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Lardeau Eagle 1904-09-30

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legislative aSi
OCT 5   WW
Nnw Vork market.
���1 S.H
>.:.���. in I I I     i
::'^'t   -v^-i"
iu.1^" _(-*_;_-...-fl-esSSF
I'o/.   K. Wo  2-3'
Ferguson, B. C, SEPTEMBER 30, 1904.
$2 u Yearii: aci\ an<
I fixpen s upon.
i i
Thinks Poplar Iras UiaexoBlled D?.F.y
Tunnel Opportunities. Tlie Gump
IVforits tho Attention of Mining
Mon and Capitalists.
The staff correspondent (II. ,]���
Baron) of the Mining; Reporter,
Denver, Co!., in an arlicle to bis
journal, has the following to sr.y ol
his recent visit to Poplar. Two excellent photo illustrations accompany the article.
The camp of Poplar in the Lardeau district of lhe West Kootenay
section of British Columbia, is
reached from Nelson by taking the
Canadian Pacific railway's steamer
to Lardo at the head of the beautiful Kootenay lake (a distance ol
sixty-three miles) ; thence by rail
twenty-five miles to the Poplar
station. Tho trip requires about
seven hours, antl affords one a
splendid idea ofthe ruggednessand
grandeur of lhe lower Selkirk range.
The district, while not now to
prospectors (locations along Poplar
creek having been made ten years
ago) first attracted considerable
attention in Juno of last year by the
discovery ot rich gold quartz (from
which, perhaps, the finest gold
specimens in thc province were
taken) on the Lucky Jack claim on
Poplar creek and about noo feet
from the railroad tracks. Wilh thc
excitement and rush incidental to
this discover)-, there has grown up
a town of substantial log and frame
buildings used ns ho.tels, stores and
dwelling houses, All lines of business are fairly well represented, including a weekly newspaper.
Considerable- desultory surface
work has been done on a number of
properties, and' iii every instance
lhe gold values are reported to be
very generally uniform.
The disirict embraces a small
area of lhe lower Lardeau river
basin below Trout Lake, the locations on which any work has been
done being along Poplar and Rapid
creeks, which empty into lhe Lai*,
deau river about oue and a hall
miles apart. The mineralized veins
occur in slates and diabase schists,
which along with greenstones,
chlnritic schists and pinHides, wilh
occasional hands of limestone, con
stitute the rocks of the belt which
presumably extends northwesterly
across Silver Cup mountain, and
constitutes the more southerly portion of the fairly well traced central
belt ol the Lardeau country. There
are two vein systems, one paralleling the schist formation northwest
southeast, another coursing almost
north-south across the formation,
Tho veins are fairlv well defined and
very numerous. The gold occurs
in the quartz, in the sulphides, and
even in the country rock' inclusions.
The values are not evenly distri*
buted, and in some cases, 'where no
gold is visible, both the sulphides
and the quartz pan readily. Arseni'
cal iron pyrites are common, and
nre usually rich in free gold, some
of which is often visible, lt is curious lo .nolo ihe rich mineralization
in thc schist, which in most cases
forms ill-defined  walls, and is, perhaps, more properly  regarded as a
paystreak  parting,     Mineralogists
who bave visited lhe  district, how-
ever, are not inclined to believe that
the schist will carry pay-values at I
depth,     holding    rather   that   the!
quartz, with its associated sulphides,
alena and arseno-pyrites, will make
the mines.    As in all free-milling
camps, exceedingly high assays are,
obtainable,  but the riiore conservative figure an average ol the values
between $6 and $25,
With its known 'large area of
auriferous ground, its. splendid
transportation facilities, its abundance of timber lor all purposes, its
water power available from Lardeau
river. Poplar and Rapid creeks, its
unexcelled deep tunnel opportunities, clc., the camp certainly merits
the attention of mining men and
the inllux of the desired capital.
The Union Jack.
Well Pleased With The
Black Diamond.
We received a visit on Tuesday
last from four expert mining men,
Messrs. D, Longyear, (Lansing,
Mich.), M. Runnels (Port Huron,
Mich.), A. P. Enriest (Seattle), and
j. E. 'Ennest (Detroit). The party
are visiting the Lardeau in the in-
lerests of an eastern company.
The pany arrived here alter a lour
days' journey, and on Monday they
inspected the Black Diamond, a
property owned by iheir company
which ts situated on Hnskin'*-. creek,
on lhe Silver Cup siope. They
were greatly pleased wilt) the showing
and development work done. It is
to be inferred Irom this satisfactory
visit that mining operations on a
wide scale will ensue. On Tuesday
lhe party paid a visit to the Silver
Cup mill, and it goes without say-
���ing they were all pleased with
the company's system of concentrating and chlorination.
Excellent reporis continue to
reach us from llic Union jack. On
the occasion of our last visit the
water had beaten lhe men oa! cf
the upraise when they were right
into the solid ore, but not discouraged at this reverse tliey have been
crosscutling lo lap the main lead.
The main tunnel is now in over 300
feel, and the first lead of quartz
and iron was encountered at .100
feet in. Assays Trom this po:nt
were $30. Now driving on the
back of tbis lead they have shuck
5 feet ol fine ledge matter, with 4
teet 'of concentrating ore. 1.011
Thompson was in town on Tuesday,
and he informs us that she is looking better wilh every .'hot. Mr. J.
C. Kirkpatrick believe* tiie/ will be
getting the clean 01 e cat before the
snow Hies.
Silver Dollar Group,
This property, which is owned by
the Ehvood Tiuworkeis Gold Mining Company, of Ehvood, Indiana,
will have a compressor at v. ork as
soon as everything is in shape.
The property is situate on Mohawk
creek, aad a great amount of development work has rc-.-j.itiy ben
done. The Silver Dollar group
consists of three full claims and two
fractions, vi;:, : Littlo Johnny, bin
Dollar, Carbonate lliii. Gillman
fraction and Carbonate lhii fraction, comprising in all about 175
acres, nearly all ot which is well
limbered. Four separate and distinct leads have been discovered,
each carrrying high values in gold
and silver.
