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Agassiz Record 1924-01-02

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No. 16     Vol. 1
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, January 2, 1924
$1.50 per year
Meals 50c. Beds 50c.
They are Canada'B B'ost  Try them.
Fresh line of Cigars. Cigaretts apd Tobacco.
Mrs. C. Gillis & Sons
Phone 30-L P.O. Drawer A C
Sketoh  No,   I.
MRS. PROBERT,  Proprietress
E. PROBERT. Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Harrison Hot Springs.
Agassiz has Just experienced a three
days' wind storm which caused considerable damage to say nothing of
the inconvenience of the intense cold.
A large barn belonging to Raymond
Tuythena (which we mentioned In recent  issue  as being  a  great addition
t.<i tho landscape) was destroyed I ul-
bo a largo struoturt which was built
by tlio White Farm1 on the Hammers-
lojl I'rfairie to covor feotf. was blown
down. A window In tbe Women's Institute room was blown In. Considerable damage was dune to telephone
linen cutting off comtn'uii lent Ion in
many places, Several chimneys wave
burned out, nurimvly escaping bad
fl:es. In one instance Mr. Geo. Green
fought llltti a good follow that he is
on the roof of a barn, exposed to a
cutting wind, putting out sparks falling on the roof from a burning chimney. A number of roofs and fences
wero damaged. Autoa were conspicuous by their absence, excepting The
Sedan Taxi, and they were on the Job
dny and  night  as usual,
On account of the weather the English   Church  Christmas  Tree   will   be.
held on rlday Instead of Thursday, in!
tho   I.O.   O.   P,   hall,   insttad   of   the
Agricultural   halt
Let Us Supply Your
Wants for 1924
I       C. J. INKMAN       i
# #
###» #>##^>#<%N##<t-t#3 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
We have added to our line
Call and inspect the latter
Phone 16 AGASSIZ,   B. C.
*♦* *t*
f Agassiz - Meat - \Market %
♦?.     P.O. Box 147 Phone 19     ♦♦♦
Y Start the New Year right with a roast of Prime ?
Beef, Veal, Pork or Mutton.
Shamrock Sausage (Cartons)
Smoked and Fresh Fish.
Is especially beneficial at this season, f An ideal remedy for,
and protection against Coughs, Colds: Influenza, etc.
Pleasant to take- $1.00 per bottle
Phone 42.    Druggist and Stationer,     AGASSIZ
"In morning' heard chanticleer crowing."
I .dying thut overy citizen, whether
pi mice i* or recent arrival, desires us
ii New Year's lefracy (lie write-up of
Ihe town's founder, we tender a real
iMisiiiialile blogi'aphy which we have
for the purpose held over the past
three months, This account of the
Citveer of one of Agussiz's first citizens cannot full of interest nnd value
to old nnd young, for, it Is the recital
of adventure, heroism and service.
Mr. Louis N. Agassiz haled in the
long ngo from Essex, England, leaving the ancestral home. He landed
first on West. Indies and later proceeded to I*. 13. T., which hi turn our
adventurer gave way to London, Ont.
This change seems to have been ordered, for, here Mr. Agassiz met Miss
Schrnm, just lately arriving from
New York, The quest-maiden, as well
ns Mr. Agassiz, was a loyalist and
they sealed their fealty to each other
by joining in wedlock. P. E. I.
was not forgotten so the youthful
couple removed back there to engage
In farming.
Later the "days of gold and the
days of '40" sent forth an appeal
which was answered by moving there.
Cariboo was tlie next lure—Williams
Creek (sixty prospectors' at this time
were working in Lytton. There was
a big gravel slide in which many were
unfavorably interested. Time does
not permit to relate the interesting
adventures here).
Tn 'OS Mrs. Agassiz with four children, among them the personage of
our sketch—yes, and not less to note
Miss 12. Agassiz, now, for some time
a member of the local educational
board. The young matron bad surely
come to the "wild and woolly west"
with its deep woods, murmuring pines
and all too attentive hoards of mosquitoes, in the words of our sketch,
"many   of   them   weighed   a   pound."
Soon a winter—for three months
'he Frnser was deep vested in ice,
easily three feet thick, and at Yale,
■i tittle higher up, the ice had to be
blasted on the morning of April 1st
to allow the steamer to get out.—it
was ns cold as tho winters of '01, '(i.1;
or '(ill.
Next year or so was a year of high
water, the flood being up on all the
huts so that prima tive water ornfi
was used. To do any trading a small
boat o" some water-craft passage had
Lo lie founJ to New Westminster as
li base of supplier On one occasion
they' emluirked in the fog of night.
and in the morning before anything
">uld he seen, a clear voice of chanticleer was heard, and lo and behold
tho city of New Westminster was
reached, At that time old Father
Frnser was much more of a raging
stream than today, Mr. Agassi/, often
■ceing whole trees floating down and
what was a very wonderful sight,
■'.hen a deep pool was readied the
tree roots or both would descend,
mae!strom-Uke until it stood upright
is in nature, only later to topple
hack to floating position.
Few people there were, nnd hence,
years after locating in the district,
settlers were so far apart thut they
could hardly "couie" to each other,
being relatively more distant from
each other than the currants in a
first settler's plum pudding.
Mr. Agassiz, Sr., had not ended his
adventures, In 1875 he went to Turkey and Russia, where he suffered
sun stroke, he had been, it must be
noted, injured on the head while engaged in California. It was about
1878 while in Turkey that Mr. Agassiz
passed in death, leaving resident on
the North Hank of the Froser a wife,
seven daughters and half as many
souk. Mr. Agnsslz's brother, too,
played a part in the theatres of the
Par East about that lime.
Mrs. Agassiz, Sr.—and there is no
resident Mrs, Agassiz, Jr.—at tlie age
of 00 years died ot tlie old home. The
day before she was driving around as
usual. To remember an Empire
building—at least in part—mother
and father, the many sons and daughters of whom Miss Elizabeth Agassiz
was the youngest were left. In naming residence of these, Ernest is in
Seattle; Mrs. Ooodfellow is a pioneer
citizen of Victoria; one sister lives in
London. Ont.
A patriotic family! Of the Ave
sons, four went to the front, the eldest being numbered among the slain,
he at the time with rank of major,
was acting Colonel. Mrs. H. It. Mrown
of Pitt Meadows is the second youngest daughter.
Mrs. Capt. Moore whose husband
was the first to start a hop plantation1
in the district is the third (laughter.
Tt would interest many to know
that Mr. Brown, Sr., owned, the Hot
Springs site first nnd for ten years
leased it to Mr. Armstrong, who certainly at first made it pay.
Our Mr. Louis Arthur Agassiz took
up a place at Williams Creek, but
soon loaded his little possessions for
New Westminster. Thereafter a
meandering life was spent variously
at Hope, Yale, Douglas, Emory's Bar,
with not u few stirring episodes to
("five relief to pioneer life. Burlier
Mr, Agassiz, Sr.. had for Hope and
Yule tho honor of filling the positions
h' postmaster, constable, collector of j
lolls on the SituilUaniecn lloud, etc.)
Inquests there were several of which
hud quite unusual interest.
"Let us ask you, Mr, Agassiz, to
clear up u few ideas—you don't mind
us bi-iirg categorical, do you?" "When
were the Springs opened up?" How
came your town by its name?"
Mr. Agassiz smiled. "The Springs
received attention first in 18S7. it
was the C. I\ It. that gave our hamlet.,
as it was then, the name of my late
father i\\\<\ his world-famous kinsman,
the illustrious naturalist."
"What of your early education?"
"Yale and Agassiz were my theatres
tn this respect. Some of my contemporaries were Dr. Tolmie, Dr. Helm-
cken   (deceased)."
