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Agassiz Record 1924-01-16

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JAN * 11924
No. 18     Vol. 1
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, January 16, 1924
$1.50 per year
Hotel Agassiz
Meals 5c. Eeds 5c.
Mrs. C. Gillis & Sons
Phone 30-L P.O. Drawer A C
MRS. PROBERT,   Proprietress
E. PROBERT. Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Harrison Hot Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Strung have
returned to thoir home in Agussiz,
after ;in extended sojourn at Nootkn
Sound, North Went Count of Vancouver Island.
Subscribe at Wfbb's Pattern
Counter for Pictorial Review.
Tin* Agricultural Hull was the
scone of throe- fust and exoitlng
basketball Raines mi Saturday lust.
The girls' game between two picked
teams proved u strenuous eneuunter,
Pliiy for the inosl purl was even, hut
the effective shooting of Gladys Mc-
Itlie brought  victory to her sWK
I n the second) game, the Public
Hchool Boys showed the superiority
of .speed cud combination over size
and weight by defeating the second
men's team after n close finish.
The main ii.Tt.ur <if the evening
proved rather one sided us lhe High
School were miuhle to field their regular team, und the senior men were
out in strength. The High Seuooi
put up a very good defense, however.
and the score was by no means a
criterion of the play.
Owing to the municipal election on
January lttih, 1924, the Local Fraser
Valley Meeting will be put off till
Saturday, January Sfith.
4*A#«<>#- jm*****-***-******* t ♦-#-##-##
t ♦
#   Let Us Supply It our   1
!      Wants for 1924      I
Your Inspection is Invited.
Phone 16                                           AGASSIZ,   B. C.
£    P.O. Box-147
| Agassiz - Meat - Market \
Phone 19
Smoked and Fresh Fish. ♦♦♦
J AS. R. CAMPBELL      %
f   _ .._jjt     -i      r   I      v      I	
For Economical Reading
Join our Circulating library
$1.00 for your first book, then 10c. for each exchange or
BOc. per" month,
We can take your subscription for any Magazine
Phone 42.    Druggist and Stationer,     AGASSIZ
The Uutepnvers of Agassi/, assembled in the I 0. 0. F, Hull on Friday
hist to dlseuss the past year's work
or the Municipal Council, .1. .1. Mc-
Ittto, M. I1. I*., occupied the ehulr.
The councillors of eaeh Ward, were
'n attendance and gave an account
•f the work which seemed to he fair-
',v satisfactory to the lurge audience
:n attemlnnee.
Councillor Duncan, Ward T, wns
very well received, und caused sonic
applause when he stuted the amount
'»f work he had accomplished in such
a complicated Ward that, he represents.
Councillor Cameron, Ward 2, spoke
nf the road work he hud done und
received the applause he well mer-
\W4. Councillor I). Mcllne reported
he hud not been able to proceed with
the work lie had desired to finish, us
tile weather during the lust month
hud not been very fuvoruble, hut he
nt least hud put some desirable new
roads Into  operation.
Councillor Hamilton spoke nlnng
the slime lines nnd rend out the itemized account of Ihe moneys spent
in that Ward.
Councillor J. A. Mcllne, Ward 5,
also ppoka on the same lines. Trus-
t'-rii '\i:n:an, (1-een and Nichc-l spoke
of lhe work done during the year
and their reports were well received.
The chairman then ashctH for a
full discussion on the several points
brought before the meeting by the
■rmneillors and trustees and a lengthy
speech was mode by Mr. O. E. Court
in a humorous style which captivated
the large audience and caused great
amusement. Mr. Court stated that
lie was out for Trustee and somebody
will have to step lively, he also spoke
on the dentistry for the children and
was In accord with the W. I.'s as to
*he .lerevsHv of looking nfter the
health of the children.
Mr. J. Klse spoke on the health of
the children and remarked that not
only the teeth but the eyes and stomachs should' also be attended to, ns
a child who is not properly nourished
has no better chnnceto succeed than
one with bad teeth or poor eyesight.
A warm discussion followed oyet
the bus question, which was participated in by quite a few, but nfter
the question had cooled down, the
Trustees were left with a free hand
for future denllngs.
Mr. W. Clark declared he was coming out for Ward 2.
Mri F. Sumpter stated he would be
a candidute for Ward 5 and spoki
on better roads and a closer union
between Wards for thut purpose.
The Women's Institute brought be-
f-»r .the meeting a request that the
meeting bring before the new council
the fuct thut some of the parents in
the community were not in a state
tinuncinlly to have their children's
teeth attended to, and that as it
'.vonld cost somewhere in -the neigh-
hnrhnod of $G00 and they had not
the funds, thut some way should be
found to secure about $200 (the remainder being paid by tlie Government).
It was moved and seconded that
"Thin meeting request the incoming
Council to udvunce up to $2110 to defray the expenses of dentistry for
children who were not able to pay."
This motion wns carried unanimously.
Mr. (1. II. Smith spoke on inequality
of assessments. Mr. H. Fooks read
out the accounts for the year .which
allowed a balance credit of over
$(1,000. Mr. J. .1. MoRae, M. I'. P.,
spoke n few words of encouragement
nnd advice.
A vote of thanks was passed to the
chairman for the efficient manner In
which he had conducted the meeting,
which ejime to a close by everyone
rising and singing "Uod Save the
1'eeve Morrow gave an account of
his stewardship and waa received
with applause, und stuted he is a
candidate for next yeur.
Mr. Archie Boyd stated he will be
a candidate for licevc.
Mr. Hurry Day, logging contractor,
from Vancouver, was in Agassiz Wed-
nesdny, en route to 211-Mile Point.
Harrison l.uke, to size up the situn-
tlon preparatory to starting up the
Spring work.
