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Agassiz Record 1924-02-06

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'h u     I
No. 21     Vol. 1
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, February 6, 1924
$1.50 per year
Hotel Agassiz
Courteous Service
Mrs. C. Gillis & Sons
Phone 30-L P.O. Drawer A C
Agassiz Rifle Association
Holds Interesting Session
Tho monthly mooting of tho above
Association wus hold In the Oddfellows' Hall on Jft». 30 at 8 p.m. There
wun il lui-Ko uttoiuiHiKio ot member**,
Pres,   P.   Sumpter  In  tho chair.
Tho Ses. Q. Ogllvle read some correspondence, one of much importance
to members was a request for nil
rifles to be sent away at onco for
general -inspection and overhauling.
There are some rifles not yet turned
In, and members aro requested to
turn them in at once.
An order was made to have 600
score sheets *o be printed by the local
paper   proprietors, i  i?!l!l
Les Sumpter was declared winner
of the Junior Cup for 1923, and Pros.
flumpter was deputed to pcoeulre a
suitable cup, which will be present:*!
at  the   general   meeting. *-
The financial report was read by
Treas, Russell Clarke, and the Club
Is In a sound position financially, and
expects to have a good season In 1924
The inside rifle range for the winter of 1924-5 will be discussed at the
general meeting.
General and annual meeting will he
held about the middle of March, at
which there will be election of officers for the ensuing year. All mem-
ber3 are requested to attend as there
will be some very Important business
on hand.
Parent TeacW Association
Children's Masquerade
in, tho Agricultural Hall.
See Posters
Goad Mtulo,
Ohlldfan In Costumt free.
Children Uo, Adults Me.
One of tim largest crowds that ever
came out tu a basketball game In
AgnsHiz were rewarded by a hard-
fought thrilling encounter between
Agassiz   and   Mission   Inst   Saturday.
Hard checking by both teams featured tho play, and there was very
little opportunity for open play. In
fact, in the first half only flv0 basket?, were scored, Agassiz leading af-
te*.'  the  firHt  twenty  minutes 6-4.
After tbe interval, the play opened
up a little, and Agassiz, who up to
this time had shown very little combination, began to get In some team
work, which netted them several baskets. Mission tried hard to equalize,
tut Agassli with another spurt forged abead, an(* nt the end of the game
lo.l  22-14. !   |i   |^H
For the local boys, Lyall Whelpton
with 18 points, and Ken Eoltert at
centre, starred, while Angus MacLean
was  the Pick of the  Mission  team.
In the opening game the Public
School girls again took the count of
the H.gh School girls 10-8. As the
score Indicates, It was a very even
contest, tho Public School having a
little edge on the High School in
speed and shooting.
The High School girls are coming
on wonderfully, and with a little
practice will soon be making the Puli-
llo School step to guard their laurels.
Tho Sir James Douglas Chaptor
I.O.D.M., Harrison Hot Springs*, hold
thohi election mooting at the home
of Mrs. A. S. Nlchol, Agassis. Tlw
Regent) Mrs. V. Haslam, presided, 14
members being present. Very satisfactory annual reports wero read by
the Secrotary, Treasurer and Educational Secretary. The Regent rood an
Interesting report of the quarterly
meeting   she   attended   in   Vancouver.
Mrs. A, Jacques was voted on and
accepted  as  a  new member.
They welcomed Mrs, B. J. "Webb
and  Mrs.   M.   Busseli as new members
Arrangements were made for a Valentino Masked Dance to be held on
the  15th  In  the I.O.D.E. hall.
The March meeting will be held
March 12th instead of 1st (fourth anniversary of the Chapter) In the form
of a social afternoon, card party and
dance.  In  the evenine.
A vote of thanks was tendered to
Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins for their kindness In moving cards and tables when
ever  necessary   to  different  halla.
Last year's Educational Secretary,
Mrs. A. Lovel], had to resign on account of 111 health, to the regret of
the Chapter, as she has done especially  good  work.
Mra, W. A. Jones and son, and Mrs.
Nlchol sen., were guests of the Chapter.
Following officers were elected :
Regent, Mrs. V. Haslam ; 1st Vice-
Regent, Mrs. A. Jenkins ; 2nd Vice-
Regent, Mrs. "W. A. Heath ; Treas.,
Mrs, H. Fooks j, Secretary, Mrs. C. W
Young ; Educational Secretary, Mrs.
A.   A.   McDonald,;   Echoes   Secretary.
The Junior Guild held their fortnightly meeting at the hime of Mrs.
J, S. Turklngton. The ladies In
charge were* Mrs. Strang, Mrs. PnH
bort. Miss Minnie Agassiz, and Mrs.
TurWnglon. There was a great deal
of good work done by the1 Industrious
young girls present. Odttta, Hicks,
Hicks, only five, worked a charming
bulldog on a bib. Refreshments were
served by Francos Bonnet and Joyce
Girls .present, were): Mary Heath,
Gladys McRae, Nancy Glendennlng,
Boe Bruce, Odetta Hicks, Betty Jenkins, Louise Young, Frances Bennett,
Joyce Probert, Madailne Bennett, Pansy Lovell, Winnie Halge, Rosy Lovell
Misg Alleen Graveley, Vancouver, was
a   truest   of   the  afternoon.
A. S. NICHOL.   —   General Hardware
How about that order of Barb-
wire you require this spring ?
May we figure on it?
An inquiry on prices will satisfy you our prices is right.
Mrs.   13.   J.   Webb ;   Standard   hvsref,
Mrs.   J.   Fozzard.
The hostess served delicious rt-ffFh
ments at the conclusion of the
Tho Monthly repoirt of the School
is  as  follows :
Principal   Morro Af's   Room.
Grade 8. 1 Duncan Cameron, 2 Dorothy  Bruce,   3  Allan Clark.
Grade   7.     1   Beatrlco  Nurse,   2   Dorothy   Edwards,   3   Dorothy   Clank.
Mr,   Hugh   Brown'a   Room.
Grade 6. l Walter Nurse, 2 Fred
Hardy,  3  Donald  MacCallum.
Grade G. 1 Marshall Saunders, 2
Phyllis  Chaplin,   3  Clara GHUs.
Grade 4. 1 Robert Count;, 2 Zoe
Miss  Laxton's  Room.
Promoted from Grade 3 Sen. to (
1 Betty Huntlngford, 2 Ormond Graham, 3 Mlnaj MoPherson, 4 Harold
McKltrlck,  5 Ethel Jacques.
Promoted from Grade 3 Jun. to
Grade 2 Sen, 1 Neliio Dennis, 2 Billy
Sutherland, 3 Doris Stewart, 4 Amanda Martin,  5 Florence Hubbard.
Promoted from Grad6 2 Sen. to
Florence Pouselle 350, Edwin Green
by McCaffrey. 3 Mary Huntlngford, 1
1 Peter Leman. 5 Florence Fong, r,
Nancy  Glendennlng,   7  Ailee:i   Smith.
Promoted from Grade 2 Jun. U
Grade 2 Sen. (Out of a poss'ble 401.
-Ethel McDonald 375, Francetta Ink
man 374, Norman McPherson 38S
Florence P-ouselle 860, Kdw ,\ t\rr*n
347, Olive Hubbard 826, Wallace Graham  318,  Leslie  Mcpherson   261.
Promoted from Grade 1 to Grade 2
(Out of a possible 400).
Elsie McRae 874, Lawrence Graham
360, Lillian Gnaham 849, Ronald La-
man 820, George MoPherson 297, Loy
Fong 266, Charlie Chaplin 247, Godfrey Harper and Joseph  Canon  214.
Beginners to Grade 1 (Out of a
possible 400), Eric Dennis 363, Harold Jones 351. Silas Graham 345, Norman Green 280, Bobby Wilson 2o5,
WiHard   Johnson   249,
Agassiz Barber Shop
Under New Management.
Soft Drinks
and Tobacco
Agassiz, B.C.
REPAIRS of all Descriptions.
BOOTS a specialty.
♦j»-»^* »i»-»5»»*is^»5»^5s^5sH«5^*js--«.**^j(-»^».*j«v*js. •*«-*^a> • 2*~*'(V*C,*'-*$>-*S*~*S>n<$*'*«^ *X*
X      JAS. R. CAMPBELL      f
Is still at the
% Agassiz - Meat - Market t
Y Prime Beef, Veal ami Pork, ^^^^^^
Y Smaked and Fresh Fish,
y Bacon, Lard, Butter
Y I O.Box 147 Phone 19
For Fancy Dress and Masquerade
Use Dennison's Crepe Paper.
We have a good assortment of colors, 35c. a roll.
Rainbow Crepe Paper, 2 rolls for 25c.
Let us show you our line of VALENTINES.
Phone 42.    Druggist and Stationer,     AGASSIZ
vBuamvL boo bbxtb
Agassiz, Feb. 4. The home of Mr.
and Mrs. Henley was the scene of a
delightful 500 drive, five tables being played, after which, amid much
merriment, everyone sat around the
tables to a dainty supper, the hostess
being assisted by Mrs. Henshaw and
Mrs. Busselloi The prizes were then
presented to Mr. and Mrs. Henley to
Mral Henshaw (ladles' first) and Mr.
Robert Hamilton (gentleman's first).
Mra, A. A. McDonald and Mr. Charlie
Merchant, the consolation prizes.
■Everyone then gathered, around the
piano, Mrs, Henshaw and Mrs. Jenkins playing, while everyone sans
popular airs. Mr. Henley showed his
skill as an elocutionist by giving a
number of amusing and Interesting
recftatlons, which were well received.
Mr. Jenkins sang a comic song, by
request, which was enjoyed. Mr. G.
Ogllvle and Mr. R. Henshaw gave an
amusing exhibition of mind reading.
The evening concluded with singing
"They are jolly good fellows" to the
Host and Hostess and the National
Anthem. I I
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
J. M, Busselle, Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
McDonald, Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Baker,
Mr, and Mrs. Herman, Mr. and Mrs.
Robt. Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. A. Jenkins, Mr. nnd Mrs, R. Henshaw, Mrs.
O, W. Young, Mr, Geo. Ogllvle, Mr.
Char]In Merchant, Mr. Joe Mncgulnes,
Mr, Jim Hamilton, Mr, G. Henley.
Mr. H. Griffiths, who has been ailing for some time, has just been
taken to the ChllHwack Hospital.
E. D. Harrington
Agassiz, B.C.
MRS. PROBERT,  Proprietress
E. PROBERT, Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Harrison Hot Springs.
Mr, Prank Kennedy and Mlsa Emily
Kllby, from Harrison Mills, are the
guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Stelgenberger
at Harrison Hot Springs.
Will be at the Agassiz Hotel. Friday of each week
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Dentistry in all its Branches. Extractions, Crown and Cridge
work.   Plates.   Latest Methods.
E J. Webb
Gercrat J'erclwnt
Phone 46
More attractive than ever
before are the new weaves,
patterns and colors of our
new arrival for spring.
When in town and you have
a few minutes to spare visit
°ur Dry Goods Department
and we'll be pleased to show
you the new
Ratines, Jap Crepes, Sh adow
Lace Voiles, etc.
For Thursday Friday &
Saturday of this week.
Cups and Saucers very
special Price $2.00 a dozen.
The Community Store
Canned Pineapple Large tins ..
Canned Pineapple Half size	
Best C. and S. Coffee	
Smyrna Figs Imported	
-45c. tin
.._ 20c tin
 60c. tin
  30c. basket
Men's Work Shirts Special Prices from  $1.15 up
Men's Dress Socks Special Prices 26c. up
Men's Work Shoes at bargain prices.
Ladies Shoes—60 pairs of good serviceable footwear at
specially low prices.
Misses Slippers up to $2.00 for $1.00 per pair.
SPENCER & STOUT, General Merchants
Phone 17
Agassiz Pioneer Office
Phone 51
icular people"
Briskly strong, yet mellow and
rich—the strength that indicates
superfine quality. 8t.
British Empire Preferences
rather tliu lack nl
- (ti constunl won*)
i's seem to labor ,111
saving Ibu Empire li
mi belli tlir Diillsll Erar,
haul und Fasl couslitutlonnl obligations, tire a
some people anil a tew newspaper anil mngazln
a delusion tbat lo tbeni baa been enli'iisli'il tbe i
Bpeetly dissolution,
itin- group advocates tbe creation ol1 an Empire Pai'liamenl, witli Ministers
in ilm Overseas Dominions resident in London, a commou foreign policy, and
a dfilniii' scheme ol Empire defence, naval and military. In other words,
this group stands lot- a greater degree of centralization, Unless ihis is at-
tained, we are lold lho Empire must Inevitably >m io pieces.
Opposed to Ibis policy, certain other publicists seem lo suffer from n
continual nightmare thai the liberties and autonomous powers or lho Dominions are really iu danger and that a serious effort is being made to place the
far-flung portions of the Empire abjectly under tbe thumb of Downing Street,
The truth is, of course, that both theso groups are unnecessarily alarming themselves, while al tlie same time wasting valuable time and good paper
ami Ink in endeavoring to arouse the people over sdlnething which is nol
worrying them In the slightest.
The British Empire Is, after all, a mother countrj wiih a healthy family
of grown up sons. While these sons wero very, little chaps, mother looked
nfti-i- them and directed their more iniporiant affairs for them, lint as tbo
boys grew up thoy were gradually given larger liberty of decision and action
lor themselves. Thai is, *li" Empire has evolved and continues to evolve in
exactly tlie same way as the average family, Any father or mother deserving of the name is proud and happy lo see the children mow up, develop
character, become self-reliant, independent and prosperous.
In the family circle It is not demanded that as lhe children grow up they
shall sign some formal document declaring their love and loyalty'tn father
and mother and binding themselves lo discharge certain duties towards them
and accept certain responsibilities on Ihelr behalf.
Thai love and loyalty exists, and that is all there is lo it. No matter
bow lhe children may grow up, nor bow far scattered around lho world they
may he, and irrespective of tbe individual interests which may be developed
hy each, there yet remains a common bond which remains strong and unbreakable. In principle their chief interests are one, and each and all can
rely on tho others. What benefits one indirectly benefits all, although nol
necessarily io the sunn.' extent, and loss to one indirectly and adversely
affects all.