"Do you know anything about the
famous Brought on Street School, Victoria?"
"Very little, but I knew well tho
Deacon's School named after Arch'
deucon Woods.*
"As your farm was getting cleared
up did you experience somewhat the
same incidence of earlier days?"
"Well, the wild animals came near
as noticed by the howling of wolves.
Bears came uninvited to our orchards.
We had the animals of tlie wild; occasionally an Indian, stolid and taciturn, but sometimes a whole year
passed without meeting even one
white man or woman. Our first house
was the log building now occupied by
my three sisters. The first, school
was the building at present used as
a hearth and heart place by Mr. and
Mrs. Heath. Children were too few,
and, os often featured pioneer settlements, children had to be "borrowed," although nearly all of our
family attended. Mr. McQuage was
the first teacher. Hindoos were found
to be the most satisfactory hands in
railroad  construction."
"Your family is easily one of the
old English type but whence were you
"The family hailed from Switzerland."
"You would know well at least the
'egislutlve careers of Amor de Cosmos,
Thos. Bassll Humphries and others?"
"Yes, and Simon Duck, llobert Bev-
mi, and Wm. Smythe, tlie first premier to Victoria."
Impossible^here, to tell of Mr. Ag-
Agassiz Barber Shop
Under New Management.
Soft Drinks
and Tobacco
Agassiz, B.C.
REPAIRS of all Descriptions.
BOOTS a specialty.
£. D. Harrington
Agassiz, B.C.
assiz as a genius, somewhat of which
he is; of his admirable water system;
of the method underlying his work,
nnd of his inventions—these all must
stand  till a later article.
For the matter of this sketch we
recognize Its irrelevance and incompetence through hasty preparation
and loss nf notes.
Erratum—For "quest" maiden read
"guest1* maiden, and It is a typographical error that Miss E, Agassis
was among the four eldest children.
Sbd is the youngest of the family.
The Sir James Douglas Chapter I.
O.O.B. will hWd their nomination
meeting at Mrs. Dewar's home "Tho
Prtsbytertan Manse;" Saturday, January   6 th.
The Institute dentist, Dr. Baker.
will be In ^Vgassli for business on
Thuijpday,   Friday   and "Saturday.
Stop! Look! Listen!
Meet your old friend, fie Blacksmith, once more.
Hor eshoeing a speci lty.        Prices Moderate
G. Humphrey
begs to announce that he will open regular
dental practice in Agassiz on Thursday and Friday of each week, beginning Dec. 20th. and 21st.
Latest methods in dentistry,
Make appointments with Mrs. Gillis, the
Agassiz Hotel.
The'Community Store
Seasonable Specials
Heavy Grey Blankets, were $7.00 Selling $5.25
Wool Sweaters, Children's, were $1.90 Selling $1.25
" " "   $1.40 Selling $1.00
Men's Military Shirts, were $3.00  Selling $2.00
Men's Sweaters _$6.25 to $10.50
Men's Work Shirts at Reduced Prices.
Men's Heavy Tweed Trousers at $4.65 and $5.00
Were priced up to $7.50
SPENCER & STOUT, General Merchants
AGASSIZ. Retrospect aud Prospect:
Through tho courtoav of Mr, .f-ihri
<■;■:• higf Bank of Montreal. Hanoj,
w* »iv til-lo to Place baforo our ro.it'-
rM ii brief oxtraot from tho report
of his Branch to Heodqiiartors, Tins
report Is n carofu] summary of conditions in tho rtlstrlcl and Is substantially !n part us follows :
(Berry) :.n to 100 l>or cont, as compared wiiti 60 to 7fl for 1022. ttoturn
from borrloa not generally satlsfnct.
ory, and of tho fruit, demand not
i iiri/n;v fPttod hlirh i i
ictturna favoring those run
largo   riocks.
l.iniiMM; Tl- yoar th
history of tho municipality, r..
million     f      being   sold
uii-rivor trade Profits medium, vvhlcn
liowovor. on .w.j large an output made
heavy turn over mid more than off-
set  UieJ lossos of tho berry  market.
Incidentally, nearly 200 cara of
cedar polos were shipped from Haney
alone. For the ensuing yoar more Is
expeoted from tho logging and aa ;i
result of the contemplated stops to
Increase tho power, fo which pur
POSq the waters of tho Alouetto Lake
are being diverted   Into   tho  Stavo,
Tho vory strong improsslon that
■Mi. Gait loft us was thai tho Bank
felt convinced that tho most certain
way to bring larger gains to fa: mors
and otrers was to onoourage diversified farming, so that 1f one crop or
| commodity fulled, another would make
up the defloloncv.
It   Is  for  each   one  of  u.s   to   make
opportunity,   both   muwlclpnl   and   per-
I sonal,  for  1924,
The   hospital   campaign   will   soon
after  lhe  new year be enthusiastically launched  nnd  may of right   appeal to the sympathy and active support of all.   The collectors appointed
for Haney are Mr. R. McArthur, Mrs.
band nnd Mrs. Genge.
nf  great   prosperity   to   our   district
The  past   year   has   not   been   one
j in spite of earnest toll and endeavor
j on tlie part of our rancher population,
j The logging and lumbering industries
have contributed   the only  share  of
I reasonable  return   for  the labor ex-
Ipended.   This has been the story of
] l02:t in nearly the whole of Canada,
and so, we should not be discouraged.
IThe past year has contributed  in a
I large measure to the organization of
Ithe fruit growers and we hope that
I the  coming year  will see the same
lilting effected for the egg producers.
I You  have asked  me for a  word   for
II he New Year and the best that I can
liiiink of is to urge one and all to
Island behind these organizations
■which arc trying to handle the farm
Iproducts to advantage.   I know that
there huH been criticism of both
ami ii" doubt with reason, but they
:irr your own organizations. Lei us
nil try next year and make them
|wl:;i1   we  want.
13. T. M.VirilKTT.
|MR. T. J. DRAIN. J. P., SEE:-;
The last week of the year suggests
o   the  matter  of  stock-taking,  and
vlial do we find in the 1023 balance
t   of   our   CommunityV   (hi   1 he
ItciMi side, an abundant   harvest  for
(the agriculturist, a  steady and  substantial profit to those who are bundling  and   preparing  our   natural   resources for market, employment  for
lie who wishes  it, and  so we  might
ontiniie.   But what of the debit side'.'
|H'c cannot 11ml a natural Impediment
Ihere, bill   we do find  that   we were
li'd all able lo participate to an equal
llcgrce of  profit   in' the gootl   things
liestowed.   This, of course, is our own
11'aiilt, not so much locally as national! J*.     We  aro  making  progress,  It
lOUld scarcely be otherwise in a com-
iiunily   so   richly   situated   and   en-
llowed, but  it   remains for those 00-
liupying   posh ions   of   responsibility
In high places, and  low, to see Ihat
Ive get  what   tbe Good  Giver of all
filings Intended wo should.
Pitt Meadows Board of Trade
Augurs jl riun
LADItfl   MAY   SSaOlOS   SxrilCBIIItS—• - " CAA   O&Ott'XSTS&A   AGAIN   PBAIS
I'D—2IJai.IGIi.TPUI.     " ..:'0."IJi    STAGE©.
Saturday   night   tho   Pitt     Meadovvi
Board    of    T;ad0   hurried   through   n
and  A.  V,  Sanderson,
At   unanimous  call    Mr,   Donalds
brief hut very lute
malco mom for ono
rul concerts which :
on     ih.     map    mu
Mr,   Donaldson     reported     fo
Convtntitm  of   United   Boards   n
!;i   Vancouver.    He and Mr,  Fort
by Hi,. Chair warm';* thanked For their 1
mtcested   attendance  at   tills  moot.