Agassiz Junior Guild meets Saturday, January 10th, nt Mrs. \V. A.
Jones' home at II o'clock.
Mr. II. I,. Calvert. Agassiz Posl Master, leaves on Tuesday for Vancouver
to consult an eye specialist and expects to return Sunday next.
Mr. It. tl. Olendennlng, Dominion
Experimental Farm, Agassiz, hns
gone to Ottawa on departmental
business and expects to be there for
nbtrat two months.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Marshall and
daughter, with Mr. nnd Mrs, Saunders and son are leaving the Cunning-
bum Hunch on Mlria Sleugh, (where
they have successfully fanned for a
number of years) nnd are going to
their old home in New Westminster.
Mr. MucAlIister from Lulu Island
bus rented the Cunningham Eanch
on Mirin Slough near Agassiz.
Agassiz Barber Shop
Under New Management.
Soft Drinks
and Tobacco
Agassiz, B.C.
REPAIRS of all Descriptions.
BOOTS a specialty.
January 9th, 1924, Miss Marian
NIchol celebrated her fourth year by
inviting some of her little playmate's
to nn nt home. Mrs. W. A. Jones
brought her two smnll boys, Walter
■i'id Harold; Mrs. J. H. Campbell her
two children, Morng and Ian. Mrs.
Clarke was unable to bring her little
girl. Marion, ns she was sick, much
tn the disappointment of the rest.
Games and toys were played and
after they hud all thoroughly enjoyed themselves suitable refreshments were served, and all went home
tired but happy.
The Agassiz Lawn Tennis Club cordially inviteB to thejr At Home In
the I. O. 0. F. Hall, on Wednesday
iftornoon. January 23rd from 2 to 5.
There will be refreshments and u
variety of entertainment of nn unique
•mture. It is hoped that every one
who can will attend. The Club
needs your support.
E. D. Harrington
Agassiz, B.C.
Keeve—J. H. A. Morrow, Archie
Councillor, Wurd 1—James Duncan
Councillor, Ward 2—11. J. M. Cameron, Wm. Clark.
Councillor, Ward 3—A. S. Nlehol
Councillor, Ward 4—Itobert Hamilton   (acclamation).
Councillor, Ward 5—J. A. Mcllue,
Fred. Sumpter.
School Trustees (3 to be elected) —
Miss K. Agassiz, T. E. Court, George
Nichols, James Duncan.
Police Commissioners—A. 8. Nichols and Itobert Hamilton (by acclamation).
Try Webb's Special Coffee at
at 4Ec. for value.
Call and inspect our
New Hobart Electric
Coffee Mill and receive a Free Sample of
our Coffee.
Special 45c. lb.
Our Best 60c. lb.
Phone 46
P.O. 93
'DErttrsT :      "' ■'
Will be at the Agassiz Hotel. Friday of each week
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Dentistry in all its Branches. Extractions, Crown and Bridge
work.   Plates.   Latest Methods.
The Community Store
Always at Your Service
Call and inspect our stock while you are
waiting to Poll your Vote for the
Right One.
If you cannot see what you want, tell us
your wishes.
SPENCER & STOUT, General Merchants
Phone 17
Team of Clydes, mare and horse, weight 14001hs each, age 7 years
Three Milking Cows, age 6 years.       Three one-year-old Heifers.
For further information call on
.LLk Canada Lures WorlJ-famous Stars
Hammond, Jun. 8 th, 1924.
Editor, Cassette']
v<>iir mention of mat tors affecting
our representatives for this year \»
evidently a mattor of itiiuitluu rather
. han in i Til mm t. One would hardly
think that, in less than a fortnight
our Keovo, Councillors, School Trustees ami all  ai'e tu  bo ohosen.
are i»ii:* oltliens to be posted or
mo thoy to h0 left to themselves to
vote for the candidate nearest at
hand, or In the ca^0 of a young lady
voter, to vote for the handsomest man
who may bo In tho run'.', Such a
method cannot bring us that type of
representative that the  District needs
why not have puitiio meetings in
;ill sections of the Municipality ami
so give every ratopayer an opportunity lo hear nil those from whom ho
la   In  select   his  representatives.
Again I want to Miy that any ren-
resen la Hives who |'haV(*| proved their
buooosb in any elective position,
Simula not lightly oo sot aside for
tho trinI of others who may be more
•i • Iobr ready Jn make out a good
cat)so   for  themselves,
Whnl we wont. Mr, Editor, In tho
t'.nowlodgo of who best   to  haiioi   for
mill    IhOU    ImVlllg    every    el Listen    turn
OUt   to   vote
1 would suggest thai you opon your
column:,   fur   Jotters   on   Lho   MunVlpai
youtVt, C.TTiSISN.
(Our   columns   nre   open   t,»   liii.toi'fl
on  nny  subject of incal  Inte'v-i*,   but
letters     must     he   to   Hie   nmn:   and
That the twofold attraction of Canada's audiences and Canada's scenic and climatic allurements, especially at
Banff, is proving Irresistible to many great concert, theatrical and movie stars is well brought out by the sheaf
of photographs reproduced above, which represents some of the famous artists who have recently visited Canada.
The majority of the originals of these pictures need no introductions to Canadians. Sophie Breslau, that brilliant contralto singer, who is shown about to start her tour of this country from the Canadian Pacific Railway's
Windsor Station, Montreal, made a great hit everywhere. Dame Clara Butt retains her place in the hearts of British
audiences, Galll Curd's golden voice has enraptured millions. Elsie Janis, internationally known impersonator,
and her 'Momma' foregathered with the Mountle at the C. P. R. station at Banff and got a big thrill. Jack Holt,
famous movie star, snapped off duty among the Indians at Banff, Is lyrical on the subject of Canadian scenery.
