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Agassiz Record 1924-02-13

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No. 22    Vol. 1
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, February 13, 1924
$1.50 per yea
Motel Agassiz
Courteous Service
Mrs. C. Gillis & Sons
Phone 30-L P.O. Drawer A C
C. H. Inkman
General Stores
This week featuring the famous "Royal Kni.?ht" Oranges,
and these will be priced specially low for the occasion.
Priced from 16c. to «0c. per dozen.
Choice Marmalade Oranges, ~.J er dozen EOc.
"Sunkist" Lemons, large size  35c.
Fresh Bulk Pates,- -8 lbs for 25c.
Peanut Butter, • 4 lb t"18- 75c-
Cheese, extra choice, Ontario Matured per lb 30c.
Wheat Middlings, produce more milk $2.00 cwt.
Feed Flour $200 cwt.
Scratch Feed, Al Quality ..$2.40 cwt.
Making room for new stock, and here are some big values-
Men's Solid Leather Work Boots, Regular $8.00 and $6.50
Cleaning Price....$4.95
Men's Dress Shoes, Values to $8.00 for        $5.75
Ladies Patent Pumps, Oxfords, and high Boots $5.00 and'
$6.00 Values for $3.95
Misses Kid, patent toe cap, regular $4 .CO f >r $2.80
Boys Solid L2ather Shoes      $5.00 vi 1 ae for _ $3.95
Ladies Knee Gum Bootr, fusion lined, to clear er pair $2.95
ChildsKnee Gum Boots, fusion lined sizes 5 to 9 $2.00
F'eavy Striped Flannelette Shirts, detachable collar regu'ar
$2.00 value for $1.45
Dark Tweed Trousers     Regular $4.00   to clear    $2.95
Robin Hood Flour, Porridge Oats, Wheatlets,
are best yet.
Just received a large shipment of
Paint, White Wash, Varnish, Stove
and Scrubbing Brushes,
at the Hardware Store
%      JAS. R. CAMPBELL      t
A Is still at the ♦
t Agassiz - Meat - Market |
4*" Prime Beef, Vea' aid P ork, *f
♦!♦ Smoked and Fresh Fish, *f
♦*♦                                                     Bacon, Lard, Butter. ♦»♦
♦ FRESH SAUSAGES (Cartons) ?
V     P.O.Boxl47                                            Phone 19    *J*
A full shipment NEILSON'S Nut Bars.
Ganong's and Willard's Best Chocolates always
in stock
Rountree's Pastilles and Clear Gums
phone 42.    Druggist and Stationer,    AGASSIZ
An Environ
of Agassiz
Ho<] Agassis chosen hy prophetic
Instinct the greatest Provincial, you,
Dominion-wide asset, It would havo
chosen a pleasure resort. Attest this
the bathing, beaches of the Old Land,
Yellowstone Park of tho U.S.A., eta
But for Agassis nature did the end-
owning of a forty mile stretch of
.water for fishing and boating and
swimming; long level beaches where
th0 sands a: o sllvor strands ; scenery
unsurpassed, perhaps, on the continent, nnd best and grandest of nil
medicinal waters that from lake margin effervesce and sparkle with health
■properties that will restore comfort
and health to tho i-heumatlo and
sciatic Pilgrim who else Is fairly in
Harrison Hot Springs, the Immediate environ of Agassiz, has all this,
and it remains now hut to apprise
the World, so that tourists will be
the'.e for week-end excursions and
travellers from all over the world
come to bask in tho glory of natural and acquired to be—World Famous Health nnd  Pleasure  resort.
So much, for Nature's endowment.
Almost since the Harrison's went to
ChllHwack, or before that, when the
AgassJz'fi came to the town that bears
their honored name, the possession—
natural and national endowment—
has been there, but, for the most
part, by local people, considered of
no value, indeed, hardly accorded us
much as a parsing  thought.
It Is true that a few have enjoyed
the scenery and participated in some
gain, and some have also regained
health through the Hot Springs.
(Some time ago we related of the
entire restoration to a man from Mer-
ritt suffering severely from rheumatism. In onuer here to note another
"bad case." Our brother-in-law, near
Lundy, near Vernon, was, a few years
ago, a cripple, and, coming to the
Springs, in a short time went back
to his family perfectly well, and has
so   continued   to   the   p:escnt   hour.)
Harrison Hot Springs People and
the citizens of Agassli will be the
very last to believe that anything
great Is within their grasp, many may
audibly or Inaudibly expressed flay
"Walt and see," or, "I'm from Missouri :  show me,"
The news has already been broken
by the Vancouver Daily World. Harrison Hot Springs Is to have a brand
new St: Alice Hotel with well nigh
200 rooms ; tourist auto camp, fishing lodges, golf courses, and a National Bank ank Health Resort second
to   none.
The giant, as it were, has been now
awakened. The story Is out. In articles to follow tho whole story will
be  related.
The Agassiz L.O.L. and Chimin
Lodge I.O.O.F. have a new Interest
which la greatly appreciated by the
members. At the close of their sessions the members quickly get busy
practising carpet ball. A complete
net was purchased by the former
Lodge who quickly sold a half Interest to tbe Oddfellows' Lodge, An
exdltlng match Is looked forward to
on Thursday evening, the 14th. The
Orangemen's line-up will be as fol-
lnwsf|: Skip, T. E. Singleton ; players,
Wm. Henley, F, Sumpter, H, Brldson,
Waiting man, It, Maglli. The Oddfellows' team has not been chosen to
E. J. Webb
General  Merchant
Dry Goods
Boots & Shoes
In fact every
thing you need.
Phone 46
Agassis, Feb. 12.—A bad accident
occurred on C.N.R. just east of Pop-
cum, when No. 2 going east from
Vancouver, went through a bridge
weakened by the recent rain, Eight
passengers injured, two in serious.
condition, t. H. Hartford wns Injured and returned to Vancouver. Mr.
T. Ssott, provincial fish warden, is
seriously lnju:«d, asd another man
unknown,   are   In   ChllHwack  hospital.
The engine passed over the bridge,
the baggage car went through, pulling
the second class coach after it. The
next coach held the track and prevented the second class going down ao
far, but It turned over, and one of
the passengers was thrown thptugl.
the window. Others crowded out
through windows. Fortunately the
train was running slow, and when thc
baggage car disconnected from engine
It put on the brakes and\ stopped the
train. The local was coming behind
No. 2, so their engine backer No. 2
into ChllHwack, but in doing so ran
into one slide which held them up S
hours, then another slide which held
them one hour. Baggage car is In
the creek i ight side uft Second class
turned overon side. Passengers wero
transferred fnom ChllHwack by motor
to Agassi* for dinner at the Bella
Vista, and from there by train C.N.R.
on  C-P-R.
MRS. PROBERT,  Proprietress
E. PROBERT, Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Harrison Hot Springs.
REPAIRS of all Descriptions.
BOOTS a specialty.
A series of veny Interesting addresses on The Book of Common
prayer are being delivered by the Rev,
Mr. Turklngton at the evening ser-
v.'d-j. In All Saints' Church.
This subject, which is so Intimately
Interwoven with the hlrttory -it lhe
Anglican Church, embraces the orig'n
nnd compilation of the different tnrt«
of *.')e Church service and their «Ir-
Many interesting historical points
are touched on showing the antiquity
of the ritualistic form of worship,
some of the beautiful and impressive
Songs of ptfalse anfl Invocations which
are embodied in the Prayer Book dating back to the fifth century, and even
to   the  old   Jewish   Church,     in    the
E. D. Harrington
Agassiz, B.C.
Agassiz Barber Shop
Under New Management.
Soft Drinks
and Tobacco
Agassiz, B.C.
practices asd traditions of which Our
Saviour himself  was  Instructed.
The addresses are being- continued,
and a cordial Invitation lg extended
to all who may be Interested.
Will be at the Agassiz Hotel. Friday of each week
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Dentistry in all its Branches. Extractions, Crown and Eridge
work.   Plates.   Latest Methods.
The Community Store
New Goods to Hand
and many other lines all AT PRICES which CANNOT'
BE BETTERED for the quality,
We aim to give Service and Satisfaction
Phone 17
Agassiz Pioneer Office
Phone 61
? Straight Talk On
Danger Of Colds j
Lei your cold gain headway, and
you can't keep ii from running into
Catarrh never slays In tho same
place—It travels clown Into the lungs-
then its Consumption.
Drive colas and Catarrh right out ot
your system while you have the
Easily done by Inhaling CATAJHl-
HOZONE, which Instantly reaches tho
true soune ol' Ihe I rouble and gets
rlglll where lhe living genu of Catarrh
Is working.
CATARB.HOS50NE  Is  run  of  healing
bnlsonis and essences, nnd is able lo,
patch up lhe sore spots and remove!
that lender, sensitive feeling from the1
nose and throat,
Hawking and spilling cease, because
'he discharge is stopped. The nostrils are cleared, headache is relieved,
breath Is purified. Every trace ot
Catarrh, bronchial and throat weak-
ness is permanently removed. i
months' treatment $1.00; small size
GOc. Sold by all druggists, or by mall
from The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
-  BY —
Author of "My Canada," and Other
Sioiies '
PllblUhed   by Special   Anttngement
with the Aiuiioi-
July brought us two visitors, Maudie
accepted my invitation for two weeks
ol' her holiday, and vlion she went
hack to the city Teddy came but. The
Mowbrays had company too, a niece oi
Mrs. Mowbray's, Lilali Armstrong by
I was coward enough to have some
misgivings regarding Maudle's visit.
Our friendship, old and precious ns it
Is, was not based on community of
tastes so much as on propinquity, and
I wondered if she would Jail lo recognize what was good in our simple life
and would see only the unavoidable
crudiiies and inconveniences. Then,
loo, she and Murray scarcely knew
each other. * She had been just a little bit. jealous ol him and he, after ho
came home, had been in no condition
to overcome anyone's prejudices. Perhaps, too, Murray was rather lacking
In appreciation of Maudle's good
points, for generous, loyal soul thai
she Is, Maudie is somewhat limited in
certain respects, and ono needs to
know her as I do to estimate her at
her full worth.
As lias so often happened, my fears
were wasted, Maudie was so glad to
see me, so enthusiastic over Herring-
Ion's Hope, and so absolutely slavish
In her devotion to tbe twins, that one
admitted that she had improved—never, of course, thai he had been mistaken!
Tlie Jones' have always had a very
nice home, somewhat lacking In books
and pictures but, with the latest thing
in furniture and electrical appliances,
but Maudie "loved" my four-roomed
cottage and never once seemed to miss
lhe things to which she had always
been accustomed.
And such talks as we had—all day
long and far Into the night Maudie
was not a brilliant correspondent, and
I had been too busy, and sometimes
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com*
pound Brought Relief When
Other Medicines Failed
Port Mnnn, B. C.-"I took Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vege table Compoundbccause
I wns tired and rundown. 1 had bend-
aches anil no appetite and wastroutilod
for two years with
sleeplessness. I tried
many medicines, but
nothing did me any
real ({oral. While 1
was living in Washington 1 was recommended byastranger
to take Lydia E,
J Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I am stronger and feel
line since then and nm able to do my
housework. I nm willing for you to
use these facts as a testimonial. "—Mrs.
J. C. QnuAVES, Port Mann, B. C.
■  Feels New Life and Strength
Keene.N. H.—"I wns weak and rundown nnd had backache and all sorts of
troubles which women have. 1 found
(treat relief when taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I also
used Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative
Wash. I um able to do my work and feel
new life nnd strength from thc Vegetable Compound. I nm doing all I can to
Advertise it."-Mrs. A. F. Hammond,
72 Carpenter Street, Keene, N.H.
Sick nnd niling women everywhere
in the Dominion should try Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.       (J
IV.   N.   U.   iiuy
too unsettled, lo write a grsat many
letters, and so we had a great deal lo
tell each other.
Maudie was still In her father's office, und It seems likely Ihal She will
remain there, sin- is noi needed al
home and she has, rather surprisingly,
discovered in herself ihe same capa*
ciit for detail ihal makes "Uncle
Frank" so Invaluable In his position.
Her father's business, she told me,
had been hard hi! hy lhe war, and for
lhe lasl year she had drawn only a Ill-
He mote than half of her salary, and
Mr. Jones had given her shares In lhe
company for the balance.
"Reg does nol call' for ileal Estate,"
she explained, "he wants lo be it doctor, so Daddy and 1 are really partners, and he tells me that Ihe next
lime we order stationery my name is
lo go on ihe letter-heads. When you
come back lo Winnipeg, Margaret
Anne. I'll lake a lis! of houses and
suites and my Utile Ford, and first
tiling you know I'll have you sellled.
Had says I am making good, bul of
course he carries all lhe financial responsibility—my particular 'line' I.s
lilting it prospective tenant or buyer
Into a suitable house, a woman knows
so much better than n man jusl what
will appeal lo another woman. Business is very* dull, but I feel Ihal I nm
earning my salary, and it would amuse
you lo hear Daddy and Uncle Frank
boasting nboul me."
In spile of my fondness for .Maudie
1 had been classing her Willi the girls
who work for pin-money and who
inigh! heller slay at home and allow
Ihelr positions to be tilled by lliose
who really need the salary. I confessed and apologized and .Maudie was
very magnanimous.
"1 did belong to thai class at flrsl,"
she explained, "but I became more and
more interested In Ihe work itself as
lhe months went by, and by the lime
il was necessary for me lo work it
would have been a real hardship to go
back to my lazy life. Anil there's
another thing, Margaret Anne, Dad
has never cut his staff—that is one of
lhe reasons for our being so 'short'
just now. So 1 do not need to feel
thai I am Inking someone else's place;
"It Is rather strange, isn't it?"
Maudie went on, "Vou used to talk
about n business career, and it was
lhe last Ihing I thought of. And now
here you nre on an out-of-the-way
farm, with a husband and two children,
while 1 am a budding Captain of Industry."
"'Oh, oh, oh, It's a lovely war!'" I
"Thai's It exactly, agreed Maudie,
"the war has turned us all to the rightabout."
"Bul, Maudie," I said, "you are not
overlooking matrimony in your choice
of a career, are you? Do you remember what Mother used to say that
while the1 work was hard the rewards
were great?"
Maudie shook her head.