The same principle holds good in the ease of lho British Empire. The
analogy is perfect. Australia may he vitally interested in something which
only remotely, if at all, affects Canada. But ii Australia in working oul that
particular problem gains in strength ami becomes more contented and prosperous, u makes lor Canada's gain indirectly. If anyone doubts ibis, let
him recall what tbo si length ol each of the Dominions meant to the others
iu the Great War, when, combined, Ihey placed over one million soldiers in
lhe Held, and, as Lloyd George declared at Ottawa Ihe other day, had it nol
been so the history of the world would have lo be re-written.
There may be times and questions where Ihe Interests of various parts of
lhe Empire may come into conflict, jusl as occasions arise when the interests
of Individual members of a family do not parallel each other bul sharply
diverge. Tills would happen just tho same if each was an independent,
sovereign nation. Bul. because till are members of one family, a greater degree of consideration for each other is shown, There Is a willingness to compromise, lo adopt a mutual policy of give and lake, which In the end benefits
There tire, however, many w;i\ in which the mother country and each of
the Dominions can directly assisi lhe others, without involving them in any
forin of centralized government or control, which might at times prove Irksome and lend to irritation resulting in frlcilon and a loss of that sentiment
and unify of purpose now characterizing tlie Empire as a whole
Other countries are working out policies for Ihelr own particular boneflt
regardless of ihe otteol on other peoples and nations. Franco seeks to Impose Inr own will and policy on Europe; Ktissla. under the Soviet regime,
would convert the.whole world lo tbe theories of communism; lho United
Slates erects a tariff itgalnsl the world In lhe belief that 11 is laduclvo lo the
prosperity of tho republic.
Why. then, should not the British Empire develop voluntary preferences
to a far greater extenl than heretofore botween lis several par.ls and thereby
confer mutual advantages on each other adding Btrenglh and prosperity in ihe
whole. And this can he done wllhotll adopting the dangerous policy of centralization of authority, without In the slightest degree lessening tho autonomy of each Dominion, and, so fur from weakening, result iu strengthening
•he ties of Empire.
; ZR-3 Will Soon Fly Across Atlantic
German-Built Navy Airplane Almost
Rt.-.dy For Voyage
Tli-- ZR It. German-bull I sisler to the
navj aii-phnie /it i. i.; expected to
h-ave Friedrlchshafen earl) in November lor her trans-Allanlic voyage to
her future home al Lakehurst, N.J. A
sliiiluti ship will he placed in mid-
ocean to direct the Iii;; craft, and the
Weather Bureau, Shipping Hoard, and
other government agencies tiro preparing lo co-operate in furnishing ilo- latest meteorological data.
The planned route is across Southern France, thence to the Azores, to
lhe southern tip of Bermuda and ninth
to destination, Tin- route covers
4,600 nautical miles, or a distance
nearly one-third greater than lho "airline" across England, Newfoundland
and Novo Scotia, Tho flight Is to bo
made "without Intermediate slop." Al
her average "gait" Um YM 3 Is expected lo lake 110 hours for her
homeward trip.
The German ship was bull I as a
commercial craft, Provision has been
made for twenty passengers on long
flights, or thirty on short voyages,
Corns, Warts, Bunions,
Painlessly Removed
Don't limp any longer, don't, suffer
another hour from corns. The oldest remedy and lhe best, lhe one Hint
for llfiy years lias proved a true success, will lilt ont your corns In a
hurry. Putnam's Painless Corn and
Wart Exlraclor is the one remedy to
use. Refuse a substitute, 26c everywhere.
B.C. Lumber Production
Nearly five, hundred saw and shingle
mills in British Columbia are producing annually approximately three and
a half billion feet of lumber and aboul
the same number or shingles. This
year the lumber production of the
province is estimated to bo worth
$83,01)0,000, and a survey of world
markets gives promise of a steady Increase in the next decade.'
When I lie baby Is til—when ho is
constipated, has indigestion; colds;
colic or simply fover or nny of the
other many minor ills or Mile, ones—
I lie mother will Und Baby's Own Tablets an excellent remedy. They regulate the .stomach and bowels, thus
banishing tlie cause of most of the ills
I or childhood.    Concerning them Mrs.
j E. D. Duguuy, Thunder River, Que.,
says:—"My baby was a great, sufferer
from colic and cried continually. I
began giving him Baby's Own Tablets
and tlie relief was wonderful. I now
always keep a supply of the Tablets
in the house." The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at
25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
.Medicine Co., llrockville, Ont.
i the !&/}«» Practical Mechanical Schools
_,e,ra,qei specially demand osritgdsntiai j
Iky are practically lr.un»H CT}1ITH ■
PO box 9i6   UXWlMiUaVJJJ^.-
His Lead
"Yes, Hut's poor old Jobklns,   You
know,    he    used    lo  play  a   leading
pan ai iIn- Ihentro."
"Good gracious!      Did  he,  really?"
"Yes,   he   led   Ihe   rallied   ort   the
.illlge."    London Weekly Telegraph.
One of the needs of the hour is a
pocket airplane that will enable the
pedestilan to fly across the street.—
Boston Transcript.
The Oil for the Farmer.—A bottle
of Dr, Thomas' Eoloctrio Oil in the
farm house will save many a journey
for lho doctor. It is not only good
for the children when taken with
colds and croup, and for the mature
who suffer from pains and aches, but
there are directions for Us use on sick
cattle. There should always be a
bottle of ll In the house.
Every day for Iwo years 86,000
war service medals have been engraved with lhe recipient's mime by an
English firm of modal makers.
Minard's Liniment for Corns
Coal Production In Alberta
According to flguros provided by tho
preliminary roporl on mineral production in Canada for the first six months
of lll-Il, Alberta has produced in ihose
six months a total of 3,812,991 Ions of
coal, compared with 2,268,296 In Ihe
same period of 1022.
Especially for women
who live on farms
Aunt Jemima Pancakes — thousands of
farm families have them regularly these
days. They're so easy to get and their old-
time Southern flavor makes a hit with
Now, in response to requests, Aunt
Jemima Pancake Flour comes in larger
packages, nearly three times as large as the
regular cartons. More convenient; more
economical. No waste from spilling as with
sacks. But the same flour—Aunt Jemima's
famous Southern recipe ready mixed.
Ask your grocer for the big Aunt Jemima
Aunt Jemima
Pancake Flour
town, HoneyP^ZSOjSiiSs
Great Oafel
•>-l~/     from
Little .Acorns
IT'S the careful systematic saving of small sums each
month that enables men and women to become
buyers of good Bonds and so establish themselves on the
road to financial independence.
Our Partial Payment Plan for Buying Bonds has been
devised particularly for those who wish to draw up a
conservative, workable plan of savfeig and investing a
portion of their income. The Plan is quite simple and
will appeal to those who wish to secure the maximum
income return, consistent with safety.
Buying Bonds on the Partial Payment Plan is fully
described in a special booklet. Use the coupon below to
obtain a copy and full particulars as to how you can
become the owner of a safe $500 or $1,000 bond during the
next few months.
Jsmilius Tarvis & Co.
293 Bay Street Toronto
Kindly send me a copy of "Buying Bonds on the
Partial Payment Plan.11
Address - '.	
Offices: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, London, New York, London, Eng.
World's Time For Radio
Map Eliminates Need for Calculation
By Berlin Operators
At ihe Immonao new central transmitting station in Berlin, it was imperative that the sending operators
should know the exact, time in any
other part of the world at a given moment, Some form of clock was found
necessary, that, would indicate day and
night, and simultaneously Indicate the
lime at all other important radio stations throughout the world. A map
of the world was therefore placed on a
circular glass dial, on the outer edge
of which two twelve-hour scales wore
graduated at flve-mlliuto intervals.
This dial, being darkened around half
the edge, to indicate where It. Is night,
is moved aiouml by clockwork. Arrows extend from the stations on the
map to the edge, Indicating the approximate limes al any given moment.
The entire device, moving across the
shaded area, eliminates need for calculation by the operator.
The Poor Man's Friend. I'm up In
small holtle that are easily portable
and sold lor a very small sum, Dr.
Thomas' l-lclectrle Oil possesses power
in concentrated form, its cheapnoss
and tlie varied uses to which it can he
put make tt the poor man's friend,
No dealer's stock is complete without
Game Invented 3.000 Years Ago
The Chin080 game', Mali Jongg,
Whtoll lias taken America by storm
and Which Is being played It) London,
Paris and other world centres, was Invented 3,000 years ago by a Chinese
lishci limn who whiled away lhe time
during Morula playing the game with
his employees,
Diamonds may be hlack us well as
white, and 601*00 aro blue, red, yellow, green, pink and orange, bul.
Ihero is no violet diamond, although,
In addition to amethysts, there aro
sapphires, rub Jim and gnmots of llinl
.   After
Every Meal
Have a packet in your
pocket for ever-ready
Aids digestion.
Allays thirst.
Soothes the throat.
Minard's Liniment for He.nl.icht
For the Guidance of Youth
Tills l» from a French manual fur
i In- guidance of youth, first published
hi 1713, which ran through nn editions
in th mrse of tho Eighteenth Century. "For tin.- sako of cleanliness It
l» wall lo nili the face every morning
with ;i whlto towel lu order lo remove
iln- (Hit. it Is not advlsnble to wash
with wain-, Im- llils exposes lho faco
in tin- chills of winter and the heals
of miniiiii'i." A slinlliii- work, pub-
llshed In 1087, warns children that "to
jvash tin- faco In water Injures Ilm
eyesight, brings mi toothaches and
colds niul engenders pallor."
w.  n.  i'.   um I'HE   coqiti:;,\.m   -v
Scientist Of Carnegie Institute
Believes Centre Or The Earth
To Be Mass Of Solid Gold
"The In-art of the earth," says a
new theory, "Is a heart of gold," At
tho very centre of tho globe there may
be millions of tons of pold and silver
and pliuinuni and the oilier heavy
This Is not mere pliniilastlc specie
Ihtlon, hut sohor deduction from the
most critical Investigation over made
In lhe chemistry of tin1 earth's crust
—an investigation conducted hy the
acknowledged world authority on this
subject, Dr. Henry S. Washington, of
tho Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C.
In-. Washington, studying over 5,000
trustworthy chemical analysis of lho
crust of the earth, found thnl tin- diluents common In the crust are exclusively those of llghtor weiKht. Tho
heavier elements occur only In tho
most minute proportions. Gold, for
Instanco, composes less than ono-mll-
llein-tli of one per cent, of the earth's
Yet Dr. Washington thinks it is Improbable that these heavier elements
nro always lacking. Then where is
Mother Earth's missing quota of gold,
platinum and other heavy elements?
Have they hidden themselves away
out of reach?
Dr. Washington believes that they
have, lie think thafthe earth was
once molten. While it was In tills
condition the lighter elements rose to
the surface; the heavier ones sank.
He thinks that millions of tons of the
missing elements are inside the earth
At the very centre he would expect
to find a core of the heaviest elements
—such as platinum, gold, antimony
and osmium, the latter (lie heaviest
known substance, familiar to all In
that natural alloy, "Indium," used for
the tips of gold pens. Out side tills
sphere of precious metals there is, perhaps, a zone of those elements that
nre little less heavy—copper, silver
and lead. If there is a zone of iron,
as Dr. Washington thinks there is,-It
presumably comes next. Clear out-
side, on top of all the metallic zones,
Is the surface layer of the lightest elements— the slag layer, the rocky
crust on which we live.
If tills Is true, where do the veins
of gold, silver, and copper that are
mined In the earth's crust come from?
The generally accepted scientific answer is that they have been brought
upward by seepages of hot mineralized water from the depths of tbe earth.
Mother! Give Sick Child
"California Fig Syrup"
Harmless   Laxative   for   a    Bilious,
Constipated Baby or Child
starts   the   liver
without griping.
Constipated, bilious, feverish, or
sick, colic liables
and Children love
to take genulno
"California Fig
Syrup." No other
laxative regulates
It sweetens tho
bowels so nicely,
tlie tender little
stomach and
nnd bowels acting
Contains no nnrco-
More lhan 60 years ago the great
English scientist, Lord Kelvin,'pointed out that aa earth consisting of n
(hin solid crust surrounding a liquid
Interior would never be able to
withstand the tidal pull of the sun
ami tho moon, if Is this pull of tho
heavenly bodies that makes lhe tides
stronger in the ocean. Now the pull
Is Just as strong, or stronger, on the
land. Why. then, are Ihere nol, tidal
waves in tho solid ground as there
are in the sea? Obviously, just because It is solid -because the land is
too firm nnd rigid lo yield lo lhe tidal
pull Ihe way lhe water does.
Lord Kelvin figured out in tons
the amount of these tidal pulls on the
land. They wen; stupendous; many
times larger than any possible resisting slreiiglh of the fill or (Kl-iulle
j crust then supposed in constitute the
only solid part of the globe.     If we
• really tried lo live on a thin, rocky
crust floating on a sen of liquid lava,
we should not last one day. Inside
of 21 hours the solid ground would
smash   under   our feel.    Twice each
' day a vast wave of melted rock liun-
I dreds of feet high, would roll round
Inside the shell of the earth, bursting
through it and overwhelming every
Vestige of anything solid.
There actually docs exisl, it, is true,
in the hind as well as hi I lie ocean, a
tide, but It is a few Inches high Instead of hundreds of feet. It is tho
kind of tidal rise and fall that would
happen in a very rigid solid—not in a
ball of crusted liquid. We may be
quite sure, then, that the earth as
a whole is a huge solid ball.
This view Prof. Hobbs lias lately
brought out in his book, "Earth
Evolution and Us Facial Expression," though he prefers tlie word
"rigid" to tlie word "solid," for rigidity Is only one of the properties of
solids. Under the tremendous pressure and temperatures, inside % the
earth, It is possible that the properties of matter are not the same as
wo know them on the surface. Things
may be "rigid" and still lack some
other property of "solids." Prof.
