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VOL. III. NO. 10.
82.00 A YEAR.
. 3V,"
Hotel and Business Men Evince Their
hope, that in tbe course ot a fow days
the summer service will go into operation , and also hope to succeed in ar-
ran ging the service so Us to provide
for tho courier remaining over night
at Ferguson. I might say that tho-c
ar e difficulties in the way of arranging
to. do this, which, however, may pussi-
hily be overcome. You may depend
' that I shall use my utmost effort to
give you the best service obtainablo.
That the citizens of Fergust jn have
unbounded faith in the futur e of the
town has been amply demons trated in
the course of the past few . months.
The hotel accommodation has been
doubled, new residences have been
erected, othor branches uf business
have been and will bo or ��ned up; in
fact everything points I o tho conclusion that. Ferguson will be a bustling
business centre durin g tho coining
summer. Aud there can be little
doubt but that this re tival of business
will be a permanent I eature and be the
means of rewardinf . those who have
shown in such a i practical way their
belief tbat it was c< jmlng.
The Windsor ho' (el, owned by Mrs.
S. O'Connors, is a high class hostelry
in every respect, there being some 25
-spacious und well furnished bed rooms,
while tbe dining room ia made a special feature, A . kitchen is to be built
this month and everything mado ready
to arco'jimodjite tbe travelling pu' lie.
'i'uo b.iimi.iral iiotel h.rt* been cyn-
sider,ibly enl.ifged and Improved at an
expensu of over $3,000. A lunch counter, 2o ft. long, is one of the new features, aud sbortorder meals may now
bo hud at all honrs. Two private
boxes have been out up in connection
with the restaurant). Owing to the extensive additions imade, the accommodation of Ibis hoiol has been more
than doubled. Considerable work
has yet to be done, and when all
is completed tb e Balmoral will be
hard to beat, any where.
The proprioto rs of the Hotel Ferguson have expe nded nearly $1000 iu
enlarging nnd I mproviug this house, a
two storey an nex having been built.
A new bar roo m is being fitted up and
will soon he r eady for use; the old ono
will bo eonve rted into a reading room,
a luxury that will bo much appreciated
by their patrons.
The Hotel Lardeau proprietors have
spent over $000 in preparing for the
expected rush. Additional rooms bave
been litted up, the furniture having
been procured from K. Howson & Co.,
of Revelstoke.
The King's hotel is a tliree-storoy
building only recoutly completed at a
cost of 8U,,r)00. Tho proprietor, Jas.
Cummings, is an old timo hotel man
and woll known in Ferguson. The
bed rooms, GO in all, will bo elegantly
Takon altogether, tho hotels iu town
will be able during tbo coming summer to provide sleeping accommodation for botween 200 and 300 persons,
whilo tlie various dining rooms i;i connection will bo run with a view to
catering to the wants of at least twice
as many.
The Eaglo block, a two-storey building, was erected in tho early part of
the year at a cost of $2,200.
The residences in courso of construction aggregate $4,000 or thereabouts in
value. Many others will doubMess be
ereotod ns soon as the snow disappears.
All tbis speaks more eloquently than
words of the anticipations of Fergu-
son's people of good times coming to
their town in the near future. Talk is
cheap, but convictions tbat are backed
up by the long green must be respeelied
Speaking ot the advisability of placing an export duty on lead, the B. C.
Trade Budget says, with a good deal
of truth: "Our lead ore Is simply
manufactured in the United States,
then shipped to Great Britain or panada; hence though the mine owners
pay tbe United States import duty the
Lead trust gets it refunded to its own
pocket. Therefore the Lead trust is
in a position to pay as much as. out-
smelters for ore. We believe in doing
everything to assist.lead mining and
lead manufacturing, and are believers
in both an export duty on lead oro. and
a bounty for a limited time ou refined
lead. ��
��  experts to look over tl
ooosuraiug the entire
j seasons  without   pi'O'
of a 21
Ton Shipment Recently Made
he h.-ts felt the need of  sor.n  medium
by which tbe capitalist can reach the
prospector and  initio  owner  without
going to tbe expense  of sending out
j | experte to look over tbe country, often
seaBon or severul
ocuring  a  roally
���ood property
The prime object of the Exchange iB
to bring tlio prospector and mine
owner it) direct touch with the buyer.
To accomplish this end the Exchange
has been advertising extensively in
the mining country, with a view of
awakening tho prospector and mine
owner to tbeir own best interests. If
you have a reasonably good  prospect,
Less Management and M^S^t^tLm^
lyoiu- property, miming price, terms,
I etc. Samples of your ore should also
be sent witli your report. It is not. expected that you send an export report,
but just a letter by yourself stating
what you have to offer- After receiving your report at tho Exchange your
property will be listed in the weekly
roport which is issued by tho Ex-
The Eagle is in receipt of tho last
report issued  by  the  Kxchange, and
��� nauMTMn
I Mil
III li
Low and Medium Me Ores Can
Soon Ije Treated at a Profit
In reply to a letter urging that tho
mail be brought through to l-'ergttf.oit'
from thc Lauding in ono day, returning with the outgoing the following
morning, Inspector Dorman writes; "I
Fergusoll Fast Becoming the Educational Centre of the Lardeau
Ferguson is to have a public house
by the time school reopens after the
summer holidays. The provincial
educational department-will let the
contract shortly. The maximum price
is, the Eagle understands, $S0O, rather small forthe certain increase in
the number of pupils. ' The school
trustees, Messrs. Shannon, Batho and
Pettipieee, are negotiating with tlie
-Government, through Mr. Taylor, for
a.^Mdtam-o lo clear , ii ��� h>- doi.'.t'wi ..'.
the government by the townsite owners. Work will be commenced as soon
as possible.
Spleodid progress is being made In
the Ferguson school, and tbe necessity
for larger and more suitable school facilities is becoming, glaringly evident.