"Nothing like thai for me," she replied decisively. "Filly thousand of
Ihe men of our generation did not
come home, and that means fifty thousand women left over. I am quite
content lo be one of them. Judging
by what I have seen, the competition
iu the matrimonial market is going to
be keener than in Ileal Estate, so I'll
slay as I am, thank you. And single
blessedness is hereditary in our family, ns you should know," she finished
wiih a laugh.
"Ootid old II.F." I said, "do you think
he has quite forgiven me?"
"Quite," Maudie assured me. "He
has taken to stamp-collecting now and
is as keen about it as If he were n
small boy—will spend n happy half-
hour correcting my geography when
I put Seneganibia among the Herman
colonies. I don'l think I'll ever be a
good collector, iny hobby just now is
interior decorating—When times Improve I plan lo go away for a short
course and Ihen I'll be ready to decor-
ale nnd furnish the houses I rent nnd
sell. I'll charge n good commission,
of course, any woman who Is foolish
enough lo let someone else furnish her
home should be made lo pay well Tor
her folly.
"Oh, I'm nol going to he a sour old
maid, Margaret Anne, don't worry
nboul I hill. II is Just as I read once,
Ihal. II Is lhe easiest death once you
quli struggling!"
Maudie protested loo much, I
though!, bin i could not force her confidence to i iii the conversation drift
lo oilier subjects,
In the old days Maudie Inn! worship,
ped, ally!) and from afar, al lhe shrine
of Leslie Oriiioml, nnd for the past
year she had seldom written lo me
without mentioning that she had boon
lo Deer Lodge Hospital lo see him.
That meant llllle In one way, had I
been In Winnipeg I should have gone
loo, for Leslie was one of our old circle, one of lhe jolllesl and mosl popular of the boys who hud gone overseas
and come home sadly broken. When
he came back, Miiudie explained modestly, he found her lhe only one of Hie
girls hit. And Maudie. I Imagine,
eared nothing for whal people mlghl
say or think so long lis she mlghl do
anything for him, for lhe gallant
wreck Hull was all Ihal was lefi of
lhe Leslie I had known, was nol able
lo move from his bed In Iffe hospital,
There, sometimes suffering ueulely,
sonielimes free from pain, bul always
helpless, he lay and walled for lhe release Ihal Dentil alone could bring.
Ills own people, fanuerfolk, lived
near Dolnrnlne, and though Ihey were
devoted to him Ihey OOUld not always
be with him. And Maudie, il Appeared, Ailed all lhe gaps and lell nothing
undone Ihal would make his days
"He |s Jusl as bright and clever as
ever," she said In her iiiiitlerol-facl
way," and Interested   in   everything
that goes on.     I ulwtija fend Mils of
"My Back Aches"
IT is not much wonder that the mother
in the home has backaches and headaches when you think of the multiplicity of work and worries she has from
morning until night and from week to
But pains and aches come from poisons
in the system and if the kidneys and liver
were doing their duty as filters of the
blood the poisoning would not remain
This is why it is usual to blame thc
kidneys and the liver for backache, headache, rheumatism etc.
The way to get rid of such pains and
aches, then, is by arousing the action of
the kidneys and liver and this is most
promptly and most certainly done by the
use of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
By using this popular medicine you can
usually obtain relief in a few hours.
You will realize then the advisability of
using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills once
or twice a week so as to keep these vital
organs active and ensure that the poisonous waste matter is promptly removed
from the system.
In most homes this medicine is kept
constantly on hand for use in case of
emergency.   Not a bad idea, is it?
You will notice that while the price of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills has been
increased to 35 cents, the box now contains 35 pills instead of 25 as formerly.
Likewise Dr. Chase's Nerve Pood is
60 cents a box of 60 pills, instead of 50
cents a box for 50 pills. Edmanson,
Bates & Co., Ltd., Toronto.
your letters to him, and I just wish I
Could take Nicolas back for him to
see—he raves about his sister's little
girl and she is not half as sweet as
Nicolas. I have always been half
afraid of men, you know, but he is different somehow. He Is just like a
child sometimes, especially when he
wants something that I think would
not be good for him—he always gels
it, of course."
"He would," 1 agreed, "they always
do." And I tried to picture Leslie Or-
niond of his college days the helpless
cripple that Maudie described.
In all this there was, I must admit,
little to justify my suspicion. But
Maudle's manner meant more than
what she said. Hers is a single-track
mind, nnd, while she was doubtless
quite honesi In saying that Bho never
thought of marriage, her possessive
air, and lhe way In which It slipped
nut Ihal she hud chosen this particular
time for hor holidays because Mrs. Or-
inond was to be with her son, made it
clear enough to mo that she had assumed certain rights nnd responsibilities. Whal Ihere might be between
her and Leslie I could not guess, but
If ihey had been an old married couple
like Murray mid me she could not
have spoken so very differently.
It wns very sad, I thought. For the
presenl It was possibly enough for
Maudie lo have Leslie dependent on
her for his happiness, but In the long
years ihal stretched ahead of her
. . . she was braver than I, I told
myself, had I losl Murray I do not
think I could have taken n really In-
iclllgcnl inieiesl  in lhe Real Estate
Nothing occurred to spoil Maudle's
visit. The weather was hot, but
clear and dry, and all the little outings
I had planned were accomplished without a disappointing incident. Maudie
was a perfect country visitor, she never worried about sunburn or Ian or
clothes, and she enjoyed everything
from our strawberry picnic lo an exceedingly informal tennis tournament
that we got up on the spur of the moment one Saturday afternoon. And
she made friends with all Ihe neighbors in a way that amazed me—"You
do not. know Miss Jones, the Ileal Estate man," she explained when I spoke
of her new-found ablllly to converse
freely with strangers.
For our strawberry picnic we drove
10 a place four miles northeast of here,
where the fire had run through the
previous year and where the wild berries grew In unbelievable luxuriance.
11 Is a fact that as we drove from the
trail to the shady spot where we intended to havo lunch the wheels of the
wagon brought up crushed clusters of
the berries, and Mrs. Mowbray and
Jean said that they had never before
seen them so plentiful.
(To be continued)
Rich! Strong! Delicious!
It stimulates a man for his
•*»erk in the morning and!
helps him to forget his troubles at night   Ask for it.
/f0» YOUR OWN 5AKl\\
the ECONOMY «uy
(AlSOIN RlCKAGCS I5tfc20t)
Great Britain has recognized ihe
Greek Government, ihe Urlilsh charge
at Alliens was olilcially advised by Ihe
London Foreign Ollice.
Dr. Ernest Schweninger, 73, for
years personal physician lo Chancellor
Bismarck, died recently at Munich. He
wns credited with evolving a treatment which prevented Bismarck from
becoming fat.
Wasyi Mackencssuk, widely known
as "Bill the Barber," who terrorized
Ihe Arrnn, Sask., district for several
months, has been declared insane and
will not face the several charges laid
against him.
Robert Brunei. Rumanian delegate
to the League of Nations, estimates,
after an Investigation, that ihere are
In transit In Rumania, 4,000 Russian
Jewish refugees, of whom approximately 1,500 plan to go lo Canada.
Killed By Blood Poison
Used an old razor for paring his
corns. Foolish, because 25c buys a
bottle of Putnam's Pathless Corn EX'
tractor which for fifty years has been
removing corns and warts without
pain. No failure if you use "Put
nam's." Refuse a substitute, 25c
There must be some trend towards
universal peace when 22 of the lending
nations have reduced their war budgets in the last Iwo years. As usual,
Great Britain is in lhe lend.—Hamilton
No child should be allowed in suffer
an hour from worms when prompt relief can be gol in a simple but strong
remedy—Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
To Raise Scuttled Ships
German Warships Sunk at Scapa Flow
Will Be Salvaged
A QueeUBboro, Kent,'dm) has entered
into a contract wiih lhe Admiralty lo
raise lis German warships sunk at
Scapa Flow. Most of Ihe warships,
when raised, will be sold lo the ship-
breakers, wlille ihe others will be
used by lhe admiralty for target practice.
Tbe crews of lhe German warships
scuttled Ih" vessels when Interned by
Admiral Jelllcoe on June 21, 11)13.
Clear Your Complexion
With Cuticura
Bathe with Cuil.-ira Sotpand hot
watei to free the potts of impurities
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as le also Cuticura Talcum for pow
dering and perfuming.
SnsZSc. OlltaulJSudSfc. TllcuiV Said
hmM, Li.il.i 344 SI. Pul Si., W.. M.,1,,.1.
"jatjeafa Soap shayea without owl.
By E. A. Henry, D.D.
Interesting Stories For Young Folks
Published  By  Permission
Thomas Allen, Publisher
(Continued) •
There Is n fable of a lion that lay
hoi and tired, living to sleep, when
some Held mice ran over his body and
made him so mad he clapped down his
paw and was gulng to tear It when the
Utile mouse pled for mercy lu such a
way that lhe lion set him free.
Sometime later he heard a great
roaring and found it OTW lhe lion
caught by hunters In it great net. Ho
remembered the mercy of the lion, and
telling him nol lo fear, lie set to work
wllb his little sharp teeth and gnawed away at the cords and kijots of lho
I rap and set lhe lion free.
ll Is tine lo be thankful.
II. Is even liner lo prove 11 by doing
things Ihal make ethers thankful.
lie thankful lor home, and school,
for church and gospel.
Bo thankful you are nol children in
a heal hen laud.
lie thankful for your happy girl and
boy life.
Be thankful God cares for you.
A minister once told a bishop of a
wonderful escape he had from a burning ship. He called It a "great providence of God."
"Yes." said lhe bishop, "but I know
a greater. t know a ship where nothing happened and it arrived safely."
That was God's providence, too, for
which he was thankful.
And all your life God is watching
over you.
Are you thankful?
And do you show it by helping
others and being kind to those who
are kind to you?
There is a legend from Norway, that
wonderful sea-washed land in Europe,
so full of tales that girls and boys like.
It Is called the legend of the "Gertrude Bird."
It is a woodpecker that Is said to
have been a woman once, who was
making bread, when two men passed
by who happened to be Christ and His
disciple Peter, although she did not
They asked for some of the dough, for
they had had a longjvalk and fast; and
she pinched a piece off when lo, it
grew till it filled the bake box. So
she said, "No, that is too much," and
pinched a piece off it, when the same
thing happeno! Three times it happened, and each time she got more
selfish and hard and stingy. At last,
as she saw how much dough she was
gelling, she suid to the two strangers,
"I cannot glvo you any. Go on, you
can't stop here!"
They passed on and then she knew
I hem; and oh, she got humble and
sorry, and fell down asking for pardon, and Ihe Christ said, "I gave you
much, but you had no thanks. Now
I'll try poverty. After this you must
get your food between the bark and
the tree, But because you are sorry,
when your clothing Is all black with
your sorrow, it will stop, because then
you will have learnt to be thankful!
And so she was punished for a while
by becoming a woodpecker, picking
her food between (he bark and the
tree, until as she grew older her back
and wings all gol black; and then God
turned them all white again!
Dear girls and boys, God loves you
and me lo be thankful!
Women! Dye Faded
Things New Again
Dye    or    Tint    any    Worn,    Shabby I
Garment or Drapery
National Thrift
Diamond Dy<
Each 15-cont package ot "Diamond
Dyes" contains directions so slmplo
that any woman can dye or tint any
old, worn, faded thing new, even if
she has never dyed before. Choose
any color at drug store.
W.   N.   U.    1508
Don't Submit to Asthma. If you
suffer without hope of breaking the
chains which bind you do not put off
another day lhe purchase of Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Remedy. A trial will drive
away all doubt as to Its efficiency. The
sure relief that comes will convince
you more lluin anything Hint can be
will lim. When help Is bo sure, why
Buffer? This matchless remedy Is
sold by dealers everywhere.
Reason For Optimism
Attention la Drawn to Canada's
Enviable Financial Condition
A spirit of optimism should be man-
llesled nt lhe present lime In view of
lhe fuel. Ihal lhe commerce of Ihe Dominion Is excellent, according lo Hon.
Thomas Low. minister of commerce.
"Why shpuld we not be optimistic?"
Mr. Low asked. "Our exports exceeded our Imports by S 150,000,000, a situation very encouraging for a young
Country like ours. Our commerce
lu 1000 reached $110,000,000 in value,
bul today it reaches $980,000,000. Our
national debt was considerably augmented during lhe war, but It must bo
remembered thai 80 per cent, or II Is
owed lo the people of the Dominion
who receive lhe interest, thus keeping
lhe money In lhe country. Our per-
caplla debt" is lower than Hint ot any
other Country In (lie world. All Ihese
things are an Indication thut we
should  face  Ihe future with  a great
deal of confidence."
Where He Shone
Teacher (exasperated).—"Isn't then
anything you can answer?"
Dunce.—"Yeah, the telephone!"
The Better Way
Burroughs.—I asked you for the
loan of ?10.     This is only live.
Lenders.—f know It Is, but Hint's
lhe fairest way—you lose live aud [
lose live.—Denver Post.
Minard's Liniment Heals Cuts
What They Need to Restore Good
Health and Vitality
The woman who feels lired out, who
aches all over when she rises in the
morning, who feels depressed most of
lhe lime, ueeds lho help that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can give her—new,
rich bloud and stronger nerves. The
number of disorders caused by poor
blood Is amazing, and most women aro
careless about the condition of their
blood. Their nerves-are quickly affected; they worry over trifles and do
not obtain refreshing sleep. There
may be stomach troubles and headaches; shortness of breath and a fluttering of the heart. This is a condition that calls for Dr. Williams' Pink
fills, the blood-improving, nerve-restoring tonic. Mrs. William Henry,
Lovett Street, London, Ont., has proved the value of these pills, and says:
"f had a very severe attack of anae.
mla. Dwas always tired and the least
thing would make me sick at the stomach. I could hardly ge about and
suffered terrible pains in my legs from
cramp's. I had no color in my face
and was as white as a sheet. Tho
doctor gave me several kinds of medicine, hut could not understand wfiy I
did not get results from it. Then I
went to a hospital and was there for
three mouths, but came home no better than when I went. My friends
were worried and feared consumption.
While l wns sllll in this condition a
friend advised me to try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. I tried them and after a
time felt they wero helping me, and I
gladly continued their use, and am
thankful to say thnt I am again a well
woman, and I firmly believe that had
it not been for Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills I would not have got better."
