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Agassiz Record 1924-02-27

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No. 24
/ol. 1
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, February 27, 1924
$1.50 per year
agassk Pioneer Office
Spriilu is coming.   Now is
the  line  to   s'.art housekeeping.
Fire and Life Insurance
To  guard   against   Spring
rubbish fires; accidents.
Real Ely Li. Notary Public
Phone 51 Manager-Agent
Hotel Agassiz
Courteous Attention,
Mrs. C. Gitlis & Sons
Phone 30-L      P.O. Drawer A C
Agassiz Lawn
Tennis Club
Agassiz Sweet Shop
Mrs. Butler.
A fresh and complete li-      .
Tobacco     Con* eCti0'nery)
and So* , DrJnk8
"Barber Shop in connection
During recent yeara there has been
throughout tho United States and
Canada nn Inci-eaaed Interest In the
tamo of Tennis, I.awn Tennl*, tt
name once only recoR-n.'.-,..^ as tho
"I'hiKiinhmnn'M frame," ha* now hu-
como an International ap»rt, In the
Davla Cup matches there are ontiion
f-.om almost ovory country In tho
World, The community or AuuhsIz hap
a Tennl* Club which Is stimulating
n lively Interest* In lho gamo,
Tho Agassiz Lawn Tennis Club was
organised in lmo with Cain. c. Mar-
srall   us   PrcHldunt,   and   Kamos   wore
played    on    the    l'resbytcrlan Church
Courts,   tho   Bolla   Vista   Hotel   con-
aud prlvato coui'tn In the yea'     "' "
-21   the   Club  made   furthr     „*'"
under  lho presidency o^ Vr   *   ■    *
Callum.     Steps   W'.nft   i  ,      ' ,      ,„„.,
.       ..     n *   uikon    In    1922,
when   Ml*.   13,   J.   V.A..    . _.,    .
^  J-    ..ebb waa president.
|» «c„ud» t>t.rmanent courtsi and a
.eiiso waf. bcksiinu from, Mr. R. Agassi ot the land ah the roar- ot the
Bella Vista Hotel, The ground was
graded and so-^n -with grass seed and
twee courrd piannea. 1923 saw development tIlke place under the leadership o( Mr R 0, Qiendennlng. Two
c""'.-ts were i.repare,i on the new
'^rou- ds. r.nd were used during tre
whole of the summer. Tho Club Is
now endeavoring to raise funds to
purchase the land, and to construct
a hard court for all tho year-round
The Agassis Lawn Tennis Club is
lr. every- renneof .. community cl.io,
for Its monvb'reh'p is open to a!l.
Last year it tc?*ted a membership tf
65, most of which ware a playing
membership, and  the curls were  the
"Afternoon Tea in Friendly Village"
will be given by the
Ladies of the Methodist Church
In the Agriciltural Hall, WeJissdiy, March 5th,
At 8 o'clock sharp.
'   Come early and laugh with us.
Adults 50c Children 25c
General Hardware
F r Spring House Cleaning see us about Paints
and Varnishes.   A full u jw line of
both now in stock.
Have you noticed, our Window Display yet?
Agassiz - Meat - Market %
To my Patrons: «.♦«
1 beg to announce that I have sold my interest in ♦♦♦
the above Market to Mr. Roy Whelpton, who will take «¥«
charge on March 1st.   Mr. Andrews will be on hand at V
the Market to receive collections and give receipts. *f
Thanking my patrons and friends for past favors and
trust you will give Mr. Whelpton the same support and i
co-operation you have given me. *
Yours very truly, J",
Jas. R. Campbell %
A delicious assortment of Creams and Hard CentreB with
Cream Coating.   60c per lb.
Cowan's Chocolate Ginger 40c. per Yz lb,
Phone 42.     Druggist and Stationer,     AGASSIZ
The Ilollairler prides himself °n
his home, a prominent feature of
which Is his garden. But we do not
have to go out of our own town to
find homesof beauty. One of these
Is the domicile of Mr. Chas. Lovell,
for 30 years in charge of the C.P.R.
section hero. Both Mr. and Mis. Lov
ell are English, and so take it that
the homo should bo at once attractive
and   happy.
A good garden Is a bit of the fine
arts, and almost for a life-time Mrs.
Lovell has cultivated the art, even
long before the C.P. R. began glvlnu:
prizes for the best gardens of those
connected   with  their  employees.
It is one thing to keep tho flowers ; It's a bigger thing to make them
the possession and joy of one's neigh-
born as herself. This latter is the
n'trulstlc path taken by Mrs, Lovell.
She, indeed, believes in bestowing!
them In life, not in a sort of post
mortem  way.
The floral gifts of Mrs. Lovell have
not been simply to local people, but
such acts of kindness have been the
lot of such Important personages as
Lady Thomaa of Cambridge, Sir John
Sinclair. Lord Strotl^ona, Sir Osorga
Berry, tho Duke and Duchess oil Con-
naught and the prince of "Wales.
This many-times prise garden will
speak for Itself. "Honor to whom
honor Is due," Ou:» readers will all
be glad to see a picture of this treasure  trove.
Conducted   by   the   Dominion    Experimental   Fa*irv   Agassiz
Weekly  Report,  February  20/ 1924
Pullen,   F. E.,   Whonnock,   AnC   48 330
Brown, Ruth, Pitt Meadows, W.L.
45 553
Bruce, W. D., Pitt Meadows, W.L.
51 631
Kershaw, J. H., Haney, W.L. 39 510
Metcalfe,   C.  P.,  Hammond,   W.L.
40 605
Simpson  &  Holland*,  Haney,  W.L.
51 690
Swootman,   H.,   Agassiz,   S.C.R.IR.
82 534
Dom. Exp. Farm, Agassis B.R., B3 648
'<        B.R.,  47 664
scene   of many 1* (crestleg   games na'.
The Club Is look'ng forward to an
nthtr seaH'ui of inn eased activity imfr
development, and a now policy is ho*
lrg considered In respect to the In-
teroittlnr; and training of the younger
people I" the gamo, and will thus in-
creano Its already largo contribution
trj tne Mlrsiuveneas of the AgasHiz
rt TMtiunl'y.
Mr, Jun.cs It. Campbell who hns
conducted the butcher business at the
Agassiz Meat Market for the past 5
years disposed of the business to Roy
Whelpton, who is taking it over shortly. Mr. 11. Andrews has been retained
for the time being, and will still be
found at his old place on the Block.
It is quite superfluous to introduce
Mr. Hoy Whelpton In this district as
the fact of him being born nnd raised
in Agassi/ is sufficient and besides
liiin being brought up, we may say, in
the butcher business, his father having built up (be business in tbe first
place to Which Roy has fallen heir.
Roy has had some good training under Mr. Campbell and also at thc
coast. We are satisfied he will make
good nnd are sure that he can depend
on all,the old timers to help him in
Ms undertaking on account of the
late Mr. Joe Whelpton (his father)
who was a very popular man.
The reason for Mr. Campbell leaving Agassiz is because he has seen
a chance to better himself, having
bought out the City Meat Market at
Chiliiwack from Mr. It. J. Bamford,
the largest and beBt equipped meat
market in the Fraser Valley, having
an ammonia cold storage plant valued at $4,000 as well as all the latest
electric machinery, including a Silent
Ruffnlo Cutter, Enterprise Cutter and
Bone Crusher.
Mr. Campbell intends to buy a 20
acre* farm near Chiliiwack and build
a slaughter house on it.
Everyone seems to-be of one uc-
ord, that Agassiz Is loosing one of
its best business men in Mr. Campbell nnd that he and Mrs. Campbell,
with their little family Morag and
inn. will be sadly missed. We wish
them every success in their new venture.
MRS. PROBERT,  Proprietress
E. PROBERT, Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Harrison Hot Springs.
REPAIRS of all Descriptions.
BOOTS a specialty.
E. D. Harrington
Agassiz, B.C.
Mr. Hoy Whelpton from Vancouver
bus been paying a business visit here
for the Inst few days and has returned to Vancouver but expects to
return next Thursday t« take over tlie
butcher business in tbe old stand of
the Agassiz Ment Market.
Mr. Ashton has been re-appointed
grave digger.
Agassiz Barber Shop
Under New Management.
Soft Drinks
and Tobacco
J. BUTLER, Prop.
Place Yo«r Order For
with the
Phone 33-G
Leap Year
Novelty Dance
Under auspices of
The Women's Institute
Prize Waltz, Balloon Prize
Dance, Carnival Prize Dance,
and other Novelties.
Good Music  Good Refreshments
Adults 75c Children 60c
Will be at the Agassiz Hotel. Friday of each week
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Dentistry in all its Branches. Extractions, Crown and Bridge
work.   Plates.   Latest Methods.
E J. Webb
General   Merchant
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
In fact every
thing you need.
Phone 46
The Community Store
New Goods to Hand
and many other lines all AT PRICES which CANNOT
BE BETTERED for the quality,
We aim to give Service and Satisfaction
SPENCER & STOUT, General Merchants
Phone 17
\ Pine Air is Good
• For Catarrh, Colds I
Dwellers tn pine forests never have
colds, never know tho meaning or Oa-
tarrb. Upon this fncl la bused "OA-
TAIIHHOZONE," which sends into
Ihe lunga anil nostrils the healing
balsams and Boolhlng antiseptic, or
the pine rorest,
The health laden vapor of "CA-
'J AKUHOZONE" BUbtlues the worst of
coughs, colds ami catarrh.
Tho llnlesl corners ol tho limns aro
treated, tho uttermost parts ot lho
bronchial tubes are reached, every coll
In the nose and Ihroal Is bullied In the
nntisopllc balsam ot CATARRHOZONE, Simply Invaluable Is CA-
TAItKlloZDNK because so safe, so cf-
I'eetive, so sure lo slop husklness,
whooping cough, catarrh, nose colds
or bronchi'Is—try It yourself.
Complele two months' treatment
guaranteed, price JWO; small (Irial)
flze 50c. At all druggists. Refuse
it substitute for CATARRHOZONE.
Hy mall from The Catarrhozone Co.,
Author of "My Canada," in.a Othtr
Published  by Special  Arrangement
with tlie Author
l wish there were a more beautiful
word than scent or perfume or aroma
or smell to give a name to the wild
strawberry's first appeal to the senses.
Our Anglo-Saxon forefathers must
have been loss sensitive lo such impressions lhan we aro, their ono word
Is so inexpressive and so unnecessarily ugly. And all the others have an
exotic artificiality that makes them
unsuitable when one speaks of straw-
berries or wild roses or camp-fires 01
snow on a frosty spring morning.
We picked berries that day until
when at night. I closed my eyes I could
see them hanging in clusters. But
ihere is nothing dream-like or imaginary in the row of strawberry preserves
that gladdens my house-wifely heart.
At noon Murray built a fire and we
made tea, baked potatoes in the coals
—they were not a great success, but
the twins loved them—and then ate
Incredible quantities of sandwiches
and pie and hard-boiled eggs and cold
roast chicken. Later in the season
we picked raspberries—and a wasp's
nest—and wild plums and pin-elionies
and cranberries, but. no other day can
compare with the one of the strawberry picnic.
Our tennis tournament was held one
fall'ly cool Saturday afternoon, Mr.
Macleod and Jean and .lim had drop
ped in and in some way the talk turned to tennis, Maudie remarking thai
we had the foundation for a good
grass court at the side of the house.
One suggestion after another was
made, and in the end Murray and Jim
put up a length of poultry wire for a
net and witli our two racquets and
soft rubber balls belonging to the children we played a series of "sudden
death" games on an entirely new system of elimination. 1 had only play
ed twice since Murray came home,
.lim and .Jean had never played before,
and Murray and Mr. Macleod not since
before they went overseas. Maudie,
In fact, was the only one of us who
was in practice, but while she played
TellsWomenHow She Was Restored
to Perfect Health by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Winnipeg. Man.—"J cannot speak
too highly ot what Lydia E. Pinkham's
V '-get able Compound has done for
me. 1 was a nervous
wreck and I just had
to force myself to do
my work. Even the
Bounduf my own children playing made
me feel as if 1 must
scream if they did
not get away from
me. I could not even
speak right to my
husband. Thc doctor
said he could do nothing for me. My husband's mother advised me to take the
Vegetable Compound and I started it at
once. I was able to do my work once
more and it was a pleasure, not a burden. Now I have a fine bouncing baby
and am able to nurse her and enjoy doing my work. I cannot help recommending BUch a medicine, and any ono
seeing me before I took it, and seeing
me now, can see what it does for me. I
am only too pleased for you to use my
testimonial.1 -Mrs. EMILY Davis, 721
McGee Street. Winnipeg, Man.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Private Text-
BoOK upon " Ailments Peculiar to
Women" will be sent you free upon
request. Write to the Lydia E.Pinkham
Medicine Co., Cobourg, Ont. This book
contains valuable information. C
W.   N.   I'.   1609
a steady and uninteresting game ahe]
was no match for Mr. Macleod's wicked serve. in the end, due purtlj tn
luck, portly lo a natural quickness and
partly to the fact thai he made me
laugh so much lli.il I missed almost
every ball, it was Jim who carried off
ihe prize, a chocolate cake thai had
been intended for OUl' Sunday supper.
