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SVOL. III. NO. 39.
82.00 A YEAR.
The Territory of Our New Riding
Suggested by the Tribune.
New Conditions Make New Associates, but Need Not Alter Our
Commercial Relations.
Tbis province must and will soon
havo a redistribution of representation.
And after all is said and done tbe Nelson Tribune comes as near being right
as can be expected. We must be as
fair as possible, and though we bave to
accept new territory and acquaint ourselves witb new associates, the EAGLE
must confess tbat tbe division outlined
as follows is as near as we can expect
under the circumstances. The advent
of the railway somewhat changes the
old arguments against such a division.
And at all events the division need, in
no way effect the commercial relations
between the Lardeau and Kevelstoke.
The Eaole ia willing to let this camp
take a running chance wkh Kaslo as its
capital. Our population here a year
hence will run thn sbow anyway. The
Tribune says: According to the census
returns, Kevelstoke riding has a population of 3003. Surely these 3003 people
are not entitled to two members because the riding happens to have two
such Important towns as Revelstoke
and Trout Lake within its borders.
The Topic says tbere is nothing in
common between the people of the
Trout Lake mining division and those
of the Ainsworsh mining division; that
their trado relations ure in totally
different directions. The south ond 'of,
such a riding would bo at Balfour or
Kootenay lako and the north end at
the headwaters of creeks flowing into
Trout lake, approximately a total
��� length north and south of eighty miles,
^through the middle of which a railway
and its steamboat connections would
give the people direct facilities for
travel. A resident of Trout Lake City
could leave home at 8 o'clock in the
morning and be at Balfour by 2 o'clook
in the afternoon. The riding would be
made up of towns and camps situated
on streams all of which would flow into
Kootenay lake. No single divide would
be crossed. It would be one ofthe
ridings in Kootenay In which there
could not be any possible friction between rival towns. Trado that would
naturally belong to Kaslo could not be
claimed for Trout Lake, hence roads
that would lead to Trout Lake would
in no way injure Kaslo. Kaslo, as an
incorporated city, would very naturally
be tbe riding's main town*; but Kaslo
has never voted solid on auy question,
und what town in Kootenay has ? Tbe
Topic does not voice the opinions of
tho people in Its own town whon it says
thoro is nothing in common between
the two sections. Tbo following is an
extract from a letter received by the
Tribune from a firm now In business in
Trout Lake : "As soon as tbo Lardo&
Trout Luke branch of the C. P. R. is
completed, Nolson will be the headquarters forthe Trout Lake district."
As Kaslo Is midway between Trout
Lako City and Nelson, being 49 miles
from the former and 45 miles from the
latter, it seems that the Interests of
Trout Lake and Kaslo must be very
much the same. The riding would
havo the following poBtofflccs within
its limits: Ferguson, Trout Lake,
Lardo, Duncan City, Argenta, Kaslo
Whitewater, MoGulgttn, Ainsworth,
Balfour and Pilot Buy, and would have
a population of close on to 4000. There
uro throe newspapers printed* in the
supposed riding, namely, tho Ferguson
EAGLE, the Trout Lako Toplc^'and the
Kaslo Kootenaln, and if the Eagle and
the Topic could not get away with the
Kootenaiau in an election, they would
be no good."
Thon the Trlbuno disposes'1 of tho
Revelstoko riding in this way. A riding made up of tho Revelstoke, Lar
deau, Illecillowaet and Colden mining
divisions would be one lying along the
main line of the Canadian Pacific railway. It would be, with tbo exception
of the Lardeau mining division, a
riding in which operating a railway
would bo the main industry of the
people. All the towns and settlements
in such a riding would beon tbe main
line of the Canadian Pacific railway,
except Arrowhead and thoso in tbe
Lardeau mining division. It would be
a riding in which railway men would
have a chance to select ono of themselves to represent their Interests in
the legislative assembly, and no class
of men in the province are more
worthy of representation. All the
mileage of the C. P. R. in the supposed
riding is in the Puciflc division, therefore there could be no clash '.if interests
or cause of local jealousies as there
might be if one end was in ono division
and tbe other in another. The member
elected could be addressed by the
speaker and his fellow-members as the
' 'honorable member from the Main LI ne
in Kootenay." Such a riding would
bave a population of about 4000.
And the Slocan riding ns follows : A
riding made up of the Arrow Lake,
Slocan City, and Slocan mining divisions would be an important ono, seeing
that mining is tbe one business on
whieh all its people are dependent. Its
main towns would be Nakusp, New
Denver, Three Forks, Sandon, Silver-
ton and slocan City, all of which are
connected by railway and steamboat.
A common point like New Denver
eould be reached from either of theso
places In less than three hours. Eight
out of ten of tbe shipping mines iu the
Slocan would be ln tbe riding. Its
population would be in the neighborhood of 3500.
There are some superficial people
who think that money spent in lavish,
ostentatious and riotous living is a
good thing because it gives employment to people. But tbat is assuming
that these people get tbeir money
rightly, which is not the case. They
get this money from the very people
they pay it back to for theso useless
and character-destroying expenditures.
Do you think it is a benefit if I charge
you twenty prices for oil and then give
you back some of It to groom my
horses, raise mo flowers, make me wine
or entertainment ? Do you think your
daughter is benefitod by the money sho
is paid for doing the kitchen work in
my family if I get the money to pay her
from renting you a farm, making a
profit off you on goods or loaning you
tools to work with ? You foolishly
support a social system that forces you
to pay a profit, und that profit you
imagine benefits you when you do
things for thoso wbo receive it. You
would, if you were sensible, have a
system that would glvo you tbe full
measure of what .your labor produces,
then you could have your daughter at
home, she could be doveloped to he an
ornament to the world, instead of a
drudge, you could huvo a fine home and
all the blessings of tho world. You
would havo to work, yes, but you should
work, and so should overy other person, but now you glvo up must of the
wealth to tboso who do not work, while
you and your family fool glad If you
are permitted to havo a few pennies
out of what you produce. If oxtrav-
agauco Is a good thing, then Rome
should have been n good thing for
labor, because they were vory extravagant���that is, the master class. If
expenditure by the rich, or employment itself is a good thing, then the
greater tho standing urniios of tbe
world, tbo better, for they give employment, the pay for whioh is taxed
out of you before it is paid back to you?
