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Agassiz Record 1924-05-07

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No. 33.   Vol. 1.
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, May 7, 1924
$1.50 per year
Agassiz Pioneer Office
'Sprinir is coming. Now is
the time to start housekeeping.
Fire and Life Insurance
To  guard   against   Spring
rubbish fires; accidents.
Real Estate. Notary Public
Phone 51 Manager-Agent
Fraser Valley Ice Cream
Soft Drinks
Light Lunches
On Friduy afternoon tho Ladles' Aid
of tho P:<uttl>ytcr'nn Church held a
very aUOOOSSful wnl« of home cooking, cnudloH and conk hooka, In tlio
Oddfellows' hull. The outstanding
feature of tho "-"ale was tho OOOkbookSt
which Ih entirely a homo product
made In AptHHi?.. The bonk contains
two hundred tested receipts, wllh
name of sender attached. The boot.
In unique, n fitting souvenir of tlio
church Tliero was a very gocj lit-
t-'itdaince   (Vt-ii   thoug:i     the     w-vuh-.1,
W.'H       l.''.l 'I'lOlU.
.''hi.- Lome cooking ritail 1*1 .le- ih<*
euro of Mrs. F, Sinclair and Mrs. J.
Dewar did a good business.
Tho cookbooks' were under tho enro
of Mrs. J. J. Logan. Candles, Miss
Lillian McKay and Miss Catherine
Dowar, and tho tea tables were ably
hupowised by  Mrs.   Prank  Baker.
At the close of the sale the Treasurer was ablo to report a considerable
bn lance to bo added to tho funds of
tho  Ladles'  Aid.
Never  ro  hungry because between meals.
is rxotpimt or pursi
A farewell party was given toMlfifl
Agnes Appel at her home by the members of the St, Anthony's Church con*
g legation. A purse was presented on
behalf of the pastor and congregation
by the Rev. Father Mlchels, in appreciation of her work aa caretaker of
the Church and Sunday School teacher
A Burprlse party was given to Mr.
Charley Murphy at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. H. Peterkin, Among those
present were- Mr. and Mrs. A. Pollock,
Mr, and Mrs. Jerome Tuythen, Miss
Agnes Appel, Miss Laura Murphy, Mrs
Carpentler and daughter Doris, Mr.
Morris* Tuythens, Mr, Frank Appel,-
Mil Dave Elliott and Mr. Emil L'm
bert 4
A very pleasant evening was spent
with cards and games. Miss Agnes
Appel won the ladles' prize and Mr.
Emil   Llmbert  the  gentleman's  prize.
Will be at the Agassiz Hotel. Friday of each week
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Dentistry in all its Branches. Extractions, Crown and Bridge
work.   Plates.   Latest Methods.
Hogg Bros. Meat Market
Prime Beef, Pork, Veal and Dressed Poultry.
Fish (Fresh and Cured)
Fresh Eggs, Butter (Dairy and Creamery) Lard.
A Trial Order will convince you of the quality of our
Vfcoae U-at
Hardware Store
Soon be time to can Fruit, Vegetables. Chicken.
Best Oil Stove  on  the Market
Buy yours now to be ready.   Nothing but an Oil Stove
Agassiz - Meat - Market
Wholesale and Retail Meats
Now is the busy time of the year.   The more meat you
eat, the more work you can do.
We have it on ice. Call and try
P. O.  Box  147 Phone   10
Kodak Film for Results
Brownie Cameras $2.10 up.
Kodaks $6.75 up.
Fresh stock of Film in all sizes.  Developing and Printing
by most up-to-date and reliable methods.
Phone 42.    Wi A.  JONES       Agassiz
"Try the Drug Store first"
On Wednesday Inst tbo official
board if the Methodist Church held
Uh annual meeting. Report* were re
delved from the vu'Umih departments
of thu Church showing thu work to
.bu In excellent condition, {especially
picas ng wan the financial report,
which showed thnt although thu year
had started with a deficit nf over
IliliO yet the Church had met all obll
gations nnd luul Ktarted the year In a
healthy  financial   condition.
Tho Board expiwssed M» approbation of tho work of the I'astior, Hev
G. Turpin. and invited him by a unanimous standing vote to return next
year. Thu Pastor accepted the Invitation subject to the approval of the
Anneal Conference Stationing Committee.
During the lust few weeks the mom-
hers of the Turin Im Club have been
busy preparing a third court. The
two grass courts are in excellent
condition and play will bu resumed on
theso as soon as the weather permits.
Kf forts are being made to complete
tho third court as a hard court, so
that It will be possible to play tenuis
all the year round.
Saturday last saw a number of the
mem members of the Tennis Club
trying out the new court. Several
sets were played, and the players
testified that the new court la In good
condition. Tho Club now has three
On Saturday next, May 10th, the
ladles of the club will bo "At Home"
at the courts to all members of the
club and to any who wish to join the
Tennis Club.    Tea will  be  served.
MRS. PROBERT,  Proprietress
E. PROBERT, Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Harrison Hot Springs.
The Agassiz Shoemaker ^\\\]
The monthly meeting of the Agas
six School Board was held In tho
Publlo School, May 3rd, the full Board
being In attendance. The usual accounts, such as salary, eta, were passed for payment Painting of school
houses was discussel, anl may possibly be done during the holidays.
Titustee Duncan woke of the work
being done In clearing and improving
the  school grounds at Harrison Mills.
There were no visitors which goes
to 'shoty at least, no complaints to
Grade       8—Betty    Jenkins,     Willie
Moore, Helen Buselle.
Grade 7—Gordon McRae, Muriel
Jacques,  Thelma Hcbbard.
Best In writing—Agnes McPherson,
Dorothy  Bruce,
Best in drawing—Florence McPherson,   Jean  Bailey.
..   MR.  H.  A,   BROWN'S  ROOM.
Grade 6—Donald MacCallum 1, Walter Nurse 2.
Grade 6 Senior—Ruth McRae 1,
Doris Carpenter 2.
Grade   5   Junior—   Robert   Court   1,
Zoe Bruce 2, Allan McDonald 2|.
Grade 4—Betty Huntlngford 1, Harold McKltrlck  2, Minaf McPherson  3.
Grade 3 Senior—Nellie Dennis- J,
Amanda Martin  2, Blllle Sutherland 3
Grade 3 Junior—Mary Huntlngford
1, Bobby McCaffrey 2, Florence Fong
Grade 2 Senior—Francetta Inkman
1. Ethel McDonald 2, Norman McPherson   3.
Mr. and Mrs. Bourel entertained
last Thursday night in honor of their
daughter Burnadette's marriage .to Mr
Sidney Woods, of Plymton, England,
and Surf Inlet, B.C,
Among those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Luyat, Mr. and Mrs. Gerome
Tuythens, Mr. Emil Llfbert, Mr. Ray-
mond Tuythei^, Mr. C Murphy, Mr.
Enas Marlis, Mr; Francis Wadel, Mrs.
Woods received some very pretty and
useful gifts. Cards and games were
played and a very dainty supper was
Mrs, Evan Probert has been ill lately the result of a bad fall, but, we
understand,   is recovering.
We are stocking
Fraser Valley
Fraser Valley
REPAIRS of all
All Work Finished by
Latest Machinery
BOOTS a specialty.
E. D. Harrington
500 Drive and Dance
At 8:30 p.m.
Admission 50c.       Refreshments
Hotel Agassiz
Courteous Attention,
Mrs. C. Gillis & Sons
Phone 30-L      P.O. Drawer A C
We are. all very glad to know that
Mr. Sam Dewhurst l» able to be at
work again.
th9 best
ALL through the bleak winter
. months that home of yours has
given of hi best in comfort and
protection. It has sheltered you
and your family from the elements.
Naturally it has suffered somewhat.
Paint is needed to restore its beauty
and protect it from decay. Give it
the best that money can buy by
which costs no mote but assures a
greater degree of protection and
beauty than any other paint made.
B-H English Paint has been used
throughout Canada for many years,
winning highest commendation for
long wear, unusual spreading capacity and lasting beauty. Its basic
element is Brandram's Genuine B.B.
White Lead, famous as the world's
standard since 1729. Your home deserves this quality paint. See that
it gets it.
vuMOuvm Dizzy Spells
Bearing-Down Pains
When pains gather around
thc hips and lodge in the small
of lhe back—when to stoop or
bend seems impossible, when
dizzy spells and bearing-down
pains are ever present—that's
thc time to use Dr. Hamilton's
Pills. Irregularities disappear,
vital energy is restored, back
trouble is forgotten.
Tha niiin*: sick woman gains
strength, Improves in looks, in-
(■reuses In spirit, by using Dr. Hamilton's Pills. They eon-cri the conditions that rob her ol' health and vigor.
No medicine bo helpful as Dr. Hamilton's Pills. 25c at all drain's, or Tho
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
he wailed with revolver in hand ready
io shoot immediatolj in case of ilis-
covery. After taking a look around,
and then peering inlo lhe tent, the
man. apparent!) satisfied lhat all wns
well, resumed his former position,
and, in a short time, again seemed
dead to his suro. uudlngs,
Huring this Hme, while Ronald re
mnined stationary, a new idea formed
In his mind. Reaching over into his
saddle pack, he pulled out an Indian
"sling shot," or "hilly," a weapon he
had picket! up after the General Mid-
die Ion loii'i-s had captured Daloche,
unci which he was keeping as a souvenir. Quickly slipping I his weapon
on to his wrist by means of a loop attached io h;- raw hide handle, he again
commenced to slmvh advance towards
si stance In lhe time of need. Thus
tho harrier of constrainl stood between them during the course ot
their flrsl meal together. .Mr. Kraser,
deeply absorbed in Ids own thoughts,
seemed disinclined to break lhe silence.
After they hud had their breakfast,
and were lor some lime lylug recumbent on tlie ground enjoying a rest,
Mary, at lasl, bro) e lhe silence h\ asking tier father what he thoughl would
become or ihe horse thieves now Mint
(hey were deprived of their horses.
Mr. Fraser, who had given very liille
thoughl lo the im ilicametit in which
Ihey weri pinced, said: "1 don'l know,
and I don'l care, so long as we have
saved you from their clutches. But,
if Die .Mounted  Police   should    come
A Oaujtglhlteir
A Story of ltoiiini
..r Wcalcrn
CB find Adventure
'loneor Uays
— BY —
(Published by Six
'    Willi ihe
rial Arrangement
the tent. All at once his allcnthm j across Ihem they will lake
wits attracted by a figure stealthily
creeping through ihe tenl opening.
Surprise al this new lorn in events,
and fearing to give a warning, he slood
sllll and watched ii as ii crept farther
and farther Ihrough lhe opening.
Slowly as the figure emerged, ii arose,
flfsl on hands and knees, then, will)
(he right hand uplifted, io a crouching position, In an attitude ready for
attack, the threatened victim being
the prostrate man in front. Al this
insiani. as if subconsciously sensing a
ihem as they would hove some trouble
in explaining io them how they happen to hi' travelling ovor the country
on foot, To my wnj of i bin king.
hanging would he a more deserving
tale for those rascals lhan the penlten
'Father, don't you think Ihal hanging is loo severe a penalty for horse
sle: ling?"
"ilor.se stealing!" lit
mon penalty in their
. shooting at sighl, or li
new danger, lhe girl, for it was none,  u ...j.,, w,,en caug|U.
oilier,  turned   her  head   towards  he
said, "Ihe com-
wn country in
niging wlthoul
Urn when, in
uldlilon, thoy add to thai the stealing
hidden rescuer.     Seeing him her fig-1 of vounK womi.n limi carrying them
ure relaxed, and she slowly collapsed  ftWfty by forc0i , ,lon-, know wllll, ,,un.
Ii was well inlo the silent hour of
mldnighl when final preparations were
made for the advance on the bandits'
camp. Their p.ans Were laid. They
tightened and fixed up their saddle
girths, and saw lo (he security of Ml
ihe fastenings. Then, witli their five-
arms loaded and ready for action, they
started on their way. Ronald leading
and the other closely following behind.
Increased precautions were taken lhe
nearer they approached Lhe vicinity
of the camp. In this way (hey continued their advance until, through
Ihe opening in Ihe trees, Ihey could
distinguish the small open place
wherein lhe tenl was located. At a;
signal from tin* leader, they stopped
lo lake careful note of tlie ground.
They could hear the horses grazing
and stamping close by. Beyond I heir
temporary pasture there was no stir,
lo indicate Ihe close presence of the
outlaws. All was quiet, Satisfied,
ihal all was safe, and lhat. no sound;
had yet betrayed Ihelr presence. Ron-:
aid proceeded lo carry his scheme of
advance into effect.
Signalling lUs companion to stop
where he was, lie look his position beside his horse and quietly urged hint'
forward. Finally emerging into the,
open .spare, and using his horse ns
cover, for his nan color blended well
wllh the surroundings, he gradually j
worked his way on, carefully guiding
his horse in lhe desired direction as
lie allowed him occasionally to pull at
a tuft of grass al his feet. • A few
yards beyond and slighlly to lhe right
was ihe tent, now distinguishable in
tho darkness. Willi his eyes now
well accustomed lo the darkness, lie,
on closer inspection, made out Ihe
lorin of the man on guard as lie reclined in front of the tenl. .lust
ahead of him two horses were grazing
on the space between, and, using
litem as additional cover, he continued lo slowly advance stop hy step.
