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Lardeau Eagle 1902-02-06

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VOI, III. NO. 52.
$���2.00 A YEAR.
Tha ProsrrMs Made in tbe Last
,   . Ten Years.
The Wealth of the Country Per
Family Is the Highest in
the World.
During the ten years since the Radical party came Into power the population ol New Zealand has increased 1!)
]ier cent., the exports 40 per cent., at d
the bank Bcfc&itiJ 00 per cent. The
wealth of the country per family has
increased from $5,700to$7,400-a figure
exceeded nowhere ln the world. Th,
increase in tho colony's debt 16 lurt-e
(J54.000.000, or $300 per farolly.Kbut tie
three quarters of It Invested in rail
roads, laud settlement, advances t(,
settlers; etc., etc., not only pays interest on tbo bonds issued therefor, but
yields a profit of $300,000,a year to help
pay tlitf ��� interest on the remaindi'-.
Even the I'omaininjr deb'- is directly
profitable, ns nearly nil of it was it-
creusHtl tor new roads, bridges ant'
puhl'c buildings, and forthe purchase
of native lnnds.   .There Is no war del t
���/whatever tn depress Industry. Tie
gains of thn decade have been excel ���
tionally marked during the past five
years of international prosperty, am
most uiatked nf ull during the yem
'.just ended.   During this yeur the government, reduced railroad rates 6t pe>
cent, in pursuance of its policy to rf
dure these rates whenever the rediu-
tion could be made and the roads sill
net thc government enough to pay .th.
Interest nn their bonds, instead of eati"
Ing a deficit, this cut In rates was fid
lowed hy such an increase in truffle n
to yield tho gnvernmeet more than eve
before.   Further reductions wero mud,
in its customs duties, postal rates, etc .
but all thesu combined, Instead of cam-
ln�� the loss of $!."50,0('0 (which wouh
have   resulted, had  not  business  In
creased), mused���or wero followed by-
an increase in the government revenues
amounting l�� 88,33,-1,000.   The widel
circulated report, that the premier hin*
confessed that the colony was approaching financial embarrassment had not)*
ing hack of it, it ecoms, except hi*
statement to a delegation  that net-
bonds could not no* bo issued for new
undertakings except at a higher rale
of Intel est, because (and this, of course,
was omitted from the Tory reports) the
rates of Interest in the Londo ninom y
market I ad been advanced by tho loan-
.   lo curry on the Hoar war.���New Yot Ir
Nuiitli.r, ���JlnlnK Claim..
What a peculiar and heti-ogonei ua
mass of euphont-ous names, and u wot Id
of lilatory, I'Oili iiHtlotiul und dtiinesi c.
that go Ni make up the title of a large
majority of the mining properties. Tbe
awi't-llicart loft In tbo eastern states
linds her name perpetuated by a large
producer of tlio precious gold. A dear
old mother's maiden name Is not forgotten. Neither Is tho old village, the
sister, tlio pot dog or cat, the little
pony that carried tbo prospector lo
his childhood days. Incidents of the
day, especially those of a local nature,
largely enter Into names for the locator
to designate his now discovery. The
Never Sweat was named after a man
who nover worked "an(i therefore,
"never sweat." "Wake Up Bill," the
prominent Butte mino is another- Bill
nnd his companion wore camped on the
hillside just north of Butte. They had
prospected tho ground the day beforo
und tliu companion awoke oarly and
continued ii|s search, aud oo being sue
' uessful aroused old Bill with tho words,
���'Wake up, Bill. I h&ve.found II." St,
this is thc way Ibis famous Coppermine
was named. Hundredsof others found
their names under somewhat similar
A good story of the naming of the
"Holy Terror," mine of Keystone, S.
VI,, tbat has seldom ever found its wat
into print comes from an old friend of
the discoverer's wife wlio used to enjoy
telling it to. her intimate friends, Old
man Franklin, as he was familiarly
unown, was,especially favored hy fortune and bad made several good sized
"raises" before the discovery of the:
Holy Terror, and Mre.: Franklin, now
also dead, was one of tha rough frontier, but whole-souled good hearted
women often met with in the early
���uys, who could handle a brace of six
-hooters and call down a rough character as readily as many men. One day
she succeeded in gaining a reluctant
u-omise from her husband to. accede to
her wishes and name a good mine after
ier, winding up ner argument with the
remark that be had named claims for
logs and-cats and everybody else he
knew, and was time he named one after
her. Soon he approached her witli
lapers. pen and Ink, with the statement
hat he found the mine of mines, and
e was happy to grant her wish, and
that the papers Wero ready to sign and
*e recorded. After signing the papers
she glanced over the title and suggested that tbere had been some mistake, tbat this was not tbo claim he
���m-ant to havo her sign, whereupon be
-spiled thAt it certainly was. "No, It
Is not, this Is named the Holy Terror."
'Ills brought forth the good natured
i "tort that "II you nre not a holy ter-
i .there never was one."���Western
Mining World,
Unnecessarily Plunging Into Hands
of Capitalists Eaoh Year.
Profits Now Making Millionaires
Should Be doing Into the Provincial Treasury.
Mr. Taylor Explains.
TkoUT Lake. H. C. Jan. 31. 1002.-
'dlttitt Lahdeau Ragle, Dear Sir: In
'""king through the columns of your
.sup of the 30th Inst., nnd vour report
if the publio meeting held in Fercusnn
���n the evening of the 28th inst. an-
earing therein I no'ice some state,
"ents that are so erroneous nnd en-
irely misleading, that I cannot allow
hem to pass without oorrectlnn. To-
wards the close of lhat very important
neetlng I was asked by you as chalr-
���i.in to explain my position and my pt-
'ttide towards the present, adrolnisrra-
ion which 1 did, und to jttdire hy the
���eeeptlon my remarks received I would
ma pine my pnsitinn was most thor.
nghly endorsed by the meeting. T
���**> however, reported by you as follows. '
"Diehard McBride, as Conservative
��ader, has been assured of sufficient
tipnort to overthrow the Dunsmuir
-ovornment." nnd aguintlist the policy
,f t|ie Conservative opposition under
\fr, MeRrlde would soon lie made pith*
���In. I would heg to state that no such
tatements were made by me on that
,eenslon. It is plain to he seen on the
very slightest investigation, that f
��� '>���M not make ouch statements, aa in
tbe first place Mr. McBride is nnt the
'oitfler of the Conservative party In
U'*itlsb Coltunliln, and in the second In-
-tnnee no person has yet been chosen
is far as t am aware to fill the important position as leader of the opnosi.
'Ion, and while I would very much appreciate such a turn of events as would
ilsee n Conservative administration In
fflee In the province, I certainly madn
���io statement tn that effect at the meet-
[ng referred to, nor did I have occasion
���o mention tho name of the Conservative party at all, oxrent in explaining some matters In connection with
tn.V Campaign In !f>00. I very much
'luireclate thn kindness shown inn and
���ie enthusiasm of the meeting above
referred to tind must thank the people
f Fei-ctison for their expression nf
"onflrtencB In me.and I may also add. It
s at the suggestion of u number nf the
'/entlemrn who wero present at. the
"leetlni' that. I would ask yon to klqdlv
give apace tn this alight correction In
your next Issue.
