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Agassiz Record 1924-01-09

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No. 17     Vol. 1
Agassiz, B.C., Wednesday, January 9, 1924
$1.50 per year
otel Agassiz
Meals 50c. Beds 50c.
Mrs. C. Gillis & Sons
Phone 30-L P.O. Drawer A C
MRS. PROBERT,   Proprietress
E. PROBERT, Manager.
Visit the Government Farm.
See Harrison Hot Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter gave a Tea
on Thursday as a fa: ewell for the
Wad el girls before thev returned to
St. Ann's Academy. New Westminster. The guests were Mr. and Mrs.
A. Wadel, tho Misses Mary, Carrie,
Ruth, and triadvs Wadel, and Francis
Tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas,
Lovell was tho scene of a happy
family party on Dec,. 25th, when children and grainl-ehildri'ii which niiin-
bejrcd nx In nil gathered homte to
Qolebrate tho day In good old; Rngiish
First there was a huge Christinas
tree which Old Santa had loaded down
to Its .capacity, and after all the presents were distributed, all sat down
to a sumptuous dinner, after Which
games   and   music   were   Indulged   in.
Among 'those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Chas, Lovell, of Agassiz "J Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Lovell and children, of Deroche; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lovell! and child, of North Vancouver ; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hay
and children, of Dojlarton ; Mr. Gordon Lovell and Mr. Cecil' Lovell, of
Dollar ton ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Robinson
and son, of Waleach ,* Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Rhodes, of'Agassiz,; Mr. Percy Lovell. of Sea Bird Bluff; Miss
Pansy and Rose Lovell, and Master
Nelson  Lovell,  of  Agassiz.
Let Us Supply Your  1
Wants for 1924      t
t       C. J. INKMAN       I
Our window display of Valspar Varnishes and
Come in aud ask us all about it.
Phone 16 AGASSIZ,   B. C.
«$. ♦*♦ y •JmJMJmJmJ~}mJ«**«^
| Agassiz - Meat - Market %
♦j,     P.O. Box 147 Phone 19     ♦*♦
¥ Start the New Year right with a roast of Prime x4
I Beef, Veal, Pork or Mutton. ,t«
Mr,   Bernard Sank«y, of Vancouver,
spent   part   of   tbe   holidays   with   Mr.
nnd   Mrs.   B,   Horwoii.
Next Tuesday, Mr. Dewar Is giving
a lectu.:'o on "Bon Hur" with lantern
Miss Dorothy Stow is acting as
assistant to Hi". Baker, the dentist
who In doing the work for the Agassis   schoo*l   children.
Miss Minnie Hardy has returned to
her school near Kamioops, having
spent the Christmas holidays witn
her Darents here.
Cannot Hardy, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Hardy, has returned to Normal
In   Vancouver.
Miss Louie Warren who was taken
111 on Saturday last, and according lo
the Doctor's orders will be confined
to her bed for considerable time. We
understand she is suffering from
bean, trouble which may have developed from an attack of Flu sometime
ago. Miss Warren is a niece of Mr.
and   Mis,   Frank   Swcatman.
Mr.  Maynard Fooka and  wife spent
| the   week  end  with  his  parents.   Mr.
: and   Mrs.   Harry   Fooks.   Maynard  returned to Hammond, leaving his wife
to  recuperate  after a bad cold     She
Is in good hands.
The Women's Institute will hold
their annual meeting at the Institute
Rooms on the 10th Inst., to elect officers for the coming year. The Secretary will Present the annual report
and financial statement.
The District Meeting ofl the Orange
Lodge will ibe held at the IO.O.F.
Hall on  Saturday; the  12th  Inst.
M:\ Glbbs. of the Hatchery, Harrison Lake), returned there Friday after
spending New Year's holidays In Vancouver
Alex. Kennedy, from Harrison Mljls
spent the week-end with bis sisters.
Mrs. H. Stelgenberger, at Harrison
Hot   Springs.
We are pleased to say tnat Mr.
G. Thompson, who was accidentally
shot for a deer near Harrison Hoi
Springs, last .Fall, ts w> for recover
ed as to be able to wax a little
every day. He is still at St. I Mil's
Hospital Vancouver.
Mr. Pe»i>-'.\ of Harrison Hot Rprlngs,
made the first trip, Sunday afternoon
with his gas boat, since tho norm
to the different; camps on the lake.
George Haslam , yotrnvist smi of
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Haslam, of Harrison Hot Springs, was taken i;i on
Saturday. Dr. McCaffrey was called
and pronounced him suffering from
appendicitis, Tht patient responded
so (julckly to tho treatment that he
Is now out of danger, and we are
glad, to say Is progressing nicely.
A large crowd enjoyed some flood
skating on a pond at tho Dominion
Rxporimental  Farm, Snturdav.
Miss Lillian Stow has returned to
he:- school at Maiden Creek, near Ash-
croft, after spending the Christmas
holidays with her father and sisters,
at   Agassiz,
Mr. Stow and his daughter Dorothy
have Just mo.ved Into tbe Foolc' house,
next Inkman's,
George Nurse has purchased the 4
acres of the McDonald estate which
adjoins his property and Is fixing up
the fences. This Is a great addition
to Mr.  Nurse's property,
A. public meeting will be held on
Friday next to discuss municipal
matters In general at the I.O.O.F,
Hugo McRae has left for Seattle to
attend  High  school.
Shamrock Sausage (Cartons)
Smoked and Fresh Fish.
l     JAS. R. CAMPBELL      f
la'especially beneficial at thia season,   An ideal remedy for,
and protection against Coughs, Colds, Influenza, etc.
Pleasant to take. $1.00 per bottle
Phone 42.    Druggist and Stationer,     AGASSIZ
mpmsMivx oimmomy at
On Sunday next the Right llev. A.
U. do Pcnclor, P.O., Lord BlHliop of
Now Westminster, will hold a Con.
tirmatlon Service In the English
Church at  It u.iu,
Tho [following will bo confirmed;;
Mary Heath, Mabel Henley, Maud
Monro.   William  Moore,  William  PlOOk.
A largo conKrcHutlon In expected,
and thuso desiring scats should be
there  In  good  tltno.
10:00 n.mi. Sunday Sohool,
11:00   n.nv,   Confirmation   nnd   Holy
7:.10  i>.ru.,  Evensong.
The Young People's meeting was
held In lho l'rusbytorlun Church, on
Tuesday,   Miss  ltoblnson   In   tho   clmlr.
Winnie Sumpter toon up Current
Events; | rather,no Dowar, Dlhle Story
Oswu|ii| Glondonnlng, Sorlpturo reading.
Appointed managers for various
departments for Magailne night will
bo published! If ft suoccsb. Last Friday In Aprllr will havo a concert,
Harrison Lake
InvLsSetders^ Barber Shop
All one needs to 'do la to tickle
tho splendid pralriu land (lately tho
Scowilts Reserve but now thrown
"■pen by the Dominion Government)
with a hoe and it yill laugh with a
bountiful   harvest,
This beautiful tract of land lies
alng the Hallway between the Station and Duncan's milk stand, and
consists of from 240 to 300 incres,
partly in wood, but rather more pra-
rlo .land, which is the best of alluvial deposit, It has been divided Into 20 acre blocks and Is ,to be sold
by the Government to bona fide settlers for $")(!' an acre, to be paid for
In  ten semi-annual  payments.
There Is every facility. A. school
Is right on (the property. Indeed, 2
acres were given out of the property
for a school ground, j The land ta
well watered, and also well drained.
A river of excellent water passes on
either Fide. It is distant from Kir-
by's store, th© ,P.O. and the Presbyterian chucuh but half a mile, lies
well to the sun, ,and Is quite level.
