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S2.00 A YEAR.
Our Future Destiny Left to the 0.
P. B. to Work Out.
the Lead Products of Kootenays
Will Be Treated and Marketed From Montreal.
What promise, to become a very lm*
portant industry in Canada i. likely'to
be established shortly in Montreal
Says the Western Mining World. This
is a factory for the manufacture ot
white and red lead and litharge���substances used largely for the making of
paint and glass, and for the glazing of
earthenware ��� from pig lead. The
decision of the Canadian Pacific railway to establish a lead refinery in
connection with their smelter at Trail
has brought matters to. a head. Tho
rellnui-y, wblch forms an adjunct to the
Trail smelter, is now being built, and
will lie ready for the treatment of the
smelted oro early in May. The commercial importance of the industry will
bo realized whon it is stated that many
thousands of tons of whito and red lead
aro imported annually from Germany,
while tho crude lead ore from which
these leads ure manufactured has been
exported from the Rossland and British Columbia mines to Europe. The
no*** refinery, at Trail will take the .11-
ver aud lead ore from the smelter, and
convert it into pig lead, separating the
silver from it. The pig lead where it
will be manufactured into the leads required by the painting trade, will afterwards be distributed for consumption
all over the Dominion.
make such a "petition" have an effect
that would startle some of the "public
servants" that we tend to "rule" us.
The Socialists in Belgium are making for something that is the commonest of common thing, ln British territory, universal suffrage; and they get
charged upon by cavalry with drawn
swords. The monarchy in that state is
guaranteed by the ereat powers. Fancy
tbe commotion In Europe if a popular
rising took place aa a result of the unjust electoral system. And don't forget that 2,500,000Socialists In Germany
are all trained soldiers, and .till the
Socialist does not take advantage of
bis strength but use. tbe ballot aB becomes a wise man.
Joseph Martin is ln Victoria. The
competition is keen between Joseph
and tbe Bonorable James as to which
will get talked of most. It's even now.
If you are a public man and go near
the parliament buildings now-a-days It
is supposed the Premier has invited
you over to offer you a oabinet position.
it's said that James is a pretty good
blacksmith, but he is not much as a
Chinese New Year celebrations are
about over in this city, and this important section of the city's population is
getting back to work again.
The Trades and Labor Council got a
slap from the trustees board again on
their resolution in favor of separate
schools for the"yellow kids." Must have
misunderstood things. Time will tell.
Tt is to bo hoped that the Delineator
knows more about fashion, than it does
about Socialism. "Sooiua: Anarchists
believe in the abolition of government,
Socialists in much more government,
The latter believe that the state should
do everything. Neither party has
reached the stage of constructive ideas;
(SAD, ISN'T it) both parties as yet
Bimnly desire to destroy the existing
governments; and no anarchist or Socialist has any idea of what is to be,
dono after that government has been
destroyed." Poor Socius, so much information will surely drive him mad.
At any rate it makes me mad when I
am not looking at the ridiculous side
of it.
We are trying to Becure Prof. Mills
for a lecture here this month.
Bookless Promotion of Stock Companies Too Often Court Failure.
Best Brought About By Individual,
Syndicate or Sound Practical
Mining Companies.
Speaking of the evil results of fraudulent promotions, the News-Advertiser
says: It seems extraordinary that more
drastic measures are not adopted as a
result of penal legislation, to prevent
the periodical invasion of .the London
mining market���by numbers of mining
and other companies, formed on really
fraudulent bases. As a result of the
coming callapse of a number of such
bubble concerns, connected with West
African gold exploitation, thero is, it
appears, now expected a further setback of legitimate mininir business in
London, with an accompanying distrust of even bona-fidu promotions on
the, part of the duped British investor.
Fortunately for ourselves tho development of our province's mining is not
solely dependent on tiie London mining market, as American und  Eastern
Sidelights From the Capital.
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 15.���Our old
friend Ley, the would-be Independent-
government (?) candidate for the Victoria vacancy bas been turned down
again. He was a Barnard heeler ln
the recent election and then attended
the Liberal convention prepared to
vote. His vote was objected to, but a
committee of three had to be appointed
to remove him. He tben left the hall,
on his feet.
One ballot in the Riley-Barnard contest was spoiled by having "Socialism"
written across it. The Times felt bad
and the Colonist, worse had a fit, I believe. Tbe Liberals voted for what
they wanted, the Conservatives ditto;
and why shouldn't the Socialist do tbe
same? Better vote for what you want
even if you don't get it, than vote for
what you don't want and get it.
A petition is being circulated here
asking the legislature to enact tbat all
amendments to the charter asked for
by the city council shall first bo submitted to a referendum. Many are
signing lt and lots of the signers
couldn't tolerate the least fraction of
Rev. E. S. Bowe, in a recent sermon
quoted David, "Once I was young, but
now I am old; yet have I not seen the
righteous forsaken or his seed begging
bread," and added, "But I have" and
since then be has told the other
preaehers the reason. He stated the
problem thus; "We have a wise and
benenclent creator, a fruitful earth, a
race advancing in power over nature
and Increasing In wealth, and a majority of that race shut out from an equitable participation in the blessing, of
God, tbe produce of the earth and the
fruit, of human progress."
The school board replies to the
Trades and Labor Council' that they
have not the power to separate Chinese
pupils from white child ren. The council thinks otherwise and has appointed
a special, committee to attend to it.
Ultra viresl Sounds nloel Its like
charity, covers a multitude of sins (of
Some of the ladle. ? at Spencer's fire
sale prodded each other with hat pins.
Grand example of the effects of our
competitive system. Dozens struggling
for entrance when the doors were occasionally opened to admit bargain
.  seekers. '
The citizens of Victoria are on their
bended knees asking humbly for a
chance to select a representative. Over
1,1100 electors signed the petition and
no one knows whether it will have any
. effect or not.  Direct legislation would
"Will "Blow In" the Vulcan Furnace.
D. Alex. Conolly of San Francisco,
representing the Vulcan Smelting and
Refining company, arrived in Feriru*
son on Friday last. Ho is here, at the
Instance of his company, for the purpose of "blowing in" the furnace now
nearlng completion. Owing to navigation having been closed for a couple of
weeks the fire brick, coke and other
accessories have been delayed, but
these are now arriving, and with the
purchase of a small lot of ore as a
starter operations will be begun
Mr. Conolly has every faith in the
possibilities of the first smelter of this
kind ever sold in the province, and
Lardeaultes can join heartily with him
in wishing it a success.
Eagle hasn 't a word to say concern i ng
tbe prospects the companies you mention own. Tbey may all be ail right,
but lt will take judicious development
work to prove it. And the sale of personal (capital) stock, rather than treasury stock, is not conducive to that end,
R. P. R. ti Co., Victoria, B. C���There
are twenty-three hotels in this district.
