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 Provincial Library tebgo2
VOL. III. NO. 21.
82.00 A YEAR.
Tlie "Business" Government That
is Not Full i
Fair Representation and New
E. Davis, Mary L. Wilson and Harry
G. W. Batho. ��
The school clcsod on Friday last with
u public examination at whioh a number of interest od visitors were present.
The children wore examined by tlie
teache in several subjects and acquitted themsolv es in a ploasiig and satisfactory mar ,ner.
The pro plncial rolls of honor were
awarded as follows:
Deportn ient.���Louisa M. Batho.
Punetui ility and regularity.���Percy
M. Wilso ,n.
Proflci .ency :���Robert A, Kirkpatrick.
The paragraph below is from the
Nelson Tribune, but the reason for the
present stagnation is not given. No
ono seems to doubt the moi-its of this
province as a mineral producer; but - i
great many can sec at a glance th it
wo are tho creatures of cii-cumstanc es,
aud the fact of the matter is there i fill
bo no more activity until tlio gov eminent stops in and comes to on c aid.
We don't mean a bonus when v> -e say
aid; but wo mean that tlio government must build and operate s ,meltors,
relineries, etc., and stand ready to
buy all the raw product tho r alncrs can
produce. In other words tb,e government will "have to go into ' iho mining
business! tho same as th ,ey did tho
butter making business on tho prairie,
which thoy so successfully placed upon
a sound paying basis. We are tied
baud and loo; by tho huge private
trusts���railways, smelti u-s, etc.���and
."or thc samo reason tl :iat a chicken
cannot bo put back in i' m shell, it will
be found impossible ' ;o rosurl-ect the
mining business in Bi ,-itish Columbia
under present conditio js. Kcmovo all
tho taxes if necessa ry; but let tho
people build, own ai id operate thoir
own moans of trcatnu ,nt, nnd their owu
market, and keep i ho profits in their
own treasury. The'oack number who
imagines that a hun dred aud one Jerkwater privtttely-ow ned smelters, etc.,
will sec us out of (ihe present dilemma
must be purposely blind. It is co-operation wo want, a j .cople's trust, to buy
and care for the r aw product as fast as
wo can produoe 1';,
The Tribune u iks: "ft is notstraugo
that the men w)jo are practical metallurgists and sn loiter managers are of
ono opinion us -to the worth of British
Columbia as 0 l Dining country. Those
men handle tin- ores mined in British
Columbia, aud uro therefore in a good
position to jr.dge of tho values contained in the ore. Last week Dr. Lo-
donx of Now York, a copper buyer and
metallurgist,, gave apronounced opinion
as to the wo rtli of our gold-copper ores.
To-day William V. Nuwall, who represents tlio ol tlc-st smelting and refinery
works on th.e Pftclflo Coast, is equally
us proiiouno sd as to tho worth of British Colunibi a'sSilver-lead mines."
Th ere ia a rumor afloat that the
Unit ed States lead combino is negotiating for tho St. Eugene mine. The
inf. ii-cnco is that the combino fears that
th-1 enormous productive capacity of
ti io great iloyie mine may interfere
v pith its cinch.
This rumor has object lesson attachments. If the combine can buy
and shut down the St. Eugene it could
also buy and shut down any smelter or
refinery built in Canada by private
capital. It could not buy a government-owned refinery, which would
permanently protect tho small and
large producer alike. Government
ownership and operation of lead
refineries is what is wanted and it bas
got to como sooner or later.���Sandon
we cn i-i.u no with a bit.
Cummins & Co. have tlieir now store
nearly ready for occupancy.
Output Thia Season Will Awaken
the Natives "Hay Wotli
All 'Winter.
Eastern Canada, to a large extent, is
sweltering under a tropical heat wave,
At many places during the past week
the thermometer registered closo on
100 degrc es in Uio shude. Observatory
officials at Toronto stato that thoro is
no record of a June temperature
high as 97, as was registered there
yesterday, in sixty years of tho obser
vatoi-y's records.
runatJsoN 8011001: report.
Tho following are tho names of the
pupils in the various clussos an-angod
in order of merit,
Class III.���Louisa M. Batho, Robert
A. Kirkpatrick, F,*'iel M. Batho, Ruy
H. Wilson, equal, Percy M. Wilson
unci Blanche E. Davis.
Class II.���Mary L.Wilson.
11. Primer.���flurry G. W. Batho.
I Primer.--ltnbort .M. Maelntyro.
Thu following wero neither absent
nor late: Louisa M. Batho, Robert
A. Iilrkpati'luk, Ethel M. Bathe, Ray
II. Wilson, Percy M, Wilsou, Blanche
Vincent Lade, who lias oharge of the
Triuno mine, was down for tho sports
on Monday. Ho si'ys thero is still
plonty of snow up there, and they are
working at considerable of a disadvantage. The shack built last fall, and
filled with supplies, was carried n. ��� :r.
during tbavwintei- by a snow-slide: and
ns a consequence moro supplies are being packed up to the property, They
are now running a tunnel about 100 feet
below the ono driven last season, und
in another few weeks a big pack train
will bo steadily engaged packing down
ore and tr*jgbig up supplios. Andrew
FerguBOnWB of the owners, in <-nu
versutiou VfKii tho EAGLE man last
evening, said that tbis season they intended to arrange for working tho
property tho year round if possible.
Thoy will drive a long baso tunnel and
blow enough rock out In wliich to build
their quarters and store Ore, By this
moans tho men will be perfectly safe,
and not even a mountain gout will flare
to visit them.
Tho shipment of a few hundred tons
ot J.'IOii ore may demonstrate to tlie 0.
P. I!, lhat wo havo something up this
way wortli conning after. It is quite
true that Lardeau's ore shipments will
increase a hundred fold by tho present
arrangement, but before tbo camp
becomes at all full-grown wo must
have tho railway extended to thc
mines. Thoro will be more men
working in our mines hero this winter
than in the Slocan, if the latter doesn't
got a double sbulllo on very soon. The
Lardeau bus been jonabed for years by
Uosslands, Klondike?, silver crashes*
otc, but this will shortly bo a matter
of history, ln fact the Ltti-deuu Beems
to bo the most likely camp of the near
future in tho province. The rubicon
bas already beon crossed seven times
in this district's history, so the Eagus
will make no more predictions.
nglisli Shareholders Have Secured
A Controlling' Interest
Hade Known on tlie 10th
There is a little evolution going on
just now in connection with tbe Great
Western company, owners of thc Nettie L. and Ajax on Nettie L. hill. An
old country company, or the old country
shareholders iu tho present company,
said to bo men who recognize tho need
of practical and economic management
without tlie usual frills, have at last
secured a controlling interest in Ferguson's Lo Roi. A. E. Klneaide basso'.:!
his shares, something like 100,000, for
$31,500 spot cash; and oilier well known
local men have been bought oil", all of
which can bo mado public after the annual meeting of the company in Forguson, on thc 10th inst. Tho EAGLE is
informed that W. B. Pool will still be
manager.   Judging  from local move-
Mining- men engage their
crews at Ferguson, and
pay them oil' in Ferguson.
