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Agassiz Record 1924-05-28

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No. 36.   Vol. 1.
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, May 28, 1924
$1.50 per year
For the Week End
Ice Cream Bricks
Take one home from
Sweet Shop
24th May Celebration
a Delightful Function
Tho 24th of May celebration was
ntU'iuk'ti hy ono of Uie largest crowd*
ovor Been in this pant of tho counlry.
At tho 10:30 furry there were no Ions
than ■III curs wait ins to cross the
Frnser, Jiiirl more than 100 ears crossed during the day. Some of theso
went to the Hot Springs to spend tho
rtuy camping, etc, The weather was
not very favorable tho first part ot
the day, as a cold rain fell in the
early morning, but towards noon the
sky cleared and the afternoon was
nice and warm. On account of the
weather.* some of the sports were held
back, the result being that they could
not be nulled off during the afternoon.
nnd are being held over until ,Tiin*>
3rd. Tho principal event oft (he day
was a baseball came between Dukor'a
Pets of Kitailano and the old Agassis
hull nine of 11120, tho BOOro being 18
to io in favor of Kits llano. The Agassis Central then played tho High
School,  tho result  hcing a win
Is the meant line n ring was lOpod
off on1 the grounds and some good
boxing was witnessed, The first wars
Tom Foley and Cecil MaoDonald, both
under 10 years Of age, Tliey put up
three fast rounds and caused much
amusement The little fellows wero
game, and though Cecil wan perhaps
a llttlo heavy for Tom, they both deserve credit. Cynol Foley cttino next
with .lack Stllson, and exhibited some
good boxing which was much appreciated. Clifford Walker was referee
for the youngsters, and Bill McGinttis
for   the   grown-Uflbout   The   next   tiling
willi'h oauHod groat amusement and
drew a good crowd was three young
plgS which were donated and Soaped
by the hoys from th Dominion Kxncrl-
meiit:i| Farm and turned loose to be
caught hy the hoys and girls, Mamie
MacCallum captured the one intended
for the girls, and Billy Sutherland
and Bobby McCaffrey tho other two
respectivtly. Du'rlng the hall game
Hr. McCaffrey's Cocker Spaniel seemed to have a great attraction for the
ball, he being Wt twice during- the
pame, once being completely knocked
out, but in the last analysis apparently
none   the   worse.
Hear   Galli-Curci   in   Agassiz.   Victor
Record  No.   629.    Jones  the  Druggist
Are you alive to this fact ? Have you a creed adequate for the time 3 ? The church has a message
to give you.
Sunday evening, at the Methodist Church, June 1st,
7:30 p.m., the Rev. G. Turpin will commence a
series of Sermons on "Adjusting Religion to a
Changing World."
1.—The Eternal Christ.
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from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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Agassiz goes on Map
in Public School Sports
The Public School Children on the
28rd had the thine of their lives tunning races during the afternoon. -'"
races ttV all were nun off, in which a
number Of 'be y°uth showed up us
coming sprinter*
The whole thing was staged hy the
teachers—Mr. Hugh, Brown, Miss Dorothy Laxton, Mrs. HJlsoy, Mr. Brown
wm, ably assisted by Miv. Elsey'shus-
hand, from Vnncouver.| who took an
active part.
The prizes wero procured from money collected hy the boys—one hoy collecting In each ward. Tbe Teachers
odded  a considerable amount,  enough
belni? collected lo make small cardi,
prizes for each mee. This was suffi-
c.'ent to make tbe children greatly
At the conclusion of the sports, the
Women's Institute and the I.O.D.R
Jointly supplied all the children with
ice cream, of which they had a goodly
supply, averaging three cones each
and  enough   over  for outside  children.
The Women's Institute was represented by the President, Miss Edith
Agassiz, and the Secretary, Mrs. A.
Jenkins ; the l.O.D.K. hy the second
Vice-Regent, Mrs. A. S. Nlchol, and
the Secretary, Mrs. C. W. Young.
The races were as follows :
Boys' race (6 to 8 years)—1 Silas
Graham, 2 Anthony Bou:tel, 3 Leonard
Girls' race (6, to 8)—t Elsie McRae;
2  Joyce  Crowhurst,  3  Lillie  Fong.
Girls' race (8 tolO)—1 Doris Stewart, 2 Elsfe Crowhurst, 3 Lillie Graham.
' Boys' waco (8 to 10)—1 Billy Sutherland, 2 Bob McCaffrey, 3 Boh Sutherland.
Boys' race (10 to 12)—1 Eddy Clark'
2  John  McCaffrey.
Boys' race (12 and over)—1 Walter
Nurse, 2 Adam Sutherland, 3 Pred
Girls' dosh (11 to 13)—1 Minnie Hay
i  Mtmal  Jacrjues.
Ouls' da^h*i03 and .over)-*-1 An#*l
UouWil,   '   Cerrfc ClrtpMn.
dills' dash (10 toi2)—l Ruth McRae   2 Phyllis Cnapun,
lie-ys 5-legged race (6 toS)—1 S-'iifid
Graham and Bo:> Wilson, 2 Lay Four
and Nlrman Green.
Gills' 3-legged race (8 tolO)— i -It-
llel McDonald and Nellie Dt : i ■ 1*
l-'u.tiitita  Inkman  and  Olive  Hun.
Boys' 3-Iegse<l race (10 to !2»--!
Harold McKltrick and Billy R ttlier-
Isiid, .! Don Stewart and Evan J   o >.'t't
i'.iIs* C-Upged race (9 io 11'--I
Zoe Bruce and Nancy Glendennlnr, 2
Gladys Hubbard and Flo:ence Hubbard.
Girls' 3-Ieggcd race (1 and Ivor)—
1 Winnie Hay and Rosy Lovell, 2 An-
gell   Bourel   and  Carr'e   Chaplin.
Boys' 8-legged race (12 and over)—
1 Wm. Moore and Clifford Clark, 2
Adam   Sutherland   and   Nlchol   McKoe.
Boys' sack race (6 to 8)—l Godfrey
Harper,   2   LOy  Fong.
Boys' eaekj race (8 to 10)— 1 Douglas   Sutherland,   2  Allan   McDonald.
Boys' sack race (10 to 12)—l Geo,
Stacey,   2   Evan  Probert.
Boys' sack race (12 and over)—1
Nlchol McRae,  2 Ormond Graham.
GP.ils* sack race (8 toj.0)— 1 Etsie
MoHoe.  2 Nellie Dennis.
Girls' sack race (10 to 12)—1 Nancy  Olendenning,  2 Gladys Hubbard.
Girls' sack race (12 and over)—
Betty Jenkins, "2 Iris Fozzard.
Wheel-barrow rnce •« to io)—l
Lawrence Graham and L'llle Dennis,
8 Godfitel Harper and Elsie Crowhurst
Wheel-barrow race (7 to ft)—IGeO,
Godfrey and Bob McCaffrey, 2 Wallace  Graham and  Ethel  McDonald,
Wheel-harrow race—l Cecil McDonn
dad Dorothy Chirk 2 Robert Dennis
nnd  Rosy  Lovell.
BoyB' pen nut race—1 Lawrence Graham,   2   Eric  Dennis.
Girls' peanut race—1 Elsie Cl'ow-
- hurst,   2   Ethel   McDonald.
Boys' cracker tlhd whistle race- -1
Nlchol   McRae,   2   Donald   MacCallum.
Glrla' cracker nnd fhlstle rnce—1
CaiTle  Chaplin,   2   Dorothy  Clark.
Sir  James   Douglas  Chapter   of   the
I.O.D.E.,  Harrison Hot Springs,   held a
dance    at    the    Hot    Springs on   the
evening of May 24th.
The pavilion was crowded and tlie
music was excellent under the direction of Mrs. R. Henshaw. Thc only
fault to he found was that being Saturday night, we had to close at 12
o'clock.Zlo   the   lament  of  everyone.
Tho Agassiz Athletic Association
and Baseball Club we:b well represented, aa well as out-of-town gUestP.
Thc weather, turning cold, aided the
dancers, but wns to tho discomfort of
tho crowd of campers1 at the Springs.
Tho Agassli AthletiO Association
held a delightful dance iu the Agricultural halt, May 28rd, which was
well patronized. Excellent music Win
rendered by Mra 11. Henshaw. Mr. O.
Bell or Deroche, and Mr. Evan Inlt-
ninn  of Chilliwaok,
A number of young people came up
on tlie evening train to attend, among
whom! were Mr. Raymond Fooks, Mrs.
C. Morgan, Miss "Jack" Horwell, Miss
Silvia Roach, Miss Millie Eaton, Miss
Eleanor DegneH, Mr. Stewait McPherson, Miss riper, Mr, G. Bell and Mr.
Garnet Ycomens, or Derooho, and
Evan   Inkman.
The hall was beautifully decorated
with flag.-;, balloons, bunting and the
AgassJa Athletic Association stroamei
An ice cream booth decorated the
oorno:t, which was very attractive,
Judging from the attention It received,
Mrfl. J. Fozzard and Mrs. W. A.
Heath assisting Uie boys, a delicious
supper  was  served.
One of the outstanding features ol
the evening was tlio prize waltz, Mr.
Harry Foods and Mrs. C. Morgan
carrying off the honors. Mrs. Morgan's .prize was a large box of chocolates, which she passed around the
hall,   everyone   sharing  in   the  treat.
The young people also were well
decorated  with   confetti,  etc.
Mr. Jack StUlson and Mr. Clifford
Walker were the social commit too,
and everyone stayed till 3 a.m., so,
surely enjoyed the evening.
MRS. PROBERT,  Proprietress
E. PROBERT, Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Har '" n Hot Springs.
The Agassiz Shoemaker
REPAIRS of every description
All Work Finished by
Latest Machinery
BOOTS a specialty.
E. D. Harrington
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Ice Cream
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New arrival of Moir's Chocolates.
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Mrs. G. Gillis & Sons
Mr. Booth and Mr. nnd Mrs. Quanee
of Vancouver, were visitors over the
24th, and in spite of the inclemency
of the weather, enjoyed some good
tennts in the hard jcouijt with tho
local players.
GENERATION after generation has mounted those steps and
entered that door, and still—although the original owners are
gone—the old home clings to its youthful appearance. The bride
and groom of yester-year, who made this their love nest planned
wisely. They saved and preserved by the use of paint, pther generations saw the wisdom of this, and today the old home stands as
a monument to those who not only built well but knew the economy of surface preservation by paint
has been in use throughout Canada for many
years as a surface protection against the elements of decay.
It is made to a guaranteed formula — 70%
Brandram's Genuine B.B. White Lead and 30%
Pure White Zinc, and will cover a greater
surface and give longer wear than any other
paint made.   It is the national surface saver.
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A Story of Romance nmi Adventure
of Western Pioneer Days
— nv —
alexanDeb d. Mcleod
rlu,; by S|)(
Willi the
einl Arrangement
tier rippling laugh af lii.s retort indicated that she appreciated the
humor of his allusion, "No," she
said, "while we are really horse]
thieves, and have been discovered by
lhe police with stolen horses in our|
possession, we trust to the paroled
honor ol' our prisoner, and the Bareness of our aim, to bold our captive
in subjection."
in this way they travelled three
dei']> during several miles of their
journey. They kepi up a spirited conversation that covered in its range
many topics of Interest. College
educated himself, Ronald found that
Ids companions' range of reading had
covered the works of all well-known
authors, which they were both able to
discuss with an understanding
intellectual grasp that surprised him?
Expressing surprise nt their umisual
accomplishments in lhat respect, heI
asked them bow it was. In reply Mr.
Fraser told him that, feeling lhe disadvantages under which they were
placed, by being so far removed from1
schools and oilier advantages for
their daughter, ihey^occupled the long
hours of the winter nights in reading
In turns to each other, and in discussing th*; wonts thej; read. He said
they found this mode of pastime very
interesting, and thus the loneliness of1
their home life In the lack ol neighbors and social advantages were large-
ly overcome.
This Interesting information height-!
ened his admiration for his companions. Ih ing of a studious and liter-j
ary turn of mind himself, their conversation proved to be of Intense in-
terest Id him, as his also seemed to
be entertaining to them. In this way
the otherwise tedious hours of the
long trip passed most pleasantly.
Gradually, as ihey advanced; lhe
deep blue haze of the Moose Mountains looming in the distance, and
blending more and more with the
green of Ihe vegetation, indicated lhe
progress they were making. Though
the sun was hot, a light, western
breeze swt eplng over the prairies added not a Utile lo the comforts of the
trip. By Ronald the weariness of his
Iwo days exertions was forgotten in
ihe pleasure be experienced In the
society of ihe young woman riding by
I Was Greatly Benefited by
Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Sydenham, Ont.—"I took your
medicine before my baby was born,and
il was a ureal help to me lis I was very
poorly until I bail started to take il. I
just felt an though I was tired out all
lhe lime and would have weak, faint
spells. My nerves would bother me until I could get little rest, night or day.
1 was told by a friend to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's vegetable Compound, and I
only took a few bottles and it helped me
wonderfully. I would recommend it to
any woman. I am doing what 1 can to
recommend this good medicine. 1 will
lend lhat little book you sentme to any
one I can help. You can with the greatest of pleasure use my name in regard to
the Vegetable Compound if it will help
others take it."—Mrs. HARVEY MlLLI-
qan, Sydenham, Ont. (
11 is remarkable how many cases have
been reported similar to this one. Many
women arc poorly at such times and get
into a weakened, run-down condition,
when it is essential to the mother, as
well as the child, that her strength be
kept up.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is an excellent tonic for the
mother at this time. It Is prepared
from medicinal roots and herbs, and does
not contain nny harmful drugs. 11 may be
\aken in safety by the nursing mother.
