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Hew Vork Market.
Silver���Bar    $584
LEAD-lOOlb       4.1)0
Copper.     12.50
Vol. V, No 4.
Ferguson, B. C, MARCH 4, 1904.
$2 a Year
The Supply of Gold.
No other Influence has bad a more
powerfdl sway over the business of tho
world during the last few years than
the produotion of gold. The production of gold since the opening of 1800,
inclusive of the estimate for 1003, amounted to $2,100,000,000.- A large, but
varying portion of tbe gold produced is
absorbed in the industrial arts. The
remainder, probably 70 or 75 per cent,
increases the world's supply of money.
The world's stock of gold at the present
time is estimated at $5,382,000,000.
Since 1896 the increase bas been about
$1,500,000,000. This is an increase of
35 por cent in tho world's stock of gold
during the last eight years. This enormous increase in thc supply of gold bas
had a powerful effect; upon tho businoss
of the world. Paring tbe period in
whieh the world's stook of gold has increased 35 per cent, commodity prices,
based on Dun's index numbers, have
advanced 26 por cent. The average advance in security prices has probably
been between 25 and 30 per cent. The
world's production of gold, instead of
decreasing, is increasing rapidly, The
production during 1004 promises to be
the largest on record. In the face of
this huge gold output, any further severe shrinkage in values is hardly to
be expected,���Banking World.
A Qulok Turnover.
' They may talk about making a quick
turnover in mining stocks, and sometimes it Is oattle, and more frequently
it is real estate that one hears people
boasting about how much they realized
by the turnover; but it is not often that
one hears ot a big turnover in salt.
However, such a thing occurred this
week to a Ferguson man. This man is
well known all over the Lardeau, and
Is one of our most popular men. The
affair came about in the following manner:
One ot S. ilaney's men, when returning from Trout Lake on Monday with a
six horse team and between live and
six tons of salt on his sleigh, had got to
the little ravine near the top of the big
v hill when the binding gave way, and
man, rack and salt were pitched down
the steep embankment, leaving the
sleigh and horses on the road. The
driver sustained no Injuries, fortunately, but had some work righting things
Bernard McDonald of Spokane, formerly manager of the Le Roi at Boss-
land, has commenced the expenditure
of $500,000 on the.development of the
Cornucopia mines In Eastern Oregon.
Bis project ie one of the most extensive
that has beon undertaken lately in tbe
northwest. The Cornuoopla mining
district is near the easterly end of Baker county, about 20 mile; duo west of
���^p'snftke rivor,- and about 65 miles by
wagon road from Bakor city,' which is
the nearest railway station and tbe
commorcial centre of Eastern Oregon.
The following is a record of the ores
treated at the Montreal and Boston
Copper Company'-ssmeUerit Boundary
Falls, B. C, for the yeiir isd3, with Da-
oeirber estimated tonnage of ore treated and metal contents for 191*3!
Weight    Gold      Sliver    Copper
tons      ozh.        ozs.        lbs.
Wet-Ores.... 132,258   7,859.005   6_,27,.71 3.M1.1IM
Dry Ores   ������      817     150.90(1  20,17-1.57   	
nL'.-iO 8.0O..9U  72,703.31 1,1141,1m
This District Is Watched By People Who Want To Invest.In The Mining Business.
By numerous enquiries received by
the Eagle, and a close perusal ot our
exchanges, it is not difficult to seo
which minining district is the most in
favor this sprleg, 1904, and whore tbo
boom is e^peoted to occur. One
can sqarcely pick up a paper that has
not something in about the Lardeau
and the probabilities of its becoming
very soon one of tho greasest gold and
silver producing portions of Canada.
Every indication that is wanted is
shown that this anticipation will como
about, so tbere is groat anxiety felt and
shown to get into the district early,
either for tho purpose of prospecting
for claims that must yet exiBt, undis
covered, in large numbers, or for tho
purpose of acquiring partially proven
proporty before tho price of sucli properties is raised to a high figure,
It was only last summer that the Lardoau was kuowu to contain large numbers of rich tree milling leads, and that
they wore scattered over a \vi*Ie area of
country. It was only just previous tu
the winter's first snowfall tbat the rich
stuff which is plainly visible to the
tiakod oyo wae traced to Perguson, proving that this towu lies practically in
the centre of thoTich belt, The owners were not without would-be purchasers, but tho early snowfall prevent-
! ed these parties from making an in
| spection until tho snow melts away this
i spring.
I Forguson.s palmy daj'8 would seem
j to bo not far distant, for with the completion of tho big reduction works and
tho re-opening of tho mines, this will of
itself greatly stimulate the town and
tho eamp. it is expected and promised
also that moro properties will bo working this year than over, so that with
tho largo number of prospectors who
! will mako thoir headquarters and supply point at Forguson, the town ought
to bo full of men all summer, and money
should bo freely distributed about.
The Latest War News,
Japanese Forces Have Orders To Take Port Arthur At Any Cost.