Jascha Helfetz was on his way to the Orient when he posed for the Canadian Pacific camera-man*The perennial
Pavlowa expresses her appreciation of services rendered aboard the 'Empress of France'. Doug and Mary had the
time of their young lives holidaying at the Canadian Pacific hotel at Banff, where the picture reproduced was taken.
Thomas Melghan* the well known
Paramount star, will appear in the
special production "A Prince there
Wart a play well suited to this talented   netor's   ability.
Adapted from the George M. Co-
ban's '.celebrated play based on the
novel "Enchanted Hearts," by Darraign Aldrlcr, it presents Thomas
Slftlghan In one of his very best
sc'*een   productions.
Owing to considerable Illness the
: egulor meeting of the above Association did not convene n Monday last.
Notice of  next   meeting  will  appear
Thing** are bogtnnlng lo hum
around Albion way on election news.
It seems as If Councillor Milder f«
to havo opposition, namely, Mr. Norman Owen, Although we welcome »
fight to make Ihlnj-s Intoi'OBtlngi wo
all must admit that Conn, Wider lias
not been found wanting, lie has
proved himself aa par excellence In
every way, and I havo no hesitation
In saying that bo will bo returned,
If not  by aoalatnatton  by  lils  merit.
The Young Oirls' Progressive Club
arranged u Whist Drive and Dance
which was a great success. Hrnvo,
girls | Tlmt is what wo want, Lot
us rovcrt back to the good old times.
Wo can do with Ioih 'more of these
events to pvon up our environment.
Thank you.
THE world is getting so big and
there arc so ninny little folks
nnd big folks in it who look
forward tn n visit from Santa
Clous, all on the sumo day, that
the genial old go- ■■■ man is forced
by tno pressure o* his duties to
discard his reindeer and his sleigh
on occasions and to travel on the
fast passenger trains that are I
Speeding people home for Christmas Day. * Nothing but the very
best will dp Rants ('laus, and that]
is why, as you see here, he has
chosen as his steed one of the huge
locomotives of the Canadian National Railways. These locomotives, known as the .1000 type, nre
the biggest passenger locomotives
In Canada. Santa Claus posed for
this picture when he was inspecting the engine so that all the hoys
nnd girls, and grown-ups, too,
could be sure that he would reach
them on Christmas Eve.
There 1b to be a grand political
rally In Hammond Then Ire, Friday
evening, Jan. 18th.
Cars will run from Mtttohett'a store
Haney, and the corner of Dewdney
Trunk and Ontario Street, to accommodate ihnso who wish  to attend.
Without doubt tbe meeting will be
one of tho most Important ever held
In   Mnnlc   Hldgo.
Hammond,   .luly   8th.   1924.
To  Editor of Gazette
Sir -: 1 notice by tho Papers that
the Municipality of Maple Rldgo for
the last six months received for It"
share of tire booze money $1687, or
at the rate of ove: $0000 for th*
year The motor license taxes amounted to $2051 and the Profits from
rambling  $2247.
As sure as the starp shine this
state of ;*iffairfl win not Inst many
years, so why not put aside a part,
at least, of this 1/lood money, for
something permanent ? A municipal
election is now nn nnd It behove*
one or mo: e of the nr-ntrantr* *o
launch out a constructive policy.
Yours  truly.  7.
Tho Sunday School Christmas Tre«
and Concert held lout week nt the
homo of Mr. mid Mrs. E. Tope wa-»
an ont Ire success, u* all the llttl*1
folk allowed after their treat In
t*oudtes, games, and a delightful tajli
bv    Rov    Ma*    dfip-ntuior.
It     its       first    SUnll     ROthT l'1"i     H-fl«
bring; back the momorlos of the -Hy*:
when  wo  v/nrn  youne.
A meeting of boys, nge 14 to IP
years, will bo held In the annex of
the Prc.sbyter.lnn Church, Honey, or
Friday, Jan. l7th. at 8 p.m. The
purpose of tho meeting Is to organ
Ize a Toxin Croup under the leadership of Mr.   Prod   Turner.
Al]  tho boys of tho community are
Application!! will be received up to
tho 2uth Inst, for the OOsJtIon of
Bfloret*i**y to tho Maple Ridge School
Applicants   to   state   salary   expected nod qualifications,    Dutfcs to com-
meiu'u at noon,  Jan.   26th,
Apply     BOX   181,
AdT*rti««n«nts In this column mnit b*
Wanted      any      quantity      of    Small
Potatoes,        Apply
K.   H.   FORD,
Phone   Hammond   15-Y
320 acre farm for sale. Located 6
mllos west of DUhnmol, Alberta. 80
acres under cultivation, 70 acres summer fallow ready for orop next spring
Lots of bay and Cliowood, 7-room
house, bar.i for 8 horses and 12 cows,
granarlOB, blacksmith shop, chicken
house,     $-3   per  acre,      Apply
K.    P,   HAMILTON,
Hammond,  B.C.
IXANX.Y   L.O.L.   NO.   SUlii
The   regular   meeting   of   above lodge
Is  held  In   the  Oddfellows  hall,  Haney,
firs', Tuesday In each month at 8 p.m
Visitors   cordially   invited.
W.M., J. C. Moshor, 'Phono 61X
Koo.-Stfc'y,   J.   M.   Cameron.
L. O. B. A.
The regular moutlngs of llnmmond
L.O.B.A. No. Iflfl are hold In the Fossett Hall, the second Tuesduy of each
month at 7tAO p.m.
W.M.,  Mrs.  M.  Macey,  'Phone  2GR
Rec.-Soe'y,   Mrs.   B.  K.   Tolmle.