The place where tha mines |
are is the place where thc
towns are	
.1. J. Langstaff, an editorial parody
ou a newspaper immiUition called the
Topic, says tho location of tho Nottie
L. road has displeased Forgusonites,
nonce the wago (?) trouble. It is high
time that this painful example of a
disappointment of nature, who Infests
the camp, had his foolishness fixed.
All tho Eagle can iio under the cir-
cumstuuees is to regard him with tbo
samo pat hello indulgence Indians
grant an idiot. It isn't necessary to
see a skunk lo tell tbat it is around,
J .'���'..;. ison receives the pay j
| roll  benefit irom  all the
jj shipping mines	
ments it Is quite , iscernable tbat tho
company have called for a new deck,
and : o matt ir ivho gets the deal it will
mean a black-jack for Ferguson. The
Eagle predicts thut 200 men will be
engaged by the n ".v company by tiie
timo the ore shipping season sets in
again, if the Nettie L. people man-
aged to mako ends meet when tbey hud
to dopend upon their own resources,
surely with money to back them tbey
oau accomplish something in the tine
of paying dividends oro this timo next
yoar. It matters nob what is t-equirod
to profitably mine 11- treat their ores the
new owners are in a position to supply
it. However of this tho EAGLE will
have more to sn.\ after Iho general
meeting. In the meantime developments will bo watched with Interest.
A. 11. Iloldiijh. assayer and secretary
for both tho Nettio L. and Double
Eagle companies, arrived in Ferguson
on Tuesday, and their office elfects are
now on tho way in from Rovelstoke,
and tho shareholders hope to hold their
annual meeting on the 10th und 11th iu
their own block now being erected on
Victoria avenue.
The Contractors Aro Pushing tho
Work With All Possible
Lardeaultes will soon know whether
tho advont of the railway, us far ns tho
foot of the Trout lake, is going to bring
pooplo in to seo and size up our inducements to investors or not. Tho Nelson
Miner has this to say:
Mayor G. A. Carlson of Kaslo, was
in tho city yesterday in connection with
tho purchaso of supplies and tho employment of men to work on his contract ou Iho Lardo railway. Mr. Carlson bus 1150 men n w ut work and ex
pects to increase this force to 1,000 men
within a few weeks. Tho work at
present consists of clearing tho right-
of-way, cutting, filling, grading and
bridging. His contract extends over
"0 miles of country easy to build, the
grades being very light and tbo rock
work nol, so heavy us usually on-
countered in building railroads in
mountainous countries, The engineers
havo laid out tlie line in a very ingenious manner, taking full advantage of
every natural facility that tho contour
of tho district provides. In this way
tho work has been made light.
Mr. Carlson is in immediate need of
a large number of men, being able lo
put four or live hundred to work. Ho
will give employment to any good
laborers who report at his headquarters at Howser. He leaves for tho
north this morning.
Geo. Lux, with a party of three, left
the Landing yesterday to commence
assessment work on tho Little Maggie,
Last Chance, Flathead and Little
Allright properties, located on Silver
Tip creek. Mr. Lux says they have
somo good showings over there und he
intends to blow a few holes into them
this season, and thus further demonstrate their value ono way or the
July 4th, and all the furnaces and
stoves in town, are going full bias..
Cold rains bave been falliug since
Monday, night and day.
So Says the  Government Which
iSpenclft Our Money, and Thou.
Taylor tfnpporte.
During a telephone conversation with
the Eagle lust night Thos. Taylor, M,
L. A.j Bald Unit ii new foreman i ith a
gang of $2.;"0 a, day men, wot Id uo
placed to work on the Nettio L. road
tbte week. And work will also be coin-
menced on the pack trails in a J . oi
two, or as soon as it lots up raining.
Mr. Taylor admits that 83 a day should
bo paid the men: hut the government
ii-: : ilitjhly Bupporta cannot see i', thi ;
way -excerpt at clei I Eon time, Mr,
Taylor has not tried to get his government to let tbe work hy contract,
licvingit would delay matters tooi iu '..
Mr. Pool merely offered $1,000 if the
government granted ir-.i'OO, with no
provisions as to whether tho work was
to bo done by contract or day labor,
Mr. Taylor says 83 a day is not the going scale, af, Trout Lake anyway, as
Mr. Clink only pays$2.25. Mr. Taylor,
so far as the Eaole knows, has never
dreamed of jarring loose from a nest of
incapable legislators, though poi'sonally
his views may differ from them. This
rididg wnnts a representative with an
ounce or twoof baok-bone, and thc man
\vh��) will remain on Iho Hide of agovern-
ment whoso action he knows to bo
wrong���just foi1 tbe sake of holdlnp
olliee���is indeed iu a pitiable plight.
There will not bo enough of lhe presenl
government supporl n*s returned at the
noxl election to hold an inquest; unless
the interior members get in and do
some dictating, rather than being led
around like so many $12 mules.
If Lardeauites are a part <��� f the people and the people are themselves, and
Thos. Taylor is a representative of that
portion of tho people, haven't these
pooplo a say as to where or how their
money will be spent? What does Mr.
Kilieen know about our needs? Or
what does thesoldouvswifts at Victoria
know about what should constitute a
fair wage in thiscamp on public works?
Mr. Taylor had better wire Victoria
that thero is another scarcity of men.
It worked the miracle last year, but���
oh no; not any this timo. But as a
matter of cold fact Mi'. Taylor seems
to think that $2.50 a day, (with less than
100 outside Working days in tho yoar) is
enough, and believing in tho rotten
system of supply and demand, rather
than justice, it Is easy to understand
his position in the matter. Tommy,
it's all off with you.
Mr. Taylor also said lastcveniiuT; that,
he did not kuow which side of Pish
oreek the wagon road would bo built
upon; and Mr. Killeen's whereabouts
wero uuknowu to him.