When a road, is later constructed to
the Hot Springs, the distance; will be
only nine miles. Timber for building
purposes and 'lumber can readily be
The Record man on making personal enquiry met Coun. Duncan, and
asking his opinion met with the laconic reply, "I have 400 acres of adjoining Jand and it Is A.1 ; nothing
It 1b doubtful If there Is a better
opening In the Province for bona fide
settlers, and none s0 locating would
purely have occasion to regret the
Step. In our humble opinion this is
a most promising- opportunity for
some fifteen of the best families to
be  found.
For getting this splendid alluvial
area opened up a great measure of
public thanks Is due the local Counsellor.
Under New Management.
Soft Drinks
and Tobacco
Agassiz, B.C.
REPAIRS of all Descriptions.
BOOTS a specialty.
E. D. Harrington
Agassiz, B.C.
A very enjoyable evening waa spent
at ,'thjo horn), •fcof Mr. aad Mrs, B.
Hcj.iwelili last 'Friday evening, when
a number of young people gathered
for a farewell' iparty. The evening
was spent In games and dancing, Mrs.
Mcpherson and Mrs. Heath assisted
the hostess with refreshments. Those
present Included tho following: Miss
G. MaoCuJIumi Misses Dorothy and
Lillian: .Stow), Miss h. Mcpherson,
Miss Dorothy Roddla) Miss Jean Sinclair, Miss Connie Chippendale, Miss
Vsrfnlco McRae, Misses Eva and Jack
Horwoll, Miss Grace Fouard, Miss
Mary Heath, Mr. B. Sankey (Vancouver), Mr. J. Ransom, Messrs. Hugh
and Mister MacCallum,' Messrs. Geo.
and Bon Ogllvle, Mr, R, Fooks, Mr.
Lyle Whelpton, Messrs. P. and H.
Alexandra", Mr. J. alula, Mtt Gab.
LonyattJ Mr. R. Heath-Fox, Mr; H.
Roach, and  Mr.  Geo,  Saywer.
Will be at the Agassiz Hotel. Friday of each week
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Dentistry in all its Branches. Extractions, Crown and Bridge
work.   Plates.   Latest Methods.
The*Community Store
Seasonable Specials
Heavy Grey Blankets, were $7.00 Selling $5.25
Wool Sweaters, Children's, were $1.90  Selling $1.25
"   $1.40 Selling $1.00
Men's Military Shirts, were $3.00  Selling $2.00
Men's Sweaters __$6.25 to $10.50
Men's Work Shirts at Reduced Prices.
Men's Heavy Tweed Trousers at $4.65 and $5.00
Were priced up to $7.50
SPENCER & STOUT, General Merchants
Manufacturers of Gasoline Logging Locomotives.
Industrial and  Mill  Attachments  for  Fordson Tractors.
Ornamental and Structural Iron Work, Bois Interlocking
Steel Stairs,
Office & Works, 66 Tenth St New Westminster, B.C.
P.O. Be* 933 Pnone' Tlie Ridge Parliament
Tho Mui.Mpril C'minrll mi ; r.n
urd*i,y untl \* onml up I h • i* ■ i.!
ot tlie v.'ip-'s !m;.iiit ss lefl in h • lr;m»
uctml. The;,* ttlsu hel I iim ImiKiriun.
cunfercui'G with Itocvt* ICtitghl niul
i ntiiH'itldi' ■Iiu'kson "I" MIhsIihi Muni-
f'|. till;       n •;.;:■ I'll 111**"     I lie     hllpl"»Vi»)n*'IH
tit th' IX'wihn ■ Trunk ll-inil Into n
pa^Hnble   eimlltimi   for   I rutYlu   puhI>
wurtl from im I lo I ■« •.*. I WobHtor's
i niitei'M .utohh lho flliivo IHver lo Mis-
utnn. Tli" n-siili vvna Mini Itoevo Mo
Ivor, Cmint'Illora Mortyn unci BIoIb
wore uppolntotl t<> roprcaonl Mnplo
llldgo wild [lelomitea from Mission
MmiMptil Council ami the It. C. I-:. It,
Compiiny "'ill endeavor to Induce the
Provincial Unvernu.onl '<■ fix up tlie
DowdneA1  Trunk   Itoatl.   Before  Unit
i! ospeetlve merits of tlie Dewdney
Trunk Road niul the I'livor [loud ns
11 primary highway won1 debated in
tin Illuminating Fashion. Mission's
representatives were strong advocates
for the Dewdney Trunk ns the main
through road while Maple tticlffo supported tlie .Uiver I toad's claims m
passing ilii'tiu/jii sell lemon!s und as
the Government's choice, although by
no melius averse to tho Oovornmenl
Improving the Dcwdney Trunk Itottd.
Ueeve Knight opened the discussion
by explaining thai the Goi eminent
had put up n proposition to Mission
for u hew road between lluskin and
Kilverdale by n fiil-in across the flats
parallel l<> the railway track, which
would cut off 2'/. miles from tht
present route by the lied Bridge, estimated to cost $03,1180, and n bridge
across the Stave Itlver esfclma ted
about from $00,000 to $100,000. The
Mission Council Deputies had seen
Dr. Sutherland on the subject and it
appeared that the project depended
upon .Mission contributing substantially to it. Their Council were certainly not prepared to go anything
like fifty-fifty on the scheme.
The Government admitted that it
would be between two and three years
before the road could be open for
traffic, Their Council put up a counter proposition that the Government
should spend the 1924 appropriation
on the Dewdney Trunk Road.
Councillor Martyn—"Why did you
ask for that?"
Jieeve Knight—"Because their Council was not prepared to go fifty-fifty
on this fill or anything like it and if
they did not the Government would
do nothing. The R. C. Electric Company were prepared to go in to a
certain extent, provided the .Municipality would abandon the lied Bridge
mute and not. compel them to put a
bridge across the Stave River,"
Councillor Martyn—"That will practically mean that the Uiver Uoad going through I tusk in and Whonnock
would  not   be continued."
Reeve Knlghi—"We do nol propose
that lhe Government abandon it but
leave it for this year."
Councillor Martyn—"You are stopping the continuing of this road for
this year provided the Dewdney Trunk
Uoad is put. Into proper shape."
t leave Knight—"We realize out
MimVipnlity cannot afford lo go into
lhe Government scheme. Ii is going
to cost too much money und if the
Municipality won't join in, the Gov*
eminent will do nothing. It is the
Trunk Road or no road at all. Tlie
It. C. Kleetrie won't need to interfere with the Ited Bridge for three
OF four years, but there is no doubt
if ihey start on their .second development this year the Uiver (load will
he closed for traffic for a certain
time which will divert the traffic
round by the Trunk Road anyway
The Government has put a tax on
gasoline and they have no primary
road on the north side of the Frnser.
It is up to the Government to show
their good faith and build this road
themselves, but they won't undertake
It unless the Municipality goes in
with them. We have no through
road to Vancouver even nfler thut.
Admitting It will out of! 8>/8 miles,
Mission only wants It If the Government build it themselves. The majority of the people favor the Dewdney Trunk Uoad."
Councillor Jackson (Mission)—"The
Trunk Itond is belter built, has a better grade, cuts off ten miles to Van
eoiiver and will open up the Municipality."
Ueeve Knight—"It is a shorter and
dtrnlghtor rond. The River Uoad will
never he a through roi'd."
Councillor Martyn — "The Itlver
Uoad goes through a settled portion
of this Municipality. Prom a mile
eust of Webster's Co morn lliere Is
not it  house for three m 11 oh,"
IteeVO Knlghi "There were lei) nel-
: lori. for nnu there in our Municipality wii.'ii lite Trunk Uoad was closed
down. What we wmii Is the Govern-
iiteni to ipond this year's appropriation on ihe Dettdney Trunk Road and
put It in fair condition. Under the
scheme submitted it will be three
years before Ihey could have Ihe road
open for traffic."
