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Agassiz Record 1924-04-23

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No. 31   Vol. 1
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, April 23, 1924
$1.50 per year
Agassiz Pioneer Office
Sprint? is coming. Now is
the time to start housekeeping.
Fire and Life Insurance
To  guard   against   Spring
rubbish fires; accidents.
Real Estate. Notary Public
Phone 51 Manager-Agent
Agassiz Sweet Shop
Mrs. Butler.
A fresh and complete line of
Tobacco,    Confectionery,
and Soft Drinks.
Barber Shop in connection
Hon. Dr. MacLean, minister of education, and MrB. M. E. Smith, M.P.P.,
were the principal speakers at a well
attended meeting In the Oddfellows'
hall on Monday. Mr, Malcolm MacCallum occupied the chair, The Doctor spoke on the financing of the Gov
eminent at the present time and the
financing under the McBrlde and Bow
ser regime. He went Into the expenses
of the P.O.B. ; the fact than the Conservatives had no sinking funds for
that undertaking; and the Civil Ser
vice,  past  and present
The address was well received.
Mrs. Smith spoke on the platform
formulated at the 1916 Women's Convention, the P.G.E. and the reduction
obtained  in  freight  lates.
On Blaster Sunday evening the Community Choir rendered the sacred cantata Crucifixion and Ascension. Tho
choir Is to he complimented on the
splendid lip Us ffretatlion of this con-
tata which would tax the powers of
a much larger one. Throughout thc
whole work the choir showed an appreciation of the passages and of tho
Hlgnlfitnce oil the message In thc cantata.
The cantata starts with tho words
"God ho loved the world," tells tho
story of the trial, condemnation,
crucifixion, and insurrection of Jesus
Christ, and finishes in a glorious
climnx with the words "Blessing and
honour, glory and lmwcr, he unto Him
thnt   sltteth   on   thc   throne.*'
Tho mutfli: well expresses these
scenes In the yearning harmony of
the opening chorus, the clamoring
fortissimo passages In the trial scene
the lament of the crucifixion, and tlu
Joyfulness of the resurrection and as-
oemtfon. u The solo partis were rendered toy Mrs. F, Beasluy, Mrs. E.
Whlttaker, Mr. V. Kuhn nnd Rev. 0.
Turplin. i The accompaniment was
played bjj Mm A. Mahy at the piano
and Mlsa Archibald at the organ.
Rev. J. Dewar gave the readings in
the   cantata.
Great Interest waa taken In this
service, The Presbyter4.an church,
where the service was held, was filled
at 7:30 and extra chairs had to be
carried in to acoommmodate the crowd
At the close of the cantata the
audience sat as though reluctant to
leave, which fact was a tribute to
the choir and Its effort. Capt. Logan
In moving a vote of appreciation, de-
olaerd that this was the "Outstanding
musical event in the history of Agassli."
Another of the series of '„'»tp*!t
Bowling matches was held In the Odd
fellows' hall on Saturday last, and
nfter a rather one-sided Same, resulted in a win for the Orangemen
over the Oddfellows by 21 to 8. This
.8 the first match the Orangemen
hnve won in six games, and pioves
what perseverance and "no surrender'
..an accomplish. The teams were »s
follows :
Orflngen.en-—R MoOIll, D. Klllott,
W,   Honley,   (captain),     F.     Sumpter,
Oddfeliowa — E. Lambert B, Hor*
well,   A,   Oreyell   (captain),   G.   Nurse
Referee—Mr.   Elwood.
Next   game,   Saturday,   April   26th.
These games are free to the public
who  are   heartily   Invited.
The Cubs are coming along in
great shape. The balls, bats, eta have
arrived, and piaottce has started. Thc
Agassiz Seniors wit have to be careful of their P's and Q's.
: The boxing gloves and other articles have not yet arrived. Alec is
practising "high jumps" ; Herman.
"The Slide" ; Percy, the batting ; Les,
catching'}' Bill, the Joos work; Sid, the
looting, eta, and last, but not least
Harry, the advising. Go to It, Cubs
and prove that the wise men come
from the East!
Use   Fop. maiden y dp     for    Smut   and
Potato  Scab—Jones   the   Druggist.
iiwiuii, WaVTOanunB
985 Oranvlll. Cor. Heleon .1
▼AaroouTam, b.o.
A. S. NICHOL    -    Hardware Store
Pen off your baby chicks.
for your Spring Cleaning:.
for Window Boxes and Plant Shelves
Agassiz - Meat - Market i
for Rhubarb pies.
MEAT—Choicest Cuts, Best Prices.
Excellent Service Guaranteed.
p. o.
Sulphur and Molasses
with Cream o'Tartar
35c. per jar
Phone 42.    W. A. JONES       Agassiz
"Try the Drug Store first"
Mr. Raymond fFooks enjoyed Eoster
season with Ills parents. Mr. and Mr».
Harryi Fooks, and attended the Christ-
..ulnar of his nephew, the infant son
of Mr. Maynard Fooks, as a Ood-
Father, the grand-parents acting as
God-Father   and   God-Mother.
Miss Gladys and Jack Inkman spent
Boater with their father, M. C. I.
MIbnos "Jack" and Eva Horwell are
home  for the holidays.
Mr. Olbbsli supt. of the Harrison
Lnko Hatchery, has been transferred
to the Jerottl Hatchery, and Mr. A.
Carraok Is In chargg until tho supor-
Intendoncy Is filled.
Mrs. Jas. Dowafs sister, Miss N
Dicks, of Vancouver, la visiting for
the  week end.
Miss Wlnnlfrod Wright with Miss
Silvia Roachl have been guests of Mr.
and Mlr.s. Roach, of Agassli.
Mr. Garnet Hardy Is visiting his
parents for Easter,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Coffee, and her
sister. Miss Myrtle Ames, from Coquitlam, are guests of Mrs. Frank
Inkman, and Mrs. Coffee Is spending
as much time as possible to help care
for  "Grannie"  Whelpton.
This year'B look on last year's hat
—See Jones the Druggist.
Mrs. Rodls and her; three daughters
are visiting Drlendsl In Agassiz • for
Easter holidays.
Miss R Appel, a nurse from St.
Vincent Hospital, Portland, Ore., is
visiting her sisters, Mrs. A. Wadel
and Miss Agnes Appel.
Clarence Gillis returned to Seattle
Broadway High School today after a
couple of weeks' holiday spent nt
Fred McRae, who 1s teaching In
McBrlde Schol, Vancouver, l8 visiting
his home In  Agassis.
Mra. Jack MoRae Is in the Vancou-
ver Hospital, but we are very glad to
say not as serriously 111 as was feared
Mrs. "Grannie" Whelpton Is serious,
ly 111. All, with one accord, anxiously watch for reports of her condition
Mil Butler has a message for all—
coming—look out tor It. Keep your
eye on Pasco.        *   "
Yes, a perfectly up-to-date and
well stocked hardware store Is that
of Mr. A. S. Nlchol. You can get sny
thing that's hard fromi a fine Mc-
Clary mnge to a hatchet handle and
—you have to pay no more than you
Mr. Ogllvle is counting his worthic:
for the year's gun shoot. Let all link
up   Immediately.
The Dom.!)iton Experimental Farm
began Feeding on the, 21st, Indeed, nil
farms around are experiencing the
gang plow nnd  the  disc.
The plunge at the Ha'rlson Hot
Springs opened to the public Eastei
Did you Inspect the fine display ol
beautiful baskets In tho'sitting room
of the Bella Vista Hotel ? Marvels
of handiwork I
Miss Lillian Stow has arrived from
up country and Is spending her Ens
ter holldnys at her home.
Mr. and Mra. N. T. Baker, the
former our well known Insurance
man, spent Easter with Mr, and, Mrs
F. West and family at the West Linn
Fruit Farm, Dewdney, and report the
ttliubajb Assoc/atior^ [ot which the
West's are members, shipping a enr
of rhubarb a day to the Prairie.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Herman ond bahy
arc visiting their aunts, the Misses
Agassli,   for  Enstet'  holidays.
Mrs, J. S Turklngton Is attending
lOaster with hor mother, Mrs. Chas.
Loewen,  Vancouver. ,
Mr. Htout (Spencer and Stout) .as
Monday on n business trip to Vnn-
Mr. A. Boyd nnd Mi', Strung attended the liberal convention nt Hpeneo's
Bridge  on  Easter Monday.
Mr. Maynard Fooks has now taken
permanent place on tho C.P.n. stuff
Reey. W. Henley has rushed work on
tho Exhibition prl*o list and this week
will hnvo same In the printer's hand.
The local publishers—Vnllcy Publish.
Ing Co.—aro doing tho work.
Mr. J. J. Dougnu was hero on o
business trip Monday.
Mr, A. W. Morrow spent tho weekend In Vancouver, returning Monday
Mrs. C. W. Young was In Chiliiwack
Tuesday, In the Interests of the local
Wo see some gardens threatening
tl take a first prlie. Make a win.
"A chlol's amang u*.'
Mr. Lucas, ex-M.P.P., spent Eastei
Monday In Agassli renewing old acquaintances, and many warm handshakes awaited this veteran of three
terms In the local House. Mr. Lucas
was the guest of- Mr. and Mrs. Probert at the Bella Vista Hotol.
Hon. Dr. Mucl.ean passed through
Agassis   Monday.
Mr. Clarence Ellis returned yesterday  to Seattle  to resume his studies.
Misses Freda and Llllle Jenkins and
Mr. Robt d'Easum, of Vancouver, are
visiting Mr. and Mjw. A. Jenkins for
Mrs. Arthur JenklnB, official delegate of the Agassli Women's Ilstl-
titte, leaves for Vancouver tonight to
attend) the Institute convention, aocom
panted toy Miss Minnie Agassis, who
will address the meeting on Henlth
Mrs. C. W. Young has Just returned
fnom Vancouver, where she has been
collecting ads. and prizes for the
Agassli   Fall   Fair  prize  list.
Miss Francla Martin, of Vancouver,
1s  visiting  her parents for  holidays.
Mr. Bernard Mottgan and Miss Wil-
da Morgan, of Vancouver, spent Easter vacatjlbn. with Ihelr aunt, Mrs.
Harry Fooks.
The Agassiz Community Tennis Clue
held a series of dances last week.
Mr. Arthur Smith, of Coquitlam,
shot a large timber wolf at Morris
Valley, five miles below Harrison
Lake, which had done considerable
damage to stock, two cows, three
heifers, several hogs and ten dogs being amongst the slain. Mr. Smith ex
peots  to get a good bounty.
Mr. Hugh Lamont, Mr. Boyd, Mr.
Claud Strang, went to Spenco's Bridge
to attend a political meeting Monday
The April meeting of tho Women's
Institute was held on the 17th. The
roll call was Household Hints. ■ Miss
Minnie Agassiz was appointed delegate to attend the Institute Convention, with the Secretary, Mrs. Jenkins
Miss Bollert, Dean of Women, U.B.C,
lectured on "Ideas In Education foi
the Women of Tomorrow." Mrs. *T. M.
Spencer and Mra E. A. Bruce served
MRS. PROBERT,  Proprietress
E. PROBERT, Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Harrison Hot Springs.
enjoys m sot iraxxoa
Last week) Mr. Wm. Godfrey, ono of
the best known of B.C Bankers, spent
a week as a guest of the Harrison
Lodge at the Hot Springs. Mr. Godfrey had no hesitancy in speaking of
the attention shown him by Mr. and
Mrs. Wootton nt their delightfully
conducted hostel, nnd of the benefit
he derlvod fern partaking of the
mineral  waters.
The Agassiz Shoemaker
REPAIRS of all Descriptions.
All Work Finished by
Latest Machinery
BOOTS a specialty.
E. D. Harrington
500 Drive and Dance
FRIDAY, APRIL 25th, 1924
At 8:30 p.m.
Admission 50c.       Refreshments
Owing to a typographical error In
mentioning those to whom sincere
sympathy was extended In the lamented death of Mrs" Fooks, the name of
the bereft husband, ks well as of
his parents, waa omitted. Few citizen*1
have won or hold a higher placet In
the esteem of their fellows than Mr.
MaynaiVL Fooka To him. and also
Mr. and Mrs. Fooks sen. the kindliest sympathy Is extended from all.
RACKETS— SI issenger's—the best, compare them.
Improved 1924 Slazenger's Tennis Balls 60c
Racket Presses $1.25      Racket Grips 20c-50c
Sun Visors. Tennis Ball Bags,
White Ducks and Flannels.
Special Discount to Clubs.
Anything in a Sporting Line.
Lisle Fraser's Guarantee.
We pay delivery charges. Buy the Best—for Less.
Visit us—look our supply over. Get Value—and Save Money
Mrs. Clara Gillis & Sons
Phone 30-L
P.O. Drawer AC
Will be at the Agassiz Hotel. Friday of each week
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Dentistry in all its Branches. Extractions, Crown and Bridge
work.   Plates.   Latest Methods.
PRIME BEEF up to 18c. the choice cuts.
PORK CHOPS 20c, Loins 18c, Legs 16, Shoulder 15c,
Belly 13Hc-
PISH Fridays.     Veal, Lard. SAUSAGES Saturday
BUTTER, Dairy and Creamery.
Top price* paid for Pork, Beef, VeaL and Poultry.
Deliveries   Tuesdays,   Thursdays   and Saturdays,
Phone  ordors   appreciated. v
rhoae 3S-B.
TEA'is good tea
and extra good is the
in the diet,
Hor-mise it »,us "_JC
BEiT* food,
Nourishment to »—-- - , ,
L,t if must be Keens
Maple Tree's Secret
Before the fu.,i while set Hers came
io the new world tli*.1 Indiana iiad discovered ilu1 secret ol1 the maple tree,
Bays Nature Magazine. Crudely and
wasteiuliy they wore turning the sap
Into syrup and sugar.