W    N.   I'.   1523
|his .side. Her sprightly bonring under the strain through which she bad
pnssed, and through which she was
still passing, Indicated a vitality that
seemed to surpass human endurance.
Showing no sign of weariness, she
kepi up her part of the conversation
wlib a vivacity and cheerfulness llml
was most surprising to him.
Toward tlie lad.' hours of lhe afternoon they reached lhe foothills ol Uie
mountains, Here, lu order lo relieve her mother's distress, she decided in gallop ahead, aud bo the flrsl
bearer ni' tlio itood news. Accordingly selling spurs lo her horse, she was
soon oul nl slghl over lho brow of tlie
first rldgo of bills. Within an hour
oi' her departure, Ihey reached tbe
house and soon had their horses
cornlled. Tlio; were assisted in this
task by a couple of young men from
the settlement, who, on learning ol
lhe kidnapping, had conic to ihe ranch
hi offer their assistance.
Through feelings of delicacy, Ronald
remained behind chatting   with   the
men, while .Mr. Fraser wenl Inlo tlie
house to rejoin    the    family.     Both
men. Ronald learned, were on transport   service   during   the   rebellion.
What interested thmi    chiefly   was,
however,    the    particulars  regarding
the abduction.     They evidently had
'mm  '     nrnjUiiMIW I Hi.-, events from,
jSli bi lure Ronald ar-'
■**ffte lo In ar more of lhe J
tHey endeavoured    to   make I
him their informant.    He accordingly
related the facts io them. !
Mr. Fraser. In due lime appeared at. |
the door nnd invited them Inlo thej
bouse. As Ronald entered the large
room, Mrs. Fraser, still showing the
signs of distress and anguish she had
suffered during their absence, arose
lo greet him. Taking his extended
hand Into boili her own she held It
clasped, while for a few moments, unable to find words lo express herself,
she scanned his face with eyes dimmed with tears of joy and happiness.
Composing |ierself, at last she said:
"Oh, Mr. MacRae, it was God's Providence that sent yon oil" way when be
did lo save our child! I cannot find
words lo express our deep gratitude
lo you for vlrat jou havo^ono for us.
But, I nm sure. God will reward you."
"Mrs. Fraser, it is sufficient reward
lor me to have earned your gratitude.
I was fortunate to have been in a posl-
ilon to give what help I could at a
lime whin I was needed. We were
fortunate In being able lo save your
daughter iu time before harm ^atl
overtaken her, and to have her
brought home safe lo you again. In
that itself I feel that I am well rewarded. What I have done, with the
assistance of Mr. Fraser, was only
doing a duty that ah>* other man
would h.ave done In the same position.
At the same time. .Mrs. Fraser, 1 thank
you for your most kind words."       *
"Mary has told me what she has
gone ihrough, and she feels more
lhan grateful lo you for what you
have done. It was a sore trial for us
while ll lasted, hut God lias been good
lo us in restoring our daughter to us
without harm. While we feel that
we shall nt-x^r bo able to repay you
for what you have done for us, our
gratitude and blessings shall follow
iiiu iii the years lo come wherever
you may be."
Deeply Interested, lhe only words
Ronald could Und to express himself
were: "ll Is kind of you In say Ihal,
Mrs. Fraser, and I shall ever bear Hull
fact In mind."     ,
As iho iwo strangers intimated Ihelr
Intention to sinning on their return
Inline, Mrs. Fraser persuaded upon
ihem lo remain for dinner, she
then proceeded Iii sel Ihe table and
niiike perpnrnllons for the evening
meal. The men. In ihe meantime,
sal around and engaged In conversation llll the dinner was prepared.
They had nol long lo wall, lor I lie
table sei io accommodate six, was
soon ready and laden Willi everything
lo tempi tho appetite. Arier Inviting them li, sli In, she went to the
stairway and called her daughter, who
was dressing lor the dinner.
Tlie few niomenls lhat preceded the
daughter's apperrance were exciting
minutes for Ronald, who had not yel
seen her decked oul In female garb.
He awaited In r appearance with a
rapidly pulsating heart, As she en-
lered lhe room, he Immediately arose
from bis chair at the (able and, stepping back, he drew oul tlie chair reserved fo:1 her on his lefl. As she
sat down she acknowledged his courtesy with a nod and, smiling, thanked
him, Too mentally oinfused to lake
note of her appearance, he sat down
beside her and carried out his pari
with sufficient composure to conceal
his menial agitation. Trained in the
art of tablo manners, and conscious of
common usages, he did hls'paTl with a
natural ease of .Manner Ihal attracted no attention from those around
htm, she. "io the manner born," responded with equal grace.
Mrs. Prasor, presiding al lho head
of llie [able .mil generous tu a fault,
pnssed the good things witli which
her table was supplied, and urged her
guests iii parliiko generously. This
iho appetising food tempted them io
dp without urging. Tho two si rung,
ers had a long ride ol twenty-Are
miles ahead of them befori   renchlng
their   l les   foi    the   night,   thero
was, accordingly, no pressing on them
lo prolong iheir slay. Before leaving, however, they Intimated lo Mrs.
Fraser that, judging rrom Ihe Interest
the people oi' their selllemenl were
taking In the disappearance of her
daughter, she need nol be surprised if
she should lime several guests for the
following   evening.    Slio   told   them
thill   she   would   be   pleased   to see   as
many of them as fell like coming. "Wc
have lots of room." she said, "we
shall be pleased lo eiiieriain them the
best we can."
Alter a refreshing bath In Hie cool
waters of tlie lake, Ronald was sii-oll-
ing along tlie beach in th" direction
nl' the house when Mr. Fraser called
him to conn and join Hi" family circle on the verandah. Here he had
the flrsl opportunity ol gelling a good
look at the young lady as she graced
lire family lire—the young lady around
whom his chief interest al the present
lime centred. As she sal In from of
Itlni, now daintily atllrcd in a muslin
frock, her nimble lingers deftly working on an intricate plei r embroidery, and at the same time keeping up
an animated conversation, (ids young
soldier, so lung removed from Hie social advantages to which he had been
accustomed, became deeper and deeper enmeshed In her attractive charms.
Her thick mass ol wavy brown hair
was neatly arranged wiih slight waves
covering tlie upper corners of her
forehead; thence It was drawn with a
wavy sweep along the sides of her
head, covering the ears, and gathered
in a neat broad roll al the back of her
head and neck. Her lull blue-gray
eyes, encircled by long curved dark
lashes, were overhung by dark slightly arching brows and a full Intellectual forehead. Her regular features
showed strength and refinement, lending a cast to her countenance that
would attract attention among many—
a face that would be noticed for distinction rather lhan for beauty. Her
skin, while showing evidences of
weather tan, still retained its natural
unruffled smoothness of surface. In
appearance she was the picture of
heallh and perfect physical development. She had that strength of carriage and poise that ls characteristic
of an athletic and active life iu lhe
Ronald took in these delalls of her
personal appearance while engaged in
conversation on general topics and
mailers of local and home interest.
This was kept till (he dusk of lhe
evening, when Mrs. Fraser suggested
retiring and taking a long rest in tlie
morning. This suggestion was readily agreed to by all three weary
travellers. They were all commencing to show signs of weariness, especially Mr. Fraser, who, as he sat
in bis chair, was yielding lo nature's
demand for sleep.
"Mr. MacRae." said Mrs. Fraser,
"your room is the one on the northwest corner at Ihe head of Ihe stairs.
I shall leave a lighl in it for you when
you feel like retiring. I hope that
you will enjoy a good rest, for I am
sure you will need it after all lhat you
have gone ihrough the past two days.
Goodnight all."
"Goodnight, mother dear," added
Mary, as she hugged and kissed her
mother affectionately on retiring.
Ronald was shown to his room a
short lime after this by Mr. Fraser.
It was one of four bedrooms inlo
which the upper floor of the house
was divided. While the room, whose
rustic walls were whitewashed, was
chiefly furnished with rustic handmade furnishings, evidently the bandy
work of Mi-. Frnser himself, It was
neat, tidy and clean, and as suggesllve
of homeyness ns lhe lower apartments nt th,- house. Winn particularly look bis fancy was Ihe while Immaculate!) clean linen sheets between
which he was to sleep—n luxury he
had nut enjoyed since he hail enllsl-
ed wiih Hie Queon'a Own Rifles at
Toronto four years before, and with
which regiment be hud served mull
selected, on account of Ills skill In
horsemanship, to act as scout in advance of the troops, II was a pleasing denouement in nn unexpected and
exciting two days' adventure, Ills
lasl thoughts as lie yielded to the
fatigue iluit was by now commencing
lo overpower his vital energies, were
of iho young woman—thoughts which
within lhe past Iwo days, had become
an obsession with him.
t'l'o be continued)
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7am Buk
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Darrell Figgis, a leading IndepOml-
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'   "Canada's Oldest Newsie" Dies
Thomas    Flaherty,    reputed   lo be
Canada's oldest "Newsie,"   anil   who
ed  the question of a separate Irish I for ;m odd years has   been   one   of
Free state currency, the Free Slate
having tlie right to abandon the British currency and establish one of lis
own. Then, seems lo be no general
public support for this view ai present.
Fort William's most picturesque
characters, is dead at the age of 83.
lie was a veteran of 21 years' continuous active service in Ihe Vm-
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^Ltaft***        THE ECONOMY iuv
"■" (Also in Packages 15* & 20t)
59 THE   RECORD,   AGASSIZ,' B.   C.
flrat-aid ta homa aanltatlan. Nothing equala it for clfaning out
alnki and drains, cleaning grraar
cooking nttniilt, keeping floor*
clean, etc. Get a can from your
grocer. It wlll MTt you Much
hard labor.
Production Of Natural Gas
Alberta   Second   Only  to  Ontario
Production of Natural Gas
Tho tolal production o( nalural gas
In the province of Alberia during I hi
year in:::'., according to returns madi
by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics,
was 6,136,260,000 cubic feel, in comparison with 5,SfiS,ia9,miO cubic feet In
1922. The province in this regard
ls second only lo Ontario, which produced In 1923 a total of 7,900,000.000
cubic feet.
The lotal production of crude
petroleum in Alberta In 1923 was 6.559
barrels compared with 1,525 barrels
In 1922. Natural gas is now in use
in four cilles iu Alberta.
A coninililee wns appointed in Lhe
House of Commons to Inquire Into the
subject of old n;,-c pensions.
Abolition of British duties on dried
fruits will have a Stimulating effect
on the fruit Industry or British Columbia, stales 11. s. Simpson, manager of the British Columbia Berry
ti rowers' Assoclaliou.
The Western Canadian hard COUt'ls
tennis championship will be decided
lit Regina, Sask.. Ibis year, it wirt de-
elded at 11 meeting of tho Manitoba
Tennis Association 'here, Play will
start on August 18.
General Armando Diaz has resigned
his post ns Minister of War for reasons of heallh. He wlll be succeeded by Oonoral Antonio 1)1 tliorgi.
lien. Ola/, was conimitnder-in-chlel' ul
lhe Italian armies lu the Great War.
.1. S. Woodsworlh, M.P. for Winnipeg Cenlre, E. W. Quppy and C.
Brown, wero selected to represent
Manitoba labor organizations at thu
British Commonwealth Labor conference in London, commencing August 18.
Tho Kingdom of lhe Netherlands,
j whose bankers at one time were lend-
t ers to the world, recently concluded
negotiations with an American banlt-
j Inig syndicate lor a $10,000,000 loan-
Its first external borrowing on a dollar basis.
Nearly half the people In Japan are
reached by electric lighting service.
bat yea cm Promote 1
—c _Cleaa. HeallbyCanstitlaa
lllD FVfNUseMurine Ere Remedy
'UKCTtO "Night and Morning."
Keep T«if Ryeo dm, Clear and Healthy.
Write for Free Ere Care Book.
Cigarette Papers
Large Double Book
120 Leaves /*
Finest You Can Buy/ 4_Mr
 S   V
Killed By Blood Poison
Used an old razor for paring his
corns. Foolish, because 25c buys a
bottle of Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor which for fifty years lias been
removing corns and warts without
pain. No failure if you use "Put
nam's. Refuse a substitute, 25c every
With the
Cream lief tin!
Fret Recipe Book-
Write the Borden Co.
Limited,  Montreal.
jiJUr every meal
A pleasant
aad agreeable
aweel and a
bcneltt aa
Good lo*
teeth, breath
and digestion.
Makes the
next cigar
taste better.
Making Theatrical History
Edmonton     and     Calgary     Register
Strong Interest in "Lightnin'i"
With mall orders pouring in and
other early indications of heavy at
tendance, thaf engagements of "Llghtnin"' In Edmonton the week of May
12 and in Calgary the week of May 19,
are expected to contribute inleresting
chapters to theatrical history in the
Canadian northwest.
When John Golden first planned to
send Thomas Jefferson, Bessie Bacon,
Charles E. Evans and a rPal all-star
cast on a tour of the principal Cana
dian cities, several of his colleagues
predicted dire results. The expense
of sending such an organization for
long jumps through a rather sparsely
settled section of tho country was regarded by older producers as precluding any chance for profit. But the
tour has been a brilliant success, financially as well as artlsllcaly. An
enormous gross was registered during the company's two weeks' engagement In Winnipeg and packed theatres
have been the rule in the cities since
visited.   •
During the Edmonton and Calgary
engagements tho usual Wednesday
and Saturday matinees will be played.
