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Agassiz Record 1924-04-02

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No. 29   Vol. 1
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, April 2, 1924
$1.50 per year
Agassiz Pioneer Office
Spring is coming.   Now is
the   time  to   start  housekeeping.
Fire and Life Insurance
To  guard   against   Spring
rubbish fires; accidents.
Real Estate. Notary Public
Phone 51 Manager-Agent
Hotel Agassiz
Courteous Attention,
Mrs. C. Gillis & Sons
Phone 30-L      P.O. Drawer A C
Agassiz Sweet Shop
Mrs. Butler.
A fresh and complete line of
Tobacco,    Confectionery,
and Soft Drinks.
Barber Shop in connection
ah nmnsTXHO lxotujw
A very pleasing and educational
evening was snent bv a large audience In the Oddfellows' Hall at an illustrated Shakespearian Lecture given
by "Felix Penn" under the auspices
of the P.T.A. of Acassii. Mr. Hugh
Brown acted :i« chairman, and In a
few well chosen words introduced the
speaker and explained the programme
which was as follows: Song, Clara
Gillis, accompanied"* by Mrs. -John McPherson ; solo, Mlsa Mary Heath, accompanied by Mrs. Evan Probert;
solo, Mrs. Bert Horwell. accompanied
by Mrs. Probert; solo, M;'. Frank
Sweatman, ancomoaniud.by Mrs. Probert.
The speaker then save a very able
and interesting leoture. asHlsted by
Rev. Mr. Dewar with the lantern,
which  was greatly enjoyed.
Another   of   tho   serle»   of   Bowling
Matchett   was   held   In   the   Oddfellows'j
hull   on   Saturday   night*   which   ended j
hi  success for thc Oddfellows.
The game waa evenly fought up to ■
sol ving  of  refreshments!    the    score ]
then     being    Oddfellows   !',     L.O.L.   P.1
After  the  game   restarted,  the  L.O.L. |
seemed  to fall   to pieces,  only  Hcoring '
three  to their opponent»  12, The game
ending,    Oddfellows    21.    lo.l    12.
drawn  1,
Noticed   amongst   tho   spectators were
our    old    friends    J.     MoRttO,   M.IM'.,
Frank  Sweatman,   and   others.
A pleasing feature of the even inn
wns a pi escalation of the Junior Cup
given by the Agassiz Civilian Rifle.
Association to the best Junior shot of
tho Club for tho yenr. This cup Is
given every year end tho winner Is
tho nolo ownei\ a new one being provided for each year by the Club.
This! yenr'a wlnnou was Leslie Sumpter, and after a few remarks by the
Cuptnln of tho Cluh nnd thc oldest
member of the club present, Mr. Bert
Horwell, tho MP.?, foc\ Yalo was called upon  to muke  the  presentation.
Mr. McRae, with ai few well chosen
and humorous remarks, made tho presentation amid! loud applause. Mr. L.
Sumpter   suitably   expressed   thanks.
After the presentation the games
continued   until   nearly   midnight.
Other cames will be played during
the   month.
Teams: Oddfellows—A. Horwell, A.
Greyell, E. Ltmbert. O. Nurse (capt.)
L.O.L.—W. Mclnnls. D. Elliot, R. Mc-
Clill. W. Henley  (capt
Judges: J. MoRae, P. Sweatman."
The Agassiz High School Basketball team played a neturn match at
Hope, and after a strenuous struggle
camq out on the long end of a 23-22
Early In the first half Agassiz too"i
the lead and for the whole period
forced the play, their superior team
work giving them a decided advantage over theiti opponents.
The second half started In a similar manner, but the Hope boys soon
found themselves, and by a series of
spectacular shots ran the score to
within one point of that of the Agassiz aggregation. From this point to
the finish Agassiz with some brilliant
passing kept the ball well within the
Hope territory, .but wer* unable to
wcoro again.
In a second game, Agassiz took the
Rlnky Dinks into camp hy a. score of
20  to 6.
Clarence McRae with ten points, and
Herble Roach with eight, were the
pick of the Agassiz team, while Mr,
Lewis nnd Hugh Stewart, were the
most  effective  of  the  Hope   line-up.
After the game refreshments wero
served   the   visitors   by   Hope  ladles.
Our Prices on Barb- Wire and Poultry
Fencing compare favorably with Mail
Order Houses.
Before buying get our prices.
Agassiz - Meat - Market \
Best Prices Paid for ■
Beef, Pork. Veal, Mutton, Ducks. g
Always in stock is
Ba^on, Smoked and Fresh Fish. S
Burns' Butter and Lard. Prices Right,    ■
P.  O.  Box 147 Phone   li) M
We stock following SPRAYS, etc.
Arsenate of Lead,    Black Leaf "40"
Bluestone,      Paris Green,
Corrosive Sublimate,
Lime and Sulphur, etc.
Phone 42.     W. A.  JONES
"Try the Drug Store first"
The chimney of Mr. Husselle's home
oaught flro on tho evening of Mu;vh
28th, due to a vcrv high wind, but
no damage was done
Mm Ashton Junes In confined to
Mm house with, tonullitls..
Lillian Jaeij.nn waa taken so ill a
few days hIiiou, that her mother took
her to Vuuouuver fur medical treut-
ttiunf.  at  thu  Hospital.
Mrs. V, Haslam, of Harrison Hot
Hurtugs,  la  vimitlng lu Vancouver.
A few days ago, Qo:dun Graham, of
Harrison Hot Springs, met with rather u HurluuH accident when he fell
from his bicycle, striking hla hcud
with such forco that ho was rendered
unconscious, und Is still feeling the
Mra. F. J. Fleck Is looking after
Mr ui u Mrs. Huntingford's farm and
MiUdrcn, whlile they are away in Vancouver where Mr. Huntlngford Is re-
oeiving medical  treatment.
Miss Rita Latdlaw, of Laidlaw, ar-
i-lved hero Sunday to attend the High
Rchool   here.
Mrs. Oliver Hubbard entertained a
number of friends Saturday afternoon, the occasion being a birthday
pa. Ay,
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hardy left Saturday night for Summerland, B.C.,
whe-e   they   will   reside  in  fdture.
Mr. L. G. Horning, of Vancouver,
has arrived to take charge of the cut-
Mngr in th Agassiz Meat Market, recently .taken over by Roy Whelpton.
Mr. Horning Is an expert on the block
mid good service  is expected.
Mr. Pe-jcy Lovell has just returned
from the Coast
Mr. J. W. Stow has returned from
Vancouver, where he has been visiting his daughter. Miss Stow.
Mr. and Mm L, J. Martin, of the
West. End, are the proud parents of
a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nichols and
family, formerly of Rossland, B.C.,
arrived from Dewdney. Mr. Nichols
will superintend thc farm of Captain
Mr. Elsey, of Vancouver, Is a visitor  in  Agassi's this week end.
Jack Stow, who. has been confined
to his bed for several weeks, Is able
to be around with the use of crutches
Mrs. Vaynard Fooksi, who ha.s been
111 In tho Vancouver General Hospital,
Is reported to be Improving, we nre
glad to pay.
Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Jones are giving i**> their property here and are
leaving shortly for Tnootna, Washing*
ton. whore Mr. Jones has a splendid
oositlon   waiting   for him.
A dangerous looking fli.e is raging
in Peter Wilson's bush, with quite a
strong wind blowing towards Harrison Lake.
The funeral of Mr. Hfinry Griffith,
who died at the residence of his brother, took Place on Wednesday, 2Cth
March, from the English Church. The
service wad conducted by the Masonic
Those who took part In the play,
"A Friendly Village" were entertained by( the Methodist Ladles' Aid at a
supper and socdal evening on Friday
Mil Harry Baker left for a well
earned holiday, not having left the
farm  for  twenty  years.
Mr. Sawyer* manager Inkmnn's
grooery department, is qui to worried
Qbout the price of eggB, but states,
satisfaction on tho fnct that he has
boon able to reduce prices on several
other linos in his dept.
Shoes Shoes
In all sizes for everyone.
In Black, White and Brown
Call and Inspect.
E. J. Webb
Phone 46
Mr. A. Many has Just returned from
Los Angeles, whore ho lias been engaged in electrical work all winter.
He says he Is glad to be back, as
the Fraser Valley is good enough fur
Mrs. Frank Sweatman and Miss
Louie Warren left Manoh 27th for
Victoria, from whence they will go
by steamer to San Francisco.
Mrs. C. Adums, of Los Angeles,
sister of Mr. J. McRae, M.P.P., was a
guest of Mr. and M*«. McRae, en
route to  Peace  River,  to Join  her son.
Mr, R. Olendenning, entomologist in
charge of the branch laborotory on
the Dominion experimental Farm at
Agassiz, left on the evening of the
27th   for   the   Coast.
Mr. A. S. Huntlngford, who sprain
cd his knee, Monday last, la leaving
for Vancouver, to consult a specialist.
Inkman'a store for Straw Hats—the
kind you want at the price you want.
Mr. Jim Fraser, gardener of the Experimental Farm, lost a*numtoer of val
uable Wyandotte baby chicks when
the brooder caught fie and burned his
chicken  house.
A number of Masons came to Agassiz from the Chiliiwack Lodge to attend the funeral of Mr. Henry Griffiths   last   Wednesday   afternoon.
Mra Will McPherson and her son
Marvel left for Vancouver to visit
her son Stewart, who 18 ill there
Colonel Boultbee and wife have returned from Vancouver, where they
have spent most of tho wintor. and
will now settle down on their fruit
Mr. R. L. Ashton, of Vancouver,
was In Agassis looking after his property here.
MRS. PROBERT,  Proprietress
E. PROBERT, Manager."
Visit the Government Farm.
See Harrison Hot Springs.
The Agassiz Shoemaker
REPAIRS of all Descriptions.
All Work Finished by
Latest Machinery
BOOTS a specialty.
E. D. Harrington
Place Your Order For
with the
Phone 33-G
lnkman's store for a few pieces of
red and white Kitchen Enamelwaie,
to tone up you:> kitchen. Better ware
for  less  money.
Will be at the Agassiz Hotel. Friday of each week
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Dentistry in all its Branches. Extractions, Crown and Bridge
. work.   Plates.   Latest Methods.
PRIME BEEl' up to 18c. the choice cuts.
PORK CHOPS 20c,  Loins 18c, Legs 16, Shouldei 15c,
Belly 13^c.
FISH Fridays.      Veal, Lard. SAUSAGES Saturday
BUTTER, Dairy and Creamery.
Top prices paid  for Pork,  Beef, Veal,  and Poultry.
Deliveries   Tuesdays,   Thursdays and Saturdays.
Phone   orders   appreciated.
Phone 35-X
■«   ».D.
Phone 51-L Store hours: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. X
C. J. INAMAN        I
General Stores of Quality Merchandise |
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New Cash Prices: <*>
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Of The
A story oC Ronui
... .-mil Adventure
 ■ r- •
—  IIY —
illaheil uy Sp
with Hi.
rial Arrnnsom	
There are tstautls on the prait'les.
Such an Island il i.s thai rises oul of
the broad expansive sea of level, unbroken, green prairies Ihal form the
south-east section of the country,
called—ai the lime of this ntrfative—
■•The North West. Territories" of Canada, now Saskatchewan.
The ".Moose Mountains"—a common name applied to one of nature's
favored beauty spots—consist of an
irregular cluster of undulating hills of
glacial drift, which comprise an area
oE about six hundred square miles ot
territory. Rising lo a height ol! from
four to six hundred feet Ihey form a
consplcous elevation that is visible for
many miles along the lower lying surrounding level prairies. Within their
beautiful weli-wooded valley, and between their numerous equally well-
wooded hills, lie scores of fresh water
lakes, many of which an- teeming
with fish of various kinds. These,
also, are tlie liaunls of myriads of wild
water fowl, and oilier birds of many
species, that makes them their habitat
liming llie breeding sensor* of lhe
year. Within these scenes was enacted the drama of human interest
that is related in lhe following narrative.
Ii was coming lo the close of a hot
bright day toward tlie latter end of
.tune, jn the summer of 1885, when a
solitary rider, well mounted on a roan
broncho, drew rein and halted his fagged steed on the peak of one of (lie
highest hills that form the south-west
projection of the mountains. From
bis elevation the rider commanded a
wide view of the apparently boundless prairies, which seemed to lose
themselves in a smokey haze as they;
A safe, dependable and
effective remedy for
Coughs, Colds, Difilom-
Ipcr, Influenza, iTeuvea nnd Worms
l;iitn>!iK horsos and unites. Absolutely
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I for stallions, mares or geldings. Give
■ohn's" occasionally as ;i proven-
.    Sold at all drug stores.
Cigarette Papers
Ler£e Double Book
120 Leaves **
Finest You Con Buy/ ^ft
Jljter every meal /
A pleasant  ^*~*T''^//a
and agreeable r-""^ "~
sweet aud a
benefit as
Good lor
teeth, breath
and digestion.
Makes tbe
next cigar
taste better.
I    R24
W.   N.   U.   JS15
gradually blended wiih the blue or tlie
horizon, and thus vanished beyond his
range of vision. The field glasses
that he (rained on the seemingly limitless plain, revealed no break nor object ihal would indicate human habitation. With a puzzled look lie turned his glasses eastward along the
range of hills. After a close inspection of tlie skyline, he detected
against the deeper blue of the eastern
sky a faint tissue film of smoke Unit
seemed to be,Issuing from, or beyond,
a fringe of trees visible along the
edge of a transverse range of hills
some distance away. With a relieved expression depicted on his countenance he tinned his horse in Lhe direction indicated by this column of
smoke ami proceeded on his journey.