Councillor Martyn—"Vou want to
take the appropriation from the Uiver Uoad and put it on the Dewtlnev
Trunk Rond."
Reeve Knight—"No, wo propose Ihey
take the appropriation this year from
this $54,000 to be spent on the 1111-
ln nnd put ii on the Dewdney Trunk
'The Reeve deprecated trying In pull
Irafltu round little towns' no matter
how crooked they made the rond.
They wanted a    through    road    as
Straight us possible. He further
pointed out the Incitement the Trunk
Road would give to settlement. ll
had two sides to settle on while the
River  Uoad had only one
Councillor Mnrtyn maintained that
the Dewdney Trunk Uoad was entirely up to ihe Municipalities to fix,
They did not want  to be continually
after the, Government   for these two
,;..■■ Kn'ght- ■■-: "ppnse the prop-
usjli .a ,vtui put up t i ,. ou, would you
subml' n by-lav, lo the people to ear
rv (ml the constru- i ion'.'"
'Councillor Martyn—"Wo can't do
■ ;i.\ lilr.g now."
lire i Knight "The Governmeui
prop r; In start i'i us soon us the
we.itljer  permits."
Councillor Martyn -"1 would like tr>
see the Iwo roads belli «;."
Reeve Knlghi "With this three
ei ni gu loilny tus I think we are entitled to ii pi i r*   road."
Councillor Mnrtyn—"Back the Government in making the River Road
il primary rond." i
Reevo Knight—"Our Municipality
won't go in wiih the Go irmnoul financially In this scheme owing to
the cost and because it won't benefit
to that extent, ll goes through some
hind of no use whatever. This road;
won't serve the people for three
Councillor Watt—"Lei Mission untl I
Maple Ridge get togeth sr und have
the Dewdney Trunk Road put right
and leave the Govemmeni lo do as
thoy like w'tli the other si h ■-.uc."       !
Reeve Knight-—-"Would you go in
with Mission and the B. C. B. It. and.
do si methlng for the Trunk Road?"    ;
Councillor  Watt-  "Yes,   If   it   -Iocs,
not interfere with tlie River Road."
Reeve Knight—"Leave the River
Rond in abeyance this year and con-
uemruto on tlie Tre.nh Uoad to pul ,
i: In shapo for traffic. Let us send i
n delegation of Maple Ridge, Mission1
and B. c. Kl.ec trie representatives and
ask the Government for help on the
Devvdnev Trunk Itond this year, em
pliaslxing the fact of the gasoline
Councillor Wall — "An excellent
Councillor Martyn—"Ves, we will
do anything like that."
Reeve Knight—"We will put no
stumbling block in the way of the
other scheme only Mission will not
help financially because it is too expensive. It will be too late for the
new council und 1 suggest we go next,
The Maple Ridge Council subsequently appointed their delegates and
it was nr ranged that Mission should
communicate with the Government
and B. C. Electric Company and fix
a date for the delegation to be heard.
Graduate TeacherFiano and Theory
when   ii  limy   pro&onts   lt::e|f,   Mrs.   A.
. Knuderuon,  who had given  hor time
and tniunt In Bitpport of this successful   entortninmunt,   und   who,,   splun-
cwartlod. our thanks aro 'alno due I'lipils prepared for Toi'OiHo Coil-
Mv. oreutt, who has n'rayed a splendid servatnry and Canadian Acad-
uart   ii,   the   succoss  or   the   evening,  ,,l|ly Exams.
ril!31T3   G3-Y
"trio  lights.
The   work   ..,■   the   children   prow
heeo-id   tho  shadow  of  n   doubt   tim:   '•■
thoy   have  all  excelled   In   the  exoou-
Hon  of their various numbers, nnd  I
take lho Broatst pleasure In according   price P»ld.
this hearty vote ,.r thanks on  bohnlf
of   lhe   Municipality   for   the   splendid
evening  which   from every  angle  has   Phone til.
been  a   marked   success, 	
Will Buy D.'y Cascara Bark
At Dean Factory Wharf. Hlgh.st ca..b
Box   II,   HANKY.   B.!
Pitt Meadows
so::oor. oi03iwo—pibst shot to
Saturday niuht will sec the first J
shot fired in the Municipal election
cumpalgn. ,\ Btrosg battery of urn-j
totical tuns are rolling iim> action,
and with the "decks" all clear, a soo.l
battle (or a seat in ihe local "Senate"
In  anticipated.
.Major \v, ii. Bruce and ex-Hoeve
John Blanoy will supply ammunition I
for tho nffico |0f Chlof Maglstiatc,!
and tho folilowliin ore oxpoatod with
a linrra-,.   win,   a   new   to   put   over'
a    victory   all   Councillors :    .Messrs.   c.l
Ponton   (ax-aounotUor),   lllpplngton  vV.'i
RIchawiBon   tox-counclllor),  s.  H. Ford I
O.   Wooiriige,    ti„,  idm Counoll  win
'"   nil   probability    .look    ro-elootlon,
Good   luck   to   you   a|l-|
A Whist and Crlbbago Uiivc. under
the auspices of the above organisation, will he held In tho Municipal
Hull oil Wednesday, Jan. Ifiih. flood
prizes win bo given and refreshments
The W. I. met Tuesday afternoon
in the Municipal Hair, under the presidency of Mrs. W. McDormott. Tne
Secretary, Mrs. A. Ii. Sandersln w«s
in attendance and submitted her annual report. Tho election of officers
look place and resulted as follows :
Pres., Mrs. W. McDermott (re-elected)
Vice-Pros.. Mrs. c. Blaney ; Sec-
Irons., Mra. A. K. Sanderson |j'a-eKo.
'ed) | Dlroctors: Mesdamos Tully
Sonlon  ami  MoTavlsh.
The Joy of Hearing
a Vi
\Vhnn you aro traveLlli.g, ovenlug
lu'ltiffa lonesome houra, Vou would lie
rlnl IC It wei'o possible i<» paol( your
crrlp ana ii' (t youjrsolE Instantly at
homo or among your frlonds, Vou
oaimot falto tlds qulclt visit, hut al
tba uiM.rt.wt tol6pliono "Jjong ids-
uiiicu" will sonil your volco biiott
whoro you want tn bo. "When you
iwun Hit) voice, yon iVei Its prosenco.
Tho volco Is tim parson. That's why
nothing enn tako tne ,'ivlaco of tho
telephone as a medium of communl-
cattoii. Vou feo^ you are with the
person  to whom you aro  talking.
British CoiumbiaTelephone Co
Advartiueiiunlr, la title ooluiun must b.
(Held over)
Tho Municipal Hall was taxed to
Its '.utmost Calpnctt} when the »tu-
dentj comprising No. 1 Public Schools
preheated an excellent musical and
vocal menu In keeping with thu usual
ciiaraoierlstlo Christmas festivities.
The hall was beautiful with farns,
evergroens and other festoons of
beauty. Jupiter PluvlUs hail on his
worst behaviour, gut this In no wise
dampened the buoyancy of the crowd.
Master Klie Sandwison officiated In
the role of chairman and thia "youthful silent orator" was ably supported
by Masteiw Henry Robinson and T. .1. J
Sanderson. The program mo was as
Chorus, "Santa Claus," Jun.  Dlv.
Uecllatloti;   Chii.slas   Greotine;,     Ellen
Sketch,   "At   2   a.m."   Thomas   Bullan-
tync and Wesley Hutchinson.
Drill,   (Doll  Drill)   Jun.   Div.
Rei.itntion,  "Just  'fore  Xmasv"  Henry
Song,  "Sunshtnel of your smllo," Eunice   Sanderson.
Play,  "Use in Useless," Sen. alrls.
Kccltatlon,   "A   night   with   a   Wolf,"
Juno   Stephenson,
Chorus, "Sleepy Town,"  Son,  Dlv.
