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Lardeau Eagle 1904-09-02

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'���^5?^-i -" u > 11 i I i I / ��� J^r____st____lB
VlslNll   MEDIUM.
Vol.  V, No 20
Ferguson, B. C, SEPTEMBER  2, 1904.
$2 a Year in advonc
n mm
Tho Mine Has Beon Purchased
Outright at a Discount.
Nelson, Aug. 28.���The Spyglass
mine was purchased outright to-day
by the parties who had it bonded,
und it will he transferred to the
Spyglass Mining and Development
Company, Ltd. Last November
the Spyglass mine, which is situate
near thc head of Poplar creek, and
about 11 miles from Ihe town ot
Poplar, was bonded from the original owner, John Winquisf, by R.
G. McLeod. The price named in
the bond was $35,000, and 10 per
cent of this was paid in cash, the
balance was to be paid within a
year. In consideration of Ihe balance being paid now, Mi*. WInquist,
who wants to go back lo his old
home in Michigan, Irom which he
has been absent 11 years, made a
reduction in the price and accepted
cash, whicli was paid to him to-day.
The company that was formed lo
lake over the bond has had men on
the property all summer, and there
is now a good showing in Ihe way
of development work. No. 2 tunnel
is in 170 feet, and the ore chute
which was struck at 114 feet still
holds out.
The vein is from 3 to 3}'.* feet
wide, and tiie paystreak from S to
16 inches. The ore is dry, the
values being silver (native and grey
copper). It is high-grade, the
lowest assay going 2.11 ounces and
running Up to over 3,000 ounces.
Mr. McLeod claims that the ore
will average 300 ounces silver.
Now that title is vested in the
company, bunk-houses will be built
so that work can be continued all
winter. It is not likely that a
wagon road can be built this year,
but ore will be raw hided down the
trail this winter.
While the officers of the company
are local men, of the*400,000 treasury shares, 50,000 have been placed
in Minnesota. Tlie capital stock is
500,000 shares of the par value of
$1. Bruce White is president ; Dr.
R. J. Hawkey, vice-president ; R.
li. McLeod, secretary treasurer;
and J. A. Magee, superintendent
anil managing director.
The Horn Silver King,
This property was bonded early
this spring by a Minneapolis syndicate for $18,000, and active opera-
t uiis may be looked for during the
next few weeks. This was one ol
the first groups located in lho Lardeau on the Morn ledge, and is
situate about three miles from Circle
City. There are three distinct
ledges, two nre of the silver-lead
proper, the third pyi'tttes of copper,
containing high values in gold and
i 1! Strike oo Tie
Johnny Morgan, Geo. Weir and
Alex. Laing came down from the
Tonawanda, which is about I wo
miles from Ferguson, on Tuesday
evening last, bearing with their
some excellent .specimens of quartz
for arsny. Morgan and Weir have
been plugging away lor Ihe past
three months on this property, and
it was generally conceded that ihe
property was barren hy the town's
wiseacres. Tliey claim having
struck a g inch showing which is
principally rich ore. Tliey are now
sinking a shaft for 60 feet, and if
is considered a 200 It. tunnel should
lap the lead. The Kagle man will
visit the properly lo-niorrow (Satur-
Invincible Group.
Assessment has been completed
for the year on this group. The
property is situated on Hold gulch,
tributary to G;iiner Creek, and
owned by W. Shannon et al. The
showing of ore is very large of a
medium quality, that is, about 70
ounces silver. The lead is known
as lhe Horn, and is considered by
local experts to carry the highest
values at this point. This is a summit proposition, practically above
timber line, and the surface cannot
be excelled, with the exception of
one or two cases.
Wimslow Looks Good.
Will Davey reports that tlie tunnel 011 the Wimslow is now in /jo
feet, and that the crew have got into six feet of the ledge, which i-,
widening out. A shipment is about
to be made, and if returns are as
high as they prognosticate they
should have no trouble in effecting
a deal tlie ensuing fall. S200 per
ton is the estimate of local experts.
This tunnel 011 the Molly Mc. is
now in 150 feet, and values are continuing at depth.
Gold fromSheep's Heads
The London Daily Mail devoted
two columns of a recent issue to a
queer story, whicli were so much
space not devoted to it we should
treat as a bear or fish story. The
paper avers that an cast end individual hit upon.a very novel way of
making money. Sheep's head being a favorite dish of the poor
people, he strolls from door to door
nnd purchases for a small sum the
jaw bones of the sheep. Nine,
tenths of the mutton used in London
comes from Australia and it is said
that by reason of. the sheep grazing
in pastures which are alluvial soil,
small 'particles of gold become attached Ip the teeth of the sheep,
this the financial genius removes by
some unknown means, and it is said
he is making' a handsome profit.
fast* Fire iii
The mining staff of the Triune
has been been increased during the
past week.
Tlie Fire Fiend Demolishes tho
Greater Part of tlio Pretty
Little Lakeside Town.
Monday, August _7.I1 1001 will
long he remembered by the residents
ol B.eaton ns their "black day.'.'
Everyono had laid the ll'attering
unction to 1ik.i1 souls lhat will, (lie
passing away 0! llic forest fires,
danger io the town lias departed
also, fiut in respect they were
doomed 10 disappointment, and today, save where new frames are
going up, ihe greater portion cf
this peaceful little town lies in
ruins���a prey t.i lhe insatiable thirst
of the fire king. On Monday morning last, shortly bene 9, flames
were seen issuing from the kitchen
of the Prospectors' Exchange.
Arthur Evans, who v. is transferring
the telephone from Ihis hotel to
Stevens'store was the first to notice
the outbreak, and gave Ihe alarm,
Willing hands were soon on tho
spot, but before an abundance of
water could he obtained, the rear
ol the house burst in'.o flame. All
efforts were directed, to salvage,
and the piano and some valuable
furniture were removed lo a place of
safety. Meanwhile the spread of
the flame could not lie retarded, and
in a few minutes after tiie occupants
had made good their retreat, tho
whole building was a gigantic bonfire. Crave fears were entertained
for tlie surrounding dwellings, and
all efforts were now turned in this
direction, and at one lime it was
thought tlie destructive element
could he localized. A few minutes
later the root lell in, and almost
simultaneously the adjoining harness shop burst into flame. Continuing to spread in spite of the undaunted efforts of the volunteers,
the blacksmith shop was next licked
by the flames, and tho heat and
smoke were terrific.