While the place from winch this
smoke issued might nol prove to be
ilic location of Ihe Indian Agency,
which was his objective as Lhe end
of his first day's trip, he inferred that
it indicated the vicinity of some human habitation where he might receive accommodation for the night, or
get some information as would direct
him to the agency. it was Ids purpose, when he left Fort Qu'Appelle
that morning to rest his horse for a
day al tlie Indian Agency, and there,
also, secure additional supplies to hist
him for lhe balance of his journey to
North Dakota, for which country he
was heading, and where he had intended to join some of ids people who
had made Ihelr homes there.
As he approached the bluff, he followed a dim trail that led for some
distance along its edge, which finally
brought him through an opening in
the trees. As he emerged on lhe
other,side oE lhe bluff, his horse came
to a sudden stop, when lie almost collided with another horse and rider
cantering towards him. Quickly recovering himself from tho surprise of
ibis sudden meeting, 4»' checked up
his horse and faced ihe new arrival
witli alert composure. That the surprise was mutual was evident from
the altitude of the new arrival, who
sat firmly in his saddle, bridle rein
in the left hand, while the right tightly gripped a Colt's revolver. Still
having il slung in the holster suspended from a belt around the waist,
the stranger, without speaking, intently watched tlie movements of the
traveller. lie, in turn, appraised the
youthful rider in front of him, who,
sitting astride a spirited mount held
well in hand, was, as he surmised, a
youth oC about eighteen years of age.
He was dressed in riding boots and
breeches, above which he wore an Indian tanned buckskin jacket, frilled
and beaded as such garments usually
are. On his head a gray slouch hat,
pulled well over the face, fairly well
concealed Ihe upper part of a youthful
and pleasing countenance.
The strained science that followed
ihis sudden meeting, during which
both riders mutually 'regarded each
other, was, after a few * moments,
broken by a sweet feminine voice thai
both thrilled and astonished the
traveller as it asked: "Excuse me, sir,
but did you notice a bunch of horses
along the trail as you came along?
'Horse rustlers' are reported lo be
ranging lho country and father is anxious to have his horses rounded up
for tlie night, I have ranged the hills
around here, bul have found no trace
ol them." As MlOSC words were spoken, tin' right hand that, gripped the
revolver was automatIcallj transferred from lis lain lo the bridle rein.
Both astonished and embarrassed
at this unexpected meeting on a lone-
ly trull with a young lady rider.
dressed In male attire, lie mumbled
an awkward apology and replied: "Oh.
I beg your pardon, madame; there are
no horses to he seen anywhere on the
open country tit ihe west, nor in nny
Other direction SO far as 1 could see,
even with (he aid of my field glasses."
Then he offered: "if there js anything
I can do to assist you in tlie search
for them, I shall be pleased to do it."
"(Hi. lliank you," she said, "bul. I
think I would rather nol. I shall turn
back ami range those hills to the
south, and If they are not there I shall
follow lhe Halt from there home, and
report my failure lo (ind lliein to
fallier." Then reining her horse In
Ihe direction indicated, she turned in
her saddle as If lo give a parting
greeting In the astonished traveller.
As she did so, she seemed to notice
for the first time the fagged and tired
appearance of both horse and rider.
She then turned her horse around and
said: "Your horse seems tired. Vou
must have travelled a long distance
"I smarted from Fort Qu'Appelle this
morning. My name Is MacKae, Ronald MacRae.     1 have   just   received
my discharge from the Canadian army,
Willi which I had been serving as
scout wiih tbe General Middletou
Brigade in the Kiel Rebellion. I am
on my way lo North Dakota, where
some of my people live, I was heading for the Moose Mountain Indian
Agency, where I intended to spend
the night and gel additional supplies
lo continue tlie trip, bul it seems I
jnissed the trail, If you can direct
"lie there I shall feel grateful."
"There is a trail leading ir* the
agency from my home. Follow this
trail and il will lead you lo I lie house
about iwo miles east of here, From
Ihere fattier will show you the trull
lo the agency." with this parting
instruction she turned her horse, and,
waiving him a parting greeting, she
set spurs to her horse's Hanks and
galloped off in the direction of the
hills lo the south to resume her
search for the horses.
For ii few minutes he Blood watching her as she cantered over Ihe rolling ground till she dropped out of
sight half a mile away beyond Ihe
brow of a hill. Her graceful riding.
her skill in handling her horse, as well
as tier Ingenuous manner, attracted
both Ids fancy ami admiration. For
some lime lie stood hesitating and
undecided as to which course lo follow, tie was seized with a strong
urge lo pross ids assisiance. The
fact that "horse rustlers" were reported lo he in (he vicinity made him
apprehensive of Lho dangers thai
might be lurking In tin shelter of any
bluff, lie knew the desperate character and criminal tendencies of such
outlaws, and was accordingly con-
j scions of the dangers that threatened
a defenseless woman, ranging (he
country alone, when such bandits are
roaming at large. He* fell the urgency of following her to afford her
protection In case of need. Finally,
Impressed by hei» refusal to accept his
assistance and satisfied witli her skill
in horsemanship, as well as her independent self-assurance Jn her knowledge of the country, he decided lo
follow Ihe trail leading io the house.
Travelling leisurely along the trail,
he, in a short lime, came to tlie shore
of a lake of clear water wiih a well
defined shorn line and sandy beaches!
The land and surrounding hills were
heavily wooded. lie turned to his
left and took a well beaten trail that
followed tbe windings of the lake
shore; Following this trail a short
distance he came lo a comparatively
pretentious house built of peeled
logs, and set on a stretch of rising
ground a short distance bark from lhe
lake of which It commanded a clear
I view. The ground In front was elear-
I ed ot all underbrush and fixed up as a
| grassy lawn. A few shade trees of
birches and poplars stood here and
there on Ihe lawn in their irregular
poshions of original growth in tlio
forest. The rustic log dwelling had
a verandah extending the full length
of its fronl. ll was bull! so as to
harmonize with the rusticity of the
house itself, both of which were evidently built with a view to comfort
and Iiominess, and much skill aud
good laste were shown in their construction. These details were taken
in hy the rider as he followed the path
leading to tlie front of the house.
(To be continued)
"If it had not been for Tanlac I would still be a sick, discouraged woman, for nothing else seemed to do me
any good," says Mrs. Edward Gibbs.
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"California Fig Syrup"
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der little bowels
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bowels acting without griping. Contains no narcotics or soothing drugs.
! Say "California" to your druggist and
i avoid counterfeits! Insist upon genuine "California Fig Syrup" which
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All Hie advertising in the world i
ami all lho sales efforts combined
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Tanlnc havo been sold anil Hie de-.
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ami 1ms brought relief lo hundreds of
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There are over 100,000 such statements on file wil It lhe company, all
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Here me excerpts from a lew of lhe
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Mrs. Edward Gibbs, Lancaster, Pa.
—"For 2 years Indigestion deprived
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were worried about tliem. Their
stomachs were upset, appetites poor,
lhe color had left their cheeks, their
nights were restless nitd during Hie
day they would just mope around, inking no interest In play or anything
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Buffalo For Yukon
Twenty head of buffalo from tlie
YVainwrigh! Park will be shipped inlo
the Yukon for the establishment of a
buffalo park at White Horse. The
buffalo have been purchased by Robert
Lowe, of White Horse.
Canadian   Bacon  Shows Improvement
A    cablegram   received in Canada
quotes a large (inn of Importers of
livestock products In England as saying Unit Canadian bacon recently received has been of greal ly improved
quality.    This firm attributes lhe Im-
j provement to ihe system of govern-
j ment   "grading   of hogs.     The snme
firm also slates that recent consignments of butler from Western Canada
have earned commendation from British purchasers.
Clark's Beans With Pork
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A Word of Encouragement
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Isn't there a need, not often enough
met, of a word of encouragement now
and then to the person who is trying
lo do the right tiling? One day a
busy mother, tired wllh Hie unending
turns for her small children, complained that she never seemed to get
anything done and that her life was
counting for little. "Why," said a
friend, "if you don't do anything but
keep these children well clothed and
fed you are doing a big and worthy
work-." To which the mother replied: "I only wish somebody said
tlia't to me every day." The steady,
I faithful worker is not a spectacular
person and his role Is not Hie kind
lhe galleries applaud. But he Is the
person who Is maintaining the balance
of the world. And he ought to be
noticed now and (hen. lest he falter
before his act is played oul.—The
Kansas City Star. •.
Nurse Cavell's Dog
Edith Cavell's devoted dog "Jack"
has returned to England.
Alas, though, he Is dead and stuffed. Nurse Cavell inquired all the
lime after him when she was in prison. After her murder, the dog was
taken by the Dowager Duchess de
Croy and kept, until recently, when he
They say that lie grieved sadly for
J his mistress, as she did for him. ,
Well, Jack may only be a dog, hut
England welcomes his dead body with
real pride and affeclion.
The man who never gives for fear
of being duped loses every lime.
/5ba/qua EYES
Refreshes Tired Eyes
WriteMurlneCcChlcDiOifotEyeCereBoolc I
Entirely Remedied by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Eberts.Ont.—" I started with cramps
and bearing-down pains at the age of
eleven years, and I would get so nervous
I could hardly stay in bed, and I hod
such pains that I would scream, and my
mother would call the doctor to give me
something to take. At eighteen I married, and I have four healthy children,
but I still have pains in my right side.
1 nm a farmer's wife with more work
than 1 am able to do. I have taken three
bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I feel that it is
helping me every day. My sister-in-law,
who has been taking your medicine for
some time and uses your Sanative Wash,
told me about it and I recommend it
now, as I have received great relief
from it."—Mrs. Nelson Yott, It. K. 1,
Ebcrts, Ont.
Lydin E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is a medicine for ailments common to women. It has been used for
such troubles for nearly fifty years, and
thousands of women havo found relief
as did Mrs. Yott, by taking this splendid
1 f you are suffering from irregularity,
painful times, nervousness, headache,
backache or melancholia, you should at
once begin to take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. It is excellent to
strengthen the system and help to perform its functions with ease and regularity, C
Elite Cut
For those Smokers
who like their tobacco
Cut Fine or who
roll their own
5^2 Lb. „ 15*
5fl 4>
17)a$lc 15c\kin<3'
TOWder has been
known e\nd used
all over Canada
for more than 25
years. II" has set
and maintained tbe.
standard for^ooota
oF its class.    It5
use  is increasing
daily because of
its strength, purity
and  universal
satisfaction   *
fbre Food insures
good health *
WGgic 'Baking'
"Powder insures
pure  food
Edifon's Son to the Fore
Clmrlos Edison, son of Thomas
Edison, has assumed the responsib
ity of financial director of the thirt
three Edison industries andcompa
les.     He has for several years be
chairman ol tho Edison Industries,
which his  lather is  president.      R
Edison is thirty-five years old.
A nild-emplre Pun-Pacifle. or
world's fair, lor Vancouver In ID27 is
lhe appeal made by Mayor Owen.
The National Assembly at Angora
has passed the bill calling for tho
deposition of Lhe caliph and the abolition of ihe caliphate.
Slato laws prohibiting the possession of Intoxicating liquors acquired
before national prohibition In the
United Stales, were sustained by the
Supreme Court.
Tli,. piihlle dobl of Ihe United
Slates has been clll more lhan *l,-
sim.iioii In tho lour and a half years
since lho greal war Indebtedness was
nl lis poult, August 111, 1010,
Tho itiiii-.li Government has turned
down the Idea of obtaining revenue
through a lux on belling, Philip Snow-
den, chancellor of the exchequer, told
ihe House or Commons.
An advance of $3,000 was made by
I lie Dominion Government lo Vilhjal-
iinir Sieiansson in connection with
relief of the Crawford parly ou Wrnii-
gel Island, according to the report, of
lhe auditor-general for 1922-21! tabled
in He- House of Commons.
Enough gloom prevails In lhe world
without sombre hearses passing
through the streets to remind people
,d' death, in Ihe opinion of
guise their
Dizzy Spells
Bearing-Down Pains
When pains gather around
thc hips and lodge in the small
of the back—when to stoop or
bend seems impossible, when
dizzy spells and bearing-down
pains are ever present—that's
the time to use Dr. Hamilton's
Pills. Irregularities disappear,
vital energy is restored, back
trouble is forgotten.
Tlie ailing sick woman gains
strength, Improves In looks, Increases in spirit, hy using Dr, Hamilton's Pills. They correct Hie conditions that rob her of heallh and vigor.
No medicine so helpful as Or. Hamilton's Pills, 250 al all dealers, or Tho
Cnlarrhozone Co., Montreal.
death.     in
Associated      Undertakers'
York,  who  have voled  lo  dis-
hearses    like    ordinary
Unfit to Live—Must Die
Tills verdict is rendered a thousand
times every week—no corn can live,
it must pass out, drop off, if Putnam's
j Extractor is applied to corns and
! walls. Use the old reliable "Putnam's." It never falls, 25c at nil
A Severe Attack
Of Heart Trouble
Was Relieved By
Heart and Nerve Fills
Mr. R. E. Barnes, Athens, Ont.,
writes:—"Four years ago I had a very
severe attack of heart trouble. I
consulted my doctor; he treated me
for some time, but I only seemed to
be gelling worse. I finally went to
our druggist and purchased threo
boxes ot .Mllburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills and, derived Immediate relief
from their use. and I can truthfully
say they are a wonderful medicine. I
always keep a box on hand, and it 1
feel oul of sorts 'I take a few pills and
feel all right again."