Do Not Use Harsh Purgatives—A
Tonic is All You Need
Nol sick—bin noi feeling quite well.
That is the way most people leel in
the spring. Easily tired, appetite
fickle, sometimes headaches aud a
reeling ol depression. Pimples or
eruptions may appear on the skin, or
there may be twinges of rheumatism
or neuralgia. Any ol these indicate
that the blood is out of order—thai
the indoor life of winter has lefl its
mark upon you and may easily develop into more serious trouble.
Do noi dose yourself with purgatives, as many people do, in the hope
Ihal you can put your blood right.
Purgatives gallop through the system
and weaken instead of giving strength.
Any doctor will toll you that this Is
true, What you need in the spring is
a Ionic that will enrich Hie blood and
build up the nerves. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills do this speedily, safely and
sure!;. Every dose of this medicine
helps to enrich Ihe blood, which clears
lhe skin, strengthens the appetite and
makes tired, depressed men, women
aud children bright, active and strong.
Mr. Henry it. Robinson, Cruickshnnk.
Sask., says:—".My blood was oul of
order and 1 was nervous and rundown. 1 got a supply of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills and after taking them for
a while Ihey fully restored my heallh.
I am now reeling fine and have no hesitation in recommending these pills to
all who are feeling unwell."
Vou can gei these pills through any
dealer in medicine, or by mail, at 50
cents a box from The Dr, Williams'
Medicine Co., Urockville, Oni.
About   (ii   operations  are required
in lhe making of a modern shoe.
How Bananas Grow
A  banana  plant   produces  bul  one
bunch of the fruit.    As nature's compensation provision has been made loi
permitting tho plants to grow close
to one another, says Nature Magazine,
I The banana docs no!   grow   in   the
drooping position of the market ills-
'■ play   . The lips point upward.
How Would You Like to
Grow Hair in a Month?
Getting bald, bulr railing und Hiding? If
you want lo crew new. healthy hair right
away I will send yon absolutely Free, a
sample oi tht- famous Alexander Glanda-
hair. Xo cost, no obligation, Jusl send
Btdg., Toronto, Canada.
Moccasin Print On Rock
; What is believed lo be a mocc
, prlni on rock has been found in
ginia on Oolecamp Creek, The
is flat ami P-ve|, approximately <
101 len feet in dimension. The t
j is about six or seven shoe size
(represents the righi loot. A
aboul the edges of the rock w
Indicate pressure of'the loot be
'the hardening had taken place.
ft sin
VI r
Makes Breathing Easy. The con-
bdiction of ihe air passages ami die
struggle for breath, too familiar evidence of asthmatic trouble, cannot
ilauni Dr. J. D. KeHogg's Asthma
Remedy, This is the famous remedy
whlch is known far and wide lor lis
complete effectiveness oven under
verj st'Vfiv conditions. II Is no twirled, experimental preparation, but
one wiiii many years of strong service
behind II Bu> li from your nearest
in Greece, mora marriages lake
place in October than in any olhi i
Had A Weak Heart
Was Very Nervous
For Three Years
i Miss Jessie Peterson, Zcalandla,
| Sask., writes:— "I wish to let you
j know how much good Milburn's Heart
< and Nerve Pills have done fov.me.
For nearly three years I was very
' badly rim down, had a weak heart,
I and was so nervous that sometimes I
I would almost faint away.   .
I heard ot many people who had recommended your Heart and Nerve
Pills, so I decided to give them a trial.
After I had used Iwo boxes I found
Ihey had done me good, and after hnv.
Ing taken live boxes I was completely
I cannot rcomnfoud your Pills
enough, and I would advise anyone
having a weak heart or Iroubled wltb
nervousness lo use Ihem."
Mllburn's II. ,V-  N. Pills nre 50c n
box al all dealers, or mallei direct on
I'CCOlpI   of  price  by  The T.  Mllburn
] Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont,
Brltair. Pays Canada
Between eight anil (en millions nf
dollars havo been remitted lo Canada
through New York In dual adjuflmonl
of [iriiish Governinenl debis to Canada hanging over from lhe war.
A. W. .Will, Independent, Cniuox-1
AlbiTni. 'imposes iii move In the
house, thai reform Is needed In the
regulations for obtaining passports.
All   lhe   limepleees   ill   l-'ialiei'   were'
advanced one hour   ni    11    o'clock!
.March 28, officially opening daylight
saving iline.
Word has boon received in Riga
from Russian Soviet postal auihorl-
tles ihal all mull matter Intended for
Petrograd after May I must be addressed to Lenlgt'nd, or ii will be refused delivery.
British Columbia's shlpmenl of
water-borne lumber lo overseas markets lolalled 621,707,132 board feel lasl
year naglnsl 278.146,800 In 1 !>-—. an Increase of 91 per cent., according to
tho Minister of Lands.
The Lehigh Hallway Company has
granted members of lho order of Railway Conductors ami Brotherhood of
Railroad Trainmen n five per ceut.
wage Increase, according lo W. O. Lee,
president of .lu* trainmen.
The old lamplighter ma> soon !«•
another memory of tho pasl in Sun
Francisco. City officials arc yielding
io the Importutiings ot lho ultra-
modernists ami gas lamps are being
removed lo make way for electricity.
"Nerves in Bad State
Could Not Sleep"
Mr*. H. N. Tardell, Harrowsmith, Ont, write*:
"My nerves were in a very bad slate, and for nearly six months
I did not know what it was to have a good night's rest. 1 could
not cat, and never felt well. 1 heard about Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
and thought I would try it. After'
taking it for a few days I began
to feel better, and soon was able
to sleep well at night. My appetite also returned, and I felt
stronger and better, and after
taking three boxes of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food I was quite well. I
have also given the Nerve Food
to my little girl, with good results."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
00 el... a hoi of 00 pill... Mdniniimn, Hales £ Co., IM., Toronto
Lift Off-No Pain!
Doesn't hurt one bit! Drop a little
"Freezone" on an aching corn, instantly thai corn slops hurling, then
shortly you lift it right oft with
Vour druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Freezone" lor a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corn
or corn between the loes, and lhe foot
callouses, wil bout soreness or irritation.
Has Never Used Phone
A man who never has used a telephone has been discovered in Paris.
He is Alfred Vallelle. editor of the
Mercure de France. lie Iransacls all
business by mull. He says he admires the lelepliene, but would not
have one,
ike Vz lb
always fresh
OatW"} .futtrfpotff?.
Winners In Dr.
Chase Diary Contest
Every Province In Canada Represented In This Popular Competition
Among the winners this year there
appears the names of several new con-
testants, although some of the old
experienced diarists show their ability
to stand up against ihe strongest competition,
There is a copy of Dr. Chase's Almanac printed for every home in Canada (1.550,00(1) if.vou have not received a copy it will be sent, postpaid, on
receipt of your address, Edmanson,
Hates 4a»Co., Ltd., Toronto.
The' winners for 1023 are as follows:—
Isl Prize—550.0(1—Russell Ellcrby,
Burfoi'd, Ont.
$50.00—Mrs. E.  While,  516 Colborne
St., Branti'ord, Ont.
2nd Prize—$37.50—Mrs. Walter Edwards. "(Ilenwood Farm," It. No. 1,
Cookshire, Que.
$37.50^rVbr C. Bice, Clnndeboye,
3rd Prize—$25.00—Mrs. A. H. Car-
diner, U324-92nd St., Edmonton, Alia.
..425.000—Miss Adelaide Allrldge,
Hlghgate, Onl.
4th Prize—$25.00—Miss Sarah Lawrence, 295 Wharncliffe ltd. N„ London. Onl. v
Bill Prize—$15.00—Thos. Humphries,
cjo   Aj'VO    &    Sons, Lid., St. Johns,
0th     Prize—$10.00—Mrs.    Wallace
Burwell, R.It. No. 7, Thamesville. Ont.
7th    Prize—Receipt   Book,   $6.75--
Miss    M.   Gertrude   Savage,   Cillrov,
I     Eth   Prize—Receipt   Book,  $6.75—J.
W. Davidson, South Durham. Que.
]    91 h Prize—Receipt Book, $6.75—Mrs.
j J. Smith, 2309-Oth Ave. N.W., Calgary,
10th Prize—Receipt   Book,   $6.75—
I Clifford Woodruw. Coldwater, Ont.
|     11th Prizi—Rtceipt   Book,   $6.76—
, Mrs. W. R. Woodland. Box 71, Beams-
! ville, Oat.
12th    Prize—Receipt   Book. $6.75—
Mrs. Wm. Hirlehey, Bradford, Ont.
13th Prize—Receipt   Book,   $6.75—_
James Arthur. North Rustico, P.E.I.
Hth   Prize—Receipt   Book, $5.90—
Miss Doris Sandfoi'd, 1194 St. Mary's
j Road, St. Vital. Winnipeg, Man.
15th Prize—Receipt Book. $5.00—
j Mrs. John Avers, 716-10th Ave. East,
j Vancouver, B.C.
I 16th Prize—Receipt Book, $5.90—
I Mrs. F. W. Wolfe (Llghlkeeper), West
j Ironbound Island, N.S.
17th Prize—Receipt Boole; $5.90—
! Rev. Ernest S. Weeks, Bayfield, N.B.
18th Prize—Receipt Book, $5.90—
! Mrs. F. J, Campbell, 210 Iluniberside
I Ave., Toronto, Ont.
I 19th Prize—Receipt Book, $5.90—
; Henry E. Negus, Kiuley, Sask.
| 201 h Prize—Receipt Book, $5.90—
I Miss Harriett S. Turner, Albert, N.B.
Wilson Remembered By Republic
The people of Czecho-Slovakia regarding lhe late President Wilson as
the founder of Ihelr republic, have
named various parks, slreels and
buildings after him. The latest Is
the new Wilson Slallon In Prague
which is lhe meeting poinl otrfill railroads leading oul of Ihe capital lo Poland. Germany and oilier countries,
A Household Medicine.—They that
are acquainted with ihe sterling properties ol Dr. Thomas' Bcleotrlo oil in
lhe Ircalmcnl of many allmenls would
nol be wllhoul H In lhe house. II Is
tl'Uly a household medicine and as II
Is effective In dealing with many oi'tbl
Inar.v complaints ll Is an Inexpensive
medicine. So. keep It at hand, as Iho
call for ll mav come mosl unexpectedly.
Hull' dressed wllh a luminous lotion, which causes II tqjflow In a subdued light. Is a fashion novelty recently seen in London,
Minard's Liniment for Corns
Tile largest eleelilc lighl globe
made generates a heal nf aboul 3,500
degrees centigrade,
The worms Ihnl infest children from
their birth are ot two kinds, those
thai llml lodgement In the simnacli
and those thai are found in thclnlcs-
llnes. The latter are Ihe mosl destructive, as Ihey cling to the walls of
ihe Intestines and If not Interfered
with work havoc there, Miller's
Worm Powders dislodge holh kinds
and while expelling Ihem from Ihe
system serve to repair lhe damage
Ihey have caused.
Minard's Liniment for Headache
Especially Prepared for Infants and Children of All Ages
Mother I Fletcher's Castorla baa
been In use for over 30 years as a
pleasant, harmless substitute for
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops
and Soothing Syrups. Contains no
narcotics. Proven directions are on
each   package.       Plij'Bltlans   every
where recommend It.     The kind you
have always bought bears signature of
VV.   N.   U.   .1519
Why Busy Women Want
Busy women want SMP Enameled Ware
because it will bring food to the boil almost
twice as fast as all-metal utensils, and completes the cooking sooner. A woman can
wash SMP Enameled Ware utensils faster
than utensils that have to be. scrubbed
and scoured.
Three finishes: Pearl Ware, two coatj of
pearly-grey enamel inside and out. Diamond
Ware, three coats, light blue and white outside, white lining. Crystal Ware, three
coats, pure white inside and out, with Royal
Bine edging.
th«Sheet Metal Products co bum,tw*'
J ift
Development Of Pulpwood
Industry Unequalled In The
History Or Our Commerce
Development of some of the natural resources of Canada lias within tlie
two decades of Ihe present century
established records which are almost
phenomenal, says Ihe Natural Resources Intelligence Service of Iho
Department of the interior. The fertile lands of the prairies, owing to
their outstanding importance as the
source of the enormous grain crops
which Ihey have produced, have overshadowed all other development,
The prairies, however, are not Iho
only natural resources In Canada thai
has come Into Its own on an Impos
Ing scale within very recent yours.
The older provinces of tho east have
witnessed the rise of an Industrial pro
dlgy that rivals even tho record of
western progress. The spread ot
commercial value over millions of
acres of western farm lands Is almost
matched by tho commercial romance
ol tho inilpwood forests of Eastern
Canada and British Columbia. For
sheer rapidity of development Ihere is
nothing in Canadlatl experience—excepting only the advance ot the farming frontier of Ihe prairies—to equal
Ihe speed and abruptness with which
the Dominion's Immense pulpwood
areas have been converted from idle
inlo active assets that today rank
among the. very foremost producing
properties of the country.
From earliest times the forests of
Eastern Canada have played a leading
role in building up commercial enterprise. The sawmill has founded more
Canadian communities and fortunes
than almost any other form of industry. More than fifty years ago, when
the several provinces were united by
confederation, the new Dominion was
known to other countries and continued lor years to bc known mainly as
a source of lumber. And sawmill
products have remained down to the
present day as one of the chief classes
of goods carrying Canadian trade inlo
nil quarters of the globe.
