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Lardeau Eagle 1902-01-09

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 a       1jjr**-��-t  "-a
-4   I 11
in a i
M   W     ;I   N    ,*4 fa,
^.,*j.        '--���.   *:.^-'    ..   ..--va^.:..;    .-...���
VOL 11 NO. 4.8.
82.00 A YEAR.
A Boycott
 Iared All Over tho
Vancouver Trades and LaborOoun-
oil Take Aotion-Labor Unions
Asked to Join in the Boycott.
A strong fot'liugof indignation is bo
ing expressed all over Canada regarding the action of the Goodoi'bam syndicate towards tlie employees ol their
minod in Rossland. Vigorous action U
belBR taken to assist the minors in
their struggle. The follouina' article
taken from tho Vancouver World of
December 24, expresses tho feeling of
the wotklngmen of the west:
"Tho labor mon of tho provinco are
asked to drink no moro Gooderham &
Worts' whiskies; at least not until such
times as tlu Kossland labor troubles in
connection with the mines iu which the
Gooderbam syndicate is interested are
finally settled. The Vancouver Trades
aud Labor Council held its regular
meeting last night and after a discussion of tho subjoot resolved lo boycott
the firm.
"Tbis, perhaps, is the most aggress-
ivo action taken by tho labor pooplo
against any of tho firms who control
thc mines. Usually thoy are so situated thai thoy are not getatable, but In
this Instance tlio men feel they can hii
one of the chief owners by another
"Gooderham, the manufacturer of
whisky, is connected with tho syndicate nf Gooderham & Blaokstoolc,
which owns the War Knjrlo and Centre
Sun* mines at Rossland, -where ibe
su*ii\ * i.-. at pi'esent In progress.
"Considerable of the productions of
tho distillery firm como to this province, aud as iho labor element forms a
largo portion of the population, thn
boycott will raeutl something. Tbe notion taken last night by the Trades and
Labor Council wasdoolslvo and after
the matter had been fully discussed.
"Thoother unions in the province
will be asked to join In and make the
boycott general.
"He-lie 'S inviting all subordinate
unions throughout the province to join
with then in eschewing any of the
products of thu Gooderham & Worts
distillery, In consequence of Mr.
Gotklorham's prominent identification
witb the Rossland mines in which
owners and employees have been at
outs for some time past, it has been do-
elded to extend tlie proscription lo
other largo concerns In which Gooder-
hai ipital is Invested, notably the
Manufacturers'  Life   Assurance company and the Canknf Toronto."
Amoug tbe letters received by thc
Trades and LaborCouno.il of Rossland,
promising aid and support, are manv
free: tbo'extremo east. The universal
f, >ii ;������ i I Indignation Is shown by
t; c ������ h ttars. One from one of tho
luivi t inluns in Montreal, Quebec, is
published in I'i'-i tl
.Vu.vi'iil'.H.. QtlK., Dee. 26,
Rossi .ml 'i ra im and La bur Council, J.
McLaren, Ste.
Deau auv, I wish lo 1 it you know
that by a regular mooting wo look ao*
ti������ I., b lyuott tho prodiiota of tbe
Goodorham & Worts, dlstillorles; also
we will net patrontsio tho Manufno-
turcru' Lifo Assurante company nor
ihe bunk 11" Toronto; and wo havo written in Mr. Gooderham to compel an Investigation of tho claims of Iho War
I'Ingle and Centre Star mines. 1 remain yours fraternally,
Secretary Local Union No. 137,'Brother-
hood   CiirpentorB   and   Joiners of
fllfh Crock ami Old Oold Cnwii.
AllOlt Pitt has just returned from tho
Flsb creek rump, f.nrdonu, where ho
h.is n contract for the Wide West
company of Limn, Ohio. J.O, Murray,
the B. C. representative, reports that
tbe tunnel, which Is in over 850 feet,
haB opened up three very nice leads
from 11 Inches io two feet wide, carrying good value in silver and lead. Mr.
l'iit will return In a short time te complete his contraot, the object of which
is to tup tho main lead, whioh has immense surface showings. It is expected
this will bo tapped within tho next 10
feot. The Ohio men have apparently
good cause to feel jubilant ovor tho way
thoir investment is turning out. The
superintendent states in his letter that
the lead Is widening out and the indications are that a large body will ho
encountered soon. Thc men will return
aftor tho lirst of thc year aril work
will bo pushod vigorously all winter.
Some very fine samples from tho Old
Gold camp aro ou exhibition at tho
company's offloe, Cosmos block.
J. C. ?Jurray, representative of the
Primrose Gold Mining company, whoso
properties aro situated in tho famous
Lardeau-Duncan district, has just re-
eeived a letter from tho superintendent
of the proporty at Trout Lako stntinj
that the men had como out for their
Christmas cheer. A considerable
amount of high grado ore has been
sacked u\) and a large amount stacked
on tho clump. This ore is of a high
grade, test assajs running as follows:
Mo. 1���gold values $124.80. copper 1.8
per cent.; No. 2���gold values $92.-10,
Copper 8.4 per cunt., silver $12.42; No,
3���silver values 948.60 ounces, 20.V por
cent, lead.���Rossland Miner.
Died at PUoexix, Arizona, on December 24 tit.
World-Wide Reputation as a Mining Geologist and as a Pioneer
in Governmental Work.
IJio Horse shoe.
Mi*. Lance Hilman, wbo has charge
of tho work on tho Horse Shoo, was
down and spent Now Year's at Trout
Lake. Mr. Hilman has none back to
the claim and has taken an additional
number of men with him. Mr. Hilman reports that the claim never looked
better. Thoy have considerable ore
saoked and intend to break a rawhide
trail lo tho mine sometime during the
present month. When this trail Is
made to the Horso Shoe, lhe owners of
the Ruffled Grouse Intend to make a
second shipment of some six or eight
tons from their promising properly.
Namely, l*.iesl:tiul Mino Owners.
There aro frequent eases where men
of limited means attempt to evade
tlio laws. Capitalists doti't have to
evade tbem���they don't make the
ease lit the laws but make tho laws to
fit, the case, it's a lot easier and saves
the down trodden capitalists a lot of
trouble. Wonder why the working-
men don't do that way? It is generally understood that the working people of this country poll-75 percent, ot
tlie votes east ut every election. Funny
is'ut it, that they don't have a lew laws
mado to suit their ease?
Progress nl tho Nettle I..
Development work is progressing
rapidly on the Nettie L. The raise is
new up 100 feet with about eighty feet
to go. Two shifts are working in the
raise and punching it through at about
t>vo feet every twenty-lour hours. The
boys report that tho air in tiie mine is
very good. Tbey arc sacking about
two tons of ore daily and only a'm in
take out eiituiL'h at present to keep
team moving ami koop tlio road opi n
until such time ns the rulsolsup ami
then leek out for the ore.
Mining '.Villi Electric Drills.
Electric drills, although only perfected about u year ago, are becoming popu-
laruinong miners. A plant recently Installed in tho Payne mino is said by
Manager Garde t" bo giving groat sat-
isfaetiou. now tho AbdLlnoIon mine
at Rossland has just orderod a similar
equipment from thu Gardner Illeetrie
Drill and Machine Company, of Denver,
Biff u,-ml mien Deposits.
tn lust issuo we reported that Mr.
McCarter and associates hud taken up
the BI? Bond mica claims. The Eru
reports *l,(i()0 has been paid down, and
an option taken subjeottoexamination,
The original owners retain an interest.
Associated witli Mr. McCarter are
Messrs Kilpatriek, Kincaid andVliut.
The Silvor Cup.