The new sales tax will not increase
the price o'f Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
as the company pays the tax. You
can still obtain the pills through any
medicine dealer at 50 cents a box, or
bv mall, post paid, at this price, from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
nrockvflle, Ont.
Operating Revenue Gains
Official figures covering Canadian
railway operations from January to
the end of October, 1923, show that
Canadian National lines have Increased their operating revenues by $5,117,-
741, and the entire system, including
the lines In the United States, increased the net operating revenues from
$3,823,007 lo $12,021,285. Canadian
lines of the C.N.R. convened a deficit
of $315,952 into a net operating revenue of $4,801,788 during the lime reviewed and lhe-net earnings of Ihe
American lines of the Canadian National Hallways Jumped from $3,823,-
007 lo $7,219,100.
Do You Need Help?   This Advice
Is Well Worth Reading!
Klrkton, Out.—"I have found Doctor
Pierce's Auuric Tablets to be uu excellent
medicine. I have been troubled with
inflittniii.iti.iii iu tbe neck of my bladder
for about eight yean, I doctored but
failed to get cured, so I decided to try
Doctor Pierce's Auuric (nnti-uric.ncid)
Tabid:, and they have relieved me greatly.
"I nlso can recommend Dr. Pierce's
l.'avorite Prescription for expectant
mothers. 1 have a fine, big baby boy.
My nurse asked me what I ale to make
liini so strong. He looked like a child
four or five muntlis old when only three.
I certainly would advise every proipec*
live mother to use Dr. Pierce s Favorite
Prescription."—Mrs. John Simpson,K.R. 1.
Send III cents to Dr. Pierce's Laboratory in llrldgeburrr, Out., for trial pkg.
of any of Dueler Pierce's remedies and
write Doctor Pierce. President Invalids
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., for free, couudcu-
till luniirjd tdvicr
The    Vulgarity    of    the    Display    of
Wealth When  Habits of Thrift
Should be Cultivated
There is a fallacy in a certain school
of economics thai an extravagant government lends lo stimulate thrift In
Ihe Individual. The advocates nf llils
si range theory reach their conclusion
by an intricate and elaborate chain of
reasoning, but their arguments are
confounded by the facts of experience,
which go to show lhat the reverse of
this flieory prevails and thai if lhe
Slate sets an example of extravagant
living and showy expenditure the fever
for spending i.s caught by the Individual and waste breeds waste.
Canada today is suffering from overspending by government. Indulgence
in luxuries Is lhe mode ot the day and
the slate is pouring out money because I be spenders are not checked by
a healthy public opinion and because
over-extravagance Is part of the mentality of the age.
The cure lies within ourselves. Let
us develop habits of thrift and return to the frugal habits of our forebears, let us realize the sheer vulgarity of a display of wealth and the enervation of waste, and the government wil follow suit-. Just so long as
we do not do so the orgy of spending
will be continued, and that road leads
to bankruptcy and absorption.—Montreal Star.
Many Drug Addicts
Claimed   There   Are   From   Ten   to
Fifteen   Thousand   Drug   Users
and Traffickers in Canada
Canada has from ten to fifteen thousand drug addicts and the traffickers
who are carrying on und encouraging
the business are more evil in their effects than the worst of the bootleggers. That was the statement of Dr.
J. A. Amyot, deputy minister ot health
for the Dominion, In the course of an
address at Toronto. The popular impression with regard lo the drug habit
was that it was lhe outcome of prohibition, but that he declared was not
the case, as most of the addicts rango
from 21 to 30 years of age. There
were no old addicts such as confirmed
drinkers, who were cut off by prohibition for all the old addicts were dead.
The drugs had done Ihelr work.
Touching upon lhe problem of venereal disease, Dr. Amyot said the matter was being grappled wiih Iu Canada
more successfully than any other
country he knew of. Thai was the
result of co-operalion on the part of
the provinces.
England's great athletic stadium being erected will seat 125,000.    -
Your Home Medicine Chest.—Among
the standard household remedies that
should always be on hand iu your
home medicine chest, none Is more
important than Dr. Thomas' Ecleclrlc
Oil. lis manifold usefulness iu relieving pain and healing sickness Is
known by many thousands throughout
the land. Always use Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlc Oil for relieving rheumatic
and sciatica pains, treatlug sure
throats and chests, coughs, burns,
scalds, cuts, bruises and sprains.
Aircraft Prove Efficient In War
Record of Italian Aviation Corps In
Recent Campaign in Tripoli
A marvellous record was establish-
ed by lho Italian avlullon corps In the
recent bullies In Tripoli against the
tribesmen, when lhe various craft ol
I lie corps covered In excess of e,.'iil,on0
miles nnd were In lhe air 2,030 hours.
During lho operations and In the
face of enemy iinlliilrcrafl guns, Ihe
Italian machines transported   lo  ihe
Hoops more lhan 75 Ions of supplies
and munitions, dropped 7111 bombs and
carried Iwo Ions of mall. These fuels
are Bet forth In a Statement Issued by
the commissioner of aeronautics,
Corns cannot exist when llolloway's
Corn Remover Is applied lo I hem, because It goes lo the root and kills lhe
His Contribution
Mistress.—Is your husband a good
provider, .lfiuinia'.'
Jemima.—Parvlder? Why, ihe on-
Host thing that nlggah eve' pervldes
me with Its argument 'bout when does
we eat.—Wayside Tales.
Is this the best
Bovril Poster?
A cup of hot Bovril
bridges the gap between meali*
Increase your profits by band-
ling our agency for men's hand-
tailored "Better Built" clothes.
Best quality. Moderate prices.
No investment. Write at once.
Rex Tailoring Co. Ltd., Toronto
Makers of "Better Built" Clothes
A Quick Relief
for Headache
A hoadache !• frequently caused
by badly digested food; the gates
and acids resulting therefrom are
absorbed by the blood which in
turn irritates the nerves and
causes painful symptoms called
headache, neuralgia, rheumatism, ete. 15 to 30 drops of
Nether Selgel's Syria will correct
faulty digestion ana afford relief.
Remit by Dominion Express Money
Order. If lost or stolen you get your
money back.
pound Is flue cured. Mailed all
over Canada for $2.00. Lewis Wlgle,
Leamington, Ont.
Prince to Visit South Africa
Will Visit All Important Towns and
Cities in British Possessions
The Prince of Wales will leave
Southampton, May 2, for his South African tour, travelling on a passenger
liner direct to Capetown. There ho
will be welcomed by the Earl of Atll-
lone, Governol'-Oeneral of South Africa, and Premier Smuts.
The Prince, whose lour wil loccupy
lliree muni lis, will visit all lho Important cities and towns In Cape Colony,
the Ornngo River Colony, Transvaal,
Natal and South Rhodesia. Olllclal
functions will be Interspersed with
sporis, big game hunting, vlslis lo diamond mines and social engagements.
WAll, .OK (KM til CA1C MJ, M,,,.!,.,,,,,..,,,
Absent-minded     I'rufeasor
who are you, my 111 lie man?
"I'm your caddy, sir."
"Quite bo;  qulle so.      I'm  ploying
golf, am I not?"—Judge.
Minard's Liniment for Dandruff
Till   NIW   FMNCH   H1MIDV.
No. I tor Bladder C/i'.arrli. No. 2 far Blood ft
Brtln Dlicatei. No. afcrCtironkW*?(ikn<!Mn.
Kii DUv LBADIHOC'IKUiart-.fll'CE'N i"".um 3i
Pn.Lka.i'Ki ■>-•<* C-t ir-vrrt.n>fkKd.N W t t oru, i .
or Mail SI ciou 11. i ■ ■■■ i Si. RABr.TOROKiO.
OK   HI    (Ttfi   MAUfc   SiciKl   WBITi    MOt11 HEAL, HAMMOND    CEDAXl   WT.TLI.    AiiAIN
The Hammond Cedar Mill Pec •*-,•-
menced woi k on M-jnd.ij nfwr i eintt
closed eomo h'x weeks, D-irliiu ihe
Idle period the Plant was thoroughly
tuned up for it busy season, Tho technical staff has performed n, m-*ub*o
list of Improvements, A J.tf year's
work Is before this great Industry.
which  Is ovorv  whli   lUw-.i-.:.
13vory homo w«ll wojenr.ia tho ganth
—sin-ti—call to rise In the morning
m 8:00, 0:30 or 7:00, ns Isdlvldunl
cltlsong may prefer,
Whal      Maple   Itidyc   u   bund-   Yes.
of   the   bust   In   14.0.     Why
i ml
not v Wo venture-, quite within roa
sou, that no part of the Province has'
moro possibility in this respect. No
vicinity lias more A.l musical material, ah that Is required is to call
these musicians together, and the
Gazette] issues the challenge, or, :t
you prefer It.  thc call.
Little Albion alono enn, no doubt.
furnish two or throe band members
and Haney, Hammond, and the Rldgt
alone,   supply   a   full   quota.
There can he no advantage in delaying; and, Indeed, if the gentlemen
and ladles do not organise nt an early
date, the ladles will, and we, mere
men, may take tho shady seat.
Sonic years ago wc were In Boaton,
B.C. (a dozen voices: "where In tne
name of Geography is this place ?" A
village down in Arrow Lake country,
about 45 miles south of Tteve]stoke,
with a population of probably 70, and
miles from nowhere, arid yet possessed of as fine a ladles' hand as could
he found In North America. And It
was an. entire success—fu||y equipped  with  repralia and  instruments.
But) nearer home, our neighbor,
Pitt Meadows, has nn orcrestrn. thai
Is making a name for Itself. Ts the
time not here for us to net ; May
the Gazette, hear frlm nil at once who
favoi4 jtho idea, and then our n«xt
issue can name a date and p|«ee to
successful Concert
Saturday evening a full chinch
greeted the Concert which had' been
under way for, several weeks. Nor
wero   any   disappointed.
Pitt Meadows Orchestra again
pro vet! Its merit. Masters Albert and
Abiier i'oilo in their piano solos and
duets showod very careful traini:«
witli "s resultant accomplishment
Little Miss Eunice MacKeuzie was
just inliuitabio and was twice recalled, Mr. C, It. Holland delighted
all, his voice and style alike pleasing.
Miss MoCamns left nothing to be desired in pi ami solos and w-? many
times recalled, Mrs, Kllorton S. Hon
per sang each of her four selections
with charm and to tho general delight. Mrs. Hopper's singing never
disappoints—proof of very special
akIM   and   training.
Tlie   programme   follows :
Part  i
Selection,      "The   Plying   Ace,"      ,T.    S.
Znnecniclc,   Pitt   Meadows   Orchestra.
Piano Solo, "Vailse Lucille," tlodolpl)
Frinib,   Master  Abnor   Poole,
Recitation, selected, Miss Eunice
Piano Solo. "Ai IS von Ing." Arnoldo
Sartor io,    Master   Albert    Poole,
Soim, "O Solo Mlo," Capur:o-dl Capua,  Mr.  C.  U. Holland.
Piano    .Solo,    "Les   Sylvains,"   Chain*
Inade,   Miss   M.   McCamus,
Part   II,
Selection, "On the Hike;" J. S. Zane-
cnik,   Pitt   Meadows   Orchestra.
Songs, Four Indian Love Lyrics,
Amy   Woiidforde-Flnden ;
(a) MThe   Temple   Bells."
(b) "Less   than   the   Dust."
(c) "Kashmiri   Song."
(d) "Till   I   wake."
Mrs. Ellerton Hopper.
Recitation, selected, Miss Eunice
Piano Duet, "Silver Bellri" Henry
Weyts, Masters Ahner and Albert
Solo, "The World Is Waiting for
the Sunshine." Eugene Lockhart, Mr
C,   R.   Holland.
Piano Solo, selected. Miss M. McCamus.
"God  Save  the  King."
Last Wednesday afternoon a tiny
white casket boiv tho lifeless form
of  the  four-year-old  daughter of  Mr.
ond Mrs. Kindlan to a Place In tho
silent acre*. x The services in the
Haney Presbyterian Church were very
appropriately conducted by Rev. C, 11
Daley, the sacred edifice being filled
in mute expression of sincere sympathy for the paresis suffering the
loss of their beautiful, bright-eyed
MUte daughter, the very joy ofthe
blrne. Everyone there felt how vain
to gild a grief with words. Sometimes
It Is the ripened fruit, as It wero.
that falls, but. In Ibis case, It" wns
the blossom nf the home garden that
was beckoned away to be laid beside
aged   ones   in   the  Silent  City,
Mother lost her little one almost on
the threshold of girlhood, nnd father
will miss the little lass who always
ns he returned from duty, ran to meet
him with smiles, and gladdening his
heart, Father and mother rejoiced In
a life full of promise. Alas, the finger of death- The Utile chair Is
vacant, the llttlo fingers will not now
"press ngainst tho window-pane.'
Fond affection kocs from the home
she gladdened to hover In memory
over lhe Kittle InOUtid where a loved
one sleeps, while a wrojo community's sympathy goes OUl to the bereaved.
This afternoon, the first carload of
autimobJJes ever shipped to tlie Municipality, was unloaded at Haney for
the l-.mey Ggrage Co. Ltd. This Is
a sigslftcant business venture, and of
outstanding advantage to the town
in particular and thc municipality in
Mr, S. Mussallem, the enterprising
proprietor, is natural Hy elnted and
Mi.-..-. "We will soon need another
shipment, as Ford Cnrs nr© winners
and our Co, intends to lend handsomely."
At 11:15 o'clock Monday morning
there passed from earth one of the
greatest of men; an ex-Piesident of
tho mightiest republic on this mun
dane sphere, and, noblest of human
kind. "»»
What though he received the lion-
oraryj degree of Doctor of Laws from
Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and a dozen
other appreciative Universities; whal
though ho wero the commander-ln
chief of navy and army during the
Great War for his, a mighty nation
what though he led Europe to accept
much of his peace program ; and what
though ho should have won the Nobe)
peace prize for the person promoting
most   and   best   national   fraternity
AH this, Indeed, and much more
wer0 llttlo to the grandeur of a character that associated In one family
the cause of peace, truth, and selflessness, and sacrificed his life for
all that's best for humanity, Irrespective of national confines. \
Woodrow Wilson—can him Professor, If you will—rogarded It not alone
duty to do right, but a pleasure. Ho
regardOd the quality of action as dependent Upon consequences. Ho ovor
stood on the pedestal of principle, hie
wisest policy being to do right and
never compromise with  wrong.
