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Lardeau Eagle 1902-08-08

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8tLV'-R-Bar...;  S31
Lead '"....ell, 12*, 8d.
Copper...Unchanged at 111.37.
Tub Bagle is more widely
circulated than any other
newspaper in north koo.'e.- .
VOL. III. NO. 26.
$2.00 A YEAR.
Taken Over by 0. P. R. From tbe
Steejnboat Victoria HasBeen Taken
Into tbeOo.'a Service -Closo
On Friday August 1st the concluding
amogeniMiita were completed for the
turning, over of the La.*drau branch
railway from lhe cunlruciora u> the C.
R R. For tins purpose W. Downle,
general superintendent ot theC P. B.
for West Kootenay, and J. S. Cartel,
district pusaeuger agent, both of Nelson, were iu Trout Lake, 'ihe gentle-
la.u .pent suuie liiue louKlupi ul/oul Hie
townsite and expresaed themselves a��
being quite aullblled UiaL in a abort
"time a good volume ol buuiueas would
be done over ilm new brunch railway.
Tbe uew limo schedule waa Oiuught
Into eifeet un Friday and tlio steamer
Victoria made her Brat trip by iliia
eohedule uu that duy. There is u triweekly -.oi vice established, theBleuiuer
leaving Trout Luke at 4 p. tu, Muud-j,
Wedue.i.i.ty and Pnuay ul eaeu necK,
and arriving at, ueri-uru al ti p. m. uuu
tbe truiu iuuvut. Utteuii intuutea later.
The boat luuVcs Ueirurd ul li p. in.,
arriving ui* iiuut Luke ul 1:30 a. ui.
oa Tuesday, i'uui'sday uuu baturuay.
One uiuy leave 'i'roui l.uuo at . p. iu.,
go tu Gerrard and bo uuea ut 1:30 ucxt
Clubu connections aro made between
boat ami runway all tlie way through
to Nelson; in lucl heller liiue la wuuu
from Forguayu or J.'ruutLuteioi'-ielauu
than tiu -..iruwnoud uuu ma tue b.ttur
way tu go.
Tbrutijjii tickets may now be obtained at 'ii'uUt Laao lur any point, tne
sane as ui auy mum line lieuet elilce,
a'od fi'eigut uiuy be billed tu ur h'iiui
Trout Jouke in ilio regular custuttary
way afauy eorapuny freight ottlce.
Thc ouiy urawbuuk lu tnis connection
It on account ul their being uu regular
freight ullicer atimnued in Trout Lake,
but the purser uf the buat (if we are
Informed correctly) Is expected to act
in tbe dual capacity of purser and
freight ageui fur Trout Luke, If ihis
is'the arruugemout it would aeeui lhat
incoVveiiieuoo wuuld ho caused lu teamster.''
Tie company's chief ship carpenter,
J. Bulger, Is uow uvurluoking ibe
atcahier Vleturla, putting in sittiug
and stale rooms for ladies und gen He-
men and otherwise lilting ber up so
that comfort may be hud bypusaeugen
while making tho trip.
A Hi'atelasa passenger coach has beon
put ou the run between Gerrard aud
Lardo so that one may ride uvar tbe
branch in comparative comfort. Tho
passenger rate on the lake is fuur cents
a mile, and the following Is a schedule
of rates between Trout Lake and out-
aide points in tbo Kootenay:
From Trout Lake to Gerrard.,..$ .65
"        "       " Lardo.... 2.
"       "       " Kaslo.... 2.
"       "       " Nelaun.... 4.0.
Konnd trip tickets may be purchased
at one and two-thirds of tbe regular
rate and aro guod for 30 days.
An Eagle representative sought an
Interview Wednesday with Mr, Donald
G. Forbes, manager of tbe Great Western Mines, Ltd., and the Silver Cup
mine. Mr. Forbes answered the questions that wero put to him ln a free and
open manner. On being asked if the
recent transfer of interests, and the
change in the directorate and management bad tbe effect of altering the
plana of work previously mapped out
to" the season and the employees at the
mines, Mr. Forbes said it bad not, but
the work was being carried on pretty
much at under the former management.
Mr. B. Crilly, however, does nut go tn
fie Silver Cup now as he formerly did,
but hia attention is confined to tho Nettle L.
The new management have, however,
made one important change in relation
to the Double Eagle Co. wblch Is practically owned and   controlled by tbe
Great Western Mines, Ltd. Under the
new regime the Double Eagle properties will nnt he developed extensively
tbis summer, bit next winter the management hope to push development as
rapidly as possible and endeavor by
spring to *;et, some of tbe Double Eagle
properties In shape tushlporesteadily.
Il Isiielleved that tbe May Ilee could be
put/in position to make heavy ship*
ments. by a.few mouths work being
done,. The writer waa through the
workings s short time -ago and found
everyt'iin/ looking good. The management have closed tbe May Bee .'or
tbe balance of the summer anil the
foreman, Jack I'erisiau, and his men
have been transferred to the Nettle L.,
thus increasing the force at ihis mine
Things are now in shape at tho Nettie L. to ship a large quantity of ore
during the balance of the summer and
full and there is no reason why steady
shipments should not be made from
this on. A now dining rnnm mid conk
house are being everted which will
give belter accommodation to Hie men,
anil will provide fur an Increased num
ber of employees that it will be found
necessary tn hum
A compressor plant Is expected to ar*
rive in a few weeks to be inttaliod at
the mine as early as possible.
At tbo Silver Cup mine very little
change has takon place undor the new
management. Tho force, however, has
boen increased and it will be still further increased very soon. A tunnel is
being driven that, when completed,
will be 370 feet long and it will tap the
ore body 370 feet below tho old work-
lues and abuut 000 feet below the surface.
A compressor plant is to be installed,
also at the cup, in the early fall, when
with the facilities thus afforded th>*
mine should be a bummer next winter
and the tonnage of ore shipped from
the Ferguson camp next yoar should be
very much Increased over this year.
O. B N. Wilkie, P. L.S ,hua a force
of men at the Cup surveying for th,*
tramway from the Silver Cup mine
down tn Eight Mile, a distance ol
about three miles.
Surrounded in a Wheat Field bv
BberifTa Poaae.
The Hunt for Tracy Has Boon t��-
Greatest on Record���Many
Admired His Daring.
A telegraphic message hsskem received to the effect that Truey th* outlaw was raptured near Creston, Wash*.
��� *n Wednesday the 5th inst, lo a wheal
Held by a largo po'Se of she.- Itfs, police
and citizens, succeeding la surrounding
him. When Tracy found that the sanation was too warm for him he turned
his ever ready gnu on himself ami
pulled the trigger. The stint took in-
siant effect, and the man who has kep'.
sheriffs and citizens of three states of
the union guessing for so long passe;
nway. The next -novo in the Tracy
line will nodmibt be for son.e one to
write a hook tlving a biographical
-ketch of tha man's life. It r.ouk)
meet a ready sale.