There are at present 17 pupils in
town, but this number will be increased to nearer fifty inside of six
mouths, as soveral families havo signified their intention of removing to
the pay roll centre this summer.
In fact, Ferguson seems to bo becoming quite a residential centre, duo
no'doubt to the fact that tbe heads of
tbe families are engaged in the mines
so near to the town. Unlike moat
towns where the mines are, this one is
one of the most beautiful spots in the
mountains of British Columbia, commanding, as It does, such a magnificent view of the woll known peaks and
tho many mines,. and being entirely
free from tho danger of snowslides.
Thero aro nearly 1000 acres in tbe
uniquely laid out fiat bench upon
which the future commercial centre of
tho Lardeau Is located.
Rossland Miner, ApVil 13: D. G.
McNeill, manager for the Sunshine,
Limited, was in the city yesterday
from the Lardeau country. Tho properties of this company constat of live
claims and four fractions situated on
the south fork of the Lardeau, eight jljas found that it is an entirely lieu
miles front Forguson. The season's (departure in mino advertising. This
output of ore bas been shipped to{report, which is issued every week or
Trail, and Mr. McNeill left for-Trail j,,,,,, dayS| gives ti brief description,
yesterday for tho purpose of superin- ,.viih price, terms, etc., of the proper-
tending the sampling.   The ore runs  tjos Usted  at  the  Exchange.   These
Ohas. W. MoCrosaaii to bo Here in
a Few Days to Arrange For
the Season's Work
Chas. \V. McCrossan, who purchased
the Metropolitan group (und has an
interest i.o the Sunset group), up tim
north fork, last fall from H. M. Carter
and Lew Thompson, is expected iu
Ferguson in a fow days. Mr. McCrossan has a big programme for tlio
season in readiness, and will push development' work with a vim. The
supplies, of course, will bo purchased
In the pay roll centre. A more detailed account of the work to bo done
will appear in tho EaciIjE upon Mr.
McCrosjan's arrival.
Tbo mines in tho vicinity of Moyio
City have closed down on somo pretext
or other. It didn't scorn to require
much of an oxcuko.
The lawyers wo havo always with
us. Fred. C. Elliott is arranging to
open an office in the EAGLK block.
Tho sheriff's arrival is the noxt stage.
Fancy living in tho shadow of a law-1 exorbitant commissions to thc middle-
yor!   Our hands tromhio us we  think j man or promoter.
about $150 per ton in gold, siive" and
Mr. McNeill returned to Ferguson
on Tuesday, being raoro than pleased
with tho results obtained. Having
been shown the above, Mr. McNeill
informed the EAGLE that the exact
returns were $190 per ton gross from
Thomson's Landing. These are certainly marvellous values, and only go
to prove the high grade n;iture of Lardeau's ore. Mr. McNeill has made the
Silver Cup mine'what it is today, and
the British Owners have a good flea? io
bo grateful for iu having so thorough
and practical a mining man in charge
at their mine.
If this company wero to wipe oft the
map several of their offices and officious youths in charge, fire two or
threo of their London and general
managers, conduct their business as
American mining men do, patronize
and holp to build up the local merchants' trade, and get in aud drill,
they have the biggest mouey-maker in
Canadja.. They have a mine in every
sense of the word, and while it may be
paying oxpenses, it would do more;
yes, attract attention, from every portion of the globe, if it wero only in the
hands of a company wuich'woiild push
it along. But, like too many English
companies operating in this province,
there aro more mon engaged on top of
than under ground.
But even with the above mentioned
millstone on its neck the Cup will yet
becomo a large mineral producer. Tlie
EagLS has reason to believe that tlie
approach of a railway is having uhe
desired effect, aud a force of men
may soon bo engaged to re-continue
development work, install machinery,
air compressor plant, etc.
But, of course, before either the Cup
or Nettio L. can be expected to ship
steadily, tho railway must ea tend its
system in this direction. Th e mint's
cannot be removed, so tht* railway
must come to us.
reports aro sent to mining brokers and
mining man throughout the United
Stales and Canada, many being sent to
brokers in /Curope.
By listing your property at the Exchange, and having it reported in the
Exchange mport, your property is
presented to .several thousand minin-j
men who are looking fur mining property. If youll* property .should appeal
lo any of them as being worthy of further investigation, and they auk for
further information, tbe Exchange
gives all the avaiiaulo information,
and if the enquirer cares to go into
the matter he is placed in direct communication wi th the owner.
This mefhod of advertisinc" mining
property has n ot. so far as is known,
over been atte mpted by any one, anywhere; that iu is a move in the right
direction cannot be questioned.
One of the i.oain objeots of tho Exchange is to tret people to buying
mines, and get. them into legitimate
mining. Mr. Rosenberger lias many
applications from the east for mine-,
whieh ho is ' unable to supply. The
Exchange haw a fine exhibit of British
Columbia ore s, and desires to secure a
good exhibit from each mining district.
The Excha age is visited by all the
Eastern peopKe who visit Nelson, and
to have a com plete display of ore from
a district is a good advertisement for
that district.
Mr. Rnson'r-erger offers to exhibit
ore from a>ay of thc camps free of
charge, and is desirous of securing a
good exhibit* from this camp. The
EAGLE suggests tbat a large collection
of oro from this eamp be got together
and forwarded to the Exchange.
Andrew  F. Rosenberger ia on the
Bight Track   ,
Oa tho first day of last January
Andrew F. Robenborgcr opened the
Prospeotors' Exchange i�� Nelsoti
Since tlie opening of the Kxchangs'
Air. Kosenborger has advertised ex*
tensiveiy throughout British Columbia, and EAGLS leaders are, all familiar with his advertisement, whieh
appears weekly in its columns.
Mr. liospubergcr has had many
years of experience in practical mining and kuows the needs of - tho prospector probably better than any other
man in the country. As a prospector
ho bas long felt tho want ot somo
means hy which the prospector can
reach the  capitalist, without payiu;
of it.