LONB,qi?, M-Wh l*-=A dispatch to
the Dally Telegraph'from Yinkow, da
ted February 29, says:
Fifteen Japanese warships furiously
bombarded Port Arthur from 10 to 12
o'clock tbis morning. The Russian
orulsers Novik, Askold and Bayan, accompanied by four torpedo boats,
steamed out to meet the attack. They
wore, however, forced to retire, The
Askqld was in $ sinking condition.
The Novik was badly damaged and a
torpedo boat was sunk. The Russian
battleship Betvizan was again damaged. Tho Japanese withdrew ln good
PORT ARTHUR, Feb 29.���Goneral
Stoesel,  commander  of  tho  garrison
here, has Issued a general order directing the attention of tho troops and inhabitants to the fact that the Japanese
intend to land and soizo the fortress.
The goneral declares the Japanese consider the seizure of Port Arthur to be
a question of national honor, and from
their obstinSito rttacks and bombard-
mpntB of the fortresses of tho bays, he
can only conclude that tlio enemy will
make every effort to capture the fortress, failing which the Japanese will
destroy tho railroad and withdraw.
"The onetny, however," proceeds the
genoral order, "is mistakou. Our
troops know, and tbo inhabitants are
herewith Informed by me, that we will
not yield. We must light to the finish,
as I. tbe commandant, will never give
an order to surrender. I bring this to
the notice of thoso less daring, and call
on all to become convinced of the necessity of lighting to tho death. Those
who leave without fighting will not
save themselves. There is no way out.
On three sides thore is tbe sea, and uu
the fourth tnoro will be the enemy.
There is no meau3 of escape except by
Notwithstanding a heavy gale, the
lights of the Japanese scouting vessels
were visible in tho offing during the
Mining Near Lardo.
In tho steep mountain, back of the
town of Lardo, which point Is the starting place ol tbo Laido branch railway
that runs to Gerrard, are several ml-
nlng properties that give promise of
developing into something vory valuable. They are locate., on tho famous
Lardoau froe gold,bolt that HUH through
the Poplur, Ferguson aud Camborno
camps, and the veins are very similar,
while tbo values ran nearly as good,
even atjtho time of tho writer's visit to
the camp, two month's since. T he pro
perty on which the most work has beeu
done, and which looked the best Is
owned by McLacblan Bros., of tbo
Commercial hotol, of Lardo. These
men have shown great confidence in the
mineral richnoss of thia partlculur locality by holding on for over five years,
and last fall they further demonstrated
their belief tbat the property would
turn out good by purchasing, of J. J.
Cameron, the Comn^erolal Eotel. Then
one of the brothers went to Nolson the
first part of Dcvcmber and got married,
bringing bis wife back with him. Now
Mr. McLacblan says he Ib content to
wait until the merit of the mining pro
pertles is established and the golden
harvest ls.reapod.
Now License Commissioners.
Creeks Will *--oou Riso.
A now board of license commissioners has been gazetted for tlie Ainsworth
license district, which takes in Ferguson and Trout Lake. Tho new board
consists of ueo. B. Batho, of Ferguson,
Hugh MePho.son, of Trout Lako,.and
Noil McKay, of Kablo. This would
seem to bo a fair representation of tho
district ovor which tlio board will have
jurisdiction, and wo bollevo tho members will discharge their duties in an
impartial manner.
��� Tiie wafer in rivers and creeks is
tower at this time of tho yoar than any
other, but it will not.be long beforo the
Streams begin to riso because ol tho
hot sim melting tho snow. The Fer-
1 guson electric light Is poor now on ae-
; count ui a shortage of water, but this
will uot last long. Mr. Caldwell, who
operates tho plant, thoroughly understands his work, and docs his best wMh
the power at his disposal.
This la "New3" To Us.
Ed. Balfour, superintendent of the
Silvor Cup and associated mines iu the
Lardeau, loaves this evening for the
north after spending a woek ln[the city
on business. Mr. Balfour predicts an
unusually activo season throughout the
Lardoau, especially it lho Boston people now ftgurlng on the deal decide to
proceed with tho construction of tho
lead smelter at_Kaslo. This would be
followed, ho is satisfied, witb tbe completion of tho proposed railway up the
Duncan river, aud the opening of a
number of especially promising mines
on the Duncan rivor si-Jo of tho T.ard-
,eau divide.���Rossfend Miner.
The Fobruary Cloan-up.
Tho Oyster-Criterion mino at Camborno had a olean-up on Saturday last.
I.I.   .1. Young,  M.L.A., one of tho di-
j rectors of the Groat Northern Mines,
j Ltd., was thoro at the time, and told
i tha F.aglo reporter that, tho clean-up
I would bo greatly iu excess of wiiat was
! takon off the plates for January, which
showed that thc ore was richer than at
, tlrst.   This will be gratifying news for
tlio owners,  for shareholders always
like to hear that a proporty which they
uro interested lu is improving in value.
Oro from the best voin is not yet being
treated,   aud  when  that occurs   the
monthly   clean-ups   should  be muoh
"What's In A Name?"