Meanwhile the occupants of lhe
smallei tenements had covered their
roofs with wet blankets, as grave
danger existed from falling sparks.
Alex. Crawford's dwelling house adjoining the blacksmith shop was
now blazing fiercely, and the flames
leaped across the road. George
Johnson's house was soon enveloped,
and it became apparent that to
check the progress of the lire W.
Johnson's dwelling must he blown
up, which was speedily acted on.
Strutt's dwelling was thus saved.
The Pioneer Hotel was soon a raging inferno. Prantlord's and Dickenson's livery barns were soon well
alight, and here the devouring
element showed the first signs of
diminishing in fury. Continuing
tlieir exertions with renewed vigor,
the brave baud of workers pre
venled the flames spreading further,
and it was seen that the worse was
past. Slowly the flames from the
burning masses succumbed and in
a short time all further danger had
Most of the valuables in all cases
were saved, but the loss to this small!
community will lie very severe.   We
give below an estimate of lhe build.
ings destroyed :
Prospeotoi's's Exchange Hotol $4,000,
Crav lord's harness Bhop, $350,
Blacksmith shop, 1300.
Residflnce-ofAlex Crawford, $1,500.
Geo, Johnson (residence  5700.'
1 'loriHur Hotel, H 800,
Livery Burn (Branlifi-'nl untl Dickon-
son), $1,000 : curloud of un'.-. 1; tons o(
Wa understand that little nor no Ln-1
Uurance was citi'rletl.
English Graft Exposed, j
A few weeks ago an advertisement tinder this heading appeared ���
I in most of the Kootenay journals,
the "Eagle" included. We now
wish co warn our tenders that lhe
scheme is a " fake." We humbly
apologise for ihe insertion of
the ad, in these columns, and at llie
same time take unto ourselves a certain amount of satisfaction in laying
the swindles low before their object
was achieved. On receipt of lhe
advertisement, whieh wss accompanied by a typewritten letter Irom
a firm of advertising contractors
who guaranteed the bona-fules of
tlieir "clients," the Eagle man had
grave doubts of the honesty ofthe
advertisers. Hurriedly penning a
copy of the ad., the original along
with the typewritten letter was
placed in an envelope and addressed
to the "Chief Commissioner of
Police, Scotland Yard, London,
E.C." The Ivigle man also penned
several epistles lo " college friends"
in the gay capital to hasten to tlie
advertised address and report progress. Tlie answer to Ihe latter is
to the effect lhat the stylish address
on the circular has for its original
a frowsy little newsagents shop, in
the one window of whieh a card
is suspended bearing this legend :
" Letters may be addressed here,
id. each." We have received no
communication in answer lo ours
from Scotland Yard officials, hut
have no doubt they have been well
on the trail
The Winnipeg Free Press if appears got on the track of the individuals who advertised a wife for a
V., and that journal has received a
communication Irom the Emigration
Commissioner in London announcing that the whole business is a sell.
As far as our advertising account
with these people arc concerned, we
have no doubt they were staggered
at the sum they were asked to "pay
the printer," so we are not even
slightly disappointed, The hawks
have lots of gall, and our " bird "
has had lots of fun.
1'eehl1 Clean On
More Free Gold Found,
Ed. Bell came down from the
Rosy P. and As You Liko It on
Tuesday  morning.       He   brought
down   wilh   him   some   very   nice
specimens ol  quart*:  containg  free
milling gold,   which   were   shown
around town  and  greatly admired.
The properties are situated on  the
Lucky Jim basin,  the  scene of the
recent gold excitement.    Free gold
was discernible in all specimens to
the naked eye.
A Recently Staked Claim on tin;
Surprise Creek bas Immense
Lead of Shipping Ore.
" It never rains hut it pours."
This week we have 10 record yet
another rich strike. Thc claim on
which this latest lind is located is
on Surprise creek, tributary to Ihe
north fork oi 1 tie Lardeau river, and
was staked and recorded but two
weeks ago by D. Morgan. The
property is tin the well known
" Surprise lead," and lhe popular
secretary of lhe local branch of lhe
Miners' Union this week succeeded
in uncovering a lead in two places
(������.Hi feet apart ol 3 ft of high-grade
clean ore in one part and 1 foot of
tlie;. same and an immense amount
of concentrates in the oilier. It is
his intention to uncover tke lead in
several more places. A cross-cut
will tap the lead at a deptii of 400
feet. .This is an excellent proposition, there being all the necessary
mining timber growing on the spol,
and an abundance of water.
Mr. Morgan told the Eagle man
he was in  no hurry to sell Ihis prof
perty, as just ttt*prfc*3ent !) e Por-*1
tune was smiling upon him and lie
was not desirous of having too
many irons in the fire.
Orders to "Go Alien
We are pleased to announce that
Mr. D Morgan has received instructions from his mining partners
in Pictou, N.S., lo go ahead with
preparations for active mining on
lhe Surprise Group.
Gup Trams Run Smooth
The Baby tram at the Silver Cup
mine has been adjusted and botii
trams are  now  running smoothly
An incipient blaze occurred in a cottage near the smeller yosterday morning, Chlof Inspector Lauder's prompt
action saved the building,
1\ R. Wilkie, vice-president and
general manager of tlie Imperial Bank,
who in company with other money
magnates vlsltotl Ferguson recently, is
touring tho West. He has Bet tongues
wagging all along tin* line with res-
poet tu advantages likely In acct'Ui
from a Canadian mint
Rancher L. Langley Is apatlenl al
the Hospital suffering with 11 polsone
An ore train, consisting of an ennui.
anil about -0 cars, ran away one day
last week near Phoenix ami llmilly
jumped tho track, ] lllng up tlio whole
in a bunch. Nobody was lulled, us tho
train crew jumped.
Excellent returns are being obtained
from development on the Hecla nnil %
Hecla Fraction. Cascade Creek, re
cently bonded from Chismand Hendl'lx
hy Spokane parties. The lead is about
thirty feet wide, and runs nearly Illll'
in gold to the ton.���Nugget.
