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11 I
The lardeau eagle.
OL. III. NO. 13.
$2.00 A YEAR.
J. D, Kendall In the B. C, Review
says: Let us now glance at a few of the
methods of unprincipled promoters and
trustees, or directors, of what may properly be called ''fake" stock companies. The first object of the
dishonest promoter is to procure an
invertebrate expert, or one who has an
clastic conscience and a profound disregard for facts. It is important,
therefore, that the public Bhould see
that the properties In which they are
asked to invest are vouched for by men
of Rood repute, morally aB well as
teobnlcally. How important the ex,
port's report is to the promoter ii
partly indicated by the remarks of a
London promoter to a B, C. option
holder: "Havo you any favorable expert report ?" asked the promoter.
"No," replied the man from British
Columbia. "Then I am afraid," said
the promoter, "I cannot do anything
with your property. We never buy
mines; we only buy reports, the mines
aro thrown In."
Having launohed their company, the
promoters perhaps retire. In their
place come the trustees or directors,
Their object���lf they are among those
to whom conscience Is less than gain-
is to boom their stock, regardless of
the appearance or prospects of their
property, and for that purpose they
employ many artifices, some of which
may here be mentioned.
Selected Bamples of the most valuable contents of a vein aro submitted
for assay ond the results published
broadcast, without tho slightest indication that such results merely refer
to an infinltosmal part of the voin, the
balance of which may be utterly barren. Such assays are valueless, except
to the swindler.
The exhibition In some conspicuous
place of rare samples���especially those
showing gold���is another favorite
method of booming. Most poople who
are interested in mining or in mining
investments will be able to recall samples of this kind that they have seen in
certain office windows, not many milos
from Vancouver, and perhaps they
have not forgotten tho miserable fiasco
���from a miner's point of view���that
followed these glittering exhibitions,
Beware of this kind of show, Men who
have found, or otherwise come Into
possession of such good things don't
want to part with them���leaat of all to
the unknown multitude.
The suppression of unfavorable ro
ports from tbo superintendent is an
othor way of deceiving shareholders
and the publiu. This broach of trust
on the part of directors is now punish
able by imprisonment. Had it been so
earlier, nmny people in British Colum,
bla and elsewhere would now huve had
what rightly belougs to them, but
whioh, unfortunately, is in tho hands
of a few others, who, it Is too much to
suppose, will feel they ought to be in
The proposal to erect, or the actual
erection of mills and smelters, are also
used as "springes to catch woodcocks."
It 1b generally assumed when people
propose to erect either or both of such
works In connection with a mine, they
must have something to justify the expenditure. Alas, there could bo no
greater mistake. Whore was the
justification at tlie Morning Glory, at
the Golden Cache, at tho Strathyre, at
the Lanark, at the Tinhorn and many
othor mines that might be mentioned
In British Columbia. The erection of
mills for which there is nothing to do
is sometimes due to errors of judg
ment, but In other cases It le part of a
boom scheme sontrivod sololy with tho
object of putting money Into tho pockets of designers���no matter from
whom that money may be taken.
When people talk about putting up
mills and smelters, don't rush In and
buy stock. Try first of all to find out
from some disinterested source whether there is anything to mill or smelt,
or whether the sporting directors are
simply fishing for "suckers."
Other snares and traps might bo
pointed out to the uninitiated, but
these will perhaps be sufficient for ordinary mortals. Tbere are some men
so foolish that all the warnings in tbe
world will not prevent them committing acts of rashness. For such these
lines wero not written. Men of that
stamp never profit by the experlenoe
of others. They must put their fingers
Into the fire before they will believe tt
burns. It Is to be hoped they may
never know of some of the stock fires
that are now being lighted to enable
them to experiment.
The Mines and the lee-Owners'
Interests Are Here
The Railway Most Tap the Mines
The following largely signed petition
has been presented at Victoria from
South Wellington, Ymir, Slocan City
and Phoenix. It voices the sentiments
of the great majority of people in tbis
province,   lt points out
That the proper development of any
country is materially helped by efficient means of transportation and Inter
That the period ln the history of tbis
province has arrived when some steps
should be taken to have the country
opened up by railways, etc.
That the only efficient way by which
to do this is for the government to
undertake the construction and operation of such publio utilities as a government undertaking, and operate tbe
same for the benefit of the people.
That the system of voting the people's
money to promoters to Induce someone
to build a publio work for their own
pecuniary gain is wrong in principle,
pernicious ln its effects, and detrimental to tbe best Interests of the great
mass of the people.
That at the late general election a
majority of the members elect professed
a belief in government ownership of
And that therefore, vour petitioners
humbly pray (it should read demand)
that your honorable body will take
such steps as to make good pre-election
pledges by Inaugurating a system of
government ownership of railways.
You have heard somo "important
men declare that tho "government
cannot help the poople." Did you
ever think about this? Did you ever
try to find out whether theso very men
were not themselves boing "helped by
Let us look at it and be honest.
Are not national bankers prosperous
because they have government "help"?
Are not bond holdnrs prosperous because thoy have government "help"?
Are not the trusts and syndicates
prosperous because they havo government help"?
Aro not the coal barons prosperous
beoause they have government "help"?
Are not the ownors of street railways and gas plants and olectrlo light
plants prosperous because they have
government "help"?
Finally, Is not many a lawyor, who
would be otherwise Impecunious, one
who defends the wholo brood of monopolists, prosperous, because he gets
government "help"?
The "pay car" struck town on Monday evenlng.and very soon after Its
arrival the merchants were busy
receipting accounts, and the merry
jingle of the cash yogister was to he
heard ln every direction. Later on in
the night the tables of groen were in
full bloom. "I'm phat," "that's the
baby," "hit'or and take it," "how're
you fixed?", "6queal lf you're hurt,"
woro the chimes in one place, while
"ante up and look pleasant," " I'll pass
dat mit," etc., predominated elsewhere Monoy might be put to better
use, but at any rate it readily shows
where tho pay roll contra of tho Lardeau Is located���"up the guleb"���tho
place where the mines ire.
lucky if thoy are llag stations a year
On Tuesday morning Mr. Pool went
up to tho mino, and upon his return to
Revelstoke (from whore the offices will
soon be moved lo Forguson), foreman
Crilly will be given instructions to
take on more men and commence the
summer's programmo on both the Nettle L, and Maybe.