Fortunes Ofiitn Depend Upon tha Christ-
enlng of u Company or Product.
What's in a namo? Little perhaps
in tho name of an individual, but very
often a fortune in the name of a company which, is to exploit a new idea, or
a product which is to bo offered for public favor.
Iu this age of publicity, a oatoby,
easily remembered name is absolutely
essoutial. Tho more attractive tho
name of your company or product, tho
more quickly you can impress it upon
tho minds of tbe public and make it a
household wo.-d. Of course a name, no
matter how good, cannot carry a poor
article into tasting favor, but when the
article is good, the title by which it is
known can work wonders. Wo have illustrations of this fact all about us in
tlio names of tho various food products.
Thousands of peoplo were undoubtedly
iuduced to try Uneeda Biscuit, Force,
V.'i Zu Ginger Wafers, Quaker Oats, etc,
through no definite knowledge of their
merits, but, through tbe strength and
attractiveness of the name.
Many excellent business ideas have
Tailed or have not obtained the fullest
possiblo success on account of an unfortunate title. Several years ago a man
devisod the plan of giving instruction
in various subjects by correspondence.
The idea was a good one and the man
made a fortune through it, but ho would
have beon much more successful if he
had chosen a distinctive name for his
schools. Tho name ho chese for them
had no individuality and was of such a
nature that it could bo copied almost
exactly by tho hundreds of imitators
who aro sure to spring up at thc first*
glimmer of success.
A Praotioal Education.
Tho problem of making wise and proper provision for tlio welfare of our boys
and girls is frequently a perplexing one.
The question, however, cannot be separated from Education, as it is now
readily conceded that no matter what
a young person may eventually take up
as an occupation or calling, a liberal
edueation is not only a necessity but an
almost certain foundation fur future
Tills [act has croatod a popular demand for practical courses of training
along educational lines which maybe
acquired in limited time and at small
cost. Following tlie general courses iu
our public and high schools, our young
people must receive some kind of special training for whatever occupation
or employment they may follow. For
the professions thoy must go to the universities and special schools of law, science, medicino or music. For business
they must look to tho modern business
colleges for the special training which
will properly qualify thorn to wiu promotion and success in commercial life.
Evon if manual training be selected'
to load up to future employment as a
mechanic or artisan, a knowledge of
business methods and customs, of the
laws of trade and commerce and a proper system of records is most essential,
so that every young person should start
right by laying the foundation early
ior a good practical education. Lardeau Bagle
P    lisho-1   overy  Friday at Forguson, B. C
to whom all correspondence should toe mulled.
Bnbiortption RateBi *'.M>o per annum, to
any ttddrosaln America;9l.2fi for six months)
IS-nOit your to foreign aactroMos. No pay-, uo
Advertising Rates: Display ads.,$1.00 por
Single ooluimi iuchi per month, txjgal adB., 13
odnts per-.nonpurlelj line for first Insortlon. 8
coats por Una (or oaoh additional insertion.
Reading notices 10 conts por lino each Issue,
thirty days,!?. No ads. accepted nt lows thun
theso rates.  No room lor Qiiaok ads.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 1904.
   ^ _o...- ftiii.er ui   *. juru-
ary 24th touched (he right cherd in
the feelings of thc Lardeau residents
when it resurrected the subject ot a
dally mail for this district. The
matter concerns all of us very deeply, and the introduction ol the daily
mail would tend to advance our interests in a marked degree. The
need of it keeps some of the mining
companies from maintaining their
business offices in one or another of
the Lardeau towns,where their business could be attended to butter by
being near the scene of operations;
but under present conditions, often
serious delay is occasioned by the
length ol time it takes to get a reply to a letter.
Several companies will start operations inside ot two of three months
at Perguson, Camborne and Trout
Lake that were not doing business
last year, nnd were they to establish
tlieir headquarters in the district it
would benefit the locality and prove
better tor such corporations. Petitions do not seem to have the de.
sired effect, they are too common,
but personal appeals to our member
of parliament, couched in convincing
terms, should bring the desired effect.
The Imperial bank did not close
its doors and move its "roll" to
Trout Lake on Saturday last as it
Had decided to do. The order to
close temporarily was implicit and
Irom the headquarters of tbe corporation in Toronto; but, a few hours
before the time arrived, the order
was countermanded by wire. So
Ferguson still has a bank every day
of the week, excepting, ot course,
Sunday. We do not know the reason for the decision to remain, but
that does not concern us; w* arc
quite satisfied with the decision, and
hope it means that the bank will be
with us permanently. Of course we
citizens are privileged to think aswe
choose about the matter, and many
believe this is an omen of good
healthy limes for the camp in the
immediate future. Everybody expects a boom for tlie whole Lardeau
district when the season opens, and
ihe kernel ofthe boom will undoubtedly be in the vicinity of the present
quarters of the Imperial bank at
The eastern war has not developed anything sensational in tbe
past week. Tbe Russians bad a
stroke of success, but this was
quickly followed   by  still  greater
successes for the Japs, while the
situation looks more hopeful than
ever for Japan. She has Korea
thoroughly occupied, and it is considered to be almost impregnable,
especially since the Koreans have
proclaimed their co-operation with
the Japanese forces to defeat the
dreaded, grasping Russians. Russia is doing her best to mobilize a
big army at Harbin before striking
a blow, but the process is slow, and
if things continue much longer as
they have been at the commencement, her opponent will have gained so strong a loothold that Russia
may be sorry to have had so many
men in Manchuria, especially should
thc Japs carry out their plans and
cut off retreat and the source of sustenance for the Russian forces.