Mr,  Donaldson also reported for the
commtttoo    ealocted   to  not   with   the'
Maple RldgQ Council in the mattor of I
Phone   toila.     Persoso]   of   commtttoo
botng   .Messrs.   Donaldson,    Ford     nnd I
Milchon,     Mr.     Donaldson    and     thn j
Chair yet hold oul hopes, but M:\Ford
contended   thai   all  chance  of   redress
was  pant.
A  letter  wai  read
wtliig   session   tl   took  tin, ohalr
,r those  dollffht-      Tha   first   numbbr   was  a  selootton
t   the  community    hy the   now   famous   Pitt   Meadows   or-
catly   and   Inlol-   cheatra,  vvhiioh simply won  tho admtr-
1 atlon  of an.
>nt,  i'vi ml     Mrs, SUuthors and Mrs. Tn'lv  wore
a    br'er I unable  through  illness to be unseat.
■■■.■a  on  the I     '" the matter of a musical evening
1 ant     m-ln- ! wo    have    noi   enjoyed  a   bottor,  and
certainly   tht   Meadows   can   be   proud
of   Its   man,.-     inu.sie'nns—aoarcolv   a
numbor  thai   was  not   onoorod.
Mr,  Rtrutham sang.' with  fine oKec'l
I "Will  ve no  come  back again."
Mr. and Mrs.  Ford sang "Comobnck
and  lovo mo as before."  their   voices
! blending  admirably
Th.(   quartette  by  Messrs,  SUuthors,
eni      Tins
uo-tra  hnd
,1   Inn.
10  to  s
and conn-
to  t.
1 uelcnl triumph.
Mra Mcltyii enn
Mr, a, 15, Bando
lca| umtittur.    Ills
Mm ISi-nlo C00I1
In her 'Musi  you,
Mr,   P, II, ,.\,|ln,
elh    rani
lid   Snndorson   <
:   mi,:,, very  ,-;,
.on nrovod no n
.1  eplondld  volo
was   rnuoll   ttdllll
inly  you."
11.   tlnUtfhtor   i!\\
Graduate TeacherPiano and Theory
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory   and Canadian  Academy Exams.
PHONE   03-Y
iVill Say D/y Cascara oark
At   Bean  Factory  Wharf. Hlgb.at ca -b
iTlre 1'nld.
Boi   «J,   HANUV.   fl '
I'hmiH  11 L
In ii
f" "■
iderfu]   i«
Harold,   In   tho   Banana
I •>< mb.  made h real  nit.
from   tho  Sooty.       Mr. Crane's slnfflnir proved Its mer-
of   the  Assoolttod   Boards   r.qu..t na-1 ,t    ,.„. „.m ,1Bal„ „c „„„„, ,
J2.00  .ward,  the  expense   of   mttln.      Mrs.   X;iml,,.s d  skimm^„
repo-t of tho proceedings,
K Tht chairman aske^ all to remember the annual meeting which would
take place tho last Saturday In January. He dilated alike on the good
work  the Associated  Boards  was do-
tho  piano  during  the  evening,
Mr. Jno. Hiayney commending tho
programme aa one of Burpatstng merit, moved a hearty vote of thanks.to
all   performers.
MIt is huleoil tho organ of the iionl!"
Each   Inflection   of   your   VOlOu   lnw   a
, meaning   for    thoeo    wlio    know    you.
1 I Nothing may substiUute for it.   .Your
voloo is you	
Whoa you have news for a friend
—when a business matter needa attention—when yon wish to bring Joy
to those at homo—send you:* voice—
yourself—on   tho   errand.
All this Company 'a telephone j are
available   day   and   night.
AdTertla.in.nta Is tola ooloiuu mnst be
ro» SALE
TWO   GOOD   FRESH   COWS.   Apply
Phono 32-.U Haney,
Coat it'd Ayrshire Heifer with
white markings. Duo to freshon,
Strayed  from   l.llloooi   Dylto,
linoWN   BROS.,
Phono  88-L I'm   Meadow.,
ron BAL3
Thirty   viiaiiB   Fai  11,isc   for  sale
01 SOo. noi   iii. plus 80, n"- in.  If do-
slrod   Dluokod.     Wslvhi   from   8   to
14 Ion. oaoh, for Xmtis ami Now S'ottr's
Phono   26-1. JOHN   l,a i v\
FOS   BAia
ey   COW,   Oltflll    year;
Ml'-  W'  H-   Reblnson  seeonded.  ur.d
Iiik and unon  the mattor ot   the  ladles   unanimous  ooncurrenoe,
cumins Into local membership.
Mr. Ford stated tnat he had worked
hard on the eleotric tie-htlnp; matter
and th„ IsHiit was now In the hands
of tho Associated1 Boards.
Adjournment was then taken tu give
Place to the social evening, tho committee   that   made     all     arram-cmeuts
being   W.   W.   MoMyn,    D,    Donaldson   of   the   evening.
Mr. w. MoDortnld and others voiced
their  appreciation.
Following the programme a dellgtit-
fui supper was scrvedl by the ladles
who   were   fittingly  thanked.
The attendance was very large, C-
QUltlam and Hammond sending th»lr
contingents.    All shared In the delight
British ColumbiaTelephone Co
'rile Ilatiuimtnl Gazette hits been printing sonic verse
ljcscrlbing the  folk nf today,
Al first Twits iltt* girls lluit were written ubotit,
H'.iit In run down the girls doesn't
Even though they're gum cliewers untl
crn/.y for jti/.z,
\Vitlt it bruin that's ns Mulil  as u
'I'li;.i   changes   with   every   incoming
(And Its good niglil when
gel tngother),
tills way  I
'When They Have Gone"
Tho past comes up—ohlldhond
day; happy hours hy tho flro-
Hide--lheli' holies and joys—
and  trial.,  too.
Vou   can        p   lho   n 'y   ot
their       I,auies       forOVOl'     ft'OSh     hj'
giving seine little pari el Oio
blosslnga you now enjoy towards n pormauont memorial
In   overlnstlng   stone
A   lady  enquired  tile other ,|„v  if
we handled    business   for   the   dye
"•"Vita.   Yes, thejazettn^nfflc,. „n„^„
for dying for Hie l.'iiynl (
cheerfully   recommend   the  company
as perfectly satisfactory In ever!  respect.   Their  work   is carefully' „„
wei   ,lo„c to entire sotliifaotlon, ,.„,
at a reasonable charge
Clothes enn  be  left   with  ns  M,,,,
days  and  about  the  week  end   re
lo|.|i,„l     ...    .,...:. o      "
tnrnetl  tn  thei
wner in   very l|»tlc
1 '"'"' " '  were living In
. ,     ,    ''ls   'I   g"i's  in   I   roiurai
with   the  laundry.
"'ill nn.v having clothes    to    •'•••
liens, nl ottce g.et in touch -.villi
it   ;il   nl     lie   gins   lire   tills   way   I .         •■--   »»    '"   m'iicii  wil 1  us
have learned. P ;nn, ,s Hammond (H. Do,
In niv life I have mot - or two , ott feting till your clothes filth n  brain   fUBt  as cool  as an  on-1 ' Ml"""y or tvorn |o make it  won
honest  and
Hontiiifl* breeze,
Mu\ a  heart  that   w
WIioho ffoodness shines forth like the
sun's  rising  rays
Till our world seems a much better
And I'm fflatl that  1  [mow them, and
that  they arc my friends,
f gives me coui'nge, life's troubles
' to face. t    ''•"
. cunV
No matter how worthless, nor what
they may do,
The   boys   will   be   loved   just   the
At  least It's been that  way for ages
now past,
Ami   I  know  not  just   who  Is  to
They may break out in meanness and
capers cut up
In a  way the world wnn'l   forgive,
Vet   they'll  smite  at   some  girl,  and
ahe will smile back,
And happy, ever after, they live, (?)