The Kmplre Theatre in Edmonton ls
now conducting Its regular box office
sale for the week of the 12lh and the
Grand Theatre, Calgary, ls filling mall
order for the week of tho 19lh.
There aro 600 varieties of seaweed
Iii Japan, most of which are used for
food or In llic.mnnufaeltire nf commercial articles, such as glass, lnsln-
glass and Iodine.
What do
other eyes see?
Ask and answer this question honestly
Your mirror can tell you what
other eyes sec—if you will consult it honestly, and honestly accept its judgment.
But you need not fear its verdict. Because unlovely skin need
not remain unlovely. Thc alluring youthful complexion Nature
gave you may bc yours /m/iiy.
Millions of women now follow
Ibis simple rule to keep the radiance and beauty of schoolgirl
complexion.  Vou can, too.
Just this
Cleanse the skill regularly, authorities say, to keep your com
plexion lovely, radiant, youthful.
But beware of harsh cleansing
methods.  They injure skin.
Wash thoroughly with
Palmolive Soap—each night before retiring. Rub the creamy,
foamy lather well into the thiy
pores. Rinse — and repeat- the
washing. Then rinse again.
Then—if skin is dry—apply a
little cold cream. That is all. Skin
so cared for is not injured by
cosmetics, by wind and sun, or
by dirt.
The simple, and correct uioy
You cannot find a more effective beauty treatment. Because Palmolive Soap is
blended of rare palm and
olive oils—famous for mild
but thorough cleansing Qualities
since the days of Cleopatra. And
it is inexpensive,
Be sure you get Palmolive —
which is never sold unwrapped.
All dealers have it. After even a
short period of this treatment'
you will sec a marked improvement in your skin.
Many now use Palmolive for
the bath —letting it do for the
whole body what it docs for the
Volume aud
produce 2Sc
duality for
Wiiiniprg Toronto Montreal
Palm and olive oils—nothing else—give
Nature's green color to Palmolive Soap.
All   Docking  Space  Leased
Every- available foot of docking
space In the harbor of Monlreal has
been leased for the 1924 season, according to a statement made by lhe
general manager of lhe harbor of Montreal. Applications have been received for more space than the harbor
commission possesses.
What Mothers Should. Do as Their
Daughters Approach Womanhood
If growing girls are to become well-
developed, healthy ' women, their
health must bo carefully guarded.
Mothers should not ignore their unsettled moods or the various troubles
that tell of approaching womanhood.
It is an Important time of life. Where
pallor, headache, backache or other
signs of anaemia are evident you must
provide the sufferer with tho surest
means of making new blood
Drones and Decadence
The Future Success of Humanity Lies
With tlie Workers
Only by overcoming obstacles does
ono acquire vigor, adeptness and self- j
reliance.     A youth misspent is a llfo
misspent.     Luxury Is  the shoal on
which the Persian and Roman civilisations foundered; and it was because
generations were born that knew not I
lho urge of necessity.     We must re-i
member that one who dies on a mattress of silken floss is as dead as one
who perishes on slraw.     The future
is to the workers.     When great fortunes begin lo breed Idlers they bo-
como 11 menace alike lo the individual
and the nation.—Los Angeles Times.
B.C. Apples Lead
The Canadian Macintosh Red apple
a native of Ontario, first propagated
by John Macintosh, or Dundas County,
ls lho champion dessert apple in tho
British Empire, so the judges at lho
Imperial Fruit Show which was held
at Manchester, recently decided. They
also stated that Cox's orange pippins
from Baalish Columbia are on the
whole the best of the 16 exhibits from
■ ss snseasiB>a» ^e»- nlon required.
Dr. Chase'* Ointment wlll renew you at once
and aBonl lasting bene 111 sou. a vox 1. all
dealers, or Xdmanwn, Bales * Co., Limited.
Toronto. Sample Box free 11 you mention tills
paper and enclose Sc. stain* to pay postage
Do not suffer
another day vita
I tolling, Bleeding, or Protruding Piles. Mo
stirtitoal oper-
Corns cripple lho feet and mako
walking 11 torture, yet aure reltof In
lhe shape of Holloway's Corn Remover
Is within reach of all.
The Late Sir Henry Lucy
Famoua "Toby M.P.," of Punch
Remembers Frlende tn Wlll
In the will of lho lain Sir Henry
Lucy, for many years the famous
"Toby M.P." of Punch, a provision ls
lnnile that at the anpual dinners of tho
Punch staff a box of cigars Is to be
passed to the guests to be smoked In
memory of the donor. The wlll sets
nsldc £100 lo be Invested and used for
this purpose.
Sir Henry left many bequests to
hospital and chailllcs In memory of
various relatives. Tho ealalo Is valued al £250,000, on which lho stale
lax amounts to £55,000.
W.   N.    U.   1523
Minard's Liniment for Falling Out of
;    Molhtrs can easily know when their
1 children are troubled with worms, and
they lose no lime In applying a re-
Remember, pale bloodless girls need   liable remedy—Mother Graves' Worm
plenty of nourishment, plenly or sleep,1 Exterminator.
and regular open-air exercise.     But j	
to save the    bloodless    sufferer   she
must have new blood—and nothing
meets the case so wffi as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. These pills Increase lhe supply of new, red blood;
they stimulate the appetite and relieve lhe weary back and limbs; thus
they   restore   health end charm, and | obtainable   from   the   Compensation
Industrial Payroll
The approximate industrial payroll
of the province of Alberia for lhe year
1923, including the mining Industry,
was $62,000,000, according to flgltres
bring lo anaemic girls the rosy cheeks
and bright eyes of strong, happy
You can get these pills through any
dealer in medicine, or by mall at 50
cents n box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
No clergyman of the Church of England is eligible to membership in the
House of Commons. If elected, he
must resign Ills position in the
church before he can lake his seal.
An Oil for All Men.—The sailor, Ihn
soldier, the fisherman, the lumberman,
the outdoor laborer and all who are
exposed to Injury and lhe elements
will find In Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil
a true and faithful friend. To ease
pain, relieve colds, dress wounds, subdue lumbago nnd overcome rheumatism, 11 Is excellent. Therefore, It
should have a place in all home medicines and be amongst I hose taken on
11 Journey.
Crocodiles grow quick!) for the
first few years of Ihelr lives; then
their rale of growth slows down lo
aboul one Inch a year.
Board of the Provincial Government.
Miller's Worm Powders do not need
the after-help of castor oil or any purgative to complete their thoroughness,
because they are thorough In themselves. One dose of Ihem, and they
will be found palatable by all children,
will end the worm trouble by making
the stomach and bowels untenable to
the parasites. And not only this, but
the powders will be certain lo exert
most beneficial Influences In the digestive organs.
Buy your out-of-town supplies with Dominion Express Money Orders.
A Beautiful
& Admiration
Ladies—A lew ds»l' treatment with
will do more to clean
up the skin than ,
the besury treat '
men's In crea
etion. An Imperfect complexion   It'
caused by 1
sluggish liver.      	
Millions ol people, old-yoane end middle see
ttke ihem for BillfllBneee. Dtssians. Sirs
Kiadacbe. (least Stomach and lei Jailoa.
moll aed Bloethi Skin.   Thti sad lbs
enlseri ol CoestipsdMi
tatiirUa-taull Dtie-lBaU Price
Clayey sot', Is unfavorable lo vege-
lallon because Ihe soil Is loo cluse and
adhesive to allow lhe free passage or
air or water lothe roots of the plants;
It also obstructs Hie expansion of the
fibres of lhe roots
An Oil that it Prised Everywhere.—
Dr. Thomas' Ecloclrlo oil was put
upon ihe market witimui any flourish
over flfly years ago. It was put up t"
meet the wauls of a small section, but
as soon as lis merits became known ll
had a whole continent tor a field, and
it Is now known and prized throughout tills continent, 'there Is nothing
equal lo ll.
Canadian Timber Industry
Important timber development will
follow the proposed extension of lhe
Canadian National Railways on Vancouver Island llils year. The main
line of Uie .National Railways on the
Island will be extended lo lap Important forests nnd a branch will be Installed to facilitate tho Bltrpmenl of
raw timber from lhe Important
t'owlchan Lake logging areas, one of
lhe largest liniber-proiliicins areas In
can s^WKMOriEY
USE YOUR  %i\     .       a
Money in Your Stocking!
Money in Your Purse !
Money in the Bank !
Act as our Agent.   SeltourB.&R, Superline
Hosiery to yourfrlendeynelghbours and
The work is ea<y. The Hood* sell themselves.
Any woman will at once recncni*c Hie Infill
ilualit v of B A B hosiery. This class of hosiery
is not generallyobtalnublelocnlly,  Therefore.
people are anxious to buy from our anents.
Housewives who need more ready cash,
.schoolgirls With hooks and tliesaea to hoy.
teachers, men or women, any one tan sell
H A It Hosiery and make money. At the same
time titey do a real fai-or to their customers,
Write To-day.
London       •       Ontario
The manufacture of lead Is among
the oldest and most Important of English Industries.
Mlnard'a   Liniment   for   Aches   and
■•. I for Bltddar CaUrrh. Hi. 1 ftr Hoe ti A
IklaDlMRMi. Ht.arorChrtnleWtaknMMi.
ftOi II OV I mitiM.t ilfH'S; . P»li I ti IROI AID 3t.
DP I K'.'l F»i   Wfrt Z.< III.-ritotkl-J S tt  )  i nne.a.
oi Mail SI r*ou Tl. Mom Si. Rasr. Toaos to,
oi   III    t,i-   Fall   Sinn   WMTi   MomRIaU JSSYIKABXt-B FAMILY LEAVING
Mr. Norman Cook, who made many
friends while conducting a meat
market i» Hammond, haa disposed of
his business on account of "l health
n\u\ will alio tly undorgo an operation. Hdh Impressions of B.C tvvo
so Bood he wUl later rostimo business
in some poaat town,
The War Memorial Service on Sun
day, a.Bti.>, will be hold, as last year.
in front <•!' tbe Mo in or in I obelisk. It
Ih hoped and expected that a very
large assemblage of tftlsena wilt
ituirk the occasion, Rev, Mr. Daly
will bo In charge.
Side light*, on a Great Industry
One Man in Every
Four a Lumberman
Any citizen who ls keeping posted
on affairs municipal wlll little need
to be told that the eiiuiieilnien we
helped to elect In January are proving the merit of their selection by
acting in the light of plain, common
sen.se and  unselfish administration.J
Their acts speak for themselves
and it nlnne behooves every settler
and citizen to see that he keeps alive
to the progressive measures being
Without prejudice it may be said
that this year's representatives are
working   of   and      for   the   people.
While quite unintentional to en-
large upon their altruistic service
we may refer to their active internal
in the McKechnle road matter—safe
to venture, within a year egress and
ingress will be the contented acquisition of the people of "The Camp"
anil Port Haney and—civilization.
When, too, the council decided
that where two teams could spread
gravel as well as a tractor and about
as cheaply the former should get the
work—if not. why not?
The council is studying the citizen's interests. They deserve the widest support.
Mrs. M. J. Stoltze and Mr. Alex.
Stoltze have returned to Vancouver
last week after spending the week
with Mr. and Mrs. A. Stoltze.
Mrs. V. Larson has had as a recent guest Mrs. Ronald Parker of
Mr. W. Macdonald has returned
home after spending the past two
weeks in Vancouver. «■
Those who attended the Tulip
Festival in Bellingham were Mrs.
Jamieson and family and Mr. and
Mrs. A. Stoltze.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Akerley, Mr. Oor-
dan and Ernest Akerley, Miss James
and Mrs. R. Parker motored up from
Vancouver on Sunday last.
Mrs. Guy Pessenden and Miss Ruth
and Donald Pessenden of Eburne
spent last week-end here.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ealing of
Stave Palls and Miss Williams motored to Sunins on Sunday before
Mrs. II. Pelkey and Mrs. V. Larson wero passengers to Vancouver
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. Garrett, who
leave shortly for Atlin, where Mr.
Garret is manager of the C. P. R.
hotel for the summer months, were
the guests of honor at a farewell
parly given by a number of their
friends on Saturday night and were
presented with a handsome club bag.
A delightful lime was spent with music, cards anil dancing. Piano selections were given by Mrs. Miliiken
a ml dainty refreshments were served.
Those Invited were Mr. and Mrs. H.
Pelkey, Mrs. Miliiken, Mrs. En-
wright, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs.
Wayne, Mr, and Mrs. II. Langstroth,
Mr. and Mrs. Ball, Minnie Ball, Albert Thorslcnsnn, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr, anil Mrs. H. Stoltze, Vancouver; Mr, and Mrs. O. Hcssenden
and Rut li Hcssenden, Eburne; Mr.
and Mrs. Rogers, Mr. nnd Mrs. II.
Porter, Mrs, IB, J. Stoltze ami Alex,
stoltze of Vancouver, Mr. and Mrs.
E. Jamieson, .Mr. C. Sobey, Mr. and
Mrs. Melville. Mr. Stroud, Mr. and
Mrs. Macdonald, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Stoltze, Miss iM, Sobey, Mr. and Mrs.
Illiihi-rli'.v, Mr. and Mrs. V. Sloltze,
Stave Pulls; Mr. Penn, Mr. Lang,
Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. V. Larson,
.Mr. anil Mrs. Mills, Mr. Geo. Johnston, Mr. A. Lowery, Mr, Lurlo, Mr.