W. B. Pool, manager of the Nettie
L. mine, arrived in town on Monday
evening, and inside of one hour paid
out in town the tidy sum of $11,000 to
employees and merchants. Besides
this amount 49,000 was paid out by the
company two weeks ago on the same
account. Nearly 85,000 has been paid
to Craig & Hillman for the transportation of ore from the mino to tho Land-
lug, much of which is left in Ferguson
Freight and treatment, and the ore
tax, cost the company $27 a ton from
the Landing, as against $22 last year.
Increased smelter charges and the low
price of silver bad its effect with a
Tbe above is only an instance of
where Ferguson is indeed the pay roll
centre. But think of the difference
when from 200 to 400 men are employed
ln this one mine alone, aside from
double or treble that many on adjacent
Mr. Pool purposes going ahead with
development work upon both the Nettie L. and Maybe, and tbe extensive
program will moan the expenditure of
at least $30,000 or $40,000 almost within
the town limits. The two companies,
the Great Western and Double Eaglo,
will erect their offices next month on
their lots, between S. Shannon's assay
offlco and tho present school house.
While "Billy" (that's what it used
to be, and it sounds and fits all right
still) Is not any too enthusiastic as to
the conditions actually prevalent in
this provinco in the mining sphere,
still with his old-time keep-a-stiff-
upperlip tenacity he goes right ahead
endeavoring to put things right, a
much wiser course than is assumed by
many sulky mine malingers in the
lower country camps. Ho says too
that the railway to tho foot of the lake
will not allow his companies to ship
oro except in the winter, as has always
been tho case. Thoy have no wagon
road to tho mino, and any way they do
not care to ship oro under conditions
by which thoy lose $10 to $12 a ton of
their profits. They will go ahead and
block out thousands of tons of ore, as
they have tho money now, and thon
ask tho railway people to give thorn
closet" connections, which must be
dono beforo tho oro output can bo expected to be much. " Why, what's the
use uf them stopping a fow miles from
the minos?" said Mr. Pool most emphatically. "We've got to havo tho
samo railway facilities as the Moyie,
Slocan nnd Rossland camps beforo we
can bo expected to mako largo dally
Mr. Pool was shown tho Item in the
Nelson Miner, published clsowhero, to
which he replied: "Well, I'd like to
know how you pass through the Lardeau without passing through Ferguson, Do you suppose for one minute
that I'm not going to further my own
Interests, and tho interests of my associates, by doing all in my power to
build up tho natural centre of this
camp. Have I not always told you, as
far back as 'fiG, that Ferguson would
be tho coming town, and my convictions aro backed up by niy money.
Don't you ovor bo alarmed, 'Bub;' thc
towns backed up hy a solid puy roll
will bo :n business aftor tho railway
roaches Arrowhead in one diroction,
nnd the mines in this direction. Construction work should���and Cod knows
they need it���mako a bubble along its
course for a few months, but some of
theso towns now claiming to ho terminal points for tlio railway will be
J. A, Smith of Grand Forks, one of
the leading mining men ln tbe Boundary,recently returned from an eastern
trip. In a published interview he gave
utterance to the appended words,
which have an application locally as
much so as to his own district: "Another thing whioh I cannot dwell on
with sufficient emphasis is the necessity tor a community like this to
properly keep themselves and their
properties before the world. I mean
by this to legitimately advertise themselves, to let the world know what
they possess, but not to boom themselves unduly. In this age it is
impossible to expect the world to
turn its attention to us unless we
let it know that we possess something that it wants. If we have
great mining properties in this district, then we should let the world
know it, and once capital is convinced
with the truth of our claim, it will be
anxious to come here and will pour in
without our solicitation. For a community like this then to possess a good
newspaper and to give that paper all
tho backing possible, a thoroughly
generous support, Is a matter of dollars
and cents to themselves."
The Ferguson Brothers to Operate
It This
Being the Townsite Owners They
This province was generally reckoned
to be too much in debt for the available
assets; yet another $5,000,000 will be
added to the indebtedness.some $7,000,-
000, And this amount Is to be absolutely given away to railways which
tbe people will be forced to buy inside
of five years.
The legislators at Victoria have
raised their own sessional indemnities
from $600 to $800. No wonder the mln-
ing|lndu8try,8tlll Its infancy, is heavily
taxed, and a poll tax of $5 is required.
Arrangements are now in progross
for the re-commencement of work on
tbe famous Triune mine. Tho Ferguson brothers intend to work every man
they can find room for and as soon ae
tho first shipment reaches tho smeltoi'.
an aerial tramway will be installed
and preparations made for continuing
work the year round. At present the
ore has to be packed on horses down
the hill and from there hauled to
Thomson's Landing on freight wagons,
making it an expensive proposition to
handle, but as the 120 tons of ore
shipped last fall gave values of over
$300 to the ton, $20 a ton of which wan
gold, the owners can stand for It. A
long base tunnel will be driven aud
a systematic courso of development
will be pursued. The Triune will
make the Lardeau famous, aud swol!
the pay roll this season.
Plank four iu tho platform of Thos.
Taylor, M. P. P., reads: "I am a
FIRM believer in the principle of government ownership of railways.'' But,
not a voice has he raised on the floor of
the house towards the accomplishment
of such a policy.
Speculation is rife as to whether bo
many marriages in tho district moan
good times or an entire collapse.
Sandy McRae is expected in town
this week in connection with the taking of the census. The local enumerators havo nearly completed their
If you want your stationery to boar
the typographical union label, tho
EAQLB Is tho only newspaper in North
Kootenay which can supply it. Let
tho EAGLE print your printing.
Still another residential building for
Ferguson. R. Foran is blasting out
stumps and preparing his lot for tho
erection of a house at onoe, Tho lumber is now being laid on tho ground.