Duologue,     "That   Bag,"     Irene   Whit-
look and  Eunice Sanderson.
Recitation   by  Opal   i'revost.
Orchestra  Selections.
Chorus,  "Peace ou Eurth."  Sen. Dlv.
Recitation,   "Broken   Dolls,"   Kathleen
Dialogue,   "ChrlHtmas ail'ts,"  Jun. Div.
Recitation,     "Balrale    cuddle   Doon," I
Violet  Stewart,
I'aulomlme und Sing,   "Silent  Night,'
Ben,   Dlv.
Recitation.     "I'l|ler     Fights,"     Philip
Dialogue,   "Chtislnias   Seeretst"     Son.
ROoltatlOP,   "The   Mudul,"    Thus.   Bo|-
Song.   "Sleepy   Chile,"   Eunice  Bonder-
Hi'cllutloii,   Erie   Snndei'son.
i'lu'lstmas   Acrostic,  Jun.   Dlv,
Suntji Claus.
(E. Holmes, Marjorle Blaney, Phyllis
Stewart, .Tune Stevenson, Eunice Sanderson, ll'oue Whltlock.)
Mr. D. Donaldson In tho cocrse af
an olOMIeiH address at the close of
lho progrninime said In parti
Thore are many things one mlghl
say on an occasion of this kind, .bill
we should stand convicted nr base In-
griHllllih, If w„ were in allow nn
evening of ihls nnture lo pass wlth-
out exprcsHlng our marked, npprorl-
niinn in tiioao win, have worked unceasingly anil whose Untiring efforts
had   brought   about this measure of
achieved succcMs^ and the efficiency
nnd proficiency so thoroughly exemplified by lhe children of our locnl
schools. Our Minnies nrn Particularly
due to our teachors, Mr. S. w. Hodgson nnd Miss M, Ron, a|sn a good
friend   who   nevor  falls     to     respond
Mr, D. ;Bonaldson has geen delegated by the President of th6 Board
of Trade to represent tho local branch
at New Westminster, o„ Friday the
"Hi. where the Fraser Valley Boards
The local „Seats of learning" sot
the wheels In motion on Monday after
n Pleasant holiday.
Mr. It. A. McDonald . has returned
from the prairies nnd win |„ „i,
probability remain In tho district during  the ,.winter months.
Reeve J. w. r„rk. i,e«„ or the Mill,
Producer* of the Valley, has just re-
turned from n rather lengthy Inves-
tgatlon of the Bastorn milk condl.
tlons  and   prices
Ho visited Boston, New Youk, and
many, another eastern city.
His observation Is that Fraser Va|-
ey dairymen are drawing more at-
• active, prices for their product than
the milk ,„cn or any othod point he
Oa*h paid, (ot Old Ooid,      Bey. ceaov
..Diamonds, Watchva
185 Qranvllla Streea,
Opposite Pcortaelal Public Market,
Fred Carter's
■fclnffle rnmt        Port W*n*j   \
Hmo, the Increailng Popularity of
The Continental Limited
9:50 P.M.
Optional Routes—Side Trips—Stop Overs
Let us supply your Meat Wants
during 1924.
Phone 60 N. A. COOK, Proprietor
Wanted    any    quantity    of   Small
I'otiitoes, Apply
S,   11.   FORD,
I'houe  Hammond  15-V
ron sale
TWO   (HIOII    FRESH   COWS,    Apply
l.osl Rod Ayrshire Heifer with
white markings, Due to freshen,
Strayed   flora   MHoooi   Dyke.
Phono   .'U-l. pin   Meadows.
ron sale
Thirty   young   Fin   Cloose   lor   sale
01   80ft   pi   Ih.   pin,,  ,'lc.  per  Ih.   If desired   pinch,.,1.     Wolglu   from   S   in
II lbs, each, tor Xmas and New Vein's
Phono   80-1. JOHN  LAJ'l'S
1120 ncre farm for sale. Located C
miles west of Duhaiuol. Alberla. 80
noros under cultivation, '70 acres summer fallow ready for crop next spring
Lots of hay and fluowood, 7-room
house, barn for s horses and 12 cows,
granaries, blacksmith shop, chicken
house.     $33  per  acre.      Apply
Hammond,   B.C.
A   few   tons   of   Good   Turnips,   S15
Per ton delivered loos0 or 8O0. a sack
Apply       W.   H.   ROBINSON.
Phone   10-M p|tt Meadows
Excellent     quality. Westminster
Market   Prices.    Delivered    In    Hammond.
J.   E.   STEWART,
Phone 37-V Hammond.
HANEY   L.O.L.   No.   281S
The regular meeting of above lodge
is hold In tho Oddfellows hall, Haney,
first. Tuesday In each month at 8 p.m
Visitors  cordially  invited.
W.M., J. C. Mosher, 'Phono 51X.
Rec.-Sec'y,   J.   M.   Cameron.
The regulnr meetings of Hammond
L.O.B.A. No. 1C5 ure held in the Fos-
sett Hall, tho second Tuesday of each
month at 7:10 p.m.
W.M., Mrs. M, Macey, 'Phono 2BR.
Iteo.-Seo'y,  Mrs.   IS.  K.  Tolmie.
The  regular  meetings  of Hammond
L. O. ti. No. 1888, are held in the Fos-
aett hall at  8 o'clock p.m. on Second
Saturday and 4th Friday, each montn
Visitors  cordially   Invited,
J. H. Ritchie, W.M.
Wesley  O.   Brooks,   R.S.
SILVEB   CREEK L.O.B.A.    378
Meets In Orange hall, Hope, 1st and
3rd   Mondays.
Visiting  brothers and   sisters  welcomed.
Mrs. T. L. Robinson Mrs. J. a. Irving
W.M. Sec.-Treas.
LODGE No. aa
t. O. O. P.
Meets every  Wednesday evening  al
I   o'olook   In   the   Odd   Fellows'   Hall,
Ontario  Street,  Port Haaey.    Visiting
brethren  cordially  Invited  to    attend.
N.O.,   Bro.   J,   c.   Mosher.
V.O.,  Bro. J.  uolt.
ll'c.   Secy.,   Bro.   P.   H.   Burnett.
Prime Steer Beet.
Veal Pork Mutton
o    Sausages.
Port Hammond
Farm lighting Plants.
Write   for   quotations.
The Jams Electric Co. Ltd.
570 Richards Street,
Everybody seeks reliable service. That is why much custom
comes to:-
Blacks mif Sung
Wood Culling
Apply   ta  II.   V.   STMISI,
jNioue  aa r. KAMMJHS
Municipality of
Maple Ridge
NOTICE Is horooy given to tho
Uleetoni of the Municipality or Maple
fudge, that i require the presonoe of
tho "aid Blootors m tie Municipal hall.
Port   Haney.   IJ.C,   on
nt I- o'clock noon, for tho purpose
ot oleotlng personn tit represent them
in the Municipal Coutnc!] a.., lloeve
and Counolltoral; U|So Two School
Trustees and Two Commissioners of
The mode of Nomination of ''nn-
dldatos shall be as follows iTho ciin-
dldatoa slum bo nomlnatod In writing;
Hie writing siuiii lie subsorlbod to
by two voters of tho Municipality as
lid    sec
ami   shall
1  t'
>   Hie
111,;    OfflOO
r at
iy   (tin
II   III,.
date   of
•lice ll
ll p.in.