Our departed statesman boiluved In
national bonosty—ho himself being
mii-|[ In noblest sense. He loved tho
great Lincoln with aH hi" heart, he-
cause Lincoln V-'c'essed the geuoUs
Of courage, goodness und friendship.
Ho himself was no loss genius. 7f«
living loved  his fellow men,  and  now
ihat tho ponofl of death hath ovor
taken   him,   all   mnnklnd   Iovoh  him.
The tragedy of his life nnd It?
fitful fovor! Boforo ho l"fi the
Presidential chair, though be warn I m, lhe grim reaper hovered close
about him. a Htroko of paralysis.
Ill health, begun some four year*
ngo, when arterial solorosls marked
lllm fur only a few fitful months
which   hastened   npneo.
The end came pencofully. Dr, Gray-
son, In tears, nnnounce,i Mr, Wood-
row Wilson, "looked nt mo lllto n
tired man going peacefully to rest,
and then the end came gently—he
"1191   sllpt   away."
Now tho wholo clvi'ljiod world
stands breathlessly beside bin bier af-
feetlonaiely whispering Farewell genius and friend ! Farewell ! Ills life,
hlrt  epitaph 'I
On Friday afternoon the Alexandei
Robinson P.T.A, of Alex. R1 bin son—
by tht way, newer citizens may be
told that this school was named after
Dr. Alexander Robinson, for twenty
years chief superintendent of education for B.C—School held their regular monthly meeting, which was exceedingly well attended, tho president, Mrs. Watson, being In tho chalt
nnd President Mrs. Poole, of tht
Maple Ridge) Association, with other
visitors,   being   present.
Much business was transacted, and,
what was greatly of Interest, a large
portion of the assemblage was Japanese women, who evinced deep Interest
In the proceedings as Mr. Yamago
translated for them. Surely tht
"Newer Canadians" are In tho making
under the audioes- of the Alexander
Robinson V. T. A_
CHATWIN-STAI.KER.—At   the    home
nf  tho  bride's parents,  on  February
6th, by tho Reverend Hit, C. H. Daly,
Alfred W. Chatwlu to Betty May
Stalker ;  both  of Hammond.
Simon Pierre, secretary of the Kilt-
SlO Indians, Is back from o trip to
l.atigiey, Matsqul, Muaqtiiom, Whon
nock, Tsawasen, Semiamo, and other
points; whither he went to confer
with the various chiefs relative to,
and the securing of money for transportation of the Provincial Chief and
Secretary to vOttuiwa—-they . starting
out   tomorrow.
"What Is the purpose, Simon, of
this   delegation ?"
'*You| see, B.C. Indians nre the only
Provincial Indians who have not surrendered their aboriginal rights to
the   land."
"Do you mean to say that they
claim possession of all the land and
water,   too,   of .British   Columbia?"
"Yes, we are the original owners,
and we have never made such surrender. Thd delegation Is called back
t0  Ottawa for  that  purpose."
Monday night tho' Burns' Society
will meet as usual nnd It Is hoped
theroj win be a very largo attendance
—tho; Fossett Hall was well filled
at last regular session,
It is expected that Judge Howay
will give the address of the evening,
■but^ If for any unfortunate circumstance, ho be not able to give his
ilee.lure, another speaker Of eminent
standing will be provided. In any
event lho .Society promises one ofthe
usual instructive and very Interest"
Ing eveiilnnsj and nil are cordially
Advertisements In tills column must be
Royal Scarlet Chapter L.O.L. elected the following officers: Commander, R. Shearer ; deputy-commander, C.
W. Glass, of Hope ; chaplain, P. Mowbray, loco : scribe, Companion Smith,
Ioce<: treasurer, W. T. Jngo, Jun. ;
first lecturer, C. Chlvers, loco ; second
lecturer, O. Martin ; conductor, W. J.
Scntt ; Second conductor, P. Spence ;
herald, G. V. Robinson ; sentinel. P
Raymond : auditors, w. T. Jngo and
D.   Brnnkln.
Vancouver City Council is quite
gratified at the success to date of
the kerb market there. The rtport
for tho year just closed shows n
healthy state nf nf fairs. They now
have   almost   4on   farmers   registered.
The market committee 1ms just arranged t|<*> provide, transportation in
getting produce In for the settlers at
conL Two trucks Will be so employed. Kfforts, too, will bo made to Induce the C.P.Tt, to put on a morning
local   train   to  best  serve  tho  need.
Farm Help SnppBed
Tn Hammond, early podt of week, a
pnlr nf Park Brown Wnnllen (Roves,
Finder  kindly  return   to
Canadian National Railways
Colonization and Development Department.
The   work   of   this  deparlmu
out   ' ''(""Stern  Canada  to  he  ;if
und through its special  leprou
Norway,   Sweden,   Denmark,   an
able to bring to Canada largo
male, who In a short time sho
sottlors,    Tho great  obstaclo In
Immediate  employment  for tho
colonization   worw   by   omployl
and  If possible  13Y  THE YKA
and  no advances aro required
purpose  All   Information  given
tho sottlo requiring work only.
tit  Is being rapidly extended  through-
the best possible service to the public,
•ntOtlVOfl   In   the Kast,  in Great Britain,
d other lOiiiopeau coitntrlos, it will be
numbers of Immigrants, ma|o and fo-
iipi  become permanent and  desirable
tho past has been tho uncertainty of
new arrivals and  farmers can assist
ng   their   help   through   this   channel,
R,    Tho work Is dono without charge
for transportation or for nny similar
Is used for tho purposo of Informing
All C.N.R. Station Agents have Necessary Forms
and will take your application, or write
D. M. Johnson,
Gen'l Agricultural Aj?ent.
R. C. W. Lett,
General Agent,
Canadian National Railways
ick Action and Accuracy
aro what one depends upon when
placing a Long Distance call. Theso
are factors whlcr our Long Distance
staff exert themselvso to provide you
Are you making your Telephone deliver 100 per cent, useful service in
your business or home life ? At your
disposal are Long Distance lines to
all principal towns and villages within hundreds of miles of your own
Telephone; Including many United
States points.
Call our "Rate Cleifc. for charges.
You will  find  them  reasonable.
British CoiwnWTeiepheiK Co
Ticket        Agency
Agent Tor all Steamship
Drop in and let us Talk it Over
ROBT. HAY, Ag-.-nt,
Vancouver, B.C.
Canadian National Railways
zorr,-. no. 32
i. 0. o. r.
Meet- every Wednesday evening Nl
3 o'cl... It In the Odd Follows' Hull
Ontario Street, Port Honey. Vlsltln*
brelhre.i   eordlnlly   Invited   to    attend
H.   M,   Davenport,  noo,   Sec.
W,   R,  Adams,  V.O.
j. cii»|i, N.a.
ron sals
MY HOME ON LAITY HUAD, between the Burnett and Vaughn properties. Comfortable six-room liouso
with fun basement, garage, cow
stable, poultry houses and runs for
2011 birds. Productive grounds In rich
condition, ready for spring, Fruits;
Apples, cherries, pears, Plums, prunes,
grapes ; all mature and bearing heavily. Also many flno shrubs and perennial  flowers lu borders.
Occupation   1st   March.
Tho following wall also bu for sale
privately : 1 Musscy-llutTls Feed Cutter, nearly now, half price; l Inexpensive Churn, i heating stovo, quantity of Tab|t. Carrots, also stock Carrots ; quantity of Cooking Applos, "c.
lb. ; beets for table use, and other
things   now   overlooked.
V.   DICK it:,
Phono   03-M Bos   «7,   I la
FOB 8A111.
Family Cow,  lu  her prime, a grade
Jersey,  Just   fresh.    Average   B.F,   teyt
M,    Vory  <|U'ci, and easy to milk.
Apply     J.   10.   ATHWART,
Phone   37-Y Hamaioml.
White  Wyandottes from  heavy  laying strain.    Also Black Minorcas,
Mlm   L.   PI.ATT.
Phono  58-L,  Haney.
Klrstclass   Wild   Hay,   lots   of   B ue
Joint,  III- -<.r ton in the barn.
F'hfn.  .'.   ' Hamtn.iil.
I    rent ba&b
A Good Buy. Pony, Harness and
Buggy, all In good condition. Weight
of pony 8001bs., accustomed to single
harse plough. Apply
roa iaxb
Purebred Black Minorcas (cocker-
Is).    Apply  early
Port   Hammond.
POB  BAill
Purebred   Yorkshire     Sow,     duo    to
farrow   middle   March.     Trice   130.00-
b      Pitt   Meadows.
Exnellcnt  Cooking  Potatoes  at  $1.25
-a elf Apply
Phoii„   117 F
IIANEY   i.O.t.   HO.   3816
Thc   regular   meeting  of  above lodge
Is  held  lu   the  Oddfellows  hall,  Haney,
firsi. Tuesday In each month at ti p.m
Visitors  cordially   invited.
Ceo. Hastle, W.M.
J. M. Campbell, R.S.
ft. O. B. A.
The regular meetings of Hammond
L.O.B.A. No. 165 are held In the Fossett Hall, tho second Tuesday of each
month at 7:39 p.m.
W.M,  Mrs.  M.  Maoey,  'Phone  25R.
R«o.-Soc'y, Mrs, J. H. Ritchie.
'Phone CI.
G'ldoal1 Teacher "iaiw and Theory
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory   and Canadian Acad
emy Exams.
FRUIT, etc. Through
the New Year.
Services Cherful.
•kUfta neat       ret* aaswr
The  regular  meetings  of Hammond
I., O. It, No. lift, are bold in the Fossett hall at  I o'clock p.m. on Qecond
Saturday and 4th Friday, each month
Visitors cordially  Invited.
Wm. Hopo, W.M.
W.   A.   Brooks,   R S.
Prime Steer Beet.
Veal Pork Mutton
o    Sausages.
Port Hammond 0
The Jarvis Electric Co. Ltd.
898 OranvUie Street
Order your El.otrio Goods by Mall
Everybody seeks reliable service. That is why much custom
comes to:-
Blacks mithing
Wood Cutting
Apply ta B. r. btbeet,
Thone   38 P. HAMMOND
By Bending your soiled
and faded garments to us.
SSS CUrkaon St.,   Phone 278
Fully   experienced.     Fatrena   always
satisfied.    Call   tn.
Wood's Garage
Dewdney Trunk Road,
Phone 36 R Night or Day
Ford and Chevrolet Specialists
See  us   about your Electrical
Repairs to  Batteries,  Starters
and Generators.
Widdess for Watches
HUtcheH Baildiog    -   -     Port Haney
TO   DAVY   9	
(Without apologies)
K\\ Davy,  should   these  lines you  aee,
I pray you,  lad,  com ImcW to me.
My only  thought,   my joy, my  treasure,
Without you, lad, life has no pleasure.
Belfast,  sure,   has  lost  its charms*
Since  last   you   clasped    mo   In   your
Those by-gone days do haunt me still,
When,   Davy,   1   was   yours  at   will ;
When   "neath   the   shade   of   tho   old
beeoh   tree,
You   whispered   words  of   love   to   me.
Life   was   full   of   Utile   charms
Whene'er you clasped    mo    In    your
What  hope  you  held  out. to  mo  then,
When    you    your    pl»eo   would   take
'mongst   men,
When   you   vowed   your   llfo   devoted
would   he.
Tn  provide  a   happy   home   for   me.
Wasn't   U  a dream   so   full  Of charms
Wheno'or   you   clasped   mo   In   your
aifliiH ?
Hy  Lagan's hanks  wo oft did stroll
To  watch its muddy  waters roll,-1
Tumbling*, guru-ling to tho deep,
Prom   Cavo   hill's   side,   so  stent   and
No  fears,  no cause  for any alarms—
Wasn't   1   safe   within   your arms?
A-h, Davy,    Now I'm. all nlone,
Tho   llttlo   mud   cabin's   all   my   own ;
'Tin all   In  this  world  I  have left
If I  am  of your  lovo bereft.
Ah,  Davy,   como,   restoro  tho  charms,
I'm longing to be In your arms.
Will Buy Dry Cascara Bark
T/W» will take Ml w« «M (at of »BY
Mom »ald.
If.   ■HINOaUlU,
an m, mum, ac
Painting,    KaUoming
and Paperhanging.
Wall Paper.  Paint, Varnish,
Oils, Shellac, Enamel and
Coal Tar FOR SALE.
Estimates Given
All through Maple Ridge
Ontario Street, Haney
Phone 23
rniau BEMOTOM AM»!
viae ru-mi tnppu-M
ttomm ■•vrlst «e all parti if ♦»•;
X Blstrltt.
Imr wamoxsnm   none m ■
The above named Society at its
regular meeting on Monday night,
listened to a well thought out and
conclusive address by Rev. Mr. Clark
on Bible teaching In the Publlo
Mrs. Poole, President of the Association, occupied the ehajr. There
was rather a slim attendance owing,
no doubt, to the prevailing sickness
in the homes.
lie v. Mr. Clark spoke from the
standpoint of making good citizens,
which he held was the primary object
of education, and he made It very
clear that ^uch was not possible apart
from re-ligloujf instruction of the child
By this he did not mean the recital
of the Catechism, as of old time, (An
Instance of the extreme and Irrelevant Idea of teaching religion In those
early days, when a father would punish his boy by compelling htm to read
a portion of tht1 writings of iJohn
The speaker allowed that the primary place for laying a foundation In
religious training was the home, and
then the Sunday School, but the Public School, where so mnny hours of
the; child's life are spejit, should contribute Its part UellglouH differences, Mr, Clnrk held, should not hinder the work.
Very Interesting was his comparison of what Is done In this regard
In   tho  various   other  Provinces,
He would not put all the responsl
billty. or tho blame cither, upon tho
educational authorities, for the cltl-
«ns, and particularly the fathers,
could not escape tho performance of
their duty.
The address was listened to with
clone attention, and after Rev, Mr.
Hastings Mrs. Whlttaker, Mrs. MacKenzie, and tho Chair, had spoken,
the Rev. gentloman was cordially
Minor considerations of the session
wero the, matter of hot cocoa and hot
lunohon to pupils at noon, and the
acceptance of an Invitation from the
Haney KT.A. to bo present nt thftlr
Third Annlvcmnry In tho MncLean
High School on Monday oyenlng, All
worn urged to attend, nnd so signified
Intention,    .