So the poets may rave at the public
at  large,
Or at someone who lives  [list  next
Ami   it   seems   they've   been   writing
for my benefit
Ah the leaves of the Gazette I turn
Now If you have slummed me, I enre
not n whit,
Voii'vi   n elmnce to make good ami
t hope Hint you do;
Just now you ain't much but remember Hie oak
\i one lime was oilh a mil like vou.
- W.   I,.   IIAI.'TNKI.L.
Young Hopeful: "I enjoyed ever;
'Ing I ww and I even enjoyed whn
Old      ||l|,      S(",»,"
Dip ii knife Into boiling water 1,
'   '-"""'f.'   n   sugared   cake.   Th
prevent  any  craolting    of    th
'iilie's surf.
"""» did you like the cir-
OMh paid for Old Oold,        Soy. 6626 V
.. Diamonds,  Watches
985 OranvllUj Streea,
Oppo.lt. Provincial Public Market,
Fred Carter's
BDinflr  Tronl Port  Ratty
y   'I'l'tinli   ltd.,   Han
1120 acre farm for snlc. Looatod ii
utiles west Of llulmmel, Alberta. so
Boras under cultivation, 71) acres summer fallow ready for crop next sprint;
Lots of hay and flmwood. 7-room
lieuso, born for S horses and 12 cows,
granaries, blacksmith shop, chicken
house.    |25   pur  acre.      Apply
Hammond, B.C.
ron baxi
A few tons of aood Turnips, $15
per ton delivered ioos0 or 80c. a' sack
Apply       W,   H.   IIOBINSON
Phon,   I5-M Pin   Meadows
Kieellent ouallty. Westminster
Market Prices, llelivercd In Hammond, *
J.   E,   STEWART,
■'''on« 3'-y Hammond.
HANEY   L.O.L.   No.   2816
The  regular  meeting  of  above lodux-
Is held in the Oddfellows halt, Haney,
firs   Tuesday in each month at 8 p.m
Visit.rs cordially  invited.
W.M., J. C. Mosher, 'Phone 5IX
Rec-Seo'y,   J.   M.  Cameron.
L. O. S. A.
The regular meetings of Hammond
L.O.B.A. No. 1G5 are held In the Fos-
sett Hall, tho second Tuesday of each
month at 7:35  p.m,
W.M., Mrs.  M.  Macey,  'Phone  25U.
Hec.-Sec'y, Mrs. B. K. Tolmle.
%'.v^-.'   Vl;^-^
 Wt$   . -:.iir" "
B.C.Monumental Works Ld
Successors   to   Pa'terson,   Chand
ler   A   Stephen,   limited
SEVENTH   AVE.     A     MAIN    ST,
Vancouver,  B.C.
Write   today     for    CatalOgU.   of
designs.     Established   me
The   Hums   Association
is  at aging a  series of ns
and Instructive Ic
been afforded the
this year
if as Interesting
res as have over
Wil   and   district,
The third of the series will be delivered Monday, January l)lh in lhe
Fossett Hall by no less a noted speaker    I fin ii   the   Kev.    11.   ti.   .Melleth   of
Vancouver, his subject being the "Romance of the Royal Mounted." which
will be brim full nf Interesl to all
as the Rev, gentleman was once in
the Royals ami quite apart from that
he is one of Vancouver's best speakers, and an author of note. AH both
old and young are invited nnd none
should miss thiri great opportunity
I. i   ii   rare  (real.
Hoac« the Increasing Popularity of
The Continental Limited
9:50 P.M.
Optional Routes-—Side Trips—Stop Overs
Ths  reeular   meetings  of 'Hammond
I.. O. L. No. 1866, are held In the Fos-
•ett hall at 8  o'clock p.m. on  Second
Saturday and *th Friday, each montn
Visitors  cordially   invited.
J. H,  Ritchie,   W.M.
Wosley O,   Brooks.  H.S.
SILVER   CREEK   L.O.B.A.     37B
Meets In Orange  hall, Hope,  1st and
3rd   Mondays.
Visiting   brothers    and    sisters   welcomed.
.Mrs. T. L.  Robinson Mrs. J. a.  Irving
W.M, Sec.-Treas.
LODGE  No. 33
I. O, O. T.
Meets every Wednesday evening at
• o'clock In the Odd Fellows' Hail.
Ontario Street, Port Haney. VleltlnB
brethren   cordially   Invited   to    attend.
N.G.,   Br».   J.   c.   Mosher.
V.O.,  Bro.  J.  ualt.
nee.   Secy.,   Bro,   P,   H.   Burnett.
Let us supply your Meat Wants
during 1924.
Phone 60
N. A. COOK, Proprietor
Prime Steer Beef.
Veal Pork  Mutton
o    Sausages.
Port Hammond %
Farm Lighting Plants.
Wrlto  for  Quotations,
The Jar/is Electric Co. Ltd.
570 Richards Street,
Everybody seeks reliable ser-
f vice. That is why much custom
comps to:-
Black smithing
Wood Cutting
Apply   ta   B.   T.   STBEET,
'.Vlion.   23 T. HAMMOND
Municipality of
Maple Ridge
Dyed Here!
Wil     Imake    your    Hluibby    oltl
suit  as  Road  as  new.
Entire  Satisfaction.
Wrlto,   call,    or    send    by    Po*t j
or   Hue   Funnel.
535 Clarkson St.,    Phone 278
Fully   experienced.      Patrons    always
satisfied.     Call   In.
I Wood's Garage
Devvdney Trunk Road,
| Phone 3G R Night or Day
Ford'and Chevro!et]Specialista
I/See   us   about  your  Electrical
I Troubles.
[|iepa!rs  to  Batteries,   Starters
and Generators.
See Widdess the Jeweler
<Vhy not'get your Watch Repair-
| jd at home ?    The best of work
guaranteed.   Call in.
I Hatchet! Building    -   -     Port Haney
| Vlacdonald, Laird & Genge,
Phone 43IS
Painting,     Kalsoming
and Paperhan^ing.
| Wall Paper,   Paint,   Varnish,
Oils, Shellac, Enamel and
Coal Tar FOR SALE.
Estimates  Given
All through Maple Ridge
I'lntario Street, Haney
Phone 23
NOTICE In h.rooy given lo Hie
Klectur.( of tin, Municipality of Maple
Ridge, that I require Hi*' presence of
*ho said E|ootors at tro Municipal hall,
Fori  Haney,  B.O., ",■
at   12   o'clock   noon.  Tor   the   purpoao
of ofaotlng port-oils tn ropresont tl i
in tin' iMittili-lpni t'lituiiili im Roevo
nnd CounolltorBII UpTO Two Soliool
Trustoes untl Two Commissioners of
'I'hi. nii'iii- nl Nomination of Can-
iiiilati'M shall  ii,. as  follows [The ctiit-
illiluti-M  shall   Im   UDllillilili'il   III   wl'ltlllSi
tho   wrltltiK   shall   ho   Buhso-'lbotl t,,
by  I'.vn  voters ot  lho  Municipality as
proposer  unci   uoooiKler,   ami   siiaii bo
ilollvorod   in  Hi,-   Returning Officer nl
liny    Um,.     bOLWOOII     lho    tllllo    of    111.'
notloo and J p.in, of tin. day nf uolh-
linit ton mill Bold writing may bo In
tho form iiuniiii'ivii fi: In  tho Schedule
Of    tills    A,-l        mill       shall      BllltO    Ih,'
names, rosldenco nnd occupation or
dcsoirlptlon   nf   each   poi'Bon   inioposod
'II   BUoll   inn ir   11:1   BUffloloill    III   111,ill-
t.ify such candltlato ; niul In tho ovonl
of n I <»ll bolng necessary BUoh poll
will la- oponod on
SATURDAY,     TI110     ltiT'll    DAY    Of
JANUARY,    11121,
as follows :
Ward  l.   Fossett  Hall,  Hammond,
Ward   2,   Municipal   Hall,   Haney,   ami
Wells'   Residence,   Yonnadon.