Wo do not pretend to news ot the
world, our provinco is to give uews of
the mines of the district. If you appreciate it, become a paid-up subscriber. lardeau Eagle
to back
take o
moot ��
up their opinions of their pro
most  of th*; prospectors iv.l
s*v: *o->*.-y   	
thita-i ��nd rubllfh-*-]   et.ry  FSIUAY  tl
('.*.':iji.)ii, tt. 0., by
J.  J.   ATHERTON,   Proo.
I .whoa h\i cotr-ftipoiiiltai'tt ihould ti# uullM.
. ior tlio    i-i���uU-t-tulvt!." ���   ���
;tin stuteuiont must no!
idicate that every prospector
irict is down to his last dime.
BubiotiptJon Rttoi;    12.00 per imtium,
��� ���, ; ..'''���.-.-!������ AmeHcftj |j '.tS for its mom I
t- So t ysar to foreign tddreuei.   Ho ji*y,
. -    :*
���IdTir-.ifhii- Hflii-n: DlipUy adi;.,ji,oo per
n'a-u column (nob per month. Lfgal ads.- iu
voati per (nonpftrlttl) lino for Ant insertion i s
i-rnin ,���<;: lino for -���v-l. ulilUiotiiil tnitortjon-
Mull-ai notlcel io retitu iter tine enoh issue.
Klnoty duy lcfil noticei, (lO.: lixiy ilnys, J7.rK.i;
thlny _;.,-*..;: No &il��. ���a.cnejitP'l at leas iti -an
**i���*.���.�� mi "i   No room for ijuack adf.
���fonr we-?*// Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
, 1904.
The year thus far has proved very
unramuaorative to the prospector as
far as sales are concerned. Capital is
taking" a long; rest, and the prospector
feels the pinch ia consequence.
Thousands are ever willing to follow
this fascinating calling, nnd it is to
their keen eyes, undiminished hope,
and 'unflagging perseverance that we
must look for the great discoveries of
the future. The prospector rarely eels
large monetary rewards for his labor,
and much less in the shape of credit
for the invaluable work lie does. With-
it his generally unrentuneratlvo
effort, most of the great mining properties would never "havo been heard
end, in
havi al
itttl ii
would f;
ere it n it would be compli-
to the '��� untry that it can in-
l roi peel ir to "sit tighl " to
l : but ' here o-ro somo good
Howe with equally honest
es which  we know of who are
... to apply to ihe Assistant (ft
i    ! cf Lands Biiii \Vorkn,   under provisions  of
uo | chapter Hit, known a* lho Land Aot. for per-
i mission to purcluisa tho following described
unresorvea^unsurvcyodaud unoccupied Crowti
Gommonoing at r. post on Silvor Cup Mountain situated about 400 feet from Triune Creolt.
nml near Hip lower terminal of the tlullidle
Tramline buill to the Triune Mine in 1902,
said posl being inurl ad ns " '��� liu Metropolitan
i old aud -Silver Hi liuj: Co n Kin. -if Lardeti i,
i'.''. Lhnited'fi H \V, Corner I'lnr," ihenco mbi 'r
chains mi ;���> ] r une Mountain, thence n irth
alonj] Triuno Mountain i(W eliains, Ihi i
v. est 40 cii.-ii i ���, lh ��� u ��� *o Eli :-; chains So tiw
,���' :iti of enmi tiie sami eoul killing
:���;.,,nt -JiiOa ���: ��� . I wns si ik. I for th ���
ithoro named puri-ose on ilv.;;���: day oi July,
nt i! ti
11 I nd boon thoirs; tliey
lv bonanza, but cupi-
. ven   with  so much
in sight, nud to these men wel Fruldcnt and Ma
tin    tr< duco the capitalist.
i '���: in   oil ���' ! !��� ���! silver
fining com  nn. ol l.ardu iu.
:;.��� . Limited.
of. lie tukes the Ilrst mitl most essential step���-the discover,, of the mineral.
it in then easy for otuers to continuo
the work lie has begun and develop-
..���lent fellows, usually with scant rft-
wai'd for the man who has made such
development possible,
Drinking from a fountain of eternal
i.opu, they travel the vulleys, hills and
mountains, meeting all sorts of weather,
encountering all .sort.** of hardships
and privations, subject to all sorts of
disappointments, but over conlldont
that some day they will inake a discovery that is to carry them suddenly
to alllufinec.
Occasionally, though these hopes tire
realized. Now and then a prospector
makes a mino out ol u prospect hy
dogged determination and retires with
a fortune. Hero in thc Lardeau the
discoveries have been exceptionally
rich and numerous tliis year, and 11)0-1
is our banner year in this respect.
Scarcely a day has passed thus far but
that rich locations have been recorded
which will sonic day furtlior euli.iuco
lhe reputation of ihis country. The
Lardoau is fulli!lln'_r the expectations
if its pioneers, but while trill middleman has his hands full elsewhere, tbo
prospector with a bonanza must hold
down the proporty on an empty -.loin*
ach unless capital beats the middleman
and <.-cts in on the ground door.
Tin* present is a most opportune time
for capitalists to work torrent advantage by dealing direct with the prospector. The latter cannot live un
ore and mountain scenery. Whin may
he written as high-grade prospects and
not a few speedy shippers properly
handled are to bo (purchased at tho
;,resent moment at a (xlremely low
tlguro The nexl two years will sec it
.real change In tho Lardoau ; tho
railroad will pass our doors | stamp-
mills for treating oro on tht. spot will
go up in every direction ; smelters will
be operating ut full blast, and those
who had faith and confidence in tho
country at the onset will see a great
reward. There is no country undor
tie canopy of heaven so rlehly mineralized us the Lardeau, and the one conclusion to be deducted from our reasoning is the country must inevitably be*
���ome tbo loader in II.o near future.
Capitalists are prone to allow the micl-
ileinan to sneak In and well loutht r
his nest���but tiie remedy is theirs,
i.tt tiiem visit this favored spot, and
4!iey will be met with propositions
fro i: tie prospector himself, when It:
ihould be noted by the capitalists that.'
A Shipper of
High-Grade Oold and Silver Ore.