0 day of mini-
il   said
Will il
iit  may   b
i   In
io forn
t ii
•il  E  Ii
i the Sohc
f   IIiIh
>t,     mi
,1    sit;
■ ill      slate
ami   i
of   en
eh   pe
I'sou   pnop.
such  poll
stearici*i or lessee from the Crown ori
p'.e-i nplur who has resided within;
the Municipality for n period oi one
year immediately precedtug the uom-
limtton, and during the remainder of
said your has been tlie owner of said
loud of which he formerly was a
hoinesteador, lessee from the Crown
or pre-emptor, and Is assessed for
Five Hundred Dollars, or mure, on
the Insi Municipal or Provincial;
VasesBmenl Itoll, over and above any]
registered Judgtnenl or charge, and
being otherwise qualified by the "Public School Act" to vote nl an election
of School Trustees in the said School
(liven under my hand at I'orl Haney. It. ('.. this 86th day of December,
Return ing Officer,
Dyed Here!
Wil     lmake     your    slobby    olil
suit ns  good  as  new.
Entire   Satisfaction.
Write;   call,   or   send   by   Post
or   Blue   Funnel.
535 Clarkson St.,    Phone 278
yiilly   experienced.     Patrons   always
satisfied.     Call   in.
(TOT&nia   8TMHIT
Wood's Garage
Dewdney Trunk Road,
Phone 36 R Night or Day
Ford land Che vroletJSpecialists
See  us   about your  Electrical
Repairs  to  Batteries,   Starters
and Generators.
See Widdess the Jeweler
Why notjget your Watch Repaired at home ?    The best of work
guaranteed.   Call in.
Matcfaett Building    -   -     Port Haney
Phone 43*S
Painting,     Kalsoming
and Paperhan&ing.
Wall Paper,   Paint,   Varnish,
Oils, Shellac, Enamel and
Coal Tar FOR SALE.
Estimates  Given
All through Maple Ridge
On t ario Street, Haney
Phone 23
[    S. BOWELL & SON
t .     rraBKAXi   MMOTOM  AHS 2.
£ rins mnesnl Supplies 5
WHOM ■ervlce to all parts it taey
X District
2mw mrnniin   »hou mi
In such uiiinuer iu| sufflolent tu
tlfy i iien eiiiiiiiiinte ; and In tho
of a  Poll  belnff  noci
will lie opened on
SATURDAY.     'I'HH     1STH    DAY
as fn| tows:
Fossett  Hall, Hammond
Municipal   Hull,   Haney,
Residence,  Yennadon.
Ward  3,   Wells'   Residence,   Yennadon;
Snhool   House,     Webster'tt   Comers,
and  Municipal  Ha]].
Ward  4,  School  House,    Albion,    anl
School   House,   Webster's   Corners.
WsmA  5.   Memorial    Hall,    Whonnoclc
and  School   House,,  Ruskin.
From    Nine    o'clock    o.m.   to   Seven
o'clock p.m.. of which all persons are
hereby  required  to    take    notice and
govern   themselves   accordingly.
The qualification for Ileeve shall
lie beinjf n British Subject and having been for the nix months next
preceding the day of nomination the
registered owner, in the Lund Uegis-
try Office, of land or real property
situate within the Municipality of the
assessed value, on the last Municipal
or Provincial Assessment Roll, of Five
Hundred Dollars, or more, over and
above nny registered judgments nnd
charges, or who are the holders of
hinds within the Municipality acquired by them by agreement to purchase under the "Soldiers Land Act"
or the "Better Housing Act," or the
"Soldiers Settlement Act, 1917," of
tlie Dominion, or the "Soldiers Settlement Act, 1919," of the Dominion,
niul huve paid the sum
of Five Hundred Dollars or more upon the principal of the purchase price
under suclt agreement to purchase
anil being otherwise duly qualified
us u Municipal voter.
The qualifications for a Councillor
or Commissioner slinll be being it British Subject and having been for the
six months next preceding the dny of
nomination the registered owner in
the Land Registry Office of hind or
real property situate Within the Municipality of tlie assessed value, on the
lust Municipal or Provincial Assessment Roll, of Two Hundred and Fifty
Dollars, or more, over nnd above registered'judgment or charge; or being
u homesteader, lessee from the Crown
or pre-emptor, who bus resided within the Municipality for the spuce of
one year or more Immediately preceding the nomination und Is assessed for Five Hundred Dollars, or more,
on the Inst Municipal or Provincial
Assessment Roll, over and above any
registered judgment or charge; or
being a homesteader, lessee from the
Crown or pre-emptor, who has resided
within the Municipality for a portion
of one year Immediately preceding
the nomination, and during the remainder of the said year has been
the owner of said land, of which he
formerly was a homesteader, lessee
from the Crown or pre-emptor, and Is
assessed for Five Hundred Dollars,
or more, on the Inst Municipal or
Provlni'lnl Assessment Roll, over niul
above nny registered judgments und
cluirges, or who lire the holders of
hinds within the Municipality no-
quired by them by agreement to pin*.
ehnse under the "Soldier lailul Act,"
or lhe "Heller  Housing Act." or the
"Soldiers   Settle! it   Act,   101T,"   of
Hie Dominion, or tlie "Soldiers Settle-
iiienl. Act, llilli," of Hie Dominion,
und have pnid Hie sum of Two Hundred und Fifty Dollars! or more, upon
the prliu'lpul of lhe piiri'iinsi' price
tinder buo.1i agreement I" purchase
und being otherwise duly qualified
us u Municipal voter.
The qualifications for n School
Truslci' slinll lie nny person being u
British subject of the full age of
twenly-oiii' years ni'luiilly residing
within Hie ilislrli't. anil having been
for Hie three months next preceding
tlie day of nomination Hie registered
owner, in ihe l.uiul Registry Office,
of hind or real properly situate within tin- Municipality of the assessed
Milne In the lusl Municipal or Provincial Assessment Hull, of Two Hundred niul Fifty Dollnrs, or more, over
and above nny registered judgment or
charge-; or being n homesteader from
ihe Crown nr pre-emptor, who lins resided within ihe Municipality for the
spnee of "iic .vein' m' uiori', Immediately preceding lhe day of uomtnu
lion 'nnd is nsscsscd for Five Hundrei
Municipality of
Pitt Meadows
Notlcfl Ih hereby pIvtMi to tim BWO"
tors of tho Municipality of Pitt Mead-
own, R'O., that I ro'iulro the] presenile
oi* Bald Hiaotors at th« Municipal Ho*.!,
Pitt Meadowy. :%Q.t on
Monday, 14th day of J»nu*ry. 1934,
at 12 u'alorjlr. (noon) for the purpoHc
of oledtlng persons to represent them
in th« .Mimiclpai Council as Reeve
ami Counnlllopa; in tho Board ot
School Trustees, 4 Trustees, and In
lhe Municipality, 1 Commissioner of
Tho mode of Nomination of Candidate-* shall ha as follows:
Tho candidates Bhall be nominated
In writing ; the writing shall b<1 stib-
seribod to by two voters of the Municipality ,88 proposer and seconder
and shall be delivered together with
the Statutory Declaration, to the
Returning Officer at any time between the /dal, of this notice and 2
p.m. of the day of nomination. The
said writing may be! in the form numbered 6 , in the schedule to this Act,
and shall state the name, residence
and occupation or description of each
person proposed In such manner as
sufficient to Identify euch candidate;
and In the event of a Poll being nec-
essory, such Poll will be opened on
Saturday, 19th day of January, 19S4,
In   tne
Municipal  Hall,  Pitt Meadow*., B.O.,
from 9 o'clock a.m. to 7 o'clock p.m..
of which all persons are hereby required to take notice and govern
themselves  accordingly.
TRUSTEE—The qualifications of candidates for election as TRUSTEES
for any Municipal School District
shall be like qualifications as are
pi-escribed by law for persons eligible
fir election as Councillors of the Mn
niclpallty comprised in the School
District, except that every candidate
shall be actually resident in the School
District. The Wife or the Husband
of overy person who Is qualified to
become a candidate for election as a
trustee under the foregoing provisions
of this section, slinll. if she or he be
of the full age of twenty one years
and is actually resident In the School
District, b» qualified also to become
a candidate for election as a Trustee
in  the School Distinct,
COMMISSIONERS — Only such persons as are qualified to be elected as
Councillors shall he eligible to be
elected &n a member of the Board of
Commissioners of Police, and no person not possessed of such qualifications shall at any time sit an a member of such Board.