Mllburn's Heart and Nerve Pills are
50c a bos at all dealers, or mailed
direct on receipt of price by Tho T.
Mllburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
Helping the Hebrideans
Definite arrangements for financing
tlie movement of Hebrides fishermen
to settlements on lhe British Columbia consl were closed by Hon. T. D.
I'allullo, minister of lands. The provincial government will advance progress loans up to $1,01) per family lo
llehrldean settlers on condition Ihal
the British Government advance a
similar aoiuunl. Settlers would be
given hnniei'iles on the cons! and Islands, where thoy can engage In fishing ami farming.
Radio Station Opened
The Largest Broadcasting Station  In
Canada Operated By C.N.R.
Radio station CKCH of the Canadian National Hallways, located on the
roof of Ottawa's highest ollice building, came "ou the air" on Feb. 27th
witli a varied prograinnfe to the entertainment and delight of thousands of
radio enthusiasts throughout Canada.
, This, the largest and most powerful
! radio slation operating lu the Domin-
: ion, was opened by Sir Henry Thorn-
■ Ion,  K.B.E.,  chairman  and  president
of  the  Canadian   National  Railways,
i who spoke lo employees and Ihe general public of Canada and the States.
I At. the same time CKCH was "lied in"
1 with    CIICV    tit    -Montreal  and  lhe
speech and programme were broadcast
from both cities simultaneously.
When a  mother detects  from  the
wrlthings and fretting of a child that
worms are troubling it, she can procure a reliable   remedy   in   Miller's
Worm  Powders which will expel  all
I worms from lhe system.     They may
■-cauae vomiting, bul this need cause no
anxiety, because It is but. a manifestation    of    Ihelr thorough work.      No
worms can long   exist   where   these
' Powders are used.
Britain Most Heavily
Taxed of Countries
Chancellor    of    Exchequer    Supplies
Figures  Showing  Taxation  Per
Head in Different Countries
Philip Snowdeii, Chancellor of the
Exeheqih r, has supplied figures showing taxation per head in lhe principal
countries In .1911 and In 192-1, Tlie
figures follow:
Great Britain, 1914, three pounds,
eleven shillings; 1921, fifteen pounds,
eleven shillings. France, 1911, Ihree
pounds, seven shillings; 1921 six
pounds, eighteen shillings. United
Stales, 1911, one pound, seven shillings; 1921, six pounds, fourteen shillings. Germany, 1911, one pound,
ten shillings; 1924, four pounds, one
shilling. Italy, 1911, two pounds, Iwo
shillings; 1921, eight pounds, three
shillings. Canada,     1914,     three
pounds, eight shillings; 1924, seven
pounds, nineteen shillings. Australia, 1914, three pounds, eight shillings;
1921, eight pounds, one shilling.
Assists Farmers to
Purchase Livestock
New Policy Being Carried Out By
Livestock Branch
The Minister of Agriculture lor
Canada, Honorable W. it. Motherwell,
by the carrying oul of pedicles administered by the Livestock Branch of
his department, has, during Hie past
fiscal year, either for breeding or
feeding, been able lo conserve a large
number of livestock consigned lo
stockyards and abattoirs. Unfinished steers to lhe number of S0.717. 89,-
1121 heifers, liTtl sows and IS.nOO
sheep were, under Ihe arrangement
referred to, returned fo the farms for
breeding purposes in tho case of
females and for finishing inlo good
beef In the ease of feeder caltlo, Two]
policies are Involved in this service,!
one, ilie remission of freight charges,
brought about by an arrangement between ihe Livestock Branch and the
railway companies, and the other,
ihe payment of the reasonable travelling expenses of fanners mailing the
purchases. The minister's report,
which supplies llils Information,
makes it clear that the assistance
thus given was available lor slock'
purchased for breeding or further
feeding by Hie purchaser and not for
speculative purposes.
Every Wife
Should Know
that Zam-Buk contains in most
compact form all the essentials
of a perfect ever-ready home
skin medicine.
This grand herbal preparation
is beautifully soothing for cuts,
burns, scalds, etc., or for chafed
and chapped skins. It removes
all danger of germ-infection,
poisoning or inflammation, and
heuh thimosl Iroublexomewound
or sore with remarkable ease.
ZAM-BUK is "A Surgery in a
Two-inch Box," useful for both
Accidents and Skin Disease.
Women Can Dye Any
Garment, Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,   Faded   Things
New for 15 Centt
gravies, savoury dishes, and in
hundreds of different ways Oxo
beef cubes will make food more
tasty and nutritious.
^T ▼cubes
In tins ol 4,10, SO and 100,
"Curlew Must Not Ring Tonight,"
which has probably been read and
recited more limes than any other
modern poem, was wrlllen in IKH7
by Miss Ro'So Hartwlck, of Lltchliold,
Con* It Is said thut the author of
Hie poom spent only Iwo hours In its
In Most Homes
In these days nf sedentary habits it becomes
necessary for nearly all the
members of the family to
use somo treatment to
arouse the sluggish liver and
ensure regularity of the
action of the bowels.
Because Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills can be depended upon
lo produce the desired results
under all conditions they are
the most popular of family regulators  and   are  found in   the
great majority of homes as a
safeguard against tlie scores of
allmonts which have their beginning in constipation, biliousness
and a deranged digestive system.
You will notice that while
tho price of Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills has been increased to
35 cents, the box now contains
35 pills instead of 25 an formerly.
Likewise Dr. Chase's Nerve
Fond is GO cents a box of 60
pills, instead of 50 cents a box
of 50 pills. Edmanson, Bates
& Co. Ltd., Toronto.
By  Enriching  Their  Blood  With   Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills
Rheumatism attacks people when
tin' blood Is clogged with impurities,
thus .selling up an inflammation ot the
muscles and joints. Cold or wet
weather may starl the tortures' of
rheumatism, but it. is not the cause, as
was once supposed. The cause is
thin or impure blood. Rubbing wllh
liniments or applying hot applications
may give relief, but that Is all; the
pains are soon back again. Vou must
treat lhe trouble through lhe blood to
get rid of il. Tlie value of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills In cases of this kind
is proved by tlie following statement.
Miss Margaret M. Cullen, willing on
behalf of her grandmother, Mrs. A.
McEwen, Ormslown, Que., says;—
"My grandmother, now S5 years of
age, was, some years ago, a great sufferer from rheumatism. She tried
many remedies, but found none that
did her any good until she began using
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. These she
used for some months until every
trace of rheumatism disappeared.
Since then she has taken Ihe pills at
Intervals, and they have kepi her in
Ihe best of heallh. It Is marvellous
how well and active my grandmother
is. She cooked Ihe dinner for the
threshers last, full, and she gives the
credit lor her good heallh to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. She Is anxious
that her experience wllh Ibis splendid
medicine be given lor Ihe benefit of
If you are suffering from any I rouble!
due lo poor or watery blood Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will help you. Sold
j by medicine dealers everywhere, or |
sent by mail al 50 cents a box by j
willing The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co.. llrockvllle, Out.
Best Fish Season
A greatly Increased demand for unfrozen llsii Irom Lake Manitoba is reported for tills season hy Canadian
National Express officials, Since lhe
opening of the season. Dec. 1, shipments to Montreal, Boston and New
Vork have surpassed the records of
previous years ami lhe supply of fresh
fish from Lake Manitoba for theso
points does not at present meet lhe
A Power of its Own.—Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlc Oil has a subtle power of lis
own. All who have used it know this
and keep It by Ihein as lhe most valuable liniment available, lis uses are
innumerable nnd for many years it
has been prized ns lhe leading liniment for man and beast.
Don't wonder whether you can dye |
or tint successfully, becauso perfect
home dyeing is guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even If you have never
dyed before. Druggists have all colors.
Directions in each package.
Boundary Line Extends North
By the end of this year the boundary Hue between British Columbia aud
Alberta will havo been established
from the 49th parallel to a point 100
miles north of Ihe Peace River, Hon.
T. D. Pattullo, minister of lands, announced recently.
Find Ancient Roman Temple
Workmen engaged in clearing lhe
ground around the ancient Roman
gymnasium at Orange, France, have
brought In light lhe ruins of a temple
of greater dimensions than those of
the famous Maison Carres at Nlmes,
Ihe temple Augustus and I.ivia at
Vienna. The chief architect of Ihe
Slate Archaeological Department, re.
gards the find as of great importance
and is pushing Ihe work of excavation.
According lo an American estimate
there are eight hundred and thirty-
seven causes of war. The Balkans
seem to have tried Ihein all.
Asthma Victims.     The man or woman subject to asthma is indeed al
victim.      What can be more terrify-1
ing lhan lo suddenly be seized with
paroxysms of choking which seem lo
fairly threaten  the existence of life
itself.     From such a condition Dr. J.
D.   Kellogg's   Asthma   Remedy   has ]
brought mauy to completely restored
health and happiness.     It Is known
and  prized  in  every section of fills
bi'oad land.
lent  for articles iulvcrli.s
should   bo  made  waJi
s   Money  Orders—a lot
,-  money   by  limit.
Id  In  Hit
415 Mclntyre Blk„ Winnipeg
A barometer in common use In
some parts of Europe consists of a pan
of water und a frog and a little step-
ladder In It. When the frog conies
out of the water nnd sits on lhe steps
it Is said infallibly lo Indicate rain.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Colds
National Parks
Nalloual paries are not mere pleasure resorts. They pay national
dividends of such magnitude I hat
they cannot be overlooked, but the human dividends Ihey pay In the form
of renewed and increased health, efll-
eiency and power, physical, menial
and even moral, are of much greater
moment. Recreation utftld scenes of
incomparable grandeur will do more
lo revive a lagging pulse anil a sick!
mind lhan any physician's prescription—and Ihe first lo admit thnt is lhe
doctor himself.—Vancouver  Province. I
Internally and Externally it is Good.;
The crowning properly of Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlc Oil is thai ll can be used in-1
ternally for many complaints as well
as externally. For sore throat, croup, i
whooping cough, pains in Hie chest,
colic anil many kindred ailments It has '
qualities thai are unsurpassed. AI
bottle of If costs little and there Is nol
lose III always having ll at hand.
1 Constipation      j
| Banished
a A druggist says: "For nearly
** thirty years 1 have recommended
the Extract of Roots, known as
Mother Stigel's Curative Syrup, for
arresting and permanently relieving constipation and indigestion.
It is an old reliable remedy that
never fails to do the work." 30
drops thrice daily. Get the
Genuine.    At your druggist
R.C.M.P. for Empire Exhibition
Tlie Royal Canadian Mounted Police
will be represented at the British Empire exhibit Ion at Wembley Park.
London, England, this year. From
lhe Lelhbridge unit Inspector Hill and
Constable Pellelier will iillend.
v     \ 	
Ro. 1 for Bladder Catnrrh. Mo. 2 for Blood *
Ik In Diieaiei, No. 3 forClironlc Weak n 11.1»,
SOI  I'll.  I HliI'Lii  il r M  SI-.IM'X KIS tXCsl  »'.,' 3t.
l)B.I.F.Ct.KitiAH«1.Co.Ms*»riiockRrt,:. U I,London.
Ol Mail St ft'OU Tl, FuuNi Sr. Ktsi. TOKOi U.
bit   HI    bt.   PAtl   Si P.I k r   WKSTi    Mjmpilal.
Minard's Liniment for Corns
Successful Fur Auction
Whal is considered lo have born
Canada's mosl successful mi* auction
sale since these sales were Inaugurated, resulting in lhe changing hands
of some $1,600,000 worth of Furs, was
held in Montreal recently. More
Hum 300 buyers wore present, a roc*
ord number, from the United stales,
Europe and from Siberia and Manchuria,
Minard's Liniment for Sprains
\V.    N.    L.    1615 YOUHLAN   WAS   KNOWN   KEBB
Mr. Munch "f MoAdam'a Landing,
uorosa the Fraaer from Hammond, has
mcelved !i letter from bis sister '**
Washington, giving an ut'euiint of a
double  murder ami  suicide.
Leslie YouimuiN (an adopted son of
tlio lute Mr. and Mrs, Charles Vou-
iimns,   of   Walnui     OroVo,    McAdam's
j.nitl.i.::)   k.lled   his   Wife   ami   mo the i-
in-law ami then blow Ills own head
Off, Leslie VounuuiM wan well known
tu old-timers In Maple Ridge, for be
attonded) tho "Ridge" school. He waa
stoutly huili am] had an Impediment
in his speech,
131 ghteen months ago the Curb Market was spoken foil and its patronage
urged. We did nut then feel Justified
Ir. in-fusing Its claims for the reason
that it might militate against the
local merchants, and otherwise presented* obstacles.
For a year and a half this market
has tfone on increasing In favor, and.
of coinise, greatly multiplying its efficiency
Wo find that the local merchant
cannot handle nearly all the pro-
duets and so the producer is "caURht
coining and goine" as It were—In fine
he must let the produce rot on tho
ground or sell for nothing,
It Is just this, the farmer must bo
helped In eveny possible way ; lie
must bo helped to the best possible
markets -i he is, all sa'd ami done,
the one prime consideration in trade,
for all classes are dependent on his
Were the local store the only market at 'which to sell the eggs or
fruit or berries, there would not be
even the chance of a livelihood, and
hence the producer must soon cease
to  function.
By the curb system one can convey
his produce to the market place In
Vancouver and obtain a greatly enhanced earning—an Increase of 50 to
1(10 per cent. The stall for the da;.
only costs 25c. or a part of a stall
15 c.
Some folks havo been patrons of
the Curb Market from the start and
they cheerfully declare their unauall-
fled satisfaction. They say—one and
all—that It has solved the riddle of
how to earn and live.
