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Lardeau Eagle 1904-08-19

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 Mining Record
Row Tork mi an
SltViR���Bar,'!.;.'    *_>7i
L��AD-1001bs       i_5
I.EW8PAPEB IN NORTH KOOTENAY���IT will be royirt) an excellent   AUVaKTISINU   MEDIUM.
Y, No 18.
Ferguson, B. C, AUGUST 19, 1904
$2 a Year In advani e
The Guidflnch and Eva Properties
at Camborne Camp are
/         Heavy Losers.
Fighting the Flames on Ferguson
Wagon Road.
For several weeks forest fires
have been blading fiercely at different points of the Lardeau. F,er-
guson thus far has been singularly
free from too close an acquaintance
with the Ure fiend. We Have dwelt
in an atmosphere thick with smoke
for the past two weeks, fires having
originated from unknown causes
which have devastated thousands of
acres of good timber land.
On Friday last a mounted mes
senger dashed into town with the
startling information that a fierce
fire had Suddenly sprung up and
was threatening to completely destroy the road near the creek lying
half-way between Trout Lake City
and Ferguson! Every horse in
.town was instantly' mounted, and
every man rushed to combat the
raging element. It was discovered
that the flames had made considerable headway, and the cribbing and
corduroy was blazing fiercely. Indeed, it seemed at one time as if
the whole roadway would cave in.
By dint of pluck and perseverance
the spread of the flames further up
���the roadway was materially checked,
but the flames continued to spread
with unabated fury up the Great
Northern Mountain.
Hugh McPherson has had a large
force of men fighting the flames,
and repairing the roadway for the
past week. As we go to press the
fire is continuing up the Great
Northern Mountain, in a westerly
direction, but by no means is the
town of Ferguson safe, should the
wind veer.
A prospector named Barnard was
arrested and taken before the judicial bench at Trout Lake City on
Wednesday last, charged with
causing the outbreak.^ After-a sit.
ting of _nearly four hours, the accused was discharged.
Camborne has been the greatest
giifferer in the Lardeau. Last Tuesday th: bunk houses and upper
tramway terminal of the Goldfinch
were totally demolished. All efforts
to save anything were futile, and
the men employed there had barely
lime to scrape together their belongings and make good their retreat. The fire is'still raging, and
grave fears are entertained for the
stampmill. On Wednesday the
Eva bunk-houses and terminal were
in the grip of the lire fiend, and it
was not longer before they lay a
smouldering mass. Fortunately ail
articles which could be removed, together with all provisions,-had been
previously lodged in one of tlie tunnels. The sea of flame rolled on to
the Oyster-Criterion, but hjre, the
destructive element was circumvented, as a large force of men had
cleared the ground and se. out
another fire to meet the main conflagration.
At Beaton grave fears exist for
the safety of that burg. The powder magazine has been cleared of
its contents, 500 cases of dynamite
being been placed on a scow and
towed to the centre of the lake,
where it will remain anchored until
danger is past.
Jack Madison Held for
Camborne Burglary.
Jack Madison, who was working
at the O.K. barber shop, Ferguson,
this spring, and who has for some
weeks been running a stand at
Camborne, was arrested at Comaplix on Saturday last on suspicion
Of being concerned in the recent
burglaries at Camborne. The clue
which led to his arrest was obtained
by identification oi a two-dollar bill,
which it is alleged was taken from
thp cash register at the Reception
Hotel. A preliminary hearing was
given on Wednesday before justices
R. F. Perry and J. Thompson, and
Madison was committed for trial
Constable Kirkpatrick conveyed the
accused to Nelson yesterday morn*
ing. We understand that F. C.
Elliott has been retained for the
The Poplar Camp.
To Prevent Forest Fires.
We cull ircim Ihe Phoenix Pioneer
six very erood rules which should be
observed by campers and others to
decrease forest fires.
1. Do not build a larger fire than
you need.
2. Do not build your fires in
dense masses of pine leaves, duff
and other combustible material,
where the fire is sure to spread.
3. Do not build your fire against
large logs, especially rotten logs,
where it requires much more work
and time to put the fire out than
you are willing to expend, and
where you are rarely quite certain
that the fire is really and completely
4. In windy weather and in dangerous places dig a hole and clear
a place to secure your fire. You
will save wood and trouble.
5. Every camp fire should be
completely put out before leaving
the camp.
6. Do not build fires to clear off
land and for other similar purposes
without informing the nearest official
so that he may assist you.
Harry Lee and U and I.
These properties are situated on
the Northeast slope of Silver Cup
mountain and owned by Mrs.
Jowett. This lady has crows working on both properties. On 'he
Harry Lee a great many open cuts
bave been made to expose the lead,
and good values fn grey copper are
being obtained. To tap the lead a
crosscut tunnel has been driven
some 75 feet, and some rich string-
have been exposed. On the U and
I a very strong lead carrying high
values in tree gold is laid bare
on the surface. A 40 ft. crosscut
tunnel is driven to reach the ore at
The Jumbo.
Golden Eagle Group.
In spite of knockers, the mining
camp of Poplar will very shortly
put paid to the account of those
who have gone out of their way to
villify this golden spot. The news
which comes to hand indicates that
the conditions are better than were
surmised. Everyone in Poplar
should knuckle down and make a
showing in the way of production.