John Parisian, who left for Spokano
a couplo of weeks ago, returned to
Trout Lake on Monday with his bride,
Miss Gertrude Hyde, well known in
tho oamp. Mr. and Mrs. Parisian will
take up their residence in Trout Lake,
Thc advance wavelets of the boom
have struck Trout Lake, knocking out
ono frail building. Manfully it had
withstood Hie winds of adversity, bent
but not broken, only to bo howled over
by tho first breath of prosperity, Tho
town has at last u roused Itself and is
now actively preparing for a glorious
future. Several new nuthouses have
boen built, a flagstaff has been erected,
and paint has been freely applied to
some of thc principal buildings.
Drinks may still he negotiated for at
the rate of two for a quarter, with lake
water thrown In,
Peter Culkeen Narrowly Esoapes a
Sudden Death
Peter Culkeen, while working at tho
Dandy mineral claim, on the south
fork of the Bouth fork, came nearly
meeting a terrible death on Sunday
morning last. Though standing over
two hundred yards from the course of
a terrific snowslide which came down,
the suction threw him oft his feet
and he was carried down the snow at
least u mile, sustaining severe injuries, being bruisod from head to foot.
Joe Murray, who himself met with a
bad accident whilo trapping last winter,
and Wm. Evans were doing assessment work on a nearby claim and saw
Mr. Culkeen go down the the hill-Bide.
They rushed to his assistance and took
him to Ten Mile. Mr. Culkeen, under
the direction of Dr. Wilson, hopes to I
be around again in a few days, as '
curiously enough no bones were broken.
The level of Kootenay lake, just over
the mountain range from Trout lako,
is rising fast as the result of the heavy
thaw during tho post few days. All
the crooks leading into tho lako aro
"booming" and thero is|cvery indication of unusually high water before
tho end of tho month if tho warm
weather continues. The wator in the
lako has risen three foot over normal
low water mark and is now coming up
at thc rate of an inch every four hours.
Tho conditions soem favorable for a
repetition of the flood of '1)4. It would
really be loo bad if this occurred,for dot
only would tho gardons at Trout Lake
be agaiu destroyed (such and ideal spot
for a potato patch too) but that Topio
"boom" would havo to bo conducted a
la Noah's ark. Come up higher, bro
ther, and avoid the flood.
Noah Abrahamson, of Abrahamson
Bros., the popular proprietors of tht
Queen's hotel at Trout Lako, and Mist
M. Burroll were married in Rovelstoke
a few evenings ago, MIbs Burrell having just returned from a trip east.
The happy couple aro expected home
tbis evening, and the Eagle heartily
joins tbe many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Abrahamson ln well wiBb.es. deau is good enough for us. Tlie
Nelson wholesalers would do well
to give the Miner n friendly tip.
per (11
'��� Etittea: Display aua��� II.&0 per
pur month. Legal ads. 12 centa
'!, line i,n lirsi lusortion ; 8centa
ttuual lusortion.   keatllug notices
10 conn iier In u-\\ Issue,   Nluoty day legal
'.ii.. .in; ������ ty dayfc, ?7.&0i  thirty days, 96.
a ml    D] tod i,i !,���<* than full rales.
Subscription Ratoa: BymaUorcnrrtor.ttf.M
poranuum : 11.00 for aix months, To forolgn
addresses 12.80.  stoppod al expiration.
Job Printing:  Tho Eaglo job department ia
tho beat equipped olllce ln north Kootonay,
mill Is prepared tooxceutoall kinds of printing
't tioueat prices.
Address nil coramuuioatlons tn
Hon. W. S. Fielding, minister of
finance, has given notice of a reso-
iitioti lo expend it sum not exceeding $75,000 in any one year for
defraying the cost of establishing a
branch of tlie royal mint in Canada.
The Nelson Miner has gone out
of   its  way  to  announce  that the
Nettie L. and   Silver  Cup   owners
will "no longer ship  their  ore  by
the wagon road through Ferguson,
but that the ore will be taken direct
to the lake and transferred there to
car barges."    Such silly rot is  but
on a par with the res*. or this miserable sheet, owned and  operated by
any old  faction   which will pay Ihe
price.    It is quite evident   that  the
writer was  never  In  the   Lardeau
district.    It  will  make  very  little
difference where  the  wagon roads
are  (though  tlie  present   road between here and  lhe  lake  is all we
will  ever  have), after  the  railway
reaches the mines; and is it not our
ore   that   the   railway  people  are
after?   As has been tlie case with
Rossland and   Sandon,  the   place
where the mines  are  is   the place
where the towns are.   Do Rossland
or Sandon business men  thrive because    they   have     transportation
alone?    No!   it is because they are
hacked up by a pay roll.    And that
is t he reason Ferguson  will be the
business   centre   of   the   Lardeau.
With 200 or 300 men  employed on
the Nettie L., as many more on the
Great Northern  hill, and  hundreds
here and there on I lie Netlie L. and
Silver   Cup-Triune   hills,  all   with
their    headquarters   in    Ferguson,
how can it fail 10  be  an  attractive
spot   for  business  men,   who owe
their  existence  to  the   size   of   a
town's  pay  roll.    A  railway company  leaves  no  money  in a town, I
nor do mining companies' offices in
ninny cases;  it is Hie working men,
receiving   good   wages,   who constitute the backbone of any town or
community.    Let  a Nelson   Miner
reporter step around to Ihe wholesalers in his own town and see for
mimsell  where they  do   the   most
business in the Lardeau.    It ill becomes the Miner to  knock   Ferguson, a town which will do more' to
build up Nelson commercially than
any other in North Kootenay
owners of the Netli
R, C, Woods of Toronto says:
"British Columbia with its rivers
teeming with fish, its hills and valleys covered with cedar and fir, its
mountains big with mineral wealth,
gold, silver, lead and copper, and
its vast resources in oil, has a
brighter future belore it than any
province in Ihe confederation, or
state upon the Pacific coast.