But after the long record of decades
and even centuries of broadening development, It has been left to the last
ten or fifteen years to witness an utterly astonishing growth of forest industries. Tlie pulp nnd paper mill
has usurped the prestige of the sawmill. Lumbering still stands as one
of the major pillars of Canadian industries, but in an amazingly short
period it has seen tho rise of a gigantic upstart which In some respects already overshadows it.
The sudden, almost magic diffusion
of commercial value and activity over
Canada's millions of acres of pulpwood forests is a striking example of
how the needs of one country develop
the resources of another. The motive power behind the development of
Canada's pulpwood areas Is tho voracious American market lor paper,
particularly "for newsprint. Tho
manufacture of newsprint Is the big
end of the Canadian paper industry
and over SO per cent, of tho newsprint
produced Is exported to the United
Only ten years ago American mills
were able to moot all bul a small percentage of tho domesiic requirements
but in tlie meantime the output has
been steadily falling behind consump-
Beware of Imitations!
Hon. The Use of newsprint lias increased tremendously. On the other
hand lhe depletion of the pulpwood
hllpplies of Hie eastern and lake
States lias permitted only a moderate
increase of American output.' Faced
witli this situation American newsprint consumers are now compelled to
Import almost half of their require-
men I s.
Canada has Btepped tuto\the breach.
Her oxporls of newspriiil alone have
risen from less lhan four million dollars In 11)12 io over eighty-million dollars in 1923. Thus the Dominion's
pulpwood resources, after suffering a
long period of commercial indifference
and cosily exposure lo every form ol
inroad excopl thut of Industrial need,
have suddenly been drawn into use on
u scale and wllh a degree of iivii.il y
rarely equalled in the initials of world
commerce. Seldom Indeed has the
magic wand of International trade
reached oul. and us swiftly lifted any
Industry from half a century of infancy lo the stature of an Industrial
Fertile Agricultural Lands
Can Still Be Homesteaded
In Northern Alberta Areas
Wheat In Alberta
Average Yield of 19J4 Bushels Over a
Period of 26 Years
Alberta has maintained an average
yield of spring wheat of 19>4 bushels
per acre over a period of 20 years,
according to a. chart prepared by lhe
j Department of Agriculture;     In addition winter wheat has averaged, over
the same period, 20.19 bushels; oats,
35.79 bushels;  barley, 26.10 bushels;
rye,   18.84   bushels;    and   flax,   8.71
Fond Of Rice
Porto Rico's rice consumption last
year was 130.7 pounds per capita, or
approximately one-third of a pound a
| day for each man, woman and child.
j This Is an Increase of 16 pounds per
capita over 1922.
Tlie days of rush,
fn Western Canada
over ami the army   of   Invaders   In
search of free government liflids upon
which  lo file dwindles each  year as
the extent of such lam) available loi
settlement gradually shrinks. Pioneering, and all Ihal li means, Is a
phase ihal Is rapidly passing, and
Westot'n Canada has rapldlj taken on
the aspeci oi a permanently eslob-
j lisheil    and   prosperoui
„ , .,     ,,       _     „     , area wllh all the comforts and conven
Unless you see lho "Bayer Cross on
package or ou tablets you are not getting Iho genuine Bayer Aspirin proved
safe by millions and prescribed by
physicians over twenty-three years for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Neuritis Rheumatism
Neuralgia l'aln, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains proven directions. Handy boxes
of twelve tablets cost few cents. Druggists also sell bottles of 24 and 100.
Aspirin Is the trade mark (registered
In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoaoeticaoldester of Salicylicacld..
Whilo it is well known that Aspirin ■ 601 h parallel of latitude north, which
iellces of modern life. To secure
land in any large homestead, block lhe
landseeker must travel far, bul In eer-
laln sections, even yet, fine fertile agricultural lands are procurable lor lhe
filing and cultivation duties.
The outstanding area of iliose is undoubtedly the Peace River country,
popularly termed the Last West, which
comprises a very large area of lhe
province of Alberia north of Ihe
Athabasca River and to the north and
west of the Peace River as far as the
means Bayer manufacture, to osslst
the public against Imitations, the Tablets of Bayer Company will be stamped with their general trade mark, the
Bayer* Cross."
Getting the Effect
Bride (lo butcher).—"What sort of
roast do you think would go well with
u perfect darling of a blue-and-whlle
dinner set?"
Cold In Head?
Heat Minard's and inhale. Quick
relief assured.
An enemy to germs.
is the northern boundary of lhe prov
ince, and west to the boundary and
the Uritlsh Columbia line. J. K.
Cornwall, in outstanding pioneer of
this area, who has done much lor lis
development, recently drew up an account of the agricultural and limber
resources of Ibis country for the Alberia Minister of Agriculture, In
which he claims Unit SO per cent, of
tor homesteads | prairie in the old days is the besl
ire   practically  ranching country today.    In ihe early
days ranchers seeking location did Bu
where 11 was known buffalo ranged In
the winter.
Ai various trading points InUhls
urea, cereals and vegetables of all
kinds have been grown for genera-
lions. ' The eulire urea produces a
plentiful supply of long glass. Cat-
lie and horses do well and are com-
agricultural | paratlvely free from diseases, which
are, In fact, almost unknown in ihe
north. Wheat lias been grown for
forty years ut Vermillion, which is a
point 300 miles south of Edmonton,
and wheat, which in 1S70 took the
world's prize, at the Philadelphia Cen-
lennhil, was grown at Fort Chipe-
wyan in an even higher latitude.
The country Is described as alluvial
and decomposed vegetable matter
soil. Al. least one-half of the cultivable soil in Northern'Alberia lies In
Uie section described. Tho centre.
of lhe province of Alberta is a point
85 miles north and 25 miles west of
Edmonton, which gives some idea of
Ihe tremendous extent of land lhat Is
available for settlement In the future.
There is less actual acreage lhat. I.s
not. lit for cultivation In Alberia lhan
In any oilier province In lhe Dominion.
This area, It Is claimed, has few
superiors as to soil or climate in Canada. The country Is comparatively
free from wind, and blizzards are un-
Ihe    district   is capable of the same | '
kind  of agricultural development  as|Unown:    During the growing season a
any pari of the province further south.
With the exception of the Grande |]
Prairie and proper Peace River coun-
He Suffered For
Three Years
Then   Mr.   John   Jensen   Used
Dodd's Kidney Pills
Saskatchewan  farmer  suffered  from
backache and stiffness in the joints
and was restored to good health by
using Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Eddyside,     Sask—(Special).—"For
about three years I have suffered from
backache and stiffness in my joints.
I did not sleep well and had very Utile appetite In lhe mornings.     I took
two boxes ot Dodd's Kidney Pills, and
have found that they did mo a lot of
This statement is made by Mr. J.
Jensen, well known in this place.
Mr. Jensen's troubles were caused
by the kidneys. That's why he gol.
such prompt relief from Dodd's Kidney Pills, for they act only on lhe
When  the  kidneys  are  not  right,
they fail to do their   full   work   of
straining all the Impurities,   all   the
seeds   of   disease,   and of the blood.
| There can be no   pure   blood   If   tho
j kidneys   are   wrong.     There can be
; no good health unless   the    blood  is
| pure.
i     Ask your neighbors If Dodd's Kidney Pills are nol. lhe sovereign rem:
j edy for sick kidneys.
Cuticura Heals
Face Disfigured
With Itchy Eczema
*' Eczema broke out In watery pimples on my face and head. Later
my cheeks and head became so bad that they
were covered with large
scales. The itching and
burning were do severe
that I could not sleep at
night. My face was badly
disfigured. My hair became
dry and lifeless and fell out so that
I had to have it cut on* close to my
scalp, -
" A friend advised me to try Cuticura Soap and Ointment so I purchased some, and after using tuto
cakes of Cuticura Soap and two
boxes of Cuticura Ointment I was
healed." (Signed) Mrs. Elmer King,
Box 273, Jackson St., Oxford, Nova
Make Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Talcum your daily toilet preparations.
Santa lack Fraa hT Mall. ArlrirtM: "Lnaaa,!d.a.
lud, Ut al rial it., W, Hantnal." Hold nan-
rvlirr*. BoDpHEe. OlntrnenlsSandGOe. Taleumrat.
*J*T"Cuticura Soap ahavca without Raul.
Big Increase In Trade
I Both    Imports    and    Exports    Show
Considerable Gains
\    The total trade of Canada for lhe
cloven months of tha fiscal year ending February was   $1,771,861,288,   or
$193,188,505 mora than In the corresponding year.    Both Imports and exports shared Ip Ihe Increases.     Imports and were up $95,000,000; oxporls
i of  domestic   merchandise   Increased
j $98,000,000.     Of domestic exports In
.the eleven month,   agricultural    nnd
vegetable products, with   a   tolnl   of
$866,000,000. tain the   largest   Item.
Nexl  come wood and wood  products
I wllh u total of $215,000,000.     Of Im-
I ports, Iron and It's products came first,
mie lotal being $1,50,(100,000 a tolnl of
$245,000,000.     Exports     during     the
|month of February were ten millions
higher  than   In   February,  1923;   imports were three millions lower.
New Weights For Bacon Hogs
Conformation    Necessary    to    Come
Within Select Bacon Class
A change has been made recently in
the weights of hogs grading as select.
According io the new standard, hogs
to come within this class will weigh
170 to 220 pounds, off curs at. stockyards, or 180 to 230 pounds, fed and
wntered, at stockyards or local shipping  points.      To  come  within  this
select, bacon class, the hog must have
length of side.     The standard length
of the ideal "Wiltshire" is 36 Inches
from neck to knuckle bone.     The liog
should bc of uniform depth wllh trim,
straight undeillno;  the head should
be of medium lcuglh with a slightly
dished face, broad forehead, and rajh- j
er small  firmly attached  erect ears
fringed  with  fine    hair;     the    neckj
should be well muscled with no tendency lo arch on top and below, in the,
■viclnlly of the jowl, should be lrlni|
and not heavy or flabby or coarse; the
shoulders should be smooth and cum
pact; the back should be slightly arched from neck to   tall   with   a   well
| sprung rib dropping straight; lhe ham
j should he smooth and, lapj ring, linv-j
ling no excess bulges of Int.      Well
| finished hogs an1 of   medium    width
throughout, Indicating a full deep loin
land a long well-ih velopod rump; fin-j
Ish Is of utmost Importance.
The nncionls believed Ihal n I'hllil.
born on October 2 would die a wick-'
ed death. For adults, blood-letting I
was barred, no drinks were lo bo tak-1
en and no gooso eaten. Otherwise,
death within forty days was promised.
Astrologers of old say lhat the 5th
and 12th are October's unlucklest days
and are to be banned for all business
tries, he slates, the country is more
or less wooded, poplar and spruce being lhe principal trees. There is
plenty of rainfall and lhe winters are
not any colder than any part of Central Alberta. Snowfall will average
not over two feet a year. The whole
country was at one time overrun with
bush or wood buffalo, a band of about
two thousand running wild Ihere at
the present time, and this is taken as
a strong atgument for Ihe fertility of
Ihe soil, It being pointed out that
where    the    buffalo    ranged on the
sundial will hum a card for 19 hours.
Grain and vegetables require two to
three weeks less lo mature Hum In
Central and Southern Alberia. This
Is on account of Ihe daylight and th"
sunlight, There is a stilliclent quati-
lily of merchantable spruce limber In
Ihe country lo take care of all lis local
Immediate Shipments
We carry the only complete Warehouse Stock in Western Canada of raw
metals and finished products for the
use of Blacksmiths, Garages, Tin
Shops, Machine Shops and Contractors.
Rend     for    our
Mailed free upon
Winnipeg        -        -        Canada
W.   N.   U.   1619
The,average length or life In lhe
United  States  Is now  56 years;  In
11910 it was 52 years; In 1870 It was
j 41 years.   In India the average is but
j 24 years.
Washington, Oregon and Idaho
produce nearly hall' of the commercial apples ot Iho United Slates.
Keeps EYES
Clear, Bright and Bcauti/ul I
WrUeMurlntCo,,Chkno.forE>rCirtBoolc |
Exactly ai It rnn In New York for three years nnd with the same cist thnt flies
to London next summer
._ ■     jm      i _m   i m
Will Play these cities on Its first tour of Canada: WINNIPEG, Wnlke
Theatre, beg- Mori., April 14, m.-\tlnees Wed., Good Friday and Sat.; SASKA
TOON, Empire Theatre, 3 days beg, Mon., April 28, matinee Wed.; REGINA
THEATRE, 3 days beg. Thins., May 1. matinee Sat.: MOOSE JAW. Orpheum
Theatre, 3 days beg. Mon., May 6, matinee Wed.; MEDICINE HAT, Empress
Theatre. Thurs., May 8; LETHBRIDGE, Majestic Theatre, 2 days beg. Friday.
May 9, matinee Sat,; EDMONTON, Empire Theatre, week beg. Mon., May 12,
mats. Wed. and Sat.; CALGARY, Grand Theatre, week beg. Mon., May 19, mats
Wed. and Sat. ,    ,.,,.»,. ,.
To Insure good locations order early by mall klakowya club low oltlsena    "Honor to whom  honoi
The  next  meeting of  the Club  will is  due,"   Mrs.    Mildred     Phillips,    ol
bc held mi April 22nd, at -NI'*S Daven- namy,  assisted by  many  of  like  al-
port'H   homo,   al   8   pin.     ll   is  hoped trulstlo  faith,  are  to rot    in    motion
there    will    be a good attendance as ihe raising or snob funds . Staging a
thoro  is ;i  l"i  oi'  business connected grand  concert   In   Baney  Theatre  on
with     iii.-   forthcoming   play   on   May in.. 91th.    shall noi  every man   worn-
saoled. an and child lcml  lho hand  thai holps?