The Silver Cup Mining Co. arc keeping the teamsters hauling oro to Trout
Lake. Andy Daney who has tho contract for teaming this ore has several
teams on tho road and is kepthustllng
looking after details in connection with
his ore contract and freight business,
Mr. Clarence King, geologist and
mining engineer, died at Phoenix, Arizona, on December 24th.
Clarence King stood entirely alone
in his world-wide reputation as a mining geologist, and as the pioneer in
governmental work in this kind of geological exploration, .lust as Hayden
was the groat master of general reconnaissance work over great areas of thc
west at a timo whon tbey wete almost
unknown, so King stands out beyond
all other explorers for his more quantitative examination of the west's mineral deposits.
Clarence King was born in Newport,
R. L, January I), 1812. At, 20 years of
ago ho graduated from the Sheffield
Scientific School, and the next year at
the opening of tho spring season ho
crossed the continent with James Ti
Gardiner, his college friend. They
went with an immigrant train for the
purpose of becoming well acquainted
with the region west of tho Missouri
rivor. Tliis was a four months' journey
,m horseback, in which Mr. Ki't' began thu work which was bis gn
contribution to geological science, thai
of applying nn exact scientific training
int.i' ear le! examination and comploto Btudy of each miner;:! deposit
found, ln Ihe autumn el 18)13 im joined
ihe >..,i.i.,', .mi teilie^'ie.il Mliv.y. ;i:i,!el'
Prof. .1. T. Whitney, with Prof. William II. Brewer In charge of the lield
weil;. In that year Brewer ami Kim'
explored the Northern Sierras, especially tho recion about Mount Shasta,
Gal., and during Ihu winter months
Kins joined iu the examiuation of tlie
Mariposa mines, ln the following year
ho was actively engaged again with a
party under Prof. Brewer, this time exploring tlie southern part of the Sierra
Ni-va'la:'. On Ibis expedition King
climbed and named Mount Whitney
nnd Mount Tindall. King and James
T. Gardiner were again associated in a
goological and topographical survey of
the Vosomlte valley for the state of
California, and during thu winter they
made an exploration of Aristouu under
tho direction of General McDowell, in
command of the department of Arizona.
This work was interrupted by tho hostility of the Apache Indians.
This exploratory work convinced
King of the folly of attempting a proper
sclentfUo survey of the west ivithout
government aid, and during tlie winter
nl 18(10 and 1807, he succeeded, through
ins personal Influence and his persuasive enthusiam, in scouring the necessary authority and funds from congress
for d sclontilie survey from tho eastern
slopo of iho Rocky mountains lo Ibe
Pacific ocean. He was placed iu charge
under General Humphreys, of the
Thonexl live years of bis life were
spent in tlie prosecution of lhe geological exploration of ihu 40th parrell,
whioh resulted iu a complete geological
aud topograph ieal cross-section of tho
whole system of the Cordillera of Western America. The publications resulting from this work of King and the
bund of distinguished mining geologists gathered by him, hitvo becomo
classics iu mining geology. Those reports contributed not only a vast
amount of well arranged scientific
fuels, but established standards and
methods of thu highest order for the
Geological Survey of Iho United States,
which followed in its natural sequence,
with Clarence K ing as its first director.
Iu tho courso of this long series of
labors in the geology of tho western
part of the, continent, King began a
long series of laboratory experiments
to determine the inter-action of primal
constituents of tbe globe, under condl-
ins ni' bom and pressure. Thecheml-
l and ph*, cal v.. t'k :eq In for
these experlmeuts was very costly and
not entirely completed at the time of
King's death.
In the latter years of his life. Mr.
King was most actively engaged in the
development of tho mineral doposttsof
tbo United States, in which he displayed th" roost remarkable physical
vigor and activity. Mr. King traveled
widely, was nf varied cultivation in
letters anil in art, and a must alert and
fascinating thinker, whieh mude his
success iu Inspiring and developing
Other scientific minds one of his greatest contributions tu science. 'I'd these
friends his countless manifestations of
kindness of heart ivili make him deeply
and tenderly mourned,-���Engineering
and Mining Journal.
At Troul Lalto City New Years
Night a Grand Succeet*.
An  i;<litor*4 Mtlll.
K. I\ Pettlploco, tho editor of iliis
widely road weekly, has loft for a two
weeks' trip to the Coast, Mr. Pettipiece is quite a student of human nature unci waited till thu writer had hidden four Scotch whiskies behind his
smiling countenance ami then tackled
him to edit the Maglk during his absence. He did not wait foi* mo to sober
bp, but handed over the key to the P.
O. box, threw a Tew parting wliisUics
into me und vanished. 1 distinctly remember asking him if any delinquent
subscribers woro likely to pay up and
if thut was my rake ofif lie, assured
me iho money would simply pour in
und with a tear in his eye heroically
told me to take tbo ehoeso. Mail day
came and I could' scarcely wait till it
wus sorted, hut liuJ tho box open grasping each letter as it was put in, and I
got some do:'.en letters and hastened
away to ray private room, figuring
twelve new suuaeribora ut 8iJ each
���".���_: tiii me lif'.-i: mull. I figured that
lih; editor would be gnpo at least seven
tils Kud if they averaged as wellaa
���   lirst, I should  huvo 8lu8 for two
my tikuli where tiie brain should bo.
Itureopen the lirat andjS|uw a paper
.-.:< eu   read, "liui' ���   tf-a-j - ts'v  ���   sight
etc." 1 thought I hud It, but lu!
when 1 figured ii out I discovered it tu
bo a vile eredltor drawing for the lasi
consignment of paper. The noxt was
from a young ludy (?) of means enquiring tho ohuiicos fur Huuing a soulful
cumpuniuu who also bud  money.    The
next wus an order towl ip u    :     h .���"������
pupor because wo hud fuilud :���> ohn ni*
Event Will Long1 Bo Kemcn-.borocl bv
'Hioi-io Wlio Were Fortunate
Enough to Bo Present.
The citizens of Trout Lake opened
the New Yoar with a grand masquerade ball. Tho ayes of our reporter
were dazzled by tho great array of
lovely costumes and ho was so interested
iu paying his distresses to tho bcautl-
ful young ladies present that; he quite
forgot anything so prosaic us a
note book. Hence it is impossible t.*
mention all tho costumes worn at the
bull, butsorat! of those whieh took our
reporter's fancy are mentioned below,
Ferguson wus well represented, ii1
fact this town was practically deserted
for thc occasion. Supper was *-= *ti��� v��d ut
the Trout Luke City Hotel und there
was such a bewildering lollectlon of
tho good things of life thai, the table
fairly groaned under its weight of lux*
uries, und evoryono present spoke
loudly in praise of tho genial hostess,
Mrs, Jowett, and your correspondent,
had to leave half the good things untouched through a lack of Internal capacity. We are indebted for tho following interpretation "f the dllTi i nt costumes to Mr. liobert I lunn, ������ ho Is .:
recognized mil lioi ity on ��� uch mal ters;
Japanese Lad-, Mr��. Rlliott,'Ji pi n ������
Girl, Mi--i I' arl Thompt-on: Indian
���Jhief, William Strutt; Eluspitul Nurse,
Miss i:i:u.~;.*>: Red I \ ;-- N'ui ������ . . i .
Pufresue; Spring, Mrs. '���'���   ���!   tt.it.j-io:
.���i..!!���<-,.���<������,   y ���-* ua: ,:'--.���������.
Omng( . :'i'-- Kthi 1 Uuthu; fJrittunla,
.,.   0.   Cummins;   Nt��*j   ���.   Miss
Knowitou; Scon ',; I.;i isle,  I ra   .'��� brail Foil-, Alma Tl mi is; Ti-oui
Luke    -Topic,   M>-.   Tay!   ���      .ARi &AU
K.v.L.:. Miss "��� [organ; Qui ���. ;i of Hearts,
[abel   i' lompson;  Knave of   lieui\-.-.