When he was within ten yards or BOi
of the reclining man, he was startled;
to see him suddenly look up and take;
a look around the grounds. Effpc-
niailv screened behind ihe horse, he
still hopi d io es.Mpc detection, hui yei,
Without    uttering    a    sound, ami  la
Ronald knew that the crisis had
come, and that nirther delay was dangerous. He covered Ihe distance that
separated him from the reclining man
wllh the silence and swil'lness of a
panther. With unerring aim he landed him a blow on tlie head with his
"hilly" and the man rolled over unconscious, uttering a low moan.
Swiftly taking hold of the arm of the
prostrate girl, ne raised her lo her
feet. Seeing lhat she was conscious,
he placed his revolver inlo her hand,
gave her the bridle rein of Ids own
horse, and whispering into her ear,
he (old her that her father was nearby |
and to go to him. Then, taking . n
look in tho direction of the other
sleeping men, and noting lhat they
were still undisturbed, he rolled Ihe
unconscious man off Ihe saddle, took
his revolver and, picking up his saddle, he swiftly and noiselessly placed
it on the back of one of the horses
grazing beside him. Lastly, as if inspired hy a new idea, he went calmly
and quickly aboul aud cut loose, one
by one, (he remaining horses in (he
hand. He then moujited lhe one he
was leading and drove Ihem back over
the trail they had come. At the
(point where the trail ascended the
hill, Mr. Fraser, wiih his rescued
daughter, even in their agitation, commanded sufficient presence of mind to
turn them on to tlie (rail leading up
lhe side ol the lull. Quickly following al (he heel;, of Ihe horses, they
were soon out of danger on the level
prairie- above. The sound of firearms iu lhe valley below warned them
lhat the bandits had discovered their
loss—too late.
Relieved by Lydia E. Pink*
ham's Vegetable Compound
Lindsay, Ontario.—"I used lo have
very Imtl pains In my back nnd shies
ami often was not
Hi lo ilo my work,
i tried many medl-
clnoB before I be-
Kan In take yours,
I law Lydia K.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ad-
vertlsod In the
'Toronto Globi;' nnd
now Hint II. hits'
helpQd tun I recom-
nii'inl It In nil of
neighbors, I
keep IT in llio house nil lho tlmo
and lake It once In n while no matter how well I fori, for ono ounce of
prevention Is worth <i pound of cure."
—Ei.izuii.tii Cami'iuxi., Ill St. Paul
St.,  Lindsay,  Ontario.
To do nny kind of work—nnd you '
know there In much lo ho ilotie—la
next lo Impossible If you nre Buffering from some form of feniule trou-
hlo. It may cause your back lo ache
or a pnln In your tilde; It mny mnkn
you nervous and Irritable. You may
he nhl" In keep up nnd around, but
yott do not feel Rood.
Lydia   K.    Plnkhnm's    Vegetable
Compound Is n nicillclnn'for women.
It is especially adapted to relieve iho
cause ot these troubles, and restore
tin-in to normal health. <
The siiii had risen In Iho north-east
and lis warm rays hail dried the dew
on tho grass by the time the three
weary traveller-!, Fraser, his rescued
daughter, and Ronald MacKae arrived
al ihe broken stretch of prairie that
hail been used lhe previous day as
their way soulh. Suffering from the
reaction and the weariness due to the
exertions and excitement of the previous thirty-six litem's, they decided to
yield to nature's demands for rest and
relaxation. They took advantage of
this suitable locution lo make a break
or two or three hours In Ihelr Journey
and enjoy u much needed rest. They
accordingly dismounted and tethered
their riding horses, while the remaining horses were allowed to range at
large In the vicinity, On lhe shady
side of n clump ol bushes, blankets
were spii-nil on the grass. Tlie provisions, ol which Ihere wns n plentiful supply in their haversacks, were
produced nnd preparations made to
enjoj Ihelr flrsl real meal.
While Mary spread oul the contents
ol lhe haversacks,   ltonald   produced
ishnicnt would be indicted;  perhaps
they would be tortured,-1 lien hanged."
"But, father, only one ol those men
knew I wns a woman. While I should
like lo see him caughl ami punished,
yet I think that shooting, or hanging,
would be a dreadful punishment, lie
has done me no real harm nor Injury,
and now that we have our horses buck
again. It is. not so bad. 1 think Ihe
rest of the gang hud enough punishment In the loss of Ihelr horses. Bon'l
you think so Mr. MacRae?"
Ronald*, thus appealed lo for the first
lime, entered into the discussion by
saying: "Miss Fraser, 11 Is sometimes
hard to decide on lhe justice or injustice of Ihe severity of punishments inflicted for various crimes. Hut, according to Ihe code of justice of western plnneer life, horse stealing ls considered one of the most serious crimes,
even on a par .villi murder itself."
"Why should It be considered a
more serious crime in Ihe wesl than
in Ihe east? Stealing a horse Is not
as bad as killing a man."
"It ls," Miss Fraser, "because human life depends so much on the service, of horses, that, in many ways, lo
be forcibly deprived of lhe use of them
means the life or death of those who
depend on them. This Is not the
case in thickly settled districts. There
law and order is administered nnd enforced by the proper.authorities, and,
where life ls not so dependent on the
services of the horse. It Is looked upon
ns nn ordinary case of theft, and ls
punished as : uch."
"Bul why," she added, "should.people lake the law In their own hands?
Why not let the proper authorities administer   the   law   aid   punish   for]
"II Is because of lhe difficulties o!
administering lhe law In large unset-
lied territories that Ihe people, feeling the lack of protection, lake the law
Into their own hands and deal suni-
harily In handing oul what justice is
due, according to Ihelr common code,
lo horse thieves and other offenders."
"I don'l know, Mr. MacRae, but it
seems lo me that laws of that kind,
land enforced in Hint, way, would be
In many cases drastic and unjust. So
many might he wrongly accused, and
innocent people suffer punishment and.
perhaps death, without a chance ol
proving their innocence."
"What you say is quite true," Miss
Fraser. "To those of us, who are
protected, and aro accustomed to the
ordinary procedure of law in su'.U
cases, lhe punishment may seem
drastic and unjust. Bul, on the other
hand, lo those who live surrounded
by lhe dangers of nn unsettled country, remote iiohi lho proper administration of law nnd order, It seems lo
ihem to be the only effective way of
handing nut swift justice lo a danger'
ous class of criminals."   ■
"Bui, Mr. Maeflae, me we not responsible for endangering lhe lives of
Ask for Blue Ribbon Tea and
see that you get it—there is
no other Tea "just as good."
Try it.
ir we
I am
Ing t
would hnve shot us II w
Ihe attempt In lhe open."
seems lo me," she added, "Hint
- had left Ih -Ir horses we would
given them a chance for their
—It chance to gel back to safely,
uol at all blaming you for luk-
lieir horses;  I wns Just wonder-
(To be coniinued)
Wide Market For B.C. Salmon
During January, salmon shipments
from British Columbia Indicated lho
wide purchasing field of this food
commodity, Large and small consignments found their way to Australia, New Zealand, France, Holland,
Port of Spain, Curacco, Valparaiso, Africa, England, Quatemala, Scotland,
Japan, Egypt, India, Mesopotamia and
several Soutli Sea Islands. Over 100,-
000 cases were shipped during January.
Germany Said to Have a House That
Is 1,200 Years Old
one of lhe oldest homes In Europe
Is lhe home of Count Miituscliko tiricf-
fenkalu, In the hamlet of Wlnkel, Germany, near Blngen-on-the-Bhlne, The
building is estimated lo bo ut least
1,200 years old. It antedates any
structure standing in Germany today,"
and It Is said there are not many In
all of Europe that has weathered more
years than this old structure. )lha-
bnns, Mannish, Archbishop of Mainz.
who died in 856, Is the first owner ot
lhe building, according to the records
available. Count (irelffenkalu has
asked scientists to interest themselves
In Ihe building in the hope of arriving at its age.
aoodnto* and^Ae
' u}o*de>ifu£
pack his iii-my service tin and
brewed some lu on a small lire mads | ni,wi   .)„.,.;,,, nlBi|,.,.'B   |n*0Ulttog loos
nnd  driving  ihelr  horses  away  lasl
Kill- I
from  Iwlgs gathered  irntii  th
rounding brush,    As ihey partook nt
ihelr early morning breakfast, conversation  seemed  en.isll'llitli-ll, each  oni
nlgllt? Ilon't we leave Ihem tn perish
on Hie open prairie wllh no means nl
gelling back lo safely?    If Ihey should
\V,   N.
l.   1621
Boomed absorbed In deep thoughl nnd I pcrlah on the prairie, would we not
conlemplnllon o[ lhe danger, through, p,, held responsible for their death?"
Which lhe;. had passed In Hie lasl I, w i.|„ ,!,>!„,, unit we are guilty ol no
hours,    Such  conversation  as  loolt 0ftonoo ngnlnst-the law,    Those men
plain wnsrtiniTled mi In monosyllables. „, ullnws.   They are nol only gulltv
To Ronald lho constraint of the sll-  „r iiorse stealing, but also ot the more
on luring the time they were eat-I serious   crime   of   kidnapping.     To
Ing was depressing, Pregnant ns tho UVold capture thoy would, without, n
occasion was wllh loplcs for discus- moment's hesitation, have committed
Blon, he could nm command lho ro-1 mUfder. in nttomptlng to escape
BourcefulnesH in Blarl up a spiritedt r,.om u,ont tiny would have shot you.
conversation, Falling thus, he eon- n,„| w0 nut rescued you by strategy
Untied his breakfast In silence, at the
lame tiiun r..pl In admiration of the
strangely attired young woman, whose
enforced ndvohlure so unexpectedly
turned him aside from the course of
his journey,
Tin- const'-nlnt may have been due
io tin- weariness Induced by the reaction following Ihelr exciting experiences, bul II, nevertheless, added em-
bai-i'iisslng features to the situation
that also added lo Ihe discomforts ol
lhe young man. The lad thai she
owed her rescue lo the skill and exertions ol Ihe young mall, and he a tolnl
stranger, was no less embarrassing in
the young woman, That she owed a
debt nl unl'alhninahle gratitude In hlin
lor what lie had done on her behalf
was of nn deeper significance to her
tiiun the great pleasure li nfforded
him lo have been placed In lhe position of being nhlu lo give Iter Ills is-
Sxve Fuel in Cookin
The illustration shows an interesting test you
should try in your own kitchen. It proves the
superiority of good enameled ware for cooking
purposes. Take an SMP Enameled Ware Sauce
Pan, and a sauce pan of equal size made of aluminum, tin or other metal. Into each pour a quart
of cold water. Set both sauce pans over the fire.
The water in the SMP Enameled Ware Sauce Pan
wili be boiling merrily In about five minutes, while
the water in the all-metal sauce pan will come to
the boil in about eight minutes—three minutes
longer. Save fuel in cooking. Use
"A Fact of Porcelain and a Haart of St.tV
Three Snlaheft Paul War., too toate el pearly-irey
rnatnat Inside and out. Diamond War*, threo coala, lllht
blue and white ouUlde, white llnlnc. Crystal Ware, three
coala. pure while Inaid- and oat, with Royal Blue cdilm,
'"■Sheet Metal Products Co.'"•}«»*
. tf
lis scientifically madel
land has never failed I
Ito give tbe maximum!
Ileavenin^ efficiency'!
I 13ecau5e of this
jand tbe uniformly I
]e>&tbF&ctory resultsi
lobtained by its use f
] we recommend it I
155 Canada^ perfect!
jb&kmg powder
Concrete Railway Ties
Will Resist Wear As Well Aa Wooden
Concrete railway ties, used on a section of a right-of-way In Northwestern
India, have proved to resist wear and
weather equally as well as wooden
ones, according to a report. It is believed their employment will result In
greut savings of lumber and labor,
since Ihey will not require replacing
as frequently as tbe timber. The
cement beam consists of two blocks
lied together with sleel straps. The
rails are fastened on by means of
spikes driven Into treated-wood plugs
set in the concrete. — Popular
Lady Pellatt, wife of Sir Henry M.
Pellatt, well known financial man, died
at her home In Toronto after a sudden
heart attack,
.1. M. Donohue, London, Onl., lawyer, has written the Minister of Justice asking Hint the criminal code be
drastically amended lo permit capital
punishment (or bank wreckers.
An ever Increasing number of
divorce applications before the* Maul-
loba courts will result In stricter en-
fdrcement of all Ihe rules surrounding divorce proceedings, according to
Mr. Justice Cumin.
The sum of $2(1,(101) has been spent
by Hie Canadian National Railway
management un tho Installation of
radio equipment to date. The estimated cost of operation of the radio
department for the present fiscal year
is $90,000.
Several oil companies are already
malting overtures to the Chinese Government regarding concessions in
Turkestan, It is reported In dispatches
from Shanghai, English and Japanese concerns will send surveying missions to Turkestan this spring.
The Italian alrsnlp No. 1,. moored
at the airdrome at Cinniplno, near
Koine, was carried away by a violent
gust of wind and two soldiers and a
mechanic who were unable lo let go
ot the mooring ropes, were carried
300 feet and dashed to death.
Women Can Dye Any x
Garment, Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,   Faded   Things
New for 15 Cants
Pain In the Muscles.