Pay the printer and avoid cala-
Let us payl
As a  representative of' capitalists
who desire to soeuro mining property,
Tho C. P. R. Must, Continuo Construction to Reach Arrowhead
by Jan. 1, 1003
C, B. Hmno, Of the firm of C. B.
Hume & Co., wholesale and retail merchants at Revelstoke and Trout Lake,
was in town on Wednesday. Mr.
Hume Is enthusiastic as to the bright
future before this camp now that tbo
railway is under construction. He
also believes lhat as the C. P. R. must
complete their branch to Arrowhead
by Jan. 1, 1003, the company will not
let up whon the foot of Trout lake is
reached) but continue construction to
Arrowhead, and even thon there will
by no timo to spare, as it takes time to
bu lid railways. Mr, Hume speaks of
trade constantly improving, and in
fact tho goneral tendency is one of
progress and solidity. C. B. Hume &
Co. long ago demonstrated their faith
in tho Lardeau, and with this season
they expect an era ot increased prosperity.
,1. Acres, carpenter, of Revelstoko,
has hit the pay roll centre. He will
finish up the Hotol Forguson.
The Great Industrial and Pay Roll
Centre Will k Ferguson
"There is enough low and medium
grad* ore in tbe Great Northern bill
(immediately back of Fertruson) alone
to warrant a railway coming up here
at once," said an old prospector to the
Eaulp-J yesterday. "Why, talk about
the Nettio L. and Silver Cup-Triune
hills, they have mines developed,
which carry high grade ores and will
certainly make a mining world name
for themselves and the Lardoau district generally; but right in that hill,"
said ho, pointing lo it from the EagL��
sanctum, "there is enough concentrating ore to build up a groat city ou thi**
bench. An aerial tramway, under the
host of conditions to operate, could be
utilized for a half a dozen of the properties located up there, aud thc ore
concentrated and shipped or treated
right within tlio townsite borders.
Tho water power Is here, the ore Ilea
in that hill in untold quantities, and if
I am not mistaken you will witness
wonderful strides) of progress in thi.-T
luciliiy within ii year's time. And
whon you come to consider the large
Amount of capital which must primarily be expended, a great deal of whioh
will go into the hands of workingmer
engaged, yon have a slight conceiitior
of the magnitude of Ferguson's future
payroll. Why! us fellows havo been
here so long, waiting for this new
arena, never doubting tbat it would
eventually materialize, that wo can
scarcely realize lhat the day is fast
dawning upon us when this entire
camp will he a bee-hive of industry.
with thousands of men delving into tho
treasure vaults of our everlasting hills
and producing the mineral so long ag'j
dpposited there by eruptive forces.
With working forces comes tho middle men. business otlices. industries by
the dozen, and soon possessing all tho
modem acquirements of an older
camp.'' A bright prospective, to be
sure, hut quite within the rango of
A Shorter Haul for Our Oie ana
Supplies Near at Hand
The C, P. R, havo acquired an interest in the Trout Lako townsite whoreby
they receive ovo.vy third unsold lot. A
what f, warehouse and station will be
built this summer and a boat and
barge placed on the lake. Tbis will
bt-" a sroat convenience to tho district,
and the need of a bettor waggon road
between hero and the station is urgent. To havo our goods delivered so
muoh nearer, and tho shorter haul for
nor ores, will mean much to Ferguson,
as the working force will be greatly
increased, and of courso with it thc
pay roll, always so desirable in a mining town. Thc camp from end to end
should hum from this date.
The cold nights now prevailing will
moan possibly another week of raw-
hiding from the Nettio L. mino. The
full force is still engaged, but a partial
lay-off will soon havo to be made until
the upper workings aro drier, and tho
lower tunnel suppliod with air. Thc
air pipe has arrived, but tho fan is
still' en route.*
��*I :	
Very little freight is coming in just
at present, owing, to the roads breaking up.   Wheels will bo in use shortly. ^
BR Pitt,-.tec
Advertising ljatei<: Display ads., |t.50 per
column Inch per mouth. Legit 1 mis, 12 <vnts
per {nonpuriel] line for flwt Insertion : h cents
iweaoh traditional Insertion. Bonding notion
10 cents nor line each Issue. Ninety day lett-al
lutlces, flO; sixty days.|7.80j thirty days, 16,
��� o B-ly. accepted at less than full ratea,
Subscription Elites: By mall or oarrlor. f3.00
per annum ; **l.w for six months. To foreign
addresses flAO. Stopped at expiration.
Job Printing: Tin- Eagle Job department Is
the best oquippod office in North Kootonay.
.*nd is prepared toexeeuto all kinds of printing
ut honest prtres.
Address all communications to
FRIDAY,   APRIL 19,   1901.
The mining: laws of British
Columbia have not i had all to do
with the apparent lack of interest
in the mining world. Chappie
Englishmen and bad management
accounts for a good deal ot the
timidity of old, country capital.
When practical mining men do the
mining and the inexperienced put
up the money, there will be more
dividend payers.
A noticeable thing about mining
companies in this province is that
generally the one to succeed is an
American company, while the companies which make the most idiotic
al blunders are in nearly every case
headed by old country Englishmen
When   an   American  company   o
syndicate   acquires a  mining property they  do not send  out experts who are "squared" after they
reach  here, and   pay $100,000 or
more  for a $500  prospect.   And
when an American company does
commence development work, one
manager and an assistant generally
constitutes the staff.   But what do
we find when an English company
takes hold of a property?   First ot
all, an expensive office is opened in
London, with a staff of a dozen or
more  cousins  or chappies with a
pull on  the directors at good sata
ries.   These do not even  have to
look wise.    Then an office or two
is opened in British Columbia  with
the  same   result, except that the
chappie clerks assume a know-it-all
attitude,   adorn    themselves   with
yellow leggings, and stay at a hotel
which requires all their salary to
pay board, trusting to their friends
at 'ome to  supply  the   spending
money.    These jaspers   generally
become officious in  due time and
look upon miners as so many cattle.