Tke Phoenix smelters treated over
.50,000 tons of ore the first six months
of the year.
Electric trams nn tbo Duncan river'
is tho latest scheme for affording the j
mines on tbe Duncan river, aide of the |
Lardeau country an outlet tor their;
ores. Jaraos Carson Murray, formerly
of Rossland, writes from Trout Lake to
state that a syndicate of Now York
and Minneapolis capitalists are maturing a scheme to take up all the timber
on the Duncan river that they can secure, and tbat they propose constructing an electric tramway on the river,
with aerial trams up the creeks running into the main Duncan. Thi. further solves the problem of transportation for the Lardeau, as the new branch
of the Canadian Pacific does not afford
facilities fur shipping ore from the Duncan side of the divide.
The American capitalists have an
engineer named Gray ln the Lardeau
at tbe  present time, inspecting the
country generally and reporting on the
titnhcr and mineral prospects.
Mr. Murray States lhut there is considorablo excitement over recent
strikes In the Old Gold camp. On tbe
Guinea Gold property a lead was discovered showing up ore that runs 1.200
to 1,600 ounces of silver per ton, while
on the Pedro, which Is being operated
hy the recently organized Mario Marilla company, a lead has been opened
up In which tbe ore carries leaf and
wire native silvor. The assays of
these samples containing native sliver
give enormous values.
As,*** director of tho Cariboo Creek
Development Syndicate of Kossland,
Mr. Murray has reeenily vieited tho
syndicate's claims on Cariboo creek
and Is muoh pleased with tho prospects
for the property. Ho states that wben
he went in tho claims were somewhat
difficult of access owing to tbe lateness
of the season, and tbat It bad been de
termined not tn prosecute work actively
until it, was possible to get in supplies
and tenia under tbe moat fuvurable circumstances,
J. W. Westfall, manager of the syndicate at I.urdeau, writes to state that
he has gone over the Effie and Colonial
claims, owned bv the company on Carl-
boo creek, and llmt he finds the properties all that have been said of tbem.
The ledge on the 3flle la. strong and
well maintained, carrying a quantity ol
clean ore, though essentially a concentrating proposition of moro than ordinary merit. Tho Colonial, which adjoins, looks equally well,
In addition to the claims mentioned
the syndicate owns a group In the im-
| mediate vicinity of the Guinea Gold
| priperty, on which bonanza silver ore
was discovered a few days since, and
! the value of "these holdings Is subslan-
' tlally enhanced by the strikes In the
I Vicinity.���Rossland Miner.
t'omatock  Fraiiirty.
One of tbe most encouraging prospects up the north fork is the Comstock.
The tunnel which waa being driven on
tbe ledge of this property is now in 116
feet and rood concentrating ore bat
been encountered throughout.
Sample! taken from tbe end of this
drift, and recently assayed gave retulta
of tii In gold, 7 ounces silver, and 4
por cent copper. As tbose samples
were fully 00 per cent rock, It is readily seen that the concentrates from the
ledge would be ot nu mean value.
The ore consists of Iron pyrites, copper pyrites and galena in a gangue of
quartz* and calclte.
The Cleveland company owning the
Comstock are well pleased with tbe results ol their development work thus
far and will no doubt In the near future
extensively open up tbis promising
Kitltor HcAOutu, Ktileuaed.
McAdnms is again a free man. It
came before tho full court Friday morn-
log, .when, on tendering an apology,
and  ble lawyer, A.  E.  McPblllipa,
undertaking to ha��e itapoear In the
Sandon Paystreak, he was released. In
apologizing McAdatns said tbe only
motive in publishing the article wjs In
the Interest of the public, but thut the
language was intemperate and immoderate and void of respect due his
lordships and the officers. It was not
I intended to discredit the bench, but
was tho outcome of his strong feelings,
He expressed deep regret for the publication of the article and the Inexcusable and insulting language in which
It referred to the Judges of lhe supremo
court. Therefore be withdrew it .and
apologized for tbe same. Chief Justice
Hunter severely criticised McAdams
tor his conduct.���Kossland Miner.
Crontul-ju fa-Morrow.
King Hdward iucreasos his walking
exercises, upon which bis physicians
no longer place any restraint. There
Is now no doubt that His Majesty will
be strong enough to undergo the coronation ceremonies on August 9, but in
order to guard against contingencies^
a special mobile chair is being pro-
pared tor His Majesty's use should lt
be found necessary. It ia expected the
King will remain on board the Koyai
Yacht at Cowes until the lateat possible moment on Friday 8th. If this is
poasible, but there is a strong probability of nls having been in London on
Thursday. His Majesty la In excelled
spirits and greatly enjoyed bis seven
hours'cruise tu Brighton aud back on
August 1st.
I'ululal Avoidant.
The three year old child of Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Perry met with a painful accident on Thursday. Mra. Perry had
been using tbe butcher knife and on
laying it down the little girl unbeknown to her mother picked it up and
accidental!/ cut tier thumb, almost
severing It from her hand. Dr, Newcombe waa called in aud dressed the
Silver  Halt (in) up.
On Tuesday of this week an Raglr
representative had a talk with H. H.
Johnston', part owner In the Sliver
Hell group of claims at the head of
Brown creek. Mr. Johnston formerl;
t'l.iitined his mining operations lo the
Kossland. ���district, hut since the sprint;
nt 1897 he has been a prominent Htrurc-
in Ferguson and tho Lardeau. He ha."
some good mining property In this district und now baa men at work on the
Silver Belt property doing development
work. Mr. Johnstone also owns somo
valuable ground adjoining tho Cromwell. He din very extensive development work on these claims In 1897, bu'.
since then has confined his work to the
necessary annual assessments, The
properties show marked Improvements
from year to year and from conversation that wu bave had with men who
huve seen the property there appears
to be good indications of large bodies
ot ore. ���*}���
Big BMklat* Deal.
��� On tbe 1st of August one cf the biggest banking deals since tho amalgamation of the Bank of British Columbia with the Canadian Bank of Commerce wis pulled off. The MulsonV
Hank retired from Victoria and tbe Imperial Bank took over the business of
thn Mufeon'a In the Capital and are
acting as their agents there. The
Molson's Bauk will pay particular attention to business in Vancouver and
will continue to have lta head office for
British Columbia io that place under
the management of Mr, Loukwnod.
Mr. Gibba Is spoken of as likely to
becomo manager of the Imperial bank
Victoria, but it bas not been definitely
Sixty telephone girls were married
from ono Bull telephone office in Montreal ln the last few months and have
been replaced by other girls. Tho
telephone system is being handicapped
by tho matrimonial epidemic.
B Itlah Columbia Daula.
The Mines Exchaneo, Limited, of
Nelson, B. C, reports a number of Im *
portant mining deals recently effeotod
in the Fish River camp. The Ophir
Hudo Syndicate, represented by W. I!.