A lease and bond on the Cowboy
and Texas group of claims on
Spring creek was taken last week
by Harry Newcoinb, who has interested with him I). \V. Moore and
J. A. Whittier, and work was commenced at once. The amount of
1113 bond was for $30,000.���The
Who Cooks the News ?
Honolulu, Sept. 26, ��� Melton
Prior, the Hrilish newspaper correspondent, who arrived here today from Yokohama, says he feels
absolutely certain that the war in
the far east will continue for some
time. Everything points to the
most awful war in the world's history. Mr. Pnor complains that the
Japanese have displayed bad faith
towards all the correspondents.
This, ne says, is his 27th campaign,
and it is the only one in which he
has seen nothing. He believes
with the possible exception ot tire
battle of Liao Yang that not one of
the correspondents has seen a shot
fired, and doubts if any newspaper
man saw the battle of Lioa Yang,
Locations Recorded.
August 13���-Mountain Lion, between
north forth ol Lardeau and McDonald
l-k-.ee, bv Hugh Brown : White Cross,
bead of Hall creek, by W. Moroler ;
I 'respecter, ou Hull creek, by Seldon
Daney; Vellow Star, Red Cross, in
Bannockbttrn i.i. In, by Miles Carrol.
17���Rambler Caribou, head of Littlo
Meadow creels, by W. II. Hamilton and
Hugh MoKay.
10- Mammoth, Lake.ivood, head of
Meadow ereek, by 15 I Hart, Cann lian
i'.i.y, bead of Meadow creek, by J. W.
20���Mount Royal on Lardo river, by
JR Crudge; Johnnie, north side of
Coopei1 creek by Geo A Proulx.
22-��� Hard Luok, on Cameron creek,
by Jas ''ni*. * Ton : Little Darling, on
Bear creek, by Robt Mitchell; Maud
N., west of- Cooper ereek, by Anton
23���Winnipeg, near 1 loutb of Cooper
ereek, by Johu Carseadden; White
Star, Red Crescent, bead o! Hall creek,
by A W Edge ; C 0 I)., west of
Cooper oreek, by N M Watnee.
2-1���Muggins, east of (luld hill, b.
W, il. Blackman.
25���Cliai'l8ton, on Duncan rivor, by
Hugh Brown ; Baltimore, on  Duncan
river, by .1 M Miller;  SllverGlni ,
samo place, by .1 M Brown; Bradford,
un Cariboo ereek. by .1 M Miller: Hard
Luck, on Humlll creek, by Norman
McLeod; Windfall, on Hnmill creek,
by Allen Anderson.
2:;- Bessie H., north side of Gertrude
creek, by li  Hageinau *.  Sitvo
head of South fork of Kftslo en
1; MoTaggart;  Silver Button,  sam
Election Probs.
Toronto, Sept. 28.���A dispatch
from Montreal says that the Dominion general elections will be held
on October 27 or cS, and that the
Quebec elections will follow exactly
a month later. It is also stated
that Sir Wilfrid Laurier will run
against Mr. Bergeron in Beauhar-
nois, as well as in East Quebec,
and that Mr. Tarte will not be a
candidate in any constituency.
Masked men held up a saloon in
Seattle last Monday. Three of the
attendants were fired upon, and one
who refused to throw up his hands
was fatally wounded. The men decamped after looting the cash
drawer. The robbers lit the des-
criplion of the men who held up
the C.P.R. train at Mission junction lately.
Col. W. N. Brayton, in company
with two well-known mining experts visited thc Silver Cup mill on
Thursday. They were greatly
pleased with the courteous manner
in which they were received, and
spoke of the mill in most eulogistic
Nikolai Purrcapalki, the fanatic
who is responsible for the recent
meanderings of the Doukhobors, is
to be deported to his own country.
His latest move was to head a procession to welcome Karl Minto as
the Messiah,
lit Jill! :si!';iiji!;.i:!:*
Capitalists can set their Mono;
Ready io Install similar Mills i
the Lardeau. The Mill is n Ores
Night  and day without cessation
the big mill at ..-Mile owned by th*
Silver Cup Mines  Ltd. is poundin
away, and lhe massive and IntricaK
machinery is running without fan!
All the water required is now bein;
obtained from   the  Keltic i. creel*'
the  scheme  to  obtain  which   wa
somewhat  original,   but   withal
complete success.     With the cor.
tinunus  dropping  ol  its 20 stump*
great activity prevails.    Tiie mill'
treating the low-grade ores from th
Nettie I. and Silver Cup dump, an
with wonderful success.   No figurt
will  be  given  out until a fair estimate can be taken, as tlie manage
ment  realize  that the  progress 1
the   mill   and  its profits   will   I-
closely watched.    Suffice it lor 1!:
moment to say thai   the company'
expectations ar,- being realized.
the  weather  conditions of sensoa
'03 and '0*1 had been the reverse i
that experienced,  what  a differer
tale   would   have   to   be [old.     Fr
the whole of the summer of'03 roi.
Bar,|fell almost continuously,  retardiiv:
��� * by I building operations l" aa aggravn
.ting extent.     With the completio
place,   bv W  B (iomni:  Greenhorn,    .   .        .,. .
1     .,,',,,       ,   ,    ,,, ,,     ��� of the  mn,  a ong came the d so
head of Hall creek, by W Mercler.       I
2'.'   Hazel, on  Kootonay Luko, by W I trous   slide   at lhe Silver Cup can
L McLaughlin; Mountain Boy, on
Boulder creek, by 11 C Hoylnud;
Stella, north fork uf Woodberry by
Alfred Anderson; Extension, on Mule
Meadow creek, by John Kilby, 0 A
Anderson and Gust Ahngron.
30.- Miner Buy, Little Meadow
ereek, by Otto Hendi'iekson,
.'11 -Grand View, north fork of
Cooper oreek, by W 11 Hamilton.