A public meeting will bo held In
Hammond Theatre, Monday, February
11th, at 8 p.m., to discuss raising
funds for Clearing Park on Lome
Donations will bo received by S. J.
Nevott and A. O, Morrison till a meet*
Ing In called, and all donators nnd
donations will   bo   published   weekly.
Mr. J, T. Harrison, tho newly np-
polnttidl secretary tf the Municipal
Kchoo Boartt does not prefer to lot
tho year grow old, us It were, be for
starting to link up the office of tha
Board of School Trustee* with tho
school course The good
f*on Is a graduate tn Arts and has
had considerable experience In the
pohooi room, his Services will, educationally, prove of district-wide advantage.
Stoltz's mill having been shut down
lor a fortnight, things aro rather
quiet.  2
Preparations are being made to
erect a store building for Mrs, Milll-
ken Which will bo nearer tho station
than tho present one.
Tho Buskin Community Hall, tho'
almost completed, Is, for tho present
at a standstill through everybody being   very   busy.
Buskin expects to get the B. C.
Electric freight eheds or depot this
"This year cannot fail us nor next."
Proof, please? "Here's the calculation as near scientifically correct as
yon can get. it. (We found ourselves
busy with a big wall diagram). Too
good to keep from the citizens 1 Beginning at 1834:
Rise began 1834; reached height 1837
Kise began 1843; reached height 1845
Rise began 1850; reached height 1854
Kise began 18C1; reached height 18S4
Rise began 1870; reached height 1673
Rise began 1877; reached height 1881
Rise began 1888; reached height 1891
Rise began 1897; reached height 1899
Rise began 1904; reached height 1908
Kise began 1915; reached height 1918
Rise due 1924; due to reach height
of prosperity in 1926.
A most tell-tale diagram. Please
notice that column 1 snows 9, 7, 11;
9, 7, 11; 9, 7, 11; 9; which are the
regular years elopsing between each
lowest ebb. For the high mark or
most progressive years we have the
periods from beginning of rise till
crest reached to be 3, 2, 4; 3, 2, 4; 3,
2. 4.
Tills is Coqultlam's barometer. It
these figures are an accurate compilation good times are easily due from
now till 1920, when for four falling
years we will find a lean year. Let
us joni interests—business men and
citizens all.
Iluuey,   B.C.
Kdltor Qaxetto.
Hoar Sir; it jH of groat Pleasure
to in., and must bo to all Maple Uldg-
lans to know that tho oyeH of Canadian ^luuMimyiUeH aro turned to-
wards us uomotlmes. In milt, when
wo had tho big affair for tho Returned Hold lorn, the sister municipal-
Hies followed, In our wako and copied
our proceedings to somo extent, and
In 1923 when we uroctcd our monument, which In, I bollovo, the host of
Its kind, wo wore again copied by our
slstor, Port Coquitlam, then . Kain-
loops, and now oomoH tho enquiry
fiiof Paris, Ont.' by Mr. O. B, Robinson' chairman of oxocutlvuf committee, for full particulars of our memorial Tt la a far ory from Paris'
Ont.' and it goon to show what can
bo dono If yon havo good 11 vo man
at the helm of affairs, Needless to
say, wo nro giving full particulars
nnd WishJ thorn luck.
|       Tours   rospoctffiiljly,
"When They Have Gone"
The past eomos un—childhood
days—happy hours hy fc-he flre-
sldo—their hopea and ]ey«—
and  trials,  too.
You can keep the memory of
their aamea forever fresh by
giving some little part of the
blessings you now enjoy towards a pormanont memorial
tn   everlasting   stone.
The aereal is simply a copper wire
suspended between two high points.
Wherever there are two buildings or
a house and n tree or two trees with
one of them very close to the house,
it relieves one of the necessity of
erecting; one or both of his supports.
The ucrcul should not bc less than
thirty feet in height, nnd not less
than one hundred feet long. It is
not necessnry to have this running
purnllcl to the ground, for It. is better
to hnve tho fur end of your aol'Ottl
us high us possible. The lend-in wire
or drop win- from your unreal, which
connects with the set, should be a
continuous wire from your ucrcul und
should go as direct us possible to the
set. By this I ineun us neur to the
aereal us possible without having to
run your lead-in from one room into
the other.
If the position of tlie buildings or
trees Is such that tbe distuncc between them is greater than 101) feet,
you can still keep your aereal to this
length by lengthening it with a piece
of rope at the fur end of tho aereal.
You should have a. pulley on your
nearest support of. the aereal so as
to be able to pull it right. This und
the far end should be separated by
an insulator, that is the insulator
should be between the wire und rope.
The Insulators can be made at home
of any dry hardwood. They must be
made to stand the strain of the aereal, blocks about 1 1-8 by 2 by 10 in.
will serve this purpose nicely. The
holes should be drilled far enough
from the ends to give proper strength.
Take a block of wood and cut to
thc right dimensions, measure two
inches from one end exactly in the
centre and bore a three-quarter inch
hole. This is for the end that the
rope Is tied. Then on the other end
bore a hole 1 3-4 inches from the
end and in the centre, a quarter inch
In diameter. This is for connecting
your aereal. When this is done give
the block two or three coats of varnish. Make two of these as described.
If you have some wiring cleats made
of porcelain you can tie three, one
after the other, with rope on each
end of your aereal. You can buy
the regular aereal insulators from
80 cents up, but these home made
ones are quite satisfactory for an
amateur receiving aereal.
The aeareal wire should be No. 14
copper wire, either bare or insulated
The bare Is the most used. When
putting up your eareal bo careful
that you do not kink the wire.
In next week's Coquitlam News I
shall describe tlie lightning switch
and ground connections.
Watch for them.
NOTE—We hope all are reading
these most useful and splendid articles. They nre well worth cutting
out nnd fyliug—true of the whole
At 8 o'clock, Saturday evening, the
Directors of Maple mdg„ Agricultural Soalouy win hold 'theln regulor.
monthly meeting In the Association's
hall It Is desired that an bo present
as special plans are to bo formulated
for  the  year's  work.
Use Printed Stationery ?
Harrison Mills Notes
(From our own correspondent)
■uooMsors   to  Vatttnon,   Otaaad
Ut * ■tepbMi, -United
lETBKTK   AVB.    *    KAZN   ST.
Vancouver, B.C.
Wrlto   today    for    Catalogue   of
designs.     Km! ahll Hhed   1876
Mr. Frank Kennedy, jun., and Miss
Emily Klrby, Spent a day at Ua.rison
Hot  Springs.
Mr, K. C. Kilby, or Vancouver, came
to Harrison Mills to upend a few
days with his friend, Mr. E, W. Pickens* Wednesday morning they left
for Vancouver by way of Chilliwaok*,
then leaving Saturday night from
Vancouver by boat to California,
stopping off at Seattle, Palm Beach
and Frisco, spending one or two daya
at each place, expecting to come back
by rail, whether it Ih going to bo
riding In the first class or counting
the ties they don't know.
Mr. H, Anderson and Mr. O, Fraser,
section bosses of tho C.P.B., were
called out to a slide duiilng1- the night.
Thinking that the slide was further
up, their motor car struck tho rock,
j turning ithe ,^cjeV completely tiround,
scattering the men, which included
the two bosses, four Chinamen and
Mr. Alex, Kennedy, it threw Mr.
Fraser up against the bluff, knocking
him unconscious for ton minutes,
Mr. Anderson waa Injured on the hip.
Two Chinamen were hurt, and Mr.
Kennedy and tho other two Chinamen
got off wtth a shaking up. After the
accident they all got up and cleared
away  the  nook,  but  one Chinaman.
Mi*, and Mm McLean returned
returned home Sunday morning after
spending a week In Vancouver.
Mi*. Henry CartmeU and Mr. Torry
returned Saturday afternoon after being tp at tho Harrison Lake for ten
Mrs, F. Kennedy and son Fred re.
turned home Saturday night from a
After the heavy rain the river rose
a couple of feet, so that the shingle
bolts will now be able to float, and
the milt Is expected to start up Monday   morning.
Kane  th.  Increasing Popularity  of
The Continental Limited
9:5| P.M.
Optional Routes—Side Trips—Stop Overs
Blue Funnel Motor Line Ltd
R. H. STEPHENS. Manager.
Leave Webster's Corners 7,60 a.m. Leave YjjwaJon 8.10 a.m
Leave Haney Daily 8.30 a.m, 1.00 p.m., and 4.00 p.m.
Leaves Haney Saturday and Sunday 8.30 a.m.,   2.00 p.m., 6.30 p.m.
Leave Westminster Daily 10.30am., 2.00 p.m., and 5.30 p.m.
Leaves Westminster Saturday and Sunday 10.?0a.m., 2.00 p.m,, 4.30 p.m., and 9.00 p.m.
Passing   Through  Hammond and Pitt  Meadows.
Those wishing to be called for who are on the HAMMOND PHONE are requested to rincr up
ef$Pt**+HN**t*f**i0+*+*44+*f»*9t+*f*** »#*»»»»##»#»#**M*~-»<*»»»»^
Phone 15
TEA "is good tea
and extra good is the T"3
Is The West Wortk While?
\ booklet ol tut) pages bearing the above title, written by A. S. lh*n-
nell. oC Swift Current, was issued n few months ugo in which this questtofl
was asked, and, from tho author's Btaudpolnt- answered in vigorous and effective language. The author does not mince matters. While strictly non-
par.tiztin in a political sense, he does nol hesitate io tell Governments, Federal
and Provincial, somo homo truths; lit* makes no distinction between Easl and
Wesl in pointing otil where the!*.1 presenl attitude the one to the other is
wrong; while championing the cause of the Western fai'mer, ho sharply criticizes him lor his attitude and conduct In relation to the solution nr Western
agricultural and economic problems.
"Is the West Worth While?" is a thought-provoking little book, li hits
right out from tho shoulder, Ii Is nol necessary lo fully agree with all tho
opinions expressed, nor with all the conclusions reached, in order m> say that
ii i< a booklet which ran be read with pro III h\ all, and should bo studied by
people both Easl and West, li even a small fraction of Canadians occupying
places of responsibility and influence in the political, financial, Industrial and
agricultural branches of our national life gttVe as careful study lo Canada-'s
outstanding problem of today as Is evidenced by Mr. Bennett's booklet, it is
sale to say thai some radical changes would be quickly effected in our body
Is the West worth while? Unfortunately, a goodly number of much discouraged Western farmers would be inclined to answer the question in the
negative, And in returning such an answer he would be joined by numerous
seli-centred, small-visloned Eastern business men. The trouble with both
these classes is that they full lo look deep enough or far enough abroad lo be
in a position lo give a trustworthy answer.
The West is well worth while—worth while to the men and women iu tho
West, but just as worth while to the financial and manufacturing Easl
Then: is nothing the matter with the country itself. I*, is rich,in resources
almost boundless in extent, and beyond compulation and valuation in dollars
and cents. The people of Canada, East and West, aro alone responsible for
the things thai are wrong with tho West, and which have led people to ask if,
alter all, the West is worth while. And ii they will only make up their minds
to do so, aud will gel together in the right spirit in the doing of it, these
wrongs can be quickly righted, alul an unanimous verdict, in favor of the
West rendered, And a verdict for the West is a verdict for Lho future of
tho whole Dominion.    Without the West the Dominion must stagnate and die.
The first lesson which people must learn, and this Is equally true both
East and West, is that they must rely less on legislation and Governmental
help and more on their own individual efforts and through co-operation as individuals one wiih another. Our chief domestic ills are not political but
economic. True, our economic .situation is vitally and adversely affected at
present, by the international situation, and the settlement of these difficulties
are beyond our own control and musl be left to statesmen, diplomats, and international economists and experts. But domestic economic.-; are our own
concern. The trouble is thai Instead of grappling with them, we have appealed io Governments and Parliaments io do for us what in so ni*m\ respects
we oughl to do for ourselves.
The Eastern manufacturer has for so long relied on the Government to
pro Lee I his business and guarantee his profits by legislative enactments thai
hf has failed to develop the proper self-reliance and business initiative which
alone will bring stability and permanent rather than mushroom growth. As
u result lho average manufacturer is now fearful of even the slightest change
in existing policies and laws. He relics ou them more than he does on himself.
Talcing a leaf out of the Eastern manufacturer's book, and acting on the
principle Ihal whal is.sauce for the goose is likewise sauce for lhe gander,
the Western farmer has in recent years relied lo an alarming extenl and to
his own undoing on Governmental assistance of one kind or another.
Politicians, of course, are lo blame that they allowed themselves lo bo so
Influenced as to proatltUto tho permanent good of all and tho future of Canada
to theso sectional considerations. Tin- final result has been disastrous Governmental and legislative Interference with sound economic laws until today
the economic condition of Canada gives ground for serious disquietude, and
demands a return io old and tried methods whereby ihrough hard work and
Initiative by ihe individual, coupled with an ever Increasing measure of sane
and legitimate co-operation, success will be attained and permanent progress
made, ami which can never be accomplished hy leaning on Governments to
do what the people must do for themselves.
For Deeds Of Valor
German Soldiers Smile in Applying for
Service Pay
Holders of German medals of valor
are entitled to draw 1." marl's in legal
money monthly from a grateful country's treasury, in pre-war days this
was morn lhan ?<;. Today it is one-
forty■billionth part ol a Herman pfennig, Bui some of the medal-wearers
wiih a grim sense of humor still apply for the payment,
One hero remarked: "It lakes some
courage for ofllclals to look into the
face of a man who risked his life fori
his fatherland and paj him one forty-
billionth of a peiin>   for it."
Quebec Has Attractions
tailed States tourist automobiles to
the number of 132,90a visited Quebec
during the past year. Cars from 15
stales in the Union and every province in Canada except Prince Edward Island, were registered here.
C Mow make "buckwheats"
as fine as Aunt Jemima
Pancakes—and as easily
Aunt Jemima
uck wheat
—and water; that's all
Because they contain mercury and mineral salts, many
pills are harsh. The easiest and
safest laxative is Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and
Butternut. They clean the
stomach, intestines and bowels
—drive out waste matter, tone
the kidneys, and forever cure
Dr. Hamilton's Pills
Instant Relief
As a general tonic and system-
cleanser nothing is so mild and efficient as Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and Butternut. At all dealers.