OIvoii under my hand at Pitt Meadows, EC, this 2-ith day of Decombur,
Returning   Officer
The Hammond School did not opon
Monday, and Opening will ho delayed
a few days owing to measles In some
nf the homes.
Kradlng Ifotlce** for En;»rtalnm<mt--
fttc, when an admSaalon oharga la
made or oollMllon taken, are olainod
as adrerttstmants and oharg-rd 10c
par line.
The   Annual  Meeting   Of   tho  Vestry
of   tho   Parish   was   held   on   Monday
Jan.   7th,   and   the   reports   presented
were   very   satisfactory,     The   Rector
reported   132   church   famlUoB   In   the
Parish,  a considerable   Inorease   In  the
communicant roll, and  an  increase u,f (
one*third  In  tho  Easter  communicants!
since   1081,    Tho  average  attendance j
at   tho   moimlng   services   on   Sunday
for  1983  bos 'been  60,  and  -19 in  Hi*. I
ulng.       There   have   been   1!5   bap*.!
tlsnia during the  year,  3  marriages.  *" j
LiurohlngB of women, ami  i!t burials,j
The   Rootory     has     been   re-shingled, j
mainly   by   voluntary   labour,   ond   tho
fence   and   garage   painted.
On tho .financial side, t he reports
seem vu:-y satisfactory. The (wo
branohea of the Woman's Auxiliary.
one of which was organized this Inst
year, have raised tlie handsome sum
of Just over $400, or which *Uv6 has
u given tho Wardens, for Rectory
debt reduction. The indebtedness of
the Parish has been reduced by $500
dm lug tho year, and now stands at
*flf>75. The Mission apportionment of
$ 188 ban been paid in full, and the
total   amount   raised   Is   $8,683.65,
The following were elected for the
year : Rector's Warden, R, F. Street ;
People's Warden, W. Ho:ie. Delegates
to Synod* R. F. Street, 13. Feasant,
R, Pago'; Alternates, D. L. Jardlno,
E. W, pownl'a F.; H. Ashe.
Sidesmen. Mrs. A, Stevenson, Messrs
Gait, Coates, Cotton, Langton, Tapp.
Vo,stry Qler.kC Auditor, and Envelope  Clerk,  L.   Q,   Rayner.
Intensely Inreresting
Rev. R G MacBeth
Will lecture in Fossett Hall,
MONDAY, JAN. 14th,
at 8 oclock, on
"The Royal North-West
Under auspices of Burns Society.
All are invited,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K, DeVojf and
daughter aro staying with Mr. Mr.
DeWolf's parents on the Hunter road
until May 1st, and are then going, to
Quosnislt, B.C to enter the general
Btoi'e business.
Ex-Mayor Chas. E. Tlsdall, of Vancouver, who Jls allso one of our esteemed Whonnock farmers, wishes to
greet all our citizens In the wish of
a Very Happy and Prosperous New
Year.     (Thank   you,   friend   Tlsdall.)
"When They Have Gone"
The past comes up—childhood
days*—happy hours by the fireside—their hopes and joys—
und   trials,   too.
Vou can keep the .memory of
their names forever fresh by
giving some little part of the
blessings you now enjoy towards n permanent memorial
In   everlasting   stone.
B.C.Monumental Works Ld
Successors  to Patterson,   Ohand
>«  *  Stephen,  Xdraited
isvmrea avb.   *   kaxh it.
Vancouver, B.C.
Wrlto   today
for     Catalogue   of
Established   1976
Established over JOO years
Summary of
Assets and Liabilities
31st October, 1923
Gold, Dominion Notes, and Silver Coin ....  $ 81,589,681.80
Deposit with Central Gold Rewrve       17,000,000.00
Balances due by Banks and Banking Correspondents elsewhere than in Canada        14,259,744.89
Call and Short loans on Bonds, Debentures
and Stocks     129,984,917.80
Dominion and Provincial Government Securities        63,185,030.88
Railway   and   other Bonds, Debentures and
Stocks         2,328,081.22
Canadian   Municipal   Securities and British,
Foreign   and   Colonial   Public   Securities
other than Canadian       37,601,788.88
Notes and cheques of other Banks       44,911,089.10
United States and other foreign currencies ... 361,893.00
Loans and Discounts and other Assets . ...-„    281,888,681.74
Bank Premises         9,800,000.00
liabilities   to   customers   under   letters   of
credit (as per contra).         9,471,690.01
Notes In circulation ......... m:.m..m.,.m.. t 41,602,735.80
Deposits       . ...Mn.aea.fcM.ua    583,391,196.23
Letters of credit outstanding .n»iwMK«nnaa       8,471,680.01
Other liabilities >Mm»;...i««.a>inssiii>sse>>se       1,384,628.14
Excess of Assets over Liabilities to
public ,....., $56,531,859.54
I >i il In I'M. nl* more, mi tile IiihI .Miinit
piil  or   Provincial  Assessment   Hull,
over niul nbove any reglBtov
nu'iit or charge|
■il jutlg-
In-Ill^   11   liumu-
Blue Funnel Motor Line Ltd
R. H. STEPHENS, Manager.
Leave Webster's Corners 7,50 a.m. Leave Y aanaiion 8.10.'a.m
Leave Haney Daily 8.30 a.m, 1.00 p.m., and 4.00 p.m.
Leaves Haney Saturday and Sunday 8.30 n.m.,   2.00p.m„ 6.30 p.m.
Leave Westminster Daily 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., and 5.30 p.m.
Loaves Westminster Saturday and Sunday 10.30 a.m., 2.00 p.m., 4.30 p.m., and 8.001p.m.
Passing   Through  Hammond and Pitt  Meadows.
Those wishing to be called for who are on the HAMMOND PHONE are requested to ring up
Phone 15 Westminster 601 Agassiz Record
Printed by Tho Valley Publishing Co..
i lammand, n. c.
.1. .IIJNIUll DOUOAN, Editor.
EDWAKD HAC1KU., Managor.
SubBorlptlom  |i..'<<i per milium
Advertising Rates ;
Display Advt, (transltnt) inch 35c.
Display Advt,  (oontraot) inch n&c.
Readers, par line  mo-
Legal  Advertlalngi   12c.   lino   first  In.
sortlon, sc subeepuent Insertions.
Want and Kor Halo advls., lillc. first Insertion,  860,  SUbHOIjUOllt  Ins, rtioiiH.
WEDNESDAY,  JAN,  '.',   11124.
Here and There
Exports in Canada's Inter-Empire
trade last month exceeded imports
by over "U2,UOl),UOU. Against Imports from 21! countries belonging
to the British Empire, amounting
to $16,718,000, Camilla oxportoa
goods  amounting  to  $27,8887000.
Noel Victor Fearnehoughi agc-d
seven weeks, son nf a farmer of
Morrin, Alberta, the youngest child
on record to travel alone, left
pool, England, in charge of officials
of the Canadian Pacific Railway
and Steamship Lines throughout
the trip.