When Maudie went home sliu sent out
a box of balls, (he boys marked the
courts properly, and we had many a
good game, ,11m developing inlo so
last a player ihal 1 do not know what
lie would have done on a hard court,
Maudie seemed scarcely to have
come before il was time for her lo go
away again. Sin- and Murray, without consulting me, decided thai I was
io visit, her for Thiinksgiviitg^week."
And if you are here next summer I'm
coming again, whether you invite mo
or not," she called from Ihe back platform as the trnjn pulled out.
Teddy came the next day with a
whoop and a rush and much energy lo
he expended. He found many changes
and Improvements about the place and
gave his approval to all.
"But what 1 like best," he confided
lo me, "is tlie difference in Murray.
Gee, lie isn't the same chap that came
here al all! And Isn't the old boy
some farmer? lie seems to have
.taken it great fancy to the life."
He found the children grown, of
course, and he. agreed wiih me ihal.
Rupert had lost much ol his susceptibility lo minor ailments.
"And you yourself seem different,
somehow," he said, eyeing me critically. 'I used to think you'd miss your
old friends and lhe city ways pretty
timd, but you surely bide it well if you
do. Everyone I meet out here tells
me what a fine sister-in-law I have1.
And," with a disarming grin, "you're
not. getting any worse-looking, either."
Teddy, Murray and I were belli glad
to see, no longer talked of coming
farming with us or of seeking his fortune in the North. He had, he told
us, decided to stay in Ihe bank until
business improved, and then he would
try to get Into some other line where
his banking experience would be of
service, hut. where advancement, would
be more rapid.
"Just between ourselves," he admitted, "I'm lucky to have a job of any
sort, when you think oT the number of
fellows who can't get work. This
winter I plan to take the short commercial course that the University is
giving, I don't Ihink I'd ever make a
doctor or a lawyer or a minister, but
maybe J. Edward Aylwin will be
complroller-general yet—about the
same time.that the Hon. Murray Aylwin is Minister of Agriculture."
"That's right, son," asid Murray approvingly, "and in the meantime I
hope you'll spend all your holidays at
Herrington's Hope, so as to get the
farmers' point of view."
"Vou just bet I will," replied Teddy
seriously. "It's the best sort of place
for a holiday, though I've given up the
idea that I'd make a good hired man."
It. was, however, surprising the number of things Teddy found to do during the two weeks he spent with us.
Clad for ordinary occasions in a pair
of riding-breeches, a khaki shirt, and
puttees—which, while undoubtedly
picturesque, must have been fearfully
liot—he was busy from morning until
night. Aided and abetted by lhe
twins hi' "landscaped gardened" the
part of the creek-bank that Murray
had not had time to all end lo, and
built a rustic summer-house in the
psychological spot. So successful
was his rustic carpentry that, he next
constructed what he called a pergola,
and I a porch, at the kitchen door.
"Next summer you'll plant scarlet
runners Ihere," he ordered, "Mother
always has them at home and I'll ask
her to send you some seeds." He
seemed really disappointed that there
was nothing for him to build about
the stable or the hen-house, and to relieve hla feelings he cleaned and oiled machinery and groomed tlie horses
until everything shone. And then
one day when Murray was comparatively free Ihe two of them built a
Heaver Hoard partition lo divide lhe
long nursery into Iwo bedrooms, an
improvement I had long desired.
But of course we did not lei Teddy
work all the time. Our neighbors
wero taking breath between haying
and harvest, and so we could do more
visiting and entertaining than would
have been possible either earlier or
later In the season. Mrs. Mowbray
gave one oi her all-embracing parties
for Lilali Armstrong, the Fenwicks and
the Sevcrns invited us out for lea,
ami one very pleasant afternoon when
Murray had to go to spruce Greek I
took Teddy and the twins lo call on
Mrs. (lagoon. In return we had one
of our Saturday afternoon gatherings
for lhe younger people, Jean and her
cousin, the Seyerns, the Cameron
boys and Mr. Macleod. Antl Teddy,
bless him. made friends wllh everyone—"awfully decent people I call
them," he said lo me.
The one dark spot on the season's
gaiety was Lilah Armstrong—who
WOUld be horrified to hear herself described as a dark spot.
Under ordinary circumstances I
should, I am sure, have been sorry for
the girl, for she is one of (he people
who have never had a chance, bul she
made so milch trouble for Jean and
Jim Ihal I cannot find it In my heart
to pity her. Her mother, a sister of
Mrs. Mowbray, died while quite
young, and left Lilah a child of only
two. Iter marriage had not been a*
happy one and the young father losl
no time in providing the child wiih a
step-mother of his own kind, a shallow, selfish woman who resented
Lihili's presence when she was young
and infected her with her own false
ideals when she grew Into a pretty
and attractive girl.
Health and Comfort
AS age advances our wants are not
many and with reasonably good
health we can enjoy the peaceful
period of life in comfort and happiness.
But unfortunately there are certain ills
which conspire to destroy the pleasure of
this time in life and they arc usually of a
decidedly painful nature.
The kidneys are often the first of the
bodily organs to fail. Then the poisonous
acids which should be eliminated by the
kidneys circulate in the blood and cause
backache, rheumatism, lumbago and the
many ailments which make life so miserable.
There has, perhaps, never been a medicine
So well suited for people of advancing years
as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
This statement is founded on the many
thousands of cases reported to us from
time to time.
The success of Dr.  Chase's Kidney-
Liver pills is due to their direct und specific
action on the liver, kidneys and bowels
whereby the accumulating poisons arc
quickly swept from the system and the
cause of pains and aches promptly removed.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills do not
lose their effect on the system as do so
many medicines but can be depended on
absolutely to bring about the desired
results. Used one pill a dose at bedtime
as often as is necessary to keep the bowels
regular, they relieve indigestion, biliousness and constipation and keep the
system in healthful condition.
You will notice that while the price of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills has been,
increased to 35 cents, the box now contains 35 pills instead of 25 as formerly.
Likewise the price of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is
now 60 cents a box of 60 pills instead of 60 cents for
60 pills.   Edmanson Bates & Co., Ltd., Toronto.
"Lilah Is ray own sister's child,"
said .Mrs. Mowbray to me, "but she is
a handful, and she is so nasty to Jean
that I'm out of patience with her sometimes. But I suppose it isn't all her
fault, so I just do the best I can for
her and perhaps when she is older she
will mend her ways."
Lilah is pretty, there is no room for
doubt, on that score. And what Nature has not done for her she does for
herself. Our quiet, countryside had
never seen such hair and complexion
and eyebrows as hers, such short
skirts and silk stockings and high-
heeled shoes. And her mother is as
artificial as her face. She admitted
at once to being "horribly bored" in
the company of women, but let a man
appear on the horizon and she was all
"I don't know how you exist here,"
she?' said to me the second time wo
mot. "Of course Auntie and Jean
have always lived In the country and
I suppose Ihey don't mind, but you
must bc awfully fed up."
I assured her that I was quite
happy and thai I telt myself exceedingly fortunate in having come to a
district where the neighbors w^ve so
"Oh, bul you're absolutely dippy
about your husband," she said wllh a
slung anil a smlft that I hated her for,
"anyone can see that. 1 would simply die here. I couldn't be like Jean,
contented io live in a nil, wllh nn
company except a lot of older married
people who can't talk about, anything
bul  crops and politics."
"Jean does not need lo be amused
all the lime," 1 pointed out, "she has
resources  within  herself.      And  you
must remember that while there are,
unfortunately, no other girls in the
district we have some fine young men
—Mr. Macleod and the Cainerons and
the Farrells and   .   .   ."
"So far as I'm concerned," Lilah interrupted with another shrug, "the
only one of them that has any pep Is
Jim Cameron, and, of course, he is
just a hick."
"Who is just a hick?" asked Jean as
site came inlo the room.
"Your Jim Cameron," Lilah replied,
"I wish he could have six months in
Ihe city, then he would be some goer.
I wouldn't mind taking him on myself, he'd be quite good-looking once
he got rid of his country Inn, I'm so
dark that I don't, mind red hair."
Jean was probably angrier than I,
but she did not show it.
(To be continued)
For 200 years Holland has been a
leading factor in the cocoa Industry.
Today Amsterdam alone has eighteen
factories engaged in the manufacture
of cocoa and chocolate.
Don't waste your time and
money in trying to find something "just as good" as
Heavy Grain Movement
Willi a hundred million bushels ot
wheal sllll in farmer's hands on tho
prairies, Ihe railways find Ihelr work
In excess of what original plans called for. Much equipment, which goi
into the shops usually at this season,
will continue In servico right through
to the spring opening ot navigation, it
is declared. At present Alberta grain
dominates the situation.
The annual meeting of the Canadian
Council ot Agriculture, with delegates
attending from Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Multiloba. Ontario and Quebooj will
be held ai fteglnn on February 19.
Wing Coninmmlei- .1. Lindsay Gor-
ilnn. D.F.C., acting director of Ihe
Canadian Air Force, leaves shortly for
England to take a two-years' course at
lie. staff college of the Royal All-
Force at Andover.
A resolution providing Ihal race
track gambling be abolished as "do-
liltnental lo lhe best Interests of Canada" will again be moved by W. C.
tlood (Progressive, Ilrant), at tho
coming session of Parliament.
C. II. Best, who was associated with
Dr. F. (1. Hunting In Ihe discovery of
Insulin as a treatment for diabetes,
announces that production of Insulin
at the Toronto University laboratory
is now far ahead of the local demand.
Corns, Warts, Bunions,
Painlessly Removed
Don't limp any longer, don't suffer
another hour from corns. The oldest remedy and the best, the one that
for fifty years has proved a true success, will lift out jour corns in a
hurry. Putnam's Painless Corn and
Wart Extractor is the one remedy to
use. Refuse a substitute, 25c everywhere.
"Miss America" Declares Tanlac
Wonderful Health Giving Tonic
W. Hamilton, General Manager of
tho Union Bank ot Canada,
A Quebec Woman Found Relief and
Wants Others to Know
Mrs. Donald M. McLeod, Sprlnghill,
Que., was a victim of great nervousness until she found the right remedy,
and is now anxious that others shall
profit by her experience. Mrs. McLeod says:—"Some years ago I became run down and grew so nervous
that my life was a burden to myself
and all around me. Every night I
would wake up with a choking feeling, numb all over and my heart beating at an alarming rate. 1 would
jump up and walk the floor and declare I was dying. Then I would
have sinking spells, and all day long
would be so dizzy that I would stagger like a drunken person. I was
afraid to be left alone, and my condition was terrible. I was then taken
to the Sherbrooke hospital, but tlie
treatment there did me no good and I
came back home so weak that I could
hardly cross the floor, I could not
take care of my children, and my
mother did so. Everybody thought I
was dying, and I was just wailing and
wondering when the end would come.
At this stage my attention was directed to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I
got a supply at once. By the time I
had used five boxes 1 felt much bet
ter, could eat better, and sleep)better,
and felt almost like a new woman. I
continued the pills for some time further, and am now a strong and
healthy woman.- I advise all rundown women to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills as I am sure they will do lot-
others what they have done for me."
The new sales tax will not increase
tlie price of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
as the company pays the tax. You
can still obtain the pills through any
medicine dealer at 50 cents a box, or
by mail, post paid, at this price, from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont.
Creosote Plant For St. Boniface
A deal has been concluded between
the City of St. Bonlfaee and the Dominion Tar and Chemical Company
whereby the latter secures a piece ot
land within the city limits ..on which
to erect a plant for creosotlng.
Five thousand acres of essence-
yielding flowers are under cultivation
In Grasse, France.
A Severe Attack
Of Heart Trouble
Was Relieved By
Heart and Nerve Pills
Mr. S. E. Barnes, Athens, Ont.,
writes:—"Four years ago I had a very
severe attack of heart trouble. I
consulted my doctor; he treated me
for some time, but I only seemed to
be getting worse, I finally went to
our druggist and purchased three
boxes of Mllburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills and derived Immediate relief
from their use, and I can truthfully
say Ihey are a wonderful medicine. I
always keep a box on hand, and if I
feel out of sorts I take a few pills and
feel all right again."
Mllburn's-Heart and Nerve Pills are
50c a box nt all dealers, or mailed
direct on receipt of price by The T.
Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
Miss Campbell in "Miss America"
crown which she has won on two
Photograph by Atlantic Koto Service.
It is not enough in this world to
"mean well." We ought to do well.
Thoughlfulness, therefore, becomes
a duty, and gratitude one of the
Thirty new varieties of birds have
beeirfound in the South Sea Islands.
Small and Formed Sore
Eruptions. Skin Sore and
Red. Cuticura Heals.
"Pimples broke out on the back
of my head and neck. At first the
pimples were small and then
ran ,lnto each other and
formed sore eruptions about
the size of a ten cent piece.
The skin was sore and red
and itched a great deal,
causing me to scratch.
"I had the trouble about
six months before I began using
Cuticura Soap and Ointment, and
after using three cakes of Soap and
three boxes of Ointment I was
healed." (Signed) J. A. Macdonald,
Giffard, Quebec.
