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Lardeau Eagle 1902-01-23

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��� {?��
VOL. III. NO. 50.
$2.00 A YEAR.
An Advanoe Report Furnished by
th* Department of Mines.
Mines' Department Awakening.���
Ml^tht be Induoed to Taokle a
'Government Refinery.
Truly there hu been a change of
���policy in tht department of mines of
ttiu province. Following close upon
tie bulletin concerning the placer
grounds of Horsefly creek in the Cariboo, comes an up-to-date estimate of
tbe amount* and value of the mineral
products of British Columbia for 1901
Tbe total ore output for 1898,1899 and
1900 appears on the title page of this
issue. Tbe statement for 1901 as river,
approximately by Provincial Mineralogist Bobertsou 1b as follows:
Minerals und
Cnatomaiy Meimra.
OoW, placer, ouncai.
Oold, lodo,        "
Silver, ������     ,,
Copi-i-i, pounds	
Lewi,       ������ 	
GohI, lnr,s2,2��Jlt��	
Coko,   "      ��       .   .
Other materials	
It 20,713,601
Of tha above value' the Curl bin*
district (estimated) produced 8470.000;
tbe Casslar. district, 8320.000; Bam
Kootenay, 82,850,289; West Kootenay.
the bsoni-r or them all. 87.362.189; JL.fi-
looet, 85��,900; Yale, 84.761.4S8; and the
Coast, division 84,802,065, or $20,713,501
for 19(11, as against $16,344,751 for the
year 1900, an appreciable increase when
tbe. many obstacles In the way have
been considered.
In subinittine this statement tn the
acting minister of mine;, Hon. D. M.
Eberts, K. C, Mr. Robertson says;
"This estimate is based upon the
actual returns of a nura ber of the mines,
and for those mines from which returns
have not as yet been received the output Is baaed upon tbeir approximate
known tonnage for the past year, together with the assays of the ores from
the same mines for the previous yoar.
"You will note that these are not
given us final statistics for thn year,
which can only be obtained after nil returns are in and checked very carefully
These will be included In the annual
report of the department, which can
not be out'for about two months yet.
' '���I hand you these figures now ral her
than wait for the filial statistics, as I
believe tho prompt publication of even
an approximate official estimate making
so couil a showing will be of benefit I
the province, and Is .generally desired
bj I'-vpstors in nur mines.
' "I think you will find tbis estimate
coiixervaiive and very approximate,
quite sufficiently so to sh >w the pro
gress which has been made in the tuin
inc Industry during.the pa^f year.
"In calcuiating the values of the products tbe usual course has been foi
lowed, and the average price for tin
year In the New York metal market
has been used as a basis.' 'For silver
96 per 'cent., and for lead 90 per cent.,.
of such market price has been taken.
T" ii'irirt and other charges have not
been deducted.
. -i.ouguiy speaking, the: inorease
made in 1901 over 1900 is 25 per cent,
on gross value of output of tbe prov-
vince. This will be a very agreeable
surprise to many, as the circulation of
r-!|iorta giving a contrary impression
has caused a very despondent view to
be taken ofthe progress of the mining
industry during lttdl, which does not
seem to be warranted.by the facts.
"There is an appreclable'drop in the
placer gold production, owing to the
sudden melting of the snow Ian spring
causing freshets apd leaving a shortage
of water during the latter pan of the
lode mines in tbe past year is about
871,832 tons, equal to an Increase of
317.036 over the year 1900. a little more
than 67 per cent.
'There has been an increase in the
output of all the metals with tbe exception of lead, tbe low price obtainable in this province for lead oros having discouraged this class of mining,
except where accompanied with good
silver values.
"The gross value of tbe copper output haB Increased 206 per cent over
1900, while lode gold hat Increased 36
per cent, and silver 14 per cent."
Departmeat of Mines A wakening.
Possibly the fact that this province
hu no minister of mine* at present
may have something to do with the insertion of the following advt. In the
Engineering and Mining Journal:
"British Columbia, the mineral province of Canada.���British Columbia has
produced, to date, 162,584,442 of planetoid, 812,812,860 of lode gold, $12,638.
149 of silver, $7,619,626 or lead, $4,362.-
583 of copper, and $49,140,917 nf cos-
and coke.
The mineral production for 1900 was
Lode mining has only been in pro-
gress for about ten years, and not 2u
per cent, of the mineral land has been
even prospected; 300,000 square miles of
unexplored mineral-bearing land arc
open for prospecting.
The mining laws of this province are
more liberal and the fees lower thin
tins province in the Dominion, or thai
Made by a. ji. O. Correspondent in
Engineering and Mining Journal
Beads More Like a Report of 1808
Than MJoa-Two Years of
Progress Overlooked.
The Eaole will bet, six bits toai]
"inch of ..smelter smoke tbat Wm. M.
Brewer-ithe Engineering and Mining
Journal's British Columbia corres)*on-,|
lent, haSi'uever turned his optica oi
this district, o*>jjv't3n[met (ind talked to]
a man who' has durlos tlve past .year.''
\ndhls latest effusion in the special
export tfumbet? will cettaimly bear out
���ontentlon.   Fc,ir Instance,, Aere is one
of the few gems:
"Talk of railway cobnecti on for both
the Lardnau and Trout La ko mi ntnt
divisions has been freely It ldulgei ln,
and some surveys made, but apparently
the railway company is wai ting to! see
1 he results of development at deptii
ind the mine' owners are' w aitlngifot
the construction of the railws y, and1, an
influx ot-capital to purchase  before
Lardeau Distriot the Neat Klondike.
The year 1901 again showed an advance in the produolloh of gold in almost all (be barts of.tbe world, although
the Snath African tpines are still restricted to a **4ryi)lljnlted output. The
learch-for gold bat) continued everywhere active and ihas met with a considerable degree of success, although
nd such sensational discoveries as those
of tbe Klondike rewarded tbe prospec-
totrs.���E. & M ��� J,
Sttffirers Sfeoeld be Keeempeneed.
At last the -sleepless citizens of Fer-
irusom have �� precedent,-or rather as
ilternative fdr being disturbed each
night by a v baud of worthless howling
sure. Tbe Victoria Colonist reports:
'A citizen whose dog disturbed tbe
slumbers of the neighbors by howling,
was Sned $5. He was given until January 31 to pay." Let the good work extend to the Lardeau.
Ths Real Article.
A wise mining promoter forecasts all
:>oasible objections by first thoroughly
acquainting himself with the merits of
the proposition and fortifying himself
mpregnably against all possible attack, Knowing thoroughly its merits
and believing in the triumph of right
tie is undismayed by opposition and
usually makes tbe greatest winning io
the end.
Tbe amount of gold coin In actual
circulation In the world Is estimated by
the Bank of England officials to be
about 885 tons.
Below will he found a table of the mineral produotion of British Ci dumb!,��for tbe years 1898^1899 and 1900.   This
table is an effective answer to the croakers who trfto billttle the mlnei -al resources of B. C:
Gold, placer	
Other material.
Ton., 2,240 ih.!