Stiffness In Joints,
Quickly Subdued By Nerviline
Those who have tested oul numerous liniments will agree that where
something ls needed to dislodge a
deep-seated, more or less chronic condition, there is nothing lo compare
with Nerviline. It's because Nerviline penetrates so deeply, because it
has about five limes lhe strength of
the ordinary oily preparation, it has
come to be known as King over all
Pain. Tor Rheumatic conditions,
musuclar and Joint stiffness, Nerviline works wonders. A trial proves
this, (let a 35 cent bottle from your
dealer today.
Don't wonder whether you can dye
or tint successfully, because perfect
home dyeing ls guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even It you have never
dyed before. Druggists have all colors.
Directions in each package.
Revenge ns contemplated may be
sweet, but It la always more or less
bllter when realized.
t| Crowing Girls
' need
.' Blood-improving
Another Uie For X-Rays
Will Expose False Representationa of
Famous Paintings
Fraudulent representations of paintings by Hie masters can be detected
by turning ultra-violet light rays on
| the art objects, according to members
of Ihe faculty of tho art department
In the University of California.     Ex-
. pertinents along this line are being
made al Ihe university.
"Under ultra-violet rays the brush
strokes show plainly,"' said a professor, "and if photographs are made
while the lights are turned on the
canvasses, the kinds of color used
also are shown, and when these are
compared with the kinds known to
have been used by the artist supposed lo have painted the picture,
any fraud can be detected. The
(lei-mans have used lho same system
in criminology for a number of
years, and this is simply applying
the process to painting. It ls Inevitable lhat It will come Inlo general
A Freeh Powerful Battery
at the Right Price
NOTE—We guarantee these
Batteries Eighteen Montni. If
dlae.itlafled In 90 days, return
Freight Collect and we will
refund money.
No. ii'»a(i«».a voii, ti Plato..fie
Ckalaeeie. Ckomlot rA aod n, Mas-
RvVmi "****' "****' .*!'.. »tfll
a» eaie ee nm aaaaal aad raw al an,
Pulp and Paper Exports
February Exports of Pulpwood
Amounted to 131,785 Cords
According to u report recently Issued by Ihe Canadian Pulp and Paper
Company, thu exports of pulp aud
paper from Canada In February were
valued at $10,917,199, an Increase of
$17,149 over January. It exceeds the
total for February, 1923, by $9(13,531.
February exports of pulpwood
amounted lo 131,785 cords, valued at
$1,219,535, which ls Iho highest figure
recorded since August, 1923, and compares with 99,830 cords, valued at
$866,128, exported In February, 1923.
Total exports for the two months lo
February 29th, aro valued at $21,847,-
249, as compared with $20,281,121 in
the same two months of 1923.
You never can tell. Tho fellow
who goes out of bis way to put you
onto a good thing will generally bear
Sugar cane was first cultivated In
the United Slates about the year
Minard's Liniment Relieves Colds
W.   N.   U.   1521
This way clever
women resist the years m
"Si ' \
The simplest beauty secret ftnoivn—
but the most effective
Every day you sop women well
aloiitf in years, who still retain
tlie charm of youthful, lovely
skin. They are not unusually fortunate— just clever enough to
resist the years!
They know and follow a simple
method, which you may employ
as successfully as they do. This
tells you how.
Authorities advise this
Cleanse the skin regularly, au-
Madf in
thoritics say. to keep your complexion lovely, radianl, youthful.
But beware of harsh cleansing
methods. They injure skin.   .
AY ash thoroughly with
Palmolive Soap—each night he-
fore retiring. Rub the creamy,
foamy lather well into tlie tiny
pores. Rinse — and repeat thc
washing. Then rinse again.
Then—if skin is dry—apply a
little cold cream. That is
all. Skin so cared for is not
injured by cosmetics, by
wind and sun, or by dirt.
The simple, correct way
Vou cannot find a more clTcc-
tive beauty treatment. Because
Palmolive Soap is blended of
rare palm and,olive oils—famous
for mild but thorough cleansing
qualities since the days of Cleopatra.  And it is inexpensive.
He sure you get Palmolive Soap
—which is never sold unwrapped.
All dealers have it. Then try this
method. Watch the improvement iu your skin,
It is very economical. So let
Palmolive do for yonr whole
body what it does for the face.
Volume and
efficiency  /
Produce 25c
quality for
Winniptg Toronto Montreal
Palm and olive oils— nothing else —give
Nature's green color to Palmolive soap.
Short Course in Hog Production
University    of    Saskatchewan    Hold
Short   Course Attended by Many
Swine Breeders
More than oue hundred swine
breeders have taken advantage of a
special educational short course In
bacon and hog production conducted
by tlie Uuiverslty of Saskatchewan recently. Lectures and practical demonstrations ou different phases of the
industry were given. Judging competitions in which hogs were judged
before and after being slaughtered
was one of the features.
No other medicine gives as great
satisfaction to mothers as does Baby's
Own Tablets. These Tablets are
equally good for the newborn babe or
the growing child and are absolutely
safe. They cannot possibly do harm
—always good. Tho Tablets are
mild but thorough laxative which
regulate the bowels and sweelen the
stomach and Ihus relieve baby of auy
of tbe minor ills of childhood such as
constipation, indigestion, colds, colic,
etc. Concerning them Mrs. Arthur
Filllon, St. Sylvestre, Que., writes
"Baby's Own Tablets have been of
wonderful benefit to my baby who was
suffering from constipation and In
digestion. I alwaya keep the Tablets
on hand and would advise all mothers
lo do likewise." Tha Tablets, are
sold by medicine dealers or by mall nt
25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Broekvllle, Ont.
It's a funny civilization lhat kills
off all the birds and then wonders bitterly why Providence afflicts it with
The Appealing Charm op
Health and Be\uty1
London, Ont.—"Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription proved vory benotlelnl to
mo as a tonic and nervine. After
motherhood 1 was very weak and could
not regain my strength. 1 did not
appear to have nny blood, but after
taking Dr. Pierce's FavorltaPrcBcrlp-
tlnn for tt short lime my health and
strength came back. I heartily recommend Favorite Prescription to all weak
aud ailing.women."—Mrs. Harvey Dish-
man, M4 Rectory Stroot.
' Your health Is most Important to yon.
It's easily Improved. Just ask your
nearest druggist for this Proscription of
Dr,Pierce's, In tablet or liquid form; or
send lllc tu Dr. Pierce's Laboratory In
Hrlddjiburit, Out., for a trial pkg. tablets,
Wrlto Dr. Pierce, President Invalids
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.,U you want free
medical advice.
.Costs Millions Yearly
Sand Used for Safety of Railways is
While big figures are used In telling lhe cost or safety to the railways,
the amazing Hem to the average person ls Ihe amount spent for sand.
Four tons are required for every mllo
of road In the United Slates, according lo the figures of one Irunk line
wllh 7,500 miles of track. As this
road Is hi the middle wast aud soulh,
where mountains are not encountered, the figures given are regarded as
conservative. The cost of putting lhe
sand Inlo the engine box is placed at
$2.50 a ton as an average minimum.
For all the roads, the yearly cost Is
estimated at $2,637,070. For Hie most
part the sand Is brought from river
bottoms and dried by waste steam at
the round house.—Popular Mechanics.
As a vermifuge an effective preparation Is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, and It can be given to the
most delicate child without fear of Injury to the constitution.
Northern Lights Mostly Nitrogen
Protracted researches Into the nature of the Aurora Borealls known as
the "Northern Lights," lead Professor
Vegard of Chrlslhinla University to
believe that its essential character ls
nitrogen, and say thai Ihe green line
which is the chief feature of It consists of small parlicles of frozen nitrogen In lhe highest pari of the atmosphere. This Hue appears when frozen nitrogen ls exposed to electric rays.
No one need endure the agony of
corns with llolloway'a Corn Remover
at hand to remove thiqn.
Little Unemployment in Alberta
Duo to demand for spring labor.
Ihere has been a considerable decrease
Iii unemployment lu Alberta, Iho
number of unemployed at the end of
lhe second week lii^Miirch being slated lo be (HI, whlelt'ls lhe lowest figure
for some years. This means thnt
Ihere Is less than one person per thousand of population of ihe province or
Alberia out of work.
An Oil without Alcohol.—Some oils
und ninny medicines have alcohol as
u prominent Ingi cedent. A judicious
mingling of six e-senllnl nils compose
Dr. Thomas' Ecloctrlf oil, and Ihere
is no alcohol in 11, so thut Us effects
are lasting.
Advances to Soldier Settlers
Government advances to soldier settlers for seed grain and relief nre revealed In answer lo a quest Ion In the
Ottawa house. They comprise $1,-
863,513 for seed, $100,915 for subsist-
enco, $666,739 for breaking, $143,082
for clearing, and $14,011 for draining.
The board has spent $39,050 on ronds
in soldier selllemenls.
If your wife laughs at your Joke you
may be sure lhat It's either a good
joke or you've gol a good wife.
Minard's Liniment for Spralm
Trick and Artifice
A French .scientist is making a wood/
morn firm and beaullful lhan oak or
mahogany by mixing certain sawdusts,
chalk and cheap chemicals together
and subjecting them to high pressure.
The product can be made to lake a
high polish and la virtually fireproof.
We get sawdust in making lumber and
then we make lumber from sawdust,
but how long can this thing keep up?
There must be a ealeh In It somewhere.—Los Angeles Times.
Dr. Chase's Ointment will relieve you at oncj
and afford lasting baullH. «0o. a box: all
dealers, or Kdniansnn, Bales * Co., Limited,
Toronto. Sample Hoi frea II jou mention tUle
paper and enclose 'ia. stamp ta pay postage.
Do not suflet
another day wita
ttoh ing. Bleeding, or Protruding Piles, No
surgloal operation required.
at c
It Is always safe to send Dominion
press Money Orders.
tho farm to the consumer. R. A.
Gillespie, Abbotsford, Que.
Cigarette Papers
Larj* Doubt* Book \ei
120 Leave. "    >aj«*
Finest You Can Buy.' J/r
415 Mclntyre Blk., Winnipeg
it. I for lladdtr Catarrh. Ho. i tor Blood *
■klaDImhm. No.srorGhronlcW»kn«Mci.
toi ti iv i.Mi'Hi'.f ii" mis i ..pmrni IMOLAHIl.Sts
DR.LlC|.mc mrt.Co.MifttilocbRd.S.W.I, LoMaa.
OR Mah, St rruti Tl. VnuHrSr. Kast. Tnm.xio.
OH    IU.    fa|'.   I'ALL    blUrtl    WKBTl     NuSiHUL. ow the Votes Were Cast
i   «•„   havo  gathered data
'I'l-ovlnoliil   oontost*     Hi-
oncoming th
it   Is:
battlea of ballots
il    Mo
I In
I   n||
Ul >
Wobster's   Co not
skivi-   Kails   	
^ lionnook   	
M Issiini    	
Hatzlc   Prairie   .
N'k'iinii-ii   Island
It will be noted from the above,
that the Conservatives In the last
local wore Victoria fn all polling divisions from Hammond easterly, save
Silverdale, while the Liberals wero
stronger In all western, points, except
Burqnitlam. In 1916 tbe women had
no vote. The Bowser Government in
time year; gave a plebiscite which the
male voters acted on favorably. Liberal changes were made In the 1920
election, one being the addition of
Maple Ridge polling dlvlsilon, tho electors previously voting in Hammond.
Dr. Currle cut both -ways and In four
plnoes, two Ctonsetvative and two
Liberal made his heaviest dents.
Maple Rtldge Municipality gave Mr.
Catheewood 147 majority, which In
the following year, In a Federal Election,   waa  Increased  to  208.
In 1920 there were 4100 entitled to
vote, while this year there will be
over 4700. Eight polling divisions,
foup years ago, gave Martyn majorities against sixteen favorale to Cath-
erwood. b
To the above should be added Du-
rleu, which In 1920 gave Catherwood
29, Martyn 6, and Currle I.
Martyn Cathor
31) I
ins :
ns :
no t
Cecil B. Do Mlllo, famous for his
long string of artistic mutton picture.
successes, Is declared to huve excelled
all previous efforts in "Male and Female," his latest Paramount Artciaft
picture, which will come to tbe Coqolt
lam Theatre on Tuesday next. The
story was adapted for tht screen by
Jennie Maopherson from Sir James M.
Barrio's great play, "The Admirable
Crlchton." No effort was spared by
Mr. de Mlllo to make it a faithful reproduction In every respect. The story
centers a:«und Crlchton, the butler In
an English Lord's family. He is extremely Intelligent, and, when thc
lord's yachting party Is wrecked on a
tropical Island, Crlchton takes command. After the party Is rescued and
returns to England, Ci'ichton Is forgotten toy all but the lord's daughter,
who has fallen In love with him.
Thos. Melghan, Gloria Swanson, I.lla
Lee, Bebe Daniels, Theodore Roberts,
and other prominent players are In
the cast.
Port   Moody Boys   and Girls Show
Their Elders That Thoy Can
Stage a Show.
Local talent won a big triumph
when the entertainment given at the
Recreation hail, Port Moody, was
finished on the evening of April 23.
This was an ambitious effort by
the boys and girls of St. Andrew's
Presbyterian church, and surprised
the town by the quality and smoothness of the performance. The hall
was filled with a capacity audience
when the curtain went up promptly
at 8 o'clock for the opening chorus
It will be good news for travellers
between this city and Port Moody
that the Government gang are to be
turned on to that portion of the
Dewdney road between the two cities.