.Mr. mi.i Mis. Geo. Wlddoss and family  wish   io convoy  si ro  thanks  to
ii... people nf Mnplo llldga and their
Vancouver rrlelids for the n'-lidieiSH
niul beautiful riowors reoolved i"
Ihelr r nl   sad   bereave in
Already wo liava broached tiiiy real'
i.\ vital subject. ThoilfflUful me.n nnd
"r women, cognizant or tho tutud, nre
ui;g!ng in simple Justice, special euro
oi" those tlie victims oT sorrow, loss
oi- misfortune, Today we are living,
It lias tt> be udinillr'tl, ;U a very tltgll
tension und under conventionality
earlier little dreamud ol'. If those
earlier days weie well nigh free from
mental malady of any degree, certainly today there la. unm.istakcdly, rapid
increase of cases, aliku of very mild
or temporary character and those ut
an  advanced  type.
The latter may be eliminated from
our consideration, lor probably as
special skill .as can be bad, im wldo
attention, and fts larije a aun$ of money i» employed as may be Jmtifed.
But ihe mild cases—those al fee ted
just temporally, and who, with care,
would soon be restored to normal
mental status—this mass, u may well
be urged, are left without attention
or any special provision. They, Im-
material whether few or many, must
be placed with the hopeless ones, im
making it well n'gu Impossible for
them to ever get back to health •did
Though not able to say deflnately
how many are added to this class,
yet, from the Individual cases met, we
may take It they are not few. Lotus
remember these were for the most
part, our accepted citizens, and It is
surely for us, one and all, to say if
they are to be fully lost to society
and usefulness on restored to their
rightful place In the furrow of human
need. These lives are to be saved and
mental balance restored just as ser-
talnly as Robert Ralkes and Jno.
Pounds were to provide a means of
caring for the hopeless, hapless, home*
leas waifs of the street i "Wllbevforc^
for prison reform, or Florence Nightingale as the "lady of the lamp" to
bless thousands. These and all reformers and welfare workers of the
past, are acknowledged as publio benefactors. Their names will live as
long as there Is a human record.
These did not act all at once. They
wrought at different times. We are
ready today for several forward
moves, and as surely aa we lookback
and honor tho "Wllberforces, Darlings
Frys, Lincolns, Nightingales, so surely will a later date commemorate!
those who now set up the cause of
the temporarily or mildly unfortunate In mind.
Kqually with the need, it Is pleasing
to observe that thero are those who
have set their hand and heart to the
betterment   of   their   unfortunate   fel-
Quite   Justifiable   to   rec lend thai
all read this week's contribution on
I.nn Byron, which Is eao'ly aa okJbI-
nal nnd though! fill an nrtlcle as, per
haps, has been ye| written on him
who nn hh\ lasi, destined, birthday
wrote   thytouahjng   tinea :
"Mv   days   :iiv   in   the   yellow   loaf,
Tin-   flowers   and   fruits   of   love   are
The  worm, the canker and the grluf,
Are   mine   nlono."
Alfred Corbett, tho Courtney slayer, was formerly a resident of Hammond, Mrs. Corbett is highly spok in
of by those who knew her. Mr, ('>>r-
liett's brother was a resident of Tort
Coquitlam for years ami greatly respected hy all.
Mr. Win. Me Adam has the kind of
Insurance you need.     See his ad.
Master Stewart Ferguson and Miss
Ferguson nre spending their Castor
vacation with their mother, Mrs. A.
W, Ferguson.
The   little  daughter  of  Mra   A.   10.
Sanderson   is   reported   quite   111,
The ladles of the L.O.B.A. held it
Sale of Work and Hot Cross Buns
this afternoon nnd realized quite well
Despite tlie '(weather the attendance
was quite  good.
Both Mr. Cordelle ami the Smith
Mercantile have put out very reasonable price lists. By all means, citizens,  trade at home.
Mr, and Mrs. T. Bnllantyne are now
settled on the Town Line road, beside
Mr.   Redricllffe.
Mr. Stevenson and family until recently living on the Palmer place on
the Dewdney Trunk, arc now resident
In the Royal City,
Schools closed today till Monday,
April   28th.
Mr. Colin Wilson returned last week
to Seattle.
Mr. Beacham and family are living
on   the Bonson estate.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Smart,
Laity road, a vetty pleasant party was
the order a short time ago. None
more hospitable In entertaining than
this host and hostess.
Miss Anna McFarlane is suffering
from an  attack of  reumatfsm.
Mr. A. L. Lazendy, Mr. A. Mel ver,
and others, motored down to Coquitlam   last   Monday   evening.
It Is hinted that a third candidate
will enter the Dewdney lists before
election day. It Is also hinted thft
one of the old parties will put a dark
hor so "in  the field.
Mrs. J. A. McPherson was this week
a  vislton  to  Vancouver.
Mr. C. Alvln Dougan first Of the
week   visited   his  parents  hero.
A lady yesterday snld to Mr. G, 0,
Cordelle, our Dart ford street merchant, thafl he was proving for Hammond all that Sherman proved for
If you a:*- Interested in a good
sound business proposition, read E. W.
Powell's advt.
Mrs, J, H. Nightingale, Haney, is
nicely recovered now.
of the series dealing with the establishment of thc
Bank or Montreal at representative points in Canada
and elsewhere,
.YEAR after being founded, the Bank of Montreal
spread its Branches westward, in July of 1818 establishing
Agencies at Kingston and York.
York, which afterwards became tlie city of Toronto, had then just had
its first stage-coach communication established with Kingston and Montreal. It was merely a settlement in a clearing amid unbroken forests
from which the Indians came to trade with farmers and other members
of the little community. Today Toronto tanks among the largest cities
on the continent.
Of the Bank's 567 Branches, 26 are in Toronto and 207 in
the Province of Ontario, including Toronto.
Established over 100 years
Total Assets in excess of i650.ooo.ooo
Port Haney Branch:  J. GALT. Manager.
Advertisements lu this column must bt
OOOD       USfflPUL     HORSJB,     about
1200 lbs.    used   to an kinds or farm
.work.    Good driver.        Apply
Tho Dewdney Liberal Executive met
at Haney this morning and decided to
hold the Liberal convention at Port
Coquitlam  on   Thursday,   May  1st   at
The Conservative party will likely
convene In the Agricultural Hall,
Haney, Thursday, May 1st, to name
their standard  bearer.
&, 'Sk ■■ ■   \cs^assr^s^^^^^-
TFI3 story of tha Winnipeg
foils of the curly fur-trading
days—Rouge and Gibraltar
Douglas and Garry, iH among thu
most interesting that could be
found anywhere, When Versndryo
came to lho junction of the Red
and Assiniboino Uiver? in 1738 he
established Fort Rouge. The
Northwest Company, sixty years
later, established Fort" Gibraltar,
anil a few years later Fort Douglas, named nfter Thomas Douglas, thc fifth Ear! of Selkirk, was
constructed by the Hudson's Tiny
Company. Many stories are told
of conflicts between thc servants
of the Hudson's Bay and North-
West Companies, but the feuds terminated with the amalgamation of
the two companies in 1821, and the
first Fort Garry was erected as a
trading post and   settlers' depot.
This was an club.irate structure
with stono walls, Lustions and portholes.
On 1S31 thc building of Lower
Fort Garry, 19 miles down the
river was commenced. This wns for
a time the residence of the Governor of Rupert's Land and the
seat of government. In 1835 Upper Fort Garry was begun at the
junction of the two rivers and this
wns the centre of business, government, education nnd public affairs for more than 30 years, and
was the nucleus of tho present city
of Winnipeg.
The Fort was sold in 1882 and
tho front gate, now owned by the
city and standing beside the now
Fort Garry, the hotel of the Canadian National Railways, is all that
remains of this historic group of
The Maple Ridge Poultry Society
met on the 8th in special- session. A
resolution was pa~sed endorsing the
Central Park Assn. In Its effort to Influence the Government to raise the
tariff on imported eggs to 8c. a doz.
A copy of this resolution was ordered
sent to Mr. Elgin Munroe, M.P., and
his support solicited.
It was decided to leave a petition
with the local feed, stores fon signature calllag for annulment of the recently passed Feed Act, classing all
mixed mashes as illegal. It lR highly
desirable thnt all poultry men and
those using such feed at once sign
this petition.
Any who find they cannot attend
the Grand Eastei- Concent may help
the worthy cause hy forwarding their
contribution to the Haney W.I. All
such assistance will be greatly appreciated.
R.S.C. Chapter 115.
"The Tillage  Blacksmith" Experience
Tribulation.,   that   Stimulate   tht
Tear   Glands
If you think you are thi Mi-proof or
think your tetfr-well has gone p^r'b-
'Ion, just tuke a trip tj tbo Ham-
mend theatre nnd sit thror--.ii iiBhow*
ing of "The Village Blacksmith," Hie
latest  William Fox  melodrama,
In presenting "Tho Village Blacksmith," the mnunger Is giving tho
movie-goerH just about «vory thing in
tho wny of Pathos nnd human touches
thnt can be crowded Into nn hour and
it  half
There Ih a rnilrotid wreck, Ihe
smith's youngost son is orjppled for
Uffi b)1 falling from a tree, he think*
his daughter goos wrong, his eldest
•on is almost killed, ills daughter l*
Ktruek by lightning* hl» wife dloa,
nnd then his daughter Is accused of
stealing n church fund. Aside from
that the smith has an easy time of
il  doing  lhe   work  about  IiIk shop,
Yes, If you are in need of good
entertainment   by   all   means  we   "The
Village  Blacksmith."
The Troop Hall In nearlng Completion and affords a fine headquarters
for  thc   troop.
At tho Saturday meeting tho troop
was re-organIsed, and Scouts Qeoffroy
Harris and Aimer Poole wero elected
Patrol Leaders,
Arrangement.* weiTfl also mnrto for a
"Hlke"on April 2IHh. "Wo nro looking forward to a very Interesting day
Thoro will bo no meeting of tho
Troop this -week (Holy Week). Tho
n^t meeting will he on April 23rd at
7:!10 p.m.
Thero will hn no meeting of the
Cubs this -week.
The Corporation of the District of
Pitt Meadows, Province of British
Columbia, hereby gives notice that
they have under Section 7 of the said
Act, deposited with the Minister of
Public \Vo:.ks at Ottawa, and in the
office of the Registrar of Titles, New
Westminster, B.C., a description r.f
the site and the plan of a bridge proposed to be built over the Lillooet
River on Harris Road.
And take notice that after the expiration of one month fiom the date
of thc first) publication of this notice
the Corporotlon of the Dlstricc of
Titt Meadows will, under Section 7 of
the said Act, apply to the Minister Of
Public Works at his office in the
City of Ottawa, fonapproval of the
said site and plans, and for leave to
construct  the  said  buidge.
Dated  at   PJtt   Meadows,   B.C.,   thlh
11th  day  of  April,   1924.
(Signature)   WILLIAM   McDERMOTT
Maple Rid »e School I istrict
tehdebs roa wood
Sealed tenders, addressed to the undersigned and marked "fenltl't. fol
Wood,' will he received up I i T rl'lny,
Ajii'i'. .tilth, for the su|iply of wood to
tho Schools ot the Municipality tl'
follows ; In 4 tt,-- lengths ; Hammond.
II i'r.„<:.- ; Maple Rldgo, 'tl ,'iod't;
High fcliool, ii cords; Haney, ;:o
cu'tla; Alexander Robinson 16 c-mls
Ruskln Superior, no cords, in :' ft.
lengths ; Whonnock, 8 cords , Alulun,
6 cords ; Webster's Coiners, li» cords;
.South   Lillooet,   4   cords.
All trnders must state the variety
nnd iiimllty of wood offered. All wojd
to ho cut not later than May ,10th and
delivered to the Schoolu during September.
Sccretni'y  of School   Brian)
FOB bent
a first olasa patch „r Raspberries,
one acre more or less, in fine condition, |:i'i. tn,-mi niui mako term*
wlll> It.   a   WILKINSON,
Phone lis-L Haney, B.C
1 Grade .Low,- Helfor, due t„ rrosh-
i'ii in Spotomber; t Grade Jersey
Helfor, horn 8 May, 1112:1 ; 1 Gratia
.Toie-iy  Helfor Calf,  3«   months old
TIlOSO    heifers   were   „||   |„,pt   t„   ,.„.
Iilonlsh iiiy own herd, bul duo to curtailment   „r   my   Ion 1   land,   am  ro-
luctantly   torooa   to  sell,
Foil prlbo apply .1. b, STEWART
■PI"""^ »-y Hammond,
Mxeellfiit   hinting   Potatoes   $30   per
ton j $1.60 imr suck
10.   CHURCH,
Phone  37-F Hammond
SEED   POTATOES.     Carmen's   Prolific  No.   1.     Also   Money Makers.
$40 per ton, $2 per sack.
Phone  17-P Hammond
Carman.    $30  por ton;  $1.60 per sack.
Also young pigs, C weeks, $6 each.
Phone  24-M Port Hammond.
FRESH  COWS.   Holstein  and  Shorthorns. Apply
Ford   Rood,  Pitt  Meadows
Phone  Hammond   16-F
Six Lots near the  Hammon* Park.
Cheap.    Easy  terms.     Apply ,
Gawsworth  St,  Hammond.
Clyde Mare, bay, age 9 years,
weight 1200 to 1300 lbs. Vory quiet
ana steady. Grade Holstein Cow, age
5 years. Jersey-Holstein Heifer, age
t months. About 100 laying pullets,
White Leghorns. 10 yearling hens,
Mako good breeding pen, heavy producers. S. A. CUNLIFFE,
• Webster's  Corners,   B.C.
High grade Creaf Separator "Viking" A," also ono Eureka Crock ne-
volTlng Churn, 100 feet 1-inch Galvanised Iron Waterplpa (now).