Rely on Cuticura Soap, Ointment
and Talcum to care for your skin
•«vi>kI.cBrr<>arliaU. MONaai "lnaaaa,Ua.
11.1. JM»l.r.«l«l.,W., HmUuI." Bold «.enr-
whir.. Bo.p gc, Qtntm.pt 2fi and M.. T.kmn ttc.
■aVCaUcwe Saea ab...i without •»•!.
Miller's Worm Powders not only exterminate intestinal and other worms,
but they are a remedy for many other
ailments ol children. They strengthen tlie young stomacli against biliousness and are tonical in their effects
Where the child suffers from loss of
appetite. In feverish conditions they
will be found useful and they will
serve to allay pain and griping In the
stomach, from which children so often
China's Philosophy
The Chinese have a philosophy of
Ihelr own. It may not bc so advanced as the pragmatism of tho
schools, nor so uplifting as that of
the money markets; but It Is the result of many centuries of experience,
and In some particulars, such as its
dislikes of minding your neighbor's
business, and its want of appreciation of war, it seems tolerably
sound.—The Montreal Gazette.
Union Bank Annual Report
Canada's Western Bank Is In a Very
Healthy Condition
Westerners will review with considerable satisfaction the operations of
the Union Bank for the fiscal year
ending Nov. 30, 1923. It has been
without doubt one ot the most trying,
periods which bunking and business
houses in general have faced for some
time and the fact that this important
institution, which has grown with the
great western country in which its
head ofllce is located, can show a net
profit amounting to $1,033,132.15 for
the year is not only very satisfactory,
but a matter for congratulation. These
figures, it may be noted, are almost
as large as in 1922.
The 59th Annual Statement demonstrates the solidity of the bank. It
shows total assets of $128,299,679.36,
while $57,877,689.11 represents quick
and readily realizable assets, which is
equal to 49.8 per cent, of the bank's
liabilities to the public. Included in
these assets are: Specie and Dominion notes, $10,083,387.90; deposit with
the minister of finance, $396,000; deposit in the central gold reserve, $2,-
800,000; Dominion and provincial government securities, $16,194,856.43;
Canadian municipal securities, and
British, foreign and colonial public
securities other than Canadian, $7,-
035,660.77; railway and other bonds,
debentures and stocks, $3,505,171.06;
call and short (not exceeding 30 days)
loans in Canada, on bonds, debentures
and stocks and other securities of
sufficient marketable value to cover,
$1,096,035.25; demand loans in Canada secured by grain, $9,107,471.93;
cheques on other banks, $4,192,561.55.
One of the outstanding features of
the report is the marked decrease in
loans outside Canada, indicating that
Canadians and the needs of Canada
have first call upon the resources of
the Bank.
The statement shows that deposits
now total nearly one hundred million
dollars, the actual figures being $95,-
621,250.78. Of that amount $67,131,-
589.77 represents savings accounts and
the balance, $28,179,661.01, demand deposits.
The figures contained in the statement augur well for the ruturo of the
west. The institution, through the
conservative policies of those who
guide it, is in a good position, and the
showing made in 1923 warrants the
continued active support of all for a
bank which is doing so much toward
the development of Western Canada.
The Union Bank and the west have
progressed together In expansion and
development, and just as the resources
of the Illimitable west are as yet
scarcely scratched, so the Union Bank
of Canada is but standing on the
threshold of a long period of ever Increasing activity aud added strength.
Miss Mary ' Katherine Campbell,
twice proclaimed "Miss America,"
has takeu TANLAC and endorses it
In a statement recently given to tho
women of America through International Proprietaries, Inc., distributors
of this great tonic. In this statement, Miss America declares that
Good Health is the basis of all Beauty,
and advises women who would be
beautiful to "first find good health."
Her complete statement as given is
as follows: "1 consider it a great privilege to be able to tell the thousands
of women everywhere what a great
tonic TANLAC is. Health is tlie
basis of all beauty. Without good
health, one is apt to be run down,
nervous, underweight, high -strung,
anaemic.       Indigestion    drives    tlie
roses from a woman's cheeks and
robs her of that radiant quality of womanhood that is real beauty.
"I have taken TANLAC and I do not
hesitate to say that It is a wonderful
health-giving tonic. It has brought
relief and good health to many women, and with good health one may
have a measure of beauty that will
overcome shortcomings in faco and
"Itosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, a well-
rounded figure, a lovable disposition,
go hand in hand with good health.
To those searching for beauty, I would
say—'First or all, Find Good Health.'
Tho TANLAC treatment lias proven
Itself a boon to womankind, and I
recommend it."
Miss Campbell has written a booklet on Health and Beauty which may
be secured by filling out the coupon
A pleasant medicine for children Is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
and it Is excellent for driving worms
from the system .
The Friend of All Sufferers.—Dr.
Thomas' Ecleclrlc Oil is a valuable
remedy to all those who suffer pain.
It holds out hope to everyone and
realizes it by stilling suffering every
where. It is a liniment that has the
blessing of halt a continent. It Is on
sail- everywhere and can be found
wherever enquired for.
In Its Favor
Old Lady.—That parrot I bought
yesterday uses most violent language.
Dealer.—Lady. I don't deny that he
does swear a bit but you must be
thankful he doesn't drink or gamble."
—London Weekly Telegraph.
Department Z, 102,       _ ATLANTA, GA.
Gentlemen: I herewith enclose 10 cents (stamps will do), for which send me
a copy of Miss Mary Katherine Campbell's Booklet on "Beauty and Health."
Name    Street   	
Town    State   	
Do Not Want Work
That British harvesters stranded In
Toronto have positively declared
themselves unwilling to go on farms
and that a report on their stand, bearing "proof that they have refused to
adapt themselves to Canada's conditions," was sent through immigration
authorities to the Dominion Government, was the statement made by C.
H. Hudson, superintendent of the government employment, bureau.
Want Buffalo Park
There is a movement on foot in Saskatchewan in favor of a buffalo park
iu that province similar to tile national park now maintained at 'Wainwright, Alberta, on the transcontinental line of the Canadian National Railways. The Associated Boards of
'Trade of the province are to deal with
the matter.
Awful Asthma Attacks. Is there a
member of your family who is in the
power of this distressing trouble'; No
service you can render lilm will equal
the bringing to his attention of Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. This
remarkable remedy rests its reputation upon what it has done for others.
It has a truly wonderful record, covering years and years of success in almost every part of this continent, and
even beyond tho seas.
One good excuse is
thousand pour ones.
better   than   a
W.   N.    U.   1509
Teacher (after giving the class a
lesson on snow).—"And should we go
out on a" winter's day and look about
us, what might wo see on every
Small boy.—"Gloves."
I Minard's Liniment Heals Cuts
liver Causes
It's foolish to fuffer from constipation,
sick headache, biliousness, dizziness,
Indigestion, and kindred ailments
when Carter'*
Llttla Live
niU will end
ill misery in,
■ lew hours.
Purely vegetable.  Act
gently on liver and bowels.
■■all nn-SawnPue  fall Met
New Wheat Market
Considerable quantities ot Western
Canadian wheat are being shipped to
South America through tho port of
Vancouver. Up to the present, Brazil
Is one of the largest buyers down
A Thousand
Cooking Uses.
For soups, sauces, gravies, savoury
dishes, meat jellies, beef tea, and
restoring the flavor to left over dishei.
w^ "cubes
la tint al 4.10,50.. J100.
Fresh Supplies in Demand.—Where-
over Dr. ThomaB' Eclectrlc Oil has
been Introduced Increased supplies
havo been ordered, showing that
wherever it goes this excellent Oil liu-
pressos-lts power on tlie people. No
matter In what latitude it may be
founS Its potency is never impaired.
It Ib put up in most portable shape In
bottles and can be can-led without
fear of breakage.
A Mammoth Cheese
Australia has sent to the British
Empire Exhibition, a mammoth*
cheese weighing one and a half tons.
A photograph taken at Plttsworth
where the cheese was manufactured
shows 60 school children seated on It.
Corns cause much suffering, but
Holl'owny's Corn ltemover offers a
speedy, sure and satisfactory relief.
Ho. 1 for Bladdir Catarrh. Ho. 3 tor Blood tt
■kinDltuui. Ho.JforClironicWtmkntuci.
so, n I, i i *l>iv.t MMi:si-..p«ii * IN RKOI «' 3v
DR.LlCl »»i Mtd.Co IlatMilockKil.N W J, London.
OI Mail SI ffUH ft, PlOHl BT. KAsr. Tonus to.
Ok   Itt    BT.   I'*"-'!,   BtltStt   WBfTi   MtiMUlAL.
your out-of-town acCOUTUB bj
i Express LVtonoy Orders.
pound Is flue cured. Mailed all
over Canada for $2.00. Lewis Wiglc,
Leamington, Ont.
"Did you hear about Wlllard, the
bank cashier, stealing filly thousand
and running away with his friend's
wife'.'" "Good heavens! Who'll
teach his Sunday School class tomorrow?"—American Legion Weekly.
Minard's Liniment for Dandruff
|Shall We Have a Cannery?
gtniiH, which sin
firm and lllll'tli
when yuu liruiH
nre  Kpnngy
(Hhouho il
tii r!n'.i. \\
holds  (he
rill    i-.t.k   nl    1ln*
.ml,I bo healthy, pink-
i r your gums bleed
isi, your teeth'; If Lhoy
in,I   nre   pulling  uway
i; if tliey nn' so ro when
n|i|iiii'iiih perfectly Bound, beware of
Minimis <.r good people havo this
iMsimm- und ilo nol ktinw ii. Soft,
acedtiiK K"IMS moim py*
nil deHtroVH ihi' bono ihni
petli In pfnce, The tootli
hioBPli und full out. or must be OX-
trncted because their support i« gone.
Po nol tliloU Hint you nre Immune
thill vim are saved from worry be-
I'lMisc youi' li'i'th lire perfectly Bound
nnd free from decay. Dentists' records show llml more well-kept, perfect teeth, sound in every way, are
lost from lhe ravages of puinlegs pyorrhea* than from decay and nit other
causes combined.
Pyorrnei* seldom hurts until so
far advanced that the gums ulcerate,
of course, you do not want to wear
false teeth—o plate—all Hie rest of
your days. You know how uncomfortable these nre. You know how
hard it is to fit false teeth to even
the most, perfect mouth. Why run
the risk of discomfort when your
teeth can be saved, your gums healed'.'
Pyorrheu, or Rlgg's Disease, conquered, your stomach, bowels, heart und
nervous system brought hack to normal,
Your family doctor will tell you
that pyorrhea is often responsible
fin* many diseases such us rhoum-
iitism, neuritis, kidney trouble, etc.
These perms enter your whole system
and undermine your health.
Doctors warn that nearly nil germs
enter tbe body through the mouth
or nose. If your gums are healthy
end tight to the teeth there enn he
no infection nnd germs cannot penetrate into the system.
At the first sign of unhealthy gums
consult your dentist. Your natural
pearly teeth cannot be perfectly replaced by false teeth.
A person should have the teeth
cleaned (-very three months by a dentist, nnd a close examination of all
teeth to see if any nre decayed. Tbe
mouth acids—the chief cause of tooth
decay—ore forming all the time. Only
tlie six tiny month glands can cheek
these destructive acids by flushing
the mouth constantly. Full normal
flow from these glands neutralizes
ami washes a^ay the neids as fast
as they form but the glands need
Soft foods hnve taken away the
proper exercise. The glands nre
slowing down nnd letting the teeth
decay. You must give your mouth
glands the help they need. Eat food
which will exereise and make the salivary glands flow more freely and
keep the gums active..
It Is well when brushing your teeth
to brush the gums thoroughly. Nothing is more vital to your health and
happiness than the condition of your
mouth. Soft, bleeding receding
gums are natures first warning of
A vicious film clings to the teeth,
enters crevices and slays. The tooth
brush alone does not end it. No ordinary tooth paste effectively combats it. Much film remains. Food
stains, etc., discolor it and then it
forms dingy coats. Tartar Is based
on film. Those cloudy coats hide
the teeth's luster — film also holds
food substances which ferments und
forms neid. It holds the neid in
contact with the teeth to cause decay. That's why so few escape tooth
troubles. Germs breed by millions
in film. They, with tartar, are the
chief cause of pyorrhea.
Final — Start immediately to get
your mouth into a normal, healthy
condition. Use a dentifrice which
is alknline in reaction so as to neutralize the acids In your mouth. Use
a mouth wash and have your dentist
make nn examination of your teeth
every six months. See to your teeth
In time, which means good health
nnd money In your pocket.