Pool, purchased the Oyster group of
cluiniB for (00,000, paying 130,000 down,
the balance to be paid ia sixty day.;
and bonded tbe Imperial group at 128,
000, making thereon a substantial eaeh
payment. Lardeau -c-a^/e vcstmenlshavebeen den,ons,ratej
:i>c<x>:x>coooco<x: to me by the numeroua enquiries I
have received respecting the proposed new loan." By which we
Itake it that Mr. Prentice and his
must have been playing ai
cross purposes and that the minister of finance would have done well
to have delegated the floating of the
���ililiikaa every  Friday at Ferguson, B. C���   chief
-4 whnia all correar-on'tenreslioul I be taallod*
.Sutacrlplion K*ite-i:    UUO per annum, to lo.'lll   tO   Mr.    Dunsmuir.     Or    per-
��*-ad'lrfla.* In America; tl.*.-, lur six uioiillis* ,          .,                .                                ..
nil.mar o, foreign aidro.se-.,   No pay, uo Imps the premier is exaggerating a
|l*'K,r-  | little, but be that as it may the lact
;,.k t'rintlaa:   The Kngio it* department remain, that the loan  is off for the
la Ibe be.i equipped offlea, auu laeotily oflice
��hlcb can furnlib tho typographical union present   in   spite ol Mr. Duil-iiTlur s
lahal In North Kootauay; a gusrauteo in lliielt '                          r
;t good work aud promi��tnt>.-g.
Advi'rll.lu** Knlra: Display ad... tl.00 per
..nek* riilun.i* rudi |;er monih. l.-f,'.,! ada,, 1.
������ouia *x*r (tioti)���,rlcli line for first liimrtlon; S
..'���.Is per Hut, lo. cat'li additional in-rillon.
Heading uotiren It' i*euta tier Hue each l.*.sue.
.-Haety day legal nuticcs, 910;; sixly day-. ,7 Mi;
.-dirty days, fl,. No ad.. accepted at less than
'base rates.   No r.atm for quark mis.
fioar weekly Insertions constitutes one
moata'S advertising,
opinion  of  the
Nelson Miner.
money  market. -
On July 2nd a silver flask between
Trout Luke aud Ferguson. Finder will
confer a favor by leavagsuuie atEaglr
office. .-,.,    ���
t. Hubble, who is to superintend
the blowing in of the smelter, arrived in Ferguson yesterday. The
'blow in" wns announced lor Aug.
-)th, but Mr. Hubble has been unavoidably detained in 'Frisco, hence
the delay. However it is now expected that the smelter will be running early next week.
It ii a long step in advancement
for an office of the Dominion Express Co. to be established within
fouf miles of Ferguson and business
.ind mining men will find this a
great convenience. It lias been
found decidedly inconvenient in the
past to have to do without the advantages of an express office, especially to the hanking interests.
You a
If so why not invest some of your
earnings to meet a possible reversal
of fortune. For a safe,'���'profitable
investment there is nothing beats
an accumulation policy in the
iTijirunni; i inn lvcitri _��.-.?.
AU kinds of Rough
and Dressed Lumber
in stock.
We have engaged a
first class mechanic
and are prepared to
take contracts for anything in the building
line.    Workmanship
*  a_ * ___________________-_! __________w___*___a___________*-a_h
^^^^^r^^^r^T^WW W^rW w W W W
At a meeting of trustees of the
Kcrguson public school, held in the
Eagle office this week, S. Shannon
handed in his resignation and after
.liscussion the s*ime was" accepted.
Messrs Kirkpatrick and Woodward,
the remaining trustees, have therefore posted notices calling a nnet
iu�� for Thursday next in Eagle hall
io elect a trustee to take Mr. Shan*
n )n's place on the.hoard. We tru-l
that the meeting will prove a repre-
s illative one aiid that enough int. r*
est may he n anifesied to electa
trustee who will took wet a ter
jch )ol n alters.
This is a purely mutual company
and all its assets, surplus and earn-  i
ings belong to its policy holders.   }
For rates, etc., apply to agent,
Ferguson, B. C.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium  .  .   .
James V. Reeves,
Ferguson, B. C.
Prem er Dunsmuir has been inter-
vie ved by a Brumm sgen journal
ind he he given a belter account
ifhinstl as "an interview*.d"*-than
he di i as a poliiic:an at home:' According to the report of what Mr,
Dunsmuir said, he took advantage
ot the opportunity to let it he known
i hat Canada is a country of opportunities and great possibilities, and
that British Columbia is not the
least important of the several provinces that go to make up the Do*
minion. One statement he made is
of interest; he said that the govern*
ment are preparing an exhaustive
report on copper, iron and steel
pulp', timber and other industries of
importance to the province. It is
ro be hoped that the report will be
nf some practical service, some*
thing more useful than the general
run of government publications.
There- is a great field for advertising the resources of the province in
the judicious use .of printer's ink,
but the.publications emanating from
the goverrttttent must be up to date
���tnd deal fully and in a masterly
manner with the subjects discussed
and this cannot be said of the so
tatted "Bulletins" or the annual reports that come out months after
their latest data are as old as the
.lills.   Mr) Dunsmuir told his inter-
The most complete report or* the continent;
ol North America. Hituau-t midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. P-tating, fishing
and excursions. Reside, t physician mm
nu-Kfl. In telegraphic communication with
all parts of tho world. T*-*�� ualla arrive aud
depart overy day. It* bathi cine all narvoua
ami muscular diseases -a waters heal all once
kidney, liver and etnmeuli ailments.
ti.uh.ttnd waters are a .ure remedy against   ^".i,... ���m h_,,,���l,l
all argentlfeioua poisons.   TERM$:   unto . per (lay) will be palO
115 |*er week, according to reaideaue In hotel i
nr villas i'lSjuly
�����-,��� eeoe-e~o-i.ee a ��a*v
Three mood carpenters wanted at
.... _jce. Steudy work fur summer tn
If right mea and standard wane. ($4.00
���"���' * jt
b. A. Dunbar,
Ferguson, U. C
ANDY CUMMINGS, Proprietor.
Ferguson, B. C, Opposite the Postoffice.
Hotel Lardeau
J. laughton, Proprietor.
���Windsor Hotel-
When cornier toto Ferguson tha first hotel to
see is the Windsor. If ono li looking for the
beat accommodation, I. e. Clean, well tendttl
rooms, a well furnished table and choice liquors and cigars, then the Windsor is the best
place to atop, Reading rooms and parlors
nicely furnished.   Everything quiet.
Madame O'Connor, Proprietress.
A Golden
��� i
For a safe, profitable investment there-
is nothing in the Kootenays to equal lots
in the town of
And trains are now running
to the foot of Trout lake.
Is being pushed as never
before and the outlook for
the season is most promising.
Buy a few lots before the
rush sets in for they are
bound to be valuable before
Is the most promising town ia
the Lardeau
Business Lots   C 1 Sfl   and
are held at  V * V ****   upwards.