. ,    -.:���   E\ los;   Orunge,  "!.;���.  Perr; ;
���le Uu,'
Mouu s
,Llt    |JL
Tlie i
li ..
i iho
uccotupaniud   by
I light it- In.* Ino
In iho next a L.
wruic to say K- \
scription forsix u
I re.nl uu 'Wiw. I
tours ul Borrow
rose tu my eyes,
oblivion in the c
LI. a a
u letter  u
amount n
. i-.hi uei
Bted ni1.i
ferlug i
,'   l<\* :.:i
Greek Mai :
Jtieub dchui
LittloO d '���"'
:���.-. Valentine; Chrys
. Uleiii ; Sailor, Wm
onihsaud remit later.
a dashed uv.uv the
and vexation whien
I wettout and soughi
ip whu.n cheers auu
opt  bus*,
Billy Glenn
lumber lor Ferguson's smelte'*. The
smelter operations havo been delnycu
somewhat ou account of tho ho.���.>
snow fall of tho lust mouth.'mi have
progressed beyond th i oxpeetatioui- nl
unst of the old tlmi - I i em .;'��� Thi**
season uf tiie year ia rath r t bad one
io commi nee
tlio smelter j
tliemoelvoa to
triile as tho v.
to tho woi !i w
augurs well fo
their project
uildmg operation.*., but
Oplo ere not ullowing
ho daunted hy such a
ai hor aud are sticking
th a portlimeiti which
ihe uli (mate sueees i <������'���
Tiie hlAGLE   wi^lM'S the
project ail manner of success and perhaps tlie co-operation of everyone who
has tho Interests of this towu and district at heart to give tho smeltor people all the encouragement, they possibly
can in the way of gutting in and putting their prospeots in shape to ship
ore uh soon us the smelter is completed.
We understand the capacity of tho
smelter will be 30 tons per day or !K)0
tuns por month and wo fool conlidont
thut this district will experience no
difficulty in furnishing thut much oro
to bo smelted.
?'',tv*.: >i' eh Mai ie i ! Ian,
mbejTommy Atkins, tlich-
.:,. rgreen, Miss Edwards;
(-ur, n. I'. Smh ; Ward Mc-
' itik i. e >ii' ''��� '��������� i-pecked
A. C. C'.im.iii ���: Boxer, L).
Uum iv Gum, Ed. Bell;
ation, Donald Dunbar. Thero
a goodly number of ehnvus
Ferguson was visited by a thunder
and llgthning storm Tuesday, (this
Uli ter,  :
.;.   ii.tton:
woro also
Everybody seemed to bo sacis'.od
with the enjoyment otTere I and .eft fur
nome feeling thoy hud had tho worth
if their money and tho right change
Daelc. __J	
Editor of Topic Be Tor goil,
Uon't Imagine dear reader, from
itbovo beading, that the 1 cll< '���' ot
.:������ much boloved rival ! .,-- becomo
,,,.*' cloudi ,1 i.; mi ue ml, such, we
Mii-iou tu assure y u. i** impossible.
kVben we (Irsl ear t a news we were,
uueh afraid thai an obituary notice
us duo htm from this paper and thot'
we recoil.-eted all tie Mattei'lnff Ullu-
rtions made lo him. in i-iir pftsl i**sue;'
ami thou- hi �� .' whal we should l.ave to
say in that ruin ������, wu confess lo Ireii b*
ling for oar reputation for vsraolty.
However, we are ablo to report that
the adventure in question Bimply consisted of a few hem*; ivunderings
around lhe lake, accounted fur hy the
donso bank of fog which usually haugs
over that body of water in tho winter
Wo have it from good authority lhat.
our friond thought that thc curtain of
eight was about to full and cover up
his earthly careur and, us usual in such
eases, ho made several vowt. governing
his future lino of conduct, iu tho event
oi his safe roturn to Trout Lako City
We undersand that lie solemly vowed
to stop chewing tobueeo, tu Indulge !e.*s
.in profanity, to got his paper out on
time, to relrain from telling tho brutal
truth when speaking ol tbis ureal.
Family Weekly. M)
.' '._���
Advertising llnles:   Dis
column inch uer uiunih.
i Im
��31 -i
l����� Ji.oo por
ihIs. 12 cunts
mi; 8 cunts
corporate*! and ihen pass an ael only man who knows anything about
under which any matter in dispute mining, and that all others are mere
| between an incorporated labor union  uneducated   asses,   then   you   may.
 tliiiiiiiiiiiinn) Insertion,   Reading uoticoi
iu cents not line oucn issue. Ntnoty iiny local
notices, |10j sixiy days, 17.110: thirty days, *���*>.
Mi mis. accepted at its* thnu full nuts.
Subscription Halts: llymtiilercarrlor.f2.00
por minimi; si.ixi fur six months. To foreign
nddrossos 13.60. Stopped ut expiration.
"'uh Printing i  Tin* Eaglo Job department is
.e lies! oqulpnad ollleo in North Kootonay,
and is preparotl to oxoauto nil kinds of printing
nt honest prints.
Address all oorarauntcatlons to
Notice to " UufflO " Itciitltrs.
January 2, iwj.
I will be absont for the next two weeks, on
ii business trip in Coasl cities, ami during Hun
time A.J, liiirdoii ivill havo charge uf Hit Eagle
columns, wlillo Al. I'elkoy will look aftor the
uioobanlcal department.   Changes uf advts.,
iuli   work,  tl!'.,   will   ht   accopted   us   usual.
Hoping, thai Hit bank manager will bo
merciful; that the sheriff will remain in Itev-
olstoko; llnu our creditors will live in hope,
mid our debtors put up so rapidly thin the
sub-editor will abscond, I remain.
and an employer ot labor would have
to he settled within a specified time
hy arbitration. This .vould "five
justice lo holh side's, would remove
lhe possibility of strikes or lockouts,
and would bave a tendency to
strengthen tbe faith of lhe average
investor in British Columbia as a
Held lor Investment.
Labor Versus Capita/.
During the last fifteen years there
has been a great  tendency  to concentrate  wealth.    A few  men have
become great employers of labor.
Some people regard  Ibis concentration as an  unmixed evil, but if it is
rightly controlled it can undoubtedly
be turned to the benefit ol the working   classes.    To   meet   this   great
concentration of capital the  leaders
of the laboring classes  have  been
very active in the formation of labor
unions and we have to-day the greatest organizations of laboring  men
that tbe world has ever seen.    This
is undoubtedly as  il .should  be and
is only a natural  application of the
law of compensation.    In   the first
stages  of concentration  of capital
nnd the organization of labor, each
class looked upon   the  other as its
mortal  enemy to  be   met  and  defeated  on   all   possible   occasions.
This view still holds in the minds of
a goodly number of each class and
until   they can   ne brought   to view
thing's in a different   light, conflicts
between labor and capital are inevitable.    Mil]   are   naturally selfish.
Kach class is apt lo view a question
from it's own standpoint and while
the laboring classes are not less selfish than lhe capitalist, I think that
any fair-minded man is ready lo admit lhat the capitalists have exhib-
'ted this selfishness   loa far greater
extent  than the laboring  men.    It
seems to be natural   in  man  to be
unsatisfied with sufficient wealth to
meet all  ihe  requirements of life,
but' wben   they  acquire  enough to
supply all Ihe   reasonable   demands
of file, they get grasping and reach
out to acquire more just lor lhe pure
love   of   acquisition.      Hence   the
greater greed  of the capitalist.    A
man iu tbis state is reallv ins.iff .--
that   question   and   is   nol   a   lit or
proper person to  control the means
of   livelihood  of   thousands of his
iellow en attires.    We   have an example  of  the   unreasonableness of
the  capitalist  in   the  case of  Mr.