If so, how and why ?���J. A. Wayland.
Business. Men  No   Longer  Look
Upon Mining as a Gamble.
The Big Trusts Are Forcing Small
Capitalists to Seek Other Than
Commercial Investments.
"It is an undeniable fact," says the
New York Herald, thut the most
influential business men in tho world
have turned their attention to mining,
the source of nearly all wealth ; for
persons who have been enslaved to the
idea that tho only safe proposition was
a five per cent, or six per cent, security,
now realize that the many millions of
interest havo been lost to them through
heeding the advice of those interested
tn cheap money, and that among the
banking institutions of the west
eighteen and twenty per cent, per
annum is not considered a hazardous
western profit or excessive dividend on
tbe great majority of our gilt edged
mining securities, and further,
The Richest Men In Ihe World
are mining kings, many of whom have
grown powerful onough through the
proper application of originally u
moderate capital, and it is pi oven that
while millions of dollars have been lost
"I fully expect our
30-ton smelter plant will
be ready by January 1st
to treat any and all ores
that may be in Ferguson
at the same rates as the
Trail or any other smelter
would, treat it if it were
at the smelter, thus saving all transportation
charges. "^-Charles If.
To Rent.���Quarters suitable for any
commercial purpose. Will bo altered
or enlarged to suit lessee. Apply at
tbe Eagle office.
James Andorson, lessee of the local
saw mill hero, narrowly escaped death
last woek. One of the carriage tenders
lifted a board which the big circular
saw caught and like a flash whirled it
back, striking Mr. Anderson, tortitu-
utoly just as he was turning round, In
the ribs. He got off lucky, bowovcr,
and is not much tbe worse now, though
still very sore.
In railroads, farm mortgages, eastern
industrial and building associations,
the mining industry steadily advances,
making enormous profits for its supporters, .building great states and
cities, and points with pride to tho
American possession of 234 mines that
have paid iu dividends over 9025,000,-
000. "In mining investments extremely
largo amounts are not necessary to
make one successful, for the man of
moderate moans, properly advised, has
opportunities of quickly doubling his
capital. Under incorporation
Great Achievement). Are Slade l'osslhle
through combining limited sums of
thousands thus equaling tho capital of
tbe individual millionaires, making
possible gigantic undertakings that are
productive of enormous revenue. The
dollar of tho man of moderate means is
equally as powerful as tho dollar of tho
money king. Both servo their purpose;
both aro entitled to tlieir proportionate
'���In legitimate mining a twenty-five
per cout. dividend is not considered
startling, and tbo mining interests of
the west are willing to pay that interest for the use of money, for by thc aid
of capital they
Open Up Tremendous Oro Hurtles
that lead to still greater fortune. Tho
employment of $10,000 in mining is
equivalent of $40,000 in most any othor
branch of industry.
"For years tho wondrous, profits of
tbe metal industries have been whispered among investors, who apparently
wero afraid to lot their neighbors know
thoy wore identified with mining, but
tho recent efforts of the financial czars
of the world In forming combinations
to control, first the markets of tbe
miners through tho "smelting trust"
und then the minos through the "Amalgamated Copper trust" have opened the
eyes of tho conservative and modern
Investors, nnd they aro making efforts
to obtain their share of tho metallic
wealth which nature has spread so
If mining is, as tho Herald says,
becoming moro and moro favorably
considered as a business by business
men, the apparent shyness of British
capital in our country cannot bo on
account of a lessened interest on tbe
part of British financiers in the mining
'ndustry as such, suggests tho Kamloops Standard. It has been said that
British capital will come to tho Puciflc
province when wo can show a long list
of dividend paying mines. This is
doubtless true, but in how many cases
has the failure to pay dividends on the
stook of British companies boen duo to
any fault of the province itself or its
legislation. It is well enough to make
sweeping assertions to the effect that
mining is handicapped by bud legislation, but other reasons must be taken
Into account. There is, however,
speaking generally, one thing to be
deplored in connection with British
capital invested in mining lu this
province and which accounts for a good
deal of the failure to make profits on the
Investments, and that is the attempt to
control the management from London,
which has so frequently resulted in loss
and consequently detriment to the province.   Too often have
British Capital nml British Incapacity
come hand In hand with thc natural
result that the owners of the capital
secure no dividends and tho people
whose well-meant but ill directed
efforts have resulted disastrously proceed to lay tho blame upon local
conditions which are no wise at fault.   .
Tho weather for tho past week has
boon averse to railway building und
outsido mining und other work alike.
Tho Eagle is therefore shy on its
usual batch 6! mining items this issue.
W. L. MacKenzie King of Ottawa,
deputy minister of labor, has been sent
out to Rossland by the government to
investigate tbe strike situation. In
the meantime the scab Missourians
keep a coming.
Bernard McDqnald, Rossland's poser
as a union smasher, has been fired: the
Rossland Miner is for sulo, and luring
advts. for scabs no longer appear in Its
columns. There should soon be Industrial rest at Rossland, with none but
union men employed.
The typographical union label now
appears on nearly every paper in Hie
Kootonay and the Boundary und along
the main line, except tlie Trout Luke
Topic, Revolstoko Herald, Kootonay
Mall and Nolson Miner. Some of these
aro entitled to the label, hut the others
aro not.
R. T. Bury has called a meeting In
tho Minors' Union hall for this (Thursday) evening for the purpose of organizing a literary and debating society,
which will help to pass the long evenings of this winter. There is plonty of
local talent and tbe movement should
be a popular one.
Joseph C. Kirkpatrick has returned
from a two months' trip to his old homo
in Parrsboro, N. S. It Is over seven
years since Mr. Kirkpatrick last visited
bis old stamping ground, and it is unnecessary to remark that ho found
many changes in prevailing conditions
in the eust, which, however, havo beon
for tbo better, as many of thc old residents in the cent belt have grown well-
to-do. Mr. Kirkpatrick also visited
Moncton, N. B., Montreal and Toronto.
While invostors down thnt way uro
devoting their surplus money und
enorgy to lumbering und iron und coul
mining, they uro open for business in
tho western mining world. Tho Lardeau will probably receive a good deal
of benefit as a. result of Mr. Kirkpatrick'* trip, for he certainly is a practical
encyclopaedia of this district.