Sept. 1���Southern Cross, head ol
Woodberry creek, by Prank Mo.-
2���Golden Crown, Queen of tin; Hills,
head uf Cariboo ereek, by Pred Jacobs ;
Ist iila, il miles bolow Hold Hill, by C
O Woodrow; South Side, Blue Ridge
Camp, by W Houston; Copper Kin::,
samn place, by A W Goodenough :
Noonday, on Cascade creek, by Frank
8���Montreal, near Gold Hill, by Al-
plionso Polante; Copper CHIT, same
place, by -I 13 liiuwluot: Dultis, same
place, by Itegls Bobitaille; Lono Still',
west ul iluivsei Luke, by K Bubltallle :
Sunrise, sunn' place, by Alphonso
Pi lante 1 Drum.'., near Gold Hill, by
,1 1; Baaaloot,
10 Hercules, on Cooper oroelr, by O
R Desmond! Mammoth, Whistler, on
Cooper oreek, by Frank McDonald,
12���Ruby Silver, Whitewater basin,
by Jacob Kinuus: Little Kid, Whitewater basin, by J 1*1 Blgbam.
ing ihe destruction of the traimva)
With the clearance nt ihe right-oi-
way and the re-erection ol derricks,
terminals, aud new tramway parts,
everything looked rosy for a grand
season's work ; but'lhc unusual dryness of the past summer would have
sent many a company into liquidation. All these difficulties have
been surmounted by the management, and wilh the elements al all
favorable, the mill is going to show
capital how il treats $10 or.' and
less at a great profit. During tlie
past week a large number of townspeople and Hillside mining experts
have visited lhe mill, thank . 10 the
kindness of the management, and
01K and ad declare tint the mill
does ever;.ii,Ing that is claimed for
On Saturday last a carload of
silver-lead concentrates was shipped
to the Trail smelter, On Mond i.v
a second c irload wa 1 shipped, and.
a huge shipment of bullion will
shortly he made,
The government has forwarded
to G. 0. Buchanan, at Kaslo, B.C.,
five checks as payments of final 40
per cent of last year's bounty on
lead. This indicates that the government will pay on assay weight of
lead, as the checks are being issued
in alphabetical order. About 4 per
cent is being deducted for supervision. -Nelson Tribune.
X      advancement;   salary  and   expenses;  full Instructions free of
charge : clean, desirable business
Mention tbis pupor,]
Ore is still being brought down
from ilic Morning as last as pack-
horses can get it here.
Tlu tunnel on the Mother Lode
is now in about 150 feet. Two
shifts are now operating there,
live. Batho is visiting the progesstve
city of Nelson. It is rumoured around
town he's out there purchasing n large
stock ot man traps and spring guns,
Our notion is lie's working and contemplating reaping a rich reward from'his
rUBtltng propensities in the interest of
the Eagle.
Bobby Burns made the trip to Nelson
last Monday for the purpose ot visiting
tho Fair.- If there's anything good
going within a rallies uf 100 miles
and businoss is not too pressing iu
mining matters, he's "Johnny on tho
spot." I
Lardeau Bagle]
;d   evory
Ferguson, B. ('., uy
J.  J. ATHERTON,   Prop.
inv'lioiii nil correspondence sliouhl be mailed,
Subscription Rules! .J.nu por Annum, to
auy address in America; ll.M f����r six month**;
t_.5.ay_ar to lorolgn addresses. N*1 pny, ne
Advertising Rates: Display ads.,$1.00 per
single isilninii iiii-h per month, Lentil ads., 12
oonts por tuonpariel] Hue fur tir.i Insertion! S|
OOUts fur tin*, till' ������,.-!. u.ldiliiniAl insertion
Koadlng uotlces 10 cents per line eaeh issue,
Ninety day legal notices, |10.,*slxt*Adays,'f7.fi0i
thirty days, t*j. No mis. nceepteu at less than
these rules. No mon! forquaoiclids.
Four weekly Insertions constitutes one]
month's advertising.
A cot-Vespondent draws our attention
to tho following paragraph, which we
had  previously noted appears in the
the current issue of tho B. C.'Mining
Exchange, and suggests that the article
is a " slap at the Eagle for its timely
demand foi' a wagon-road up the North
Pork trail."
" Wo five first place to no ono in
our desire to see the rich mineral
districts of this provinco opened upas
speedily as possible, und no one is more
alive to tlie urgent necessity for Increased trail and bridge accommodation than lhe B. C. Minlng'^xchahge.
hut v.e like reason iu all things, and
we cannot congratulate a number of
our contemporaries upon the wild outcry they nro making becauso the Provincial Government does uot build u
nicely-graded wagon-road to every
farmer's front-door aud to the mouth of
everv prospector's shaft."
The foregoing editorial in that excellent monthly journal appeared before we went to press inst week, so our
correspondent will readily conceive
that we cannot trouble ourselves to
" lit the cap " and while fully agreeing with the primaries of our contemporary, take advautage of the occasion
to point out the pressing need of a good
road at the point mentioned. We
explained iu our last Issue show the
cost to the shipper would bo some $25
less per ton by vehicular transportation,
jiul pointed oat several properties that
weie Shfpping oro by pack-train.
Since then an additional shipper has
been added lo tlie list.   At the present
moment some 400 claims have assessment.!, recorded In this direction, and
many, of these properties are roady to
foi ward a vast amount of ore to the
smelter as soon as the road is coiar
ploted Among such properties that
wo know of may be mentioned the
Goodenough groups, Silver Belt groups.
Metropolitan, Little Robert group,
Elsmere, Nickel Plate, IXL, Silver
Slipper, Horn groups, Highland Chief,
Itob Key, Sunshine, Jenny Lind, Surprise group, Copper Bell group, Wonderful group, and many others. We
have no hesituney in asiertlng that
given a fair show the North Fork trail
would become tho scene of extensive
mining oporatlons.
no," said the littlo chap, not reliihlng
! the idea of work, "What for? Ain't
I we got a good houso to live In ?" "Oh,
lyes, my dear," said the mother; "but
wo can't eat the houso, you know."