I remain ynurs verv truly,
Thomas Taylor.
The Eaole has appearantly got the
Conservatives and the opposition of
this province annexed, which, however
much Mr. Teylor would like to see, is
not tho oase. Mr. Taylor's eulogies of
Richard MoBrlde, as the ono man who
had aided him (Mr, Taylor) to secure
what he did for his riding, must also
have confused our muddled brain at
that meeting. While Mr. Taylor
would like to see It thusly, Mr. McBride la not tho likely leader. All of
which is hereby accepted as gospel
It's a luoky thing for the average
man tbat he doesn't know some of the
things that othor people know about
The Eaole Is in receipt of a most
interesting pamphlet, written and sent
out by F. J. Proctor, under the caption
"The Financial Crisis in British Columbia." It is certninly well worth
rending;, and is of real interest toJ.be
electors of this province. The Eagle's
solution nf the question Is given in th*-
heading of this article. In his Intro-
ductory Mr. Proctor says: "It is a
remarkable characteristic of the ordinary elector that tho subject of the
finance of his province or country is a
matter which he rarely attempts to
grasp. Figures nre wearisome to him,
the budget a mathematical joggling
feat which pusseth understanding, and
the statement of public accounts a
work of art which muy command his
respect hut fails to entice his interest
* * ." From different portions of this
wholesome and comprehensive resume
of the financial position of B. C. the
Eaqle takes the following statements:
"The Dominion grant per capita,
according to tho terms of the union, is
fixed at 80 rents pel* head until the
population reaches 400,0110, and then
lt becomes stationary. We can, therefore, never receivo mine than |.'I20,00II
per annum."
"During the last fourteen years the
totnl expenditure has been more than
five million dollars over tho revenue!
and this docs not tu'te Into account
sinking fund and the other payments
not charged to expenditure. This
large deficit has been so fur provided
for hy various loans, hut when it is
considered that year after year our expenditure exceeds our receipts, and
tbat It Is necessary tn continue borrowing to keep up thc sinking fund and
other payments, it is not c1i.lii-.ult to
realize that the province Is drifting
into serious financial umhurassment."
"During ��lio four ynurs previous to
3lllh June. 1000, thu average annual deficit (not including tiie sinking fund
und other accounts not charged to expenditure) wus about $115,(100."
"An examination of the Items of expenditure falls to suggest u solution of
the problem of making ends meet oy
any sulllclent scheme of economy,"
"With regard to education, the cost
for the year ending -Kith, 10(10, was
$286,310, und since then it has risen,
and will, I believe, show an increase
of about $100,001) for I !'�����."
"Thi* province bas an area of nearly
400.000 square miles, and only tt fraction of it is at present opened up
With Its limited sources of revenue
and dilllcult physical conditions, it
occupies���from u (Inunclal standpoint--
a unique position in thc Dominion."
"It Is a thankless tusk collecting
figures so condemnatory to our province's financial position, but it Is assuredly better to look the trouble
squarely in tbe face than to stumble
blindly on from bad to worse. J f there
is a remedy, let us look for It nor,*, und
put it into operation wltbout delay."
"There Is no originality in tho suggestion that the final solution of our
financial problem lies tn tho alteration
if the terms of union."
"It Is vital, however, that tho bus's
of re-adjustment he one which will
place a certain portion of tho permanent receipts which at, present go to tho
Dominion government at the disposal
of the provincial government��� a promise on tho part ol the former to expend
more money In this province can only
bo of temporary benefit to lis."
"We bear a great deal in these days
of Conservative meetings and Liberal
conventions. Thoy are no doubt exceedingly interesting to those who
attend them, but their utility at the
moment is very questionable. What
we want to-day is union, [Socialism���
RD-!. not division; unanimity of opinion and action concerning tho interests
of the province, and not blind antagonism on issues which do not concern ns."
���'Our duty in British Columbia today seems plain enough. We have one
issue standing out.clear and defined: an
issuo involving the financial life of our
province It remains with lhe people
of British Columbia to tell their representatives to take up their cause with
'he Dominion government., to ask foi
i'tsticu. und to work with unweurHl
natience until they obtain it. To-day
we must stand together for tho needs of
the province."
Our only regret is that we have not
tlie space to reproduce the contents of
the entire pamphlet.
Commercial  Competition Bncou*
ages Men to Do Wrong.
Canada to be UurgBiilsnd.
New York Interests, allied with capitalists in Chicagound Boston, havo pur-
rhased a controtiing Interest in th'e
Sovereign Bank of Canada, now being
organized with a capital of $2,000,000.
New Yorkers who have stock in tlie
'tow bunk are J. Plerpont Morgan. Tlio
standard Trust Company will act ns
agents. Mr. Morgan's firm will tils,,
represent tho bank In London and Purls
'ays a special in the Chicago Chronicle
The head offices in Canada will
bo in Toronto and tbo executive officers
in Montreal, while a chain of brunches
will be established throughout Canada.
Even the II tile bankers of Canada will
look like a stack (if whites ere long.
Oh no, Canada is tint being commercially annexed to Uncle Sinn's captains
of indu-*trv!
The True Gospel of Humanity an-i
Brotherhood is Lost in the Mad
Bush  of Profit-Making'.
Tlie ttoverninent should ItetiifnThem,
As long as the Dominion government
retains possession of it0 00.POO s'-ro re-
sflrve of conl land in south east Kootenay, the British Columbia smelting
business will have a kind of a show*.
The very day that the government
parts with it to the (!, P. K. or any
other ptirchnseabld corporation it places
the smelting business at the mercy of
Jim Him. Thia coal land in the hands
of the Biivernment affords a club with
which to keep Jim Hill and the C. P.
It. In line. Leased on a title in usufruct
basis or worked ns a government concern it could supply all the eoul needed
in tha Kootenay at the right price.���
Let (upllHll-.u lie Their Own right lw.-.
Tho man whoshnuts for wae (s either
nn ignorant loo! or a mad man; thu man
who condemns any other man hecuuse
that man's voice is raised for peaco has
many of tho essentials of the criminal
in his nature. Tho soldiers homo from
Africa do nnt clamor for "war, iflore
war," as do the phthisical Boanerri
of I he editorial sanctum-who would he
thc first to run at ping of bullet ���r
gleam of steel.
War Is hell.   Lot us  havo peace.���
Ladysmith Leader.
Nuvlftttlnn CliMt.fl Teiniinrni'llv on Arm,
The s. s. Archer haa been frozen in
on tho Arm at Whiskey Kolntslnc lust
Saturday. The winter mail serviee, as
a consequence, la now In vogue. Mai's
will only arrive here twice a week,
Tuesdays and Fridays, leaving tlio foi-
lowing mornings, until navigation is
I'e-oponed, which may Iio any day as
tne soft weather -now prevalent will
aid the crew In cutting thru the Ice.
In this day and generation a ma-
does not need to know everything to
mako money, if be has money.   He call ire the brains, und the men who ea
successfully conduct his business, th
same as the "owners"of the C. P. Ii.
do, who live in foreign lands and neve
see the holdings from which they winr
and dine, and further debauch and de
grade snobaoracy. a condition which ���*���
only made possible by a privato'owne*-
ship system of government.