Hobbs explains the origin of such a
rigid earth among the blazing,
gaseous stars of space by reference
to a new theory of how the earth
was formed—tho so-called "planet-
esmnl hypothesis.
This hypothesis begins by Imagining the sun ns a single star, a llttlo
larger and hotter probably than It Is
now. There were no planets sweeping around It then. Along came another star. It happened to pass so
close to the sun that the gravitational
attraction between the two bodies
pulled out a lot of lho matter from
the sun.
These enormous pulled-out "drops"
of matter began lo revolve about the
Bun.    In time, as they  collided  with
■ one another, sticking together when
Ihey siruek, they gathered Into great
j lumps.     These lumps are the planets
, we   know   today—Venus,   Mars   and
I the others, also tho earth.
S. C. Andrews, Editor and Proprietor
of The Free Press, Allx, Alberta.
End Stomach Trouble,
Gas Or Indigestion
"Pape's Hiapcpsin" Is the quickest,
surest relief for indigestion, gases,
flatulence, heartburn, sourness, fer-
\ mentation or stomach distress caused
. by acidity. A few tablets give almost immediate stomach relief.
Correct your stomach and digestion
now for a few cents. Druggists sell
millions of packages of Pape's Dla-
Tidal Flow Of U. S. Settlers
To    \A/estern   Canada   Has
Reached Record Proportions
Few people would ci-
lo which the America
come in permeate the
minion, especially the
inces. iii recenl years.
nil the extenl
i people have
Canadian Do-
western prov-
In ihe year
Animals seem able to tell in advance when an earthquake or volcanic
! eruption is about lo occur. In Sicily
| dogs showed grenl uneasiness two
I days before the eruption of Etna.
Cats carried their kittens away from
houses, nnd rabbits seemed stupefied
by fright.
It Is an amazing fact thai (Ileal
Ilrlialn produces a fourth of nil (he
coal used in all the world. Yet Britain's coal Is by nn means inexhaustible, and It Is estimated that at the
present rate of eonsuniplion it. can
only last about live hundred years.
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
tics or soothing drugs. Say "California" to your druggist and avoid counterfeits! Insist upon genuine "California Fig Syrup" which contains
Blinks.—Where can you find the
truth these days? Jinks.—About
half-way between how fast ho tells the
judge his car can go and how fast he
tells his friends It can go.—Brooklyn
Eagle. „
Don't Neglect
Your Skin
Ladles— A lew days' treatment with
will dc mere to clean
up the skin than all
the beauty treai  !/«■ nri-nft7
per feci com
plesloD Ii
caused bj i
sluggish liver.	
Million, il gentile, old nouns ind middif >«t.
tali .heir. Im Dilinunieu Dltilant, Sick
Haidiehf. Ue-iei Stomach end lot Sallow,
Plmpl? and Hiotchi -iluo. That lad ti*
mlttm nl ContMottlon
Telephones Plentiful
j Dominion   Bureau  of  Statistics Compiles     Somo     Interesting
j    There are more telephones In Cnn-
,ada per 100 population than In any
other country except the United
Stales.    This Is shown In a report is-
|sued by the Dominion Bureau or Slat-
Islles In which the proportion of telephone users In Canada per 100 population Is set nt 10.511. '
British Columbia comes (list with
15.19 telephones per 100 population,
Ontario 13.59, Saskatchewan 12.21, Al-
berla 10.80, Manitoba 10.78, New
BrunSwtok O.OC, Nova Scotia 0.87, Hue-
bee 0.58, Prlnco Edward Island 5.80.
Compilation of telephone statistics began In 1911 and al. the end of 1922 nn
Increase of 212 per cent, had been recorded In the number of telephones In
use. During that period an Increase
of only 21.95 took place In population.
Saskatchewan Iiiib shown the greatest rale of Increase since 1911 nnd
Ontario comes next.
Compared with lust year telephone
revenue increased 7 per cent, nnd with
u reduction In operating expenses of
4 per cent, net revenues Increased
Small Pill   Small Dost—tatU Price
W.   N.   U.   1401
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on
package or on tablets you aro not getting the genuine Bayer product proved
safe by millions nnd prescribed by
physicians over twenty-three years for
Colds Headaeho
Toothache Lumbago
Earache Itheuniatlsm
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains proper directions, Handy boxes
of twelve tablets cost few cents.
Druggists also sell bottles of 24 and
100. Aspirin Is the trade mark (registered in Canada) of Bayer Manufacture ol Meiioacollcneldesler of Sallcy-
llcacld. While It Is well known that
Aspirin means Mayor manufacture, to
assist the public against imitations
tho Tablets of Buyer Company will be
slumped wiih their general trade
niiirk, the "Bayer Cross."
A whale Is capable   of   swimming
twelve miles nn hour.
Angora Orders Red Cross Closed
The Government of Angora has ordered the closing of all foreign hospitals and Bid Cross establishments In
Constantinople nnd forlbdden foreign
doctors and denlists to practice, according to n Constantinople dispatch
to lho London Dally Express,
IS71. when lhe Bra! census of the now
ly federated dominion was taken. Can- j
mill was found lo have a population of!
3,485,701, and of lliese 24,102 recorded I
their birthplace as the United Slates.
This was equivalent to nm quite seven-tenths or l  per cent, of tho total
population,     Al the time of the 1901
census Ihere wen- 127,899 citizens ol
American birth in Canada.     In that I
of 1911 there were 303,680, representing 4.1 i„r cent, of the total population at Ihe lime.     From 1911 lo 1921
a total of 748,118 citizens of tho 1'nii
ed Stales entered Canada, so that at
the present time there nre well over
1,000,000 people in Canada who have
been citizens of the United States, or
something like 12 per cent, of lho total
Dominion population.
The tidal How of United Slates set-
tiers to Canada started with the offering or free Crown lands as homesteads, and inducement that drew prospective settlers from every country of
the globe. The American immigration tide lia's always beet" of prime
value, because It. Is most purely an
agricultural one. Nearly the entire
aggregate of American settlers is to
be found In the western provinces,
where they have either homesteaded or
purchased land, Between the years
1S97 and 1919 some 27 per cent, of
United Stales, settlers coming lo Western Canada made, application for
homesteads, as against 18 per cenl. of
British nationality, and when It Is
considered Hint more Americans buy
Improved farms than newcomers from
any other country, the extenl lo which
they are developing Canadian agrlcul-
lural'.uriil lands may be appreciated.
Slnco tile government threw open its
Crown lauds and initiated its homestead policy, about 100,000,000 acres
have been settled, and United States
citizens have accounted for 90 per
cent, of such settlement, as against
20 per cent, of filings on the part of
settlers from the British Isles.
Since tho war, owing to the disturbance lu economic conditions, no less
than to Canada's immigration policy,
tl»e flow from the United States litis
to some extent fallen off. The movement was in lhe ascendent when the
war broke out; in 1913, the record
year, some 139,009 American citizens
crossed tlie border. After the war
the average contribution was about
50,000 per annum until 1922, when only
some 24,000 arrived. The Republic's
donation is still of the same high
quality, however, and almost purely
agricultural. Though the extent ol
homestead land is rapidly diminishing,
American settlers come to Canada
with ample funds to purchase Inrge
acreages. In the not inconsiderable
total of 7,319 homestead filings in
1922, Americans took second pluco.
A further aspect of this United
States immigration tide which makes
It so desirable from Canada's polnl of
view Is the amount of wealth 11. carries with it. Most United Slates Immigrants are fanners who have sold
out high-priced lands with t'be Intention of either lioinesteadlng or purchasing low-priced lands of huge ex-
lenl In Canada, and who arrive furnished with considerable funds and
fully equipped lo Inltlnlo Ihelr new enterprises immediately, The average
Immigrant from the Unltod Stales Is
much richer lhan lhe Immigrant from
nny other country. It Is estimated
Hint lho average wealth of the British
Immigrant to Canada In ii few years
reaches $100, while that of oilier nationals Is considerably less. Against
llils, to review only recent years, the
average wealth brought In by each
Unltod Slates Immigrant In 1919 was
$312; in 192n, $372Mn 1921, J312; and
in 1922, $102. In .1919 lhe volume of
United Stales Immigration to Canada
was responsible for bringing Into the
country about $14,000,000; In 1920
about $18,500,000; in 1921. $14,000,000;
and In 1922 about $10,0011,000.—E. L.
Chicanot in The furrow History
Paper Plant In West
Plant Near Winnipeg to Have Initial
Capacity cf 120 Tons Per Day
Erection of tho first pulp anil paper
i plant in the prairie provinces at a cost
or $3,000,000 bas begun near Winnipeg. The plant will have an Initial
capacity of 120 tons of newsprint a
day ami will, it is believed, furnish
paper to the middle-western market of
the United States.
Location ol the plant in the west,
it is said, is an Indication of the expansion ol tho Canadian newsprint industry. It was once thought that the
pulp wood supplies of tho prairie provinces would not he railed into requisition for years, but the increased eonsuniplion oi* the middle-western states
and their proximity to the prairie
provinces has brought about the demand. Newsprint production in tho
Dominion rose from (jfJ0,250 tons in
1921 lo 1,031,364 ton* in 1*J22 and this
year, it is reported, it will show even
greater gains.
To Retain British Workers
Efforts aro being made at Calgary
and al. other western points to retain
as many as possible of the British
workers who came over to help harvest the 3!*2'J crop. However only
those will be ltept for whom there is
work or who can bo helped to settle
on the land. The newcomers aro of
an unusually high type and It i.s believed that they will make tbo very
best kind of settlers.
Minard's kills the In- 1
flammalton,.   disinfects   •
and relieves.
Amundsen's Airplane
For Trade Route
Explorer's Machine May Fly In Commercial Line at Coast
Plans to' place Captain Roald
Amundsen's airplane, a five-passenger
limousine Junker, which was to have
llown across the North role, in commercial air passenger service between
Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., were announced at Seattle by A. II. Hammer,
Amundsen's business agent. Several
Seattle capitalists, who arc negotiating for (be purchase of the machine,
| Intend lo make It ono of a fleet of
planes for northwest service, Hammer
Will Be Interested in Mrs. Thompson's Recovery by Use of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Winnipeg, Man.— "Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done
I me good in every way. 1 was very
weak and run-down and had certain
troubles that women of my age aro
likely to have. 1 did not like to ro to
the doctor so 1 took the Vegetable Compound and am still taking it right along.
1 recommend it to my friends and to any
one 1 know who is not feeling well."—
Mrs. THOMPSON, U03 Lizzie St., Winnipeg, Man.
When women who ore between the
ages of forty-live and fifty-live arc beset
with such annoying symptoms as nervousness, irritability, melancholia and
heat Hushes, which produce headaches,
dizziness, or a sense of suffocation,they
! should take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It is especially adapted
to help women through this crisis. It
is prepared from roots and herbs and
contains no harmful drugs or narcotics.
This famous remedy, the medicinal
ingredients of which arc derived from
roots and herbs, has for forty years
proved its value in such cases.  Women
everywhere bear willing testimony to
a   tho wonderful virtue of Lydia E. Pink-
Japan has Just ordered hy radio
carload of toothpicks from a factory I ham's Vegetable Compound,
at Strong, Maine. A Idler of credit' Womcnwho suffer Bhould write to the
has also been forwarded providing for, J.ydlaE.l'inkhamMediclncCo.,Col».urg
, . Ontario, for a free copy of Lydia E.
tho shipment of the second carload ol Pinkham's Private Text-Hook U|x>n
lho toothpicks In September. I "Ailments Peculiar to Women."     c CITIZENS    CALLED    TO    RALLY
Yonnadon oltluena aro called
moot in tho Yonnadon sahoolhoaso nti
Friday, Fob. l, at 7:30 for tho purpose of considering th«' un tlcatlon of
tho municipal district. At present a
part of the district proper is Included with Ward ~. ami the remainder
with ward 3. Th a Is considered very
unfortunate for Yennadon, and 'ill
citizens are asked to moot and con-
oldor   ihe   muoh-dlfloussQd   alteration,"
Haney P.T.A. will observe ltathlrcj
anniversary In tho Mar-Lean Htffh
Sohoo]   <m   Monday.   11th   February.
Rov, Bishop do Ponder, It In hoped.
will address tho Ttunm' Huh on Mom
day  ovoning,   Fob.   nth.
THE   1924   COUNCIL
Maple Hldge, liko all thoothor mu-
nlol polities, had chosen lu olvlc
burden-bearers for the year. But
thai were tho duty of a day. Are
there any citizens that think their
tl u t y dune, If so they havo a second and moro mature "think." coming.
True, a good Boevo and Councillors have been chosen, tn them entire confidence may bo Placed, but
confidence la not all, There lis" a
part to I'lay for every citizen, and
no escape. In the first place tho
Council needs the best thought-out
ideas aud plans that each and every
citizen can offer. They not only
ntcii it, but the very fact; of our
putting them there to serve us, carries tho responsibility of our following- closely all their act|s, and-, in
every Instance where we have special viewpoints or idea**—It may even
be advice—we ought to press, skilfully of course, and so find acceptance, |
Nor should our local Councillor be
at all regarded as a distant or strange
[luminary, instead,* he should be as
much our confidant as tho Minister
or the ono who has the training of
our   sons   and   daughters.
(Was not spoken for the man who
might uselntlmacy or Influence to
secure for his own personal ends.
That were beneath the dignity of a
citizen, and falls to enlist much of
our  sympathy.)
Attend the Council meetings. Let
the Reeve and Councillors feel that
we are in full sympathy and ready to
confer wisely, tactfully at all times.
Let them feel that we're ready to
drftiofse when such is constructive,
■hut never once employ destructive
criticism.. 1
Shall wo not have tho best Council
year In our municipal annals The
Gaaette wishes to Pledge its part and
by employing as good a Rhort-hand
reporter as can ho had in the Valley,
promises to give regularly reports nf
both the Council and School Board
sessions, May we Plead that every
citizen make the Municipal Hall at
least  once a month  his cathedral,
Word lias just reached us of the
death at Vlrden, Man., on Jan 2lat,
of Mr. L, J. Cranston, B, A.
a litfcli school principal of that tiwn
for Sftii o years, and before 'hat occupy, ng a similar position In 14(wide n. alfin for ten years a vow hug>
c issf ul pjsco on tne Victoria, 1) t\«
High School staff.