At Arrowhead, 2; Comaplix, 2; Thomson's Landing, 2; Camborne 2; Halfway, 1; Forks of Trout Lake & Ferguson wagon road, 1; Trout Lake, 4; Gerrard, 2: Tenderfoot creek, 1; Ferguson,
5; Ten-Mile, 1, An advt. in the Eagle
will reach them all. Rates quoted
John J. Auburn, Ind.���I. Ferguson
is only a small mining town, having 3
general stores, 5 hotels, mining companies' offices, 2 assay offices, 2 cartace
stables, a bank, butcher shop, print
shop, drug store, barber shop, blacksmith shop, saw mill, post office, telephone, a number of residences, and a
small Vulcan furnace nearing completion. Population nearly 300. 2. Our
nearest railway point, at present, is
Arrowhead, reached by a wagon road
of 16 miles, and across the northeast,
arm of Arrow lakes, a distance of 12
miles. As soon as the new A. & K
-branch of the C. P. R. is completed to
the foot of Trout lake, Trout Lake will
be our temporary shipping point. 3,
.Yes, the Lardeau Smelting & Refining
Co. are now Installing a Vulcan furnace.
4. Our smelting point at present is
Trail, B. C, operated by the C. P. K.
5. The government offices for this district are located at Trout Lake, four
tulles from Ferguson, at the head ol
Trout lake. (i. Have som you papers
us requested. 7. Would suggest that
you secure a copy of tho new Lardeau
map. It fills the bill. Price, $1 post
Kindly Advise of it Stock Promoter.
"If the young man were a gentleman
he'd   never smoko in your presence
The Outlook for Silver-Lead Mining
Is Much More Encouraging.
Adverse Conditions Are Gradually
Being Overcome.���Confidence
Being Rapidly Restored.
Canadian capital is now frequently*1 Aro *m ���vill*"S t0 bra,the sec01*<*-
forthcoming. But, it is certainly most hami tobacco 8moka' niBht an[' da.v'
unfortunate that the fraudulent meth- ���""'��� ������"-""��� entire system is permeated
ods of a number of mining company with the ieMy Pois��� ? If be U*"nb'c��
promoters of the wo.��t tvpo should but for a nickel, drop him; he's ganger-
continue permitted not only to wrong ��--8- A raan tliat d''*"fa. ere" in "*��**-
tnany an ordinal", investor, but also to erallon' 19 a '��o1 ��� and m*V dear ?.rl J"1"
prevent the legitimate and profitable ara a fo0' to marry a fool. "-British
Investment of  British capital within - Columbia Monthly Mining Bulletin.
one of tha most promising regions in,    ,,,��� . , , ���
._   n in i j�� t- We a,'e aes rlous of securing first
tbe British domain. , r     .,
class agents in every locality to sell
'Stocks   of    tbe   various    oompanies.
Answer, to Enqlrers. : Wf)M yQrJ ._���.._ . ^ ^^ , ._ dQ
Thia department Is established Ior tlio benefit !_,_��� .   ���,���   . _�����-.���������  _���.��� ,.���j,i g,,
ol SUBScltlBERS who desire particular inior* you know of someone who would?"���
matiou about mines and raining affairs. -While  u. C. Monthly Minins Bulletin,
we will endeavor to secure and give reliablo ���* n
Information we cannot guarantee accuracy in
every case.
Readers who are not upon our subscription
Hat must enclose fl. with iheir questions. This
Pushing Development on Nettie L.
The Nettie  L. mine force  is now
something over twenty. Foreman Crilly
Report of Hospital Committee,
The hospital committee appointed by
a publio meeting of the citizens of
Ferguson (a committee representative
of the Miners' Union and the business
men of Ferguson) met on Wednesday
last and discussed tbe question of a
hospital for Ferguson.
The petition which is being circulated by the committee requesting
government aid is being widely signed,
and the committee decided to refrain
from taking any further steps in the
matter until they heard from the government.
The oommlttee bas the assurance nf
the business men and Miners' Union
that an hospital ln Ferguson will be
an assured fact before enow flies next
There Should Be N* Duty at All.
Judge Taschereati, who was appoint*
ed some time ago to Investigate charges
made by Canadian newspaper publishers that Canadian manufacturers of
news print had organized a combine,
has submitted his report, which bears
out the assertions 'made. In consequence, the government has, under the
provision of the tariff act giving it
power to reduce dutie. when a combine
is known to exist, reduced duty on
n.wapaper from 25 per cent, ad valorem
to 15 per cent.
lee will include six months' subscription to
" The Lardeau Eagle."
Trout Lake Topic���1.   By a legitimate mining deal the editor of  the)says they  havo  commenced  drifting
Bhow his appreciation of their value he i somo fine ore.   They are pushing de-
Fe'rdg��sonmfo? Sko^Ti^g %$l**��>>-���' work, and only taking out
$1,400 more, produced what tho Topic about two tons of ore a day, scarcely
is pleased to term "the Eaglb block." t enuf to keep the road from here to the
2. As an old-time stud poker player
we certainly would prefer tho higher
ante. 3. The "possessed information"
was in our hands only one week before
heing made public. McCrossan's B. C.
Monthly Mining Bulletin did it.
J. H. O'N , Harrietsville, Ont.���As
far as we know, thero Is no one working in the Old Gold camp at present,
(tho the men only came down Christmas), but work will be pushed ahead
vieorousiy as usual next spring. Tbo
past work has been nf a most encouraging nature. Better transportation
facilities up the Duncan river valley
would be a big help to you and all tho
Frank I. G., Nelson, B. C���The
RAGLE'S advertising rates are II per
single column Inch pur month, Hat. Circulation 800, and increasing evory week.
No advts. allowed on title page, and no
quack advts. accepted at any price.
��� R, H. B.. Ledun, Alta.���Yes, thore
ought to be a good market hore for that
quantity of choice dairy butter each
week. Write Cummins & Co., McKinnon & Sutherland, or G. B. Batho &
Co., of Ferguson. They can tell you
better than we can, as It is more in
their line of business.
Jas.  W.  D.,  Sidney, Ohio. ��� Th.
mine broken in.
He Ought to Know.
Says the B. C. Monthly Mining
Bulletin, edited by Kev. C. W. McCrossan : "This is the sowing time.
Sow thoughts and you will reap deeds.
Sow deeds and you will reap habits.
Sow habits and you will reap character. Sow character and you will reap
A Hospitul for Tront Luke.
The citizens of Trout Lake havo
taken up the question of building a
public hospital at that point. A subscription list Is now being circulated
by Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Abrahamson
in Revelstoke and outsido points, by
Mrs. Jowett and Mrs. Clink in Ferguson, and by Messrs. H. McPherson and
A. Blgjrer at the mines. Construction
is, we understand, to commence in Juno.
Government aid will also be aBked for.
Over $1,000 has already been pledged
towards the good movement.
While tbe market conditions relative
to a silver-lead producing district have
been none too bright for the past two
mobths, indications and developments
during the pa.t couple of weeks have
been of a much more encouraging nature. While many would have preferred to see the Dominion and provincial governments .so-operate and do
what is left to the C. P. R. to do, we
must accept conditions ss we meat
That now confidence f.s bolug Oi-eited
by tho brighter outlook is beyond
Local property owners ran now go
rijht ahead with their development
work, and take out aD the ore they
wish, with the almost certain assurance that by the time bhey are ready
to market their ore thero "ill be 8
good demand, for their product at prices;
which loave ample room for profit.
The continuance of work on Lardeau
properties already under development,
aud the assumption of work on tin-, as
yet, "summer" properties, wllf keep
this town and camp well to thn front,
If ever there was a yoar to look fur-
ward to for big changes and advancement in the Lardeau, 1002 seems to
be the one.
With the sweeping reductions wi'iich
have recently beeD made in the pr.'ces
of fuel, and consequently smelting
rates, as well ns transportation, and
tho fact that we can ship via the A. &
K. during the present summer, surely
we have much to look forward to for
this yoar.