25c per box, five for $1.00, or The
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Moved Coal In Summer
C.P.R. Hauled 3,300,000 Tons of Coal
in West During Slack Period
Tn 1923 tho Canadian Pacific Railway Company moved more than 3,300,-
000 Ions of coal in lhe west, according
to a statement recently issued.
Officials of the departments concerned stale that, a new policy was
experimented with this season, which
Included lhe moving of coal east from
Alberta during the summer months
when freight traffic was less heavy
than in autumn. The coal was
brought lo iis destination and stored
In piles unil! the crop commenced to
move, I hen was drawn upon by tho
railway company and for commercial
Will Curtail Credits
Long Term Credits Will  Be  Frowned
On By Wholesale Grocers
Tho discontinuance ol long terra
credits Iirb boon docldod upon by tho
wholesale grocers of Manitoba nnd
Saskatchewan, stutos n roporl from
Winnipeg, Thoy liuvi- issued udvlcoa
in Hi.- rotnll trotlo llml lorniB win bo
sirlolly not nn ilnyii or I por cent, fat'
16-day payment', Tho ruling lit fo-
Iroacllvo in January I. Wholesalers
polnl mil thai this notion wan made
necessary im their own crodlta have
boon niatoi'lnlly rotluooil by banking
Discovered At tast
too   cream   was   lnli'oducoil   Inlo    Tho monkey houso nt tho Cincinnati
Franco about 1550. Zoo hns n hospital nnnox,
Invents Device to Protect Motorists at
Danger Spots
Invention of u device to piolocl mo.
Lorlsts at ourvos, bridges, and embank-
nn.nis was announced in Chicago by
W. 'I'. Kyi", general manager of the
Pago s I nnd Win- Co,, Bl'ldgopoi't,
Conn. Tin. apparatus linn beon sue-
cessfully lasted, Kylo mild, nnd is
known ns a highway guard,
li is composed of strong, rubricating win1, wiih elasticity and recoil.
it stops ii machine travelling ul average speed, Kyle said, and wraps Itself
around ono speeding,
The winter season Is n hard one on
ilir baby. Ih* is moro or loss confined to stuffy, biully ventilated rooms.
It Is so often stormy Unit the mother
does not get liiui out in the fresh air
us often ns she should. He catches
cold which racks his llttlo system; his
stomach and bowels get out of order
und ho becomes poovlsh and crosB. To
guard agalnsl this the mother should
keep u bus in iiuiiy Own Tablets In the
house. Thoy regulate the stomach
and bowels, and break up colds. Tho
now sub's lux will-not Increase tho
prlco of lluby's Own Tablets, us the
company pays Um tax. Vou can still
obtain tho Tablets through nny medicine di'uli-r ul 25 cents u box. or by
mail posl paid Ironi Tho Dr, Williams'
Medicine Co., Brookvlllo, Ont.
Seed Board Chairman
m. p, Tunis, field mips commission-
it far Saskatchewan, was oloctod
chairman ot tho provincial seed board
ut a mooting nl the board held In Bas-
katoon. II come Into bolng us the
result m lho roconl passing of lho now
soetl act,
In the yellow
Aunt Jemima
People Now Live Longer
60,000 People in Great Britain Are
Over 85 Years of Ape
Pooplo aro living longer, according
lo Sir Klngsley Wood.
Speaking al a women's mooting at
Kit hum, Sir Klngsley said thai ono qf
the bright spois In our national affairs
wus llml wo wero never such n healthy
nation In our history, Since tho beginning of the century tho Infantile
mortality rate hud gono down from
15n In 50 per 1,000.
There were 000,000 people over 70
years of ago and (10,000 over 85.
These results were due to the advance
of public sanitation and personal hygiene. Nothing would Improve nn-
lional health more than steady employment ami renewed prosperity.
Girls! A Gleamy Mass
Of Beautiful Hair
35-Cent "Danderine" So Improves
Lifeless, Neglected Hair
An abundance
ol luxuriant hair
full of gloss,
gleams and life
shortly follows a
genuine toning up
of n e g 1 o c I e d
scalps wllh dependable "Danderine."
Fa 11 ini; hair.
itching scalp anil
the dandruff is corrected immediately.
Thin, dry, wispy or fading hair Is
quickly invigorated, Inking on new
sterngth, color und youthful benuty.
"Danderine" is delightful on the hiilr;
a refreshing, stimulating Ionic—not
sticky or greasy 1     Any drug store.
Ontario   Grown   Tobacco   in   England
The British Empire Exposition, to
be held In London llils year, will sec n
line display of tobacco grown In Hssex
County, accprdlg to Qcorgo 1'. Ora-
hum. Minister of Railways and Canals
In lhe Dominion cabinet, lie Is visiting tobacco growers with Hie Idea of
showing people of England whnl line
lobacco Kent enn produce.
End Stomach Misery,
Gas Or Indigestion
"Pape's Idapepsln" is the quickest,
surest relict lor Indigestion, gases,
flatulence, heartburn, sourness, or
stomach distress caused hy acidity. A
few tablets give almost Immediate
Btomach relief. Correct your stom-
uch und digestion now for u few cents.
Druggists sell millions of packages of
Pape's Dlapepsln.
Miller's Worm Powders iilliick'
worms Iii Hie stomach and Intestines
al once, and no worm can come In con-
Kiel wllli thom and live.     They also
eon i  lho, unhealthy conditions In
lhe digestive organs Ihal Invito and
encourage worms, selling up reactions
ihal are most beneficial io tho growth
of lhe child. They have attested
Ihelr power In hundreds of eases and
at nil limes ari thoroughly trust-
Young Goddess Rules  Monks
Interesting Discovery By English
Traveller In Tibet
Sir Charles Bell, who recently returned lo England from Tibet, tells
of dlulng with a real live goddess
there. She is a dignified girl about
21 years old who rules over u monastery of 59 monks. The monks believe
Hint she can turn them Inlo pigs
whenever she likes. Sir Charles
was the first whlto man lo visit, the
"golldess." He gave her n present of
the llrst watch she hud ever seen and
taught her how lo tell time. Cntll
then, she, like nil the natives, hud losl
truck of Ihe hours, knowing only Hint
sunrise was nature's signal lo arise
and sunsei Indicated bedtime
Fighting For the Cause
Not Necessary that Both Parties to a
War Are Criminals
Modern war Is a great evil, an evil
that threatens the very existence of
civilisation. It is true, loo, that most
wars could have been avoided, the
one from which the world is still suffering certainly could have been. We
may even go so far as lo say Hint wails a crime, but that does not mean
Hint both parlies to a given war aro
criminals, which scents lo be lhe idea
of Hie amiable men who voted against
doing Ihelr duly as cltlzeus. Criminal governments may force war on
other governments thai would themselves he criminal if Ihey did nol re
sist.—Indianapolis News.
Mother! Give Sick Child
"California Fig Syrup"
Harmless    Laxative    for   a    Bilious,
Constipated Baby or Child
Constipated, bit
lous,  feverish, or
sick, colic Babies
and Children love
to   take ' genuine
"California     Fig
I Syrup."  No other&,
, luxutlvo regulates\(
"It   sweetens   tho
bowels so nicely,
the   tender   little
'stomach    and
i starts   the   liver
i without griping.
and bowels acting
Contnlns no nurco-
A Harmless Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups - No Narcotics!
Molher! Flelcher'a Castorlu hns lnllnn of Food; giving natural sleep
been In use for over 30 years lo re- ! Without opiates, The genuine bears
Hove babies and children of Corntlpa- [ Bl»nnturo or
llo/i Flatulency, Wind Colic nnd
Diarrhoea; allaying Foverlshness arising therefrom, and, by regulating the
Stomach aud IJOWOlS, aids Ihu asslnil'
The Small Depositor
The small depositor is lu reality a
ward Of the Slnlc lie places his
money lu Hie hands of an Institution
cbiii'lered hy publlo authority und sub.
]ect to frequent und presumably ox-
hausllvo examinations, lie is entitled lo feel that when he hns miidi'
ii deposli it Is bulwarked by competence nnd consclonco In tho linnlc Itself
und by adequate public oversight nnd
control,- Providence Journal,
Ask for Minard's and take no other
The Family Physician, The good
doctor Is always worth his fee. Bill
II Is nol always possible lo gel a dueler jusl when you waul him, In such
cnscH, common sense suggests tile use
of reliable home remedies, such an Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlo oil, which Is wonderfully effective iii easing inflammatory pains nnd healing cuts, ucrntchos,
bruises und sprains, The presence
of llils remedy In lhe family medicine
ehesi saves many ll fee.
Returns From Graded Hogs
Aii agricultural representative In
close touch wllh lhe hog raising situation Iii Bruce County, Ontario, re-
purls Ihal by shipping u carload of
bogs on a graded basis lhe farmers
wlio contributed the stock gained approximately $80 over lhe Hat rato of
shipping which up lo that lime hud
been the rule. The loud In question
graded 75 per cent, selecls und  lhe
bainnce thick smooths.
tics or soothing drugs. Say "Callfor-
j nia" lo your druggist und nvold count-
i crlelt.i! Insist upon genulno "Cull,
i lornlii   Fig   Syrup"   which   contains
A Bohemian scientist has discovered u serum for the treatment of hardening of lhe arLei'JOB, bill nobody bus
found n cure for the hardening of ihe
lu'.'U'i.—lluiTlsbtii-g Telegraph,
Pessimism Indicates Intellectual Indigestion
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house
Prevalence of Flat Feet
Dr.    Flora    Shepherd, lecturing ut
Carnegie House, spoke of lhe prevalence of Hut  leel among children und
particularly among girls, "out of
every Hut feet examined," she wild. "I
expect to find ut least fifty lmpnlrod
und yet there ought lo be no flat feet
lu this country."
A Beautiful
& Admiration
Ladies— A lew days' treatment with
will do more to clean
up the skin than
the beauty treat
ments io crea
•tlon. An Imperfect  com-
plexlon   Is
caused  by a
sluggish liver. ,
Mltliin-s ol people, old. v-llltl tnd middle lie.
lake (hem for BillouinSH. Dittine... Sirs
Headache, Unlet Stomach end tor -.Allow.
Pin.pl* and Iilorhv s.in. The* ead ilia
tnlaerv ol Constipation
•mall Pill -Small Dose-Small Price
i ill
W.   N.    U.   loos /"
The Hudson Bay Railway
A Very Live Subject Among
People  Or   >A/estern Canada
Tli" Hudson Bay Railway continues
to bu a live subject among the farmers of the west, and will ho continue
unili Lhe government at Ottawa real-
lees that western farmers, anil not the
western farmors alone, but [he people
of tho wesl In general, are In real
earnest In tho matter, and arc really
determined thai the Interminable do-
laj and dillydallying which has ofa-
tntncd for so long, shall come Lo an
end. The sooner Nils facl Ih impressed oil Lho minds of the members of
the government, both hull virtually and
collectively, the sooner they will got
down io tho worlCj and the sooner tho
rallwuy will b< emtio nn accomplished
ri'lp' first, and pcrlijips tho mosl Important fact Hint will eomo lo the
minds of persons giving this matter
consideration Is thai tho Hudson Hay
Company has boon Using this roll to
for a good many years. As far as the
mariners' side id' tho question is concerned, therefore, tho feasibility of
the route requires no further demonstration. What has been done for tho
past thirty or forty years can surely
Mill be done, and whal applies to general merchandise will apply very
largely to wheat, and soeiug that navigation is open lo around Nov. 15th a
good slice at least of the Canadian
crop could be moved out before the
straits were closed. Hut the shipment of grain is not tho only way in
which western farmers will benefit.
II is held by those who have had actual experience in navigating the
straits that they are navigable from
a: least the middle of July, while the
passage has been made more lhan a
month earlier lhan this. The earlier
part of the season may therefore be
made available for the shipment of
other commodities, and, as the Free
Feels Like
A New Person
Ontario    Lady    Satisfied    With
Results Received From Taking Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Mrs.    Lachapelle   tells   how    Dodd's
Kidney Pills helped bee.
1)111 Siding, Ont. — (Special). —
"Dodd's Kidney Fills have made mo
feel like u new person, since I have
been lulling them. I suffered n lot
from bucknche, and could hardly do
my housework, hut. now I feel Quite
well." This statement is made by
Mrs. .1. 10. I.uchupcllc, who lives in
ibis place,
Backache, bearing down pains, ilia-
zlness, headaches and depression are
early symptoms of kidney weakness.
too often misunderstood,
Weak kidneys go from bail lo worse
through wrong irealuienl or neglect.
Vtiere Is ulwuys danger of rheumatism, sciatica, dropsy and stone In
the kidneys or bladder.
The moment you suspect your kidneys use Imdd's Kidney Fills lo
strengthen und restore them.
Dodd's Kidney Fills huve built up
Ihelr reputation us a kidney remedy
by the relief Ihey give. Insist upon
Inning Dodd's, the kidney pills your
neighbors uso,
Press pointed out u week or two ago,
it would be available tor ihe shipment
of cuttle nl u time when there would
be the sninllesl dcinnml lor space for
the shipment of whoat, nnd, moreover,
by eliminating the present long rail
haul, would at ihe same time eliminate the ill-effects thut the long rail
journey bus upon the slock, und on-
utile lliftut lo be lundcd on the other
side of lhe Allnnlli: in n much belter
condition, (bus bringing better prices
for the producer.
Tin- feasibility of the route from nn
engineering polni of view is amply
proved by the 832 miles of steel already laid, and by the tostlmony of .1.
II. and .1. \V. Tyrell, civil engineers,
who gave their evidence before lhe
Senate Committee of 1920 from their
own personal oxamlnntlon of ihe
country. The route also runs through
ii country which is rich in minerals,
whoso hikes and rivers teem with ilsli
of various kinds, 10,000 square miles
of whose html has been sluled by Mr.
Mclnnes, of the Geological Survey ol
Canada, to be as Anc land as can be
seen anywhere in Manitoba, while immense herds of reindeer, caribou and
musk-oxen, according to the evidence
of Stefansson, roam tho plains.