If tho government operated thei
own smelters, refineries, mines, etc..
and caused crown granting our nuturs
ourcos to private individuals, ther-
would be no room or orcasion for any ol
corruption incident to private pro!'',
Take away the profit, and preachers'
and merchants ulike will call in tbe
"big-ni.lt" feature.
Competition drives men tu thou
After all is said and done It's not tht
individuals u-ho are to blame���our commercial competition demands It���bni
the system of private-ownership, rather
than collective ownership, whieh is r(-
spnnsihle for the perpetuation and Increase "f all sorts of robbery, gol-i
bricks, adulteration, shody goods, anri
the many many "monoy" ovils wo scon evory hand.
But there is this satisfaction. People aro heginning to arouse from their
slumber. The big trusts aro perfecting the new co-opei-ativo system, ani:
the Socialists are organizing and mas
ing ready for the near-by tluys of collective ownership and management <K
of the means of production and distri
Thou stock gambling wiilgo with all
tho rest of the Godless evils of commercial competition and privute-ownei-
tihlp.   All hail that day.
A Timely Appointment.
His honor the lieutenant-governor
in council has appointed a board of examiners for tho leading coal mines of
tho province, which should bo hailed
with satisfaction by tlio miners and
their friends. If the persons appointed
do their duty perhaps there will be
fower fatal accidents and explosions in
the future.
The Canadian Pacific Railway is applying to the Dominion government for
po'wor to increase Its capital stock by
S2(),000,000. This stock is to ho sold at
par and the proceeds applied to better*
ment nn the road..
Dospitoall denials to the contrary,
die,sale of tha Canada Atlantic railway to thc Now York Central and St
Lawrence and Adirondack companies
Is all butcompletcd. Dr. Seward Webb
bas confirmed tbis statement,
A New Juui-u-ilistie Venture.
[lev. Charles W. McCrossan is no*
the ptilili-hcr of u new paper
ihe "British Columbia Monthly
Mining Bulletin," ut Minneapolis, lu*
his salutatory to the mining public Mr
McCrossan says:
"It Is very natural that ull those
Interested in tlie mines of British
Columbia Rhould desire regular unci
ACCUItATI*. news concerning the worl,'
done und being done, the prospects concerning shipments of ore, erection ol
stneltot-s, etc., ti'tid stteii informntion
out u regular bulletin of somo kind. 1.
will be the object "f this paper to supply the demand for such information
and also to give all tho general Items
of interest to the mining world in general. Tho editor of this paper will
lake the lcaditq; papers published ii:
th�� interest of mining and will giro to
the readers of this paper the principal
items of interest found therein.
Wo hope that all tho thousands of
parties intorcsted will send for the
paper at once so us to bo sure of receiving a copy every month. Thk
Simply enclose 25 cents, in one or two
cent stamps."
Tho Phoenix Socialist Club Is growing In numbers. At tlio tneoting last
Sunday afternoon an Interesting debate wus bold., tho subject being
'���Direct Legislation." A delegation
from from the Phoenix branch visited
the mooting of tho Greenwood club
last uiglit.���l'hocuix Pioneer. l'ubliihed every Tlmra-
day at Ferguson, I!. C, by
to whom all correspondence ��houli] lie ndtliensed.
' AdvertliinK Baton:   Display ad��., iJl.UO per llni-le
column inch per mouth.
.... ......   . Legal lulu., 12 ���nt" per
���nonparlel] lino for (tnt inaerUon| �� o��nt�� per line [or each ��������<"�����
nserHon. iM.dlnR notlco. 10 rentr, per line oaoh issuo. JUMgW
legal notloei, (10.; sixty dav��,|7,M| thirty days.lB, No ad*, uoceptoa
,il Ion llian these rates.      No room foi quaok BOS. America*
Subscription Ratos:    |2.00 per annum, to any n.Ulrysstii A       ��,
��1.00 ior six'months; KJOtt year tolorelsn itddtwc"    .\o*,n>.   o pai��r.
Job I'rlntlnc;    Tlie BaglO Job department is tho best equlppodI offlOB
and the only oflice which can furnish the lypographicu union label In
:.orth Kootenay; a guarantee In Itself of good wort and promptnosa.
During the ambitious period of a.man's life to-day
his energies are sapped by a system which throws him
away like a limp rag as soon as the sap is wrung out of
bim; or awakening intelligence provokes a nornVal dte-
satisfaction, says the Socialist Spirit.
Thousands and thousands and thousands are thus
ground through the capitalist mill, the mere dry grist
of profit-malfing civilization which haa no use for the
thing which life is meant for���the human soul.
Life is a progression; an unfoldment; a spiritual development.
When your soul stops reaching out for higher things;
when your hope is gone, and your ambition is gone;
you may be walking about the streets, and riding on
trains, but you are a dead man. Your ljfe is behind
A society which reduces human beings to the dead
level ot a machine like routine; which kills the creative
instinct;, Which extinguishes hope before mid-life in
reached; ti only a form of organized death.
And yet it is this vast horde of patient, plodding
slaves, dulled by routine and soul-quenched by years
of exploitation who are keeping their fellows in slavery.
(Life is one:   We rise or we sink together.)    _   f
You may'hear them to-day vacuously echoing their
master's declarations against Socialism; because, they
say, Socialism would reduce all men to a dead level I
They do not really think that tht eqaality of opportunity Socialists ar* striving for would harm them.
They do not think it would benefit them. They do not
think at all.   Dead men do not think.
A clerk who has worked ten hours a day for twenty
years without a day's vacation looks at a caged canary
and exclaims; . "Poor imprisoned little thing!" Is it
sympathy; (jr self-pjty, think you?
There fs never" to sorry a slave as the slave who
imagines he is (ree.
And day by day; step by step, age is creeping on,
It is a sad thing, this realization that the world has
no place for the old.
The little children still love grandfather and grandmother.
But their place by the fire-side is gone.
The fire-s.i.de itself is gone.
Hurry into yeur grave, old ment   You have worked
hard it is true.    You  have been making things for
other's comfort all your life.    But this is a busy world.
There are profits to make.
And you are in the way.
and Humanity at a premium, and all the forms of evil
at a discount, the chtirch would.try to save a drowning man and leave him in tha Water at the same time.
The Socialist would pull the drowning man out of the
water and get him on dry land before talking to him
about his soul.���[J. K. T.., in Los Angeles  Socialist.
Letters of inquiry from stock buyers in the United
States concerning a couple of mining companies operating in the United Sta���we mean the Lardeau���still
continue to pour in at the Eagle office. The editor
who reads them with an indescribable feeling, in which
surprise, hilarity and contempt battle with one another
for supremacy, mechanically turns the letter around,
searches tbe envelope in vain for something palpable,
and finally realizes the "naked" fact���parasiticis! Then
he seizes his pen with a grin and writes:
"My Dear Sir���My time is money, and so is pre*
sumably yours. I cannot afford to work for nothing,
and do not think that you can. You are number 1,356.
Upon receipt of your check for $25 we will answer all
questions asked and satisfy you in every respect, etc."
As an invariable rule, the recipient of this missive
recovers from his distemper spontaneously, and becomes silent as a clam.