" Well, ain't we got plenty ol things in
the pantry?" continued the young
hopeful. " Certainly, dear," replied
the mother; " but that would not last
long, and what thon?" "Woll, ma,"
said tho young incorrigible after sizing
up tho contents of tho pantry and
thinking a moment, " wouldn't there
be enough to last until you got another
husband? "
A lady was recently reading to her
young son tho story of a little fellow
whose father was takon ill and died,
aftor which ho set himself dilligontly
to work to assist in supporting himself
and his mother. When she bad finished tho Btory she -said ; " Now,
Tommy, if Pa were to die, wouldn't
you work to koop mamma?"   "Why,
" Hell with the lid oil' " is awaiting
tho sneak thief who Is prowling around
at tho dead of night. There's something too unutterably mean about tho
man living in a mining eamp who will
stoop to petty pilfering from a working
man. Theso midnight visitations aro
iust a bit too numerous, and severe
treatment will be moted out to the
marauders if they visit ono ot* two
points where preparation in tlie naturo
of a ''weleume " await 'em. If doc.
Newcombe is called upon to extract
slugs from the anatomy of anyone,
"That bim!   He's It."
Illustrating the Boundless Keaoun.es of The Richest Province tn
the British Empire, Its coal, oil and timber ; its lisheries nu sea,
lake and river ; its mineral and njjrictiHu-al resources; its cities
and towns; its river, lake and mountain -scenery, especially illus-
tratlng its great mining; development, with views of all the principal
mines, mills, smelters, etc, Sent Post-Free on receipt of price,
$1 and$1.50. Address: JAMES LAWLER, Rossland, B.C.,
The largest advertiser in and for British Columbia.
Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited,
Capital $625j000j of which 35 per cent in shares is now in
our Treasury.   Shares fully paid and non-RBS-sssable.
Minus directly wost of tho LoBol nud
r*ollol No, ���_���. Wnr Ki.j-.le and Centre Slur,
four nf Ihe largest pold-copper minus in
tiie world, nil ni which have paid largo
���fijF-J-.fimo identical ore nnd veins now
fnsightoii tho BIG FOUK. Largcoro
Assays from $'* to $800 in gold, rosier,
silver, etc Very rich display as now on
UXljlMtJon    in   the   city   ore exhibit,
causing '.vide comment.
Weliiive nearly two miles ol railway
on IMg Four property with water antl
timber in abundance.
Rossis nd ore sh i prnrntx for 1UQ2,
850,000 tnns. Shipped for 1003, fihout
���lM.'Hli) tons. Total value of Kossland
oil'! mined, 127,000,000.
NllTK \\
I'ltlCii.al W
Rossland largo nre bodies nre n
great success with tlio concentration
system nf ore reduction. R0o ore
now pays to mino as now proved bv
tho latest reports and dividends, '
No less iluui uu shares sold
Sharos can he tuul on instalment
plan, payments monthly. r.ver'y
per centensli, balance within a viir
Company lias no dohls or liabilities,
and a nnl force of men now work-
References. - Tlie lion. Mayor,
Gold Commissioner, postmaster, or
nny hunk or business man in City.
There is ii tide in tho affairs of mon
Which token at thti Hood lords on
to fortune:
Omitted, nil tho voyage of thoir life
is   bound    In' .-.hallowd  nud   Iu
�� fkf&      in   Ferguson,  the Pay-Roll
Centre of the Rich Lardeau.
Is the HUB
SOUTH of Ferguson lie this
phenominally rich
camps   of  Poplar  and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH of Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
Any amount leas than $100 send by
postoffice or express monoy ordor;
���nm tliis amount, by bank draftto
Hip Four O'flusolldatad coid
Mines, Ltd., Kossland, IIC,
Order Blanks and our most comprehensive nud compioto Illustrated prospectus
showing hII Kossland Mlnea nnd giving valuable Information, with Maps and reports from Mlulng Engineer**, scut only to investors or thoso desiring to invest.
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
The town has an excellent Waterworks system, is lighted by Ectricity, aadl^i L^ i^istkee^phoa^ Serviced
iTfmiin���mM��i mn m <* *
NOTICE is hereby given that the MKTUO-
COMPANY OP LARDEAU It.C, E1MITKI), intends to apply to thc Assistant Commissioner
of Lands and Works, under provisions of
Chapter lia, known as the Land Act, for permission to purchase tho following described
unreserved, unsurveyod snd unoccupied Crow A
��� Commencing it a post on Sliver Cup Mountain situated about 400 feet from Triuno Creek.
Hud ucar the lower terminal of the Ilulliditi
Tramline built to the Trlilne Mint! iu lOtfJ,
said post being marked as " The Metropolitan
Cold and Silver Mining Companv of hnrduuu,
B.O, Lira!tod's 8.\V. Corner Post," thence fnst.ii>
Chains on to Triuno Mountain, thenee north
along Triun*! Mountain 101) chains, thenco
west 40 chains, thenco south 100 chains to tho
point of commencement, thc same containing
about 40U acres. Said land was staked for tliu
above named purpose on the'Jttrd day of July,
11W-1, at ii o'clock, p.m.
Tho Metropolitan <iold aud Silvor
MiuinK Compnny of Lardeau,
M,C, Limited.
Ferguson, ll.c..
July 28, 1904,
President and Managing Director,
And Read
Trout Lako City Hotel -Sh -ffl
" Lake,  cull
oo Jack Simpson. A smiling face and
pood liquors, winpB, etc. aro found be-
-hin.d tlie bai'.   Tho Eagle is taken hore
Smith & Co.
45 Bleury St,
Will bo repreaeuted in
Ferguson throe or four
days cacti mouth. Any
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and wu
Our representative
S. A. Scott is a
practical tailor and
will make clothes
lit. Hold your
orders for him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .
Situ��tC(l;mlilat scenery unrivalled for
grandeur. Tbu most vomplutu health
resort on the continent of North Americans births cure all Nervous and Mus*
culnr diseases. Its waters Ileal all
Kidney, Liverand Stomach iillmciils.
They aro a never 'ailing reinedv for
nil metallic poisons, completely purl/ring tho system. J
TERMa���$!f. to .ISper week, according to residence iu Hotel or Villus.
Doited .Batters of North America
THIS    18   T II
^\   (lie [roiled Hatters
f   //mfflMtV-X "*. N"rUl  America.
���-..(,. V"^.*,.!$S   l-al '���'���'��� '���''������   hit.
elto  it   Hint   tlto
tonuino   UN I (IN
tpbel issnwed lu it.
II   a   rotailer^luifl
labola In his
ssosslon and \ of-
v^��V^v"n-Tt^'-%w      tern to |m. one In it
[ ^Wo 1 CU-fr**       hat for you, do not
I patroni/.-.' him.   He
lias nnt any rignxto na\e tooso labels, Loose
labols in retail stores aro oqnnterfoltfi-. Uo not
listen to any explanation aa to why tho lial
I litiH no label. Tho Genuine flnlon Label-la
j perforated on the four edge's oxaotly tbo same
aa a postage stump. Oountorfeitg ar-aaomo-
| times porforated on throe of the edaes, and
Bometimpsonlyon two. Koop a slmrplookout
for the coiinterfeitji. Unprincipled manufac*
tUrerB aro usihg them in ordor to get rid of
their scab-made hats. The John Jt. Stetson
Co. of Philadelphia, i'a., is niin-iiiiioii concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT.l'rosidoht,
Orange, N, J,
JOHN PHIHjTPS*Secretary,
II Waverly Place, ltooni 15. New Vork City.
Cert Meat o af Improvement*.
Oold Hill and Goldsmith Mineral Claima, situate in the Trout Lako Mining Division of West
Kootenay District,
Whero located���on Poplar Creek about one
mile from the railway.
Take Notice that I Robert Hodgo, acting as
-agent for \v. b. Pool, Free Miners Certificate
No. P. 71717, intend, slxtv davs from the date
hereof, to apply to tho Mining Keeorder for
���Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of tlie abovo claims.
And further take notieo that action, under
section ;.7, must be commenced before tbe issuance of inch Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thisOth day of January, A.D. loot.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sanding a sketch and description mn?
quickly ascertain onr opinion freo whether an
Invention is probably patentable/* Comnumlco-*
t io.in nl ri.-lly coiitldonllal, HniKlbnok on Pittci.ta
lent froo. Olitest auoncy focujoorlng patents*
��� Patenta takon through; Stunn & Co. rccotve
tptcialnotice, without chargo. In ihu
Scientific American.
A linurtnoniely ilHmtrated weakly. I .argo.it rlr.
cuintioii "( any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a
year; four months, fl. Bold by all newsdealers.
...... &Co.38,Browi-����' New York
Branch Oflieo. 035 V Ht., Wuhlnirtou, D, 0,
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, cortinencin*, October 14tb, 11)011, will Bail as follows,
weather permitting.    *''
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice dally���10k and Tile.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhoad. twieo dally��� 7:1.1k aud
l_;4.1k. Milking close ooniicotlons
with all U. P. K. Steamers an;! trains.
Tho owners reserve tho right to
ehange times of sailings without
The Empire Lumber Company., Ltd
Including the FiHh Crock camp
and Upper Duiienn Kiver section, coin-
piled byA.P.Cummins,P.L.B:,aiia B
Shannon. B.A.,18 now on sale at this
office. Tho ready sale of the man i*
proving ivll we have said for it. rho
Trout Lukedivision in lithographed i-i
black, the Lardeau lu rfld'.ann the Alnsworth in blue. Evonatenderfootcoultl
tako a copy of tlila innp and find any
claim recorded in the three divisions
The mountains, lakes, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim In the
district is shown.
Next    to    Visiting   the   Country   in
Person  This Map Takes First Place.
in fact every geographical
feature \h so woll defined that ono can
seo at a glance tho nnt uro of our country
and ihe trend of the claim locations
gives au intelligible idcti of the mini rid
hells running through lhe camp,  His
The   Best    Worth   for   One   Dollar
cvorofforod in the map llnu of a mining
camp. It is the first comploto map of
the district and lsselliug woll. it Is just
whal von are looking for. WIS Ai,si>
Address your order, with an
cmditvure of a one dollar bill, Inn
choqUOS, orders, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining; companies or others ordering
lots of 110 or more, maps will be supplied at 50 cents ouch.
Two Bargains.
For price, terms, etc., Apply to J. Kdwnrd
Hlrd, barrister, Vancouver, or to E.tl. Woodward, Ferguson.
riill AT comfortable little Dwelling House oe-
I Clip led by 0, M. Nesbltt, aud two well cultivated lots, nicely fenced, situated In (be best
resldeneo part of Ferguson. For sale cheap.
Thi*, is a snap.
rpIlK Etighj Work, occupied by Iho Lardeau
JL Eagle newspaper and the Methodist
Church. The building draws r good rental
aud the sale price and terms will surprise you,
For Sale
local. With * PRTitrnk.
II pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often bo saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
tbe 'phone. Office In Cummins & Co.'s
D. J. Robertson, the Nelson furnltue
dealers are funeral directors and em-
The Canada Drug & Book Co., Ltd.,
of Revelstoke, carry an immense stock
of stationery, fancy goods, games of all
kinds, the latest books ahd magazines,
rubber goods and mountain and mining
views.   Give them a mall order.
* Smokers:  If you want the OENtJ-
ine    "Union"  and , "Our  Speoial"
' oiqar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke,
There will
be a big
for Lots.
Buy NOW in Ferguson.
Real Estate
I liavasofno of the fluent blocks
and lots In Ferguson on my books.
Buy ill onco biilon; tlio crowd gets
111.' .;
Tliii* week's _peel.il :
A Lot on Victoria Ave.