BADBRS of the " Lardeau Eagle "  note the
following concerning one of our Lending Producing Mines near Ferguson, B.C., and which has had-a
great name from its discovery five years ago. Situated 9
miles S. Ii. o[' Ferguson at tlie head of the great mining basin
at the source of Triune creek is the property known as The
Triune, consisting o( 200 acres now owned and nearly
paid for by the Metropolitan Gold and Silver Mining Co.,
Ltd., whose head office is at Minneapolis, -Minn., and
mining office at Ferguson, B. C. The Company already
had 400 acres 9 miles north of Ferguson on ihe North Fork
of thc Lardeau, also a good mining property, when il
sought and purchased The Triune in 1902, the same year
mining and selling over $9,000 worth high-grade gold and
silver ore from The triune. In the 90 days' summer
working in 1903 we mined and sold to the Canadian Smelting Works, Trail, B.C., $16,000 worth of ore from The
Triune, running $9.50 per ton in gold, $10.50 in lead, and
$123.00 silver, making an average value of $143.00 per toil
in 20-ton car load lots for the entire season. We are now
operating The Triune with 20 men mining and delivering
ore to Trout Lake City, where we load on thc* Canadian
Pacific Railroad's boats and send to the smelter at Trail,
B. C. We ti nv keep two-thirds of our men on new development work : extending tunnel No, 1, and :^a new tunnel
No. 3, while we also mine and ship a little over 7 tons of
this high-grade ore per week.
We shipped from Trout Lake one car load of 20 tons
July 30, and will ship another car of same size about Aug.
We have let the contract and have partially constructed
a new Double Wire Standard Tramway at The Triune,
costing us $20,000, to enable us to handle larger amounts
of ore per day, as the mine demands larger output: facilities,
and we want the train done this year, to enable us to ship
from 5 to 10 tons per day tight through the year.
We need more money than present ore-shipments furnish during this mouth. Hence the Directors have now
put upon the market a limited amount of treasury stock at
below par, Far value $1.00 per share. We now have over
1,400 stockholders.
Shares of our Treasury Sloe/: in anion.'its of from
50 Shares up will be .told if bought and paid for
daring A ugust for SOc. per shure until such funds
sufficient to pan the unpaid Tramway payments are in
hand, when the sale will be slopped, aud Funds or
Orders coming too late will be promptly returned to the
References :
McKinnon c_? Sutherland, Merchants, Ferguson, B.C.
Mclkmid if Mc Hardy, Mine Brokers, Aelson, B. (.'.       \
Imperial Bank of Canada. Trout .Lake City, B.C.
J. JI. AshdomtfCo., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
J. //. Morris <j; Co., Piisburg, Pa.
Panion $ li hile, Duluih, Minn.
First Aa/ional Bank, Marshall, Minn.
Germania Bank, Minneapolis, Minn., Etc., Ele,
Send orders for Stock with Remittance; payable to the
Metropolitan Gold and Sliver Mining Co., Ltd., to
Ferguson, B. C,  or 702 Sykcs Block, Minneapolis, Minn.,
addressed to thc Company.
Prtslicat aad .Vamg/ng Director,
Ferguson, B. C,
August i, 1904.
niwu'.-TT,t!IZ '-H ���:". ���: ���.*T:'-Z1'.. '-"LI.:'.Til 1 *!���'':'���������''���vyry"wlamni'.M-mTvri^K.-w^ -g-.v-_��-y**y_WM-r *y-Vnrw>yT^"��HBHBE3 BMP
SitW   I ntQ     in Ferff-Js��n, the Pay-Roll
UJ    JUUlb     Centre of the Rich Lardeau.
FT* f  I If-ST ill // ff
SOUTH ol Ferguson Iio the
phenominally rich
camps   of  Poplar   and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH ol Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where freo mill-
gold ore abounds.
lusimss Lots $$50 up.
Residence Lots $7
������-> ���"��� ���H����'��Ht
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
SUIM 11,1111 Maa i..      �����-.*.-----Hn-T-T-^...��
Agent for
Giant Powder
Fuse and- Caps
I'eruusox, B. O.
Groceries, Provisions, etc.
Fresh Fruits in .Season.
���Smokers' supplies.
Canned goods.
Second Annual Exhibition of Uie   K
Nelson Agricultural and L^
Industrial Exhibition..
1 September 28 & 29 |
Write for Prize list,    E. J. Alma Me,
Sec, Nelsio, n, B.C. .1
0   0
sk:*d toi-k
itches \
JUiil Order Itudness Itecolres
Novultlci in ! Jewelry In crcnt       B
o o
���"<&'&���;���:,.: ..;::-._-'.'..;:.���":��� :,,.V/*;*:_a__,___i
And Read
, ���9-���4--a-^���^���"0���
Smith & Coo
45 Bleary St,
�� Monfre*.
Will bo   repi'-HV.iHed in Q
FarjfUBOn    threo'or   lour y'-'S
days   each   month.    A ny        d^n
orders  for  clothing  will
receive     close    attention
Mid wo
Our representative
S, A. Soott la a
practical tailor and
will mako clothe**
lit. Hold jour
orders fur him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   ,
8ltliatcd_inldat Scenery unrlvallod for
graudeur. Tlio most comploto lipaltu
resort on tlio continent of North America.
Its latin euro All N'crvouaand Muscular diseases. Its waters li-nl all
Kidney, Ltvorand stomach al|menta,
Thpy aro a nover falling remedy for
all metallic ')oi��ous, completely purifying tlio system.
TBEMB-115 to SIS per week, K,-cotd.
Ing to residence In Hotel or villa*.
late of North Ai
TJJI a    I H   TIIJ
��� .���*,*���: t*n    ir**, mu   is   TO
/,   .li^i'X     UNION   LABEL
/ / $...*.**-,..�� ���*,*>*���' I Kortli America,
j'*.*-.' :".���'.'��������� ;���'������������ ���*$. "A w��" y>" arobll*--
;-.���;.*���  ���     :���������:, .'���"'il     ���,.������';   -      O   I'flt     I* ���,,-.
*      ���-   -.;':'..',     :     ii-r i. Jj or _������(.