E.   H,   KINNEB,
Phone Hammond 26-M       Port Haney
Single Comb White Leghorn Baby Chicks, Hatching Eggs, Cockerels and
No order too large or too small.
Write for price list.
PhoRe38Y. Hammond
One Week Only
ROYAL YEAST  ....5c,
Sugar, lOlbs, paper sack 1.05
Buttsr "Our Own" 47c
Rolled Oats, 201bs., Van.
Mill. Co 90c
Coffee, ' 'Nabob" 62c
Tea, good bulk 60c
Prunes, 50-60 Cal., 2 lbs,.. 25c
Raisins, "Sun Maid" seedless
bulk, 2 lbs *25c
Pure Jam, 4 lb. tin 75c
Rice, No, 1 Jap, 3 lbs 25c
W. Pigs, 2 lbs - 25c
Lard, Swift or Burns, pure,
5 lbs. 95c
Frank DeWolf
Cash Grocer
Phone 72     Haney        Box 20
Prime Steer Beef.
Veal Pork Mutton
o >   Sausages.
Port Hammond &
The Jam's Electric Co. Ltd.
898 Oramrlli. Street
Order yonr Eleotrio Goods by Mall
— Activities
Everybody seeks reliable service. That is why much custom
comes to:-
Blacks mi ft ing
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
Good   niU Inflict Ion   given   111   Children';-;
and   Women's   Drosses.
Mr*. F. & E. CARTER
At Your Service
Wherever you Hve.
Established 1907.
535 Clarluon St,   Phone 278
Fully   experienced.     Patrons   always
satisfied.    Oall   In.
Wood's Garage
Dewdney Trunk Road,
Phone 36 R Night or Day
Ford and Chevrolet Specialists
See  us   about your  Electrical
Repairs to  Batteries,   Starters
and Generators.
Matchett* s Store      Port Haney
Will Buy D/y Cascara Bark
.. w» wW take all we oaa get of BST
oagquu   bam.   .mgum   omu
nam »«u.
M.   tfHXNOHAlU,
Phone 43-R        Box 68, HANKY, B.C
Will alio do your Laundry.
Hnnoy P.T.A. met Monday afternoon
Mis. (Dr.) Morse presiding and Miss
Scott at the desk.
Mr. Eauronce. principal Deal! und
Dumb School, Vancouver, Introduced,
lost no time In getting to his subject.
Ho noted that the Institution was now
some five yqon "id* Flo sol down hh
the prltulplo underlying such work,
that or fitting tlio child to stand
whero li couldObestfulfil duty (o its
C.ioator atid to Its fellowmah. Thc
difference between tlea£ children and
those who can hoar, Mr. Laurence referred in iiu< former as an Infant
0 ylng in  tho nlghl  for the light
The education of tho hoar lug child
can bo undertaken al once, that 61
die   ttthor,   Irrespective    of    age,     is
again   about   tho   proposition   of   ii very
y.QlIng Infant I" tho cradle.
Donf children, lhe Principal flrther
stated, aro t'i> lil to ho C|UlCk tempered. Me explained thut they had '»'>l
obviously, tho power of control that
tbo  normal  child has.
To educate these children, spirit
must touch spirit, personality moot
personality. Unmistakedly wo must
come down to the child's plane. Difficult iih (be work may be, these less
favored ones can be well taught, and,
as has boon, done for years, they are
made   good  citizens  of  the   Empire.
In developing his] subject Mr. Laurence credited Lucretius, In the first
century B.C., the Gijeat Teacher, as
having laid the true foundation when
he taught the Brotherhood of Man.
.... Pedro La France, of Spain,
Pal Ople, France, and In the United
States Hurtman and Gilland, the latter carrying the work to England, resulting fn the establishment of
schools there 107 years ago. Now
some   150   such   Institutions.
•Space foiibids giving anything like
an adequate idea of this wonderful
work. Suffice to say that the deafest child coming under this system
of training is in a year or longer
fully enabled to understand and to
speak and so take' Its place among its
fellows. The deepest Interest was
manifested In this what mey be called an hour visiting the school of wonderful culture.
At the close of the lecture, Mr.
Laurence was warmly thanked on
motion of Miss Hooper and Miss McDonald.
Musical features wore contributed
by Master Eddie Blow and Masters
Abner and Albert Poole,
United Farmers Limited
Haney and Hammond Warehouses.
Wheat per 100 lbs $1.80
Wheat Chick $1.90
Oats $1.55
JatChop $1.65
Oats Cr 80 lbs ... $1.80
Corn Meal  100 lbs ....$2.10
Cracked Corn _ $2.10
Chick Corn $2.20
Barley $1,65
Barley Chop $1.75
Bran $1.30
Shorts   $1.45
Middlings     per 100 lbs   $1.85
Chick Feed  $3.15
Scratch $2.10
Hay Tim  per ton ... $16.00 "
Hay Alfalfa $24.00
Straw $12.00
Gr. Screenings   1001b.     85c.
Burns Beefscrap $4.40
Globe        "        $3.90
Fish Meal $4.60
Flour Five Roses 49 $1.75
Clam Shell        100 lb.      55c.
Prices subject to change without notice.
There was u very hirgo ittendu'iee
nt tho funeral last Wednesday 'If Miss
Wllma WlddosB, and tho floral tributes were many and beautiful. The
servloes were conducted at tho Biip-
tlst Church by Rov. Mr. Grieve, of
Vancouver, a close friend of the family, assisted .by Rev. Mr. Daly.
Words of comfort were appropriately  spoken by  the  former.
The pell bearers were selected from
the late comrades of the deceased
young lady, and were: Ernie Adair,
Josopn Carlton, James Clark, Albert
Davison, iWUHe Harris., and George
.Poloskl, *
Thursday, all will remember, is the
date for the masterful entertainment
In Haney Theatre. No one should allow any circumstance to prevent his
or her .being present
Webster's Comer at 7:20
P.O.  Tennadon at 7:30.
P.O. Albion at 7:30.
Wilson's Corner, Hammond, r.t 7 .5.
Baker Road & Dewdney at 7:40
For further particulars phone R. H.
Saturday evening, May 3rd, Is to
see staged In the Hammond Theatro
the most notable Concert yet undertaken. To name Mr. David Ross, Miss •
Beverage (cellist), Miss Vera Lee I
son (contralto), and others, Is assurance that Vancouver's best musical
talent will perform here. (Full account next week.
Painting,    Kaltoming
and Paperhanging.
Wall Paper,   Paint,   Varnish,
Oils, Shellac, Enamel and
Coal Tar FOR ..SALE.
Estimates Given
All through Maple Ridge
Ontario Street, Haney
Phone 23
& BOWELL & SON   j |
vdvibal BEuoxoaft a*d 11
The Maple Ridge P.T.A. ot Its lust
scssionllstened to an Intensely inter-
clil.ng address on 'Ch'ua :to.' JJuildinr>'
given by Miss Burpee of Vancouver
Normal staff. Miss Burpee's' personality Is very pleasing and her treat-
font of the subject easily makes one
believe in it, She gave, quite of Interest, the viewpoint of a professional a^ to correct character, and also a
select idea by a juvenile, showing
that while theso differed , the genius
or  principle   bone   strong  resemblance.
Miss Burpee was heartily thanked
fur  her admirable address,
Mrs, Bott sang acceptably, and
Masters Abneu and Albert Poole rendered a duet,
Mrs, Poolo presided and Mr. J. Abbott  fulfilled  duty  as  scribe.
Another function must .be set down
to this Association. This afternoon
a party was given at the School to
the pupils, which was a huge success.
Games were indulged in—withindoors
—same being under the direction of
Rev. Mr. do Pencler and the Principal,
Miss Trembath. Miss Naylor played
tho accompaniments. Rev. Ma, Hastings gave a most helpful address. Refreshments were served, nnd all tho
boys and girls went home delighted
at what their parents had done for
thorn.    Many  wero  present.
Um ruMi Supplies
■■mot to all parts * the;
Me, Doxtrom'H service,, nro tho latest of value to bo listed, ho having
Just" opened up for tho year, and wlil
now bo at call alike as a market gardener and nurseryman on a small scale
Fuller particulars next week.
St. Andrew's Presbytorlon Church
(Coquitlam) will tender a social evening to Mr. D. Donaldson on Saturday
th#» 19th. He wilt deliver His farewell   address on  Sunday  the  20th.
Wednesday evening, In tho Recreation Hall, Port Moody, adults und
children will enjoy a concort, If plans
and purposes count, that wilt captivate   evoryono,
A carefully arranged nnd lengthy
program will .show just what poopar
atlon can do for our bright boys and
girls, Safo to Intimate that nono In
Port Moody,. Port Coquitlam, loco, oi
other places, should fall of having a
delightful time with tho host of onto rtalners.
»ovxxoxa& pa»ty xbethtcw
In this issue will bc found advertisement of the coming week's meetings in tho Dewdney Riding by loading spirits of B.C's New Party. All
should avail themselves of the opportunity to hear and so safely Judge.
A fair impartial hearing well becom-
Otlv every citizen.
Mr. A. H. Anderson of the Laity
Road is quite nn Audubon or Agassiz,
it may be. The latest Is—Mr. Anderson is a great friend to the birds
—n robin that has nested on his property for several years Is back ngnln.
Kobin is growing- whiter with nge,
but is quite ns perky as ever. Mrs.
Itnbln, if she Is the same bird as Inst
year, Is not different from the ordinary robin, and none of the young
robins in the past have showed the
slightest inclination to wear a white
rout like their respected sire. The
return of the bird proves that robins
return to their old haunts year after
year when left unmolested.
Rradlar Notloe. for Em.rLlnm.nt.
•to., when an aomSssloa oharfs Is
mads or oolKcilon takes, an classed
as •dv.rtl.am.nt. ant oharfrd 10c.
per line.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
nnd Improvement for agricultural
Pull Information concerning regu-
atlons regarding pre-emptions Is
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
•y addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any*Gov-
»mment Agent
Records will be granted covering
mly land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which le not Umber-
land, I.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are
.e be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the landjapplied for
Is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and Improvements made
to value of 810 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimus)
price of first-class (arable) land Is 86
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
land $2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands Is given In Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown. Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Including payment of
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes,
conditional upon a dwelling bclnn
erected In the first year, title being
obtainable after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
For grazing and Industrial purposes areas not exceeding 640 acr*.i
may be leased by one person or H
Under the Grazing Act the Province Is divided Into gracing district*
and the range administered under 'i
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits are Issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owneri
may form associations for range
management, Free, or partially free,
pmmlts uro available for settlors.
Dampers and travellers, up to ten
For Biliousness, Constipation and
Indigestion, or other ailments caused
from a sluggish condition of the liver,
use Dr. Miles' Liver Pills. 25c. a box
at the Hammond  Drug Store.
I. O. O. T.
Meets every Wednesday evening at
I o'clock In the Odd Fellows' Hall,
Ontario Street, Port Haney. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
H. M. Davenport, R*o. Sea
W. R. Adams, V.O.
J. Gait,  N.O.
Th* regular  meetings of Hammond
L. O. L. No. 1888, one field In the Fo*-
hK hall at ■ o'olook p.m.' on Second
Saturday aad 4th Friday, each month
Visitors cordially  invited.
Wm. Rope, W.M.
W.  A.  Brock.  R.S.
KAMBY   Z..O.X.   Vo.   2816
The   regular   meeting  of  above lodge
Is held In the Oddfellows hall, Haney.
firrit Tuesday in eaoh month at 8 p.m
Visitors cordially  Invited.
Geo. Hastle, W.M.
J. M. Campbell, R.S.
The regular meetings of Hammond
L.O.B.A. No. 165 are held In the Fossett Hall, the second Tuesday of each
month at 7:80 p.m.
W.M., Mrs. M. Macey, 'Phone 25R.
Rec-Sec'y, Mrs. J. H. Ritchie.
Phone 68.
"When They Have Gone"
The past comes up—childhood
days—happy hours by the fireside—their hopes and Joys-
arid   trials,   too.
You can keep the memory of
their names forever fresh by
giving some little part of the
blessings you now enjoy to*
wards a permanent memorial
In   everlasting   stone.
B.C.Monamental Works Ld
•ueesssors  to  PaMeraon,  OasnA
It* * BtsphSB,  Limited
I   AYB.    *    MAIN   I*.
TaosouTer, B.O,
Write   today    for    Catalogue   of
designs.     rlslabllshed   1876
Blue Funnel Motor Line Ltd
R. H. STEPHENS, Manager.
Leave Webster's Corners 7,50 a.m. Leave Y j.-inaion 8.10 a.m
Leave Haney Daily 8.30 a.m, 1.00 p.m., and 4.00 p.m.
Leaves Haney Saturday and Sunday 8.30 a.m.,  2.00 p.m., 6.30 p.m.
Leave Westminster Daily 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., and 5.30 p.m.
Leaves Westminster Saturday and Sunday 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., 4.30 p.m., and 9.00^p.m.
Passing   Through Hammond and Pitt  Meadows.
Those wishing: to be called for who are on the HAMMOND PHONE are* requested to ring up
Phone 15 Westminster 601 DYSPEPTIC
Food Does You No Good
Half the time you're afraid
to eat; your tongue is coated,
mouth tastes bad, stomach is
bloated. If you want to get
well, stop using dyspepsia
tablets and go to the source of
the trouble before it is too late.
