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No. 38.   Vol. 1.
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, June 11, 1924
$1.50 per year
mm >"^.-"f -•.    * h<<
■:■■ -, *iuf.  >*•*■   * f~   ..V'     .•■* V.:-'.* -«i  l^Vii-'
From left (at back), The Stadium, Canadian Pacific Building, Canada, Australia, The Ornamental Lake, Palace of Engineering and In the foreground
entrance to Palace of India.
Harrison Lodge
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn was
last season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs
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You may rest assured it will retain and accentuate the lovliness of your coffure though your hair
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"Try the Drug Store first"
Will be at£the Agassiz Hotel. Friday of each week
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Dentistry in all its Branches. Extractions, Crown and Bridge
work.   Plates.   Latest Methods.
Hogg Bros. Meat Market
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LAMATCO will not peel or come apart when exposed to
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LAMATCO is subjected to 300 degrees of heat during
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the nails in dry, hot climates.
LAMATCO offers a perfect surface for any commercial
enamel, flat wall paint or kalsomine, and can be covered with
wallpaper with the usual coat of size.
LAMATCO can be finished in beautiful natural grain
effects, and when treated with Lamatco Natural Grain Fin
ishes the result rvials the most costly hardwood, such as
Mahogany, Walnut, Oak or Maple.
For Sale By
A. S. NICHOL, Agassiz, B. C.
Manufactured by Laminated Materials Co., Ltd.,
New Westminster B. 0.
A delightful wedding was solemnized Tuesday, June 10th, at i o'clock,
In the Geneva Presbyterian Church,
when the pastor, Rev, James Dewar,
united In holy matrimony his eldest
daughter, Mlsa Margaret Millen De-
war\ and Mr. Claude Hideout Down-
man,  of Vancouver.
The Church was beautifully decorated with white roses and greenery.
The ceremony was performed under a
wedding belt of white suspended in a
rosq arch. Misg Archibald played the
Wedding March,
The bride"'* was attractively gowned
in silver-grey Canton crepe and glack
picture hat, carried a shower bociuet
of cenm rose buds, and was attended
by her sister, MJss Catherine Dewar,
wearing green satin gown and white
hat ajjd carryirfg pink roses., Mr.
Harry Nye, of VIcto:|ta,' acted as best
man. The bride was given away by
her uncle,', Mr,  John  Dick.
The groom's gift to the bride was a
white diamond pendant, to the bridesmaid a gold wrist watch, to the best
man a cigarette holder.
This Is the' first public wedding
hold in the Church, am} a decidedly
popular ,jne. During .the Bigning of
the register Mr. MoBean sang ■ a delightful solo.
A reception was held at the Manse.
The bride's twin nephew and niece,
Veronica and John Dick, of Duncan,
V.I., scattered roses from dainty rose
baskets fon the bridal party from tho
Church to the Manse. The rooms were
beautifully decorated, and the bride
and groom received a large crowd
under a rose bower and white petal
bell. It would be difficult to name
the many fiilends and relatives ana
their plfts, as there are very tf.w
Agassiz people who would not be Included. Her mother Baying on one occasion, "Sho ls a very lucky girl; but
rather, Miss Margaret has endeared
herself to many hearts with her
charming personality, bo he is a very
lucky man who has won her affection.
Mr. John Dick sang a couple of
solos, and .his two sisters joined him
In a trio which was a great treat.
The Ladles' Aid served the dainty
The out-of-town guests Included Dr.
and Mrs. C. P. Downman, of Wellington, B.C., parents of the groom. Capt.
Logan, Vancouver? Mr.'and Mrs, ,Gnl-
braith, Victoria: Misses M. and M.
Dick, of Vancouver; Mr, Harry Nye,
of Vancouver*.; Mr. and Mn\ John
Dick nnd twins Veronica and John, of
Duncan, and Mlsg Viola Wilson, of
The brfdo and groom at the last
minute motoited to Vancouver with
Capt. Logan, instead of taking tho
train i»i was expected, bu^not missing all the trimmings, as the tin cans
nnd shoes made a long musical chain.
Tito happy couple after their honeymoon  wlll  reside  in  Vancouver.
Tho ride's going away gown was
sand  coat and  hat,
A meeting of the School Board was
held In the Central School on Saturday last, Miss Dorothy Laxton and
Mrs, R. Elsey tendered their resign
ations, which were accepted with
much regret.
Commu nlcat Ions were read from
the Dept. of Elementary Agricultural
Education, Victoria, giving the con
ditlons on which it will give assistance in levelling the grounds, also
from the Department of Indian Affairs re the deed of the Harrison Mills
School  site,
As the teachers of Divisions 3 ond
4 were leaving, and as their salaries
were Inc; eased about a year ago because of their efficient services, It
was decided to reduce the salaries of
those divisions to f900 per annum. *
The Board decided to paint the
schools during the holidays, and to
fix up the stairs, In fact, generally,
•lean up. The Board thinks more
room is needed on the grounds, a.nd
if another acre could be procured
reasonably, it would give the young
people  a  first class  ball  ground.
The Board considers the people, especially the village oitizens, should
assist In every way to make this an
accomplished fact as soon as possible,
because the acre in view may not long
be  for  sale,
A party of local sportsmen consist
ing of Bert Horwell, Walter Whelpton
wlarenco McDonald, Fred Wilson Fred
KidHon, and Jim MacCauley, went to
Harrison Lake in search of trout, and
unlike Peter of old, they toiled all day
and "caught the limit," which means
they enjoyed excellentf ishlng amongst
the Kamloops trout, which ran from
6 to 8 lbs. dressed. No doubt there
were much larger ones hooked, but.
unfortunately, they got off. Some
must have weighed 20 lbs, Walter
Whelpton is recognised as being most
fortunate with the big fish, but Bert
is often very unfortunate In his choice
of hooks.
What better news foP Agassli and
Harrison Mills than to Suy thnt tho
AgaHSlz-Vancouver road will be ready
for auto and stago traffic by Sept.—
if tho present' Governmental activity
continues till that date. Councillor
Duncan,, of Harrison Mills, is tho Record's authority for the Intelligence.
Motorists can now roach Harrison
Bay, and all that remains to do Is
from that point to Harrison Mills,
Representative of B. C, Products
Who is conducting a Campaign
throughout the Province
To help Home Industries
Vfill Lecture
Everyone Please Come
Women's Institute Agassiz.
MRS. PROBERT,  Proprietress
E. PROBERT, Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Har ''»on Hot Springs.
The Agassiz Shoemaker
REPAIRS of every description
All Work Finished by
Latest Machinery
BOOTS a specialty.
E. D. Harrington
The Arbor
Ice  Cream  Parlor
Your choice
Fraser Vally
Our Sundaes, Sodas and Soft
drinks are refreshing.
Mrs. G. Gillis .& Sons
For the Week End
Ice Cream Bricks
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Sweet Shop
Box 172, Agassiz.
Write for prices.
Agassiz Meat Market
Everything in Meat
on Ice.
Wholesale and Retail.
Phone 19 P.O. Box 147 THE   RECORD.  AGASSIZ.   B.   0.
there's Hotting
To Equal *
A pior.v nf Romance nnd Adventure
of Western Pioneer Duys
(Published by Special Arrangement
with Hie Aulhor)
ll was a happy company. All wero
enjoying lo (hi- lull tlio hour of social
time they were having, till tlio sounds
ol' music I'roni the house invited them
Inside to tin' revelry of lhe dunce.
Gathering Into the large living room,
now cleared ol all obstructions, they
saw the violinist, or as he was called.
the "fiddler," enthroned on a chair sot
on top of tlio dining room table,
which was pushed lo ono corner ot the
room, busily engaged in tuning his
violin, or "fiddle,"'for the Orsl dance.
On rough benches along the sides and
ends or lhe room, the women and girls
were sitting in joyous anticipation of
their first dance in many moons.
Soon the worn was given, "All set,"
and lho fiddler started off witli the
tune of, "The girl 1 left behind me."
Then a (all lanky young man, with a
thick shock ot black hair, whose rebellious locks were smoothed down lo
a shiny surface by a profusion of hair
oil, arose beside the fiddler's stand.
First smoothing down wiih his hand
lhe wave of hair lhat adorned his
brow, he then called off in a nasal
tone to the swing and lime of the
music: "Chose partners for an eiglu-
liand reel."
Ronald was looked upon by the
young men prccnt, somewhat in the
light of a hero, not so much because
ot rescuing Miss Eraser, but more on
account ol his escapade in "stealing"
Hie horses of tlie horse thieves. This
particular achievement appealed
strongly to their sense of humor. Now
desiring to escape their Importunities,
he advanced into the room to claim
lho first dance from the daughter or
the house. Jn this, however, he was
forestalled by Ihe handsome Sergt.
.Melvin, whom he mel leading her iu
triumph .0 the head of th" nrsl set.
Without showing his sense of disappointment, ho chose for his parlner a
Mrs. Mc'l'avish. one of lhe sprightly
married women present, and led her
to a place at tho head set also. The
word again given, "all set," the self-
conscious floor manager, witli a happy
sense of musical time, twanged off his
nasal calls, sel to the lime and tune
of the violin, Gaily the dance wont
on; joyously tin* dancers circled
round; bowed to their partners; "the
corners the same"; "grand right and
left. and. swing wllh Ihe girl behind
you." Pleasure radiated from Ihe
beaming countenances of the dancers
as Ihey manoeuvred through lhe set io
Ihe time of Hie music and tho rhythm
of the nasal calls of the floor master,
ill! ihey all promenaded io their
The flrsl  dance was over and the
This is a Short Letter, But It
Proves the Reliability of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Bnlhwcll, Ont.-"I was weak and
tun down, had no appetite and was nervous. The nurse who
took care of mc told
mo to try Lydia E.