C. Dunn, Mr. ('. Minis, Mr. Newton.
Mr. Iiiiltiiii, Mr. Thompson, Mr. 10,
damage, Mr. It. Cook, Mr. A. Patter-
son, Mr. I). McGregor, Mr. C. Illa-
berty, Mr. It. Parker, Mr. McLennan,
one man in every four in British
Columbia Is exclusively engaged in
somo actual process of logging, manufacturing; or selling B.C. wood product!!, according to figures based on
official   Industrial  estimates.
in other words, if a lumberman Is
a man who makes his living out of
tlie produce of a log. then no less
than twenty-five per cent, or the entire muh- working population of British Columbia comes under that category.
There are between '10,000 and 41.-
Olltl men employed hy the i 620 concerns handling B.C. wood either In
its raw state or one nf its numerous
manufactured forms.
This army of workers may he classified as follows: 111,111(1 in thc logging Industdos, 16,800 In tho plants
converting forest products, 2,200 lu
selling either the unmanufactured oi
finished materia,, and 2,300 solely occupied in Its transportation to the
ship's  side  or the  freight car.
Taking at least one-third of tills
g.'eat group of workers to lie married
men witli wives and families, one
comes to realize what a large proportion of the manhood, womanhood
and childhood of the province lOok.
to the timber industries of B.C. for
a  livelihood.
It la quite reasonable to estimate
that the wage-earners of the timber
industries and theln dependents comprise one-fourth of the entire population of the province, and so actually outnumher the inhabitants of the
city  of  Vancouver.
Tim govornmont dredge Is busy
working on thu Wilson rnail, Yenn
alien. This work haB, of necessity,
caused this road to bo closed, perhaps, for a week or two. The mall
innn Informed me lhat while llils
road Is closed the postal authorities
have ordered lhe service cut down to
throe deliveries n .week, calling at
yennftden Tuesday, Thursday nnd
Saturday, ami lhe Townllne. Black
sinck ami Best roails on Monday
Wednesday and Friday,
Much road Improvement is taking
place, The Trunk highway is certainly getting its share.
Th" government of the day ls extremely busy on the River road. Yes,
llierc Is lo lie a general cloclloii soon.
We. hear there is going to he soinu
further business changes at Haney.
Rumor has It that our most gonial
assistant poslmaster, Mr. Tom linker, Is eoiilumphilliig going across the
way to lhe poolroom. Wo nil wish
him the best nl luck, and, no doubt
he will find the change quite beneficial.
Mr, MeOlnnls is making great
headway witli ihe CoriwrtSfolal Lumber Company's new wharf. He certainly knows how.
Council Meeting
Continued   from   front   page
Ipiulty offset other charges nnd
hat he really was the cheaper tender, but tailed lo convluce, Some
1000 gallons were used last year to
ill the roads—insufficient, some
II was resolved lo ask tho gov-
irnmeut io oil Ontario street.
The Reeve, councillors Brooks
and Host were 111:1110117.011 to gel a
galvanised tank distributor made ti'
sprinkle the oil If the price suited
and fit it on a municipal truck.
Cnun. llesr urged Ihal the ferry
question between Hammond anil
McAdum's Landing on l.uugley sidn
of lhe Frnsor iltlver be kept ullve.
The clerk alluded to the agitation
at Mission for bridge communication
with Matsqitl and suggested that if
It succeeded the ferry might be
brought down to Hammond.
What Dime Ke Kerry'.'
ll was resolved to write Langloy
council inquiring whal was being
done lu regard to the proposed ferry
and expressing Maple Ridge's willingness  to  co-operate  iu  its estah-
The school children of Albion are
certainly looking forward to the big
day, May 24. and surely It's something to look forward to, for these
nre the events that live long in our
memories ami to make this gala
event successful let us grown-ups
carry the slogan right through:
"Everyone bo a kid for that day!"
The raspberry crop this year ls
certainly going to be pretty thin. It
iiicins (is If the canes planted In the
heavy clay soil have suffered most.
We feel sure that the extremely
mild winter Is the main cause as the
borer weavil has been busy all winter on the canes which accounts for
«o many of the canes dying oft when
Just starting their foliage. We feel
sure if any one Who has canes like
those mentioned will find the borer
on examination. The blackberry crop
Is going tn bc a "stand by" this
Mrs. Mnnzer, school teacher, ls
certainly to bo congratulated on the
fine standing of her pupils and although this Is only a one-room
school wllh many different grades to
tench, Mra. Mnnzer may Justly feel
proud of not having a backward
scholar. Wc believe Albion school Is
the  only     one In  the   municipality
Advertlsamanta In this oolwna mut bt
liahment In any way
The Reeve brought up the matter' gr. -„", n0 j^ „•;,„'„„-
of sgnaising     their   50th   year  of       Mr,   j    Bd      „„,,   Mlas   M    M„r
municipal   Ife   and   Conn.   Best  ex-   r,g hftva k|mUy oon8ented t0 „,,,„,.
nte at the Albion refresh men t  table
on   lho   24th,   Saturday
Tiiis series of articles communicated by the Timber Industries
Council   of   British   Columbia.
If you enjoy a e.ood thrill grab yolh
hat and mako a beo line to see
"Bright Lights of Broadway." Emo-
liiiii, thrills, tears, smiles, sighs and
suspens e arc handled in a masterly
manner by Webster Campbell, lhe director, a past-master in tlu- nil of
iiinking screen successes. And such a
,'.'ii-1 lie lias enrolled 1 Harrison Fot',1,
li.i's \vnyon, Lowell Sherman piny
the leads, ably assisted hy Edmund
Breeso, Tyrone Power, Kfl'lo Shannon asd Charles Murray, and also for
the first in pictures he presents the
entire Beauty Chorus of the New York
IHplioiL-otiie and the sixteen "Tiller"
girls rrom the famous ZlOgfeld "follies," who add beauly ond vivacity
in the wonderful cabaret scenes.
"Bright Lights of Broadway" tells
the story of a young girl born and
raised In a small country town who
leaves her home and locates In New
Vork filled wllh ambition to climb
Ihe tiwldcii of fame. Tho story as unfolded on tlie screen abounds in real
ontortalnment,    The .Mermaid  comedy
"Kilt I'ni'sar" is one continual ronr
nf   Inughlcr,   while   lhe   AolOp   Fable
oarloon is up t<, ihe high standard sot
hy Hi" nrllsl Paul Terry. Seo Oils
big  programme   Thursday, .May   20th,
pressed a keen desire lo celebrate
Quotations from the first minutes
nf Maple Rldgo showed Iho late Mr. |
W. Harris Pitt Meadows Reeve and
the cost of the Initial election as
This led to a panegyric on    tho
good old times when whisky was $1
a bottle and councillors greatly lm
proved rode home astride of oxen.
Aimed> With Permits.
Councillors Blois, Owen nnd Gamble were armed with fire permits to
be issued during the close season nn
sood cause being shown, likewise it
wns Intimated    to the Chief    Constable and    Municipal  Clerk    were
empowered to grant similar permits.
The controller of machinery was
authorized  to equip a truck    with
patent air cushion tires.
The readjustment of boundaries
of Wards 2 and 3 at Yennadon so as
to Include that community In one
division was postponed until next
meeting. The object is to giVe Yennadon a more influential voice in
An amusing letter from Mr. A.
Spokes, Ruskln, was read, claiming
?5 for herding his cows and lose of
milk owing to the condition of the
Whonnock Creek bridge. Mr,
Spokes alluded to conferences with
a secretary of a wheelbarrow brigade who had promised to remove
an obstructive tree and his wonder-
ings with his cows trying to get them
ovor the bridge. He asserted that It
took one councillor to get the road
graded, ijnother councillor to get
the bridge built and a third to make
the approaches—the last three years
to do it in. If thoy could not fix the
bridge so as to make It negotiable
for driving horses and cattle over it
he implored tliein to send someone
down to burn It.
The Letter Wns Filed
The PubJIc Works Department
agreed to allow the time for payment
of $1500, the council's contribution
to secondary roads, to be over until
ai  ih"  Hammond  Thoatro,
Tlrls evening Maple Rldgo and Ham.
mond again contested tiie gnmo about
which thero appeared somo little
liniiiit. Mr. Goo. Sayors umplrod, and
lho result went 7 to 2 favor of Maple
Rldgo. Tho garni, was played nt
Mr. 11, Mndlll's can took tlio Hammond fans to tho grounds,
Don't forget the dance In tho
evening. Mr. Warner is doing his ut-
modl to have this dance the best of
the season.
Pitt Meadows
The Municipal Council duly held
Its regular monthly meeting. The
Reeve and all councillors present.
The tenders fpr the Harris road
bridge across the Lillooet were in
order of cost as follows: M. Finlay
Vancouver, $5553.85; Fraser River
Pile Driving Co., $6032; W. Green
lees, Vancouver, $7259. The tenders
have been forwarded by the council
to Victoria Public Works Dept. without recommendation.
Mr. T. J. Drain replied to a letter
asking in the name of economy that
he would terminate his appointment
as Police Magistrate on payment of
six months' salary In June. The re
ply was that Mr. Drain noted con
tents antl thanked the council for
their courtesy. Queery, has he resigned? It is an appointment from
the Department of Justice and not
from the council.
Pioneer Called
The funeral of Mr. Donald Mac-
tavlsh, lather of Mr. Duncan Mac-
tavish, one of the best known
farmers in the district, took place in
Ocean View cemetery, Vancouver.
Inst week. The deceased was 85 yean
of age und a native of Ontario anil
accompanied his father to Kincnr
dine, Bruce County, when he was
nine years of age. The old gentleman wns a highly successful man
and very greatly esteemed.
Haney W.I. wishcei to Invite all iis
members to intend tlie Memorial service  on   Sunday at  2  p.m.
Good reliable  Mare, about  1200 lbs.,
also Buggy, Harneaa and small Wagon
Apply J.   ABBOTT,
Mvor  Road,  Port  Hammond.
to    Cold    Storage   Plant  at   Haney.
For  lia.'tlciilars  see   Hesretary   Maple
Ridge  Fruit  Growers   Assn.
ONE MARE,   7  years,  1600llis.
or  part  stock  payment.
D.   A.   CURRIB,
It.lt.  No.   1,  ChllHwack,  B.C
Phone  14-F
roa mm
HEAVY TEAM. condition tip-top
See Ihem Mn.aj lllli, at my home,
Dov/dnoy road, 4 miles west of Stave
L.   O,   WAY.
YOUNG PIGS, pedigreed breeding
stock.   Duroo-Jorsey   and   Berkshire.
H.   K.   HANWELL.
Phone  24-X Hampton   Rond
Carman.    $.10 per ton.    $1.50 per sack.
Also   young   pigs.
Phono   24-M Port   Hammond.
GOOD     HEIFERS,   duo   fo   freshen,
Jersey  and  Jersey-Holstein.
Phono 32-M      Blackstoek road, Haney.
SEED POTATOES.—Three tons of
Scotch Champion seed for sale. $2.00
per  sack.
potators roa bale
Excellent   Eating   Potatoes   $30   per
ton ;   $1.60  Per  sack
Phoae  >7-F Hammond
SEED   POTATOES.    Carmen's   Prolific No.   1.    Also Money Makers.
140 per ton, $2 per sack.
Phone  37-F Hammond
roa mm
FRESH COWS.  Holstein  and  Shorthorns. Apply
Phone   Hammond   15-F
Ford   Road,   Pitt  Meadows
Rawleigh's Products
We call on our patrons and supply Veterinary Supplies, Extra
Toilet Articles, Spices, Medicines
Genl. del. Mission City, or
Gazette Office,
Hammond, B.C.
. .    HAMKOND   BASEBALL   TIES,    . .
Hammond has lately bees playing
possum, and on the 21st met a second
check. Its team Is now off to a
complete turn around. Let's follow
tho   tally,   which   now  stands:
Hammond    3      1      750
Fraser   Cafe        2      1      666
Port   Moody          2        2        COO
B.   C,   Mfg ,....    0        3       000
Tin- members of the Ancient Order
of United Workmen always distln-j
guisli llii-niselvi's In any function they
nffi'i', bin ilieli- last annual dance, ro-
oontly In-lit, "nslly look banner place
Equally and exceptionally good wore
111" evening. Hi,, ntlciidnnce and thi'
music. Youtr and ngi ollko had n
most delightful  tlmo.
Tro oommlttoo in ohargo consisted
of Messrs. l.angion, A. Molvor (M.C.)
li. .1. MoFarlano, W. Molnroy, nnd w.
K. Taylor, aits certainly Ihelrs the
Inst word duo for efficiency nnd
success. Tin's,., performing splendidly tholr part, doslro to thank all who
look part, ospoolally tho lady members who so cheerfully supplied such
nn excellent quality and quantity of
P.*Oi'£C.iO.N ACT"
R.S.O.,   Chapter   115.
Monday, May 26, Wobstor'sj Corners at 8 p.m.
Tuesday. May 27, Fossett Hall,
Hammond, at nt p.m.
Wednesday, May 28, Agricultural
hall, Haney, at 8  p.m.
gives notice thnt it has, under Section 7 of the said Act, deposited with
the Minister of Public Works al Ol
tuwa, and in tlie office of tlie District Roglstiiar or the Land Registration District of Now Westminster, a
description of the site ami plans of
Booming Ground in the Fraser River,
In the Dlstniet of New Westminster,
In front of Lots 1 to 10, Inclusive,
of Section 12,  Block 5  North,  Range
I    West,   niul   Lots   1    lo    8,    Inclusive
nnd   10   to  12,  Inclusive,  of Fractional
Section   i»,  Township  li,   E.c.M.,  Now
Wostmlnstor  District,
AND TAKE NOTICE  that nftor the
oxpimtlon of one ti) month from thi
date   of   Ihe   first  publication   of  this
ntiltee,   Abernolliy   Loilghoed   Logging
Company,  Limit,id,  will,  under Section
7 or tho said Act. apply to tbo Mints.
tor of  l'uhllc Works at hlH orrlec  In
tho  City  of Ottawa,   for  approval   of
tlie said  site anil plnns and fur leavo
to construct the said Booming Ground
DATED   at   New   Wostmlnstor,   B.C.
this  23rd  day of A null,  A.D.   1924.
por  G.   O,   ABEUNETHY,
Score tary,
An Interesting report of tho Liberal
Convention    Is    unavoidably    crowded
out  of  this  Issue.