Qlackstoi k, who, instead of discussing the strike situation al Rossland
in a calm  dispassionate  manner as
we  would expect a   man of his  nl-
lainments to do, deliberately made
statements   which   can    easily   be
proven to be false.    We  all  know
that   Ibe   leaders  of   the   striking
miners ul. Rossland are men of education and good  citizens instead of
being ignorant foreign agitators as
Mr. Blackstock tried to lead the people of the cast lo believe.    It is just
such  men  as  this Blackstock that
have caused the  laboring classes to
regard   their   employers   as   their
natural   enemies.    Tliis   feeling of
animosity  between  employers  and
employed is a serious draw-back to
lhe  development of lhe  natural resources of the country.    No man
feels  safe  in   investing   money  in
stocks,   especially   mining   stocks,
when   he   don't  know   the minute
lliey may become practically valueless through labor troubles.    Again
lhe money lost by employers through
strikes   would  in   the   majority  of
cases more than   meet the  just demands ol their men.    The concentration of capital and  the organization o? the  workers  has  made the
aSTtttidn.of tin's difficulty comparatively  easy.    Let   lhe   government
pass an act under which the different
labor organizations could become in-
liditors the country over know
that the great trusts have killed
competion because Ihe production by
machinery as now-a-days conducted
cannot be consumed by the masses,
and consequently the economic principles of protection and free trade
have died a natural death, so far as
being live issues wilh Ihe public.
And governments are all the same.
It is now a question wilh the people whether the trusts will be allowed to continue to control and
regulate trade and commerce, and
until the issue is settled the papers
will prostitute their principles in the
interests of trusts or any body willing lo patronize their editorial
columns the same as space. Papers
are springing1 up all over the land
and dying off by the Ihousaiid in
this madf race of competition for
supremacy. This will so continue
till they, too, form trusts and pool
advertising rates, for the papers are
not run as purveyors of news in the
accepted sense ot the term, but
merely as advertising mediums. The
doing away wilh mass meetings was
once talked of because it was
thought tbat the people could depend upon the arguments set forth
by editors in their journals being
bona fide. Hut they soon got over
thai notion. Go into the average
newspaper office to-day and you wil!
find editorial writers who don't believe one word they write and don't
care, because they sell their brains
for the wages they receive. Yes,
this is real commercialism in newspapers, which is practised right here
in British Columbia. All over the
world organized labor is putting its
organs in tlie field to champion their
principles asagainsttrusts and monopoly, and the commercial class ol
daily publications. This is the new
kind ol journalism that will ultimately put an end to our present
class of daily papers. These are
conditions,, tiijii tiie newspapers as
well as any other business must
lace, and in tiie long run honesty
will prove to he lhe best policy.���
Vancouver Independent.
know tbat the man is not an engi
iter, never wiil he an engineer, and
sa fraud.���-Western Mining World.
From time to time, especially
across the water, discussions will be
started as lo wlio is a mining engineer and who is not, how you can
tell an engineer when you see one,
and so forth and so on. There is
no rule, and we doubt very much
whether one can be drawn up. How
often is it seen that a man with no
education, with no pretense of being an "engineer," will make a
commercial s> .;ss of a mine tbat
jn engineer with ail kinds of degrees, etc., has most miserably
failed in. How often will a leaser
take hold of a mine after an engineer has got through wilh it and
make a big mine out of an abandoned properly. In addition to
education, which we .ould be the
last to decry, a man must have
"faculty," to useajf New England
expression, in ordtf'ty be a mining
engineer. To be ah djiiament to
his profession he must have, in addition lo education and faculty,
gumption and the power1 to "ivork
hard. Of these four qualities a
man can get along very well wilh
only three, and the non-essential
quality is not either faculty, gumption or the power of working hard.
Tbe milling schools are turning out
year by year many men who lack at
least one of the essentials required
to make a mining engineer, and
these men are hound to be failures,
or, at ihe best, only Indifferently
Il is frequently marvelous lo see
how unerringly a man, wilh a well
developed mining instinct, will go
straight for a body of ore. This
holds true whether the man is educated or not, and indeed education
seems to fail at developing this instinct.
In view of all this we may say
that there is no rule to measure
engineers by or even to tell them
when one sees them. We know,
however, a most excellent rule to
detect a spurious engineer. Wli*n
a man parades arbundjn Jiigh boots,
flannel shirt, corduroy suit, etc., and
uses long words when short ones |
will  do, or who generally tries to
The Commonwealth, a first class
Canadian monthly review, which
has just completed the first year ot
its existence at Ottawa, in discussing the possibility of flying machines notes lhe fact that an English
firm is reported to be actually manufacturing these new vehicles for sale
and are now filling orders to be
ready next March. The Commonwealth remarks that with the permanent success of airships, protection will become impossible and a
system of universal free trade will
be inaugurated. It is easy to foresee
other important changes which the
possibility of aerial navigation must
introduce. Fortresses and navies
as a means ol national defence will
become obsolete. The flying battleships of the future will laugh both
stone walls and wooden walls to
scorn. All modern methods of ware-
tare will be rendered impracticable.
The present modes of transportation, the Continental Limited Express and the Atlantic Greyhound
will follow the stage coach and canal boat of our fathers into oblivion.
The thousands upon thousands of
miles of railway track now existing
in Europe and America will be used
only, if used at all, tor transport
when the value is slight Or time no
object, just as nowadays certain
classes of goods travel to San Francisco and Vancouver from Europe
round Cape Horn. It will be noted
as a sign ol simple, unprogressive
people that travellers in a country
still have lo make use of the railway
lo proceed from one point to another. Oh, but all this is along)
way off! Il may not be so far as j
some people imagine. Men are
still alive to-day, who were present
when George Stevenson on the
"Rocket" handed the first train that
ever ran in England Irom Manchester to Liverpool in September, 1830.
Mr. Santos Dumont bas proved that
Ihe navigation of Ihe air is practicable. Before we know where we
are, we shall be taking our tickets
for a holiday trip home on a Hying
machine with as little concern as we
now step on board Ihu C. P. R. express  lo take  a run  over to  Van-
If  you   are   building   or contemplate building wc will be
pleased to quote you estimates  on anything made  in our
Sash and Door Fac
and wc feel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.     Write: Sawyer Bros.,  Revelstoke, B. C.
For thc best Christmas prescnl*
write or tall on
J. Guy Barber
The Revelstoke Jeweler.
AU  work   warranted  to  give
All Kinds
s  mokes
Our Special
The Union
They arc till Unlo.. made nnd of the
best Havana Tobacco monoy can
buy. Try one and satin!)* younself
as to their quality.
Union Cigar
Factoky, H.A.
Brown, Prop.
With what inconsistencies this
world is filled. "Andrew Carnegie
has set aside another $10,000,000
fur educational purposes," say* one
news item. "Great sutFurin^" among
the poor," reads another. Question
���Is it better lo endow colleges and
schools that are already wealthy
than to minister to those who are
in   want?���T) pographical Journal.
The exiicutive of the 13. C. Socialist
Party nr-res upon all lu^il and jndi-
vidiuil SouhtHfLa in this province the
need ol' subscribing to this fund. The
funds tbat placed comrade Cameron in
the ih'ld, aw organizer, aro now exhausted, and his services will have, to
bo dispensed with if funds should opt
ho forthcoming, The per capita tax of
members will not eommeneo to be paid
until the constitution is accepted, and
until siiuh time the executive is without funds.
Funds ran be sent to Thos. Knbinsnn,
New Westminster, treasurer; or to
Ernest Hums, secretary, UO Powell
.St., Vancouver.