Owing lo the Instrumentality of the
Misses Agassis the English Church
Christmas Tree was again a huge
suocess, Commencing at 4 p.m. Friday In the I.O.O.F, Hill, the children
took part in «ll sorts of games, assisted by Mrs. Westell at the piano,
after which refreshments were served and eveityono enjoyed the ffood
things seldom  excelled  In  quality
The Christmas Tree was then lighted and was a grand sight, being a
nice shaped tree and vory artistically
decorated, to say nothing of the load
of appropriate gifts. In a loud hurst
of applause from the children Santa
Clans appeared in all his regalia, and
after a heart to heart talk to the
kiddies, which they much enjoyed, he
assisted by Capt. Moore (who Is always a welcome figure at this yearly
amusement) and others, distributed
the long list of presents, keeping up
a continual run of remarks and Jokes
with tho children. After all the presents were distributed, Santa made a
few remarks to the youngsterH, giving them somo good advice, then disappeared so mysteriously that Billy
Hicks showed his great natural ability at research by his Investigation
Into  the  mysterious disappearance.
ho floor was cleared for actlln, and
Miss Lillian Jenkins gave a very
pretty exhibition ;'of the Tarantula
danco In Spanish costume, accompanied or\ the piano by Miss Grace MacCallum,  whlsh  was much' appreciated.
Evoryono then enjoyed a real Scotch
dance to the strain of excellent music
by Miss Bea Inkman and Mrs. Hen-
shaw at the piano. Mr. Chas. Bell
and Mr. James Cooper, of Deroche,
happened, fortunately to be In town,
and very kindly volunteered their services, nnd assisted with the violin
and traps, which was a great addition
to tho already excellent music. A
very pleasant evening was brought to
a close at 9 o'clock, when everyone
returned home feeling that they had
thoroughly  enjoyed   themselves.
An experiment in shipping Canadian peaches to England has
proven successful. The peaches
were packed in small boxes and
placed in cold storage, reaching
London In fine condition. There is
likelihood of an increased demand
for Canadian peaches.
Representative of the best sheep
and swine blood of Great Britain,
33 animals imported from the Old
Country arrived in Regina, Saskatchewan, recently. There were 19
sheep and 16 hogs in the shipment.
The animals were bought by the
government for farmers in the province.
Canada's highest lookout station
has been completed and will he
ready for use next year. It is situated on Mount Cm-tier, near Revel-
stoke, British Columbia, and is 8,623
feet above sea-level. It will be used
for the detection of forest fires and
for meteorological and other observances.
The Canadian Mcintosh red apple is the champion dessert apple in
the British Empire, so j.-.dges at the
Imperial Fruit Show, which opened
in Manchester recently, adjudged.
They also decided that Cox orange
pippins, from British Columbia, on
the whole, are the best of the sixteen exhibits from overseas, and
winners, therefore, of the "Daily
Mail's" fifty-guinea cup.
On Saturday tho 5th instant, Mr.
Harry Baker met with an acl'lent
which might have terminated badly
hart It not. been for the filet that Mr.
/laker Is accustomed to handling
horses. He was hauling home a load
of firewood with a team and wagon
when the wagon skidded on the ice.
tho road being very rough, the cross-
pin on the pole broke. , The horses
took fright, and when they tried to
'run Mr. Baker pulled them Into the
sldo of the road. In this way preventing them getting away, but In
doing so he slipped and fell from the
load, sustaining some Injury to both
legs and a very had cut on the head.
After somo time he managed to gel
to his hornet which was a short distance away, and telephoned to some
friends, who nulckiy arrived on tlie
scene, giving him, what , assistance
they could  and  calling  up  the  doctor.
Mr. Bakor Is now stnylng With his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. X. T, Baker,
In Agassis, and Is progressing as
well as can he expected with twelve
stltohes in   Ills  hood.
What is declared to be a world'!
record for the transportation of
grain has just been achieved by the
Canadian Pacific Railway. In one
period of 24 hours there were moved
from Winnipeg for the head of the
lakes 1,776 loaded cars. The best
previous record, also held by the
Canadian Pacific Railway, was
1.579 cars, moved east on October
25th, 1921.
Tlie Women's Institute Novelty
Danoe ,wiis postponed and a New
Veer's danco held In tlie I.O.O.F, hall
Instead, which was well attended In
spile of ,tho storm, and very much
enjoyed, Tho lll'u of the evening was
"outside of Mr. Pooka, who Is always
Indispensable," Mrs, Frank Inkman,
.Miss Ilea llikmnii, Me. Allsler Mnc-
i':il|iin|, assisted by u number of
They could not get lhe orchestra
"owing tn deciding In the morning
to Just postpone tlt." hut Mrs. Bon-
shaw  dlspcnsoH   such   excellent  danco
music,   everyone   wSi   satisfied.
Allsler MacCallum nlso assisted the
N"w Vear hi by playing the' bagpipes
accompanied by Mrs. Frank Inkman
on a granite pan and two spoons,
which added greatly to the amusement.
Horns, rattle* stroamors, confottJ,
etc., were distributed Just boforo 12
"> Klvo the New Year a propei- welcome
Everyone returned home In the early hours feeling, In spite of the cold,
In tho best of spirits nnd equnl to
nnythlng that might arise during tho
coming season.
The Novo|ty Dance will bo held in
lho form of a Leap Year Danco, Jan.
2Hih and all the novelties planned for
New Yoar's Evo wllil bo on tho pro-
One thousand young buffalo will
be taken from the* Dominion park
at Wainwright, Alberta, and turned
loose in the north in the region in
which wood baftalo are found,
Hon. Charles Stewart, Minister of
the Interior, announces. This will
prevent the slaughter of these animal! made necessary by the increasing size of the Wainwright
A dispatch from London says
that the gold medal of the British
Dairy Farmers' Association has
been awarded to the Government of
Ontario for its collection of dairy
produce, including bacon, dead poultry and eggs, at the Dairy Show
held there recently. First prize in
the colonial farming section, namely
the silver medal was won by the Ontario Beekeepers' Association of
Guelph, and the bronze medal was
awarded to H. Leclere, of Mont-
mogny, Quebec.
t ^_^
Details have just been announced
concerning tbe "Aorangl," the new
motor ship that is being built by the
Union Steamship Company of New
Zealand, The motorship is under
construction at the Clyde yards of
the Fairfield Shipbuilding Company and when completed will be
the largest motorship in the world,
having a displacement of 20,000
tons. On the Pacific she will be exceeded in size only by the "Empress
of Canada" and the "Empress of
Australia," of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, which is her
All grn'n shipment records for
tin' prairie provinces have been
Fluttered 'lurinpr the past two
n'niiilis. Since the commencement
01' lie crop yar, Sentemher 1st,
lonrlhlgj totalled 121.590 ears,
renrosontlr.ff 180,083,085 bushels,
a/r.lr.st 158,705,820 bushels handled
In the '"it period Lift yoar. Of
t'.lln quantity the Cnnndlan Pacific
loeded OH.400 cnr. f representing
lOfl.IWT.ORB bushels, nir.iinst 94,071.-
820 bushels during the 1022 period.
On Thursday last, Mr. E. D. Harrington called on Mr, J. A. Bradley,
his neighbor, (who had complained of
not liolng well) tolsoe how he wnfl,
and found hlmj In a state of collapso
from a bad attack of hemorrhage of
lhe stomach, Mr. Harrington, at onco
called Dr. McCaffrey, and after
staying up with him all night assisted him lo tho tffiatn In the morning, when ho loft for his homo In
Viincouvor. Mr. Harrington has since
received /word that the patient Is In
lied in a very weak condition.
Wo see Arthur Medcalf (Scotty)
has very much returned from a trip
to Vancouver,
AW I*J*.SC7?IOK T0H reevs:,  comr-
PUBLIC   NOTICE   Is   hereby   given
tn tho nieatora of the Municipality <»r
Koni il-nt i rectulre the ureaonee ■>:'
tiit en hi l-Y ..'.or,! ;it the OildTellowV
Hull,    AffOBSlB,    B.C.,    on    Momliiy,    111.1
'it!t iii.y i.f January, 1034, at IS
o'clock i;t on. for the purpose of ol*
t< ling rov*nun (o represent them "i
tho Mnn.< 'pal Council, ns Ropvo nitc.