A couple of stamp mills in operation
where mine owners could take their
ores for reduction would demonstrate the capabilities of the camp.
A very rich strike has been made on
the Spyglass, two feet of high-grade
ore has been encountered in the
lower tunnel, which consists of grey
copper and native silver.
Last week Mr. John Cook, who
recently paid a visit to Ferguson,
was shown over the ground at Poplar, and the Nelson knockers who
were so lavish with their warnings
to this gentleman have lost prestige.
The Lardeau requires but a visit to
satisfy the most sceptical, and the
bright little Poplar Nugget goes all
out after the enemy this week. It
says : One of the reasons why mining men fail to reach thisjeamp is
owing to the Nelson knockers.
Only last week an eastern capitalist
was advised not to come to Poplar.
He crime and was satisfied with
what he saw. Why a few'pinheads
in Nelson should endeavour to
knock this camp it is difficult to
imagine. It is certainly not in the
interests of the business men of
Nelson to do so, as that city must
always be the principal supply point
for the Poplar district.
Mr. and Mrs. Griffits, of Ferguson,
paid a visit to Poplar last Satttrdav,
and were shown over the Lucky
Jack and Goldhilljproperties by Mr.
(.utUrT, P9rt.r,
It is reported that very rich
copper ore has been discovered on
this group, which is on lhe Upper
Duncan, near Gertrude Creek. No
assays are to hand yet, but tlie ore
is said to be copper glance showing
large particles of free gold Twelve
inches of almost solid ore is report-
ed at a depth of 209 Ieet. A tunnel
is now in 15. feet and will be continued 15 feet further and across-
cut run to the footwall, the present
rich strike emanating from the
hanging wall.
Some verynice specimens ot clean
ore were brought in from the Jumbo
tliis week. The assays on this pro
perty were $10 gold, and $60 silver
and lead. It is claimed there are
thousands of tons of this rock on
sight, and it is a tip for a company
to come along to investigate.
The damage to the Eva property
will be repaired at once.   ,
The Big Five on North
As the result of recent development on this property a lead of clean
ore of 14 inches has been exposed
which can be traced across three
claims. The property is situate
within four miles of Circle City, and
two men are employed there stripping the lead.
Copper Key Group.
This group, which includes Copper Key, Copper Bell, Maud E,
Morley A, and Speculator are situated on the North Fork Road and
immediately below Circle City. On
these properties copper in large
quantities has been unearthed, and
capitalists seeking for a copper proposition will find a fruitful field for
their energies. On the Copper
Key a tunnel has. been driven for
130 feet, Assays of a recent date
are $34 gold, 340 ozs. silver, and
3? j per cent copper. The properties are owned by J. 'Morett and
others. The assessment duties on
all these claims are completed/: and
development is proceeding.
The Mother Lode at Poplar has
three feet of solid galena and 12 ft.
of conctnt rating or*,
St. Petersburg, Aug. 17.���Theadnii
ally has little additional information
today regarding the sea light of August
10th, or .the whereabouts of-the five
Kussian battleships and three cruisers
unacounted for. Hope is .till cherished that tbey escaped and reached an
appointed rendezvous.
Russia has peen officially notified of
the lowering of the flags over the
battleship Czarevitch and the destroyers at Tslng Chou, and acquiesces
with Germany's position that the ships
must remain there UDtil the end of the
war. While ordinary ship repairs may
be allowed by Germany within the harbor, no removal or repair of their armament or guns will be permitted. The
reports that the United States and
Great Britain have taken exception to
Germany's decision in this matter do
not receive credence.
Nothing has yet been decided
regarding the disarming of the Askold
at Shanghai on account of the questionable ability of China to protect her
Interests against a repetition ot the
Ketuhitelmi incident.
The news of the defeat of the Vlatll-
vostock squalfiin has added a crushing
blow to the repulse before Poi't Arthur.
No public announcements have yet
been made of the sinking nf tlio Iturik.
The Che Foo report of a sortie ot
Russian worships from Port Arthur
cannot be continued, und the admiralty
Is pushed to know whether it referred
to tho ships which remained in the harbor wben the main squadron went out
or to ehIps of the late admiral Withoft'.
original squadron. In either event,
however, it Is construed as .evident
that the shells of the Japanese bind
battery are (ailing on the harbor, mak-
iug it impossible for the ships to remain there any longer. It is also
interpreted in some quartet's as indicating the eve -of the storming of the
Che Foo, Aug. 17���Tho Russians, it
is reported, did not encounter tho Japanese fleet.. Nevertheless, they returned to Port Arthur.
The second shipment of bullion
obtained from the concentrating
and chloridising mill owned by tie
Silver Cup Mines, Ltd., was made
to the refinery at Trail on Wednesday last, and another point in the
development of the camp is notched.
This is the second shipment within
a month. The low-grade ore from
which these bars have resulted has
been taken from the Nettie L mine,
'and the scarcity of rain this year is
greatly handicapping the output
of the mill. We paid a visit to
there this week, and the scarcity
of water was responsible for but 10
stamps operating. However, the
mill is a glorious success, and with
a few days' rain enough water should
be obtained to warrant the full
quota of stamps operating. The
present drought necessarily demands less labor at the Nettie L
mine, but certain it is that Mr. P.