The distorted district map published in the Topic for the last two
years, which has been an eyesore to
the reading public, has been removed and replaced by real live
advertisements. The Eagle is
pleased to note the general improvement in the Topic, and hopes
that its fondest day-dream visions
may become howling realities.
stage will be developed to a shipping basis as rapidly as possible.
Already plans are being laid for
work on a number ol partially developed groups in view of which it
is reasonable lo predict a more or
less marked boom for the Lardeau.
Mining men are coming in nearly
every day to be on the ground
when the season opens tip. At
present lhe season is not begun,
save in the case ol properties lying
on lhe lower levels. On the hills
the snow is still deep and this may
be expected lo continue until June 1
or thereabouts.
X^Jt&a^L ^^J4^^^^^J��a.fc
Sash and Doors
The Eaole is pleased to see the
common ser.se view of how to deal
with the liquor traffic taken by the
delegates to the Methodist conference at Nelson. The meeting
passed a resolution requesting the
general conference to take into
consideration the question of re-
commending the government con
tro! of the liquor traffic as,a means
of minimizing existing evils. Only
another sign of the times.
concentrates from Kootenay was
recently billed to Antwerp, the
largest shipment of Canadian lead
ever made. Alter teaching its destination it will be made into white
lead, red lead, orange and litharge
and the like, and then returned to
Canada to be used in the manufacture of paint. The Eagle fails to
see where any one except the transportation companies will benefit by
carting our lead all over the world
for refinement. Why not have it
done in Canada and thus add another important industry in connection   with   Canada's   natural     re-
Mining is today attracting more
attention than any oilier industry if
a person can judge by the general
interest of lhe public. The large
industrial combinations of Morgan
and his associates are of direct interest to comparatively few, and lor
every one holding interests in any
manufacturing concern fifty can he
found who hold a large or small interest in some mining enterprise.���
Northwest Mining News.
R. T, Lowery, who is now in
London, Ont. (among the cents)
writes: "It is a great pleasure to
be home with a mother. I have
only one mother, and she thinks I
am an angel without wings. Since
I have been here she has kept me
tinder lhe influence of maple syrup,
old-time tomato catsup, home-preserved pears and other luxuries
until tiie visions of my boyhood
days come thick and fast, and I
would fain turn back thc hand o!
time and be again ma's blue-eyed
darling boy. Home is ever a sweet
spot, no matter how far one may
roam from it, and when its memory
fades from the heart it leaves a
want that cannot be filled by any
thing right handy."
The assurance that the C. P. R.
will build into the Lardeau district
this summer has had a remarkably
stimulating effect on the outlook
The for the season. While lhe majority
of   Lardeau  mining properties are
other prominent properties in this
district are locating their offices in
Ferguson, and have large interests
in the townsite itself. Does it not
look reasonable to suppose thai:
they will endeavor to build up their
own town. In the case of the Net-
lie L.| they buy every single dollar's
worth of their supplies in Ferguson,
and so do thc employees, who come
down here from the mine between
shifts. It matters very little where
Or how tha ore from our mines is
turned into  cash;   it is the pay roll
silver-lead propositions, and hence
affected by the slump in lead, the
country will go ahead, not only because our ores carry enough gold
to pay for treatment, but because
the property owners interested are
banking on the prospect of a turn
in the market for the better before
the railroad is completed and their
properties on a shipping basis.
Heretofore the Lardeau has labored
under the burden of transportation
ciiarges such as would have deterred   the   development   of     any
When practical mining men owned and operated the big mines in
the lower country, the pioneer conditions then existing were as burdensome as the present ore tax, and
yet they nearly all paid dividends.
But now that these properties have
passed into the hands of capitalists
(in most cases unexperienced Englishmen) the difference is distressing
to those dependent upon the industry. It is not so much the lack
of capital as the lack of experienced
mining men that this province is in
dire need of. The mining laws are
not wholly responsible .for our
present uncertain condition.
1 am prepared to fill ordets for
any description or quantity of
Lumber on the shortest notice.
1 am agent for	
 Sawyer Bros.'	
 Sash and Door	
and will be pleased to fill orders.
R. Davis, Prop
71 Ferguson Saw   Mill   !   and will be pleased to fill orders.   K
Are you satisfied with Q
4 p.c. on yOiUr money %
You may not havo a lai
any amount, from $75 tc
invost, and perhaps tak
tage than you can your
district and its people,
aware of it. I havo m
having a little ready cai
than doubled my ollont'
to what ready money yo
money. If you want to
money for vou. So far .
not prove a winner.   W
���go hank account, neither have I; but if you have
1 $500, or even mure, whioh you aro willing to
e a chance, 1 can placo it for you to better ad van-
self, because 1 ara In touch with tho Lardeau
Whon there is a snap going I nm gonorally
ado monoy for olhei'8 during tlio past year by
ih at my command. In somo cases I havo more
s money in three months. If you will stnko mo
u can, I '(fill invest it for you us I would my own
help mo to help yourself, let me invest somo
f havo my first investment to make whicli will
rite at once to
R. P. Pettipieee, Ferguson, B. C
Reference: Imperial Bani 1, Revelstoke, B. C.
Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with ihe best brands 0/
ff'ines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Cdnimercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Kates ttS.oo'i. clay nml upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
A worthy experiment which
should be tried by citizens of the
Lardeau would be to force lhe circulation of their loeak paper in the
eastern money centres, and thus
putting in tlie power of tlie publishers to issue an interesting paper
filled with carefully prepared and
truthful inlormation concerning tlie
mines. Tiie circulation of the
Eagle has largely increased since
the beginning of the year, but insufficient support and lack of money
to pay the printer is handicapping
US. Our lot is one, our interests
are identical, as a community we
must either retrograde or push
ahead. Business men are being
flooded with enquiries about the
camp. And now is the time to
strike.    Help us to help yourself.