D.D.S., L.D.8., D.D.C
A mass meet ing of ihe Men
era was hold in th'e theatre a;
on Wednesday, Feb. 89th, in
Hie tidvisabinty of uppronel
government tor a loan
'nimeiil  for a  loan of
MOQ,000   fo;
purposo <»f building a
en nn cry o
icrlea  lo  take  care
if  (he  sur
fruit   hi   the   Krnscr
Vnlley iiiti
i ver lain ml.
ii- i;.cotfng was large
v Attended
!•'. Sumpter wns pro
onl   ivpres
iV • I'"-'-   '/• and grow*
rs from al
the  \ alley and  ns
nr as Vim
or  Island  were    in
r .considerable nrgum
'111   (he   III')
to petition ihe gove
nnienl   was
'lhe greatest    nrgfu t   centered
ill-omul   where   tl nnnory  or  enn
narles should he uulll ami ll seemed
llml tlie majority were in favor nf
ii or them being bulll In the otntre
ef lhe distriet where tin- greatest
quantity ef fruit   i.s grown,
Itowover, if the growers nre for-
tunuto enough to procure the loan (of
which a great many hail doubts) it
waa decided that the choosing of sites
he left in exports. These factories
will lal<
]U Rinkey Dinks Club of Albion
will hold a Community
Sing Song, Basket Social and Dance
i:i Albion Community Tall, on Wednesday evening, February 27th.
Everybody cordially invited to come und have a Rood time.
An admission t'^e of 25 ce.its will be charged for ladies not
bringing baskets.
Advertisement, in tills column moat be
maple knh;e poultry
association lectured
Professor li, v. Lloyd of the I'. 13,
('. delivered a most helpful and Imposing lecture on Mniuiuy evening to
the Maple Uldgo Poultry Association.
The lecture was given in the I. 0. 0.
i'.  Hall, Ih v.     Mr.  t'bUocIt, Pres.
of tile Sooiety wns in the chair, while
See, Andersen fullllleil his duties, The
subject was "Ineuhal inn, Feeding and
Care of Chicks." There wns n goodly
.-iltendance antl one and all gtfvo closest attention to lhe speaker.
- f ell tlie Agassli! rntil . rA.' ,','"' 0,OS0 "!' Il"7"!',lll':w V,r' lf'
so a height future is Inonilng up f or j ^laArthwr moved ami Major Uruco
the producers in  lhe district.   Sim
OOOP     JKIISUV     COW.     Fresh   In.
CIO(M   family  few. Apply
Phono   B7-L  Haney, Hammond,
ro* sam
Nine year Old PKIttTIHItoN MARE,
weight about Moo. (toed general purpose  horse. Apply
ling,   Hon.   Mr.   (Uiver   luu
pen the scheme very  ftivor
and we are expecting to pn e(
erect Inns nl nn early dale.
At the last meeting of lhe Feasor
Volley Milk Producers' Association,
held nt Agassiz, Air. Hoot, Hamilton
was unanimously elected in run for
director at the fort I nlng election.
Mr. Hamilton hns a wide experience
in the dairy business in lhe city ef
Glasgow for many years und has a
thorough knowledge of the trade. Mr.
Hamilton lias been a member of the
.Municipal Council here for the past,
three years and hns given such satisfaction that lie was again elected by
acclamation at the last municipal
election, also appointed as Police Commissioner. He has always been a
booster for the .Milk Producers Association nnd i.s in our opinion thoroughly competent fn every way to represent thc Association on the Board.
nihil n hearty vote of thanks for
lie exeellenl address. It is a matter
I' comiucndulion thai so many pout-
ryinen .ire evincing such keen Inter-
.-.'. in.ieiil, mi.ill should nlwuys lie
lie ease. Apropos le slale thai Prof,
.loyd hits been selected from the
esi I., roprcscnl tlie province nt Hie
rent poultry convention this spring
i> meet in Spain.
The St. Anthony's Catholic Church
Ladies' Altar Guild held n .11)0 drive
and ilnnec in Ihe I. O. 0. P. Hall,
which was decidedly the mosl successful card party this season, IB tables
of cards played and could easily
have had several more. The ladies'
lirsi prize wus, as usual, won by Mrs.
It. Henshaw; gentleman's first won
l»y Mr. Frank Sutherland.    The con-
solntion prizes fell tn the lot, of Mrs.
Hert. Wilson and Mr. Charlie Murphy.
After excellent tea and coffee, delicious cuke nnd sandwiches, tlie room
was cleared for dancing. Mrs. li.
Henshaw- presided at the piano. At
ihe cloBe of an enjoyable evening
everyone went Inline figuring on the
next great success being the Woroons'
Institute Leap Year Novelty Ounce.
Feb. Both.
Mr. W. A. Heath is building a large
addition to his carpenter shop into
which he intends tn Install his engine anil new machinery, The sash
nnd door business must be picking
up. Wc understand all doors are
Mrs. John Hocking has just had the
electric light Installed in her house
and ail the outbuildings. She finds
it a great convenience to suy nothing
of tlie safety from fire.
Mr. D. \V. Fleck hns been a visitor
for the last few days from Marpole.
He lias been busy buying some new
cows for his farm here.
Mrs. Monty Gouldlng of Vancouver
has been visiting her relatives for thc
past few days and has returned to
Mr. if. Calvert, our worthy Post
Master, attended (as a delegate) the
Provincial Grand Lodge of h. 0. J,.
.Mr. Clarence (iillis is spending tlie
week-end with his mother at the
Agassiz Hotel and expects to return
lo the Headway High School, Seattle
nn Monday,
Miss Dorothy Laxton, teacher of
Grades 2, 3 and 4, Agassiz Public
School, has gone to Haney on sick-
leave, Mrs, Mnhy is teaching in her
place for the time being.
Mr. George Nurse hns been appointed Municipal Constable and also lias
charge of tlie Grader.
Mr. W. T. Hillier from Pitt Meadows
lias been taking tlie place at the C.
1'. 1!. Station of Mr. liussel Clark who
is away.
Mr. W. H. Greenwood arrived from
tlie cast on Saturday Inst nnd wil]
be permanently stationed on the Dominion Experimental Fnrm here. Mr.
Greenwood is nn expert on chickens
and will take charge nf the egg laving
Mr. W. H. Hicks, superintendent of
the Dominion Experimental Farm, Agassiz, lias 40 spring lnmbs reach- for
the market. The record of sale of
spring lambs for thc past 6 years
shows that they average $13.00 each,
This goes to show what can be done
with ilm right kind nf sheep nnd the
fight man to look after them. Mr.
Alex. McKay who lias had charge nf
these sheep for n number nf years,
lias certainly shewn himself a very
onpoole man along this line nnd deserves great credit for the manner
he has cared for this magnificent
The park Committee wish to thank
tim pui,lie for the generous manner
in wtiioii they are responding to the
appeal fur funds to clear tlio Hammond Park, and herewith submit list
of monies received at time of going
to press. All subscriptions will be
acknowledged through the Weekly
Previously acknowledged  $150.00
Floyd Harry   8.00
E. S. Hopper  5.00
Supporter  5.00
J. it ilsou   1,00
A. Amey  _  1,00
Mrs. Esmond White   1.00
Mr. Esmond White  1.00
Mr. C. Wells   1.50
Air. 11. Laity  1,00
Quick Action and Accuracy
uro whnt ono depotldg ujiou when
pliuilntf a Long Distance cull. Theso
nro factors will or our Long Distance
StttfC exert thomaclvso to pi'ovliio you
Aro you making your Telephone deliver 100 per cent, useful service In
your business or homo llfo ? At your
disposal are Long- Distance lines to
all principal towns and villages within hundreds of miles of your own
Telephone, including many United.
States point*
Call our "Rata Clerk for charges.
You will find them reasonable.
British CoIurabiaTelephone Co
Amount  promised,  $01.00.
February 30th, 11)34.
Messrs.   Brown   B103.   Ltd $25 00
Smith  Mercantile  Co.  1  10 00
Botts'   Drug-   Store   ...'  10 00
Mrs.   Cutler     10 00
Mr,   J.   Cutler     10 00
A.   O.   Morrison     10 00
S.  J.   Nevett     10 00
J.  Flnnle     in no
J.   Wddle   1  10 00
O.   Madlll     5 „„
5 0')
5 00
5 00
5 00
A.   Flnnle
Mrs.   Colo   	
C.   Cass   	
W.   Hope    4
A.  Calbtck        5 00
G.  Sawayamn       5 05
L.  O.  Rayner       2 50
G.   Condello         2 50
C.  Metcalfe       ,     2 00
R  Yamnmatn       2 00
L.   Vaughan    ''.'    t 00
Total   amount  received. ,«1B0 00
In   addition   10  the  shove  we   havo
n further sum of 130.00 promised.
W,   HOPE,   Treasurer.
nenatlons will ho received by A. O.
Morrison,  S.  J. Nevett, the Treasnrer,
Sept. 8-18 inclusive will bc the dates
nf the II. A. * I. Society's exposition
this yenr. Hy lhe way, their 55th
annual event. The new officers arc:
Pres., Dr. .T. G. McKay (re-elected):
Sce.-Mgr.. D, E. Mackenzie (re-elect
ed) i 1st Yioe-1'rrs., J. .1. Johnston;
2nd Viee-I'rcs. Ilev. Dr. A. M. Son-
fordj 8rd Vicc-Pres., X. S. Hat!ray;
Trens., Xels Nelson.
British Empire
Wembley Park, London,
April to October, 1924
Raii and Ocean Bookings
See me for
If    you    hove    friends   in  Europe
whom  you  wish  to assist  In  coming to  this country,  come   in   and
see   me.
ROBT. HAY, Agent,
527 Granville St., Vancouver
roa sale
tween the Burnett and Vaughn properties. Comfortable six-room houao
with tun basement, irarng-o, cow
stable, poultry, houses ami runs for
200 biro. I'.oductlve grounds Inrloh
condition, ready for spring, Fruits:
Apples, cherries, pears, Plums, prune*
grapes ; all nulturo nnd hearing heavily. Also many fine Bliruhs and por-
onnlnl  flowers In borders.
Ooeup-aili.,,   1st,   March.
BY   MAItCIl   KlttSf.
Tlio following will also bo for su|u
privately 1 1 MusBoy-Harris Feed cutter, nearly now, half prloo; 1 Inox-
penslve Churn, 1 heating stove, Quantity of Tablo Carrots, also Slock Car-
rots ; quantity of Cooking Apples, 2c.
Ih. ; boots fur table use, nnd othur
things   now   overlooked.
Phone 0.1.m no, «7, Hammond
ron SAM
skttinii BWOS from Wynndottea
(Martin strain) and Barrod Hocks-
(Rldgeflold strain), ji.rm for Bolting;
or t;i oggs.
MBS.   J.   OUTLRP.,
plu,l,e 2 Hammond
Haulod    anywhero    with    ton    truck.
Prices  reasonable.    Apply
C.  V.  COOK,
Phono   B-X put   Meadows
Yellow Cocker Spaniel. Any Information leading to recovery or thl(|
dog will be appreciated, ~
                              PHONE) "88->t
Whlto Wyandottes from heavy laying strain.    Also Black Minorcas.
Phono  B3-L, Haney.
*    ron bass
A   Good  Buyl    Pony,   Harness  and
Buggy, ay  in gooi oondltlon.  Weight
of pony SOOlba, accustomed to single
hors0  plough. Apply
fob im
Purebred     Black   Minorcas   (cockerels).     Apply   early
  Port   Hammond.
Excellent.  Cooking  Potatoes  at  11.25
*nnk Apply
tJhon«   37 P
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Rayner returned
this morning after spending several
days in attendance at the L.O.L. grand
session,   Vancouver.
Mr. L. G. Rayner was elected Grand
Treasures, at this week's L.O.L. granc'
session,   Vancouver.
Mr. John Cutler and Mr. Ralph
Charnley returned homo Wednesday
from a two months' auto trip to California and Mexico. An Interesting
account   will   follow.
Josephine and Ralph will plight
their troth on Saturday evening, 1st
March, In Hammond Theatre,
The Maple Itldge Municipal Council
have awarded th,, contract for the
eicitriaj,' and grading of the Hammond
Pork -to John Ross. Tho price Is
>7US and the work must bo dono by
June   1st.
Thcro  nre   five cases   to   come   up
liefone  Magistrate Drain  on   Saturday
for Infractions of tho Motor Vehicles
While   In  Hammond  yesterday,   Mr.
LODOE  Ho. 33
I   0. O. T.
Moots every Wednesday evening ai
8 o'cln-k |n the Odd Fellows' Ha'1
Ontario Street. Port Haney. Vlsltlne
brethren   cordially   Invited   to    attend
H.  M.  Davenport,  Rec.   Sec.
W.  P..  Adams, V.O.
J. Gait, N.O.
Graduate TeacherPiano and Tiworjr
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory and Canadian Academy Exams. v
Mr. P. Hickman returned to Vancouver last night, having been a truest
nf Mr. v. Haslam.
The Hng-o Timber nnd Trading Co.
has bought nut the old Rat Portage
Lumber Co. on Harrison Luke and Id   w'('dess, the Haney watchmaker, made
n went up lo open up the Camp
nn Tuesday and 3.1 more jnined them
nn Wednesday. They intend stnrt-
Ing Logging operations nt mice
Mr. nnd Mrs. Stelgenberger nnd
Mrs. Penney nre leaving tomorrow for
Mission where Ihey will attend the
wedding of (heir Brother Mr. Frank
Mrs. A. Anderson nnd snn nre home
after n few weeks spent with Ihelr
snn und brother none Dldsbury, Alia.