Tho foreman awaits tho repair of the
big roller to get onto the work. Filling the holes, graveling, levelling and
rollng will be preceded by a general
plough   up.
mi   WAS   MYTH
Fire did not consume Mr. Bill Rout-
ley's barn although a newspaper fiom
Vancouver tried to found a story of
five .boys abroad on a myth circulated on Monday' evening. It more
than hinted at such an explanation of
tbe deplorable fires on Pitt River
by the girls, and from then until the   road  on   „oM„e  moro  co„crete  thon
n~..l       ....(.In n'.AW       .1.a     In."      .»«
final curtain, after the boys had
sung "Taps" at the close of their
camping scene, there was not a hitch
or a delay to spoil the delight ot
the audience.
Tho character songs and dances
by the girls were well received und
heartily applauded, but all encores
were refused. A skit by six of the
girls, "Wanted—A General Servant," showed dramatic talent and
was well put on Miss Mildred Lun-
dy was good, as usual, with her
solo dancing.
The only single adult numbers on
the programme wero Miss Doane
and Mrs. Thomns In vocal selections, and Jack Goddurd In imitations with the help of a mouth organ. These three received well deserved   encores.
Tho boys' part In the entertainment took the hotiBo by storm. "The
Busted Coon," a negro skit, showed
careful rehearsal and created a
sensation. Kvoryono Is humming
Goddard's song, "It Ain't Ooln' to
lluin No Mo5 Sfi with bazoo chorus,
and his nogro clog was typical of
the levee gangs.
"The Pyramids of Port Moody,"
wero given hy a group of the boyB
and showed some excellent work In
pyramid building,
Tho boys' singing, which opened
the second pnrt of the programme,
revealed a well-trained chorus of
boyB' voices singing popular songs
that wore now. Starting with "The
near Wont Over tho Mountains,"
there followed: "Our Club Will
Shine," "Hall, Hall, tho Gang's All
Hure," "Today Is Monday," and
"Throe Oood Turns." The latter was
a solo und chorus in which Murdo
McKonzle took the solo part with
good effect. Tho final number was
"O Canada," n now patriotic song
which went well.
The flnalo was a camping scone
with a real fire and real grub sorved
to tho boys. The reality was clearly
shown by tho exclamations over
burned fingers grabbing for the
slew. Combined with n little comedy, wos a demonstration of "First
Aid," with instruction In the Schaef-
fer method of resuscitation. After
jokes, and a ghost story, the boyB
sang together "The Evening Hymn"
and "Taps," bringing the evening's
programme to a close.
The clubs benefitted to tho ox-
tent  of  lion..15  above  expenses.
the coincidence of happening on tho
same night. Such an opportunity foi
a display of chllology and exhibition
of police acumen in excelsls could no,
missed.       ^^^|
Bunfleld Laity, a lad 17 years of
age, broke his a:m nfter cranking n
motor car on Tuesday. The crank
swung back aftor he let go tbe handle
He was attended to by Dr. Sutherland nnd is Improving nit right. He
Is a son of Mr. Lnlty, section foreman C.P.R. New Westminster, and Is
employed by Mr. Whlto. of tho Oarage  here.
That tho New Westminster "ip-
/rters of the Conservative Party
nored themselves by unanimously
-iiitiig Dr. A. M. Sanford at their
standard hearer will be the ready
concession of every Interested sicisen.
It Is safe tn Intimate that probably no
worthier selection could have been
made. Not so much that Dr, Sanford
Is it man of ripe experience, an educationalist of note, and withal, a man
or talent, but, overriding all these, Is
tho fact that ho Is a man of highest
probity, and In every respect such an
one ns would always command lho
fullest respect alike of political supporters and opponents, Glvon a govern ment hy nnd of such mon und
iloinoeracy would bo safe Irrespective
of the party that happened to constitute the government of the day,
No doubt the ballot will show more
tli:■ ii ever tho confidence of tho citizens In Its erstwhile president of
Columbian  College.
To the
of Canada
To the men who till thc soil and who thereby add to thc wealth and prosperity of
Canada, the Bank of Montreal extends its
complete facilities and the helpful co-operation of its Branch Managers.
In all parts of Canada the Bank has conveniently located Branches to which farmers
regularly come to discuss their plans and
seasonal requirements with the Managers.
Small accounts are willingly handled.
Port Haney Branch:
J. GALT, Manager.
Established over 100years
Advertisement* In. tali column must be
GOOD HBtFJBRS, due to freshen,
Jersey and  Jersey-HpUtoln.
Phono 82-M      BlnekHtuck road, Hnnoy.
SEED POTATOES.*-Threo tons of
Scotch Champion seed for utile. $8.00
por wick.
YOUNG PIGS, tl weeks old. Pure-
hroti Duroo-Jersey nnd Homo cross,
bred. Apply
Phone   24-X Hammond
■ot moovv on
On Friday, 25th April, the First
Maple Ridge Troop of Boys' Scouts,
under the--leadership of S.M. de Pender, spent a very enjoyable day at
and around Kanaka Falls. The Scouts
were transported to Webster's Corners in cars (through the kindness of
Mra te "*w'er and Mr. Poole) They
then   \ own   tthe   Webster   road
to  tlttf and   nfter following  its
course i ut half-a-mile,  the boys
arrived «.,, ..— falls, Preparations for
lunch wero begun,and cooking tests
were passed. After lunch,some of the
boys explored the vicinity of the falls
and others read or rested. Then all
started on the return journey. Scout
work was practice* on the way. After
walking for an hour and a-half or so,
the S.M. called a halt and a pot of
tea was prepared, which was enjoyed
by all. Then the Troop set out for
the Baker Roard Bridge, where, as
had been arranged, they met the cars
and went home, a tired but very happy
bunch of boys.
Notice—Scout meeting on Friday
2nd May, at 7:30 p.m. Everybody turn
out. ,
On Wednesday a number of members of the Maple Ridge Glee Club
journeyed to New Westminster to
witness the performance of the "Pirates of Penzance," to which theyweie
invited as guests of the Royal City
Amnteur   Dramatic   Society.
Following the play, a banquet and
danco were the order, in appreciation
of Mr. L, O. Rayner, who, on a threo
hour notice, filled the role of Major-
Qeneral Stanley, incident to the Ind'a
position  of the   regular Major-General.
Needless to say Mr. Rayner war
well received by the New Westminster
audience and received many compi i-
ments on  his accomplishment.
Excellent   Eating   Potatoes   $30   per
ton ;   $IM   Dor  sack
10.   CHURCH,
Phono   37-F        . Hammond
SEED   POTATOES, ■ Carmen's   Prolific No.  1.    AISO  Money  Makers.
J in pur Hon,  $2 pur suck.
Phono   37-F Hammond
FRESH COWS. Holstein and Shorthorns. Apply
Ford   Road,   Pitt  Meadows.
Phone   Hammond   15-F
Thos. Melghan In the new George
Ada Paramount comedy-drama "Woman Proof" wins many new admirers by
the masterly manner In which he interprets the excellent role of Tom
Rookwood. The story was written
for Mr. Melghan by the great American dramatist and humorist George
Ado in hla own delightful humorous
style. The plot hinges on a will disposing of several millions of money
to four heirs on condition that all
marry In a specified time. Three of
the family are prepared for wedding
bells, but the* fourth, a civil engineer,
played by Mi> Melghan, is too busy
with some huge engineering project
that he proposes to finish to a successful Issue. How the Rockwood
family all work to have Tom fall in
love and marry, so the fortune will
not go to an old folks' home, makes
one of) the most loughable and enjoyable comedy-dramas ever penned by
Geo, Ade. A Sunshine comedy and the
Aesop's Fable cartoon complete a
night's brilliant and humorous entertainment showing at Hammond Theatre,  Thursday,   Maj   um.
Last Thursday morning the "boss"
of tho infamous N. Y. Tammany
p.iKHcrt. Ho had manipulated the
politics of that great city in particular, und the republic In general for
some 22 yenrB. Doaslsm, had no re-
donmlng f-jaturo under Murphy nnd
his demise is probably, In no sense,
a loss to democracy. Nor Is lesser
exhibitions of political boHHism or
the Tammany methods in smaller
plnces much more to be commended.
Such men forget thnt "righteousness
oxalteth a nation." Only this and
nothing more.
Public Meeting
May Day Celebration
All interested in the MAY DAY CELEBRATION are
invited to attend a Public Meeting in the
Municipal Hall, Haney,
Tuesday,  May 6th,   at 8 o'clock
Full arrangements must then be made for the May Day
Fete.   The privilege is to all to attend and help.
All Professional Artists
Will be held in the
Saturday, May 3rd, at 8 p.m.
MR. DAVID ROSS    -   Baritone
Assisted by
MISS EURA LEESON             - Contralto
MISS BEVERIDGE            - Violin Cellist
MIS3 DORIS CHADNEY . .   -     Pianist
MR. H. H. REA         >         ■ Elocutionist
MR. LEOPOLD J. MAHRER, Composer-Pianist
Admission 50 Gents
Proceeds for Presbyterian Church Piano Fund.
Those Magic Boots of Old
The story of the seven-league boots
was written In the days long before
thd present time with its great possibilities. Theso days there is no need
for such wonderful steppers. Thero
ls the telephone. It Is no effort now
to talk a hundred times seven leagues
The world Is virtually at one's door.
This age of wonderment Is .based, too,
on Inmglnnt'on, but It Is Imagination
plus practfeal experiment and great
Prime Steer Beef.
Veal Pork Mutton
o    Sausages.
Port Hammond t
The Jarvis Electric Co. Ltd.
8*8 QranvUI. Street
Order your EKotrlo Good, by Mall
Single Comb White Leghorn Baby Chicks, Hatching Eggs, Cockerels and
No order too large or too small.
Write for price list.
Phone 38 Y Hammond
Everybody seeks reliable service. That is why much custom
comes to:-
Blacks mifching
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
Good  satisfaction  given In  Children's
and  Women's  Dresses.
Mrs. F. & E. CARTER
At Your Service
Wherever you live.
Established 1997.
535 Clarkson St,   Phone 278
What the Press says of
Mr. David Ross.
A few months ago when Mr. Wil-
lard Hartnel] opened his furniture
factory it wns thought by some that
he- had ii "hard row to hoe." Tho
work wns undertaken and soon orders oame in as fast aa tho customers' drawers, stands, desks, etc.,
could bo made. The statf had all
thoy could do und far too little
room in which .to work. Their Btore
room Is iu (ho large house nearby,
where are found very beautifully
finished and perfectly exquisite chet-
tonieres, cheffrobes, buffets, cedar
Chests, dressers, dressing tables,
writing desks,   hall   racks,  etc
Almost hundreds nf finished pro-
duds have now gone out to various
parts of British Columbia, the Prairies and to Australia' But, of more
value than tho distance that the products are sent, is their Quality, which
is of Hie highest possible merit.
Nothing but the best quality of
cedar, the most perfect grade of
copper or brazen clasps, and hinges,
and the most skilful craftsmanship
Is employed. Tho goods aro fully
works of art, greatly admired by all,
nnd marvels of cheapness.
Every   citizen should    visit     the
Tuesday,  May G— Hammond  vs.  B.C
Mux.   at   Westminster.
Wednesday. May 7—Moody nt Hum-
Friday, May 9—PraHer Cafe at
Tuesday, May IS—Hammond at
Fraser Cafe.
Wednesday, May 11—B.C. Box nt
Friday,   May   16—FiAser    Cafe    at
B.C.   Box.
Monday, May 1!»—Hammond nt
Wednesday, May % 21—B.C. Box at
Friday, May 23—Moody at FrtMQr
Cn fo.
Courtesy   of   Mr.   Norman  Crows.
Fully   experienced.     Patrons   always
satisfied.     Oall   In.
Matchett's Store      Port Haney
Those columns huvo freely critr
cl/.i'd Mr. Itnss' work, but havo
readily recognized his superiority as
a vocalist, as a musician, as a choir
loader, and as nn Oratoro organizer
and director, and as a vocal teacher
he has had no equal at any time in
this section of tho Dominion—Winnipeg Dally Tribune.
A magnificent audience greeted
the closing concert ot the Spanish-
Octette. Mr. David Ross, late baritone of St. George's Chapel, London,
being the vocalist. In compass, power and tonal purity his voice ls an
exceptional one, and his technique
superb. Mr. Ross. sang the difficult "Prologue" from Fagllacci, and
as an encore the "Dlo possente"
from Faust.—Dallas Morning News
As a vocalist Mr. Robs was the
poscessor ot a rich resonant baritone
voice, and he always sang in an artistic manner. Indeed, I do not know
of any resident singer Winnipeg has
ever had who could be classed with
him.—Manitoba Free Press.
The visiting soloist, Mr. David
Ross, made a highly favorable Impression. He has a good baritone
voice, excellently cultivated and under perfect control. There ls absa-
lutely no nonsense about Mr. Ross
—none ot those florid effects which
mar so many otherwise good singers.
Good enunciation, pleasing and not
too showy method, perfectly natural
manner, and an air of cultured refinement throughout all his numbers, combine to make Mr. Ross a
singer whose name should be a welcome one on any programme.—Belleville Dally Intelligencer.