The   regular   meetings   of   Hammond
L. O. L. No. 1868, are hold In the Fossett hall  at  8  o'clock  p.m.  on  Second
Saturday and 4th Friday, each month
Visitors cordially  Invited.
J, H. Ritchie,  W.M.
Wosloy   O.   Brooks,   U.S.
Cub paid for Old Gold,       ley. 6686 Y
.. Diamonds, Watches
9SS  Granville  Strcea,
Opposite Provincial Fubllo Market,
FRUIT, etc.  Through
the New Year.
Services Cherful.
■atari* Front        Von Han.y
LODGE   Ho.   32
i. o. o. r.
Meets every Wednesday evenlns at
S o'clock In tbe Odd Fellows' HaM,
Ontario Street. Port Haney. Visiting
brethren   cordially   Invited   to    attend.
N.G.,   Bro.   J.   C.   Mosher.
V.G.,   Bro.   J.  oalt.
Rec.   Secy.,   Bro.   P.   H.   Burnett
Gradual* TeacherPiano and Theory
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory and Canadian Academy Exams.
The Joy of Hearing
a Voice.
When you are travelling, evening
brings lonesome hours. You would bo
glad if it were possible to Pack your
»rrlp and find yourself Instantly at
homo or among your friends. You
cannot fake this quick visit, but nt
tho nearest telephone "hong Distance" will send your voice back
where you want to be. When you
bear the volco, you feel Its presence.
Tbe volco is tlie parson, That's why
nothing; can take the .place of tho
telephone us a medium of communication. You feel you are with tho
person  to whom you arc  talking.
British ColumbiaTelephone Co
Prime Steer Beet.
Veal Pork  Mutton
o    Sausages.
Port Hammond
JL £<
Farm Lighting Plants.
Writ©   for  quotations.
The Jarvis Electric Co. Ltd.
570 Richards Street,
VANCOUVER   -    B. C.
Everybody seeks reliable service. That is why much custom
comes to:-
Blacks mtfliHig
Wood Cutting
Apply ta S.
■phono   SO P.
Municipality of
Maple Ridge
NOTICE) is lioroby given to the
Klectoni of the Municipality of Maple
rtldgo, that l require ihe presence or
*he said ISleotors at tie Municipal hall,
Tort   Haney,   H.C,   on
MONDAY,   T11K   HTH   DAY   OF   JANUARY,    i IK! I,
al    IB   O'otOOlt   noon,    for    the.    purpose
of electing persons to represent them
in the Municipal Coumoi] as Reeve
and Councillors; uiso Two School
Trustees and Two Commissioners of
The mode of Nomination of Candidates shall he as follows :Tho candidates shall he nominated In writing;
tho writing shall be subsoi'lbod to
by two voters oi* the Municipality ns
proposer and seconder, and shall he
delivered lo the rtoturnlng Officer at
any "time botwoon tho date of tho
notice and :' p.m. of the day of nomination, and said writing may bo In
tho form numbered r.: in the Schedule
of this Act. and shall stato tho
niiines, rostdence and occupation or
doodHptlon of lOaoh person p:toposod
In such manner art BUfflblont to Identify such candidate; ami hi tho ovont
of a Poll bolug necessary ouch poll
will   be   opened   on
Saturday,   the   ioth   day  of
JANUARY.    1024.
By sending your soiled
and faded garments to su;
535 Clarkaon St.,    Phono 278 ]
Nteiuler, or lessee from the Crown or
nro-emptor who hits resided within
tho Miinii'ipiilil.v for n period of one
year Immediately preoedlng the nomination, am! tlui'lug tIn1; remainder of
snicl year has been the owner of said
land of which ho formerly was a
homesteader, lessee from the Crown
or pre-emptor, and is assessed for
Five Hundred Dollars, or more, on;
lhe lasl Municipal or Provincial
Vssessment Moll, over nnd above nny
registered judgment or charge, and
being otherwise qualified by the "Pub-
He School Act" to vole nt an election
of School Trustees in the suhl School
alven under my hand at Port Haney, li. c, ihi.i 88th clay of December,
Returning Officer,
Fully   experienced.     Patrons   always
satisfied.     Call   In.
Wood's Garage
Dewdney Trunk Road,
Phone 36 R Night or Day
Ford!and ChevroletjSpecialists
S3e  us   about your  Electrical
Repairs, to  Batteries,   Starters
and Generators.
Watch and Clock
Mitchell Building    -   -     Port Haney
Bay Dry Cascara Bark
At Bean Factory Wharf. KlftMttt auk
Bex (I, KANTsT, B.R
Painting,     KaUoming
and Paperhan$ing.
Wall Paper,   Paint,  Varnish,
Oils, Shellac, Enamel and
Coal Tar FOR SALE.
Estimates  Given
All through Maple Ridge
Ontario Street, Haney
Phone 23
|    S. BOWELL & SON
i noiumi
%        Hat nu«awi iuppuw
|rranpt ■mlot to oil parti  %f the'
f District. <•
} m nacvz t.TBM* $
2nw waiTMnrsnm   vhon« wsj
as follows :
( Ward   l.   KoHsott  Hull,  Hammond.
Ward   2,   Municipal   Hall,   Hnnoy,  anrl
Wolis'   Residence,   yonnadon.
Ward  3,  Wells'   Residence,  Yennadon;
School   House,     Webster's!   Corners,
and   Municipal   Hal],
Ward   4,   School   House,     Albion,     an)
Scliooj   House,   Webster's   Corners.
Wa*d   R.   Memorial     Hall,     Whonnock.
and  School  House,.  Ruskln.
From     Nine     o'clock    a.m.    to   Soven
o'clock P.m.,  of  which  all persons are
hereby required  tp    take    notlco nnd
govern   themselves   accordingly.