100x33 feet.
adjoining tlio  Post-Office In
Hloek 1.
Thin is the finest locution in town
and will be worth treble shortly.
Do yen wish to buy or sell anything '! Drop me a lino aud I'll
worry you.
Apply to
Lardeau Bagle, Ferguson, B.C.
Triune. Bilrer chief. Enterprise, Kamloopa
and Kamloojis KiRi-iional mineral claims,
Hituato In the Trout bake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located :���On Triuno Mountain.
TAKK NOTK'.K tbat I. George S. McCarter,
aottug un agent for Andrew Ferguson, Free
Miners' Certificate, No. 1188652, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Keeorder for a Certificate id Improve-
ments,for the purpose of obtalnlnga Crown
Grant of tha abovo claima.
And further ink'.' notlco that action, under
section 87, must hu eommancod before tho issuance of such Certificate of iiitiirovrmotiis.
Dated this l_uh .lav of June, A.D. \w\.
(jI'.O. 6, MCCARTER,
do],! ur Silver JI.."iO
Gold and Silvor 12.00
Silvor uid Und fe.60
Copper 11.00
Zinc tl.GO
S.   SHA1SN01S,   H.A.
If vou earn n FREE
DRINK by paylug
your   subscription *%#,
io the t!>_."
GIlitiEK U��E1<
Thorpe &Co\
Read the Eagle
Trout Lake brunch���A   General   Bunking   Business   Transuded.
Capital Authorized, $1,000,001) /(i;x*j omcBt
Capital (paid up)    -    3,000,000 ��� _  ���    ,
Rest . '. . .". . 2,s5o,ooo Toronto, Ontario-
Branches in the Northwest Territories. Provinces  of British Columbia,  Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R. MERUIT.', President. D. 11. WILKIE, Yico-Pres. and Ge��  Man,
B. HA V, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Ins, lotor.
Saving** Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Drnfts8old avnllabto In Aliparts of Canada,
United Ste ton and Europo.
Speoial Kttention fflven to collections aud **-' *��� BOuLTBEE
Miiiiag Bonds,
Union Cigar Factory \
Manufactures only Union goods, nnd bo-
sides, thoy arc the bu_-t ou Uie market.
Thoy nro madeof the best Havana tobacco,
and their excellence is undisputed. Insist
on getting
Union Cigar Vt
When Visiting
Ferguson a
| Lardeau
K     Laughton Bros.
ik Proprietors,
The best place
to stay is the
*J^-v"HjJ>^7^-'*;-;*: .;
We try to give satisfaction to our   guests.
House and Lot For Sale.:
Without a doubt tho linest
llesiilenee in tho Lardeau.
Situate iu Ferguson, tbo
property contains 9 rooms,
newly plastered throughout. Verandah in front.
Water laid on. This very
desirable property would
make a first-glass boarding
$4.00 down gfL^JS" ����Te|,y
t nsy it. i iii.ii
Apply .Ino. .1. Atherton, ' Eaglo* Office '
Tlie Kootenay
Sfeam Laiinto
nils iff VV
'uy Of
rlt In
The Brightest, Newsiest Paper
in the Distriot."
Either Mai-, line or ITnnd Work.
We Guanmtec Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any uomplalc ts niay be lodged
with onr Agent,
There Is only one best mining Journal.
Tbat Is
Mines and Minerals.
It has ft larger olroulation than any two other
American mining Journal* boonuso it is the
bent. It Is tlie InrgL'rtt, best llluslrfttetl nud
handnotneit mining jonmallntho world, it
ii a mtnlnfc paptfr for mining men. SnbKRrip-
tlnn price |3,00 her vcar. Send for (rcoiRmpii
copy. AddresiMINKSANDMINERALS,Horan-
ton, I'a,, U. S. A. Denver otlloei, liartli Bldg.,
Dtiirer, Colorado,
Trout Luke
li 1 idle + . ai.4 .... 4..'. .... ..... ��������-!-���
t I
.  Local and General.  I
�� .
��� *>������������������>��� **�� 4 4 .... * 4444-44
To-day is a gloriously lino duly day.
Remarks elsewhere ''e the dismal wet
weather uro o-p-h,
Ed. Hillman, who has been visiting
Haul   i 'algaryand Edmonton, returned
: i mo " nu Tin ���.!*.'.' none lho worse
'or wear.
Joo Murray has joined tho forces at My*
tlieMohloan, |   Art. Desjordy, the hub at the O.K.
Like many  another rustler who is tonsorial emporium,  Is lavishing upon
Billy Pool, whilo passing through I Sam Sutherland returned to town on
Cranbrook ono day last week, caused Thursday evening. Our universal pro-
quito a sensation by exhibiting a few v,a��� ha8 vititca the st, Louis Fair
gold specimens to souae peopl
on iho
platform. Thcwc wore chunks oi' Bolld
tfolcl sticking out- of tho quartz, and
one JaUy (Says the Cranbrook Herald)
was heard to venturo the guess that
lho rock was Bure.y worth i&0,0i I,
Ves, yen p'rap's not, quite bo, we don't
think! By the way. tho Lai'dosti is
not fcontng much of it'.,  "king*1 these
developing an o: ae
a slender pursi. J
;.:!,���;< wood for ' lie
obtain the clucala
spring operations.
erty with
itono will
5-Mllo to
for next
fur tho ilrst time tUls year Sunday
>:���![' li was held Iu town last Sabbath.
i_ was vory well uttonded, and we are
asked to anuounca 1! at tbe school will
henceforth lv; held regularly every
mi at 1.30. Choir prac-
id every Thursday even-
Sunday a f term
ti es will be ht
Ing at 7.30 aud
Rev,  A.
his patrons an abundance of attention,
iio bas lately added to bis stook thi
" Pompolan l-'uci. Maseago Cream,"
so if you have any debiro to trend towards rejuvenation, a visit tothechuii
with the necessary 2o cents will tia the
trick. Art. is an accomplished ma$-
suoP, and we can recoinin-o-Jicl this treatment lor iho lightning eradication oi
wrinkles, crows feet, Invislblo dlr-b, and
" that tired feeling."