"Vancouver Is fortunate in having
at the service of its musical students a teacher of your ability and
my only hope ls that your work is
properly appreciated. I have been
planting violets on the graves of so-
called teachers and would-be prima
monnas most of my professional life.
When I again meet one who knows
his subject I am greatly cheered."
The foregoing tribute was paid by
Damo Melba to David Ross, the
well known local teacher, on the occasion of the diva's recent visit to
Mr. David Ross has a well-trained
baritone voice ot great power. He
created such a favorable impression
on this his first appearance, in London, that the fact that he is going
to be heard will always ensure a
large audience.—The Echo, London,
Several intending citizens have
lately inquired ot the schools in the
municipality. We had no hosltoncy or
reserve ill telling t'hem that they
mlKlit go to the city and not find
hotter public or high schools. We Progress.
Mrs. II B. Smith, Mrs. J. G. Stewart, and Mrs. A. W. Ferguson were
Hammond Artcraft Woodworks. The! week-end visitors to the city.
factory    is    an   exponent    Of    modern    a»aaaa»BBas*asaa««=aaaaaaaaaa«^KsaEes«=aaaarasa
craft and the store room the last
word In artistic and finely finished
craftsmanship. It will be an eye-
The Pill Meadows folk are acquiring a Tln-naid municipality.
Messrs. Morley Alcorn, J. II. Ritchie aud (Prop) Klrkland nntood to
Westminster Friday evening to attend tlie Conservative convention
.Mr. B. It. Gordon motored from
Vancouver to spond the week-end
with his family on Maple Crescent.
Mrs. A. Anderson was last Week
n visitor to Vancouver.
Mr. W. J. Stevens Is gradually
mending in health.
Mr. Fossett, Sr., and Mr. and Mrs.
Fossett, Jr., autoed to South Westminster on Sunday.
Miss Burnett was Monday a visitor
lo Vancouver.
Miss Irving. Jr., teacher, Whonnock, wns home for the week-end.
Don't hnve a good forgettery for
the A. 0. W. W. annual ball ut tho
Hammond theatre on May 9. Best
ball ot the season.
Mrs. Ray Laity and Mrs. Dougan
wero Saturday visitors to Vancouver.
Again a reminder of the grand concert in the Hammond theatre Saturday evening. All professional talent.
Major and Mrs. Bruce of Pitt
Meadows are expecting their son
soon to roaoh here from India to
spend a few weeks' vacation. Capt.
G. Mel. Bruce is an Imperial officer serving with the Lincolnshire
regiment stationed in Bengal.
Will Buy Dry Cascara Bark
..-We will Uks HI we oan Hi of BBY
Wl«.ai    SAM.     .BBgluM    Oash
law *aM.
mone U-R        Box 88, HANEY, B.O
Will also do your Laundry.
Painting,    Katsoming
and Paperhanging.
Wall Paper,  Paint,  Varnish,
Oils, Shellac, Enamel and
Coal Tar FOR SALE.
Estimates Given
All through Maple Ridge
Ontario Street, Haney
Phone 23
nnraaAx. bomosobs abb
.Hae maenl Snspllta
(imp, Serrie. «o aa puti * ***
All roads led to St. Andrew's church
Haney, on Tuesday afternoon, It being
tho occasion of tho visit of Miss Ade
laido Sutherland, of Vancouver, to tho
W.M.S. of Port Haney Miss Sutherland Is i* donconoss of tho Presbyterian church and Stitangors' Suorutary
of tho I'ri'Kliytcriun W.M.S. of British Columbia.
Tho Womon'rt Missionary Soolotlos
of the Baptist and Methodist churcl.es
and tho Prcshytorliiu church of Ham.
mond, wero guests of the Haney Socl
ety for tho afternoon, and nttendoil
tho mooting In lnrgo numbers, so that
tho church was comfortably filled
Mrs. Flatt with hor Mission Band of
Pennadon church wns also presont,
nnd contributed vtry pleasingly to tho
program a chorus, and won nil Iioiu-ih
by tbeiri ovldent Interest In tho address of tho afternoon.
Miss Sutherland's account of her
work In Vancouvor wan listened to
with Intenso lntorest Tho simplicity,
earnostnoBs and Christ-llko character
of the speaker, who like the Master,
"goos about doing good," won tim
hearts of all present,
Mrs. Harrison, of tho Methodist W.
M.S, Mrs. Macoy, of tho Baptist W.
M.S., and Mrs. McPherson, of tho
Hammond Prosbytorlan W.M.S., each
spoko briefly at tho close of tho address
The Port Haney Society served tea,
and a soolal hour was enjoyed at tho
closo of tho mooting. Tho unanimous
vordlct of all whon lcnvlng wns "that
It was ono of tho most Interesting
and Inspiring meetings even held In
tho   church."
Sockey Salmon  Is 40c
Quaker Tomatoes.— 2^ 15c
Asparagus Soup 5c
Lanka Tea. ls 65c
Good bulk Tea per lb. 60c
Nabob Tea 68c
Pure Lard  51b. 95c
"    " 101b. $1.85
Fresh Crisp Sodas per lb. 18c
Prunes 60-70 21b. 25c
Service with a Smile
Frank DeWolf
Cash Grocer
Phone 72      Haney        Box 20
- As an added attraction Frank   t*ai"
DeWolf is now carrying "Ice
Cream" Being close to the show
it is handy.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Jrown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and Improvement for agricultural
Full information concerning regu- i
atlons regarding pre-emptions Is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
'How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any'Oov-
-srnment Agent.
Records will be granted covering
inly land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which Is not tlmb.r-
land, I.e., carrying over 6.000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 1,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
Is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five yeara and Improvements made
to value of (10 per acre, Including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information see
the    Bulletin    "How    to    Pre-empt
Th* regular  meetings of Hammond
. O. U No. nil, are> held in the Fos-
■ott halt at I o'clook p.m.' on Second
Saturday and 4th Friday, each moats.
Visitors cordially  Invited.
Wm. Hope, W.lf.
   W.   A.   Brook,   R.8.
R.S.C.   Chapter   115.
The Corporation of the District of
Pitt Meadows, Province of British
Columbia, hereby gives notice that
they have under Section 7 of the said
Act, deposited with the Minister of
Publlo Works at Ottawa, and in the
office of the Registrar of Titles, New
Westminster, B.C., a description rf
the site and the plan of a bridge proposed to be built over the Lillooet
River on Harrln Road.
And take notice that after thc expiration of one month fiom the date
of tho first publication of thiH notice
tho Corporation of the Dlstrice of
Fltt Meadows will, under Section 7 of
tho Kaid Act, apply to the Minister of
Publlo Works at hin office In the
City of Ottawa, fonnpprovnl of the
said Hlto ami pinna, and for leave *n
construct tho mild bridge.
Dated at Pitt Meadows, B.C., this
11th   day  0f  April,   1024.
(Signature)  WILLIAM  Mcdehmott
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crewn lands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price of first-class (arable) land ls $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
land $2.50 per acre. Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands ls given In Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Including payment of
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes,
conditional upon a dwelling bolns
'erected In the first year, titlo being
obtainable after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
Por gracing and Industrial purposes areas not exceeding 640 acrad
may be leased by one person or -i
Under the Grazing Act the Province Is divided into grating districts
and the range administered under *i
Grating Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits are Issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
id established owners S oek-owneri
.nay form associations for range
management, Free, or partially free,
pownlts are available for settlers,
campers and travellers, up to ten
Watch and Clock Repairs.
Leave Repairs with
F. E. MecKenzie, Hammond
X.ODQE Ho. 32
I. O. O. r.
Meets every Wednesday evening at
I o'clock in the Odd Fellows' Hail,
Ontario Street, Port Haney. Visiting
brethren cordially Invited to attend.
H. M. Davenport, Reo. Sea
W. R. Adams, V.O.
J. Gait, N.O.
MABBY   I.O.X.   Bo.   Mil
The regular meeting of above lodge
is held in the Oddfellows hall, Haney,
first Tuesday in each month at I p ta
Visitors cordially Invited.
Geo. Hastle, W.M.
 *■ M. Campbell, as.
The regular meetings of Hammond
L.O.B.A No. 115 are held in the Fos-
eett Hall, the second Tuesday of each
month at 7:10 p.m.
W.M., Mrs. M. Maeey, 'Phono !5R
Hec.-Seo'y, Mrs. J. H. Ritchie.
Phone 51.
"When They Have Gone"
The  past  comes   up—childhood
days—happy   hours  by  the  fire.
side—their    hopes    and    Joys	
and trials,  too.
You can keep the memory of
their names forever fresh by
giving some little part of the
blessings you now enjoy towards a permanent memorial
In  everlasting   stone.
B.C.Monnmental Works Ld
lucosssors  to BaMetsoa,  Okaad
lei * Stephen, Limit*
IBVBBM   ATB.    *    MAXH   SC.
Taaeonv.r, B.O.
Write   today     for    Catalogu.   of
designs.     Established   1170
Blue Funnel Motor Line Ltd
R. H. STEPHENS, Manager.
Leave Webster's Corners 7,50 a.m. Leave Yjanarfon 8.10 a.m
Leave Haney Daily 8.30 a.m, 1.00 p.m., and 4.00 p.m.
Lfiajes Haney Saturday and Sunday 8.30 a.m.,  2.00 p.m., 6.30 p.m.
Leave Westminster Daily 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., and 5.30 p.m.
Leaves Westminster Saturday and Sunday 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., 4.30 p.m., and 9.00;p.m.
Passing   Through Hammond and Pitt Meadows.
Those wishing to be called for who are on the HAMMOND PHONE are requested to rino- un
message CHARGE to MR. STEPHENS. g   P
r*—*+fM»+****f*——*—*—*»*—^fitft^^^Mm rrrrrrimuajjjj.
Phone 15      Westminster 601 RED ROSE
TEA'is good tea'
and the choicest of Red Rose Teas is the
on the Fable
*•***? X£*<•<•'"-Must-
...t.. mustard wltn     J ,__,„„
take must
.;d"aideaigc»%»«"—od habit to
Butter Shipments to United States Secure Scientific Data
Saskatchewan  Product is Shipped  by
the Carload to Points South of
h       the Line
Vol- the first time in lho past? Iwo
or three years the Saskatchewan t'o-
operative Creameries, Limited, is shipping butter in carload lots direct  lo
cities in the United States.     A carload shipment was recently made from
Saskatchewan to Philadelphia.     Two
carloads were also shipped to Chicago,
where they realized good prices? Each
car contained between 25,000 and 30,-
000 lbs. of Saskatchewan butter;
A Condition Following Indoor Confine-
ment Of Winter
There are very few people who do
nol need u tonic al this season of the
year. Tlio reason for this is that
whether in the home, Iho ollice or lhe
factory, people have been living
throughout lhe long winter months in
an atmosphere more or loss vitiated,
and as a result find themselves nol up
.io their summer-time health. Through
Hie long months of winter your blood
has boon growing thin and poor.
Closer confinement and lack of exercise have used i! up and exhausted il.
Vou are not as energetic as you could
wish. Vour work tires you and perhaps your digestion Is none too good.
Vour nerves may be shaky and your
appetite poor. All these things point
to poverty of the blood. It is a scientific fact thai it (ho blood of the
strongest is tested in the spring there
Is less of i( and it is poorer than it.
was in September, The spring medicines of our grandmothers—sulphur
and molasses, sails and tlie like—recognized ihe necessity for alt] al this
season, but were an unscientific attempt lo cleanse the blood. .Modern
medical science has found a boiler
way. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make
new, rich blood at tho first dose and
at every dose afterwards. Thus they
strengthen every organ of the body
and give new vitality to the jaded
system. Here is proof. .Miss Clara
Cheslock, 'High Kalis, Que., says:—
"I was in a much run-down condition
aud my blood was thin and poor. I
took Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I
must thank you for the good they did
me. [ never enjoyed bolter health
than I havo since I look them."
Vou can gel these pills through tiny
dealer in medicine, or by mail at fit)
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvillo, Ont,
it lakes a bachelor lo give you
pointers on Hie inir sex. A married
man never has a word lo say on ihe
subject, #
Smithsonian Institution Describes!
Exploration and rietd Work
The Smithsonian Institute at Washington has jusl issued an illustrated
pamphlet desci iblng lho exploriv
nkms and field work conducted, by
members of ils stuff or in co-operation
willi other organizations during 1923.
Besides many localities in the United
Stales, the regions visited include Ihe
Canadian Rockies; Hie Lang-Tze Valley, China; several islands ol' I lie West
Indies; Panama and Central America;
Labrador and various countries in
Europe. Tlie branches of science
represented include geology, paleon-
thology, astrophysics, zoology, botany,
j anthropology and ethnology.
Secretary Charles D. Walcott eon-
! tinned   his   geological research in the
|Canadian Rocky mountains, working
especially on the pro-Devonian strata
'from lhe Clearwater River southeast
! lo the Row Valley and along Hie eastern side ol" the Columbia River Valley.
'Tlio latter region was found to be excellent tor geological studies, as the
Imany canyons and ridges give access
to several of tlie formations from lop
to bottom.     Beneath iho greal series
I of limestones, shales and sandstones
there are 16,000 feet of older stratl-
! fled rocks.
j The Oil of Power.—It is not claimed
: for Dr. Thomas' Eclecliie Oi! that it
j will remedy every ill but its uses are
so various thai it may be looked upon
| as a general pain killer. It has
; achieved lhat greatness for Itself and
jits excellence is known lo all who,
■ have tested its virtues and learned by
[ experience. i
Sugar Once Used As Drug
Sold In Gre.it Britain For Forty-Three.