Canadians seem slow In meeting adverse conditions, but when they do
take action is It generally of a solid
Let us thon make ��ho besi of our,op-
portunities and as in the past pet in
and rustle. Confidence beeets confidence.
Already a lew new outside investors
have declared their Inteution of visiting tho Lardoau .is soon as tho snow
goes olf.
; Mr. Dedlongtime: "Bather s epicy
paper that last issue of the Trout Lake
Mr. Payrolls   "Ye.; its contents were
clipped from tho Eagle."
Ferguson Realty
-IS A-     ���
Good Investment
Write at once to
General  Agent,   .
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B.C.
i > .��s s s-a��s a.����������� mini
Trados Unions Are Protected (?)
Ir, tbe case of the Center Star vs.
the Rossland Miners' Union ot al, at
Nelson last Friday, the plaintiffs
sought to compel tho union to produce
its minute books, charter and other
documents for inspection by the plaintiff and also desired tbat defendants
who have uot yet filed affidavits of dis*
cpvery to do so. The application was
granted, so far as the filing of affidavits
was concerned, hut the court refused
to order the union to produce its minute
book., charter a-��d other documents,
Trail Smelter,KcAiiuiea Operations.
Tho extensivo improvements at the
Canadian smelting works, at Trail, are
complete and the plant is ready to resume sampling and smelting. Tho new
automatic crusher and sampler, having
a capacity of 150 tons per hour, has
beon to3ted and demonstrated to work
most satisfactorily. In addition a system of electric tramways has beon iu-
stalled to connect the roast heaps with
tho main works, which expedites the
handling of material. Tho smelter is
to blow in the load stacks immediately.
Tho date of resumption .if the copper
furnaces depends on shipments from
the Centre Star and the War Eagle
mines, which are expected to eommeneo
this week. Tho plans for a refinery to
treat silver-lead matte are finished and
the management is awaiting a favorable turn In the weather conditions to
commence buildingoperations.���Ledge.
Metal Quotation*.
New York, Feb. 13.���Bar silver,
G5ii*; Mexican dollars, 4,'l!.*.
San Francisco, Feb. 13.���Bar silver. Sole.
New York, Feb. l,1.--Coppor was
firmer, but quiet. Thero woro sellers
at 812.78 for lake, $12.02) for electrolytic and $12.60 for casting. Tho London
copper market was 2s lid better, closing
at J855 for spot and Jt.54 "s 6d for futures.
Lead was firm, with spot quoted at
44.124. London lead closed at 3d higher
M ��11 Us 3d. Published  every  Thursday at Fergusou, B. 0>, by
B, P. r KI Tl 1" IK C E
to whom all correspond*
ciieeshoull be-iddiesscd.
Advertising Rates: Dis*
jilay ads.,il.D0 per single
column inch per month.
Legal ads., 13 etmtB per
(nonparlel] line lor first Insertion; Scents per line for each additional
Insertion. Reading notices 10 cents per line each issue. Ninety day
l-.'ga! notices. 510.: aixty dnvs. ��7_50i thirty day", *����� No ads. accepted
at'tess tli'ap these rateB.     No room for imaclt mis.	
HllhSorlptlou Rates:     K.Ofl per itnnutn. '����� any address in America;
M.oo Ior six months; IS .50 a voar tofcrolgn sddrsssos.   Ko pay, no puiwr.
.lob Ptmtine:    The Eaglo Job departmonl Is too beat equipped offloe
mid tha only office whioh can furnish the typographical union label In
Vorth Kootenav; a guarantee ln llself ol'good work and promptness.
II we could have n list of the stockholders of the
daily papers of the country to-day, we would find il
an almost complete directory of the directing capitalistic masters of the corporations that dominate the government.
All hope of the missing sloop of war Condor has
been given up. It is certain that the vessel succumbed
;o thc wild winds and mad waves of the storm of December and, and t'.iat all on board perished. Thus is
added another terrible disaster of the seas with not a
���oul left to tell the terrible details,
Anyone who is foolish enuf to chase after every
silly nonsensiical rumor circulated by a few idle
sinssipers and cowardly back-biters is in no need of
sympathy. Let them enjoy lots of it. It's good for
the cheap blow-hard element and doesn't bother the
man who has sense enuf to mind his own business.
obedience are still required.
Those who are so'crud-j as to be bound by the literalism of the bible must needs believe in
of a terrible condition waiting lor the so-called
"damned." But when we make all allowances for the
high coloring of the oriental imagination it will be at
once perceived that the emphatic and literal interpretation which modern theology has put on the words of
Jesus is wholly unwarranted.
Very few intelligent people, if any, are now able to
believe in the deluge and heaven and hell, as realities.
But multitudes of them do believe in the usefulness of
those fictions, as restraining iniltiences, when received
as facts by the masses. For this reason multitudes of
good and intelligent men are to-day promoting a general belief in these things, which they do not believe
themselves. They think it would be an injury to society for them to do otherwise.
A world-wide observation of religions, and a personal acquaintance with a considerable number of their
devotees has convinced us of the sincerity and goodness of those who by accidental circumstances have accepted bad creeds or who have found them in some respects congenial. Our cxtortation to fellow-agitators
is���Don't blame! x.
If you   are   building   or contemplate building we will be
the possibilities i P'easec* t0 quote you estimates  on anything made in our
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.    Writ-?: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
Some judges remain on the bench after their facul
lies begin to decay. , A movement is to be made it
parliament to iput an end to this state of things. Judges
are often reluctant to retire because the retiring allowance is not equal to their full pay, but when they are
unable to properly perform their duties the very sense
of the justice and of what is due the public should compel them to give up their seats at the proper time.���
Nelson Miner.
If the C. P. R. is hungry for coal and anxious to
save the Canadian smelting industry from the baneful
machinations of Jim Hill, let it forget its greed for subsidies just this once, and proceed to build a road from
Midway to the coast. By so doing it cOuld give both
the boundary and the coast cities cheap coat and coke,
greatly increase traffic between th-e Kootenays and the
coast and at the same time develop a district whose resources are both rich and varied.���Nelson Miner.
"Where are you Socialists going to get all the
money to go into the industrial businesses you speak
of ? " is a question often asked by men who still stick
to the dying belief in competition. Well, gentlemen,
we may have to go into debt a little on the start, but
unlike the present, we will have an asset tor every
dollar of it. And' once the money that is now going
into the pockets of private owners of industry is diverted into the public treasury there will be plenty of money
available to enlarge our business. Nor will- we need
to levy taxes other than on| l&nd values. How do the
trusts grow ? Simply by the (act that the bigger they
become the more money���and hence power���they have.
Now, wouldn't it be reasonable to suppose that a trust
with all the people as shareholders���the people's trust
���would soon make it impossible for a little trust to
live. You may call this confiscation if you will ; but
it's only competition, the natural outgrowth of our
present economic system. The big trust, the people's,
will simply force the little private ones into amalgamation or out of business. Then, too, by a direct
vote���the same as the shareholders do in a trust, we
will elect our managers, superintendents, etc. If private capital (owners) can hire good practical men to
run their business and get dividends for them, sorely
we can do the same, since we will have the only trust
there is to work for. It amounts to this : If we don't
form a people's trust, we will all be working for Morgan-Hill et at ten years hence, with no say as to its
direction.    Which would you prefer ?