Devine can easily keep the buckets
travelling to the mill as soon as the
water comes.. We were up at the
Nettie L, on Sunday, where some 30
men are now employed. We had
an opportunity of inspecting some
specimens of the recent discovered
clean ore, which to say the least
were excellent..
The famous Silver Cup, which
since the disastrous snowslide this
spring has been necessarily almost
stagnant, is now about to take a
new lease of life. Thelor.gexpectetl
parts ofthe machinery for the Baby
tram arrived yesterday (Thursday)
morning, and were at once transferred to the mine.
Phoenix, Aug. 15,���A bloody tragedy
occurred here on Friday in the tenderloin of this city, in which Joshua Bell
killed Annie Allen, the woman dying
in half au hour after the assault. Both
were colored, and both had been here
but a few days.
After the murder Boll fled but wns
captured by chief of police Flood. Bell
and the Allen woman wore married
four years ago and sho left' him on ae-
countotcriielt,'. This wos at Kallspel,
Mont. Since tben he has been folio. ���
ing her from place to place demanding
The Government has collected over
830,000 in fees for licenses to prospect
for coal and oil in the- Esst Kootenay
Attempts are now being made, says
the "Pooplo," London, 10ng., to intorest the Stock Exchange and tbo
public, generally, in fi market deal
which has for its basis and oxenso the
electric ore-Antler. There may possibly bo something In the discovery,
and any invention will be wolcomed
which gets rid of the present cumbrous
and e.\-f ensive methods of frospocting.
tt Is to be seriously doubted, however,
whether the discovery lias as yet been
brought up to that st'igo nt which It
can bo sail to have a solid 3ommer-
cial value.
Subscribe to the " Eagle" $3,09
pir winum. Lardeau Eagle
I'rinipd   and   Publiihad   *t��tj   XBIiUY   at
Ferguum, H. c, by
J.  J.  ATHERTON.   Pbop
tnwbum mil corrclponiletice Ibould be la-tilt*!!.
Hubinriptlcm lUtei:    12.
per ���������num. to
'*- month*'
nuoinnputm i*i*i"..     .-.*.��� ,..,  ���,
any eddremfn Amerlck; tt.2fi fur Mx ->.-��,.....,
rJ.M a yen to foreign addreuei.   No pay, uo
AdTettlilni lUtei: Dliplar >di.,11.00 per
Itiult ColumnTnoh per month. Legal adl., 1*2
.enu per (nonparlel. Hue for first insertion; S
re-all per line Ior eruSi additional timt-rtion
Keadlnx notices 10 rents per line each Issue.
Ninety day legal notleeB.110.; sixty days, ��7.C0;
tlilrly days, J.'. Nu ads. accepted at lets tban
these rale's.  No room lor uuaox ads.
I the plant will be larger, of course,
than if a railroad existed to the mil!
In the future, now that it has
been demonstrated that there are
some very extensive and valuable
free-milling gold belts in this section, more attention will be paid to
ledges of this charaoter, and mining
of ibis sort will cut much more of a
figure than it has in the past. In
time the output ot the free-milling
ledges should rival that of gold-
copper and silver-lead, and this
principally because of the physical
difficulties which almost everywhere
beset the miner when it comes to
transportation. The advantage of
being able to treat ore on the
ground is a veiy great one.
fear wttkly Insertions constitutes one
month's advertising.
There was a  time in this  section
says   the    Nelson    Daily    News,
when no one cared to look for Iree-
milling ores ; in   fact, it   was lield
that there were no free-milling ores.
This opinion was so deeply grounded   in   the early days   that on one
occasion a prospector brought in a
piece of ore to a well known assayer and told him he  thought  it was
free-milling  and  that he wanted  it
assayed.     The  assayer refused to
touch the rock, declaring that there
was no   free-milling   ores   in   this
country.    The result was  that ores
which carried free  gold,   and which
appeared to  be   free-milling   to   a
large extent, were neglected. There
was another  reason for this, which
was the  successes  made by miners
in the Slocan   with   silver-lead, and
in Rossland with gold-copper ores.
There  has   come a change now,
and it is beginning to be recognized
that one  of  the chief assays of the
'Kootenays  are  the  free milling or
nearly  free-milling   ledges.      They
are   found   in   the  Nelson mining
division,   in  the  vicinity of Nelson
and  around  Ymir.    There are ioo
COMPANV OF LARDEAU B.O., LIMITED, Intends to apply to tlie Assistant Commissioner
ot Lands and Works, under provisions of
( hi'i'tcr 113, known as thc Land Act, for per.
mission to purchase lhe following described
unreserved, unsurroyed and unoccupied Crown
Commencing at a post on Silver Cup Mmm-
tain sltmitoil nbout 400 feet from Triune Creek,
and near the lower terminal of the llallidic
Tramline built to the Triuno Mine in 100.,
eaiti post heinji market! as "The Metropolitan
Hold and silver Milling Company of I.iir.'letiil,
ii.e. l.iniilcl's s IV. Corner Post," thenee east 40
Olinluson lo Triune Mountain, thence mirth
along Triune Mountain 100 chains, thenco
went 40 eluiins. thence south 1110 chuins to the
point of commencement, lho same containing
about 400 acres. Said land was staked tor the
above named purpose on thu2.lrd day uf July,
1004, at 3 o'clock, p.m.