Toronto Exhibition, (juebec, Montreal,
coming back by way of Salt Lake,
Seattle, Vancouver and Boaton. Sam
tht ninths Lardeau missed tho opportunity of a lifetime of advertising itself,
as boyoud a. few small specimens from
this district on show, no attempt had
been made to exhibit our vast mineral
wealth. Sam reports a vory enjoyable
timo, and that he took every ounce out
of all the fun he encountered,
_&��jfe rfz -h.^.r^-i.*:���}/.-��?..<.:���.'.'S.-ty.v sfe-X-Sg
��� from
will be ren ��� red by tho choir, under
the direction . f Mrs. R. U. Battey, to
which all are invited.
Arthur Pellistet* was down from tlio
Cup on .Monday.
Alex. Dodds, Triune, was a visitor to
town on Tuesday.
Some peoplo Lhlnk they're the bull
cheese because they owe the Eagle
a 2 spot.
Johnny Kennedy, who has been doing
is.*.essment al fch�� Wagner group, came
thc Duncan on Monday.
Wq regret to atinouhce that Mrs. S.
Shannon, wife of our osteomed assayer,
is !- ing seriously HI. Dt's. .Newcombe
aud   Robinson  are  attending  to the
citus was performed this morning.   All
II join with us inthe hope that tbe
operation was successful,
Jim Snell returned from'Poplar on
rue; day.
.V birthday party lu bonoi' of Miss
Effie ]  itbo wad ;r!'-,"i in the Alexan-
fi  tivlties were in the nature of a
tiai.ee, and a pleasant time was spent.
Mrs. M. Mack has opened up a laundry at Comaplix. We wish the ven-
t, ir ' every -recess.
A fui ������������ 11 dance to Dad Carruthers,
the 'iron;. Lake PagannJIil, will bo
held at the Lake to-night. 1
Ed. Roche was down from tlie Triuno
on Friday.
(iRorge Doherty and Tom Hepson
��� '..'::���  ;;i .Vum Mllooet on Saturday.
Jack l/iie:=, Boaton, wasItf town on
- .' irday.
Tho we
great kick
spell bad
monl bs,  v
put Of the
but "but*
in with i
Shaving. Shampooing,
Halrdressing.     Singeing.
Dyeing, Baths, hot and
cold water.
Mr. S. A. Sutherland hns returned
from thc Easi with a magnificent
array of Winter Goods. Wc can
now show \ ou some of the nobbiest
things in Winter Suits you ever saw.
* Uu' !
lOllltCl  !
Liop In lho
ut h j>. in.
Quito a, number i
have   taken in
f  Forguson
Nelson  fair
���VTOTIC'E is hereby
J-i     ami  by virtuo
in thai uu
f it warrant o
execution issued out of tin
County Court of Kootonay, holden n
Trout Lake in tin action wheroii
McKinnon & Sutherland are plaintiff:
and Frank Barber ia defendant, und ti
tne directed against tho goods an<
chattels of the said defendant, I hav-i
seized and takeu Into execution the
following described goods nod chattels
namely :���
��� run matches
I Accordiun
1 fcathet' Dustei*
1 brace and hit
l quart measure
1 l iipiok
I sparklots
.'M boxes sparklet
II <rls. cream ptchr
-Id fruit dishes
2 trays a_ad brushes
J. sliver kuives ,'*
3;> teaspoons
���''*> I ablo spoons
i dinner hell
I oak sideboard
2(1 bedspreads
: an opening In this
for a butcher.
Anothei' injustice to Oireland !  Tim,
io   It disconsolately on tho Cup
I   ,   .Molid whining  "Como back  to
In " id llo his ownor parados around
an English bull-dog attached to a ship's
Tho auction sale at the King's hotel
hus been postponed to Wednesday,
October 12th.
Bob Laughton v.ill bo In town renewing    acquaintances   noxt   week,
lob   i-   now  llllliig in h*s timo with
Jack at that excellent hostelry,
the (Tnlon, Hevelatoke,
Two slaters of charity, from New
.' stmlnster, Sisters Bernard and
I ' ires, visited the camp last week,
nod also journeyed to the principal
mines in search nf the nimble dollar
whieh is badly needed at '.fid Providence Orphanace nt New Westminster,
it was an eye-opener for tho miners to
seo the good sisters advancing on
horso., which worn itindly placed at
their disposal by .Messrs, F, Leheau
and C. H. Little. A good round sum
was netted by tho veiled rustlers.
The population of tho Payroll Centre
is going up, up, up. A Dock of little
.-.agios joined the old rooster at tho
looker von Monday night. There's an
agitation on foot to increase the capacity of the school. We are moro
concerned over the capacity of tho
pantry- and tlio increase of our circulation.
An oi'dei'-in-council has boen passed
at Ottawa, appointing Thursday, 17th
of November, a day of thanksgiving
throughout the Dominion.
V2 I l-o*:. beer mugs 35 pair blankets
25small   ,f     "   8 single bedsteads
I) large     "      ''      and springs
IS whiskey glasses 8 slnstle mattresses
1 shaker " 17 floor mats
i granite bucket    in carpets
i; bot. Marasquine 12 washstands
1     "   Tomato I!   II toilet sets
I     "   Orange Tits 11 douhlo beds and
1     "   Cherry bdy    springs
I     "   Bonedlctne 14double   maftres'
5 liquor bottles      1 sideboard
I glass wator ptchr 1 dustpan ,. broom
1   bot.   Crorao do 1 lounge
Mentbo III* towels
^ salt collars 2 wash basins
tl decanters (Ispitoous 2 mirrors
1 dec. Tom gin       1 Famous   Magnot
i    "   sherry hot-air furnace &
I dice boxand dice    llttings
I box Ihiid.lieof      7 cords wood
GOO poker checks    2 soap dishes
II wine classes       10 pictures
I strainer .'1 brooms
17 bot Angostura   fi7 shoots
1 Sin. wrencli fill pillow cases
I rasp 3 aprons
1 combination till  80 chairs
T bar spoon 54 luec curtains
I back bar mirror   18 curtain rods
.'1 lamps and brack- 41 pillows
ots complete      2fl bedspreads
12 barroom chairs 1 buroiiu
1 arrow driver        8 tables
I 2iii. clilnol 20 blinds
51 dinner plates I bnt'.l Bull bitter
ff2 vegetable dishes 2 " whito wheat
���12 saucers 2   " Craigs
26t��aoups 18 "  llla.-kherr.v 11
10 bread plates       8   " (luln. stout.
