor to work the mines at
Rossland with ''rats" Is proving a Cit-
mal failure.
Fred. Fraser has been gazetted
deputy d Istrict registrar of the supreme
court for Revelstoke.
A socialist convention has been
called to meet ln Vancouver on Wednesday nexi, October 2nd.
Freight teams now plying between
hore and Thomson's Landing bring to
mind tho old prairie schooner days.
Twenty eight men, not seventy-eight,
as was erroneously stated in last issue,
are engaged on tbe Nettle L. wagon
M. Grady's new hotel at the St. Leon
Hot Springs is almost completed and
rtl\ bo open for business by tho first of
The provincial .government will A<g
up $1200 towards helping Itevelstoke
out nf the hole on the recent smallpox
quarantine in that city.
Monday, Sept. 30th,' is pazotted a
ho'idayfor ull public schools on the
main lino in honor of the visit of the
Duke and Duchess of Cornwall.
Thos. James, a Rossland mining
man, is at tbe Metropolitan group for
the purpose of making a report upon it
to Manager Chas, \V. McCrossan.
* G. B. Batho & Co. have just received a fine shipment of gonts' underwear, neckwear, etc., and also a well
assorted Use of dress goods, hosiery,
Or. H. L. A. Keller of Nelson, spent
a few days in tbo campduringtho week
with a view to locating here, but returned to Nelson on Tuesday morning
Two Sisters, of the Roman Catholic
church, bave been successfully soliciting subscriptions, for tho orphan's
hone at Now Westminster, in the
camp this week.
Vincent Lade, president of the
Lardean miners' union, and one of the
Lardeau boys whom dame fortune has
smiled upon, has gone east for the
winter, to gladden the hearts of the old
Albert Gelser, of Baker City, Ore,,
bas been eonvloted at Rossland Ior an
infringement of the Allen Labor Act.
He waB Hood $550. Immediately aftor
the conviction his attorney gave notice
of appeal.
The Dominion govornmont has decided to abolish the oflice of labor
commissioner in British Columbia, and
it is very probable that within tho
next few days the resignation of E. P.
Bremner will be received at Ottawa
W. A. Bauer, P. L.S., of Vancouver,
an old-timer in the Big Bend country,
north of Revelstoke, has concluded tn
make the Lardeau his headquarters
hereafter. Mr. Bauer, with attendants,
bas just finished surveying some claims
up the north fork.
There Is some curiosity being aroused in this camp over tho staking of two
or three milos of country up the north
fork hy J. T. Lauthers in the interests
of an outsider, on the supposition that
a big copper producing section ha-
heretofore been overlooked. Developments will be awaited with interest.
Tbo town of Phoenix, in tho Boundary district, seems to be prospering,
and its huge ore shipments are amazing. Its streets are being graded, an
electric light plant and a waterworks
system have just been installed, and
the prospects of the now railway is
causing a flutter of excitement. There
is no labor trouble and the camp is
making big strides commercially and
A. F. Rosenbergor returned to Nelson Friday nigbt last after a fortnight's
trip through Montana and Idaho. To
a Miner reported Mr. Rosenborgor
stated that be had never before realized
bow valuable the deposits of British
Columbia were till he saw what mines
had been developed in the states mentioned from showings that were in no
way superior to those of British
Columbia, while in extent of mineralised country he bad Been nothing to
compare witb almost any of the mining
iegtloni9( tbl> proving*,,
* Don't wait; but telephone at once.
Uways in order now. Ferguson offloe
it Cummins & Co.'s store.
* Weekly shipments of fresh ranch
eggs and creamery butter now being
received by G. B. Batho & Co.
* If you want to find where you are
at buy a copy of the new map of the
Lardeau. The Eagle has the sole
agency for Ferguson.
* Now ready, the "Union" and "Our
Spoelal" cigars, at the Union Cigar
Factory, Revelstoko. Stock and workmanship guaranteed.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. Rosenberger's advt. in this
issue. No stock to sell; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
* When you want a new book, a
magaztno or reading matter of any
description, order it from the Canada
Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
* Send In your orders for the
"Union" and "Our Special" cigars to
the Union Cigar Factory, Revelstoke.
Stock and workmanship guaranteed.
Imperial Bank
Any man may make a mistake, but
none but a fool will continue ln it���
LADE-OTTO���At the residence of R.
Davis, Revelstoke, on the evening of
the 19th instant, by Rev. C. Ladner,
J. A. Lade of Ferguson, B. C, to
Mi's Nellie Otto, recently of Waver-
ley. I\ova Scotia.
Mining men engage their
crews at Ferguson, s>nd
pay them off in Ferguson.
The place where the mines
are is the place where the
towns are	
Ferguson receives the pay
roll benefit from all the
shipping mines	
Mrs. J. E. Laurence
Windsor Hotel, llooms 8 and II,
Ferguson,   P.  C.
(Form K.)
HORSESHOE mineral rlulm, ultimo In the
Trout Lake Mining Division of West Kootc
nay District.   Where located:    On Trout
TAKE NOTICE that I, Edwin Hillinnn, Free
Miner's Certificate No 11.82009, Intend, sixty
days-from the dale hereof, (o apply to the
Mining Iteoorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose ot obtaining a crown
(irantof the above Ola im.