Rev. E. S. Rowe Alive to the Bes-
Interesta of the People.
The Means of Production and Distribution Must Be Owned
by the People.
Rev. E. S. Rowe, of Victoria, the one
Methodist preacher of this province,
has been delivering a series of addresses throughout the Kootenays on
subjects which arc of keen interest to
tho people���the social fabric. Mr.
Rowe is a man among men. He has
made a study of bis subject, and is not
only convinced of his own conclusion?,
but has the happy faculty of convincing his hearers. He is certainly on the
right track,a courso worthy of bis fellow
reverends, who are distressingly slow
in seeing the root of nearly all evil-
competition. Mr. Rowe in his lecture
at Nelson, recently, described how
machinery had supplanted men, till
there were moro men than there was
employment for und the machine from
an economic standpoint was taken more
care of and regarded as of moro consequence than thc man who operated it
bocause they could be easily replneci'..
Tho combinations of capital in railways, in trusts, and the various alliances of capital have changed the
situation so tbat small concerns havo
boon absorbed or driven out of business
It is practically tho case that the few
heads of these large concerns control
the bulk of the employment for between
70,000,000 and 80,000,000 pooplo and
they are compelled to go to them for
employmont. This had cut down
individual opportunity. On tho othc-
bund, tho people were becoming bottc:-
cducuted and the workers understood
complicated economic questions ant!
the cause and effect of what was goinf
on around thorn as well as tho capital is 8
and wero endeavoring by their bea^
efforts to get what thoy thought they
were entitled to, a just'Bharc of tho
product of tbeir toil. This was ono o'
tho several answers he gave to "Where
are wo at ?"
Mr. Rowe counselled moro work op.
the part of overybotly for tbo good o'
humanity and less of simply bendin^
energies to tho one object of securing
money. Ho believed that thero should
bo less adjusting of wages under thc
law of supply and demand idea anil
thought that a minimum wage and u
compulsory arbitration law should bo
passed. In conclusion ho counselled
his hearers to bo careful how they use:!
the ballot and to only send the bettc
class of men to tho legislature. It wa-;
a forcible and logical address and was
frequcntly interrupted by bursts o.'
Extension, British Columbia, was
recently a town of 3,000 people, lt wa-'
a mining town. Tbe mines are still
operated but no ono lives in tho cluster
of dwellings and business houses thai
bear tho name. The owner of tin
mines, Premier Dunsmuir, established
a town several miles away and told his
men that nono could have labor who
would not move to tho now town! And
the thing was done. Tho weeping,
wailing and guashing of tooth of thc
property owners of Extension, as they
saw thoir savings confiscated, was of
no avail. But pdivato property is suoh
a blossing! Dunsmuir is one of these
people who oppose socialism becauso It
is confiscation ! But ho would not confiscate the value of others, O, no ���
Neither would our capitalists! How
the capitalists like to "divide up" tht
proporty of other people among themselves. Rockefeller is just now dividing up somo of our property amon.
himself and friends without our consent���by increasing the price ot hi;
employee's product, Advertiwlny Katost Display ads., si.uo per
oolumuimli per month. I-i-gal ads. 12 cunts
per (iiimparlef) Una for tlrst insertion: Scents
for oaoh nrlditlpnnl insertion. Reading notices
ti) cents pur lino eseh issue. Ninety <luv leiial
notices, (10; sixty ilsys, |7.r*i thirty days, IS.
No atls. tiet-eptctl at less than [ull rates.
Subscription Hates: By mall or carrier, J2.O0
por stimuli : sl.txi for six month*. To foreign
iltfdrOBSOS fliX).   Slopped Ht expiration.
Job printing I The Eagle Jobdeparlmelit is
iliuhctl equipnod ullii-i- In North Kootenay,
nml is prepared to execute all kinds of printing
at hones', prices.
Addross all communications to
The shareholders of the C. P. R.
do not operate that system. They
merely own the shares, and hire the
brains to manage what they own.
The managers hire the men to operate the whole works. What is
there to prevent the whole people
owning the C. P. R., as well as
every other privately-owned trust?
for it is coming in our time���which
was unexpected by many ol us.
With a map of this district, such
as the Eagle is selling for one dollar, and the Eagle for one year at
two dollars you can acquire a fair
knowledge of this camp. The
Eagle soars high but is always in
touch with the people. We make
mistakes, but it is our constant
endeavor to give all the news of lhe
camp all lhe tim��. Blow in with
that three dollars.
Many men who hold mining
claims in this district are dead broke,
and quite willing to give some one
with money a chance to explore and
prove their ground. No cash-down
payment is necessary (though always acceptable) from an investor
who means business. If you want
to try your luck'at mining in this
new and growing camp come bere
prepared to go to work on the property acquired, and the Eagle can
assure you that there will be no
squabbling about the'terms, so long
as you go ahead and develop the
prospect. The property owners ot
this camp are reasonable in most
instances. No trouble to get a
working bond if you mean business.
The long-bond-r.o-work fakir need
not apply. There are worthy properties near Ferguson partially
developed, which can be examined
and worked any time of the year.
The railway will pass over some of
them next summer. Come in and
see them now, and help us to help
Many owners oi mining prospects
find plenty of money, at times, to
buy bad whisky, Ir-ick the tiger, and
raise all kinds ot disturbance; but
few of them get further than to ask
the sporting editor to have a drink,
when it comes to footing the expense ol running a newspaper which
will some day attract the attention
of an outside investor who will
probably make those same prospectors wealthy in one day.