Executive Committee.
];, 0. Socialist I'ahtv.'
\ uikoir fir Comrades jB.oo
Provincial Platform of the
Socialist Party ot li. C.
(Bubmitlod to Locals by the Executive.)
I. Direct Leffislaiion.
;���.   Proportional representation,
tl.  Abolition <>i proporty nnallflcation ior
volcrsand candidates in municipal elections,
���i.   Abolition of aystdn of CftSU depositsXoi*
candldatcs 111 provincial elections,
6, Adult suffrage.
0. a iiiii'iniiiiii tvagq law, fixing wagoa at
not less than |a por day for adults,
7. ttoduotlonof hpursof labor in all trades
to forty-four per week.
K. AM coal mini.'.-, to bo owned and operated
bv tho provinco, in the interests of tbo people.
fl. Graduated land tax, similar to New Zea
land law.
10. Froo medical attendance to all needing
II. Scientific ami practical management of
fisheries, forests, and waterways, in tho interests of the producers.
Ii. Employment ot unemployed labor on
useful productive work.
13. Extension of powers nf municipalities,
14. The education of children under 11 years
of ago to be free, secular, and compulsory,
Text books, moats and clothing to be supplied
lo children outof public funds when necessary.
IB. Municipalization and public control of
theHquortrafllo*. -���"' ���.--    - ���'-������*
Id. -Abolition of poll and porsonal property
17.  No moro bonuslng private individuals
.       _, ���.    ., .���   &v.     ���..^ .      or corporations, witb land grptus or cash sub-
lead one to believe that he  is the | amies,
f ����������� MMMH*}
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkirk
-*>������*>��� Oil
��� tin
IS. I  *���''
Brands, manufactured by thc Enterprise
Cigar Co., He    ' ' " "   '
the provinco
**��� cigar Co., Revelstoko, arc unequalled in
��� ��������*��-�������-��-��-�� *>*-*-���-���
For sale by Ferguson's Leading Hotels.
As!; fur I lie 111,
��*���-�����������-�� -��������������������������������
 . . 1������	
I Wholesale
Defc^Maifactws of
Aerated Water I
Address:    Revelstoke, British Columbia
There is onlj
Mines and Minerals.
It has a larget circulation than nny two other
American mining Journals becauso it is tho
best. It is tlio largest, best Illustrated and
handsomest mining Journal in the wo id. It
is u mining paper for mining men. Buhscrin-
tion price ��-.(W per ve��r. Rend for freo sample
copy. AddressiliXKy tNli M IN I'.n.W-s, Scran*
ton. Ph., u.s. a.  Denver ofilecsj Barth Bldg.,
Denver, Col.
of North /iiiii'i
the United Hatters
of North��� America.
/y-y^"7^'""'AK'>:\   "' N"rlh' "-.merlca.
/   /   r& :. ���. :���{','. '.,���*���.   v.iiti'i  vivi rirlillv
ft// E:i:.i.,-. '.��.,!   .?'���'  m  ��  i-'i.'K   HAT
ITI-'-V-1 ���;���--    "Mil    !".'     Iih":  inil or stiff,
"i  r**.,'.."::,      -..J , ci.in.ine   v n i on
* V-aI: :������'��� -.v '������ ��� i.niKi i.s.-m-ii in it.
\.0\'A\ ���'?'~i*,V.   .'    If   ��   rt'lfliliT    111
loose labels iu Ills
possession and offer,- in jiiit one iu a
hat for you, do not
pat'oniz" him, He
lias-nnt any iil'Iii to nine loose lftbels, Loose"
labolfl in retail stores are counterfoils. Do nol
listen to any explanation as to why tho hat
),���,.     ..���     Inl���.l        'PI,..     !;..,,,, Inr      "" -      -      -    -
has  no   label.
perforated on thc
Union Label Is
KHCtly Iho same
���foitt- H sometimes' perforated oh tbiee ol the edges, and
.sometimes only on two. Keopa Hharp lookout
for tho eounierffits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order io pet rid oT
inelr tciib-mado hHt��. The John b BtcTfini)
Co. and Henry If. Roelofsi-i Co., both oi 1 liiln-
dolphlu, i'n., arc non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFPITT,President,
Orango, N.J.
���; M 797 Bedford A ro., Brooklyn, N.V.
Hotel Ferguson       f
���     THK PIONEER 110TUI. Ill' Till* LA1I1IKAI      4
The. bar is supplied with the best, brands of |
(Pines, Liquors did Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
^^^ Men.   Tenderfeei comforted.
Kilt��� 99,00 11 (luy nml upward..
��� Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
When you reach Troul Lake City put
up the Queens. .Good accommodation
..Best ol service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars. .Kire proof sale..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
;<*$*4H$H$HH5 $-��-&-& 4M|l*tiH|HfHfrfHfH8l SiMSHMi $���#
!    Hotel Lardeau    I.
f /. Laughton, Proprietor. ffi
; FERGUS��**, B. C. H
i   ...  ���'..    .. AND JimiliO MEN..:.. '"' M
$ ^^^-*4H&'$'*$Hj |tiHt)HHHt $ JjHJHjHfr-JJti
Fred C. Elliott,
Huvo "scab times" mado you rich?���
Ro&Bland World.
[q Russia you must raaVt\v b: fore 80
or nn'i hi, till, and yon may marry only
ftvatiitfos.���Oswogo Times.
[s it true Hint* p ;,itii'iniiH, beforo and
after au oloution, are distinctly dlffor-
ant individuals? -St. John Froomun,
P.ublloity Is ;t forco whicli, beyond
all others, keeps t.lm atmosphere of a
country sweet uurt puro.���W. ID. Gladstone,
Any man may do a casual act of good
nature, but continuation of them shows
it is a pail,of their temperament.���
It may be said that the workingman
is like una; an elephant���-hardworking
and docile, without understanding his
groat power
Oncathe fad wus to attribute fires to
mice nibbling mutobos. Now crossed
wires do duty on most occasions.���Victoria C'olouisL.
Ferguson, B, C.
"Dull pick" is tho latest slung name
for tne out-of-work rounder. Tarrier,
hobo, still, gray-cat and such names aro
out-of-dato.���tJandon Paystreak'.
. 'jyie wagfes paid to labor comes from
the! products of labor���not from the
capitalist. This is tho first item to
learn Irom tlie lessous'of political economy. Is it nut time that the first lessun
was learned?
Tho Free Press remarks that tho
(lowing tide oi [jiboralism Hti 11 flows.
Everything���even tbe national debt-
is growing rapidly. The dominion surplus for the last iisoal yoar is said to
amount to over live and a half million
dollars, yet the public debt has increased proportionately.
The miners and laborers who toil in
tlio coal mines are tho worst paid class
of workingmen on earth to-day���this is
not taking into consideration the dangers that they havo to go through every
day iif their lives. Their days of om*
plo.tmenb during ti.'' year, when re-
duend tn workday*, will only average
half time.
As soon na capital finds that the
votes of thc workingmen can be east
for the benefli of iheir own class capitalists will reapoct tho laborer. At.
present, Irthur i-* divided���and tbe rich
me the workiu^men's votes to blaei
thn wnrklugwen and tlieir offspring.