I'inkham s Vegetable Compound,
and now I am gct-
tingstrong. I recommend your medicine
to my friends, and
you may use my
testimonial. "—Mrs.
Bothwcll, Ont.
     Tho reason  why
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is so successful in overcoming
woman's ills is because it contains tho
tonic, strengthening properties of good
old-fashioned roots nnd herbs, which
act on the femalo organism. Women
from all parts of the country aro continually testifying to its strengthening,
beneficial infijionoo, and as it contains
no narcotics or harmful drugs it is a
safe) medicine for women.
If you want special advice write
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (con-
fnli-.r.lial), Lynn, Mass. Your letter
will bc opened, read, and answered by
women only.
call ghen for "Roger do (.'overly,"
when another sound broko the stillness of the nigln outside. Weirdly
wailed the; ' Va. ya, hu ya, hu yau, hu
yua, yaa, yaa, hu ya, hu gaa, hu yaa,"
eic. to tho accompaniment of a: "Kup-
a-tuin-liiu.. tu rup a turn turn, lu rup
a turn turn turn tutu turn," of iho Indian "torn loin." "The Indians," sev-
eial void's exclaimed. Rushing out
ihey discovered circled on the grassy
lawn, heiwcen the house ami lho lake,
a baud of Indians decked out In lull
regalia ol [i alltcrs, paint and other
ailnrnmenis. Willi fantastic steps
ihoy circled arou.id another group of
Indians sQUatted on the ground, who
were Industriously beating tho "lorn
loms" to wnlch thoy limed their steps
and sing-song wails of "yaa, yaa, hu
yaa, hu yaa, hu yaa, yaa, hu yaa, hu
yaaa." Eoinied around in an outer
circle, their squaws, dressed in tholr
brightest colors, slopped round lhe
circle, and, In treble wails kept lime,
tune and step with Ihelr lords and
"Even the Indians are giving you a
■pow wow,' Miss Eraser,'' someone
Such it proved to he. The Indians,
desiring to show Ihelr pleasure at lhe
rescue of "Merry Sunbeam," as sin-
was called by Ihem, requested permission of the agent to leave Iho reserve,
and. In their own way, pay their respects to the honor of tho girl who
was a greal favorite among them. Taking advantage of tho presence al the
reserve of Sergt. Melvin's squad of
threo men, und also on account of tho
sergeant's pros,lice there himself, he
generously granted their request. This
visit, the Indians planned, would lake
the form of the present "pow wow,"
the highest honor they could confer
on her.
Mary, realizing tho significance of
this signal honor, went about among
them, chatting with the squaws in
their own language, of which she had
acquired a fair knowledge. Sh(? passed in and out among ihem. thanking
the braves and shaking hands with
the more dignified older members of
the band, calling each hy name.
For a lull hour the Indians kept up
their "pow wow" to the pleasant enjoyment of all the guests. Later, at
the invitation of .Miss Eraser, they all
crowded into the house, and, squatting on the floor or standing around
the room, they watched the different
numbers of the dance wllh evident
amusement. Some of Ihe young men
present took particular delight in
choosing as partners some of lhe more
dusky maidens firm the reserve who,
even though unfamiliar wiih lhe intricacies of the different dances, look
keen pleasure out of this experience.
It was a sight that, at times, disturbed the usual stoical Immobility of the
faces of their stately lords Inlo an occasional smile. Thus dance followed dance until long pasl the hour of
At this hour Mrs. Fraser requested
them to arrange themselves for the
serving of lunch which she, wllh lhe
assistance of the few older housewives
present, had by now prepared from her
own store of food and the low baskets
brought by the women guests. Plates
of sandwiches and cakes were passed around by the young women and
girls till all were satisfied. This was
a part in which the Indians look particular delight, as they helped themselves to generous portions as these
new dainties were passed among Ihem.
The shortage of tea cups was overcome by Iwo or perhaps three making
use of Ihe same cup or I in.
Among the interesting guests present a group of three Frenchmen and
two French half-breeds from Willow
Hunch and Wood Mountain attracted
unusual attention. These men, who
had been camping on Ihelr way east
wllh cartloads of buffalo hides and
olher furs, were told of the "shindig,"
and Invited hy passorsby to come
along. The group was under the
charge of Joe la Tour, a man who,
wiih iho characteristics of his race,
was bubbling over with that sense of
humor and love of fun that won for
him the genial favors of such company as he happened to be in. Joe,
In commenting on the dlfferenl dances,
particularly extoled Ihe merits of tho
old-fashioned "reel a qualre." or
"French fours." as some called it.
This reel, being an unknown one
among Ihe guests, lhe young men Insisted lhat an exhibition of "French
lours" be given hy Joe and his companions. To llils request ihey readily agreed, and giving lhe violinist lire
all' of lhe tune required, the lour men
mailing one set, took possession of
the centre of lhe llnor.
The reel did nol seem lo he ii com-
plicated one so tai as evolutions were
concerned, Inn li required a skill in
lhe ail of slop dancing Ihal Tew modern dances possess. They slop danced on the corners; they changed
hands around, and they swung their
partners to rnst time music with a
speed ihal virtually lifted ihe lighter
dancers off Iheh feel. One can readily conceive or ihe exhilarating effect
and .the commotion caused whim sev
oral (sets of lours held down the floor
al the one lime. The vigorous hand-
clapping thai lollowed this dance
showed thai ii was appreciated and
enjoyed by the spectators.
Joe. feeling the Intoxication ol tlio
dance In which ho had jusl taken pari,
was nol qulle satisfied, Desiring
more ol' It, he said to one of his companions, Napoleon More: "Poleon by
lonalre, I heal you on de Red ReeUer
.icon, ah?"
"Ha gosh, Joe la Tour, I Ink' you on
dad sure, me," he said.
The challenge Issued and acocplod.
all presenl were on edge wllh excite-
mem at lhe prcspecis ol witnessing a
contest lo ihem unique. Many of
them  had  never even  heard   of  this
western historic dance, and few, if
any, had over seen ii danced. Hut.
judging from whal thej had seen ot
Ihe step dancing ol lhe two men, ihey
anticipated Ihal tho "Red 11, ever jeeg"
would furnish ihem with some excitement, as well as give tin in a good
exhibition ot step dancing. Tlio challenge and lis acceptance were accordingly greeted wiih rounds of hand-
clapping and shouts of approval.
.loo. elated by ihe encouragemeul lie
had ihus received, proceeded to arrange wllh lho fiddler lor lho playing
of the lively air required for this
(lance, llul. as ihal personage seemed disinclined io undertake lhe laslt,
Joe suggested io him to lend his
"fedello" to ids other companion, Joan
lo llcrge, who. he said, was a good
'Toddler." Tho owner ol lho instrument willingly ncceeded to his request.
Thou calling le Herge, ho said, "Jean,
com' here an' play do niusiquc for dis
dance, an', ba lonalre, you play nice
an' queek, an' I show 'Poleon I heel
heciy dam' queek on his dance; ah?"
"Al' ri'le, Joe la Tour," he said, "1
ITnk, me, 'Poleon, ho ees a good dancer, an' 1 am sure he hole vou on de
floor; ah?"
Jean look lho fiddler's seal and pro
 ded  lo lime  the  violin, while the
iwo contestants took thoir respective
places as Ihey laced each olher on lhe
centre ol the floor. Fli ally giving Ills
body a heave, and slreichlng his arms
io assure freedom of notion, ho drew
lhe how across lhe strings as a signal
lo preparo for action. Striking a lively air, the tool of lhe contestants
quickly responded lo thc rhythmic
motions Indicated by the lime and
tune. Arms swinging, hands twitch
ing kepi time will) the rapid motions
of Ihe feet. Easier and raster Ihe
time Increased, faster anil faster Ihe
I'ect moyed In unison as thoy cul small
circles in Ihe centre of the floor. "Plus
fori! Jean, Plus fori!" shouts la Tour.
Quickly, in response, tlie lime gained
speed, and Ihe feet kepi time. On.
on the furious pace kept on wilhoul
sign of relaxation. Swinging lo the
lime of Hie music, Jean's body and
head moved as it in harmony wiih Ihe
motions of the bow, and in time with
Ihe movements of his fingers as they
danced on the strings of the violin.
The minutes passed, yet there was no
relaxing. Tireless leet still kepi up
In rapid motion to the fast lime and
rhythm or the music. Arms and bodies swung and swayed In full sympathy. Though drops ot nersplralion
trickled from Ihe brows of the nimble
contestants, on the rapid moving feet
rallied the tlmo on the hard door.
Tensely the spectators watched;
some in silent admiration; some keeping lime with Ihelr Iocs; some with
the swaying of their bodies; and some
wllh the clapping of IheTiands. And
as the contest thus continued. Ihus it.
held them in its grip, Even lhe
squaws swaying to the intoxication
and held In lhe grip or the exciting
contest, first beat time and, finally,
yielding to the call of their own wild
music, gave way to a dialling refrain
that Intensified in pilch us lhe music
and the contest continued. They
were exciting moments, and the excitement increased in intensity as
wiih dogged persistency both men kept
"Snip blng-lngl" Two of the fiddle
strings gave way'to tile strain. Suddenly the music stopped, and. as slid-
denly^he dancers ceased; neither
one Ihe winner nor the loser, A sudden burst of applause followed lhe
cessation of the danco, and each contestant received heartiest congratulations from Ihelr respective admirers.
"Ha gar." panted Joe wiping the perspiration from his brow, as he withdrew, "she Is locky t'lng lor 'Poleon,
de fedello, she broke. 1 don' know,
me, ITnk he slop hi'seT precly queek
soon; ah?"
"Ha, ha. Joe la Tour," was the quick
retort, "If you t'lnk, ba gosh, 1 stop
luese'f for one hour more you mak
heck mislak'; sure 1 t'lnk you dam'
glad do lodelle, she broke, an' slop
queek for save you; nil?"