They are able to report the weather
delightful and prospects for a plentiful harvest good ot least in that
part of "Sunny Albcrln" (Sunnltn).
arrangements with Mr. H. E. Mac-
Kensio, of tho Hammond Hardware
■store, to receive any watches or
clocks for sepalr. Same will bo returned  to  Mr.   MncKcnilo  promptly.
The "scraper" Is doing some necessary work nn the Trunk liond nt Pitt
The Maple Ridge School Hoard will
meet Saturday. There is considerable nf interest nn tlie agenda pnper.
Gentlemen and ladles: Remembei
that tho beautiful sisters, cousins and
aunts, will accompany Sir Joseph,
Lord of tho Admiralty, on Saturday
ovoning,  March  1st.
nAKJJY   l.O.t.   Ho.   2816
The   regular  meeting  of  above lodge
Is Held   In   ihe  Oddfellows hall, HanBy.
firs-   Tuesday  In  each  month at  8  p.m
Visitors  cordially  invited.
Oeo. Hastie, w. M,
J. M; Campbell, R.SL
I. O.B. A.
Tho tegular meetings of Hammond
L.O.B.A. No. 165 are hold In the Poa-
sott Hall, tho second Tuesday of each
month at 7:30 p.m,
W.M.,  Mrs, M. Macey, 'Phono 26R.
Rec-Sec'y, Mrs. J. h. Ritchie.
Phone 6S.
The regular  meetings  of Hammond
L. o. I* No. 186), are bold in the Foa-
■ett hall at 8 o'clock p.m. on Seconal
Saturday and «h Friday, each month
Visitors cordially Invited.
Wm. Hope, W.M.
W.  A,  Brooks,  R. S.
Tea and
lib. Nabob Tea
lib. Nabob Coffee
for $1.35
hVtimgu rtomt      ron nor
Prime Steer Beet.
Veal Pork Mutton
o    Sausages.
rant liohtimo systems
The Jarvis Electric Co. Ltd.
B98 CrrenvUia Street
Order your Elactrlo Gooda by Kail
Everybody seeks reliable service. That is why much custom
comes to:-
Black smithing
ere and There fl
That the average weight of Al-
{*"» » '923 wlfcat was expounds to
**? bushel, or four pounds more than
the Mandard, is the statement of
George fiiU, Dominion Grain ' Inspector at Calgary.
The season of navigation for the
year 1988 la the longest since the
year 1814, or 109 years ago, according to * statement made at Quebec
by Captain J. E. Bernier, Arctic
Two-thirds of Canada's exhibits
for the British Empire Exhibition
are new fn England, most ef these
being already at Weblejr. Among
them la a monster silver nugget,
weighing nearly three tons, the big.
gest ever unearthed, which waa dug
up in Cauda.
Pitt Meadows
Wood Cutting
apply ta B. r. street,
•phono 28 P. nAaCMOND
At Your Servic
Wherever you live.
Established 1907.
SSS Clarkson St.,   Phone 278
million   pounds   of
at Prince
halibut were landed at Prince Rupert, B.C., during the past yen, wife
figures for tht month of December
incomplete. This total ll considerably in excess of the previous year.
Several large shipment* waste made
to Chicago and other middle Western Stat**' points.
E. W. Baatty, Pnrldent of th*
Canadian Pacific Hallway, ha* act
cepted the honorary presidency of
the Province of QoeW S*f«#
League, WMcMaUag the lata Lord
Shauganeaay, who WM It* first I '
•rary prcaiieni The object of
League 1* io institute eafegnaro*
tne   protection
•hildrea, pMtidiaur BaVUttai play*
grounds asd streets.
It it MttoMtad kjr tka prrrmelal
arlst t)OMaa *f tha Privtaoe    '
crpal raat* ti i  ~ **"'
acre** ite bwder aajtMfcg ta Mart,
nal aad a nwd la th* anaale of
Wat thewagaftara) avi raaaara* Am***.
c'-iXADXAisr girls in training
Tho Fttsnaly Doyo Sunday School]
olasa ot PfW Meadows formed a Cuii-
;i(liiMi-<ih'I-i(r-Triiinlrip i-lnss on .lime
'ih. my.:, 'the oilieom elected were
ns liillows: rrt-yii.rn', MUh Jane KTc-
M.vn; Secretary, Silas Irene Whltlock;
Treasurer, Mlsa Vfolcl Stewart.
On October the fOtli, 1008, we held
ii concert in tlie municipal hull to
which we Invited Hammond to join
uiiii us. The proceeds Uroni the
concert   were  $88.00.
From Feb. i> to in Is Demonstration Week] so we are having- our concert on Feb. "H, A community ultig
song, pageants nnd demonstrations
Will he held that nlgltt.
Tlio funds will pi towards helping .Miss Annie Fountain, Provincial
Secretary of (he Girls' Work Board.
The lielvctH arc being sold by all (J. <!.
I. T. members of lift .Meadows. The
pelt f the tickets is 85c. Demonstration Week is to show people what
we aro really doing.
A very pleasant hocIuI evening w.t»
spent at tho home of Mrs. Brown,
Park road, on Friday evening, when
ri Itiugo number of the "Old Quurrtd'
were '.ho guests of Air. and Mrs. It.
R. Brown. Tho evening \va? sprint
In games, Interspersed by vo^a. numbers, to which the following contributed : Messrfl. It. Crane, A. E. Sanderson and D. Donaldson. Mrs, R, R,
Bnown  played  the accompaniments.
Episodes; of the old! days were vivid
]y recalled, including a series ot interesting and amusing anecdotes related by Reeve *W. 1>. Bruce and A.
E.  Sanjderson.
A «ry excellent lunch was subsequently servect, to which ample justice was done. Thus a pleasant evening terminated.
The Big Ll'ent of the Season    |
Gilcert & Sullivan '« Popular Opera J>
By Maple Ridge Glee Club     f
SATURDAY,    MARCH    1st, I
8.15 p.m. J>
T   Adults 50c. Reserved Seats $1.00   T
f Children Half Price. f
W Prooeeds in aid of Charity. . <#
Th* Caaaattan MaMSMtaat OS
Ceraaany, «f St Jooa, New Braoa-
wick, at* doaad a contract ta nn>
ply inbrteatlaj- of» of all triads t*
all Canadian Pacrjfc ataaawMB* plr.
Inf to AtlaaUe part*.   TU* U SU
GEO. W. BIGGS ^llnttS
BARBER trr f4°St!^an!7oHu\o«t^*a4lilJ
always  J1*"* wi" betaeatad in Saatli
Th* KlaadataTiTta tka aa**** af
another |*M aad *Bt*t roa*.   At
tine head ef Um Baaaar ftrrwr, N
"aa* m
The Ladles' Atd met at the home
of Mrs. Wm, Struthena on Wednesday
afternoon. There was a good attendance. In the unavoidable absence of
the Presldest, Mrs. W. H. Robinson
presided. Arrangements are under
way with a view to held a Sale of
Home Cooking, and Handkerchiefs, ac
companled by a Tea, duntng the Easter season.    Particulars later.
Cully   experienced.     Patrons
satisfied.     Call   In.
Wood's Garage
Dewdney Trunk Road,
Phone 36 R Night or Day
Ford and Chevrolet Specialists
See  us   about your Electrical
Bepairs to  Batteries,   Starters
and Generators.
Watch and Clock Repairs.
Leave Repairs with
E."*E. MecKenzie, Hammond
Will Bay Dry Cascara Bark
. .we will tan* all wa.*a» r*t of »**
ajaJqajM    SAM.    .Va-haa*    Caah
Mat* »*W.
phoa* 111       Bax M. HANBT, B.C
Will al«o di your Laundry.
Painting,     Kalsoming
and Paperhanging.
Wall Paper,  Paint,  Varnish,
Oils, Shellac, Enamel and
Coal Tar FOR SALE.
Estimates Given
All through Maple Ridge
Ontario Street,               Haney
Phone 23	
*«*♦♦♦**♦♦#♦♦♦**+*♦*♦*♦♦+; |
miles west of Kaae All, a -sum
and gald discovery of unusual are-
portion* hat started a staaapeda
from Mayo, th* major mlains Mtfla-
m*at of the Yahoo, ta tha aew conn.
try, where It to laid essays reveal
pay dirt running 1,190 aaace* ef
silver to th* ton.
Rapid progress 1* being made in
preparing tha Canadian taction of
the British Empire Exhibition. Tha
giant pavilion waa roofed in and
ready for enaftit* in »i»ty days fro
its catnaMacatavaajt aad will b* reai
fer ooeniog on March 1st Two
Uonfaeiaf OanaiUa lumber, 7 I
« roaBBg aad IM ton* of nalL,
•at* aaaTfeaHa my* already bata
twad hi th* batldlar.
Mr. Wm. Helller, Ford road, has
disposed of his property to Mr. Freeman, who will take oven March 1st.
Mr. J. Robinson, ef the Dewdney
Trunk road, will take over Mr. Free,
man's property on vacation.
For Sale
Cypher's Incubator, 400 size,
Buckeye Coal Brooder, 500 size.
Aladdin Lamp.
All in good condition.
W. MISENER, Yennadon
Prices from—  GEAR,
562 40th Ave. E., Vancouver
Tenders Wanted
For Sale
Owing to my failing health, am
compelled to sell my entire Poultry Stock, prices ranging from
?1 up. Also Three Incubators,
Cypher's, 2-390, 1-240 egg.
Mare, express wagon, heifer
due to freshen, cultivator, single
horse plough, etc.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned for laying tile drains on
Haney School grounds and for levelling ground and layin tile at McLean
High School. All tenders must he
marked '-Tenders" and reach the Secretary not later than Friday, Feb. 89.
Plans and speoifieatlons may be
seen at the Municipal hall, Haney.
The lowest, or any tender, not necessarily accepted,
See. of School Board
Single Comb White Leghorn Baby Chicks, Hatching Eggs, Cockerels and
No order too large or too small.
Write for price list.
Phone 38 Y Hammond
For Kidney and Bladder, affections
and all diseases arising from disorders of the urinary organs, use
Betts' Kidney Tonic. 75c, at the Hammond Drug Store.
"When They flare Gone"
The past comes uj>—childhood
day©—happy hours by «ie fire*
side-^thelr hopes and joys—
and  trials,  too.
You can keep the memory of
their. names forever fresh by
giving some little part of the
blessings you now enjoy towards a permanent memorial
In   everlasting  stone.
Agassiz, Feb. 18.—Mrs. H. St. John
Brigg-s nnd her daughters Dorothy
nnd Audrey leave tomorrow morning
for Vancouver where they will be
joined by .Miss Connie Agassiz who
will see them on the boat In Victoria
for San Prtinclsco»en route for Mon-
rania, near Los Angeles, Cnl.
......P.P.PfffWfWWWW|tf^j    ^^
Use Printed Stationery ?
DAiam orpicu    Haxacom
Ha* rananal •opplt**
■arrtea to aa part* ->< till
Much talk is broadcasted for a
popular evening for the regular "old
time" dance, to be held at Albion
next week. Kvery effort is being
made to make the "old time*' a complete success, so if any one wants
to enjoy something which is fast
becoming extinct, they should surely
visit Albion on thut auspicious evening. Kven the bag-pipes will be
doing duty.     Let's nil go.
Then again tile Voting Clirls' Itlnke
Pink Club are staging Die first reel
community event of tlie season. A
real community slug song, basket
social and dunce. .Several urllsts
hnve given Ihelr promise to assist-
some from Vancouver, 1 hear that
Vancouver's smallest oommotlian is tn
sing that famous song, "Peanuts."
1 have never heard the song myself
but the name implies that it is a
boys' song, and nt what 1 can hear
tills little Johnny Cnrtwright run
sure sing It.
We are also promised some exhibition Scotch dancing by a Mr.
Geo. West and T eon assure you that
tills gentleman knows how. In fact
this community sing song should not
be missed. There is no charge, so
everybody Is heartily welcome.
Ladies, bring ti basket, please, nnd
make it a good one, for they nre to
be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
Make them worth while. I won't
let you know any more of tho pro
gramme as ft would only whet your
appetites. Everybody come and
bring a friend.
Mrs. Cnrss was a visitor to Albion
Inst week.
The Girls' Club sing song Is worthy
of tho widest patronage — everyone
will agree. Evoryl citizen, be lie
benedict or bachelor, nnd, nil maidens
— nil, this is all right, they're all
youthful — shall be present. We'll
, nil be guests that evening at the
* young ladies' invitation,—Ed.
B.C.Monameatai Works Ld
•ucoeMora   to Datltmoa,   OUand
la* A  Stephen,  Limited
■U.IH   BT.
Wrlto   today
for    Catalogue  of
Established   1S7S
Rene* th* Increasing Popularity of
The Continental Limited
9:5| P.M.
Optional Routes—Side Trips—Stop Overs
Blue Funnel Motor Line Ltd
R. H. STEPHENS, Manager.
Leave Webster's Corners 7,50 a.m. Leave Yeanation 8.10 a.m
Leave Haney Daily 8.30 a.m, 1.00 p.m., and 4.00 p.m.
leaves Haney Saturday and Sunday 8.30 a.m.,  2.00 p.m., 6.30 p.m.