A part of tlie loal Is better than
no loaf at all. If we can't get government ownership of railways at
the present time we can rest satisfied with a control of the Ireight
and passenger rates and a percentage of lhe gross earnings. It is a
step in the right direction. As far
as so-called railway competition is
concerned it would be a mighty
poor substitute for an absolute control of rates, and far from evolving
T*flrtjr iJsT1-. *$* a-., -v-- *4**0* tvs*\r *$* ^v* 2^zri\r '"- *5**.l ��� -v-'-tf. A- *5* VA *��* ^;-rJjjv
Hotel Lfarde.au
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
,.ll. ,/w .... ^ ,A, ..;,-   ..;, ,Ar -'\- ���-^ -A.   .;-, *.~ w.,-, v-.V  -.V -> ��� L>' -,-> -'>  -,y -. /      -, ....   ��� ���' , -';���"
Our Special
 AND :	
The Union
TiH'y an; nil Union mado and of the
best Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one unci satisfy yourself
;ih tu their quality.
Revelatoke Cigar
Co., Revelstoke.
Wholesale   D.i.li'
... Wines, Liquors and Cigars...
Tlio iii'... (ioods Only.
Stock Large aud Complete.
into government ownership it would
that builds up a town, and for this! camp; It has been the rule that i only serve to embarrass the move
reason livefe is no dauger of Fcrgu-iore under $60 would not net the
son gelling ihe go-by. There aro shippers anything because of the
more goods turned over in Fergu- heavy charges for getting the pro-
son, and more cheques cashed in duct to the reduction charges. As
Ferguson, than in any or all the: a result of this only a few of the
rest of the Lardeau towns 10111-'richer propositions have shipped in
i.;...' P...!.! liners in su"h rngi Us any qiiiinti'y. With ths railroad
i.-oii Mitiur tiro deaf at any the   properties  in  the district can
but  towns  backed  up  by a ship $30 to $35  ore  and realize ajpetitors'   throats   simply   for   the
roll   cannot   he   sidetracked,  profit.   This means that a score of] delectation of  lhe public.���Topic.
The Rossland-Saodon of the Lar- propositions now in the prospect | So say we.
tile .-,
ment. There is no use building
two roads where one will do, for if
it is done, the community will simply have one more railway to support, as capitalists usually invest
llieir money with dividends in
vg!it,,aiul thoy are, shrewd eiough
not to cut ilu-if own and their com-
// you wish to purchase
The well known Singer Sewing Machine,
an Edison Phonograph or Records,
Quaker Vapor Baths, or have your
clothes cleaned or dyed by the renowned
dyers R. Parker & Co., write for prices,
etc., or call upon
J    1/1/    Flf��r��r��f*+4-     Bookseller, Stationer
,    VV ���   MJttliiaig    i>nd Tobacconist,
Revelstoke Station.
Solicitors of American and Foreign Patent!, Design.,Trademarks,Copyright!.    Will return fe�� If Patent I. not secured.   Send for
Inventor's Guide, or How to Get a Patent.
IWMention this Paper and secure special rates."91 ri
A man could learn a great many
tilings if ho didn't think ho already
knew them.'
A great many mining companies
would not |tuow wh-itto do with u mino
if they had ono.
More stool is used in tho manufacture
of pens than in all the sword and gun
faotOl'loo in tho world.
Half cash, balance in sixty
days, will buy
Lot 7, Block i
(opposite S.
Shannon's Assay     O fli c e.)
Tilts ofTor holds
good till May 81.
Willi, or pall on "0,
E."  nt  Kuglo  Ollico.
With ore that increases In gold
values as depth Is attained, tho Lardeau oecupios an cnviitblo position in
tho mining world.
If tiro present weather continues for
it couple of wooks and then summer
sots in I u earnest, the chances are tho
Trout Luke Topic office will bo getting
on "swimingly."
T, A. Wilson, M. D., CM.
L, it. 0, P, & 8.   [Queen's University,]
Provincial Coroner, Etc.*'
Ferguson, B. C.
Bad Plfimili Mi ligs
(bosr, American  strain), $1,50
per sotting of 13.   Write to
H. E. R. SMYTHE, Revelstoke, B. C.
Now squoul if you're hurt. Tho
paper trust litis gobbled up twenty-six
more Independent plants, which it had
all but i uinod by lierce competition,
for ono-slxth thoir value.
My idea of a representative is that
he should bo responsible to his constituents and not to his party���to be a
useful member and to havo a froo
hand.-G. F. Manor, M.L, A.
Tho newspaper or individual that
still talks "competition" in the matter
of railways, is so fur behind the procession that they'll have to meet it
when it comes round tho block, and
then drop into lino.
Tho linancinl condition of Lardeaultes who havo wintered hero is much
like unto tho farmer's sons in a backwoods settlement, who mado a littlo
money, in tlie barn, among themselves
by playing blackjack.
Why not havo mining stocks nontransferable until the company pays a
dividend? Such an arrangement would
stop a great deal of stock jobbery and
mako it Impossible for tho tricky pro-
motors to unload to tho injury of the
The idea of governmentownership of
publio utilities Is gaining in popularity
year by year. The increasing power of
trusts has caused people to ponner over
tho possibilities of tho future if no
action is taken for the protection of
tho masses.��� Cranbrook Herald.
Fred C. Elliott.'
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter d1 Pinkham
solicitors tor Imperial Bank of Canada.
(loo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
a. it, Pinkham.
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Visible Writintr Prom Start to Finish.
Permanent Alignment. Durable! and
Thousands in Uso in Canada, Groat
Britain, Franco, Italy, United States,
Mexico, etc., giving  entire  sali&faotion.
The Williams Manufacturing Co.,
Limited, Montreal.
The Thomson Stationery Co., Vancouver, B.C. I
A.H. Holdich, M.C.M.I.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Caro should always bo taken not to
discredit well meaning men who have
boon unfortunate, and especially in
mining propositions. It is the man
who has wrong intentions that is most
to bo feared. Few men will complain
of loss when they havo had a fair show
for thoir investments.
Tho duvclopniont of the mineral
zones of tho Rocky mountains and subsidiary ranges so far prosecuted is only
suggestive of those vast riches yet to
bo mined. Ouo hundred years will
havo passed buforo any substantial
guessofthowealt.il to bo taken from
tho Pacific coast country can be made.