Thc Eagle may at times give peblicity to facts, concerning the methods ot certain mining stock companies,
which contain too much truth to encourage the flotation
and ready sale of capital stock, rather than treasury
stock, but we may say right here, that the Eagle will
fulfill what it believes to be its duty as a public press.
Ihdignants may wax eloquent, but the Eagle has sufficient faith in thc beautiful mineral resources of this
district to believe that it can best be brought to the
front rank by unquestionable methods of flotation.
The United States government has enacted a law to
suppress anarchists, with a death penalty. This is the
beginning of anarchism in that domain,, for in only
such countries as these laws are already in force does
anarchism thrive. To stamp" Out anarchism the conditions which create anarchy must be abolished. It all
depends on how much money and power a man or corporation has as to what degree of an anarchist he or
they may be termed, by the government officials.
The methods of the honest and fakir mining broker
are so near alike that it is hard to discriminate. But it
is best to make your inquiries���not by asking for cheap
advice from the local editor���before you buy. Figure
the capitalization of the company, then the price asked
for shares. Multiply these figures, and ask yourself a,
plain question.
The Eagle is in receipt of a signed letter from W. J.
Landon of Winona, Minn., relating to his connection
with the Metropolitan Gold and Silver Mining. Co. _ As
the manager of that company will be in Ferguson in a
few'days, the Eaole will then make inquiries, which, if
not satisfactorily explained, will receive attention in a
later issue. >	
Will the Greenwood Times aad other patriotic
howlers of "spend your money in your own town"
kindly tell the Eagle the difference between buying
scab-made and sweat-shop goods in Toronto or at
'home." Who enjoys the "prosperity" derived from
the additional profits made at "home?"
If   you   are   building   or contemplate building we will be
ple& sed to quote you estimates on anything made in our
Stfsh and Door Factory
and we   feel confident that we can give you satisfaction in
every pa rticular.     Write: Sawyer Bros., Revelstoke, B. C.
PL Ft ir
the next month I Intend to make=
Mail Order Watch Repairing
A. Special! Feature.
Having a first class mechanic at the head of this department, Mr,
lt. N. Doylo, Lardeai dtes need not hesitate In sending their watches
to me for repair. All work guaranteed at prices consistent with
the lead market. I have the finest steek of Jewelry, Watches,
Clocks, etc, in Nort h Kootenay. Call or write at onee. Will
mall you a box to set id watches to me for repair upon application.
J    ft 11V   Hnifhei* ne Hvvelattkt Jtweler,
���    UU/     AJtllWGl        Rtvtlstoke, British Columbl:
Our Special
The Union
���fhejp an al il Union m>d< and of tht
fcest Hate aa Tobacco sioatr can
bar* Try , toe and wUlify "������until
U to their 1 lualttj.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
Brown, Prop;,
MAKE   cigars.
There are  Cheap and'Good
Union-Mad e Cigars, but the
Enterprise and Selkirk
Brills, muufatt ��r��i ��r tha Eattrprlu
����������������������� ��f Oliar Co., Kivtli-toko, wouieo.u>lltdla +��*.
��� tfeiprovltMO I
SMOKE   UNION-  T i  ' ' SI
SMOKE   U^ON-  T ������ . ���,������   ������,���,,.  ���*,
MAKE   CIGAR*.  I  ��r lalo ty ��0|j�� ..a'^Uadl,,**, HoWU.   || MAD1   C,0AM<  ;;
iiiiiiiotniniiniiiii iMimi��iii(}iinMinni! ���
Oh yes, this is a free country! But the men who
have a cinch on another's bread and butter NMie pretty
near engineering his destinies. If you've got the dust
you have freedom���but not otherwise.
To get ALL the Lardeau news read the Eagle.
"Truth is stranger than fiction."
^f ^^Ferguson B. C.
The big trusts have begun a systematic and specific
war on the co-operative trusts that have been springing
up. The big trust will eat up the little ones. But if
the government were to go into business and establish
a co-operative plant with all the people in it as co-operators, and should produce products without interest,
rent or profit, and the private trust were to fail, which
it would, that would be confiscation, we suppose? But
it is not confiscation tor the big plants to ruin the little
ones! No, that is simply the modern business methods. The trusts believe in confiscation when it applies
to their little neighbors, but not when it applies to
themselves. There is only one way to control trusts���
that is for the people to vote for Socialists for office
and have the nation engage in the production and distribution of goods. It can't be done by co-operative
plants nor by competition among the big ones.
Friday, Feb. 14, 1902
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall jfcC
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
Sewing Machines,
Etc. '- " " ���-
le Liquor Dealers*^!
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
The right ot a stockholder to inspect a mine of
which he is part'.owner is recognized in New Zealand
more fully than in this country, or indeed in any other
mining country of which we are aware. The mining
law of 1898 provides that any person owning a share
or interest in any mine is entitled to enter and inspect
that mine, with or without an attendant expert, on nny
working day between the hours of no.on and 1 o'clock;
and for nny manager or director to obstruct such Inspection is to commit an offense against the law, which
is punishable by serious penalties. Even this is not
considered sufficient, and a bill is now pending in the
New Zealand Parliament to increase the time allowed
and otherwise enlarge the stockholder's right to inspect
his property.���The Engineering aud Mining Journal.
The Socialist wants to change the conditions that influence the sinner for the six Hays. The Socialist promises to furnish a system of society that will offer an inducement for men to be good instead of bad, honest
instead of dishonest, just instead of unjust. The Socialist would furnish conditions that would place Justice
You caw n't see them, you know.
Whj?   Uecause	
They are out of sight, unloss you whack down the dust at
tbo Miners' Union Hall, Fereuaon, Friday
Feb, 14th, 1902.
Pyritic Joks,   Vulcanised Riddles,
High  Grade legalisms*
AQpodTime! Great Dojn'sl!
Refined NippinslH
To Conclude with a
Packing and   i-t^r^v"-*
._. .     _    .*-? Transfer Outfit.
Freighting ������
Contracts entered into for paoklng of Mining Supplies, etc., to any
point ln the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. "^ff S. Daney, Proprietor.
Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands 0/
(Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted,
' Rate, sa.otrn day and npwardi.
Ferguson Bros,, Proprietors.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens..Good accommodation
..Best of service,. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars,.Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
Prices;  Minstrel Show 60c.  The whole cheese (show and
���"   ball) 11.00,  Commencing ��t 8 p. m. sharp,
Hotel L,a.rdeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
"    if,.
&^ttjkM&&$&&& Tlie Socialist Movement
in British Columbia
Contributed by Member! ot tbo Socialist Party of B. C.
r.t.f .......4
Official List of B. C. local).
Executive Sec:
Itrnojt Burns, ISO Powell St., Vancouver, B. C.
Vniicouver.... ......   ,.,.*.,.jobmDodil, Sec.
i ii-Wii..... .(I. LOS Charlton, 61 John St., See.
MnilinO    Geo. Kirby, Kee.
'ortMoody    r*    John Walton,See.
l.cvolntoko c. W. Mitchell, Sec.
Ferguson     R. p. Pettiplece, See.
Slocau H.J. Lipsott, Sec.
silverton Walter Smith, See.
New Dcnvor Duncan weir, 800,
sandon James McDonald, Sec.