Then a mine manager is appointed.
He is supposed to look wise and
draw  salary.   After this comes a
superintendent, a foreman, a shift
boss or two;  all drawing more salary than the men who do the mining.     The  miners,   though,   are
generally local men, because at this
stage ot the game there is generally
some hard work in sight.   Weill
the floater has gone to England, a
company  is organized;  a property
bought;   a grist of offices opened
directors   arranged  for ;    chappie
clerks placed;   manager,  superintendent,    foreman,    book-keeper,
time-keeper,   store-keeper,    blacksmith,  assayer, etc, with  possibly
a dozen  miners, under this horde,
engaged, and work begins.  No ore
in sight, but a concentrator must
be built and machinery installed;  it
all helps the staff to hold their fat
jobs for a while longer.    A million
or two is lavishly expended, with no
sign of it ever repaying the tools
who put it up.   Under such conditions work ceases; tbe country gets
a black eye,  and thus   ends  the
same old story of the way old country   English    capitalists   mine   in
British Columbia.   **"���
In the meantime the American,
by careful investment; no paid offices; no chappie clerks; no nothing;
just straight business, the money
available being spent in miners'
wages, powder tnd provisions, has
either found a mine now paying
dividends, or else he is busily engaged testing another property in
the same camp. The one mines in
the ground; the other mines the
iuckers in London.
The Dominion government must
soon own and operate the C. P. R.
The C. P. R. has three-quarters of
the country now; give it the other
quarter at once. Then the people
will at once buy back, probably
dearly, what they have foolishly
given away. If the American
trusts once get into Canada, it will
be much more difficult to shake
them than if it is done now. The
people of Canada do not want any
more competition; they want public ownership and control. Let us
be wise and make onr present day
plans fit for the conditions of the
near future.
The suggestion of the Nanaimo
miners that a minimum wage law
will effectually meet the difficulties
of the Asiatic labor problem to a
great extent is worthy of the serious consideration of all interested
in the welfare of the people.���Vancouver Province.
The management of certain mining companies operating in Ross-,
land would rather welcome a strike
than otherwise, and are urging a
shut down on the pretext that a
strike is inevitable. Bad management, no ore, and keeping the
price of stock up, is a difficult task
to perform, and a poor excuse beats
none at all.
*4a^^^^^^^K a^^��.&^a^ a^^^faa\ ^av^jfi^a^ aaa^jpa^^ ^e^Sft.
Sash and Doors
Those who consider that socialism is all right in theory but not
practice should remember that the
"Utopia of today often becomes
the reality of tomorrow." The unexpected may happen that the
proletarian mind, stirred up from
its customary stupor by some un'
foreseen event, will suddenly awake
to a consciousness ot its supremacy.
Let us be prepared to guide it so
that it will obliterate the capitalistic
integument of private ownership,
declare the already practically socialized means of production collective' property and proceed to
organize the mode of distribution
on collectivist principles.
Smith Curtis : Yesterday we
thought you were a daisy, but today you're a well, the less said
the better. If you are a believer in
the government ownership of railways, why in the name of all that's
good and true don't you stand by
your guns and fight for
your convictions and the con
victions of your electors? God
hates a coward! If you can't win
your point today, stay by it. No
man who honestly believes that the
people should own and operate the
railways should accept "competi
tion" in any manner, shape or form.
We do not want competition; but
we do want and will ultimately
have co-operation, unless our lead
ers go back on us the way you
have done, in this particular at any
rate. i
If a prospector thinks his claim
is any good, he generally sees that
there is more than assessment work
done; but to abolish the $100 feature would mean the loss of that
much to some poor cuss who gets
assessment work to do for the
other fellow. Best leave .the law
alone. It causes disturbance at the
present ambiguous stage ot the
game.      ,
A well known mining man of
Vancouver declared lately that the
average man would devote less attention to the purchase of heavy
holdings in a mine than to the
establishment of a petty corner
grocery, and when his imprudent
venture had proved disastrous
would immediately condemn everything and everybody but his own
want of foresight and business acumen.
I am prepared to fill orders for
any description or quantity of
Lumber on the shortest notice.
I am agent for	
-Sawyer Bros.' -
-Sash and Door-
R. Davis, Prop.
Ferguson Saw Mill
^n*fw^^f)*f ^f w^r *r ^ ^
and keep a full stock on hand.
Are you satisfied with ^
4 p.c. on your money ���
You may not have a large bank account, neither have I; but tf you have
any amount, from $75 to $500, or even more, which you are willing to
invest, and perhaps take a chance, 1 can place it for you to better advantage than you can yourself, because I am in touch with the Lardeau
district and its people. When there is a snap going I am generally
aware of it. I have made money for others during the past year by
having a little ready cash at my command. In some cases I have more
than doubled my client's money in three months. If ym will stake be
to what ready money you can, I will invest it for you as I would my own
money. If you want to Lelp me to help yourself, let me invest some
money for you. So far I have my first Investment to make whioh will
not prove a winner.   Write at once to {
R. P. Pettipieee, Ferguson, B. C.
'Reference: Imperial Bank, Revelstoke, B. C.
A man may talk about owning
his business. But as a matter of
fact his business owns him. His
whole life is regulated by the demands ot the business. The time
at which he rises, his breakfast
hour, the hour given to meals .are
all determined by business obllga-1
tions. He rushes through lunch
because he "can't spare the time
from business" to eat leisurely:
He won't take a rest because he is
needed at the store or office. He
is in fact an absolute slave to business. The results which follow
this slavery are to be seen on every
hand. Men dyspeptic, irritable,
nervous, with drawn faces and
hollow eyes sit at the desk or stand
behind the counter until they collapse in a lit of sickness or are
taken away by heart failure.