Ward   .1.   Wells'   Residence,   Yonnadon;
School   House.     Webster'id   Comers,
and   Municipal   Hall,
Ward   4,   School   House,     Albion,     anl
School   House,   Webster's   Corners,
Wo,'id  5,   Memorial    Hall,    Whonnock.
and  School  House,,  Ruskln.
Prom    Nine    o'clock    a.m.   to   Seven
o'clock p.m., of which all persons are"
hereby  required   to    take    notice and
govern   themselves   accordingly.
The qualification for Reeve shall
he being ti Brilish Subject und having been for the six months next
preceding tlie tiny of nomination the
registered owner, in the f.nncl Registry Office, of land or real property
situate within the Municipality of the
assessed vultle, on the last Municipal
or Provincial Assessment Roll, of Five
Hundred Dollars, or more, over and
above any registered judgments nnd
charges, or win, are tlie holders of
lands tvlthin tlie Municipality acquired by tliein by agreement to purchase under tlie "Soldiers Land Act,"
or lhe "Better Utilising Act," or tlie
"Soldiers Settlement Act, 11117," oi
the Dominion, or the "Soldiers Settle
ment Act, 1919," of Ihe Dominion,
nii'l have paid the sum
of Five Hundred Dollars or inure upon Ihe principal of (lie purchase price
under sucli agreement lo purcliuse
nnd being otherwise duly qualified
us a Municipal voter.
Tlie qualifications fur n Councillor
or Commissioner sin,11 be lii'ing a British Subject and having been for tlie
six months next preceding lhe tiny of
nomination lite registered owner in
the hand Registry Office of land or
real property situate within Ihe Mini-
icipnlity of lhe assessed value, on the
last Municipal or Provincial Assessment It,ill, of Two Hundred and Fifty
Dollars, in- in,ire. over and above registered judgment or charge; or lining
it linniesteiider, lessee front the Crown
nr pre-emptor, who hits resided within the Municipality for Hm space of
one year or more immediately preceding lhe nomination und is assessed for Five Hundred Dollars, or inure,
on the lust Municipal or Provincial
Assessment Roll, over nnd above any
registered judgment or charge; nr
being n homesteader, lessee from tin'
Crown or pre-emptor, who lias resided
within the Municipality for u portion
of one year Immediately preceding
Hie nomination, and during Die remainder of the said year litis been
tlie owner of said land, of which lie
formerly was u homesteader, lessee
from the Grown or pre-ciuptor, and is
assessed for Five Hundred Dollars,
or more, on tho hist Municipal or
Provincial Assessment Roll, over and
above any registered judgments and
charges, or who ore the holders of
lands within the Municipality acquired hy them by agreement to pur-
chase under Ihe "Soldier Lund Act,"
nr Hie "Batter Housing Act," or the
"Soldiers Settlemenl Act, mir." of
the Dominion, or ll Soldiers Settlement Act, Inin," of Hie Dominion,
and linvc paid the sum of Two Hundred niul Fifty Dollars, or more, upon
the principal of the purchase price
stcnili'i    ir len ■     t:" i.   '1'" '.'
pro-t mp ..;■   who   1ms   resided   «■
the Municipality for i1 period
yeav immediately preceding i!'-   in
Inati'. > and dm ing the remain
said ,v   ir lms hern Mi' owner
land of which lie formerly   w.n
or  pre-cinptor,  und   it-  assesst.d   1
Five   Hundred   Dnllrrs,  or  m ir ■
the    lusl     Municipal    or    Pi'"'   i in'
Assessment   Hull   over nnd abovi an,
reglstc .',1  judgment  or charge    i
boiiig otherwise qualified by tho "Pub
lie School   \ot" ii. v  nl  l If' I' "
of School Trusteos in tho saitl School
(liven under my baud ivi Port ll.in-
i',". II. ('.. tiii i 86th dny of Docetnbol'
W. V.. i'.FI'KFTT,
Returning Orncor.
notice: to becbbtaries
TTi'ntl'Jiir Notices for Entertatiunontri
etc., wheal en tvlirlisslon charge Is
inoilj or oollootlon tafcon, aro classed
ns auvortlnomonts and charged 10..
por line.
<.^**4. .>•:••:••>»«•:• ****** •:•**•>•>•:•<
S. BOWELL & SON    j
Tin. ranaral (appuw
| prompt Barries to all part. ■>< tn»;j
•■WW   WESTMINSTER     Phon.   993.J.
being u
ago of
lor hik'Ii ugreemeitl    i
und   being  otherwise  duly  quullfled
us ii Municipal voter,
The (|uiilillc;iiii)iis for i
'PriiBtee shall be uny pei'BO]
British subjeol of The lull
twenty-one years actually
within the district, nnd having I
lor tin1 three months next preceding
the day ot nomination the registered
owner, in tho Land Uoglstry oiiloe,
of hind or real property situate within the Municipality Ot tlie ussi's.sed
value in the last Municipal ov Provincial Assessment Roll, of Two Hundred nnd Fifty Dulhirs, nr more, over
und iibnvo any registered judgment or
charge; or being a homesteader from
the Crown or pre-emptor, who bus resided within the Muniripality fur the
space <if nne year or more, iiiumd-
latoly preceding the day tif nomination and is assessed fur Five Hundred
Dollars, or more, on the lust Municipal or Provincial Assessment lloll,
over and above any registered judg-
ment   or  charge;   or  being  u   Imiiiiu-
Phone 76 Box 95
Maple Ridge Garage
All makes of Cars overhauled and repaired
All work guaranteed
lloii" knife bundles which hove be-
•line yellow may be whitened by rub-
blng with a ila.iuei moistened in a
solution <il* peroxide of hydrogen nnd
It's whal wo don't know thai wor-
•leu us.
Look for tbe good in everything
and  in everybody.
Our coldest weather so far probably
nol. lower iban \  uboVC zi'fo.
Orthodox: "Scatter seeds of sunshine." Many people prefer lo distribute drops of moonshine.
Passing of Lord Shaughnessy Calls Forth Expressions of Actx.irr.tion and Respect For the Man of
Far Vision and Unfaltering Determination, Wl. /se Monument Is As Much in Canada's
Greatness as in the Railroad He Helped to Build.
the practicability ot those dreams
alter dawn.
"Lord Shaughnessy, whose passing
t.aiiaua mourns today, was a man of.
this calibre, and because of the Intangible nature of that essence which
makes tor greatness and crystallises
leadership, the record ot his characteristics, his gifts and his achievements must leave much untold. Yet
in the qualities that were revealed to
his friends and associates, In the
firmness of purpose and the strength
of character displayed, In the very
ascent of the ladder of success, rung
by rung, Lord Shaughnessy has bequeathed a heritage to tbe youth of
Canada of splendid inspiration and to
the men who nave lived through the
historic yearn with him he has left a
glad remembrance, . . .
"1 have set up a monument more
lasting thai bronze" wrote the great
Horace two thousand years ago. The
words might be carved upon every
line Kit' railway of the system which
Lord Shaughnessy did so much to
bring to greatness as an epitaph of
his life. Himself of strict Integrity,
.10 carried tlie principle ot the strait-
est code of ethics into the administration o( the road he loved so
warmly and for which he laboured so
untiringly. . . .The Empire mourns
a great pro-consul."