Kulo ..Geo. T. k'auo, 80c.
kelson: John Roberts, box M7, Hec.
Kossland       W. B. Baker, Sec.
Trail    Alfred Benkctt, 80c.
l-raud Forks...-......-. J. A. McLeod,See.
-in.'cnwOod       J. <!. Helm, Ste.
''Konllx             0. W. Rogers, Sec.
���-air         R. Stewart Lyons,jec.
Labor is the source of value,
poverty the mother of crime.
f U bi-qtatB Uf toll Increase as labor
tietksbt to he an Industrial ooncern and
becomes a social function.
"Socialism is the leap of mankind
out of the reign of necessity, Into that
of Freedom."���Fredriok Engels.
SeoretaMee bf all locals are requested
!tO VSHtl short accounts of their meetings and doings, for publication ln this
Any comrade ln a community desiring to form a local branoh of the
Socialist Party should apply at once to
the provincial secretary.
Socialism means Industrial democracy. Why should nut tbe rule of the
majority determine the business arrangements of the community?
Human nature takes tbe course ef
Ue least resistance. Surround humanity with Institutions that make right
conduct easy, and sin difficult, and human nature will be transformed.
Neither Individuals or nations can es*
cape their responsibility of social
evils. We may ignore our duties for a
time, but there comet a day of reckoning, when tbe penalties for this neglect
must be cancelled.
With rational and. systematic organization of Industry the labor of tbe
most unskilled and least Intelligent
would produce suoh abundant returns
as to exceed tbe capacity of these unfortunates to rationally consume.
The capitalist is no longer an organizer of labor, or a captain of Industry.
Thru industrial evolution he has become a parasite fulfilling no useful
function; an Irresponsible director,
with power to deprive hit fellewman of
the right to lire by his labor.
Signs of prosperity ln Englandl
Pauperism ln London has of late shown
a marked Increase. First week in November statistics glvo 105,115, or 4,43*']
more than in last November, and witb
one exception, 1893, the highest since
the "12 panic for the same month.
Private interests corrupt public service. Agents of corporations are the
only persons who ever offered bribes to
publio servants, and hired men to betray their constituents, This was because private interests could be served
by the treason, If the public would
grant no franchises and let no contracts,
no one would be benefitted by such
bribery and no one would offer bribery.
Then public officials would make more
by giving tbo public their best services.
Now tbey make more by giving corporations their services. Is this not
plain and in aeeordance with human
nature? Why complain of corruption
and at the samo time support a system
that makes corruption profitable?���Appeal.
Note! From Keyelltoke.
Rkvelbtokk, Feb. 2.���Statisticians
tell us tbat the worker to-day receives
ln wages about 17 pur cent, of the
wealth he creates, the remaining 83
per cent, boing swallowed up In rent,
profit and Interest, Then It It patent
that the Interests of the worker and
thatof tbe class who live on rent profit,
and interest are diametrically opposed
to each other. Tbe workers cannot get
more until they get less. Tbe Conservative and Liberal parties represent
the capitalist and the merchant class.
Tbe Socialist party represents the
workers, and the workers only, first,
last and all the time.
W. M. Lawrence, R. Howson and A.
MoRae were appointed delegates to the
Liberal convention at the Coast. Not
a working man among them. Whieh
class do they represent?
Editor Grogan bad a severe attack of
the old complaint, patriotism, last
week, but has survived.
Tbere are a number of ohenp brass
band patriots ln Revelttoke wbo love
their oountry for what tbey can get out
of it. Show me seven or eight of the
loudest patriots in town and I will
show you seven or eight men who employ Chinamen in their kitchens. They
are willing to make profit out of dhins-
men while they let white girls starve.
The Standardjdiotionary tayt a patriot
it "one who lov-*-**, his country and zealously guards Its-welfare," Are these
men patriots?,
The Revelstoke Steam Laundry has
one out ot business owing to their inanity to oompete with Chinese.  Good
union town Is Revelstoke. a patriotic
Mr. Bukbl* siij-B that tho laundry
could be bought and made first class
for $0,000. Good time for the city to go
into the laundry business and freeze
the Chinese 'out. The interest and
-linking fund would not be moro than
J600 per year. We could run it oven at
a loss of 1000 per year and savo money
to tbe town. That is another crazv
Socialist notion.
From One of th* Executive.
Vancouver, B. C, Jan. 30.���We will
have a meeting of the executive on
Saturday, to report on platform. Will
send you result as soon m meeting is
I was approached by a nitmber of
LpcnllhBtSptshflijnl. Labor party ttieb wild
wish to re-organize their party in Vancouver. Tbey were going to hold an
open meeting and would welcome all
Socialists, if Socialists would not try
to run everything their way. I replied
that the fault with all their Independent Labor parties in the pest had been
that they never were independent-, but
always the tall of the Liberal party.
I said, hdivevar-. that if they held a
meeting Wb'Wbllid attend Hud see what
they were-gplng-to do, but unless tbey
had advanced far enuf to make the
abolition of wage system their ultimate
aim they could expect nothing but opposition from us.
The Fisheries commission has occupied the canter of tbe stage this week.
The problem Is rather a complicated
one and has a number of features ln
connection with Its unfoldment whleb
are splendid object lessons as to the
methods of Industrial evolution. I
understand that it is a foregone conclusion that the Dominion government
will grant traps, but It was thought to
be a politic move to appoint this commission to pave the way and thus prepare the publio mine for tbe government's decision.
ttut Httnortl That Woald be Saelsllitle.
Speaking of tbe present-day system
which Is driving small and large com*
merclal conctrnt to the wall, a writer
In the B. C. Trade Budget, published
at Vancouver askst
"But bow oan tuck condltldni be
avoided?" And rightly answers tbe
question in these words: "By municipalising or nationalizing the whole
system of distribution, as already has
been done with such necessities as gas,
water, tramways, etc., with good effect,
as can be shown by anyone wbo has
studied municipal enterprise. But, of
courte, wheo the sacred precincts of
the grocery trade are Involved ln ttlcb
a scheme tuoh men as the average
tradesman would be tbe very ones to
oppose it, because it sounds like cooperation, a word which the average
grocer likes like poison."
"To my mind it is the only way out
of the difficulty, and such a system
would abolish tbe long hours, tbe unfair competition, and the possibilities
of ending your days in a workhouse, as
is the case with many struggling
tradesmen to-day-.!'
Slili-lltht" from the Capital.
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 1.���Tho Liberal victory In Victoria is a good sign.
It shows that tbe old Conservative feeling is breaking down. Many voted for
Riley, who was not considered strong,
because they were tired of sending do-
nothings to Ottawa, Out of the frying
pan into the lire!
The officers of Socialist League No.
15 for the present term are W. H. Maroon, president; J. A. Stow, vice-president and treasurer; O. Lee Charlton,
secretary, and W. B, Chistopher,
Tbe haphazard way in which tho
great competitive system moves is well
shown by the long linos of express and
truck teams dally standing idle on the
streets more than half the day, Socialism would give each man at loast as
much as he gets now and have him on
duty only as long as needed to do the
work. The rest of the time ho could
saw wood or road tho Eaolk.
A Socialist Platform.
