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VOL. III. NO. 8.
82.00 A YEAR.
Mineral Deposits Receiving Attention They Deserve.
m have thFpaystreaks
With Railroad Nearly Completed to
Foot of the Lake and a Smelter Ready for Operation,
The mineral deposits of the Lardeau
ure beginning to receive the attention
theydeservo. There lean active demand for mining properties for whieh
there is sufficient development work
done to porrait of an estimate being
made as to their possible value. Moreover, tho demand is made by parties
who have the means to pay for what
thoy get.
With the advent of tho railroad now
being completed to the foot of Trout
lako, and a Vulcan smeltor situated In
Ferguson all ready to begin operation,
ui-08 which wore almost valueless in the
past ai".- now \aluab!e, and will yield a
profit wlieu managed witli tho same
prudence and intelligence granted
other industries, There are a great
numbor of prospects or undeveloped
lodes throughout our entlro mining
district. They uro mainly owned by
the origiual locators, who, for luck of
moans, aro nnablo to develop them,
Tbo posslbilitcs for capital In this direction aro practically unlimited. It is
but natural for tlio ownor of a prospect
when a salo is being considered to endeavor to obtain all he may, but ho of
all others appreciates his inability to
develop his prospect into a mino, although ho is thoroughly Imbued with
the belief that with development it
.. ill becomo a mine. He may therefore
bo easily induced to give capital an opportunity to dovolop it and tako his
chanr-o of the prospect developing In
accordance with his convictions. All
prospects are more or less valuable ami
subject to great possibilities. All
blues wero at one time prospects.
Comparatively small investments may
'change a prospect into a mine. Tho
percentage is so great when backed by
judgment, ability and persistence, as to
offer groat lnducomentB to capital.
Every dollar injudiciously invested In
mining is to a limited extent an injury
to tlio industry. In general, a fow
hundreds of dollars invested in a pros-
.poet, with tho expectation of developing a mine, is an injudicious investment. Those who follow mining
us a business expect, when taking
hold of a promising prospect, to systematically oxplott it so as to enable them
to determine whether or not the property may bo developed Into a mine by
the expondlturo of more money. With
several such propositions somo dovolop
Into mines, uiul the profits accruing, If
Only one mine is obtained, generally
far exceed the outlay on the whole.
Wo (Vitii.nl)- jtine With Mr. Oalt
Few people realize tho value of a
-mino in active operation to the community in whieh it oxists. The general
assumption iB that tho bonefltof it goes
mostly into tho pockots of tho owners,
and that tho community at largo is not
much affected by its prosperity or fail
uro. Nothing can bo farther from tho
truth. A working mine is first and
foremost profitable to the community
surrounding it; secondly to the pro*
viuco (especially in creating and supporting population), and lastly (but by
no moans always) to the ownors of it.
During the last ten years numbers of
mines and prospects have beon developed throughout the province, and
many millions of dollars havo been expended without tho return, in the majority of cases, of a single dollar by
way of profit" to those who supplied
tho money.���A. C. Gait, Rossland, In
Victorlu Colonist.
1,111)01' MeI,, Attention!
Ymir, B. C. March 17.���Greeting:
Tbo question of political action being
taken on tbo part of organized labor
with a view to securing a more substantial and satisfactory representation of
labor interests, in tho legislature
assembly of our province, and in the
parliament of Canada, is a principle
that has received careful consideration
and thorough discussion at the hands
of local unions affiliated with our District Association.
The decision has beon arrived at,
that before any such step so important
ln its nature, and bo far reaching in Its
effect, can be taken with any degree of
confidence and propriety, it is abso<
lutely essential that the various Labor
Unions and Reform Organizations thruout the province, should be by some
moans brought together in the closest
possible touch, both in sentiment and
It is self evident that the onlyeffec-*
tlve means we can adopt, in order to'
ascertain the views of those interested,
and to reach sound conclusions upon
the subject, is through tho medium of
a general provincial convention, at
somo suitable and centrally located
The executive officers of this association havo received instructions from
tho local unions affiliated therewith, to
assume the initiative in this matter,
and we therefore do hereby issue a call
for a convention (for political purposes),
of Delegates from ull Trades anil Labor
Unions, Single Tax Associations, Socialist bodies and other reform organizations in tho provinco ,vhoso aim is
to improve thesooiul condition of tho
people of Canada by the ballot.
Said convention will be held at Kamloops, ii. C, aud will bo called to order
at 10 a. m. on Monday, April Utb, 190J.
Tbe basis of representation will be
ns follows: O.ntral bodies such as
TradoB and Labor Councils, District or
Provincial Associations of Sluglo Tax,
Socialist, Labor, or other reform bodies, composed of 100 delegates or less,
shall bo entitled to two delegates, and
one additional delegate for each additional majority fractional part thereof.
Subordinate or Locul Trades and
Labor Unions, Single Tax, Socialist
or other reform organizations with a
membership of 100 members or loss,
shall be entitled to ono delegate, and
ono additional delegate for each additional majority fractional part thereof.
Each delegate shall bo ontitled to
ono vote in tho convention, and in no
c.iso shall any delogate have tho right,
or be allowed to voto any proxy votes.
Two or more organizations entitled
to representation at this convention,
whoso aggregate membership does not
exceed 100 members, may combino together and havo tho right to be represented by one doicgato wlio shall havo
but ono vote.
Delegates must exercise care and sec
that their credentials aro proclorly
drawn up, and in such a matinur as to
show tho membership of the organization or organizations they represent.
Objects of the convention arc as follows:
1. To unite ami harmonize all organizations nnd reform bodies in the province togother for purposes of political
2. To adopt a i provincial platform
and promulgate a policy for the guidance of organized labor and other ro-
form bodies In future political campaigns.
!). To do any or all other things
whioh iu tho judgment of tho convention will In auy way protect or promote
tho interosts of those represented.