And this, from the i^indon Times,'
ever the spokesman for the heart of
that Empire: "The romance, Imagination and fine courage of the Empire
builder are blended In the life story
of Lord Shaughnessy, Himself a
native of the United States, he lived
lo become not only a citizen of tho
Dominion of Canada across the border but most essentially a citizen of
the British Empire, tor his wholehearted au'd efficient work was not
merely dedicated lo the service of
his country. Under his administration, the double track branched and
extended so as to carry new settlors
every year into tho farmlands of Ontario, through tlie gateways of the
West Into the wheat-fields of the
prairies, and beyond the Rockies Into
the valleys of British Columbia. In
building the greatness of the company he served, he helped to build
the greatness of his beloved country
and of the Empire as well. ... Of
Lord Shaughnessy It may be said
that he was a living Instance of the
manner in which Britain's overseas
dominions assimilate the many elements of which they are composed.
He came to Canada from a foreign
country as a servant; he remained to
be honoured by the King, to whom
he gave such loyal allegiance, and
in be recognized universally nmoiig
his fellow-countrymen as the first
citizen of the Dominion."
The eiip left in the ranks of true
Christian ;;cntlcmen by lite sudden
and premature snapping (if this steel
link with tlie oltl railroad builders Is
very large.
On December 10th, at Montreal,
Death stilled the keen mind
which for forty-two years had been
ever at the disposal of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, the strong hand
which for twenty years had held the
lever of that gigantic machine, the
gallant heart which had ever been
attuned to the music of the giant
company's locomotives. Taking away
Lord Shaughnessy, he took away
with him the last of the old guard of
the great pioneers of Canada's
pioneer trans-continental. The departure of this monumental man Is
significant of the changing times, a
mark »f the Dominion's passing into
The details of Lord Shaughnessy's
truly wonderful career have been recapitulated so often'of late that there
is little need to run over them here.
Born In 1853, at Milwaukee, of Irish
ancestry, he studied for the law, felt
the lure of great railway work, entered tne Chicago, .Milwaukee and St.
Paul Railway as clerk at the age of
sixteen, and in ten years rose to the
position of General Storekeeper. In
1882, when Sir William Van Home
took over the management of the
Canadian Pacific Railway, he at once
engaged the young man he had known
with the Chicago, Milwaukee and St.
Paul, offering him the position of
General Purchasing Agent. Two
years later came the promotion to
Assistant General Manager, in 18111
the Vice-Presidency, and in 1898 the
Presidency. Tills position ho held
until 1918, when he retired to accept
the office of Chairman of tho Board
of Directors, which he retained lo
the moment of his death. Meanwhile came many honours-in 1901,
a Knight Bachelor, in 1907 a Knight
Commander of tlie Victorian Order,
in 1916 a Baron, and high appointments in tho many civil organizations in which lie was interested.
Lord Shaughnessy wus a man of
vision, of tremendous energy, brilliant and incisive, a groat executive,
a great financier—almost everything
but a politician.
Canada will never realize the full
extent of what It owes to the steadfast faith, buoyant optimism, foresight and sheer hard work of Lord
Shaughnessy in his desire to build
up Canada through the agency of the
vast company he headed.
Lord Shaughnessy was unsurpassed
as an administrator. His discipline
was strict but tempered with justice,
kindliness and a keen sense of humor
which made his followers love him.
His attitude towards Labour was well
known, ■» It was rightly said by tho
company's employees that any dispute might safely lie left to him, and
his frequent pronouncements In favour of giving the workingman ns
grout an opportunity for Bel (-improvement nnd enjoyment uh the employer caused  the employer of the
The late Right Honorable Lord
Shanghuessy, First Huron Nliiiugh-
nessy of Montreal mid of Ashford,
County Limerick, Ireland, K.C.V.O.,
old school to tremble. Finally, he
was a great Canadian and a great
believer in the British Empire.
From a1,] parts' of tho world lirtve
come stirring tributes to this leader
among men. H. M. tiie King cabled
Lady Shaughnessy as follows:
"The Queen and I are- grieved to
hear of your bereavement, in which
we offer you our sincere sympathy
We shall always preservp the pleas-
antest memories or Lord Shaughnessy and of Lis unfailing kindness
and consideration, both to ourselves
and to members of my family." H
It. 11. the Prince of Wales, His Excellency the Governor-Genera] and the
Hon. W. H. Tart,' ex-President and
now Chief Justice of tho Supremo
Court of the United States, stand out
among the thousands who also
cabled or wired their tributes.
From the Press came such appreciations as this, published by the
Montreal Star: "Great builders are
few and the British Empire counts
herself fortunate in the long roll cf
brilliant servants who have spent
themselves unsparingly In her Interests. . . . These builders are few
because in thorn are assembled many
talents, great aspirations (often
seemingly contradictory) and idlo-
syncracies of temperament that,
leavened with unselfishness, the
noblest gift of the gods, make up
that Indefinable quality which the
world calls greatness. They arc men
of far vision and of tlie rugged determination that refuses to lie balked
by imposing obstacles, with an Infinite capacity for work ami a joy In
Its accomplishment; men who can
dream gioui things nnd Impress their
fellow-workers with the reality .'in1
Bffiiif s;,i. JM
BMe Funnel i
R. H. STEPHENS, Manager.
Leave Webster's Corners 7,50 a.m. Leave Yj.rn.ijon 8.10 a.m
Leave Haney Daily 8.30 a.m, 1.00 p.m.,  and 4.00 p.m.
Leaves Haney Saturday and Sunday 8.30 a.m.,   2.00 p.m.,  6.30p.m,
Leave Westminster Daily 10.30 am., 2.00 p.m., and 5.30 p.m.
Leaves Westminster Saturday and Sunday 10.?0a.m,, 2.00 p.m., 4.30 p.m., and 9.00",p.m.
Passing   Through  Hammond  and Pitt  Meadows.
Those wishing to be called for who are on the HAMMOND PHONE are requested to rinc tin
»>##^#«S«^^«44^a«afSt^aKM###«««««Sr>at<«tf«ar »^**^***»<^'**^»*^*^*^ ++^^*+**+*M~M+****>*******+,p.t.t.t.r+++j.+++iriilflS.SSj
Phone 15
Westminster 601 Agassiz Record
Printed by The Volley   Publishing Co.
Hammond, R. C,
Subscription:  $1.50 per annum
Advertising  Rates :
Display Advt.  (transltnt) Inch 35o.
Display Advt. (contruet) In oh 25a
Headers, pur line  10a
Logal   Advertising",   12c.   lino   first   Insertion, 8c. subsequent Insertions.
Want and For sale advts., 60a first Insertion, 25c. subsequent insertions.
, Agnfisllz1 'hop reached', metaphorically speaking, the threshold of young
mnnhood. It.s people have much to
exult In—Its schools arc under most
capable teachers and correspondingly
are turning out commendable work ;
its duslnens men can easily bold
their own with any others in the
ValUoy. View from what standpoint
you will Agassiz ranks high, nnd its
citizens aro free, niert and thoughtful, Thils. and more | butAgassll has
needs, and It will be the duty of the
Record to urge these till the end has
been  gained.|
Intellect.uajlly and socially Agassis
needs moat a community Hall. The
reasons are too obvious in detail here
It is through the lack of such Hal]
that our folk*, young and old, are
denied the pleasure of a "Movie,"
which Is so commonly found today,
and, really, everywhere such a social asset. Even a worse feature of
not having a Community Hall is the
necessity, continually existent, of going to' other towns to get what Is
denied at home, and so sending the
money  rljrht out of town.