Councillors, School Trusters, untl for
the  Election   of   Police  Commissioners.
Tho modo of Nomination of Candidates shall be as follows : The Candidate slinll be nominated in writing,
the writing shall ,'be subscribed by
Two Voters of tht; Municipality as
proposer and seconder, and Bhftll tie
delivered to the Returning Officer nt
any time between the date or the- Not-
lee and 2 tt.m|, of tlie day of Nomination.
Tho writing may ho in the form
No. f. In tin- soiled (lie of the "Municipal Kjectlons Act" and shall stale
the nam* residence and occupation
or description of each person proposed. In such manner as sufficiently to Identify such Candidate, and in the' event of a Poll
being necessary, such Poll will be
opened on SATURDAY, THE 1HTH
DAY OF JANUARY, 1824, at 0 a,m.
Till-:   ODDFELLOWS'   HALL.    AfiAS-
SIZ,   B.C.,
of which  every  person Is  hereby  required   to   take   notice    and     govern
hlUself  accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated and elected aa ami to hold the
office of REEVE of any district
municipality, shall, save as otherwise
provided In .the "Municipal Elections
Act," be such as are British; subjects
of the full age of twenty-one yeai h
who have been for the six months
next preceding the J>d!a/te of nomination and are registered In the Land
Registry Office as /owners of land
op land and improvements within the
Municipality of the value, aa assessed on the ltst assessment roll of Five
Hundred Dollars or mor* over and
above all registered Judgments and
charges, or who are the holders of
land within the Municipality acquired
by them by agreement to purchase
under the "Soldiers' Land Act," or
the "Better Housing Act," or the
"Soldiers Settlement Act, 1919" of
the Dominion, and have paid the! sum
of five hundred dollars or more upon
the principal of the purchase price
under  such  agreement   to  purchase.
The persons qualified to be nominated and elected as and to hold the
offlco of COUNCILLORS of any did-
trlot municipality, shall, save as other
wise provided in the "Municipal Elections Act" be such as are British
subjects of the full acre of twenty-
one years who have been for the six
months newt preceding the day of
nomination and are registered at the
Land Registry office as ownera of
lnnd or land and Improvements within tho MunloEpallty of value as assessed on taut 'assessment roll of two
hundred, and fifty dollars or more over
and above all registered judgments
and charges, and such as are British
subjects of .the full age of twenty-
ono years and are homesteaders, lessees from the Crown, or pre-emptors
who have resided within the Municipality for the period) of one year immediately preceding the day of nomination, and are asesed in respect of
land and Improvements within the
Municipality of ,1h« value, according
to last assessment roll, of five hundred dollars or more over and above
all registered judgments and charges,
and such as arc British subjects of
tho full age of twenty-one yeara who
are holders of lauds within the Municipality acquired by them by agreement to pu: chase under the "Soldiers
Land Act" or the "Better Housing
Act," or the "Soldiers Hettloment Ant
HUH" nf tho Dominion, and have paid
tho Hum of two hundred and fifty
dollars or more upon the principal of
the purchase price under such agree-
ment of  purchase.
The persons qualified to be nominated and elected as and to hold the
of any District Municipality shall.
save as otherwise provided In the
"Municipal Act" bo such as are British subjects of the lull ago of twenty
one years and who have been for t e
six months next preceding the day of
nomination and are registered In tlie
Land Registry Office, as owners of
laud or land andj Improvements, within the Municipality of the vntuo ns
assessed on tho last assessment roll
of two hundred and fifty dollars or
more over and abovo all registered
Judgments and charges, and
such as aro British subjects
of tho full age of twenty-one
years and tire homesteader!:, lessees
from the Crown or pre-emptors who
have resided within the Municipality
for the period of one year Immediately preceding tho day of nomination,
nnd are assessed In respect of land
and Improvements within the Municipality of the value according to tho
last  assessment  roll,  of  five hundred
At your servise
regardless of the weather
We meet all tra'ns for Passengers, Baggage
Express and Transfer
Watch This
Harrison Lodge
Will be under the management that Maple Leaf Inn was
this season. Visit us in our new home. We assure
100 per cent service.   Launches and Row Boats for hire
A. W. Wooton,
Harrison Hot Springs
dollars of more over and above all
registered judgments and charges, and
such as aje British subjects of the
full age if twenty-one yeara who are
holders of lands within the Municipality acquired by them by agreement to purchase uader the "Soldk-r
Land Act" or the "Better Housing
Act" or the "Soldleuw Settlement Act.
1919," of the Domenlon, and have paid
the sum of two hundred and fifty
dollars or more upon the principal of
the purchase price under such agreement to purchase.
Tho qualification for a SCHOOL
TRUSTEE shall be nny porson being
a British subject of the full age of
twenty-one yearn actually residing
within the District, and having been
for three months next preceding tho
day of his nonilnatlun tlie registered
owner In the Land Registry Office,
of land or real property situate within the Municipality of the assessed
value In the Jast Municipal or Provincial assessment roll of two hundred nnd fifty dollars or more over
ind above) any registered Judgment or
charge, or being a homesteader, len-
see from the Crown, or prc-empto:i
who has resided within lho Municipality for the space of one year or
more Immediately preceding the day
of nomination, and Is assessed for
five hundred dollars or more on the
Inst Municipal or Provincial assessment roll over nnd above any regls-
terer Judgment or charge or being a
homesteader, lessee from the Crown,
or p:*e-emptor who has resided within the Municipality for a period of
one year Immediately preceding the
nomination, and during tho remainder
of said year has been the owner of
said land, of which lit. formerly was
a homesteader, lessee from tho Crown
or pre-empt or, and Is assessed for
five hundred dollars or more on the
last Municipal or Provincial assessment roll over and above any registered Judgment or charge and being
otherwise qualified by tho Public
Schools Act to vote at an election of
Schno] Trustees in tlie salt! School
Given   under   my   hand   at   Agassi***.
B.C.,  thlfl 31st day  of December,  IMS.
Returning  Officer.
The English Church Guild mot nt
Miss R. Inkinan's, Tuesday, Jun. 8th.
Sixteen members wore prosent. Mrs.
Sweat man was nppolnted Secretary.
All the other officers wont In by acclamation as follows : Pros., Miss
Connie Agassiz); Vlct-Pres., Mrs. H.
Fooks,;)   Trent*,   Mrs.   BrUce.
During the mooting it was decided,
as they were short of funds* to hold
a cant party, Wed., Jan, 0th, at tho
homo of Miss Bea Inkman. It wns
also decided jfto hold a concert after
A mosfc enjoyable evening was spent
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wadel on the occasion of the four Bir|»
being home from school for the holidays. The principal feature of the
evening was cards, after which refreshments were served, It Is unnecessary to comment on the quality
of the refreshments for Mrs. Wade!**
excellent  cooking  Is  too  well   known.
The following guests were present:
Mr. and Mrs. C. Tuythen, Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond Tuythen and family.
Mr. Ivan and Morris Tuythen, Miss
Emma and Frank Appel, Mr. and Mrs.
Cnrpenter and daughter Dorrla. and
Francis  Wadel.
Clarence Gillis , has returned to
Broadway High School, Seattle, to resume) his studies.
General Carpentry in all its
Sash and Doors.
All Doors Mortised
Broken Glass repaired
Phone 44R P. 0. Box 131
Water Colour Paintings
Animals a specialty
Ideal Wedding Gifts or House
Box 172, Agassiz.      Phone S7X
C. Warburton Young
The Agassiz Pioneer Office
Fire Insurance Special  '
One Lot opposite the
Dom. Experimental Fara.
A splendid building site
all clear,   A Snap.
Phone 62
N. T. Baker
Manager Agent,
Agassiz, B.C,


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