The Metropotlfan tlold and Silver
Mining Companv of Lardoau,
B.C. Limited.
President and Managing Director,
Porgusnu, B.C..
July 11, 10)4. ,
A Shipper of
High-Grade Oold and Silver Ore.
OEADERS of the "Lardeau Eagle" note the
���*\   following concerning one of our Leading Producing Mines near Ferguson, B.C., and which has had a
great name from its discovery five years ago.   Situated 9
miles S.E. of Ferguson at the head of the great mining basin
at the source of Triune creek is the property known as The
Triune,  consisting of 200 acres  now owned and nearly
paid for by the Metropolitan Gold  and Silver Mining Co.,;
Ltd.,  whose  head office  is at  Minneapolis,   Minn.,   and
mining office  at  Ferguson, B. C.    The Company already
had 400 acres 9 miles north of Ferguson on the North Fork
of the  Lardeau, also a good mining property,  when   it
sought and purchased The Triune in 1902, the same year
mining and selling over $9,000 worth  high-grade gold and
silver ore from   The  Triune.     In the 90 days' summer
working in 1903 we mined and sold to the Canadian Smelting Works,  Trail,  B.C.,   $16,000 worth of ore from The
Triune, running $9.50 per ton in gold, $10.50 in lead, and
$123.00 silver, making an average value of $143.06 per ton
in 20-ton car load lots for  the entire season.    We are now
operating The Triune with 20 men  mining and delivering
ore to Trout  Lake City,   where we load on the Canadian
Pacific  Railroad's boats and send to the smelter at Trail,
B. C.    We now keep two-thirds of our men on new development work : extending tunnel No. 1, and on new tunnel
No. 3, while we also mine and ship a little over 7 Ions of
this high-grade ore per week.
We shipped from Trout Lake one car load of 20 tons
July 30, and will ship another car of same size about Aug.
10. We have let the contract and have partially constructed
a new Double Wire Standard Tramway at The Triune,
costing us $20,000, to enable us to handle larger amounts
of ore per day, as the mine demands larger output facilities,
and we want  the tram done this year to enable us to ship
w ...    _  , _  	
stamps now dropping in the Nelson  from 5 t0 IQ tons .,   ���   ht throug.h thc    ear
division alone on this  class  of ore, ' ....���..���
The Reliance Mining Co., operating
on 49 creek, is putting in a 50 ton
plant to reduce the free milling ores
of its properties. The ore is made
into pulp by means of Cornish rolls
and Chilian mills, and after passing
over the plates is subjected to the
llendryx cyanide process.
In the Lardeau there are 60
stamps, but only 50 of them are in
operation. Poplar, which is a free-
milling camp, will need a hundred
or more stamps at the start, and
possibly twice that number when
the mines there get in full swing.
As a mailer of fact there are a
number of free-milling belts in the
country which have yet to be opened up, and the time is coming when
stamp mills will be much more
numerous than at present.
In a mountainous  country where
the   question   of transportation  is
vital, the stamp  mill  certainly has
great advantages.     Under the free
milling process  ore can be treated
on the ground by (he cheapest process that exists for the reduction of
ores.     It has  long since been demonstrated,    where   water   power
can be had, and  where reasonably
large bodies ot free milling ores can
be   found,  fiat  ore running over
$2.50 a ton can be made to yield a
profit.     There  is no need of a railroad where these advantages are to
be foun I.     A  mill can  be put up
many   miles from a   railroad,  although the cost of transportation of
We need more money than present ore-shipments furnish during this month. Hence the Directors have now
put upon the market a limited amount of treasury stock at
below par. Par value $1.00 per share. We now have over
1,400 stockholders.
Shares of our Treasury Stork in amounts of from
50 Shares up will be sold if bought and paid for
during August for SOcpershare until such funds
sufficient to pay the unpaid Tramway payments are in
hand, when the sale will be stopped, and Funds or
Orders- coming too late will be promptly returned to the
References ���:
McKinnon tf Sutherland, Merchants, Ferguson, B.C.
McDermid tf McHardy, Mine Brokers, kelson, B.C.
Imperial Bank of Canada, Trout Lake City, B.C.
J. H. Ashdown tf Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
J. H. Norris tf Co., Pitsburg, Pa.
Panton tf White, Duluth, Minn.
First National Bank, Marshall, Minn.
Germania Bank, Minneapolis, Minn., Etc., Etc.
Send orders for Stock with Remittances payable to the
Metropolitan Gold and Silver Mining Co.; Ltd., to
Ferguson, B. C,  or 702 Sykes Block, Minneapolis, Minn.,
addressed to the Company.
_ w    _, President and Managing Director.
ferguson, b. c,
August i, 1904.
Fllll/   I fate     in��n. the Pay-Roil
a\3Ujr    IUUL&     Centre of the Rich Lardeau.
SOUTH of Ferguson lie the
phenominally rich
camps   of  Poplar   and
Rapid creeks, and
NORTH of Ferguson lies Fish
creek, where free mill-
gold ore abounds.
Business Lots $150 up.
Residence Lots $75 up.
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent,
Revelstoke. B. C.
Geo. B. Batho.