I   643,346
QUI untlty.
li 1S.315
7,72 2,691
21,80 i,436
I 1,944,900
2,857 673
1,663 708
t 1.278,724
.   8,458,181
Production for 1890, (2,608,608; for 1899, (12,393,131; for II00, (IB, 344,751.
any colony of the British empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute titles are obtained by developing such properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by crown grants.
Full information, together with mining reports and maps, may be obtained
by addressing.
Hon. Minister of Minfs,
Victoria, B. C, or
Wm Fleet Roukrtson,
Provincial Mineralogist,
Victoria, B.C."
American',, Anticipation, but Canadian*?
The year 1902 certainly looks good to
ns from a business standpoint, and
there Is every reason to look (or a large
copper output. Tho present price of
���'inner need not worry ns. for It Is at
Its low point now, and for a short tem-
ii-irary period at that. The Influences
��� hat have caused it are rapidly being
changed, and almost any bright morning we will awake to find that copper
has risen above 15 cents, to remain permanently there. Tbe business forces
demand It, and It would have been
there all jalong had it not been for a
few shortsighted interests who, figuratively speaking, killtd the goose that
laid the goldep^egg. The piicketbooks
of the Michigan stockholders are doing
the work of education necessary to
bring the management to Its senses,
and there -Is a howl going up that cannot be long silenced,���Western Mining
'���'ihe tonnage of ore mined from the
Gold Production of the World.
Io 1900 the golf?, production of tbe
world reached a total of $356,000,000,
says the Engineer and Mining Journal.
Iu 1901 this was undoubtedly exceeded,
although the ful'i amount o' the increase cannot yi it bo stated tvith any
approach ot accuracy.
many of tbem attempt to develop to an y
It may probably be news for Mr.
Brewer to learn that railway construction has been going on steadily on this
line since last summer, and tbat trains -
are even now being operated as far a* I
the steel is laid.
Had the Eagle a Marconi battery
Mr. Brewer would be advised of tlie
Lardeau's progressive and extensive'
developmentduring tie year 1901, pi-ni f;
of which Is afforded In tho uonstruc-
'Hon, now well underway, of a 100-ton ,
u day Smelter plant, by tho Lardenu.
Smelting and Refining Co.
Bere Is another brillianteflort of Mr.,
"Northwest Kootenay District���From
the Lardeau portion of this distriit
have come excellent reports as to progress, but from the other mining divisions Kevelstoke, Illeclllewaet and
Trout Lake the reports have been
vague and unsatisfactory."
And In the next breath, speaking of
our ore output, he says:
"The bulk of this has come from the
Silver Cup, credited with an output of
about $180,000. the Nettie L. with $146,-
000, and the Trfune with $82,000."
And yet the "reports as to progress"
from Trout Lake division "have been
very vague and unsatisfactory," notwithstanding tbat all the ore output
Mr. Brewer speaks of Is from the selfsame Trout take division.
Tbo Eaqle would urgently advise
Mr. Brewer to either visit tbis camp,
buy the no,* map of the Lardeau-'-for
sale, at this office at II���or quit writing
about something with wbloh he Is not
familial'���the Lardeau and Trout Lake
mining divisions.
If tho report of the minister of mines
is responsible for such errors as made
by Mr. Brewer���whioh Is doubtful���the
sooner the antiquary 1b supplanted by a
live man the better.
The Hluatrel Show.
T'hlswill be the event for the I4th
Feb fuary. The company is harl at
woi- k practicing how best to uso their
vnci il organs, anil set those banjres
rill" Ing. The EAGLE assures the public
it w ill he the heat investment of four
hits ever offered in the Laroeau In tl e
nusi.cal line, whilo those who love tl e
dance will have a grand ball to lo, k
forward to when the storm of joke.-,
and songs, and music of the best is
l.et tbe People Own Them Both*
It would seem preferable for the
mine rs to build and operate their own
smelt ersj, and refineries and to miike
their own. sales if they are to continue
to do business, and that this will he
done reeine sure If the miners continue
to retain and operate their mines. Outside tb e absorbing of the mines by the
smelte r people, this Is theonly solution.
���Mini ng.
I'     Hauling Machinery. -
Fergusonites were greeted with a
pleasant scene on Saturday evening
Last, when S. Daney's four-horse
freighting teams lined Up Victoria
avepue loaded heavily with machinery,
boiler, etc., for tihe new smelter. It
looked good to Lardeaultes. who bave
long looked forward to the era wblcb
is now dawning.
Vulcan. Furnace, a Snoceae.
. Oneof the Vulcan fu.-naces in opera,
tion in north Mexico prt-ves more than
-satisfactory. The Eaqlb' was shown a
letter the dtbeirt day frofs the company
to Mr. Vernon saying they wero producing matte of copper, gold, j-ead and
silver 98 per cent, pure, at ono operation.  WonderfiUiodeed!
Held by Fergusonites on Monday
livening to Disonaa
Increased   Demands  For  Publk)
Works Come With Growth
of tbe Distriot
On Monday evening last a public
meeting was held at the Miners' Union
hall forthe purpose of discussing tbt
requirements of the Ferguson district
In the matter of trails, wagon roads,
and other objeote of a cognate character.
The fact Of increased activity In
mining prospects, the establishment o'
the smelter, and the advance made by
the C. P. R. into the country induced a
considerable amount of public interest.
Amongst those present were R. P,
Pettiplece, flhalrman; James Lade,
James Otto, Vincent Lade, Andrew
Ferguson. A. C. Cummins, J. P.,
Joseph Kirkprntrick, A. .1. Gordon, S.
Shannon, B A... Al. Chism. David Morgan, John Sm ith, George B. Batho,
Robert Gunn, John Atkison, J. Q. McKinnon, William Glenn, William
Shannon, Napolenn Emo, Henry Rue-
sell, etc, etc.
Some seventeen r.eaoluttans were put
and carried, dealing- with the existing
nnd prospective roads and trail", those
of the principal mome.it being the pro
posed new wagon from Ten-Mile to thn .
edtfe of the Triune baiiln whioh will
cost about $5,000; the rei mir of the road
from Baty's to Ten-Mile; and the mode
of open/tig up the trail* leading into
Circle City, thus affecting an Improvement most badly required between that
point .-and Ferguson. The trail up
Walker creek to the Groat Northern
mon tail n was considere-i one of tho
essentl-i Is, 1' tfco properties In that soe
tion are to be properly developed.
. Th- estimates in most cases worn
his:\ to s ay the least, and aftor reasonable discussion it was decided to submit the --enteral budy of propositions to
Thos. Tay lor, onr representative,
should business permit r' ���*'** coming
here in the ne-ar future. I\ he cannot
do so. a furthe," public meetl.'"-' w*** bc
convened, probably next Mono,'"v even-
ins*, and the entire question aga.'" 00D'
Meantime Joseph Ryan, wbo ac�� et*'
as secretary at the meeting, will sott
'lie various gentlemen who put forward
ihe resolutions, and consider with them
in what way tbey should be modified or
The question of securing government
lid for tlie hospital was referred to a
standing committee consisting of
Messrs. Jas. Lado, A. J. Gordon and S.
Shannon, t6 promote a petition In respect to thia most important matter
anil report progress to a meeting to be
held on a future date..-    -
Black Warrior Group.
Very satisfactory results have been
obtained from the recent developments
on the Black Warrior.