Tie Only Fine Day lis Se
Was Duly Celebrated
Horse Racing Was Hie Feature
of Hie Lively Program
Probably the most social and really
enjoyable day ever spent iu this district was that at Trout Lake City on
Monday last. The threatening
weather of the day before cleared
away and Dominion day was simply
made to order. Ferguson was practically depopulated for tho day, and
Revelstokors, Including the band boys,
turned out well. Thomson's Landing,
Camborne, Coma; 11:;, Arrowhead.
Duchesnay, Ten-Milo and nearly every
mino in the eamp was represented.
They wont to Trout Lake to have a
good time, aud it was tbe prevalence
of that jovial spirit which made the
day such a success. Everything
passed off smothly and tho best ol
humor was evidenced iu all the contests.
As soon as the shooting contest was
ovcr, the first item on the program foi
the bright and beautiful morning, the
equatio sports brought out the crowd.
H irry ".'���- Iham Been] : to have no
difficulty iu capturing first money
agi inst Ma i dm Math ������ on in I he boat
ra ��� ���.   A   ,     ���'.. if j"��������� *������;]  Mr.
Caul In i's i nd   the   winn ��� i    pulled
i  ' In the evening, Mr, X. again
|carri in j ofl tho honors,
Thero   was   more or 1 inter*
������.-.-���..^od in the cil m\ \ s 101 ���
during tb and
.,,. | .. .v ,....(.,j,     m, |( j ..       (  ..,.
.'IcDonald    of    I' '>"t.,::' >ko   won   flr/si
in t] e 100 ;.  s. da - , but  local
m< ra, all Ft i boys, carried
iff tl ii  h   ��� prizes,
When the 1 or  i v        were failed
afti ��� the  ".-.' vd had   bad di
i!,; ���      me intense.   Tl        i
throe or four fi ��� orll \ their
ers all   played   to  win ; bul   (Iraig ,
Hillman's  hors    wi  a  too m tch   f< i
tin: other entrl is, thou \ m iny of I
latter  still  have  confidence   In
hoi   is.   Roi a  Loe, the new buokskin
is a good horse.   Considerable money
ohn     d hands.
The discourse of plenty ol rag-tin
and other musio by tho ttovelstok
baud considerably enlivened the day.
When  one  tired of the   iports hi
ooul'   take  .1 chauci on "bucking tho
tiger,"  as   Jonathan    was   doing
flourishing business.
Throughoul tbe day the best of
order and good feeling predominated
but after a most successful ball in the
evening, Carrie Nation cock-tails wen.
wry much on tap, and e\en at this
writing, only about half of the Ferguson contingent have returned to tell
the tale.
lint fellow citizens and oidi fellosons
if you want to attend tho greatest that
has been just hold off for Ferguson's
Labor Day celebration.
Tho horse race prizes will he worth
going after, nnd there will be horses
hero to go after them. A half-mile
straight track will be available.
���S. Daney's pack train took supplies
up to the Metropolitan group on Tuesday for Frank Landrtan who has so-
cured a 100 foot contract from local
Superintendent Shannon. Frank Holten, with a party of three, who havo
already driven the cross-cut somo -0
feet with good results, will now further
prospet't on tho various surface showings nearby for the purposo of acquiring a bettor knowledge of the prevailing local conditions. MORGAN AND A FEW CLERKS
IN CANADA. Do you see anything wrong.
K Rate.:   Display  ads,
"Imnn in.-li per niiHtlii.   i.i'khI i
r (nonparlen lino tor first insertion ;
ir i-nchuddltional insL-rliim.   Reading notice
' ,-ni-.  Ninety (Tar lo n
,81(1;        j  ilays.WO;  thlrivdnvi (
in plod hi iow< itinii in!! rates.
������"��� i , n Hat. ��� .   !'. ,���,'      .',.      ,   :
rani  .., ; ll.Ou for ���:.: moutli '.   i u forel,
      I.. ���','.   Stopped at pxplrutlon.
lob Priming:  Tito Easrlo lob department i
Ibobosl equipped oflice in North Kootana]
nil is proparod to execute all klndf-ci nrintln
'l bonost prices.
Address all communications to
It is a principle of the British
constitution that lhe ultimate possession of the lain! and everything on
it anil in it is vested in the crown.
i Weil the crown nowadays means
: lhe government nnd the government
means lhe people. And put in this
way this ancient and fundamental
principle of what, lawyers call "eminent domain" resolves itself into
pure socialism.   -Revelstoke Herald.
The C. P. R. are up against it.
They had better settle and save life
and property, caused by criminal
stubbornness on Iheir part.
It's all very well (or the Revel
stoke Herald to talk of the need of
individual effort in a mining camp.
The Eagle will admit that several
brands of efforts are necessary ; but
just how co-operation, socialism,
conflicts with individual effort is
more than we can comprehend.
What would Pierpont Morgan do if
he owned the same interests in the
Lardeau as does the government���
the people? Would prospectors not
be remunerated for the discovery of
good prospects. Would he not
have provided transportation here
years and years ago? Would he
not have a smelter in operation?
Would he not buy ore from any
and everybody who brought it lo his
smelter? Would he not reach out
to lhe outer portions of lhe district
and go on increasing his business?
And judging by what co-operation
has done for Mr. Morgan would he
There is more than one reason
why the Intercolonial railway should
be no criterion by which to judge
the success of government ownership. Here is one reason why it
has an uphill road: "The C. P. R.
has declined to accept freight originating- at Montreal and destined for
points on the Intercolonial railway
line." The people of Canada had
better start in buying up C. I\ R.
stock at once. Canada should own
the whole works. The dividends
would then go into the people's
treasury instead of to foreign private capitalists who even refuse lo
pay a living wage to tho men who
maintain their system. Wc could
also make a better dicker wilh ourselves for mail-carrying purposes
than is the case at present.
.���   mad
j   m i
>y so do-
ould 1,
e nol
a  money,
ii. .i
il) to
tural   re-
Big Bend and Canoe river
For a half century socialists have
pointed out the inevitable evolution
of the competitive system toward
monopoly. Libraries have been
ransacked and industrial facts collected from every corner of the
world to prove the criminal wastefulness and brutality of thecompetitve
struggle. The main effort was directed toward the demonstration of
the desirability and possibil ty of
concentrated industry. To-day this
stage is behind us. Evolution, ever
jealous of waste, is abolishing competition as the dominant force in into the dustry, and replacing it with moii-
untry,  opoly,   and already  the process is
Doesn't it seem rather strange
that the government of Canada
cannot build and operate a smelter,
refinery and mint? The only
solution of the present muddled
problem is for the people to co-operate and run their own show. No
trust could buck the people's trust.