Our ultimate aim II:
'industrialgovornmont; the collective owner*
ship and management of tho means of pro*
ductlon and distribution.
Our Immediate demands are:
1. Government operation of coal lands, and
fisheries, and tho immediate construction and
operation of a refinery, smelters, saw mills,
sugar refiner-,-, butcher shops, etc., the profits
NOT to be used in reduoing laxoa of privately*
owned ctmeerns,
Fair representation, and tho right of re*
if representatives by their constituents.
S.  A minimum wage law, fixing wagea at
not lose thu U per day of eight hours tor
adults. ,     . , .
4. Employment of unemployed labor on
useful productive work.    ,       ....,,
5. Mo more bonuslng private Individuals or
corporations, with land grants or cash sub.
e. Abolition of pell and personal property
7.' The education of children under 14 yeara
of age to be free, secular, and compulsory.
B. Munlcipalliation and public control of
the liquor traffic. .*,   , ,
9. Equal civil and political rights for men
owors of municipalities,
referendum system of
and women.
10. Extension of
11. Initiative am
13. Abolition of system of cash deposits for
candldatos at provincial elections. A candidate to hare requisition signed by at least 25
15. Land laws similar to thole of New Zea,
14.' Government fire end life insurance, and
banking lystem.
16. Government hospitals throughout the
province, and free medical attendance to all
needing such.
IS,  Kxteniieu
library ijiwm.
���nd   imprOTCntst et free
The Man who will risk the Purchase of a Lot or two in the
Now has many good chances of making
Clrole City Is the future terminus of the proposed railway, already surveyed
via the Lardeau creek north fork to that point.
Circle City is beautifully located at the base of the Lardeau Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks.
Clrole City is absolutely surrounded by mining properties now under development.
Circle city affords splendid water power which will be utilized next season for
concentrating purposes.
Circle City will presont business openings this spring. Sand for the new map
just out (free), and full particulars, to G. B. Batho, general agt., Ferguson.
Two hundred lots on sale now���Present prices: Corner lots, 9125. Inside lots
JJ00.   Terms:   i cash, balance three and six months.
G. B. BATHO, General Agent, Ferguson, B. C
// ever there was a time in
the history of the town of
to bay lots that time is now
The railway is being pushed to completic n and
soon the C. P. R. will accept through freight
for Trout Lake. Trains are now beingf operated on the new road as far as the steel is laid.
The McCrossan smelter is now under construction
right on the townsite of Ferguson.
Many mining properties surrounding Ferguson
are rapidly reaching the shipping stage, while
the shippers speak for themselves. Not only is
Ferguson the commercial, banking, smelting
and pay roll center, but here is where the most
prominent Lardeau mining men have their
interests and headquarters. The best lot locations are being picked up by shrewd investors.
There is Big Money in
// Sesured at Present Prices
Write or call on the General Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B. C. L- <*��� 1 ���������> 0- ���*> ,'���*-���> ���* ���>-����� *���
��� ���*>*������> 5 ��� ������������-���-f
Tbe followini* id a list of Lardeau ore pro-
ducers, amount ahipped and tbe gross returns,
reiHirm of which have to be furnished monthly
by mine owners to tbe provineial government
John MeOullough, a good Socialist,
fame down from tbe Cup on .Sunday.
TI.e rawhldera from the Cup are
bringing down about five tons of ore a
day lo Eight Mile.
"Tne old country subscriber I send
.you wants Information more than I can
write bim and the Kaolk will Oil the
hill."���James Z. Hall, Vancouver.
Programs for the "Dandy Minstrel"
hIiow on St. Valentine's day nre now In
tbo bands of tho printer. Keen your
eye on their advt. in tbo Eaole next
Some little difficulty bus been experienced, owing to the recent cold
spell, with the local waterworks svs-
tem. Looks good to Mr. Perry who is
doing thc local plumbing.
Smelter pay-day lust Saturday, Nettle L. and Double Ragle pay-day on
Tuesday, and SllverCuppav-day whenever a mini comes down the hill. Verily Is Fersuson the pay-roll centre.
There am two shipping mines in tbe
Lardeau this winter, the Nettie L. and
Silver Cup. The Triune, FSlnolt Warrior and Beatrice- will probably be
among the main shippers next slimmer.
The Western Mining World of Butte,
Montana, Isdointrinod work for British
Columbia, and the Lardeau receives no
small share of the attention, tbo clipped
from tbo Eaole oft times without
James Comorford, owner of th
Mountain View group at the head of
MoDunald creek, came down from tho
Cup on Monday, wher,< he has beon
nutting in shifts for the past three
David Ferguson ho8 returned from a
pleasant trip throughout Uncle Sum's
domain and Ontario Peti-r Feriruson
went on ti�� the Const where he win
look'after some interests the Ferguson
bl-othnrs havo over there
Tbe remains of J. Roderick Robert-
-*>n, who was Instantly killed last week
"ny an explosion near a New York hotel,
have been cromntod, that mode of disposal being known to be in nivordnnce
witb the wishes of the deceased.
Canadian 1'sellic stock Is purchase*
able. Thero is every reason to believe that a control of it is already In
tbe hands nf the friends of the North-
lirn Securities Companv. with which
,11m Hill is soqlosejy identlfleil.���Paystreak.
Tho subj'-ct for dabato nt. the lltt-rury
society meet Ing tomorrow (Frldity) ove-
ijlngli: '-Which his th������ greater; in-
dueni-i' In tl"' wm Id, the writer or the
sprakc"." Dr. W. E. Newnomho will
captain the sido of the spoaknr, while
It. P. Petti niece will ilefond the writers.
Musical and vocal attractions will
be provided.
C. A. Hooper, of London, Enir.,
Interested In the Nittie L. mine, arrived In town on Sunday, and tvent tin
the hill on Monday, leavlnd for the old
countrv ncaln vi'stordtiy. He Is well
pleased with theprogresnanld prospects
of the banner mine, Mr. Hooper l->a
truo type of an Km dish.mm. There i<
nothing "chappy" about him.
Tho state of Idaho for tho departed
year is given credit for having produced precious nnd commercial metal-i
lo the gross value of sis.nnn.nno. "f
which ffrnnd total tl"- mines ,.f ti.,,
Coeurd'Alenes iiiinlrthuted j(l.60l.,0p0,
op an even half million dollars more
than the value of the combined min
cral outnut o( the, balance nf the state
Tho Ferguson brunch of the Socialist Party of B, C, met us usual last
Monday evening Five now memhefrs
ivorp enrolled. The momhe-'s are look
Ing for men who <-,,ri nut no an aryu-
went niiiilnst Socialism, and Invit."
i-vcrvhoily, Including Ibe ladles, to their
moetlo-'*.. The mnvenirnt Is growing
nml Is liolnr* organItsod Into a united
liody in tliis distriot.
A party of 12 (liver and copper mln.
nrs, nine from Butte, Mont., n' d threi
from   Salt   l.-ilte  City,   i *hcd   San
Francisco on route to Pern, says the
Sun Francisco Examiner. All are
skilled miners and on reaching the
South American republic will mii-l In
to Intend nee modern methods at. a mine
near tbo vlllnee Hnnamtco, whore thoy
will make their home.