Agent for
Giant Powder
Fuse and Caps
Manager Alexandria Hall, P.O. Block, Ferguson
Ferguson, B. c.
Groceries, Provisions, etc,
Fresh Fruit, in Season.
Smokers' supplies.      ,
C-flrtasd -Jdo'a.. -*'?
Second Exhibitic >n of the
Nelson Agricultural   and
Indust rial Exhibiti ,on.
September 28 & 29
Write for Prise list,     E. J,  . AMiable,
Seo.. Nelson, S.C.
E. M. Allum.
Mail Ordet HiiitliiffH Receives
Prompt Attention.
Noveltius nnd Jewelry In great
��� Note the AdJti'esi���=���--���""-
And Read
Tut Lake City Hotel
When you
are ut tho
Lalte, call
on Jack Simpson. A sralllnjj face aud
Hood liquors, wines, etc. are found behind the bar.   The Eagle ia taken here
Certtflcatn of Improvement!,
Oold IHU and Gold-smith Mineral Claims, lit-
uate ln the Trout Luke Mining blviiion ol Weat
Kootenay District.
Wbore located���on Poplar Creek about one
mile from the railway.
Take Notice that I Robert Hodge, acting ai
agont for W. B. Pool, Free Minor's Certificate
No, B. 71717, Intend, sixty daya from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining; Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements, for tha purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the at-ovo clalmi.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, mum be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate" of Improvements,
Hated thia-Sth day of January, A.]). 1004.
Two Bargains.
For price, term,, ole, apply to J. Kdward
Writ, barrister, Vancouver, or to K. 0. Woodward, Ferguson.
tlMIAT comfortable little Duelling Home oo-
1 cupled by C. M. Neibitt, mid two well cul-
li.eteil lout, uk*elv fenced, Bltuated in tbe belt
residence pert of Ferguson. Fur aale cheap.
Tbl, I, ��� map.
rpllE Kagle Block, occupied by the Lardeau
.1 Eagle newapaper and tlie Methodist
Church. The building draw, a good rental
and the tale price and term, wilt surprise you,
Lock], With a Paystreak.
It pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lake, Bea
ton. Arrowhead or Comaplix by using;
the 'phono. Office in Cummins <& Co.'s
D. J. Robertson, the Nelson f ti rnltue
dealers are funeral directors and em-
The Canada Drug U Book Co., Ltd.,
ol Revelstoke, carry an Immense stock
of stationery, fancy goods, games of all
kinds, the latest books ahd magazines,
rubber goods and mountain and mining
views.   Give them a mail order.
* Smokers : If you want the genii-
ins "Union" and "Our Speoial"
OIQAR see that "Union Cigar Factory"
��� lUmped tn gilt letter! on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke,
��-�������-��� ���*���*.������
Smith c�� Co.
45 Bleary St,
�� Montreal
Will bo represented ln
Ferguson threo or four
days each mouth. Auy
orders for clothing will
receive close attention
and we
Our representative
S. A. Scott is a
practical tailor and
will make clothes
fit. Hold your
orders for him.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   ,
Bltnatod.'midat iccpery unrivalled lor
grandeur. The most complete health
resort on the continent of North America.
Its bath, cure all Nervous aud Muscular disease. It, waters heal all
Kidney, Liver aud Htomach ailment,.
They arc a never tailing remedy tor
all metallic poison,, completely purify-
ing tbe lyatem.
TEBMS-.16 to 119 per weok, accord.
Ing to residence in Hotel or Villas.
United Batters of North America
the United Hatieri
"I North America,
When you are bu7*
��� i? a PUIt HAT,
��� --her soft or stiff,
��� ie to lt lhat the
ermine UNION
Libel iaanwedln it.
II a retallet;^hnB
too'e labels In his
���vniKsion and' often to put one jn a
hat for you, do not
patronize him. He
has not any rignTto na\e loose labels. Loose
labels ln retatlstoree are counterfeits. Do not
listen to any explanation an to why the hat
has no label. The Genuine Union Label Is
perforated on the four edge* exactly the same
as a postage stamp. Counterfeits are sometimes perforated on thru* of the edeas, and
sometimes only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using tbem in order to get rid of
ttieir scab-made hats. The John il. Stetson
Co. of Philadelphia, I'a., Is non-union concern,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President,
' Orange, N.J.
11 Warerly Place, Boom 16, >ew Vork City.
60  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyright* Ac.
quickly asnertaln our optniun fi_.  _ 	
Invention ts probably patentable.  C(immuulr_a-
tlmii it riot ]y oonfldeutul. Handbook on P-* -���
Mnt frae. Oldest aiency for securingJ*t(	
patents taken tnroush Mann A Co. receive
Anyone sending a ���kateh and description may
lutokly asnertaln our opinion free whether an
   ���ugh  ...
���yield! not its, without charge, In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Lareaat dr-
culatlon of Aiiy icIanUOn Journal. Terms, $3 a
\*u; four months, |L Bold by ail newsdealers.
Hraneh OOlee. CM V St., Waehlntton, D. C.
Time Table.
Running between Arrowhead, Bet-
ton and Comaplix, oommfeneing Ooto-
)ur 14th,  HW3.   will   miil   aB follow..