The Le Roi No. 2 mine at Rossland has paid a dividend ot S144,-
000. It's so long since the old
country owned mines of Rossland
have done anything in this line that
naturally thenewspnpersare wondering what's on. Probably getting
ready for some more stock exchange
"The wans lhat wish to roide
safely should walk," says an Irish
Jerry. It is becoming positively
dangerous to travel over the C. P.
R. itt present, '.'ot only are trains
cancelled or delayed, but who knows
the minute a wreck will result in loss
of life. The C. P. R. will be heavy
losers if they l\o not settle very
soon wilh their striking maintenance men. The mountain sections
aro dangerous enough at any time,
but combined wilh wet weather and
no section or bridge men at work,
fatal need cone as no surprise. The matter of paying men a
living wage is not the only question
at issue at this acule stage of the
\      & NO MISTAKE IN \&
The Commercial Center and
contiguous to the only shipping   mines   in  the district.
Business lots $150 upwards.
Residential lots $75 upwards.
Henry Floyd,
It has been truthfully said that ���.., r-�� ���      - 1   "pv
this era of consolidation to destroy \fl SaSll aild.   JjOOl'S
of note  that the J   } -. =-r-r .==z
tstry is one  thatKf R     j^-       p
ers   u ' X   .
competition it 1
metal mining in
encourages and
and competes v
factory  compete:
wouldn't he be likely to build a railway and open ii up properly?    Do
you   think  he   would   bonus   scire
other fellow to build it for him, and
then be  dictated to  by tlie  builder?
And  so we might go   on  asking
questions; but we'll  end  with   this
one.    Would   any    sane   business
m in,  who  wanted  to   make  ends
meet,  conduct  the affairs  of   this
province as they are at present if he
privately owned the same interests
as lhe government?    He certainly
would not.    The great trusts of the
day o.re teaching us many lessons as
to what co-operation will do.    And
the "people's trust" should and soon
will be operated on exactly the same
principle as a private  trust, except
that the dividends go back   to   the
people;  and  with  this  self-created
revenue we can  build, re-build  and
improve  lhe   natural   resources   of
this God-given  country.    Wc can
then  cross  this  continent   on  our
own railway for $5 or less; there will
be absolutely free educational facilities; we will donate our own libraries; and further beautify our noted
parks and summer resorts, as well
as placing any point in Canada within reach ol everyone.    In short, the
people would do just exactly as Pierpont .Morgan would do if he owned
Canada.    And that same individual
spirit of progressiveness within each
man's  bosom  would   be   lifled far
above Ihe trials and worries of the
damnable competitive system.    Production would then be for consump-
well on toward completion, But instability of the monopoly stage is
granted from ihe beginning, and the
feeling is everywhere gaining ground
that it will be succeeded by some
form of co-operation, and current
events go to prove lhat it will take
place very soon.
"Capital will not continue to flow
to a country that returns it nothing.
That there is mineral in British
Columbia cannot, be disputed; and
it cannot well be said that the
country is lacking in other natural
resources. But, somehow, the dividends earned by the mining and industrial companies, whose head
offices are in the old country, are
not so large in the aggregate as to
be enticing to capitalists. This is
lhe reason why capital is shy of
coming here, and all lhe yarns told
about capital being scared away
from lhe province by bad laws and
labor troubles are mere moonshine,"
says lhe Tribune.. And the reason
why the dividends are not satisfactory, continues the Inland Sentinel,
is in the main to be found in the
mismanagement of a laVge proportion of those enterprises possessing
some merit, and in the gullibility of
the investor in subscribing to wildcat companies possessing no merit
at all. Some amelioration of these
untoward conditions might have
been looked for as a result of the
placing of the agent-general's office
on a basis more in keeping with the
tion, and modern machinery has sol opportunities and resources of the
revolutionized    commerce    lhat    a  province  had   the  selection  ofthe
working day oi" s
would easily fulfil 1
would be 110 vast
hurst and will sue,
and  lis  cruel  and
x or seven hours
u r needs. There
-. Co-operation
eee! competition
ruinous  effects.
.Co-operation is ip. the air. Let us
all cc-opcratc, all Ire shareholders in
the   people's   trust.    PIERPONT
holder of thai office not fallen upon
one whose name is not entirely free
from association wilh enterprises
that have neither refloated credit upon tho promoters nor upon lhe
province. Truly our progress is
made in lhe teeth of great disadvantages.'
pports all oth
li  none.    A new
with  established
fa ' Dries; and additional farm tends
to lower  prices of farm   products;
another store cuts into the trade and
profit ol existing ones; the miner,
alone,  enriches   all   and  competes
wilh  none.    He   of   all   pursuits,
creates tiie  red  wealth, patronizes
every other establishment and, producing nothing that he can consume,
affords t!i; besl home market for thc
products of others.    The amount ol
his  purchases   depends   upon   the
amount  of   mineral   development.
His work sets in motion and sustains a legion of other industries,
all operating to the common good.
As a promoter of railroad traffic, as
a creator of new enterprises, as a
customer for manufacturers of  all
kinds,  tho miner is the  best purchaser,  vivifying a  wide  circle  of
activities,    It has  been  calculated
that each underground miner affords
employment   for   ten   men   above
ground, thus putting in motion industrial waves   on  which  ride   to
profit the merchant, manufacturer,
farmer and railroad man.    He asks
for little, but sell-interest suggests
to every man in every capacity that
anything that aids the mining industry aids his own business.    The
value of the miners' patronage is
manifest. Whatever helps the miner
helps all; whatever represses   the
mining industry injures to that extent the welfare of the nation.    The
miner needs no subsidies, concessions  or  anti-trust  legislation;  he
does need, however, to have his importance more generally recognized.
Were it not for the miner one-half
of this entire nation would still be
wilderness, and the other half filled
wilh  people preying upon one another in the struggle- for existence.
The miner has created the greatest
home  market  in  the world and is
thus the foremost factor in all commercial  development.     When   the
miner has money to spend, everybody in his vicinity  is  prosperous.
\nd the truth of these patent-facts
shonld.be recognized  in the legislature of every min.ng state and territory.���Western Mining World.
nison saw
I am prepared to fill orders for
any .description or quantity of
Lumber on the shortest notice.
I am affent for	
���-Sawyer Bros.' -
-Sash and Door-
and will be pleased to fill orders
Edison    Phonographs    and' Records,    Quaker
Vapor Baths.    Clothing, etc., Cleaned and Dyed.