"We old timers," says Ferguson's
lepal luminary, In the course of an
artlclo lo the Eaole. Holv smok ,
���ays n grlsaled prospector who i�� sa!
ti have been a native or Lardeau an-
���orlor to the flood, why that man wasn't
hore ten minutes before ho hnd to take
off his shoes and run from Lau hton's
hotol ti, Mrs. O'Connor's in order to
work up a callous sufficient to qualify
bim to pass an Inspection prior to admission to tho Tnnderfoot's club, soys
tho Trout Lake Topic.
Name. Pounds.
-liver Tun 2,4i.ii,(HH)
Nettio L      Ueo.iKlO
Triune     61!l.77il
ItOHtrlco     44-t.isiO
Greftl Northern      5n.imil
Hrnadvlcw      GSUMO
Mlicl      34.000
Cromwell      23.2S9
t Uphir-Ude      12,000
tetropolitau      11,974
St. Klwo      12.000 ....
Ruffled Grouse      11,770 ....
Unson View  80S....
< Old Gold	
V Horseshoe  ���
t Black Warrior	
t Retarns and corrections aued for.
Gross Val.
1.696 00
Fred C. Elliott,
~  Ferguson, B. C.
* For anything* In the book or stationery line send to the Canada Drug &
Book Co.. Revelstoke, B. C. Mail
orders receive prompt attention.
* The Revelstoke, Trout Lake &
Big Bend Telephone Co., limited, has
offices at Arrowhead, Comaplix, Thomson, Camborno, Trout Lake and Ferguson.   Reliable service.'
* The Feriiuson quadrille club gives
a dance every Thursday evening in
Miners' Union ball. Secure a membership ticket from the secretary, B. U.
Smith     $2 a month.
* Smoker-!: If you want the GENU
INE "Union" and "Our Special"
CIOAR sec that "Union Cigar Factory"
ie stamped in trilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown. Revelstoke, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Offices:    Revelstoke, Golden, and Ferguson.
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo. 8. McCarter. 3. A. Haivoy.
A. M. Plnkbaa.
J.M.Scott, B.A.,L.L.B.
jievelstoke, B. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
'.' Thirty day* from date I, Charles W. Mc-
Crosslin, Froe Miner's Certificate No. R.MU2,
:ui owner of Und, Intend *$i> apply to the Gold
commissioner for the light tii divert bv dam,
Hume, ditch, pipe or otherwise fifty miner's
inches of water from ll alter creek, tying to
the vest of the North Fork of the Lardeau
river, in the Trout Lake Miaing Division of
British Columbia.
The point of diversion of said water will be
about l.r>iN} feet from where said creek falls into
tho .North Fork of the Lardeau river, and said
water ivill dc returned into the Lardeau river
about 1.000 feet from tbe mouth of aaid Walker
The difference in altitude between th* point
of diversion nnd exit willb��oJ5 feet or there*
ti ho tiis.
The purposes for which said water ii required
are general, mechanical and industrial pur-
pime**, ruch as Mmeltiny. (and all purposes loci-
denial thereto), refining, crushing aud treating
ore.* uf gold, silver, lead, copper and other
minerals at the Mueller premise* now being
creeled at or In the town or townsite of Fermi-
mjii. H. (!., audou the site und .lands therewith
connected, and for thc operation of a sufficient
fire protection equipment for said plant, premise* nnd works, and for domes tic and sanitary
pun nses.
batcu nt Fergiuou, B. C, Sth dav of January,
To Z.Gordon Ooldburg or L. Ooldberg.or to
nny persou or per-on- to whom they may
have  i rant-, fcr red  their   hiterei-ts in  tha
Litile Hubert and Little Robert No. 2 mineral elaiiim sitimti* -tihe head <d theNonh
fork of Lurdt-Hii creek, and adjoining the
Hlack Warrior group on tne northwest, in
the T out Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay Di-irec
Yiiu'itro hereby notified that I have expended two hundred and five doHnr* and twenty-
Ave cants jf'J06.iio) in labor and improvements
on tht? above mentioned mineral claims in
order ti bold said minoral claims under 'lie
l-ricvihiriiir. of the Mineral Ait.and if wiihiu
ninety days from tlie dale of this notice you
fall or refuse 10 contribute your proportion of
such  expenditure.* together with all cost of
advertising, your Intetest in said claims will
become the property of the subscriber, under
section 4 of mi Act entitled An Act to Amend
the "ineral Act, 1900.
Dated at Ferguson this 4th day of December,
(Form F.)  ..
NETTIE L. snd AJAX mineral claims, aituato
iu the Trom Lake Minion Division ol West
Kooicuny  District.     Where located:  On
Notltc It. Monntnlii, between thc North and
-South forka of Lardeau creek.
TAKK NOTICE that I, A, Pi rummins, as
agent for Tho Great Western Mines, Limited*
of FcriiLson. 11. <\, Free Miner'* ('eriiflcate No.
;tlH.'ni. inieiid, sixty days from tho date liercnf,
lo ap;dv lo tho Milting- Kci-ordcr for n Certificate  of  Improvonit'iits,  for   ihu   purpose of
obtaining a crown Grunt of the above claims.
Ami further take notice that action, tinder
section ;i7. mint bo commenced   before  tho
i-Himncouf such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Hill twenty seventh day of November,
A. D.1WL
decti-Jm      ��� A. P. CUMMINS, p. L.S.
Including the Fish Creek camp
and 1-ppcr Dun.'.ni River acctlon. com-
P'lfd liy A. 1'. Cummins, I'. LB,,and H
-Shannon. 11. A., is now on sale at this
oflice. The iitady sale of the man is
proving all we have said for ft. The
Trout i-akedivision is lithographed in
black, the Lardeau in red. and thc Alnsworth in blue. Kvon a tenderfoot could
take h copv of 'his map and find any
claim recorded in the three divisions,
The mountains, lakep, creeks, wagon
road!*, troils, surveyed railway ronics,
an<i thu location and name (by a unique
index) of every mineral claim in the
district is shown.
Torch of Renon Snyinun.
Some folks excuse themselves for a
fault by the fact that others h ave the
name fault ot' worse on***. If your
j-jiiijrhbot* ha*t lost an ear or broken his
to?, that is no reusnu for yon to chop
off your noso or oraok your jaw.
The next best thinff to a coo1 woman
fop a man to got nuxt to Is $1,000,000.
Tho only "Christianity'"' worth having is that of Humanity, and the way
to proach R is by practice.
There  If, tbere can bef no truer,
sunthnunt than1 thut'of Ilotno���so stretch
lt until it euroofd mankind--
Next   to   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person Tbis Map Takes First Place.
In fact every geographical
feature li so well define that ono can
Hceat s glance tho nature of our country
and the trend cf tbe claim locations
gives an intelligible idea of tho mineral
belts running through the camp. T''
The   Best
It is
Worth   For   One  Dollar
ever offered In thc map linn of a mining
camp, lt Is the first complete bun of
tho district and is selling well. It isiust
what vou ere Woking ior. WE ALHO
Address your order, with an
enclosure of a one dollar bill, [no
cheques, order.', otc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
Imperial Bank
���ttww    of Canada.
CAPITA!. $2,NIU,000.e0.
KLUT     tl.SSU.UU0.IM.