It has been announced this week
(or the first time when the probable
charging of the big reduction works
at Ferguson will take place, and the
machinery be put into motion. Six-
days hence, about the first of
May is the probable date. Tbe
work is going on splendidly, and
thc on.ir.ls cf the company may feel
not a little proud of the way in
which machinery fits into the places
prepared for it;; reception, and the
practical manner in which the plans
work out in construction and installation.
W. A. Galliher, M.P., has gone
to Ottawa to attend the session of
parliament that will open March 10.
Mr. Galliher has some obligations
and promises to fulfil in connection
with this part of his constituency,
and we trust he can find time to
give them proper attention.
The daily mail question needs
first consideration, then he might
nudge up the C. P. R. Co., and persuade them to complete their Lardo
branch into Ferguson.
MR. HARPER, one of the I. C. S.
Representatives for this district, will
bo ia Ferguson in a fow days. Anybody wishing an interview re any of
the following courses, will find himjat
the Ferguson Hotol;
Mechanical Engineer.
Machine Designer.
Mechanical Draftsman.
Foreman Machinist.
Foreman Tommaker.
Foreman 1'atternmalter.
Foreman Blacksmith.
Foreman Mokler.
(las Engineer.
Kefrlgeratlon Engineer,
Traction Engineer.
Electrical Engineer,
Electric Machine Designer.
Electric-Lighting Supt.
Klcetrlc-lialhvay Supt.
Telephone Engineer.
Telegraph Engineer.
Dynamo Tender,
Steam Engineer.
Engine Runner.
. Murine Engineer.
Civil Engineer.
Hydraulic Engineer.
Municipal Engineer.
Bridge Engineer.
Kallrond Engineer.
Mining Engineer.
Mine surveyor.
Mine Foreman.
Cotton-Mill Sunt.
Woollcn-MIll Supl.
Textile Designer.
Contractor and llullcler.
���Vrcliltoetural Draftsman,
Sign Painter.
Show-Can) Writer.
Bheet-Metal Draftsman.
_ Ornamental Designer.
���        Perspective Draftsman,
Ad writer.
Commercial Law.
Taught with Phonograph.
Start now on the road to Buecess over
which 600,000 students have travelled
and are travelling. What'.it has done
for others lt will do for you.
S. H. KRUGER, Rep.,
Box 413, Nelson.
Go To
Trout Lake.
Holds regular dances every 2nd and 4th Thursday
of eaeh month, in Alexander hall. Excellent music
and good floor management provided.
Tickets may be obtained
from any of t'ho committee
as follows:
Drugs and Stationery
Prescriptions Cnrerully and
..Accurately Compounded,.
High Class
Our stock is now and very
complete and wo sell on a
narrow margin. An order
would be appreciated.
We do anything in line of
Picture Framing,
L      Revelstoke, B. C. *
;, Wo mako a specialty of
j   A ad recommend tho
,      Make for ladiesand children,
Boots for mon.   Prices same as
Winnipeg and Vancouver.
C. 15. IH'Ml. -S CO., Ltd.,
(tenerul Mcr-rliuiitK-
Ferguson, the Pay-Roll Centre
of the Rich Lardeau.
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenominally rich
camps   of  Poplar  and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH of Ferguson lies Fish,
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information. Apply to
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
Is Our
For The
I Handle
Only The
Best Quality
Of Goods.
Send Orders To-
J. Gruy Barber,
"* Jewelry, Silver
Ware, Watches Ac
Note the Address     -      REVELSTOKE, B.C.
1 Tonsorial   * i
Parlors..   u
Shaving. Shampooing,
Hairdreasing,     Singeing..,
Dyeing, Baths, hot and
cold water.
W     T havo the bent appointed ahop ln the U
S  Lardeau.   Open fromfB a, m. to 8 p. m. tf
3   Schnell & Hooker,    h,
Ln f<
Forguson and Trout Lake.      ij.
Is our business.   We have the facilities and ingenuity necessary to execute artistic work.
Legal,  Survey and Mineral Claim Blanks always in stock.
Certificate of Incorporation.
I HEREBY CERTIFY, that "The Great
Northern Mines. Limited." has thia day been
ihoorporatcd under the" Companfej Act, 1897,"
as a Limited ..omp-nny, with a capital of one
million Hvc hundred thousand dollars, divided
Into one million ilvo hundred thousand chares
of one dollar ($1) eaoh.