Tho workiuginon have uu opportunity
In this cmntry to defend themselves
that thoso of other lands bave not-
let them form labor voting organizations,
Do you believe that ti.c governmentifl
too dishonest, too poor and not intelll
gent enough to own and operate the
railroads? If you do you have u
mighty poor opinion of it-much worse
thau any socialist has. Your opposition to ami foar of goverinont ownership of tho nation's highways
shows you lo have neither confidence
in the Intelligence and integrity of the
men you elect to office, nor in tho ti'
nanclal ability of tho government to
handle such a business. Socialists
have more nofldencu in tlio government
than you have
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Banli of Canada,
(ieo. i*. MoCartor. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham,
a&^i;^^���&*��������?-���';^^^ '.*.���.   ... - ���-,:, .���,,iir.-/-MKf,
���-_Ihc Tt> \\nsi te of:
Revelstoke, B. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
r i   i   i
Holidav Excursion
1T% /^I     1
IW-'ft 1 H"H &
���"���:.j.,    \p*��\ r-^'-M:    T       "'
\". /
WI i  I   j
Tickets on salt* Dec. ���':!, 'JI, 2.*>.  For Now Yenr
Doc. SO, 31, Jnu. 1.
All tlekolsRood to return till Jan,:!, 1002,
Els Now on thc Market:
Corner Lois, $125.00.
Inside    Lots,   $100.00
Bui., 3 and 6 months.
Circle City is the future terminus of the
proposed railway, already surveyed via the
Lardeau creek  north   fork to  that   point.
Circle City is beautifully located at the
base of the Lardeau, Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks.   (See map of the Lardfcau.)
Circle City is absolutely surrounded  by
mining- properties now under development..
Circle City affords splendid water power
which will .be utilized next season for concentrating purposes.
Circle City presents   business  openings.
Send  for full
particulars to ||fy7**g
thc General     ^'^"V*;,
Agent     ii!-:-*.->
For reservation of berths, rates nn.1 complete
Information, eili   on nr write uoarjst
C. I', R. Agonl.
11.11. A��� S'olnnn.      A.O.I'.A.. Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Agonl, Arrowhead.
Halcyon Hot Springs
m   .   .   .
ARROW ,1K,,S, ,:.,'. ��� j^i-eio-lltillO'
ele resort on tin* continent' i"> f^l
nrlstSleopinsrers-Crows Nest Section- ""*rJ""""���* ���^F"*1"'1)3 Ka P ITT IT O1    ��:'l  M t*          CeiffUSOn   1
uiiveUootennyUmlingi  Tuesday nml Friday Slll'i)'i I'h'lil -*-    <--L v^ XV .11 J. ti,    tl Ll\
lorst. Paul and all U. �� polnta, via Son Line: l*3t*lul'-,��lu"1     ���     ���
Frldayonly:  Toronlo, Montreal,<in<l Uoston,
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
The most nompl
ol North America, shunt'-' rnl.lst scenery
unrlvitllod for grundeur, flnnlfttg, fishing
nnd oxcurslons. Resident physician unit
nurso. tn tolegraphle communication with
all parts 1 f tho world. Two luttlls arrive unci
depart ovory day. Its baths cure all nervous
and muscular rllsoascs ts wafers heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters arc c, suro remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS: $12 to
81S per week, according lorcsidcuco lu hotel
or villas
Contracts entered it-.tr. for packing of Mining Str-piilies, etc., 10 any
point in Ihu district.
1 Good,   prompt service, und   tiny   work-   undertaken   (.'intrant?.-d.
Freighting from  Thomson's  Landing  to forguson a specialty.
I Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. **%% S. Datiey, Proprietor.
From various American ami foreign
publications of recent dale tho following table of membership of labor
organizations in Hie principal industrial onu"tries of the world has been
compiled: Membership.
Great Britain, end nf 1800... .1,805,110
II. S. nnd Camilla, 1800	
Germany, end of 1800 	
France, ond of 1800 	
Austria, end of 1880	
Denmark, January 1, 1808.
Hungary, 1880 	
Sweden, January 1, 1888...
3witzerluntl, 1888 .
Spain, October, 1881     31,508
A religion that seeks to mako the
people satisfied in their prosont condition and releases tliom from all responsibility Ior Its nntlnuanco, is unworthy our Intelligent belief; and a
government that holds half Its people
in slavery, practically chained where
tbey ore born, In Ignorance, poverty
und vice, is unworthy our Intelligent
The only way out of this present political religious, ami Boclal labyrinth
Is through mo education of the
To my mind, the only hope for the
lasting progress of the nice nnd a rud-
Icul reform In social life, lie* in the
true education of children.���Elizabeth
C'udy Stanton.
if you want a wife wlio will at least
���ry to make yt.u comfortable and happy
after tho Hush of the honeymoon has
passed look for a girl who has good
health, who Is brisk and tidy about tho
house and slug* at her work, who Is
good and helpful to her mother, who is
human enough to be unaffectedly happy
that sho hits won a husband and who is
proud of hiiu and of her wifehood, who
has wit enough to make a delightful
companion, nnd does not feel herself so
superior that nothing her husband does
is nbovocriticism; who is eld-fashioned
enough to tako pride in a clean house,
a woll cooked meal, neatness of person
aud dress; ono who can laugh and who
is on the lookout to meet her husband
whon he comes homo from work. Tho
world is full of such women! each one
beyond a prico to tho man who wins
her, loves her and treats her right,
Is thc Coming Solid Town of the
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
K* Because of its unique geographi-
m cal position; nature having props vided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction o\ the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the wonderful mineral
developments during the past
season have been a marvel to
outsiders seeking investment.
Not only have the old stand-by
properties improved with depth,
but the new finds and many test
ore shipments are exceedingly
gratifying, and attention must
surely be attracted this way.
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. hill, between the two creek forks; on
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
the south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Because the offices of many o(
the companies operating in the
camp are located here.
Because Ferguson receive.-, the
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is the point  where
mining men coming into the district make their headquarters; as    JS
they can \fa!;c or ride and return
from  mo:*! of the properties  in
one day or less.
Bec tUSE everv pound ai ore Irom
these mines coming ,do\vn Che
hill lands first in Ferguson.
From here it will be trained to
transportation on the lake, a ffl.
distance of four miles.
Because when the railway readies
the place where the minei i are il
will reach Ferguson.
Because there is every natitl al advantage for the building uj > of a
great mining center.
But why give other reasons: We have the mines, the pay roll, the natural geograj, hi* ||
cal location, the supply trade, the banking institutions, unlimited water power for' ai! M
purposes; and the right kind of people to make a town. The ore shipments, increash iff
business, and money and enterprise will do thc rest.     Come here and sec for yoursR V-
From $150 up
Reside tial:
From $75 up
Henry Floyd
^^^M&^m^m^mm^mmms^^mmss^^ ^^mt -���;-*���> .���-������>--*>-? *-<����������� ������ * ��������<-���*-*,*�����������>-<��� *�������� ��-���->��� ��-J��-
On the Win<
1st   tournament
Who   won   the
CtOl'd   ' '.-
Four miner:  -��� Fl
i foil.
a ft list ol Lardeau oro pro-
ducers( amount shipped aud the gross returns,   -K?*j   ���
report)] ol which havo to bt- tnrntshod monthly   "'' ""''
OFFICIAL list ok locals
B. C. Socialist Party
by mine i rners
o thu provinola
Cross Vttl,
SIh ��������� Cup 	
.; 2,400,0110
... ?180,000.00
...     82,870.27
Ut itrico	
...     32,2S0.i:9
(l   ���:' v'orthoru.
1,34-1 110
tlr Iview  .....
i m oo
i romwell	
������ Ophir-Lade....
Ft itorday :��� .��� ,;;"
Walter Edwards has left to cook at
:lio Black Warrior.
Mr, D. G. McNoil is -spending a few
lays at Trout Lako.
.Mr. John Laughton, proprietor of tho
Lardeau Hotel, has left ou a visit to
Mr. James Otto lias heon somewhat
under the weather lately, but Is now
Mr. W. Fowler, who has boen harboring hero for some time, has left for
outside poluts.