There are some things men can
get along without, but the almighty
manipulator ol human events has so
arranged it lhat no one interested
in this district can afford to cease
reading the Eagle or do without
the new map which the Eagle is
selling for one dollar. Over too
sold already. Send us an eagle���on
one ot those iron or greenback dollars���and acquaint yourself with,
and help advertise this great and
growing white metal producing
There is good money in mining,
and especially will this be the case
in the Lardeau district. The Slocan
made its progress after the railway
built in. The same will be the case
in this district. To get in on the
ground floor, ahead of the railway,
you must be here this winter. II
you have a little money and want to
go into mining at the right stage of
the game come to Ferguson right
now. Don't wait until real estate
and mining prospects reach "boom"
prices. ���
The wage system is a peculiar
one. An employee produces for the
employer at a figure per day which
gives the employer a profit. The
employer may have nothing himself
but he sells his employee's product
to his own or some one else's employee. If the employees are
granted a raise in wages, the cost
is added to the production, and the
employees must again pay their own
wages. Were the employees to cooperate and do their own producing
���each one being an equal shareholder���doesn't it seem reasonable
lo think that the present-day employer would very soon have to
become a producer also ? Then
what is the matter with us all cooperating ; tortn a people's trust,
and run it on exactly thc same
principles as the private trust of
today, except that we would produce
for consumption only���not profit.
The big private trusts have demonstrated beyond a doubt the benefits
and practicability of co-operation,
and the utter folly of competition.
��� it -is reasonably estimated by
economic students that the Rockefellers" incoms is increasing so
enormously each year that in twenty
years from now they and their
associates can buy, and may own
the earth. It will take until that
day for some of the little shysters,
who think they own the earth, to
wake up. Then the people will
step into Mr. Rockefeller's shoes
and we'll have socialism, whether
you want it or not, for how arc you
going to avoid it ? Money will buy
the earth, and as each dollar
invested increases the power of the
buyer, those unwilling to sell will
lie forced lo sell. Do you sec it
coming ? It makes a socialist smile
<e see. the other fellows, squirming,
To the uninitiated or uninformed,
says the Western Miner, the mention of mining or mining stocks is
at once associated with speculation
or gambling, as lormerly were the
appellations horse dealers or jockeys
at once connected with everything
that was not legitimate. At the
present time the dealer in horse
flesh is a recognized lactor in the
modern-business world, while the
jockey is now classed in a profession
that requires study, application,
good judgment and honesty. While
the element of chance is not eliminated from mining, neither is it
eliminated from any act of virture in
life, from birth to the grave.
"Nothing ventured, nothinggained,"
is a trite and true saying that applies
from a child's first step to the founding or thc largest industrial undertaking. In mining, so great has
been the progress, so wonderful has
been the progress, that today there
is less left to chance than in any
other pursuit or industry under the
sun, it honestly conceived and intelligently conducted. With scarcely
an exception, the leading business
and financial men of the country are
today interested in mining in various
forms���and successfully, too.
The only remedy for the present
industrial warfare is to give the
producer the product of his toil.
The way to do this is for all the
people to form a trust which will
absorb all the privately-owned trusts
of today. Then each of us will be
a shareholder, and what we do not
receive for our work, earned -under
the best of social conditions, will go
into a public treasury for thejpublic
good, and not into the pockets of
the present-day money-grabbers.
Today our God is money. And with
a system of competition this cannot
be changed. With a people's trust
��� socialism ��� our natural God,
love, would reign. Rev. E.S.Rowe
ot Victoria, B. C, is one of the few
professed followers of Christ's teachings who has these convictions, and
the courage to say so, whether his
money-ruling congregation of
hypocrites think so or not. Like
the days of Christ's residence on
earth, the man who unfearingly
takes the side of justice and right is
persecuted and sneered at by the
puppies of aristocracy���il not put to
death after the fashion of Christ.
But Mr. Rowe's name will go down
in history as one of the moulders ot
a socialistic government in this province and in America. Then the
God of Love will rule and the horde
of present-day sky-pilots will be out
of a job, with the opportunity, of
course, of earning an honest living.
li njust and ungodly social conditions
make people more interested in their
bank account than drafts on
eternity. Hence the need of such
men as Rev. E. S. Rowe.
IForm P.]
I arr. prepared to fill orders for 1/
any description or quantity  of -
Lumber   on the shortest notice.
I am agent for	
Sash and Doors
James Anderson
Ferguson Saw Mill
 Sawyer Bros.' -
 Sash and Door-
and will be pleased to fill orders.
Ed. Bell's Pack Train
Rawhldlng Contracts
SILVEK CROWN mineral claim, situate in the
Lardeau Mining IJivInlonoHVest Kootenay
District    Where located :   On Kidd creek,
a tributary of Hnvd creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Hector Polrer, F.M.C
B50278. acting as ayeut for myself and George
Jolmson, F.M.r.IWTiM, imend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certifVaio of improvement:), foi
tlie purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, ui.der
section H7, must be commenced before the
isHUance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 7th dnv of November, 1901.
Nov 7 2m,
tl'orm F.j
MOUNTAIN  BOY mineral claim, situate in
the Urdoau Mining Division of West Kootenay   District.    Where loi-atcd;    Mohawk
creek, a tributary of Pool creek.
TAKK NOTICE Mint I, William A. Bauer, acting as*ageni for James A. Magee. Free Miner's
Certltlcate No. H. 15700, and W. O. Girard, Free
Miner's CertiilcRtc No. B. 15(186, intend, sixty
days from thc date hereof, to apply to tlie Mining Recorder for a ccrtifictite of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section   37, must  be  commenced beforo the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this lUth day of October, 1901.
octmm        WILLIAM A. BAUER, P.L.8.
(Form F.)
CANADIAN GIRL  minerul claim, situate in
the Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.    Where located:    On
the east side of the north fork of Lardeau
river upd. being a south easterly extension
ofthe Iron Horse.
TAKE NO TICK that I, O.B.N. Wilkie, acting
as aRont for  R. W. Norihev, F. M. C. B402UU, F.
McCarty, F. M. 0, B47M3, Andrew Craig, F.M.C,
lt:t*JiH(*. intuiu), sixtv days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate ot improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 29th day of August, 1901.
aug29 2m O. B. N. WILKIE.
(Form F.)
HORSESHOE mineral claim, situate in tlio
Trout Lako Mining Division of Wont Koote
nay District.   Whore located:    On Trout
TAKE NOTICE that I, Edwin Hillman, Free
Miner's Certificate No B. 326U9, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of (he above claim.
And further tako notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced   before thc
issuance of suoh CurttflfHic of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd day of September, A. I). 1901.
scptfi'ira EDWIN  HILLMAN.