Those bantering retorts from the
sporty contestants were received with
peals ol' laughter and Cheers of good-
naiured amusement by Ihe admiring
crowd, whose enjoyment of the conies! was manifested by their comments.
The violin soon pul Into commission
again, lhe floor was cleared and a
waltz was called, which was led off
by Ronald and Mary. They were followed hy Sergt. Melvin anil Mrs. Mc-
Tiivlsh, nnd Ihe police constables,
whose natty uniforms of scarlet lunles
wllh light blue, yellow-striped riding-
breeches, set Ihem off lo advantage
among lho molly array of costumes
presenl. They were followed by several other couples In the dance.
Thin was lhe flrsl wall/. Ronald and
Mary had during lhe evening. All al
once they seemed lo be the centre
or attraction ,IH ' ''*'>' gracefully gilded
In nnd oul among the dozen, or more
Serve Mustard
with all meats
U it must be Keen s_
Save  Money and Solve Your
Milk Problem With Tjie
at the price of a hand Cream Separ-  .
ator.     Easy to clean.     No piping !
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ate.      Portable—wheels in and out.
Milks two cows at a time.     Saves
time and drudgery.     Users highly
satisfied*      Every  machine guaran-   .
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you to pay for one of these machines by selling to i
your neighbors.
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least labor—lasts a lifetime.
The Melotte has been sold in Canada for 30 years. Its suspended* ballbearing bowl and enameled bowl casing renders it the
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That is why the Melotte factory runs night and day, the year
round, with three shifts of men.
Low Prices. ' Better value than ever. Buy the Melotte, the
best and cheapest.
couples now occupying the floor. Doth
were good dancers. Ronald, tall and
athletic, guided his graceful partner
through lhe maze of other dancers
wllh the skill and grace required with
much practice. .
(To be coniinued)
Germans Buy Irish Linens
quite a sensation has been created
In the Irish linen trade by a German
order for 115,000 dozen men's printed
handkerchiefs. This ls the largest
order Del fast has received for many
Fifty-two Years With Firm
The late W, C. Smart, lately counting house manager (o Messrs. W. H.
Smith and Sons, the great firm of
newsagents aud booksellers, London,
whose stalls are on half the railway
statlous of Great Britain, has left an
estate valued at over $150,000.
He began his career as a hook-
stall Jioy at Cardiff, and had 52 years'
service with the firm.
The California raisin crop for this
year will amount to 275,000 tons.
Don't waste your time and
money in trying to find something -just as good" as
U/ie standard
of Quality
for over sojears
Living Costs May
Be Slightly Lower
Statistical Expert Gives Predictions
For Coming Season
There wil! be no decline in building
costs (luring 1924, according to Roger
Babson, the slntisllcnl export, In rore-
castlug prospects [or the coming
in other directions, however, his analysis ami predictions ol ihe cost, ol'
living timing this present year are decidedly cheering to ihe average householder.
"-Expenditures far rood, cloiliing
and furniture and miscellaneous Items
are less than Ihey were three years
ago," stales Mr. Ilabson, 'but. housing aud fuel costs are higher. The
average man can now buy things that
eosl him $1,000 in 1020 for ?S00.
"During tin.' next twelve months the
largest reducllons can be looked for.
Tlie olher Menu lhat go to make up
living cost» will remain at about their
present levels, wiih a possible slight
downward tendency in bpoeinl instances."
Italy is reported to have a lurplus
of 3OO.000 people lo send abroad this
Hard, Large and Red.
Cuticura Healed.
"My face broke out with pimples
that were hard, large and red. They
festered and scaled over, and Itched
and burned causing me to scratch
them, I tried several different remedies but they did not help any. I
read an advertisement for Cuticura
Soap and Ointment and purchased
some, and after using them about a
month I was completely healed."
(Signed) Miss Catherine I. Carter,
Aberdeen Hospital, New Glasgow,
Nova Scotia.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum promote and maintain skin purity, skin comfort and skin health
often when all else falls. „
S.asl.S..kriH>rll.U. A<Mr<au"Lnaau,!.la-
IU4, Stt St r.«l II, W. Kaiuul." Sold mil-
wham m»»i»c OlntnaniaaaaWnTalcaige,
afWCuUcura Soap ahava. without nutf.
The London Scottish vvar memorial
at Mosslnes was unveiled hy lhe King
of the Belgians on May .r>.
Rocks weighing fit) pounds were
hurled Sllll feel by an explosion iu the
crater of Llnleinatunau volcano,
The British special service squadron arrived ill Auckland, N.Z., May 10,
nnd was accorded a Ireininilous reception.
Surviving her 101-yeat-old husband
hy only one day. Mrs. Malcolm Mac;
Loan. Hill, died Ma.v 13, at her home
In French Vale, near North Sydney.
Father Thomas, blind monk of lhe
Trupplsi order ai Oku, has been decorated wiih he French Cross of the
Legion ot Honor lor services rendered
in lhe war, during Which lie losl hi/
A dispatch lo Ihe (lloi'rialo D'llallu
from Tirana, Albania, says that in
coiiscqiii'iieo of lhe situation growing
out of the recent murder by bandits
of Iwo l'nited Sltiles citizens, a military dictatorship lit Albania -is believed to be inevitable.
More than three billion dollars have
been stolen from- the people of the
l'nited Stales since the war, through
lhe sale of spurious securities, District
Attorney Jacob II. Bunion declared at
the annual meeting of the New York
Stale Society of Certified Public Ac-
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Production Of Canada Forests
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Total  Estimated Value For Calendar
Year   of   1922   Given   As
Au estimate of total forest production In Canada has recently been pre
pared by lhe Dominion Bureau of
Statistics for lho calendar year 1922,
This estimate includes all unmanufactured material cut In Canada's
forests ami Is lhe first attempt that
has been made lo estimate in detail,
the rale at which forests arc being exploited.
Saw logs lor domestic use head the
list as far as lotal value is concerned
with over flfly-llve million dollars'
worth ot material produced. Pulp
wood for domestic use comes second
wllh a total value exceeding forty million dollars. Firewood wllh thirty-
eight million, and pulpwood for export wllh over ten million dollars are
among the more Important Items. The
total estimated value of all primary
! forest produilsls $170,850,090.
Wllh regard to annual consumption for use, the production of firewood is thu heaviest drain on forest
resources, amounting in 1922 to almost
eight hundred and fitly million' cubic
feel of standing timber. Logs for
Canadian sawmills came second wllh
almost llncc and u half million feet
board measure, equivalent lo seven
hundred ami fill) million cubic feel ot
standing limber, Pulpwood for Canadian pulp and paper mills amounted
lo about three million cords, equivalent to about three hundred and filly
million cubic feet. Other products
111 order of linporlnnee fl'OllfTllc quan-
llty standpoint were railway lies,
pulpwood for exports, logs for export,
fencing material, mining Umber,
square Umber for export, hardwood for
distillation, poles and miscellaneous
Quebec heads Ihe list In foresl production, both for quantity or material
and value of products. This province
heads the list In the production ol
firewood, pulpwood, fencing material,
square timber for export and mlscel
laneous products. II also contributes a large proportion of the saw
logs, railway ties, poles and hardwood
lor distillation.      .
W.   IN.    U.   15115
Qulohuns, natives of Bolivia, uo for
days wlllioul food, chewing cocoa
leaves from which cocaine ls derived.
A beautiful carmine ls obi slued from
Ihe dahlia.
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Ants Enslave Spiders
Entomologists hnve discovered that
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which they cover with leaves and utilize in Ihe construction of their nests.
Many of these nests were discovered
by an expedition which visited tropical Australia. A quantity of the ants
and spiders were obtained for a more
detailed study of their habits and
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Income Tax Figures
Amount of Tax Paid "by Farmers
Shows Heavy Decline
Some interesting figures concerning
the Income tax have been tabled In
the house. Since its inception the Income tux has contributed lo the public treasury some $215,000,000. Beginning with about $9,500,000 in ihe
fiscal year 1918-19, It gradually Increased year by year and reached the
peak of $78,500,000 In 1921-1922.
In the fiscal year 1922-1923 it dropped to $59,750,000. Figures for the
last fiscal year are hot available.
Income tax collected from agrarians
ls Included in these figures but afterwards they are analyzed separately.
Some of the provinces show that collections from this class of citizen
fluctuated considerably. Saskatchewan farmers paid $572,055 in 1921-1922
and dropped to $211,910 In 1922-1923.
Alberia farmers began with $179,389,
and dropped to $94,846. Farmers ot
the Yukon began with $10 and rose to
Canada's public purse has benefitted to lhe tune of $192,334,507 from
the business profits lax since Its in-
cepllon ill 1917 and up to March 31,
1924. It reached' Its peak In 1920
when $44,145,184 was paid on this account and it touched its lowest point
In the fiscal year just closed when
$4,752,680 was the amount paid by
Canadian business under llils head.
The figures are given In a return
labh-d In the House of Commons.
There Is no poisonous Ingredient In
Holloway's Corn Remover, and It can
be Used without danger or injury.
7,000 Settlers In April
Western Canada received approximately 7,000 new settlers from overseas during April, according lo figures
Issued hy the Canadian National Railways at Winnipeg. This marks the
heaviest Inllux Inlo the Dominion since
pro-war days and Is staled lo be (lie
advance guard of thousands more who
will pour inlo the west during this and
succeeding months.
Asthma Doesn't Wear Off Alone.
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A Matter of Size
„ He.—"1 am not such a big fool as I
Used lo be."
She.—"I      thought      you      looked
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True Enough
Feg— What do you think ot Czechoslovakia?