I Have all kinds of Vegetable and
Flower Plants this Spring.
Good Selection  of Perennials
Ontario Street   , HANEY B.C.
T.isse Maj'c Boots of Old
The seveu-leiigue boots w.ore tie
work of an Imaginative mind, AVh>
could ever expeot to walk seven
hagues In a .single  step?
Tlio nto;y of the flcven-longuo boots
\vaa writ ton in tho days long before
thu* present time with its great possibilities. These days there Is no need
for such wonderful steppem There
Ih tho telephone It is no effort now
to talk it hundred Union seven leagues
Tho world Is virtually nt ono's door.
This ago of wonderment i« bawd, too,
on Imagination, but It Ik Imagination
plus practical experiment nnd groat
British ColtimbiaTelephoneCo
Prime Steer Beet.
Veal Pork Mutton
j'',   Pork Sausages,
Port Hammond #
Provincial Party of British Columbia
A   Clear,  Courageous,   and Sincere Program for the
Salvation of British Columbia.
The Provincial Party Platform
which Mr. H. R. Smith swears to uphold:
Plank No. 1.—Provide a strong, efficient, business administration.  Resolution No. 53.
Plank No. 2.—Exercise the strictest economy
with a view to reducing taxes.   Resolution No. 1.
Plank No. 3.—Abolish the personal property
tax.  Resolution No. 3.
Plank No. 4.—Reduce the number of members in the legislature. Resolution No. 4.
Plank No. 5.—Cancel the increase of salary and
indemnity, voted by the present members and
ministers; discontinue the sessional allowance to
salaried ministers.  Resolution No. 5.
Plank No. 6.—Abolish political patronage in all
forms.  Resolution No. 6.
Plank No. 7.—Award public contracts (after
proper advertisement) to the lowest tender complying with requirements; bids to be opened in
public; cost plus system to be discontinued. Resolutions No. 7 and 8.
Plank No. 8.—Require the filing of certified
lists of all campaign coi#ributions. Resolution
No. 9.
Plank No. 9.—Make a survey to ascertain the
true financial standing of the province. Resolution
No. 10.
Plank No. 10.—Establish independent audit by
chartered accountants, of all public expenditures;
publish financial statement annually. Resolution
No. 11.
Plank No. 11.—Establish freedom of individual
members in the legislature by abolishing the
abuse of caucus. Resolution No. 12.
Plank No. 12.—Fill vacancy in legislature within three months of its occurrence. Resolution
No. 13.
Plank No. 13.—Prohibit members of legislature
or their firms doing business with the government. Resolution No. 14.
Plank No. 14.—Reorganize the agricultural department so as to give special attention to distribution and marketing of all farm products. Resolution No. 15.
Plank No. 15.—Equitably adjust charges
against agricultural lands specifically pledged for
public utility works; including Sumas, Soldiers'
Settlements and similar land schemes of the Oliver
government.   Resolutions No. 16-20.
Plank No. 16.—Irrigation: Inquire into and
report on the problem of irrigation by a board, the
majority of which will be bona fide irrigation
farmers. Resolution No. 17.
Plank No. 17.—Agricultural Credits Act: Revise the Agricultural Credits Act to provide long
time loans for farmers.   Resolution No. 15.
Plank No. 18.—Soldier Settlers: Meet representatives of soldier settlers to determine their
disability with a view to granting relief by legislation.   Resolution No. 18.
Plank No. 19,—Colonization: Adopt an active,
comprehensive and intelligent colonization policy,
limiting settlement to land classified as agricultural, and located within reasonable distance of
lines of transportation.   Resolution No. 19.
Plank No. 20.—Homesteads: Abolish provincial charges on timber cut from pre-emptions.
Resolution No. 19,
Plank No. 21.—Make eight hours the legal
working day for manufacturing industries i anything over that to be overtime. Resolution No.
Plank No. 22.—Insert standard wage scale in
all government contracts.   Resolution No. 22.
Plank No. 23.—Encourage the settlement of
labor disputes by conferences and arbitration.
Resolution No. 23.
Plank No. 24.—Medically examine persons preparing food for public consumption. Resolution
No. 24.
Plank No. 25.—Investigate health insurance on
a contributory basis, and make better provision
for the care of aged and indigent. Resolution
No. 25-26.
Plank No. 26.—Demand from the federal authorities action to stop Oriental immigration. Resolution No. 27.
Plank No. 27.—Withhold naturalization from
Japanese and all others who can pledge only a
hyphenated allegiance to Canada. Resolution
No. 27.
Plank No. 28.—Take all possible steps to prevent the further owning and leasing of lands by
Orientals.   Resolution No. 29.
Plank No. 29.—Use every endeavor to prevent
Chinese invasion into our mercantile life. Resolution No. 28.
Plank No. 30.—Tax net profits only. Resolution No. 30.
Plank No. 31.—Encourage prospecting; discontinue mineral reserves; stop wM-catting. Resolution No. 30.
Plank No. 32.—Restore the confidence of mining investors by repealing un-British legislation.
Resolution No. 31.
Plank No. 33.—Give special attention to the
industrial development of the province, and take
such steps as may be found necessary to secure
the influx of capital for this purpose. Resolution
No. 32.
Plank No. 34.—Enforee strictly and impartially the liquor law, Replace the present liquor
board with an independent business commission
directly responsible to the legislature, and not to
the government. Administer the law primarily
not for profit, but for the promotion of sobriety;
and refer any change in the principle involved in
the present law, to the electors on an issue clearly defined and at a time when the maximum vote
thereon may be obtained.   Resolution No. 33.
Plank No. 35.—Appoint a non-partisan Royal
Commission (preferably with one of the chief
justices of B, C. as chairman) representative of
the different interests of the province and charged with a full investigation of the P. G. E. Railway and its possibility of completion ami successful .operation as originally planned; with full
power to call in experts or other assistants required; to report to the legislature and assist it
in determining what is to be done with the property, in the best interests of the people as a whole.
Resolution No. 34,
Plank No. 36,—Impress upon the federal government the urgency of carrying out its transportation pledges to the settlers in the Peace
River Block.   Resolution No. 35.
Plank No. 37.—Appoint an honorary non-political commission to administer our game resources ; devote license fees to developing this asset; limit trapping licenses to resident British
subjects.   Resolution No. 36.
Plank No. 38.—Continue in employment capable officials irrespective of their political affiliations; recognize promotion within the service;
abolish patronage in appointments; and give preference to disabled veterans. Resolutions 37-38-
and 39. •
Plank No. 39.—Urge federal legislation extending the use of the lash to all drug peddlers and
not alone to those selling to minors; press for the
more vigorous enforcement of this and the deportation penalty; and co-operate with the other
western provinces to establish hospitals for drug
addicts.   Resolution No. 40.
Plank No. 40.—Export of Logs: Take every
reasonable step to prevent the export of unmanufactured timber.   Resolution No. 41.
Plank No. 41.—Municipal Conferences: Call
conference without delay with municipal representatives to adjust difficulties with municipalities.   Resolution No. 42.
Plank No. 42.—Educational Survey: Make immediately a business and scientific survey of the.
provincial educational system.   Resolution No. 43
Plank No. 43.—Transportation Rates. Use
every effort to equalize freight and express ratca,
east and west; to prevent their increase; and to
promote shipment of grain by the Pacific route.
Resolution No. 44.
Plank No. 44.—Fisheries: Secure if possible
provincial control of fisheries in the hope of conserving this most important asset. Resolution
No. 46.
Plank No. 45.—Highways: Complete the missing links in the provincial highway, and assist
colonization and development roads. Resolution
No. 47-48.
Plank No. 46.—Appoint a woman member on
the Mothers Pensions Board.   Resolution No. 49.
Plank No. 47—Land Titles: Simplify, safeguard
and stabilize land titles in B, C. Resolution No.
Plank No. 48—Water Powers: Conserve water
powers in future for the public. Resolution No.
Plank 49.—It is the sense of this convention
that the Provincial Party, in the event of its being in tho minority in the House after the next
election, will not unite with either the Conservative or Liberal Party.   Resolution No. 52.
Plank No. 50.—The one and all important policy of the Provincial Party is honest, economical
and efficient government in the interests of the
general public, and all other planks and convention resolutions and policies are subsidiary there
to,   Resolution No, 53.
The above platform put into force will bring back prosperity to British Columbia.
It will bring our sons and daughters who have left for U.S.A. back again, and those considering going away will remain with us. It will give the idle work and will give the farmer
and the employer and employee alike an incentive to work instead of being crushed by
the present political machines and taxation. A vote for the Provincial Party Candidate-
Mr. HAROLD R. SMITH-will be the first step in the right direction.
As a resident among you in Dewdney, Mr. Smith's interests are your interests, and his
record is unquestioned, and you can safely trust him to fight the good fight for right.
Donated by a Labor Admirer. THE   BECOHD,   AGASSIZ,   B.   C.
TEA. "is good tea
Folks who want the very best use
Salvage Work  Difficult
Gold Bars Still Being Taken From
Wreck of Laurentic
There tiro now only Iii I bars or gold
worth ? 130,000 on the wreck of tho
Laurentic, which was sunk (luring tho
war, ami the salvage ship Racer will
shortly endeavor to recover this, said
Commander G. C. C. Daman, in the
course of a lecture at the Institution
of Mechanical Engineers, London.
Four boxes of gold weighing 110
pounds each were recovered in such
short time when the work started
that it seemed as if operations would
be finished in a week. A fierce gale
sprang up, however, and the wreck
collapsed, malting salvage work very
difficult Of the 3,211 bars which
weni down wllh the ship, 3,057 have
been recovered during operations extending over six summers al a cost
of two and one-half per cent.
I New Fox Farm
Making the third organization of iis
'kind in British Columbia, the Cam.
j dian Blue Fox Farms Limited, has
i been Incorporated with provincial
charter and a capital of $125,000. Tho
j headquarters of the new organization
i Will be In Vancouver.
Pine Air is Good
For Catarrh, Colds
Dwellers In pine foresls never
have colds, never know tlie meaning
of Catarrh. Upon t Ills [act is bused
"CATAIIRHOZONE," which sends
inlo the lungs and nostrils the healing
balsams and soothing antiseptic ol the
pine forest.
The heallh-laden vapor of
"CATARRHOZONE" subdues Ihe
worst of coughs, colds and catarrh.
The Hnicsl corners of the lungs are
treated, the uttermost parts of the
bronchial lubes are reached, every
cell In the nose and throat ls bathed
lu the antiseptic balsam of CATARRHOZONE. Simply invaluable is CATARRHOZONE because so safe, so effect I.e. so sure (o stop husklness,
whooping cough, catarrh, nose colds or
bronchitis—toy It yourself,
Complete two months' treatment
guaranteed, price $1.00; small
(trial (size 50c. At all druggists.
Refuse a substitute lor CATARRHOZONE, By mall from The t'alarrho-
zone Co., .Montreal.
Are Women to Rule Britain?
Proposed Law in Britain Would Give
Women Excess of Votes Over
After an extraordinary discussion in
the British Parliament, in which lhe
women members took an nrllve pari,
a bill lo extend lhe parliamentary and
local government franchise to women
on the same terms as men passed lis
second reading nn a vole ot 2KK lo 77,
antl was sent on lo a grand commit-
too for further consideration.
This measure was a private members' bill moved by W. M, Adnmson
and seconded by Miss Jewson, or the
Labor parly, if this bill should become law, every Tory of lite oltl
school wlll feel thai a revolution has
Iml I   occurred   of which none can
foretell the outcome.
li Lho franchise Is oxlonded to women ott lhe same terms as lo men, it
will mean lhe adillllon of four ami a
half million new women volers In the
eight millions on .he 1'oglsler, Tills
would menu that the women Miters
would outnumber the male electors
by I,sill,a IS,—Toronto Star.
Home Not Complete
Without Nerviline
When your stomach ls badly upset,
when,yott tire belching gas ami suffering from nausea, the quickest relief
will come from 20 drops of Nerviline.
Take it In sweetened water and you
get an immediate result. Nerviline
has been used lor nearly half a century and is considered a necessity in
mosl. houses, because of lis usefulness
in preventing many small ills that constantly arise. Sold everywhere In 3u
cent bottles.
Supplied New Word
"Buncombe" Said to Have Originated
In  House Debate
Buncomber, meaning Inflated or
bombastic speerlmiaking. simply for
effect, is said to have originated in
the following way: In the debate on
the Missouri Compromise, In the Sixteenth Congress, Felix Walker, an old
mountaineer of Norlh Carolina, who
represented Buncombe county, a part
of his district, rose to speak, says the
Detroit News.
The House, however, was clamoring
for Ihe question, end several members
gathered aboul lhe Carolinian, begging him lo desltt, while others left
the hall. The old man, however, persisted, saying that the people of his
district expected him to speak, and
lhat he was In consequence bound lo
make a spcecli for Buncombe. Hence
the meaning of the word: to speak
for mere show or popularity.