Residential Lots   J S /}/)   and
are held at  ' **��� ���'u   upwards.
, Write or call on
General Agent,
Henry Floyd,
Revelstoke, B. C.
| --at-ah,
Tha EI,nore Process.
It wuuld be a  remarkable thing if
tbe Elmore proce..** of oil concentration
did for Bilti-ih  C'oluiubiit   what  the
cyanide process did for thelUnd.   In
���outh Africa that percentage of the
-/���old which could not be outurht oa the
plates had to bo sav.tl, or elao very
many of the mlueacould not have been
made to pay, and nil of the mines would
have  been obliged   to restrict their
worki.'.'-a to the richer sputa.   Tbe development of thu cyanide process solved the problem, aud *n:tdn the Rand
the greatest sold Held In the world.
In British Columbia the problem is entirely different.     In   the  process of
-.mcltiii..' the amount of   fold lo-t la
very very small.   It la practically all
saved,   But In British Columbia there
ib an enormous tuumtxo of mineralized
rook which In lis crude form will nut
���stand tbo coat or smelting*   The heavy
sulphide ore wblch contains high values la cheaper to smelt than ibis low
���Trade sllinlous ore*   A small percentage of tho latter can be mixed in the
furnace, charge, but ua it exists In tLe
ratio of probably teu tons to one, thia*
does not advance its utilization much.
It ia this ore which the Elinui-u process
attacks.   The affinity between metallic
substances und oil is well known.   If
only a very littlo oil is poured Into the
atroara of water concentrator, it will
counteract the principle of gravity In
saving tbe richer particles, and flout
tbem triumphantly past every known
device for Intercepting them.   The Elmore process Uses this affinity between
oil and metal instead of gravity to savs-
the metal.   Experimentally it hus boen
proved successful.   It remains to bt*
seen to what extent it Is capable of
practical  application.     If   successful
tbe limits of Its application to our low
grade ores lire not easily set.   If we
take the Le Kol mine alone, thoro wc
have a mino with un immense 7.011c 01
mineralized rock all containing a certain amount of   gold.   The  attempt
made to organize tho mining and smelting facilttioa of the property to admit
of all this rock being mined aud treat**.'
does not appear to have been success,
fill and the old process of selection bit
boen fallen back upon.   It Is needliss
to say that this untulls a more rapid ex-
haustlmi of the mine, an Increased 01 st
per ton  for mining,  and a lat'gel.
diminished gross output,   lf, however,
hy the Introduction of this new Idea I'
concentration, the low grade ore can
be handled at a profit, tho whole or,
body becomes again a commercial asse'
capable of yielding very large returns
It this is the case with regard toon,
of our largest and richest mines, whit1
remarkable   developments    may    h.
looked for In mines In  which payor,
under present conditions has not beer
developed at all, but in which large deposits of low grade ore exist.   Th, ae
Interested In our greatest Industry will
watch very closely the introduction ot
this new process of concentration.   It
may make a very vast difference In the
inl-ilng  outlook for this  province.���
Notice of Assignment.
Pursuant to iho "Creditors Trust Deads Aet,"
and amending Acts:
Notice if hereby given tbat Alex. C. Cummins of tba towu of Ferguson lu the Province
of British .'olumbia, trading tinier Ihe arm
name and stylo of cummin,, ,v Co.. titnetal
Merchants, bss by deed dated the lltbdavof
June, tttri, assigned all his real and personal
eatate, except ns (herein mentioned, to Fred 0.
r.Jlloit of Trout Lake cltv in tbe Province
alure.sid, Soli. Itor, IN TKUNT for tbe purpose
of paving and satisfying raieably and proistr-1 ||
tlouately and without preference or priority,   11
tbe crentlois of the said Alex. C. cummins,   **
tbeir lust det'ts.
Tbe said deed aras executed by the .aid Alex.
0. Cummius, assignor aud Fre.t 0. Klllott, assignee on ibe llth day of June. lscl.
All pcrsovi having olaims iigaiaitthaaatd |
Alex. l.'. Cummins am required to forward pa*-:
tlcular. of Itasyir claims, duly verified, as ro-1 <
quired by tbe Act, to the said Trustee, ats or t
before tbe 16.b day of July, 1902, after which
data tbe Trustee Hill proceed to dl-tribate tba
asset, among tbe parties entitled thereto, having rc-fju-d only to those claims ot vhlab be
shall nave received notice. t-
.** sueeting.,1 the creditors will be held at
tbeCJiicru- lloiei, N.ison, B. t*��� on Taepdav
tlie.lth dav ol Juni', ]9o_ at lhe bouraf (our
o'clock tn tha afternoon, to consider tbe affairs
of tba estate.
Hated this 111b day of June, IKO.
JunelJ FRED C. ELLIOTT. Trustee.
Nolle* to Creditor-*.
inthc matter sf tba eatate of Daniel Anderson, isleol Truat Labi, British (.'otuiubte.de-
Kutlee Is hereby given pursuant to the
"Trustees and Executors Act," that all creditors and others having claims against the estate ot the said Daniel Anderson wbo died on
or about tho _*tb day ol January, 19U2, ate required on or before tbe 1sth day of Jaly. 1H0-,
to "end up pust prepaid or deliver to the undersigned administrator of tbe estate of the said
decca.*e,| at Trout Lake, B. C, their Christian
and surnames, addretaes nnd descriptions, the
full particular, of their claims, the statement
of t**eir accounts aud the nature of their so.
eurllles, if auy held by them.
And lurtlier take nuilce that after sueli last
mentioned 'lata tba umlersigucd will proceed
tn distribute the assets of the said deceased,
amongst the parties entitled thereto having
regard only to the. claims of v. ltu-fh he shall
then have notice; and tbat bo will not be
liable for tbe asset or any part thereof, 10 au\
person or per.otts of whose claims notice Bhafl
uot havo beeti recetva'd by bim at the Umeof
such dlst'lbntloo.     '
Dated the 11 lb day of June, mc
.dmlnlstrator of tbe estate of tha said de
ceased. Juncl3
Notlee t*. Delinquent Co-owners,
To Z  Gordon 'Goldberg or L. Ooldbarg, or to
any person or parsons to whoa thus may
havo transferred tbeir Interests In tbe Little
Robert and Little Kobert No. _ mluer.,1 claims
situate at ibe bead of tbt- north fork ot Lardeau ereek, and a liolutng ihe Mlacli Warrior
group ou tho southeast, ln the Trout Lake
..lining Division pf West Kootenay District.
Yon are hereby notified that 1 have expended
'Wo hundred and rive dollars aud twenty-ntc
ems <*_U5._.i) la labor and iraprovuiucuta on
ihe above mentioned mineral claims fi.r tbe
um-n. year in order to hold said mineral
claim's under ilm provisions of lhe mineral
v-t..nl if within ninety days from tbe dale
"i thi. notice you fail or refuse to contribute
,'vjur proportion of such expenditures together
���vita all cost of ttdverll.lug.   vour interest
in said claims will become the probity 0. the
utiscnhor under section 4 of an Act entitled
'.-��� Act to Amend the Mineral Act, 1900.