J. W.  BENNETT,  Revelstoke Station, B.C.
I HotewPefguson     . |
��j .���>
Tlie bar is supplied with the best brands of I
(Tines, Liquors and Ciga rs. |
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfect comfort ed;
8*8,00 a day and np*.v:mls.
::       Ferguson Bros,, Proprietors. I
The  King's Hotel
Three   Storeys   High
Best and Biggest Stock
of Wines, Liquors
and Union-Made
Cigarsin the Lardeau
Well Lighted, Furnace
Newly Built
Newly Furnished
Victoria Avenue. East,
Ferguson, B. C.
Hotel Lardeau
J. Laughton, Proprietor.
ti&&��?&te$^^ 8CREAMLET8
Canada should own her .trusts.
Somo people uro so fearfully artificial
they impress you that an incubator
must have hatched thorn.
This is poor! Ono-third of all tho
profits of all tlio United States find
their way to Uockefeller. Did you
notico tho twist?
Thousands of pooplo will some day
learn Unit buying and Belling mining
Btoultsin this or that company is not,
practically   speaking, mining  at all.
How long would there be trouble
at the privately owned Northport
smelter if the government were to
go into the smelting business in
Tf average people Knew as many
mean tilings about themselves as thoy
do about their neighbors they would be
ashamed to look at themselves in a
(1.)   This  Is   to  certify   thut tho "Lftrdeau
Light and Power Company, Limited." a specially incorporated Uompiu'iv within tho uu'tiu-
mgoi Purl IV. of thu " Water Clauses ConsolL
danon Aot, 1807," registered <m the third day
of April, 1001, tins submitted ita undertaking to
iho uoutonnnt*Q ovor nor in Counoll for appro
vol, and, thut tlio said undertaking as shewn
by th<' documents and plan tiled. Iwn been
approved, and Umi tlie same isasfollows:
To "ouslruei u dam acrosB tho BOtitb Fork of
tlio Lardoau Kivor Went Kootenay Distriot, al
a point nine hundred feel above the junction
of tho North and Bouth Forks of iho said river,
to acquire land as a site for a power station
andasaright of way along iho lino of the
Intendod flume, to convey tho water by means
of tlio Bald flume to the power house, at which
placo tho water is to bo used Idr tho development oi power. That for tho purpose of generating tower tho Company huvo obtained ji
record of three hundred inches of water from
tho sal l South Fork.
Tho purpose to which tho power is proposed
to bo devoted is to construct atfd maintain a
systom of otootric lighting, to supply any form
of poWer,jind to furnish electric lighting and
electric newer to tho Towns of Ferguson and
Trout Lake.
And this is further to certify that the
T.A. Wilson, M.D., CM.
I . R. C. P. & S.    IQueCll'fl I'nr.  .  il)-.]
Provincial Coronorl Elo.
Ferguson, B. C
Tho more biltoi-ly socialism is opposed the mora rapid will bo its growth.
Nothing spreads an kloa so rapidly ns
opposition an persecution. Beware the
si"-ns of the times.
Experience is proving- that trades-
unions have less difficulty adjusting
thoir grievances with tho big trusts
than with the small fry. When there
is- but oue trust, there will be no more
Legitimate mmmg men recognize
the value of British Columbia's natural
mineral resources; but stock manipulators and ei-ooked brokers are finding
out that they have no easy graft from
this dato.
Fred 0. Elliott,
Ferguson, B% C.
Harvey, McCarter cj: Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.
Geo, fl, McCarter, J. A, llarvey.
A. M. Pjul'huin.
impany whi
Ito purposo of powi!
���orn ihe (lute oi thi
id ut tho sum i
(1.) And this is furtli
amounl of capital Of the
bo actually subscribed to
works within six nmntln
Certificate is Iioreby i
(8,)' And this is further to'certify that thc
timo. within whieh tho said undertaking and
works shall lie oommohcodla fixed at nine
months from tho date of this Certificate, and
the dato when tlio powor works shall ho completed is fixed aionc year and six months from
tho date hereof.
Clerk, Executive Council.
���Dated thlsBrd day of -May, r.HJl.
j| Whon you reach %
Trout Lake City    f
register at the
I.M.Scott, B.A���L.L. B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Packing and
Ferguson Pack ins,'- and
Transfer Outfit.
Contracts entered into for paoklng of Mining SuppUes, etc., to anj
point in tlio distriot.
Good,  prompt service, and any work  undertaken guaranteed.
Freighting from Thomson's  Landing to Ferguson a specialty.
leadquarters at Ferguson, B.C. "*%*: S. Daney, I
Lardeau Miners'' Union fto.
119, IV. F. of'M.
Meets ovory Saturday ovenlng.Jat 8 o'clock,
in ihe Eagle hall, Forguaon. is, C.   Visiting
mombera cordially Invited,
President.       Kccording Beer clary,
Geo, W, 'Jorey,
Mining Engineer,
R. Lyman, Jr.;B.S.,E,M.
Corey <f Lyman,
Mining Engineers.
Lardoau properties managed.
exillilim-il uml        V,,,.r,jicr,n      73    fl
reported upon,    JPi/j/MoUU, Jj.O.
Thc telegraph, like the postoflieo,
should ho for tlio accomodation of the
public, not for the profit of individuals.
Government  ownership  is  tho   only IJUNING   PROPERTIES
thing to mnko the telegraphs what    ' ,  ,,   ,   ,
In the Lardeau
Por Sale
Working Bond
or Lease
Promoters   nf   Legitimate   Mining
should be.
the  way
mall  is
eie-d in  II
Is camp
from oul
s is any
tho ('. J.
. It.
:e   must
bo   alrei
dy   tied
. .":.
er coa ���- u
- south papers rea
last night.
wining  ot socialism the
motive of commercial hypocrisy will
necessarily vanish, and then we can
smile out o! tlie spontaneous fullness of
tho human heart, without anybody's
suspoetiug us of smiling for cash.���G.
IT. Stephen--. A. M.
We may love our homes ovor so
dearly, and count them tho most pree.
ions places on earth, hut now mid then
we want to tako to the road. Homo
will be all the sweeter hy and hy, and
wo the bet! or ahlo to attend to our
duties thore, if we have an occasional
outing.���July Ladies' Homo Journal.
When one man. fifty years old, who
has worked all his life, is compelled to
bos for a Utile money to bury his baby
and another man, lifty years old, who
novor did anything useful, can give
810,000,000 to enable his daughter to
live In luxury and bolster up a decaying foreign aristocracy, do you seo
nothing amiss?���Union Guide.