The qualification for Reeve shall
be being a British Subject und having been for the six months next
preceding the day of nomination the
registered owner, in the Land Registry Office, of land or real property
situate within the Municipality of the
assessed value, on the last Municipal
or Provincial Assessment Roll, of Five
Hundred Dollars, or more, over and
above any registered judgments and
charges, or who are the holders of
lands within the Municipality acquired by them by agreement to''purchase under the "Soldiers Land Act,"
or the "Better Housing Act," or the
"Soldiers Settlement Act, 1917," of
the Dominion, or the "Soldiers Settlement Act, 1019," of the Dominion,
a nd have paid the sum
of Five Hundred Dollars or more upon the principal of the purchase price
under such agreement to purchase
and being otherwise duly qualified
as a Municipal voter.
The qualifications for a Councillor
or Commissioner shall be being a British Subject nnd having been for the
six months next preceding the day of
nomination the registered owner in
tlie Land Registry Office of land or
real property situnte within the Municipality of the assessed value, on the
last Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll, of Two Hundred und Fifty
Dollars, or more, over and above registered judgment or charge; or being
a homesteader, lessee from the Crown
or pre-emptor, who has resided within the Municipality for the space of
one year or more immediately preceding the nomination and is assessed for Five Hundred Dollars, or more
on the last Municipal or Provincial
.Assessment Roll, over and above any
registered judgment or charge j or
being a homesteader, lessee from the
Crown or pre-emptor, who has resided
within the Municipality for a portion
of one year immediately preceding
the nomination, nnd during the remainder of the said year has been
Ihe owner of said land, of which he
formerly was a homesteader, lessee
from the Crown or pre-emptor, and is
assessed for Five Hundred Dollars,
or more, on the last Municipal or
Prov i noi al Assessment (toll, over ami
above any registered judgments and
charges, or who are Ihe holders of
lands within the Municipality acquired by them by agreement to purchase under Ihe "Soldier I.nnd Act,"
or Ihe "Metier Mousing Act," or the
"Soldiers Settlemenl Act, 1017," of
the Dominion, or the "Soldiers Settlement Aet, 1910," of the Dominion,
und have paid Ihe sum of Two Hundred and Fitly Dollars, or more, upon
ihe principal of the purohase price
under such agreement to purchase
and being otherwise duly (pinlilted
ns a Municipal voter.
The qualifications for a School
Trustee shall be any person being n
British subject of the full age of
twenty-one years actually residing
within the district, and having been
for Ihe three months next preoedlng
the day of nomination the reglsleretl
owner, in the Land Registry Office,
of land or real property situate within the Municipality of the assessed
value In the last Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll; <'f Two Hundred und Fifty Dollars, or more, over
and above any registered judgment or
charge; or being a homesteader from
the Ciown or pre-emplor, who bus resided within tlie Municipality for the
space of one year or.more, Immediately preceding ihe day of nomination and Is assessed for Five Hundred
Dollars, or more, on the last, Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll,
over nnd above nny registered judgment or charge;  or being a  home-
Municipality of
Pitt Meadows
Notice Im hereby given to lha Eloc-
tm'H or tho Municipality of Pitt Meadows, H.O., that i reaulro the) presenile
ot Bald lOluotora at the Municipal Hull.
Pill, Meadows, /l|C., on
Monday, 14th Aay of January, 1924,
at 12 o'clock (noon) for the purpose
ot elootlng porsons to represent thorn
In tho Municipal Council as Reeve
nnd Councilors ; In the Board of
School Trustees, 4 Trustees, and In
lho Municipality, 1 Commissioner of
The   mode   of  Nomination   of   Candidates shall be as follows :
Tho candidates shall be nominated
In writing ; tlie writing shall ba subscribed to by two voters of the Municipality (as proposer and seconder
and shall be delivered together with
the Statutory Declaration, to the
Returning Officer ;at any time between tho jdai, of this notice and 2
p.m. of the day of nomination. The
said writing: may be1 in the form numbered 5 ,in the schedule to this Act,
and shall state the name, residenco
and occupation or description of each
person proposed in such manner as
sufficient to Identify such candidate;
and in the event of a Poll being nec-
essory, such Poll will be opened on
Saturday, 19th day of January, 1994,
In the
Mnnloitnu  Hall. P1H Meanem.. B.O..
We have hern fortunate In securing
for our readers of aur three papers a
series of articles on making a complete
radio set and Installing same so that
you may at anytime hear music, lectures, etc., within a radlous of 40 or
100 miles. This will include the best
service of the Vancouver Daily Province and Sun.
The author ol these articles and he
is adapt will avoid using an techinal
terms and make every step simple
enough fur any beginner—we are all
You will also daily be able to set your
lime piece liy the signal from Victoria.
The writer will show how a coil and
other parts may be constructed for
the moderate cost of 88.00. Then
articles will cover the entire subject
and follow each other us closely as
possible. We would urge all, both
old anil young, the ladies and girls, too,
to follow carefully each of the scries
und to do so be sure to get every issue
of your paper. The full benefit of
these articles is for all and none should
on any account fail to receive the
full benefit.
NOTE—This article should have preceded last week's as it is the introduction, and last week's was article No, 1.
That there is at least one citizen
In the district who has a mother 83
years old and foui of her relatives
whose ages "ange  from  78 to 87.
That the Hospital Drive will bo on
soon, and that we may all have a
hand In starting what Is surely going to prove one of our foremost citizen-assets. In the light of the dls-
trlot-wide advantage, all should cast
cheerfully, into the  nospltal fund.
That oua: Exhibition Soolety expects
this year by beginning early to have
the best fair In ,the Valley, and Its
banner  year  or  exposition.
That 1924 promises, with the year
following to be on the sure up-grade.