Aa a matter of fact, very small
places have their Community Hall,
and with it tht best obtainable pictures,  etc.
It la remarkable what small places
are well possessed In this respect—
Aldergrove, Albion, Ruskin, Whon-
nock,   Pitt  Meadows,   Stave  Falls,   etc.
How Jong Is our town to suffer
this loss ? The Record believes that
the time has come fo:- immediate action. May not tbe early New Year
find Agassi?! in this respect triumphant ?
A plooslng part of the program tn
connection with the above Club look
Place last week when Mr. \V. H. Hicks
the  manage*-,  received   tho  balance  of
the   prise   money  and   was able   to  din-
irlbuto ii '■> those members of the
ciuli who exhibited n pair of bacon
hoots at  tho  Agassiz  Exhibition,
Those compering and prh. i won
are as tallows *
1st,  Allan   Raw.*   * 10.00.
2nd,  Joseph   Bourel,   $0.no.
3rd.  deo.   Morrow,   $s.oo,
4th,  Clarence  Mciiac,   $7.00.
Rth,   Andy   Pollock.   $fi.U0
6th.   Willie   Fleck,   $5.00.
7th.   K.   MacDonald,   $4.oo.
8tit,  Louise   Voung,   $8.00,
0th.  Mabel   Hunt,   $-'.00,
Other members of the Club who did
not compete arc Wilfred Lawson., Mm
lol and  Evelyn Jucuucs.
Ont-thtrd of the above prize money
was donated by the Federal Department of Agriculture, one-third by the
Provincial Department of Agriculture
and the balance by the Agassiz Agricultural   Association.
In tlie Into.-Club Competition th*
Agassiz Club was third, and about $2
is still duo oaoh member from thh>
Lawson, Bourel, Fleck and Pollock,
exhibited their pigs at Vancouver Exhibition, nnd succeeded tn winning the
money of the classes In which tlu-y
A great deal of credit Is due to Mr,
Hicks for his untiring interest he bus
taken in the matte:-, of tbe Boys and
Girls' Pig Club. Although a busy
man Mr. Hicks Is always most obliging In Imparting any of his knowledge or expedience to the boys and
girls at any time, hence the list of
prizes won by them each year.
In beautiful weather a clear atmosphere and a larse crowd, the ansu.it
Turkey Shoot of tho above Club was
held on Saturday, 22nd, Deo. Some
splendid shooting by members and also outsiders was enjoyed, and each
winner was loudly applauded on bis
fine   showing.
Tho Range was crowded with visitors, some of whom had travelled quite
a distance to take part In the contest
and ,to behold the turkey slipping,
slipping time after time out of their
grasp when thtv had visions of turkey rlghlt. In  their own  ovens.
Tio {shooting was tho order of the
day. and Vh.cn it is cashiered that
tho range was 200 vards with a six
inch bull, 8 inch inner and 10 'Inch
magpie, and that alt matches were
won by the hull's eye. the winners
have somothjlng to b> proud of.
The club members were sorry to
sec tho Hairlsoa Lako contingent go
back with empty sacks but horio they
wil]  have better luck next time.
Following were the successful winner* : O. Hubbard, C. Merchant, L.
"Wilson (2), F. Wilson. G. Joynt (2).
O. Ogltvl«, R, Fox, F. Sumpter, ft.
Fooks, R. P. Clarke, B. Wilson. 0-.
Green  (2), ,
O. Joynt took the large turkey! and
Green tho smallest. 10%]bs.
Fooks enjoyed tho fun. Green can't
get over It, Clarko Is up In tho sky.
and  X>.   Wilson put  his gun  lna cane.
Joynt waH seen parading through
t bo town With his prizes be]d aloft,
much to the Jndmlrntlon of tho fair
setf from far and wide.
It was disappointing thut tho town
hand was not In attendance owing to
a previous eugngtment, but Fooks and
Green supplied nil the necessnry noise
and everyone wont nwny satisfied
thai an enjoyatofte day had come to
an end, with a hope for, another good
tlms in the near future. I
Tho OlUb lias opened the mil for
members for 1924 and may bo entered by O. Ogllvle, the Hecretnry, B. D,
Clarke, Treasurer, or F. Sumpter,
Captain. Everyone will be welcome.
Voimg men from 18 years up arc especially invited to become members.
Instructors for beginners supplied by
tho ClUb, who are always! coached by
old members on the range,
On Christmas Eve the yung people
and members of the Methodist church
Sunday School provided an excellent
concert. The program included songs,
recitations, drills and dialogues. The
feature of the evening was the sketch
entitled "From Way Back East,"
which portrayed the reception givun
to a couple of old timers by their
nieces. The outcome of the sketch was
that tho kindest of tho nieces received a ten thliusnnd dollar legacy. At
tho close of tlie concert Santa Claus
arnlvod and Stflstj (Ibuted (presents to
tlie members of the Sorool, A larRp
nrnwd attended the ,concert and show
ert much appreciation of the Items
A delightful social evening was
spent at Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baker's
Agassis, cards being a feature if the
evening Mr. and M.rs Henshaw were,
winners of tho capital prizes and Mr.
Webb and Mrs. N'lchol the consolation prizes, The guests were Mr. and
Mrs, B. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Will La-
mont. Mr. nnd Mrs. Nelson Hardy. Mr.
and Mrs. Dick Hensnaw, Mr. and Mrs.
A. S. NIcliol Mr. and Mrs. Herman,
Mr. and Mrs, Bruseile, Mr. and Mrs.
Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Grcyelj, Mr, Geo.
Ogllvle*. ; |  '■[>■"
The t.O.D.E. hold a Cinderella
Dance In the I.O.O.F. hall on Saturday last, but owing to the Inclemency of the weather the attendance
was not large. The storm was so
bad that It was at first thought advisable to postpone It, but the time
waa too short to give notice and, the
Inclination so strong in some to go
through with anything they stnrted,
that a very enjoyable evening was
9   a.m.
Ia Al
Miss Norma Grace Brusselle, daughter of Mr, and Mrs, James Brusselle.
of Agassis, was married Saturday,
Dec 22nd, nt( Saskatoojn, "SaFflt., to
Mr. Cyril Alexander Thompson, of
Miss Gordon, school teacher of Coquitlam,, is spending New Year's with
Mrs.  A.  Ogllvle,
Miss Harris and Mndltic Harris, of
DeroohO, are giiontn of Mr. nnd Mr*.
Bert  Horwoll   for  New Year's.
Mr. and Mm. , Hatty Fooks have
returned from spending Christmas
with  her mother.
Frank Appe] Is visiting In Vancouver.
Mr; Douglas McNolt and Mr. Currle
of Vancouver, aro guests of Mr. and
Mrs.   Spenoer.
Miss, Dorothy Bodls, of Vancouver,
formerly of Agassis, 1s spending her
holidays ngucst of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Mr*.{ Jos. Duncan, of Harrison Mills,
spent New Year's with Mr. and Mis.
A.  C,   McDonald,  Hammorsley  Prnlrle.
Manufacturers of Gasoline Logging Locomotives.
Industrial and  Mill  Attachments  for  Fordson  Tractors,
Ornamental and Structural Iron Work, Bois Interlocking
Steel Stairs,
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St. New Westminster, B.C.