��� ��������������
smoke union- *   There are Cheap and Good
make  cigars, |   Union.Made cigarS) but the
- iiumi ������*��-,
Enterprise and Selkirk
Braids, manufactured by the Enterprise
-���Cigar Co., Huvelstoko, are unequalled In 4-
tliu province
For (sale by Ferguson's Leading Hotels.
Ask for them.
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall _J*V
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
WjBt   Sewing   Machines,
Etc. J4J4J-4J4.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers^a^MaBufacturers of Aerated Water
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Our Special
There is a wearisome sameness about Mr.
speeches that has not varied for 'sbjVeral years.
of opposing him on small
taken at his word on his penef:
in corporate and not  in   public
his whole career as a public aian
tions of the Crow's Nest il*.)!  ar
The simple, literal fact is that the
sufficient to construct it, and Britii
nf fact he should be
policy. He believes
iwnership of utilities;
.roves it; bis explana-
ivenk and unworthy,
lominion pave a sum
h Columbia endowec
it with a princely estate out of ivhich the coal baron*
have been created, and the people left to whistle and
wander that they could have been such fools���but fools
they are. Give them but work, promise to circulate
mo'n'ey, even it it be their own, a.nd the ringsters may
steal the shirt off their backs.���Voice.
There was a day, not long ago, when the ordinary
mind did not distinguish the difference between anarchism and Socialism. They were both words which represented facts that were to be shunned by all law-abiding citizens, quoth the bright and newsy Grand Fork:
But during the past ten years the word Socialism
has been fumigated, and the facts that it represent:
have not only been clearly separated from anarchy, bu
i-t has become the science of the people. The lubber of
the mud-sills has learned to read; he has tasted of the
tree of knowledge of good and evil, and he sees in
Socialism the way to secure his rights. It is also safe
to say that there are thousands of men who believe in
the principles of Socialism who do not know that they
are Socialists.
One item of particular significance to the people of
Canada appears in the speech from the throne. It is
this: "The inventor, Mr, Marconi, having met unexpected obstacles to the carrying out of his experiments in wireless ocean telegraphy in a sister colony,
my ministers deemed it expedient to invite him to
continue his operations on the coast of Nova Scotia,
and they availed themselves of his presence in Canada
to enter into negotiations thru which, should the project prove as  successful  ns  is hoped for, the govern-
op the invention on very favorable terms, inducting
rates for trans-Atlantic messages very much below
those now existing." The importance of such an
advance step is not fuily appreciated by too many
Canadians. Here we find the executive of the Dominion admitting the principle of collective ownership.
Read what the governor-general says: "the govern
ment and people of Canada will enjoy the benefits of
the inventor." Now why not go further, and extend
the "benefits" of all industries and inventions to the
whole people?
There is reason to think that the idea of hell as a
place of future punishment, was evolved by ancient
rulers and is still employed by rulers of men to frighten,
their subjects into obedience. The expectations of rewards and punishments if a powerful motive, and those
old rulers made the most of these fictions about the
flood, and about heaven and hell. In that way tbey
were vere useful, no doubt, says a writer in the Torch
of Reason.
But the progress of science at present, makes it
very difficult to maintain among the masses a simple
and efficient belief in those old storie.. Rulers of men,
however, still feel -the need of thfcm, for motives to
As must be expected at this season of the year
things are rather quiet in mining circles so far as this
camp is concerned. Owing to lack ot transportation
facilities in the past, and as a consequence lew shipping
mines, the Lardeau is what might be termed a "summer" camp���that is, property owners and prospectors
���ome in in the summer and pull out to other camps to
earn a new grubstake in the winter. However, there
are more properties being developed now than ever
Naturally a good deal of local interest is centered
on the Vulcan furnace, which has just been installed
*>ere���tho not at a cost ot $80,000 as has been erroneously reported. And if it fulfills all that is claimed
lor it this camp will be largely benefitted, since a much
lower grade of ore can be handled at a profit than
under present conditions.
The "blowing in" of the lead stacks again at the
Trail smelter, the gradual raise in the price of silver
and lead, the addition of a lead refinery to the Trail
melter, the erection of works in Montreal for the treatment of lead products, and the knowledge that the C.
P. R., as yet, is behind it all, gives one good reason to
look for a much-needed change in this and other silver-
lead camps.
The above, too, when supplemented by the prospect of almost immediate railway transportation���the
A. k K, branch of the C. P. R. now nearing completion���should offer every encouragement to Lardeau
property owners, and investors in tbe outside -vorld.
Many individual and syndicate owners of Lardeau
properties, who fortunately are practical men, will
make big money this coming season out of their ore
Some of our stock companies may fail, but this will
be the fault of the promoters rather than Lardeau
properties. This phase of mining, however, has been
pretty well disenssed from time to time, and has no
bearing on the present subject,
All new mining camps have apparently had to pass
thru the stock-jobbing stages, and tho the whole
Kootenays are suffering right to-day from the evil
effects, the Eaole hopes to see the Lardeau less injured, since it has been nipped ip-the bud.
There is this satisfaction, however, that the practical mining maji or business man is not governed in his
nvestments by the success or failure of promoters, but
comes along Inimsclf or sends his representatives, and
when he tees a chance such as the Lardeau offers to
make money he puts his money into it. But the howling and wailing of poor dupes who have been induced
by all manner of means to put their little wad'into
fancy printed stock certificates, in recklessly managed
con-jpan-.es���and fail to realize���-makes poor reading in
eastern newspapers, and istooapttocreate a bad impression of the camp affected rather than of the promoter
who flim-flammed them.
The Union
They are all Union madoiand of the
Best Havana Tobacco moner can
buy. Try one and latlifj yonrMlI
ai to their quality.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
Brown, Prop.
��� 0. K. ���
All branches of the Tonsorial Art
executed with ambidextrous dcxerlty,'
'Wm. Schnell, Prop.
Ferguson Meat Market
Fine stock of the
 best Alberta
Pair Prices
Mine orders a speoialty.
Shop one door east of Hotel Lardeau.
Prompt Delivery
Packing and
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into for paokinfj of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point In the distriot.
Good,  prompt service, and any  work undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting* from  Thomson's Landing to Fergueon a speoialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. **-_{^ S. Daney, Proprietor.
Hotel Perguson       1
The bar is supplied with the best brands of
(Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
Katei 03.00 a day and upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens..Good accommodation
..Beet of service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars. .Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
New Lardeau Map
Sent prepaid to any address for
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
..��� __      CONYBNIENTLY   .,-
mwwym**mwMMMm&m ++++**���++-+*-.............. *-++++-.^��. ji ��,e.> ����������<
j Tlie Socialist Movement
| in British Columbia
Contributed by Member.! of tho Socialist Party of B. C.
offlclAI I.lf>t or B. C, Locals.
, Executive srfc.:
,-.rnest Hums, 130 Powell St., Vancouver, B. C
Vancouver John iDodd, Roc.
\ loMHa 0, Leu Charlton, 01 John St., Sec.
Ji��nalmn    Geo. Klrby, Sec.
.'nrt Muoclv    John Walton, Sec.
Revelstoke c. w. Mitchell, Kee.
l-'ersuOTii       It. P. Pettiplece, Sec.
Slocan H.J.LIpsctt.Scc.