Carroll I). Wright says: "It so
happens that thero are 2,050 railroad
corporations In this country. II, is
difficult to stale V,illsl- n��w many
systems thoro are, bill something like
SOU roads or corporations run the 2,050;
and It is perfectly safe lo say that ton
men in the United Stales, whoso
names are familiar, control the wholo
2,050 roads, either directly or Indirectly. Aud when it (tho publio) sees
that instead of fen men it is live and
instead of five it is threo and instead
of three, it is ono man that controls ull
the railroad interests of tho country,
it will be found that publio sentiment
will not he afraid ot tho trend toward
"My idea is that conditions aro
shortly to become so impossible, owing
to the completion of our machinory of
production preventing tho capitalists
finding work for men, that the capitalists themselves will see tho impurativo
nature of tlio demand for a co-operative
commonwealth to distrihuto products
that they will surrender to tills demand
of the people without a struggle, in
fact, thoy will he rather glad to lay
dow"h\what will have become to them a
hideous burdoti. First will como
l.'nclo Sam, with a demand upon Mor-
gan and Rockefeller that they transfer
I heir trusts and railroads and other
property to him.''���II, Guylord Wil-
I; holpfa mauufac u v,- u
uf paying fair aud hont ������
The Label Committee, c.
TxrANTED.���Lots   on   Victor!
>'.'        M.<i-l:<l,-.',:!, 4,5,(1 m-',\
tor ns, and particulars fit once.
i ��� I .'ii   V 11.1.   ill'V   I,ol   17.
<5> low  cleared, fenced ��ail in
WILL BUY Lot 18.
idy nt onco.
WILL nrv Lots b, D and it) in
block 7, on Vlctorln m unuc, Immediately weat of the Windsor bi ltd. Iplcndfd
hU-fi nud dry lots an Al location. Worth
more, bul owner must bnvo monoy. offer void
after Aug, Ut,   Terms, cash.   Apply at once.
Eanft WILL iii'v LoTti; In I lock I. Pari
vTV.MM/ cash; balance bolero August 1st.
This lot la on Victoria Avenue, almost cleared,
nud in the business centre (tf tin* town. -A
good, buy tit the price.
filOKfi WILL BUY Lol 12! in Mock 8, u
��Pa* ii\f corner lot, lonitH on Victoria Ave.
west.   1'iirt cn.-b, balanco by Auguai 1st.
vt'-MHl WILL BUY Lot 7. in blockl.oppo*
lTIOUU site 8, Shannon's assay oflice on
Vlcorla Avenue. Half cotdi, balance in sixty
days, Tills offer only holds good till Juno Ut,
a wmp Ior a business location.
.MlHl   blfokDD.   IKSIDK LOTH Inth me
block for salo at f7A each. Term : fadown,J-i
hi.; months, balance in 0 mouth -
&inn  w"'i- l,rv "orrn r Loi
JplUU  b'uckiw.     Those luts
���n in
..-,'BIDE l.uis iii same bloc!; for * .:��� at |7fl
(;ncli.  Terms;    ;a cash, balamc hi ;l aud n
months,    m per cent, off for eosb.  Tl i Ioih
nre admirable residential property, handy to
the proposedsehool, I'ino small i-rce!* ti mrby.
Beveral reaidencou already erected In , IJoininu
illWI WILL Bl'V corner Lot II or 11, In
niUU jo. (75 will buy inside lots s, 0. io,
12 or IH in Hie samo blook, L'stml tern -. This
property ia locally known us Knob hill a
bench overlooking the town. Bplendld real*
dential property,  Sel(lng peadily.
C��1 Fi{\  wii'i- ,;l'v anyone ol l-ots ;t, -I, 5,
*i>ic)U I'. 7 6r 8, In blocks, sltuai.' on Victoria avenue, north side; the only lotn on tad
main sireet nt these prices.  Usual tortus.
For further parttoulara apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .   .
Tlio most, coinplote resort On the continent
of North America, situated midst scenery
uuilvalled for grandeur. Biallng, llshing
and excursions. Resident physician and
nurse, hi telegraphic communication with
nil parU of the world, Two mails arrive and
ilepiirt everv dav. Its baths cure all nervous
aud muscular diseases, its wnicn licnl all
kidney, liver aud stomach ailments, lis
bathBiind waters urea siiru roinodv against
���ill urgontiforous poUons. TERMS: (15 lo
jlSporwook, acQQrdingtorOBidouco in hotel
or villas.
iii America
ft oi   iiff,
���  /'-'������;.-. miii     r \ i u
tfirV. / babel id   ]
M/ !������-;
patrol .���"hlm��Hl|
i to havo loose ; ������ ���!-. I.i ise
lnbels In retail stores nre coun: -���':���-���. Do not
ii ten to nnyexiilanatlon as tu i-liy the bat
bus no label. Tlio Oonulne 1'iiiou Label la
perforated ou Ihe four edges exnctly.thosanic
tiH a postage stamp. Counterfeits ar�� sometimes perforated on three of the edues
sometimes only on two. Keep a hhnrp lor
for tlie counterfeits, Unprincipled manufacturers are nslna them iu orib'i to gel rid of
their scab-made btiH. Tho John it. Stei on
8o.and Henry li. Uoolofs& Co.,i.othof Phlla-
dcli>libi, Pa.i are uon-unlon con   n\at
JOHN A. MOFFITT, ['resident,
"rangu, X. j.
JOHN I'HII.LTPS.Sei'r   ory,
n m ��. rtford Ave, Itrooklyn, N.V.
-������-ARE BEING  PICKED  UP���
Every lot Is   Worth Vore to-
day than when Purchased....
Coiae In, Si/f i:p Its AJvttnt-
iitiSLi Before Hiring Elsewhere
July J; 16.    Aug. li, 20.
July 13, 14, 15.
Christina Endeavor Convention.
July a] 3-
Nntionnl Education Association.
Limo tiiliU-s. i-atoa nml full inloi
illation upply to local [tgGDta.
il. L'. A��� ..i.-le.m.
A.tl.l'.A., Vancouvur.
mng Properties
On the Silver Cup-Triune Hill; Cromwell-Lucky
Jim Hill; Nottie L.-Maybe Hill, Great Northern
Hill; Old Gold Camp; Metropolitan-Noble Five
Hill; North Fork of Lardeau Creek; South Fork
of Lardeau Creek, will someday make Ferguson the
Biggest and Best Mining
Town in this Province.....
:'��� ������:���  :.-.-;-/.A *fc sii_At sfc-rii -fe rfzjfeetferftsSzjfajti rf/_rt:i_-:':��� .���.-:���*e.ee. s
. , ,   . .    . ...