Strengthen your stomach, cast I
out the bile, regulate the bowels j
—do this, and dyspepsia will be
no more. I
For your condition the best proscrlp-1
tlon Is Dr. Hamilton's Pills, which are,
made specially for ihe stomach, kidneys :ind liver.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills
Aid the Stomach
Get Dr. Hamilton's Pills to-day, 25c
per box, 5 for $1.00, all dealers, or
The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Of The Ranch
A Story of Romance and Adventure
nf W.M, in Pioneer Days
— BY  —
(Published by Special Arrangement
Willi tlie Author)
As In- reclined in front of the opening of tht' tent, she was conscious
that ho had, at least, a partial view ol'
her movements. Aware of this her
intuition warned her against injudicious moves thai would in any way
betray her motives, or arouse his suspicions iis to her intentions. She accordingly weni calmly about, and
spread the blanket lie gave her on the
grass within. Finally she lay down
in such a position as lo command a
clear view of hint reclining close.to
the opening, and where he. also, would
have a partial view of her as she lay
stretched on tlie ground. Her stone,
firmly gripped in her hand and hidden
under a fold ol iiie blanket, she, assuming sleep, watched through liall'-
closed eyes his slightest move. Hev
eyes, by now, well accustomed to the
darkness, she could observe his slightest motion as he reclined over his
During ihe first two hours of darkness site lay, in seeming sleep, with
her attention fixed on the reclining
form of her watchful guard. The
silence of deep sleep seemed io reign
over the resl of lhe camp, Nothing
was lo be heard save the occasional
thud of horses' feet and their munching, as they grazed on the grass dose
by. li was during the deep silence
of midnight' that she noticed lor the
first time that her guard's head was
gradually sinking and nodding closer
and closer to the saddle upon which
his arm rested. The weariness of the
previous night's journey, followed hy
tho alert vigilance of the entire day
and evening, was at length commencing lo show its effects on Her robust
captor. Lulled by the silence of the
night, nature al last commenced io assert, herself, and sleep's overpowering
Influence was beginning to dominate
Ills powerful will.
Inspired by new hopes, awakened by
the slumbering guard, and optimistic
of winning het' way to liberty, a plan
of escape formed in hev mind. Hor
muscles tensed; her grip of the spiall
rock in her hand lightened. Free.
doul seemed in sight, as she watched
the nodding head of the outlaw as he
Mother Tells How Her Daughter
Suffered and Was Made Well by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Vancouver, B.C.—" My daughter Is a I
young girl who has boon having severe
pains and wonli and dizzy reelings for j
pome time ami had lost hot appetite.
Through an older daughter who bad
heard of a woman who was taking it
lor iho same trouble, wo were told of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Corn-
pound, My daughter has boon tailing it
for several' months and is quite all rinlit
now. It lias done all it was represented
to do and we have told a number of
friends about, it. 1 am never without
i; bottle of it in the house, for I myself
lake it lor that weak, tired, worn-out |
feeling which sometimes comes to us nil.
I find it is building mo up nnd I strongly
recommend it to women who urc suffering as I and my daughter have. "—Mrs,
,i. McDonald, 21117 2tith Ave. Bust,
Vancouver, B. C.
From the age of twelve a girl needs all
the care a thoughtful mother cun give.
Many a womnn has suffered years of
I am and misery—the victim of thoughtlessness or ignorance of the mother who
should have guided her during this time.
1 f she complains of headaches, pains
in Ihe back and lower limbs, or it you
notice a slowness of thought, nervousness or irritability on thoT>art of your
daughter, make life easier for her.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is especially adapted for such
conditions. 0
W.   N.   U.   1610
lay a few feel beyond her reach. Like
a tiger gathering for the spring on
his intended prey, gradually, and with
iln.. noiseless motions of a serpent, her
form commenced to creep closer and
closer lo ihe Bleeping guard. A fool,
Iwo feel closer she crept, when, as if
subconsciously aware of approaching
danger, her itnended victim suddenly
awakened and sat upright. Afler
taking a look around Die camping
ground, he peered Inlo her tent, but
noticing her lying still and breathlhg
heavily, as il In deep Bleep, hi' seemed satisfied, and resumed his former
reclining position on thi' saddle.
Startled thus from her Intended
course, at Ihe moment when escape
seemed lo be wilhln h<»r reach, the
discomfited girl lay motionless In the
position she assumed at the sudden
awakening of her guard. Disappoint
and discouraged, she lay for what
seemed lo her an hour, when her attention was again attracted by Ihe
deep breathing outside her lent.
Could it. be that assured that no danger threatened him, In* again succumbed to lhe demands ol sleep? she
was not left lone, In doubt, Jin occasional snore assured her Ihal. her time
had come.
Again her muscles tensed and she
began to slowly creep. Before her
lay her captor in sonnd sleep. Foot
by fool, closer and closer, she crept.
In ihe opening of Ihe lent she now
lay; only a few feet Intervened. Slowly anil silently she gathered herself
for Ihe spring that would laud her
into eternity or In safety, tin hands
and knees she rose; then slowly aris-
Ing to a posture of attack with the
righl band uplifted for the blow, she
was prepared for the final spring,
when, as if sensing new danger, she
glanced over her left shoulder, and
was petrified into inaction hy a vision
of ihe grayish shadowy form of a
horse, fully saddled, not more lhan
twenty feet away. Behind lhe horse,
as he was grazing on lhe mass at bis
feel, she distinguished In ihe gloom
of nlghl lhe partially covered form of
a man, in whose hand she noticed the
glint of a revolver pointing in her
direction. Hope of escape thus suddenly snatched from within bet' reach,
she slowly collapsed and awaited in
silent and hopeless submission the
outcome of Ibis new danger that
threatened her.
Daylight-was dawning when lhe two
men. Fraser and Ronald, finally located the trail of the outlaws who were
beading tor tlie soulh. Following
tills trail back some distance they
soon came to the starling point, where
the bandits had made Ihelr camp during I lie previous day. and, where the
young1 woman was captured. They
hunted around fo find some trace of
her, bul. were unsuccessful in even
finding anything in the nature of a
clue. Small boot tracks were, however, discovered in the bluff. These,
her lalher thought, might be her
Hacks, judging from his recollection
of the boots she wore. Holh men
were now, however, convinced that
lhe bandits had laken her prisoner,
and were Inking her along with llieni.
Whlinut making further search in tlie
vicinity, Ihey started south, followed lhe tracks left In lhe grass by their
band of horses. In this way Ihey had
no difficulty. From the nature and
number of horse I racks left In Ihelr
trail, Ihey judged thai Ihere musl
have been more than a dozen horses
In their band.
Satisfied with their JInvestigations
they spurred their horses lo a lope,
which Ihey kept, up as far as Ihe face
hills, where Ihey slowed down to a
walk as Ihey descended lhe sleep decline to lhe level prairie. No word
was spoken by ell her of the men as
Ihey proceeded on their way. In
silence eacil weighed lhe serious nature nf Ihelr mission, as Ihey consld
ered ihe desperate character of the
mil laws In whose trail Ihey were following. Men, who would add to 1 lie
crime of "horse rustling," lhe more
serious crime of kidnapping, were
likely to prove dangerous antagonists
In a probable armed encounter. They
were serious men starling on a serious business, a business thai was surrounded by dangers lhat mlghl end
In final eipisoiiuciiiTS lo one or both
of I In 111.
They did noi for a moment consider
the danger, The) look no ihought of
11n- risks they were Inking. The
crowning thoughts in both their minds
wen-, ihal ihe daughter of the oldor
mini was imld captive by u dangerous
band of criminals, and over her head
was hanging n tale Ihal was lo them
more serldUS than deaill Itself. They
counted not the cost, nor weighed tin
dangers lhat Ihey themselves wore
running Inlo. The purpose and
thought that, obsessed them was lo
rescue at any risk the woman who was
held cnpllve, With set faces, expressive of grim determination, ihey
again seI spurs to Ihelr horses and set
iiff al a sllff cantor, following lhe
fresh trail left by lhe bandits In the
lull grass.
As Ihe horses cantered Hills across
the Moose Mountain trull, the older
man In lhe lead, llo'iald, with eyes
kept glued lo the frail, on the lookout
for 'further 'ranks, was rewarded by
noticing the dim outline of what appeared lo liini lo be a rolled up piece
of paper. He suddenly checked up
his horse, and, coming hack, dismounted and picked up the message
lhat was dropped by Ihe foresight of
lhe young woman. At first, seeing
nothing unusual about the missive, he
was about lo discard the small pleco
of birch bark, when he noticed the
message scribbled within Its rounded
fold. After hurriedly glancing over
the message he shouted to his companion, who was by now some dlslance
ahead. Quickly mounting Ronald
rode down to where lie had slopped.
Fagerly  showing  Ih"  missive  lo  the
father, he read the message to him,
which ran as follows:
"Captured by horse thieves; five
men in band with several stolen
horses. They are heading for the
United States. Will camp till tomorrow morning al a secret camp In the
Sourls Valley.     Help!"'
"Mary Fraser."
This first definite clue as lo the fate
of the unfortunate girl fired Ihem wiih
renewed energy and Inspiration. The
girl's call lor "help" roused lu their
hearts a new spirit of grim determination that boded 111 lor the gang of
desperadoes inlo whose bands she had
fallen and who held Ihe helpless girl
captive. Their course now lay clear
before them, Time was in Ihelr favor, as Ihey had lhe whole day and a
nlghl lo overtake the kidnappers,
They hud n clue lo work on, and circumstances would govern their plans
in accomplishing a rescue. Tlie message provided a stimulus for action
and Ihey would make use of lhe lime
lo lay and carry out their plajis with
care and circumspection. There was
a ride of fifty miles ahead of them,
What awaited them al lhe end of that
journey Fate and circumstances alone
| would determine.
(To be continued)
Manslaughter In 2nd Degree
Using a razor—bad stuff- but many
people do It for their corns. The
only remedy lhat is painless and sure
Is Putnam's Corn ilxlraelor, which
does remove warts and corns,
cleans them right off. Refuse a substitute for "Putnam's," 25c everywhere.
You can either take our
word for it, or experiment for
yourself, Jbut you will find
is in a class by itself—Try it.#
Agricultural Gazette Dies
Alter more than ten years' publication, lhe Agricultural (lazetler of Canada ceases with tbe presenl Issue. It
has been tbe organ of tlie department
of agriculture since .Ian. I, 1911, as
well us carrying a special seel Ion
for the international institute of Agriculture at Koine.
Ancient Greek City      '
Founded   Just  After   Death   of  Alex-
'    ander thc Great,-2,246 Years
French archaeologists have discovered nt Saltyehm in the Euphrates region of Syria, a Greek city founded
jusl after the death of Alexander the
Great, 2,246 years ago, and abandoned in 273 A.D., when the desert sands
covered It.
Among the objects dug from the
ruins are a number of parchments,
one of which, written in 1S9 B.C., is
said to be ihe oldest Greek manuscript
extant. The scientists also uncovered a series of mural paintings of exceptional Importance as a source fry
study ot Byzantine art.
More than 150 languages und dialects are current In India and lluriiiah,
und the distinct alphabets of these
countries, muny of which are very
elaborate, outnumber all others In the
Cutlery of Czar Used In Restaurant
Cutlery which wus once the properly of lhe lule Czar and which adorned Ihe tables of lhe royal palace, Is
now in public use In nn obscure
restaurant In one uf lhe slum dlslrlets
of London.
Holloway's Corn Remover takes the
corn out by the roots. Try It and
prove II.
More than hair a billion dollars nro
paid out annually in this country for
admissions to performances of the
Ooivn the Breakfast Porridge
with sweetness and delicious flavour
It is a pure and wholesome sweet—whether
used for table syrup, sauce or
for candy-making.
At all dealers—in tins.
\mm-mmmmm:/ s / r m i i«r mwmm mmmm
This Beauty
Every Woman Can Have
Radiant, Youthful Complexion
Nature pave you a skin of beauty,
charm. And that is beauty you can
Millions of wtimen do—by following this simple, correct rule. By
following it you, too, can keep tlie
loveliness <>f it schoolgirl complexion.
Just do this regularly
Cleans*? the skin regularly, authori-
ties say, to keep your complexion
lovely, radiant, youthful. But beware
of hanh cleansing methods—they injure skin.
Wash thoroughly with Palmolive
Soap-each night before retiring.
Rub the creamy, foamy lather well
into thc tiny pores. Kinse—and repeat
thc washing. Then rinse again.
Then—if skin is dry-
apply a little cold cream.
That il all. Skin so cared
for is not injured by cosmetics, by wind and sun,
or by dirt.
The simple, correct zvay
You cannot find a more effective
beauty treatment. Because Palmolive
Soap is blended of rare palm and olive
oils—famous for mild but thorough
cleansing qualities since the days of
Cleopatra. And it ii inexpensive.
Get Palmolive Soap of any dealer—
but note the name and tlie wrapper. For
Palmolive is never sold unwrapped!
Then try this method. Thc improvement will amaze and delight you.
And because Palmolive in so economical, let it do for your whole body
what it docs for yuur face.
Volume and
produce 25c
Quality for
Winnipeg Toronto Montreal
I'alm and olive oils—Hoiking else—five
Nature's green color lo Palmolive soap.
/for your own sake\\
(promote moid farming)
W^m**        tmECONQMYsuy
-;.!>   yV&l**0^ (AlSOIMr>CKA6ESl54fc20t)
59 #
Buys  Thousand-Dollar Cow
Japan Is Taking No Chances With
Scrub Cattle
A Woodstock cow, Coltinlhu Mer-
cena Ormsby, the three-year-old Holstein which lopped her class In the
Sitf-day division of tbe R.O.P. tests,
has been sold to lhe Japanese Govern'
ment for $1,000. it's just as easy lo
raise $1,003 cows as it Is lo raise $lfiO
ones. Tbo Japs, who by going Into
lhe dairy business, Intend lo replace
lhe rice and llsh diet of their people,
wllh one more like that which has
made lhe while races what Ihey are,
lake no chances with buying scrub
cattle, Neither should our farmers.