Dated at Ferguson this llth day of Julv, I90C,
Great Klondike if lues.
One of the most remarkable discoveries ever made in the Klondike
region uf the Northwest Territory of
tbe Dominion, was recently repotted
byjohu Hepburn, wbo made the (Is-
covery and is now on his way to London to organize a compauy for tl e
operation of the property.
The ore deposits are said to consist
of a quartz conglomerate, wblch in extent and richness as well as in adaptability to treatment aud development Is
without doubt the greatest thn world
baB ever seed. This deposit is on Indian river, twenty-eight miles from
Dawson. These tree milling deposits,
rich lo freo gold, are eight miles long
from one and one-half to four miles
wide, and have a depth of not far from
.'���00 feet, There is enough free milling
ore showing gold and assaying from
tlOO to 1200 per ton to keep 20,000
stamps working for 100 years. All reports say tbat tbe Immensity of tbe
deposits cuonot be estimated and tbat
tbeir wealth would make that of the
famous Band minos of South Africa
look insignificant. Mr. Hepburn bas
secured 130 claims on tbis great dike
and says that one uf these claims, tbe
only one examined by a competent en,
..inecr, shows enough ore to produce
inore than 184,000,000.���Oros and Miael.
Aeiytlmo eh.clt Issued at the Oreal Western
Mines, Ltd., or Sliver Cup Mines, must bt presented for payment at the above companies
effieea by the man for whom it Is issued.
Notlco to Delinquent Co-Ownara.
ToC. J. Smith and P. W. IHllldrlour lo any
(irsou or persons to whom i_cy may have
.lansfcried their Interests in the fol'lowfug
nliicial claims, Iho "Mollie A" und ������Copper
Cey" located at Short ereok, south of Pass
reek lu the Trout Lake mining division of
.Vest Kootenay.
Take notice that we the nnderslened have
*e'funned the work and recorded the assess,
.lent ou tlie above named properties for the
.ears IPOO-tSOl and lu order |o hold vour
ittero-t In said claims under Section''4 of the
.lineral Act. aud If ivithiu 9tl__ays ol the first
-i.InU'ftllt.i. hereof vntt fall,or refuse to con.
rlbute your portion of auijli expenditure
ogother with the cost ���f adt-enlslng. vour
'Merest In the said claims will become the
iroppriy of ihe subscribers under section 4 of
tbe Mineral act of IKNI.
Dated at Ferguson, B. C. this 4th day of Jane.
MOST complete cold storage
rootD just finished where
meats will be kept in a serai-
froton state and always fresh.
Now one uf tho best appointed shops lo the Interior of B.
O. Shop open from 8 until
6 o'clock, excepting one hour
at noon. Not open on Sunday
One door cost Hotel Lardeau
on second floor in Eagle block
Ferguson. B. C.
June C
Tenders will be received ut. to and including
the Kith tlayof July. 19u_. by the undersigned
sslgiea of the estate of A.c cummins �� Co
,f Perguson, B. C��� for that portion of tho
assets of tbe estate consisting ol:
Hard-tare t Ml ed
irocorlcs    5*19 67
dry tionils. Boole aad Shoes    ieo 70
store hull '.lug, lots and fixtures at Per
guson.B. C    1.2110 00
Store building al Ten Mile    75 on
_,    ,      Total |.,2.:ia3
Tenders may be made eilber in a lump or at
a rate on the dollar; iho highest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
iocs sheets ma,* be seeo at tbe office of tho
asslguec at Trout Lake City.
Dated Juno 30th, 190.'.
Motlce Is horeby given that after one month
from tbe date hereof 1 Intend to apply to tbe
Chief Commissioner of Lamia and Works for
permission to purchase so acres of land lu thc
District of West Kootenay, situated on thc
inrtbeast side of Trout Lako and being what
Is Knott n as American Point and more rarilcu*
lary described as follows: Commencing at a
post marked "Initial Post Hugh Hrowu's N. W.
comer;" ihenee <-t> chains east; ihenee 20
chains south; tbenre 40 chains west; thence so
chains north to tho point of commencement.
Dated at Trout lake City this l.thday ol
June, IS02.
Juucl.1 nOGU BROWN
Take notice that thirty (SO) daya after Ibe
date hereof I will make application to the Chief
Coinmlsssoner of Land, anil Works for a lease
of tba following lands: Commencing at a post
marked "J. A. ifeCroasan," located on the tear
of Ihe townsite avrvcy, situated southwest of
too Hor-a-Paync buildings ami tbo Ferguson
wafoa road, a distance of about fifteen chains
In a northerly direction from said road; thence
���fl/ chains la a westerly directum; thence
Uly tha aa la a amberly dlrertloa; iheacc
fflqrelalHla 4a eaatarly direction; deuce
���fatherly lopelat ef beginning, for tho purpose of .ear-jl_>! au�� removing limestone for
Dated rargasoa Jaly a, 1902.
a��g�� J. A. M.CHUS8AN.
Take notice tbat thirty tMj days after tbe
ihue hereof I will make application to tbe Chief
Coramltaloaer of Land, and Works, for a lease
of the following lands: Commencing at a post
marked "J. A. McCrossan" ou the south fork
wagon road between Perguson and the Silver
Cup mine; theuec fifty chains lu a southeasterly direction; thence loo chutns In an easterly
direction: thence ltu chains In a northerly direction; thence IWchalns In a westerly dlrcg.
tion; theneo atty chains to point of beginning,
for the porpese of quarrying and removing
limestone for smelting purposes.
Dated at Perguion, July ..th, ma.
�������� 1, A. McCKOSSAN
Open for engagement for
day or night meetings
at reasonable rental.
i Write or call on
Drugs ����<t Stationery
Prfsi-TiPtioii-t Carefully and
..Accurately Compound-nil,.
The public ah; hereby notified that
no ftt-t'utmis will bt* I'fti I ior goods
aupidled or debt* contracted "ii be-
hull ol either t he Wetropolltau Gold
& Silver Mining fn. ��f B, fl,. Ltd..or
to tbe Larduuu Smelting A llefltif 02
Co, of H. a. Ltd., uuli'f-s nuthoitzea
in writing bv ibe uin-ifr-dimed. So
one else htxs authority to purchaae or
orderi-upplie*. ur Koudnuf any kind.
Fcrftumu, June au, 1ft-?,
Suit rfi.!rf3_jflz_jfa jrft vrt-ri-r-ri't^i ^���'z-s^,
% perguson Barber I
j When you want a P
't Call on E. L. FULMER. 8
5       Uot or Cold Eatbs iui'onnoctlon.      it
9 [I
\ N.B.jy^M.,-��r�� I
N '*
A      Please get la before noon.
fart?; i*_r_jv-!is- /{s iii .
ht'fore noon.      U
ti., B. C. ASSAY �� CHEMICAL SUH'LY 10. m.