Reduced railway rates���By special
arrangement with tho C. P. 1!. Co., wo
���have been able to secure the following
reduced rates for tlio return trip. If
fifteen delegates attend tho convention
one and one-third (li) fare will bo
charged for the round trip, If fifty
dologatos or more are in attendance a
single fare will be allowed for the round
Delegates must not fail to take a re-
eoipt from tho local ticket agept of the
C. P. R. Co , when leaving tholi* homos
to attend the convention at Kamloops,
B. C. If delegates fail to present tbis
receipt to the secretary of the conven-
Redistribution Bill Has Jarred Him
to Speak,
A Good Plea in Favor of Consulting  the  People  of  Trout
Lake and Ferguson.
Below will bo found a report of a
speech delivered by our representative,
Thos. Taylor. Tbe Eagle congratulates Mr. Taylor on his effort and hopes
he will bo heard from oftener in the
.Mr. Taylor expressed the opinion that
the present bill was the best of its kind
ever submitted to tho legislature. He
was glad to seo that tho Kootonay
country had got a fair measure of justice. Speaking for his own constituency, however, he said that tbe government had not consulted him in refer
ence ,t0 it, nor did he believe that tho
advice of his constituents hud been
taken in the matter. Otherwise the
measure might have been considerably
improved, so fur us tho delineation of
that constituency was concerned. Tho
population as show** on !',j voters' list,
or in tho census returns, was nut a fair
basis for such a measure. In tho Trout
Luke mining division there were 1,200
poople, and the number of people there
was not fairly given in tho census returns, which wore takon sometime ago,
sinco thu taking of which a considerable change in population had occurred. Tho Canadian Pacific railway
was about to build a railway into that
country, which was an indication that
its prospects wero not unpromising. At
the town of Ferguson a smelter had
recently been established, and one was
projected for Trout Lake, whicli, it
was hoped, would materialize in thc
near future. These things tended to
show the possibility of a large increase
in tho population there at no distant
in 1890, Rossland was practically unknown, To-day it has a population of
over 5,000. Tills was an example of
the phenomenal development of the
whole Kootenay country', following the
advent of tho railway; and it was not
unreasonable to expect a somewhat
similar advance in Trout Lako upon
tlie completion of tho railway, which
was expected about May. As Iho at*
teruoy general had \ory frankly :ul
milled Ibut tho bill was not perfect,
and intimated his willingness to accept
amendment, he hoped an amendment
of his might bo favorably considered,
which would give his district two members instead of ono, as proposed. Tho
country along the Canoe rivor should
be added lo the Rovelstoke rilling, und
tlie Cariboo district remain as it was.
Tho Trout Lake district wus Justus
thickly populated us the Columbia district, represented by thu Hon. Mr.
Wells, and wus just as much entitled to
representation In tho house, Tho
schemeof adding Trout Lake to the
Kaslo district, ho argued, would be
generally disapproved by the people
affected: and he again contended that
tlie views of tho peoplo should have
boon taken on the subject. He referred to tho recent wile of the Silver
Cup Mine as indicative of the general
forward industrial movement
'I'n (io Into  1'lllltll':..
The miners of Great Brltai
voted into politics.
They will levy an assessment that
will bring In nearly 5100,000 a year for
such purpose.
Thoy will nominato candidates for
parliament in 37 district*,, where they
stand an excollent opportunity of electing their men. The carpenters, machinists, general laborers, railway employees and othor large organizations
have also voted to assess themselves
and accumulate funds to light for representation in parliament.
The movement is spreading all over
the kingdom. Tho different trades
will perfect alliances witb tho Socialist
parties and all bear their proportion of
expenses. Literature bearing on the
labor question will be scattered broadcast and meetings arranged everywhere.
The recent decision of the Houso of
Lords, according to whieh capitalists
are given the right to obtain damages
from unions for losses incurred in
strikes and boycotts, and tho surprising
gains mado by tho union Socialist combino in the Dowsoury district, as well
as other important development?, are
spurring thc study English workers onward as nothing elso has for years.
Shows  Steady Increase in Value
to Previous Years.
W. T. Robertson Gives a Close Esti
mate of the Output of the
Province for Year 1901.
Marconi IIiih h Itlval.
Wireless telegraphy is scoring some
points in electrical communication
which may lead the uwary investor into untimely Investments, says tho U. S.
Journal for Investors. Marconi has a
rival in the person nf a graduate of the
Sheffield Scientific School, who claims
to have invented tl system of wireless
telegraphy of a higher degree ol development than Marconi's, which is
fitted with Morse keys, and is called
tho anti-coherer, having a substitute
for the Marconi apparatus, consisting
��f a glass tube liiled with metal filings,
called "tho coherer." The Marconi
system is to be used on all the passenger and freight boats of one of tlie
Lako Michigan steamship companies,
if thc tosts to be made prove satisfactory, before the summer navigation
season is woll under way. Emperor
William has ordered that lhe Sloby-
Aroo system be installed on tho vessels
of tho German navy. Until these various systems aro consolidated into one
universe method, that shall have demonstrated its right to be regarded as a
commercial success, investors are cautioned against Investments in wireless
telegraph companies.
Two Convention* lor Itaiuloops,
Two conventions will be hold at
Kamloops early In April, the district
convention of unions of tho Western
Federation of Minors, and a convention
of reprcsontntivos of all organized
labor associations throughout tho province. Tho attendance at thoso two
gatherings will bo large, and as tho
delegates will como from all parts of
the provinco, an effort should bo made
lo make their stay in tho city such that
they will cherish pleasant memories of
their visit. When on previous 0CCI
ions similarhu'go gatherings havo be
assembled in our city, the visitors huvo
beon cordially welcomed and an oil-
deavor mado to mako their visit a
pleasant one, It is to bo hoped that
similar courtesies will be extended by
our citizens to the visiting delegates lo
theso conventions next month.���-lulaud
The general impression that British
Columbia mines have not been doing
well recently seems to be contradicted
by the statements just issued by Mr.