The evidence is cumulative—covers
the   past   50   years.
.'flft'l  n v
Presbyterian Church
Annual Meeting
Tho  annual! congregational  meeting
of .'tho .Presbyterian Church, Hammond, wag held In tho Church hero
on Wednesday evening. '"Jan. ft til, In
unite, of the unfavorable weather there
was nu excellent' attendance. Rev. C.
H.I.Daly opened tho meeting: with devotional oxe-.v-l-Hes and presided at tro
business meeting-. Mr. R. Russell
acted  as  secretary  of -the  meeting.
Mrs. Stovensk as Treasurer, reported
11025 raised for ordinary revenue in
addition to the Missionary conul-
Mrs. Chatwln reported for the Ladles' Aid Society. This fine healthy
onrnnisiatlon raised about $3U O.all of
which was expended on Church Improvement, in addition to J30 for tho
Miss 'Grace Allison, Sec.-Treas. for
the Sunday School, reported $157 be-
insr raised during the past year, and
a (balance to begin the new year of
The Cradle Roll report was presented by Mrs. Riddle, who has been
the Superintendent of this branch of
the work since Us Inception. There
are 21 children enrolled on the Cradle
For     the   C.G.I.T.   Mrs.   Irvine   reported.     This   energetic     organization
j has  hnd   a   very  successful  and   profitable   year.
Tho report of the W.'M.S, was presented by Mrs. Riddle. Fifty dollars
was raised by this organization this
Mr. W. E. Graham, nee. of the
Board of Management, gave an excellent report of tho work of the last
The Session roport was prosen ted
by  Mr.   Daly,
A. social hour was spent at the
close of tho business meeting.
nf    Wflteli     nl'    nftrnnna    i-^r,    Vn
-...vaubttivcg  accorumitiy.
io.1 any uj.uuiu.i-ui oc.iuui tj**unti
snail be like qualifications as are
prescribed, by law for persons eligible
fir election as Councillors of the Municipality comprised in the School
District, except that every candidate
shall be actually resident in the School
District. The Wife or the Husband
of every person who is qualified to
become a candidate for election as a
trustee under the foregoing provisions
of this section, shall, it she or he be
of the full age of twenty one years
and U actually resident In the School
District, be Qualified also to become
a candidate for election as a Trustee
in the School Distinct.
COMMISSIONERS — Only such persons aa are qualified to bo elected as
Councillors shall be eligible to be
elected ai* a member of the Board of
Commissioners of Police, nnd no person not possessed of such qualifications shall 'it any time sit ns a member of such Board.
Olvon under my hand at Pitt Meadows, B.C., this 24th day of Decembzr,
Returning   Officer
United Farmers
Have Successful Year
A very satisfactory report was presented at the annual meeting of the
United Farmers Ltd. when A. H. Anderson waa re-elected president, and
R. McArthur, vice-president. The
directors appointed were John BatlHe.
J. T. Harrison, W. H. Anseil, Albert
Hampton and W. T, Mackintosh. T.
H. Buckerfiald was reappointed secretary and manager.
A dividend of 8 per cent,  was re-
'nnday night, Rov, It. O. MitcBtt!
t'&neouver, will address the Burn
lib on "The Royal North-Wos
"inties," Tho address will provi
'•I'M-fiM, and all, old and young
■wild heitft this Intensely Interest
" and  most   Inst motive address,
commended and approved. The annual report to November 30th related
the steps taken to assist poultrymc-n
and dairymen In tackling ruinously
low prices for their products, especially the former, during the year, by
lowering the prices of feed in the
Association's sales. As a result the
turn-over was less by $30,406 than In
1922. This was due In a great measure to tho reduction In poultry flocks
and poultrymen quitting the business
through low pried of eggs In summer
Report showed that the elevator
in Haney; had cost 11281.66 to finish.
Fire protection at Haney had been
Installed at a cost of I100-, electric
wires had been protected by n con
dutt for 1211.75, by lntrsuctlons of
the government electricnl Inspector.
and tho imprivements on, and additions to the grain warehouse and
elevato*!' ati Hammond, h*m cost JflflO.-
II. At Willnnook, additions and improvements had ai«f> been  offeoitod
advantageously, while another warehouse for hay, stray, ete., at Hnney,
baa been bought  for $2000.
Twenty-seven new Shareholders had
Joined the Association  In  1023.
The  report   was  approved,
Thoughtful citizens—may we enquire
who are to be our chosen citizens to
take 1924-25 place on the School Board?
To date three names arc mentioned:
Mrs. Maxwell, Mr. R. Gamble, and
Mr. J. J. Ellinson, these residing respectively on the Ridge, at Webster's
Corners and near the Lillooet. OI each
we may later speak.
It is not too much to say that no
greater care should be taken in choosing a member of parliament or a reeve
than in the selection of the men who
are to control the destiny of all of our
public school pupils, for the school-
house is our cathedral and we want to
see the time when every mull and
woman and child will enjoy every human right; in line, the School Trustees,
with the teachers, are empire builders.
"When They Have Gone"
The past comes up—childhood
days—happy hours by the fireside—their hopes and Joys—
and   trials,   too.
You can keep the memory of
their names forever fresh by
giving some little part of the
blessings you now enjoy towards a permanent memorial
In   everlasting   stone.
B.CMonumental Works Ld
■licensors   to  Pattaraoa,   China
In  £  Btephen,  Limited
1STIHTB   AVE.    £    MAIW   8T.
VancouTir, B.C.
vvnto  today
for    Catalogue   of
KHtabllHheu   1S76
Blue Funnel Motor Line Ltd
R. H. STEPHENS, Manager.
Leave Webster's Corners 7,50 a.m. Leave Yjanadon 8.10 a.m
Leave Haney Daily 8.30 a.m, 1.00 p.m., and 4.00 p.m.