General Banking liusiness Transacted
Intorest allowed on doposlts in Savings
Department at current rates.
B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co.
Hendqunrten. for /\M��y��r��, Mining ft Mill
Suppllcg. Solo KKtnts in H. C, for Morgnn
Crucible Co., Battcisen, Englnlidt F. W, Bmun
it Co.'i Patent Csiy Furnncm, Burners, etc.;
Wm, Aiiflworth 4 Co.'a Fine Balancei. etc, etc.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .
The most complete report on the continent
of North America. Hltuatci midst scenery
unrivalled for ^rundour, "intJug. llt<hinK
and cxcnreituiK. Kcxlder.! physician nml
nii".sc. In tclegrHphlc communication with
all partM of the world. T-t mallu arrive and
depart every dav. Its baths cuib nil nervous
and muscular diseaseij ua w��t:ri* heal all
kidney, liter and stomach ailnicnts. Its
baths nnd vatcrs arc a .-uro remedy atrnitist
all argentiferous poiions. TERMS: $12 to
?15 per week, ftecording to residence in hotel
or villas
H. EdwardsJ^
Deer Heade, Blnln, Etc*
Muuntud. Furs und Skins
TanoeU and Dressed.
Third Street   ^^Revelsloke
at this time uf year, and never were R
we belter  |ire|im'ed to fill  orders hit* ^
the miners than just now. Our stock ot W
Men's Clothing and Furnishings JT
issueh vhat wa'.can suit the require- IV
ments of everyone.   We have tho r
largest and best stock of Knot went*, V*
Dnderwear, Mackinav Clothing. Over- S\
alls, etc., ever placed on sale in FerRU- J
son.   As ia alroady well Known by our V*
increasing   number   of   customers. 1\
"Everything for the Miner" ^
Our Grocery Department is a lead inr
feature of this store. Turning over
our stock, as we do, so regularly, our
Stock of Groceries are always  fresh.
Right Goods, Prices and Treatment.
i    McKinnon & Sutherland    )i
Jl Lardeau's Leading Store. *JL
We have now in stock a good lin�� of
Mackinaws,. Rubbers, German Sox,
....Overalls, Clothing, Hand Wear....
Also Canned Goods of all kinds, Fresh Apples, Choice Fancy and
Staple Groceries, Confectionery. Try our Union*Made U. & I.
Chewing Tobacco.   The best on the market.
United Halters of North America
L.M1EI,  uf
<cniw-^--%-*\ the United Hatters
��*2��W\ "' *N'I,rlh Auiorlli-4
ftKia'A:'vt\v-* . When you nre buv-
KSnRffll V" UB   �� KUK   HAT,
tJi^!�� * I--    " "���""""""
has not any rtgntto na>c
, .....,   ���--fj.   -
iihcr soft or stiff,
see to it that the
?unufne l* N I 0 N
lUhel Im sewed in it.
If u retailer linn
looflo labels In bli
bOKHc-sHion and * of*
fi.TH to put one in a
luit for you, do not
i.atronizo Iii tn.   lie
 _    itose labelH.   Loom
labela In retail 31urea uro counterfeltn. Do not
linten to nny oxnlanatiiHi hh lo why the hat
iiax no label. The Uenufnc Union Label Is
'Crforatc'l on the four edgea exeutljr tho Name
us a ptmUge Rtautp, CouiitcrfuitH ur�� homo-
times iterlorritcd on ilneo of tho (.due.), und
Hinnt'tira-fsonly on two. Keep a sharp lookout
for the counterfeits. Unprincipled fiiiiiiufm--
tureraAreuaint; them in order to pet rid nf
tneir scab-made huts. Tho John H Ktetflon
Vo. uinl lleury II. Itoelofn & t'.a,, both of 1'lilla*
ilelphla, l'u.. are non-union uoncorns,
JOHN a. MOFF1TT, President,
OrtitiKU, N. J.
JOHN' PHILUlUHcrretarv.
VI 7��7 Itcdfnid Arc, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Established 1896
General Merchants
Ferguson Meat Market
j Fine stock nl ihe 1 I'Kf.SH liKI1.!*,  I'OlfK, MX- I
|  hest AH-erm J TOjN,    KOlXTKY,   I'.lc,   BtC. 1
P n i r Prices   c,      Mi,ie ordev" *,VM1?] ,, '���     I'rompt Dcllvcrv
'"-'-'     Shop Ope door east of Hnlel La'tli'aii.     '_ -.
Drugs and Stationery
Prescriptions Carefully liiid AcourfttolyOottlpoUtidetl.
P. t). BL^CK',      '"-"*-""!������"������  ���.   ���'' ' ���-^ttwriitcnv, n, c.
Toronto ���
Now York
Pur Hand
Man Krmnieeo
St. Paul, Chicago and all V. 8.
KuHt-Lenvft Itevelntoke Wod.,
Prf. mid sun. Leave Dtinninpre
���lunctlon Mon., Thur. ainl hat.
Leave Kooien��y Lainiiut; Triday,
Ht, Piuil, Toi-ento, Motitieal, Huh-
V'eM-LoaVe Kevelstoke Mon..
Wed. and Ki,-!. Vancouver. -Seattle. Cttaet Kteenifihin bcrvleo.
From \ancjuver to AlftflJH.Ila*
wall, China, Japan, AuKtralla.
Through lloobinga to Europe
via. all Atlnntle Lines.
Prepaid Tickets from all Points at
 L-owext Kates.	
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLK,
D. P. A., Nelson.   A.G.P.A., Vaneouvor.
J, DONOVAN, Acent. Arrowhead.
* Until Mui'oh Ht tbo Kaulk will be
nulled to clubs of twenty Hubf-ci-ibbra
atGOouycar. Tbis ahould double tho
in-esoni.oir-julation in ono mouth. Molp
the Eagle u> holp yourself by rustling
i club of twenty.
C. B. Hume & Co. |
 Wholesale and Retail  I
General .Merchants |
Tho Inrgoat Importers in North Kootenay. '
Stores at Revelstoke and Ti*out Lake City, B. C. |
i*******fa&^t��>&ti9$0&W**t <*******Q*$*M>******M*
You Can Always Depend
Upon (,'etiinK the Best Workman: ship anil the Best Material!) for your money, when you   buy yogr clothes  ftom
Sc  Wilcn n merchant tailor,
-f;*0. K.m
All branch es of the Tonsorial Art
(������{.Tilted   wtthiimliidextriitiinti-xt-ril'.'.
'Wm, Schnell, Prop.
I   Tht/ jiay roll wntrc u ao tl!'-* (>lui:t? K.mro ].anti*au^ H-uJ|��Ltlnist
niliii'sare loouitfil, lutii- .uutetl <*.i unie.i '���ouli:i'u.��t. oi Itevelittokc.
From  Kevoltttoku io A rr-owlinad by roil.'-M mik"-;   (roin Arrmv-
lit'.td to 'I'iifiiiiKon'ii l.,ai- diU[( by i o*,, 12 iuIIch;   from t��0 I.iiii-lin*:
.   to KEUtiUSON, hy hor io or Htajie, U mtleit.  Come fttruigUt t��
Petguiou.   (nve��tlf[atU iu��iurt*U.


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