W. T. Robertson, the provincial metallurgist, giving a closo estimate of thc
output of  tho provinco for the year
1901.   Comparing this with tho completed figures for 1000 we lind that thu
total mineral production of  the province readied a value of $20,713,600,
showing an increase of no less than
.0.7 per cent, over the previous year.
The various items which go to make up
this total nearly all show a gain substantial in its amount.   There was, it
is   true,  a   falling off   in   gold   from
placers, duo partly to a short season
and partly to lliu failure of the large
hydraulic operations undertaken in iho
Atlin and in tho Casslar to yield any
considerable amount during thc first,
season: but thero was a largo increase
in the gold produced from the  lode
minus, and thu gold production reached
a total last year of $5,500,700, an ir.
crease of 1S,3 per cent, ovor 1000.   Silvor also showed  the considerable gain
of 13.G per cent., while the production  ���
of copper reached the total of 30,730,-
798 pounds, or 200.0 per cont. moro than
iu the previous year.   A large part of
this gain was due to the Granby and
Grand Forks smelters, and to the production of ores from the mines of the
West Kootenay division.   Loud showei'
a falling off which amounted to 2G..*-'
por cent., and this was duo not so much
to tho failure of mines as to the refusal
of smelters to buy Canadian lead ores
and their determination to uurtail production ln view of the very largo stocks
which have been  carried   ovor from
1900.   Thu total produotion of metals
in tho province showed an  increase of
33.4 percent, in values, whieh goes far
to reverse the popular impression as to
the course of British Columbia mining
during the year.   In non-metallio substances the principal  values wero in
coal and coke,    Both of theso showed
substantial gains which  wero the re
suit  mainly   of  tho   opening  of   the
Crow's Nest mines.   In view of the
fact lhat thoro was u 0011811101*111110 do-
crease in t'no export of British Columbia coal to California, the gain in coai
and cuke production is very encourng*
ing, showing that there   has boon  a
much hotter demand at hunie, chiefly
from thu mining and smelting Industries.   Tho remaining1 products, whicli
include building  stouo, cement, olaj
aud similar matters, showed a fair increase,   Upon the whole Mr. Robertson's report must bo considered a very
CiHUluucd ou Third ruse,
Hopeful of 11 ltavlval.
It must bo understood that, thore aro
thousands of propositions that have
not reached the development stage of
which greatness may be expected.
Mo3t peoplo hero look for a revival in
the mining industry in tho near future.
Everything points that way. Tho
older properties are taking on'now life,
and new propositions will be exploited.
Great wealth is known to iio buried in
these mountains���to dig it out is the
next thing.���Western Mining World.
one to British Columbia
"Sillies Are Miiilu, Not Pound."
Occasionally, as tho saying is, a mine
pays from tho "grass roots," This is a
very rare exception, says tho Blaek
Hills Milling Review. Tho records of
tho largest mines of to-day all show
that many thousands, and iu some eases,
millions of dollars woro expended for
machinery and labor to open up the
ore bodies, sufficiently for their economical and profitable working, before
tbe mines paid expenses und dividends.
Everyone knows that time and money
must also bo put into largo undertakings in ovory other business, before the
profits can bo expected! and His equally
so in mining. But tho ultimate profits
In mining arc many times greater than
the profits of any othor business.
Subscribe for tho Eaole,
How's This for Freight Charges?
Following nre tho. freight charges
made by the White Pass & Yukon R.
R. over the White I'ass road from
Skagway to White Horse���111 miles���
on Hour, sugar, hams, oats, etc., live
tons and under, $3,86 for each 100 lbs.:
6 to 10 tons, $3.76: 10 to 26 tons, $3,05;
25 to 100 tons, $3.66| 100 to 200 tons,
$3.50) over 200 tons, $3.40. Charges on
oilier freight ranges from $4,511 to Js
por one hundred pounds. The pross in
Alaska assort that the Whito Pass &
Yukon railway people are sapping the
life-blood out of the couutry by oxhor-
bitaut traffic charges.���Pacific Coast
metal nuotiitli'iiit.
London, March 20���Lead, til lis, 31.
New York, March 2(1. ��� Hnr
Silver, 63}, Mexican dollars, 43.. Copper dull, 12(2'12t.   Load steady, LARDEAUEAGLE
Published even* Thursday ut Forguson, B.C.,
to whom all correspondence should bo mailed.
Advertising Raton Display ads., $1.00 per
-���iiirli' colurau inch por month. Legal mis.. 12
rents per (nonparloli lino for first insertion; 8
1-entn per line for eaclt additional Insertion,
leading notlees 10 cents por lino eaoli issue,
ninety day legal notices, $1(1.i sixty dayB,$7.60i
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liuse rates.   No room for quack ads.
subscription ttatos: 12.00 por annum, to
uv address in America j $1.00 f<��r Blxmontltsj
1.50 a yoar to toroigu addresses, No pay, no
a per.
Job Printing: Tho ISaglo lob dopartmont
- tin* host cciuippad oilleo, and the only oflleo
���hich run furnish tho typographical union
iin-i in North Kootonay: a guarantee in itscll
I good work and promptness,
future ii more certain than that
Alaska, British Columbia and the
northwestern part of Canada are
going to be visited very soon by
men representing great wealth, each
one of them determined to expand
many thousands of dollars in exploiting the properties that have already been located, and in working
those that prove to contain minerals.
Now is the time for those whose
interests are in this locality to make
the mining possibilities known in
order to secure a portion of the
millions of nior.ey that are looking
for places to locate.
This issue of the Lardeau Eagle
appears under new management.