Cents a Pound
"As you pour a little sllRav in your
lea   or   eouYi ,   did   you   ever   Stop   In
think that one time it was used as a .
drug and  li   cost   lorn Hnve  tents a I
pound."' I
This was one of Hie main topics iuj
a    lecture   given   in   ihe   Technical i
Science   Club   ol   the   lMinoiHou   Teell  j
ulcal School, b> A. C. Lehmunn, professor oi chemistry at \U<- University
Of Alberia, when he spoke on sugar.
Professor Lelimanu told oi lie- first]
silo Tor sugar being in India and Slam,'
and how ii was later taken lo Greal ,
Britain where it was al hist used as!
n drug. Why it was used llils way |
and the quantity consumed al onch
dose Is nol known, lie said. A large
cargo in those days consisted oMll'iy
ions sold al forty-throe cents a pound,
Tlie speaker defciibed lho sugar as
being stored In Hie stem of the plant,
which was similar to the Indian corn.
Tlio plant has no seed bin L sprouted
with slips rrom lho cane. H is harvested yearly and Dr, Leliiuanii said
tlio sugar from (Jie beet, Hie maple
tree and Hie cane wore jusl tho same,
(lie only differente being in Hi" purl
lies. He mentioned Ihal the impurities in tin1 maple : ugar were pleasing
io the taste, bul those in Hie beet and
Hie cane were nasty. Thus groat
pains had to be taken in the refining
of these sugars, especially in tlie case
ol  the beet.
Colds Stopped In
Ten Minutes
Oodenk ctuwpoaf.
very r
t i.s easy lo get anything you want
—If it happens lo bo something that
nobody else will havo.
Miller's    Worm   Powders   destroy
worms without any Inconvenience to
lho child, and so effectually Ihal Ihey
pass rrom the body unpereeived. They
thoroughly cleanse the stomach and
bowels and leave them In a condition
not favorable to worms; and there will
be no revival of the [tests.
Woman Is Candidate
j Mrs. ll. McGregor, of Pentlcton,
; B.C., well-known In various women's
organizations, has been chosen us the
Liberal candidate for ihe provincial
legislature from Slmllltamcen riding,
j The nomination was made at a con-
t vonliou al  Ken inoos.
-Worth $100 to Me
Relieved feczema and Piles"
Mrs. Peter A. Palmer, Saltbum, Sask., writes:
Chase's Ointment lias completely relieved me of eczema
I also used this Ointment (or my baby, who broke out
in eczema. A few applications
were all that was necessary in
her case. Dr. Chase's Ointment
has been worth a hundred dollars
lo me,—before using it I had
spent a great deal more than lhat
in unsuccessful treatment from
doctors. We have also used Dr.
Chase's other medicines, the
Nerve Food having restored my
health after suffering from severe
nerve trouble when a girl."
 Dr. Chase's Ointment
00 rtfl. a boi. nil dealers or KdmanMn, HnlM ft Co., I ul., Toronto
There is a
remedy that i:
pleasant-it fills Ihe
nose, throat and
lungs wiih « healing balsam from the
pine woods, and
utilizes lhat marvelous .antiseptic of the
Blue Cum Tree Mt
The remedy Is
—and you can't find
its equal for colds, coughs or
Composed of medicinal pine essences—a remedy of nature, that's
what CATARRHOZONE is. and I
you'll find it mighty quick lo act |
and certain to stop your cold.
Don'l dope your stomach witli!
cough mixtures—use CATARRHOZONE, which is scienlilic and certain; it will act quickly. Two j
months' treatment guaranteed, costs j
$1.00; small (trial) size 50c. Sold j
by druggists everywhere. Hy mail
from The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.'
Extension of Telegraph Lines
To  Spend  Half  Million  in  Telegraph
Lines in B.C.
An investment or $500,000 in British
Columbia on new telegraphic lines
centring at Vancouver, Is to be undertaken by Ihe Canadian Pacific Railway's telegraphs, it is announced by
W, Marshall* assistant manager of
western telegraph lines.
Two now linos will connect Vancouver with Sutnas and Calgary, increasing Iho service to compensate lor the
growl li of business in this port.
One effect will he direct connection i
with Portland, as tlie Sumas line
will join with Hi- postal wire at lhat
How Many Pounds Would
You Like to Gain in a Week?
If   you   aro   thin   and   want   lo   gain
\V.'i;;hi:   WOall  mid   wimt   lo   lie  Strong,   I
will kmikI you ii nam nl ' r.iin<iu« Alexnn-
der    vltamlna*    yljuol ly    Kreo,    No
money, jusl ntthia and arid rasa ror Bit ionic Al.KX \NDKIVH LABORATORIES.
:;:;( Rohan Mnlhlfng, Toronto, Canada,
Theatrical Treat In Store
All-Star  Cast  tn   *■'Lightnin'"  Visits
Saskatoon and Regina Next
doing directly from their sensational two weeks' engagement In Winnipeg, John Gold en's " Light nin' "
company will play, engagements of
throe days each In Saskatoon and Regina next week. Tlio Saskatoon engagement will open Monday night,
April 28, at the Empire Theatre and
a matinee Is announced for Wednesday. Beginning at the Regina Theatre Thursday night, May 1. Ihe company will remain lor three nights and
Saturday matinee. *
Reports from both cities forecast a
cordial welcome tor the organization,
which Is rated as one of the most distinguished thai lias been seal through]
Northwestern Canada In many years.!
Thomas Jefferson, who is playing the
title role, which tlie late Frank Bacon!
created, Is a son of the late Joseph]
Jefferson, who immortalized "Rip Van
Winkle." Miss Bessie Bacon, who
appeared In her father's support during " Lightntn's " historic run of three
years on Broadway, is also a member
of (he company, appearing in I lie role
of the vamping vaudeville actress.
The company will be sent to London
in the early summer.
Villages Like Movies
People in villages and small towns
go to the movies al least art often as
inhabitant; of England's largo cillos,
according to figures given in the (Cinematograph y* ar book.
Separation, But No Alimony
A peaceful, quiet, separation, no
damage done, everybody happy again
—dial's the situation when you
divorce jour corns. Try Putnam's
Corn Extractor, Acls like magic, no
pain, no failure, success every lime.
Refuse a substitute for "Putnam's,"
25c everywhere.
Says He Is
A New Man
That's   Why   Nova  Scotia   Man
Praises Dodd's Kidney Pills
Mr. J. J. Conieau who suffered from
Kidney    trouble,    found    relief    in
Dodd's Kidffey Pills.
Lower Saulnierville, N.S.—(Special)
—Mr. Coiueuu, u well known and re-
Bpected resident here is a staunch
friend ol Dodd's Kidney Pills. He
lias hied Ihem anil found them good.
This is what he says:
"I am over GO years of age, anil
have suffered so much from Kidney
i roubles. 1 took several boxes of
Dodd's Kidney Hills, and now I am
exactly a new man. I shall always
remain a friend of Dodd's Kidney
It Is wonderful how some people
will go on suffering day after day,
wiih aches :.ud pains, backaches and
rheumatism. They -suffer ^because
Ihey are not aware of the fact that
Ihey can gel relief. SI lengthen Iho
kidneys, which are the source of the
trouble, and Ihese pains vanish.
Dodd's Kidney Pills stimulate and
strengthen weak kidneys. They are
used and recommended all over tho
Good Market For Wool
Could Dispose of Three Times the
Amount of Wool Produced In
This Country
There Is al present a tuntkel for
threo limes tlie amount of wool produced In this country, according to
W. W. Thompson, western manager ol
the Canadian Co-operative Wool
Growers, Limited, While In 1922 Canada exported 8,600,000 pounds of wool,
valued at $2,263,031, or over one-half
of the lotal clip, wool Imported into
lhe country dining Hie same period
amounted lo IS,273,311 pounds, valued
at (6,091,698, tn addition to noils and
wool waste, weighing 9,286,000 pounds
ami yarn weighing 8,402,000 pounds.
Manufactured woolens of various
kinds to lhe value of a further ?32.-
lion.nOO were brought Into lhe country
Hie same year.
Minard's Liniment for Headache
W.   N.   li.   1521
Since 1901, Iho Nobel prlite for eon-
It'lbutors lo medical science lias been
awarded lo eighteon men of a dozen
nationalities: Pour io Germans, iwo to
Frenchmen, iwo io Russians, iwo io
Danes and one each lo an American,
an Austrian, a Belgian, an Englishman, an Italian, a Spaniard, a Swede
anil a Swiss.
Two Important Food Factors
Clark's Beans with Pork possess two
linporianl food factors. While being
a most wholesome food they are delicious and appetizing, No Iroublo—
simply heat nnd serve.
"Let the Clark Kitchens help you."
Insulted French Flag
The French Government has demanded satisfaction from Germany
for the recent incident In East Prussia, when enthusiastic members ot
militarist soclelles, Including a few
members of the Relchswehr, slashed a
French trl-color lo ribbons.
Not Necessary Now
Yankee Visitor.—Yes, slice, In America our holeU havo elevators to
carry us straight up to our bedrooms.
Sandy.—But you'll no need these
contraptions noo, wl' prohlbeetion.—
Passing Show, London.
Asthma Cannot Last when lho
greatest of all asthma specific is
used. llr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy assuredly deserves this exalted title. It has lo lis credit thousands of cases which other preparations had failed lo benefit. II brings
help to even Ihe most severe eases and
brings lhe patient lo a condition of
blessed relief. Surely suffering from
aslhma Is needless when a remedy like
llils is so easily secured.
A liquid which If applied lo a "run"
In silk hose prevents farther raveling
until Ihe fabric can be mended has
been discovered.
Minard's Liniment for Corns.
Each person in the U.S. would have
$168 if the total deposits In the savings departments of batiks and trust
companies were divided equally among
lhe entire population.
Especially Prepared for Infants and Children of .All Ages
Mother! Fletcher's Cnstorla has
been in uve for over 30 years ns a
pleasant, harmless substitute for
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops
and Soothing Syrups. Contains no
narcotics. Proven directions are on
each   package.      Physicians   every
where recommend It.    The kind yon
have always bought bears signature of A
Three Prairie Provinces •Now
Occupy   A   Supreme   Place
In Canadian Dairy Industry
Once more In 1923, Hie three prairie
provinces oi Caiiaila, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, a territory
which five or six years ago was importing butter even Inlo Its i-iirul districts, recorded a substantial Increase
In butter production and rurther consolidated Its position In Hie dairy Industry. Comparing tho year 1923
wllh 1922, I he Increase In the output
territory to a supreme place In tile
Canadian dairy industry lias been one
of the mosl marked phases of Hie Dominion's agriculture In the past decade, it Is ihe result of ihe mosl
serious attention paid to ihe industry,
the adopll\n of modern methods and
the pursuit nf most, zealous cure. It
Is the result of more profitable diversified funning, '   In Us   wake   have
In   creamery    butter   In    Manitoba crime splendid dairy cattle, which tlu
amounts  In  l!5 per cent., in  Saskatchewan to 22,1  per cent., and In Alberta to 16.1 per cent,
The butter production of Manitoba
In 1923 amounted tn 10,780,160 pounds
west has slowly developed and than
which there are none,superior in Canada.
The remark.ible progress which has
been made lu dairy production is only
Beware of Imitations!
as npared with 10.660,601 pounds In j realized   In   a   comparison with past
1922 and 8,6417005 In 1921. Thai of years. _ doing hack in Ihe beginning
Saskalchewati In 1923 was 10,807,010 of lhe'past decade, Hie production In
pounds, compared wllh 8,001,144 the threo prairie provinces In 1910
pounds in 1922 and 7,060,09K in 1921. was 4,101,947 pounds, or Insufficient
Alberta's production rose rrom 12,220,- for domestic consumption, in 1928
264 pounds In 1921 in 16,417,070' tho same territory produced nearly
pounds In 1922 and 17.760,000 In 1923.' -10,000.000, or practically-ten limes iiS|
Production In ihe threo provlncos Ink- j much. Alberta increased lis produo-i
en together in lhe past three years is Hon from 193,179 lo 17,760,000 pounds;
ns follows: 1921, 2.S.600.421; 1922, 34,-' Saskatchewan from 3,293,755 pounds
067.S16;  1923, 39,347,160 pounds. to 10,S67,010 pounds;   and   Manitoba
The rapid ascendancy or Ihe prarlla from   674,713   pounds   lo   10,730,150
Witli a produt Hon in excess of domestic consumption the high quality
of prairie butler, consistently maintained, easily secured entry for it Inlo
foreign markets, and large quantities
now find their way to the United
Slates and across the Atlantic. In
1923 Manitoba exported 180 carloads
of creamery butter containing 3.863,-
264 pounds, which found Its way not
only to Eastern Canada but .to the
United Kingdom, Chicago nnd New
York. Saskatchewan's export of butter In 1923 amounted to 7.178,574
pounds, or 66.1 per cent, of the lotal
production. Of this only 36 --cars
went west, tin; remainder of 2X5 cars
going to Eastern Canada, the United
Slates and British markets.