A  Lead  Towards  Moderation
Some   World   Power   Must   Vindicate I
its Faith In Disarmament
Without  utterly  disarming oneself
in an armed world, someone or otheri
has goi lo give a lead towards moderation.     Somewhere oi other a power I
niitsi  vindicate its good  faith about j
nil-round disarmament by keeping its
own armament notably low.    Otherwise  lhe general   will-to disarm   will
never begin.    Of course there is some
pleasure ot risk in this selling of the
generous example,     llul there is risk
aboul almost everything thai Is worth
I doing,  and  most  of  Europe's  recent
miseries have arisen from Ihe chini-
ercal  ainbiiinn  of one power or another lo secure an absolute physical
security which Is, In truth, utterly unattainable.     The sane policy for nations, as for Individual men. Is neither
lo court the most obvious and gravest
perils  nor  lo  dream  of  eliminating
peril completely from    their   lives.—
Tlie Manchester Guardian.
Strike Big Gusher
Says Alberta Gas Well is Greatest in
the Dominion
Measurement of lhe gas in I lie
Rogers-Imperial well on lhe Albcrtn-
Monlana holder, was taken by ex-
perls of Ihe Imperial nil Company,
and the Dominion geological survey.
The gauge measured up lo 23,000,00,0
feel, open How, but was too small lo
record the tolnl, I'. W. Dingnian,
of the geological survey, declared thc
gusher was the greatest well In the
Dominion at  lhe present  lime.
Samples of the gas were taken and
a test is being made to learn whether
It Is wet gas. The well will be controlled aud the drill driven deeper.
-   Constipated
Dyspeptic, Bilious
Strong purgatives have killed many a good man. Cos-
tiveness is bad—violent cathartics are worse. If bothered
with stomach trouble or bilious-
nets, use Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
They are so mild you can
scarcely feel their action, yet so
effective that the entire system
is cleansed of wastes.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills
Dr. Hamilton's Fills move the
bowels gently, thoy tone the kidneys,
assist digestion, clear the skin. For
those subject lo colds, biliousness,
languor, there Is no better medicine.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills, 25c per box, 5
for $1.00, nil dealers, or The Ctitttrr-
liozoti,- Co., Monlreal.
Other Way 'Round
"Was your landlady Indignant when
yoll asked her for another month's
"On the contrary, old man, tl was
I who was pul OUl."
Women Can Dye Any
Garment, Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,   Faded   Things
New (or 15 Cents
Don't wonder whether you can dye
or tint successfully, because perfec.
borne dyeing ls guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even If you have never
dyed before. Druggists have all colorJ.
Directions In each package.
NOW PACKED IN     -  £j.
How the English Make 'folk
"Was Freed of Gall Stones
And Persistent Backache"
Mr. Alexander Bradley, R.R. No. 1, Carp, Ont., writes:
"I suffered from gall stones,
and commenced taking Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. I
feel safe in saying that these
pills completely overcame the
trouble, as it is some years since
I was afflicted in this way, and
I have not suffered from gall
stones or even backache since.
I have also found Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food excellent (or heart
trouble and shortness of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
,ir> ,i«. a Ik,i of 35 pill*, ImIoioiihou, llntd A Co., lilil., Toronto
Old-Fashioned Candies .Are Best For
the Young Folk
Speaking of children, was Ihere ever
a child who didn't I lite toffee? If
more of theso old-fashioned candies
were made sit home there would be
fewer cases of spoilt stomachs in our
households and fewer young men antl
women who take tablets for "Indigestion."
The best toffee Is made in ibis manner: Mix four cups of brown sugar
und hull' a cup oi corn syrup with half
a cup of wuler, and put on lhe Are,
Stirring carefully until nil the sugar
Is dissolved. I,el llils come lo a boll
und then lake off lho fire ami add four
tablespoons of butler. I'm lhe mix-
lure back ou lhe stove once more and
boll until   llie butler has  penetniled
ihi'oughoul ilm candy,    Pour onto a
greased enameled ware nay of any
kind and, us lho candy cools, mark il
Inlo squares. When It has hardened break llioso a pail and wrap each
piece separately In wax paper. In-
(Mentally, you will find the labor nf
"Cleaning up" Is a greut drill less If
you havo used un enameled ware
saucepan for Ihe cooking, since even
the slloklosl mixtures tlo nol adhere
long lo lis porcelaln-llke surface,
Tokio Building Memorial
City Planning to Preserve Memory of
Earthquake Victims
To preserve tlie memory of 34,000
persons who perished by burning and
suffocation ill tl,e former military
clothing depot tn llonjo ward the af-
ternoou of ihe September catastrophe,
the city"of Toklo plans t? erect a
memorial hall to cost 1.000.000 yen.
The holocaust of the Houjo mill:
lary depot was the mosl appalling
Incident of Toklo's duy of disaster.
Thousands took refuge In the pen
space of scvera'. u;t.\„ thinking to
escape the flames, A sudden change
of tho ligh wind brought down on the
multitude a heavy curtain of flame,
smoke and gases, killing practically
every one of the huddled throng.
Aunt Dinah.—"Heal! you, chile, tnke
dat key oulcn yo' motif, you wunt to
get de lockjaw?"
Since She Used
Heart and Nerve Pills
Miss Bertha Charre.lo, Regina,
| Sask., writes:—"I have hud n lot of
trouble lately, wllh whal I thought
| was heart trouble, and ufter any un-
I usual exertion I always tell sick.
I My doctor advise I a complete rest
| and change, but this 1 wns unable to
| take. .
|    I   became   Interested  In   Mllburn's
I Heart and Nerve I'llls, so slatted Ink-
1 Ing them.     I have now taken three
| boxes and am so much Improved I enn
I go about my dally work without reeling uny after III effects, und have not
had   any   weak   or   dizzy   Hpella   for
some time.     Vour medicine has dona
me moi'0 good than an; iltlng'l havo
I ever taken, und I will gladly reconi-
'mend    Mllburn's   Heart   antl    Nerve
I'llls lo any woman who Is weak anil
run down,
Price Me per box nl all dealers, or
I mulled direct on receipt of price hy
j The T. Mllburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
I Ont.
Mrs. David Gagnc, St. Godfrey,
Que., writes:—"1 have used Baby's
Own Tablets for my three little ones
and have found them such an excellent medicine that I always keep ihem
on hand Und would strongly advise all
oilier'mothers to do lhe same ihlng."
Tho Tablets are a mild bul thorough
laxative which quickly relieve constipation and Indigestion; break up colds
,and simple fevers and promote that
healthful refreshing sleep lhat makes
i the baby thrive. They are sold hy
all medicine dealers or by mall til £5
cents u box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.. Brockville, Onl.
Malaria Continues In Russia
The spread  of malaria  tn  Russia,
noted seriously for tlie  first   time  a
year ago nnd seemingly nn aftermath
of the great famine, continues.     According lo the federal department of
health rases registered    during    Iho
1 lit.-I ten months   of   1023   numbered
j -I.SS7.000 and ll  seemed  certain that
| Ilm     annual     total,  would     exceed
A Real Asthma Relief.     Dr. .1. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has never
been advertised by extravagant stale-
' infills.      Its claims are conservative
1 Indeed, when Judged by  the benefits
' which It perloims.      Kxpccl  real re-
■ Hot anil periuaueiil le'ilellls when you
1 buy litis remedy and you wilt nol havo
| cause for disappointment,     it gives
I permuneiil foil if lu many cases whore
' oilier so-called remedies have utterly
Plan Floating Fair
A Gorman Moating fair wlll sail In
July to make a lour of lhe ports of
South America, The lair will be Installed on ihe steamer HermaUn
Thercsla. Representatives of the
Arms which are participating will accompany the ship and endeavor lo re-
store business relations severed by Iho
war. Czechoslovakia!!, German,
Austrian und Hungarian firms wlll
be Included uniting  Hie exhibitors,
While being driven along Ihe road
four horses In -Ion, ting lo a farmer In
New Zealand were nl lacked by a
swarm or bees and stung lo death.
Minard's Liniment for Distemper
W.   N.   V.   1528
Big Increase In Revenue
Customs   antl   excise   revenue   for
Cumnla  ,n  lhe    fiscal    year    ending
March nisi lust, showed nn Increase
of $20,367,846 over ihe revenue of the
previous -year. Tin re was nn Increase
In every brunch ot revenue. Customs
duties netted $138,408,484! excise
Inxes, $121,815,0(17; excise ilulles $38,-
289,161; sundry collodion, $1,826,772
a total of $204,023,580.
Pretty Phrase
The Swedes hnve a pretty word for
the phrase "honeymooning,"     They
cull   It   smckmnntid, nr thi' caressing
Minard's     Liniment,
the    Athlete's
Within a radius of eight miles from
Sulgrave Manor, In Northamptonshire,
lie the ancestors of George Washington, William I'enn, John Adams, Ben-
Juniln Franklin, Henry W. Longfellow
and Warren Harding,
Especially Prepared for Infants and Children of All Ages
Mother! Fletcher's Castorla bus
been In use for over 30 years as a
pleasant, harmless substitute for
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops
and Soothing Syrups. Contains no
narcotics. Proven directions nre on
each   package.       Physicians   every
where recommend It.     The kind yon
have always bought bears signature ol THE   RECORD,   AGASSIZ,   B.   0
Northern Alberta Pioneers
Have  Unshaken  Faitn In
Its Agricultural Possibilities
"if some of the pluck chat carried us
uii to the armistice wns used in meeting post-war conditions, our difficulties would look less serious," is lhe
opinion ot a number of the old Bettlers
In ihe Beaverlodge district of tho
Pcaco Rlvei' counlrj of Northern Alberta.
A number of these men, who have
spenl from ten lo sixteen years in
the north, and are more lhan sails-
fled wllh Ihelr prospects, are now
working wiih a view to gelling settlers mi tin- vucttted Quarters that
every houtcBtend region sooner or
latei' has available, ami contemplate
a community-building organization to
welcome newcomers ntul asslsl tlteni
in gelling established,
While Iteonl) nlerl to tho transportation hauillcap under which Ihey labor,
Ihey have, to oftscl this, for ihe tlmo
being, new, clean, tertllo and cheap
soli, reiiitivi-ly low taxes, abundant
fuel innl building material and water,
and nre pleased to make tho best of
things Instead of the worst.
"Having." they say, "In common
witli settlers all i ut the west, committed the error of reckless borrowing al rail's of Interest thai farming
in normal times cannot reasonably be
expected to earn, and having. Ihrough
inexperience of the country and its
hovel problems, made mistakes in
cropping and farm practice generally,
we have certainly no stones to throw
at others who have done these things.
But when we llml tho worst discouragement along the present railroad;
when we find men aplenty going
"broke" at straight grain farming on
the choicest of Quarter and half sections, witli elevators al lhe farm gales,
while twenty, thirty, forty and even
eighty miles buck from steel are other
settlers milking a few cows, raising
some hogs antl poultry and gradually
paying up debts In spile of the severe
added handicap of their long haul, we
can only conclude thai a good deal is
being charged lo transportation thai is
really due to Quite other causes,
among which might be enumerated:
(D Inflation ot land values, due
to an expectation of the continuance
of war prices;
(2) Too niiioh borrowing al impossible rates of interest;
(3) The hazard of siraigln grain
growing, wiih lis alternate ful und
lean streaks, the ful being loo often
promptly consumed, leaving .starvation rations for the lean;
I (I) The general bad effects of repealing one class of   crop,    burning
( straw and returning nothing to the
(6)  Tlie excessive labor costs en-
. tailed upon a region   by   a   system
' ot running thai involves an acute
sensonal rush of work.
i "While believing that many parts
of lho Peace River country will for
'u long lime to come produce n considerable volume of wheat for export, we are satisfied Unit lho soil
of litis region will not slitnd exclusive grain farmnlg ns long, oven, as
lhe    Red    Uiver    valley  of  Dakota,
| whore t|ie plight of the wheal grower has become tt subject ol paternalistic cone, in by tho Culled Slnlos
I Government. Wo believe mixed
farming to be iho   only   system   for
1 tin? Peace River country nnd after
a farming experience running up In
I some casts as high as fifteen years,
nro convinced thai for   the   man   of
I small means the north country offers unexampled opportunities.
Lift Off-No Pain!
Doesn't hurl one bit!     Drop a little
"Freezone" on an   aching   corn,   In-
1 stultify thai corn stops hurting, then
I shortly   you   lift   It   right   off   with
| fingers.
Your druggtsl saHs a tiny bottle of
"Freezone" for a rew cants, sufficient
' to remove every bard corn, soft corn
or corn between 'he toes, untl the foot
callouses, without soreness or irrlta-
\ tlon.
For sure relief apply  Minard's
dally.      Excellent for bunions,
The entire special issue of Japanese postage stamps which was to coin.
m,-morale the Crown Prince's wedding
tyis destroyed, In lho greal earthquake,
Head Covered With Eruptions. HairAll Fell Out.
Got Little Sleep.
"VVhen baby was a week old n
One rash broke out on his forehead
and scalp, which later formed small
blisters. The blisters soon spread
and when he was three months old
his head was covered with sore eruptions. He cried and rubbed his head
and his hair all fell out. He got but
very little sleep.
"A friend recommended Cuticura
Soap and Ointment. After using
he got relief and in two months he
was healed." (Signed) Mis. Allan R.
Caldwell, R. F. D. 2, Auburn, Me.,
Jan. 13,1922.