11 will be our effort in the future to
furnish investors with all the news
of the North Kootenay district, and
the Lardeau and Trout Lake mining
divisions in particular. We believe
our readers, when they subscribe lor
lliis paper, expect to get thc "news,"
and to (urnish this demand will be
inn* constant endeavor. We shall
try to regard this paper as your
property and try to (eel that when
we speak we are giving utterances
to thc opinion, if a goodly number
of our supporters. If we quarrel
with anybody he will be quite safe
so far as personal abuse in these
columns is concerned as we feel that
���-, newspaper should not be made a
channel through which the personal
f:elings of the editor should be
given vent. If we become con-
\ incad that any man or body of men
r.re engaged in practices which are
detrimental to the community at
:.'irga, then after thorough investigation we shall speak and that in no
uncertain tone. With these introductory remarks we begin work in
our new field. Let tho future be
judged  by our record.
From all parts of the world come
indications lhat there is soon to be
an awakening in the mining industry that will eclipse anything of the
kind that has heretofore taken place
Mnce mining operations began.
The industrial activity ot the past
four or five years has made such a
demand upon the supply of commercial minerals that the users of
^reat quantities of minerals are
looking around for other sources of
supply. There is always a growing demand for gold, if not for
money, then for plate and jewels,
and it is a demand that is steadily
For several years the silver mines
of the world have been shut down
and in consequence the world's supply ol silver is running low. Its
price is sure to rise in a short time,
to be followed hy an activity in all
silver producing camps. The boom
in copper has been on for several
years and it is growing in intensity.
li has boon stated authoritatively
that the copper markets of the world
contain only a three months' supply;
that is, if the mills should to-day
cease manufacturing copper wire,
and its other merchantable forms,
in three months time there would be
none to be had. Similar conditions
prevail concerning most other minerals, such as lead, zinc, iron,* etc.
Because of these conditions capitalists in all parts of the world are
���seeking out mining properties. The
moUntains of Norway are being
prospected, so are those of Siberia
and Africa, and South America and
Few people realize even the greatness of British Columbia���not alone
in territorial extent, but in all the
resources that go tobuild up a great
and prosperous commonwealth. Not
alone in mining does she excel, but
in all departments of agriculture, in
horticulture, in stock raising, in her
immense fisheries, in her lumbering
facilities, as well as in the commerce
of the ocean. Settlement and development will start the wheels of
progress in motion, and we are glad
to note that the government is doing
all it can to help the good cause
along. Cheap lands and homes for
the millions should be thc watchword, and other blessings will fo!
low in rapid succession.
The projected railroad to the
north, tapping a vast region now
unsettled, said to possess agricultural possibilities of great extent,
and known to be rich in the precious minerals, is an event of more
than passing notice. The valley of
the Peace River is a large stretch
that will support thousands of families, and it is but one of many of a
like nature within the confines of
the province. The offer ofthe j*pv-
ernment to give each settler ioo
acres of land, with the privilege of
buying 220 acres at $1 an acre, and
to construct a road through the entire length of the Peace River valley, as well as school houses at
needed points, is a liberal offer and
will certainly bear fruit in a few
years. It is a region heretofore
given over to trappers and prospectors. A railway will in a short time
reach this northern section of British Columbia, towns will spring into being, farms and orchards will
be cultivated, homes will be made
and happiness and plenty prevail.
Canadian <5
V Pacific Ky.
.Now York
San Francisco
St. Paul, Chicago and all U. B,
East���Loavo Leave Dunsmoro
Junction Daily.
Lcavo Kootenay Lauding Thur,
iiixl TrL, St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal, Huston.
West���Leavo Revolstoke Daily,
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast Steamship service From Vancouver
to Alaska, Hawaii, China, Jupun
ami Australia.
Westbound���1 March to 80 April
ANDY CUMMINGS, Proprietor.
Through Bookings to Europe
vln. all Atlantic Linos,
Prepaid Tickots from all Points nt
 Lowest   Kales.
J. S. CAI.TJSR,      E. J. COYLE,
D. P. A., Nelson.  A.G.P.A., Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Agent, Arrowhead.
The real reason why the lead
miner in British Columbia is at a
disadvantage, says the Victoria
Colonist, is because its lead passes
through the hands of the United
States middleman before it reaches
cither the home Canadian market or
the British market, or the foreign
market. This is a monstrous condition of affairs, but neither the responsibility nor the remedy lies to
thc hand of any provincial government. The responsibility lies upon
the Dominion government, which
has refused to give the British Columbia lead miner the home market
for lead. The remedy lies in the
same hands if the Dominion government chcosc to adopt it. It costs
the British Columbia miner one cent
a pound extra expense, to market
his lead in 'treat Britain; it sliould
not cost so much. It cost him the
same or more to market his lead in
Montreal. It should dot cost him
anything. He should- be protected
in the home market. The difficulty
under which it labors now, is a difficulty of market, not of manufacture.
Nothing which the provincial government might attempt to assist the
manufacture, could obviate the
necessity for what the Dominion
government has so far refused to do
to improve the market.
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the United.Hatters
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lint for you. do not
patronize him. He
l:ns not any ngnt to nine loose lnhels. Loose
tithed in mtali stores nre counterfeits* Bo nol
listen to*any explanation as to why. the hat
has no lahel. The lienuinc I'nlon Label is
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James Cummings, Proprietor.
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Wholesale and Retail
General Merchants
The largest importers in Worth Kootenay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout 'Lake City,
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall jt^   \
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
Sewing    Machines,
Etc. j^i^xi^j^s
___-�����-���- ���reveT-stdke, II. 0,
,    ,       ,,  recently suggested  by Hon. J. R,
Chinn,   and   Hie    Philippines   and Tllrte for ,,le governn,0..t acquisi.