-Sllvorlon Walter Smith, Sec.
Nuiv Dam or Dunoan Wclr, Sec.
Sandon lames McDonald, Sec.
Itaslo   ..; (loo. T,Kano,Seo.
Nelson John Roberts, box 287i Sec.
Ilossland        W. II. Maker, Sec.
Trail          Alfred  Ilcnkelt. Sec.
' i rand l-'gr ks J. A. McLeod, See.
Greenwood      J. n. Helm, Kee.
Phoenix       >*.-,    G. W. Rogers, Sec.
Vmir  Andy Hurgcs, 3oc.
> -al-jar**, Alberta J. McCorkoy, Sec.
Maple Crock, Assa. H. Elliott, Sec.
Notice to Secretaries : Kindly
,'oud the content, of these columns at
the next regular meeting of your Local.
Secretaries of all locals are requested
to send short accounts of their meetings and (loins-*-, for publioation in this
Tho ass is known by his bray, the hypocrite by his pray.
Man may be made of dust, but he
doesn't always settle.
Socialist Party of B. 0.
statement of principles adopted at Vancouver, Oct. 3rd,*1901.   *
The Socialist Party of B. C, in convention assembled, reaffirms its adherence to'the principles of International
.Socialism, and declares its aim to be
the organization of the working class,
and those in sympathy with it, into a
political party, with the object of conquering the powers of government and
using them for the purpose of trans-
form-lug the present system of private
ownership of tbe means of production
awl distribution into collective ownership by the entire people.
Formerly the tools of produotion
were simple and owned by the Individual worker. To-day the machine,
which Is an Improved and more developed tool of production, is owned by
the capitalists and not by the workers.
This ownership enables the capitalists
to control the product and keep the
workers dependent upon them.
Private ownership of the meanB of
production and distribution is reap*-.,
sible for the ever increasing uncw-t-i,
ity of livelihood and poverty - ndl, "'nv"
of the workinglelass, an*> ltXff'8.ear0y.
ciety in two hostile d- __ ����.";?-.!?
ists and wage-- ���*-���os-thecapital-
nowerful mid?" workers. The once
SesHn-T I��� *"e ola8s l8 raP'dly di8aP-
The st- *'' the mU1 of competition,
tali- ���'���������Re'o is now between the cap!-
, .dt class and tht working class. The
possession of the means of livelihood
gives to the capitalists the control nl
the government, the press, tbo pulpit
and schools, and enables tbem to reduce
the worklngnien to a state ofHntellec
tual, physical and social inferiority, pi-
liticalsubsoi-vieni'Oiind virtual slavery.
Thy economic interests nf the capitalist Class dominate our entire socinl
system: the lives of the workiog class
are recklessly sacrificed fop profit, war**
are fomented between nations, Indiscriminate slaughter is encouraged and
the destruction of whole races is sanctioned in order that tho capitalists may
extend tbeir commercial dominion
abroad and enhance their supremacy at
But the same economic causes which
developed capitalism are leading to socialism, which will abolish both tie
capitalist class and the class off wage-
���worlters. And tho active force in
-bringing about this new and higher
order of society is the working class.
All other classes, despite their apparent or actual conflicts, are alike interested in the upholding of the system of
private owpership of the instruments
of wealth production. The Liberal,
Conservative, the bourgeois Public
Ownership parties, and all other, parties which do not stand (or tbe complete
overthrow of the capitalist system of
production, are alike political representatives of the capitalist class.
The workers oan most effectively act
as a. class in their struggle against the
collective powers of capitalism, by constituting themselves into a political
party, distinct from and opposed to all
parties formed by the propertied classes.
While we declare that the development of economic conditions tends to
the overthrow of the capitalist system,
we recognize that the time and manner
of the transition of Socialism also depend upon the stage of development
reached by thn proletariat. We, therefore, consider it of the utmost importance for the Socialist party to support
all active efforts of tbe working class
to better Its condition and to elect Socialists to political offices, In order to
facilitate to attainment of the end.
1. The public ownership of all Industries
controlled by monopolies, trusts, and combines, and ultimately of all the means of production, distribution, and exchange. No part
of the revenue of suoh Industries to be applied
to the reduction of tr.Xas on proporty, out to
be applied wholly to thu Increase of wages and
shortenlug of the hours of labor of tne em-
{iloyei. to tho improvement of the service, and
o diminishing rates to'the consumers.
2. The progressive reduction of the hours of
labor and tho Increase of wages In order to de*
crease the share of the capitalist and Increase
the share of the worker In tho product of
.3. The establishment of a national currency
and government banking system tall fire and
life insurance to bo also operated by tbe government In thc interests ofthe whole people.
4. The inauguration of a system of public
Industries; publio credit to be used lor that
Jiurposo In order that the workers be secured
be full product of their labor.
5. Abolition of too senato. establishmeat af
the Initiative and referendum, proportional
representation, and right of redan at representatives by their constituents. ,
PROVINCIAL DEMAtfgS.       j   ,'
1. Abolition of financial and property qualifications for candidates and electors at provincial and munioipal elections.
'.. The edueatlon ot all children up to tha
age of sixteen years to be free, secular and
compulsory. Text books, meals, and clothing
to be supplied out oi the public funds when
'8. UuulclpallHtltB aid publio toatrol of
tkt liquor irefflo.
4. A nine-hour work law flxin*,'wages at not
loss than J2 perday, thereby counteracting evil
effects of Oriental emigration Into this province.
Reduction of hours of labor to 41 per
ti Ki-ientilic nnd practical management of
fisheries, forests, and waterways in best interest of the producers.
7. Government operation of coal mines and
immediate construction and operation of smelters, refineries, and saw mills for benefit ol the
8. Abolition of poll and personal property
tax, the deficit to be meet by an Increased tax
on laud values.
9. No moro bonuseB of either laud or money
to Individuals or private corporations.
10. Graduated land tax similar to law in
operation ln New Zealand.
11. Government hospitals throughout thc
province, and free medical attendance to all
needing such.
But In advocating these measures as steps in
thc overthrow ol capitalism and the establishment of tho Co-operative Commonwealth, we
caution tho workers against such public ownership movements as aro an attempt of tho capitalist class to secure government control of
public utilities for tbe purpose of obtaining
greater security in tho exploitation of other
industries and not for tho amelioration of the
condition of the working class. It must be re*
membered that there Is a vast difference between "government" and "pu'blic" ownership.
While the corporations own tho senate and
parliament we will have the "government
ownership," and not until tho people own and
control the legislatures can we have true "publio" ownership.
Sec. I. This organisation shall be known
as the "Socialist Party of B. C."
8ec. II. The party shall be organised afi
follows: First, local branches of not less than
five members! second, an executive board of
seven members, these to bo elected ��t annual
convention of delegates from all Locals. At
least lour of tho Executive shall be chosen
from place of headquarters, and known as
resident members. Tne non-resldont member*
of the Executive shall not be required to be
present at all meetings, but shall be consulted
and kept advised of all the proceedings of thi
Sec. III. The executive board shall have
supervision of the party organisation. It shall
have power to hire and appoint organizers,
grant to and revoke charters of Locals, aud
adopt such measures as may be required to
carry out objects of organisation. Tho executive board shall bo required to mako a report
Lard'eTu E "'* ]vaoae   "' *fficlal or-"im'' Th*
?ec* IV. Any member of the executive board
.ay be recalled by an Imperative mandate of
the membership of tho Party; his successor to
be elected Ir- the initiative and referendum. A
majority of those members voting being necessary to elect.