If wo noticed littlo pleasures
As wo notice littlo pains;
If we quite forgot all our losso6
And romomberod all our gains;
If wo looked for people's virtues
And their faults refused to son,
What, a comfortable, happy,
Choerful place this world would bo,
Ono of tho latest, moans of raising
money is to eateli a mini away from
homo; thon wire his wife, assuming
his name; "I'm in sorious trouble,
wlro mo 4BII0," or as much us It is
thought tho wife will stand (or. Wo
will whack up with tho ombozssler if ho
can do any business during ourubsenco
from tho post of duty.
Showing the position of tho
streams, mountains and passes,
waterways, every claim in tbo
Trout lake mining district, tho
trails and wagon roads, location
ofsurvoyed railways, and everything which will assist an outsider to acquaint himself with
our district. The production
of this map has been taken hold
of by two of tho be9t fitted men
for the purpose in the province,
Messrs. A. P, Cummins, P.L.S.,
and S. Shannon, B. A., both having personal and practical knowledge of the district.
The map is to bo beautifully
lithographed iu five colors and
entirely froo from advertising
matter of any kind.
The urgent necessity for bucIi
a comploto map, probably 40 x 40
has long beon felt by all persons
interested in this district; audit
Is a pleasure to note that two
such able men havo decided to fl 11
tho bill. The Prloe, the samo
to all, has been placed at the
sum of $1.00, prepaid to any
If You Want one or  More
Send your address at
onoe to
The Lardeau Eagle
Ferguson, B. 0.
Methodist Church
FerRUfion : Scrvict1*1 n Eaglo linll every
Hiinday at '& p.m    junclay school nt'.1 p.m.
Trout Lako CU-- . Servicer) iu Forrester's
hall everv Simhiy at 7:30 p.m. Sunday
kcIiooI at2:iJ0p.m.
REV. 8. J. GREEN, Pastor.
Packing and
Ferguson Packing find
Transfer Outfit.
The Eagle Hall
now rendv for parties -.lesirinf- to soonn1
it for public purposes. For prices, etc.
S, Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Little Tommy, Death on the Trail. MorniiiR
and Uldnlgliti Blttiato !n tho Trout Lakq
Mining Division ni West Kootonay District.
Where loomed: Ou tho Lardeau Dunoan
Divide at tho hoad of Hall Creek.
Take notice that I, V. A. Wilkin, acting as
agent fur George II. JJayne. Free Minor's Cor-
lilieute No. l.itOWl. and Cutler T. Porter, Free
Miner's  Ceitillcaie   No. !.:IM"I,   intend. Sixty
days from tho date hereof, to apply to tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown
grant of tlio abovo claim.
And further toko notlcd that ncllon. undor
seetion 37, miTst bo commont'Od beforo the
Issuaniro of such Coi'tlffcalo of Improvements,
Dated this 20tli day of April, A. D. 1001
11 F. A. WILKIN.
Take notice tlnil I, tbo undersigned co-owner
with vou of the I'karv mineral claim, aitnatcd
at the headquarters oi Lako creek and Haley
crook, in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay, in the provinco of Hrlllsb
Columbia, liavd performed and recorded
the assessment work cud made the expondlturo required to bo dono and recorded on tho
abovo minoral claim for (lie year 1900, under
section '1\ of the Mineral Act, and tho yoar for
which work was done mid exp< ndii ire made
having expired. I hereby give you notice pursuant to section 4 ofthe Minoral Aet Amendment Act, to eonlributo your proportion of
such expenditure for lhe yoar 1000 within
ninety davs from tho first publication hereof.
Dated at Ferguson this litb day of March,
A. D. 1901,
Per Agent, Robt. Foran.
Every llfo ia what wo ranko it, and
no life should bo such that an excuse is
necessary for its boino;. And it is an
prror'ln judgment, for you to attempt
to refute the evil that is Faid of you.
Wrong recoils on the doer, and tho
man wlio makes wrong1 statements
about another is himself to be pitied,
not the man ho villifies. It is better
to be lied about than to Uo,���New
Denver Ledge.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox says: "Social-
Ism does not mean throwing infernal
machines into tho homos of millionaires or dividing nil the riches of thc
world among the lazy, the dissolute,
and the worthless. It means simply
corporation and combination of the
people In all business enterprises, and
the public ownership of railroads,
banks, telegraphs, and telephones,"
Paste tbis in your hat.
Tako notlco that we the undersigned eo.
owners with vou of the Little Ronortana
Little Robert So.'.'. mineral claims sitnatod at
the extreme head of the north fork of Lardeau
creek in the Trout Lako mining division of
West Kootenay In tho provinco of
British Columbia, have performed and record*
cd tho assessment work nnd mado (hexpendi-
turo required to he done nnd recorded on the
above mentioned claims for tho yenr 1000,
utidcrseelion 'M of tho Mineral Act nnd the
yopr for Wllieh work was   performed  and ex-
pendituro   mado having   expired   we  do
horeby j-lve you notice purstiuni to section 4 of
tho Minoral Act Amendment Act 1000, to eon-
tribute your proportion of such expenditure
for the year hereinbefore mentioned within 90
days of the first publication hereof-
Dated at Trout Lako this 28th day of January
A. D. 1901.
The Union Label
On everything you buy is a guarantee
that the producers thereof receive a fair
rate, of wnges for Its production.
Insist on having the label.
ee that this Labo] la on all Clothing you buy
Smoke Cigars
And at all times  insist on tlio
box bearing' THE ULTJE LABEL.
tt helps manufacturers to see the foret
of paying fair and honest wages.
The Label Committee, C. M, 1. u
. ids Marks
. . .. . ���.��vrionts &c.
Anyoiionoinllno' n sketch and fJeaotlptloji'may
quickly ascertain our opimni (t<:j wliet.lier ��n
invention li probnbly patentable.   CommunlW*
tInn"strictlycimtlilemiiil. Handbook on t'nteuU
sent froo. oldejt -u-eiiey for Hecurini.' pateiitn.