North   America.    No event in the
A Montreal broker says control of
C. P. R. stock is steadily passing
trom the Canadian to American holders and that not one in ten of his
former Canadian clients now holds
the stock, The d.iy may not be fur
distant when the Laurier government may have to carry out the plan
The Man who will risk the Purchase of a Lo'i or two in the
Now has many good chances of making
lion of the road. ���Kootenay Mail.
Circlo City in tho future tprminus of the proposed railway, already ��� mrveyed
via the Lardoau creek north fork to that point.
Circle City is beautifully located at tho baso of tho Lardeau Pass, G ��lena and
Surprise creeks.
Circle City Is absolutely surrounded by mining properties now -under development.
Circlo city affords splendid water power whioh will be utilized ne> A season for
concentrating purposes.
Circle City will present business openings this spring. Send for the new map
just out (froo), and full particulars, to G. B. Batho, general a* tt,, Pei*g��soi*,.
J wo hundred lots on sale uow���Present prices: Corner lots, Htl2 j. Inside lots
$109.   Tonus:   ��� cash, balance three and six months.
G. B. BATHO, General Agent, Fergu? *on, B. C.
W* 4 ������Mi ���������������� "��� ��� *�������������������-��� �������������-�����������*������ ��� ��*f
* t
A pallbearers' union has beon organized in Chicago.
Tho Drill says oro shipments from
the entire Slooau amount to 0,800 tous.
A custom smelter, costing about toO,-
000, is to bo started at Benson, Arizona.
dian premier, was only political, sent
this telegram to his leader, who was
in Ontario on a speech-malting tour:
"Report in circulation iu this country
that your children have not beon baptised. Telegraph denial." To which
dispatch tho premier sent this reply:
"Sorry to say report is correct. I have
no children."
The Newsboys' Protective union of
Boston is the youngest that over joined
the American Federation of Labor.
It is laid that Mr. J. P. Morgan controls fifty-nine por cont, of the anthra-
cito coal production of tho United
lt is estimated that $90,000,000 represents tho investment ir. machinery
alono, employed in the gjld mines of
South Africa.
A large amount of outside capital,
mainly American, has been invested
during the last year in Ymir district,
British Columbia.
According to an article in a French
periodical, not less than ".0,000 nobles
arc at present confined iu the prisons
of Europe. Russia stands first with
12,000 bluo-bioododlaw-breakers.
By the New Zealand census of 1901,
Auckland bas a population of 1)7,226;
Christ Church, 57,041; Dunedin, 52,390,
and Wellington, 49,344. The whole
population of the islands, including
Maoris, was 815,820.
A sensational silver strike has boen
mado iu the Wedenok mine, near Reno,
Nov. A new ledge five feet wido and
assaying $3,300 to the ton, was recently
uncovered. Tho mine is tho property
ol John Sparks, a cattle king.
Great excitement has been caused at
Dawson by 6ome miners' discovery of
an 85 pound nugget, 83 per cent pure
gold, in tho Wichita mountains. It
was found in Devils' canyon, the location of ono of the ancient Spanish
mines where many crucibles have been
unearthed recently.
MlniilCH of Exec, ,iv<* Committee.
Vancouver, March ,i'5. ��� Presont:
K. Burns, T. Mathews, .'. "odd. Minutes of previous meeting road and confirmed, Correspondence received and
read from A, Stewart Embrae, Croon-
wood; R. P, Pettipiece, Forguson; O.
Loo Charlton, Victoria: G. W. Scott,
Seattle: (!. Weston Quigley, Toronto;
C. W. Mitchell, RcvelBtoke;,!. W. Bennett, Slocan local, and circular from
Western Federation of Minors, asking
executive to seud delegates to a convention at Kamloops April 14, Tho
estimate of the expenses of proposed
tour of Comrade Spargo was about
$250. The executive were of the opinion that it would bo much better to engage somo speaker whose traveling expenses would not be so hoavy. Comrade G. W. Scott of tho state committee of the Washington Sooialist party,
said at present they were not expecting
any well known speaker to address
them and they would however keep B.
C. executive posted as to any speaker
likely to come that way.
The secretary was requested to write
to promoters uf Kamloops convention
stating that as there was not time
enough to tako a referendum vote of
this party as to being represented at
Kamloops con von tion, they do not
think thoy would be justified in sending
an ollieial representative. Locals
financially able to send delegates are
recommended to do so, with tho understanding that no action thoy take will
he binding on tho organization as a
whole without it is satisfied by major*
ity of membership.
Bill  for   letter  fllo   and sundries
of $1,20 was ordered paid. Bill for
printing, $15.50, ordered paid as soon
as funds aro in treasury to that amount.
Meeting then adjourned.
E. Burns, Secretary.
From Hlocun.
SLOCAN, March 24.���At our regular
meeting yesterday tlio Rev. Mr. McKee addressed tlio local, taking [or his
subject "The Absence of the Sabbath."
Thc subject was very ably handled aud
brought out considerable discussion
from members of this local, as welt aB
from quito a few wlio are not members.
This local also rosolvod to send a
delegate to tho convention to be held
at Kamloops tho 14th of April. And
it is to bo hoped that overy Socialist
league in tho provinco will send a full
representation, as it will be the most
important convention ever lield in this
province, and tho actions of those coin
posing tho convention will be fought
with tho utmost importance to the com
mon pooplo of B. C. Lot us hope that
none but those who have our best intor
osts at heart will lind a seat in the
coming convention, and tbat groat good
may be the result of the labors of those
who attend. J. V. PURVIANOE,
Secretary No. 8.
Continued Irom First Page.
tion, they are liable to lose the benefits
of the special rates.
It is unnecessary too for us to dwell at
any further length upon the importance
of this convention to organized labor,
and othor reformers. We can only add
in conclusion, wo trust thnt every
organization will assist in every way
possible to make this convention a success in ovory particular, and that its
deliberations may result in tho adoption of a policy, which, when carried
into practical effect, will produco much
benefit and bring prosperity and happiness to tho working people of our beloved province.