Tho timo of tlie existence ofthe Company is
fifty years.
' Given undor my hand and seal of oflice at Victoria, Province of British Columbia- this 7th
day of November, oue thousand nine huudrud
and threo.
[L.8.] 8. Y. woo-rrox,
Registrar of Joint Stook Companies.
Tlio following arc tho objects for which the
Company das boon incorporated :���
1, To purchase the property of "The Ophir
Lade Mining Kyiidii'tiif, Limited ."and to purchase tlie following mineral olalm*. Via,, tiie
"Strathcoim,' triune   Fraction,"  - Lucky
Jack," "LuckyThree," "Little Phil," "Lucky
Jack Fraction," "Goldsmith," and -(fold Hill,"
all situated in the Trout Luke Mining Division
of West Kootenay District; and ulso to purchase, least!, bond, locale or otherwise acquire
any mineral claims, mineral lands, mines, properties and any real estate in tho Province of
British Columbia or elsewhere, and to pay for
the same cither in monoy or in fully paid-up
shares of the Company, or partly In money ana
partly in such shares, and to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the same or auy of them or any
interest therein :
2. To dig for, raise, crush, wash, smelt, assay,
analyse, reduce- amalgamate and otherwlso
treat gold, silver, copper. lead ores or deposits
und other minerals and metallic substances
and compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, and to render the
same merchantable, and to buy, sell and deal
in the same, or auy of them :
8. To carry on tho business of a mining,
smelting, milting and refining company in all
or any of its branches:
, 4. 'lo acquire by purchase, lease, hfrc, OX-
change or otherwise sueh timber lands or leases,
timber claims, licenses tocut timber, surface
rights and rights of way, water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces ior smelling
and treating ores and refining metals, buildings, machinery, plant, or otherwise real or
personal property as may he necessary for or
conducive to thc proper carrying out of any of
the objects of the Company ;
6. To construct, maintain, alter, mako, work
and operate or. tho property of the Company,
any canals, trails, roads, ways, tramways, brid.
gea and reservoirs, dams, Humes, race and othor
ways, watercourses,acqiit'iiuets, wells, wharves,
piers, furnaces, saw-mills, crushing works,
smelting works, concentrating works, hydraulic works, electric works and appliances, warehouses, Wildings, machinery, plant, stores.and
other works and conveniences which may seem
conducive to any of tho objects ofthe Company, and with the consent of the shareholders
in gencr-gl mooting, to contribute to, subsidise,
or otnenvlsc aid or take part in any such operations, though constructed and maintained hy
any other company or persons outside of the
property of the Company, and to buy, sell,
manufacture aud deal in all kinds of goods,
stores, implements, (provisions, chattels and
effeeta required by the Company or its workmen and servants;
0. To take, acquire, own and hold as the consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or
otherwise disposed of, or for goods supplied or
for work done by contract or otherwise, chares,
debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company, the objects of which are
similar to those of this Comuany, aud to sell or
otherwise dispose of the sumo :
7. To enter Into any arrangement for sharing
profits, union of interests, or co-operation with
any other person or company,- carrying on, or
about to carry on, any business or transaction
similar to that whicli this Company is authorised to carry on:
8. To purchase or otherwise acquiro and undertake all or any of the Assets, business, property, privileges, contracts, rights, obligations
and liabilities of any person or company carrying on any part of the businoss which a company specially limited under said section is
authorised to carry on, or possessed of property
suitable for the purposes thereof:
9. To borrow or raise money for the purpose
of the Company, but so that the amount su borrowed or raised shall not, without the sanction
of a general meeting of the Company, exceed
one-quarter of the amount of tho paid-up capital for the time being, and for tho purpose of
securing sueh money and interest, or for any
other purpose, to mortgage or charge tli-�� undertaking or all or any part of the property of tlie
Company, present or after acquired, and to
eroate, issue, make, draw,accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or debenture stock, promissory notes, bills of exchange, bills of lading, warrants, obligations
and other negotiable and transferable instruments :
10. To distribute any of the property of the
Company among tho members fn specie :
11. To sell, Improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage dispose of, turn to account, or otherwise deal with the undertaking,
or tho whole or any part of the property and
rights of tho Company, with power to accent as
tho -consideration any shares, stocks, or obligations of any company the objects of which are
restricted as aforesaid or otherwise :
Vi. To do all sueh other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.
Dec. 18.
Smith c�� Co.
45 Bleury St,
*��� Montreal
Will bo represented In
Forguson threo or four
days each month. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and wo
Our representative
S. A. Scott Ib
practical tailor and
will make clothes
fit. Hold your
orders for him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   .     '���'
9Hiifitcd;m!dst scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on tho continent of North America.
Its bathsTure all Nervous and Muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
Kidney, Liver aud Stomach ailments,
They aro a never falling remedy for
all metallic poisons, completely purifying the system.
TERMS���J15 to 118 per weok, according to residence in llotel or Villas.