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Livestock Exports
Upward Trend Is Shown In Exports Of
Livestock and Meat Products
Total cattle exports lo lhe United
Slates during the month of March
amounted to 7,596 head, as compared
with 6,356 In March, 1923, and to Oreat
Britain 11,388 head, as compared wllh
JJ.373 head. Beef exports totalled
2,056,000 lbs.; bacon, 10,457,800 lbs.;
pork, 1,099,100 lbs.; ayul mutton, 15,500
lbs., as compared with 3,641,600 lbs.
of beef, 8,013,000 lbs. ot bacon, 478,-
600 lbs. of pork, and 13,500 lbs. of mutton, respectively, In March, 1923.
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Clear the Track.
pEANUT POLITICS is trying to hold up the Relief
Express. By your vote remove this obstruction to
prosperity on June 20th. A vote for the Liberal Candidate is a vote for John Oliver, the engineer who
will bring this Relief Express, bearing prosperity for
British Columbia, safely through. It carries Equalized
Freight Rates-the one fundamental that is essential to
to the prosperity of every man, woman and child in
this Province.    N
Equalized Freight Rates will bring millions to our Province;
will double our population in ten years; will develop our ports;
will bring to us basic manufacturing industries and their pay-rolls ;
will develop the necessary market for our agricultural products.
Equalized Freight Rates means more money—more industries-
more people—lower taxes-lower cost of taxes.
Equalized Freight Rates is the hinge on which the door to
prosperity hangs. John Oliver and his Liberal Government have
the key in the form of the sympathetic ear of a like Liberal Government at Ottawa.
Your vote for the Liberal Candidate is a message to the industrial, financial and political interests of the East that you are behind
John Oliver in his fight for prosperity. Remember this on June
■>, i9
Provincial Party of British Columbia
The readers of this publication have read in the two previous issues the platform of the Provincial Party which Mr. Harold
R. Smith swears to uphold. You no doubt will wonder how such a complete and comprehensive platform for the salvation
of British Columbia could have been devised. The story is easily told. The Platform is the outcome of Resolutions, and
the resolutions are the thoughts of men and women, put into words, who want our Province to rise from its slough of
machine politics ; who want to see the end of wasteful extravagance which causes hardship to the people through grinding
taxation. At the Provincial Party Convention in Vancouver, December last, these Resolutions were given for our benefit
by those assembled, who represented all shades of opinion from every part of the Province. There were Miners, Lumbermen, Engineers, Laborers, Railwaymen, Lawyers, Businessmen, Housewives, Farmers, Contractors, and all kinds and classes.
Some were Laborites, Socialists, Communists, Liberal and Conservative, others had no previous political leanings. All had
the Interest of our Province at heart and gave of what they had to offer freely. The 250 Delegates freely discussed the
resolutions and unanimously agreed to the following, upon which the platform of the Provincial Party is supported.
28. Chinese, Merchants.—Resolved that the intrusion
ol Chinese merchants into the mercantile business of the
province ls a menace to the community, and that all possible steps should be taken by the provincial government
insofar as Us jurisdiction extends, to put an end to this,
and tha tthe strongest possible representations should be
made to the Dominion government to take such steps as
may lie necessary on Its part to attain the above mentioned object.  ,
29. Oriental Truck Farmers.—Whereas tbe Orientals
practically control tne truck farming Industry of British Columbia, Including such crops as potatoes, tomatoes, onions and celery, and are menacing the fruit
farming and green house businesses,
Therefore be It resolved that the Provincial Party
Is opposed to and will do all In its power to prevent
Orientals from further owning and leasing land and
that It will do Its utmost to persuade the Federal government to pass legislation to this effect.
30. Mining.—Resolved that In the taxation of the
products of metalliferous mines, the principle of taxing
net profits only be adopted, consideration being given
to depletion.
In policy this party is opposed to the creating of reserves which would restrict the exploitation and development of the mineral resources of the province.
This party is strongly in favor ot the strict enforcement of all laws restricting and controlling "wild-catting
The Provincial Party of B. C. favors legislation for
encouraging and assisting prospecting.
This Party stands for economy in administration In
all departments, and to th is end favors consolidation, if
practicable, ot inspections ami assessment and collection
of Dominion and Provincial mineral taxes.
31. Un-Brltlsh Legislation.—Resolved that In the
opinion of this convention, the government should not
have power to undertake development of mineral lands
other than unoccupied Crown lands unless upon the application of the owner or lessee thereof and that the Mineral Survey and Development Act should be amended
32. Industrial Development.—Resolved that the Provincial Party pledges Itself to make the industrial development of the province its special concern, and to take
such steps as may be found necessary to secure the Influx of capital for this purpose.
33. lilquoi- Enforcement.—Resolved:
(1). That this convention Is In favor ot a strict and
impartial enforcement of the liquor laws of this province, administered not primarily for profit, but to encourage sobriety.
(2). That the liquor board shall be an Independent
disinterested non-polltlcal business commission, the personnel of which will be such as to secure the confidence
of every section of the electorate. It Bhall be made directly responsible to the legislative assembly of this province, so that whatever legislation ls approved by the
people of the province It wlll be administered In a business-like manner and without political Interference.
(3). That any drastic change In the liquor laws ot
the province must be submitted to the people by referendum (preferably at a general election), In terms which
wlll permit a clear expression of the will of the people.
34. Pacific Great Eastern Railway.—Resolved that a
non-partisan Royal Commission be appointed (preferably
with ono of the chief Justices of B. C. as chairman) representative of the different Interests of the province
nnd charged with full Investigation of the P. 0, E.
Railway system, nnd Its possibilities for completion and
successful operation as originally planned, with full
power to engage any experts or other assistants required.
To report to the legislature and assist It in determining
what ls to be done with the property in tho best Interests
of the people as a whole.
3B. Peace Rlvor Transportation.—Resolved that the
Provincial Party pledges Itself to ImpresB upon the federal government the Importance of carrying out its
transportation pledges to the settlers ot the Peace River
36. Non-Political Gamo Commission.—Resolved that
this convention go on record aB favoring the romodolllng
of the British Columbia Game aud Game Fish Laws so
as to take them out ot politics.
That an honorary commission be appointed by the
Lieutenant-Governor In Council to administer our game
matters, which commission will be responsible for administration, conservation, and the development ot this
great natural resource as a remunerative asset.
That the proceeds from our game licenses wlll be
largely available for the development ot the game and
fish resources of the province.
Further that no trapping licenses be Issued to other
than resident British subjects.
37. Civil Servants.—Resolved that we approve the
principle of the permanent employment of capable officials Irrespective of their political affiliations.
38. Civil Service.—Resolved that the Provincial
Party favor the reform of the civil service with a view
to recognition of the principle ot promotion within the
service, and the elimination of patronage in appointments.
39. Disabled Veterans.—Be it resolved that the Provincial Party when returned to power, give preference
In government employment as tar aB consistent with
efficiency to maimed and disabled veterans.
40. Narcotic Drug Evil.—Whereas drug habits have
reached such alarming proportions in B. C. as to undermine the health, well-being, and morals of many people
In the province,
And whereas the parliament of Canada has Jurisdiction over all such matters ot criminal law and punishment of offences against the same,
Be it therefore resolved that the Minister of Justice
be requested to secure the passage at the next session of
the Parliament of Canada of such legislation as will permit, in addition to all other punishments, the administration of the lash on all persons found guilty of peddling drugs, and
Be it further resolved that the government of the
province of British Columbia take the necessary steps
in conjunction with the governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan for the establishment of an isolation hospital
in which drug addicts in B. C, Alberta and Saskatchewan
can be confined with a view to securing their permanent
41. Export of Logs.—Whereas quantities of timber
are (being cut from forests In British Columbia and
taken out of the province in an unmanufactured condition;
And whereas this practice is resulting in the exploitation of one ot our most valuable natural resources,
to the detriment of the Interests ot the people of this
And whereas said practice has resulted In large
numbers of wage-earners being forced to leave the province in order to Obtain employment elsewhere;
And whereas the manufacture of all British Columbia timber within the province would materially Increase
employment In the province In all branches of industry
and business;
And whereas it Is essential that the present practice bo put a stop to;
And whoroas a number of people in this provlneo
are now employed In the logging camps of tho province,
and n large sum of money ls Invested therein;
And whereas It is just and equitable that proper
notice of any drastic change In tho present practice bo
Therefore be It resolved that this convention is of
the opinion that every reasonable step should be taken
by the .government to prevent the exportation of unmanufactured timber from this province.
42. Municipal Conference.—-Resolved that tho Pro-
vlnclal Party of B. C. pledges itself when returned to
power, It wlll at the earliest dato possible thereafter call
Into conference municipal representatives to consider all
outstanding questions In dispute between the provincial
and municipal authorities, with a view to adjusting all
such questions and problems In an equitable manner.
43. Education.—Whereas the ever Increasing costs
for educational purposes aro creating a serious condition in this province;
And whereas the burden of taxation tor education,
particularly in regard to rural land, has passed all
limits of equity and reason;
And whereas municipalities are unable'to bear any
greater taxation for educational purposes;
And whereas the educational system of the province
ls unsatisfactory and detective, particularly in respect to
public health and child welfare;
Therefore be It resolved that the Provincial Party
do pledge Itself to cause a general business and scientific
survey to be made of the educational system of the
province with a view to remedy these conditions.
44. Freight and Express Rates.—Resolved that this
party Is of the firm conviction that the unjust discrimination against us ot freight rates In favor of the East
Is a very vital factor In the economic life of the province and that we will use our utmost endeavor to have
this unfair discrimination removed, and furthermore not
only do we put ourselves on record as opposing any increase in Express rates, but shall make every endeavor
to have them reduced as they are too high in British
Columbia at present. <
45. Grain Shipments.—Resolved that the Provincial
Party wlll when returned to power, use Its Influence to
promote grain shipments by the Pacific route.