As is well known here this property
has the best surface showing of ore in
the camp, the outcrop indicating a
chute of clean ore averaging two feet
in thickness and about thirty feetln
Last week this chute was broken into
from the new tunnel at a depth of fifty
feet and practically the same conditions as to size of chute and nature of
ore prevail hore as at the surface.
The position of the chute in the
ledge and its dip in the same being
now known 8. Shannon thinks tne
developments of this week will very
likely disclose the whereabouts of thr
ore body in the lower tunnel. It wonhl
now seem tbat this property may be
added to our list of sbippera for the
coining season. Advertising Ratca: Display ads., 11.00 per
column inch per month. Legal ads. Ill cents
'.er (nonpartcll line Ior first Insertion : Scents
let each additional Insertion. Reading notice;
ill cents per Hue each Issue. Ninety day let-al
notices, ��lo; sixty days, I7.50; thirty days, |5.
so ftila.ucci-i'li-ii ul lens Hum lull rates.
Subscription Kates: Bymallorcarrler.t2.00
por annum ; 11.00 ler six months. To foreign
addresses VM.  stopped at expiration.
Job Printing: The Eagle Job department ll
ike belt equipped office la North Kootenay,
ins la prepared to execute all kinds of printing
at honest prieea.
Address all communications to
thk lauueau baulk,
Ferguson, b.c.
The guileless (?) investor living Iii
the east is frequently considered fair
game for the grafter. That the
latter sometimes happens to be
"working his graft" in connection
with mining is unfortunate in so far
as it discredits in the minds of the
uninformed the legitimacy of mining
as a business. But every good
thing is counterfeited, even money,
and the good business man will endeavor to continue the use of good
money and reject the bad, in spite
of this fact, says Ores and Metals.
Some of the ear marks of the
latter, should he studied but only
incidentally since a thoro knowledge
of the genuine articleis'the only safe*
guard. So in a mining investment,
if a promoter starts a stock at a
few cents and runs it up to twenty
cents simply by advertising an in
crease in price at intervals without
having done anything to add to its
real value, it is safe to let snch an
operator atone.
This is particularly true if after
spending several thousand dollars
of the company's money without
niking a shipper of the mine, he
starts in to promote another company alon�� the same lines and has
the nerve to reler to his former
success in stock selling as an inducement to bite at his present
. A property may be ever so good
and yet if it is so mannged that the
secretary and a lew of the official
board are the only ones to reap any
benefit it is safe to conclude that
the stockholders' money is not being* judiciously invested. It may
also he concluded that the sale of
stock is the chief aim of the management, rather than the making oi
a producing mine. When a man
advertises stock at a given price
and says the figure will be advanced
on a certain date in the luture because of a strike in the mine or because it will be shipping in sixty
days, when he knows that neither
of these statements is a real factor
in the advance, he is simply getting
money by false pretenses and operating a confidene game rather than
a mine. He is proceeding on the
theory that it is easier to work a
sucker than to work a mine.
In a general way it is very safe
to let alone the proposition that
offers you too much for your money.
It usually includes returns in the
shape of a gold (?) brick.
A fair business risk and a bona
fide proposition calling for capital
for development can generally be
accepted with safety in mining as
well as any other industrial enterprise. The percentage ol profit in
a legitimate mining enterprise, however, is much larger than in any
other business.
prosper? Do you not know that
men who are robbing you by taxing
your food and necessities will bribe
to get politicians to lie to you? Do
you not also knoA* that the trusts
will not quit skinning you until you
force them to, by electing men who
have a program that will take out of
theirhands the power to tax you?
Why longer shut your eyes and feel
that it will come out all right
whether you act or not? Wrong is
never righted, except that men go
at it to right it. Men who do injury to their fellows for gain will
continue to injure them as long as
they are permitted. If the trusts
would destroy themselves, do you
not know that they would be at it,
and that you could begin to see such
effects?   Wake up!
manufactu eri out of existence.
Iii other lujorSs 'lhe captains ol industry of tie United States���hacked
hy capitalists of all countries���are
nationalizing socialism. It is now
the duty of the producers to localize
socialism. Let us further socialize
our schools, and municipalities,
then the Province and as a matter
of course the Dominion, it not
then commercially annexed and
socialized by Uncle Sam. The
other fellows, the trusts, are internationalizing the movement. And
we must meet them as far on the
way as we can. The time to begin
is now. Socialism is coming more
rapidly than we are preparing ior it,
If you   are   building-   or contemplate building we will be
pleased to quote you estimates on anything made in our
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every particular.    Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
The old established firm of Bourne
Bros., Revelstoke, have made an
assignment for the benefit of their
creditors; It seems hard luck for
men, after having worked diligently
for nearly twenty years, to hive to
lay down, but nothing else can by
expected under our present competitive system. Only a few weelfs ago
two or three of the oldest firms in
Victoria went down, and there are
others to follow very soon. The B.
C. Trade Budget, ot Vancouver, is
familiar with the benefit of co-operation in this age, and has advised
small concerns to amalgamate, reduce expenses and prices and thus
protect themselves froo-. certain collapse. In other words, the small
merchant must get ready for socialism as readily as the proletaire, for
experience is proving that they have
no lead-pipe cinch off the future.
The present day lessons may seem
to be dear ones, but probably it's
the only way a lot of the men with
"capitalist minds" can be taught to
think. How much easier, better
and safer it would be were we shareholders in the people's trust. The
sheriff, the lawyer, the private
banker, and other sharks who prey
upon and live off the producer
would then, too, be employed at
some useful work for society.
A man with a common million or
two is not of much account now-a-
days. Consider the mine owners,
for instance, says the Paystreak.
Lead prices have been knocked inside out by a tVjst big enuf to buy
every silver-lead mine in the province and still have a healthy stack
left. Mines like the Slocan Star,
which has made half a million, or
the Payne, which has made a million
and a half, or the North Star, which
has several millions in sight, or the
St. Eugene, which could supply the
whole of Canada with lead and have
enuf left to tear a side off the China
trade, are all peoned to the trust.
Their owners may have considered
themselves heavy-weights, but they
are white chips in the big international game now being played.
Soon they will be reduced to a
wage-scale basis and allowed to
make just whatever it suits the trust
to allow them. Then not only the
miners who do the actual physical
work of pounding the drill, but the
men who own the land and (he machinery of production will be working for the monopoly, which owns
the machinery ot distribution, This
is the inevitable outcome of the
present system. There is one avenue of escape���government ownership and operation of the machinery
of distribution.
The civic labor ticket, except one
alderman and two school trustees
was turned down in Kossland on
Thursday last. Owing to the mine
owners' strike few union miners are
now in Rossland, hence such a result was made possible. In fact, the
Eagle is reliably informed, Barney
Macdonald practically blackmailed
Rosslanders by a threat to close the
mines were.the labor ticket elected
May the kind God of heaven help a
city in such a deplorable position
John' S. Clute was elected mayor
over J. P. McKichan by 6a of a
The result of the West York Dominion hye-tlection only goes to
show, that it was hy sheer force ot
his personality rather than his creed
or politics that the late Hon. N.