Trout lato City Bel "'������ Si
��� Lulco,   cull
ou Jack Sim
good Uquon
hind tho ba
* Lulcn,   cull
��... Jdok Simpson. A Bthllitig face nud
good liquors, wines, etc. nro found bo-
i..... i .*..__ iiar_   rpj)0 u;agie \$ taken here
* _.w____^_-.-=i-il-��.L��.,-_ -������-��'
I)  plli
hat for yon, do not
patronize hiiu.   Eta
j liM uotauyngnx -o nav* joo an Ir.helr.   Loops
! lube-la in retail itoren nre counterfoil*.  Lo not
I llntfjito anyoxpl-Miatlon aa to why tne hat
I ban no label. Tho Ganuino Onion Lat>el U
; perforated on the four edge* exautly thn Hint
m a vuotsiKo itaatp.   Conntaffeiti ar�� aome-
tim?! pcrtoriitud o;i threa w( the edged, ami
iometimflBoulyon two.  Keep r. iharp lookout
for iii�� uountorfeita.  Unprincipled manufacturer* are using tbein In order to get rid of
tlieir icab-mau�� Uflt*.   Thu John B, Btotaou
Co, of Philadelphia, Pa., i* non-union concern,
JOHN A. HOFFITT, President,
Orange, N.J.
11 Waverly Place. ttoom 15, -New York city.
OirtlflOKte of InsproT-siTHintiu
Gold Hill and GoUttmit.. Mineral Claim*, lit-
oatc ln tho Trout Lako Mining Division of iVeit
Kootenav iMitriut.
Where located--on Poplar Creek about on*
mile (rom the railway.
Talte Notioe thut I Robert Hodgo, nr.r_iiff ai
went for W. B, Pool, Froe Miner* Cortifloate
so, li. 71717, intend, ilxty dayi from tbo date
hereof, to apply to tbe Minim. Hooordor for
Cortiflo&tei ot Improvements, for thn purpoia
of obtaining Crown Grants of the aboroclaitni.
And furtlmr lake notlco thnt action, under
notion S7, muat be ooramencmt beforn tho fs-ju-
anca of .Mich Certiflcatoi of improvsni-ent*.
Hated tbllflthdayof January, A.D. 1S04,
copyriqntq &c
AnrjilO Beccllnc & ekotftb uui dft-jprlrtloa r>iay
Gtilotl? MtjctiaUi o:ir oi>i!ilot! fraa whaCDw wi
lUTMutLou U )!f,iii?.:>lr ,v..2!!U\_.'I*.. f'omrjunlf*.
Uoti����trlatJ��-��iifitlfr-'iil.U litiidijoc/itcn lV_'<r_iw
_w.il fii*. ifji'.M. .".yenrj furireartuff pulni.f-i.
PhUiilj tai��a tnrourh -Uttjui k. Co. rcctiTB
tfiiiai ttatkfl, without ch-Brro, !a &9
A haadiomely lliurtratoil neo-kly.  l-inteat tit.
pnlatlon of w.r 3-.itniift.i Journal.   Tarma, -P a
vrw.r: (our utonUw, -Ji,  Buid LijiUi Ti��>wu_!ui_J��r��_
liMI.! I Co.SB'"rM*M��* iew York
Eiiuiea oa��i ('A V at,, yTuhiwtva. U. u
Time Table.
Running' bet'
ton and Comnji
b(ir 14th,  1&U3,
wea'hor txirmii
Loavlng An
Oomapllx, twic>!
Leavlnj Bci'
Arrowhead,  I ��
12;4Gk.     Maki
with aliu. P. 1
Tho   ortieic
Change  timcn
1^20 Empli'e I. imber Oompaoy., Ltd
x-imi Arrowhead, Bea-
tx, Qommencltt�� Octo-
will  aail  ed [ollow��.
ivrbead (or Baaton aail
dally���10k and :-.:.
on nnd  Comapl : (or
ce  lislly��� 7:15k  and
utooe    '';):i aaotloni
;. Steamers And trains.
roHerTO   the  right   U)
ol   aftiliuga     without
Including tba Fish .Crookeamp
and Upper Dunui n Itl ver aootlou, compiled by A. I1. Cnmmini, P.I_.B.,and s
t.hiiiinon. II. A., is now on sa.lt' at tbll
oflico. The rendy Rnla of the map ii
proving til op havo amid for It. Tha
Trout hake tliTialon io lithographed In
black, tlio Lardeau in red .and tho Aim-
���worth in bint). Evon ateuderfooU-ould
���.hfci: a copy of thin map nud find nny
claim recorded In ihe threo dlvialoni,
The mountains, lakca, creek*', wayon
roads, trails, survoyod railway routes,
and tno location and name (by >��� unique
lndo.1) of every mineral claim :u the
district Is abowu.
Next    io   Vlsitlaa   tht   Cn:.stry   ia
Person  This Mop Takes first Place.
In tact every feoifraphical
feature \* ko woll defined tbat one can
-see at a glan-se tlis nature of our country
and tbo trend of tho claim ltx'atiotn
���gives anlntolHetble idea of tho mineral
belts running through tbt camp. Ills
Tbe   Best   Worth   For   0;vo   DallM
evor offered In the map lino of asinine
camp, it 1* tha flrat cooipletomapol
the qistrict and iBaellingwell, it i-sjunt
what you aro looking for. UfB ALSO
wmcil SKtt AT ;i.:o. THE8K ARK
Addrea* your order, jrlth an
encloFura   of   a  ono dollur  bill,  Ij-j
cheques, orders-, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mininj cj'.npanies or othera ordering
lota ol 20 or more, tnupa will b�� supplied ftl 00 cents aiteli.
Two Bargains.
For   prtcp,   form,, otL*.,   apply to J. EdiTurd
Bird, barrister, Vancouver, or lo K. 0. Wood-
��ard, Fcr*ruiioij,
MPHAT tjomforUblc Hulo Direlllnfj noma m-
I   cupied bj u. M. Nesbltl, and two wall cul-
tlTatad 1.!-. nlculT fencod, iltuatrd In tbo boet
rasitl.nto'part  ol Torguson.   For lr,lc ohaap.
Tills Is a map.
ri'llK f.tK'.f llloot, OOOUplad ly 11*'* Inrl-.u
X Racle nfv.'i|.jipn i.nil tlio Mt-tti,,.llot
tUfdrsh. Tlio building dratfl a **ood rental
and th. sal* pries an_ tarmi will surprlso you,
l.ocala With n l'a*rs,r��ak.