To Mike Divyor and Patrick NluhoUon, or to
any person or persons to whom they may
have transferred theii interests,
TAKK NOTICE that 1, tho undorsianed, co-
owner with you in thc J. C. mineral group,
consisting of the Hmuggler, Lone Htar, J, 0, and
llusliwliackcr claims,sltuatod on thehtatlof
Lako eroek, in the Trout Lake mining division
of West Kootenay, in tho province of British
Columbia, have expended four hundred if tool
dollars in labor aud improvement upou tlio
abovo muittioned mineral group in order to
bold SAldftfbup under Section 24 of the Mineral
Aet, nnd if wltliln ninety days from the first
publication hereof, you fall'or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of advertising, for 1901,
your Interests in the said group will become
the properly of the subscribers, under Section 4
of the Mineral Act 1900.
Dated at Ferguson, B, C, this 29th day of
October, 1001.
OCtS)   . J. W. CHISM.
To C.J, Smith and F. W. Hinsdale, or to any
person or persons to whom they may have
transferred their interests.
TAKE NOTICE that we, the undersigned, co-
owners with you ln the Copper Key mineral
group, situated on Short creek, south of Pass
creek, ln the Trout Lake mining division of
West Kootenay, in the Province of British
Columbia, have expended eight hundre i (|800)
dollars in labor and improvement upon the
above mentioned mineral group ln order to
hold said group under Section 24 of the Mineral
Act, and u within ninety days from the first
publication hereof, you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with tho cost of advertising, for liWO and
lain respectively, your interests in tho said
group will become tho property of tho subscribers, under Section 4 of the Mineral Act,
Dated nt Sandon, B. C, this 6th day of August,
1901. -fli.muU   H.BNRXJANN
Address:   Revelstoke, British Columbia.
The Lardeau District
.as a profitable field for the Judicious advertiser is unexcelled in this province. THE
LARDEAU EAGLE is the only medium
actually covering tho district. An ad. ir thc
EAflLE will reach more people in Forguson,
Tro ut Lake City, Thomson's Landing, Comaplix , Camborne, Arrowhead, Ten Mile, Circle
City and overy solitary mine in tho district,
than .any other paper published. No other
district in Canada offers such splendid opportunities for good, wide-awake advertisers.
Do you want more business? Thon write at
onoe for our advertising rates and place your
patronage in the only medium that actually
covers the field���THE LARDEAU EAGLE.
Job Printing
The EAGLE is the only printing office in
North Kootenay which can furnish tho
Typographical Union Label upon your
printed matter. This alone is a guarantee of
fair wage conditions and best workmanship.
Mall orders filled promptly. Let tho EAGLE
print your priming; always neat, clean and
the United Hatters
of North Americn.
When you are buying a FUR HAT,
cither soft or stiff,
see to it that tlie
genuine UNION
Label is sewed in It,
If a retailer hns
loose labels iu his
possession and offers to put one in a
hat for yon, do not
patronize him. He
has not any ngtit to bave loose labels. Loose
labels in retail stores nre counterfeits. Do pot
listen to anv explanation as to why the hat
has no label: Tho Genuine Union Label* is
perforated ou tbe four cdiies exiu-tly the same
as a postage ttiunp. Counterfeits urn sometimes perforated on three of the edirea, and
sometimes only nn two. Keep a sharp lookout
for tbo counterfeits. Unprincipled manufacturers are using them in order to get rid of
their scab-made hats. Tlie John B Stetson
Co. and Henry If. Roelofs & Co., both of Philadelphia, Pa., arc non-union concerns,
JOHN A. MOFFITT, President.
Orange, N. J.
14 '      7D7 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
There are Cheap and Good
Union-Made Cigars, but the
��� ���
Enterprise and Selkirk
Brands, manufactured by the Enterprise
Cigar Co., Kevelstoke, are unequalled ln
tbo provlnoe
For sato by Ferguson's Leading Hotels.
Ask for them.
Our Special
The Union
They are all Uniou made and of the
best Havana Tobacco money cau
buy. Try one and satisfy yourself
as to their quality.
Union Cigar
Factory, H.A.
Brown, Prop.
Hotel Ferguson
The bar is supplied with the best brands of
(Pines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial
Men.   Tenderfeet comforted.
I(ates ��3.00 ��� <lay nnd upwards.
Ferguson Bros., Proprietors.
When you reach Trout Lake City put
up the Queens. .Good accommodation
..Best oi service .. Choicest wines,
liquors and cigars. .Fire proof safe..
Abrahamson Brothers, Proprietors.
$<$$-$-$*$*$ JjH^H^^^H^^^H^ ����-#-$ *$g
Hotel Lardeau    I
/. Laughton, Proprietor.
' aug2J
(Siinea)  jqj. M0B8TT. w
With a people'B trust men will live.
Today thoy moroly exist.
Believe that story fulso that ought
not to be true.���Sheridan.
The cheapest way of running a mine
is often the doareBt in the ond.���Lodge.
Fred C. Elliott,
Ferguson, B. C.
This is the growing time���the trusts
aro growing larger and fewer in numbor. 	
Somo men weavo their sophistry till
tlieir own reason is entangled,���John-
'90n' _____
Tho price of Le Roi stock is going
down the line like a drunken sailor, as
a result of damphool management.
Harvey, McCarter $ Pinkham
Solicitors for Imperial Bonk of Canada.
Geo. 8, McCarter. J.A.Harvey.
A. M. Pink-am.
Three thousand women spend their
livos in driving and steering the eanal
boats in southern and middle England.
Blessed 1b the man who, having
nothing to say, abstains from giving
wordy evidence of the fact.���George
Elliot. '
If the average husband paid his wife
one-half of the money she earns In his
household, he would neod his salary
doubled twice over.
Advice ia ono of the cheapest things
in the world. Nearly any person will
give it to you for the asking, except
lawyers and doctors.���Ledge.
Tho census enumerators in .this riding havo at last received their remuneration. There Is entirely too
much red tape and delay with our present form of government.
Those who regard the union label as
an unjustifiable innovation should take
note of the fact that marriage certlfl
cates have been In vogue for a long,
long time.
A  Kansas man found his   missing
wife  through her picture  in a  Blot
machine.    But he was not looking for
her whon lie first  dropped the" nickel
, in.���Colorado Telegraph.