46. Fishing Industry.—That whereas the whole
fishing Industry of this province has been hitherto a
political fooCball and In grave danger of complete extinction;
And whereas It Is impossible for the federal government to understand local conditions and apply the best
And whereas the proper development of the province is retarded by the employment of large numbers
of Orientals;
And whereas other provinces in the Dominion have
been given control of their fisheries;
Be it therefore resolved that it is essential that
the provincial government secure complete control of
this important industry, rescue it from all political influences, and provide efficiently for its maintenance as
a perpetual asset.
47. Provincial Highway.—The Provincial Party
goes on record as being in favor ot pushing to Immediate completion the trans-provincial highway connecting
coast road system with the roads ot the Interior.
48. Colonization Roads.—iResolved that we carry
on the construction and extension of roads designed to
assist colonization and development of natural resources
on both the Mainland and Vancouver and other Islands,
consistent with our policy ot economy.
49. Mother^' Pension Board.—Resolved that a
woman be ono of tho members on the Mothers' Pension
CO. Stabilize Land Titles.—Whereas the stability of
land tenure ls tho basis of credit;
And whereas simplicity ot transfer and indefensibility of title nre essential to tho credit of tho province;
Therefore bo It resolved that the Provincial Party
of B. C. pledges itself to .secure such measures as will
safeguard and simplify land titles In B. C, and eradicate as far as possible all measures which threaten the
security of title and the safety of the transfer of land.
51, Water Powers.—Resolved that In future all
water powers not already owned by any city or municipality nor otherwise alienated, bo conserved for thc
benefit of citlzons of British Columbia, and only disposed
of on such terms nnd conditions as wlll enable the
province, cither through rental or an annual charge per
unit for water, to got an equltatble return In respect of
this class of natural resources.
52. No Coalition.—.Resolved that It ls the sense of
this convention that tho Provincial Party In the event
of Its being iu the minority in the house after the next
election, will not unite with either of the old parties.
63. All I'lmbi-iirlng IMnnk,—Be It resolved that the
one all important policy of the Provincial Party is
honest, economical and efficient government In tho
Interest of the general public nnd that all other planks,
convention resolutions and policies are subsidiary
A vote for MR. HAROLD R. SMITH, the Provincial Party Candidate, will be the .
first step towards the good times we hope for. There is a gleam of hope now, from rotten I
past politics.   Fix your eyes on that beam of light and be steadfast and of good courage.
Given by Harold R. Smith THE   RECORD,   AG ASS I/,   B.   0.
TEA- is good tea
finer tea and more of it w
World Confronted With
Tremendous Problem
Possibility of Clash Between Japan
and U.S. Cannot be Ignored
Tlie London Times commenting editorially on Lhe American anti-Jtippan-
ese Immigration legislation soys undoubtedly much of the frfendlygnt-
mosphere erealed by the Washington
Ireaty has been dispelled thereby.
Dwelling upon the "fundamental
causes ol tlio nntagonlsm" between
Ihe Americans and Japanese tho paper
•'li is Idle to ignore I lie possibility
ol ultimate conflict in the Pacific distant though if may be, Nobody will
likely pul forward alarmist theories
about thu ultimate clash betweeu tiie
easl aud the west.
"Upon the people of these isles
(Great Britain) with (heir cherished
friendship for Japan and their indissoluble ties with the failed Slates;
rests perhaps the supreme responsibility for averting so Incalculable a
disaster. But the seeds of conflict
are on either side of the Pacific Ocean
and it behooves ibis country io watch
witli incessant vigilance every turn in
the most tremendous problem confronting the world. The action of the
railed Slates marks a very significant stage in iis development."
First Record of Eclipse
The Aral liuown record of an eclipse
Of I lie sun was made in 1500 B.C. by
tho Chinese, who 'believed thai a
mighty dragon swallowed up Uie sun
ou such occasions.
One   Reaso.i   Why   So   Many   Women
Are Weak and Run-Down
The work of the woman in the home
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feel out Of sorts. But of course all
women are not like that, What is
the difference?
A woman with plenty oi liealihy
jed blood In her veins finds work in
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ed. Matte new rich blood. Vou can
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Wanted to Purchase Munitions
Reported   That   German    Firm    Was
Seeking   to   Buy   Rifles   and
Bayonets in England
The special. London correspondent
of lhe Paris Malin says he has learned thnl a German firm, with headquarters in Hamburg and Berlin, asked a well known British arms manufacturer, name not given, lo quote u
price on one million rifles equipped
with bayonets, and one billion cartridges, deliverable at a German port.
According lo the text ol the request,
which the Malin publishes, ihe German fit-in said ihe arms and ammunition were meant for a ''friendly government—a meirber of the entente."
Tlie correspondent says lhe British
manufacturer Immediately, informed
the British Government anil look no
steps lo All the order.
Grain Handling Records
All Previous Records Smashed By
C.P.R. In Alberta
All previous grain handling records
oi ilii' Canadian Pacific Railway in Alberta lutye h. in completely smashed
iliis season, ueeonling io an official
statement. Since the commencement
of tin- grain shipping season, on Sep-
tember I. to Mnrch 31, the Canadian
I'ai'ilie huve placed 10,000,000 bushels
ol »li,mi in Btore and 2,000,000 bush-
els ni othei grains, and have slllpped
nm or the province S3,500,0f0 bushels
of wheat and 15,600,000 bushels of
olher grains. The Iota'grain handled
in Hi" period mentioned is 111,000,000
bushols. This Is practically double
the shipments made by the company
for the whole of lasl season, lhe figures I hen being 56,000,000 bushels of
wheal and 7,250,000 bushels of other
Worms are encouraged by morbid
eondiiions of the stomach and bowels,
and so subsist. Miller's Worm Powders will alter these conditions almost
Immediately and will sweep the worms
away. No destructive parasite can
live in contact with this medicine,
which is not. only a worm destroyer,
bul a health-giving medicine most
benefldal to tlie young const Hut Ion.
Rapid Growth of Buenos Aires
Before the present century lias run
lis course, It may be lhat Buenos
Aires will be one ol' Ihe greatest capital lilies in the world, in the opinion
of a writer who describes Ihe mnr-
vellous growth of I lie past tI'll years.
The elty now has a population of
over Iwo millions.
When llohi'ii Ilrownlng wus In Ids
7fuh year, Oxford nnd Cnnibridgc presented him '-villi un honorary degree,
Parisian scientists have discovered
Ihal tllcoholloa bi'verages given from
80,000 lo 1211,0011 veils of eleclrl-
eliy nge 50 years.
"Best Thing in the World
For Delicate Girls"
Mrs. John Bennett, Boggy Creek, Man., writes:
"My little girl had organic nervous trouble, could not sleep, had
?vere headaches and fainting spells. This went on for three years.
and three doctors helped her very little. After reading of what Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food had done for others, I got
some for her. She is now so well lhat
she is like a different child. She is
fourteen years old and looks the picture of health.
"We have used Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food for
different members of lhe
family, when recovering
from "flu" and scarlet
fever, and it has always
helped them."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
CO cm. a Imii of SO pill*, I dniBiison, Balm A Co., Ltd., Toronto
America's Only Ex-President
William Howard Taft Is the Only
Living Ex-President of U.S.
William Howard Tafl Is the only
living ex-l'residi'iil of lho United
Slates. John Adams lived 2d years
after leaving the While House. Grover
Cleveland lived 11 years, 3 months
und 20'days alter Ids second term,
six presidents died in ollice, They
were William Henry Harrison, who
held office only one month; Znchery
Taylor, who was prcsidenl a little
more than u year; Warren G. Harding,
who died Aug. 2, 192!!, after serving
2 years. -I months and 29 days, and
Abraham Lincoln. James A. Garfield
and William McKinley, who were assassinated. Three presidents died
on the Fourth of July. They were
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson,
who passed away in 1826. and James
Monroe, who died in 1831.
Women Can Dye Any
Garment, Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,   Faded   Things
J^ew for 15 Cents
Don't wonder whether you can dys
Or lint successfully, becauso perfect
home dyeing is guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even if you have never
dyed before. Druggists have all colors.
Directions in each package.
Ferry Runs Between
Harwich and Zeebrugge
Boats Capable of Carrying 54 Ordinary
Railway Coaches
Train ferry boats have begun to
run between Harwich and Zeebrugge. They start not from the
Zeebrugge Mole, bul from the Bruges
Canal. Each Is a lint vessel 380 ft.
long und IJ3 ft. wide, healing four railway lines, und callable of carrying 54
ordinary railway vehicles. Having
arrived at Zeebrugge from Harwich
for a test, one ol Ihe boats spent only
hull' an hour in reaching Ihe basin, in
mooring and In letting down unit fixing lis big gangway. Then it em-
burked IS railway coaches In less than
all hour.
Useful in Camp.—Explorers, surveyors, prospectors and hunters will find
Dr. Thomas Eclectrlc till vory useful
In camp. When ihe few and legs nre
wel and cold il is wi II to rub Ihem
freely wllh lhe Oil und the result will
be lhe prevention of pnlns in the muscles, and should u cut, or eouiiision, or
sprain In sustained, nothing could be
belter us a dressing or lotion.
Hebrideans For B.C.
Proposal From Provincial Government
To Give Grant to Intending
Negotiations new In progress be-
iween ihe Provincial Government nnd
the Brlllsh Government probably will
end In several shiploads of immigrants
rrom the Hebrides being brought io
Brlllsh Columbia this summer. The
British Columbia Government proposes to give each family a grant of
SHOO on Ihelr arrival at the spots selected for their settlement, This will
he supplemented by un additional $300
from lhe Brl'.lfii Government and,
wllh shell era provided, JB00 in cash
and eloae to the sea where Ihey can
Indulge in Ihelr pursuit of fli-hlng.
NOW PACKED IN     -  £f.