Next article : advantages of the
Curb Market and how to attain.
Why grown-ups should commit act;
of vandalism passes all reasonable
conjecture, ,nnd In such instances it
Is always a pity that the perpetrators
were not known and condign punishment meted  out to them.
Lately such an actoi' took tho pains
and time to use a blunt instrument,
and, quite around the theatre, indent
deep and quite lengthy gouges In th*.
floor, sadly spoiling what every patron or visitor classed as the smoothest and best floor they had ever seen
The Hammond Theatre, even in our
large cities, has, to ourt knowledge,
not Ii f ng superior. "Who were the
vandals ?     Their   punishment   Is   du.»,
Tills   contest   started   November   1st
LU83,   and   continues   for   52   weeks.
Weekly   report,   March   10th,   li'-*-
Woek To 1
I'UlIon, V. li, Whonnock, Anc, 4-1 607
Urown Ruth,  Pitt Meadows,  W.L.
65 727
Hruce, W.  D.,  Pitt Meadows, "W.L.
51 8ST
Kershaw, J. IL, I'ort Haney, W.L.
CO 686
Mtdcalfe,   C.   i\,   Hammond  W.L.
44 V.7
Simpson and Holland,  Haney,  W.L.
60 803
University   B.C.,   Vancouver,   W.L,
60 946
Sweatman,   H,.   Agassiz.,   S.C.R.I.lt.
, 37 660
Dom. Ex. Farm, Agassiz, B.B, x62 870
43 841
Experimental Farm pons and University perm are entered for registration only and do not compete for any
Production   68.4   per  cent.
(Delayed   report)
The regular monthly meeting of tbo
Women's Missionary Society was hold
In, Hnmmond Church. Several features combined to mnke it Interesting
chief among these being the banding
out of the programme for the year
and listening to splendid reports of
the tenth annual meeting of tho West
minster rresbyterlnl W.M.S. The reports were given by Mrs. Stevens and
Mrs. Daly, and showed that the Pre**-
byterlal meeting had been one of
great   spiritual   uplift.
The Hammond W.M.S. extend a
hearty invitation to all ladies interested In Missions to attend their meetings which take place on the third
Wednesday   afternoon   of   each   month.
Tiie Fraser Valley, and, for that I
matte;' all Of B.C., lias lost one off
its busy and Illustrious figures In*
the death, last Friday, of Mrs. Sarah
A. MuLaggan. Nut so important that
Mrs. Mel.agan (neu Miss Sarah A.
McCluro) was born lu Belfast, Iro-
laud ; that she with her Parents was
one of the cat Host settlers in th*»
Hatstlo district ; or, Indeed, that she
was the wife of the founder, J. Q.
MotLagan, of tho Dully World (in
li*8!i), but her works will stand as
portals ot tho altruistic service Bh*
rendered society and the Provlnco f.jr
quite   three   decades.
Tho departed lady was prime mover
In the founding of, through Lady
Aberdeen, of the Victoria Order of
Nurses, which has now long proved
so  Inestimable a .blessing.
Among her many activities may bo
mentioned: President Local Council
of Women, President Art, Historical
and Scientific Association, manager
for years, after her husband's death,
of the Dally World, and, ever aotlvo
In  patriotic  work,  etc.
Deceased leaves to mourn her Ha
mise a sister, Mrs, McCall ; throe
daugthers, Mrs. (Dr.) K. D. Pan ton,
Mrs. A. S. St. John, Bfnfl, A. O. Dan-
lell, and threo brothers, Messrs. Sam
(architect   nnd   nrlist),   Ned,   and   J. O.
The Gazette tenders Its sincere
sympathy   to   ench   ot   these.
Is Mareh also to go out as *i
lamb ? Orcat weather In the Frasr;:
Valley. This Hammond-Haney district Is blessed with weather—all the
year   round.
Mr. W. H, Hicks, superintendent of
Dominion Experimental Farm, liai
sold the celebrated bull "Maplecrost
De Kol Henry No. 40632" to the Tian-
qullle Sanitarium farm, and ho was
shipped from Rosedale. This bull has
been on the Experimental Farm here
for 5 yearn, and he left 23 daughtors
In tho herd, all of which are away
above the average tn every way. HI-
off-spring secured both Junior Cham-
pjonshlpa at Vancouver In 192'], he-
sides 1st prize calf held, lot prize
young herd, and 1st prize produce of
One 66 ACRti FARM, in Fraser Valleo. pood level deep
bottom land. 25 acres cleared, 3 acres in raspberries,
bearinpr orchard 75 trees, bilance in hay and pasture.
Four-roomed hou l\ large barn,: farm machinery. Creek
water, three-quarter mile from fl.P.R. station and Fraser
Rivr. a so post office and store. Specially adapted to
dairying or small fruit.   N j reasonable offer refused.
Dewdney Electoral District
NOTICE Is hereby given that on
Monday, the 7th April, 1921, at ten
o'clock in tho forenoon, at the Court
House, Now Westminster. B.C., a sitting of the Court of Revision will bo
held for tho purpose of revising tho
list of voters for the above-named
Electoral District, pursuant to tho
provisions of the "Provincial Elections Act,"
And notice Is further given that
any person claiming to bo entitlel lo
.be registered as a voter In the above-
named Electoral District may apply
In person to have his name entered
on the list of voters for tho said
Electoral District at tho said sitting
of the Court] of Revision, notwithstanding the faot that his name has
been omitted from ii.fi list of applicants for. registration, or that he has
omitted to apply for registration nt
tlio time or In tbo manner otherwise
provided by the "Provincial Elections
Tho list of applicants for registration Is now posted and may ho Inspected at the office of the undersigned   Registrar  of   Voters.
Registrar   uf   Voters.
New   Westminster,   B.C.,
Dewdney   Electoral   District,
March   18th,   1924.
Advertliemtnte In tali column must hi
Tel. Mission 2012
Thanks the Public
I'or I'hti'MhiTnl patronaire j
uCLOi-ili'd lr.e <r generally hy |
f i' ri:i"_,.- ■<;   Haney ird I
district during   my   tltroa |
years in busint-s. ns well \
as their CDiisiderotenesr: at I
all times, I wish to express j
my sincere thanks, and, in •
d i   g so, would ask for my 1
sui spcrtle same pa'.ron-j
age given tr.e. 5
C Fred Carter  i
SLUnrir   Front Pott   XUtuj      j
Chateau Frontenac Team Leader's Long Journey
Arrangements have Just been made
whereby the Mutual (Vancouver)
Limited will lake care of all the
B.C. fiesh fruits, or those that can
be sold at once.
This arrangement will be of great
advantage to the growers all over tlu
Province, as it will surely staballz*
prices and eliminate the factional
lights   that   must   otherwise   control,
Tlie contractors assume all tho financing ; esponsibilUy. The producer
will got a percentage of his price on
presentation  of the bill of lading.
Mr. <;. II. Snow, tlie miuiager (Vancouver) states there win ho approximately aoo 'car loads of BtrawberrloB,
raspberries, and loganberries, and
thus an aggregate value of somo $7",0-
000, So far no good, but whal of Hie
vast quantity—800 or Rio tons that
is over ripe, over heated, affected by
ruin,    etc. T
The fruit nien cnll for a $100,000
loan of tho Government to build a
cannery. Their demand Is a just ono.
and If considered on lis intrinsic
merits/ only as a booster of the prosperity of lho large districts affected
should receive the favorable consideration  of  the  powers that be.
"Hitherto hnve ye asked nothing in
my name : ask, and yo shall receive'*
John  10:24'.
SERMONETTK—Our Saviour meant
to that day they had not nskod (on-
quired of) anything in His name. The
Lord wns near the end of his earthly
careef. He showed his great lovo by
pleading "Ashl"—when I am, gone—
"In my name." and "ye Khali re-
celvo." How many, Of us really grasp
the full moaning of the promise "ye
shall  receive."
Mouuiir, vctcrnn husky, tending the team, •abide Chateau Frontenac.     Inset, Hountlc.
ft breath from lhe freezing winds of
.ri. tho Canadian Arctic, with some-
'.hins of its loneliness, its savagery,
Its call upon the elemental qualities
of courage and endurance and a dash
of the romance of the long trails are
embodied in Mountie, veteran hero
of the wilderness and new leader of
the Chateau Frontenac dog-team at
Mountie is a husky, in other words,
! :;rt wolf and his wolf strain shows
ii.plf in his handsome head, with its
' Iv.irp ears and nose, its steel-hard,
laming eyes, its gleaming fangs and
its i*re:it ruff of fur. He is a dark grey
-hit, nlmo.rt one hundred weighl of
nvjiclc. bone and sinew, ferocity,
grim determination and unwavering
fidelity. He was born away up within
th.? Arctic Circle, at Lnc-du-llrochct,
bought in 1919, when very young, by
Sergeant Grennan of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and trained by
him. .He put in nearly five years as a
member ot that famous force, running
patrols on His Majesty's Service
with the red-coated heroes of the
The journey from Le Pas, in
Northern Manitoba, where he was
purchased, to Quebec, a distance of
well over two thousand miles, was an
exciting and extraordinary experience
for Mountie. He spent Christmas
Day at Winnipeg, where the kind-
hearted officials of the Canadian
Pacific offered him seasonal fare,
which he did not like much, except as
a dessert following a mea' of his accustomed fish and biscuits. He made
friends with the baggage men, who
were more than sorry to part with
him.   At Montreal, he had a day's
rest and there adjusted himself com-
paratively easily to the strange turmoil of the great city. His driver,
Arthur Beauvais, an Indian from
Caughnawaga, took him for a short
stroll through the streets, where he
created a tremendous sensation. And
no wonder, for Beauvais says he is
without exception the finest husky he
has ever seen, while the Mounted
Police report that he has always been
greatly admired wherever he has
been, both for his appearance and
his capacities.
Now he is nt the Chateau Frontenac, working comparatively easily
at giving visitors a ride and is one of
the big attractions of winter-time
Quebec and will no doubt shine
brilliantly ut the forthcoming carnival
fob   SALE
Six Lots near  tho  Hammond Park.
Cheap,     Easy   terms.       Apply
     Qawsworth  St.,  Hammond
SOTTING EGOS from Wyandottos
(Martin strain) and Burred Rooks
(Rldgefleld attain). ti.no for setting
of 18 eggs,
riione   2 Hammond
While Wyandottos from heavy lay-
Ing  strain.    Also  Blnck   Minorcas.
MRS,   !..   PLATT.
Phono 53-L,  Hanoy,
First   class   Straw,   Hay.   Also   good
potatoes. Apply
A.   A.   SU'fTON,
1 Pitt MoUdows.
Clydo Mnro, hay, ago II years,
WOlght 1200 l„ 1300 |bs. v„,.y „,„„,
and steady, Grade Holstoln Cow, oro
r, years. Jorsoy-Bolstoln Heifer age
« months. About loo laying pullota
White  Loghoms.     10   yearling  hens!
Make  good  hr |„K   pen,   heavy  pro-
dilcors. s,  a,  OltNL.H.-FB,
3 Webstor's   Corners,   B.C.
GOLD  BAR   PIN   sot   wm,  Sapphire
and  Pearls,  at Haney dune,  Fob.  29
Valued    tt„    keepsake,     finder  Please
return   to
/ M.  A.  BIGGS,
C.o.J.   w.   Langs, Haney.
Champion Separator, good Stock
Saddlo, Honey Extractor, 2 wheeled
Rig. Dcmoc at (double seated), Two
Tons   Mangolds. Apply
BI. akrtock  lloaj,  Haney.
Phone   Haney   27.
HAY!   .HAT I   .BAT I
For Sale, balled Timothy and Clover
Hay,  mixed, at ,14.00 o ton.
Apply  at   once,
A. o. Morrison
P*""16   29-'- Port  Hammond
Nine year old PERCHERON MARE,
weight about H00. Good general purpose  horse. Apply
, Hammond
H|Rh grade Croaf Separator "V*.
Ing A," also one Eureka Crook Revolving Churn, 100 feet 1-inch Gal-
vanned  Iron Wnterplp,  (new).
E.  H.   KINNEE,
Phone Hammond 2S-M       Port Haney
We just know you adore • "bar-
gain"; most everybody does, and
even publlo utility companies offer
tl.em.  .
Hold your Long Distance social
conversations between the hours of 7
p.m. nnd 8 a-m., when we give you a
conversation lasting threo times that
of the day period allowed at the
regular rote to B.C. Telcprone Company stations. Now what could bo
more  alluring 7
Cull tho "Rato Clerk" for charges
or   other   particulars.
British ColumbiaTelephone Co
Prime Steer Beef.
Veal Pork  Mutton
o    Sausages.
Port Hammond j 4
The Jarvis Electric Co. Ltd.
MS OrenvUI, Street
Order yonr Bleetrlo Oood, by BUM
Everybody seeks reliable service. That is why much custom
comes to:-
Black smithing
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
tiood  j ntlsfnotion  givon  l"  Children's
and   Women's  Dresses,
Mm. F. & E. CARTER
Coming to the local playhouse
Thursday Ih the big Metro Special
"Tho Man Life Passed Ry." written
and directed hy Victor SoherUingor,
the man responsible for Jaclfje Coo-
gan's Play "Long Live tlie King."