Sec. V. Tho officers of tho Executive shall
bo: Chairman, Treasurer, Literary Agent,
Organiser, and Secretary. They shall be elected at annual conventions.
See. VI. Tho duties of the secretary shall bo
to act as corresponding and recording secretary, and to receive the provincial dues from
secretaries of local branches. Tiie treasurer
shall take charge of the funds of tho Party,
and furnish a bond to amount required by the
executive board, The literary agent Shall take
charge of the literary propaganda of the Patty,
Th.* organiser shall organize new branches
md build up existing branches, and shall be
-abject 10 ^fraction ol the executive board.
Sec. VII. A Party convention may be called
my time, at tlie request of live branches.
Set*. YHI.   Anv reputable person who snb-
sci-Uhjs to thc principles of the Socialist Party
.if tt. <:.. and revets all connection with the obi
political parties, shall be eligible for metnhc
Sec, IX. Tho dues nf tlie members shall be
lixed by each Local, but shall he sulllclcnt tu
f,ay ten cents per month, for each member, to
the executive board.
Sec. X. A local branch shall consist of al
least live members, and shall hold at least one
meeting por month. It shall make Its own
rules arid by-laws so long as i hey do not con.
Illct with the provincial constitution.
Sec. X(. Any person subscribing to our
principles and platform in a locality where
there Is no local branch may become a member
at large bv sending his application to the
provincial seorotary and complying with the
Sec. XII. All questions not provided for in
this constitution shall bo dealt with by the
executive board, subject to a referendum vote.
See. XIII. Thc Kxei-utlve shall submit all
questions to a referendum vote upon tho request of three Locals.
Sec. XIV. Un ier no circumstances shall the
Socialist Party of B. 0. fuse or act with any
political party, unless they have substantially
the same principles ub our pr.rty.
See. XV. This constitution may bo amend'
ed bv a relerendum voto of the membership, or
at the annual provincial convention of the
See, XVI. The annnal convention shall be
called by the executlvo some time bofore No-
vember of each year. Kvory Local In good
standing shalt ho entitled to send ono delegate,
and ono additional delegate for each 20 mom*
bers. or major fraction of the same paying duel
to executive.
The Toronto Globe is now discussing
Socialism editorially.   Do you see it ?
The almighty dollar covers a multitude of queer transactions.
Kerosene is onr of tho greatest blessings ever cornered by a trust, and yot
we mako light of it.
I do not believe that men can pray
themselves free of slit, Tfho do not
work for tho good of men.
The man who Is moving with tho
cart of progress, and is not helping to
push ber along, Is stealing a ride.
There is no law to prevent a woman
kissing a pug dog���but just the same
It's a mean advantage to take of the
dog.       .
Many a man after attaining a high
position forgets all about the laws of
gravity until it is everlastingly too
late.   ������
The Socialists of Germany now have
four million signatures to petitions protesting against raising the tariff on
Church methods are out of adjustment to the actual conditions of modern
llfe.-Rev. E. T. Roof, Baptist, Providence, R. I.
The approval of a man's own conscience is the most important thing
After that, tbe approval of good men
and women.        ,
Truth am mighty, but if all of ub was
to speak nothin' but truth all de time
ilar wouldn't be two men on airth who'd
speak to each other after a few y'ars.
-. i	
The other day J. Pierpont Morgan
said he had "absolute confidence in the
future." WheSwoiildn'thavewith $200
a minute as an income in the present?
The French government has conceded
the eight-hour day to the miners apparently, the ministry having endorsed
the principle and decided to discuss the
details of tho bill for the shorter workday handed in by the Socialists.
"*',';V*ro everv prospect pleases
And only man Is vile!"
ProsJtKsrit.v is all very well, but it may
he'purchased too dearly. To be of use
to the community it must be general.
The investor of his labor has alike
right with the investor of his capital
to ask the practical question: "Where
do I get off at ? "���Rossland World.
When a man and a woman quarrel it
<hows that their affection is of the
���heap, second-rate kind, an affection
more or less animal, and NOT an affection of the soul.
It is the animal in us that quarrels,
and not tbe spiritual side of our natures.
It is the animal that shows and feels
Men and women would do woll to remember this:
That if they quarrel ant] nag each
other through petty jealousy, they
should feel humiliated, and realize that
the animal in them controls them, and
not the good side of their characters.���
Chicago American.
Trackmen Will Vote M They Strike.
Revelstoke, B. 0., Feb. 17.���Pros!
dent Wilson of the Trackmen's union
addressed a crowded house in Selkirk
hall Thursday night. He -mid among
other things that he did not object to
dividends, but that the trackmen should
not be kept at starvation wages ln
order" to_ pay dividends. He said they
did not .-want the earth, but thoy do
want and are going to have a living
wage. Soveral local speakers followed
all declaring themselves heartily in
sympathy with the trackmen. J. W.
Bennett said whil'st he agreed with
Mr. Wilson that tho trackmen should
receive a fair wage he might nol agree
with him as to what amount coast.'tiited
a.fair wage. He said there is nt/ fear
of the trackmen getting much of tho
earth on (1.60 per day. Humanity
should bo oqnsidered first and that dividends should be only a secondary consideration.
A prominent railroad man said the
place to strike is at the ballot box.
After the meeting they adjourned
to the Central Hotel where a bauquant
was given ln honor of President Wilson. The most noticeable feature of
the affair was the feeling of comradeship existing between the men. They
realize that thetr Interests aro mutual.
Religiojie. .differences and prejudices
are cast aside and they stand united
presenting an impregnable front to the
enemy. ' Let us hope���and I believe the
boys will���go to the ballot box animated by the same spirit at the coming
The, editor of the Herald complains
that he was not invited to the banquet.
There is teo much religious bigotry
and toadyism about the Herald. It's
representative would be a foreign sub-
���tenet In each ��� gathering,
A goodly number of the people you
meen In conversation are nf the opinion that "Socialism is all right, but
how are you going to get it?" This
reminds me of ah experience! had during the recent cold snap. The water
pipes bad burstod, and water was spewing rampantly all over the house, and
I waB still In bed. I agreed with my
wife that something should be done to
get that water ehut off, but my room
was not steam heated. "Oh but we
must get It turned off at once, or the
house furnishings will be destroyed,"
Impatiently urged my wife. "Well,
but how are ' you going to do it?" I
mumbled from my drowsy slumber.
"Well there's one thing certain if you
don't jump up at once and make an
effort to stop It, it's not going to stop of
its own afford. Hop out immediately
or we'll all be drowned out," The
moral Is self-evident.
C. B. Hume & Co. f
 Wholesale nnd Retail	
General Merchants I
Tho largest importers in North Kootenay, %
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake Citv, B. C. $
You Can Always Depend
tim United Hatters
of North America.
When you are burns a FUR HAT,
Ither soft or stiff,
Kt'o to It that thc
;onutne UNION
.titiel issr-weil hi it.