Leave Westminster Daily 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p. m., and 5.30 p. m.
Leaves Westminster Saturday and Sunday 10.20 a.m., 2.00 p.m., 4.30 p.m., and 9.00jp.m.
Passing  Through Hammond and Pitt  Meadows.
Those wishing to be called for who are on the HAMMOND PHONE are reauested to rino- nr,
message 6HARGE to MR. STEPHENS. S   P
 »>MWM«aiM«MMi««t««M«««»www« rvrrrrfwwwww>IWJWJ„
Phone 15
Westminster 601
Soothing and Reliable
in all Emergencies of
Get a boa From nenre'.t dealer or send
50c. to Znm-Buk Co., Toronto, 3 for HI.29.
TEA.'is good tea
finer tea and more of it
Where Co-operation Is Badly Needed
The farmers ot Western Canada pri
be convinced of iis merits. Wo beli>'\
the United Grain Growers Co., the Sits
eo-operntivo creameries, co-operative wo
ess in believe lu co-opcrullou and to
■ Ihey do and are. The success of
atchownn Co-operative Elevator Co.,
I marketing, and sundry other enter-
Krupp  Works  For Spain
j Stilted Big German Concern Will Circumvent  Treaty   Provisions   by
New Move
The ramoua Krupp Compauy or Ger«
i many is io luko over Spain's oldest en'
glneerlng works, i.a Miuiuthlstn Ter.
rcslrey iMui-Hlina. established in 1855,
and also lho Cnrdouu Dockyard, bolh
in Barcelona, Spain, according to n dls-
pntch in lho Daily .Mull 11tun Barcelona. Tin. Oormnne an- m supply the
technical stall and Spanish hanks will
subscribe Un- ciipllal necessary Cor exit nslnn.s oCTtiQ plants.
Tin- Krupps will imuit'dlati-ly plaei
largo orders im   work,   which   can-
| mil be undertaken in Germany under
; Un- prnvisions nt the treaty ul Versailles.      Thoy  will  I'tiilil  sieanicrs  [or
' Gorman and Soul li American Hues, and
locomotlvos I'm- tin- Spanish railruads.
Tin- dispali-h adds thai  tho ugroo-
inenl lias boon iuvorubly   I'oceived   in
Barcelona,   whero   Us   iuauguraLlon
will     rollovo     Un'     tiuemploymonl
brougltl about bj   tha   dosing   down
of other works llioro,
Women Can Dye Any
Garment, Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,   Faded   Things
New for 15 Cents
prairie )i
-ovlnri's lo create,
i-opi ration by in-
prlses, and Ihu steps now being taken In all lln
wheat pools, all go to prove that the Wesl b
iliviiluals for ihe common welfare nf all.
Hut even so, Western Canada is 8nly in the A.B.C. stage nf learning the
lesson and realizing I tic benefits of co-operative effort. Anil, as slated in a
recent article in this column, the outstanding need of the country is more, nol
less, co-operation; more self-reliance tat the pari of the individual, less leaning ou Governments, and closer, more effective co-operdtlon by all people
iu their respective communities, districts and provinces.
Farmers are devoting much time to co-operation in distribution and niar-
kiling, and they are wise in doing so. But why nol begin at the very beginning wiih co-operation in production? li will he urged in reply that production is, and must be, an individual matter with the fanner. This is (rue to
some extent, but iu other respects maximum profitable production can only be
attained through co-operation.    Let us illustrate:
it remains with the individual farmer lo decide how thoroughly he will
cultivate and prepare his land, and whether ne will sow good, clean seed, Ihe
best he can obtain. And these are important factors in production. Ills
neighbor cannot decide those things for him, nor help, except with advice
and good example. A number of farmers can, however, co-operatively make
arraugments to secure clean, tested seed, and thereby save money for all and
benefit all.
Suppose, however, that one farmer has given careful attention lo cultivation and lias sown only clean seed, but a neighbor neglects his farm, ignores
the law, and allows his land lu become infested will-, noxious weeds. It is
only a matter of lime and seasons when lhe land of the careful, progressive
fanner is contaminated by lhe weed seeds his neighbor is producing, and,
notwithstanding cultivation and good seed, his production is reduced and he,
leo, is hauling and marketing weed seeds instead of wheat. A .-lop could
be put to this through co-operation.
Recently a Winnipeg newspaper slated that weeds cost lhe farmers of
Manitoba last year a good many million dollars—$22,000,000 wo think the figure was. or more than the total of Provincial taxation, heavy as that is.
In the booklet entitled "Is the West Worth While," to which reference
was made lasl week, Ihe following statement is emphasized: "Tlie farmers
complain that the tariff cost them some $9,000,000 in 1922; but never a word
is said about the loss of $160,000,000 lo the farmers ot Western Canada in
1922 through weeds." And the author, in advocating broad, comprehensive
co-operation, asks: "Why can't the Western farmer make a weedy farm as unpopular as a skunk in tlie dairy room, and thus save for himself the millions
ul dollars it costs him annually to grow weeds."
But hundreds of people seem to labor under lhe delusion that the passing
of a Noxious Weed Act by the Legislature, and the appointment of a weed
inspector, is all that, is necessary to solve the problem. Another case of leaning nn the Government, whether it be Provincial or Municipal. Let the Irulh
sink in that if tlie Statute Books contained nothing but weed legislation, ihey
would never solve the problem. It will never be solved, and the appalling
loss will continue to be sustained by the farmers unless and until the farmers
themselves are prepared to co-operate systematically and with determination
- for Us removal.
Farmers did not fight grasshoppers by one farmer doing his duly and remaining Indifferent whether his neighbors discharged theirs or not. Thoy
worked together, fought shoulder to shoulder, farm to farm, lu a word, they
practised co-operation,    And li proved effective.
Co-operation will alone solve ihe weed problem. Legislation, let It bo
repeated, cnnnol do It. II cannot be done ihroiigh process of law. But it
can be done through co-operation by the farmers themselves, if every Grain
Growers and United Farmers local association declined war on weeds, and
made It their business to see that Ihelr respective districts were cleaned up
and kept clean, Ihey would be Ihe means of pulling millions of dollars Inlo Hie
pockets of fanners annually. The annihilation of weeds would well nigh
pa) die freight bills of ihe Western farmer.
Will Circle Globe Alberta Wool Sales
Major Pedro Sanzlrn and Ensign | E. L. Richardson, secretary of the
Nelson T. Page, aviators of the Argon-' Alberta Sheet) Breeders' Association.
line army nnd navy, sail for London to wllh headquarters at Calgary, reports
obtain aeroplane and equipment fori that last year the organization marine round-the-world flight which they keted 90,500 pounds of wool for 150
phin lo start, probably in .lime, from sheep breeders, total receipts for same
Rome. They will fly eastward by j being $21,8-10, an average of a Utile
way of Japan and Canada. j more than 21 cents per pound.
Don't wonder whether you can dye
or tint successfully, because perfect
home dyeing Is guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even if you have never
dyed before. Druggists have all colors.
Directions in each package.
Big Land Deal
It is understood that a 50,000-acre
land deal has been completed by the
Webster Land Company. The deal,
which involves a large sum, was a
cash purchase of lands left vacant by
Mexico-bound old colony Mennonites
in the vicinity of Rosthern, Sask.
Mother! Give Sick Baby
"California Fig Syrup"
Harmless   Laxative   to   Clean   Liver
and Bowels of Baby or Child
Even constipated, bilious, fever-
lsh. or sick, colic
Babies and Children love to take
genuine "California   Fig   Syrup.
K77I)    \
y <-.  ^
No other laxative        i/-*V        V
regulates the ten- /aa*. f
der  llttlo  bowels      V "      A..
so     nicely.      Itt~/<<?i^Z*- ■  .
sweetens   the / .-V >^<."..
stomach   and   starts   the' liver   and
bowels acting without griping.     Contains no narcotics or soothing drug*
Say "California" lo your druggist and
avoid counterfeits!     Insist upon gen-
I uine "California    Fig    Syrup" which
contains directions.
| if all the followers of Mr. De Valera
were placed end lo end, we are informed, Ihey would reach about seven
miles out lo sea. A lot of people
are in favor of llils scheme.—Punch.
Especially Prepared for Infants and Children of All Ages
Mother! Fletcher's Castorla has
been ill use for over HO years as a
pleasant, harmless substitute for
Castor Oil. Paregoric, Teething Drops
and .Soothing Syrups. Contains no
narcotics. Proven directions aro on
•ach   package.       Physicians   every
where recommend it.     Tlie kind you
have always bought bears signature of
i    Tn   guard   the   baby against colds
; nothing can equal Baby's Own Tablets.
i Tiie Tablets are a mild laxative Hint
' will keep lho Utile one's stomach and
bowels  working  regularly.      II   Is  a
| recognized fuel thai  where lhe sloni-
ach anil bowels are lu good order ihal
OOldS will nol exist;  Ihal Ihe health Of
I Ihe llttlo one will be good and thai he
j will llirlve and be happy.     The new
I sales lax will not Increase lhe price of
Baby's Own Tablets, ns Ihe company
' pays the tax.      Vou can still obtain
I the   Tablets   through   any   medicine
dealer at 26 cents a box, or by mall,
post paid, from   The   Dr.   Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvllle. Ont.
The Palestine Exploration Society is
J soon    to   make    excavations nn the
Mnuiil of Olives.
Ask for Minard's and take no other
Artificial Ice Rink For Montreal
That Muni real is to have an up-to-
date artificial ice palace along the
lines ot Ottawa's new auditorium,
seems an assured fact, stales tho Ot-
lawa Citizen. It Is understood Hint
tlie' interests represented are McGlll
University, Commander .1. K. L. Ross
and the Canadian Pacific Railway
Fine food for boys and girls
these chilly mornings
Aunt Jemima Pancakes
Piping hot-and plenty of em
Get Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour at your grocers
Soundness and Strength
Outstanding Features Of
Union Bank Report
59th Annual Report Shows The Bank In Solid
Position With High Percentage of
Liquid Resources
The balance sheet of the Union Bank of Canada for tlie fiscal year
ending 30th November, 1923, was received-with a great deal of satisfaction by (he unusually large gathering of shareholders at the Annual
Meeting, which was held at the head niiice in Winnipeg, on Tuesday,
January 15th. W. R. Allan, President, presided. Tlie General Manager, J. W. Hamilton, presented the statement, and explained it in
The last Board of Directors was re-elected excepting S. E. Elkin,
St. John, N.B., who had resigned. At a directors meeting later in the
day the following officers were elected; Sir William Price, Honorary
President; Mr. W. It. Allan, President; Mr. G. H. Thomson, Mr.
Stephen Unas and Mr. M. Bull, Vice-Presidents.
Some of tlie outstanding features of (he statement are: —
Tolal assets amounting to   $128,299,670
of which nearly half represents cash, or assets than can
be quickly and readily turned into cash       57,877,689
Deserve and Undivided Profits          2,067,074
Deposits amounting to       95,621,250
Investments, represented by Dominion and Provincial
Government Securities, Canadian Municipal Securities, .British, Foreign and Colonial Securities, Bail-
way and other Bonds, Debentures and Stocks       2(i,735,9S7
A copy of the Complete Report may be oblalned from any Branch
of lhe Bank.
Photographs Expected
Changes In sales tax regulations announced by the minister of customs
and excise classify photographers as
retailers and make it unnecessary for
them to take out a sales tax license.
II is said married men make bet-
ter clerks lhan single ones. They
are not in such a hurry lo gel home
of evenings.
Tlie Salvation Army bandsmen lu
England, according to the new figures,
number 30.000.
Refreshes Tired Eyes
WriteMurlneCc„ChlcAgo,fotEyeCattBook I
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house
W.   N.   V.   1509
Order Your
Farm Help Now
IN VIEW of the great demand for farm help existing in
Cunada, the Canadian Pacific Kuilway will continue its Farm
Help Service during 1921 and will enlarge its scope to include women domestics und boys.
THE COMPANY is in touch with largo numbers of good farm
laborers in, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France,
Holland, Switzerland and other European countries nnd through
its widespread organization can promptly fill applications for
help received from Canadian farmers.
In order to have the help reach Canada in time for the Spring
operations farmers needing help should arrange to get their
applications in early, the earlier the better, as naturally those
applications which are received early will receive first attention.
Blank application forms nnd full information regarding the
service may be obtained from any C.P.R. agent or from anv
of the officials listed below. THE SERVICE IS ENTIRELY
Department of Colonization and Development
WINNIPEG.—M. E. Thornton,  Superintendent  of Colonization
T. S. Achenon, General Agricultural Agent
SASKATOON.—V. 1. (icrotr, Land Agent
11. F. Komor, Special Colonization Agont
CALGARY.—T. O. F. Horaer, Aaak lo Sunt, of Colonization
KDMONTON.-J. Miller, Land Agent
MONTKEAL.—J. Dougoll, General Agricultural Agent
C Ll Puo Norwood, Land Agent
c. wmiE,
Aaalatant Comralulonor.