Another "over-production" period of
depression is about due, according to
tho Victoria Times. This is readily
understood by the socialist element.
What else can be expected under a
competitive system of society ?
How easy it is to find flaws and faults
lu another. We might often have a
poorer opinion of ourselves if we could
only criticize ourselves and see our
faults as others do. But some how or
other we are prone to expect more of
the other fellow.
If giving to every man an opportunity
to labor, and to receive tbe full product
of his laboi���working under tho very
best conditions, with tho raoBt Improved
machinery���is placing all on the same
level, thon must socialism stand convicted of the charge.
There is every reason to believe that
there will be another provincial
election noxt spring. British Columbia's aggregation of incompetonts is
all tangled up over the V. V. & K. and
other games of grab, and the indications are that personal spite, corporation gr.od and individual ambition
for power will force a dissolution. One
thing seems certain, and that 1b that
Dunsmuir has proved a rank failure as
a statesman.���Paystreak.
There is an old saying that "there is
moro than one way to akin a cat,"
Thero Is ono thing sure, however, you
must first got tho cat. Socialists are
vory prono to quibble ovor how this
thing and that thing shall bo dono
under socialism. Let us lirst got tho
cat. It will then be time onough to
tako up the matter of how it shall be
skinned. What aay you ? Isn't that
right? Let us drop all differences,
take off our coat, and catch the cat.���
What aro we that we ahould think
ourselves always right, or, lest wo do
wrong, sit idle all our livos waiting for
light ? The light comes as we work
toward it. Roosevelt waB right when
hs said that the only ono who ever
never makes mistakes is the one who
never does anything. Preserve us from
him; from tho man who eternally wants
to hold the scales even and so never
gets done weighing���never hands anything over tho counter. Tako him away
and put red blood into his veins. And
let the rest of us go ahead and make
our mistake?,���and fow as we can, as
many as we must; only let us go ahead.
���Jacs-b A. Rlis, in "Tho Making of an
J.M.&ott, B.A���L.L.B.
Revelstoke, B. C.
S. Shannon,
Assayer and Analytical
EThe Townsite of:
:1s Now on the Market-
Methodist Church
Ferguson :   Service, in Eagle liall every
Sunday at 3 p.m    .mnday scboolat2 p.m.
REV. S. J. GREEN, Pastor.
I      I      I      I      I
Scenic Line
ofthe World
Kootenay Lake Service.
Leaves.        "~    ~ ~ Arrives
Tiles.,Thur���6at., I -rAn Tuos.,Tliur���S
22.00 L.d.raO 21.30
Arrow Lake Service.
Lo9y   Arrowhead   AK!��"
Arrow Lake Branch.
fsT   Arrowhead   AlST
Through tickets issued to and from all points
in Canada and the United states.
Steamship service from Vancouver to China,
Japan, Australia and Alaska.
Cencral agents for all Atlantic s. s. Lines.
For time tables, rates and full Information
call on or address nearest local agent.
j. s. carter! eTj. coyle,
D. P, A., Nelson.      A.G.P.A.. Vancouver.
J. DONOVAN, Ageut, Arrowhend.
Corner Lots, $125.00.
Inside   Lots, $100.00.
TERMS !   yi CASH ;
Bal., 3 and 6 months.
Circle City is the future terminus of the
proposed railway, already surveyed via the
Lardeau  creek  north  fork to that  point.
Circle City is beautifully located at the
base of the Lardeau, Pass, Galena and
Surprise creeks.  (See map of the Lardeau.)
Circle City is absolutely surrounded by
mining; properties now under development.
Circle City affords splendid water power
which will be utilized next season for concentrating purposes.
Circle City presents  business openings.
Send for full
particulars to
the General
Halcyon Hot Springs
Sanitarium   .   .
Tho most complete resort on the continent
of North America. Situated midst scenery
unrivalled for grandeur. ���. Moating, Ashing
and excursions. Resident physician aud
mrse, In telegraphic communication wilh
alt parts of the world. T**ro mails arrive ami
depart evevy day. Its baths euro all nervous
and muscular diseases .�� waters heal all
kidney, liver and Btomach ailments. It*
baths und waters are a sure remedy against
all argentiferous poisons. TKRMS : 315 to
$18 per week, acoording to residence In hotel
or villas-
Packing and
Ferguson Packing 9 n(j
Transfer Outfit,
Contracts eDterod Into for pa
point In tho district.
Good,  prompt  service, ;uid
:king of Mining Supplies,   etc (to any
any   work  undertake ,n  guaranteed.
Freighting from  Thomson's  Lauding   to Fergv 90n a specialty.
/Headquarters at Ferguson, B.C. x**Jff S. Daney, Proprietor.
Is the Coming Solid Town of the
Lardeau and Trout Lake District
Because of its unique geographical position; nature having provided as pretty a flat bench, at
the junction of the north and
south forks of Lardeau creek, as
ever a town was built up on in
British Columbia.
Because the wonderful mineral
developments during the past
season have been a marvel to
outsiders seeking investment.
Not only have the old stand-by
properties improved with depth,
but the new finds and many test
ore shipments arc exceedingly
gratifying, and attention must
surely be attracted this way.
Because the shipping mines are
located on Nettie L. hill, between the two creek forks;-on
the Great Northern hill just
north of the town itself; and on
the south fork and its tributaries,
for all of which Ferguson is the
supply point.
Because mine owners hire their
crews in Ferguson and pay them
off in Ferguson.
Because the offices of many of
the companies operating in the
camp arc located here.
Because Ferguson receives the
pay roll benefit from these working mines.
Because this is the point where
mining men coining into the district make their headquarters; as
they can walk or ride and return
from most of the properties in
one day or less.
Because every pound of ore from
these mines coming down the
hill lands first in Ferguson.
From here it will be teamed to
transportation on the lake, a
distance of four miles.
Because when the railway reaches
the place where the mines are it
will reach Ferguson.
BECAUSE there is every natural advantage for the building up of a
great mining center.
Bat why give other reasons:    We have the mines, the pay roll, the natural geographic
cat location, the supply trade, the banking institutions, unlimited water power for all    ,.
purposes; and the right kind of people to make a town.    The ore shipments, increasing
business, and money and enterprise wilt do the rest.    Come here and see for yourself.