If a retailer has
loose tabols In his
fiosstvsipn and of-
ers to put one in a
hat for you, do not
patronise htm. He
1 irs not any nam %o navo loose labels. Loose
1 abels In retail stores are counterfelti. Do not
listen to any'explanatton aB to why tbe hat
h as no label. The Genuine Union Label is
perforated on the four edges exactly the aame
a i a postage stamp. Counterfeits ar* some*
tl mos perforated on three of the edges, and
st iinotinii's only on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tho counterfeits. Unprincipled manufuc-
tn rers are usinr them In order to get rid of
thulr scab-mado hats. The John B. Stetson
Got. and Henry H. Koolofs * Co., both of Phlla-
de Iphia, Fa,, are non-union concerns,
JOHN A, MOFFITT, President,
Orange, N. J,
797 BtMord AT*. Brooklyn, h. V,
Upon tfettintf the Best Workmanship and the Best Materials for your money, vfrhen  you   buy  your  clothes  from
I?    S    Wlfcnn   MERCHANT TAILOR,
i\��  4J��    VV MiaUiif REVELSTOKE, P /C,
If ever there was a time in
thc history of the town c*f
to buy lots that time is now
The railway is being pushed to completion and
soon the C. P. R. will accept through freight
for Trout Lake. Trains are n ow being operated on the new road as far as the steel is laid.
Many mining properties surrounding Ferguson
are rapidly reaching the shipping stage, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only is
Ferguson the commercial, banking, smelting
and pay roll center, but here is where the most
prominent Lardeau mining me��i have their
interests and headquarters. The best lot locations are being picked up by shrewd investors.
There is  Big Money in
// Secured at Present Prices
Business Lots are Still on the Market at  ;;
$150 Upwards $150
Residential Lots at
$75    Upwards    $75
Write or call on thc General Agent,
Hqnry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B. C.
��� t mmUHMM M.-W > ******* ****** ***** i MiUMMI li I
On the Wing
How's your printing?
J. W. Chism is worklnffaUhe Horseshoe.
H. J. Moore of Nelson, was in town
Don't overlook the literary society
program to-morrow evening.
The smelter whistle sounds good to
the denizens ot the pay roll center.
J. McDonald, a Silver Cup miner,
pulled out for the Coast on Tuesday. .
"Lucky Joe" and "Kamloops" lilt
the trail for lower regions yesterday.
The provincial house opens to-day.
Interesting developments may be
counted on.
A slicker and a pair of overshoes,
left in Miners' Union hall, await an
owner at this office.
S- Shannon, B. A., went out to Revelstoke on Saturday, returning with the
first boat on Tuesday.
Speaking of Valentines. Art. John
son, manuger of the Revelstoke Herald
has a pair of thorn���both girls.
Joseph C. Kirkpatrick and Wm.
Shannon are doing assessment worlc on
the Kootena.vs group, a short ways up
the south fork.
Probably the onlv person who received a valentine last Friday ln this
district was the editor of the Topic, J.
J. Langstaff.   It's a boy.
If "The Schaab Furniture Co.," of
Auburn, Ind., intend going into business here, the Eaole would advise a
change in the name as a starter.
Regina farmers are going into tbe
public ownership business, and will
build and operate an elevator, $1,000
being subscribed at one meeting.
The Balmoral Cafe is ngain in full
swing. Mine Host Andy says that he
still makes the same kind of Tom and
Jerries that used to tickle- the sage of
New Denver's palate.
John McCallum, an aged Cariboo
miner, who now resides itt. Rock creek,
is visiting Grand Porks, B, C. His
trip from Midway was th e first ride on
a railway that he had enj-oyed'in forty
Every booster has his day. Jas.
Anderson, editor of thn Simllkameen
Star and the Victoria 'Post, has been
appointed general trallle superintendent of the Victoria Terminal railway
in succession toT. W. Patterson.
Tho Ymir Mirror beMeves if it wen-
made compulsory for our mines to plve
verified figures as to their output, returns, expenses, profiiis, etc., and then
there will be an official guarantee of
honest, upright action on their behalf.
H. W. Gendar, Howard Vernon, and
C. C. Dablgron of San Franciscp, are
guests at the Windsor. They are connected with the Installation of the Vulcan furnace bere, aiad expect to be
ready to return in a  couple of weeks.
The Eagle is informed that there
will only be a twice* a-week mail service
between here and Arrowhead until the
Arm is free of Ice. There doesn't
seem to beany necessity for this, since
the boat will now be making regular
Mrs. E. Knowlton returned from
Revelstoke on Friday last, having experienced a tedi ous and dangerous walk
of ten miles ov er the ice on the Arm.
Miss Edna Kn'owlton has gone to Nelson, where she, will attend the Sister's
Convent s-chool.
Chas. TV. McCrossan, seoretary and
manager- of several companies who
hold intore-jts in this camp, arrived at
Arrow heat I on Monday last, and remained ti iere to push what freight
there was for the Vulcan furnace here
thru as sp eedily as possible.
The following is a list ol Lardeau oro producers, amount shipped and the gross returns,
reports ol which havo to he furnished monthly
by mine owners to the provincial government:
Nnmc. Pounds.       Gross Val.
Silvor Cup 2,400,000 8180,000.00
Nellie I.  1,760,000 03.S80.00
Triune     M0.77II 82,870-.'7
Beatrice     442,000 32,289.89
Great Northern........    .16,000 1,844.00
Broadview      62,000 1,604.00
Kthel .'-.       34,000 1,596.00
Cromwell....*.      23,289 1,296.79
�� Ophir-Lade      12,000 1,320.00
Metropolitan      11,974 ....       726.00
St. Elmo       12,000.... 610.00
Ruffled Grouse      11,779....        607.19
Llnson View         868.... 63.17
ft Horseshoe    	
t Black Warrior	
$ Returns and correction, asxed for,
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
Last Friday's mall arrived here
yesterday. To-iborrow's mail iB on
time, so far as known. The telephone
wire was down yesterday and to-day.
The Printer Boy Mining Company of
Leadville, Colo., has settled all its legal difficulties and again begun work,
A printer boy without troubles would
be a curiosity indeed.
It must require an incubator of considerable capacity to batch all the
petitions, subscription lists, minutes of
indignation meetings, silly rumors,
etc., flying around the camps these
A communication signed "Junis" cannot be given publicity unless the writer
identifies himself If it's not worth
fathering it's not worth space in these
columns. The Eaqle has no fault to
find with the bachelors. And anyway
they will soon belong to a rare species
in this camp. ���
Tbe piping and machinery for Ferguson's electric lighting plant and waterworks system 1b expeoted here during
the coming month. Mr. Sawyer, man-
agor of the Lardeau Power & Light
Co., was in town last week making
preparations and securing a place to
store the plant until spring.
The Hotel Ferguson has changed
hands, Messrs. Edson of the Hotel
Phair, Nelson, and "Sandy" Macdonald
of the Hotel Revelstoke, are the purchasers. Mr. Edson is expected here
any time to take charge, tho the house
is now being managed for the new owners by Arthur Evans.
Earpey, McCarter $ Pinkham \
Offices: _R.velstoke, Golden, and Ferguson,
Solicitors for Imperial Bank ol Canada,
Geo. 8, McCarter. J. A. Harvey.
A. M. Pinkham. '
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Imperial Bank
*������      of Canada.
REST ������ ��� ���
. 12,600,000.00.
General Banking Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits in Saving,
Department at current rates,
a. eTphipps,
manager revelstoke branch.