For the first time In pictures Jane
and l-va Novak play together. Percy
Marmot)t, Ctillen I-andls, Ilobart Bon-
worth, Georgo Solgmann and Lydia
Knott are part of tho big oaht "The
Man Life Passed By" Ih a awtft moving iliuma, loaded with action and
with skilful comody. Tear moving
and thrilling, with fun and, fights and
punch and passion. Kernes of rich
luxury, gay and reokloss parties, and
scenes of direst poverty and the
haunts <>f tho underworld. Particularly exciting is tho raid on the
"Spotted I >og," whore a young society girl took her guests after hot
fathor's socrotary put an end to tht
daring frolic at her homo. Tho climax that follows makos one of tho
strongest sconos evor portitayod.
KUiHh-hackn to tho tiniu of Roman
revelry, where all are attired In the
dress ami draperies If tho days of
Noro and Titus, "The Man Life Passed By" is "a noiahio production and
should not bo missed, Ben Tutvln in
the comedy "Where is my Wandering
Hoy this Evening" and tlio Aesop
Fable   complete   a   splendid   show.
At Your Service
Wherever you live.
Established 1907.
535 Clarkson St.,   Phone 278
Fully   experienced.     Patrons   always
satisfied.     Call   in.
United Farmers Limitea
Haney and Hammond Warehouses.
per 100 lbs $1.80
Wheat Chick , $1.90
Oats $1.55
int Chop $1.65
OatsCr 80 lbs ....$1.30
Corn Meal  100 lbs ...$2.10
Cracked Corn - $2.10
Chick Corn $2.20
Barley $1.65
Barley Chop $1.75
Bran $1.30
Shorts   $1- 45
Prices subject to change without notice,
Middlings     per 100 lbs   $1.85
Chick Feed  $3.15
Scratch _  $2.10
Hay Tim per ton .. .$16.00
Hay Alfalfa $24.00
Straw $12.00
Gr. Screenings    100 lb.     85c.
Burns Beefscrap $4.40
Globe        "       $3.90
Fish Meal $4.60
Flour Five Roses 49 $1.75
Clam Shell       100 lb.      55c.
Tenders Wanted
Sealed Tenders, addressed to tho*
lundcr^gnod. and marked "'Tenders,"
will he received up to Friday, March
28th,   Inclusive,   for   tho   following :
(1) South Llllooett School. For
hauling awl laying 725 (more or less)
3  Inch tile.
(2) Hammond School. For clearing nnd levelling part of school
grounds  and   erecting   fence.   ,
(3) Ruskln Superior School. For
levelling   school   grounds.
Particulars may he secured from
the Principal of tho School where the
work Is to be done, or at the Muni-
oipal   Hall,   Haney.
*■ Seo.   of   School   Board.
Article   No.   6.
Wood's Garage
Dewdney Trunk Road,
Phone 36 R Night or Day
Ford and Chevrolet Specialists
See  us   about your  Electrical
Repairs  to  Batteries,   Starters
and Generators.
Matchett's Store      Port Haney
Will Buy Dry Cascara Bark
. .V* «lll ts»e all we oan get of BBT
sjaaaam   mjuc.   .ngiuM   omu
Woe. Void.
Phone 43-11 Box 68,  HANKY,  B.C
Will also do your Laundry.
Painting,     Kahoming
and Paperhanging.
Wall Paper,  Paint,  Varnish,
Oils, Shellac, Enamel and
Coal Tar FOR SALE.
Estimates Given
All through Maple Ridge
Ontario Street, Haney
Phone 23
S. BOWELL & SON    j
rmrsiAL bimotom ahd
IIbi  Funeral  SuppUea
■•rvloe to all parte  tf thej
Iwww wnmnini   »om
..    .       PANEL  AND  BASE   	
Having completed the tuner to this
point, set it aside and construct the
upright panel. This panel may be a
piece of wood about quarter-inch in
thickness. An ordinary packing box
board will do, providing it is perfectly   d:y.     Bore   the   hole   for  the   two
switches and. contacts and make holes
for   the   four   binding   posts,   two   on
each side. The best way to do this
right Is to make a plan of the panel
on a piece of paper; measuring every
liule right. When this is done, place
the drawing on the panel and bore
through paper and panel. The two
holes on each corner on the left will
be for your binding posts; one for
the aerial at the top, and tho lower
for the ground. The two on tho
right will be for the phones. Tho
switch contacts should be just close
enough that the switch arm will not
drop between the contacts but also
far enough apart that the switch arm
can be set so as to touch only one
contact at a time. The telephone
binding posts should <be of the set
screw  type.
Having constructed the several
parts Just mentioned and mounted
them on the wood base, one is ready
to connect the taps to the switch
contacts and attach the other necessary  wires.
Scrapo tho cotton insulation from
the loop ends of the sixteen taps as
well as from the ends of the two
single taps coming from the first and
last turns. Fasten tho hare ends of
these wires to the proper contacts* by
inserting loop between the two nuts
and screwing them tight. Ono should
be careful not to cut or break any
of the loop ends. Now take a piece
of copper wire, connect on switch to
binding post "ground," then" connect
from this wire another wire to one
of the phone' binding post ; th!
switch being the on*> with 1 tap between each tap. Connect from tho
other switch to binding post "Aereal"
connect another wire on this to the
crystal. Prom tho detoctor connect
with another piece qf oopper wire
to your other binding post of your
phones. ^ Thjs concludes tl.Qt wiring
for thin set.
Article   No.   7   will   bo
for  operating  this  sot."
Pitt Meadows
The members and friends of Pitt
(Meadows Badminton Club were "At
Home" to tho "Whonnock Club In tho
local pavilion on Wednesday night.
There was a good turnout of fans,
who witnessed a very excellent series
of  competition*.
The local team, although in arrean-,
are to be heartily congratulated on
their team work and marked improvement of late. Whonnock Played true
to form. Several games were an even
An excellent lunch was served after
which, Mr. Donaldson, in a few words
extended- a hearty welcome to the
visiting team, who had always furnished a good night's entertainment
to  the homesters
Majorfa; orchesti|a will supply the
music for the Badminton Club dance
which Is to be held, In the Municipal
hall on April 4th. This dance terminates the season, and a good crowd
Is looked  for.
Mr. T. Campbell Is back to the
Meadows after a year's residence in
Seattle. His father, Mr. T. H. Campbell, Is still residing there. The report from that city is that It is still
The time of tlio year tn pnunl  the
flowers.      Beside our printing office
nnd at the side of Mr, Culler's incut
market are the flowers at early Spring
—the   Stm   flowers   hnve   hud   their
brief    dn.v    and    passed,    Nicely    in
bloom, however, are the daffodils, violets  (just  entering flower)  and  the
crocuses,      U*t Wnlttier say a word
for the hisl  named:
'Tor green meadow prnsscs, wide levels of snow,
And blowing of drifts where the crocus should  blow;
Where wild flowers and violets, amber
and wlilie,
On  south-sloping  brbolc-sirtos  should
sinili' in the light."
No snow iu  llanimnnd or Haney—
all sunshine!
Albion News
We most certainly extend our deep-1
est sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Nichols
of the Riven road, in losing their
home and all effects by the recent
l'lre. We are pleased to heap that it
was insured.
Then, again, their next door neighbor, Mr. H. Ferguson, had his garage burnt down und hid car with it.
Who Is responsible for settingg fire
to the grass on the A.- & L, Railway?
Someone must surely know something about  it
The third event has happened I"
our small community. Mr. G. Lahtl,
a prominent farmer at Albion, whilst
stumping with his horse, had the
niHafortuno of having a big 'stump
roll on him owing to the activity ot
his horse. Happily, he came out of
the ordeal with three ribs broken and
also a broken fore-arm. We all wish
him a speedy recovery. ,
Mr. C. Black and his brother R.
Black have gone north to the Skcena
River to take up positions at the
largo cannery there. They expect to
be  away  for threo  months or more.
Another of tho boys has left for tho
logging camp tip the coast. It sure
Is a problem how to keep 'em down
on  the  farm.
The Young Girls' Progressive Club
Is  holding a  big  dance  on   April  lllh.
Just fancy! Five teams all on
rond work around Albion. Such a
thing wns thought Impossible. Certainly our Councillor Is pnsslng the
work around.
ufiPdid 01
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Jrown lands may be pre-empted by
.Jritish subjects over IS years of age,
ind by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
And Improvement for agricultural
Full information concerning regu-
attons   regarding    pre-emptions    Is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
.vhlch can be obtained free of charge
>y addressing   the    Department    of
,ands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Gov-
tnment Agent.
Records will  be granted  covering
>nly laud suitable   for    agricultural
purposes, and which is not tlmbor-
.and,  i.e., carrying over 5,000  board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are
) be addressed to the Land Com-
dssloner of the Land Recording Di-
laion, In which the land applied for
is situated, and aro made on printed
forms,  copies of which can  be  obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied foi
five years and  Improvements  made
.to value of $10 per acre, including
••'.earing and cultivating at least Ave
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For moro detailed Information see
Ihe Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for pur
chase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timberland,
fpr agricultural purposes; minimum
prlco of firat-c'ass (arable) land is $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
iand $2.fi0 per acre. Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given In Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 ncrea,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment of
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homes! tea,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected in the first year, title being
obtainable after residence and improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
For grazing and industrial purposes areas not exceeding 640 nci-i
may be leased by one person or h
Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided into grazing district*
and the range administered under 't
Grazing Commissioner. Annua]
grazing permits are Issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
tnijy form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free,
permits are available for settlers,
campers and travellers, up to t*n
Mrs. W. R. Welch, whom all Maple
Ridge folks know well, spoke to a
large audience at Duncan, V.I., on
Friday last, her subject being "Mission Work In the Congo. She stressed the difficulties and tho opportunities. Mrs. Welch's address proved
educative and Inspiring to nil who
heard It. The lecture was illustrate
ed, the slides depicting the people, tho
villages   and   conditions.
Mrs. Welch also sang three hymns
in Jopanesc.
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at
B o'clock In the Odd Fellows' Hall,
Ontario Street, Port Haney. Vlsittn*
brethren cordially Invited to' attend.
H. M, Davenport, Rec. Seo.
W. R. Adams, V.O.
J. Gait, N.G.
The  regular   meetings  of  Hammond
Ii. O. L. No. 1866, arte held In the Fossett hall at 8 o'clock p.m.1 on Second
Saturday and 4th Friday, each month
Visitors cordially  Invited.
Wm.  Hope, W.M.
W.   A.   Brock,   R. S.
HAXTET   L.O.L.   Mo.   3816
The  regular   meeting  of  above lodge
Is held In the Oddfellows hall, Haney,
tlrai Tuesday  In  each month at 8  p.m
Visitors  cordially   Invited,
Geo.  Hastle, W.M.
J. M. Campbell, R.S.
The regular meetings of Hammond
L.O.B.A, No. 165 are held In the Fossett Hall, the second Tuesday of each
month at 7:80 p.m.
W.M., Mrs.  M.  Macey,  'Phone  26R.
Rec-Sec'y, Mrs. J. H. Rftchlo.
Phone  58. —
"When They Have Gone"
The past comes up—childhood
days—happy hours by tho fire
'side—their hopes and ■ joys—
and  trials,   too.
You can keep the memory of
their names forever fresh by
giving some little part of the
blessings you now enjoy towards . a permanent memorial
in   everlasting   stone.
B.C.Monumental Works Ld
•uoMsson   to   PKUtsrson,   Ghana
1st   &  Stephen,  Limited
1EVEKTH   ATE.    *    MAIN   BT.
Vancouver, B.O,
Wrllo   today     far     CatalogUo   of
designs.      Established   1870
You will sove money by buylmt
your Groceries at Warner's. Custom
er Satisfaction" |s the guiding principle at th|s store.
Just see If Klnnce's ad. does not
Interest  you.
Blue Funnel Motor Line Ltd
R. H. STEPHENS, Manager.
Leave Webster's Corners 7,50 a.m. Leave Ysan'adon 8.10 a.m
Leave Haney Daily 8.30 a.m, 1.00 p.m., and 4.00 p.m.
Leaves Haney Saturday and Sunday 8.30 a.m.,   2.00 p.m., 6.30 p.m.
Leave Westminster Daily 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., and 5.30 p.m.
Leaves Westminster Saturday and Sunday 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., 4.30 p.m., and 9.00[p.m.
Passing   Through  Hammond  and Pitt  Meadows.
Those wishing to be called for who are on the HAMMOND PHONE are requested to ring up
Phone 15
TEA 'is good tea
finer tea and more of it T"*
Banking Problems In Canada
In lite course of lhe address delivered by him in Winnipeg some weeks
ago, ;iml in which he discussed outstanding problems (it lhe Wesl, including
ravm labor, grain markets nnd markeling, Iranspbrlailon, export cattle trade,
immigration, Sir Clifford silion paid hin respects tn bankers ami tin. Canadian
banking system, nnd suggested whal in his opinion was necessary lo restore
public confidence in tin. banks and enable liiose instllullotis to function
more ellicienlly in Limes of stress and emergency.
There enn in- nn question thai what has beeu termed tin- "wrecking of
nd tin. failure ot lhe Home Bank, coupled witli recent)
it banks, has shaken confidence in the Canadian bank-1 to SI
many years has been held up as one of tin. model sys-1
Therefore, constructive criticism and suggestions are lo1------
the Merchants
amalgamations of
inig system which
tems nf 111'' world
1". welcomed.