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead (or Eeaton and
Comaplix, twice daily���10k and fik.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix (or
Arrowhead, twice daily ��� 1:15k and
12;4f*k. Making close connection!
with all C. P. H. Steamers and train..
The owners reserve the right to
change times of sailings without
Hie Empire Lumber Company., Ltd
Including the Fish Creek camp
and Upper Duuchu Kiver section, com-
Siled by A. P. Cummins, P. L. 8., and 8
hannon. B. A., is now on salt) at this
oflice.   The ready sale of the map la
Proving all we have eaid for It. The
routLakedivislon Is lithographed In
blank, the Lardeau in red,and the Ains*
worth in blue. Even atendorfnot could
tube a copy of this man and lind any
claim recorded In the three divisions.
The mountains, lulces, creeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim Inthe
district le shown.
Next   to    Visiting   the   Country   tn
Person This Map Takes First Place.
In tact every geographical
feature is so well defined that one can
see at a glance the nuture of eur country
and the trend of the claim lot-minus
gives an Intelligible idea of the mineral
belts running through the camp. Ills
Tbe   Best   Worth   For   One  Dollar
ever offered in the map lino of a mining
camp. It is the first complete map of
the district and Ib selling well. Il
what you are looking for. WE ALSO
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a one dollar hill, luo
cheques, orders, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Mining companies or others ordering
lots o( 20 or more, maps will be supplied at 50 cents each.
For Sale
A Snap I Cot after it quick.
This Incubator is in llrst-clnss
condition, Hero is a chance to
make a fortune for
A 12 oz. Buck
12x8 TENT.
With 3 ft. Wall, Nearly new.
Owner has no further use for
it.    For quick sale, will accept
Real Estate
I havo somo ot the finest blocks
and lot6 in Perguson on my books.
Buy at onco boloro the crowd gets
This week's special:
A Lot on Victo ia Av.
100x33 feet.
adjoining the   Post-Offlco in
��� Blook 1.
This is the finest location in town
and will bo worth treble shortly.
"Do yeu wish to buy or sell anything V Drop me a line and I'll
worry you.
Apply to
Lardeau Bagle, Forguson, B.C.
Triune, Silver chief, Enterprise, Kamloopi
and Kamloops Fractional mineral olaims,
situate in the Trout Lake Mining DirUlon of
West Kootenay District.
Where located :   On Triune Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that t, (Jeorge 8, McCarter,
noting as agent (or Andrew Ferguson, Free
Miners' CertliUiHie, No. HK3&fi2. intend, sixty
rtays from tiie duto lioreof, to apply u> the
Mining Recorder for a Certificateof Improve-
menu, for the purposo of obtaining* crown
(���mm of the abovo olaims.
Ami fiirtlifi' tako notice lhat action, under
sections?, must bo commenced beforo tho Issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
1'atGd thin Ibtli day of Juno, A.l>. 1004.
��� ptytooty
Cold or Silver -Jl.W
Oold and-Silver (2.00
Silver and Lead 1(2.50
Copper (l.i-o
Zinc $1,50 t
S.   SHANNON,   B.4.  5
>����ae o��e ��o����o e ooo ����e ��o��c< -mS
If vou earn a FREE
DRINK by paying
your subscription
to the \W~
Thorpe & Co
lead tlie Eagle.
Trout Lake Branch���A   General   Banking   Business   Transacted.
Capital Authorized, 14,000,000 HEAD OFFICE'
Capital (paid up)    ���    3,000,000 _ .*.*.,
Rest - - - - - - 21850,000 Toronto, Ontario-
Branches in the Northwest Territories. Provinces  of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R. MERRITT, President. D. R. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Go. Man.
B. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Cbiel Initiator.
Savinprs Department���Deposits received nnd Interest allowed,
Ilrtfls Hi,1.1 available In All part, of Canada.
Un]it'll stiles and Europe.
apodal attention given to collections and
Mining Honds.
Are You
A Union
Man .
Union Cigar Factory I
Manufactures only Union poods, and besides, thoy are tho best on tho market.
They are niadeol the best Havana tobacco,
and their excellence is undisputed. Insist
on pottin**;
Prop ieto
Union clear Factory, REYULSTOKE, B.C.
When Visiting
Ferguson &
The best place
-&     to stay is the
We try to give satisfao 1
tion to our   guests. ;r
K     Laughton Bros.
ijti Proprietors. .��
House and Lot For Sal
Without a doubt tho finest
Residence in the Lardoau.
Situate in Fet'_*u8on, tho
property contains H rooms,
newly plastered throughout. Verandah In front.
Water laid on. This very
tloslrnblii property would
mako n lirst-clitss boarding
$400 down ^%t^.,1,:ston very
Apply Jno. J. Atherton, ' paglo1 Office
Doe, All Kinds (if Work In
Way Of
The Brightest, NeWBleet Paper
in the District.
Then ti only ona belt mining Journal.
Tbat ti
Mines and Minerals.
It liai a larger circulation than any two other
American mining journal, bocause it ia tht
best. It la the largest, best illustrated and
handsomeat mining Journal In the world. It
1, a mining paper tor mining men. Sut-acrlti.
Hon price ROO per year, flend tor free sample
eopv. Addre���illNkBANI)jlNlikAIil.8i*rau.
ton. Pa., U.S. A. Dure: ctHw,, Berth liidg.,
Denver, Colorado.