British Columbia makes a mis
take in its treatment of the lode
prospector.   It charges him $5 annual license fee; $3 poll tax; $2.50
every time  he  does   anything  in
connection with his claim;  50 cents
a cord royalty tor timber he uses on
his claim, and if he ever gets his
prospect to the. productive stage he
has to pay 2 iper cent, royalty on
all net returns.   A good deal has
been said about the prospector���his
courage,   ability,   etc.,   much   of
which is so.   As a plain business
proposition, it is to be noted that
the   prospector should not be restricted, rather encouraged.    He is.
the mainstay of the mining indus'
try, the pioneer in all mining, the
man who makes oiining possible,
the best friend of -the miner, the
mining    machinery^' manufacturer
and the precursor of all the industries attendant upon mining.   He
does not ask any favors, but the
region that restricts him hurts itself.    It is a  mossback   policy to
dissourage  the  prospector,  as  it  ,*>������� *?M, tacit-tag furnishirigNM
B . . "took (monthly receipts last season, 11500), In
tends to keep capital out of a mining gooil mining and lumbering town lor salo at
opontry.   Several mining sections "j. ��"rlaof; ,Uood ro,MO��� '�� ��llln��- *��
r       ' B further particulars apply at once to
found this out long ago.���Mining R T BBRyi
and Scientific Press. mo Ferguson, 8,0,
The average mining director in
this province is one of a 'class of
men, here or in the east, who is
probably absorbed in his own occu>
pation, and the technicalities of
mines, mining reports and plans
are as so much Greek to them.
The fault lies in their pretending to
know,or allowing their names to be
used at all, when they are utterly
ignorant and incapable. It fools
the small investor who too often
buys stock because so and so is
one of the directors, and in the end
reacts against the best interests ol
the camp where the fancy board of
directors happen to be operating.
There is more roguery, crookedness, speculation and sleight-of-
hand work in the flotation of some
mining companies than would be
allowed by law under any other
caption. It is not the ground the
promoters are mining; it is the
suckers who want something fori
nothing, and get it���in the neck.
P.-.y the printer!
Hotel Property
< >****4>**+4**4>*4*i**Q*&m&$
Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands of:
h        ' Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial \
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted,
, ,  Bates fja.oo^a day and upwards*
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
almoral HoteL
American and European Plan.
��j)       Balmoral Cafe open all liourg.
The best Meals In the Lardeau.
Ferguson, B, C.
Hotel LeLrde&u
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
Everybody    QUY  Special
s mokes     AND	
-  The Union
Thoy aro all Unlo j made and of the
ht.it Havana Tobacoo money van
buy, Try one nml satisfy yourself
as to their quality.
Co., Revelstoke.''
Wholesale  Deal* r   ln
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
The Best Qoods Only*
Stock Larce and Complete.
If -you Virish to purchase
The well known Singer Sewing Machine,
an   Edison   Phonograph   or   Records,
Suaker Vapor Baths, or have your
others cleaned or dyed by the renowned
dyer.s R. Parker & Co., write for prices,
etc.;' or call upon ;, -,'
J. W. Bennett,
and tobacconist,
Revelstoki $ Station. SCREAMLETS
Whon a woman will, she will, you may
depend on*t.
And when she  won't, sho  won't, eo
there's an end on't.
i**""��*""��"������H\T, A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
Somo people think an editor should
bo satisfied with a roof over his head.
They don't figure on helping him to
provido the wherewithal to lino his
stomach.  .
If a likely Investor doesn't care to
buy your particular mining property,
don't knock the other fellows. "There
is hatred In thy heart," saith the
What does the great and pure Liberal party propose to do with its political grafters after the census is over? A
job must be found for at least two or
three of them in this riding.
L. R. C. P. It S.   [Queen's University.]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.
Ferguson, B. C.
The average wife will believe her
husband when he tells her he saw a
whale swimming in the street, but she
will never credit his explanation of a
long hair on his coat.���Lue Vernon.
The legislative assembly, which
cried ''mud;' a week or so ago, may
resume business shortly. The premier
ia up against the real thing���public
opinion in favor of public ownership
and control.
No thinking man will contradict
that associated industry is the most
powerful aid of production, and that
the principle of association is susceptible of further and beneficial development.���John Stuart Mill.
.1. C. McLaggan, deceased editor
and publisher of the Vancouver
World, was one of tho best known
newspaper men tn Canada. But of
course his contemporaries waited until
ho was dead before extolling his good
qualities.   .   	
The magazines are carrying but
little bicycle advertising. This time
two years ago the advertising pages
teemed with the announcements of bicycles. The bicycle business Is now
transacted by a trust, and tbere is no
need of advertising.   See?
\ Rev. E^S. Ro&e, a Methodist
proacher in,Vlctorla, has given evidence on the Chinese question before
the commission which may startle a
few of the lesser lights in that church
Like most fair men Mr. Rowo can see
the menace Chinamen are in British
Columbia, and suggests a minimum
wage law whioh will protect white
Now there is a movement on font to
form all the railroads into one grand
combination. When this is done, God
holp the people! The railroads won't.
���Cranbrook Herald. No I but the
people will help themselves, for does
tho Lord not help those who help
themselves. The people will simply
buy, own and operate their own railways, Bro. Simpson.
If there were less of certain brands
of mining brokers doing the mining,
fewer experts who have a price ln existence, more men employed under
ground than above, and mining properties carefully examined by practical mining men before purchase, the
Kaole feels certain that there would
be no trouble ln attracting capital.
Some of the men who aro managers of
mining properties in this province
couldn't work a grindstone, let alone a
mine. Wheys this is the case the
farmer loses.'
Till a man is independent he is not
froe. The man who is in danger of
want la not a free man, and tbe country which does not guard him against
this danger or does not insure bim the
means of livelihood Is not a free country, though lt may be the freest of free
countries. Liberty and poverty are
incompatible, and if the poverty ,1s ex
trenie, liberty Is impossible. The
unrest which we call labor troubles is
nothing more or less than an endeavor
for the liberty which the working
class are dispossessed of.���William
Dean Howells.