25 (.'ill's spices, etc. 212 " aerntcd wutor
1 box macaroni      21 lamps
10 Ib. criiokors        :i gal. sherry
26 lh. oatmeal        5   "   brandy
5 lb. lard 110 "   Tom gin,
1 largo range and   15 "   ryo
cooking outfit      18"   Scotch
1 (lli-gal water-tank I Sib. hammer
and llxturns 1 gallon measure
2 alarm clocks        1 wringer
li tint irons 8 mops
15 Ib. enlteo i buckot
12,tablecloths 1 wash board
25 napkins 1 wash tub
I ironing board      1 5-gul. oil tank
1 coffee mill 4 tons ieo
2 complete silver   II boxes cigars
table sets 1 stop ladder
7 glass sugar basns 52 electric lights
4 glass syrup jugs and fixtures
0 glass butter dshs 112 box cigars
Also about 151) yards Linoleum.
And I glvo notice that I will oiler
the said goods and chattels for sale by
Publio Auction at tho King's Hotel
building in thc town of Ferguson, B.C.,
on Wednesday, the 28th day of September, a.d. 1U04, at tho hour of eleven
o'clock in the foronoon.
Dated this 20th day of SentoinboV,
A.D., 1004.
This Salo has been postponed to
Wednesday, Oct. 12, at the same
hour. i
Deputy Sheriff of North Kootonay for
Trout Lake, B. C.
, endorsed " Ten.lei* U
received  by tho   n
ol Wednesday, tlioSBtln
nstructlon add con
, Trout U
1 will
ipon inei
ruis of tender unit
 1 (iller ifielfitli
eoltho Mining livid nl ilio Unrig and
nlod forn * nni pill
lihongrei-iiicnl In oxoi
to llic lonn o! louder IB
!,*���(���'*.1*   hi.'.i-rll   nml   tl'*
, residents ol iliel'rovlni
(itdi-llicniiiliiiil i.vrfi
ion l'I or iiny lender
V.'. i
1 j.*,.��� ��� iv Cohnnissloner ol
. nud Works Do 'tnu-iit,
torlfl, U. ('..mill s.**: 'in!.*
, t-4 4 4 ..*.�� +*-���.�����-��� ....���.'. ���*-���**,
on I SnWffl
Fergdson, B. C.
Groceries, Provisions, ele.
l-'rt.sh Fruits In Season.
Smokers' supplies..
Canned goods.
* ,.,,*-.:,�� �����>.. Batho
J Manager Alexandria Hall, P.O. Block, Ferguson
Agent fur
Giant Powder
Fuse and Caps
M-vv)-   -a*.!*    xt)*   ���*������>   ���*���>   v.K   "��->   ~'M*-   "��iV   "tivlr
,**jie8. ,_���*��__ ^>;-��_./_f_--'_. ^j,*-^ ,c$ ..;v ^*3��=��L>(*W*./<P!S. ^?*-si
( ->��� 4 4 4 i * * 44 *��� 4 M I 44 ���*���>*>-     .
i I        CARDS. t 1
J    4-44^4^44444 4*44*444-444-    I
��� O   B- N. WILKIE,
I X-/a P. L. S. i
* *
i Provincial
| Land
I Surveyor
Fere-uson and Trout Lake.
Survoys made and Crown Grams
*  Ollico:      -       -      '
I      ' ' ���
Trout Lake.
f  Butvoys of Minos, Mineral Olalmi Mid
I frown l.iui'K   Ormvn liriinM 01.-
muioiiH Mtnsgod
t    |IM> II     i.lt-l..* ��  I*
7 tullh'il   iUI'1   A
T       rorAbsouteOB,
I  Ofllcoa; CaraborM
tiorno nnd Vniicoiivcr
I'.  I..  8.,
i,nice,     ....     Boaton, B. 0
15arn*-,tcrs, Solicitors, etc.
OMocs: Bovelslnkc, Golden, nnd Ferguson. Solieltors for. Imperial Mftiift
Boo. 8. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. l'liikliinu.
f   TJtRED C. lil.UOTT, f
l Biiriistcr,  Notary Public etc. t
! ' FERGUSON,  B.  C.   I
����^��..4->.^*.�� ..............
Has Stables ut Ferguson, Trout Lake and Beaton,
Whero ho keeps Unlit and heavy vehicles, single and
double drivers, saddle and pack horses for hiro.
Also proprietor of thc stniio routo running between
the above points, making throo trips weekly.
,::.*--. iSATISPAOTION GUARAIlg3ED==--��� =
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
..Hest pl service .. Choicest v.iucs,
liipiors and cigars.. Kire proof safe..
Packing; and. ^s^^s
~Y-~P~\''iCk'\ O'Tl "j","i Tl <>' Transfer Outfit.
a     ~L v_* .A Cmk * . yA. a ,a fs^ *n?'09iX^ixvi-*aB"
Contracts  entered Into for packing "f Mining Supplies,      ,
etc., to any point in tho district.
Coin], prompt service, and any work iind.i'iakon guaranteed satisfactory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney,Prop.
Is our business. We
have lhe facilities and
ingenuity necessary to
execute artistic work.
Anything In our Line Turned out Promptly.
u   Legal, Survey anil Mineral Claim    ,y
���m   Blanks always in stoclc... F*
us one
The Lardeau Bagle
, Ferguson, B. C. ���


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