It pays to u��o tlio telephone. A trip
eau often be Baved to Trout Lake, Rea
ton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
tho 'phono. Office in Cumtnlni & Co.'s
D. J. Eobertaon, tlio Neliion (urnituo
dealai**) are funeral directors and era-
The Canada Drug ,t Book Co., Ltd.,
of hevelatoke, carry an immense stock
of lUtionery, fancy pood*,, games of all
kinds, the latest books ahd magazines,
rubber goods and mountain and mlniug
Tlews.   Giro them a mail order.
* Smokers : If you want the qeku-
IH1 "Union" and "Our Special"
oiOAIlseo thot "Union Cigar Factory"
��� stamped In gilt letters on every box.
���H, _V. Brown, Kevel.toke,
rill     JalC/
A Snap ! Get after it quick.
This incubator ia in Srst-olasa
condition. Hore la a dunce to
mako a fortune for
A 12 oz. Duck
12x8 TENT.
With 3 ft. Wall. Nearly new.
Owner has no further use for
it.    For quick sale, will accept
I havi' feme of t!:o flnost blocks
ntfii Io'., io For^ueon oo my books,
liny atonoe before tlio crowd gets
This wcelc'a special :
A Lot on Victo a Av.
100x33 feci.
adjoininff tho   ros'.-Offlee in
lllock 1.
Triune, Silvor < lilef, EuterpriBe, Kmnloopa
und Kamloopi Fr-actloual iuiut;ral clalmi,
situate in tli-r Trom Uke Mining Dlvliion ot
Woit Kooton-ay District.
Wbero'loeated :   op -Triuno MonnUla.
TAKU NOTICE tlmt I. liennrn 8. WuOftrtor,
noting ai Rgent f - Andrew Perr"i ���,"
Miner*' Certificn ! u. BSSfiM, Intend, eirty ;
dayi from thc datt hereof, to apply to tbe
Mlnlnf ttecorde: for a Uertlflcate of tmpi ive
rnenti, for tbe par] ie <>l obtatnlnffa i rown
Orant oi the above n la I mi,
And funhbr take noiife that action, . r
.K'tiori 3V, iDiiMt be commenced bfforo tholi*
��ii*ih.b of inch Certificate of improvement!,
uaied thlllSth '.   ol   ine, 4.0   I   ,
... '. f. Uci AUTX t,
A 5 <
r\ a_j i.
t       G ild orSllvar  Il.fio
���        Gold andsllvar  I'JOO
S        Pilvor audtead .2.6.
%        Ijoppar J1.00
Z HiUC ��1.M
*  S.   SHANNON,   B.A.  I
���if vou earn a FY\\-.
DKINK by pay!
���-v-i     'ik''-pt>-;-�� ,;
yuur   subscription ^^^^^^P"'"* j-
i.u the '$&" ^���i-1 i
=====   DRINK   =====
:    I  I .   , ���
...; ���   ������ ���- v; .' ,
Tntt Lake ilriwcj���jt   Sraerftf   B��nt/tig   Business 'Tmr.MC(ei.
Capital Authorized, 8*1,000,000 nu.ui OFFICE:
Capital (paid up)    -    3,000,000 ��� _.  ^    .
Host - - - - - - _,B5o,ooo loronto, Ontario-
Branches iu the -rortliwcdt Territories. Provinces *of British Columbia, Man.
tuba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. B. MEBRITT, President, D. K. WILKIE, VIoe-Pi is, and Gt,*  Mac
E. HAY, At-Blstant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chiof Ins. ictor
Ravin,',''* Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.
Drafts Sold arallabla in All pr.n, of Canada,
Lnfterl Httti;, and Buropa.
Bpeclal attantion tiirt'ti to collections ayd
Minlug lloadu.
e. k. eovitree
nana ,.
!..y^.",.. ~r^ :..;'-i** ..**-^":^*.v'::^:^*.v*;;;^v-*'*c^***.*::���:������*i*v:.;*:'., .--������.f^.irt.CL-.*.**-'...*
Are You
A Union
.   Man .
!4c Union Cigar Factory I
Manufactures only Union goods, ami buckles, thoy ure the best on tho market.
They aro madeof tho beat Havana tobacco,
and their excellence is undisputed. Insist
on getting;
Ha A. BROWN,     -     Propieto I
Union Oljar Factory, KEVBLSTOKB, B.C.
���k*.3-i__,:s*��^dE.r'3'J^^*-.->'^^ ���.'������.-i ���;.���".'*���;-'.
When Visiiing
- *
p.''��l?> ',
:-:."(* '*;'i ���',
;-:��� .IT
_.. ���     -
I Lardeau
The '";es_ [Aace
to stay is the
We try to give satisfac-  ..
tion to our   e-uests.
Laughton Bros.
. ..*'.
*^JJHjH^-$4&^HN��^^*^S^H^5jl''* '":������ &%m
House and Lot For Sale.
Without a doubt the tinc:t
Residence in the Lardeau.
Situate ill Ferguson, tho
proporty contnins 0 room'',
ni'tv:*,* plastered through- ������
out. Verandah in front.
Water laid on. Thin vory
desirable property would
ina'*:n a llrst-class boardlnji
Tbe food ni;
Steam Laidn
1400 down
and the rest on very ,   NEL80I
easy terms.
This is tho finest, location in town
and will bo worth trohla shortly.
'.'.Iio yeu wish to buy or sell any-
"thing ?  Drop tno a lino aud I'll
worry you.
Apply to
Lardeau Eagle, Ferguson, B.C.
Apply Jno. J. Atherton, ' Eagle' OfB ie
���.: ��� ��� ��� ������  -   '������ BBSBBBW
1 ins [j. c. ASSAY &CHBMI-
noadeuartci1'(or Asan-fc-a, Mltitnc
Swill Bunpll**". Bolo agents In n.
C. fiT Mori'Aii Crucible COo llattersea.
England; K. M'. Hraun .t Co.'s J'ttt'iit
i'ttrvIrnriia,TN. llurnors,etc.; Wm. -.ins-
irortli A co.'s Fiua Balances etc.,etc.
The Briehtegt, Nowuiout PapSr
in tha District.
There is only odh bolt mining journal.
Tbat if
Mines and Minerals.