Clarke Wallace, held the constituency with such a sweeping Conservative victory each election. Last
week Campbell, a liberal, was
elected by. 156 of a majority, over a
son of the time-honored Orange
The Eagle has consented, to place
a column ot its space at the disposal
of the members of the Socialist
Party ot/ B. C. until such times as
the party secure a paper of their
own, which will be established at
the coast some time this year. Send
along your "ideas," reports of meetings, and progress of the movement
in your locality.
The only -way to get rid of the
smelter and refinery trusl is hy absorbing it in the people's irust. To
look  for   relief   by  competition  is
k^FW the next month I lutein! to nuike-
Mail Order Watch Repairing
A Special Feature.
Having a first class mechanic at the head of this department, Mr.
II. N. Doylo, Lardeaultes need not hesitate in sending their watches
to me for repair. All work guaranteed at prices ooaslitent with
tbe lead market. I have the finest stock of Jewelry, Wat-shea,
Clocks, etc, In North Kootenay. Call or write at once, Will
mall you a box to send watches to me for repair upon application.
JCitlv   Rarhff The Revelstoke Jeweler,
���   \J UJ     MJ���U UW        Ktrelstote, British Colambl*.
Our Special
The Union
They are ill Unlo�� made and of the
bent Havana Tobacco money can
buy. Try one and -satisfy yourself
an to their quality.
Union   Cigak
Factory, H.A. ���
B r o w N, Prop.
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkirk
Brands, manufactured by the Enterprise
Cigar Co., Revelatoke,areunequalledIn lllllllllllll
thu province
<    MADE   CIGARS. .
For iale by Ferguson's Leading Hotela.
Ask (or tbem.
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall >*V
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
ttSSit   Sewing   Machines,
Etc. >^J4kJ4J4-<
T)        l-IO~W"(����>-riT*J      ��������Si��B�� DEALER AND UNDERTAKER.
TlJrty da>-B from date I, Charles W. Mc
Crodan, Froe Miner's Certificate No, B. 111882,
an invner of land, intend lo api.ly to the Gold
Coitmlsslpner for the right to divert by dam,
Itu-ii', ditch, pipe or otherwise llfty miner's
Indies of water from "alker ereek, lying
thf west of the North* Fork of the Larde
> What is the use of crying peace
and good will when there is no peace
nor good will? Everybody knows
that the monopolies are eating up
the property of a.l tlie people, that
they are levying tribute that would
cause a revolution against any king
who should attempt to do the snme
thing. .. Vou do not like the monop-
lies, and you know it. - Nobody
does, unless he is an owner in some
of them, and even then he knows it
is wrong, says the Appeal. What
are you going to do about it? Are.
you going to sit still until they have industries?
everything in their hands and can
withhold every necessity of life and
force ybu'to starve or break the law?
Are you willing to become industrial
slaves? 1 Are you lost to every desire to be free from their tribute?
Are you willing to fower.Jisten,to
the lies of politicians who have been
running things for years, and have
permitted monopolies to grow and
The Hon. Jos. H. Hutchinson,
ex-lieutenant-governor ol Idaho,
and now superintendent of tlieTrade
Dollar mine, says: "Last year Idaho produced $18,300,000 worth 01
gold, silver, copper and lead; that is
about $115 for.'every person in the
state, or $600 for the average
family." n
Certainly! But who received the
$18,300,000? The owners of the
means of production, ef course, less
a small percentage paid to the men
who produced the wealth. And who
were the owners; the state? Oh no!
the owners live in New York and
Paris, and never even saw a mine.
That's queer. Now why couldn't
the state "own" mines, smelters,
refineries and so on, and do the
same as the capitalists, hire the
brains and labor to operate their
Oh, you you see if the
ri��r,,in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
Bitlih Columbia.
'he point of diversion of said water will be
)utl,S(Hifcetfrom where said creek falls Into
t^e North Fork of tlie Lardeau river, and said
iter lvlll 00 returned Into the Lardeau rive
ioui 1,000 feet Irom the mouth ol said Walker
The difference in altitude between the point
f diversion and exit willbcifi lector there-
bouia. ,-
The purposes for which said water is required
are general, mechanical and industrial pur-
Soses, such as smelting, (and all purposes luci-
cmal thereto), refining, crushing- and treat!u,.
ores or gold, silver, lead, copper and other
minerals at the smelter premises now being
erected at or in thu town or townsite of Kon-u-
son. II. O., and on the site nnd lands therewith
connected, and for thc operation of a sufficient
fire protection equipment for said plant, premises and works, and for domestic and sanitary
Dated at Ferguson, li. C, 8th day of January,
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tbat sixty davs
after date I intend to apply to tbe Hon. tlie
'.thief Commissioner of Lands and Works lor
permission to purchase the following tract of
land, consisting oi 120 acres more or less, ln
the Trout Lake mining division of Wesl
Kootenay district,and described aa follows:
Commencing at a post planted about 'IK, feet
north from the wagon road along tho south
fork of Lardeau creek, approximately half way
between Eight-mile efeek and Ten-mile crook j
thence Co chains exit i thence -'Il chains south ;
thence 60 chains wm ; thence 20 chains north
to point of commencement,
Dated at Ferguson. B. C, thia 27th day of
November, 1901.
Wholesale Liquor Dealersj^JaDiifactorers of Aerated Water
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Packing and
Ferguson Packing and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered Into tor packlnjr of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point tn the district.
Good,  prompt service, and  any   work  undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting  from  Thomson's  Landing  tu FiBrgution a apeoialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. ^f S. Daney, Proprietor.
p*******************Q&rtW*1>*** ��������������������� **********
state did that, each family would
have actually had $600 to their
credit, which would be bad���for the
man Who "own" the mean! of production.     *'-.   ���  '���   ' ���
Tariff protection created millionaires in the. United States, whose
combined efforts.in the industrial
world are to-day crushing foreign
(Form F.)
NETTIE L. and AJAX mineral claims, situate
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, i Where located: On
Nettle L. Mountain, between tbe North and
South lorka of Lardeau ereek.
TAKK NOTICE that I, A. p. Cummins,
Miner's Certlflcnte No,
. Ferguson. B. c . .....	
JIIM>, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
agent lor The ureat Western Mines, Limited
ofFe--  " *'  -������������     ���-
to apply to tlio Mining Recorder for" a CcrUl-
eate of Improvements, for tbe purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant ot the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this twenty seventh day of November,
'icil-Jm*      .,     A.F.CDMltIH8,P,L.S.
Hotel Ferguson
-A A Vhe.i^isMppUedwith the best brands 0/ *
4|-*W Hines, Liquors and Cig'ars.
��   ��� Headquarters for Mining and Commercial j
P ���**   .       Men,   Tender feet comforted,
Bate* ��S.oe ��� day ua opwards. I
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors, j
IForm F.j
SILVER CROWN mineral claim, situate in the
ScJ'SS*? "IS!"" PlvWepot west Kootenay
District.   Where located : On Kldd ereek,
a tributary ot Boyd ereek.
.TAKE NOTICE that I, Hector Polrer, F.M.C.
WOtnj. acting aa unit ior myself ami Osorge
Johnson, F.lT.c.BiBa, Intend, sixty days Irom
the dale hereof, to apply to tkd VtSlat Keeorder for a certificate -St Improvements, for
the purpeeeol obtaining a Crown Oram ol the
above claim. ...