Nell Swintou, wlio has bceu working
at lhe Silver Cup, received thu sad
news of the serious illness uf his mother
and tit once hastened to hor bedside.
Ferguson public school opened on
Monday last under tho earo of Miss
Elmsly. It is expected tiie school will
have a better attendance during the
ensuing term.
We are glad to be able to report that
Ir. Uyao has quite recovered from his
recent sick spell and is onco more in
the humor to mako us all forget our
trouble with his inimical wit.
Walter Ruseel received a letter from
Iii*} brother, Jack, who was hurt at the
Kathleen this summer. Jack is back
at his old home in Ontario, and his
head is about healed.
li. A. Graham who worked on thc
Black Warrior, has just come iu from
Kevelstoke, where he has been spending tho holidays. Tom. Home is delayed at Rovelstoke for a few days
through the sickness of Mrs. Horn.
Wisnor, Russei, Charlie Short and
Peter Cameron aro down from the
Kathleen. The buys report tho claim
aa looking well ami have good hopes
that with farther development it will
bo added to the list of steady shippers.
The Ferguson Literary Society hold
thoir regular meeting on Friday night,
Tho principal item ol the programiuf
consisted ut a talk on Longfellow by
.Mr. S. Shannon which proved verj
Lnterostin ;. The subject of debate for
text meeting in: "ilesolved that the
���sword !*> mightier than the pen.'' All
are Invited to attend.
The editor received an invitation on
lasl mall to attend the lirst annual ball
of the Queon Victoria Cottage tlospi*
tal, Rev el bioke, to be held iu the city
of Ltovuttttulie, Jan. 2-Jth. The invitation includes the editor's wife, but as
this editor happens Lo be slugle and k
is ihjl woil Jor a man to go to a ball
alone, if any of tho young ladies will
offer tis eucourugement during the noxt
week, sho can prepare to maice her
wedding dress.
Editor EAGLE! In your fssueof Dee.
20th you stale lhat f have contracted
Eor 700 cords of wood. Last week you
say tlio work on contract is well under
way. A low years ago whon Mark
Twain was in Germany, it was reported lie was dead., In answer to enquiry
of h friend, Twain's telegram read:
"Report of death dreadfully exaggerated." If you fail to see the application pleasocull at my office* Yours for
truthful journalism.      N. C. WOOD.
���letropoHtan      11,974 ....
i .':. Elmo        12.00*1 .... 610.00
KnflledGronn      11,770 ....        ^i.wt
Linson Vlow         868 .... 03.17
������ ()M Gold	
���\ irorsoshoe  .   .
���. Black Warrior 	
$  Returns und corrections dsrocI for.
An soon ns tho Eaglo rucctves further information this list will be mmlu complete nnd
corrected weekly.
.0. Le
Nan aim n	
Htmih Wellington.
Port Moody	
New henver	
and Forks.
livel....Ernest Burns-, 8ei
���. i:harlton,fil John 8t,,He(
 lohu A. Fraser, Sei
 --. Cooper, svi
.'.'.*.'.'.'.'.'.','Jolin Walton, Kee
 C. \\. Mitchell, Sec
 ii, i'. Pottlpiece, Sec
  H J. Lipsett, Sec
    WnlUii* 6mltli,Sec
.   .       Duncan Weir, sec
. .Juines McDonald, He ���
 Geo, T, Kane, Sop
 Tlios. Hunter, Kee
  \V. I!. Baker,-Scu
..J. A. McLeod,Hee
Cinmdjun Pnoiflo Ity. Tourist Steeping Cat
Effective Jany, 1st, lhe C. P.Ry. will
operate Tourist Sleeping Cars on following schodulo. East bound leave
Kootenay Landing every Friday for St.
Paul, Toronto, Montreal) Boston, ��tc.
l>avo Donmore Junction Monday and
Tuesday for St Paul, Toronto and intermediate points. West bound leave
Revelstoke Sunday, Wednesday and
Friday for Vancouver, Seattle, etc.
Pull particulars can be obtained from
local agents. J. S. CARTER,
tf. D. P. A. Kelson.
Greenwood J. (.'. Helm
Any branchommittcd or Incorrectly reporti d
will please common! ate with the Provincial
Hoeretary, Ernest Burns, giving corrections.
Pine New Stock ot'
���DrugsAN" Stationery
Whereabout i of Woll Known LnrdcnuiteH-
Ed. Brunstei'is wintering near Cape
Prank IJnltun la al his old home iu
Mike Crilly has returned to his old
home iu Ireland,
Paddy Nicholson bus settled down to
farming in Ontario.
luck Staubort bas recently been
heard from in Vancouver.
It. Leokle Ewlngand Goo, Ewtng and
family are wintering near Vornon,
Vince Lade and Arthur Gunn nro
bad-: in thoirold Jiomes In Nova Scotia.
Harry Carter, one of the Lardoau'a
recent benedicts, is wintering at Walla
Fred P. Johnston (Badshot), Is living
tho life of a happy married man at
Slocan City.
Davo Ferguson, Pete Ferguson and
���lames Forguson are spending the winter at their old homo in Ontario.
Nell Regan, a well known miner of j
Lardoau and Slocan districts, has gone |
to Phoenix, Arizona, for his health,
E.A.Bennett, formerly manager of
the Sunshine, Ltd., is now in England
engaged in business on tho London
stook exchange,
* For Sale Cheap���A pair of snow
shoes, just as good as new. Apply at
this office.
* The O. K, barbershop is lhe place
to eieanso yourself. For n hi tor cold
bath, sea-salt bath, a shave, haircut or
shampoo try tho new tonsorial parlors.
* The Revelstoke, Trout Lako &
Rig Bend Telephone Co.', limited, lias
offices at Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thomson, Camborno, Trout Lako and Ferguson.   Reliable service,
* Smokers: If you want the genu
ink "Union" and "Our Special"
CIGAR see lhat "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped hi gill letters on every box.
���IT. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B. C.
*��� The Canada Drug & [look Co.,
Revelstoke, have received a large and
excellent stuck of Christinas goads,
cards, souvenirs, toys, etc. Mail orders
receive prompt attention. Order while
you havo first choice.
* The Ferguson quadrille club will
hold a, social danco in tho Minors'
Qulon hall overy .Thursday evening.
Anyone desiring to become a morabor
���-h on Id apply to .!!. T. Bury, tho
secretary. Membership fee, $2 per
* It Is possihle you havo tried other
tailors for your clothes, but your orders
are coming back agaiu. Lardeaultes,
lino Revel stokers, get tho most satisfaction al! round from the old stand-by
linn��� K.   S.   WILSON.    See advt.  oh
* If you don't advertlsein the Eaolk
you don't reach thn people of the'Lar-
deau. Wo will accept advertising contracts with a guarantee that tho Eagle
has a bigger pukl-up circulation than
i'-y other paper In North Kootenay.
I'be people who pay for a paper read
it, and   are  the   people   you  want to
just to hand
;. ���>���>-���> $ �����������'����� ������>������>��� ��������� ��� �������� ��� w ��-��*�� # 9 w w
��� ������ ��� ��������
Imperial Bank
*ai**at��^of Canada,
rest ��� ��� -
. ^.r'jo.ooo.oo.
. ,1,800,000.00.
General Iknlum] liiisiness Transacted
Interest allowed on .1.*j..);-Its in Savings
Depnrttnont hi currentrntes.
H. Edwards^s
Door Heads, Ilirds, Etc.
Muitntotl. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Drossod.