It tits n lurir-T cironlBtlon llmii hit iwo othor
American mining journal* ber*u��e it i> tha
bent, it ii ih* ttrgcit, beet LUnntr*ted and
handioaiMi niininj journalin t!i�� world. It
ta a tninlUff paper for luinlnv uen. Subicrln-
tion nrite 13.00 t��*r ve��r. Band lur trtn larapli
oopy. Adilwai-Ml.MK-iANliUINKKAI-a.acr-an-
ton, Pa., U.S. A. DouTtr oO\o��l. Bavlh IJM*;.,
l>��iTfr, Colorulo.
!).;. a All Kind* i ;r Worfc tn
Way OI
i;; r
CtL*jMllMa.jA "if: ?
���*__> *
Kither Machine or Hand Worlc.
Vt'c Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any complaints may bo lodged
with our Agent,
F. T. ABEY, ��> 4. ��<v ���>��.��.����������. '�����"*������ I    Here's a now trick, try it.    Take a I ^Jfefcjjjjfr -Afc    _J^__4. *,__!^.
*   .���!.������<!  -.n.i  CiMiiM-il     | new two-dollar bill, it doesn't innttei'I
, Local ana uenerai. j|wh0 ,���,, ,���.,. lt,,,_,- folil ��� ,.itoaai     .* t _ .    r  .     n
���.../-.��..��.*..*���.���.������-)��� i si:i;i!l a compass as possible and count
j tho ot'euses.   Vou c:in keep them  -send
. I'
4 4 444* 444
Ho to 'Sandon,  Ho! foi Revelslok ���
, us the scrip,    .Hero's another trick:
C, W. Darns is an in-patient oi the Tako two silver .dollars, lot them fall
hospital with" knee trouble. His friends sharply on  a counter or tablo.    Vou
al Co ibortio will be pleased to loam ' will notlco two rings.   Vou keep the
he ts doing woll. jewellery rOxpi'OSSUS tho cartwheel*;.
Jin ;. Marai lefl towi on Wednesday.
He i.* :' und for Portland, Oregon.
Archie Gilles,  who has l,et*n an in-
j mute of the Mlnois' I'lilon Hospital for
���as among the past month, is now ablo tu walk
Bill * ion. v.'h< ud then Isfortunc
o strain I I whilst plac ring be-
ow tii    m   . progressing  favor
ably In tho hi ��� p :ul.
Th JelTries-Munro scrap is over.
Tho latter feels vej*y sore.
TIil* ioeal football boys journey to
.Sandon on Sunday to win or get trimmed on Labor Day. Bobby Burns nnd
the stipe bave gone ahead to cook the
H.    Needham   journeyed   to
oi. Wednesday.
outfit   who are  placer-mining
the South   Fork  bridge  have
.some nice nuggets as high as
Several ounces of gold dust
were disposed of   last Saturday, and
still there's more to follow.
John McDonnell left on Monday for
"Ed. Qillman has left for Banff, where
he will rest awhile.
Weather prophet Fostersays: Warm
w.ivo will cross Rockies about Sept. _,
and a cool Wave about the oth, Bathing
pants und skates at Mackinnon ami
Mr. Joseph Brady, superintendent of
the Oregon Group, left on Wednesday
morning to spend a few days at Sandon.
S. A. Jacksonj Brockville, visited
l lie town this week.
1 ,eft lit and well for 5-Mile yesterday
morning, Fred lluthcrfortl, who has
boen spending some holidays at Nelson.
Tom Baldwin has joined tho mining
���rffcalr at thc Triune. This is Tom's
first essay since his recent accident,
from which he has fully recovered.
I ie will be In good company.
Don't imagine that tho printer is too
proud to receive your ad. or subscription. Iio iri very rich���but proud���
No man ever loved his friends so
much that ho swore he preferred the
backbone of a chicken. No man loves
liis neighbors chickens���unless they're
���trussed. No neighbor sneaked thc
bunch at the back of tho Post Office,
no skunk cither, unless a two'legged
��� inc. If this should meet the eye of
Bill Sykcs ho is requested iu answer Lo
this to return the feathers. A soft
unswer turneth away a police-man.
ff you witnt to make our postmaster
inad, say [| chickens."
Thero are BOtne things wc never find
out. When a woman sees a man with
a wooden leg sho wonders, just wonders,
if he takes the whole outfit to bed with
The Ferguson Saw Mill has been
working double shift the past week
tilling orders for the Triune mine and
Trout, bake.
Mr, W. Boyd who had recently taken
iver thc Prospector's Exchange ut
���'.eaton is an old fireman, and he directed tho efforts of the local volunteers at
the disastrous lire last Monday.
it's too bad to hold athletic meetings
and horse races in the middle of tbe
night when the Bagle is roosting.
' around again.
��� Ono trouble in making u mistake is
j that you have to let pooplo wal.li ou you
for a while. Last week we got at Dave
Orr for tryiug to dodge his subscription Id the Kagle. Dave's answer to
this is to send along thu receipt���in
order. This is where we climb down.
Take thc nails out and be merciful,
Fred. Little, who has been a visitor
to tho one spot on earth for the past
three months left yesterday morning
for his home at Mount Forest, Out.
Ho retires with many delightful impressions ot his sojourn and greatly
improved In health.
A music teacher in Ueyelstoke named
Jamos Taylor had a grievance against
the whole bunch of slot machines of
that town. Revelstoko contains a
number of these devices for tempting
the avaricious which arc prepared to
receive coins ranging from tho humble
nickel to the weighty cart-wheel. It
is alleged that thc music man to get
oven with the contrivances bitupon the
notion of manufacturing baso coin to
feed tiie machinery. He disdained the
nickolslot and wont for the wealthy
aperture with discs of load covered
with silver foil, Ho actually succeeded
in extracting $18 from the machine.
Tho purveyor of pothooks aud hangers
is now languishlngin limbo, and before
be tonce more gazes on the- tranquil
scene of his misjudged genius, he will
face Judgo Forin with an effort to explain away being "copped with the
Jim Hill has gone to Sandon.
A /.iuo smeltor is to bo erected at
New Denver early next spring,
Monday is Labor Day. We shall,
celebrate it like a Sunday, only worse
Second im
liiii and
Some day Port Arthur will fall*
There's a rumor in tho air that the
Czarina recently gave birth to a girl,
and that a poor peasant woman with a
boyskl was smuggled into tlie castle
and a swop negotiated.
China's contempt for tho laws of
neutrality may yet lead her to take in
washing from the belligerents.