Mre. W, J. Sparling, of tho Itldsa,
n sister, was beside her brother when
he died,   nnd   lor  a  fortnight   vrn'oro,
Pe!l(jhtlri*r in the work of fin gco-l
it. 1 in, Mr. C tuns ton, thnufr'i :n i|J
health for pome time, taught Ul almost tho last, und It might bo said
or him, as of another eminent educationalist, "Dead lie lay among his
Tho curious, In some leisure hoilr.
som0 day, will give to tho world a
\\<t nf romankabe men, geniuses,, who
died in their 37th year, H is a fai-
;il year to genius, None knows why.
Hums was taken away at that age.
it in detractors, who would seek to
oxouse their defamation, all, without
except lon.wriio "Burns died, young,"
moaning to Imply thereby, that had
li,. lived, things different would fall
to bo said of htm. Alas 1 for r'v
Chrlstinn charity of tho first and last
stone throwers,
Burns died when his mission was
ended ; when his work was done. Had
he lived, as has boon so often wished
piously, ho would not have boon Burnq
And let Iq bo said now, as should bo
maintained by Scotsmen for n't tim>,
that Burns Is just that—Bums, Not,
Robert or Robbie or Bobbie Burns, j
Those last are nicknames, tmployed
hy tho unloving or in error by the
Burns Is a cult, but make no mistake, you Scotf^ who road this—Burns
desires no worship. We do well to
rcvero his memory as one of God's
interpreters to US Of earth. But
pause,, think*, and we will thank God
for Burns—we will keep the memory
of  him  bright.
"Had Burn's IlvcdV Forget that
time-worn shibboleth. It hut serves
the critics to more invention ; to enlarge their waiting. So much for thi
slay of the man. Burns lives. Ho
began to live from 1795, tho year in
which what was mortal of him died
And he will live for ever, not only
enshrined In the "far-ben" of the
Scottish heart, but everywhere where
language is epoken ; and should literature dlsoppear, Burns will still
live. ,
Kxijes from home, the emigrant
Scots'" were wont to be termed, ami
the term was verily appropriate to
pioneer emigrants to Australia, Canada, America. They had no Libraries,
no daily neyspaper, no picture magazines to lighten their leaden hours.
|Thelif 'Maraty rt, ipen^tcs'.' were the
Bible and Burns. And what men they
were ! And what sons they reared !
Tno solitary exile with "Hope" as
his password and "Love" as his guiding 'Star vhlie making a homu lor
his loved ones, confessed to having
two New Years. One was by Calendar, the other January 26th, natal
day of tho man who helped to cheer
and console his timo and toll.
Pict/ure)  toin^ .there   in   his   shack,
with   his  Bibl0  and  hin  Burns ;   alone
with these.    How he thinks of his old
home and of hor waiting the call,
My   Plaldle  to  the angi'e aire,
I'd shelter thee, I'd shelter  the*/'
""We  twa  ha'e   paidl't   i*   tlie   burn,
Fra0  moiinin'  sun  till dine;
But  seas  between Us braid  ha'e
Sin' auld lang syne,"
and more and more and ever more
from the heart of tho living Burns
tc the warm receptive heart of the
emigrant, causing the tears to well
to his oyes and unconsciously causing him to raise his right hand to
Henvem and exclaim to his God, "I
will be a man."
It" Is  fitting    that    we    of    today
should    keep    bright tho  mempry  of
Burns ; we who have other consolations where our fathers had but Burns
and  thc Bible.
Look on any view : on any se.eiic ;
take any dlroumstancq, any event j
Burns   Interprets   It.
"It   soothes   poo:i    misery
hearkening   to   her   tale."
or   to   his   tale   or   your   talO—no  matter  who  the  "miserable."
"Where   with   Intention   I   have   err'd
No  other plea  I   hnve
But  thou  art  God:  and  Goodness still
DeUghteth   to  forgive"
"Though   they   may   gang   a   kennin
To step aside  is human-
applies to the best of us. It Is not
•ensure self applied. It is a merciful salvo to the hearts and the consciences of all men. Would thnt wo
could express it In every; language •!"
tho world, but that "kennin wrang"
falls flat is any but Its own—peculiarly  Scotch.
. But the next linos aro English
enough for all to  understand :
"But  when  on  life  we're  tempest
A  eomiclenco  but  a canker—
A  correspondence   flx'd   wJ'  Hoaven
Is  sure  a   noble   anchor !
and  who will deny  tboir power?  VVno
will  not sing with  Wordsworth :
"Through   busiest   streets   nnd   JOW.I-
est   glen.
Are  foit  the  flashes  of  his pen.
Ho rules mid winter snows, and when
Bees   fix   their   hives.
Deep  In   tho  general   heart  of  men
His power survives,
And   hear   .Tames   Montgomo: y   sing ■
"Peace to the dead.    In Scotia's choir
Of   minstrels   grout   nnd   small,
He sprang from his spontaneous  fire-
The   Phoenix   of   them   all.*'
And   hear   Robert   Buchanan :
"Poor 1s  tbo slave  that   honors not
The  flag  he  first  unfurled ;
Tho singer who has  made  tho  Scot,
Tho Freeman of, tbe Wo-fld "
Banished Ovid, pining in exile
writing of Himself bereft of friends
of country, of homn. sonrs hl«rh when
he claims that "genius still \« left
Gifts   of  the  Soul   ajono  defy  decay."
Wo keep bright thr* memory of
Burns by reason of thnt ; by reason
of what i*c has loft to us nt his soul.
Wauv a man resolves to "hopln
again" when he tnkos up his Rurna
to look fo«* the soothing word, fo-*
the sympathy denied him by hi" fellow men.
Thnt memory !' Tmmortflv memory ! How ho hntod cant and hypocrisy How ho would shield the
pressed "igomst tyranny. How
Uttcd thnt his ploli&h should cut down
(he lowly daisy. He would spare tn
timid mouse. He would) fain ride hli
Plough over the thistle, emblem of his
country. How he preached and saw
It coming, "the brotherhood of man"
Fmerson has declared that no man
not Latimer, not Luther, struck more
telling blows against false Theology
than did  this brave  singer.
Live on, and n]lght, bright memory
of living lips. Cheer our way, tho
way of us who are he!re of the gift"
of the soul.
The Memory  of Burns,
(Note: All readers will be very
giateful for this admirable contribution from the able pen of Mr. Domini
The meeting of Maple Ridge P.T.A.
'Monday evening, promises to be one
of deepest interest. Rev. Mr. Clarke
will deliver an address on the "Bible
in the Public Schools," nnd Mrs. J.
Muirhead, Pres. of Prov. P.T.A., who
cannot be present, has kindly forwarded her paper dealing with that
An Interesting discussion 'may be
expected. Every citizen should take
advantage of this opportunity and be
presetit.    All   are  cordially   invited.
Advertisements la this colauni mast be
Bids for tho cash purchase, or tenders stating amount that will bo allowed for two Ford one-ton trucks In
exchange' for two new Ford one-ton
truck chassis will bo received by tho
undersigned up to 6 p.m. Thursday,
February   7th,    1021.
Trucks are equipped with over and
under drive and may bo seen by appointment made with tho Municipal
Bids or lenders may be made for
one or both ti ticks, and for the
truoks complete  with  body  of  for tho
chassis   only.
Lowest or any bid or tender not
necessarily   accepted.
Envelopes to bo marked "Truck
J,   C.   MoFARLANK,   C.M.C.
Pert Haney,  B.C.
White Wynndottes from heavy laying  strnln.    Also  Black  Minorcas.
Phone   58-L,   Haney.
Firstclass   Wild   Hay,   lots   of   B ue
Joint, 1!'.' -or- ton in the barn.
E.   CHUR'.'H.
Fhrno  i.   • Hamtn ml.
9       POR  SALE
A Good Buy. Pony, Harness and
Buggy, a|| In good condition. Weight
of pony 80ft]bS', accustomed to single
horsQ  plough. Apply
Purebred     Black   Minorcas   (cockerels).    Apply   early
MRS.   8.   J,   NEV.-JTT,
Port   Hammond,
Ticket        Agency
Agent for all Steamship
Drop in and let us Talk it Over
ROBT. HAY, Assent,
Vancouver, B.C.
Canadian National Railways
Tlie Llllouet Community Cluh held
a very successful wh st drive in tho
old BOhoolhoUfe on -Ian. 1&.Prizes wore
awarded ns follows: Ladles, Mrs. II.
MoArthur, MlsH Ida Smith nnd Mrs.
Ooo, Oreemvoii, Gentlemen, Mr, w.
Roboruon, Mr. 0, Pearson nnd Mr, O.
Host 10, Tho elmlrmaii of tho committee roSpotlBlblo for tho whist drive,
.Mi', it, Piatt, addressed tho gathering.
Dxcollont refreshments were served
by tho ladios. Following off cars wero
olootod: President J, Rosa | vico-
I'rosldent, L. Piatt ; Sec.-Trens., J.
Cameron Ii Committee, TI. A, Weils, J.
Houstn mid Ooo. Hastle. It was do-
elded to hold tho next meeting Tues.
Jan, 20th.
Albion News
Tho progress!venesfl of Albion is
ngnln demonstrated hy tho toucher,
Mrs, Munset', by forming a Junior
Girls' Club, which has been christen-
ed the unique name, The H nkjo Dink
Girls' Club. Groat results aro prom-
IflOd by its members. Tho first soclnl
ovent l« to be a basket social community iilng-t-'nng and danco. T>ato to
be given out later,
Mr, flow, of tho Prairies, « Visit-
tin:   his  parents  nt   Albion.
Much good work is being done on
Beat  Four,
Farm Help Supplied
Canadian National Railways
Colonization and Development Department.
Tha work of this dopartmo
nut ' ''estern Canada to bo of
and  through  lis special  ropros
Norway, .Sweden, Denmark, an
able to bring to Cnnndu largo
male, who In a short time sho
settlors,    Tho frrcnt  obstacle In
Immodlnle   employment  for  the
colonisation  wonw  by  employ!
and If possible BY TUB YI3A
nnd  no  lidvancos nro  required
purpose. All  Information plven
tho scttlo rciiulrlnp; work only.
nt Ii being rapidly oxtended through-
the host pohhIIiJo service to tho public,
■ntatlves In tho East, In Great Britain,
d oihor European countries} it will bo
numbers of Immigrants,  mnlo and roup!   bocoino   permanent   nnd   desirable
tlio past has been the uncertainty of
now nrrlvnls nnd  farmers can  assist
ng   their   hop,,   through   this   ohannel,
It.   Tho work Is done without chargo
for transportation or for nny similar
Is used for tho purpose of Informing
All C.N.R. Station Agents have Necessary Forms
and will take your application, or write
D. M. Johnson,
Gen'l Agricultural Agent,
R. C. W. Lett,
General Agent,
Canadian National Railways
KirLB itinera
iUBOH   Mo.   32
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evenlns a
B o'clock In the Odd Fellows' ll.i'i
Ontario Street, Port Haney. Vb-itlm
brethren   cordially  Invited   to    attend
N.O.,   Bro,   ,1.  C.  Mosher.
v.<!.,   Bro,   .1.  unit.
rtec.   Secy.,   Bro.   P,   H.   Burnet'
i   Rlngor  Sewing  Machine  mul  ono
Mrcr's l<1o:<*n   Pump Apply   In
p, nunatrsoN,
ros saie
Purebred   Yorkshire    Sow,    duo    to
farrow  middle  March.    Price   J30.00.
z     Pitt  Meadows.
Excellent  Cooking Potatoes nt *! 2&
sack Apply
Phono   37 F Hammond.
IIAJTIIT   J..O.H.   No.   2816
Tho   rogular   meeting  of  above lodge
Is held in thc Oddfellows hall, Haney,
firm.  Tuesday In eaoh month at 8 p.m
Visitors cordially  Invited.
Geo.   Hastle,   W. M.
J. M, Campbell, R.S.
£.0.8. A.
The regular meetings of Hammond
UO.B.A. No. 165 are held in the Fob-
sett Hall, the second Tuesday of each
month at 7:33 p.m.
W.M.,  Mrs.  M,  Maoey,  'Phone 2SR.
Hec-Sec'y, Mrs. J. H. Ritchie.
Phone HI.
The  regular  meetings  of  Hammond
L. o. I,. No. ISM, are hold in the Fossett hall at 8 o'clock p.m.  on Second
Saturday ant <th Friday, each monta
Visitors  cordially   Invited.
Wm. Hope, W.M.
W.   A.   Brooks,  R, S.
Tbe Provincial Police Depnrtmen
has notified tbat all Motor Vehicle!
bearing tho H>23 license plates should
be checked up. All owners of molo
vehicles aro hereby warned that Immediate steps should be tuken lo
obtain  the 1024  license  plnlt-s.
Tho attention of all concerned l>
drawn to Section 7 Motor Vehicle Ant:
Any person operating a motor ve-
hloit us an employee or for hire, In
required to tnko out a Chauffeur's
Llccn .. Application for same should
be mii.ie to Pro, Tollco, Now Westminster.
By  ,>,!er,
Maple   nidr„   Municipality.
Gradual* TeacherPiano and Theory
Pupils prepared for Toronto Conservatory and Canadian Academy Exams.
pKOxra 63-y
Of course no one enjoys having lo
use a neighbor's telephone. Tot tho
phone has becomo such ti necessity
that, if one hasn't a phone, It can't
ha helped now and  then.
Good neighbors don't nay anything.
but It must annoy them. Naturally
vour neighbor says sho dOGSli't care,
but she dons. It would annoy you If
tho  conditions  worn  reversed.
A party line Is $1.60 net a month.
It's a popular service, dot particulars at the office.
British CoIambtaTelephone Co
FRUIT, etc. Through
the New Year.
Services Cherful.
niagu *na«       ran Ssasj    j
Prime Steer Beef.