Headquarters lor Assuyers, Mlolng
t Mill SupplKs. Hole agents In H.
C. for Morgan crucible Co., Etattersoa,
Inglaud; P. W. lirauti & Co.'s Patent
Caiy Furnaces, Burners,ate.; Wm. Alus-
wortb ,. Co.'a Kinc Balaacas, ete., etc.
Canadian -nr\
* 15ACIfic Ky*
'���rj1 WORLD'sS <���
Scenic Ho: te
I For hill lalarantlonapplet) loaal treat*
D. P. A., A. G. P. A. ���,
Neleon. .yuiici.uver.
J. DONOVAN, Afrenli. Arrowhead.
Tbere Is only one best mining Journal.
That Is
Mines and Minerals.
It has a larger circulation than any two othor
American raining Juuruah because It Is the
best. It Is the largest, best Illustrated and
handsomest raining Journal In tbo wo: Ul. It
is a mining paper for mining men. Subaorip*
tlon price 12.00 per year. **cnd for fro. sample
copy. Address MINES AND (flNItSAM, Hcrau-
ton, Fa��� V. P. A, Dearer offlcoe, north Bldg.
Denier, Col.
\tfl8tmi o��tor
Vic tor ir.
Bt. John
t   Port lurid
Nciv York
Upper Lake  fil-satltera
Leave Port William Suiul.iy,
Tuesday. Friday via Poo Llue,
tit. Paul. Dulntb, Cliieugo.
Tiwrlst 8l*.np-.r .arrvl.-e
Lv. Dunmorc Jet. daliv for
ft Paul, Kuoty. Lrlg. tuos.,
Pat. for Toronto end ull eastern points.
Lv. Kevelstoke dally for Seat-
, tie Vancouver and Coast fit-
f-   .*.*)
Through tlckeis to Europe
via. all Allutle linea.
rrepold   tlr.ets    lr,,tu    all
points at lowest rates.
Including thn Ftsh Crook camp
nnd Upper Dune n Itlver mrtion.coui-
piioi by-A, P.CummlM,P.t.��v,itntl 8
Mmnnoii. H. .\., li now on n*H: nt tM^
ortliv, Tho rofrly xalc of thu map th
proving All we bnv��i snld for it. Th*
TriiuLl.uttoillviftif.il inJitlMftruphcd \u
btHrtr, tho Urdouu In Hfa.-sml thc> .-I'iiip
worth in ti'tic. } v->nfttend��T(i-otoo��jjaj
tUo a copy H lkW map ud (lad am
ciaiui rivi-riVi lu (to mriH' ilivialfiif
The mountulr.fl( !ahe**!, tlook::. waV*
roHtlft, trniii, lurrcToa railway ruuM*.
awl iho location And nflni(��(hy auuiaufr
indc.ii of evory mlo��nU cWiln in ti*
diitiriot in Ahown.
Next   to   VlsltUin   tbe   Country' In
Perna This Mtkp fakes First W-we.
In tact nety gengraphio��t
f*ifnra U m well defiue that one can
wo at a glance tha nature of ear cutihtiy
and ibe trend cf the claim looatlotu
gives an luteillgible idon oi the miffem)
belt" rnnning through Uid camp, Itui
certainly *
Tbe   Best   Worth   For   One Dotiat
���ver offered in the map tine of a mining
.*.. camp. U le tho flrat oompleie mano(
the district and iiitlllng well. itifiiuKt
what you are lookitkg for, WI*; alkO
HAVE A ri.w ma7h mounted on
Addrau' your order, witb an
eorloMire of a ��uo doliar till, inu
chequee, order*, etc.) to
D. �����. Wilkie; General Manager.
Capital {Paid-up) $2,500,000
Rest   -   ���   ���   - $2,129,000
llranolics In Ontario, (juelioe, Manitoba, N. W.
T.and llrltlsh Columbia.
(ire.it Britaln-Lloicls Bank, Liialted
United -States-New York. Hank ol Montriul.
"        "    ���f'bienco. First National Bank.
" '���    -San  Francisco,  Weils Fargo
ACo's Bank.
" "    ���Rt. l"aul, Second Nat'l Bank.
"        "    ���Minneapolis First Nat'l Bank
"    -Hoattie, Ucattlc National Bank
���  ���  A. Jnkce, Mannger.
��� A. E. Pblnpil,     ���*.*"
���   J. M.t<
Vanrouv.*r,   ���
Ht'VPtflloke, ���  ���
Nelson,  .   *  -
""Men, J.8. "OliS;
Ferguson, - - - . w, MarUonald,
Interest allowed at onrrant rates.
.1 general baaklu-f business transaeted.
Mining companion op otters ordering
lots of 20 or more, maps will ba supplied at SO cent! each.
Ferguson, B.C.
Schools, iBCKAr^0N'
plete blitwpipo outfit and refercate
ltt>raiv trvv to tlio^c taking a connie
in Metal Mining, .send for freo
circular.    Address Reprcwutatlve
W- U
Nelnou,  **
tentative   l
Be    O, ���
no * (>s>ti.4iti aud of-
fcn ���" (.nu one iii -v
bat for yon, do not
pd.iwnut' him. lit*
has notany ngmto tia\c ,.-*���*<��� labela. l/mwi
labela in retailatore.* are count erf eft a. Do not
llnu*ii to any explanation aa to why the b*n
kax uo label. The Uenuiue l.'iiiuii Lubul \b
t'erfornied on the (our pditfs oxeotly theaume
i an a [luxtage itaiup. Couuturieit:. an- some*
' time-* perforated on three 01 the edges, and
-Moujetlraf-nonlyon two. Kofip h Hh-irp lookout,
foi the L-onntarfeita. Unprinilplm] tmiiiufat'
' turort, are ualng them is order u> get rid of
tnoir scab-made hats. The Joint il ��u*i��oa
to. And Henry M. Koelofi A Co., both 01 fhila-
\ delpbia, Pa., aro non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT. 1'rmident,
1 Orange, It, J.
JOHN PlIILLIPP.S.ipretar.v,
M 1VJ Bedford Arc.tirooklyit, N.Y
*y  0ND��Il NOTT JUN40E11INT��������� E
Prospectors* Exchange
ARTHUR EVANS, Proprietor.
���the caoicssr of winks.**
������LIQUORS AND CKi,.K-i -����-
vf      ������BUST IN THK MARKftT��-��
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens. .Good accommodation
..Best ol service .. Choiccjt wines,
liquors and cigars. .Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Urothkri, Pijocribtorj.
-.'  ..iU.J JT
Everybody    Qur  8t>eCial
smokes AjJ.,	
The Union
Thoy j\r�� nil Tju,>., i^-ade and of tho
bout Havana 'ftiMutn mont^" ran
b��y, Try ouo and a atiMy yovirwU
aa to their qualify,
Umios CirtAi;
FACToay, H.A,
Browk, Prop.