We Guarantee Our Work
To Be First-Class
Any complaints may ho lodged
with our Ajjont,
Trout Laic *������������-. I
it   '.','
. Local and General. :
We solicit your subscription.
.lack Mclnucs has gono to l'oplar.
..... Renter, Winnipeg, Is in town.
Q, N. Gllohrlst, Nelson, is a visitor
to Ferguson,
Hob. McCortl has aocurcd a position
with the Government.
Capt. T. I!. Davey has left the Lardeau to visit Morris, Mont.
The authorities have put a night' on at Trout Lake.
Alex, and Jock Laing are doing
some assessment work on Gainer creek.
The long deferred and greatly needed
rain has put In an appearance as we g0
to press.
Will Skinner Is back ln Ferguson,
having completed assessment duties
tor the year on the Big Five near Lake
A dance was held in thc Alexandria
Hall on Friday evening last, which
was a well attended and much e: joyed
Hugh Ross came down from the
Towser on Monduy. Work of a development nature Is In full swing there,
and recent showings are highly satisfactory.
Gordy McLennan has joined the
mining staff at the Triune. Gordy
pulled out on Sunday with an unfathomable expression and a well-punched
meal ticket.
Honors equal! Two local ladles went
fishing this decade. Result: One lady
hanked a beauty out of the harbor and
screamed. One fish yanked the other
lady In.   Fact I
D. S. Ryan has been prospecting
on the Copper Belt. He speaks with
enthusiasm of this point as likely to
prove a powerful factor 1 n the future
development of Ferguson.
A pack-train heavily laden was taken
up to the Lucky Jim basin on Wednesday morning. Frank Barber and Ed.
Bell intend doing as much development work as possible on tbeir gold
claim before the snow files.
' The friends of Hugh Macdonald will
be pleased to learn he has taken his
discharge (rom the hospital. He left
etrly this week to recuperate at the;
Halcyon Hot Springs, the one favored
spot on this planet where man mends
for the asking.
Chas. H. Rolafson, who for some
time has operated as electrician at the
mill owned by tbe Silver Cup Mines,
Ltd., at Five-Mile, left with wife and
son for California on Wednesday morning. We understand Mr. Rolafson has
a paystreak in sight.
Geo. V. Howard, late of Ferguson, is;
now holding down tbe position of
solicitor-collector for the International
Correspondence Schools of Scranton,-
Pa., at Butte, Mont., and is the high-
jig-jig there. Wo wish Geo. all kinds
of luck, and trust ho'll never see the
troubles we'eve seen.
Alex. Ootid*-, superintendent at tho
Triune mine, was In town on Saturday.
Mr. Dodds reports that everything is
in splendid working order. A specially
designed wagou has been constructed
for the purpose of conveying oro from
the lower terminal to the 10-Mile
point, and is now doinp dutv.
A number ol Ferguson's lair daughters had a delightful little outing all
to themselves on Tuesday last. We
thought at first a circus had struck
town, as the cortege dashed down the
dell "a la." A healthy gallop to the
picnic ground at 10-Mile and a smart
canter back was greatly enjoyed.
As we write and continue thei jig we
are wondering if onr new stock of
paper will arrive in time. We have
not a sheet Id the escritoire. l-'Forert
fires blocking the road and the lightning C.P.R. freight transit are responsible. We know it's between here
and the Landing, and If you seo this
you know its all right; if you don't
���write and tell us so,
The All-England Rugby Football
team who have been cleaning up everything and everybody in Australia and
New Zealand, are staying off at Vancouver on their return journey to
Motherland. A record provincial
team is being gleaned to givo them a
show. We could supply at least throe
worthy representatives from Ferguson
and Fite-Mile. But "full m��ny a
Sower Is born to blush unieen,"
As an Instance of quick results from
advertising the following incident will
suffice: A silver bracelet was found
on the street last week and handed to
the Kagle man to advertise the loss.
The owner turned up before a sheet
was printed.
Found. A valuable charm with ring
attached. Owner must prove property
and pay for this advertisement.
Lost. Somo dead subset Ibers. It.I.P
Charlie Rolafson mounted a broncho
to ride to Trout Lake on Tnesdav, but
the bronc. objected and Charlie made a
hurried descent. Fortunately he fell
upon his head.
Young Bob Kirkpatrick whilst crossing a snowslitle on his cayoose between
Circle City and the Metropolitan had
the misfortune to go over tbe dump.
Bobby found a soft spot, but tho quad,
continued its roll. Bill Shannon dug
the animal out of the snow ; Ed. Will-
Hams stitched it together ; Bob has a
live pony and a vet. bill.
Alex Morrison has been working on
the road for the Government.
There's a young gentleman at Flve-
who is ahead of anything we ever
heard reciting. We'll back him for
any amount to continue the tale ad Infinitum without error���providing a pay
day hasn't left its mark. Last Monday
after sipping none too wisely, the
North Fork Bridge groaned under the
following effusion. We take it that
the smoke in the air and the crossing
of the bridge were not alone responsible. The gentleman was anxious to
elocute to the "Eagle," and we pardon him for calling the bird the
"Phoenix," in his saintly condition.
This is as near verbatim as possible.