Chief Commluloner. />
Britisk National ExhiDition
Will Be Means Of Developing
Trade Between Empire s Units
The British Empire Exhibition]
which is lo be held In London Ibis
year—the greatest exhibition of Its
kind ever held—has two primary oh i
Jects. The flrsl is lo bring lhe far-;
(lung Dominions of the British Cum
inonwealtli of Nations Inlo closer sen-
timcnlal touch with each other, and
ihe second Is to develop trade among
the constltuonl countries of lhe Empire.
The latter object is perhaps tho
more Important of tho two from lho
point of view of Immediate necessity.
Trade carried ou under fl conditions
is a great Instrument for lhe pronto*
linn of goodwill, 11 leaches roiinllies
thai their econninlc iuleresls are mutually depeiidenl and beneficial. Tho
blood lies which hind Bolt-governing
parts of the British Empire together
help tn make nailing relations more
The British Empire Exhibition has
no parly nor political significance.
The recent general election lias shown
the danger of Importing political
schemes Into the discussion of the
question of trade development within
the Empire There is a vast Held in
which non-party and iion-polltlcnl effort may operate to promote closer
relations between tlie British manufacturer and the Dominion markets.
The purpose of the exhibition is to
exploit that Held.
Great Britain has a vast army of
unemployed. Pessimists tell us that
we must bo prepared to accept that
fact complacently as irremediable for
many years to come. That is a counsel of despair quite unworthy of a people who have faced and overcome difficulties as great in the past. It maybe true thai under the most favorable
circumstances it will be some years
before we can recover to the full the
markets we have lost on the continent
of Europe. Greal Britain must give
Its help to the pacification and ccon-"
omic reconstruct ion of Eurrjpe, for
- that is so important lo our trade and
commerce. We cannot afford lo neg
lect any possible market.
But the British Empire is Ihe greatest undeveloped market in tile world.
It is the most diversified. Tlie products   of   the   Brillsh Empire range
Beware of Imitations!
from tin1 natural rosourcos ol Lho frozen north to ilios-* of equatorial
regions. This faot has u doubii* Importance to Great Britain. The British Empire! owing to tho variety of lis
ollmato, is capable of producing and ;
supplying every Kind of fond, and
grown material tor lho manufacturers
or Great Britain; nnd the greal variety <>r manufactured articles needed
by populations living under different
climatic conditions gives a divorsity
to the manufacturing .trade of Greal
in considering lho possibilities of
Lho dovelopmeifl of ISmpiro trade* we
nre iipi lo attach loo much importance
io the solf-governing Dominions, to
tiit* neglect of Lho possibilities of the
Crown Colonies and India. Tho latter havo already vast populations
which have al present u vory low pur-
eh ns ing power, India, for instance,
has u population nearly as large as
tho whole of Europe, and far larger
than ihe whole population of South
America, and moro than twice the
population of the United Stales.     If
Definite Policy Of Immigration
Is Now Put In Force By The
Canadian National Railways
li. I.uhb, Editor and Publisher of The
Times, Stoughlon, Sask.
Not to Bring De Valora to Trial
It Is staled In Republican circles In
Dublin Unit the government has no intention of bringing De Valera to trial,
and this decision is believed to apply
lo oilier prominent Republican leaders
now in custody. The release of the
we could raise the standard of living: more influential of the leaders, bow-
in the Crown Colonies and India we ever, is not at present contemplated,
could add hundreds of millions a year
to the export trade of Great Britain.
Tlie only justification of Imperialism
is that it is leading the subject peoples to a higher standard of civilization.
But more attention to the development of the one-self governing parts
of 'the Empire does not involve lhe
neglect of the great possibilities of
the Dominions. The latter of necessity will develop slowly because they
must rely for an increase of population upon immigration from the homeland. This raises the vitally important question of the better organization of emigration schemes. The
British Empire Exhibition ought to be
utilized as an opportunity for pulling
this matter on a more satisfactory
rooting. If facilities for the emigration of the right type of person, who
voluntary agrees to try his fortune in
the Dominions, can bo arranged between the Imperial Government and
the Dominion Governments, it would
be greatly to the advantage of all the
The exhibition should be valuable
in serving the following purposes. It
will show British manufacturers, the
character of the overseas markets,
and tlie overseas producers the possibilities of the British market. It will
bring traders throughout the Empire
into personal touch with eacli other.
it will give the general public a more
adequate idea of I he colonies as places
of settlemem. The exhibition should
do much to increase trade with lhe
Empire; and as our exports lo overseas parts ' of tile Empire must be
wholly manufactured articles that increase of trade will give the stimulus
to employment so much needed.
Dizzy Spells
Bearing-Down Pains
When pains gather around
the hips and lodge in the small
of the back—when to stoop or
bend seems impossible, when
dizzy spells and bearing-down
pains are ever present—that's
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vital energy is restored, back
trouble is forgotten.
The ailing sick woman gains
strength, Improves in looks, increases in spirit, by using Dr. Hamilton's Pills. They correct the conditions thai rob her of heallh and vigor.
No medicine so helpful as Dr. Hamilton's Pills. 2iic al. all dealers, or The
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Late Maple Sap
Fresh made syrup, made from sap
gathered in his sugar bush three days
previously, formed part of the Christmas Day menu at the home of Irvin
Crippen, farmer, living near Algonquin, Grenviile County, Ont.
Unless you see tho "Bayer Cross" on
package or on tablets you are not getting tlie genuine Buyer Aspirin proved
safe by millions and prescribed by
physicians over twenty-three years for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Neuritis Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains proven directions. Handy 'boxes
ol twelve tablets cost few cents. Druggists also sell bottles of 21 and 100.
Aspirin Is the trade mark (registered
In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoacellcacldester of Salloyllcacld,
While It Is well known Hint Aspirin
means Bayer manufacture, lo assist
Hie public against Imllatlons, lhe Tablets of Bayer Company will be stamped with Ihelr general trade mark, the
'Bayer Cross."
No More Briquettes
The lignite Utilization hoard's briquetting plant at BletiTalt, Sask., has
been closed and engineers who have
been conducting experiments have departed.
Women In All Parts
Of Canada
Tell Of The Good Work Dodd's
Kidney Pills Are Doing
Mrs. C. H. Latlamme tried them and
is now recommending them to her
Bridgeville,    Que. —  (Special). —
"Dodd's Kidney Pills   have   done   me
I u great deal of good.     I have taken
Half   of   Population   Own   Homes' many   otllcl'   remedies,   but   none   of
  i them did what the flrsl box of Dodd's
Australians Rank Among Most Pros-!
perous People of the World I
Accepting tlie ownership of a house
as evidence of individual prosperity,
Australians can claim to rank amongi
lhe most prosperous people In the
world. Probably In no oilier country
does such a large proportion of the
population own their homes.
Mainly as Ihe result of the activities of Hie slate governments in pro-
Kidney Pills did for me.     1 loll all
my friends about them."
Tills statement, which speaks for
itself, Is made by Mrs. C. II. La-
llamme, well known resident of Ibis
Kidney I rouble Is very common
amongst all classes of people, and
usually a lot of valuable lime is lost
by using unsuitable treatments. A
good plan is to watch lhe kidneys
and keep them healthy. Dodd's Kidney Pills stimulate and strengthen
weak   kidneys.     They   are used and
viding facilities for persons or limit-1 recommended all over   the   civilized
. . i     .i   i i ' world
ed mentis lo acquire Ihelr own homes.
When, a llitle moro lhan a year ago
Sir Henry \V. Thornton, K.H.E.. was
chusi'ii to head lhe Canadian National
Railways, one of his flrsl acts was to
pin lino nun inn machinery fur aiding
in the colonization ami development
of Canada, particularly along the lines
ul ihe National Systom, He realized
Ihal one nf lhe orying needs nf Canada was fur more population, and he
has since been quoted, un several oc
caslotlB, as saying I hat If Canada had
a population nf tweflty-flve million
people, Canada would have ud railway
The organization of a department to
look after colonization nnd development was entrusted by Sir Henry to
Mr. W. D. Robb, Vice-President, nnd
.Mr. Tlobb at once proceeded tu build
up the necessary organization to look
after llils most important nalional
work. Investigations, conferences
and careful planning gradually
brought Into being an effective depart,
ment, the effort of the year culminating in Hie engagement of Dr. W. J.
Black, Deputy Minister of Immigration
und Colonization in Hie Federal Government, as Manager of the Colonization and Development Department of
the Canadian National Railways, wiih
headquarters In London, England.
That was early In the Fall of 1923.
Dr. Black proceeded at once lo ('.rent
Britain where he spent some weeks
carrying out a series ot Investigations.
These completed, he returned to Canada, and a general conference of all
oflicers of lhe department was called
and a definite plan of colonization and
development was drawn up and announced. Tills was lhe flrsl definite
announcement on Immigration to be
announced lu Canada.
In engaging Dr. Black, the Canadian
National Railways secured an officer who is probably belter acquainted
with tlie Immigration needs of Canada,
and the best methods of remedying
those needs, than any oilier man in
the country. All his life be has been
connected with the agricultural Industry and lias run the gauntlet of all Its
intricate phases. He was born and
brought up on a farm In Dufferin
County, Ontario, and in 1902 graduated from the Ontario Agricultural College with a Toronlo University degree.
At ills graduation he was appointed
editor of the Farmers' Advocate, Winnipeg, Maniloba, and he held this post
for two years. In 1905 he joined tlie
Government of Manitoba as Deputy
Minister of Agriculture, a post which
lie left Hie following year to become
President of the Manitoba Agricultural
College. He-remained in tills Important
position until 1916, when he became
D«. W. J. Black
ihe number of private dwellings oc-
j copied by owners, and dwellings purchased by instalments,   total    111,025
' and   137,083   respectively,   The corh-
monweallll  statistician  lias   recorded'
that   lhe   percentage   proportion   of
I owners and prospective owners lo tliei
total vary among lhe stales in the fol- [
lowing  order:   Quonsland,  50.11   peri
cent.; Western Australia, 011.05; South j
Australia, 6JL88;« Victoria, 57.51; Tasmania, 52.70; and New South Wales,
50.28.     Therefore, more than half the
people of Australia live in self-owned
homes.   .
Dodd's Kidney Pills have restored
sound heallh lo thousands of troubled
women and men.
Obtained from all druggists, or The
Dodd's Medicine Co., Ltd., Toronto.
I Builds it.!
w.   N.    U.   1509
Poultry Exports
Manitoba llils season shows tin increase of 300 per cent, over lnsl year
in exports of dressed poultry.
Remove the danger of bronchitis by gargling with Minard's in
An enemy to germs.
Must fJispend on Market Reports
Hogs and  milk  pnss  through  several  hands 'Before they    appear    us
bacon and cheese In British and Canadian homes.     Producers of such pro
ducts must therefore depend largely J
on market reports in determining the,
class of stuff to produce. J
aliens, and enable them lo enjoy such
social and religious Institutions as are
necessary to individual happiness and
4—To encourage Improvement in agriculture that more diversified methods may be employed in farming, and
that crops, livestock anil dairy production may be increased in accordance with market demands and pros-
5—To assist by organized effort in
Ihe Immigration of young people of desirable type and character, especially
from ('ileal Britain, and in their placement in respectable rural homes
where Ihey may become qualified to
participate In constructive activities
and acquire citizenship of distinct
value to Canada.
0—To aid in lhe development of new
opportunities for service nnd to facilitate every effective means of selecting Immigrants physically fit and anxious fur work.
7—To coo-perale wllh lhe Federal
and Provincial Governments and business organizations throughout the Dominion in promoting all measures calculated to contribute toward an increase in immigration of adaptable
people, and in Ihelr settlement under
Hie most favorable conditions possible.
Mothers' Best Friend
In Rearing Children
weight   in  gold  in  every  home,  and
costs but 35 cents at any dealers.
It's the easiest thing iu Ihe world
to be generous wiih lhe things you
don't want.
Pain and sudden sickness are apt to
come upon us at any time and safety
lies in having always handy on the
shelf a reliable pain relief like good
old "Nerviline." For nearly half a
century Nerviline has been a family
standby, and most mothers have come
Commissioner of Agrioulture for Can- i to rely upon it iu case of colds, sore
ada. At the conclusion of the Great throat, light chest, sprains, cramps.
War in 1918, Dr. Black was appointed I ";lufu a(nd sudden attacks of sickness
„,   . ' *    ,,     ,     ' , i at the stomach.     For internal or ex-
Chalrman ol the Soldiers   Settlement i ,,,,.„.,, us6i Nerviline    Is    worth    its
Board of Canada, a position lie held
until his appointment in 1921, as Deputy Minister of Immigration and Colonization for Canada.
Dr. Black Is a man who Is thorough-
ly respected both for his opinions anil
his achievements throughout Canada.
He carries a lasting and genuine enthusiasm inlo his work and as a quiet
bul eloquent and convincing speaker
he Is well fitted to broadcast the message of his Important mission.
There are seven points to Hie programme which has received lhe approval of Sir Henry W. Thornton and
lhe principles of policy will be placed
Inlo effect Immediately. Dr. Black
sailed for England again on January
6th, and on his arrival hi London his
department commenced to function actively. The thorough character ol
the policy can be judged from a recapitulation of the seven principles, which
are'as follows:
1—To Influence the Immigration
and satisfactory settlement In Canada
of the largest possible number of people of productive capacity that the
country can absorb and assimilate.