; The girl was very rich and tbe
young man was poor but honost. She
liked him, but that was all, and he
know it. One night he had been a
little more tender than usual.
"You are very rioh," he ventured.
"Yes," she replied frankly, "I am
worth $1,260,000."
"And I am poor."
"Will you marry me?"
"I thought you wouldn't."
"Then why did you ask me?"
"Oh, just to seo how a man feels
when he loses ���1,850,000.
Showing tho position of the
streams, mountains and passes,
waterways, every claim in tbe
Trout lake mining district, the
trails and wagon roads, location
of surveyed railways, and everything which will assist an out-
alder tn acquaint himself with
our district. The production
of this map has been taken hold
of by two of the best fitted men
for the purpose in the province,
Messrs. A. P. Cummins, P.L.S.,
and S. Shannon, B. A., both having personal and practical knowledge of the distriot.
The map 1b to be beautifully
litbographod in five colors and
entirely free from 'advertising
matter of any kind.   >"
The urgent .necessity for such
a complete map, probably 40 x 40
has long been felt by all persons
interested in this district; and it
is a pleasure to note that two
such able men have decided to fill
the bill. Tho Price, the same
to all, has been plaoed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You Want one or More
Send your address at
onoe to
The Lardeau Eagle
Ferguson, B. O.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
Harvey, McCarter # Pinkham
Solicitors lor Imperial Bank of Canada.
Ceo. 8. McCarter. J.'A. Iliirvcy.
A. M. Plntbam.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
S. F. W. gainer,
and Repairer,
will re-open a hospital for sick watches
in Ferguson on or about May 1st.       8
In the Lardeau
For Sah
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters   of    Legitimate   Mining
Take notice that I, thc undersigned co-owner
witli you of the Ukary mineral claim, situated
at the headquarters of Lake creek and Haley
creek, in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay, in tho .province of British
Columbia, have performed and recorded
the assessment work and made the expenditure required to be done and recorded on the
above mineral claim for thc year 1900, under
section 21 of the Mineral Act, and the year for
which work was done and expenditure made
having expired, I hereby give you notice pursuant, to section 4 of the Mineral Act Amendment Act, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure for tho year 1900 within
ninety days from the first publication hereof.
: Dated at Ferguson this 11th day of March,
A. D. 1901.
Per Agent, Robt. F6i*an.
Take notice that The Double Eagle Mining
and Development Company, Limited Liability,
co-owner with you of the "May Bee" mineral
claim, situated on the Nettle L. mountain near
Ferguson, in the Trout Lake mining division
of west Kootenay, British Columbia, have
performed ami recorded the assessment
work and made tho expenditure required
to be done and recorded on the above
mentioned claim for tho year 1(K)0 under section 24 of tho Mineral Act and the year for
which work was done and expenditure made
having expired, wo hereby glvo you notice
Xursuant to section four of tin-Mineral Act
mendment.Act 1900, to contribute ydftr proportion of such expenditure for the yew iikw,
within 90 daw Of the first publication hereof.
Dated this 18th day of January, A. D, 1901.
Per A. H. IloldlCh, Secretary.
Take notice that we the undersigned co-
owners with you of the Little Robert and
Little Robert No. 2, mineral claims situated at
the extreme head of the north fork of Lardeau
creek in the Trout Lake raining division of
West Kootenay ln the provi nco of
British Columbia, have performed and recorded the assessment work and made tltc expenditure required to be done and recorded un thc
abovo mentiona*?' claims for tho year 1900,
under section 24 of tlie Mineral Act and the
year for which work was performed and expenditure made having expired we do
hereby give you notice pursuant to section 4 of
lhe Mineral Act Amendment Act 1W��, to contribute your proportion of such expenditure
for the year hereinbefore mentioned within 90
days of the first publication hereof.
Dated at Trout Lake this 28th day of January,
A. D. 1901. *���
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   .   .
The most complete resort oath*'continent
of North America, Slttiatetrmtdst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Boating, fishing
and excursions. Resident: physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the! world. Two mails arrive aud
depart everv day. Its baths cure all nervous
and muscular diseases Its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. r TERMS i |lfi to
|18 per week, according to residence In hotel
or villas.
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Methodist Church
Ferguson : Service" 'n Eagle hall every
Sunday at 3 p.m    .-und ay school tit'J p.m.
Trout Lake Cit**. Services in Forrester's
hall every Punday at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
school at'Ji'dO p.m.
KEV. 8. J. GREEN, Pastor.
The Eagle Hall
h\V&.\"--:':'.'  ,/��� -v. .;:'7:
Price $60.00
Visible Writing From Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment, Durable and
Thousands in use in Canada, Great
Britain, Franoe, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving entire satisfaction.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C.
Transfer Outfit.
Packing and   Zelu���nIllking and
Contracts entered into lor pabking of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point in tho district.
Good,  prompt service, and any  work undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from  Thomson's  Landing  to Forguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ~^ff S. Daney, Proprietor.
now ready for parties desiring lo secure
it for public purposes. For prices, etc.,
S, Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fait
rate of wages for its production.
Insist on having the label.
Sec that this Label is on all Clothing you buy.
HIS New York Arc, Washington, D.C.
Solicitors of American aud Foreign
Patents, Designs, Trademarks,
Will return fee if  Patent is not as-
cured.     Send   for Ioventor's
Guide, or How to Get
a Patont.
(��"Mention this Paper and secure
special rates.
Canadian Pacific
East and "West
from Vancijuvor to Alaska, Cape
Nome, Australia, New Zealand, China,
��� japan.
Through tickets to and from England
��     and the Continent.
For timo tables, rates and full information apply to local agents.
O, V. A., Nelson.     A,(1,1'.A., Vancouver.