" I'll r'zite, er���hie���MIshter Fenish
Man, The���htc���the Schooner Horashis
���or- -bic���how the���hie���blacksmissh
shneked the���hie���Bridzsh.
The���hie���boy shsood on thc���hie���
Here loving bands essayed to draw
him gently homeward���and the bird
Bob Lowery in this week's Issue of
The Ledge startles us with the following Ozonpgrams:
Ferguson, Aug. 15.���Gold has been
found near the Eagle olilce. Some
printer is supposed to have hurried
Trout  Lake,  Aug. 10 Johnny
Langstaff occasionally wakes up and
takes a big nourishment.
Go ahead, Robert; but don't send In
your bill for advertising us. By the:
way, buried is spelt with one R in Ferguson, and speaking of R's, there was
evidently one too many in Now Denver,
and room for another in Nelson.
Saturday night last tbe streets presented a very sportive appearance. As
the outcome of argument, challenge
and counter-challenge, Billy Kcst, the
pride of the fancy, and Pete McPhail,
our local flyer, were matched to run
100 yards on level terms. Both men
had received a good preparation, and
were placed upon the mark as lit as
hands could make them. Some spirited
wagering occurred while tho men were
taking a preliminary canter, and the
books were closed at 0 to 4 In favor of
Kest, Old Sol was just laklng Ms
squint finale over the top of the Great
Northern when the men poised for the
contest. Pete wore a pair of.knickers
several sizes too small and a nervous
expression. Billy affected a jaunty air
and police braceB. Brave and swarthy
tbe O'Jtm Snell looked as he shut his
eyes and triggered the gat. Chock full
of Importance the judges fingering the
worsted. All ready. A beautiful start,
but as the men bounded from the mark
they were called back consequent upon
the arrival Af some bullionists from, 5-
Mile with scrapping tackle and money
to burn. A brief spell for investment.
Straining at the leash, and with ears
pricked for the report, the banger bust,
and the gladiator* left the scratch together. Stride for strlde.tho two pedestrians Hew down the course, and at
half distance Pete managed to force
his pecker to the front, and gradually
Increased his leud, From this point
Billy couldn't see Pete for dust,; the
latter breasting the wool amidst tumultous plaudits from his backers, a
winner by exactly 1 ycY 3 ft., 88 In*
Joe Morette shot a large hawk in
town this morning.
Mrs. and Miss A. Elmsley, who hare
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. A, J.
GorJon for several weeks, returned to
Vancouver this morning.
Reg. Travers returned from Crestun
on Tuesday,
Will and Reuben Shannon struck the
hills this morning for a hunting and
prospecting tour.
The oarpenters employed on the Uva
boarding houso lost nearly all their
tools iu the recent fire.���Camborne
Bobby Burns is taking a well-earned
vacation in Ferguson.
There Is a rumor that pay-day at the
Lake is a reality.
mHE School Trustees for lhe town
I of Ferguson are prepared to
I receive applications for the
position of Teacher at the Ferguson School.
Applicants (Male or Female) must'
be prepared to commence duties on
Monday, August 8th, next.
Address :��� Secretary,
School Board,
Ferguson, B.C.
8kj-fc.rt**_!->_-rf**-sv**. --ftritjviJV/Jvr rtrJ-ij!
j Tonsorial
| Parlors..
3        MAIN STREET,
I Shaving.     Shampooing,
jj       Ht��irdressta��*V    Singeing.
���J Dyeing,     Baths, hot and "'
��       oold water.
���     I have tlie best appointed shop tn tho
���J Lardeau.  Open from S a.m. to ��p. m.
S       Ferguson and Trout Lake.
��� P. L. S.
Ferguson and Trout Lake.
Surveys made and Crown Grants
Office:      -      -      Trout Lake.
Surveys ol Mines, Mineral Olalm" end
crown Lands. Crown Ore ts Obtained and Assessment! Managed
for Absentees.
Ofllces:  Camborne end Vancouver
P.   L.   S.,
Olilce,     -     -     ���     ���     Beaton, B.C   ���
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Ofllces: Revelstoko, Golden, and Ferguson. Solicitor, for Imperial Ban*
ot Canada
(ieo. S. McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M.rinkham.
Barrister, Notary Public etc.
���a. . i.  .   ..... laaAAAAAAAAMA
A splendid variety, at Bed-rock Prices.
��� ALEX. CRAWFORD, Propr.
Has Sfables at Ferguson, front Lake and Beaton,
Where he keeps light and heavy vehicles, single and
double drivers, saddle and pack horses .or tjlre.
Also proprietor of the stage route  running between
the above points, making three trips weekly'.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up at the Queens.Good accommodation
..Best ot service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Packing a_ad:F^usoanndPackin^
^reiSjnijillg Transfer Outfit.
Contracts  entered Into for packing of Mining Supplies,
etc., to any point (n the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed satisfactory. ' '    '"'' '
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.    ,S..Dan._y-Prop.
I* our business. We
have tht facilities and
ingenuity necessary to
execute artistic work.
Anything In onr Line Tamed ont Promptly.
lj   Legal, Survey ��nd Mineral Claim   -jj
K   Blanks always in stock... *������*
us one
The Lardeau Bagle
. Ferguson, B. C.


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