P.O. Box 933 65
PUBLIC NOTICE is hareby gtvon
to the Electors <>*" tne Munlolpajltv of
Konl   thai   I   renulre   the   presom f
the said   -V-uters  at   the  Oddfoiiowi'
Hall, Agassis, B.C., on Monday, thfl
14th day <-f January, 1084, ai 18
o'clnck i.i on for the purpose <»* ot-
tiling roiM.ns to represent them in
the Municipal Counuit, ns Roovn nuo
Councillors, School Trustees, and for
the Election of Police Commissioners
Th0 mode of Nomination of Candidates shall be as follows ! The Candidate shall bo nominated in writing
the writing shall ,*"■ subscribed by
Two Voters of the Municipality as
proposer and ^ccor-de**, and shall ho
delivered to the Returning Of floor '"
any tinin between tho datoofthol Not-
lee and l! p.m|, of the day of Nomination,
The writing may be in the form
No. f, In the schedule! of the "Municipal Elections Ad" and shall state
the name, residence and occupation
or description of each person proposed, in such manner as sufficiently to ldontlfy such Candidate, nnd In the* event "f a Poll
being necessary, such Poll will be
opened on SATURDAY, THE
srz, b.c,
of which  every  person Is  hereby  ro-
qulred   to   take   notice     and     govern
hlllself   accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated and elected as and to hold the
office of REEVE of any district
municipality, shall, save as otherwise
provided In jthe "Municipal Elections
Act," be such as are British; subjects
of the full age of twenty-one years
who have been for the six mont lis
next preceding the Idlajte of nomination and are registered In the Lnrd
Registry Office as 'owners of land
or land and improvements within the
Municipality of the value, as assessed on the ltst assessment roll of Five
Hundred Dollars or more over and
above all registered Judgments and
charges, or who are the holders of
land within the Municipality; acquired
by them by agreement to purchase
under the "Soldiers* Land Act," or
the "Better Housing Act," or tlie
"SoldIe s Settlement Act, lDlfl" of
the Dominion, and have paid the sum
of five hundred dollars or more upon
the principal of the purchase price
under  such  agreement  to  purchase.
Tho persons qualified to be nominated and elected as and to hold the
office of COUNCILLORS of any district municipality, shall, save as other
wise provided in the "Municipal Elections Act" be such as are British
subjects of the full ace of twenty-
one years who have been for the *'*
months nepct preceding the day of
nomination and are registered at the
Land Registry offIc0 as owners of
land or land and Improvements within the Muni equality of value a» assessed on last assessment ron of two
hundred! and fifty dollars or more over
and above all registered Judgments
and charges, and such as are British
SUbjeots of;the full ugw of twenty-
one years and are homesteaders, lessees from the Crown, or pre-empt or s
who have resided within the Municipality for tho period] of one your Immediately preceding the day of nomination, and are nxesed In respect of
land nnd Improvements within tho
Municipality of ,'the value, according
to last assessment noli, of five hundred dollars or more over and above
all registered judgments and charges,
and such as arc British subjects of
the full age of twenty-one years who
are holders of lands within the Municipality acquired by them by agreement to, pu: chase under the "Soldiers
Land Aot" or the "Better Housing
Ad." or the "So|dlors Si-ttleincm. An.
llJJ.ll** of tho Dominion, and have paid
the sum of two hundred nnd fifty
dollars or more upon tho principal of
the purchase price under such agreement of purchase.
The person* qualified to be nominated and elected ns and to hold the
of any District Municipality shn[1,
save as otherwise provided in the
"Municipal Act" be such ns are British subjects of the lull ago of twenty
one years nnd who Imvo boon for t c
si* months next preceding tho day of
nomination and are registered In the
Lain! Registry Off too, as owners of
land or land ami] Improvements, within tho Municipality of the value as
assessed on tho last assessment roll
of two hundi-cd and fifty dollars or
morn ovor and above nil registered
judgments nnd charges. and
such ns nre British subjects
of the full age or twenty-one
years and are* homesteaders, lessees
from the drown or pre-emptors who
havo resided within the Municipality
for tho period of ono yenr Immediately preceding* the day of nomination,
and are assessed In respect °f land
, and Improvements within tho Munlcl*
I pallty of tho value nccordlng to the
last  assessment  roll,  of  five  hundred
At your servise
regardless of the weather
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
Watch This
Harrison Lodge
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn was
this season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs I
dollars of more over nnd above all
registered judgments nnd charge.', and
such as sfte British subjects of the
full nue if twenty-one years who are
holders of lands within the Municipality acquired by them by agreement to purchase usder the "Soldier
Land Act" or tho "Better Housing
Act" or the "Soldfe,:w Settlement Act
1010," of the Domenion, and have paid
the sum of two hundred and fifty
dollars or more upon the principal of
tho purchase price under such agreement to purchase.
The qualification for a SCHOOL
TRUSTEE shall be any person be'.ig
a British subject of the full age of
twenty-one years actually residing
within the District, and having been
for three months next preceding the
day of his nomination the registered
owner In the Land Registry Office,
of land or real property situate within the Municipality of tho assessed'
value In the last Municipal or Provincial assessment i oil of two hundred nnd fifty dollnrs or, more over
ind above) any registered judgment or
clmrgc. or being n homesteader, leasee from tho Crown, or prc-empton
who has resided within the Municipal I ty for the space of one year or
more Immediately preceding the day
of nomination, and is assessed for
five hundred dollars or more on the
last Municipal or Provincial assessment roll over nnd above any regis-
terer Judgment or charge or being n
homesteader, lessee from the Crown,
or p.ie-etnptor who has resided within the Municipality for a period of
one year immediately preceding the
nomination, nnd during tho remainder
of said year has been the owner nf
said land, of which he formerly was
a homesteader, lessee from tbe Crown
or pre-emptor, and Is assessed for
five hundred dollars or more on the
last Municipal or Provincial assessment roll over and abovo any registered Judgment or chnrgo and being
otherwise qualified by tho Public
School's Act tq voto at an election of
School Tmtstoes In the said School
Given   under   miy   hand   at   Agassis.
B.C.', tilts' 31st day of December, 1923.
Roturnlng Offlcor.
General Carpentry in all ita
Sash and Doors*
All Front and Back Doors
Phone 44R P. 0. Box 131
Miss Florence Jenkins Rft Agassi:*
for California, She sails from Vancouver Jan.  3rd.
Mi*. Robt. Brown roached homo on
I Monday to Spend a few days holiday
with his family, coming from Powell
Mr. and Mrs. J, H, Karr and family spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs.
D.   Karr,   Itosednle.
Mrs. Hrooks, Onpllnnn, and Mrs. Ai-
chlhald, Rosedale, were Christmas
guests of their parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
L   Peterson.
Miss Mabel Karr, Roscdalt, has been
spending   part   of   her   vacation   with
relatives here.
A number from Popkum attended
the Christmas concerts given at Rosedale b\C St. Pater's Sunday School arvl
the Union' Sunday School,, and greatly
enjoyed   the   Excellent   piogrammes
The Popkum correspondent extends
to our editor, manager, and other
members of the staff, and to caQii
and every reader, vory best wishes,
for a Happy and Prosperous Now
Mrs* J. H. Macken spent the Xmas.
season with Mr. Macken at the Coast-
returning  homo on Thursday.
Mr. Will Mercer recentlv returned
from* tho prairies to visit with hitt
inothor, Mrs, Jasv Mercer, Rosedale.
was a  recent  visitor here.
Christmas Sunday was observed by
our Sunday So'iool with appropriate
music and addresses, and distribution
of gifts to the boys and girls frouv
their teachtrs.
Water Colour Paintings|
Anumials a specialty
Ideal Wedding Gifts or House
Box 172, Agassiz.      Phone 37X
C. Warburton Young
The Agassiz Pioneer Office
Fire Insurance Special1
One Lot opposite the
Dominon Express Farm.
A splendid building sight
all clear,   A Snap.
Phone 52
N. T. Baker
Manager Agent,
AgasBiz, B.C.


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