The Supply Point
for Lardeau's
Richest Mines;
���** ���
The C. P. R. are now pushing construction work on the Lardeau
branch, which will be completed
as far as the foot of Trout lake this summer. Once the railway reaches this
point the producing mines right around
Ferguson will only have to haul their
ores to a point this side of the lake, and
it will no longer be Thomson's Landing,
which is now so familiar, but Trout
Lake Landing. From the point where
loaded our ores will be barged to Selkirk
City, and for the present, at least, sent
out to Nelson or Kaslo.
While construction is going on, the
many mining companies now operating
in the camp are making' ready to ship
ore this season or as soon as possible.   ���
These mine-owners need supplies, and
those supplies are purchased in Ferguson. And* why not? for Ferguson is
the place where the mines are, the pay
roll centre.   *
The building activity in Ferguson,
and the rapidity with which lots are
changing . hands, shows very clearly
which way the wind blows.
Towns may be moved, but mines cannot ; that is one reason why an investor
in Ferguson real estate is secured. All
who have seen the Ferguson townsite
aver that it is the natural centre of
Lardeau's mines. Its neatly laid out
appearance, its unique position at the
base of the Great Northern, Nettie L.
and Silver Cup-Triune hills, all tend to
increase its certainty of becom' ng the
Rossland-Sandon ofthe Lardeau.
Lots range in price from $75 for inside-
residential, $100 for corner; to $150,for
inside business, $200 for corner.
For prices of Lots, etc.,
apply to HENRY FLOYD,
Sole Agent, Revelstokef B.C* ���>
*���> �����.*>������ �� ��� *����� ��*��-'fr*��-4-*>*��-��"��
I    -^-J^B
j On the Wing
t        Items
A. C. Cummins bas beer,  appointed
cnsui enumerator for Trout   Lake
A, P. Rankin's  first installment of
I supplies reached hore on Monday
' 'lintr.
���   3 Llllic   Davis  arrived In town
Revelstoke  on Monday evening
: i) her parents here.
���" attention of   Eagle  readers is
opeci: lly directed to a number of now
advls. which appear in this issue.
To roach the right people at the
rifjli! timo use the right paper at the
rijiht prices: The Lardeau Eagle.
,Barnoy Crilly, foi eman of the Nettie L. mine, returned from a flying
trip to Revelstoke on Sunday evening.
J. J. Hill has interposed to prevent
tho Bale of the Northern Pacific lines
in .Manitoba, having other plans for
these railways.
S. Daney, tho freighter, says the
roads are unfit for any more traffic,
and he will take his horses off until
wagons may be used.
Miners formed 4!)8 new unions and
gained 67,086 members during the
year. The Increase in wages secured
will approximate $20,000,000 annually.
The raise ranges from 10 to 20 per
Vincent Lado has his handsome
residence (in Knob hill almost ready
for the plasterer. S. Daney has his
nearly finished, and will move in in a
few days; while S.Shannon is busily
engaged upon his.
Louis Didisheim, manager of the
Lillooet, Fraser River and Cariboo
Gold Fields Co., Limited (Silver Cup),
is to be married in Paris, Franco, tbis
mnoth. The Eaole did not print the
invitation cards, nor receive one.
"Having noticed Lardeau mining
news reproduced from your paper in
our city papers hero so often, and being interested in there, I herewith enclose my sub, for the EAOLE."���A
prominent Rossland mining man.
The exlrem? difficulty of obtaining
accurate information of the Fish oreek
end of the Lardeau, which, however,
is now available, lias delayed the Lardeau nvip an tl.bnr few weeks. But
when it does come out it will bo worth
$2 of any man's money. But $1 sent to
the Eaole will do the trick. Have
you your order in?
This is the iime of year that tho poet
sings of gentle spring, the young man
succumbs to the seductive influence of
moonlight nights and a pretty face,
while tbe married man is bustling the
besthoenn to get something'to eat
and lind a place to sleep in a homo
that is undergoing tlie annual scourge.
���house cleaning.���Cranbrook Herald.
It Is exceedingly gratifying that the
Lardeau country has a practical assurance of a railway boing in operation
before the beginning of next year.
This assurance, coupled with active
work, commenced on this line, will
stimulate development during tho
coming summer to an unprecedented
degree. It is refreshing to look forward to the Lardeau as ono of the
largely productive districts of tho province within 12 months' time.���The
Mining Record.
Nolson Tribune, April 12: J. ,T.
Langstail of tho Trout Lake Topic
came iu last night. Tho main topic of
Trout Lake is railway construction,
and as soon :is work starts. In earnest,
a lively time is expected. Mr. Langstaff gives�� very encouraging account
of the mining operations ln tho district, and says that as soon as facilities
are afforded for [retting the oro to market mining operations will, be brisk. A
number of rich properties aro awaiting
the advent of the railway, when thoy
will bocomj regular shippers.
Andrew F. Rosenberger of tho Prospectors' Exchange, Nelson, says: "Wo
nre advertising extensively, and are
endeavoring to induce capitalists nnd
investors to buy mines aud go into
legitimate mining instead of buying
questionable stocks. It is the promo-
lion of 'wild eat' companies and the
selling of 'wild cat' stocks that .has
injured the refutation o:f British Columbia as a field for profitable investment, probably more itma anything
else. We aro not in tho stock business
and have no stock for Bale, our motto
being 'Buy 7nines an* do legitimate
mining.' ". . Such an institution a**this
should thrive', for it has long been a
necessity in tho Kootenays.
] ,7. Peebles, a Toronto associate of S.
Shannon's, arrived hereon Sunday and
will remain iu the district..
Lardcauilefl are requested to read C.
B. Hume & Co.'8 advt; in noxt issue.
It will be of special interest to house-
A year age at this date the valley
was clear of snow, but it will be another week or mure before this is the
case this spring.
"Sig" Davis, an old time Colorado
miner, who has worked with and
known Supt. D. G. McNeill of the Cup
for IS years, arrived in the pay roll
centre on Wednesday.