And farther take lotlee that action, ULder
���cation 17. must be commenced before thc
'"A'.M-'-JfJ? -wntfteste ol Improvements,
Dated this 7th day of November, 1901.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Quee ns. .Good accommodation
.. Best ol service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars..Fire proof safe..
- Abrahamson t Brothers, Proprietors.
Hotel Larc ie&u
J. Laughton, Propti etor.
heaDquawers fob in mil
and minwis men  eoimitiBtiiT
mw^m^$^tm%&i m$$mw&m
���HH Socialist Party
British Columbia
REPORTS AND comments upon
Official I.lat or II. C. Locale.
Executive See:
Krnest Burns, 180 Powell St., Vancouver, B. 0.
Vancouver John iDodd, Sec.
Victoria 0.1,co Charlton, 5Uohn 8t.,Hec,
Nanaimo    Goo. Klrby.fiee.
Port Mnnily       John Walton, Sec.
Kevolitoko c. W. Mitchell, Sec.
Korgosou       R. p. Pettiplece, Sec.
'������tlocan  H.J. Llpsett, Sec.
Sllverton Walter Smith, Sec.
New Denver Duncan Welr.Sec.
Sandon James McDonald, Sec
Kaalo Geo. T.Kane,Sec.
Nelson John Roberts, box 237, Sec.
Koesland       W. B. Baker, Sec.
Trail        Alfred Benkett.Scc.
Grand Forks J. A. McLeod, See
Greenwood      J. c. Helm, sec.
Phoenix             G. W. Rogers, Bee.
vmlr        r. Stewart tyoai,jac.
Meeting af KlecatlTO.
Vancouvbb, B. C, Jan. 15.���The
executive committee of tbe B. <J.
Socialist Party met here on the 13th
inst; They decided, in view of the
faot tbat ao few of tbe locale have sent
In reports of vote on platform and constitution, to extend the time till Feb.
lit. - As there ia urgent need of getting
into permanent shape all locals desiring, to vote on these propositions must
send in returns by tbat date. Correspondence was received from following
locals: Victoria, Nanamio, Revelstoke,
Greenwood, Nelson, Ladysmith, and
G. Weston Wrlgley, Toronto; Ji
Cameron, onganiier, and Miss Merrill
of Nelson. Wi ���   i        ...
The secretary -was instructed to prepare and have published, early. In February, a complete statewentof receipts
and expenditure; to write J. Cameron
testifying their high appreciation pf
his work as organizer; also to write to
local at Nanamio and try and dear up
an apparent misunderstanding.
Present: T. Mathews, J. Dodd and
K. Burns. Ernest burns,
Secretary, 130 Powell St.
Ernest Burns, executive secretary,
Vancouver, in a letter to the Socialist,
Seattle, says:
"My socialism Is of a more elastic
quality than that of some nlt-aorthodox
comrades, who have reduced socialism
from a philosophy to a creed, and regard tbe slightest questioning of tbeir
tenets and dogmas as heresy of the
most outi-age.ius type, We havo now
entered upon an era -.when tbe princi-
j I pies of socialism will have to be an-
LJ plied to out* dally life. This work is
right before us and will not commence
���as so many of the comrades imagine-
after some industrial catastrophe has
occurred In which the economic fabric
of capitalism will fall to pieces, leaving tii" ground free and clear for socialism; on the contrary, we have to grow
into -.ocitilism from present conditions,
juntas feudalism grew Into commercialism,'clearing away tbe rubbish of
obsolete socialism on the one hand and
laying the fou"dations for the temple
of industrial democracy wherever wo
can Hid chance to work. This concurrent process of development and d��cay
takes place in all organic life, not excepting the institutions of society itself.
Constructive practical work is of far
more service titan revolutionary air
fanning or unintelligent repetition of
stock phrase*, or revolutionary jargon."
A declaration of the principles and
aims of the Socialist Party as drafted
by the executive, will appear in these
columns at sumo future date.
British Columbia needs statesmen at
Victoria and Ottawa who will rescue
the lead industry from rapacious railway monopolies and smelter trusts.
Then will come genuine prosperity.���
. The Independent Political Labor
Party of Victoria has been re-organized. A committee was appointed to
draft a constitution and by-laws whioh
are to be submitted for ratification at a
future meeting.
Snobocracy let loose over the world
with money unlimited filched from
labor, knows no bounds. Its mind is
too profane and its skin too thick to see
eves the indecency of robbing a nation
to adorn a parlor.
If any further evidence of the patience and endurance of the- Rossland
union miners waa wanted it Is now
afforded by their lenient attitude towards Barney McDonald's organ, the
Miner, tbe most unfair Bheet In Canada.
That its plant hu not been; blown to
atoms, and the' literary staff horsewhipped is a tribute to the good sense
of the miners.
Los Angeles Weekly Herald: "Tbe
objection tu the Chinese on tbe part of
tbe people who are familiar with Chinese character is broad and fundamental, It may be*, summed up by saying
tbat tbe Chinese are morally, socially,
religiously and politically unfit to live
in the United States."
Granted. But they look good to Victorians, tbo they have killed the capital city commercially.
Few artists are wealthy, yet there
Is often,a fortune in a picture.,. Tbe
other day we read of ���!. P. Morgan purchasing a painting for half a million
dollars, and tbe same paper told us of
the Scottish artist, 'John Dalrymple,
dying of starvation aniid squalid surroundings ln Belfast, on the day when
all people were feasting and rejoicing
over the birth of the Saviour. Dal-
ryrople's works were exhibited at the
Royal Academy, and he took three
first prizes for designs at the Paris Exhibition. Some day a work of his may
sell for what would have kept him in
comfort for many years.
=====or makes Investments is the Man who gets the Moneys^
^The Ma" wh0 y��l risk the Purchase of a Lot or twoTnS
TOWNSITE now has many good chancas of making EASY MONEY
Corner Lots, $125.00.
Inside   Lots, $100.00.
TERMS;   #C-\SH;
Bal., 3 and 6 mjwths.
Send for the new
Map just out
(free), and full
particulars, to
the General Agt.,
Circle City is the future terminus of the
proposed railway, already surveyed via the
Lardeau creek north fork to that point.
Circle City is beautifull located at the
base of the Lardeau Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks.
Circle City is absolutely surrounded by
mining properties now under development.
Circle City affords splendid water power
which will be utilized next season for concentrating purposes.
A Koonevelt Remark.
There is one excellent remark
Socialism demands the public owner-
ihlp of all the means of production and
* Charters for the socialist leagues of
B. C. are now In the printer's bands,
and will be ready for delivery by Feb.
Secretaries nf all locals are requested
to send short accounts of their meetings and doings, for publication in this
Any comrade in a community desiring to form a local branch of the
Socialist Party should apply at once to
the provincial secretary.
President Roosevelt's:lirst annual mes
sage.   He says:
"American Wage-workers work with
their heads as well as with their hands.
Moreover tbey take a keen pride In
what they are doing; so that, independent of tho reward, tbey wish to turn
out a perfect job."