The E agle is informed that there
will be considerable activity around
Ten-Mil e, on the south fork of Lardeau
creek, < jarly thia season, as quite a number of persons Intend to try their luck
at pis Kjer mining, where good money
used t f> be made in the old days.
Ma ,11 Courier Shaw made the trip
over the ice on Tuesday without delay,
tho the boat arrived tbere the same
day, a couple of hours later. Mr.
Sh ,aw deserves much credit for such a
f�� .ithful fulfilment of his contract, in
t' ae face of suoh risks as he had to as-
i iume.
M. Grady, proprietor of the fine new
hotel at St. Leon Hot Springs, on the
Arrow lakes, gave an opening ball on
Tuesday evening last. The St. Leon
springs are now open for business.
Special rates are given to miners and
other working men needing the beneficial application of these health-giving
hot mineral waters.
The minstrel show last Friday evening, like the big circus, filled every
engagement, and proved to be a most
interesting event in Ferguson social
circles. Trout Lake and Beaton were
well represented. The dance at tbe
close of tho concert was largely attended and much enjoyed. The proceeds for tbe evening amounted to
about S7S.
Tbe s. a. Archer orew succeeded In
breaking a channel thru the ice on the
Arm on Tuesday, and may reasonably
be expected to make regular trips
hereafter. This is at least a month
earlier than last year. In fact there
has been comparatively no inconvenience experienced on this account this
winter. A few passengers, and considerable freight for the smelter people, came over on the firet trip.
Locals With a Paystreak.
* For anything in the book or stationery line send to the Canada Drug &
Book Co., Revelstoke, B. C. Mail
orders receive prompt attention.
* To get acquainted with this district
you should have a copy of the new and
only map. Send a one dollar bill to
the Eaole and secure one at once.
*'The Revelstoke. Trout Lako &
Big Bend Telephone Co., limited, has
offices at Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thomson, Camborne, Trout Lake and Ferguson.   Reliable service.
The Ferguson quadrille club gives
a dance every Thursday evening in
Miners' Union hall. Secure a membership ticket from the secretary, B. IL
Smith'     82 a month.
* Smokers: If you want the genu
ine "Union" and "Our Speolal"
CIGAR see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is Btamped in gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke, B. C.
Langstaff���At Trout Lake, B. C, on
Friday, February 14th, 1902, to Mr.
and Mrs. J. J. Langstaff, a son.
Johnson���At Revelstoke, B. C, on
Friday Feb. 14, to Mr. and Mrs. A,
Johnson, twins���both girls.
B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co.
Headquarters for Assayern, Mining* * Mill
Supplies. Sole agents in B. C, for Morgan
Crucible Co., Battersea, England; F. W. Braun
& Co.'a Patent Cary Furnaces. Burners, etc.;
Wm. Alnsworth & Co.'s Fine Balances, etc., etc.
at this time of year, and never were A,
we better prepared to fill orders for' f
,        the miners than just now. Our stock of W
Men's Clothing and Furnishings
is such that we can suit the requirements of everyone. We have the
largest and best stock of Footwear,
Underwear, Mackinaw Clothing, Overalls, etc., ever placed on sale in Ferguson. As'is already well Known by our
,   increasing   number   of   customers,
"Everything for the Miner"
Our Grocery Department Is a leading
feature of this store. Turning over
our stock, as we do, so regularly, our
Stock of Groceries are always fresh.
Right Qoods, Prices and Treatment.
McKinnon & Sutherland
Lardeau's Leading Store.
To 'I. Gordon Goldberg or L. Goldberg.or to
anv person or persons-to whom they may
have transferred their interests in the
Little Robert and Little Robert No. 2 mineral claims situate at the hend of the North
fork of Lardeau creek, and adjoining the
Blaek Warrior group on, the northwest, in
the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay Dietrect.
Voujare hereby notified that I have expand-
ed two hundred and five dollars and twenty-
flve cents (|205.26) In labor and improvements
on the above mentioned mineral claims in
order to hold said minoral claims under the
provisions of tbe Mineral Act, and if within
ninety dayB from the date of this notice you
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditures together with all cost of
advertising, your inteiest in mild claims will
become the property of the subscriber, under
section 4 of au Act entitled An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, 1900.
Dated at Ferguson this 4th day of December,
dec-5-Sm        JOSEPH C. KIRKPATRICK.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   ,   .
The moat complete resort on tbe continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. Boating, flehlnp
and excursions. Resident physician ami
nurse. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of the world. Two mails arrive and
departevery day. Its births cute all nervous
and muscular diseases, its waters heal all
kidney, liver and stomach ailments. Its
baths and waters are a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TERMS : $12 to
$16 per week, according to residence In hotel
or villas.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
..nickiy ascertain our opinion tnt whether an
Invention ti probablj patentable.  Oonimanlca-
tlonnitrtotlyoonfldentuL Handbook an Patents
sent free. Oldest igenny for aecurlnjt patents.
Patent* taken through Munn & Co. rece
tptctal notice, without charge, In tbo
quickly ascertain our opinion free ���
" tion tsprobr" '-   "
itrlotlf eonfl( 	
 roe. oldest igenny for seearlng_paL	
Patent* taken through Munn A Co. receive
wcial notice, without charge, In tbo
Scientific American.
owetion or any ���oiemioc lonrnai.   Terras, |3 a
rear; four months, $L Bold by all newsdealers.
MUNN Mo'v^New York
���noih own. at r in. wmMhuh, d. c.
H. Edwards**-*.
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and DresBed.
Third Street ^Revelstoke
Change of Service.
Until further advised the steamer "Kokaneo1
for Kaslo and "Movie" for Kootenay I.audini
will leave from Proctor, connection from N'el
son being as follows:
7:15 a.m.
6:15 p. m.
iL^"V���   I  *,.���,,NELS0N I    A��'ve
i P* m.  | DAILY ex. SUNDAY.  110:15 a.m.
For Kootenay Lake points. Proctor to Koka-
nee Creek connection from Nelson will be 7.15
a. m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, returning tbe same evening atc:15 p. m.
For berths, time tables, rates and full Information, apply to
D. P. A., Nelson.
E. J. COYLE, A. G. P. A., Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Agent, Arrowhead.
We have now in stock a good line of
Mackinaws, Rubbers, German Sox,
....Overalls, Clothing, Hand Wear....
Also Canned Goods of all kinds, Fresh Apples, Choice Fancy and
Staple Groceries, Confectionery. Try our Union* Made U. & I.
Chewing Tobacco.   The best on the market.
Established 1896
Drugs and Stationery
Prescriptions Carefully and Accurately Compounded.
The Man who will risk the P-archase of a Lot or two in the
Now has m.anv good chances of making
Circle City Is tl ie future terminus of the proposed railway, already surveyed
���   via the Lar deau creek north fork to that point.
Circle City is b< jautifully located at the base of the Lardeau Pass, Galena and
Surprise cr eeks. .    -
Circle Cjty is r ibsolutely surrounded by mining properties now under development.
Circle city affo rds splendid water power which will be utilized next season for
conceatruti .ng purposes.
Circle City wil I present business openings this Spring. Send for the new map
just out (fr  ae), and full particulars,: to G. B, Batho, general agt,, Ferguson.
J wo hundred 1 ots on sale now���Present prices: Comer lots, 9125.' Inside lots
1100.   Ter  ms:   i cash, balance three and six months.
G. B. BA .THO, General Agent/ Ferguson, B. C.


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