From $150 up
From $75 up
Henry Floyd
>i#^gg^i$^^^j&^^ On the "Wing
Three weeks from today is Thanksgiving.
The Eagle will be enlarged to a six-
column sheet next month.
Fred. Fraser is spoken of as tho now
L;old commissioner at Revelstoko.   ,
Wiloy Conkey of Strathcona, Alta.,
was in town on Monday, and left yesterday for Spokane.
* Don't wait; but telephone at once.
Always in order now. Ferguson office
at Cummins & Co.'s store.
Discard the padding feature from
our provincial daily papers, and the
Nelson Tribuno is the newsiest of the
At a recent trial In Toronto the jury
decided that a divorce obtained in tbe
States by parties married in Canada
was not valid in the Dominion,
The Imperial bank, which will be
open for business in Ferguson as soon
as the safe is freighted in from tbe
Landing, has now 30 branches in all.
Get ready for the masquerade ball on
the evening of Tbansglving day, in the
.Minors' Union hall, Ferguson, under
the auspices of Dancing Instructor
Ferguson and vicinity will soon be
provided with a resident physician.
The Eagle Is in receipt of a letter
from a coast dootor, who says he is
coming here about Christmas.
The Eagle has mailed fifty-five
copies of the new Lardeau map to the
press, which it trusts will enlighten
the many editors who need a little
geographical knowledge of this district.
By Burt A. Judd.
Tbere has been all kinds of gush about the man
wno is behind,
And thc man behind the cannon tin* been
toasted, wined, dined,
There's thc man behind thc musket, and the
man behind thc fence;
And the man  behind  his whiskers, and the
man behind his rents;
And the man behind the plow beam, and tha
man behind the hoc;
And the man behind the ballot, and thc man
behind the dough;
And the man behind the counter, and the man
behind the hill;
Aud the man bohlnd tho pestle, and thc man
behind tho pill;
And thc man behind thc jimmy, and thc man
bohlnd thc bars;
And the Johnny who goes swooping on the
stage behind the stars;
And the man behind thc kisser, nnd lhe man
behind the fist;
And thc girl behind thc mau behind thc gun
And tho man behind tho bottle, and when they
were short of men,
There was some small rhymster w-Hrbled of the
man behind the pon;
But they missed tho honest fellow, and I'm
raising ofa kick;
They didn't make a mention of the man behind thc pick.
Up tho rugged mountain side a thousand icct
ho takes his way ;
Or as far into the darkness from thc cheering
light ol day ;
Imperial Bank
*i������  of Canada.
CAPITAL ��2,SW,000.00.
REST ��l,85O,O0O.O0.
General Banki.ig Business Transacted
Interest allowed on deposits tn Havings
Department at current rates.
a. eTpmpi's,
He Is shut out from the sunlight, ln the glimmer of the lamps;
He Is' cut off from the sweet air In the sickly
fumes nnd damps;
He must toll In cramped positions, he must
take his life in hand,
For he works in deadly peril that but few can
But he docs it all in silence, and he seldom
makes a kick,
Which Is why I sing the praises of the marl
behind tho pick.
He unlocks the bolted portals of the mountain
to the stoics
Hid in Natures vast exchequer in her treasure
house of ores.
He applies the key dynamite and the gates aM
backward rolled.
And tbe ancient rocks are riven to their secroit
heart of gold,
Things of comfort and beauty and of usefulness
aro mined,
By this brnve and quiet worker; he's a friend
of humankind
Who, though trampled down and underpaid,
toils on without a kick,
So I lift my hat In honor to thc man behind
the pick.
II. A. Brown of the Union Cigar
Factory, Revelstoke, was in town Saturday and Sunday last. Mr. Brown had
just returned from a trip to Northern
Alberta, with which he is much impressed as a stock-raising country.
Tbe snow is creeping down the hills
and wo may expect to wake up any
morning and find a foot of thc beautiful
to remind us that tbe rawhldlng and
sleighing soason is near at hand. It
will gladly be accopted in lieu cf the
J. M. Cameron of Victoria, a socialist
organizer, writes tbat he intends holding meetings throughout the Kootenays |
and along tbe main line during the
next two months. He will be in Ferguson in a couple or three weeks from
now, where ho will hold a public meeting to give a lecture and discuss tho
advisability of organizing a local bere.
The Frank Sentinel, a bright newsy
H col. 4-page paper published by
Matheson Bros, at Frank, Alberta, on
tho C. N. P., is the latest exchange
welcomed at this office. The Matheson
Bros., ns publishers of the late Silver-
Ionian at Silverton, B. C, are well
known in tho Kootenays. The Eagle
wishes every success to the Sentinel
and the rising coal and coke town
which is to support it.
Whon tho plaster was taken off John
MoTaggart's kneo, it was found that
the kneecap, which had boen broken In
seven pieces was perfectly united. The
cords are still stiff and it will be a
month before the patient will get them
fully llmbored up but tho bono is as
L'ood as now. It was u nlco operation,
in whicli Dr. McLean, Mr. McTaggart's
medical attendant, has taken great
interest.���Revelstoke Herald,
Robert Gunn has returned from a
pleasant trip to Halcyon HotSprlngf.
lie brought In a few business curds
from this .popular sanitarium which
are unique as a novelty, being a photo-
ongravure of a young bear sitting up
before Manager Thos. McNaught sucking milk (or Scotch and Halcyon water)
from a nursing bottle. This with the
results of an analysis of the health-
giving waters makes a good advt. for
the noted resort.
In one or two instances the Trout
Lake concert of last Thursday was]
above the average, so far, held in tbat
town. The cbolr showed a marked
improvement, the Inclusion of Mrs.
Jowott making a marked difference.
On this occasion the choir was probably
the best of tbe lengthy program. The
instrumental selections were also very
pleasing. The vocal selections were up
to the usual standard and the chlldrens
marches and choruses were well received by tbe audionco. The program
was rendered purely by Trout Lake
talent, as few Furgusonites were able
to attend owing to tha weather.
* Special attention is directed to'.
Andrew F. Uosenberger's advt. in this |
issue. No stock to soil; straight legitimate mining properties placed.