It is very strange that Russia and
Japan can't carry on tho war without
using profanity. They'll be working
on Sunday next.
$800.00 in Prizes
Programme includes:
Labor liiy Parade
Lacrosse Match (Nelson v. Kevelstoke)
Firemeu'd Races
ltille Shoot
tiun ('lub Shoot
Football match
Tug of War
General Athletic Sports
Horde Knees
Entertainment by Dramatic Club,
Fireworks display second coning.
re and One Third on Railways
about these mornings and evenings
which warns ns that the backbone of
Sumnier is broken. Underclothing
of a medium weight would be more
comfortable.    Let us talk it over.
Icliion I Sutlierlan
11. A. Brown,
1 'resident.
II. Floyd,
^t^Pl^pt  ^VfT-sf
t$zj& .'rft__rfjL__��fcJs��j..:
Shaving.      Shampooing*,
Hairdressing,      Singeing.
Dyeing,      Baths, hot and
cold water.
1 havo the best appointed shop in lhe
himicau.  Open iiom s h. m. to t* p. ni.
Forguson and Trout-Lake,
Jjrtt-v icrz-js zar -*���*.>* zjs
*���-������*-��� ������-����������� * ������-���-���-���������-���-���-�����> ��� ��� ���--���������+
��� �������*������������������������������  ���
>�� ���*���.-. �����-��'��-> ���������������>'��������*>���>�����
We regret to announce tho removal
from time to eternity of tho father of
wo esteemed neighbors. Coroner
Benson, of Winnipeg passed away last
Friday at Ms residence in tho presence
nf a number of his sorrowing'family,
and Winnipeg loi.es one of its best respected and mostjprominent citizens,
who had been Identiiicd with the progress of the city from the time it was a
mere village. Two of his sons, Cam.
and Robert, were immediately telegraphed for, and they arrived in time
for the funeral. The former, John It.,
In accountant, at the Trout Lake branch
of the Imperial Bank, whilst, tho latter,
Kdwarc. Campbell, the second son, holds
a position in tho Silver Cnp mill near
here. The residents of Ferguson
and tho surrounding district extond
to both boys and their son-owing relatives their deepest sympathy in this
their darkest hour,
TTXDER nail by virtue of tho pomm con-
1.     talned in n certain inorlnnge imulu by
MARY (TMMIX'I.- to A.  It. II, II'KAKN. ten-
don will lie received by (lit- undersljrned ni> to
(imi including tlie lotii day oE September, 1001,
ior Uin purchase of Lot 6, Lllook 53, PlauR71,
Ferguson, li. i'��� and the butldlnjm thereon,
being the proporty known as ihe King's Hotel,
Tin' liij-.iH-.-t or any tender will not necessarily
be accepted.  For further particulars apply to
Solicitors for the Mortgagee,
Revelstoie, It.''.
and by vlrtuo'of tho powers con*
I in ii certain mortgage made by
FLIN'DT, tendon will bo received bytlievudor-
ilgnod u|. to nml Including ili<- luiii day of September, )0(M, forthe purchase nf j.otil, lUm-i*. fi,
Plan 671, Forguson, l��. (.'., and tlio buildings
thereon, being tho property known as the
Kagle Block. The highest or any tender will
not necessarily he accepted, For furthey particulars apply to
Solicitors lur tlte Mottgagpe*
Rovolstoko, it. c,
I '   inincil in ii certain morti
���O BohooWioiiBOi" will ba
1 Tondor fo;
dcrsigned up to noun of Monday, tho Sth
oi September, lyo-i, forthe erection and commotion of a one roonu-tl frame sohool-honso nt
Trout Lako, Kootonay District, B.C.
Plans, specifications, forms of lender nnd
cqntraot may be seen ou and after thp 2i_ud
August, 10M, at the olilce ur" the Mining Re-
OOruer, Trout Lake, nud at the Lands nnd
Works Department, Victoria, rs. C,
Tenders will not be considered unless made
upon tlio printed forms supplied fur tlie purpose, and the agreement to execute il bond appended io the form of lender is duly signed by
the contractor himself nud   u.ii   rc.-ipuiisiule
sureties, residents of the PVovinco- in tho penal
sum ol -i860 for the faithful performance of the
Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily
W. 8. GORE,
��� Deputy Commissioner of Lands _b Works,
Lands and works Department,
Victor!*, B, On 15th August, WW."        ftuis
P. L. S. 4
Provincial .
Land i
Surveyor t
Ferguson and Trout Lake.     f
Surveys uiitclo ami Crown Grants  ���
Obtained. I
Olllco:      -       -      Trout Luko.   *,
~V.X   x-'*.!''   "*13-li    "-*W   "V.V*   "*XV   >>   Xlr   "-Vt   -**-*!-���   ^*Ip   "^b     ..w
M-*wa. At^i. A!��-i /sstsl ,��5-i #p*i ^_S*4 ^3% &��&. ^B_i. ^-..i?. (____*i_.k t
lias Stables at Ferguson, Trout lake and Beaton,
Whore ho Itoeps litflit and heavy vohtulcs, Binjle and
double, drivers, saddle aud pack horses for hire.
Also proprietor of tho f-tairo ronto  running between
the above points, making throe trips weekly.
���Itrll.l.lAM A. BAUER,
jurvL-y of Minos, Mineral Claims and
crown l.jiinls.   Crown 'ir.ml*. Ob-
talnetl and Assessments Mnnagud
' for Absentees.
Camborno nnd Vmieor.vcr
J   0111,
t p,  I., s.,
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Oilieo:;: ffeveltttoke, Golden, and Ferguson, f'olleltors ior Imperial Bank
���of Canada
Geo. S.MeCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Plukham.
Barrister,  Notary Public etc,
When you reuch Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens. Good accommodation
..Host ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors unci cigars. .Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing and Ferguso" racking
Freighting    ^^2^"-
Contracts eatorad Into tor paoltinjfol Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point in tlio district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed satisfactory.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.    S. Daney,Prop.
Is our business. We
have the facilities and
ingenuity necessary to
execute artistic work.
Anything in our Line Turned out Promptly.
ij.   Legal, Survey and Mineral Claim
���*��������   Blanks always in stock,..
us one
The Lardeau Bagle
. Ferguson, B. C.


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