Fraternally gout's,
James Wilks,
President, Nelson.
Rupert bulmeb,,
Vice-President, Rossland.
Alfred Park,
Seo'y-Troasurer, Ymir.
(All reform bodies who may not receive tho foregoingclrcular-lotter thru
the mail will kindly consider this as au
invitation to join in  the  movement.
The addresses of all organizations entitled  to recognition   cannot bo obtained.��� Ed.)
The No,w York Typographical Union
No. 0, which has been on outs with the
Now York Sun, has won a hard earned
light. This -difficulty began with a
lockout of tho Sun's employes on
August 5, 1899, aud its adjustment,
after it struggle of almost threo years,
is a source of satisfaction to all interested parties.
Patrick Shcchan, a miner in the
mountain Consolidated mino, at Butte,
Mont., was blown to pieces recently by
tho prematura explosion of blasting
powder. His partner, Eriek Hills, was
terribly injured and lies dying at tho
hospital. Thero were no eye witnesses
to tlio accident- The two men were
blown a distance of 25 feot by tbe explosion.
Tho Turkish government has lately
discovered a queer reason for forbidding tho importation of typewriters,
ft is held that typewriting gives no
clew to the author, and makes easier
tbe circulation of writings opposing
the government. Mimeographs and
other machines of like nature are put
under a similar ban. This shows the
despurate straits to which despotic
governments are driven to maintain
their power.
President Boyce of tho Western
Federation of Miners says that the
capitalists has spies in all the unions
and advises the miners to go bodily
into tho Socialist party and light the
capitalists at tho ballot box. The matter ot doing so will como up at the
convention in May. That would scare
the capitalists more than a hundred
strikes. If generally taken up, as
such things are when started, it would
mean good-bye Mr. Monopolist.
If you want all the news of
thc  Lardeau, subscribe for
Lardeau Bagle
Published Every Thursday
Subscribe for it and send
it to your friends.
$2 a year payable in advance.
Sample Copies forwarded to any address
on application.
The Eagle
It is said to be taking 1,000 men to
keep Dawson warm these cold days.
The Alaska Yukon Mining Jourital
quotes one of the leading wood dealers
of Dawson as follows: "Of the 1,000
men 200 are sawing wood in the city
and the others are engaged in making
roads or trails and cutting the wood in
the hills, while tho others are occupied
in hauling It to town; and selling It to
consumers. Four-foot wood sells for
$10 to $15 a cord and men ln town
charge from $3 to $8 for sowing it.
Th* recent elections in Canada were
bitterly contested and efforts were made
both by the Liberals and Conservatives
to stir up race and religious prejudice.
A Quebec Liberal, whose acquaintance
with Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Cana-
is up to date in every respect.
All work turned out with neatness and dispatch.
Prices Right
Mail orders promptly attended to.
to buy lots that time is now
The railway is being- pushed to completion and
soon the C. P. R. will accept througfi'freight
for Trout Lake. Trains are now b-Kng' operated on thc new road as far as the steel is laid.
Man)' mining properties surrounding Ferguson
are rapidly reaching* the shipping stage, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only is
Ferguson the commercial, banking, .smelting
and pay roll center, but here is where the most
prominent Lardeau mining men have their
interests and headquarters. The best lot -locations are being picked up by shrewd inventors.
There is Big Money in
If Secured at Present Prices
Business Lots are Still on the Market j it m
$150 Upwards $150$
Residential Lots at m
$75    Upwards    $75%
Write or call on the General Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B. C.
,'! ���*>��������������������"����������������������������������� ��� �����������������������
| ITEMS. j
"From Greenland's icy mountains,
To India's coral strand
Theso Dunsmuir-Martin bilkers
Want to givo away the land."
Mr. McKarland is laid up at his
home with a lame knee.
The snow in thc Lardeau is now
disappearing at a rapid gait.
The Trail smelter which has been
closed down some time for repairs
has resumed operations.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith were
presented with a bouncing baby girl
last Saturday afternoon.
Bank Manager Macdonald and
bride arrived in the Metropolis of
the Lardeau Thursday last from Edmonton.
Rev. S. J. Green preached an able
Easter sermon Sunday night. The
hall was appropriately decorated
with flowers.
Dr. Newcombe and A. J, Gordon
were out fishing Sunday. They
came back loaded with fish���stories
���"didn't get a bite."
C. A. Irwin left yesterday for the
Mabel group to prepare for extensive
development work on that valuable
property this summer.
Postmaster Geo. Batho left for
Vancouver last Saturday morning,
where he will purchase a large stock
of goods for his general sfore.
It is said that Dave Morgan is
holding down the pulpit at the Nettie L. Dave is all right, he is capable of keeping the boys awake at
the mine.
II. M. Carter and wife, of Walla
Walla, Wash., came in on the fast
mail Friday evening last. The
Ferguson "Coal Oil" band turned
out and serenaded the happy couple
with a few of their choice selections.
I. V. Edson was presented with a
handsome gold watch and chain by
the proprietor and employes of the
Hume hotel at Nelson last week on
his leaving to take charge of the
Hotel Ferguson at Ferguson.���Mail.
Mr. Joseph Ryan, who represents
the Vulcan Smelting company ol
San Francisco, has just returned
from Sandon and Kaslo where he
has been considering the advisability of erecting smelters in their
respective neighborhoods.
"Sandy" Laughton will return to
the camp about May I.
Sam Sutherland left for outside
points Tuesday morning.
F. C. Campbell and Mr. McClei-
Ian of Trout Lake, were in town on
"Dad" Black took a run up to
the Silver Cup Monday and returned
the following day.
The roads are getting in bad
shape and most ot the freighting
is being done dy night.
Harry Carter and Alex Brown
went up to the Union Jack proberty
up the south fork Tuesday morning
to do development work.