Patents taken ilimiiKU  Mnmi A Co. receive
sptcuu notice, without onarge- In tbo
A handsomely lllostrated] wooi.iv.  Laraoat cir-
eiilHtl-m or any �������� h.U' a**"**-"';;   '1 ��'""*.*" a
year- four pit.titlw, JI. Hold by nil newnitcnlerfl.
MllNM if Go^81BroB**By" New York
Branon Office., Cir, B" St. Washington, I��. C
Contracts entered into foi' packing ol Mining Supplies, eta. to any
point in the district.
Good,  prompt sorvice, and  any  work  undertaken  guaranteed.
Freighting  from  Thomson's  Landing  to Fergusou a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ~^ft S. Daney, Proprietor.
East and West
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
The most complete resort on the continent
of North Amorlcn. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Boating, ashing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two malls arrive and
departevery day. Its baths euro all nervous
and muscular diseases. Its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sure remedv against
all argentiferous poisons. TKKMS : jlf, to
(li per week, according to residence In hotel
oi villas.
from   Vancouver    to    Alaska,  Cape
Nome, Australia, New Zealand, China,
Through tickets to and Irom England
and the Continent.
For timo tables, rates and full Information apply to local agents,
D, P, A��� Nelson,     A.G.P.A., Vancouver,
pply Point 1
for Lardeau's 1
Richest Mines:    1
rin; C. P. R. are now pushing construction work on thc Lardeau
branch, which will be completed
as far as the foot of Trout lake this summer. Once the railway reaches this
point tlie producing mines right around
Ferguson will only have to haul tlieir
ores to a point this side of the lake, and
it will no longer be Thomson's Landing,
which is now so familiar, but Trout
Lake Landing. From thc point where
ioaded our ores will be barged to Selkirk
City, and for the present, at least, sent
ou! to Nelson or Kaslo.
While construction is going on, the
many mining companies now operating
in the camp are m(aking read,- to ship
ore this season cv as soon as possible.
These mine-owners need supplies, and
those supplies arc purchased in Ferguson. And why not? for Ferguson is
the place where the mines are, the pay
roll centre.
The building activity in Ferguson,
and the rapidity with whicli lol i are
changing hands, shows very clearly
which way the wind blows.
Towns may be moved, but mines cannot ; that is one reason why an investor
in Ferguson real estate is secured. All
who have seen the Ferguson townsite
aver that il is the natural centre of
Lardeau's mines. Its neatly laid out
appearance, its unique position at the
base of the Great Northern, Nettie L.
and Silver Cup-Triune hills, all tend to
increase its certainty of becoming the
Rossland-Sandon ofthe Lardeau.
Lots range in price from $75 for inside
residential, $100 for corner; to $150 for
inside business, $200 for corner,
For prices of Lots, etc.,
apply to HENRY FLOYD,
Sole Agent, Revelstoke, B.C. 1 >������-��-��-*������-������������� ���������� �� ��� ����-�����-
On the Wing
Mrs. J. II. Currie arrived ia Trout
��� A second cigar factory is being established In Rovelstoke.
James Anderson of the local saw
mill left Tuesday on a short business
trip to Rovelstoke.
Andy Cummings of the Balmoral
hotel left for Revelstoke on a short
business trip, Sunday.
James ,1. Hill, tho Great Northern
magnate, will shortly become a director of the Canadian Pacific railway.
F.T. Abuy and Mrs. Abey and family
have returned to Trout Lake. Mr.
Abey will re-open his drug store there.
Wm. Sawyer, of Revelstoke, Is in
town engaged in lathing the new
residences of Vincent Lade and S.
The scarlet fever quarantine at
Trout Lake City will be lifted today.
The patient, Nets Nelson, is now convalescent.
'MissLennox, who has been an employee at tbe Hotel Ferguson for some
months, leaves for her home in the
east on Sunday next. ,
Alex. Gray will leave for a short
trip to Kelowna, B, C, in a few days,
previous to commencing assessment
work on bie claims ln the camp.
Wm. Schmock, whose foot was severely hurt at the Trout Lake' saw
mill recently, ia now able to move
around with the aid of crutches.
If tbe Evening World of Rossland
keeps up to tbe present standard it
will prove a winner and a power for
unionized labor in this province.
A certificate of incorporation of the
Revelstoke Navigation company, limited, with a capitalization of $25,000,
appears in the B. C.. Gazette of May
A young man who had just been
kicked down the front steps by the
irate father of his best girl, says he
wasn't hurt much by the old gentleman's boot, but he adds, "I folt considerably put out at the time."
The Trout Lake Topic says: "As yet
nothing has been dono ahout boarding
in the south pier of the bridge, and
tho creek is rising, lf something is
not done -con unnecessary chances
will ho taken." The townsite certainly
hhould bo kept Intact until that boom
S. Tlunry, with a foill'-hoi'SO team
and freight wagon, left town this
morning for the Lundlng, A few local
men accompanied him to help break
i he snow nt Half Way crock. Tlie
tillier freight teams aro expected in
tomorrow. The freight rhctls at the
Landing are full of goods billed to
The Nelson Miner says that one of
Iho features to be introduced in tho
Trout Lake district, as a result of the
railroad work, is that of navigation on
Trout lake. Report has It that the C.
I'. If. will transfer tho lug Proctor
fiuin Nelson to Trout lake, and lhat
iho omit will ply between the lower
,-i.fl of tlie lake and Trout Lake City.
John (J. Sullivan, district C.P.R.
���nginfter under tlio construction department, anticipates that the commencement of active construction on
tho Lardoau branch will not bo delayed moro than a fow days longer.
Tho location party ia now on tho
around laying out tho work, and P, M.
Voting, chief of the party, will bo In
charge of the work.
Five now mombers wore initiated
into t'to Lardeau minors' union lasl
Friday evening. Tlio executive officers
, of thc organization are busy preparing
by-laws for local purposos, and as soon
ns tlie charter urrlves from headquarters of tho W. P. of M. everything will
be In working order. The memborshlp
promises to go over the hundred mark
within two months.
A movement is on foot In Nelson to
start a prospeotors' union, The prospectors claim that they should havo
somewhat of a monopoly of ths work,
seeing that they pay an annual license.