Thut Pertjii :on is tlio Supply IJotnt
IV LuTtlcaii's Shipping Mines	
JtlSt '.���>{}}) arOI   ���. :'r,ic   thi1; .'..'
'������'-���'- ���'���' '��� '\- -""..���-.���'.    ������. .-���; . . ��� . ��� .
1 ;���:. iv.c.i look, nkiso: , n.c.
' I, -;,!\-. (������-..iad ami *
LIN(i   UO] 11   - ioi -l-
Mi-e. s'i'.ll 1
���   .-. ml ������     lie exi II . .-��� '.  v.v v
-(..-;  ftl 0111 ��� [or   !'; -���- ru   Invesli rs.
1     i [a
;- im --j e mon.
-.--.���-���:    1    piiij.     ��� .. ���-,   ., tidentio
utilcatlon to
r. n. Box! -'. WON, 1;.. .
Wholosato  Dealer   In
...Wines, Liquors &nd Cigars...
Tho BOlt QOOdS Only.
Stock I.ui*K<! und Complete,
I Tho pay roll rontro nnd the r-laco whoro Lardeau' si p] 1
mil ��� aro looati l. IbsituatednC mtlfls Boutlioasl ol Hi . ��� loki
Prom R ��� : tol 1 to Arrowhoatl by rail, 28 miles; from Arrow
lioud i" " hnmson'a Landing by boat, 12 miles; from t'.i ��� fjandlii
. tu FKUOUSON.by liorso or stage, lo miles. Como utrolght to
I-'erguson.   Invcatlgation courted.
B. C.
Thc Larde&a District
M a profitable Hold for the JudloiouB advertiser Is unexcelled In this province,  vr;:
LARDEAU    EAGLE   la   tho  01 m
actually covering tho district.   \na Lt: the
EAQLE will rea h moro people tn Ferguson,
Trout Lake City, Thomson's Landing, Comaplix, Camborne, Arrowhead, Ten Milo, Circle
City and evory solitary mine In thc rlii
than auy othcr,,|bftper published.   '���������< other
district In Canada offers suoh splendid 0
portunltlea for good, wide-awake adveiti ers,
Do yon want moro business? Thon write ai
once for our advertising rntoa 1 0 \ place '���
patronage In lhe only medium thai actually
covers the field -THE LABDEAU BAH LI ,
Job Printing
The  EAOLE   i
thu ouh' printing office in
North    ICool -,.
i\   which  can   In 'nl   1   the
'i \   lOgl'ftp in II
1 nlon   Li     np< 11
printed mutter.
: ins nloiii ;.���; .i iu
fair w. ���, i con 1
!,..-������ -1   J            ���      ������    '
Mull or'il
.     ��� ;     .  ���>���    ���       Lot tlH.1 K        i.l
print your prtu
Rttraeiive. r*4 �� �������<">
On the Wing
"The day we colebrate."���Our
American cousins.
Supt. D. G. McNeil returned to the
Cup yesterday,
A banking institution will bo located
In Ferguson inside ol ninety days, it
indications po for anything.
July 2nd was "Foi-jruson Day" in
in Trout Lake City. The cclcbi-iitors
uro returning in ones and twos.
Loaded pack trains aro leaving town
every morning now for the many
properties round and about here.
Dan. Mcintosh, who has been doing
some assessment work up the north
fork, loft for the main lino yesterday.
B. W. Jones and J. Dickey of Nelson,
are in tho place where tho mines are.
They will spend the season prospecting.
Tho shipments of concentrates from
tho St. Eugene mino at Moyle, B. C,
for the month of June amounted to
2200 tons.:
Fred. Collins, under sentence of
death at Nelson, has had tho penalty
changed to life imprisonment by the
Ottawa cabinet.
Henry Floyd, general agent of the
Ferguson townsite, was iu town from
Revelstoko this week. He reports
realty sales here active.
The telephone system between Fev-
guson and Arrowhead, giving communication with the outsido world, is
now being put in good shape.
Rumor has it that tho Slocan mino
owners have combined to control tho
load output, with selling agencies in
London and Nov.- York.���Lodge.
A. V. Stewart, of tho Enterprise
Cigar Co., Rovelstoke, was in town on
Tuesday and reports business good in
his line hero. Thoir product gets a
good run in Ferguson.
The end of the Boor war is still In
sight according to tho I-rcgrot-to-stato
dispatches ,'iointho erstwhile Sirdar
of the Egyptian armies, who is in
command down there.���Reveille.
Tho Nettie L. ore not taken from the
ore house und the streets of Ferguson
on sleighs, is now being freighted to
the Landing, as the teams return from
bringing si :viie�� in. Thero is somo
200 tons in all.
Now that the holiday season is over
and line summer weather 1ms Bet in,
the town is well nigh deserted. The
hills are full of prospectors, and property owners doing assessment a
velopment work.
If it ever quits raining tlie gardens
of D. Brown, .1 is, Patton, .1. 0. Kirkpatrick, C. U. Scott, S. Shannon, fl. P.
Pettipiece, PergUBon Brothers. .1. Q.
McKinnon, A. Laughton, "Mayor"
Marshall, R. Foran, John E. Laing,
Angus McDougall and Geo. B. Batho,
will yield n good pai'tof tho town's consumption of vegetables.
* G. B. Batho & Co. will hereafter
receive twicc-a-week shipments of California and B. C. fresh fruits.
"I have every faith in British Columbia le.id properties, and if the mine
owners will iM- their best efforts in developing their properties, British
Columbia will soon rank among the
lending mining countries of the world."
William F, Newall, of the Salby Smelting and Lean company, of San Francisco, to a Nelson Tribune reporter.
* Fresh fruits���strawberries, cherries, bananas, oranges, lemons, peaches
and apricots al G. B. Batho A Co.'s
Vory littlo interest was taken by
Fergusonites in the school trustee election last Saturday. The report for the
year of tho retiring trustees was read
and adopted. S. Shannon, B. A., was
nominated fur the three-year term, lt.
P. Pettipieee for tho two-year term,
and J. Q. McKinnon for-tho one-year
term. There being no othor nominations they were declared elected.
Mayor Carlson of Kaslo' was in Nelson yesterday. He says that tho C. P.
R. engineers aro laying thc work out
so fast on the Lardeau branch that ho
does not know whether he understands
tho grading business, Ho lias now
some .'100 men at work on the. grade,
but now has room for as many more.
He says tbat ho can furnish employment for fully .'100 able-bodied men, but
scissors grinders and street organ manipulators aro barred. The C. P. IX. people are making every olTort to rush the
construction work us rapidly as possible.���Nelson Tribune.