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing October 14th, 100.1, will sail aa follows,
woathor permitting.
Leaving Arrowhoad for Benton and
Comaplix, twico daily���10k uml Jlc.
Leaving Boaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twico dally��� 7:l".k and
12;4..k. Making closo connections
with all C. P. lt. Steamers anil trains.
Tho owners reserve tbe right to
change times of sailings without
Tha Fred Robinson Lumber Oo.Ltd
United Batters of North America
the United Hatters
of North America.
When you are buying a FUR HAT,
either soft or;stiff,
see to it thatjthe
genuine UNION
Label is sawed In It.
If a retailer has
looso labels in his
mssession and of-
icrs to put one in a
hat for you, do not
patronize! him. He
has not any rignttonave loose labels. Loose
labolB in retail stores are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation as to why the hat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label Is
perforated on the four edges exactly the -same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits nro sometimes perforated on three of tho edged, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
thoir scab-made hats. The John B. Stetson
Co, of Philadelphia, Pa., la non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT,President,
Orange, N.J.
11 Waverly Place, Room 15, New York City.
Including the Fish Creek camp
and Upper lumen n River Bee tl on. compiled by A. P. Cunuiifns, l'.L.S.,H!id S
Shannon. B. A., is now on sale at this
office. The ready sale of the man is
proving all wo have said for it. The
Trout Lake division is lithographed in
black, the Lardeau in red.and the Ainsworth in blue, liven a tenderfoot could
take a copy of this map and duel any
claim recorded in the throe divisions.
Thu -mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and tlie location and naine(bv auiii<|ue
Index) of every mineral claim iu tbe
district is shown.
�� ���.-><�������->���.������������ ��� *>-�� ��� ��� ��� 44^4^**4 ��� ��� ��
Certificate of Improvements.
Gold Hill and Goldsmith Mineral Claims, situate iu tho Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District,
Where located���on Poplar Creek about one
mile from the railway.
Take Notice that 1 Robert Hodge, acting as
agent for W. R. Pool, Free Minora Certificate'
No. It. 71717, Intend, sixty days from the del
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder (
Certificates of improvements, for tha pun u
of obtainhm Crown Grants of tho abovo elai :������".
And further take notice that action, und?.
Bection .'17, must be commenced beforo the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
patod tliisGthdsyof January, A.D. 1004.
50  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyonn sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable. Coninuinlca-
tlonsiitrictlycontldontlal. Handbook on Patent*!
sent free. Olrteit agency for Becuring patents.
Patents taken tlirondi Munn St Co, receive
tpecialnotice, withouteliarce, Inthe
Scientific jHi.er.can.
A handsomely illustrated woekly. Lamest circulation of nny ecfentitle Journal. Terms, $3 a
roar: four montho, 91. Sold by all newsdealers.
MONN-SCo.36'8"^' New York
Branch Office 620 F Ht.. Washington, D. C.
Next   to   Visiting   tbe   Country   In
Person This Map Takes First Place.
In fact evory geographical
featuro Is so well define! thai one can
see at a glance the nature of our conn try
aud the trend of the claim locations
gives an intelligible idea of the mineral
belts running through the camp. Itis
The   Best   Worth   For   One  Dollar
ever offered in the map line of a mining
camp. It is tho first complete map of
the district and is selling well. It is just
what you arc looking for, WE ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure of n one dollar bill, Ino
cheques, orders, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others ordering
lets of 20 or more, maps will be supplied at 50 cents each.
Notlco to Delinquent Co-Ownera,
To 'A. Gordon Goldberg or L, Goldberg, or to
any person or persons to whom thoy may
have transferred their interests In tho Little
Robert and Little Robert No.2 mineral claims
situate at the head ofthe north fork of Lardeau creek, and adjoining the Black Warrior
group on the southeast, in the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
You aro hereby notified that I have expended
two hundred and five dollar* and twenty-live
cents (.TJii.'i.'-i-'i), iii labor and Improvements on
the abovo mentioned mineral claims for tho
.jijrp-ni year, lu order to hold said mineral
claimu ii'mler thc provisions of tho mineral
Act, and if within ninety days from the date of
this notice you fail or refuse to oontributeyour
proportion of such expenditures-, together with
all cost of advertising, your Interest ln said
claims will become the property of tho subscriber, under soctlon 4 of an Act ontltlod Au Act
to Amend lhe Mineral Act, 1900.
Dated at Korgunou this 19th day of February,
May 10.     v*.H   --JOSEPH C. KIRKPATRICK.
There ii only one best mining Journal.
That Is
Mines and Minerals. ,
It has a larger circulation than any two other
American mining Journals because It is the
best. It Is the largest, best illustrated and
haudsomcBt raining Journj.1 in the -irorld. \t
ia a mining paper for raining men. Subscription price -J2.0Q per year. Send for free sample
fcopy. * Address MINEB AND MINE RAM, Scranton, Pa., U. B. A. Denver officii. Bart-h Bldg.,
plover, Colorado. ���
Subscribe Now
And You Will Get The
Lardeau Eagle
And The
With Tho Latest War News,
$2.75=* =$2.75
The Lardeau Eagle will give you the latest reliable information on Mining and Lumbering.