Veal Pork Mutton
o    Sausages.
Port Hammond /£
Farm lighting Plants.
Write   for   quotations.
The Jarvis Electric Co. Ltd.
570 Richards Street,
Auto Association
Everybody seeks reliable service. That is why much custom
tomes to:-
Black smithing
Wood Cutting
Apply   ta   m.   T.   ITBEET,
Phone  aar. BAKKOHH
By sending your soiled
and faded garments to us.
535 Clarkion St.,    Phone 278
Fully   experienced.      Patrons    always
satisfied.     Oa.ll   In.
Tlie School Board held their first
mooting on Friday :il 10 a.m. Mr. II.
Mitchell was appointed Chairman
vlctj Mr. J. Stewart resigned, and Mr.
F,   V.   Harris*   Seo.-Trens.
With the recognition by the American Automobile- Association, the 1!.
C. Automobile Association's affiliations have beon extended to include
some 700 clubs throughout tho United
StatcB and the automobile associations of Great Britain and the continent. A telegram to tho effect, congratulating tho local association, was
rend to the meeting Wednesday night
nt Pender Hall, Vancouver, while the
monthly smoker wns in progress.
This wild the most successful gathering tho ClUb has had since its reorganization. Various officials made
reports showing a steady increase of
membership and giving credit t0 tho
ojuli liy memboi'H for Its excellent
emergency service, A largo ilumbor
of new membera joined at the meeting
Tha following were nominated to
Iw voted ona t, the annual general
meeting : Honorary Presidents, His
Hon, I,lont.-aov. W. 0, Nichols and
J. J, Bnnfield ; president and manager, F. J, Furnivall ; vice-presidents,
Bronton S. Brown, Dr. 13. W. Moore ;
directors, 0. H. Macau lay, Col, 13, J.
Ryan, A. Jones-, T. a, Poison, Hector
McKonzIq, F. J. Tracey, Bert Henry,
W.  W,   Coolidgo.
The following committee nominations were made: Finance, Seeds
Martin^ A. L, McWllllams. S. H. Carpenter ; publlciay, F. J. Bird, O. A,
Mould. A, Johannson,; entertainment
and sports, -C, Swan, R. A. Williamson
A. J. Mulling; good road, N. C. Cull,
W. E. Jenkins, B, Shewbrooko; auto
camps and transportation, J. A. Pollack}, 9. R. Walaer; legislature, Leon
J. Lodner, A. Fisher ; membership,
Joe Garvey ; executive, Charles Sang-
ster,  A.   Oalbraith.
An Interesting feature was a talk
by Police Inspector Hood on the traffic laws, J< A. Pollock spoke on the
need of mone tourist auto camps, The
entertainment was featured by the
Folly Ghi8 and the Royal orchestra.
Boxing was by the Ferris Midgets,
Bert Dundar and the Nestman boys.
Community singing was led by W.
McLennan Moore and solos were rendered by Mr. Moore, Jack Stevenson,
Bobby Elflck, Harry Warner, and Don
Gray. A concertina solo was played
by Harry Fray. B. Strlnchcomb gave
a French-Canadian recitation and Buffalo Hargraves gave a tumbling exhibition.
Mr. W. Hellter, who has been nulte
seriously Ul for tho past two weeks
with acute pneumonia, is reported
slightly   Improved
Wood's Garage
Dewdney Trunk Road,
Phone 36 R Night or Day
Fordjand Chevrolet^Specialists
See  us   about your  Electrical
Repairs to Batteries,  Starters
and Generators.
Widdess for Watches
Matchett Building    -   -     Port Hue;
Persistency,   his name is,
A   little   pootizer
Whose name changes, ne'er his phi*,
Mo ?    I  am pore miliar,
A gentile  duck or  flapper.
Mcv     1  lovo  to   ilead  his pomes,
For him I'd be* a scrapper.
And   follow   where he roams.
his Modem Girl is klnda—
Well—he's   kinda  hard  on   hw j
llo wants to havo her find a
A   little  more  to wear.
Its fun,, of course,  lie's on to,
'Bout   knowing   carrots   from   kalo,
But  Mary   sh«j   was bound to
Give   him   particular   h-—   (Hall).
Mury^who*       Oh,  McGlnty.    What
Other Mary 'd have tho wit
To write the very thing ahe thot,
And  find  a man  to  print  It.
Now Mary's mad  she was mad,
The  poet  keeps  poetln'   still, *
Coaxing   her   quite   awful  bad,
An'   I   bcLleve  she  will.
And when she will, then will she
Be Wilfred's own ? you whisper.
I'd  lovo  to  sh&i<pen  Mary,
And make of her a Fishspeer.
But  what  of mo? Elisorij
Then with my busted heart,
I'll get me richest miser,
(There   are  dozen's   of  'em  all   about
And -from  his gold him part.
Bllzar   Huckleberry tree.
The   Brackens.
Jan.  8th,  '34.
Pitt Meadows
boabd or TBABB
Will Buy Dry Cascara Bark
Twa will ttka all w« ou rat of'BBY
OAlOaBt BABE. .VfatM Oaah
Mom »ald,
Bn  II.  HANBT,  B.C
Painting,     Kalsommg
and Paperhanging.
Wall Paper,  Paint,  Varnish,
Oils, Shellac. Enamel and
Coal Tar FOR SALE.
Estimates Given
All through Maple Ridge
Ontario Street, Haney
Phone 23
Hat ruaml SobpUm
Ptompt larrtN *a all parti •>* Mi
ivsw vimnimi   noas
i >
Offlc.r.   Xlactoo—Mr.    B.   Donalaion,
PrMtdnt—Will Stage Oonoart
The annual meeting: of the above
organization was held on Saturday,
Jan, 26th, at 8 p.m., Mr. Wm. Struth-
ere presiding The Secretary. Mr. A.
E. Sanderson was In attendanoe and
submitted correspondence and financial   report.
Messrs. a H. Ford and D, Donald.
«on wero appointed a committee to
Interview tho BVC.K.R, to obtain the
necessary data which is to be sub
mlttod at the quarterly mooting of
tho Frnser Valley session In March,
for  future  action.
(It was decided to Intorvlew thc
Council with a view to obtain the
sarvldcs of tho noovo 'and Clerk in
this   connection, <
Business disposed of the following
offlcors were elected for the year:
Tros, Mr. D. Donaldson; rieo-1'ies,
Mr. S. H, J'ord i Seo.-Tron, Mr. A
E.   Sanderson   (rO'Oloclcd.)
Mr. W. H. Hioks, Supt. Dominion
Eirperlmcntal Farm, Agassis, has had
father a busy and interesting time at
the Coast Cities lately. He assisted
In a poultry short course) for the
University at Point Orey, which 35
students are taking. Mr. Hlcks discussed the Agassis Egg-laying Con-
teat for them last Monday. On Wednesday and Thursday ho attended thc
B.C. Dairymen's Association Conven
tlon at Victoria On Thursday evening ho attended the annual meeting of
tho B.Q Holsteln Breeders' Association, when Mi1, Altx. Davie, of Ladner,
was appointed President, Mr. P. H.
Mooro, of Essondale. Secretary, and
Mr. W. H. Hlcks, Treasurer,
"When They Have Gone"
The past comes up—childhood
days—happy hours by the flre-
eido—their hopes and Joya—
and  trials,   too.
You can keep tho memory of
their names forever fresh by
giving some little part of the
blessings you now enjoy towards a permanent memorial
in   everlasting   stone.
Roevo W. D. Bruco and Momborsof
the Pitt Meadows Council woro duly
sworn in offlco on Thursday In Uie
Council   Cliamber.
Mr. Wm. McDorimott, returning officer1, submitted ills report re election.
Mr. II. L. nold, ICC, wos ro-np-
polntod   Solicitor.
Mi4. Wm. MoDormott, clerk, assen-
sor  and  collector,  re-appointed,
Uoad foroman H Cook, reappointed  with  Incrcnso of salary.
Dr.   Morse,   M.K.O.,   ro-nppolnted,
Councillor II. H. Brown appointed
plans   approving   officer
The following committees woro appointed,   first   named   chairman :
Finance,  n.  n.  Brown,  n. H. Slmrse
Hall,   ,T..r.   Tully.   S.   nipplngton.
Health,   B,   Shnrpe.   0,   Wooldrlilire.
Board! of Works, Ileeve nnd Council
Tho foi^rt of nevln!on comprises
tho following Councillor).: B. rt.
Brown. C. nipplngton, R. Sharps, ,T.
J.  Tully and 0.  Wnnidrldgo.
This Court will meet February Sth
at  10 a.m.
•aooanon   lo  Patterson,   Ohaad
Iw *  Itapha, Unit**
5EV3NTH   AVB.    A    MAM   ST.
Vancouver, 8.0,
Wrlto   today     for    Catalogue   of
doslgns.     Established   1871
of the series dealing with the establishment of the
Dank or Montreal at representative points in Canada
and elsewhere.
9EFORB any steamship had crossed the ocean, and before either the locomotive or the telegraph had been invented,
nine merchants of Montreal signed articles for the formation
of the "Montreal Bank," .now the Bank of Montreal. That
was on June t$, 1817—more than 106 years ago. ■•>-<
Since that time Montreal has grown from a town of less
than 3CV000 to « city of more than. 800,000 population.
The Bank, in continuous and successful operation from those early dayi
down to the present time, has steadily pioneered its way across Canada.
Today, through its Head Office and more than 550 Branches, it offers
Complete banking service—local, national; and international—in
every section of the Dominion.
Established over 100 years
Jltal Assets in excess of $650,000,000
Port Haney Branch: J. GALT, Manager.
A Vancouver Mining Syndicate Is th h
spring1, early, to take In supplies and
start work In the rugged hills surrounding Pitt and Stave Lakes, particularly the former. Mr. R. C. Campbell-Johnston, an eminent ongi neer,
has examined the property for tho
The  very  best  of  a  waten supply
Is available and shipping the ore down
the lake will not be a formidable undertaking. The mineral values are
chiefly copper, Assay roports have
returned copper 9.44 per cent., sliver
1.3 oz., and. 30c. gold. The son* st
sine runs through the property at a
width varying from 1000 to 1200 feet,
Marcus Cox was the prospector. He
worked hard and endured tn tho wilds
of the PUt nnd Stave Lakes. Last
week his turn of fortune came—he
has sold two groups of his claims and
may now take a holiday trip.
Sanaa tha Increasing Popularity of
The Continental Limited
9:5| P.M.
Routes—Side Trips—Stop Overs
Blue Funnel Motor line Ltd
R. H. STEPHENS, Manager.
Leave Webster's Corners 7,50 a.m. Leave Ysanadon 8.10 a.m
Leave Haney Daily 8.30 a.m, 1.00 p.m., and 4.00p,m.
Leaves Haney Saturday and Sunday 8.30 a.m.,  2,00 p.m., 6.30 p.m.
Leave Westminster Daily 10.80 am., 2.00 p.m., and 5.30 p.m.
Leaves Westminster Saturday and Sunday 10,?0a.m., 2.00 p.m., 4.30 p.m., and 9.00'p.m.
Passing   Through  Hammond  and Pitt  Meadows.
Those wishing to be called for who are on the HAMMOND PHONE ure requested to ring up
Phone 15 Westminster 601 THE   COQUITLAM   NEWS,   PORT   COQUITLAM,   B.C,
| Straight Talk On '
Danger Of Colds j
Lei your cold gain headway, mid,
you eun'l keen n from running into
Catarrh nover slays In the same
place Ii travels down Into the lungs -;
then it'ii Consumption,
Dri\ M-: and Catarrh rlghl out of
your svslcni while vou hnve tlio
Easily done l,v  Inhaling CATATtlS-
HOZONE, which Instantly roaches the I
true  sonne  nt  tlie   Irouhle nnd  gels j
ilghi where lhe living germ or Catarrh '
Is working.
CATAliKlln/ii.NK Is mil of healing
balsams and essences, nnd is able to
patch up ihe sine spots untl remove
thai lender, sensitive reeling from the
nose nnd throat.
Hawking nnd spiuing cease, because
the discharge Is slopped. The nostrils nre cleared, headache is relieved,
breath Is puritiod. Every trace or
Catarrh, bronchial nnd throat weakness is permanently removed.
months' treatment $1.00; small size
50c, Sold by all druggists, or hy mall j
from The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.,
Author of "My Canada," and Other
Published l,s Special Arrangement
with il.e Author
Murray and 1 made ii a point to go
to Teddy's club tlancos whenever ho
asked us, and wo had several of his
friends at the house. Then* really
was nothing wrong with Iheni, in most
cases, except youth. Tho boys were
like Teddy, fond of posing as experienced and somewhat dissipated men
of the world, bul really only growing
children under it all. And the girls
were "good sports," amazingly sell-
possessed, and always effective,
whether they were pretty or not.
"Am I so old, or just old-fashioned?" i asked Murray ono nighl after
our guests had gone.
lie laughed.
"Neither, you are just different," ho
replied. "It was ;i lovely war, Mar
garet-Anno. Vou and 1 are ante-bellum, there is a whole era between us
and those youngsters; the calendar
has nothing to do with it."
i fancy lie was right. And perhaps
if more people fell as Murray does
there would be less criticism of the
present generation. As to Teddy,
tho boy was so transparently frank
that we always knew when' ho was
and what ho was doing, almost what
ho was thinking. And 1 felt certain
lhat. wiih our homo as a sort of anchor
he could noVor go very far astray, IIo
had nol lost Ids boyish admiration lor
Murray, i I from the first he let me
lake tho place Of tho sisters lie must
have missed. And ihe twins were
devoled lo mini—one of his most lovable trails was that even in public he
was never embarrassed by their
demon strati vencss.
Whether it. waa tho coming of tlie
wanner weather or the result of the
winter's cold 1 do not know, but as
spring advanced it was evident that
Murray's condition had ceased to Improve,
For some time he had been gaining
In weight and sleeping well, but a recurrence of the stomach trouble quickly pulled him down, lie himself made
light of tile reverse, but 1 was worried,
especially as lie refused to eonsull a
n doctor, and would not hear of staying home  from lhe ollice.      I  knew
that what lie n led was absolule rest
and n liquid did, but his stubborn refusal to iu* "fussed over" was so good
a sign of Ms improved condition otherwise that I allowed him to have ids
own way.