Daily use of Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum helps to prevent
skin troubles.
laapla iMaPrt. .ratal!. Addr.,.1 "traUK, tin-
IKS, suit,Faalil,w„Masmal."Holda.«>-
wtiare, SoapSSe. OlnlmantalanilMfi.TalriiiniSe.
atVCullcura Soap ahataa without mu,.
W.   N.   U.   1023
Control Of Grasshoppers
The Most Successful Means to Combat
.This Menace
Locusts or grasshoppers lay their
eggs In the late summer and autumn
I of one  year  and' Lhe  young  appear
.about  -May In    the    following    year.
Every kind of Held crop suffers from
i their presence,     A lanllol Issued by
I ihe Dominion Entomological Branch
I sillies that In Eastern Canudiiihe fol-
' lowing mixture broadcasted over In-
fosted fields has proved   effective   In
control: Bran SO pounds, Paris green
oi white arsenic hull' u pound, molasses 2 Quarts, Juice ot oiiingi',; or lemons 3 filths wllh pool chopped line, In
2Vis gallons ul water.     The bran anil
' Purls green or while arsenic should
I bo mixed while dry,     Another bail
llml hns answered well Is: sawdust
2>l pounds, I'urls green '-j pound, salt
. 1 pound, wuior   II   gallons.     Twentj
pounds oi olther of those bull; Is suf-
Helen!  to in al. I1\0 acres of growing
crops,     The morning Is the best lluti
loi' briiailcasiitig.
In    the   prali'li     provinces what  Is
known   us   lhe   Crlddle inlxiuro hits
proved effective.     This Is made by
adding   l   pound   of Paris green, or
white arsenic, untl I pound of sail, lo
15 gallons, by measure, of fresh horse
j droppings, sufficient water   only    to
| make tho mixture m'olst being added,
I    Old pastures should be ploughed to
la depth of ul. least six Inches mid Im.
(.mediately followed by harrowing,
; Still Working at 07
John It. Booth, head Of one or Iho
I largest lumber nnd pulp und paper
j making plants In Canada, celebrated
his Il'ih birthday on April 7th by going to his large mills on ihe Ottawa
Uiver and carrying on his dally work
oi supervision. Mr. Booth began his
career as it working lumberman antl
by hi.; own Industry und foresight
built up lhe huge business of which
lie is now the head.
On a Visit to Canada
Manttging editor of the London Time
wlio is a recent visitor to Canada.
To Assist Wheat Pool
Saskatchewan Government to Rendei
Financial Help to Project
The Saskatchewan Government lias
decided lo render financial assistance
lo the wheat pool organization in the
province, Premier Dunning announced.
In announcing a favorable decision in
regard to the application, Premiei
Dunning staled that the assistance
would be given in the form of a loan,
the details of which were now being
worked out.
Admitting inability lo glvo exact
figures, compilation being neglected in ihe stress of organization, A. E.
Wilson, president of the Saskatchewan
Co-operative Wheal Producers, Limited, the pool organization, placed what
In1 declared was a conservative estimate ol Ihe acreage now under contract al 6,000,000, He added (he Information thai the organization hud
1,600,000 acres in old contracts which
were not covered by waivers. By
concentrating on securing waivers for
ihese contracts he believed he was
qulle safe in saying tlie required six
•million acres wou'.d he undei; contract
by the middle of .hine.
Premier MacDonald Regards
The Experts  Reports As A
Goa-Given Opportunity
Prime Minster MacDonald, in n re
cent speech given in Wales in ihe
electors who sent him to parliament,
declared he was not going to lose a
single chance ol pulling the report of j
the reputation experts into operation.
"Antl I want France lo be with me,
let there be no doubt about it," ho
"l regard the experts report," coniinued Mr. MacDonald, "as an opportunity for a-peace settlement and
agreement which, If not takefn advantage of by Kitfopenn statesmen,
will bc one of the most God-sent opportunities ever neglected nnd lost."
The Prime .Minister declared he was
glad President Coolldge had referred
lo disarmament the other day.
"When  disarmament  comes  lo  bc
Slightly Less Employment
Maritime     Provinces     and     British
Columbia Only Provinces Showing
Employment til the beginning of
April showed a contraction of over
one per cent. The curtailment ol
operations repotted by employers was
somewhat similar to that Indicated at
the sunt.? period of 1923, although the
shrinkage ai' lust year effected a much
larger percentage of lhe reported
Employers in the Maritime Prov-
Inces anil Brllish Columbia reported
Increases In their payrolls, but In Ihe
remaining provinces there was a
downwind leniency. .
London has 121 newspapers of nil
No More .Pains
In His Back
That's Why Manitoba Man Recommends Dodd's Kidney
Mr.  Stephen  Kozak found  relief and
tells other sufferers to use  Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Okno, Man.—(Special).—"After I
had used six boxes ol Dodd's Kidney
Pills l felt no more pain in my back,
and no unpleasant taste In my mouth
in the mornings. This relief is due
to Dodd's Kidney Pills."
This statement is made by .Mr.
Stephen Kozak. who lives In llils
place. He semis this as a guidance
lo oilier sufferers. There are two
things certain In this world: one is
Hint everybody is liable at some time
or other lo nn attack of Kidney
Trouble, the other is that Dodd's
Kidney Pills relieve all forms of Kidney disease, such its Diabetes, Dropsy,
Rheumatism, Bladder Troubles, Gravel and Urinary Disorders, even when
oilier remedies have failed,
Every stiffen r who lilts Dodd's
Kidney Pills Is delighted wllh lhe
comforting reliaf Hint they so quickly create. Thousands are buying and
using them solely ihrough the re-
commendation of their friends who
first discovered their relieving and
healing properties.
Dodd's Kidney I'llls call be obtained
from nil druggists.
Have You A Daughter?   If
You Have, This Article
Will Interest You I
lliii.iilton.Onl.—"Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Proscription Is the best incdk'ln6 1 havo
ever known for tlio building up of girls
and women who are run-down In health,
it Inn heeii taken by different member!
of my family with greal success. My
(laughters have been wonderfully helped
during motherhood by taking Favorite
Prescription; It Is tho best medicine the
expectant mother can take for health
nnd strength,    Ami  nfler having tho
liilliienzu inv gr Idii lighter wits lull In
it very had way and nothing In the way
of medicine gavn In r tiny help until she
began taking Doctor Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, nnd thin tho tiso of this
medicine her health was completely
restored, und she Is as well us ever."—
Mrs. Sarah Wllshaw, 409 Cannon St., E.
Go to your neighborhood drug stomal, once and obtain this Proscription ot
l>r. Plorco's, In tablets or liquid, or send
in cents Ho Dr. Pierce's Laboratory la
Uridgcburg, Out., lot trial package.
discussed," he Bald, "the President
will llml no stronger support in the
world for It than front us."
Mr. MacDonald appealed to Franco
lo work wllh hi,n and the other allies "in offering Germany a real
chance lo fulfill its word—a tenl
chance l0 make ti pledge ami keep it,"
Tin- Prime Minister salt! he was
going to do his hi si to carry out that
policy, "steadily and patiently, but
without any bun,bug or cheating at
Mr. MacDonald began his discussion
of foreign affairs with an expression
of his hopes of helping put Europe
on its feet.
"If I can only do anything before
I leave tills office," he said, "to remove some ot the difficulties that
have been In lhe way of European settlement, if I car. do anything to bring
my country aud France Into closer
friendship, If I can do anything to
enable Central Europe to find Its legs,
not wiili hale and revenge in its heart,
but with a new revelation of international co-operation, then I shall have
felt that I have done my day's work,
and regard it as a pretty satisfactory
one ttl that.
"Some of our papers are talking
about France being isolated. That Is
tin- very last thing I want. 1 want
lo slant! side hy side with France. I
want M. Polncnre lo know lhat
France, so far us her security Is concerned, has no belter friend than this
"I am profoundly convinced lhat
these experts' reports, joined together
with the experience of the last four
years, oughl lo make both France and
ourselves see thai by our common
friendship, anil by that alone, working with Italy, working with Belgium,
working wllh lho small nationalities,
and offering Germany a real chance
to make n pledge und keep It—In that
way, In that friendly way, in Ihal allied way, we ctii open anew tiie door
to peace, happiness and International
Better Prices For Lambs
Buck Lambs Will Bring Lower Price
Is Warning to Sheep Raieer
Tlie sheep raiser has it in his own
hands to decide whether he will tuki
the lop price lor his mule Inmbs next
full, or sell them ul a discount of two
dollars or more per In ad. The decree
hns gone forth iluit a cut of $2 per
hundredweight will be mude on nil
buck lambs purchased after the middle or July. Ii may nnt be generally understood that wether lambs
make thicker and better carcasses
lhan do ranis, and thai the ment ls
of liner llavor. Tim operation oi
emasculation is nol only us necessary
wiili lambs us with cnlves und pigs,
bin ll Is just us simple and subject to
nn Utile loss.     A piniiphlci entitled
"The  Great   Neglccl   In  SI p  Hus-
bandry," describes, tho operation ami
shows how lo lake off Un- lulls us
woll, I'ill. ss a dock own, i can uf-
fOI'd lo lake a low price fin- his lamb
crop he had better make sun' of ihe
highest I'turn by trimming his lambs
this spring,
Survey of Coal Deposits
Edmonton   Board   of   Trade   Recommends Geological Surveys In
Geological surveys of all the coal
deposits  In   the  province  was  asked
lor by the Edmonton Board of Trade.
it was decided,  also,  to  recommend
that no railway extension to aid In the
exploitation of coal    deposits   would I
he justified unless the Quality of the|
coal In thai particular district was oi
outstanding superiority.
Regarding lhe Hudson's Hay Railway,
it wns decided thai no recommendations could be made for further expenditure ut present,
In Tibet one man In every four is
n monk.
Say "Bayer"-Insist!
For Pain      Headache
Neuralgia    Rheumatism
Lumbago    Colds
%J&j Bayer package
wliichcontains proven, directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists
A.i.lrln la tba tratti* mark (rrflsterpd la
Oauadsl of Barer Maiuirarluru vt Uom-
icrtlcaddt.ttr „f Natl. >!;..,II
Record Handling of Immigrants
Creating a record of handling one
settler per minute, the Canadian National Railways colonization department, tn conjunction with tin* Dominion Immigration ofnotnls, lust week
ticketed nut ninety Immigrants from
the S.S. Collide In 02 minutes to farm
positions Ihrnughotll the west.
A Fresh Powerful Battery
at the Right Price
NOTE—We guarantee these
Batteries Eighteen Months. It
dissatisfied In SO days, return
Freight Collect and we will
refund money.
bon, OHfland 4, Mrl.auahlla  I
MS. IMS, IMI. I*. Mi. Ml. U7. .
Met.... 114.71
Na. II Bauarj. t Vol!. 19 Plait. For
Coalman, tlhtrttltt FA tnd SB, Mat-
wall lttl-22-23. studtbtaat IBIS la
tea. Mil.inl.lla Illt-IIU.
fo. TA H-Volt riirttrlr. tot   Maioill
and4laadt«-l9. anrl/ZO  .      12a.M
■t aura to auto modal aad roa, of cat.
Agassiz Record
Print*! by The Valley Publishing Co.
Hammond. B. C.
Subscription:   (].;>o  per annum
Advertising rtates:
Display  Advt.   (transltnt) Inch  35a
Display  Advt.   (contruet) Inch  25r-
Readers, per line ioc
Legal   Advertising,   Wo,   lino   first   **•• i
sortlon, 8c. Hubstipuont insertions.
Want and Kit sale ndvts., 60c, first Insertion, 26c. sub«eiiuent Insertions.
WEl*XESI>AI'.   MAY   28,   1D24
Elections arc on. The party candidates arc about fully "lined up"
and the battle of tho ballots will occur on Friday, June 20.
Previous to that date there will,
no doubt, be a barrage of oratory
and intensity of effort previously
unknown. Citizen duty will be morn
in evidence than ever heretofore.
It is, as tbe man of tbe walk would
say, up to every man and woman
to do his or her duty. Each voter
will be constituted both judge and
jury and tho verdict will be in his
or her hands. The bill will come
personally. All our three papers will
aim to give, full tfnbiased reports
of all meetings held and so lay tbe
bare facts before every elector. That
is the full measure of our prerogative. All parties are entitled to impartial reports and the people to unbiased evidence that they may best
be enabled to record their votes.
Harrison Lodge
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn waa
hist season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs
In a well contested game the Agassiz Central,, under tlie captaincy of
George Otfilvle, won tlie first league
match from Harrison Hot Springs
(Tigers) under the captaincy of Hiram Graham. The Tigers started with
an awful rush, and before the first
Innings closed . foun runners bad
crossed the rubber at home. However,
the veterancy of the Centrals (including G. Ogflvle and W. H. Hlcks) norm
began to show the advantage of A
steady head, and as the innings were
played hits matured into runs. The
crowd was very large, and If the
splr.lt shown this evening continues,
some lively games may be anticipated.
A nice-sized collection was taken up,
and the boys appreciate whatever donation can bo given, as the expense
of   balls  and   bats   Is  quite   an   Hem.
The line-up wns as follows ;
Centrals Runs
L.   Whelpton,   p 3
G.   Ogilvie,   c  2
W.   U.   Hlcks,   2b      l
P.   Ransom,   ss   1
J.   Gibson,   3b „..
E. Harrington.,   s.f.   	
A.   Morrow,   r.f	
P.   Lovell, c.f.   	
A. Clark,   lb   ]
Tigers. Runs
F. Bourel,   c   2
Gl   Green,   p   1
H.   Lawson,   lb  i
B. Wilson,   8b  i
H. Ouabain,  8b  i
R. Eckert,  as	
S. Graham,   c.f	
A, Else, r.f	
0.   Jacques,   p ,	
The heavy hitting was done by Lyle.