One of tiff- criticisms most frequently heard in tim Wesl in years past
■was iluit while ilm Canadian banking system might bo all right front ilm
standpoint of large financial institutions such as Itond houses, insurance
companies, mortgage, loan and Irttsl companies, and also from tlie slandpoinl
of manufacturing industries and large commercial nnd transportation enterprises, ii fell im' short of me.el.ing tim needs of agriculture and the prima
Would  Amend  Elections Act
Urges     Appointment     nf     Permanent
Returning Officers in  Canada
1    Tl". appointment ol pei'innnenl ro-
. turning officers in   luiplirj  lho work
I rganliution nt election ii is re
I c imiiil..il b) ilm olilel electoral mii-
I cer inr Camilla jn his n port to imriin
; nn in-      Al minim, m  in Un. Elec-
| lions Act i.. Btiggi sled empowering the
I nanilug b) ilm government, i llher "I
I mi Individual nr a p\iullc olllcor, such
j as ilm sherlft In virtue nl Ids iinsllion,
! tu art ai all limes as returning ofilcer
i f" his counly. Tim reporl remarks.
[ llml Um linn required for preparation
: im mi elecllon in Canada Is very much
longer lhan tim period consumed in
Clreal I'.iitain. where ilm system nl
t" rmanenl n lurntng ofilcers is in
'I'lm chief elecloral ofilcer also recommends Ihal nib,in registration Cor
■ li cloral purposes Bhould nm Im ro.
quired, excepi in certain oemmunflies
where ilm populnll i  'lectornl
district is less lhan 5,000. Al prcsenl
urban registration is required ut all
i "iniiiiiniiili.s over 2,500. Exception
would have lo Im intido in lho caso ol
:i tew siniill commuttllies, which aro
essentially urban, Inn Um majority nl
Un m could Im registered as rural
communities and efl'ecl economy in
rcglslrallon. Tho Increased population limit, says ilm report, would reduce ilm number of communities now
requiring urban roglslrallon from 1X5
Straight Talk On
Danger Of Colds \  Among the Y°M"a" houmv
^ s     While is everywhere a syrc
tke Vz lb
always fresh
OaA&tii tiw^mt.
White Kitchens
Becoming Increasingly
Let  your cold  gain  hcadwsi
|    A Michigan woman al Ilm wedding
least of her daughter,   served   straw-
Popular! berries and oilier fruit thai was "put
sewives    i up"   iu   tim   year Um daughter was
bol  of i born, 23 years ago.
,.,,,     ,,-,,. | cleanliness.   Of course, it is really no
sou  caul keep it  from running inlo |    , ,   ,
producers of Um Dominion.     li  was iliis popular feeling which ultimately I Catarrh, I  cleaner   than any other color; a gray
demanded and forced Provincial Governments in Um Wesl tn embark upon     Catarrh   never   stays   In the same  enameled ware pot, for instance, has
long term credll schemes and farm loan boards. place—ll travels down into the lungs— all lhe advantages of cleanliness that
Prefacing Ids remarks with Um statement thai Im was nm hostile lo lhe   then it's Consumption. , (| ,      .... „.......,.,,., ,...,..„
banking interests, Sir Clifford Sitton declared Hint it had hem conclusively I    Drive colds and Catarrh right out of " ""   "•'■•"' an enametea wat
demonstrated that Ilm Canadian banking s> in, great and successful as il is,   rour    system    while    you  have  the j i« easy l8 keep clean and will not. dls-
does not al prcsenl furnish adequate secu.rlt.v~.     This wns Um ureal drawback   c.ianee.
—lack of security!      Lack i.r securltv lor tim shareholder, lack of security      Kails' dona by Inhaling CATAWl-
for Um depositor, lack of security in the carrying on of his business Mr Um   HO<"ONE, which instantly reaches the
farmer and tho small business man. *■">«  source of  Uie  trouble and. gets
...       ,       . ...    ,,,.„    ,      .,    ...,.|       ,• i .i      riRht where the living germ ol Catarrh
Describing the summon, sir ( liiloid said:   '\\ lieu tunes arc good the   [^ wortclne
banks gel ion liberal villi Ihelr money; and when limes begin lo ligliien up.   CATARRHOZONE  Is 'nil  of  healing
Um banks get frightened and call their money in, and good, honesl business   ba,Banis uml esaences  .,„,, ls :,b',B to
men caiium gel  Hi- rcquit iredil.      rhere is no necessity lor the present   p:ltcli up the sore spots and remove
Apply   Minard's   to   throat   nnd
chest.     Also inhale.
Minard's gives quick relief.
eir money in
■tl credit.     There is no ni
situation to go mi.     li is sheer stupidity,     li could be rectified itt one \t I fha7*teDSersensiuv7reelinrfrm-Tthe t has    white    enameled    table,
wo would take Lho prop- r measures. ; nn^o .imi ttn-mt i   ■        i.,,   ... , ..
11 • , 1 nuse ,in" niiont. chairs, white kitchen cubinei.—t
Whal are the proper measures? Sir Clifford round Lhe answer In the Hawking and spitting cease, because
experience ol' the LFnlted Stales, nnd in lhe creation in thai country ol' ihe i Hie discharge is stopped. The nos
Federal Reserve- Bank,     Prior in Hie creation ol' thai greal insiiiuiioi
ni  ilir most wonderful and successful nf iis kind in existence -the United   breath  is  purified.      Every  truce of
States suffered Hie same disabilities as now exisl In Canada only in up nggra-   Catarrh, bronchial and  throat weak-
vated form because the Canadian branch banking system contains elements  ness is permanently removed,
of strength and flexibility lacking in ihe United Siales system. ;    Get      CATAHRHOZONE      -oday;
' Outlining his proposed reniedy, Sir Clifford said thai whal  Canada re-   j*001"*! treatment  $1.00;  small size
quired was ihe appoinlnienl  of a competenl  body of men. a small central   °^c
board of mature men. three, four, or half a dozen experienced and success- \ fr0m n,p Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
fill hankers and financial men. ihe same kind ol men who have been appoint- • ' —
of Hie Federal Reserve Bank in ihe United Slates, who will Solves Home Problems
color.     But the leas! speck   of   dirt
shows on while, where il  might   remain unnoticed on some darker shade.
For this reason Ihe fashion of white
in   the  kitchen   where  cleanliness  is
of paramount Importance, is growing
ill  lhe   time.      The  "white kitchen"
ven a
white  range—and,  of  course,  ii   has
triis are cleared" headache Is "relieved.! white onameled ware utensils.
HOW   Up
and when money
say, when tiie hankers are felling loo liberal
begins to get light, "Loosen up."
Such a board should acl as a hank of re-discount. Dominion noles being
issued hy Hie Finance Deparlmenl upon Ihelr requisition, il being ihe prlvl- | problems.      Tobacco   creates   an   al
Ii is becoming Increasingly popular,
particularly among lhe younger housewives, to have a definite color scheme
lor a kitchen. Soni" prefer nil white
Sold by ail druggists, or by mall while olliers find that white blend.;
very well wiih (lie gray, blue and
other shades in which enameled ware
Persuading lhe husband lo smoke is
i practical way nl solving many home
ere of cheerfulness and content-
lege nnd duly ol all hanks lo go lo lliis central board for re-discount when
tier Hie business of Hie country required it.     in other words, that, it should
lie indicated to ihe banks Ihal they are not lo pursue a policy of panic because they Tear a lack of currency, bul lo rely on means provided hy Parlta-
menl for their relief.
The United Stales, wllh all Us wealth, would, said Sir Clifford, undoubtedly have hail a fearful financial crash after the war had it not been for Hi''I
Federal Reserve Bank—a system which provides a safely valve, a ready atld |
sttlficienl supply of currency in emergencies, and tlie effect of which i.s prac- j
tlcally io guarantee that no bank in lhe United States, which is in a solvent i
condition, need fail lor lack of currency. It, therefore, becomes unnecessary I
for them io contracl their loans and conserve ihelr resources to meet emerJ
Such a control board as proposed would have Its own small plait of audi  i ,        ,
tors, which would be a deterivnt on any bank manager going into an unsound j Doweif. w°rKjn8 regUWrl)
transaction.    It would nol be necessary to Inspect all branches of -, Bank, \ lt™^™]J*l l,m,I.wh<T!; lhV Klom
only the head olfices and the larger branches, tho law compelling each Bank's
own Inspectors to maljo a special return lo ibis central board of all loans
in branch hanks over a certain amount, whereupon a special audi! would be
made where any large loans mlghl be regarded as a source of danger.
This central board would likewise survey the whole field in Canada and
recommend means of supplying am legitimate demands fpr credll whal were
noi being compiled Wtih. In this way li could be of greal help lo lhe tarm-
ers <ii the West, jusl as In lhe United States provision was made for lending
mmli'eds oi millions to farmers.
To guard  ihe baby  against  colds
nothing can equal Baby's Own Tablets.
The Tablets are a mild laxative'llml
j will keep the llllle one's stomach and
1 ach and bowels i
The people ol  Canada  have  long  been  discussing  those problems, :iiyl
ipari from whether sir Clifford Slfton's solution Is ihe pighi one or not, it j.-
in good order that
colds will not exist; thai Hie heallh
of lhe Utile one will be good and that
Im will thrive ami be happy. The
now sales lax will not Increase Ihe
price "i Baby's own Tablets, as Hie
company pays lho lax. Vou can sllll
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cine dealer ai 25 cenls a box, or by
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Especially Prepared for Infants and Children of All Ages
Mother! Fletcher's Castorla. hns
been In use for over 30 years as a
pleasant, harmless subsiitutc for
Castor oil. Paregoric, Teething Drops
and Soothing Syrups. Contains no
narcotics. Proven directions aro on
each    package.       Physicians    every-
To Beautify Grounds
Within a few weeks ihe horticultural deparnm ni ol lhe Canadian Pacific Railway will have seal out to Its
agents 11,000 seed packets and 80,000
to 40,000 bulbs. As soon as western
conditions  penult, trees, shrubs and
v.licv ,,.con,.,,cnd „,      rim Lind you | "'' 'i"'   n's  wl"  bl' ""*"'  '""'
have always bought bears signature ot' shl •   "'"' hundred thousand trees
I and shrubs and 70,000 perennials are
being used annually and II requires
200,000 bedding plants lo (ill lhe beds
or ihe pei'innnenl gardens In the sla-
tion grounds and parks of the com-
WINNIPEG        - - .     - MAN.
Immediate Shipment From Stock
1   pany every year.
Nearly all children nre subject to
worms, and many are born with them.
Spare them Buffering by using Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator, an excellent, remedy.
According to reports of traffic officials, "flopping* galoshes" are lhe
cause of man*, women and girls being
injured in alighting from street, cars,
Minard's Liniment for Headache
U.   1515
Why suffer from Corns when Ihey
can be painlessly rooted oul by using
Holloway's Corn Remover,
World's Poultry Convention
Canada will be represented nl Ihe
world's poultry convention, to bo held
this spring in Barcelona, Spain, according to an announcement by Hie
Federal Department of Agriculture.
Authorization has been given for iwo
delegates to go, And efforts will be
made lo Increase this number by way
of a delegate Irom each of lhe provinces.
Free Recipe Book-
Write the Borden Co.
Limited!   Montreal.
• T. O. ■».«*
TrtacU Ih&rfi Theaiv?
You will ace this sliield-sliapc trade mark
in hardware stores everywhere. You won't
sec it on cheap, inferior goods. It goes
only nn household utensils of the highest
quality, yet selling at moderate prices,
because of Hie tremendous quantities Hold
each year.
Choose cooking and baking utensils that
carry this trade mark. Choose SMI*
Enameled Ware, with its very hard, smooth
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ous acid re-actions.   Ask for
Three finishes: Pearl Ware, two coals of
pearly-grey enamel inside and out. Diamond
Ware, three coats, light blue and while out-
side, while lining. Crystal Ware, three
coals, pure white inside and oul, with Royal
Blue edging.
Sheet Metal Products Co.'
.IMITEO     ■
G      I
Hudson Bay Road Would
Open Rcady-Made Sea Route
For All Of Western Canada
Recently the west was \lsil''d by
Import am personages from Minnesota; Mr. Hugh ,1. Hughes, slab' director ol marketing, and Mr. J. F. Heed,
president of tha Minnesota Farm Bureau, says the Manitoba Fret- Press,
Moth these gentlemen have devoted
considerable attention to ihe market*
Inn ot farm products, particularly
grain, and have made a very careful
study nt' Interior freight and export
rates, and both BtrongljT favor tho
Hudson Hay route as a pari tin solution
ot the diniculftos of ihe western farm-
11 boll) in certain of Hie United Slates
Its well as Western Canada.
speaking hi Winnipeg on .January
20th, Mr Recti said: ".1ml why $20,-
000,000 was sponl OU a railway which
cuds In a swamp and Is let'i lo rot is
ti pUKZle lo anybody on lhe outside,
When lho money tor completion has
been voted and Ihore is every ndvnnt*
ago to be gained by finishing tho
mad lo ihe northern outlet, what Is
the matter thai H Is not finished?
Aboul the Mime lime Mr. Hughes
apoko io a convention of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Societies al Sas-
katoon and predicated Hie early completion of tlie railway its-being very
necessary in Hie farmers' Interests.
Mr. Hughes had already written an Interesting article on the subject of
transportation routes and rales. This
appeared in "Thc Country Gentleman"
hi its issue of August ISth, 1!'23. under the title "Landlocked—All-Water
Koules are Ihe open sesame to the
heart of the Continent." In this, Mr.
Hughes showed himself lo be
thoroughly familiar with the subject
nnd gave some very valuable and Illuminating Information as to the serious handicap under which farmers residing in tlie Canadian-American
wheat belt are at present laboring in
respect lo transportation charges. He
recommended strongly the development of the three great Interior water
routes of the North American contln-
Pain In His Side
Is Now All Gone
Ontario  Man Pleased  With  the
Results Obtained from Taking Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Mr. John F. Pain tells of relief from
suffering and gladly  advises  others
to try Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Minell,  Out.—(Special).—Mr.   John
F. Pain, a well-known resident  hen-
is very satisfied with  Dodd's Kidney
"1 had been getting very low and
reeling hardly able lo do any work,
with pains in my Bide," Mr. Pain
states. "1 gol hold of one of your
Almanacs and read ii. then sent for
six boxes ot Dodd's ..'idiiey Pills. After Inking three hexes my pain left
me and 1 can now do a lot or work.