Leaves Haney Saturday and Sunday 8.30 a.m.,   2.00 p.m., 6,30 p.m.
Leave Westminster Daily 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., and 5.30 p.m.
Leaves Westminster Saturday and Sunday 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., 4.30 p.m., and 9.00J,p.m.
Passing   Through  Hammond and Pitt  Meadows.
Those wishing to be called for who are on the HAMMOND PHONE are requested to rinc nn
message CHARGE to MR. STEPHENS. S   P
•»#*m»«.«.m»*m.m*»«««»»«m "WWWIWMlwwWWiwwiw rr-rffrrrrw»«Mwwwnwnjj
Phone 15
Westminster 601 Agassiz Record
Printed by The Valley Publishing Co..
Hammond, B. C.
EDWARD HAG13L.L, Manager.
Subsorlptlonl  (l-lio per annum
Advertising Kates:
DlRpUty Advt.  (traiiHltnt) inch 35c.
Display Advt.  (contract) Inch 26a
Heailors, per lino lOe.
Legal   Advertising   12c.   lino   first   ln<
serUon, Ro, subsupuont Insertions.
Want and For sale advts., 60a first Insertion, 2 Re. Hulnwi-iient Insertions.
Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1924
PTJBLIO NOTICE Is hereby given
to the Electors of the Municipality of
Kent, that I require the presence "T
the paid E.'.ctor-* at the OddfellowV
Hall, Agass-iz, B.C., on Monday, the
l«h day of January, 1934, at 12
o'clock neon, for the purpose of ol«
Citing rortons to represent them In
the Man;- I pal Council, as Reeve ana
Councillors, School Trustees, and for
the Election of Police Commissioners.
The mode of Nomination of Candidates shall be as follows : The Candidate shall be nominated In writing,
the writing shall ,'be subscribed by
Two Voters of the Municipality as
proposer and seconder, and shall he
delivered to the Returning Officer at
any time between the date of the' Notice and 2 p.m[. of the day of Nomination.
The writing may be ,In the form
No. 5 In the schedule of the "Municipal Ejections Act" and shall state
the naiM residence and occupation
or description of each Person proposed. In such manner as sufficiently to identify such Candidate, and in thef evont of a Poll
being necessary, such Poll will be
opened on SATURDAY, THE 19TH
DAY OF JANUARY, 1924, at 9 a.m.
srz. B.C.,
of which  every  person 1s hereby  re-
qulred   to   take   notice    and     govern
hlllself   accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated and elected as and to hold the
office of REEVE of any district
municipality, shall, save as otherwise
provided in tho "Municipal Elections
Act," be such as are British; subjects
of the full age of twenty-one yeais
who hav* been for the six months
next preceding the ,i-lajte of nomination and are registered in the Lar.d
Registry Office aB .owners of land
nr land and improvements within the
Municipality of the value, as aasess-
ed on ftie ltst assessment roll of Five
Hundred Dollars or more over and
above all registered Judgments and
charges, or who are the holders of
land within the Municipality acquired
by them by agreement to purchase
under the "Soldiers' Land Act," or
the "Better Housing Act," or the
"Soldiers Settlement Act, 1919" of
the Dominion, and have paid the! sum
of five hundred dollars or more upon
the principal of the purchase price
under such agreement to purchase.
The persons qualttied to be nominated and elected ah and to hold the
office of COUNCILLORS of any district municipality, shall, save as other
wise provided in the "Municipal Elections Act" be such as are British
subjects of the full age of twenty-
one years who have been for the six
months next preceding tho day of
nomination and are registered at the
Land lletftetry office as owners of
land or land nnd Improvements within Die Munfot*)«llty of value an as-
soused on Inst fassoHsmcnt roll of two
hundred, and fifty dollars or moro over
and above all registered Judgments
end charge**, and such as are British
subjects of i the fu*l age .of twenty-
one years and are homesteaders, lessees from the Crown, or pre-emptors
who have rcudded within the Municipality for the porlodj of one yoar Immediately preceding the day of nominal Ion, and are asescd In respoct of
Innd and Improvements within the
Municipality of the value, according
to lost assessment noli, of fivo hundred dollars or more over and above
nil registered Judgments and charges,
a«d such as nre British subjects of
the full ago of twenty-one yours wh
are holders of lands within the Municipality acquired by them by agreement to purchase under the "Soldlors
Land Act" or the "Better Housing
Act," or tho "Soldlors Settlement A«t
1919" of tho Dominion, and have paid
(he sum of two hundred and fifty
dollars or more upon the principal of
the purchase price under such agreement  of purchase.
Tho persons qualified to be nominated and elected as and to hold the
office    of     POLICE   COMM ISSlUNKU.
nf any District Municipality shall,
snvo as otherwise provided In the
"Municipal  Act"   bo such  as  are   Brit
ish subjects nf the tu|] age of twenty
one years and who have been for t c
s\\ months next preoedlng the day of
nomination and are registered In the
Land Registry office, ns owners of
land or land audi Improvements, within tho Municipality of the valuo n«
assessed on tho last assessment roil
of two hundiod and fifty dollars or
mOl'e   OVOr   and   above     all     registered
judgments and charges. and
such as aro British subjects
of tho full age of twenty-one
years and are homesteaders, lessees
from the drown or pre-emptors who
have resided within the Municipality
for tho period of one year Immediately preceding tho day of nomination,
and are assessed in respect of land
and Improvements within the Municipality of the value according to the
litst assessment roll, of five hundred
dollars of more over and above «-ll
registered judgments nnd charges, and
such as are British subjects of the
full ago if twenty-one yeara who nre
holders oi lands within the Municipality acquired by them by agreement to purchase usder tho "Soldier
Land Act" or the "Better Housing
Act" or tho "SoldletB Settlement Act,
1919." of tho pomenion, and have paid
the sum of two hundred and fifty
dollars or moro upon the principal of
tnio purchase price sudor hucIi agreement  to purchase.