���-��-���-��<���<���>-��<-��-��-��>      A copy of Lowery's Claim has so far
failed in reach this camp.
^��S-'J" \ ' Weekly shipments of fresh ranch
eggs ai.d creamery butter now being
received by G. B. Batho & Co.
The linotype mills are doing good
work on the Nelson Tribune, and after
all the machine-set type gives the best
McKinnon & Sutherland, goneral
merchants, are building a 20x24 addition to their already large store on
Victoria avenue.
News has been received of thc finding guilty of murder of George O'Brien
at Dawson. Iio was sentenced to bo
hanged August 23rd.
* Get a camera or kodak and enjoy
yourself. Tho Canada Drug & Book
Co., Revelstoke, B. C, soli them at all
prices.   "Write to-day.
* Special attention is directed to
Andrew F. Rosenberger's advt. in this
issue. No stock to soli; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
A petition signed by 13,000 people
has been sont in to the postmaster
general asking that the salary of tho
under-paid rural postmasters be increased.
Lardeau Miners' Union No. 110, of
W. F. of M.| has now a membership of
ovor sixty, though only organized on
April 20th. Tho hundred mark will be
reached by August loth.
Wm. Schnell, the Ferguson tonsorial
artist, has bought Alex. Morrison's
premises and business at Trout Lake;
also two new chairs, ono of which has
beon placed in his shop here.
Rossland Evening World, June 27 r
Notice was posted up on the Lo Roi
mine this afternoon, saying that the
mine was closed down and would not
re-open until after July 4tb.
Kind providence seems to be favoring tho striking trackmen. Heavy
rains mean washouts ; washouts will
mean an immediate settlement, or tho
whole U. P. R, system will be  tiod up.
Goo. S. McCarter and Molsous Bank
Manager McBeth of Revelstoke, spent
a. couple of days in tlie pay roll centre
this week. In company with W, B.
l'ool tbey spent Sunday night at tho
Nettie L. mine.
Cory Menhenick, owner of the Cain-
borne townsite, in the Fish creek
camp, says things aro beginning to
hum over that way now. Mr. Menhenick took in the Trout Lako sports
ou Monday.
The silvor production of tho world
for 1900 totalled in value $U2,205'742,
as against 8105,000,116 in IS!)!). Tlio
foiled Stales produced $36,676,900<and
Canada is credited with 5)2,730,690, as
against 81,834,371 in tho previous year.
There may be some trouble yet up
north. Tho Conadian customs Hag at
Skagway was torn down last Saturday
by George Miller, a brother of Poet
.lnu.ii in Miller, and the affair has caused
a great sensation. Customs Agent
Busby had erected a Hug in compliance
wilh order.-) Irom Ottawa.
Do you like the Eagle?    Do you
like it $2 worth ?
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
Furniture !
Carpets, Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall Paper,
Blinds, etc. Agent for
Pianos, Sewing Machines, etc. Mailorders
promptly   attended   to.
'ill IIP"    fl!) nil
The annual repoi
mines for the yoar
31at,   1900, bein   a
operations fur go
in tho province ol
to hand, and the
this  district   will
next issuo of tlio
hurriedly over the
to  bo  one  of  the
issued by the govor
t of the minister of
ending December
n account or mining
silver, coal, etc.,
��� itish Columbia, ia
portions relative to
be reproduced in
Eagle. Glancing
production it scorns
best roports ovor
and Undertaker, Revelstoke
= flh
Imperial Bank    w
>s3bb*���of Canada.
BEST - -
. Ke'.iltlli.OOO.OO.
- fl,SM,000.(lO.
General I5iinki.i(| Business Transacted
Interns', allov.-oil ��m deposits In Savings
Me;inriiii,.-iit ��i i-iii-i-t-iit rates.
MANAftEH revelstoke branoh.
R. S. Wilson.
II. Edwards^-*.
li.-.cr Heads. Bird.;, Etc.
.Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street   >oM.KeVelStokC
I T. Gallon & Co. |
Kootenai/ Railway <j;
Navigation Company, Lid.
Mr. J. II. lirav liHviii).' roslRDOfl liis position
ns Land Commlulonur ��>f this company, nil
communication! in rcforonco t<> Kaslo ���*
Blocau  Ufilhvuy Company's hinds should be
luMlUKEUll  to
Kaslo, IL 0,, Mny Slat. 1W1. 18*32
I Smoke Union-Make cigars.
Tor siile iiy Forgason's Loading Hotels.
Asli lor tlieni.
Ore Bags I
|  P.-O. Box 217, Nelson, II. C.  |
O.K. Laundry
f-**-w    Corner Vickers Street
^**���and Queen Avenue
Laundry work of every description dono
cloahly niid promptly.
I California Wine Co.,
Limited, Nelson, B. C.
Wines and
Agents for Caloaky Barm.
Leading Store
McKinnon &
The Post Office store. Let us do your outfitting-
Fresh   fruits arriving.
Liberal discounts for cash.
G. B. Batho ���� Co.
Pioneer Store
Cummins & Co
Ferguson and Ten-Mile
Asli for our *   *
Popular Brands:
Penton's Choice
TJ and I > .���. ���
Nation's Pride ���
Canada's Own ���
Moss Hobo * *
Silver Spray    ���
Chew H
Union-Made "
Manufactured by the Consumers' Tobacco Company.Limited,
suucesflorB to VVflgTacr-I'entbn Tobacco Co,, Leammfff'OD, Ont.
STAKKisv St Co.. Nelson, B,0., Agents for tho Hootonuyfi
Solil hy CJISO. IS. IJATHO & CO.,. .Pm-ffiisoit, Bi C.
i C. B. Hume & Co.
*���>  Wholesale and Retail ������
: General "Merchants
% The largest Importers In North Kootonay.
I Stores at Revelstoke and Trout Lake City, B. C. |
S*4x8xmx*>W s -J-15 i - .��� MQWQQ
Everybody   Our Special
s m 0 k e s AND	
The Union
Thoy nre nil Union minle- nml ol the-
best   lltivnllil  Tobneco   money cull
Iniy. Try ono nml nullify yourself.*
11s to their ounlity.
Co., Revelstoke.
Citizens ofthe Lardoau District
When you come to Rovelstoke to do your shopping, remember that
Bourne Bros.
if have tho  lurpost  and  best  assorted,  .itock  in  North  Kootenay.  $
jg Compare our prices and seo our goods b��) ore purchasing elsewhere.  X
I Mail Orders Promptly Filled!


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