Wholpton and Bert Wilson, each making a circuit drive. The uinl>lre was
Maynard Fooks,
Noxt league matches: May 28, Centrals vs. Hast END Culm; May 31,
High SohooL Giants   vs.  Tigers.
General Carpentry in all its
Sash and Doors.    •
All Dcors Morlistd
Broken Glass repaiied
P. 0. Box 131
Box 172, Agassiz.
Write for prices.
I'.V.M.I',   A SMi If I AT ION   WILL
The   AtollOlllI,   SIMl»,   Knst   chllll-
wiiii. Roaodalo,   Agnsslz,   anil   Dotlooho
locals oIJ Um  le.V.M.l'.  Association  urn
making arranffomonta to hold a plo-
nla Saturday, June 14th, nn the Dominion Bxporlmontal Farm grounds,
A vnrli'ri programme. In being nr-
ramrod, ,\m. w, n. nicks hna kindly
eonatmtod in ihrow open the grotinda
in ih,, morning und mako tho visit aa
Intonating aa possible. Tim indies
or lhe aovoral Church organisations
will provldo luimlmon on tho ground!,
nt ride, oaoh, At ono o'clock P.m.
ahnrp tho members wlll hold a Joint
mooting and will bo addressed by tho
Pr,oaldont, Mr. \v. J. park, and Prof.
Sadler oi' Uie University of B.O. Following ih,. mooting, Mr. Hlcks, super.
Intondont, will Btngo a mock parado
nnd Judging competition, Sports for
Hi„ children, All directors and staff
of tho nssoalatlon arc Invited. Tlio
Agassi: loeal will undertake to Irnns-
pontt Ilm ChllHwack members from tho
lorry to ihe' Farm,
Mr,   Hoy   "Whelpton,  nnd   Mr.   Loe,
Homing, of tho Agassis Meat Market,
aponl   I lie   week-end   Ui   Vaneoliver,   and
returned accompanied hy Miss k. ii.
Holmlng, Mini Is a guest or Mrs. Mon-
ity  aouldlng,
Cheflaolto Powder,   The odor In delightful,    Jones  ihe  Druggist.
As the Liberal Candidate for
Dewdney, I have been the subject of some comment, in the
Press, generally friendly, but
sometimes badly astray as to
facts ad the matters of most importance.
John Oliver and I had no
"FALLING OUT IN 1916". In j
1915 we did have a misunder-i
standing re the nomination in!
Dewdney. But in 1916 I was oncl
of his strong supporters, and
was credited with being largely
influential in electing Mr. Oliver.
The man who was chiefly responsible for the misunderstanding between Oliver and myself
in 1915 has been dead for some
time, and that is the reason that
I have persistently refused to
discuss the subject. I think it
only the part of good taste to
erase guessing and let it rest.
I have never worn a "Sombrero" or "Cow Boy Hat" in my
life. I do wear John B. Stetson's
best "real Nutria" broad brimmed, soft hats, pearl gray in
summer and black in winter,
simply because they are the only
hats outside of a silk, that become me. I wear a white four-in-
hand neck tie for the same reason, I absolutely ignore fashion
ad wear just what suits my comfort and taste.
I never was editor of "Fruit
and Farm". I did found and
edit the "Fruit Magazine"' of
which I was justly proud, until
ill-health compelled me to give
it up, after three and a half
years in 1913, It then passed into
the hands of Mr. John Nelson,
who changed the name to "Fruit
and Farm" and the form to a
cheap, common publication. I
was so ashamed of the retrogression that, I never even contributed an article to the fallen angel.
Some of the things that I consider of public value during my
31 years residence in British Columbia are:
1st. The educational campaign
that I carried on from 1902 to
1909 establishing the proper
grading of fruit, under the
"Fruit Marks Act", Cor the Federal Government.
2nd. My services to the Agricultural and Horticultural interests of the Province, us editor
of the "Fruit Magazine" 1910
to 1913,
3rd, The promotion antl man
agement without remuneration,
of the "First Canadian National
Apple Show" held in Vaiicou-
Alexander S. Duncan
Resident   nt   MISSION*   CITY,   B.C.
Mrs. Carroll, of Harrison Hot Springs
hns taken ovor the Agency for the
"Splrella Corsets" from Mrs. Webb.
Perfect measurements guaranteed. All
orders promptly   executed.
ro* SALE
TUP,  10 weeks old. Apply
A.   S.   DENNIS.
ver the first week of November,
1910. See the Vancouver newspaper files of that date. It was
one of the most valuable advertisements B. C. ever got.
.4th. The organization of the
"Land Settlement Board", 1917
to 1919, and lastly, the development of "Burnbrae Farm" at
Deroche, from a tangled wilderness to a productive and picturesque home, that in a few more
years promises to be one of the
beauty spots of the lower Fraser Valley. This work I have
done almost entirely with my
own hands, and regained good
health in the operation. I have
experienced all the difficulties
and discouragements of farm
life, as a boy in Ontario and in
Dewdney, but the development
of agriculture is the future hope
of ^he prosperity of British Columbia just the same.
Yours faithfully,
The Sedan Taxi
Ready to take yo:: regardless
of the weather
whether on Business or Pleasure
.   Bent.
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
We sell Silo Equipment and Moie Plows, Threshing
Engines and Boilers overhauled ane re-tubed. General machinists and iron-workers. We manufacture
steel stairs, elevators and elevator enclosures, fire-
escapes, canopies, iron and wire guards, bank and
office fixtures.
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St. New Westminster, 8.C.
PROVES 53 and 6M
Tho 24th of May found tho old Agassi'/. Ball  nl r 1020  battling wllh
Harry Dukor's Pets (K'llsllano) on Ilm
local school grounds. The first part
of thu game was somewhat slow, owing lo tho fact of a heavy field nnd
a cold atmosphere, also tht, Pets
started by gaining four runs off
Hhanghnessy Pooka owing to poor
support. As the gumo progressed tim
old feeling wiih ttlrivd In Ihe bienl
buys' veins, nnd Inning by Inning they
crept nearer niul nearer Dukor's score,
but lo no avail. Tho hilling of PookH
who made 0 hilts In 0 times to hat,
was outstanding. Tho twirling was
don,, by ITookB, being relieved by Percy Ogllvio In the last friimo. Tho
oatohlllg was In the hands of Percy
OgllflB, and, In the Inst, of cieorg
Ogllvio. Duker used throo twlrlors
and In the last' Inning thoro were 3
on bases, is out, nnd tho heaviest hitter to but, But fate was against us,
and his hard hit carried Into lho
hands of the second baso man, Alns 1
tho gaum was  lust  12-10.
Tho umpire was Dick Ilenslmw, ns-
slstod by one „r lluker's men 111 tbo
bases. One of the largest crowds for
Agassiz witnessed Um game,
Tho line-up was us follows:
Kitsllano—Jenkins, Butler, Mlllor,
Wnrreii.lnlisler, Thompson, Calvert,
Tliiiherly,   Marks,   Worrell,   linker.   ,
Agassiz—Ogllvle.     Wohster,     Fooks,
Ogllvle,   linyoi^   McKay,   Webster,   Mo-
line,  llleks.
Dr. 15. A. Bruce, Dominion Pathologist, Just returii,.,i from Victoria,
where he has been on departmental
Miss Sylvia Roach, accompanied by
Mlsg Millie Eaton, and Miss ICIcuno:
Degnan, of Vancouver, came home to
spend  the week-end  with  her parents.
Over 100 cars visited Agassiz for
the 24th May in spite of the cold
rain. The ferry was running steady
all day. Harrison Hot Springs wan
the scene of great uctivity, as a large
number brought their camping outfit
tn spend the week end.
Miss Margaret and Percy Og'.ivi..'
from Vancouver, visited their mother,
Mra.  A.  E Ogilvie.
Mr. C, Eekheit.und Mr. Wm. Henlity
were delegates to Vancouver F.V.M T.
Association convention, to discuss the
proposed freight coning system, which
was tu thu sat 1st act ion of all concerned.
Mr. Stewart MoPherson aud Mlsa
Piper, of Vancouver, are spending the
week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Will McPherson.
Misses Eva nnd "Jack" Hor wo 11
re tu lined borne for the 24th, accompanied by Miss Blaney of Ntcomeii
Mr. Hex Glendi'nning, entomologist,
has   gone   to   Vancouver  ou   business.
Miss Clara Gillis spent the 24th at
Mr.  and  M:is,  F.   B.  McCauley's
Miss Dorothy Clark spent the 2-1 ih
wtlh   her Uncle  in  Vancouver
Mrs. Marry Fooks and her sister,
Mrs. Morgan, are leaving fo:-. Vancouver this week to attend the wedding of tholr niece, MIsh Patty Burgos ».
Miss Laura McPherson, Vancouver,
visited  her parents for the week-end.
Tin* English Church Is celebrating
thfl King's birthday by holding u
danco In the Oddfellows' hall, noxt
Tuesday, June 3rd.
Thi- Methodists are having a con-
n*rop0itloiwl meeting nt the Church,
Friday mr.hi,
ROV. nenr-.it Turpin will condttet
the annual memorial service for H!f
.lames Douglas Chapter Ot the !.'».
D.E.,  Sunday, .Tuna 1st, at  10 a.m.
Harrison Hot Springs
The Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
la carrying out a lot of improvements
at Harrison Mills, making a fill of
16 feet on tbe top and laying a new
plank walk, also making an approach
so that the teams can drive right up
to the station freight shed and the
platform. This lias been badly needed for somi1 yea:.s. They are also
putting Un a new walk down to tho
Cbilllwack-Harrlsoii ferry, which was
also   badly   needed.
Win. Punea.n took his car over on
Ihe ferry on Friday night and went
for a moto:t trip for a few days. Wo
wish htm a good  time.
Mrs. B. M. puncan and Mrs. Robert
Stewart left for a t:*,1p east. They
went by Prince Rupert. We sincerely
hope that Mrs, Duncan will bo Improved  in health  when sho returns,
Mr. Thomas Couch had the misfortune to* lose one of his horses. They
both went into the Fraser river to
cross to an Island. One of them got
across, but tho other was drowned,
the water belngl very swift.
Another block of* the Boowlltl Indian Heservo, about 27 acres, has hecn ,
sold. Eighteen acres of this lot Is
cleared and already In crop, and ta
known as Lot F, This makes seven
lots sold and 7 for sale yet. Wli-i
wlll be  (he  noxt purchaser 7
A number of friends sprung a sur-
prlso paitty on Mr and Mrs, W. A.
ILenth-rtn Monday, May 2flth, It being
the  occasion  of  their Hllver  wedding*,
Those present wero Mrs, Hardy, Mm
Fooks, Mrs. Evan Probert, Miss Boa
Inkman, Mrs, John McPherson, Mrs,
Bout Horwell, Mrs. John Fossil rd.
Mrs. E. J, Wiflih and Mrs. Wm. Milne,
who presented them with a number
of magnificent gifts in silver.
■'.Lmnpe to say, Miss Mary Heath's
bill), coining un thu num.- tiny, sho also was the recipient of a number ut
valuable  presents,
Ai tbe regular meeting of the Ri>-
bokah Lodge. Tuesday, May 27lh, an
outstanding feature Is Its boing the
7.1rd birthday of Mr. H, L. Calvert,
our local postmaster, who Is ono oi
the oldest members, as well ns n very
popular one. After the regutnr husiness of tho Lodgo is attended to, n
social ovoning Is planned, and n sutt*
able present will bo presented to Mr.
Calvert  from   thu   members.
This afternoon, May 27th, Miss Bea
Inkman was hustctw at a handkerchief
shower In honor of Miss Margaret
Dewar, daughter of the Hev. and* Mrs.
pi-war, daughter of Uie Hev .
DeWar, at her home.
Tho rooms were very prettily doc-
orated wllh fin wet ti. The tea tablo
waa contorod with a large Kupie doll
dressed as a brldo, and wits presided
over by Mrs. Marry Fooks and Mrs,
James Dewar. Mm. Elsey and Miss
DOfOthy  Htow   assisted  In   serving,
An umbrella hung In nn archway
decuratod with ribbons and roses li>
such a way that at) a given time tbo
umbrella was t,urned right side Up
when a quantity of dahit*/ handkerchiefs showered down upon the bride-
to-bo. A very amusing fcaturo of tho
afternoon was a contost dressing
clothespins dolls ; the honors going
lo Missi Margaret] Dowuk* and Mrs.
Bert Horwoll. Mrs. Dowor was prn-
Bonted  with  a bouquet of roses.
Tho other guests included : Mrs. A.
Bonn ehcux, Mrs. W, A. Jones, Mrs.
J. J, Logan, Mrs, Frank Inkman, Mrs
Bert Horwoll, Mrs, Elsoy, Mrs. J.
Busselle, Mrs. MacCallum, Mrs. Roach
Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. MaoUie, Mrs, A.
On-yell, Miss D. Stow, Dr. Bruce, Mr.
Olendenning, Mrs. J. J. McRne, Mrs.
Moore, Misses Minnie, Connie and
Edith Agassis; Mrs, Frank Baker, Mrs,
n, Henshaw, Miss RobflOn, MIbs V.
MoRao, Miss Lizzie Hkeone, MlsH Archibald, Mrs. Evan Probert, Mrs. II.
Foolts, Miss A. Probort, Miss Dirk,
Mrs.  Jnmos  Dcwnr.


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