As to exploiting the bills In search of
minerals, they enjoy all tho latitude
they seek, but they oontend that when
assessment work Is to bo done thoy are
entitled to a first show. As tho law at
prosent stands, $100 worth of work
mint be done aa a year's assessment,
and the; state that iaexptrlonood men
DUtprloMMd Mirap tb�� worlc.-Trl-
Chas. P.. Reid of Kaslo has acquired
lot 22 in block 5.
S. Shannon has purchased lots 1 and
2 tn block 38, and Is now having them
As the snow gradually leaves the
valleys, claim owners are doing assessment work on nearby locations.
Thos. Russell and Harry Kempllng
left for the Cup mino yesterday. Fred
Mummery is down, and Intends to do
some assessment work.
Just as we go to press It is learned
that the wagons got through to Baty's
all right, so that this evening the
freight teams will put ln an appear
Thos. Abriel, of Nakusp, has purchased lots 9,10,11 and 12, block til of
this townsite. Actual sales and buildings going up are what counts. There
is "going to be" a millennium, and the
road to hell Is paved with good, "Intentions."
The s. s. Idler, with Capt. Johnson
In charge, Is making frequent trips on
Trout lake. Sunday excursions to tbe
foot of the lake are becoming a feature
with pleasure seekers. The nominal
figure of $12 is charged for the use of
the steamer for thc round trip.
The latest scheme In Trout Lake to
secure a cheap drunk is for the crowd
to start out with an assortment of tin
cans, etc., and make life miserable for
each likely victim. If the children
were to commit such silly actions their
parents would spank them to a blister,
* Sweet peas and lawn grass and
clover seed, guaranteed good, at the
Canada Drug & Book Co., Revelstoke.
* Do you desire anything in the line
of rubber stamps? The Eagle has
secured an agency and will be pleased
to take your order.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. Rosenberger's advt. in this
issue. No stocks to sell; a strictly
legitimate mining bureau. Write him
at once.
* When you reach Trout Lake City
register at the Queen's Hotel, Abrahamson Bros., proprietors. Good
accomodation ; best service; choice
winos, liquors nnd cigars; fire proof
safe; rates reasonable.
* A. F. Itankine, druggist, has just
received a replete lino of tooth
brushes, hair brushes, shaving
brushes, shaving mugs, shaving and
fancy toilet soaps, tooth powders and
lotions, combs, etc. Drop in and see
I ���
$ NELSON, B. C.	
Wines and
<���> Agents for  Caloary Beer.1 $
ISiow Ready
for Sale
Lots 1 to 14 in Block 30.
Lets :; and 1 in Block US.
Lots 8 to 1-1 in Block 40.
Lots 1 to S in   Block 8 on Victoria
A snap at present prices.   Write or
call at tho Kaglo Olllco.
T. Gallon & Co.
i Ore Baas l
AND '^ I
P. O. Box 217, Nelson, B. C.
<��^^ Corner Viokers Avenue
^****-and Viokere Street,
will be rendy for business on Monday, June 3rd. First class laundry
woii- <*uarantetd,   Trial solicited.
Office: No. 10 First Ave.
:   :   P. O. Box 37   :   :   :
:   : V. & N. Phone 233  :  :
Established at Rossland,
Promoting of Mining Deals and
Stock Companies a Specialty
We have connections with
mining men and capitalists
in the United States and
Eastern Canada, and can
find the necessary money
to work and develop meritorious silver-lead properties. If you have claims
with fine surface showing1,
carrying good values,
please write to us at once
and we will find the right
party to take hold.
Yours respectfully,
Rossland, B. C.
Imperial Bank ,
-xffmtmm, of Canada.
CAPITA,. ���
niisT - - -
��� ��� ��2,500,000.00.
- ��� fl ,726,000.00.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Savings
Department at current rates.
a. bTphipps,
Carpets, Lineolcum,
Floor Oils, Blinds,
Wall Paper, etc.
Agent Pianos, Sewing Machines,   etc.
Mall orders promptly attended to.
f?. HOWSON, Furniture Dealer
and VudertnHer, KEVELSTOKE.
H. EdwardsJ^'
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc,
.Mounted. Purs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   ^tRevelstoke
R. S. Wilson.
and UENTS' I-TltNISHKlt.
In the Lantern.
For Sate
V/orking Bond
or Lease
Promoters    nf   Legitimate   Mining
The O.K. Laundry Hotel Property
A lare/o hotel, including furnishings nnd
stock (monthly receipts last season, *1500), in
good mining and lumbering town for sals at
big laottfloe, Uood roaiom (or selling, For
further p��rUoulars apply it ones to
Ferguson,fl. C,
We always lead
with lowest
- Store
Twenty cases of
Spring Goods
just arrived.
It is with
pleasure we
answer questions and furnish quotations.
Mail or
Carrier Orders
receive special,
prompt and
Our constant
aim is to give
our customers
letter value
than can le
got anywhere
Dealers In Groeerlen,
Hardware, Clothing,
(J.'iitHV Furn I shin km,
J toot* nml Shoe*-,
Mlm-rn'  Supplier!, Etc.
Pioneer Store
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Wholesal e and Beta il
��-��   General Merchants....
Revelstoke and Trout Lake I
Specialties for Next Week: White Crockery Ware, Wall Paper, j
Call in, write or telephone.
NO! 1 K- W. ('. W.OtlK, XK1.SON, U. (.'.
field, Ullver-I.rrvl and Copper Minus wanted at llio EXCIMWJK. I-'UKI!
MU.I.lNfi   ItOl.U iiroportlqa wanted at onoo for Kasteru  Invasion!.
Parties having mining property For Hale are requested to sond samples
of their on to tne KXCUANQIC lor exhibition.
All samples should be sent by express prepaid. Currcspondctico
solicited,  Address all communication to
P. O. Box 700,      NKIflON. D. 0,
Before buying Hardware for building Purposes
drop a line for quotations to ... .
Moro than freight saved  by    buying   your
requirements  from  the Departmental Store,


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