2—To contribute to the dissemination of Information concerning the
vast and extensive natural resources
of lhe Dominion and the widespread
opporl unities for industrial development so that capital may be al traded from other countries and Invested
where enterprises will be legitimately
3—To promote the land settlement
of new Canadians under conditions
that will ensure Hie maximum possibility of success in their farming ope:-
This Article Will Interest
Every Mother!
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healthy. I regained my strength verv
quickly afterword, I was si. thankful
to have boon advised of this uu-dlcine,
It gave me such wondorlul help."—Mrs.
Henry McDonald, 3 Wllmot Avenue
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. Lei us have a word together^ Mr.
Store Patron, You nnd I arc Interested in the same things, in line, success or failure effects us both. Overhead expenses are strains upon us all.
Added cOBtS of marketing, purchases,
aud,  indeed, every    unnecessary    or
 »Mj expeiu«n,ui'e kij.ii  u. ucl 1S
a loss pure and simple. It is a loss
whether we so consider it or not, and
' even if unwittingly done is still a
loss and in the end has to be paid
by us in coin of the realm.
Let us 'take a concrete case—perhaps, one of every^ day occurrence.
Let us consider together and find out
real values. Your grocer and your
hardware merchant—you deal with
both, and both are due to deal fairly
with yon, and as such, to S"""
any  chrnvw   ' " _.o you
oi expense inconsistent.
■with the efficient, competent sales-
m nstiitt. Vou enter and nfter male-
W.L    ,.,.,„■    jfig.OO    purchase    ask    it
Messrs. HOGG BROS, wish to announce
that on the 12th of March they are disposing
by Auction of their entire herd of choice
Dairy Cows and Young Stock in order that
they may devote their attention to the
Butcher Husiness.
Harrison I^odge
Will be under trie manage!;::."''hat MaPlc h™11™ was
this season. Visit us in our new home. We «l""re
100. per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
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Harrison Hot Springs
Women's Institute Alert
_a oy Mrs,
W   vouv   $8.00   pur
„      , merchant
fare "chargecV *8.oo.
touches     the     register
'Charge'   i* Bet dov
nn he
large   u «» «*•  n in mem(h
Later nn he   tearg (jff the 8trip_
even a pap* (. strip C08ta_. am*i enters
in his    My  book.     The work is on.
Accc;liUts from tbe nature of the case
live   not—cannot  properly  he—taken
from  the day book.     They must go
to the  ledger, which has a page or
pages for each person ruled and fully
prepared.      All  these  steps have to
be taken, but tbe end is not yet.     A
statement  has to be  made  out  and
these pages with their many carefully
ruled lines cost something—buy them
und   sec.      A   statement  has  to  be
drawn, a bill made out and sent you
The regular meeting of the Women's
Institute was held on Thursday 21st
in the Institute Room, Agricultural I
The meeting was conduct
IT.   Fooks,   President,
of the last m--" .n,        -.    .
.despondence taH *e,a* rett(* J™1
from E. H. Yo- >»*»? *P * }ci\e\
Health Ouv ""•*. **• P* -Provincldl
had be'- -or stating that a voucher
±0 on passed by the Government
cover CO per cent, of the cost of
the dentistry work done for the
school children and a cheque will follow shortly. Regarding this matter
the secretary, Mrs. A. Jenkins was
instructed to receive any complaints
as to the work done so she could take
the matter up with Dr. Baker as he
gave a written guarantee.
Mrs. James Dewar then read a
paper written hy Mra. Tucker, President of the District Board Committee
of Hazehnere. entitled History of Institutes in Canada.
Miss Minnie Agassiz read a newspaper account of a lecture on Health
Insurance Tax which was endorsed by
the meeting.
The affiliation with the Local Council of Women of Vancouver was then
taken up and decided in favor of the
affiliation, Mrs- Ueimet being appoint-
General C-
-rpentry in all its
Sash and Doors.
All Doors Mortised
Broken Glass repaired
Phone 44R P. O. Box 131
Water Colour Paintings
Animals a specialty
Ideal Wedding Gifts or House
Decoration. i ■
Box 172, Agassiz.      Phone S7X ,|
C. Warburton Young
and a note written, even if hut brief. ed as delegate,
There is thc printed envelope, timej    n was also decided that the Inst!-
addressing  it,
...    __ the    stamps    and
waiting for Ihe payment. If you are
a book-keeper or any kind of financier sit down and compute the cost
of all these processes. You will be
astonished at the expense, not to mention I rouble and annoyance to the
merchant of getting $2.00.
That is the expense — mind, ultimately, to you—of a little "charge
up" order.
This is not overdrawn. It is nn
every day occurrence and yet we
wring our hands and cry "wolf" and
blame banking, the government of the
day and—everything but ourselves!
Why, in the name of common sense
don't wc take that little sum out of
thc bank and pay up and save much
indirect and most unnecessary expense? This is, fellow patron, your
business and mine and no escnpe of
the penalty,
Are we going to continue the practice, and, if so, why? Really, is it
not high time that we cut down the
thoughtless and unnecessary In the
matter of the cost of living,
tute Flower Show would be held in
July instead of June ns-formerly.
A committee of four was appointed
as follows: Miss Edith Agassi/, Mrs.
IF. Fooks, Mrs. A. S. Dennis, Mrs. A.
Pollack, to impart any information
pertaining to women's or children's
work, gardening, etc., in connection
with the Agricultural Exhibition at
Agassiz on August 30th, 1931, as there
will be a special prize given for vegetables grown by children.
Final arrangements were then completed for the Leap Yenr Novelty
Dance to be held Feb. 29th.
The following committee was appointed: Miss Edith Agassiz, Mrs. It.
C. Koacb, Mrs. (V W. Young, to procure two trees (preferably Maple) to
be planted March 20th in the Agricultural grounds.
The following were appointed a
committee of one to deal with different matters: Mrs. J.    M.    Brusselle,
TV C. and the entire Pacific Const
is planning for tlie biggest drive for
tourist trade of any year in their
history — Vancouver alone has raised
nearly $100,000 for the purpose. Biff
companies, manngers und beads of
publicity bureaus, publicity commissioners are all planning for, and
counting on, lhe biggest traffic ever
known cis or trims international
Well may this be done by all on
this side, for Vancouver is now to
reap tlio benefit of its wide fame n-
brottd, through, indeed, efforts extending over many years. The city hns
come tn be spoken of as the mecca of
the north.
So far so good, but there has been
this drawback, namely, the lack of a
real rural near-in summer resort.
This is now found and it is from this
time on. without the least exaggeration, to receive the greatest width of
patronage. Agassiz, or, if you will,
the Il"t Springs, is to attract tourists
by the many thousands on the stable
nnd indisputable grounds of scenic
beauties, hotel accommodation, and
health-giving springs, such as have
given Banff, Alta., and Hot Springs,
Arkansas, world renown.
This will be thc most pretentions
development ami welfare scheme in
the annals of the province, and it is
surely coming, i.e., the great tourist
trade; the 120-room hotel, the vast
fishing lodges und tbe hundred and
one attractions incident to a greater
than Banff—the Eldorado of British
We w i 11 soon see now 1 lie g< '0(1
effects from the loss by conflagration
of the little old hotel and pavilion.
Women's Institute Work and Methods: Mrs. J. McPherson, Home Economics; Miss Minnie Agassiz, Public
Health and Child Welfare; Mrs. A,
MacCallum, Education and Better
Schools; Mrs. J. McRae, Legislation;
Mrs. LaFavre, Immigration; Mrs. V.
Kuhn, Industry: Mrs. A. Jenkins, Publicity; Mrs. James Dewar,.Betterment.
The Institute is mnking arrangements to conduct several classes,
amongst which are basketry on the
same basis as the dressmaking class,
and are soliciting members. The
government pays 4/!iths of the expenses of these classes.
The March meeting will be a social
afternoon and birthday party, tbe roll
call being Irish jokes or quotations.
At the April meeting Mr. Harry
Sweatman will address the Institute
on growing Summer Flowers; roll
call household bints.*
Dr, E. A. Bruce, Dominion Pathologist, is visiting Courtney on business
in connection with the Health of Animals' Branch on the Experimental
Farm, Agassiz.
Mr. J. M. Robinson, representative
of the Ogilvie Milling Company, is on
a business trip to Agassiz.
Mr. J. M. Spencer, of the firm of
Spencer & Stout, is out of town on a
husiness visit.
Mrs. La Favre has disposed of her
valuable chickens through tbe medium of the Agassiz Record.
Thc Drug Store window displays
the most delicious of fresh candies.
Don't fail to see them.
Sewing machine! See the window of E. J. Webb's store. Too,
there nre on display new spring goods,
Call into Inkman's store nnd you
will be delighted with his fine collection of Indian baskets,
A city store In the country! Stout
& Spencer for a real city display of
spring goods.
Inadvertnney—Tn our report, last
week, of the Agassiz Women's Institute the name of Mrs. (Rev.) Dewar
was omitted, and further, the report
should read "Community Betterment."
Don't forget—any of us—that the
Methodist concert is ehanged from
Wednesday, March 5th to Tuesday,
March 4th.
On Saturday afternoon, Feb. 23rd,
in the Presbyterian Church, Agassi's,
a graduation service for the Sabbath
School was carried through to which
all the Mothers had been invited. Rev.
James Dewar occupied the chair. After an opening hymn a short programme was gone through starting
off by a song of welcome by Norman
McPherson. Next came a welcome
to the babies present who form the
cradle roll by the Primary Class. Mr.
Dewar then gave a short five minute
address to mothers on their duty in
helping the children to learn their
lessons for the Sunday School,
Prizes were distributed to those
who had memorized some of the catechism, verses of Scripture, nnd, for
attendance. A duet was rendered
by Dorothy and Bern ice Edwards, nf-
Every clllzon may, to marked nd-
vantage, nnd tlie very thoughtful
article on pyorrhea of the Tooth. It
Is of tho almost advantage to evory
youth or adult,
ter which Mrs. Dewar spoke n few
words in connect inn with work she
wns desirous of starting amongst the
older girls in  tbe form  (tf a  guild.
The primary class was again called
upon to give a recitation of the 83rd
Psalm and several other portions of
Scripture, Diplomas were distributed tn those moving Into higher
classes. A recitation by I'jIsIg Me-
llae, refreshments served, and, a very
happy and profitable gathering was
brought to a close,
Mr. H. Calvert, Master of Agassiz
Orange Lodge, attended the Provincial Grand Lodge held In Vancouver
on Wednesday and Thursday Inst.
F. Sumpter, I*. M., also attended on
Thursday and after the election of
officers tlie Grand Lodge adjourned to
meet again in Revelstoke on Feb. 20,
The Grand Lodge banquet was held
in the Vancouver Hotel on Thursday
evening und over 200 delegates and
visitors, amongst whom were Mr. H.
Calvert, W. M., Mr. F. Sumpter, P. M.,
Miss Maude Tyer and Miss Annie
Sumpter of Agassiz, were present-
After the toasts, etc., the Theosophic-
al Society gave some wonderful musical numbers which were greatly enjoyed.
The Agassiz A. & H. Association
dlreotors met in the Women's Institute room on Wednesday, Feb. 20th,
The choice of date for the Fall Fair
was fixed for August 80th this year.
It is the intention of the Board to
have the Prize List issued a month or
Iwo earlier than usual. The list
will be revised at. the March meeting.
Several minor improvements were ordered to be carried out on grounds
nnd buildings. The outlook is
bright for a larger and belter Fair
than ever.
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
Want, your Insurance BuMlnois whether It la Tit. Inraranoe, Automobile Inaurance, Accident aad Biokneai Insurance, Plate Olan Insurance, or any other Bad ot Insurance. .If it li Xnanrance, wa
write tt, and can quote you the Xioweat Batea obtainable In
In the Provmoe. .Wa have fifteen -old and tried" Inenranoe Oo'e.
William xcAdam la la yonr » latrlot twice a week, and will be glad
to call asd let yon. \ "£
Phone, write, or call and eee '
833, Columbia Street, Mew Weatmlaster, 8.0
Royal City Laundry I
A Near-Ready Wash consists of an equal nnmbtf 6/ six
or more pieces of flat and body clothes, Exclusive of socks
and handkerchiefs, with a miMmum amount of 13 lbs. for
$1.00; oyer that 8c. per lb..
*. ABRAMS.Pror.
Manufacturers of Gasoline Logging Locomotives.
Industrial and  Mill  Attachments  for  Fordson Tractors,
Ornamental and ftructural Iron Work, Bois Interlocling
Steel Stairs,
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St. New Westminster, B.C.
P.O. Box 933 Phones 53   65S
The Pleasure of Travel
is fully realized on the lines of the
Canadian Pacific Railway
Twenty-four hours in the beautiful
Canadian Pacific R ckies
Through transcontinental trains daily.   Electric lighted
sleepers and compartment observation cars.
For full particulars and reservations, apply to any
Canadian Pacific Agent or General Passenger Department
Vancouver, B.C.


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