I blamed myself afterwards for nol
being more insistent, for ono wet evening he cartP' homo from the ollice with
chills and a violent headache, ami hi-
fore morning I bad to semi tor the
nearest doctor,
Dr. Su l In i la nil was, luckily for us,
an overseas man, and It look me only
a mom on I to oxplaln Murray's >+< to
him, He looked very serious during
the examination, but he assured me,
when he .followed mi' Lo the dining-
room afterwards, that there was no
immediate danger.
"We'll gel him Into hospital al
once," he said, "His general condition is none loo good, and lie has a
IlABty touch ol pleurisy, but I see no
reason why lie should not pull through
safely. 1 don'l know If you understand  these  cases."  he  added,  "your
husband had a flue constitution Lo begin with, i should Ihluk, but that rotten gas has undermined ii pretty Lhor
oughly. iie'ii need ihe lest of care
lor a while, and thee il I were you I'd
get him out nt ih. city. An ollice
i; no place lor him ror the iipxI fow
So .Murray wns taken lo lhe tlea
oral, and Teddy came oui to stnj with
ino and ihe twins. It was an anxious
lime for us all. for .Murray was very.
verj ill. ISvorylhlng seemed to have
gone wrong al once, and lor Ihe first
ten days I morel) lived from hour to
hour on Dr. Sutherland's repealed as-
Mnatices thai we would "pull him
through yet." After thai ihere was
a gradual but very slow Improvement.
.Murray was as weak ;,s a baby, as
shadowy as when he flrsl came home,
and il was more than a month before
he could leave the hospital. 1 was
so glad then thai I had found our cottage in the suburbs, lor bad we been
living in rooms downtown I should
have had lo send him away, As it
was. he had fresh air ami quiet at
home, and 11 was not long before he
began to speak of going back lo the
For ;; lew day,-; Toddy and I pul Iihu
off on one excite e or another whenever
he spoke of reluming to work, bul
when he was no longer to be satisfied
I (old him what Dr. Sutherland had
said the nighl 1 called him in. It was
one ol ihe hardest things I have ever
Murraj turned very while, and 1
wished l had lofl the task of telling
him to the Doctor.
"Vou must give ine lime lo get used
it) the idea," he said al last. "I never thought ol this. I suppose tho Doc-
lor means that I must go larmnig if !
don't want to end in Ninette—il is
rather a bad prospect for you and the
Teddy's noUy entrance saved ihe
situation, for 1 fell like weeping on
Murray's shoulder, and that would
have been bad for us both.
Teddy had overheard a part oi our
conversation, and with his usual im*
pulsivenes she jumped into the middle
of It.
"Did 1 hear someone say 'farming?'"
he asked. "Sure we are going farming, every last, man of us. Margaret-
Anne and I had it all planned weeks
ago, while you were making love to
the nurses, didn't we, Sid?" '
"Well, hardly planned," I said. In
reply to Murray's look of enquiry. I
told Teddy what the Doctor said,-and
he declares that wherever we go he
will go too."
"Sure, old man," Raid Teddy seriously, "I've got so used to being a
family man while you were away that
I'd miss the responsibility if it were
removed—that is a nice touch, Isn't
It?" as Murray smiled faintly. "Anyway, I'm abotu fed up with the bank.
Two or three of the fellows are quitting and talking of going North-
Jameson has an uncle who knows a
place threo hundred miles out from
Edmonton where there is oil and coal
and maybe copper. Now, if we
could go to a place like that and stake
a couple of claims we might clean up
a million or so each. 01! course,"
with less enthusiasm, "we couldn't
very well take Sis nnd the kids to a
mining camp, but maybe they could
stay In Edmonton for a while, However, I'm with you Whatever you do, 1
don't know much but I am as strong
as a horse and I'll come in handy
"Ten acres only two miles from the
best town In the Okanagan Valley," !
read aloud from the Free Press, "Fine
young orchard, will bear next season.
Oood pasture and water. Close to
school and church. A bargain for
anyone who enn put up a good cash
payment."   it sounds good, doesn't it?
"And here is another: 'Beautiful
Vancouver Island, the place with the
perfect climate. Acreage near Victoria, some plots with houses and
other buildings, some unimproved.
Buy now while prices are low aud live
comfortably while you are paying for
your home. Write soon as Ibis proposition will soon be taken up. No
"It sounds good," agreed Murray.
"Bul all I know about fruit is the cnii-
BUtnor's side, and I don't feel like taking too big tt chance,    Jusl betwoon
OUrselvOB I am Inclined lo stick lo
the Winnipeg district, then il the bottom tails out of our 'back to lhe land'
sclu me there'll always be some sort of
a Job I can gel,"
"Itut lhe climate," I began.
"Dr. Sinl'cr'and did mil say I needed a warm climate," Murray Interrupted, "his prescription was an outdoor
lite Willi as mitch manual labor as I
could stand. If," In a lone that reminded 1110 Of Teddy at his best, "we
could (got something within a hundred
miles of tho city, at a satisfactory
price, we could vegelati' for Iwo or
three years while the children are
small, and then sell nut and come
hack, perhaps W0 might even make
BOmethlll    on  the deal   to  help will)
Si Fill your pipe
V      with. _^
i.  ..
If you
roll your
ask fir
ran gy?
(AreeiN label)
A Harmless Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups — No Narcotics!
Mollit-'i'l    Fit'iclii'i's   Ciiatorlit  hasilatlon ot Food! giving natural sloop
boon in two for ovor 30 years to ro : wlthou* latos,    Tho gomilno boars
Hove bnbloa niul c-iiii.1i-.il ot Constlpn-  s'ttnaturo ot
lion,   Flatulency,   Wind   Collo   nnd
DIarrhooa; allaying Pevorlshnoss arising [herefrom, and, by rogulallng ihe
Stomach nnd Dowels, aids lho asslml-
the alr-castle.     1 rather loan to tho
rough sort of country that lho wheat
farmers havo passed ovor—like the
i district around  tho Pino Ridge Golf
j Links, you know—but ilm trouble Is
that In most casos such places havo
I beon sottlod by foreigners.     I'm not
| keen on ono hundred and sixty acres
: of wheal land, bul I do want more or
loss congenial neighbors."
Murray was almost himself again,
and the more we talked of leaving the
! oily for a time tlie more lho Doctor's
, advice appealed  to us.     Dr. Sutherland had told us frankly that Murray
j had no organic dlsoaso, but that ho
| was in so weakened a condition that
if he were  to regain his  health  ho
must, change his mode of life.
j    "Vou nre young," lie said, "nnd two
j or threo years now mny mean twenty
I later on.    1 do not want to alarm you
; needlessly, bill my candid opinion Is
i that It' you were lo run up against nn
' active and enterprising 'I'.H. germ just
i now your chances would not bo worth
j much.     .Mrs. Alywin tells me that she
does nol  care whore  she  lives,  and
those twins surely need room for expansion, so if you   lake   my   advice
you'll get out. as quickly as possible."
Dr. Sutherland was right, It made
little difference lo me where I lived.
Ilm he hail been brought up on n latin,
and I am sure lie never suspected my
: absolute Ignorance ol everything but
city life,     Even Murray was belter off
; In that  respeel   than I, lie could remember when Ids lather bad been a
country minister, and even nlienvards,
when their home was in a small lown,
thoy were always In touch with rural
conditions.     I hid my dotlbta as heal
, I could, glad to goo Murray really In-
lorested    In    lhe   scheme, and Joked
about my "lend, I foot" stupidities,
"You'll have to teach me everything," 1 told Murray. "Thank good
noss I'm domestic In my tastes—did
you know that I had learned to milk
and to mnke butter while I wns nt
Cousin Margnrot's? And besides,
I've heard Moiher say that her grand
father carried u polash kettle ninety
[ miles through lhe bush from Mini
Irenl, so surely I'll be able to manage
without electricity and running
Murray was Impressed lo lhe extent
of not asking me whal a potash keltic
was, which wns fortunate, as 1 did not
knew myself.
Murray had gone hack lo lhe ollice
Willi the uinh islanding Unit he should
loftVO as soon.as we found our farm,
lie was really fooling very well, bul I
wns anxious lo gel away. In-. Sutherland had frlghtonod me properly,
Naturally our friends were much In
leresled In our plans anil we had advice lo burn. Some of them il,might
Murray foolish nol lo take under the
Soldiers' Seilleuieiil Hoard, bul he fell
thai as our venture was lo he only n
temporary expedient in; was not morally enlllled to the grant.    Then, Ino,
W.   N.   U.   1494
he haled the thought of being what he
called "under K.K. and O" again.
"Wo aro not going out with lhe intention of staying, or of making
money," he would explain. "We'll be
lucky if wc break even, und wo don't
want, to worry about meeting payments. Margaret-Anno and I are
simply going on a lengthy camping expedition—provided wo can And the
And at thnt time the finding of a
camp seemed to be our greatest problem. Murray's Illness had made a
largo hole in our bank account, and
every "prospect" required a larger
flrsl payment than we were able to
make. Had Murray been strong nnd
experienced we might, have taken one
of the farms described ns "a going concern," nnd trusted lo luck anil labor
und the weather thnt wo would be able
j to meet the deterred payments us thoy
fell due. But Murray must have
nothing to worry him, nnd the search
The days passed quickly and It was
welKon Into tho summer before wc
found what wc wanted.
About ten o'clock ono morning Murray telephoned lo say Hint he would
not bo home for lunch. Enrly In the
afternoon he telephoned ngnln to sny
that he wns bringing a guest for dinner, "nnd," he added, "look your prel-
| tlest nnd feed him well, for I think lie
owns our farm,"
I slinll always hnve n soft spot In my
hrnrl  for "Dickie" Harrington,      He
j wns one of those    awfully   pleasant,
hopelessly    Impractical     Englishmen
! who laugh Ihelr way through life and
' die llghllng.     Murray and I both took
I to him at once, and by lho llmo he
i had onion lhe best dinner I could cook
lie was telling us his life history in
such a way that the blanks wero not
hard to fill.
He had gone to France as a private
! with  tho first Territorials.      "Didn't
J want lo get a commission until 1 was
sure I shouldn't run under   lire,   you
j know," ho explained. And he had
only seen a few weeks' service when
! a premature bomb explosion left him
with one eye and three lingers "miss-
I Ing off parade."
"I can't Imagine yet how the bally
thing   went   off,"   he told us.     "Of
I course 1 am a fearful ass nbout machinery,   but the   instructor  we   had
| that clay stammered badly, so I suppose I was rather more stupid  than
I usual. You sec, old Whizz-bang began lo sny 'D-d-d-d,' nnd I took it for
his usual endearing form of address—
I imagine my surprise when ho told tho
Major afterwards  that he had been
I ordering mo to 'Drop that bomb' for
half u minute before It exploded."
(To be continued)
Would Make Huge Loaf
If nil the bread tho average person
eats in a year were baked In one
loaf, It would lake throe strong men
lo lift It nnd a horse to pull It. Tho
weight of tho loaf would bo 397
Canada's Butter Imports
In the fiscal year Canada imported
1,363,000 pounds of butter from lho
Unltod States, 297,000 pounds from
Australia, and 8,254,000 pounds from
New Zealand. Tho total exports of
Canadian butler were S,I30,000
"My Heart Would Palpitate,
I Had Weak Spells"
Mr». L. Whiting, 202 King St. West, Broclcville, Ont.,
"I look very sick will, my nerves and stomach, and seemed lo
be all run down. At limes my heart would flutter and palpitate
fo   and    I    would   lake    such
weak spells in the pit of
my stomach that I sometimes thought I would
never get better. I had
almost given up hope when
a friend advised the use
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
I did not stop until I had
taken twenty-five boxes, It
has done wonders for me
and I want to recommend
it lo everyone."
f,0 Cento a boi, all dealer*, or Dilmnnson, Dates A Co., Ltd., Toronto tl
Women Can Dye Any
Garment,  Drapery
Dye   or    Tint    Worn.    Faded    Things
New for 15 Cents
Northwest Indians
Get Merc
GOOD home-made
bread has always
been thc chief food
of thcearth's sturdiest
races. None of thc
breakfast foods or
health foodscan equal
bread In nourishment.
Good bread is thc
most digestible food as
well as the cheapest.
Mask of Napoleon Found
Wax Mould Was Made Shortly After
Emperor's Death
A wax mask of Napoleon, made a
few hours after the emperor's death by
an English surgeon of lhe 20th Regiment of Infantry, has just been found
hidden away in a house In a small
French town.
Several years after Napoleon's
death Hie mask was seut lo England,
where it was purchased by a Russian
diplomat and presented by him to
Czar Alexander I. Later It was taken to Holland nnd Bavaria, but for the
past 20 years It has been lost.
An eye lush can still be seen attached to Hio mould.
West Africa natives have massacred I
the French garrison, 60 miles north of
A radio amateur al Halifax Im- been
in two-way communication with I'. 11.
MacMillhm's ship in Ihe Antic.
Tin- new Drillsh Columbia voters'
list comprises 106,097 names as
against  171,677 on the lisi last year.
't'lie Angora Government ordered enforcement of lhe prohibition law in
Constantinople, beginning Oct. 8.
A hearse equipped with talking ma-
chine, radio nnipllllcr and a peal ol
chimes aud costlug $20,000, has appeared in New York.
A special meeting of Ihe Alberta Command, O.W.V.A., authorized n grant
of $2,iiun to ihe Dominion Command
lo retain lho services ot C. Clrnnl Mai-
Nell, Dominion Secretary.
Ii was olllelally announced from Merlin that lhe ordinance of January c>.
suspending dolivi rles in kind on reparations to France and Belgium, had
boon annulled.
Eighteen hundred grain elevntors
will be constructed in the southeast
region of Russia. Orders lor a number of them have been placed with
Canadian contractors.