The Winnipeg Free Press is one of Western
Canada's greatest family newspapers.
IRON BEDS a Specialty      j
$5 and up. t
..... ���--> ���������-��� ���������������.���������.*���������������-��� ���������!
Goods can   bo furnished to any part ot Lardeau en very ihoii noli*:.
as the servico is such that delivery can be made in ono day from Nelson.
No Charge for packing
����������������������� ��� ����������!��� ���+��� O
Funeral Directors and  1
Embalmers. \
[Graduate ot Myer'a College, of Embalming]     ���
Can attend case at Ferguson at ten     �����
hours notice if advised by wire. ���
D. J.  Robertson $ Co-
nelson, B. C.
Capital Authorized, 84,000,000 head office:
Capital (paid up)    -    2,980,266 ��� _ ...    ,
..... .'. . .". . 3,._o,uoo Toronto, Ontario-
Branches in the Northwest Territories. Provinces   ot British Columbia,   Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. It. MEERITT, President. D. IS. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and G*.   Man.
E. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Insj, fetor.
Ferguson,   B,   C.   Branch���A   General   Banking   Business   Transact! i.
Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed. 1
Drafts Sold arailablo in Aft parti of Canada.
United Sty tea and Europe. r.nn\t
Special attention riven to collection, and "' MACDONALD
Mining Bonds. Mamtfit
Are You
A Union
Union Cigar Factory!
Manufactures only Union {roods, and besides, they are the best ou Lhe market.
They are made of the best Havana tobacco,
and their excellence is undisputed. Insist
on getting
Union Cigar Factory, REVELSTOKE, fl.C.
I Lardeau ��
I Hotel        M t
^.    ���������vf'm.v* We try to give satisfac- ,,.,
tion to our   guests.   , jff
w   I
Laughton Bros.
*.,!_ Proprietors.
-fc. Local  and General.
Jack Nesbitt, of Trout Lake, was in
town yesterday.
Sunday last was celebrated at Trout
Lake by a hockey match.
Percy Godenrath is at Beaton, writing
a book oa thu Lardeau.
W. A. Galliher,  M.  P.,.has  been
stumping in parts of his constituency.
11. N. Coursier, lite and tiro insurance
agent of Kevelstoke, was in town Tuesday,
���Johnny Morgan thinks ho will make
a mine of the Tonawanda yet before
Jack Laughton has gone to Scotland
tu visit his family, and some say to
got .
A large numbor of Ferguson people
were down to Trout Lake skating on
Monday night.
Trout Luke skaters aro getting quite
enthusiastic over hookey. They havo
a match every weok.
Tho Union Jack continues to Improve, and the rich golena is becoming
more evenly distributed throughout the
There was a heavy Btiowfall through
the Lardeau last week, but it did not
interrupt tho boats on Trout and Arrow
-nB. Crilly, superintendent of the Great
Northern Mines, Limited, has been
over to Camborne witnessing the Fobruary clean-up.
D There are 95 mon working at tho Silvor Cup reduction worltB, andiwith the
excellent weather, splendid progress is
being made with tho work.
Q. Why does not the moon get married ? A. Because it only makes a
quarter a week, and savos that till the
end _*f the month to get full on.
Tho Nelson delegates to the B. C. Mining Association Convention have returned home. Thoy speak highly of
the work accomplished by the convention.
There are reports about that the Net*
tie L. and Silver Cup Mines will resume operations very shortly. When
thoy do start, it will liven things up a
bit about town.
A. P. Garrett, W. D. Eddy, Jas. Alexander, Jno. Hendricks'and Pat Cant-
well returned Tuesday night from Cam
borne, whore they havo been working
at tho Oyster-Criterion.
The present winter has proven excellent for the timber contractors near
Beaton. The weather has been exceedingly steady, with sufficient mow,
whilo there is not too much.
Ed. Ward and O. Reid havo a line of
traps set from Eight Mile right up to
the summit of tha south fork. They
were down to town on Friday last to secure moro supplies for their camp near
the summit.
Miss E. Pauline Johnson and Mr.
Walter McRay, the well-known entertainer!, will appear in Alcxunder hall,
Ferguson, in a now programme that
will be full of humor. The date of
their entertainment Is March 17th.
J. J. Young, M.L.A., of Calgary,
Alta., one of the directors of the Great
Northern Mines, Ltd., spent the fore
part of this week in Ferguson He loft
Wednesday morning to meet and confer with W. B, Pool in Nelson.
Visitors to Ferguson usually take a
walk to Fivo Mile to seo the largo reduction plant that is being installed by
tho Silver Cup Mines, Limited. The
works generally surprise the visitors
because of their oxteusive nature.