I always keep some of your pills on
.Mr. Pain's troubles came from lhe
kidneys. Dodd's Kidney Pills act direct!} on tlio kidneys. They put them
In shape to strain the uric acid out
nf tlie blond. YVlllloul uric acid in
the blood there can be no rheumatism
or sciatica.       i
The average age nf Hie residents
of tbe United suites at tlie time o(
death Is sl.\lynlnc year*,
Fingers Cracked. Lost
Sleep. Cuticura Heals.
"Eczema began with a rash on
my hands and I could not put my
hands in water. It grew worse every
day und my hands and fingers all
cracked which made them covered
with eruptions* I lost sleep with the
"The trouble lasted three months
before f heard of Cuticura Soap and
Ointment, end after using three
cakes of Cuticura Soap nnd two and
a half bo::es of Cuticura Ointment
the eczema was healed." (Sifjned)
Mi38 Eva E. Bcllivcau, 338 Highlield
St., Monet on | New Brunswick,
For every purpose of the toilet and
bath Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Talcum are wonderfully good.
Farop',- Tteh Tn* br Hail. AiMrcnii: "Lfo»ni,l.im«
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WWt, 8<Hi> "Cc. Ointment IT. nnd Mr. Talcum '&c.
BV'Cuticurft Soap ■!■•*•• without mill*.
W.   N.   U.   1515
ent: the Mississippi, SI. Lawrence
and Hudson liny. Each had lis own
terrilory to serve but for tho area
comprising tho prairie provinces In
Canada and Hie DllkotUS and other
Btules of Hie Anieriean union the natural and proper outlet Is by lite Mud-
son Hay.
He says, by way of Illustration: "IM
you have a globe 'handy so much Ihej
betier. Now slick a pin halfway
from the middle up toward Hie North
Pole.      That's Liverpool.      Hive your
globe n Quartor turn   to   tho   tight;
Slick another pin hallway up from Ihe
Equator toward the Polo, Thai's North
Dakota. Thai's Hie coutro of ihe
American-Canadian wheal bolt. Now
take a siring ami draw It between
theso two pins, Hie shortest distance*
ll doesn't follow an east, and wesl
line, It curves up inward lhe North
Polo and then downward in a-southwesterly direction.
v "On jour globe you'll be surprised
io observe that It hits Greenland and|
comes    down    across    Hudson    Hay.
Thai's absolutely the   shortest   dis-
lancu  between  Western   Europe  and
I Uie heart of America."   .   .   .
i    "11 was  Henry  Hudson,  the same
i Henry    who    discovered the Hudson
River, that discovered    tlio    Hudson
Bay  route.      Don't  dismiss  it as* a
joke. Remember.it's the shortest dis-
i tanffo to the heart of the continent.
! Remember that the ships of the Hud-
! sod Bay Company sailed past lis head-
I lands for 20U years.     And on your lat-
j est map of Canada find a slender line
creeping straight out from the wheat
lands toward Hudson Bay—a gleaming
line of double steel rails determined
on getting down lo salt water in the
least possible dislance.     You'll hear
that the Hudson Bay route Is impractical.     So was tho route via Panama
impractical—once.      There are  bogs';
to be crossed and harbors to he dredg
ed and beacon lights to set on many
an unfriendly headland, but  the sea
tides run  free long enough in every
year lo let  the ships in from the Atlantic and out again with their cargoes of grain.     When you aro trying
lo shorten the land haul that sets the
distance you   are   from   the   central
markets of the world, don't forget the
Hudson Bay route."
That well-known and reliable journal,   "The   Scienliile  American,"   has
also been paying some   a tent ion   to
,1 the northern route.    The leading arti-
1 de in Its issue of June, 1923, is head-
I ed "Hudson's Bay, the Neglected Sea,"
anil was written by John T. Rowland.
I The author spent some time in Hudson Stralls In 1911,    cruising   in    a
thirty-foot  auxiliary   yawl.      He  has
I first-hand  Information  regarding  the
i navigability of the route and expret
j his amazement thai this bus not
ready been developed for commercial
' purposes, bin. "now" he remarks, "the
| whirligig of lime suddenly  bids  fair
to exalt this veritable mare clausttm
to its proper place    as    one    of    Hie
three great trade ways Into lhe heart
of the American conlinenl—Hie other
two being the  Mississippi River and
lhe (.{real Lakes system,
"Tho  reason   for  this' Is  not   anyl
change in Hudson's .Bay llsell'.     Tin'
controlling factor as usual   is   economic; H has dawned upon Hie minds
jot our neighbors across tho border
I thai (here is a ready-made- sen route,
lying wholly in Canadian territory aud
I extending lo within  a  lew  hundred|
I miles of the  groal   wheal   exporting
belt of lhe Canadian norlhWOBl,"
Mr.  Rowland refers lo    some    tilT-
ncultius that have boon found in navl-
gating tin- Straits, such as Hie effect
Of Hie magnetic pole on the Mariner's
compass, tidal currents and Ice con-
I dltiotts, and  how these may now  be
readily overcome.    Tbo lasi mention-
j ed offer;; no serious obslncles for sev-
I eral  months In  summer and  tall  for
jit Is Hie opinion of competent navl |
'gators that, "during ihe threo or four
months of open navigation, before the
winter  freeze-up  begins,    this    route
may    he    traversed    by an ordinary
tramp fllaemer more safely than the
gulf   and    river   of Si. Lawrence to
Only after her beauty Is gone does
lhe vain woman discover thai brains
are useful.
More than one-fourth of al) the
sugar in the world Is consumed In
ihe United Slates
Tuberculosis Survey
Examination   to   bc   Made   in   Alberta
to      Determine      Prevalence      of
Tubercolsis Among Children
A survey lo determine the prevalence of tuberculosis among children
in lhe province of Alberia is in Ik
carried out In Hie near future,
Tin1 suggestion lo hold the slirvej
was made by Br. Baker, supQlin
tendent of ihe pro\ Inclal 8a til lor
hin who pointed oul thai Hie Dominion Association for ihe Prevention of Tuberculosis, would make a
granl of $1,001) to ihe undertaking.
One thousand children will he ink*
en from various parts of Hie province]
as follows: 200 from Calgary, 200
from Edmonton and (100 from other
smaller towns and country districts.
All classes and nationalities of cull '
dri'li will be included except  Indians.
Ii  was' announced thai as well as-r
determining Hie prevalence of tuber*
culosls,   the   per con I'll ge   of   under-j
nourished  children  In    lho    province j
could *also   he   ikijcrmtned   by   the
survey. |
Says Great Britain Must
Increase Air rorce To
Avoid Disaster  In  Future
Commander Charles l>. Quruoy,
member of parliament, inventor ol
the paravane, author of ihe imperial
airship project and noted authority
on avialinti. Bays in an article in iIn
Sunday Times thai Greal Britain must
either brine about aerial disarmament
forthwith   or   increase   her   air   foi'C
Less Prosperous Farmer
ol     iln
iliai w<
tine hun
ton    oi
Sour Stomach Risings     i
Subdued by "Nerviline" j
A Few Drops Bring Relief '
The wonderful relief you get from j
twenty drops of Nerviline will surprise!
you. Take it in sweetened water,'
and almost immediately you feel bet-!
ter. Nerviline brings up the gas;
caused by fermenting food, and relieves that distressed feeling In the
stomach. When colic or cramps
strike you at night, Nerviline is a sure
relief. For general use in the family,
for emergent ills, always keep trusty,
Nerviline on hand.    35c al all dealers.'
Aid Juvenile Immigrants
In anticipation of a large volume ot;
juvenile immigration from Great Britain lo Canada in this and succeeding
years the immigration committee ot
the Montreal Kiwanis Club has secured and is equipping a local hotel lo be
used as a clearing house for these
I boys ou Ihelr arrival.
Beware of Imitations!
Describing    aerial    war fan
fill tire, lie says:
"ll can he taken as c.-rlal
should   have  to  reckon  on
dred  casualties   for    ever)
bombs dropped, and. thai, al  a very
.moderate ostium Lo, the casualties from
dully air raids under pivseni day conditions woi|ld range from 8,000 lo 12,-
1)00 a day.     lly  I lit- use of incendiary
bombs the whole of London could be
set .on fire, or all the main railway
lines could  be destroyed   to prevent
rood8tuffs  being brought   in.      These!
are not alarmist views, bin considered estimates of the effects of airplane
attacks at the present day.     During
the next few years, as more and more !
powerful     weapons     are     produced'
their results arc   bound   to   be   sllll
more terrible."
Commander Barney, referred to an
American airplane weighing '13,011*1
pounds, which can carry nearly five
tons of bombs, says; "A squadron of
100 such machines, therefore, could
carry 1,000 tons of explosives or poison gas; and Ihere can be Utile doubt
that within a very few years It will
be possible to destroy completely a
town the size of London within a period of a few days."
The best way to obtain limitation
of armaments, says Commander Bur-
ney, is the mobilization of world
J. II, Thomas, lhe Colonial Secretary, In the Weekly Despatch, defends the Labor Government's decision to sanction the previous government's policy ol! air force expansion, saying:
"While inking the necessary steps.
as the late government did, to improve our all" defences by stages, we
are certain that mere competition in
armaments leads to disaster. While
recognizing lhe necessity of defense,
Ave want to do nothing to upset the
European situation. At the same
lime we must be in a position to establish confidence In Europe among
Other peoples, no there    will    be    a
The  Backward   Farmer  Who  Fails to
Profit By Advice
1'eOple   Who   ll')    tO   glVO   tile   fai'IlKI'S
advice iluit mlghl be ol value to I hem
in their business, claim thai those
■I reached by the methods usually employed are those who have either
made good because of ihelr own energy or enterprise, or who would have
made a success in any occupation,
The farmer who Is groping along and
lo whom precept and advice would
unquestionably be of help rarely
troubles himself to come within the
range of Ihal sort of assistance.
This situation Is noticeable in the
effort, made by governments to educate farmers through fairs, plowing
matches, and various other organized
activities. It Is the prosperous, successful farmer who is prominently
identified with these events and who
reaps tho. benefits. The man with
the dilapidated barn and scrub herd
fails lo answer the call.
When a method is discovered to interest Hie less successful farmer,
then- will be belter progress in as-
rl culture throughout Canada.—Sarnia
Lift Off-No Pain!
Doesn'l hurl one bit!     Drop a little
Freeaone" on an   aching   corn,   instantly that corn stops hurling, then
I recognized formula lor an all around I shortly   you   lift   it   right   off   with
Unless you sec tho "Bayer Cross" on
package or on tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved
safe by millions and prescribed by
physician's over twenty-three years for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Neuritis Rheumatism
Neuralgia l'aln, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains proven directions. Handy boxes
of twelve tablets cost lew cents. Druggists also sell hollies of 21 and 100.
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered
In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of
Mom Ileucideslor^-til'   Sallcylieaeld.
While ll Is well known that Aspirin
means   Bayer   manufacture, to assist
the public against imitation.!, the 'tablets of llayei Company will be stamped wiih [heir general mule njnrlt. Hie
"Bayor Cross."
The N'.w Mold: "In my last place l
always look things fairly easy."
The Mistress: "Vou won't do thai
here.     I keep everything locked up."
Is Relieved
rarely fail.   Purely
vegetable — act —
Vour druggist pells a tiny bottle, of
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soil corn
or corn between Ihe toes, and tho foot
callouses, wiihout soreness or irritation.
Minimizing It
Father (scanning school report).—I
see you had twenty bad marks during
last term.
Son.—Well, that doesn't amount to
much at the present rate of exchange.
> reduction of armaments."
Horse Breeders Are Hopeful
Demand for Heavy Draught Horses
Now Being Shown
Signs of an early lining of the cloud
that has overhung the horse breeding
industry, Were brolighl lo the attention of members iu attendance at the
annual meeting of the Clydesdale
Horse Association of Canada held in
Toronto recently, The directors' report showed that lhe horse population
from lull lo 192"! had fallen off very
heavily, the mluc'iion in 1923 as compared wiih 1022 alone amoimliug lo
118,200, wllh die decrease In Hie mini
her ol colls and fillies oulsianding.
However, practically all who addressed Hie meeting expressed the opinion
Ihal  the bottom  had    been    reached.
They based tin ir statements on the
enquiries tor heavy draught horses to
do work In towns and cliles,
Sp taking lor W OS tort" Canada, Hon.
Duncan Marshall, John Graham, Car-
bony, .Man., and others pointed out
thai despite Die shrinkage iu total
horse holdings in ihe Dominion, part
of Hi' country was still overstocked,
hui   thai  shi| 'tils lo ihe east  were t    m       t»      «a*- Tr\-r«-
beginning .o si„,w voi„me.   ah sa« Here Is The Reason TV hy
Rival possibilities in tiie near ruture. I  Canada Has So Many
Among the optimists was Prof, W. L, HEALTHY WOJIENi
Carlyle,   manager   of   the Prince of '      -
Wales' ranch In Alberta.    On Ihe ino-     Toronto, Ont.—"Dr. Plcrco's Favorite
Hon of J. livers, Valjean, Sask., It was Proscription ran be rolled upon as a
,    „ woman's medicine.   1 found It so \ery
decided lo ask the Federal Livestock | beneficial that I do hesitate to recoup
mend it to other.1
suffered with it
who suffer,
1 had
I Branch io provide representatives to
i boost the horse industry in Manitoba
I and Saskatchewan, as had been done, „.„,.,,... TiT'TLi™.; „,„i
i over an* nerves, titiilil in't sleep aim .
uccessfttlly In Alberia, and the mo-1 guaered tvltll backaches and pains ex-
■ III V    lillllj-.      1    Ills)
I wus
down, caused thru tay having fumlnino
weakness.   1 had no control whatever
surely but gent
ly on the liver.