Tho qualification for a SCHOOL
TRUSTEE shall bo nny person being
a British subject of the full age of
twenty-one years actually residing
within tho District, and having been
for three months next preceding the
day of his nomination tho registered
owner in the Land Registry Office,
of laud or real property situate within the Municipality of the assessed
value In the Jnst Municipal or Provincial assessment roll of two hundred and fifty dollars or more over
and above any registered Judgment or
charge, or being a homesteader, leasee from the Crown, or pre-empton
who has resided within the Municipality for the space of' one year or
more immediately preceding the day
of nomination, and Is assessed for
five hundred dollars or more on the
last Municipal or Provincial assessment roll over and above any regls-
terer judgment or charge or being a
homesteader, lessee from tho Crown,
or p:<e-emptor who has resided within the Municipality for a period of
one year immediately preceding the
nomination, and during the remainder
of solid year has been the owner nf
said land, of which he formerly was
a homesteader, lessee from the Crown
or pre-empton, and Is assessed for
five hundred dollars or more on the
last Municipal or Provincial assessment roll over and above any registered judgment or charge and being
otherwise qualified by the Public
Schools Act to vote nt an election of
School Tnustees in the said School
Given   under  my   hand   at   Agassis,
B.C., this 31st day of December, 1923
Returning Officer.
On Sunday Inst n very Impressive
service was held which was largely
attended, the church being' packed
to the doors.
The Right Rev. A. U, de Pender,
D, D., Lord Bishop of New Westminster, holding' a confirmation service
in the English Church. The following were confirmed: Mary Heath,
Mabel Henley, Maud Moore, William
Moore nnd William Flack.
The Bishop preached a very fine
sermon for the benefit of those confirmed nnd was assisted tn the service by the Rev. J. L. Turklngton,
Gall for Free Sample of Coffee
at Webb's Store.
Maple Ridge students this year in
the University of B. C. are—to their
parents' honor — Eric Lazenhy, Wm.
Brown, Edgar Reid, Allan Balllie, David Charlton, M. Tamura, Eric Jackson and Jas. P. Brown, the last named
taking his M. A. course, and at the
same time lecturing in the University
in trigonometry and algebra. He will
next term have geometry also.
Attending the Vancouver Normal
School are Laura Madill, Hazel Trem*
hath, Lillian Fenton and May Graham.
Is it not a coincidence that the eight
university students are all boys while
the four Normalites are girls. Stick
a pin here for thought.
The merchants throughout the municipality had a good Xmas trade and
report money fairly plentiful. One
Hammond merchant disposed of 3,30
boxes nf Jap oranges.
The Pitt Meadows Municipal Council has in hand a Traffic By-Law to
limit loads on bridges to four tons.
Some heavy trucks now carry eight
The Pitt Meadows assessment shows
a slight reduction for 1024, The collector's roll showed $13,210.57 collected
in taxes and rates for  11)23.
For Reeve.
I beg to announce to the Electors of the Municipality
of Kent, that by request of several of my friends, I have
consented to stand for Reeve.
While I might be classed almost as a new-comer, having resided here only about a couple of years, 1 may state
that Municipal Affairs is nothing new to me, having had
over twenty years' experience in it. I have been Clerk or
Secretary-Treasurer for a number of years, and have been
through all chairs on Council Boards several times.
If I have the honor to represent you for the uext year,
I assure you that I will endeavor and do my utmost to look
after your welfare, and give it my honest and straightforward attention. >
Therefore I will thank you one and all in advance for
your kind attention on the 19th inst. for marking your
ballots with a X opposite my nam;.
Yours truly,
Just arrived—A new shipment
of Neilson Chocolates at Webb's
School opened on .Tanitnry 7th.
with Mr. T. Crowley In charge and
eighteen scholars present.
Recent business visitors in our district have included the following:
Mr. George' Collins, Mr. A. M. Keith
and Mr. Walter Moore, East Chitli-
During the present cold snap skating on Popkum Lake was much enjoyed.
Messrs Ronald and Neil MacGregor
are hoarding with Mrs, Bowlby in
Chilliwaok nnd attending High
School, Congratulations to Neil on
coming second in his class at the
Xmas exams.
The unfavorable weather has hindered Sunday School and Ladies'
Guild Activities* some members of
eneh organization living nt considerable distances being kept from the
places of meeting.
Upon the weather moderating,
Messrs. McNnlr and Graham resumed
logging operations in the vicinity of
the Lake.
Mrs. Wm. Anderson, formerly of
this place, has been renewing old acquaintances here.
A brighter glow greets the wayfarer nt night from a number of our
homes since the ngent for the Aladdin Lamp has been canvassing here.
General Carpentry in all its
Sash and Doori.
All Doors Mortised
Broken Glass repaired
Phone 44R P. 0. Box 131
Water Colour Paintings
Animals a specialty
Ideal Wedding Gifts or House
Box 172, Agassiz.      Phone 87X
C. Warburton Young
The Sedan Taxi
Ready to take you regardless
of the weather
To the POLLS to
(barring-the North)
Vote for the Right One..
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
DEER   LODGE   Harrh°o?Lodge
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn was
this season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs
Manufacturers of Gasoline Logging Locomotives.
Industrial and  Mill Attachments  for Fordson  Tractors,
Ornamental and Structural Iron Work, Bois Interlocking
Steel Stairs,
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St. New Westminster, B.C.
P.O. Box 988 Phones
J^       *.


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