Successful Women Farmers
New   Era   In   History  Of  Agriculture
Is Beginning
The   profession   of   agriculture   for
women   was  dealt   with   from   many
aspects   at   the   Women's   Institute
convention    in    April.      Willi    large
numbers    ot    women    coming    from
other   parts   of   tiie   world,   couptrd
with   the  fact  lhat  farm  machinery
today has made farming operations of!
all kinds possible lo women, li would
seem that a new era in the history ofi
agriculture    was    beginning.     There
are two women who have math' an unqualified success of farming in Brilish
Columbia, as Illustrated by Uie 10-acrei
farm in tlie Oltanagan  near Vernon.
These two women have their 10 acres
in   I'ruil.   trees"1 and   are  successfully
keeping bees.
Alberta's Population
According to Ihe basis on which Alberta is now receiving subsidy from
tlie Federal Government, the population of ihe province Is estimated to be
645/>00. The 1921 census gave lhe
population as SSS.ooo.
Nation-wide Fame—There is scarcely a corner ol this great Dominion
where the merits of Dr. Thomas' Ec-
lectric Oil have not been tried and
proved, it is one of the world's most
ettlclenl remedies for sore throat, lame
back and many olher ailments arising from Inflammation. Rubbed on
lhe skin Its healing power Is readily
absorbed, and it can also be taken
The first real picture painted by
Michael Augelo was the one on the
subject oT lhe lemplatlon of St. An^
I hony.
Especially Prepared for Infants and Children of All Ages
Mother! Fletcher's Castorta has
been In use for over 30 years as a
pleasant, harmless substitute for
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops
and Soothing Syrups. Contains no
narcotics. Proven directions are on
each   package.       Miyslclans   every
where recommend It.     The kind yotl
have always bought bears signature ol
Minard's   Liniment   for   Aches   and
W.   N.   U.   1625
To Women Who Do Their Own Work: Suppose!
you could save six minutes every day in washing
pots and pans—two minutes after every meal. In
a month, this would amount to a saving of three
hours of this disagreeable but necessary work.
This saving can be made by using SMP enameled
kitchen utensils, as their smooth sanitary surface
will not absorb dirt or grease.   No scraping, scouring op •
§ dishing is needed when you use Diamond or Pearl Ware,
oap, water and a dish towel is all jou need. Ask fog
"A Fact of Porcelain and a Heart of Steel"
Three finishes: Pearl Ware, two coats of pearly grey
enamel inside and out. Diamond Ware, three coats, light
blue -and white outside, white lining.   Crystal Ware,
three coats, pure white inside and out, with Rojial Blue -
j«^heet Metal Productsxo^'S^
*4t Every
]Hardware Store THE   RECORD,   AGASSIZ,   B.   0.
Bee-Keepmg Industry Makes
Remarkable Strides In West
During The Past Three Y ears
One of the important aims oi the
District Builders' of Southern Manitoba \* Lo encourage their young people lo luko up Bide line s thai will provide them with an independent income,
Beekeeping ls one or the few things
thai can be carried on profitably by
boys ami girls during Ih"' summer
months when their parents would naturally want, ihem ai home, and yet
leave the boy or girl \Wr for lhe winter mouths with enough earned money
in hand to allow Ihem tn follow any
course of study thoj wanted without
liriiilvlng th" home ties.      ^ *
Beekeeping is ono of the important
Industries in Manitoba, as well as Saskatchewan am) Alberia. H Is an Industry 'hni has made remarkable
strides dii.ii)!', the pasl three years
and Is recognized as n scientific and |
money making project.
Nol so very long ago, boekeoplng
was regarded as a "hobby" of farm
and rural life, bul ihal time has passed. Today, ii is an industry neces-
Minting little laboj' and showing very:
profitable returns!
in order to establish beekeeping In
Southern Manitoba the Canadian Pacific Hallway Agricultural Department
recently co operated with L. T. Floyd, |
provincial apiarist, to give four shorn
courses in beekeeping at Deloralne, I
Kilkuney, Morden aud Pilot Mound.
These courses lasted a week In each
town and ran in conjunction with tlie;
District Builders' conferences, another1
project which has gained the whole- j
hearted support of the Canadian Paei-j
fie Agricultural Department.
It was decided, in order tfiat Mr.j
Floyd's work would be carried on after
tlie course was finished, to give a prize
of a colony of bees and beginner's
equipment lo the best pupil at each;
point, tills pupil lo act as point of con-
tact between Mr Floyd and the bee- j
keepers in the district. In addition-
to a colon1* of bees the prize consist-1
ed of a hive'in flat, super, smoker,,
foundation, bale, queen excluder, spur
embedder, spool and wire. j
The accompanying photos are tho i
winners of the Beaver Bees in Southern Manitoba.     Miss Eraser's home
is at Pilot Mound. !
London Police Women
Do Valuable Work
Started During War, and Now Covers
Large Field
For a few hours of a certain April
day there was n new officer In charge
of iraflle at Forty-Second 811*08) and
Lexington Avenue: "A slim, bronzed
figure in high boots, a dark blue coat
reaching to the knees and a trim, gold-
braided cap; on the chest was worn
tlie Order of the British Empire." This
wus Commander Mary S. Allen, head
of the London police women. Speaking of the latter lo a reporter, she said
thai lhe 20 Lontlod police women
differ from those* of American cities
In ihal thoy ate always uniformed
conspicuously. Tho sight of a woman police ofllcet* prevents many
crimes and prevention of crime, she
says, rather than the capture of ol-
tVnders, is the chief purpose of the
women. They began iheir work during lhe war, when ihey watched over
the young women and soldiers who
(locked Ihrough the great railroad stations. Since then their work has
grown io talking charge of women
prisoners;, colled ing testimony from
women, protecting girls who nre
strangers in tlie city I taking charge
of lost children and runaway girls, inspecting places of amusement and patrolling parks in addition, Commandant Allen visited the occupied
area of Germany and established six
British) women Ihere to assist; the
Shortage of Lambs
Supplies Reported to be Inadequate to
Meet the Demand
The noticeable feature of livestock
movement, as reported by the Dominion Livestock Branch, in lhe third
month of the year, apart from the increased volume ot hogs, was lhe short
supply of sheep. The report says:
"Toronto rcci Ived only BO^per cent, ol'
lhe volume ol March hist year, and far
the year to dale the shortage of sheep
amounts to pver IU.000 h< ad. Western Canada's marketings have been
so meagre as lo barely constitute a
basis for trading. Despite tlie lighl
volume of marketings, interest in
sheep is extremely keen." The report further states that supplies are
inadequate, which would Indicate Uie
wisdom of she3p raisers conserving
for tho breeding dock all lhe vigorous
ewe lambs from good ewes.
Is Your Nose
Stuffed With Cold ?|
Don't loud your
stomach with cough
Send healing medication through Ihe
nostrils ■— send It
Into lhe passages
Unit are inflamed
with Catarrh.
H's easy to get
rhl of a bad cold, lo
drive out Catarrh, to
strengthen a weak
throat by Inhaling
Catarrhozone. Get Catarrhozone
from your druggist loday. By using
It frequently you keep the air passages free from germs, and thereby
prevent many a bad cold. Two
months' treatment $1.00; small size
50c. Refuse a substitute. By mall
from The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Canada 0 Abundant Resources
In Wild and Cultivated Fruits
Of Great Value To Nation
Mothers' Best Friend
In Rearing Children
Pain and sudden sickness are apt to
come upon us at any time and safety
lU-s in having always handy on the
shelf a reliable pain relief like good
old "Nerviline." For nearly half a
century Nerviline has been a family
standby, and most mothers havo come
lo rely upon it in case of colds, sore
throat, tight chest, sprains, cramps,
nausea and sudden attacks of sickness
at the stomach. For internal or external use, Nerviline Is worth its
weight In gold in every home, and
costs but 35 cents at any dealers.
Lift Off-No Pain!
Doesn't hurt one bill Drop a Utile
"Freezone" on an aching corn, ln«
ctanlly that coin stops hurling, then
shortly you lift it rigid off wiih
Vour druggist sells a Ilny bottle of
"Freezono" (or a few cents, Kulllclent
to remove every hard corn, sof corn
or corn between the toes, and tho foot
callouses, without soreness or irritation.
Irresponsible Flip
Business Man do applicant).—Can
you spell correctly? *
Stenog.- "Yes, sir, I wish all Ihe
other words were as cisy as that
Minard's Is oxcellenl for chapped hands and all skin'diseases.
Livestock Sent By Mail
Odd Consignments Now Handled  By
Post Office Employees
This ls the potiod of tin? year when
lhe posl ollice accommodates lis livestock.    There   are   coming   through
from day to day large shipments of
buzzing bees, leeches and a few days'
old  chickens.      All these    come    in
packages    and    travel  thousands  of
miles before reaching their Canadian
destination,     Chickens a day old can
live for three (>i  lour days.     If Ihey
I happen to arrive on a Saturday and
I nre detained in the ppsl   ollice over
| the Sabbath to wait for lhe Monday's
l branch trains, the kind-hearted men
' in  the parcel  post department  send
out and purchase the necessary feed,
j figuring llial their period of fasting
(is over.     The greatest care Is always
; taken in* the post ollice of these pur-
j chases in the United States.    For one
I thing, each shipment mentioned pre-
I sents 11 largo sum of monej as all are
I thoroughbreds down to the leeches,
guaranteed to do the bcsl work ever.
Co-onerntlon   with   lho United Stnles
I postal department ls always on hand
,btil lhe employees are fortunate Ihal
the    regulation:;    nn    parcels   fining
through Iht., malls are not   the same
In Canada ns li I nlled Stales, for on
; lite iilliei' side ol the line, pigs, lambs,
roosters,    Inns,   dogs   and oats thai
[weigh under no pounds are transnorl-
- 11I through tli" mails.     The regulations in Canada run on paiccls up io
I tli pounds, although Ihere Is a move-
menl on now lo increase the weight
11 lew more pounds up lo 22 pounds.—
Manitoba Free Pross.