A new radio slallon thai is expected
will be heard in all parts ol Canada, is
operating from the Province newspaper oOlce, Vancouver. II operates
In 410 metres wave length and has
CKCD as its call letters.
Diamond DyeS/>
Uon't \vi uler whether you can dye
nr tint successfully, because perfect
home ilyt'in: is guaranteed witli "Diamond Dyes" even if you have never
dyed before, Druggists havo nil colors.
Directions in each packaged
2 Years' Backache
Subdued by "Nerviline"
"nuck.ichr- wns tin'; bane f>r my life, and
for two vours t was so lame as Lo In1 unfit for work." wrllefl 0, S. fcloane, from
Georgetown. "While in Smith Bros.
Drug Store. 1 heard of Nervlltne being u
wonderful patn-dostroyor, so I decided to
try Nerviline. Thanks to Norvillno, my
two-years' backache was rubbed awafl
nnd to-day I um perfectly well."
Ail those who Buffer from weak, aching
backs, those whoso muscles nre stiff,
whoso   joints   aro   swollen,   lot   thorn   try
Nervttino—the liniment that never falls.
36c at ull dealers.
May Obtain  Relief By  Enriching the
Blood Supply
In the days of our fathers and
grandfathers, rheumatism was thought
to be the unavoidable penalty of middle life and old age. Almost every
elderly person had rheumatism, as
well as many young people It was I
thought that rheumatism was the
mere effect of exposure to cold nnd
damp, und it wns treated with liniments and hot applications, which
sometimes gave temporary relief, bul
did not remove the trouble. In these
days there were many cripples. Now.
medical science understands that rheumatism is a disease of the blood, and
that Willi good, rich red blood any
man or woman of any age can defy
rheumatism. There are many elderly people who have never fell a twinge
of rhematlsin and many who have conquered It by slttiply keeping their
blond rich and pure. The blood enriching qualities of Dr. Williams' I'lnk
fills Is becoming every year more
widely known, and Ihe more general
use of theso pills has robbed rheumatism of Us terrors, At tho flrsl sign
of poor blood, which is shown bj loss
of nppclllc, dull skin and dim eyes.
proteel yourself against further ravages of disease by inking Dr. Wil
Hams' Pink Pills. They have bellied thousand- -II you give them a fall'
trial Ihey will nol disappoint you.
Vou enn pel these pills through on)
dealer In medicine or hy mall al f,u
cents ii box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Uroekvllle, Ont,
Under lhe direction of nn American export, Chlnu Is building one of
lho world's largest mints, which will
be able lo colli fourteen Ions of silver
^DODD'S '%
Increase In Farms
British Columbia Is Forging Ahead As
An  Agricultural  Country
While lho average size of farms in
British Columbia diminished somewhat during Hie period between 1911
nnd 1321, a very considerable increase
in lhe number of farms was registered.
The number of occupied farms of
one aero or over in llrltish Columbia
in 1921 was 21,973, as compared with
111,95s In 1911, and 0,601 In 1901. Farm
acreage In 1921 was 8,860,698, as
against 2,540,011 in 1911, nnd 1.197,-
■119 In 1901, representing a gain of 60.6
per cent, over the twenty-year period.
The value or all farm property In
tho province increased from $IS8.635,-
721 In 1911, It) $201,379,01:1, or 6.8 per
London's   Working  Populace
Over   40,000    Pour   Into   City    Every
Day 1
Tho daily ebb and flow of the lido
of humanity from and lo lhe City nnd
County of London is described In the
new census volume dealing with
"Workplaces in London and Ihe Five
Home Counties." Tho total of "occupied" persons in the whole area
was, In round figures, about four and n
half millions. Nearly two millions
returned themselves as having their
workplaces outside Hie area of residence. Tho great majority of the
population who work in London live
within a len-milo circle. This accounts (or the pressure on local tram
and omnibus services and on the suburban railways night and morning.
Roughly, 403,000 persons pour into the
city area dally, the night population,
or residents, numbering less than
fourteen thousand, (hor a quarter ot
a million people come into tbo Westminster area, where tho Government
offices are situated; and Finsbury,
Holborn and Marylebono attract the
next largest crowds in the order named.
(in the dally inflow of 100,000 lo the
one square mile, nearly u quarter of a
million come from the adjoining
County of London. Of the outside
counties, Essex Is the largest contributor, with 74,622. Nearly 7,000 come
daily from as far afield as Southend-
on-Sea, some thirty-five miles away
Middlesex, with 55,565, stands noxl
among the contributing counties, th
largesi numbers coming from Hornsey
(S.709) and Tottenham (S.2S9).
W.    N.    0,    14114
Good-bye Asthma. Persons suffer-
Ing from that extremely trying trouble
known as asthma know what It Is to
long with nil ihelr hearts for escape
as from a tyrant, Never do thiy
know when an attack may come and
Ihey know that in struggle unaided Is
vain. With Dr. J. D, Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy nl hand, however,
they can say good-bye lo their enemy
and enjoy life again.    II Ileitis al once.
Cigarette Commended
Most  Suitable  Form  ot Smoke,  Says
Medical Authority
Commendation of  ihe clgarotto as
ihe most suitable smoke was given recently by Dr. Royal S. Copoluntl, form-
.• t• 1 > Health Commission lor Die Clt)
of New York and now 11 United States
Senator. Dr. Copclntid Is a non
smokei- and he dealt with, ihe quostlon
from the'purelj scientific standpoint,
Dr. Copoland Bays thai the clgarolto
is tlie mosl suitable smoke, as ihe to-
liaeco taken lu Ihal form is more per-
focllj con.-umed, nnd us combustion is
heller, ihe nlcollno is practically ties-
troy oil, "There can be no doubt," he
said, "Hial smokers Und solace und
comfort  in the moderate us,, of to-
Dr. fopchiml's statement conOrmcd
Hie pronouncement made some years
ago by tlie Lancet. As lho result 01
an Investigation conducted hy thai
eminent medical Journal, ihu Lancet
announced thai lho clgarolto Is lho
purosl form in which tobneco can be
Minard's Liniment Relieves Colds
Girls! Women!
Improve Your Looks!
News of a Simple Treatment That
Thousands Find Beneficial
Alas—your bloodless face Indicates
trouble. Your watery blood menaces
your health. What you need is the
tuning, cleansing assistance of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills. They will clean
out the overplus of bile that makes
your skin so murky—they will put new
ill'e into the stomach, brace up diges
Hon and make you eat sufficient food
to get a blood supply ahead. To look
your best und to feel the benefits of
good health use Dr. Hamilton's Pills
frequently.      25c at all dealers.
Asbestos Beds In Quebec
Tlie asbestos beds In the province
of Quebec are lhe mosl Important In
the whole world und yield Nl per
cent, of lis supply in Ibis substance.
Theso mines are shunted In lho oust
ol Hie province In lhe counties of
Meganiie and Richmond, Tie-asbestos 111)1'.' from these mines, since
their opening some forty years ago,
has reall/.ed 1160,000,000.
Why Have Skin Trouble
Cuticura Will Prevent It
In the treatment of all skin ^roubles
bathe freely with Cuticura Soap und
hot water, dry gently «.id apply
Cuticura Ointment to *h affected
parts. Do nut fail to include *h«
exquisitely scented Cutlcuri Talcum
In your toilet prepara.ionu.
S«p:v. OUlattlZSHdMc. T.lcu»2Sr Bold
'lirmiKlioiittlifDiiTiilniDii. Ciiiiuiliuiilirpot:
l.mm. fi>lt»<. 344 St. fail Si.. W.. M.M...I.
J^yCuticura Soap ■Kkvai without muf.
Government   Seis   Aside   Additional
Territory  in   North Country j
Because there la grave danger ol
ilm "bona-flde aboriginal natives nit
the Northwest Territories" being re
duced in waul trad starvation uuless
further uveas are reserved as hunting J
and trapping preserves for their sole
use, Lho governmonl lias passed an
order in council making additional
reservations in lhe Northwest Territories. The order Btates Ihal increasing numbers of foreign and other nonresident hunters and trappe*s are going into lho country and depleting
wild llfu and rut resources. Ii provides that license shall confer the
right to hunt or trap on Victoria Island, Banks Island, or on a number or
other areas to be known as "Peel River preserve, Yellow Knife preserve,
Backs Klver preserve and Slave River
There is no other kind of disease
that coircs on so quickly and with so
little warning ns an attack of bowel
One may retire at night, in lhe best
of health, and before morning be
awakened by toi'riflc cramps and pains
in the stomach followed by diarrhoea.
dysentry, summer complaint or bowel
trouble in one form or another.
At this season of the year, when
bowel troubles are so prevalent, wo
would advise the. precaution of always
having on hand a bottle of Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry so
that you will bc ready for nny and all
emergencies. Vou will Und I hat a
few doses of this valuable remedy,
taken promptly, will be the means of
preventing a great deal of unnecessary suffering, and many a time save
Mrs. W. II. Judd. .171 Catherine Sl„
S., Hamilton, Ont., writes:—"Last
summer I had a very bad attack of
summer complaint, cramp and diarrhoea. I tried many different remedies, bul they did not seem to help me.
I heard of Dr. Fowler's Extract of
Wild Strawberry, so decided I would
try it. I only look n few doses, and
iu a short lime I was better."
Trie • 50c a bollle: put up by The T.
Milburn Co., Limited. Toronto. Ont.
Filling Station For Pens
New Innovation On Campus Of
Chicago University
Chicago University lias a fountain
pen filling slnlion on Us campus says
tlie Scientific American. Tho machine works with self-filling pens und
with Hin old style Hint fills from a
dropper—provided the user has his
own dropper. The dropping of 11 coin
and the turning of tho handle releases
the ink from the reservoir, and the
fluid flows Into the right-hand well,
whence il enn bc sucked up hy the pen
Itself or by lho dropper. A slot in
lho upprrjcft-liand corner of the outfit contains a wiper with which any
damage done by spilling or stopping
may be repaired. II one drink Huns
out nol enough, a second penny will,
of course, turn the trick.
Nothing else known to
science performs the same
marvellous healing arid dispels ilisense from lhe tissues
as Zam-Buk does. This
pure herbal balm takes the
fire out of a wound or sore,
kills and repels germs
and grows fine new skin.
Zam-Buk is acknowledged
World's Champion Jumper
Black Jaguar Can Leap to Height of
Fifteen Feet
A man can clear a height of just
over six feet, and a horse nearly halt
as much again, but a red doer has been
known to clear a twelve-foot fence.
Tin: chamois and the African springbok can 'equal the latter record, and
so can a kangaroo.
But the champion jumper In the animal world is undoubtedly tho black
jaguar of South America. This animal has been seen to leap from the
ground and gain a branch fifteen feet
Sleep is the great nourisher of Infants, and without peaceful sleep tho
child will not thrive. This cannot
be got 11' the Infant be troubled with
worms. Miller's Worm Powders will
destroy worms and drive them from
the system, and afterwards the child's
rest will be undisturbed. The now-
tiers cannot, injur*! the most delicate
baby, and (hern in nothing so effective
for restoring the health of a worm-
worn infant.
Building Hotel For Negroes
A fourteen-story hotel for Negroes
will be built this autumn at Atlantic
City. The building la lo be owned,
operated and patronized exclusively
by Negroes. , It will bo of steel and
reinforced concrete and will require
an estimated expenditure of $760,000,
For year.-* Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator has ranked as a reliable
worm preparation and it always maintains its reputation.
The Foolish Die Young
Somo men live to a ripe old age and
somo try to climb through a barbed-
wire fence with a loaded shotgun.—
San Francisco Chronicle.
You are not
■• x p p rinit»nt-
1 nu when
you  uso l>r.
f*tia«.''S Olllt-
I ment lor Kozema suit Skin lrrlta-
^_ II.,us. it ri'lt.nf. al one*, and itindu-
»™ ally brain the skin. riample t»>i IT.
Chase's Ointment free 11 you mention till,
finner and send 2s. stamp forpostngr   "
,ox : all dealers or Kdmuiison, " "
Limited, Toronto.
600, a
ilaiei & Co.,
Minard's Liniment for Sprains
Canada's Record Grain Crop
Notable Gain Over Last Year Shown
In Western Provinces
Pnrllculnrs rocolvod nl Ollitwti warrant nn osllnitito nf crop j'loltl In Can-
milt this your oomparotl with last your
ns tOllOWS! Full wheal, Ill.Vlll.fini' bush I
i'Im ngalust 18,000,000; spring whoat,
450,957,000 uusMols ttgnlnsl 080,830,-
UM); nil wheat, WO,888,000 bushols
ngainst 800,780,100 bushols; »itis.
685,121,000 ngainst 101,280,000; bar-
t,'j. 80,0.(8,000 ngalnsl 71,806,800; all
rye, 28,160,100 bushols against 32,373,-
For Ontario lho osilmntos are: Ml [
whoat, lii.tni.iiitii bushols ngalnsl 10,-
808,000; iittts. 00,108,000 ngalnsl III!, i
081,000 ^bushols; barley, 13,285,000
ognlnsl 18,072,000 bushols; lull ryo,
l,07M,000 ntttiiiisi 2,600,000 buslii-Js;
llnx, 66,000 tlgiiltiBl 48,600 bushols.
Fur nn' tlni'i' prnli'lo provinces lho
ostlmnlqs nn': Wheal 116,775,000
against 875,101,000 bushel:.; mils. 1151,-
176,000 tiKiilnsi 280,0JI0,0I)0 bushels;
hurley, li'J,IH."i,'inii nglllllsl 68,612,000
bushols;    ryo.   26,711,000 ngnlnsl 28,
120,  bushols; ami llnx s 1. 0,832,
 ignlosl  1,001,700 bushels.
'i'lie case with which corns ami
I warts inn be romovotl hy Holloway'8
Corn llomovor la lis strongest recom-
I tnemlalliin.      II BOldom tails.
Semi  a   Dominion   ISxpres,   Money   Uruer.
Five dollar, COIU three cent,.
TV, Mull' Mi ChlUW, Rrtililw
Pleasant to give—pleasant to
lake.   Cnmnnteecl purely voire
table and absolutely harmlrm.