Gratifying reports concerning the
quality of Saskatchewan butler and its
suitability for th? best British trade!
were received from a number or British dealers. During the year the pro-:
vince of Alberta shipped Its first but-J
ter lo lhe United j*Ungdoin via the
Panama Canal, and rills was effected j
wllh entire satisfaction, according to|
the report of the Canadian Trade!
Commissioner. Four thousand boxes i
were forwarded in llils manner, received In excellent condition, andj
found a profitable market. ;
Dairying is perhaps the most slgnl-1
(leant phase of Western Canadian
farming at the present time, herald-;
Ing a new era In the agriculture of the]
prairies. The number of dairies in;
Alberia Is now 75, having Increased'
lo llils number from 64 In 1922. In
Saskatchewan there are 65 dairies and
an approximately equal number ill
Manitoba. They have changed the
face of the western landscape, Interspersing pastures of dairy callle with
fields of wheal and oats, and adding
In a substantial manner to the improvement of Western Canadian agriculture.
Labor and Education
Giving Children of the Rich and Poor
An Equal Chance
Mr. Trovolytin, minister of education In the Mai Donald Government, in
an article In the Labor Magazine, dp-
dares ihal his flrsl object has boon In
bring lu an end ihe campaign of economy iu educational expenditures based
upon the recoiiiniendaiinns of lln
Geddes ooinmlttoo. lie refers to
these as "narrow and soulless" economies." Mr. Trevelyan has no sympathy with Ihe suggestion Ihal then-
Is loo much advanced education for
young people nol lilted to receive ll.j
Mr. Trevelyan says: j
"We have before out- minds as our
objective advanced education for all]
people. We refuse lo think only]
aboul lhe clever boys and gills. Who,I
Indeed, can till which lhe clever ones
are al twelve years old? [
"All normal children of .the work-1
Ing and lower middle classes ouglil j
In have precisely the same chance of
full education as the normal child nf
the wealthy has today. We dort'l ask
whether the son of a country -gentleman Is clever before we give him the
chance of being educated in a public
school, nut- ought that question lo be
asked of other children."
Solving Trie Problems Of
Intending Settlers In Canada
Vv ho Have But Little Capital
Lift Off-No Pain!
Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on
package or on tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved
cafe by millions and prescribed by
physicians over twenty-three years for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Neuritis rtheumatlsm
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package con--
tains proven directions. Handy boxes
of twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug-
gists also sell bottles of 24 nnd 100.
Aspirin Is the trade mark (registered
In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of \
Monoacellcacidoster of Sallcyllcacid.
While it is well known lhat Aspirin
means Bayer manufacture, to assist
the public against Imitations, lhe Tablets of Bayer Company will bo stamped with their general trade mark, the
"Bayer Cross."
Automobile Production
Automobile produciion in Canada
during 1922 was valued al $81,956,420,
which 1s a considerable Increase over
tho previous year, when the output
was valued al $64,466,273, according lo
a report Issuui by the Federal Bureau of Statistics. A large and Increasing part ol this volume of business is for export. In 1922, $24,
080,191 worth nf automobiles nnd
trucks were shipped abroad lo practically every civilized country on tho
Doesn't hurt one till! Drop a little
"Freezone" on nn aching corn, Instantly that corn slops hurting, theni
shortly you lift it right oB with!
Your druggist sells a Ilny bottle oft
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soli corn|
or corn between the toes, and the foot
eallouses, without soreness or irritation..
It All Depends
The teacher had been trying lo inculcate the principles of the Golden
Rule and turn-the-other cheek.
"Now, Tommy," she asked, "what
would you do supposing a boy struck
"How big a boy are you supposing?"
demanded Tommy.—American Legion
Stung I
In   Algebra   class.—"What does 'b'
plus 'b' plus 'b' equal?"
Student.—"A hive."
itched and Burned. Face a
Sight. Cuticura Heals.
■    .
"My face came opt all over In
little red pimples and then it would
itch. 1 would rub and
scratch It and little eruptions would come. They
itched and burned and at
night would bother me. My
face was a sight. I tried
different remedies without
success and then began,
using Cuticura Soap and Ointment
which completely healed me in two
weeks." (Signed) Mrs. Eva M.
Toothaker, Cundys Harbor, Maine,
March 13,1922.
Use Cuticura for every-day toilet
purposes. Bathe with Soap, soothe
with Ointment, dust with Talcum.
tasplaf act r»a by Hall. Adilr.,,: "Lyman., tint-
lt«.<, 344 Bt. F.ttl si, w„ Mentnal." Sotdav.ry-
wharc. SoapaSe. ointmrril&andWe. Talt-umESc.
W-Cuticura Soap ahavaa without mug.
»'.    N.     U.    1521
Prairie Fisheries
Total Value of Catch for 1923 Given
As $1,745,975
The Iota1 value of Ihe commercial
caich of tlsliei-les of lho prairie provinces for 1923 was $1,715,975, comprising $1,020,595 for Manitoba; $286,643]
for Saskatchewan;  and  $488,787  fori
Alberia. |
All of the provinces show Increased
value nf production, Hie lot nl In-1
crease over the previous year amount- ]
ing lo $260,683, or 17 per cent. Of
Die total value of production, while
fish contributed 43 per cent; pickerel,
29 per cent.; pike, 7 per cent.; and lul-
llbo,o, li per cent.
The fish -lies of the Yukon Territory In 1923 had a value of $11,917,
an Increase over lhe previous year.
The name "pekoe" of orange pekoe
tea Is derived from the Chinese words
"Pah ho," which mean "while hairs."
and refers lo the small while pieces
In this tea which look like stems, bul j
are the finest parts of the leaf.
Literally True
llyman.—"At lensl once In my llfi
I was glad lo hi: down and nut."
Lowe.—"And when wns that?"
"After   my   Hist   trip   In   an   air
plane."—Yorkshire. Post.
Minard's penetrates to lhe root
of the I rouble and eases pain.
The universal remedy.
•    rtrtffsmsmstmyr^
11 has been figured oul thai a garden!
plot, approximately 40 feel square, wllh
| furnish ample exercise for one.family.i
three cuts, an Airedale, and 21 strange
Liver and. Bowels
Feel Fine
There's one right way to speedily tone
up the liver and keep
thc bowels regular.
Carter's Little
Liver Pill; never
fail. Millions
will testify
that there ia
nothing so
good for biliousness, indigestion, headache or sallow, pimply skin. Purely vegetable.
S«all Pill   Small Dose-Small Price
The problem of the Intending farmer who arrives In Camilla with Utile
or no capnal Is occupying lhe land
settlement branch of the department
of Immigration Just now. A statement Issued b> lion. .1. A. Ilobb says
lhat recent surveys of lhe sltuallm
In Canada have disclosed thai In many
communities Ihere an' farms equipped
wllh habitable buildings which can be
had on vory nominal first payments or
Without any cash deposit al all.
In many cases there are settlers in
lhe same district who are willing to
hud machinery to newcomi is In exchange for manual labor. By taking
advantage oi these circumstances it
Is believed ihal tho road will be opened to a considerable number of British and European settlers with a
knowledge of agriculture who find
themselves with little capital at this
The land settlement branch of the
immigration department was recently
organized lo direct new set Hers to
lands where they have lhe best chance
of success, to safeguard Ihem from
exploitation In the purchase price ol
lands and to facilitate the placing of
immigrants of boih sexes in farm employment.
The statement of Hie minister of
Immigration cays that the interest ot
the land settlement branch will not
terminate when tho settler Is satisfactorily located, but the branch will
continue to exercise friendly assistance as long as 11 Is needed. II Is
particularly emphasized that the scope
or the branch extends to all Canada,
not merely to Western Canada.
One peculiar problem confronting the land settlement branch Is the
disposition of settlers so that they
may have the benefit of community
life with people of Ihelr own tongue
and race and Yet to diffuse European
settlers In such a way as to secure
their absorption into Canadian life
and Ihelr understanding of the Canadian point of view.
The branch i.s listing lands available for sale and advisory settlement
boards are being formed In many districts to pass on the suitability of the
lands and assist lhe department in
fixing a fair price for them. These
boards also wil promote community
welfare work, Irving lo prevent the
oversettling of any particular district
and to provide a helpful medium lor
"Through tho branch's field staff
special impetus will be given to community welfare organization," says
Mr. Robb's statement, "and every endeavor will be nude to extend to lhe
new land settlers not only a friendly
welcome, but practical guidance in
initial operations to overcome Hie inevitable difficulties awailing lhe newcomer. This guidance and direction
will be continued so long as it is
found necessary. It is lo be a real
ser/ico organisation, permeated with
a desire lo assist Ihe incoming settler
and lo make him, as speedily as possible, Inlo u prosperous Canadian citizen. Permanency of settlement of
lhe Immigrant is the keystone of lhe
The land settlement branch recently formed will be a new factor In tlie
solution, of farm employment problems. The branch will make a survey of farm labor requirements and
seek to meol those by placing Immigrants as well as directing the settlement of Immigrants Who wish to take
up their own farms on arrival.
Field officers of the land settle-
mint branch will seek to place to ihe
best advantage all Immigrant laborers, and an linmeillale Result of initial surveys hy lho branch Is that it
has more applications from Canadian
farmers for labori is lhan it ls able at
present lo supply.
The branch will see partloulasly to
placing advantageously those who
come to Canada under Ihe nominated
passage scheme. A considerable
movement of Britishers to Canadian
farms is anticipated wil hin lhe next
six weeks. There is nlso in evidence
a considerable Immigration from the
Irish Free Slate, which will share Jn
the reduced rates arranged for them
from Great Britain and Ireland to
Canada. The Irish Free Stale, however, being a separate country within
the British Empire nnd noi affiliated
with nn- British Government in the
financial  arrangements  (or  carrying
on the British-Canadian nominated
passage scheme, does not come within ihe provision   of   lhe nominated
Supplanting Jap Goods
1 British   and   Germans   Are    Making
Inroads in China
British and German goods are sup-
: planting the products of Japanese Industry in tlie Chinese market.
I The German excels lhe Japanese In
cheap lines, while the British do
so In goods or superior quality,     in
'colton yarns, for fnslnnce, Chinese
goods can well equal the Japanese
in big size stuffs, while In fine twines
the British arc supreme.
Chinese are able to produce at
much less cost lhan Japanese. Labor
in China is very cheap. The average
wage rate for a full-grown male laborer is 30 sen, for a female 25 sen,
and a child draws 15 sen. In spite
of such ludicrously low remuneration,
they can develop at least 60 per cent,
of the efficiency of Japanese labor.
China's disadvantage lie* In tho
high rale of interest which is due
lo the scarcity of available capital,
which makes speculation In some
raw materials out of lhe question.
Japan Is much concerned over the
possibilities of the Chinese market.
in spile of her political troubles,
Chinese business and Industry continue lo expand. Willi political conditions In order there will be even
greater development.
A Severe Attack
Of Heart Trouble
Was Relieved By
Heart and Nerve Pills
Mr.    S.    E.    Barnes, Athens, Ont.,
writes:—"Four years ago I had a very
; severe   al tack   of heart trouble.     I
| consulted my doctor;   ho treated m»
; for some time, but I only seemed to
; be getting worse.     I finally went to
our   druggist   and   purchased   three
I boxes or Mllburn's Heart and Nerve
I Pills and derived    Immediate   relief
from their use, and I can truthfully
say they are a wonderful medicine.   I
always keep a box on hand, and If I
feel out of sorts I take, a few pills and
feel all right again."
Mllburn's Heart and Nerve Pills are
50c a box at all dealers, or mailed
direct on receipt of price by The T.
Mllburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
    ■ l
Fur Market at Edmonton
More (ban $2,000,000 worth or raw
furs are received In Edmonton annually, and a fur exchange will be established at Edmonton. It ls expected
Ihal this Institution will give a useful
impetus to this important Alberta Indus! ry.
Refreshes Tired Eyes
WtlieMurlnsC ..Chlcr.jo.foiEyeCsreBook THE   RECORD,   AGASSIZ,   B.   0
Agassiz Record
I'rintwl by The Valley l'ubiisning Co.
Hammond, B. c.
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Display  Advt.   (tninsltnt) Inch  35c.
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WEDNESDAY,  MAY   7,  nn
At tho recent Provincial Convention
of the Women's Institutes °( B.C. a
resolution was passed \hy an overwhelming majority in favor of urR-
Ing upon tho Provincial Government
tho necessity of bringing into force
some form of state medicine or of a
state health, Insurance scheme. Dr.
Lyle Telford, chairman of the State
Health Insurance Committee or the
Provincial Medical Association, spoke
for the resolution, making a powerful
appeal to the women of the country
fo;- their support both on Its practical merits and its humanitarian principles. His efforts were rewarded
by the above mentioned satisfactory
results. This resolution was an ol
old friend to some of the Institute
members, having been ,bcfo:« the general meeting of the Lower Mainland
Jn the autumn of 1922 and again In
1023. On both occasions It was laid
on the table, the delegates with few
exceptions saying "What the measure
was a new one and little known to
them, and that before sending It
to the Government they would like to
know more about it. This, under the
circumstances, Is always a wise decision. Since then the matter has become more widely known. One rarely glances through a loading paper
without seeing some reference, or well
written article on the subject—almost
invariably strongly in favor of It.
Fnom some of these, this article
quotes in explanation to the general
publllc, if explanation be still needed.