If yon  are  building  or conti miplate building- we will he-
pleased to quote you estimates   on anything   made in oiir
Sash and Door Factory
and we feel confident that we   can give you i atisfaction in
every particular.    Write: Sawy er Bros., Revel stoke, B. C. r
, iiin(.inii) iiiiiii'"'!
The Fernie strike bit been settled.
O. B. N. Wilkie,' P. L. 6., was in
town yesterday.
Mr. R. t. Clink and fatally cams In
yesterday in a visit to friends in town.
A. P. Hurts ot the Topio office,
Trout Luke, was a Visitor to Ferguson
Wodncsduy.' \ | '
Mr. Jack McNeill, who lidoineo ,n*
tract work In tha OU Oold basin, was
In Ferguson Tuff-day,
0. K. Gilchrist, supervisor of the
Singer sewing maoblne agencies (or
British Columbia, la la Ferguson today.
W. Laypncl*' of Chicago, who hat
been making aa eitcaded visit to the
?iib Rivet*camp, returned to Ferguson
H. W. Welch, Victoria: Mooi-e, Nelson; Vic Bates, W. B. Dorman, Vancouver, roj-letered at the Windsor Hotel Tuesday'.
- in Ferguson and whlls here visited the
,Ji .Hetllm.il,  an   accountant ,trotn' -j.rlune in COtnpany of Sam McColl.
Vancouver, arrived in Ferguson Sunday te audit the books of the Great!   Five hundred mnr. oro 8acks ""?
Western Mloes, Ltd. i aent up a couple of days ago tt. tho
! Guinea Gold where a shipment is being
Mr.   and   Mra.   J.   A.  McCrossan p,,ep*_red.   This property Is rapidly de-
started on .��.rip. to San  Francisco velnpla-g into one of the biggest and
The Balmoral Hotel hat been sold
lo Ja*. Cummings.' .'
Mrs. Anderson of tlie half-way house
visited'Fei'-gnsen on Monday.
his reported that D. L. Clink has
closed down bis saw mill at Trout Lake.
Chas. Holten nf the Enterprise Brewery, Revelstoke, is in Ferguson to-day.
Superintendent Murray of the Old
Gold was down from the mine Saturday.
E. Roche of Victoria, and W. E.
Ellis, Nelson, wore at the Windsor on
W II. Dorman, the postoffice Inspector, paid a vls't to the Ferguson post-
office on Tuesday.
Dr. and Mrs. Knnicaro again visiting
in tbi> Lardeau and intend spending the
remainder of tbe summer in these
Messrs. Smith and Labeau have
contract for getting out the pules fur
thc electric light system. They bave
pretty nearly completed the job.
Vincent Lade of the Ophir-Lade
Mining Syndicate, Camborne, spent
Tuesday and Wednesday of this week
Saturday. .They will return to Ferguson about the l_,tb lost.
Jack Bmlth, of the saw mill, bas two
brnthera visiting him from the Coast.
Jack took them for a stroll up to the
Nettie L. mine yesterday.
W. B. Pool went to Vancouver Saturday to purchase pining and other
necessaries for the new Ferguson waterworks and returned yesterday.
A.J.Gordon returned tntown Frl.]
day frnm the head waters of the north
fork of the Lardeau where he and ono
man have been doing cssessmeuts.
Geo. Roger of Sarnia,Ont., has been
th tout, and vicinity for the last couple
of weeks. Ho came in Saturday from
visiting his claims uo&r Goat creek on
the north fork,
A rink ,t Scottish curler* are coming
to C.insda next wlntHt* from Edinburgh.
Fort.v-flvo gentlemen bave Volunteered
to co ie and will lie the guests of the
.urll ia* Clubs in our chief cities.
F.. Maxwell, J. W. Oreer and R. T.
Wales, who bave b��en looking over
Gome of the properties on Forty-Nine
creek fur the past two daya, left yesterday .or tho Lardeau.���Nelson News.
The return of J. J. Young, R. B,
Bunnett, 3, A. Simpson. P. Talbot, A.
I.. Sifton and R. A. Wallace to serve
richest properties in the Lardeau.
I What's the matter with Ferguson
making a bid for the next big prize
light. Tbe local fistic encounters appear to draw large crowds of Interested
; spectators; Why nothave a big eveui ?
Say between Jeffries and Corbutt.
R Helrce, route agent of the D,
minimi Express Co. for the interior ol
U. C, with headquarters at Nelson
was in Ferguson yesterday accompanied by A. T. Abbey, the newly appointed express agent at Trout Luke.
A number of men have been at work
for a fortnight doing assessment for the
Golden Link Mining Co., on the "Anaconda!' claim above Circle City. This
Is ono of the companies that Mr. C. \V.
McCrossan promoted and had incorporated. *
The trustees of tho Ferguson public
school succeeded in raising 811*5 bj
subscription on Friday last to go towards the erection <>f a new school
building. This amount will be brought
up to 9-21-0 when aome wbo are out of
town return.
Locals With a Payslreak.  .
Saddle horses for sale. We have all
kinds and at all prices. We can suit
you.   Craig & Hillman, Beaton.
New line of Children's Hats. Dresses
and Pinafore's at G. 11. Batho & (Jo.
All the latest books, magazines and
periodicals for holiday reading in stock
at the Canada Drug&Bnok Co.'s store,
Kevelstoke, B.C. Prompt attention to
mall orders.
Fine line of Ladies' White Underwear at G. B. Batho & Co.
Ic pays to use the telephone. A trip
can often be saved to Trout Lake, Beaton, Arrowhead or Comaplix by using
the pliooe. Office In Cummins & Co.'s
Call and see our Prints, Ginghams
and Dress Goods. New stock at G. B,
Batho It, Co.
* Smoker?: II you want tho GENU'
INK "Union" and "Our Special"
CIGAR see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on every box.
-H. A, Browu, Kevelstoke. B. C.
If you want a Sailor Hat go to G. B.
Batho & Co.
* To get acquainted with this district
you should have a copy of tho new and
only map. Send a one dollar bill to
the EAOLE and secure one at once.
Bargains in Black, White and Colors
In Ladies Shirt Waists at G. B. Batho
& Co,
j McKinnon cfr Sutherland |
WE take pleasure in annonneinc that we have recently placed in atook a eomuWta line of la DIM.
CHIL'OKKNS1 and GENTI.EMEN8' dimmer tfoods of up
placed in ciock a -fumpWte- lino of l.ADlh***",
..... J* and CENTI.EMEN8' Mimtner it-ooris of up
to date wake and cliofru material. 1 hest* good* vrcie ��-an>-
fully selected in the tnnst cxt ltttfve market* nij.t up (eel
con Aden t Unit our many cuatotuern will be <lt-.lttfbu.-il.
Our Ladjcn'Khirt Waist h are pretty and strictly of tlie
latent pattern* and best felling material*.  Call aud in-
apvet, it is our pleasure to ��bow guodw.