Mrs. S. O'Connors of the Windsor
hotel, has returned from a pleasant
throe months' visit in Medicine Hat,
Assft. Miss Put more of Calgary accompanied her, to accept a position In
the Windsor.
J. J. Langstafl" o( Trout Lake returned from Nelson on Wednesday,
and brings news that track-laying has
commenced on the lower ond of Lardeau's railway. There should bo no
lack of inspiration in this week's
Topic, though last week's has not
reached Ferguson as .'et. Probably,
the contents were too heavy to be
handled in the mails.
The Lardeau district is to be well
churched. In addition to religious
services at 3 p.m. last Sabbath day by
Rev. S. J. Green, Methodist, a Presbyterian missionary, E. S. Carey, of
Toronto, held forth in the evening,
there being 52 people present. Mr.
Carey is visiting the mines, and after
spending tho week in the camp will
decide whether his services are required here in future or not.
Office: No. 10 First Ave.
:   :   :    P. O. Box 37   :   :   :
: : V. & N. Phone 233 : :
Established at Rossland, '
:   :   :   :   :  1896  :   :   i   :   :
Promoting of Mining Deals and
Stock Companies a Specialty
* The Eaole received a 35,000 shipment of envelopes on Wednesday.
If you receive a sample copy of the
Eaole it is an invitation to become a
paid-up roader.
* Sweet peas and lawn grass and
clover seed, guaranteed good, at the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke.
*- Wall papers, latest patterns, nnd
at bargain prices. ��C. B. Hume & Co.,
Trout Lake.
* For anything in the china or crock-
ware lino go to C. B. Hume & Co.'s
store, Trout Lake. A large stock just
In. ��� ,;-.
* No moro need to send out for your
drugs, stationery or confectionery.
A. F. Rankin's stock will be available
next week.   Store in Eagle block.
* When you reach Trout Lake City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson Bros., proprietors, Good
accomodation ; best service; choice
wines, liquorB and cigars ; lire proof
safe ; rates reasonable. -
Half cash, balance in sixty
days, will buy
Lot 7, Block i
(opposite S.
Shannon's Assay     O Iii c o.)
Thin nfler holds
Konu till May 1st.
Write or call (iii "(i.
li."  nt  Eaglo Office.
Now Ready
for Sale
Lots I io 14 in Block 39.
Lots 3 and 4 In Blind; 38.
Lots 8 to 14 in Block 40.
Lots 1 to 8
A snap at present- prices
call at thc Eagle Olllco.
n   Block 8 on Victoria
Write or
We have connections with
mining men and capitalists
in the United Stales and
Eastern Canada, and can
find the necessary money
to work and develop meritorious silver-lead properties. If you have claims
with fine surface showing,
carrying good values,
please write to us at once
and we will find the right
party to take hold.
Yours respectfully,
Rossland, B.C.
We always lead
with lowest
Imperial Bank    /
of Canada.
REST ��� - - ���
��� ��� I2.SOO.000.00.
��� ��� tl, 725,000.00.
General Iknkina. liusiness Transacted
Intercit allowed on deposits In Savings
Depart ment at curt cm rules.
a. eTphipps,
Carpets, Lineoleum,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, . etc.
Agent Pianos, Sewing  Machines,   etc
Mail orders promptly attended to.
R. HOWSON, Furniture Dealtr
and Vudertaker, REVELSTOKE.
H. Edwards
Deer Hoads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned apd Dressed.
Third Street   ^Revelstoke
��   Druggists
Chemists     <g>
Miss She pard.
l'.evclstelce, will lie in
l'orguson the second
week in April with a
lull line of..	
Trimmed and Untrimmed Goods,
Fancy Combs, Pins, etc.
'Iwenty cases of
bpring Goods
just arrived.
It is with
pleasure we
answer questions and furnish quotations.
Mail or
Carrier Orders
receive special,
prompt and
Our constant
aim is to give
our customers
better value
than can be
got anywhere
II'-hIpi'm 111 Groceries ���
H-miwiiif, Clot hiuk,
Gents'  KuriliKhinffji,
llnntH and Shot*,
' Miui-rH*  Siipplk'S, Etc,
Pioneer Store
Cunimins& Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
for the
RECOGNIZING the growing Importance
of this camp, and knowing that it must
surely forge to the front this season, 1 have decided to open a cotnpleto line
of drugs, druggists' sundries, etc., at once.
My stock is now on the way from Arrowhead, and I am shelving my store in the
EAGLE block and making ready for its reception. I hepe to be ready for business
this week, and I take this means of introducing myself to the Lardeau public, aud
soliciting your trade.
�������� A. F. Rankin
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesale and .Retail
@:@   General Merchants..,.
Heaviest Buyers in North Kootenay.
Branch at'
Trout Lake City.
R. S. Wilson-
Smoke Cigars
And at all times insist on the
box bearing THE BLUE LABEL.
It holpa manufacturers to see tho force
of paying fair nnd honest wages.
The Label Committee, c. M. I. U,
Rock E;
(best American  strain), $1.50
per setting of 13.   Write to
NO. 1 K. W. C. BLOCK, NELSON, 11. ('.
OoW, Silver-Lead and Coppor Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE, I men
MILL1NU   GOLD properties wanted at onco lor Haatorll  investors,
Parties having iniiiliiK property For Ssle aro reiiuesteil to send samples
of their oro to tfio EXCHANGE lor exhibition,
All samples sliould be sent by express prepaid. Correspondence
solicited.  Address all communication to
P. O. Box 700,      NELSON, II. C.
Before buying Hardware for building Purposes
drop a line for quotations to ... .
I BROS., faith B. C,
More  than  freight saved  by.   buying   your
requirements   from   tho Pb/HUl-.menttll  Store.
-   <>-
I   ���������'
H. E. R. SMYTHE, Revelstoke, B. O. I $4^4&$4��&$����$��&$4i��Q��&$��4�� ^(W&9Q&WQ��Q>��$&t4>Q&S><M>&
1 M


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