New Bibles For the Blind
An event that effects the lives nl
thousands of blind men and women
In English-speaking countries occurred her,; recently when a revised
Braille Bible of the King .lames version was run from the presses, says
nn Associated P." .ss despatch from
Los Angeles. Each Bible consists ol
twenty-one volumes. ,1. Itobert Atkinson, a blind publisher, has been
| working on lhe edlllon since 1917.
Conductor Takes Up Farming
Travel Bored Him After Thirty-one
Years Service
After travelling 1,050,000 miles in
ills thirty-one years of service with
lhe New York Central Railroad, Edward Denaut, of Youkers, war veteran
and curio collector, has resigned as
conductor on the Hudson Division because travel began lo bore him.
Denaut has recc-i'/ed additions ol
relics from well-to-do passengers to
his curiu collection. His service Willi
the railroad was interrupted only by
his enlistment In the Spanish-American War. At one time hi: drove a
locomotive. He intends lo apply
scientific methods to a large farm he
owns near East Chatham, N.Y.
Food Does You No Good
Half the time you're afraid
to eat; your tongue is coated,
mouth tastes bad, stomach is
bloated. If you want to get
well, stop using dyspepsia
tablets and go to thc source of
the trouble before it is too late.
Strengthen your stomach, cast
out the bile, regulate the bowels
—do this, and dyspepsia will be
no more.
For your condition tlie best prescription ls Dr. Hamilton's Pills, which are
made specially lor the stomach, kidneys and liver.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills
Aid the Stomach
Get Dr. Hamilton's Pills today, 25c
per box, 5 for $1.00, all dealers, or
The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
A Trifle Mixed
He was ii \iii nervous candidate
for a Ji'ib.
"Ye."," barked Hie great man, "you
might do for me. Till me, how Is
your shorthand'.'"
"i.'i'-er," mumbled the youth, ever
looking lor a catch, "they'l'O both the
same length."
No More
or Blotchy Skin
Want  • clear, health; complexion.
regular bowels, ind a
perlect working liver?	
A     ° b,ftRTEJ?
tain if you take
Little Liver
Pills, the sure
tale and eiiy
acting rem     	
etfy.  For beadacne, dizzineis, upie
uomteh and despondency, tbty fatvt
no equal.  Purely vegetable*
Small PUI-SmaUDow-Snali Met
Canada is mil favored, nm only in
Hie products or tlie aoU, usUfiHj considered iiic great rood crops, such as
win-iti, barley, oats, lye, corn, pola*
iocs, flciii roots ami garden vegetables,
but in the frulta wliicii can in- grown
in great variety and or such high ex*
collence, These fruits, while of a
certain food value, serve another purpose, mainly In ihat thej are uaed'to
give siQst and relUli to the chief food
dishes of ihe people ami thus, whal
ting the appetite and creating pleasurable sensations, lhe general health, of
tiie community is maintained and Improved. 11 i.*-, therefore, generally
admitted thai frull is a verj necessary
pari of our diet,
While the settler, in lime, grows the
varieties of cultivated fruits which he
needs, he does not. have to wall until
lie develops his garden lo   obtain   his
Want Game Laws Revised
Residents of Far North Are Dlssatlfi-
tied With Existing Regulations
People living in the north count rj
are in iwrebolllous mood as ii result ul
the manner in which existing laws
governing the shooting ol geese and
ducks is working to their disadvantage, according Ij Col. .T. K. Cornwall,
president oi tho Northern Trading
"Tiie government of Canada wlll
havo a first-class revolution on Its
hands in the Northwest Territories
unless the tactics in respect, to migratory birds are changed," said Col,
Cornwall. "At present thc laws ten-
bid the shooting of game and ducks.
The laws of the L'nited Slates nre
different, ana the sportsmen to tho
soulh are allowed lo kill Hum whole-
fruit, because he has two oilier sources  saie,     Thousands of birds thai hatch
of supply, namely the woods and
fields where he can obtain native fruit
for the picking and the markets
where fruit is sold In great variety.
The wild fruits of Canada am numerous and varied. They are found in
abundance in practically every pari of
the Dominion where the settler is
likely to go. Fruits such aa the currant, gooseberry, raspberry and strawberry grow wild almost or quite to the
Arctic circle, the flavor of these native fruits being unexcelled, for the
most part, by that of the cultivated
varieties. Over a large part, ol Eastern Canada the blueberry grows In
great profusion and is considered one
of the most delicately flavored of all
fruits. The cranberry is found wild
Over a very wide area and the liigli-
bush cranberry, or pembtna, makes an
excellent substitute where the low-
growing species does not grow. lu
addition to these there are many other
fine wild fruits, such as the saskatoon or juncberry, particularly valuable in the prairie provinces, the
choke cherry, Qf very fine flavor
though somewhal astringent, the pin
or btl'd cherry, making excellent jelly,
tlie bufTaloberry, also a useful fruit on
the prairies, and, mom limited in
adaptation, the blackberry*' salmon-
berry and cloudberry and several
other fruits of less importance. The
wild Canadian plums are found all
through Eastern Canada and inlo iho
prairie provinces, These vary much
in size and quality, but are excellent
for canning, jam or jelly. The wild
grape, while njt an important fruit,
because of Us small size and the fact
that cultivated varieties can so readily be obtained, is very hardy and is
found native throughout Eastern Canada and as far northwestward as
Northern Manitoba.
While, as has been stated, there is
an abundance and great variety of wild
fruit In Canada, Ihe climatic condl
lions are such that cultivated ov improved varieties of most of these and
oilier kinds are grown in enormous
quantities, commercially, in certain great fruit district's the bulk of
the crop is grown for distribution to
all parts of Canada which can be
reached in a reasonable time by railroad and Bleambont, Much fruit is
senl overseas also. Then in many
home orchards and gardens in nearly
every pari of Canada, where (here Is
in the north every year
when they migrate. The peop
the north need these birds for food
and, unless lhe law i.s modified, allow
ing them to shoot for food, there j:
liable to be serious trouble."
After Everything
Else Had Failed
Quebec Lady Used Dodd's Kidney Pills
Miss W. S. Godmyre suffered from
rheumatism, backache and headaches and found complete relief in
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Cedar, Que.—(Special).—"| have
suffered lor years'with my kidneys to
such an extent that 1 had to give up
my work for days at a lime. I tried
liodd's Kidney I'llls alter everything
else had tailed and now I am quite
well. 1 cannot praise Ihem loo highly to my fellow sufferers. It gives
me pleasure indeed lo voice my appreciation of your Dodd's Kidney
Hills." This statement comes from
Miss \V. s. Godmyre, well-known ami
highly i-espi cled resident of this place.
Shu feels Ihal she owes it lo other
sufferers to tell them how she found
Dodd's Kidney Pills are known nil
over Canada as lhe old reliable Canadian Kidney remedy. They are known
by the work Ihey have done. . *
You will find llial Dodd's Kidney
Pills will relieve Kidney -(rouble, no
mailer where or in what form it is
Export of Wheat to Britain
According lo a despatch from London. Eng„ Canada exported In the
twelve months ended In March, according to lhe London Board of Trade,
to England 30,137,000 cwt. wheal,
compared with 29,559,000 from iho
l'nited Stale.:. Argentina sent 22,-
122.000 cwt. lo Great Britain; India,
9,849,000; and Australia, 6,218,000, In
the same period.
Clear, Bright and Beautiful
Write Mu,lneCo..Chlc«o.fo,ETeCaleBoolt
Natural Inference
Flllbb.    I  think  all this talk about
settlemenl, frull Is grown to supply nl l|,iainlng the driver  aflev  every   nu-
leasi part of lho needs ol lhe houflo- tomobtle ncctdenl is unfair:
ho'1'"' Dubb.—When did you get
Russia Wants Canadian Horses
ll i.s reported thai the Ukraine agricultural bank Intends lo make a preliminary purchase ol 1,000 horses from
Canada al un,',-. and later this year
will make mini purchases, the total
amounting to 30.000 horses. Arrangements arc being made to supply poor peasants with the Canadian horses on u credll basis,
Returns From Fisheries
The total value of lhe commercial
fisheries of thc prairie provinces in
1923 was $1,7-15,975, comprising $1,020,-
595 for Manitoba, $2Sfi,(il2 for Saskatchewan, and $138,7:17 for Alberia. All
of the provinces show increased production, the total Increase over the
previous year.for tlie three provinces
amount Ing lo $260,683, or 1" per cent.
Land ls often drained wllh only
fraction of nn inch fall In 100 feel.
A hunch of dates weighs 20 or 21
Say "Bayer"-Insist!
For Pain      Headache
Neuralgia    Rheumatism
Lumbago    Colds
O f&S* Accept «>"'y I
s^^J Bayer package
which contains proven directions
Ilanily "liaycr" boxes of 12 tablcla
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggist i
Aspirin Is llirt trade ir.irk (rcntltereil in
Canada) of Ham Manufacture vf mllo-
aceticscldcitfr if Salicrllcaclu • THE   RECORD,   AGASSIZ,   B.   C.
Agassiz Record
rrlntert by The Valley Publishing Co..
Hammond, c. c.
EPWARD HAGIDLL, &laiiat;'*T.
Subnorlptlon:   Jl.&O   pur annum
Advertising iuibh :
DlspKiy  Advt.   (traiiMitnt) Inch  35c.
D)Hj)ii*y Advt. (oonttraot) inch 26r.
Readers, por lino    iOc.
Legal AdvortiHlng, IVo, lino first Insertion, 8c HUh-fiipuent Insertions.
Want and For unto ndvts,, 50c first Insertion, 86c, subsequent Insertions.
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE   11,   1921
For a long lime tlio North Fraser
in general, and Agassiz in particular,
hns badly needed a highway such as
Ih the possession of folks on tho
south Hide. Agassiz and Harrison
Mills not, only need the highway, but
the isolated communities along Its
route have suffered great hardship,
Which now Is fully due for remedy.