If Ihey can sell cows for $1,000 apiece,
Ihey should raise lhat kind.—Holder
Cities SI.ir.
Heart of Voltaire
Has   Been   Found  In  Paris  Where  It
Wns Hidden  Sixty Years
The henrl ol Voltaire, the famous
French satirist which was lost after
being lucked In a silver casket and
soleinnl.v deposited in lhe National I
Library in Paris about rlxty years ago.
has been found hidden under a layer
of dusl In a corner of a disused room.
M. Muriel, the newly appointed
bead of the library, made iho discovery. While exploring the premises
be entered an abandoned room, andvi
saw lhe casket in front of lhe pedestal of Houdon's original statue of Voltaire. The statue and the casket were
covered W'llhrtW0 inches of dusl. The
■casket, which was locked, bore Ihe
Inscription, "Voltaire's heart."
As soon as a key can be made It j
will be opened by lhe minister of edit-
cation  and   transferred  to  the "Pan-!
theon lo rest beside   lhe   ashes   of [
France's Illustrious sons.
Constipation and
Sluggish Liver
Don't take chances. Get Carlerja
Lull* Liver Pills right now. They
never I ail to make the
liver do its duty.
relieve constipa-
. tion, banish indigestion,
drive out biliousness, stop'
clear the com-	
plexion, put • healthy glow on
cheek and sparkle io the eye.  Be sure
•ad get the genuine.
taall riO-fiauOOose-SBiaU Price
Proven best
Since 1857
It may be only ii
slight cold now —
Just u llckling in the
Hut Utile colds
soon grow large and
dangerous. Often
(bey become chronic,
develop catarrh und
end In consumption.
Catarrhozone is
tho remedy. It
draws inflammation
and soreness out of
the throat. Relieves the cough, cuts
out the phlegm, makes breathing easy,
kills any germs lodged In the mucous
lining of tlie throat or lungs.
By using CATARRHOZONE INHALER now and again you keep the
passages free from germs, and thereby prevent coughs and colds. Get
the Dollar outfit, It lasts two months;
small size 50c; sold by druggists. Refuse a substitute for Catarrhozone.
By mall from The Catarrhozone Co.,
Students to Become Farmers
College Boys in Great Britain Will
Emigrate to Canada
Professor William Lochead, of MacDonald Agricultural College, McG-Ill
University, Monlreal, who has been
canvassing public schools in the Unit
ed Kingdom with a view lo encouraging students to take an agricultural
course in Canada, reports that bis
mission has met with favor. Boys
at Eton, Harrow, Rugby and other
British colleges have shown keen Interest in tho matter, Professor Lochead says, and he expects that a considerable number of them will emigrate lo the Dominion next yenr.
Aro your horsta
coughing or running
Ht th« nose? If so,
give thorn "Spolin's." A vitluable
remedy for Cough*, folds. Distemper, Influenza, Pink Eva and
worms among horses and mules.
An orcnslon&l dose "tones" them
Hold at all (inn: .stores.
A Daring Stunt
Bobby Leach Would Go Over Niagara
Falls In a Rubber Ball
Bobby Leach, who went over the
Horse Shoe Falls In a sleel barrel on
July 25, 1911, litis announced llinl he
Is negotiating wllh 11 rubber company
lor the manufacture of a rubber bull
In which lie plans lo make 11 trip over
the fulls early next June. Prior to
the full trip, Leach says he will mako
three parachute leaps from the upper
steel arch bridge on successive Sundays.
The ball will be of the thickness ot
an ordinary large automobile lire and
will have a hammock inside in which
he will recline, Leuch said. He plans
lo huve Ihe ball, with himself as passenger In the water a few hundred
feet above file falls on the Canadian
side. He believes that the ball will
clear the great plunge of water and
will land safely in tlie river below.
Leach has attracted attention by
daring feats about the falls for several years. In addition lo going over
lhe falls In a barrel, be made a parachute leap from the upper bridge on
April 21, 1921, and went through the
lower rapids and whirlpool in a barrel
on June 28, 1911.
For Aches, Pains
The Safe Home Remedy
When sudden sickness comes, when
lhe kiddies come in with colds, their
little chests and throats sore from
coughing, quick results always follow
a vigorous rubbing witli good old Nerviline. If it's Cramps, Colic, Diarrhoea, Nerviline Is a wonderful friend;
It brings ease and comfort so quickly.
For young and old, to overcome the
minor Ills that constantly arise In the
home, nothing compares with "Nerviline,"—35 cents at all dealers.
time tested
Write lo The Borden Co.
Limited, Montreal, lor
two Baity Welfare Bookt.
After Every Meal
It's the longest-lasting
confection you can buy
-and It's a help to digestion and a cleanser
for the mouth
and teeth.
Wrlgley's means
benefit as weU as
The Spring Is a lime of anxiety to
mothers who have little ones in lhe
home. Conditions make it necessary
to keep the baby Indoors. He is often
confined to overheated, badly ventilated rooms und catches colds which
rack his whole system. To guard
ngainst this a box of Baby's Own Tablets should be kept in the house and
an occasional dose given the baby lo
keep his stomach and bowels working
regularly. This will .prevent colds,
constipation or colic and keep baby
well. The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Engineers are .prepuilng plans for
a concrete lower used as a -wlrelesi
station will be 1.200 feet high.
"Standby" Cakes
To Be Served At Tea Or At Luncheon
Or With Other Desserts
For use with litis and other desserts
and lo serve wllh lea or nl luncheon
one may bake these attractive "standby" cukes Instead of lho usual cookies. These get Ihelr name because
they nre the housewife's "standby"—
they can be kept on hand always and,
Instead of getting stale, they improve
With age.
Crenni three-quarters of a cup of
butter and then gradually add a cupful of brown sugar. Ileal Iwo eggs
well and stir Ihem up. Sift together
a cup and a half of flour, a teaspoon
of cinnamon, a quarter leaspoon of
cloves and half a teaspoon of nutmeg
(Mils last may be omitted if desired),
and add theso to the oilier Ingredients.
Then stir In a cup of seedless raisins
nnd half a cup of chopped mils.
Place tho batter by spoonfuls on
shallow greased enameled ware balK
ing pnns nnd bake until brown.
Externally or Internally, it is Good.
—When applied externally by brisk
rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
opens the pores and penetrates the tissue, touching the seat of the trouble
and Immediately affording relief. Ad-
ministered internally, it will still the
Irritation tn lhe throat which induces
coughing and will relieve affections -
the bronchial lubes and resplrato.
organs.    Try It and be convinced.
Under n new law In China the consent nf a faljier and mother has to
be obtained before a divorce can be
To have children sound and healthy
Is the first care of a mother. They
cannot be healthy If troubled witli
worms. Use Mother Graves' Worm
I Minard's Liniment for Sprains
Toronto Woman Advises
Young Mothers!
Toronto, Ont.—"paring all my years
ot wifehood and motherhood I have hod
such great comfort from tbo use of
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription than
X do not hesitate to recommend it to
othor women who need strength and
help during expectancy. 'Favorite Proscription' relieved um of all nausea,
or sick stomach, and kept mo well and
strong, I took this splendid tonic and
nervine during each of my four expectant periods and I feci quite sure that my
babies wore just as greatly benellted as
I myself, for they wero plump and
exceedingly healthy from tbe first
moment,"—Mrs. Rose Peters, No. 25J
Suckvlllo Street.
Health Is most Important to every
woman. You cannot afford to neglect
It when your neighborhood druggist can
supply vou with Favorite Prescription,
in tablets or liquid. This Proscription
Is iiiuile In Dr. Pierce's Laboratory In
BrldgcburK, Ont. Head 10 cents there
If yuu wisli u trial uiwUag-u,
May Abolish Passports
Continuance of British Formality
Against Canadians Considered
Strong represenlaltons are being
made to the foreign office ngainst the
system which makes It necessary for
Canadians at present to obtain pass-
polls before entering Great Britain.
Passports are unnecessary for British
people entering Canada aud continuance of the British formality against
Canadians is considered unfair. The
recent Increase In the price for passports, from two to five dollars each,
adds force lo the movement and It Is
expected that the presenl regulation
will be rescinded immediately.
Women Can Dye Any
Garment, Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,   Faded   Things
New for 15 Cents
Don't wonder whether you can dye
or tint successfully, because perfect
homo dyeing is guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even if you have never
dyed before. Druggists have all colors.
Directions In each package.
H.M.S. Lion's Fate
Must Beatty's Famous Flagship
Become Only "Scrap Iron?"
The Admiralty announcement that,
owing to the terms of the Washington
agreement, it Is not possible to avoid
scrapping the famous bailie cruiser
Lion, has caused regret in naval circles, where it was hoped that the life
of Beatty's flagship might be prolonged for a few more years.
It lias been urged In many quarters
that the vessel should be preserved as
a national war relic.
The vessel has been sold to a firm
of shlpbreakers for £77,000, and It Is
yet uncertain where she will be broken up.
The Lion, which mounted eight 13.5-
Inch guns nnd had engines of 70,000
horsepower, took a conspicuous part
In the battle of Dogger Bunk—the first
encounter between super-Dreadnoughts—and In the Jutland battle,
during which 99 oflieers and men were
In the latter light the vessel was
on fire, but Major Harvey, who had
both legs shot off, saved the ship by
ordering the magazines to be flooded
—gallantry which was rewarded after
his death by the V.C.
Capacity Audiences Expected
"Llghtnin"'     Will     Attract'   Many
Visitors to Winnipeg Next
A deluge of mall orders from surrounding towns and a steady demand
at the box ollice from city dwellers
forecast a series of capacity audiences
for " Llghtnin' " at the Walker Theatre next week, beginning Monday
night, April 14. Because of its long
runs in New York and Chicago lho
piny has been anxiously awaited and
It Is a matter of genuine satisfaction
that John Golden Is sending, for an
Introductory tour of Northwest Canada, the same cast that will go In
London next Slimmer, It Is headed
by Thomas Jefferson, son of Ihe late
Joseph Jefferson, as Bill Jones, and
Bessie Bacon, (laughter of lhe lit(0
Frank llncnn, as lhe vamping VftUdS'
vllle actress whose divorce suit enlivens the famous courtroom scene.
Miss Bacon appeared wllh her rather
during "Llghlnln's" historic three
years' run on Broudwuy.
For ihe Winnipeg engagement n
matinee is announced for Good Friday
In addition to the regular Wednesday und Saturday afternoon performances.
The " Llghtnin " company will also
play engagements In Saskatoon, Re-
glna. Moose Jaw, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Edmonlon, Calgary, Vancouver nnd Victoria before reluming In
the Stales for engagements In Seattle
and Fori land.
Everq Wife
Should Know
that Zam-Buk contains in most
compact form all the essentials
of a perfect ever-ready home
skin medicine.
This grand herbal preparation
is beautifully soothing for cuts,
burns, scalds, etc., or for chafed
and chapped skins. It removes
all danger of germ-infection,
poisoning or inflammation, and
heals the most troublesome wound
or sore with remarkable ease.
ZAM-BUK li "A Surgery Ir ■
Two-inch Box," useful for both
Accidents and Skin Disease.
New Mounted Police Posts
Three New Detachments Will Be
Established In Far North
Three new detachments of the
Royal Canadian Mounted Police will
be established this coming summer at
Fort Rue, on the northwest arm of the
Great Slave Lake and at Fort Providence and Fort Good Hope on the
Mackenzie River. With the increased number of trappers going into the
Northwest Territories and the Arctic,
it has been found .necessary to increase the number ot the nien"~who
palrol the north, while additional
work for the Mounted Police looms
ahead in lhe shape or pulling into
force (he recent regulations concern-
ing hunting and trapping preserves
for the Indians and Eskimos.—Edmonton Bulletin.
■a, ■ ■   ■§■ _*•, do not  tun..
B^B I M Mi 9Tm anotlier*day v.Us
Bkaf I I BBS ^Bt ltcl.lng.fjl.-ed.
■JBP ■ ■    \^P B^aV  log, nr I'mtruiTT—
■ ■ BJ    1L11  Ini! lMlns.    No
■ ■ ■■«■*/ sart;Innl opcr-
m m ^^^™ ™T stlun required.
Dr. Chase's Ointment will relievo you at ones
and afford lasting benefit. 80c, a box; all
dealers, or Edmaason, Bates A Co., Limited,
Toronto. Sample Hoi free If you mention tills
paper and enclose 2c. stamp to pay postage.
Remit by Dominion Express Money
Order. If lost or stolen you get your
money back.
Cigarette Papers
Large Double Booh _J
120 Leaves j4t
Finest You Can Buy/ ■*"    '
uy/  AM
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415 Mclntyre Blk., Winnipeg
Bad Breath
"Bad breath is a sign of decayed
teeth, foul stomach or unclean
bowels." If your teeth are good,
look to your digestive organs at
once. Get Seifjel's Curative Syrup
atdruggi.ts. 15to30drops alter
meals, clean up your food passage
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buy substitute.. Get the genuine.
lo. 1 lor Bladd.r Catarrh. No. 3 for Blood t
■kinDl.ea.ai. No.srorClironlcWeakn......
aoi I'.,,,!, ,„,., i.n.ii ,,s SNOLANO.S*.
bH.LRCI.r.t,r.Ha,I.C.i.ll.»r,,locUKJ.S.U.fl. London.
oa mail SI p.uu Tl, phi.ni Sr. H*sr. Toaosio.
0.  .1..  sr. I'all  suatr WSST.   MOKTNIAU
B.C. Lumber Goes to U.S.
American orders for lumber produced by the Interior mountain mills ol
British Columbia and Western Alberia, are the source of a very sails-
factory volume of business this spring.
A biplane recently reached the astonishing sliced of 248 miles an hour.