The Mountain Lion Mining Co.
intend to change their registered
oflice in British Columbia from
Rossland to Trout Lake City.
It would interest many of our
townspeople to know what has be*
come of the proceeds from the
"Dandy Minstrel" entertainment.
Surely an explanation is due.
Ferguson Socialist League No. 8
held a very interesting meeting in
Miners's Union Hall on Monday
last. The feeling of a vast major
ity of B. C. Socialists is in favor of
accepting the invitation of the W.
F. ot M., to be represented at their
convention to be held in Kamloops
April 14.
A very interesting program was
rendered in Miners' Union hall last
Friday evening by the Ferguson
Literary society. The entertainment wound up with a spelling
match, composed of two classes,
with seven pupils in each class. The
spelling continued until all went
down but two���R. P. Pettipiece vs.
Mr. Wood. The word "pestilential" was put to Mr. Pettipiece���and
the "sun went down"���leaving a
victory for Mr. Wood. The same
classes were lined up for the second
battle, this time leaving Dr. Newcombe to combat with Mr. Wood.
The word "homogeneous" was put
to the doctor who slipped and fell,
making Mr. Wood champion of the
. The following Is a list ol Lardeau ore producers, amount shipped anil the gross returns,
reports ol which have to be furnished monthly
by mine owners to the provincial government:
Name. Pounds.       tiross Val.
Silver run .... 2.-100,000        SISO.OOO.OO
NottiO L....    1,700.000 <��,:M1.IK>
Triune.       .    '            649,776 S.,K7(V'7
Beatrice '.'.    <MS,000 8_,_89.89
\ ;:.%.::*
firent Northern.. . ���
,,      ^,1)00
.,     28,289
11,074 ....
12.000 ....
11,770 ....
tHiS ....
! Ulaok Warrior	
$   Keturns and correction aBaed Ior.
I.oenla Willi 11 1'ityslreiili.
* For anything in the book or stationery line semi to the Canada Drug &
Book Co., Rovelstoke, B. C. Mall
orders receive prompt attention.
* To get acquainted with this district
you should have a copy of tho new and
only map. Send a one dollar bill to
tho Eagle and secure one at onee.
Do you want to avoid that business trip? Well, just drop Into any of
tho offices of the Tlevelstoke, Trout
Lake & Big Bend Telephono Co. and
save time and money.
* The Ferguson quadrille club gives
a dance evory Thursday evening in
Miners' Union hall. Secure a membership ticket from the secretary, B. U.
Smith,    ti a month.
���t Smokers i If you want the genuine "Union" and "Our Special"
cigar see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped In gilt letters on every box,
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke. B. C.
1  1
Established 1896
1     1
General Merchants
Packing and   l^r^t���*and
.  - . ������---_��� Transfer Outfit.
JH reigntmg ������
Contracts entered into for packing of Mining Supplies, otc, to any
point in the district.
Good,  prompt service, and  any  work undertaken  guaranteed.
Freighting  from  Thomson's  Landing  to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ***JJif S. Daney, Proprietor.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
(Form F.)
Messrs. E. Monroe and E, Viel-
lett came down from the north fork
Friday last, where they have been
trapping for several months. They
brought down 47 martin, 4 mink,
and 2 bear skins, and disposed
of the lot to Cummins & Co.
There are now 25 men working at
the Nettie L, mine. They are taking out some fine ore and it is said
that things never looked better.
The rawhiders are kept busy pulling
the ore down to five mile creek, Irom
there it is hauled by night on sleighs
to Trout Lake.
R, P. Pettipiece left on Sunday
for Vancouver. Mr. Pettipiece is a
staunch Socialist and has done
great deal towards pushing the
movement to the front. His de
parture from the camp will be re*
grettcd by the local league, which
he is. the founder of.
A peculiar accident happened to
i-'obert Gunn's dog up at the Nettie
L last week. The poor little fellow
fell down a 65-foot shaft and remained there four days before
iie was discovered. . When
found he was almost dead, but with
the aid of a little milk and other
stimulants the canine survived.
The Tonawanda men were down
from that promising property on
Tuesday and report the lead ao
looking better than it ever has before. The face is full of white
quartz which glitters with cube iron
and in one place three inches of
solid iron has appeared. The men
left the same day packing supplies
with them and also brought up a
Ping-Pong outfit with which they
will while away a fewmoments every
day. On their appearance in town
again, the Eagle trusts they will
bring down some nice specimens of
the ore which they are almost sure
to break into any day now and no
doubt they will be ready to compete
with the best of Ferguson's Ping-
Pong players.
From our Special Correspondent.
Spring will soon be around our way.
Musdamcs Smith and McLeod left for
outside points last week.
Abrahamson Bros, are having their
hotel renovated. Tho work is in charge
of our skilled artist, Mr. Edge, and
whon completed the Queens will be
second to none in the Latdeau.
D. L. Clink has placed his mill in
charge of Mr. Thomson, who is making
things hum,
All the oro sheds aro nearly full and
more room will be necessary If they
keep bringing it down. Thero is now
about 1,200 tons of Nettio L. and Silver
Cup oro stowed here.
Mr. Masterson, of tho firm of Master-
son & Griffiths, paid a visit to their
property down the lako on Friday last.
Tho boys are now in over 150 feet and
he reports things looking line as the
lead is becoming well mineralized,
Good Friday was closely observed by
tho merchants of this placo as it was
almost impossible to get into any of
the stores during tho day.
Another stroot light was put up last
Friday but taken down on Saturday for
chango of locution.
Mr. Thoo. Dufresne left on Saturday
last for Fisli Creek camps. Success to
you Theodore.
Fred .Mummery came up the lake on
Sunday, and says ihe claim on which ho
Is working looks well.
las. H. Dlmmlok came up from Gi-
rard on Saturday last and reports only
about a foot of snow down there. He
sayt there are less than a hundred men
working on the road and that they
could use two hundred more.