* When you want a new book, a
magazine or reading matter of any
description, order it from tho Canada
Drug & Book Co., Kevelstoke, B. C.
* Smokers: If you want the GENU'
ine "Union" and "Our Special"
OIGAH see that "Union Cigar Factory"
is stamped in gilt letters on every box.
���H. A. Brown, Kevelstoke, B. C.
* Dancing Instructor Perry will give
dancing lessons in'the'Miners'Union
hall, beginning next Mor day, on the
evenings of Monday, Wednesday and
Friday.   Best music, and a. good floor.
H. Edwards*^
Deer Heads, Birds, Etc.
Mounted. Furs and Skins
Tanned and Dressed.
Third Street  ^Revelstoke
New Fall Goods
Our store room rapacity 1ms been almost
floublt;d.++Our stock was never no largo and
well assorted.������KecognlzlnB tho Increased
number of men employed in tho mines wo
have especially prepared to supply their ovory
need.������Experience has taught ua the kind of
goods to buy���the best���and out stock of Men's
Uothiug, from head to foot, was never so large
and assorted as now,������Any order, from two
bits to, a carload, Is filled promptly and with
a detfre to please our constantly increasing
numbor of customerss.-taV^It pays to deal with
McKinnon (��
There is still another noiv "soop" at
tho Cup, This time a now man from
Rossland will go it a whirl. Mann per
Didisheim camo i u from Rei elstoke on
Monday evening last. ,
A number of the many Wends of
Mrs. Sutherland enjoyed tbjt. .estimable
lady's hospitality on Hallowi'cn evening, when an enjoyable social time tras
provided for by her. A taSty luncheon
was served before the party br oke  up.
The eagle sho; at the Black ' Warrior
group some days ago has been .sent to
H. W. Edwards, the Rovelstok e taxidermist, to be mounted. A cou, lie 'of
cariboo hoads, with exceed lngljjr
large horns, have also been sent t> > Mr.
Edwards for treatment.
If the arbitration laws of New I ea-
land nro tho failure that tlie caplt al-
istlc papers claim tbey arc, why aro th, 'y
not abandoned ? Tho same press wan 's
the working people   to  bellevo stick '
a law is a failure.    Rut It is not.   The
law In New /.calum! recognizes a labor
union us a legal entity as much as it
does a corporation for banking or any
othor thing.    Tbo law has done more
to raise wages and shorten .hours of
labor than has beeii done by all the
legislation in all other countries on
o-irth.   It has hit the exploiting classes
and of courso they claim It has failed I
Details may need adjusting, which is
now being done; but the sense of the
law remains intact, and is in no way
discouraging as a means of settling
disputes between employee and employer.
'rlic question of clothes la ono that
1 should interest any man. Illgh-claHs
tailoring insures perfectly llttlng car-
tnents. It increases the life of tho
clothes, too. You will hear onr work
highly commended by those who know
good clothing whon they see it. Our
-suits will please you.
Tweed Sults-$I6, $18, $20
Tweed Trouserings:
$4.00,  $4.90,  $5.00.
I idles' high class custom tailoring.
*-* Ladles' and Gentlemen's Rain Coats
made from tho vory best watcrprooied
worsteds, to order. .These coats serve
tho double purpose of a rsln coat as
well as a spring or fall overcoat. Ladles' and gentlemen's fur-lined coats
and jackets, to ordor.
The Art Tailor,
Revelstoke, B. C.
0. B. BATHO & CO.
As the prosperity of Ferguson and vicinity
increases so does our stock of supplies for the
miner. We can outfit you from head to foot,
and as far as possible with Union-Made
Goods. You will always find our prices consistent with the quality of goods we handle.
The next time you are needing anything in
the line of wearing apparel try us. Try our
U.   and   I.   union-made   chewing   tobacco.
0. B. BATHO & CO.
Including the Fish Creek camp
and Upper Duncan Hi ver section, com-
piled by A. P. Cummins, l'.L. 8., and S
Shannon. H. A., in now on sale at this
oflice. Thc ready sale of the map Is
proving all wo have said for It.. The
Trout Lake division Is lithographed in
hliick, the Lnrdeuu lu red,and tlie Alnsworth in blue. Even a tenderfoot could
take a copv of this man and find any
claim recorded in the three divisions.
The mountains, lakes, ������reeks, wagon
roads, trails, surveyed railway routes,
and the location and name (by a unique
Index) of every mineral claim in thc
district Is shown.
Next   to   Visiting   the   Country   In
Person This Map Takes First Place*
In   fact   every geographical
feature is so well dellnc that one (ran
see at a glance the nature of our country
end the trend cf tho clnlm locations
(lives an Intelligible idea of thc mineral
belts gunning through the camp.   It Is
Worth   For   One  Dollar
i  i   ���
Established 1896
1    1
General Merchants
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at thc EXCHANGK.   FItEE
MILLING   GOLD properties  wanted  at onco  for  Eastern  investors.
Parties having minim,' property For Salo are roquestod to send samples
of their ore to tho EXCHANG K for exhibition.
All samples should be sent hy express    prepaid,
solicited.  Address all communication to
P. 0 Box 700,     KELSON, B. C.
] he   Best
I'vcr offered ln the map lino of a mining
camp. It Is the lirst complete map ol
the district and Is selling well.   It lslnst
..what yon aro looking for. WE ALSO
1.A6 T FOB YEAitS.
Address your order, ivlth an
<-nelo uure of A 011�� dollar bill, Ino
cliequ cs> order*, etc.] to
Ferguson, B.C.
C. B. Flume & Oo.
 Wholesale and Retail ���<-*���
General Merchants
Tho largest Importers in North Kootonay.
Stores at Revelstoke and Trout  Lake .City, B. C.
Carpets. Floor Oils,
Linoleum, Wall jfcj^
Paper, Blinds, Etc.
Agents for Pianos,
ttZZt   Sewing    Machines,
Etc. j^j^^i^
Druggist *���� Stationer
House, sdrn, ��. ^"hilng,
Dec-watlng, IWpor.R anjlng-, Etc.
Citizens of the Lardeau District
When you como to Revelstoke to do your shopping, remember that
Bourne Bros.
have the largest and  best assorted  stock  ln  North  Kootenay.
Compare our prices and see our goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled


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