Relieve after
dinner distress — relieve indiget-     	
Hon; improve the complexion—brighten
the eyes.
SmtU FU-Swril Dose-Small MM
lion was enlarged to Include a man for ] tending down  into
Ontario,    Quebec
nnd the Maritime
Don't envy tlie other fellow. He
probably is thinking how much happier he'd be If he were 111 your place.
Complalnls of married people al
the seashore'are murmurs of the
had severe boarjng-down pains. -
a physical and nervous wreck when I
was advised lo try Dr. Pierce's FavorltO
Prescription. It'put tne right on my
led and removed all tlie trouble, My
nerves became strong and l aid nol suffer any more with any id tlie above
allini.ols."—.Mrs. Little Almas, No. ••ii".
Ontario Street.
All druggists, Llrpud or tablets,
Writo Doctor Pierce's Invalids Hotel,
lluiraln. N.Y.. (or free medical ad.l.e,
or send 10c for trial pkg. of tablets to Dr.
Pierce's Laboratory lu ilrldgcburt, Out. Agassiz Record
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Harriscn Lodge
WEDNESDAY,   APRIL   2,   1024
ere an
Navigation of the St. Lawrence
Iriver is expected to open early in the
month ol April. According to preliminary schedules issued by the various steamship companies operating
between Canadian Atlantic ports
and Europe, 192 ships will visit the
port of Quebec in 1924.
The Canadian Pacific Railway has
inaugurated as a special feature the
serving of afternoon tea regularly
on all dining, cafe and buffet cars
throughout the system. The tasteful little menu which the company
provides includes tea, coffee, chocolate, toast, muffins, cake, ice cream
■nd preserves at reasonable prices.
The Spiller Company, a great
British concent with $150,000,000
capital, has completed arrangements
for the establishment of facilities in
Canada which will entail an outlay
of $6,000,000 to finish the plant of
the Alberta Flour Mills in Calgary,
with another $2,000,000 to build an
elevator at Vancouver.
The second of the two large paper
machines recently installed by the
Belgo-Canadian Paper Company at
Shawinigan Falls, Que., has commenced operations. The machine,
which is the product of the Dominion Engineering Company, is now
producing newsprint. It will be
tuned up and is expected to produce
• commercial grade of newsprint at
or above its daily capacity of 75
tons in the near future.
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn was
last season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs
Harrison Mills Notes
Speaking at Toronto recently, E.
W. Beatty, President of the Canadian Pacific Railway, declared that
"what Canada is suffering from is
lack of men, lack of capital and lack
of those forward policies which will
enable the country to realize within
a reasonable time its own manifest
destiny." He added that he did not
believe in "exaggerated whisperings
or in any statements which are calculated to destroy the belief of Canadians in their own country."
Captain S. Robinson, C.B.E.,
R.N.R., commanding the Canadian
Pacific liner "Empress of Canada,"
was invested with the C.B.E. by Sir
Harry Armstrong, British Consul-
General at New York, when his ship
arrived there on January 25th, prior
to setting out on her great world
cruise. Captain Robinson also received thc freedom of the city of
New York. These honors were in
recognition of his gallant work
when commanding the Canadian
Pacific liner "Empress of Australia" at Yokohama, at the time of the
Japanese disaster.
According to Canadian Pacific officials, immigrants from Europe
who spend a few hours in Montreal
on their way west are re-discovering
America—or rather Canada—at a
great rate. Some days ago there
were eighty Scandinavians drumming their heels in the big waiting-
rooms at Windsor Station, bored to
tears. Then one of them suddenly
discovered that the Province of Quebec, unlike Sweden, is not "dry." The
rush of the Danes on Alfred s England was as nothing compared to
that with which thc delighted Scandinavian gentlemen emptied that
waiting-room. So excellent did they
find the beer that they did not show
up again till train-time, when they
announced unanimously, though
with slight difficulty, thut "Canada
bane one fine country."
To be stranded In a atrange city
with no worldly assets but a suit of
dress-clothes and yet to come out of
thc adventure victorious is to
achieve something. Joe and Bill arrived in Montreal a few nights ago,
their baggage consisting of the
clothes they wore, two dress suits,
an adequate quantity of the needful nnd an enthusiastic determination to sec Life with a capital L.
When they woke on the morning
after, they found that someone had
relieved them of everything they
por.r.essed except the dress suits
they had slept in, and which they
hml worn for the previous night's
In this predicament they appealed
to the authorities at the Canadian
Pacific Windsor Station, for work
whereby to earn enough to take
hem out of the wicked city. Sympathetic officials put them on tho
snnw-shovclling gang. And here
these two stout fellows, in their
dress suits, Joe with his feet wrap-
fied in sacking to keep them warm,
shored heartily for four days, earning the price of their tickets hack to
the little old home town. So once
more fiction and the movies are
ULBizr aid is active
(Prom   our   Own   Correspondent)
Messrs. Cartmcll and Son, of ChllHwack, have purchased 56 acres ot
the SeaWllta Indian Reserve, fronting
on two sides on the proposed Dewdney Trunk road. Over 30 acres of
this property Is cleared and ready for
ihe plow, They brought over from
Chiliiwack a tractor to break up tne
HO  acres  for crop  this year.
Mr. Harold Cartmell. another son nf
Mr. Cartmell, and who operates tlio
Kerry between Harlison' MIIIh and
Chiliiwack, bought some time ago 25
acrea of tho same reserve fronting on
lhe proposed Dewdney road. He Is
having It cleared.
This part of the Scowl Its Reserve
waa sub-divided into 14 plots, five of
which havo now been sold. This land
1b being purchased from thc Indtnn
Department, the price being S53 per
acre for the bush land nnd $103 per
acre for thc cleared land.
This land cannot be beat for dairying purposes and ties close to the
C.P.R. station.
Anyone wanting to know anything
about this lad should sec Mr. Thos.
Kllby, postmaster at Harrison Mills
for the past 18 yeaas and a resident
for over 20 years.
Thursday afternoon, March 27th, the
Ladies' Aid of Harrison Mills Church,
met at the Church and gave it a r°al
«ood scrubbing, and It ce:talnly looks
better for the labor bestowed upon it.
Mr. Thos. Couch and Mr. Wm. Hutchinson, two of the Church managers
deserve great credit for the able manner in which thty kept the ladies go
ing  with  buckets of hot  water.
April 1st Mr. and Mrs. Bond left
Harrison Mills to make their home In
thc N'icola Valley. Mrs. Bond will be
missed very much by thc people of
Harrison. She was always very kind
and a good neighbor: In sickness or in
health. The Harrison folk wish them
every success tn their new venture.
General Carpentry in all its
Sash and Doors.
All Deors Mortised
Broken Glass repaiied
Phone" 44R P. O. Box 131
Water Colour Paintings
Animals a specialty
Ideal Weddinf? Gifts or  House
Box 172, Agassiz.      Thone 37X
C. Warburton Young
A very enjoyable evening was spent
on Wednesday at an Apron and Tie
Social with twcuty-flve members pro-
Bent, The .boys brought an extra tie
and the girls an extra apron. The
boy choosing hit) partner wears her
apron and ahe his tie, they then being partner* for the games, contest,
«ind supper. •
In the hontest Mias M, Dewar won
girls' first prize (a dainty sugar and
cream) and Mr. Lyle Whelpton won
the boys' first (a nice tie pin). Thc
consolation was won by Mlss May
Bates and  Stanley  Wilson.
Delicious refreshments were then
"A home place," Is how this hotel
Is classed by those who are its guests
—thene Is generally a good list—the
past week It was overcrowded. Mrs.
Gillis and her son are diligent in seeing that all are made comfortable. A
confectionery store is also provided.
so  that  guests are doubly  served.
Provincial Government Road Pore-
man D. Gunn, of New Westminster,
Is working with a gang of 15 m«A,
building the Morris Valley rond, nt
present being busy grinding the same,
and of course making a good Job «f it
It is understood that the Government will build a .bridge across the
Chehalis river sometime in July, thnt
being considered the best time on nc-
count  of  the  water.
This road will connect with Hie
Dewdney Trunk road, and the farmers
of Morris Valley will be able to drive
into New Westminster or Vancouver.
They will also bo able to cross the
river to Harrison Mills and CP.lt.
Station, that being the neaitcst station, store and Post office,
Mr. and Mra. Weaver have resided
in Morris Valley for the past thirty
years and deserve great credit for
staying with the Mortis Valley for bo
many years, and anyone visiting their
place will agree with the writer thai
they certainly did a lot of hard work
nnd not only that they have raised up
a ver*y fine family of C daughters and
2 son.", that are a credit to the
country. *
Da. Sutherland and his Kngineern
nl»o deservo great credit for giving
these people nn outlet after nil these
Morris Valley Is under the Government and has been paying taxes to
tlio Provincial Treasury all these
An enjoyable evening was spent at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Pol-
Pollock on Friday last The feature
of the evening was games, ca:ds and
contests. The contest being a tie the
honors went to four: Lillian Jacques.
Sidney Henley, Angel Bourel and Edward Fleck. Dainty refreshments
were  served.
Tho invited guests were : Mrs. Jacques, Misses Lillian, Evelin, and Muriel Jacques, Mr. George Jacques, Mr.
Sidney Henley, Mlf K. Llmbert, Mr. P.
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs1. Fleck, Misses
Agnes and Florence McPherson, MJss
Pflnsy Lovell, Mr1. Percy Lovell, Mr.
and  Mrs.  Pollock and Andy Pollock.
In passing the windows of Mr. B,
J. Webb's store are very attractive,
Step within, and you have your choice
of anything from oonfectlonery to
lndyware. You can here obtain nny
purehnse with alacrity and courtesy,
and  the prices are always right.
Agassis people In the buslnoss section had «n exciting time when tho
team belonging to Mr. Lawson, and
driven by his son Wilfred, became
frightened by the train und rnn awn^,
buenklng the wagon and scattering
things broadcast, when ho was loading freight nt thc sheds.
Tho horses were eventually caught
by Mr. Tom Hardy and found to bo
none  the worse for the efcapado.
A few minutes later, an Indian poay
ownoW by Mr. Jo0 Paul, being tied to
a telegraph pole, became frightened
by the noiso of ahlow-out that Will
Fleck had on his bloyolo, broke Iooho
nnd rnn down tho sttttet, making good
time, and as far an wo could seo the
rig was right side up. turned the corner nt Sponcor nnd Stout's store nnd
took the hnck tsreets for the reservation.
Alexander S. Duncan
Ileslilcnt   at   MISSION   CITY,   B.C.
Ono   Black  Muro,  cheap,   Duck   DgKB.
■ettlng, 11.00. Hone, each,  li.no.
Phone   35-Y Agnssis,   B.C.
"Bermuda Early" Seed Potatoes, extra good keeper and heavy yields*',
$2.00 sack. "Abundance" Seed Oft IS
also Onts and Vetches mixed. AlflO
Sanitary King Cream Soparntor, 000
lb. capacity, usodonly six months,
Phono   39-Y       ARTHUR   S.   DBNNIS
Between     Mr,   Liiyat's    and    White
Farm,  piece  nf Hone for Spray  pump
Ploase   notify
BARRED ROCKS—Hatching Eggs
and Day-old Chlcke. Dominion Experimental   Farm   strain.
W.   T.  LeFEVRE,
Phone   GO-M Agassis,   B.C.
TEAM   AND   HARNESS.     Apply
Agassli!,   B.O,
| 9BD Granville Oor.  Helaon St,
The Sedan Taxi
Ready to take you regardless
of the weather
whether on Business or Pleasure
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
We sell Silo Equipment and Moie Plows, Threshing
Engines and Boilers overhauled ane re-tubed. General machinists and iron-workers. We manufacture
steel stairs, elevators and elevator enclosures, fire-
escapes, canopies, iron and wire guards, bank and
office fixtures.        »
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St. New Westminster, B.C
PHONES  S3   Mid
Typewriter Repairs
We repair all makes of Typewriters at reasonable prices,
and our work is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Phone: Sev. 8194 Vancouver, B.C.
Wanti your Inanranoa Bnainoia whatbar It I* Plre Ininranoe, Auto-
moMla Inanrance, Accident and Woknaaa Inanranoa, Plate Olaaa In-
euranoe, or any other kind of Inanrance. .tf It ta Inanranoa. w»
write It, and oan quote yon the Soweat Ratea obtainable tn
In tha Province. .We bare fifteen 'old and triad" Inanranoa Oo'a.
William HoAdam Is In yon Platrlot twice a week, and will be (lad
to oall aad fee yon.
Phone, write, or oall and fee
633, Columbia Street, Mew Weetmlnater, B.0
The Pleasure of Travel
is fully realized on the lines of the
Canadian Pacific Railway
Twenty-four hours in the beautiful
Canadian Pacific Rockies
Through transcontinental trains daily.   Electric lighted
sleepers and compartment observation cars.
For full particulars and reservations, apply to any
Canadian Pacific Agent or General Passtngcr Department
Vancouver, B.C.


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