It Is worth while to wade through
the whole wearisome document In order
to get those two sentences. For think
how they corroborate thesoclalistargu-
ment. Think how. they confute that
time-honored, objection tbat, if the lash
of hunger were not felt, an one would
be wlllinc to work. It Is good to be
able to quote such words from the most
strenuous of republican presidents In
reply tn that old but ever new plea 01
the defenders of competition and wage
slavery.���New York Worker.
If ever there was a time in
the history ot the town of
to buy lots that time is now\
Organizer Cameron has completed
his present organizing tour. Arrangements for a new organizer are now being made by tbe executive.
"Tbe right of tbe humblest human
soul to the resources and liberty needful for living a complete and unfearing
life Is Infinitely more sacred than tbe
whole fabric and machinery of civlllza
Any contributions you wish to make
to tbe organization and propaganda
/und, should be sunttu tho executive
seoretary, and will be acknowledged in
this column. Ynur orders Inr literature will also be promptly filled upon
* To keep in touch with tbe socialist
movement of B. C. you should be a
reader of tbe Eagle. Clubs of twonty
will be accepted at 60 cents a year, the
unexpired'tet-m, if any, to be completed
byitbe -new socialist paper, when established at the Coast.
Tbe executive committee of the
Socialist party of B. C. have entended
the time of voting on their submitted
platform and constitution to Feb. lat.
All locals are requested to send the results to tbe secretary, Ernest Burn*,
130 Powell St., Vancouver, by that
date. .
'. What an appalling amount of rant
and Interest there mutt be paid to
- foreign landlords by lessees In sueh
cities aa Vancouver and Victoria. One-
half of the amount���if pall to the eity
Jtfelf, which should own theui���would
pay all expenses and have lots left for
beautifying their aetural opportunities.
Let tbe foreign leeohos be shaken off
W Canadians,
Tho Don anil tho Tall.
A Feble by F. H. Richardson.
There was once a  beautiful, large
dog, and his name was Labor.
This dog had a scrubby little runt of
a tail, and tbe name of the tall was
And the dog wagged the tail.
But in tbe course of time the tail,
whose name was capital, conceived a
thought, and it spake unto tbe dog and
"Look here, why is It that you wag
me? That's all wrong. I ought to
wag you. Look at my importance!
Why, every time you bark my hair
bristles up and scares the everlasting
stuffing out of theobject nf your wrath.
And of what use are you except to sustain and carry me, the important and
dignified end of the company? Just
look where you would be at if 'I Bhould
be looped oil���why, sir, you would he
a bob-tailed dog .all your life! Indeed,
you must wag me no morel I, as the
rudder of this institution, which will
safely steer you through all your
troubles, will attend to any wagging
thero is to be done In the future."
The dog, being dull of mind, at onee
saw that the tall was perfectly right, or
else Ood would not nave 'caused It to
speak so, and he at once acquiesced.
And ever sinoe tbe tall has been
wagging tbe dog and banging him
against tbe trees and bumping him
against the fence posts, and dragging
him through the barbed wire and lambasting him around among the weeds
and thistles and cockle burrs and mopping up the earth with bim generally.
But some of these days the dog will
also conceive sn idea���that is, if be
has brains enuf to perform suoh an
action-and the dog-will again wag tbe
tail, and in his new'found joy he may
wag the tall so bard that there won't
be any tall left at ail.
The railway is bging pushed to completion and
soon the C. P< R. will accept through freight
/ for Trout Lake. Trains are now being operated on the new road as far as the steel is laid.
The McCrossan smelter is now under construction
right on the townsite of Ferguson.    v"
Many mining properties surrounding Ferguson
are rapidly reaching the shipping stage, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only is
Ferguson the comniercial, banking, smelting
and pay roll center, but here is where the most
prominent Lardeau mining men have their
interests and headquarters. The best lot locations are being picked up by shrewd investors.
mTherels Big Money in
a| If Secured at Present Prices
Thus is oalr ont best mining Journal.
That la
Mines and Minerals.   ,
It has ��� larjei clrculatloa thin any two othtr
Aiurlun Bluing Journal! because It li tha'
bett.   It It tba lariat, belt lllnatrtttd and;
handsomest mining Journal ln tbe world.   Itr
liamlnlnipaperformlnin-* men.   Subscription price 12.00 per rear. Bond for free sample
copy,  kiinn MINIS AND MINERALS, Scran-
MB, ra., D. a. A. Denver offlcm, Berth hid**,, 1
Business Lots are
still on the market
at $150 upwards.
Residential Lots
at $75 upwards.
Write orcall on the General Agent,
Rcvelstokf* ft C 1
��� --:-
On the Wing
Chief Justice McC-oll of the supreme
court cf British Columbia, died iu
Victoria last Thursday.
Tho Ferguson socialist league will
give a dance In Miners'Union hall
sometime In March, probably the 17th.
Tour subscription to the Eaole is
paid to the date on your wrapper. If
you haven't paid for it, someone else
The total ore output of the Lardeau
distriot to Dee. 31,1801, Is estimated at
3,7*7* tons, at a gross value of I37f,
Wn.81. ..   ,*,
The management of the Halcyon Hot.
Springs Sanitarium will hold their annual dance at the .-sanitarium this
(Thursday) evening*.-
Mrs. E. Knowlton, and Miss Edna
Knowlton left for Revelstoke on Tuesday morning tO'spend a couple of weeks
ia tha railway centre.
The lead and copper furnaces at the
Canadian Smelting Works, Trail, have
been blown out and will remain cold
till Feb. 1st, or as soon as ready.
When the'C. P. R. begins tq.accept
freight for Trout Lake, a good' deaf'of
mining maohlnery wi-l).bB> Installed In.
Lardeau's leading shipping mines.
J. R. Twaeddale has been transferred
from: the Revelstoke branch of the Imperial bank to Ferguson, and also promoted to tbe position of accountant.
M. J. O'Brien, manager of the Revelttoke Wine and Spirit Co., defeated
W. M. Brown, hotel keeper, In the
Revelstoke mayoralty election last
Lam glad to see Ferguson, and thn
Lardeau district, going ahead so and it
eaahot fall to benefit you all. who have
stuck to it so nobly.���A. E. Welch,
London, Ont
Four alderman of tbe Houston ticket
were elected in Nelson at th* civic
election, but Frank Fletcher polled 17
votes over John A. -Klrkpatrlok as
candidate tor mayor.
Howard Vernon, superintendent here
for the Lardeau Smelting and Refining
Co., left for Nelson on Tuesday morning for the purpose of arranging for,
ffcnelter supplies���coke, lire clay, etc.
Henry Floyd, general agent of thr-
Ferguson townsite, Rnvelstnite. timded
the poll as a school trustee In that H'v
last week. J. W Bennett., a socialist,
came second, with Mr. Dickey a mod.
third. ..,-,;',
Rev. E. S. Rowe of Victoria, Is helm'
asked to make another tour thruout
the interior next spring, or as sonn ns
possihle. The socialist league hpre
will endeavor to have him visit this
Joseph Martin has resigned h*�� ""at
in the local legislature, and will contest the Victoria seat for the honor- of
commons, with .another Liberal and a
Conservative candidate In the field
Joe will win,
E. B. McDermld. aceou- tant, and ��s-
.signee, has opened nn office In Nel-nn
and advised the EAGLE awirdlnnly.