What; then, of the mlioage? The
distance from Nelson to Liverpool Is
nboul the same as from Montreal to
Liverpool, about 3,000 miles. By the
present route, however, there is a distance of approximately 1,000 miles
from Port Arthur to Montreal. Speak-
ing generally this is Hie distance that
would be saved, although from some
points lhe saving would be from 100
lo 300 miles more. Roughly, 800
miles of this distance ore land miles,
und mil haulage is about seven limes
as heavy ns water haulage. Taken
altogether this would menn un immense saving on nil grain going by
this route. This saving of rail haulage would ulso enable the bringing in
of merchandise which now is almost
prohibitive owing lo Ihe high freight
Charges, since grain vessels would not
return .'empty, but would naturally secure return cargoes so us lo make Ihe
route us profitable us possible.
All of these fads, and many more
beside them, bearing on tho feasibility and advantnge of the route, have
been testified lo by men who huve uc-
lmil experh-nce of the buy nnd strults,
nnd of Hie territory over which lhe
section of the railway already laid and
graded passes. Thai being lhe case,
a much more strenuous and determined effort should now be made by the
farmers of the wesl lo have lhe railway completed und put Into operation
at lhe earliest possible moment. Promises more I lain sufficient have been
made und broken, und nothing less
than actual achievement should now
be neceptcd as satisfactory.
Could Use Greenland
B. J. Wilson. Editor and Proprietor
of The Eye-Witness, nirlle, Man.
Survey Of Immigration
Number of Settlers Increased by Over
One Hundred Per Cent.
A general survey of immigration
prospects and of the steps that are
necessary io stimulate the How of immigration fo Canada in the season
soon to open will be made by F. C.
Blair, .secretary of the Canadian Department, of Immigration and Coloni-
zaiion, who left recently for Europe.
Mr. Blair will inspect the methods of
ihe different agencies, inquire into
transportation facilities, medical inspections and tho whole operation of
the system advising as to whal.
changes are. necessary before the influx starts in heavily. In the past
lew months' immigration has increased well over a hundred per cent. Starting in March it Is expected that this
will be quadrupled. The decreased
fares conceded by the steamship lines
will be a helpful factor.
4 |      	
Will Be Good Market For Wool
Canadian Official Addresses New York
Sheep Growers' Association
Co-operative marketing of wool in
Canada was the suhjeel ot an nddress
by If. A. MacMlllan, chief id* the Sheep
and .Swine Division, of the Canadian
Department of Agriculture, before the
New York State Sheep Growers' Cooperative Associalion, at Syracuse.
Mr. MncMillan told the gathering ol
progress made in lhe Dominion.
The opinion was expressed generally at the meeting thai good conditions
can be loked for during Ihe next four
or Ave years in the wool production
Value Of Tourist Traffic
To Both Town And Country
Should Be Better Understood
Solomon's Parents
"Who was Solomon's tut her?" asked ihe Sunday School Lenohor.
"David," answered a small hoy.
"And who was his mother?"
Nobody hud il reply milII u young,
sler, In u sudden Hush of roeolloc-
Hun, shouted:
"Gbllnth I"—Noworli News.
A cough is a warning
that you need
SCOTTS     4
For Invalids
Delicious, strenjlliening beef-tea
and dozens of other tasty and
nourishing dishes may be easily
and quickly prepared with
In llns of 4,10, SO and 100.
W    N.   U.   J Jun
I Would Serve As a Storage Point For
Canadian Grain on Opening of
H.B. Route
| Is lhe development of Ihe Hudson
Day route the mainspring of the recent negotiations by Great Britain fur
ihe purchase or Greenland from Den-
mark? Alexander MoOwan, former
■editor of i lu Saskatoon Phoenix, now
ien route to Hie old country on un im-
migration inlBslon, in u letter, says
i llml  ii well-In formed  Dane told  him
| llml <ir"iil llrlliiln wains Greenland in
j serve ns a storage point for Canadian
grain, thus greatly Increasing the capacity of the Hudson Ilny roule during
lis comparatively short shipping season.
Allhoitgh     purchase     negotiations
have fallen through, his informant
jsuld llinl tlreni Britain sllll hoped to
obtain a lease on purl of lhe Green-
In in* const, where huge storage elevators will be built, He remarked
llml us Greenland is nffooted by the
gulf stream lis harbors are open all
winter. Tile fruition Of the scheme
would mean the opening of the great
Scandinavian market for rye, which
Is being produced In linger quantities
on lhe prnlrles yeurly.
Bnohelor.—When you kiss   a   girl
I good-hy    forever   should    you do if
i quickly?
Benedict.—By all menus. Oilier-
I wise she mlghl forgive you and
marry you.—Now Vovlt Sun.
At 80 Years Of Age
Was Troubled With
Shortness Of Breath
Palpitation Of The Heart
And Fainting Spells
Mrs. M. O'Connor, Whlteslone, Ont.,
writes!—"J hnve been troubled, most
of my life, with shortness of breath,
palpitation of the heart nnd fainting
spells. I wns advised by u friend to
try Mllburn's Heart und Nerve rills,
which I did. und at once found relief, and I have never hud u really
bud spell since.
1 am SO years of age und always
keep I hem In Hie house, und when I
feel nny symptoms of my old trouble
coining on nil 1 have In do Is lo tuke
u lew doses. Willi till1 help of your
PlllB 1 expect lo see ninny years yet.
I always recommend them to nny one
who Is suffering I rem heart trouble."
Mllburn's I lean and Nerve Pills are
r>0c u box in all  dealers,   or   mailed
dlrcel on I elpf of price, by The T.
Mlihurn Co,, Limited, Toronto, Ont,
An experienced driver Is one who
enn tell In un emergency whether llinl
sound Is his brakes squeaking or his
wile squealing.—San Francisco Chronicle,
An electric soldering iron for Jewelers bus jusl been invented. *
Minard's stops pain, relieves Inflammation, eases rheumatism,
neuralgia and all pains.
During Hie past season it was again
proved ibat national parks provide
powerful magnets for tourist travel
from other countries, ii is becoming
Increasingly clear thai while the primary purpose of national parks is not
commercial, they nre proving each
year more nnd more profitable Investments, The national parks were sett
aside to preserve some of our mosf
beautiful and outstanding scenic
regions and to   provide   recreational
areas lor the | pie.    Vet because the
desire In travel and to see the wonders of oilier purls oi'.llie globe is an
almost universal one; Hie world Is
making u pulli to their gales and In-
cidentally bringing many direct nnd
indirect benefits. During the past
season practically every ono of the
parks showed nn increase in travel.
Jasper Park, which Avas able for the
first time to offer suitable accommoda*
lion hud at limes more visitors than ll
could comfortably accommodate and
u large addition to its bungalow hotel will be made for next year.
Reports of its beautiful scenery were
the cause of bringing many hundreds
of people to Canada from the United
Stales. In spite of a wet season and
other drawbacks over 3,000 cars entered Banff and Kootenay Parks from the
United States. None of these visitors spent less than five days in Can-
ada, many of them spent considerably
more nnd n large number declared
their intention of returning next year
for a long holiday among lhe mountains.
The growth In travel, however, Is
nol confined to thc national parks. A
similar increase in visitors was reported from many parts of the Dominion, particularly from those provinces
which have undertaken special publicity nnd good roads campaigns. According to reports recently published
In the daily press the annual tourist
revenue of British Columbia bus now
reached the astonishing total of $311,-
000,000. or a sum equal to the total
annual mineral production of that
province. It must be remembered,
too, that Hie revenue from tourists i.s
widely distributed among all classes
of people nnd helps to build up lhe
prosperity of both town and country.
Figures carefully worked out by publicity experts indicate thut out of
every dollnr spent by thc tourists approximately one-third goes for food
and ultimately finds lis way into lhe
pockets ol the people In lhe rural districts.
Tills peaceful penetration of Canada
by people from the south of the line
for holiday purposes is also beneficial
In other ways, because It Is building
up goodwill and u belter understanding. Travel in it country dispels
many erroneous Impressions and reveals unsuspected national possibilities. It is undoubtedly true that
Cnnndii, beyond her own borders, is
sllll often regarded as a trackless forest, roamed ovod by bears, moose ami
Indians, where the Inhabitants live under Arctic conditions the greater part
of Hie year. A summer holiday in
Canada Is therefore educational In the
besl sense und serves often us u preliminary in Investment or pormuiienl
In proportion io her population Can-1
udu possesses it greater area set aside |
lor national pinks   than   nny   other
Country und she cull look fnrwuri! to
an Increasing appreciation of their attractions, She possesses, too, HUIIiy
other poleiilhilllles which us yet hnve
scarcely been realised. In her sum-
iner und even her winter climate, her
virgin forests, her big game and fishing, her picturesque Indian and
French-Canadian traditions, her beautiful cities nnd rural districts, nnd her
grenl hinterland of wilderness, she
possesses a wealth of natural attractions capable o(«preotloelly unlimited
The different Hues of work curried
on by the Department of the Interior
In the* preservation of plnces of national Interest such as historic and
prehistoric sites, the protection of old
iiris nnd handicrafts, the creation oi
bird sunclunrles, nnd the preservation
nf many forms of bird and animal life,
nre till serving to make Canada an Increasingly Interesting place to live In,
nnd, therefore, to enhance Its attractions for tourists. The possibilities
In llils connection hnve us yet scarcely been realized but they can undoubt
edly be made to play a large part in
building up the prosperity of the
Wealth Stored In Desolate Region
Territory   Between    North   Bay   and
Manitoba Boundary Rich In
Hon. Charles McCrea, minister of
mines In the Ontario Government, addressing the Sinicoe Canadian Club,
said the area between North Hay and
the Manitoba boundary had been called the hump Hint was breaking Canada's baclc, but through the discovery
of vast mineral wealth there, it would
yet prove to be the salvation of Canada.
The Canadian Pacific Railway, he
said, was built for thc purpose of linking up east and west, but in cutting
at Sudbury Ihey had discovered the
nickel ore that was now producing S5
per cent, of the world's nickel supply.
Tl/e Temiskaming nnd Northern
Ontario Railway was built lo connect
tho clay belt with old Ontario. At
Cobalt it had cut through the silver
field that had since produced $221,-
000,000. worth of silver. The boom
had died down bul, said Mr. McCrae,
we urc again on the eve of a great
revival in the silver industry.
Swollen Joints,
Quickly Limbered Up
Rub On Nerviline
You would be surprised nt lhe wonderful action of "Nerviline" In just
such cases. Being thin and not an
oil preparation, it is able to penetrate
quickly, and down it sinks into the
tissues, currying its healing, soothing
nction wherever it goes. For stopping muculnr or nerve pain, for easing u stiff Joint, Nerviline Is u complete success. Pain, soreness, stiffness nil vanish before the magic power
of this wonderful llulment. Nearly
flfly years of success proves the merit
of Nerviline, which is sold everywhere
in large 35 cent bottles.
Expect More Coal
The year 1923 will see a new record
in Alberta coal production. It Is expected Ihe tolal production for the
year will reach 7,000,000 Ions, In comparison witli less than 6,000,000 last
year. The production up lo November 1 was 1,500,000 tons greater than
the production in lhe same period last
year. The record production previously wns In 1920, when 6,400,000
tons wns produced. The payroll this
year, it is expected, will be over $18,-
It   is   estimated that smoke costs
Chicago $50,000,000 annually,
Beware of Imitations!
'nless you see the "Haver Cross" on
package or on tabids you are not getting the genuine Haver Aspirin proved
safe by millions and prescribed by
physicians over twenty-three years for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Neuritis ftheumallcm
Neuralgia Pnin, Pain
Accept "Bayor Tablels nf Aspirin"
only. End! unbroken package contains proven directions,   Handy boxes
of twelve tablets cost few cents. Druggists also sell hollies of 21 and 100.
Aspirin is the trade innrk (registered
lu Camilla) of Buyer Manufacture of
Moiioacellcacldester of Sallcylleaelil.
While it Is well known Ihal. Aspirin
means Bayer manufacture, lo nsBtSt
the public ngalnsl imitations, the Tablets of Buyer Conipuny will be slumped with ihelr general trade murk, the
"Bayor Cross." Agassiz Record
Printed  by The Valley Publishing CO.
Hammond, B. C.
EDWAUD liAUELL, Manager.
Subscription:   $1.50  per annum
Advertising Rates :
Display Advt.  (transttnt) inch 85c.
Dlspiuy  Advt,   (contract) Inch 25c.
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Want and For sale advts., 60c. first Insert ion, 25c, BUlmequent Insertions.
WEDNESDAY,   FEB.   13,   1924
A   meeting   of   Agassiz   Parent-Tea
chers'   Association   was   held   on   Wednesday,  30th Jan.    Mr. H.  Brown occupied  tho -chair.
Minutes of last meeting were read
by   the   Secretary,
After a small amount of business
had been Vlscussed, the Rev. James
Deway was asked to take the chair.
A debat on "Tlie Discontinuance of
^Travelling Salesmen would bo an Economic Advantage" ,was then gone
Into, Mr. W. A. Jones leading, off on
the affirmative. He sought to prove
that In the course or evolution under
which o vary thing was going, that the
travelling salesman was non-essential
The housewife (Instead of giving her
orders to the Grocer's boy who used
to call) phoned hen order. Giving as
an illustration to bear out hla statements tho fact that T. Pertman aa-i
Co., wholesale druggists, had cut out
all travelling salesmen, and the customer now received the benefit. Mr.
Spencer, leader of the negative, rose
to refute Mr. Jones* a;*gument. If
you had not the travelling salesman
you would have the circular letter,
posters and other expensive means of
advertising. That prices are discussed and set by the Creditmen'g Association if we had no travellers, the
confidential, or head of the house.
would set the prices. The traveller
settles disputed, protects his firm and
cleans up difficulties.- Then again
there aro some goods which cannot
be wold without demonstration, i.e.,
shoes, autoa and Insurances, Very
few people would ever buy nn insurance policy if It were not for salesmen. One firm who manufactured
typewriters tried to dispense with
their salesmen, Dropped the price of
their machines from $125 to $85 and
very nearly went broke. Salesmen nre
needed tt keep the factories humming, to introduce new goods and In
general keep the retail man up- to
Mr. Brown next took up the .debate
in favor of the affirmative. Before
we had the newspaper we had the
Tiwn crier, but he was now obsolete.