Ed, Hillman was In Ferguson on
Tuesday, lie has his hands pretty full
this winter with the work that ho aud
Andy Craig are doing ou tho Horseshoe
mining property on Trout oreek, aud
tho timber camps that he and Malcolm
Beaton are operating on Fish creek.
St. John's, N.B., a former liberal
stronghold and tho seat hold by tho ex-
minister A. G. Blair, has been captured by a conservative in the byo-
eleetlon on tho 16th Feb. The Conservatives believo this capture significant
of success for the Conservative party in
the general elections that will take
place tbis spring.
The wholesale houses mUBt be expecting an immense trade throughout
the Lardeau, judging by the wayldrum-
mers are practically climbing ovor
each other to get hero and take orders.
Well, we are glid they appreciate our
trade, but we would also appreciate a
reduction in prices on the goods that
they are so anxious to sell.
Locals With ii Payitreak.
How is your printing?
Tho Euglo hus the best facilities in
tho Lardeau for printing neat stationery.
Old papers for sale, 25 cents per hundred, ut Kaulk olllco.
D. J. Uobertson, tho Nelson furniture
dealers, are funeral directors und em-
bai mors.
For Stationery, Blank' Books, and
olllco supplies of ovory kind, send to
Canada Drug and Book Co., Kevelstoke,
It pays to use the telephone. A trip
can oituu be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the phone, Ollico in Cummins & Co.'s
D. J. Robertson and Co. of Nelson,
have one of the largest and bost select-
stocks of furniture in the Koo.enay's.
Just sample their prices.
* Smokers: If you want tho genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
oioak see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt lettci'6 on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke. B. C.
Tho best valuo in cigars for the m��
noy is in "Our Special," "Tho Union,"
" La Corona " and "La, Prima," manufactured by the Union Cigar Factory,
TT.��� A. Brown, Proprietor, Revolstoke,
The Canada Drug & Book Co., Ltd
of Revelstoke, carry an immense stock
of stationery, fancy goods, games of all
kinds, the latesft books aud magazines,
rubber goods and mountain and mining
views.   Glvo them a mail order.
D. J. Robertson & Co., furniture
dealers, of Nelson, are extending their
business constantly. They sell goods
in nearly every town in West Kootenay.
Why? A trial order will tell the
When you go to Revolstoke, just go
to the Canada Drug & Book Co. for
Choice of Thousands of tho prettiest of
Xmas Cards, and also British Columbia
View Books, only 75c. eaeh, Bhowing
beautiful mountain scenery.
4   ���^������.-������������.���(.���-������-������-���--������-^������-t*-*
i O   B. N. WILKIE,
I   V-y�� P. L. S.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys mado and Crown Grants
Office:      -      -      Trout Lake.
B. C.
Surveys ot Mines, Mineral Claims apd
Crown Lauds. Crown Grants Obtained and Assessments Managed
for Absentees.
Ofllces:   Camborne aud Vancouver
P.   L,   S.
������      ...     -     llcaton.B. C
Solicitor for
The Imperial (Sank
Of Canada
The Great Northern Mines,
Mini ted.
March is hero,  but not ahead of
Our New Spring Goods.
Our Store Is kopt abreast ofthe sou-
sons.   Save money nnd trado with us.
Has Stables at Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
Where he keeps light and heavy vehicles, single and
double drivers, saddle and pack horses for hire,
Also proprietor of the stage route running between
tho above points, making three trips weekly.
. AH Accounts owing to the
Estate oft O. B. Batho ^
Co. of Ferguson, B.C.,
must be paid  to the undersigned by
30th March, 1904.
After that date, they will be
placed in solicitor's hands.
4  Geo. 3. MeCarter.
barristers, Solidtcrs, etc.
Olllees: Kevelstoke, Golden,and Ferguson. Kollcitors for Imperial Banlt
of Canada
J. A. Harvey, f
The Best Place To Put Up At When ln Ferguson Is
A. M. Pinkham.
Banister,  Notary Public etc.
44.4. . .-t^frf^
The King's Hotel
Heated by hot air and Lighted by electricity.   Tables are provided with the best that money can buy.
The rooms are well ventilated and always clean.
Rate by the Day      -      $1.50
The Kootenay
Does All Kinds Of Work In
Way Of
Either Machine or Hand Work.
Headquarters for AMuyera, Mining
".Mill Supplies. Hole agents ln 11.
0. for Morgan Crucible Co., Ilatlerscii,
England] V. W. Ilrann & Co.'s Patent
t'm ���/ I'll rusci*.., Burners, etc.; Win. Aius-
worth tit (,.,'u Fine Halanei-s etc.ote,
Send Your
We Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any complaints may bo lodged
with our Agent,
Trout IMe,
B. M. Allum.
Mail Order JJusiness Receives
Prompt Attention,
Xmas Novelties and Jewelry In
Great Variety.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
.. Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and Fw^n��*w
_E^I'ei__rh'tin____' Transfer Outfit.
Contracts ontorod Into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in the district. *
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guarau-
'   teed satisfactory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop.
Perguson Hoteli


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