The Eagt.e mav he in the "hole," hot
our bunk aennnt is not phat enuf yet
to.make an assignment,    .
���-Attendants of the opposition caucus
at-New Westminister, which Tl'Oh.
Taylor attended, declare that, they
bare siiftclent evidence of strength f,o
dethrone the fhinsmuir Combination
A prov'neial election seems' eminent.
"R. V. Pettiplece, Ferguson, B Ti."
t�� not, tho "secretary nf the Liberal
Association" here, and unless Vanonti-
verit.es cease sending him not.icos arirl
convention literature at once, he ;wlU
enter nn action for defamation of
The following is a list of Larrluftu ore pro-
ducors, amount shipped anil the (truss returns,
reports of whioh have io be furnished month ty
by mino owners lo the provincial government:
NHine. Pounds.       Gross Vttl
silver Cup  3.400,000 .... ��180,CH��l.OO
Nettle L  l,7i��,WK> ....    68,88D.0O
Triune    0I9.7W ....    8J.S70.27
lleatrlce     442,Uuo....    S2.2H9.8S
Groat Northern     Sii.uW ....     i,3M,oo
Broadview      52,0(10....     1,664.00
K.thel      31,000       1,690 00
Cromwell       23,289....      1.290.79
4 Ophir-Lade      12,000....     1^90.09
Metropolitan     11,974 ....       721.00
St. Elmo      12,000....        610.00
RuffledGrouso      11,774 ....        197,19
Llnson View  aM .... M.17
I Old Oold	
4 Iforitthot	
i Blaek Warrior	
( Retnrnt and correetioat ailed for.
At hob at tht Eagle reoelvM further lllor-
nation this Hat will bt made conplit* i
corrected weekly.
Fred C. Elliott.
Ferguson, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter cf Pinkham
OMcn: ..Ritelstokt, Golden, and Kerguion.
Bollottots for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Qto. 8. MoCirter. J. A. Hantr.
A, M. Plakhaa.
* Fotanytbiag.in the book,or stationery tine setfd to the'Canada Drug *c
Book Co., Revelstoke,' B, C. Mall
orders receive prompt attention.
* To get acquainted with this district
you should have a copy of the new and
only map. Send a one dollar .bill to
the Eaqle and secure one at once.
* The Revelstoke. Trout Lake *t
Big Bend Telephone Co., limited, has
offices at Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thomson, Camborne, Trout Lake and Ferguson.   Reliable service.
* Smokers: If you want the OEM!
ink "Union" and "Our Special"
cio'Att see that "Union Cigar Factory''
is stamped in gilt letters on every box
���H. A. Brown, Revelstoke, B, C.
J.M.Scott, B,A���L.L.B.
omens mieenzii avenue,
Revelstoke, B. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
of Canada
To Z.Gordon Goldberg or L, Goldberg.or to
any person or persons to whom they may
have transferred their   Interests in the
Little Robert and Little Robert No. 1 mineral claims situate utthe head of the North
fork of Lardeau creek, and adjoining tbe
Black Warrior group on tbe northwest, In
the T-out Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay Dlr-trect,
Tou^are hereby notified that I have expend*
ed two hundred and five dollars and twenty*
five cents ($204.25) In tailor and Improvement*
on tht above mentioned mineral claim" in
order to hold said mineral claims under the
provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of tills notice yon
fall or refuse to contribute your proportion o'
such -expenditures togeltoer witb all cost of
s'lvertlslnv, your interest in ssid claims will
become Use property of the subscriber, under
section 4 of an Aet entitled An Act to Amend
the Mineral Act, MOO.
Dated at Ftif awn this 4th day ot December,
dao6-ln        JOSEPH C. KIRKPATRICK. I
General Banking Business Transacted
Inttrtit allowed on deposits la Savlnja
Department at current ratts.
.a. jsTFhipps.
B. C. Assay & CJgmical Supply Co.
Headqwrteri for A-iawyera, M inlaj * Mill
-uppllei. Sole Agents lu B. O. fur Murpt-ii
��� -rucibl-s To., Battersea, EnglHiid; F. w. Brums
A Co.'i Patent Cary Fnrnucei, B urnen,6tc.[
Vm. Ainsworth A Co.'s Fine Balau cei,etc.,��tv
To Mlkn Dwyer and PMtick SMi'-lion, or t<
nnv person or pentou* 10 whom they may
h-ivc lrnnsferretf iheii  interests.
TAKK NOTICE thMt I, the undersigned.ro-
owner with you in the J.'', mineral giuup.
("m-'i'.Hnit of the Smuggler, Lone stnr, J. 0. Mini
l'.u-liwliHckci ' irtiniH. siuiftti-ii on thi-titaiiot
Lnttecretyt in the Trout Lake mini-sin dlvlsloi
of Went Kaoten��yJn the province ��t IfrltMi
"olumbiH, have expended four hundred (Htm!
-It 'liars in labor aud 1 in prove ment upon the
thrive mentioned mineral croup in urder tt-
hold sulci croup under Sort ion 'Hut Mie'Mh.ern.
tct. and if witliln ninety daya frmn the Hr-.
publication hereof, you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of aiieh expenditure, n��
getlier with tbe cost of advertising fur 190'
vour interest.) in the aaid croup will beconi-
ilie property of the -ub-crlben, underKectlon *t
nf the Mineral Art 19(H).
luted at FergUBun, It. C, this 29th day 01
October, iflul.
��� ���(���131 J. W. CHISM.
The principal fen tn i*p nf interest in
the platinum Inrlti-trv during* llXii was
the discovery of platiniim-honi'lnu- prei*.
"In place" partly due to perslftent.
search in the regions which havnlnnfr
furnished placer sand, and partly to
accidental discovery.
The executive of the Canadian Mnnu
facturers' Association have instructed
their secretary to write Premier Laurier, suuuestinit that Hon. E. Ttarton.
S rentier nf Australia, and R. G. Sed-
on, premier of New Zealand, be invited to visit Canada.
A nan named W. K. Stephens of
Golden, was rail over by the .switch en
(tine an 1 a Pullman sleeper at Revel-
���tolte on Friday mornlnL'last, reclvitip
Injuries from which he died a few hours
later. Stephens was deaf, and as a
consequence was run down.
Ayearrarnly goes by without tome
than comes forward Claiming*: he has
discovered tbe lost art of hardening
cOpper. It' is more than doubtful
whether copper bas ever been harden-
aft, but It la one of those fables that
cannot be killed. This time it is William A. Guernsey of Williamsport,
Pennsylvania. Claims are made that
' Hr. Guernsey has tempered copper
chisels to a hardness which cannot be
obtained with steel.   Experiments are
Srtfw beUig made on hardening coppe*
ate*   This discovery is very lmpor-
dt, if   true, which  we very much
doubt.���Mining; Reporter.