Third Street   ^.Revelstoke
To 'A, Gordon Goldberg or L, GoUlberg.or to
any ]>orsoifor por-ionslo whom thoy may
Inive transferred llielr Interests in tlie
Utile Robert ami Uttle Robert Nn. a minoral eliilinsaltimle K the lieiitl ol tbo North
fork of Lardoau rreek, and adjoining the
Black Warrior group on tne northwest, in
tho Troul Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay Dl.wtrecL
Yo.u"are hereby notified tlmi I bavo expended two hundred and five dollars nml twonty*
I    9. |
;y  $ McKinnon & \f\
111 j Sutherland i 3 j
��� ���?"��-�� ���?* *
���rt-yf -y w w
\fa! McKinnon c&
j Sutherland \
t *?
��������*����������>������� �������� ��� ��� ww*���*���++ *�������� ����������-��������-�����������������
T       f *>      *
-��-��-���-��������� f 4-4-w-Gw-*
We have now in stock a good line of
Mackinaws,   Rubbers,   German Sox,
....Overalls, Clothing",  Hand  Wear....
Also Canned Goods of all kinds, Fresh Apples, Choice Fancy and
.   Staple Groceries, Confectionery.    Try our Union-Made  V. & I.
Chewing Tobacco.    The best on the market.
(S-UV-Vi) in lid
' IH intix
on tlie
ordor to hold
provisions o[ tii
ninety clays from
foil or refuse to <
such expend!tin
advertising, your
becomo the prom
���lofun Ac
minoral rliilms in
claims under tbo
Vet, and if within
nl   (Ills
id ni Kcri
Methodist Church
Ferguson :    Service"   n Eaglo hall ovory
I'lind!'."-' at \\ p.m    r-unday sciliooi at2 p.rn,
REV, :*. .". OHEEN, I'astor.
uson this
e your proportion ot
tier witli all C08t of;
��� in ^.iid elaitus will |
lie subscriber, under i
1 An Aet to Amend
ill) dftyol December,
i>:nt CO-OWNKIt
ek .���'.< Indson, or to
l-'fnc stock of lhe best Alborta
Fair J'ricos.   pi-otripfi
Mine ordors a specialty.
shop:  Ono di or east ol Hotol Lardeau.
To Mike Dwycr aud I'a
any persou or persons -t> whom thoy may
have transferred lb It interests,
TAKE NOTICE th.H f,tbo undersigned.co-
owner with you In tho J. u. mineral group,
consisting of iho Smuggler, Lone Star, J. <', and
Uushwhaekoi Maime,situated ou tliohfndof
Lake ereok, in tin* Trout Lako mining division
of West Koniennv. in the provinco of Brltlali
Columbia, have expended four hundred [IMuOl
dollars In labor and improvement upon the
above mentioned mineral group In order io
linid daldgroup under Sotitloii L'-Jof tbe Mineral
Act. and If within ninety data from lhe tlrst
publioation hereof, you fall or rofuso to contribute your portion of Buch expenditure, together with the fOBi of advertising, for 1901,
your Interests in the said group will become
tho property of tbe Bub**cr!bors, under Seetion 1
of the Bllneral Act 1800.
Dated at Forgusou, u. C, this 2:)th day of
October, lUnl.
ooiS) J. W, CHISM.
Established 1896]
n^ i
General Merchants
Tlio pny mil Gontro anil tl��o place wlicro l.nrdcnu'fl sli(ppli)R
minus uro loontiid. tn sltimlcil Ml mllc�� Boutlicnjl ol llovclatnko.
Prom llovolstoko lu Arrowhond by lull, a ailej; rroin Arrow.
]..-..>1 to Thomson'!! Undins by bont, ISmlte; Irom i;..- Un*lln��
. lo l-'EHOUSOK, by horso or singe, to miles, Uorao slrnlgln to
Ferguson.   Investigation courted.
li C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co,
VANCOUVER, 11. <'.
Headquarters lor As-my-nra. Mining <v mill
*iu|ii>i'''.**. Solo agontB iu u. c. for Morgan
Crucible Co,, llattorsea, Englund: I**, w. liraun
(t Co.'s i'tttcnt Caiy b'umnoos, Hurnera. etc.;
Wm. Alnsworth & Cc'sFino Balances, etc., oto.
Try the
WM.   SCHNELL, Prop.
For Ducks or Tonsorial Work.
S'OTICE IS HKREBY GIVEN tliatsixty days
ter date 1 Intend ii�� apply to tho lion, thu
Uof Commissioner of Lundsand.Works lor
rmlsslon to purchase tho following'-traet of
himI, consisting ol I'-iO acres moro or less. In
iho   Trout  hake mining division   of   Wosi
Kootenay district,and described ns follows:
CommcnciuK at �� post planted about 400 fool
north Irom too wagon  road along tlio south
fork of Lardoau cn-ek, approximately ball way
between Eight-mile creek and Ten-mileereei ;
tlience00chains oust ; thence ''0 chains south ;
thence OU chains ivcsi ; thenco m chains nortli
to point ofcommotu'cinent.
Dated nt  I'erguaon, B. C, thia 27th day ol
Novombor, Will,
nov8��-2m JOSEPH MURRAY,
IC. IB. Hume & Co. i
.'tiled:   nn
1 North and
ACT, 1890.
NI'TTIK Land AJAX mineral clalmi.sltnato
In tho Troul bake Minim: n
Kooionay Dlsirl.'t.     iflior
Sottle I.. Mountain, between
Bouih Corks ol Urdoau creel
TAKU Niirti'i: ibni I, a. i'. nnmmlns, as
niii-ni r��r Tlio lir.'.u Western mines, Umltod,
ut Porgusnn. II. t:., Kren Minor's C'ertltleato No.
818AO, Intend,sixty ilnys from Hie date hereof,
to apply to tho Milling He dor for a Ci-rlill-
,'ut,. of [mnrov nts, for   Mh'  purposo of
obtalnlngn urotrn Orant uf iIh- abovo elalms,
And rui'iiicr lake noltco thataetton,undor
sootlon ;-:7. must i omtuoncod bctore ilu*
issiiuiii'i- of Buch Cortlflcato of linprovomonts.
Dated nils immiy sovonth day of Norombcr,
A.I), loot,
dooo���Urn A, P. 0UM.M1NS, I'. ].. s.
MINKIiAI. AOT, 1800.
tKorin P.)
sii.veii CROWN mineral claim, sltnato In lhe
I.nnleiin .Mining llivli-ioii of Wl's! Koolt-iinv
District IVhoro lnoated i Ou Kldd creek,
a tributary of Boyd ereok.
TAKK N'tmi'li that I, Hector I'nlrcr, F.M.C.
I:.',|)'J7S. nctinu iu 10,'ciil for iiivsclfimd licor^e
.lohnson, F.M.C.UI;;7liH, intclid,'si-;'.y ,I,ivh from
llic date hereof, 10 apply to til** Mining Recorder for u certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that notion, undor
section .'17,  must  bo commenced  before the
iBRUanccof Mich certificate oi improvements'.
Dated this 7th day of November; 1801,
Nov 7 2m,
 Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants
Tbo largest lntporterB In North Kootenay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake City, B. C. %
!-�����$<!>.���? s- :���- ������
Carpets. Floor Oils, Agents, for Pianos,
Linoleum, Wall i^,   ittttl   Sewing    Machines,
Paper, Blinds, Etc. Etc. i*4J.��.>.'V:V.?^
R. HOWSON, t��B3*&&
I ' I
I Citizens ofthe Lardeau District |
When you como to Kevelstoke to do youp shopping, remembor that
Bourne Bros.
havo tlio  largest  and  bost  as-doi-tod  stock  in  Noi;th  Kootonay.
^ Comparo oui* pi'ices and seo our gam}*, boforo pui'ehoping olsayvbore.
I Mail Orders Promptly Filled!
.u.^'-'.-.*.     ...I....-,


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