Hugh Brown, foreman of the American came down on Sunday and says
they are in about 80 feet with the crosscut. He has four men with him up
there, which force will be increased as
Soon as possible.
Frank Abbey went down the lake on
Monday with a horso, sleigh and toboggan loaded with about 1,000 pounds.
Chas. Hillman was down on Monday
from the Horseshoe- and says everything is moving alob". nicely up there.
He returned the same day.
All sensible peoplo here are predicting a most prosperous season for tho
Lardeau this year.
Bring your job work to the Eagle.
Mity Kee" mineral ohtlm, Bltuate in the
Trout Lake Mining Division ol West Koote*
nay distriot. W'ltoro locate,!: On Nettie L,
.Mounttiin. between the north and scull, forks
ol I.ardenu creek.
TAKE NOTICE���That I, A.I'. Cummins ns
iiltent for tlio Double Kticle Minini* and Dovel-
opniont Company, Limited of Ferguson, n. c���
Froo Miners'Certificate No. 81851 respectively
intend, sixty days from the hereof, to apply to
the .Mlnitift Recorder Ior a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant oi the above elaim.
And further take notice thai action, under
section 87, must he commenced  before the
issuance oi such Certificate of Improvements.
Hated this 27th day of November A. D��� 1901.
May.' A. P. CUMMINS, P, L, S,
(Form 1*'.)
Good Luck mineral claim, situate in the Trout
Luke Mining Division of West Kootenny ills,
trlct. Where located: un Nettie I,, mounttiin, between the north and south forks of
I.nrdeau creek.
TAKE NOTICI'-Tlial I, A. 1'. Cummins as
agent Ior the nreat Western Mines, Limited,
Free .Millet's Certificate No. 81850, intend, sixtv
days Irom tlio date hereof, lo apply to the
Milling Keeorder Ior a eertilieate ol Improvements, foi the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grantof the above claim.
And further Hike notice that netion, tinder
section 47, must he commenced  before  the
issuance of such certillcate of improvements.
Hated this thiiticth dav of .March A. I).. 19.2.
tne. A. 1\ CUMMINS, I'.L.S.
T    INT!* 1 T A AT   T\     fl The Shortest and Easiest    7
^ REAM B. C. -�����shCreekt
71      mJ   FORMERLY ~ K
r\ Thomson's Landing Camp. -J*
If we'haven't s-ot it we can ffet it
Ferguson Meat Market
Fine stock of the 1 FKfiSH BEEF,  PORK, MUT-
 best Alberta * TON,    I'Ol'LTRY,   Etc.,   Etc.
...... ��� ->-**-*>-*>.��-��-<���.........i
Pair Prices
Mine orders a specialty.
Shop one door east of Hotel Lardeau.
Prompt Delivery
���-���-*>���->-���-���-����������� ������������<->
*>���-*--<*-��-��� ���*>>->---���-���-*--'>��� * * <-���-**���*���-(.
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkirk
Urandti, manufactured by thc Enterprise
��� �� Uigur Co., Kevelstoke, arc uneiiualled in 4
��� the province it
Drugs �������/ Stationery
Proscriptions carefully nnil
..Accurutuiy Compounded..
1 ... ...,....>
For sole hy Ferguson's Leading Hotels
Ask for thorn.
SMOKE    UNION-   ���
CIGARS,   ���
~*-'/--.-0"*f-}- -J*-***- t-c**-ft-��-*-f
If  you   are   building   or contemplate building- we will be
pleased to quote you estimates  on anything' made   in our
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.    Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, R. C.
Everybody   Our Special
smokes and���	
-   Tlie Union
They aro all Unlca mado ami of the
hest Havana Tobacco monoy can
buy. Try one mitt satisfy youi'SOli
us to their quality.
Union Cigar
Factor- v, H.A.
Ij k 6 w n , Prop.
You Can Always Depend
&-&.sAzjA?--&.&. _*^z.__Ctjft____-ftiftE. rfz-s��3
���j*      A Common Remark      $
Of traveling men. Thai's tho bout     ���J'
shave 1 ever sot.   Of course al tho      L
��ft    K*
Wm. Schnell, Prop. #
L   Hot or Cold Baths.       i
��� i^-iyntyr^s _p z$*r_$*rz-,*n*$*, -z-A-z-v-;
Send for a copy of
Mail $i to the Eagle.
Upon getting the Best Workmanship an J the Best Malar-
iitls for your money, when you  buy your clothes I'ioo 1
D  -S  Wilcnn merchant tai'lor,
I\. ��J��    VV IISUMMf HEVELSTOH E, fl. C,
The pay roll centre nml the placo whore Larfleat i'a ulflpnln
mines are located, In situated ��(i milts southeast ol  J< eve In toko
From Ilevelstoke to Arrowhead hy rail, _!H _iii.e.>i; fnom Arrowhead to Thomson's landing by boat, Yi miles;   front 1 lit) Landing
o FERGUSON, by horse or stage, 10 miles,  t'orio straight to
"erguson.  Investigation courted.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B, C.
EarveU, McCarter $ Pinkham
Ollle-.s:    Revelstoke, Clohlon, nnil I**ori*nson.
Solicitors ior Imperial Bank oi Canada.
Goo. S. McCBrter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. riukliam,
J.M.Scott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
There is only one beat mining 'aurnal.
Tlinl is
Mines and Minerals.
It hns it larger circulation than any two alitor
American mining Journals because it is Hubert. It is tho largest) best illustrated and
immlsomcKi minim; Journal In tlifl world, n
Is a mining paper.for minim; men, Bubsorip-
lion price ?'J.ixi per year, Send for freo sample
copy.   Address MIN'l-.H AND .MlXKKAl-S.Hcrau-
ton, i'a., II. S, A. Denver offices, Uarth uhlg.,
Denver, Col.


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