The whole matter stands exactly as
was put in the resolution, namely,
that the Government off. B.C. place an
Individual tax or health Insurance on
all adults, that would be paid into a
Government fund, which would give
to all men, women and children free
hospitals, nurses, medical attendance
of all Winds, and also the benefit of X
nay  and  other  scientific  treatments.
Those who have gone very carefully
Into these things and back their arguments with statistics, say that ft
would not be a very high tax. People
as a matter" of fact, are usually well,
even a small universal tax flowing
constantly from the whole population
of British Columbia would surely be
sufficient to care for all the sick of
the country and ca:fc for them In a
way they have never been cared for
before. Dr. Young, provincial health
officer for B.C. and secretary for the
F».ov*lsclal Board of Health, ln an ad.
dress at the annual meeting, suggested as a remedy for problems facing
tlie Vancouver General Hospital, the
im|>osition of a health tax as a premium for ptate health Insurance,
stating that the public, for the most
part, does not get the care it shoult
from the standpoint of health becaust
of the cost. He contended that the
remedy lay in state health insurance.
One premium, he averred, would do
for each family und entitle any member, in case of sickness, to freo caro
and hospital treatment. Dr. C. s. War
iren, Surgeon United States Health
Service, says "It Is; a significant fact
that no country that has enacted sickness Inhurance laws has ever repealed
them, but, instead, many countries
have broadened and strengthened
thcrr(." Those1 who have had the benefits of the health system of Gr*at
Britain, both patients and physicians,
would not willingly return to the old
system. Dr, Carr, medical secretary
<if the British Medical Association,
stated confidently not one Doctor In
ono thousand, who is doing nations)
Health Issurance work, would willingly go back to the old system. Of the
present system of caring for the sick
il Is batwly necessary to hpeak to
prove the case. The rich, of course,
can care for themselves; the utterly
destitute the'Government and Municipalities care fori; but what of tho
people between thehe two classes when
severe cases of sickness comes to
their homos? The present system, it
system It can be called, spells only
ruin and desolation to them. Prof,
Fisher, of Yale University, a great
authority on politfcal economy, says
"We conclude that health insurance Jn
tho United States is needed in Ordei
to tide the workers over the grave
emergencies incident to Illness, as well
ns to reduce illness Itself, lengthen
llfo, decrease poverty and Improve
working power. It will not bring tlie
Mfllennum, but there Is no other meos-
urt now before the public which equals the power of State Health Insurance   towards  social  regeneration.
Harrison Lodge
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn was
last season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs
The Junior Guild of the Anglican
Church met at th*1 homo of Miss Minnie Agassix, Saturday last, nine members being pireaent, Miss M. Agastls
and Mrs. Strang were In charge A
ren very enjoyable time was spent.
Refreshments were served, and the
children went home laden with lilacs.
Mr. and Mr**. P. A. Ashton, of Vancouver, have) been fishing at Harrison
Hot Springs for the past three weeks
and have been staying at the Deer
Lodge, which is veritably the sportsman's home. Mr. Ashton Is an expert
with the rod and has had some very
good catches, on. one occasion landing
a nine pound steel-head.
Mr. Paul Raakc has returned from
Harry Day's camp on the Harrison
Luke where he has been working all
spring. Paul Is taking a little rest
In order to recuperate from the effects of a fall he got a "hort time
ago, resulting In a bad bruise on the
left leg.
Mra. A. E. Ogllvio is confined to
her homo on account of Illness.
A Fountain Pen for* 50c. Jones the
George Ogilvlle left for Vancouver
to attend the graduating exercises
at the University, where the degree
of BA. will be conferred upon Mr.
Alvln Ogllvle and Mr. H. MacCallum.
Mrs. Archie Trenholm has returned
with her family, and, at present, Is
staying at the home of his parents.
Mr. A. McMcans, of the Dominion
Seed Branch, paid a visit to the Experimental Farm. He inspected registered seed and then proceeded to Chiliiwack.
Mrs. H. Steigenberger and Mrs.
Penny have just returned from a visit
o their mother Mra Kennedy. Har-
r'son   Mills.
Owing to an error In last week's
Issue, Mrs. Fred Whelp-ton's name was
left out of those who helped to nurse
Grannie Whelpton. She was with her
through all  her illness.
Mr; A. 8. Nlchol motored to Lald-
law accompanied by Mr. J. McRae,
M.P.P. who ls on his way to Ashcroft
and   Merrltt.
The local Institute will be pleased
to hear that the resolution they sent
down to the Provincial Convention of
Women's  Institutes   was   passed,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lovell have returned home after spending the week
end ot Dollarton. the guests of their
sons, Gorden and Cecil, and daughter,
Mrs.  Arthur Hay.
Tako al Kodak with you. Jones the
Mra Bently sen. ls visiting her son,
Mr. Leonard Bently, for a few days,
and on leaving here will visit her
daughter,   Mrs.   Lint,   of  Chiliiwack.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rhodes and
baby have returned home after spending the week-end at Dollarton, the
guests of their sister-in-law, Mrs. A.
Mrs. Wm Clarke served afternoon
tea to a few friends and neighbors,
amongst whom were Mr. and Mrs, A.
Jenkins, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Busselle.
Mrs. Mahf, Mrs. Neil, Mrs. T. Court,
Mrs. Harris nnd Mrs. Hocking. Dainty
refreshments wero erved bp the hostess and a most enjoyable afternoon
was  spent.
Mr. H. J. S. Matson and Dr. Hamilton, of Victoria, vlalted the Experimental Farm here this week. They
were guests of Mr, and Mrs. W. H.
Hicks durfng their stay while looking
over the stock.
Mr. Batterham, of Vancouver, Is
visiting  his daughter,  Mrs.  T. Court
Mr. C. R, Elsey, Vancouvo, who hn*
been taking the place of Miss Rankin
In the High School, she being on sick
leave, Is returning to Vancouver.
A Conservative Convention will be
held at Spence's Bridge on the 14th.
Mr, E. J, Webb has Jnst finished
tho re-arrangement of his store and
lias made a wonderful Improvement
hy installing a soda fountain with an
arch lending to a very nicely arranged
lee cream parlor.
General Carpentry in all its
Sash and Doors.
All Doors Mortised
Broken Glass repaired
Phone 44R P. O. Box 131
Water Colour Paintings
Animals a specialty
Ideal Weddintar Gifts or House
Box 172, Agassiz.      Phone 37X
C. Warburton Young
Alexander S. Duncan
Resident  at   MISSION   CITY.   B.C.
TEAM   AND   HARNESS.       Apply
Agassiz,   B.C
Mrs. Carroll, of Harrison Hot Springs
has taken over the Agency for the
"Splrella Corsets" from Mrs. Webb.
Perfect measurements guaranteed. All
orders promptly  executed.
Monday the 5th, when 25 teams were
working at the same time. Strange
to say, this happened to >be Mr. Mc-
Rae's 45th birthday. Practically every
farmer in the district turned out In
some shape or form to assist in the
good work, and the fine spirit was
ma'ntalned all through. The first
day those who came brought theli
lut.ch with them thinking Mra McRae would be overpowered. She would
not cciipUIw the matter, but .'nststod
a)l needed a good hot dinner. It wttfc
certainly a grand sight to see all the
men and teams on a perfect spring
day, full of life and vigor handling
about 40 acres a day. Rev. J. Dewar
and Mr. W. A. Joses took some Photos, and Mr. DeWar remarked that
he had never before seen manifested
such  a   public-spirited   feeling.
The Presbyterian Church came to
assistance with dishes, etc., which
was much appreciated, as there was
a big body of men and the tables wer«»
Mrs. McRae seemed quite overcome
by all the kindness shown her, and
remarked that it made her feel so
happy that she found It difficult to
find words to express her appreciation. The main thing was that word
had Just been received that Duncan
was doing splendidly  in  the   hospital.
Mrs. Morris, who was a resident
here some pears ago, Is visiting- Miss
Keene,   of the  Experimental  Farm.
One of the greatest Bee'B ever operating, perhaps, fn the history of the
Fraser Valley, was organized by Mr.
II. Tranmer and others to put In thc
crop and do all the spring work on
the farm of Duncan McRae, who was
taken ill about a week ago with ap-
ppndlcltls and taken to the Vancouver
General Hospital.
One of the first to go to the aid
of Mrs. McRae and the children was
Mr. J. B. Aitklns, who milked, attended to chores, etc., and was soon assisted by Mr. ' J. Dickson, Mr. Wm.
Hardy and others. Mr.- Hlcks, of the
Experimental Farm, sent a tractor
and disced all last Friday; others
sent teams and plowed, prepared the
seed grain, otc.    But the big day was
Mra; D. Lougheed and (little eon
Murrey, of Stave Falls, paid a lengthy
visit to her parents here.
A fine eight pound son was bo:n
to Mr. anl Mrs, Matherson on May 1st.
Mac Is a pretty proud man. Both
mother and son are doing well.
Mrs. F. B. Hutherlngton, of Grand
Forks, B.C., is visiting at Mrs. Acton
Kllby's for a  few days.
honors to una. wuraiox
We are happy to see Mr. Wilkinson
homo again and to know that he has
improved In health. Mrs. Wilkinson
certainly must have looked after the
cows ami chickens well while he was
away, judging from the amount of
eggs and Milk. M:*s. Wilkinson just
bent the record in Harrison for eggs !
On Thursday, the 1st May, the
Ladies' Aid held tholr regular meeting. There was a good attendance.
It was dedlded to hold a sale of work
and social on, May 16th at 7:30. It's
for a good cause. ,
, In May 1st, Mr. O. J. Duncan, Provincial Constablo, Mission City, paid
a Visit to Harrison Mills, The owner
of the land alongside Squakam Lake
sent in a complaint to the Government
that thc beavers were damming the
outlet and raising the water In the
lake, so damaging his land, The constable estimates the number of beavers at eight or more, and have built
two houses. The ownen of the land
Is Mr. C. B. Hoggans, of Vancouver.
The Sedan Taxi
Ready to take you regardless
of the weather
whether on Business or Pleasure
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
Typewriter Repairs
We repair all [maki-s of Typewriters at reasonable prices,
and our work is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Phone: Sey. 8194 Vancouver, B.C.
We sell Silo Equipment and Moie Plows, Threshing
Engines and Boilers overhauled ane re-tubed. General machinists and iron-workers. We manufacture
steel stairs, elevators and elevator enclosures, fire-
escapes, canopies, iron and wire guards, bank and
office fixtures.
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St. New Westminster, B.C.
noma S3 ani 113
Wanta 70V Xaaaraaoo Btuln.ii whathn It la l-lr. Xasnraao*, Anto-
mobll* Xaannnoa, Aceldant nn* Slckn.i. luannu, Mat* Olaa* la-
aurance, or u; othar Una of Insurance. .If It la Xunruo, m
writ* It, and ou quot. ron tho lowtat Bat*, obtalaabla ta
la tha Proline*, .w. havo fifteen -old aad triad" Xaanraae* Do'*.
William MoAdam ia ia your Biatrlot twleo a nd, aad will ha tint
to oall aad as. jou.
I-hona, writ*, or oall and a**
MS, OoHuaola sKr**t,  *T*w Wutmlaatn, a.0
Royal Laundry makes Great Offer
All can earnjmore outside thanfby doing their own Laundry-
work. We offer to do for every household by the NEAR-
READY WAY a whole week's laundry work—blankets
quilts, wearing apparel, table linen, etc., if 131bs. or over, at
rate of 131bs. for $1,00, Starched collars, etc., do not count
in this list.
Local Agency, "Gazette" office, Hammond
Harrison Hot Springs
The May meeting of Sir James
Douglas Chapter I.O.D.H. was held at
the homo of Mrs. Frank Bnker, Agta-
«lz, .First Vice-Regent Mrs. Harry
Fooks presided. Eleven members In
attendance. After tho general bnsl-
noss, a letter from the Hcgont wtis
discussed nnd pleasure expressed at
her again  being appointed Councillor.
Plans were made to hold a danco
at Harrison Hot Springs on May 21,
unless the ferry is out of commission,
in wlillch case it will bo held in the
I.O.O.F.   hall.
The Educational Secretary will In
tervlew the teachers in regard to the
most suitable time to present prizes
for the best essay on tho History of
Canada, to be competed for, at the
present time,, .by Mr. Morrow's and
Mr. Brown's rooms only. Hev. Jas.
Dewar, Rev. J. S. Turklngton and
Rev. G. Turpin have kindly consenttd
to act as judges.
The Women's Institute will bc *sk-
od to Join In serving Ice cream to tho
children on 23rd May, the same as
last   yiar.
Miss U O. Ellis, of Vancouver, wa»
a guest of the meeting, and with Mrs.
Buscllo asslted tho hostess aerve
refreshments, The next meeting wil.
he ut tlio home of Mrs J. Fo««ar<l
snuoBTi-ux, rmrarxoaT
Mr. nnd Mrs. Harvey Steigenberger
entertained a number of froinds at a
dance, Saturday last, In the Pavilion.
The music was (Tlvldcd between Mr*.
B. Henshaw, Messrs B. anl T. Donaldson and a gramaphone. Dancing continued until 12 o'clock, after which
the host and hostess served dainty
raWMLBB,   WA*OaCaUn»
ns Oran-rtll. dor. Xfakma M.
▼AiroovYsa, 1.0.


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