Including the Piah Creek camp
mi'I Upper Uunrmi River sc tion. compiled hy A; 1*. Cummins, I'.L tt;,��nd S
MiBinion. 11, A., is now on Mtlo at. thin
otlU'C. The ready aali* of the map.is
tirovlnff all we have said lur it. The
Trout ukedlvirion la lithographed tn '
lilack. the Lardeau in red.and the Aln*-
worth in bint*. Kveu atenderft-ot oould
tHke �� i-npv of 1 his map mul find any
cldlin reeoMeti in the three divisions, '
The mountains, lakea, ireeltH. wagon
" roiidn. Inula, surveyed railway rtunes, ".
nnd the location and name(bv a unique
index) of every mineral elaim in the
district ia shown.
Next   to   Visiting   the   Coantrv   In
Person This Map Takes First Place.
In (act evi'iy (-enfiiai-hii nl
feature la ao well define that one citu
aee at a glaneo the nn 1 ure of OUT eon Iff 1 y
nnd the trend <f ihe elaim Incatioiu.
gives an intelligible Idea of tbe mine: nl
be IN running through the camp. Hia
The   Best   Worth   for   One  Dollar
Halcyon Hot Sprin ��s
Sanitarium   ,   .
The mosi etimplete resort on the ct mtineut
ot North America. Situated mldnt aeenerr
unrivalled ify grandeur. Voatlni. fl^hlnt-
and exeunlhna. Kealder. t phyalela n am'
nu'se. In telegraphic nommunicatioii with
all parti o( the world. Two malla arrh 'e and
depart every ftay. Its bkthi cure all no rvoiu
and muicularjalieaiH lis wateri hea 1 al)
kidney, liver and atomach allmenta. Hs
baths and waters Hre a .Hiire remedy ui Inat
all argenttferoua poiMftia. TERMS: $1:1 to
115 per week; aDRordlnir to reildonee In h*��tel
or vlllu.
tt. EdwardoJC
Dixsr Heads, Birds, Etc.
M*Jtit)ted-..FiirB and Skins
Tanned dnd Dr<m-wd.
Third Street   ^Revdstolu
Lrnited Hatters of North America
T HI8    IS   THI
the United Jlatiei-
bt North  America
When yuu are bu--
iir  a FUR   HA1
ii her soft or stiff
lee to  it   lhat   lb.
genuine    UNIO:
Label in sowed in il
If   a   retailer   h��- I
louse labela in hi
t(lisse-udtui  and   oi
fer-4 tu i-ut.one In ��-
hat (or you, do noi
patronize him.   H<-
%.mh not any ngni to nave umve labela,   Imm-k-
��� mbels in retairsttirea are counterfeits.   Do not
listen to juiy explanation aa to whv the ha1
haa no label.   The Genuine Union Label !������
erforated ou the four edges exactly the namt
tn-rt puHtHge stamp.    Counterfeit)* ara some
'imea perforated on three of the eduea, ami
���"imetimes only iitl two.   Keep a sharp lookou 1
ior the tniiiiterfeiia.   Unprincipled mHiiufac-
nrcra an-uMim them In unler to set rid m
tnefr si-fib-made hata.   The .fohn H  Ktttlftoi
'O. and Hi'iim II, Uoelofa-A t'o., both of Phila-
lelphfa. I'h��� are non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT. President.
���JOHN KHILUPS.Seerotary.
U   ' 7��7 Hftrtturd A"e., Brooklyn, N.V t
ever offered in tbe map line of-a mining
camp. It is thu Aral complete mantif
thediatrli-tandiaaellingwell. Itlajimt
"    "'   I for.    WK A WO
What you are looking '
Addrosa ynur order, with f��t
enclosure of a one dollar till, (no -
cliequea, orders, etc.) to |    i
Ferguson, B.C.
/   Will Rn.nmn D��**��lopoi.nt Work.
'���'} t*e Scottiah.Canadiau Mining & De-
teltipment Co., Ltd., is belnj** re-organ-
bad by Manager A. E. Welch ol Lon-
dou, Ont., and work will be reaumed on
their north fork properties in the
1 tprlmg, under the personal supervision
��f tike manager.
tidal Hrlotlj oonfldfnM.-.. -
mik fr��* Olj-Mt wnff for
qmcW nulla, wlfliont obi
��clal MOtt, wljjont obarn. In tM
Scientific American.
IIIUtntMl WMklr    I.HTfBMt H
���Rlsntlflfl lournil.   Torma, 91
tba.ll. ttola bj all in��.aMl��r_
AhmnlionnlTllltntKflwMUr- I")***
mlatlon of anr uwntisn lourna. Torma, U ���
roiu-i lour miintbi, II. Sola tij all n.-��.dMl��.
WORLD'S, SCENIC '.<�����/' IE.
[^D/ffe^n.ivB lowet,ruffes]
Nuit   inu
an i1*-. u. i.-ii.
l VIA. t oo LINK
"t Paul, (Ik .IctKo and all U.S.
K.��t-l# avo HcvolKtnko Weil
i-ri. ana aull. Leave Duii.morp
.llnwliol) Mon., Tllilr. and 8a'
U��W 1) ootenay Landing Prldaj
at. Pau i, Toronto, Montreal, Bo.,
*"�� lt-Irf����e Revelatoke Hon..
���JOS , and Fri. Vancouver. Seattle ; onut Stoamihlp lervlce.
*' ora Vancouver to AUxkaj Ha*
"all, China, Japan, Australia.
Through Bookings to Kuropo
via, all Atlantic Lines.
Prepaid Tickets from all Point, at
 Lowest Rates, ,
We have now in stock a good line of
Mackin$W% Rubbers,   German Sox,
....Overajls,, Clothiing, Hand Wear....
Also Canned Goods of all kinds,, Fresh Apples, Choice Fancy and
Staple Groceries, Confectionery.. Try our Union-Made U. le I.
Chewing Tobacco.   The best oo i the market.
Established 1896
General Merchants
Ferguson Meat M&ket
1 Fine siock of the t PKfiSH HREP,  P0KK. Ml!T- 1
f ..*...:,bestAlbert�� | TON,   POI'LTRy,   Etc.,  ptc. X
Pair Prices
Mine orders a specialty.   ..
Shop one door euit of Hotel Lardeau.
Prompt Delivery
Drugs and Stationery
Prescriptions Caret till*/ and Accurately Compounded.
T. O. BLOCKT.:: r. ,', .PEBCIUSON, B. <
>&t44'**M**<t*******b*&iv H44��t����*)��>>*������*��i��'i>*��^ ���
i C. B. Hume & Co.i;
��� ���
; ��� Wholesale and Retail	
General Merchants  j .
The largest Importers in North Kootenay.
j j Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake City, B. C !!
J. 3. CARTER,      B. J. COYLE,
D. P. A��� Nelson, A.O.F.A., Vaneonvir.
J. DONOVAN, Agent, Arrowhead.
* Until March 1st the Eaole will be
mailed to clubs of twenty subsorlb ers
at 60c a year. Thin should double the
present circulation ln ono month. H elp
tho Eaole tu help yourself by raatll Inf
a club ot twenty.
You Can Always Depend
Upon getting tha Be��t-Wiirkman*,hip and the Bust Mater* -
ials for ydur money, when you buy your clothes  fioni
R. S.Wilsoih SJBS
��� O. K.m
All branches of the Tonsorial Art
executed with ambidextron. dexerity.
'Wm. Schnell, Prop.


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