So the travelling salesman would.be
like the man left standing ' by the
altar, because his business had eloped. The travelling salesman's expenses, Including tips, had nil to b"
paid out of goods. During tho Great
War tho first men called to tho colors as non-essential to business were
thc travelling salesmen, as during
•war economy was essential. Several
of the merchants which be comes to
Weal with nre cajoled and argued into buying, Then the traveller orders
for tho merchant, and ho finds himself stocked up with a lot of dead
stncjVj which nt a later date Is foisted
onto tho general public at reduced
prices, The merchant In many cases
bearing the loss, Only, the other day
n traveller emuo Into tho local drug
store aifit wasted two hours of the
drugglst'H valuable time in trying to
Induce him tt order 12 dozen powder
puffs, and Judging from the present
mid.lt"in-,', it would have been dvnd
stock fun Mr. Jones had he bought
Mr. John Gillis was next called upon to refute*Mr, Brown's arguments.
Who brings the new produce ? Who
creates new tirade ? The travelling
HuleHinan. if it wero not for such
men wc would go back to tlie old
tlmcf,     TTn   Is  a  representative  of  hla
film   lie  settles dispute***,    irectiries
mistake^ nnd as to his expenses these
nm a mero detail, With a motor car
tho traveller can now reach five
towns such as Agassiz Instead of only
two whon travelling „ti the CP.Tl.
The traveller has to he educated, honest, persevering, and although his expenses may '"ok large it only amounts to about one per Cent, of bin
sales As to Assurnnee polleles lho
Govern men I Issue those from $50 to
$5000. The Calvert had had Mich
ngene.y for over IB years, and has not
sold one yet. If we had no travelling
salesmen for Inmirnncc, some of our
dependents would be on the shelf tf
wo ware to dlo. Tf a fire takes plaeo
nnd the goods nre Insured, tho owner
Is the gnlnet*. Tf you want the old
Ideas back ngftln, you can have thorn.
but tho travelling salesman proves he
is holplng nil.
Mr. Jones, in a tlve minutes' reply
as to the slowing up of factories If
the travelling salesman were put
away. Woolwprth nnd Co. wore a
proof of thc opposte. They hail n
chain of twelve thousand stores all
over tho land turning ove r sixty million dollars delivering all the time a
better nnd cheaper quality of goods
without any travelling salesmen. The
same could be said of T. Eaton nnd
Co. Yet they get tho business. Travellers are like trained soldiers ; they
go out to break down our fences. As
to insurance. State Insurance was
tho only solution, ns In the Old Land.
Many of tho policies which are forced
on the people by travellers fall
through after a few paymests and
the Company gets thjrf benefit. Three
men could b0 employed in a factory
for the cost of one on tho road.
Mr. Spencer then replied in a five
minutes' argument. Volume determines prices, and quality and production rqdnced prices. Po<d & Co. sent
out saltsmen and built-up through
them the largest automobile business
In the country. Circular letters aud
posters do not count. Will Insurance
Companies pay a "inn $1000 if ho is
no good ? They will pay $5000 to tho
mas who can bring in $35,000, It is
good business. Tho travelling salesman has no holiday. He Is olten up
at 4:30 a.m. It Is true he may only
spend 5 on 6 hours in selling, but he
has to bring along his samples and
provd to the merchant It will bo good
business to buy. Wo could do without salesmen, ns we could do without
schools, but it Is not a question of
doing without, it is what is essential
and economic, and as to filling up a
storekeeper's shelves with dead stock,
it would be poor business, because it
would be his last order.
The debate was adjudged by Miss
Rankin, Mr. Hicks asd Dr. McCaffrey,
who awarded" the honors to Mr. Jones
and Mr. Brown,  for the affldmatlve
Then followed a three minute talk
on a variety of subjects by a variety
of speakers, among whom were the
following : Dr. P. McCaffrey on Bobbed' Hair. Mftis. Fooks on Radio. Miss
Robson, Should Farmers Work eight
hours a day or more. Mr. Morrow
Electricity. Dr, E. A. Bruce, Mustc.
M.i|. Sumpter on Alarm Clocks. Mrs.
Gtendenntng   on   Milk,
Refreshments being served everyone agreed a most enjoyable and profitable evening had been spent, and
all for the sum of 25a
Agassis, Feb. 9. A fatal accident
occurred on Wednesday last In the
C.P.R. yard at Agassiz, when one of
the HO. Hop Co.'s teams became
frightened, throwing the teamster,
who was a hlndoo samed La Boo on
to the track. It was not thought at
first that ho was seriously injured
but was taken to tho ChllHwack hospital, when on dllse examimatfon it
was found that his back was so badly
injured that he died from tho effects,
being  fully  conscious  to the  last.
La Boo was ose of the oldest team-
eters In tho employ of the Hop Co.,
having worked fir them, between 11
and 12 years, during which time he
has been home to India for a trip,
and returned last year. He was over
70 years of age and well thought of
here. At first it was thought that
his funeral would '>e held hereandthat
the body would be cremated, but his
Hindoo friends decided to bury him
at ChllHwack.
General Carpentry in all its
Sash and Doors.
All Dcors Mortised
Broken Glass repaired
Phone 44R P. O. Box 131
Water Colour Paintings
Animals a specialty
Ideal Wedding Gifts or House
Box 172, Agassiz.      Phone 37X
C. Warburton Young
The Agassis Local Milk Producers
held a special meeting in tho I.O.O.F.
hall, Wednesday, Feb. 7th, whlcr was
woll attended, over 30 members being
present. Tho prlnolpal business was
to nominate a member for tho Directorate of tho Ansoclatlon at the forthcoming election to* be held March 3rd.
Three members wero proposed, and on
a ballot being taken Mr. Robt. Hamilton was elected.
Other matters of vital interest to
the locality were discusHcd, It is
hoped the Interest shown at this
meeting will continue, nnd a large attendance on Fetv 16th, at tho regular
meeting is looked for.
Was Triumphant Event s
Miss Maloney, of Vancouver, spent
the week-end at Harrison Hot Sp.ln«s
a guesa of Mr. and Mrs, W. A. Lament
Mrs. V. Haslamf, of Harrison Hot
Springs    is   Visiting   Vancouver.
We are very glad to report Miss
Louie Warren, of Agasrfiz, Is sufficiently  recovered  to bc able  to sit up.
Mr. P, Lovell took In tho dance at
Deroche on Friday evening, and re
ports an enjoyable time was had by
Mr. B. J. Webb, prominent business
man herd,, is very ill with stomach
trouble. He was taken sick Thursday
an«i is  still veny poorly.
Mr. Jack StUlson, just arrived from
California, was so Impressed with
Agassis, on his arrival, that he decided to stop off for a few days, when'
he visited the Experimental Farm.
Harrison Hot SSprings, and other Agassiz lions, finally taking o position
with the B.C. Hop Co. here.
Friends of Mr. Chas. Lovell will be
pleased to hear that he Is again up
and around after an illness of two
Jack Stow has just returned from
b, visit to his sister, Mrs. E. Cosford,
Star City,  Sask.
Mr. Henry Griffiths has returned
from ChllHwack hospital and is staying with his brother, Mr. Jack Griffiths, the tinsmith, of Agassis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Robinson, of
Waleach, spent Sunday with their
patents, Mr. and Mrs.  Chas. Lovell.
Mr. P. Lovell paid a business trip
to  Mission  os  Saturday.
Ms. Georgo Pettis and his son Jim
of Seablrd Island, hunter, trapper and
guide, have just returned from their
line bringing in five marten.
~~ Mrs. Briggs, niece of, the Misses
Agassis, and her two children Dorothy and Audrey, are expected] on Friday for a visit, before joining her
husband, Capt. Briggs, of Los An-
Mrs. Harvey Stetgenberger, of Harrison Hot Springs, is visiting her
sister, Mrs. G. G. Thompson of Vancouver. Wo are pleased to say Mr.
Thompsom Is able to leave the Hospital.
Mr, George Henley made two business trips to the Coast recently.
The Sedan Taxi
Ready to take you regardless
of the weather
whether on Business or Pleasure
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
Harrison Lodge
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn was
this season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Beats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs
Harrison Mills Notes
Thc Sir James Douglas Cliniitor 1.0
D.E. will hold a masked Valentino
dnnoo In tho I.O.O.F. hull. Friday th<
lfitHt -A thrco-ploco orchestra In Attendance. Oood prizes. Tho I.O.P.E.
also have changed tliolr card party
(lam ot the scries) from March 12th
tn Mnrch 21st. ,
Harstlson Hot Springs, Fob, 12, A
niimher of friends sprung a surprise
party on Mr. nnd Mrs. nurcoy Morrow
Saturday lust. Tlie ovoning Was spent
In ca(ds and dancing. Tho party comprised Mr. and Mrs. W, A. Lament,
Miss Moloney nf Vancouver, Mrs. V.
Haslam, Mr. and Mrs. Crowhurst, Mr.
and Mrs, Harvey Btclgcnborgcr, Mr.
and Mrs John Bonnoy, Mr. H. Lnm-
oni, Messrs. Tom and Dlalno Donaldson and  Mr.  Jnokson,
A very pretty masquerade danco
was held on Friday, Fob. 8th. under
the ausplccH of the Parent Teachers
Association of Agassln In the Agricultural hall, atvl was well attended.
Those In costume wore '. Maud
Moorrc, Gollywog; Betty Jenkins, A
Christmas Cracker; Mary Heath, Hilt
nnnln ; Dorothy Bruce, Valentino ;
Beatrice Young, Baby Doll ; Hosle
Lovell, Night | Nanoy Olendennlnt,
Butlerrfly ; Evan Plpbort, , Sandwich
Man ; Moris Carpenter and rhyllis
Chaplin, Valentine Twins; Hobt. Dennis, Clown ; Gladys MoHae, Clown ;
Edward Fleet, Indian ; Nelson Lovell, Indian ; Wlnnlfrod Hague. Buso-
1iall Player | Donald MacCallum, Fish
crmnii ; A'lum Sutherland, Dairyman ;
Loulso Young, China Woman,; Zoo
Bruce, Valentine ; Allecn Young, Em-
plro ; Lillian Dennis, Old Woman ;
Nona Young, College Graduate ; Clara
anils. Valentine ; Nellie Dentils, Vul-
Tho children's1 dance lusted until 10
o'clock Host costlimo, hoys, first
prize, Nelson Lovoll, Indian. Most
original costume, girls first prize,
Maud Moore, Gollywog. Most orlglnnl
cosliimo, hoys, flmt prlzo, Evan Pro-
vert,   Sundwlchmnn.
Tho judges awarded spoolol prison
as follows: Doris Carpenter and
Phyllis Chaplin as Vnlontlno Twins;
Nnnoy Glondonnlng, Butterfly ; Beatrice   Young,   Bahy  Doll.
All those who wished then Joined
In tho dancing until dainty rofrosh-
ments were served most efficiently
by  tho children,
A number of young people surprised Mr. William Duncan Saturday
night, Feb. 9th, at the ■ home of M:\
and Mrs. James Duncan, the occasion
being hla birthday. The evening was
spent in cards and  dancing.
The guests Included Mr. and Mrs.
H. Anderson, Mrs. and Miss Hlllhouse
Mr. Alex. Kennedy, Mlsa Eunice Picken, Miss Jennie Picken, Mr. F.ank
Kennedy, Miss Emily Klrby, Master
Alfred Dewhurst, Miss Alma Couch,
Mr. Joe Klrby, Miss Brlant, Master
Fred Kennedy and Harold Kennedy,
Miss Minta Ebert, Mr.  Gordon  Ebert.
Miss Mabel Andersson spent the
week-end with her parents at ChllHwack.
Mr. and Mrs. Terry and children
and Miss Edna Dewhurst, made ;
visit to Vancouver for a few days.
Mr. Alox. Duncan was a passenger
on the Agassis local Saturday morn
Miss Hillhouse has had hen mother
from Vancouver to spend the weok-
end Wl'h her at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. H. Anderson.
Mrs. Jos. Picken has been v siting
Vancouver for a few days among her
friends, then coming us far as Stave
Falls, Monday morning, to spend a
few days there with her daughters,
Mrs. D. Lougheed and Mrs. O. Cum-
Mr. James Duncan loft this week
to visit his son Hector at the Sanl-
tarlum,   Kamloops.
Conducted by the Dominion Experimental Farm, Agassis.
This contest starter Nov. 1st, 1923,
and is for 52 weeks. Each pen in
the contest contains 10 birds. Column "W" gives the total weekly pen
production, and column "T" the
fatal number of eggs for the pen to
date.   Weekly  report,  Feb.  6th •
W. T
F. E. Pullen, Whonnock, Ant, to 288
Ruth  B.own,  Pitt  Meadows,  W.L.,
43 ' 4(7
W.  D.  Bruce,  Pitt  Meadows,  W.L.,
48    6SJ
J. H. Kershaw, Port Hanep, W.L..
24    441
C.  P. Metcalfe, Hammond, W.L.,
18    611
Simpson  &  Holland,  Haney,  Ana,
X60    531
H.   Sweatman,   Agassis,   S.C.B.I.H.,
27    477
Dom. Exp. Farm, Agassiz, B.R.,
85    650
42 617
The total number of eggs records
an Increase of 427 over that for Inst
year's contest on the same date and
with the same number of pens.
An   Environ   of  Agaslz
irons or uttebbbt
Catholic   Church   Card   Party,
Women's  Institute  Leap Year Novelty Dunce, Feb.  20th.
Tennis Club  (play) March "h.
The Agassis Basketball boys, who
recently defeated Mission, are playing.
ChllHwack, 7:30 p.m. sharp, Saturday,
Feb,   18th,   at   Chilliwaok.
Manufacturers of Gasoline Logging Locomotives.
Industrial and  Mill  Attachments  for Fordson Tractors,
Ornamental and Structural Iron Work, Bois Interlock ine
Steel Stairs,
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St. New Westminster, B.C,
P.O. Box 933 Phones 53   653
Wants yonr Insurance ■wins is whether tt ll lire Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Accident and Sickness Insurance, Kate Olass Insurance, or any other kind of Insnranee. .If It Is Insurance, w«
we write It, and we con quote you the Lowest Sates obtainable In
In the Provfnoe. .We have (If teem 'old and tried" Insurance Oo'e.
William XoAdam la In youd 9 Istrlct twlee * wee» and will be «1~
to call and see you.
Phone, write, or call and see
688, Columbia Street, Ifew Westminster, B.0


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