It niiuiily overcomes colic.
dlnrrhoea, flatulency and
Other like disorders.
Tne r tun puDlisnM
_  milk
prepared under
thc most
careful conditions
to make it safe
and keep its
Free Hviitif Boult-
Write tl.o llonlfnl o.
Limited,   Montreal. Agassiz Record
Prlntftd by Tho Valley Publishing Co.
Hammond,  H, C.
EDWAR1*) HACJELL, Manag-r."™*
Subscription:  $1.60 per annum
Advertising Hates :
DtHpluy   Advt,   (tnuisitnt) Inch  35c.
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Want and Kin- utile advts.. 60c first Insertion, 25c. Hutmequent Insertions.
WEDNESDAY,   FEB.   6.   1924
At 11:16 o'clock Monday morning
there passed from earth one of tlie
yreatost of men ; an ex-President of
tho mightiest republic on this mundane sphere, and, noblest of human
What though be received the honorary] degree of Doctor of Laws from
Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and a doten
other appreciative Universities; what
though ho were the commandor-ln-
chlef of navy and army during tbo
Great War for his, a mighty nation j
what though he led Europe to accept
much of his peace program ; and what
though ho should have won the Nobei
Peace prize for the person promoting
most   and   best   national   fraternity.
All this, Indeed, and much more
were little to the grandeur of a character that associated In on© family
the cause of peace, truth, and selflessness, and sacrificed his life for
all that's best for humanity, irrespective of national confines.
Woodrow Wilson—can him Professor, if you will—regarded it not alone
duty to do right, but a pleasure, * He
regarded, the quality of action as dependent upon consequences. He ever
stood on the pedestal of principle, hit?
wisest policy being to do right and
never compromise with wrong.
Our departed statesman believed !n
national honesty—he himself being
suoh In noblest sense. He loved the
great Lincoln with all his heart, because Lincoln (possessed the genous
of cournpo, goodness and friendship.
He himself was no less genius. He
living loved his fellow men, and now
that the peace of death hath overtaken  him,   all   mankind   loves  him.
The tragedy of his life and Its
fitful fever! Before he left the
Presidential chair, though he wa?
calm, tho grim reaper hovered close
about him. A stroke of paralysis.
Ill health, begun some four year*
hgo, when arterial sclerosis marked
him for only a few fitful months,
"which  hastened  apace.
The end came peacefully. Dr. Grayson, in tears, announce^ Mr. Wood-
tow Wilson, "looked at mo like n
tired man going peacefully to rest,
nnd th^n the end came gent]y—he
just   slfpt   away."
Now the whole civilised world
Stands hrenthlossly beside his bier affectionately whispering Farewell gen-
lus nnd friend ! Fnrowell ! His life,
his  epitaph '1
AGASSIZ PERSONALS! Harrison Mills Notes
The Message of
the Flowers
'♦Say   It with  Flowers."
Contributed by Mrs. Chas. L veil.
How often have- we heard this slogan. Ltu*j I wonder how many realize
what It actually means. Flowors an
Nature's perfect gift to hor children
Why did Ood mako the ruses so beautiful And why tim tiny wayside Vlo
lot so modest ? And why did lie
pain I tho fftOO on tho pansy ?No ono
can answi'ii, and yet there In a Iohhou
to ho learned from eoolt flower—lo*.
BOtlB of Clod's lovo and enro ; lessons
of faiths of peace, and of choer, Lessons, oven, of the llfo hereafter. With
flbwetra we can do much to brighten
and oheen tho Uvos of those around
us. There are many Invalids who
would bo cheered and gladdened by ti
alngld (bluster ^f rosow How those
hands will bo extended for thorn, und
how bright the eve will beam. Pain
will for tho tlmo ho forgotten, and
the sufferer happy and contented.
Place a few floworH on the bier of
a llfo loss child and_ you afre helping
that poor mother to bear her grief
and alto will remember that- gentle
act and  always  think kindly  of you.
There are many other ways to cheei
with our offerings of flowers. So lot
us not be selfish, with them and keep
all tholr loveliness nnd fragrance foi*
ourselves, but, Instead, sond them on
the(n missions of lov0 and cheer to
those   less   fortunate    than     we    are.
Those who havo not grown flowers
and who think they cannot because
of the conditions surrounding thorn,
let me sny  that, you will  never know
Agassis, Feb. 5. a delightful afternoon tea was served by Mrs, A
Pennisgton to a nunnbdr of friends
nt her home this afternoon. The ln-
Vitetd guests were as follows : Mrs.
l.'uhe, Mrs, Nelson Hardy, Mrs, Max
TI'enholtrji, M rs. .Clarke, Mrs. ("ourl,
Mrs.    *Hhton   Jones.
Agassis, Feb. 5. Rev. J. H, Tu.k-
Ington left by motor this afternoon
to attend a mooting of tho Yftle Deanery  at  Chilliwaok,
Agassiz, Feb. 5. Mr. J. Butler has
bought out tho business of J. L.
Bradley, the local barber, and expects
to move with his family from Vancouver,  to take charge  next w eck.
Mf, Raymond Fooks has left for
Vancouver, whei'e ho will continue
his studies in Telegraphy.
The program* committee for the
Community concert meet Monday 4th.
All the best talent in the Valley have
offered their assistance, therefore 11
cannot fail to be a huge success, as
wo have real artists In a great many
linos. Save your quarters, as no one
can   afford   to   miss   It,
Mrs. Jack Grey, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Jas. A. K. Morrow (Iteeve)
has returned home to nurse her bro-
theti Gordon through tho scarlet fever.
We aro glad to say it is a mild caHe.
We are sorry to say Mrs. J. Fozzard Is confined to her bed with a
very   bad  cold,
Mr. J. McRae, M.P.P., Is suffering
from a bad attack of quinsy. We
wish  him  a speedy  recovery.
Miss Alleen Gravely, of Vancouver,
Is visiting Rev. and Mrs. J. S. Turklngton.
Mr. F. Fortesque, from Simpson,
Sask., visited Agassiz Monday, In view
to renting Mr, R. M. Cameron's ChllHwack farm.
Miss B. McRae is back in the Tele-
phono office after recovering from a
major   operation.
Mr. L. Kilby, of Harrison Mills, is
enjoying a few days' visit with Mr.
and Mra; A. M. McPherson, of the
Hot Springs road.
A lengthy report of the P.T.A.
meeting is held over till next issue.
Dr, D. Mackay, government veterinary surgeon stationed at ChllHwack, made on^jpf his flying trips
to Agassiz* He says the roads might
be a bit better.
Miss M. Dewar, daughter of Rev.
and Mrs. Dewar, has g°ne to Vancouver, accompanied by her mother} who
will bo with her while undergoing a
slight   operation.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart McPherson
gave; a mostenjoyablo evening to a
number of young people at their home
Progressive whist was a leading feature of the games. The winners were
Miss F\ McPherson and Mr. G. Bailey
Dr. Sutherland is regularly in his
office* tho Agassiz Hotel, on Fridays.
He 4s (naturally caring for a nice
Jones the druggist wants to sec
you. Just drop in andj call for what
you  want
(From our own correspondent)
Agassis, Feb. 5. A very enjlyable
ovoning was spent at the home of
Mr. and Mrs, Frank Beasley. The invited guests were Mr. and Mrs. W.
M. Kltrlck, Mr. and Mrs, R. HalshaU,
Mr. and Mrs*. A. A. Macdonald, Mr.
Robt. Faylon, Mr. Fi'ank Sutherland,
Messrs, Rut en, Gilbert and Hubert
Hogg. Throe tables of 500 were played. Tho results of the evening's Play
being Mr. A. A, Macdonald ladles'
first prize ; Mr. Frank Sutherland,
gentleman's first, Consolation prizes
were captured by Mrs. R. Henshaw
nnd  Mr, Gilbert Hogg.
A dainty luncheon was served at
midnight, aftor which music wns
beautifully rendered by Mrs. Huishan,
Mr. Gilbert Hogg nnd Mr. Robt. Tny-
This pleasant evening was brought
to a closei by tho party agreeing that
tho evening was nn exceptionallyp]en-
Hant one, and a hearty vote ofthnnlts
was passed to Mr. nnd Mrs. Beasley.
Mr. Wank. Kennedy, Jun., and Miss
Emily Kirby, spent a day at Ha: risen
Hot   Springs,
Mt*. 10. C\ Kilby, of Vancouver, came
to Harrison Mills to spend a few
days with hlB friend, Mr. E. W. Pickens* Wednesday morning they left
for Vancouver by way of ChiUjlwaok,
then leaving Saturday night from
Vancouver; by boat to California,
stopping off at Seattle, Palm Beach
and Frisco, spending one or two days
at each place, expecting to come buck
by rail, whether It la going to bo
riding In the first class or counting
the tics they don't know,
Mr. H. Anderson nnd Mi*. G. Fruser.
section bosses of the C.P.R., were
called out to a slide dmiing" tho night.
Thinking that tho slide was further
up, their motor car struck tbo rock,
(turning oho Jttft* Oomtpldt^y around,
scattering the men, which Included
tho two bosses, four Chinamen and
Mr. Alex:, Kennedy, It throw Mr
Frasor up against the bluff, knocking
him unconscious for ton minutes
Mr. Anderson was injured on the hip,
Two Chinamen wero hurt, and Mr.
Kennedy and tho other two Chinamen
got off with a shaking up. After the
accident they all got up and elenred
away   the   sock,   but   one   Chinaman.
Mr. and Mrs. McLean returned
returned homo Sunday morning nfter
spending  a week  in  Vancouver,
Mi*. Henry Cartmoll and Mr. Terry
returned Saturday afternoon after being tp at the Harrison Lake for ten
Mrs. F. Kennedy and son Fred returned,  home   Saturday  night   from   a
After the heavy rain the river rose
a couple of feet so that the shingle
bolts will  now be able to float,  and
The Sedan Taxi
Ready to take you regardless
of the weather
whether on Business or Pleasure
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
Harrison Lodge
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn was
this season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs
Mr. G. G, Thompson, who was accidentally shot last fall In mistake
for a deer, near Harrison Lake, has
had a set back in his recovery,  nnd
—  •- —    -'     —I »*«** « ««**  "»«*•  -  "	
the mill la expected to start up Mon-   ia  suffering  from  an  abscess  on  the
day   morning. lung,   but  is  reported  doing  nicely.
We can malo this for you on your money by placing It out as First
Mortgages on Improved Farm Lands and City Properties. We recommend nothing but gilt-edged securities. All properties personally inspected by our office. If you havo funds to loan get In
touch with our office. First Mortgages will earn you more tha.i
Phone, write ot    call  and see
C-'umbia Stre-tt, Ne-v W>atminater. Phono 49
Manufacturers of Gasoline Logging Locomotives.
Industrial and  Mill  Attachments  for  Fordpon  Tractors,
Ornamental and Structural Iron Work, Bois Interlock ing
Steel Stairs,
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St. New Westminster, B.C.
P.O. Box 933 Phones 53   653.
your own power until It Is mcumu-ed
up against obstacles, us I myself have
proved It, Get tho reputation (if currying out whatever you undertake,
und mako success a lmbit, a destiny.
Horticulture Is ono of tho most
pleasurable nnd healthful out-door
cxcrclsos nnd an occupation that
works mnrvols. It gives you good
health, contentment, nnd n spirit of
solf-helpfulnosa. Thore Is n satisfaction In seolng Plants unfurl Ihelr
Ittloflous blossoms, roflGcjtlrtgl jbeauty
nnd refinement on their surroundings.
You can transform tlio most unsightly, uninviting wastes Into spots of
boauty, The Improvement of ono's
surroundings Is a fascinating recreation, nn,i If wo 1'lVe surrounded by
the bounties of llfo our hearts grow
kind nnd sympnthotlc, nnd our
thoughts high nnd Pure.
The Pleasure of Travel
is fully realized on the lines of the
Canadian Pacific Railway
Twenty-four hours in the beautiful
Canadian Pacific R ckies
Through transcontinental trains daily.   Electric lighted
sleepers and compartment observation cars.
|Por full particulars and reservations, apply to any
Canadian Pacific Agent or General Passenger Department
Vancouver, B.C.
ootnrrr sosgb exacts
Port Coquitlam was at Its best when
the North Fraser County L.O.L. met
In spring session and elected tho following officers for the current year :
CM., Brother Gamble of Mission ; D.
CM., Brothel Fltsgeraid of Port
Moody i Chaplain. Brother A. Turner,
of Port Moody; Recording Secretary,
Brotheer Bush of Mission ; Treasurei
Brothas TC. T. Jago, jun. ; First Lecturer Brother Martin of loco ; Deputy
Lecturers, Brothers Glass and Mowbray i  Marshall,  Brother Spcnce,  loco
The semi-annual meeting was fixed
to be held In Port Moody, June next
Dusting the recess Brother D. B. and
Mrs. Brankin entertained the delegates from tho various branches -o
dinner, when musical s»teetltns wprr
Blve„   hv   B-o.h"   BrnnUn'.   protons
Tho session was markedtv «„„„»,»,
ful nnd enjoyable tn all.
um. ox.au imium
Agassis, Feb. 6. Mrs. R. d. Clark
entertained the (select) 600 club.
The mombers are Mr. and Mrs. J M
Busselle, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bnkor,
Mr. and Mra Hugh Lamont, Mr an*
Mra B. J. Webb, Mr. Bert Horwell.
Mr, Jackson, Oeo. Ogllvle, Mr and
Mr*  R.  D.  Clark.
Court of Revision ot tho Assessment Jloll for the Municipality of
Kent for tho year 1024 will he held
In tho Oddfellows' Hall, Agassiz, nt
2 o'clock In thc nfternoon of Friday,
February   8th,   1024.
cassis,   B.C., c. M, c
AJan. 2Jrd,  1024,
General Carpentry in all its
Sash and Doors.
All Doors Mortised
Broken Glass repaired
Phone 44R P. 0. Box 131
Water Colour Paintings
Animals a specialty
Ideal Wedding Gifts or House
Box 172, Agassiz.     Phone 87X
C. Warburton Yonng


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