Minard's Liniment Relievos Colds
W.   N.   li.   loll. THE   RECORD,   AGASSIZ,   B.   C.
Agassiz Record
Printed   by   Tho   Valley   Publishing  CD.
Hammond, B. C.
Subscription:  $1.50 per annum
Advertising Rates :
Display Advt.  (transltnt) inch 35c
Dluplay Advt   (contract) Inch  25c.
Renders, por line    10c.
Legal   AdvertiBlmr,   130,   lino   flrnt   Insertion, 8c. suhs'ipuent Insertions.
Want and For snip advts., BOc. first Insertion, 2fic. Hutmequent Insertions.
WKDNHBDAY,   APRIL    23.    1924
Practically all districts of B.C. are
now preparing for May Day fcstivl-
tli». lURhtly so. TIiIk is a treat
that Inherltantly belongs, everywhere,
to lho children, and almost from tlmo
Immemorial the children have enjoyed their May Pole dances and related
1oy. Nor have the children nlone
found delight on the gladdest, merriest day of the year, tout men and
women cf al! nges, by tho thoU'iti'd,
have once again been brought back
to the days when life to them was
just  °ne   long  summer's  day,
The time has now come for Agassiz, night now. In thc children's interests we urge that the I.O.D.E., W
I„ P.1\A.;i and kindred associations,
link up for a notable Victoria Day
Time for immediate action. The even)
Will distinctly mark a historic milestone and Agassiz will ,be greatly in
honor. Tre Record promises its fullest support.    Say we all act at once.
The Agassis Local P.V.M.P. Assn.
held an enthusiastic meeting Saturday evening. At the conclusion of the
business, Mr. Hicks, of the Experimental Farm, entertained the members by .showing a number of slides,
comprising groups of cattle, horses-,
sheep and swine, eto. Also charts oi
records of some of the cows, explaining them fully. This was much appreciated by the member's and a very
hearty vote of thanks was tendered
Mr.   Hicus.
A part of] the business was to d's*
cuss arrangements for a monster picnic of the ChllHwack and Agasssl*
Locals In June, and Mr, Hicks kindly
offered the use of the grounds at the
Farm fcti the occasion, which was
much appreciated. ,
Harrison Lodge
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn was
lust season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs
Harrison Mills Notes
Monday afternoon the Liberal Convention met at Spence's Br'dg'j and
chose as standard-bearer Hon. Dr. J.
D. Mac-Lean, minister of education.
There was a good) attendance of delegates and no little enthusiasm maul
fester. The choice was made unanimous. Naturally thero is count of
u  win   at  the  polls.
given by the Chill*, wack Entertainers
A delightful entertainment was
Thursday last in the Agricultural
hall, under the auspices of the Red
Cross Branch of the Woman's Institute of Agassiz and under the management of Mr. I. Pelly. The proceeds which amounted to (28.25, clear,
went towards swelling tho Save-the-
Children Fund, Unfortunately on account of the Inclemency of the weather there was not as good an attend
ft'ice as was expeoted. Amongst those
who took part In the program were
thc following: Miss Kathleen Elliot
and her dancers In "Grecian Extravaganza" The Chiliiwack High School
Litenary Society in "A Musical Mix-
up." Miss Nan Burton and Mr. Whit-
more in a farce "A Pair of Lunatic*'*
Bongs by Mrtss M. Patterson, Mr. W.
P. Lilly and others. Miss Marion
Patterson, whose singing Ih very much
admired,   wag  unable  to  attend.
Mrs. Thos. Couch gave a party in
honor of her daughter's blithday.
The young folkM of Harrison were nil
there  and  had  a  real   good  time.
Mr. and Mrs. Acton Kilby spent the
Easter holidays  in  Vancouver.
Mr. Wm. Duncan Is making good
use of ills can these days. At-a-boy,
stay  with  tt!
Miss Iris and Ellen Lougheed, of
Stave Falls, were visiting, during the
Easter holidays, with their grandmother,   Mra.   Jos.   Picken.
We are glad to hear that Mrs. J.
Wake  is  improving  in  health.
The Indians of the Scowlits nnd
Chehal.s Reserves went down to Mission Mity( fofi (the 'Eastei" [services.
Thero were many or thorn,    '
On Saturday, the 19th, Mrs. James
Wilkinson and children were visitor*!
at  Mrs.  Thos.  Kilby's.
Monday Mr. and Mrs. George Hul-
bert   left   the   Mills  for  Vancouver.
The C.P.R. bridge gang, under Mr.
Sam Klnghorne, foreman, is doing
some repairs to the platforms and
bridge. Tho Co. has another gang ot
men petting rock around the brldgo
piers. Mr. Alf. Wilson is foreman of
thia job. Alf Is a first class rock
man, having had lota of railway experience.
We are all pleased to see Mrs. B.
M. Duncan home again from Mission
Hospital   and   progressing   favorably.
Mrs. Thos. Kllby and Mrs. Acton
Kilby paid a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
Jac Henley, in Chiliiwack, last Tuesday.
Miss Muriel Hanna, of New West
Minster, was the week-end guest of
Mr. and Mrs. James Duncan, of Bonnie Doon dairy farm.
. Mr. E. Klirby and daughter, of Lytton, was the holiday (guest of his
mother, Mra W.  J. Klrby.
Mr. Alex. Duncan has returned from
Kamloops after visiting his brother
Hector for a number of days. We
are glad to see you back, Alexander.
Mr. F. S. Beynon was a delegate
to the Liberal convention held fct
Spence's  Bridge  pn  the   21st.
Wlllt'am Hart is all smiles these
days. His milk is testing highest in
the Valley. Hurrah, William! Shake
again !
The Rev. Jas. Dewar gave us a
splendid* sei-mon on Sunday afternoon
I thjink everyone that attended the
service felt the good of it. There was
a nice turnout, hut the writer would
like to see everyone In the Valley attend church. -It would give everyone
a better feeling towards others. Come
let us fill the Church at the next
service. The sacred edifice was very
nicely decorated with flowers ; by the
ladies, of courst.
General Carpentry in all its
Sash and Doors.
All Dcors Mortised
Broken Glass repaired
Phone 44R P. 0. Box 131
Water Colour Paintings
Animals a specialty
Ideal Wedding Gifts or  House
Box 172, Agassiz.      Phone 37X
C. Warburton Young
Alexander S. Duncan
Resident  at   MISSION   CITY.   B.C.
Grade XI.   (Total  1000)
1  Wilfred Lawson,   805 ;   2      Willie
Sumpteta,    665 ;    3    Mabel Hunt,  686.
(Normal  Entrance,   total   900).
Grade X.    (Total 900).
1 Edith Boynton,  759 ;  2 Joyce McRae,  758 ;  8 Everett MacDonald, 725.
Grade  IX.    (Total  900).
1   Joyce  Probert,    682 ;    2    Maude
Moore, 681 ;/ 3 Jack Harris, 657.
By  courtesy  of  Miss   Margaret  W.
Robson,  B.A.,  principal.
Here and Th
1 ww rernrd has been esHblished
'jy the Department of Marine and
I iiheries in the number of white
fish eggs cnllectrd for hatcherv pur-
'■'' -s in th- Great Lakes and tho
! V nf the Woods. A total of 461.-
;': .""i rgjs w-re obtained, which
•■':.■'.■'.I < all previous collections in
t: » province of Ontario.
Conducted  by  the  Dominion  Experimental   Farm,   AkuhhIs.     Weekly  import,  April   16th,  1921.
1'ullen,   V.K.,   Whonnock,   Anc.   53    786
Brown,  Ruth,  Pitt Meadows,  W.L.,
54 917
Bruoo, W. D., Pitt Meadows, W.L.,
55 1055
Kershaw, J., Haney, W.L., 45 872
Metcalfe, C. P., Hammond, W.L.,
42 949
Simpson   and  Holland,   Haney,  W.I,.,
44 1090
University'   B.C   ..Vancouver,   W.I.,
Sweatman,  H.,  Agassis,  s.c.U.l.rt.,
hO 822
Doin.   Exp.   Farm,   Arrassll,   B.R.,
68 1101
in „ „ 4j    988
Experimental   Farm  pens    nnd   Unl
verHlty   pes  do   not   compete   for  any
prizes  that  may  bo  offered.
Produotion 68.69 per cent.
Average production per bird to date
according  to breed:
Whlto   Lerhornn     98.11
Whlto   Wyandottea     97.27
Barred   Rocks     87.97
Rhode .Island  Reds   .... 79.75
Anemias       7b,l
Mr. J, J. Graner, of Eburne, visited
the Agassiz Experimental Farm last
week and succeoded In purchasing 10
females of excellent bleeding to star!
a new herd with. He is anticipating
building a new barn on his farm at
Eburne and has selected an excellent
foundation of fully accredited females
Only one mature cow was purchaser],
she being due to freshen early in May.
She is sired by Inka Sylvia, Beets
Posch, and from Lady Lyons Faforit,
tho dam of the late World's Champion
Agassis Segis May Echo. Flvo other
heifers are sired by Maplecrcst Dc-
Kol, Henry, a .hull that has left some
excellent show stock as well as producers In the Agasssiz Experimental
Farm herd. Two of the heifers were
loo young to breed, while six of them
nro In calf to Sir Canary Peltje, thc
only son of Ludy Pietje Canary's
Jewel, a cow bred by Mr. J. M. Steves
of Steveston, which at one time hud
tho best record of nny cow In Canada as a Junior three-year-old. The
two other females purchased are In
calf to Moplccrest De Kol Henry. On
tho dam's side most of thc heifers
trace to two foundation cows purchased) lu 1912 from Mr. J. M. Steves,
those being the Aurora nnd Lena
families, Thero Is little doubt that
Mr. Graner has a good herd, nnd It Is
encouraging to know that thero Is a
movement In purebred Holstelns. The
stock Is being shipped to Eburne on
the 22nd, and the amount changing
hands Is said to be considerable.
Mr. W. IL Hlcks, Sunt. Experimental Farm hero, last week shipped a ear
of 44 hogs to tho Swift Canadian Co.
New Westminster, alBo 40 spring
lambs. Tho firm haB reported the
quality excellent, and contrary to the
general belief, are pleased to have
hogs  weighing  2001ibs.   each.
Mn Hlcks subsequently attended the
Oulnett salo nt Chiliiwack of good
grado dairy cattle.
A new deposit of soapstone has
i-<"i tTscoverrd on Trap Lake, a
; ii 1 l"ke south of Wabigoon Lake,
• northwestern Ontario. The quality
f Uie stone has been reported as excellent for various Industrial uses,
nj'd practical trials are under way.
V.'ntrr transportation is availab'e
direct from the deposits to Wabigoon
end Dryden, on the main line of the
Canadian Pacific Railway.
It is announced by the Canadian
Pacific Railway that two free
scholarships covering four years'
tuition in architecture, chemical,
civil, mechanical or electrical engineering at McGill University, are
offered, subject to competitive examinations, to apprentices and other
employees enrolled on the permanent
staff nf the company and under 21
years of age, and to minor sons ol
Canada's fisheries' production dur- !
Ing 1923 is estimated to be worth I
f4n,000,0n0. At the beginning of the
.vir it was not thought that anything like this mark would be reach-
i"'. for the Fordney tariff had cut
r'""ply Into exports to the United
!' n'es. Rut as the year wore on the
cnianrl and prices generally im,.
i rived, thus giving fishermen along
L'.;e At'.antlc coast especially a much
better market. •
Approximately $5,000,000 will be
rent by the Dominion Coal Com-
Iiry to open up a new mine and
tnl'iery nt Lingan, Nova Scotia, and
construction of a branch line of rail-
v.'iy to the new site has already been
i -.r'.cd. The new colliery will be
tr; ipped with every modern device,
rr.d a model town will be planned in
its vicinity. It will have a capacity
of some 2,000 tons dally.
The tenth annual Ski Tournament
will be heid at Revelstoke, February
C*h nnd 6th, in rmnection w'th which
f.,.i-jn.lng, tobogganing, snowshoe-
ing, skating, etc,, will be featured
An endeavor is being made to secure
the attendance of Uno Hilstrom,
Sweden's champion ski-jumper, as
well as other famous ski-jumpers
from both Canada and the United
States.       a
The Sedan Taxi
Ready to take you regardless
of the weather
whether on Business or Pleasure
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
We sell Silo Equipment and Moie Plows, Threshing
Engines and Boilers overhauled ane re-tubed. General machinists and iron-workers. We manufacture
steel stairs, elevators and elevator enclosures, fire-
escapes, canopies, iron and wire guards, bank and.
office fixtures.
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St. New Westminster, B.C.
PHOSEI 53  and  853
Wants yonr Insurance Easiness whether It la lire Insurance, Automobile Inanrance, Accident aad Mokaeas Tnearanoe, Mate disss xa-
•uramoe, or any other kind of Insurance. .If it ta Inanranoa, w»
writ* It, and oan quote yon tne Lowest Bates obtainable ta
In the Province. .We have {If teen 'old and tried" Xnenranoe So**,
William KoAdam is In yonr Dlatrlot twice a week, aad will he (la4
to cell and see yon.
Phone, write, or oall and see
628,  Columbia  Street, Hew Westminster,  B.0
Typewriter Repairs
We repair all makes of Typewriters a1 reasonable prices,
and our work is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Phone: Sey. 8194 Vancouver, B.C.
The Pleasure of Travel
is fully realized on the lines of the
Canadian Pacific Railway
Twenty-four hours in the beautiful
Canadian Pacific Rockies
Through transcontinental trains daily.   Electric lighted
sleepers and compartment observation cars.
For full particulars and reservations, apply to any
Canadian Pacific Agent or General Passcnge 1 Department
Vancouver, B.C.


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