Wc claim to have the best selected and Urpefd stuck of
Mcn'aand Boy's hati in tbe Lardeau. "ttveryhaut-aiupod
witb the Union Label."
tYe hare tho newest styles and patterns In starched and
neKileabhirtH.  Tbe snine nn are being sold daily tu tbo
be��t dt-Qised mon in eat-tern eltfea.
Kcmem-ber our stock includes everything that la naed in
the district in the merchandise line.
3 {        CARDS. I I
*: .*
5 O   B* N. WILKIE, C
���i  V__/�� p. _.. s. rf
3     Ferguson and Trout Lake.
t. Surveys made and Crown Grants
|j Ubtained.
J Office:      -       -      Tmut Lake. I
H.UA.M A. li.UKK,
To-morrow the flth day of August, being Corouation Day, has been net apart
by Lieutenant-Governor July as a public holiday, to be observed as a day ol
public thanksgiving and rejoicing b.
,    ,    , ,   . ,,    , , i al persons throughout our province ot
in the .eglslatlve assembly Is gatetted   Bpl|1(rh t-olumb|lli
H. Rrown, manager of the Red Lion
mine in the Trout Lake district, is in
the city. He states that tbere is con-
sidtnUil* work being done on the property tills season, and a good deal ol
prospecting being duno in tbo hills
nearby thc mine.���Miner.
A special wire from Nelson tn the
Colonist states that a gold brick was received on August 1st from the Granite
mill, where a trial shipment of 12 mos
of ore from theCamb.rne claim, owned
by tlie Northwestern Development syndicate, was sent. The oro was not
picked, but taken as it came. The
brick weighed 28ounces. Thesyndi
cat��aro Installing a 10-stamp mill, saw*
mills, tramway and a complete equipment on thu property,
Miss Ellen M. Stone, tho missionary
who was held in captivity so long by
brigands, is making a lecture tour on
the continent tn order to raise money
to repay the amount given for her ran-
���sum. She is meeting with well de-
served success and her lectures arc
proving a power In awakening missionary interest in unexpected quarters.
As an accomplished B|>euket-.sho has al
ready been compared to tho late Francis Willard aad Lady Henry Somerset.
H. A. Miles and W. J. Hill, who
bave been in tho Lardoau for the past
two months working on thoir minoral
claims, returned tu tho city yesterday
Their group, the Second Trial, is located between Hope and Lake creoks.
Thero Is a good lead crossing the
olaims, the ore carrying high values in
gold, silver and lead, tho two latter
minerals predominating. They state
tbat tbere is considerable, prospecting
and development work being done in
the vicinity of the creeks mentioned.���
Nelson News.
in   the last  issue of tbe North West
Territories Gazette.
A Canadian pavilion li being erected
at Cork and will be one of the chief attractions at tho exhibition there. So
eays the Dublin correspondent of the
Montreal Star. The exhibition closes
the end of October.
The following registered at the
Windsor Hotel yesterday: W. Lay-
-;oelt, Chicago, 111.; B. A. Cleveland,
Vancouver; G. N. Gilchrist, Nolson, F.
Hubble, San Franclsoo; 3. R, Archibald, London, Eng:; Henry B. Thomson, Victoria; W. B. I'ool, Ferguson.
Rev. H. A. Solly administered tho
rites nf baptism to two infant children
Sunday July 26th at the residence nf
Mrs. Al. Chlsolra. The two being
Bat-old Douirlai Russell, nn of Mr.
and Mrs. Thos. Russell, and Vivian
Daney, daughter of Mr. aad Mrs, 8.
Daney.    .
A trader of LeessrSlave Lake arrir
ed In Edmonton last week from tbe
forth, by way of Athabasca Lauding,
with his wlnter'a trade of far. A lust
of tbe furs it, hit collection will be of
interest: 1,051 martin, 243 beaver, 67
bear, 109 lynix. 12S mink, 7 wolverines,
12 cross foxes, IE red foxes, I silver fo*x,
13 wolves. 2. skunk, IU ermine, li
usher,'to ottor, 7,190 mt, II pound, of
Dr. and Mra. NetMcmbe and Mr*.
Harry Carter rode to tbe Triune in Inland back Wednesday. It require*
some nerve to ride a horse Upand tiowta
a precipitous mountain trail such an
that to the Triune and, many a man has:
flinched under the (experience. The
ladles say they plated confidence In
their sturdy ponies and did not feel
much frightened, t he splendid scenery along the rout* together with tho*
ride ���'  "     ������
Surveys of Minus, Mineral Claims en-1
rrown Lsntls. Crown Grants Obtained sinI Assessments Managed
for Absentees.
Offices:   Camborne and Vancouver
ij (J     SHANNOK, ��. A.
���1 H'-Squerters fur lerorntatlou RrgirSlig
I* Lnrdtau l'ro*HTtlcs.
*1 w*. Its for Isfersiitlon.
Ij Cult antl se. Samples.
H OFFICE:    VlUTUttlA t\'V...
Solicitor for
.   Th. Imperial Hank
Perguson, B. C.
OFFICK-Over tbe Imperial Bank.
Barristers, Sollclters, etc.
) made it a very,enjoyable outing.
Offices: Revolstoko, Goldon, anil rorxii*
ion. Snllrltors Ior Itaporlal Bank
ol tlauaiis.
Geo. B. UcCarter. 1. A. Harvoy.
A. It. Pinkham.
5 Barrister,  Notary I'ubllc etc. ff
Ferguson, B. C. 5
W   do V.leMAI��TRE4J.M.I!COTT
Barrister, Sollclter, etc
!. M. SCOTT, A. D. I. L. ��.
. W. de V. le Malstre, M. A.
���f/cv. ���;��� tyrivriyrw. -jjr ijr iQnairiat n-'f. *J&
Send the Eagle
% to your friends
in the East.
I McKinnon & Sutherland
The Post Office Store E
The most complete stock in Ferguson.
Union-Made Hats and Shoes.
Full line of Ladies' and Children's goods.
Make a specialty of filling mine orders in groceries {j*
and hardware. JV
Try a Pair ot Oar Hand-Hade Frotpcctvrs' Shoes. W
G. B. Bathol^Cax
���4 Packing andFaguZaicking
^ Freigllting Transfer Outfit.
!t Contracts entered Into for packing of Mining Supplies,
J etc., to any point in the district.
Good, prompt service, and any work undertaken guaranteed. Freighting from Thomson's Landing to Ferguson
a specially.
Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C.     S. Daney, Prop.
R. S. Wilson,
Everv garment turned out in this shop
will hear this lahel, a Kttarniiiee in itself ol first class worktlitinship.
|      'UN ^__*g*j^_, l>'* ;--_}},    Drop iti and see our stock and lamples.
EAQLE BLOCK,   -   -  -  -   FERGUSON B. C
K 1
Perguson fioiel    $


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