The gains will be inestimable to the
fiettleitg nnd farmers : travellers and
tourists will be able to1 take tlio North
route or the Soulh, or, what will better suit, they may utilize tho "belt
line;" a rightful share of the gains
from tourists from the South will become the earning of the North bank
citizens j socially, industrially, and in
trade relationships, the now very much
disjointed vicinities will link up. They
are similar though dissociated. Theirs
will become a common Interest ns woll
aa a common crowning triumph !
Whatever change in provincial administration, this great avenue of
tuade nnd transportation Is assured
right  now—not some  time.
Following is the standing of teams
up  to  June   7th:
Won Lost Tie Pts
OlantH  2       0 0       4
Centrals   ......... 1        1 1        3
Cubs    :.... 1       1 1       S
Tigers     0       3 0       0
Sin James Douglas Chapter I.O.D.E.
Harrison Hot Springs, held Its June
meeting at the home of Mrs. John
Fozzard, Agasslz,Mrs, v. Haslam, the
Regent; presiding, and 11 members being present,
The usual business disposed of, the
holding of Alexandra Rose Day was
decided on for June 14th, tho Secretary, Mis. c. W, Young being appointed convenor for the day. The
proceeds are to go to the jCrippled
Children's Fund. Tho Treasurer, Mrs.
H. Fooks, being out of town, her report was not read. %
The Educational Secretary was instructed to visit the teachers and with
draw tlie essays until the new term,
on account of being too near holidays
and examM, also to a* the School
Board why thc flag was not flying
In  the  school  grounds,   24th  May.  ,
The Regent then read the report of
the annual meeting held in Victoria,
whlc liwas vctry interesting. She holds
the honor of again being made a
Councillor of the Provincial Executive
Mrs, Lovell presented the Regent
with a eautiful collection of her garden  flowers.
Mrs. A. Horwell was a guest of the
Chapter and presided at the tea urn,
delicious refreshments being served
by our hostess, assisted by Miss Grace
The next meeting will be held at
Mrs. Victor Haslam'a, Harrison Hot
Pic-nic Day DSnce
In the
Under the Auspicies of the
AGASSIZ   Athletic   Association
DANCING from 9 to 2
General Carpentry in all its
Sash and Doors.
All Doors Mortised
Broken Glass repaired
P. 0. Box 131
Alexander S. Duncan
Resident   III   MISSION   CITY,   B.C.
98S Granville Cor. Nelson Bt,
Mrs. M. Oreyell nnd Mrs. K. Webb
have left for Vancouver as representatives for 1,onh Robekah Lodge, Ag-
nssir,, to thc Rcbekah Assembly of
BC,, which meets June 10th,
P.Q.M. Mr. H. Fooks and Mr. A.
S, Nlchol, representatives of Cheam
Lodge, are leaving for Vancouver to
attend the Grand Lodge session to be
held   In   thnt   city.
Mr. Frank Sweatman, provincial
land surveyor, assisted by Mr. C. W.
Young, subdivided a block of land for
Mr. F. Luyat, which he is deeding
ovor to his three sons,
Tho Rov. J. S. Turklngton and wifo
nre the proud parents of a fine daughter,
Mr, Harry Fooks and Mr. C. I, Ink-
man motored to Vancouver Wednesday morning to attend the wedding r!f
Mrs. Fooks' niece, Miss Patricia Bur-
Tht Agassiz Tenuis Club spent n
delightful afternoon Saturday, playing tennis. Tbe hostesses for the day
were Mrs, E. «A. Bruce nnd Mrs, F.
W.  Boulthee.
Mrsl Hnrry Fooks has returned
from a couple of weeks' visit with her
Tho English Oherch Guild heh[ a
moetlng  at   Fernj'comb,   tho   home   of
Mrs. Carroll, of Harrison Hot Springs
has taken over the Agency for the
"Spirella Cojrsets" from Mrs. Webb.
Perfect measurements guaranteed. All
orders promptly   executed.
Pulletts, Barred Rocks. Experimental Farm strain. Eight to 10 weeks
old,    DOC.  each. Apply
W. T.  IJ3 FEVK li
the Misses Agassiz. Sixteen members
were present, the principal discussion
being ways and means of filling their
contract to help supply lunch at thc
Fraser Valley Milk Producers' Picnic.
Also considering the possibilities of
a dance at Harrison Hot Springs July
4th,   everything  being   favorable.
Don't forget the June Picture Contest.—Jones   the   Druggist.
Tho Women's Institute is very anxious that a real crowd attend the
meeting on June 16th, ns such a good
opportunity to get real knowledge
•does not come ften, Mrs, Todd Is
also a noted singer, and is going to
favor you.     (See  advt,)
Owing to the Increased number of
campers coming from different parf.s
of B.C., also froinU.S.A., during tho
summer to Cultus Lake, one of the
beauty spots of B.C., and all the
travel being- by automobile, it has become necessary to have a permanent
service station for the accommodation
of visitors. Agassiz people will be
delighted as well as interested In. the
fact that Mr. Evan Inkman and Mr.
Eric Cotterel have secured an option
fnom Chiliiwack, and are establishing
an up-to-date service station to supply gas and accessories, car service
and everything in emergency, which
will be a great accommodation to the
travelling publlo, especially as these
two young mon are both experts on
cars of all kinds. Everyone In Agassiz who has watched Evan Inkman
prow fnom an Infant knows that he
has been studying tho mechanism of
cars ever since he could walk,
One of the most beautiful sights
In this pattt of the country is that of
the garden of Messrs, Frank and
Harry Sweatman. What strikes ono
on first sight is tho artistic arrangement, earllncss, oleanllness, and the
very beautiful collection from different parts of tho world. A feature
most noticeable; wqp that somo of the
finest and newest sweet peas were Ml
full bloom the last week in May, The
vegetable garden is, perhaps, not so
beautiful ; the only way it can be
defjribed Is that it Is just grand.
One feels like the Judge nt the dog
show who said, "How hnppy could I
bo with either1 wero t'other dear charmer  away."
Miss Margaret Dewnr, whose marriage takes place shortly, was t lie
guest of honor at a delightful china
showed Thursday afternoon, when
Miss Bern I eo McRne en lert (lined at
the homo of her parents. Little MIsh
Marian Nlchol nnd Master Kuttq Mc-
flae brought In th? China In a wagon
beautifully decrfratod In whlto Wit In
rlbLon  and   roses,    with   suln  ribbon
SINCE the first of May a very
fine lot of cattle have been
passing through the stockyards at Winnipeg. These show
the result of intensive feeding they
received during the winter, and the
large number of cattle recently
coming forward indicate that West-
cm farmers have greatly enlarged
their winter feeding operations
over what prevailed two or three
years ago. In order to encourage
this business the railways last fall
reduced the freight rates on feeder
cattle taken out from the stockyards to the country to one-half the
regular rates, and the co-operative
cattle pool announced that no com
mission would be charged farmers
purchasing such cattle from the
pool. Many of the good cattle recently received at^the yards were
purchased by farmers last fall in
uniform loads carefully sorted up
by the pool, and shipped out under
the reduced railway rates. Winter
feeding operations have on the
whole made a very satisfactory return to a large number of farmers,
and cattle purchased at from four
to four and a half cents a pound
have been resold this spring at
from six and a half to seven cents
a pound, or occasionally more,
after making a gain in weight
often    averaging   two   hundred
pounds or more.
Many western cattle are now
moving east, both to packing
plants, for export to Great Britain,
and to Ontario farms for further
intensive feeding. Many loads of
pool cattle are consigned direct to
farmers in Ontario who have placed
orders for them. To get these cattle to destination in the quickest
possible time and to avoid as far as
possible shrinkage losses in transit,
the Canadian National Railways
operate a special fast through
cattle train daily from Winnipeg to
the east, and cattle for this movement are loaded up each evening
about seven o'clock.
relno, and the chi'.dren carried white
Hiss Connie Chippendale, Miss Catherine Dewar, and Misses Helen and
Bernlce McRae served the refresh*
ments. Amongst the guests present
wero: Mrs. W. A. Jones, Mrs. Sanies
Dewar, Miss Dick, Mrs, Logan, Mrs.
Busselle, Miss Bea Inkman, Mrs. Frank
Inkman, Mrs), It. Elsey, Mrs. Evan
Frobcrt, Mrs! E. A. Bnuoe, Mrs. It.
Henshaw, Mrs. A. Oreyell, Mrs. Wm.
Orecn, Mrs. A. MacCallum, Mrs. John
McPherson.  Mrs.  J.  M,  Spencer,
Tho congregation of tho Presbyterian Church and tho Young People's
Society Joined together In a social
evening In honor of Mlsa Margaret
Dewar who Is to bo married Juno 10th
to Mr. Claude Downman, of Vancouvor
Mr. A. MacCallum In behalf of thc
congregation presented Miss Dewar
with a sterling silver flower basket,
and Miss I'Mna Richmond In ticlmlf
of the Young Peoplo's Society pre-
sented  a  silver  nnd   pyrexcassorolo.
Tho Church was prettily decorated
In white and green, for which Miss
Robson nnd Miss Laura MncPherson
deserve   great   credit.
Mr. K. McBcan had charge of the
community' singing, nnd Miss Robson
of the games. Thc two oontesta of
tho evening wero won by Mr. Stanley
Wilson nnd Miss Mamlo MacCallum,
Mrs. W. U LcFevro nnd Rev. O. Turpin. The Ladles' Aid served delicious
Our desires change with the changing times, but
there is one permanent and perpetual need, and it is
out of that need that religion arises.
The Rev. 6. Tnrpin will deliver the second sermon in the series "Adjusting Religion to a Changing
World" on
Sunday, June 15 at 7:30 p.m.
Typewriter Repairs
We repair all (makes of Typewriters at reasonable prices,
and outwork is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Phone: Sey. 8194 Vancouver, B. 0.


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