And further lake notlco Unit action, under
section IF, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd day uf Mcpti-mber, A. I). Wu!.
���opt 5 2m EDWIN HILLMAN.
(Form l'\)
CANADIAN (URL  mineral claim, situate In
tho Trout Lako Minion Division of West
Kootenay District.   Wnoro located :   On
tho east side of tho norlh fork of Lardeau
rivor and being a south easterly oxtension
of tho Iron Horse.
TAKE NOTICE llial 1,0.11. N. Wllklc,acting
ns agent for li. (V, Norlhey, F. M. 0. IMIUUO, F.
Mci'iny, F. M. (1, IM7WU, Andrew Cnilg, F.M.C.
11:121,11), Intend, sixty .lays from the dato liero-
of, to apply lo tbe Mining Recorder lor a certificate of Improvements, for the  purpose of
obtaining a Crown giant of tbo abovo claim.
And further take uollcclbat action, undor
section 117, must bo commenced before tbo
Issuance of such certificate of Imnrovumeuts.
Datod thia 29th day of August, Ml.
aug29 2m 0. II. N. WILKIE.
ToC. J, Smith and F. W*. Hinsdale, or to any
person or persons to whom they may have
transferred tbeir interests,
TAKE NOTICE tbat we, tbe undersigned, co-
owners with you In the Copper Key mineral
group, situated on Short creek, south of Pass
creek, in tho Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootenay, in tbo Provinco of Ilrltish
Columbia, have exoended eight hundre.i (|80fl)
dollarH in labor and Improvement upon tbo
above mentioned mineral group in order to
bold said group under Section 24 of tbe Mineral
Act. and If wlthin'nlnety days from the lirst
publication hereof, you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, to-
f ether witb the cost of advertising, for 1900 and
901 respectively, your Interests in tbe said
group will become tho proporty of the sub-
scrlbers, undor Section 4 of tbo Mineral Act,
Dated at Sandon, B. C, this Sth day of August,
1901. islun^rti   HENRY 8ANN,
INKIieci)     ,..��� MnRETT
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing the blue label.
It helps manufacturers to see the force
of paying fair and honest wages,
The Label. Committer, C, M, I..U.
of Canada,
CAPITAL J2.50U.000.00.
RUST $1,850,000.00.
General Banki.ip, business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits tn Savings
Department at current rates.
H. Edwards.^
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
i-hird street ^Revelstoke
New Fall  Goods
���"The question of clothes 1b one thnt
> * should interest Any num. High-class
talfuifug Insures perfectly filling garments, it increases the life of the <
clothes, too. run will bear our work
highly Wm mended by those who know
good clot).Ing when they see It. Our
suits will plume you.
Tweed Su\ts~$i6, gig, $20
Tweed Tnusertais:
$4.00,  $4.30,   $3,00.
Ladies' hij-h class custom tailoring.
Ladles' am) Dent .emeu's Rain Coats   4
made from tho very best waterproofed    '
worsteds, to order. These coats serve
the double purpose of a rain coat as
well as ii spring or fall overcoat.  La*  ''
dies' and gentlemen's fur-litied coats  .
and jackets, to order. T
The Art Tailor,
Revelstoke, B. C.
The Largest Complete
Stock in the Lardeau
It makes no difference what size your order
is, nor what it calls tor, we can fill it, and
at  lower prices   than elsewhere   in this
district.   We buy in carload lots, and get
the cash discounts, thus placing us in  a
position to sell you the very newest and
best supplies at lowest prices.   Having just
enlarged our store, we are in a better position than ever to fill your order promptly.
Pack train orders is our specialty.    Come
in and see our stock, and get prices before outfitting.   We can save you money.
Big Ore Shipments
And in anticipation of this encouraging feature
we are placing in our enlarged storeroom a
Splendid Winter Stock
of Miners'   Supplies���Groceries,   Clothing,
Farm Produce, Canned Goods, Tobaccos, Etc.
Geo. B. Batho * Co.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   ,
The most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur, Kiating, fishing
aud excursions, Itesider.t pbvsfcian and
mi'so. In telegraphic; communication with
all parts of tho world. T**"j malls arrive and
depart everyday. Its baths euro all nervous
and muscular diseases ���_'�� waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a Hiiro remedy against
all argentiferous pol-ions. TKRMs!: |15 to
|1S per week, acnordltig to residence in hotel
or villas
1  1
Established 1896
1    1
General Merchants
I Have just rooolvad a Choice Line of
A new stock of Patent Medicines and
Staple Drugs.
A. F. RANKINE,Mffi"1
Store In Eagle Block. FERGUSON, B. C.
, Prop'rs
Good accommodation, best service, choice wines, liquors and
cigars, lire proof safe, rates
ron sona bio.
C. B. Hume & Co.
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
The largest Importers In North Kootonay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City, 13. C.
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall j*V>   I
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
t   Sewing   Machines,
Etc. VSaJO^IM^
���-KEVELSTOKE, II. (.'.
Citizens ofthe Lardeau District
When you come to Revelstoke to do your shopping, remember that
Bourne Bros.
have the largest and best assorted stock In  North Kootenay.
Compare our prices and see our goods beforo purchasing olBewhoro.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.


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