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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-10-03

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 a i
Vol. t, Ho. 14
$2.00 per Year.
This week we are showing a full line of NEW SHOES for
Children, Hisses, Ladies, Boys and
Mens wear.
If you require anything in the shoe line whether for rough
or dressy wear, it will piy you to call and examine
quality and prices,
A Cash Discount of io per cent.
On all shoes in the store.
Terribly Mangled In the Machinery of the Josle Mine.
A SHOCKING FATALITY t!"iTre*vtminesinth0,!ttpft" A BIG DESL REPORTED
, city of engineer. 	
, city
hi** early
,    ...   .....  ..... v    manhood   he
Willian Thomas Killed at entered the employment of the
Allen  line   of' trans-Atlantic
Good Condition
Bring that stock into good condition
"B;C." Condition Powders.
Prepared Especially for Horses and
Cattle   Rai«ed in  Hilly   Sections.
©r beast
A. F. Thomas
They must go.
The remains of our Summer Stock will be cleared at prices which would
Tempt a Miser!
|   These are present season goods-New, Stylish, pretty and fashionable.   But    j|
fi    we don't want to carry any over to next season, and in order to dispose of them        K
We are Slaughtering
Avail    yourself of  the golden opportunity   to provide Seasonable Goods at   |
When we eut we eut deep. |
Agents for F. B. Wright & Co's Wail Papers.
_ ■
At 12 o'clock on Tuesday night
Williitm ThinniiM, engineer at,
theJosicslmft house, waseaught
in the machinery and received
such fearful injuries that he
died nt 7:15 lust evening at the
Sister's hospital.
The miners got off shift at
midnight had been hoisted from
the Workings, and Mr. Thomas
had slowed down the machinery
in order to clean it.    While he
was engaged in wiping the shaft
in some way, how, he declared
before he died, he did not know,
he was suddenly throw down so
that his feet were drawn behind
the driver and   between   the
shaft and the bed plate.   The
•lutcli is fastened to  the  shaft
by means of large bolts.   As his
limbs were between the shaft
and the bed plate every time
the driver  revolved   the bolts
tore his flesh, tearing the tissues
out in large chunks.   Thomas
never lost  consciousness, and
said that it seemed to  him as
though a faucet of blood hat!
heen turned on when the iron
bolts were tearing him literally
to   pieces.   The men who hail
not yet gone home hurried to
the assistance of their unfortu
itate comrade, but they could
not extricate him from Itis fearful position until the engine was
stopped.   As they were not acquainted with the operation of
the hoist Thomas, who never
lost, his nerve, told them to call
the blacksmith.   This was done
aud then  Thomas gave directions how to operate the levers,
and how to buck the machinery
so that he could be taken out of
The   ambulance    wus summoned, the wounded man taken
to the Sisters'hospital and Dr.
Kenning called to attend to his
injuries.   An examination disclosed that the right leg had
been fractured at, a point two
inches below the knee.    The
flesh had been literally stripped
from the bone from the front
portion of this limb from the
knee almost te the instep.   The
left leg was badly fractured at
the  knee  and   the   bolts  had
stripped the flesh ubove the knee
in  large sections, so that the
bone wus bare for a considerable
distance.   Dr. Kenning cut off a
piece of flesh and muscle as large
as a hand and did all he could to
•elieve Thomas' sufferings. Had
he lived the leg would have been
amputated, but the  physician
saw that the shock wns so great
tlmt it would have resulted in
immediate death to have performed tho operation while he
was in so weakened a condition.
Thomas said  that  he knew
that he could not live, but accepted    the    inevitable   with
bravery, saying that he might
just as well die now us in twenty
years hence.   Itwas his desire
that William Yolen Williams,
super intendent of tho Granby
mines at Phoenix, be sent for,
as he was his life-long friend.
A short time before ho breathed his last Thomas took a ring
from his finger and gave it to
the Sisters, saying that he wished it to besenttohisold mother,
as a last token of his affection.
steamers as an artificer, rising
tothe rank of certified engineer.
He left the company's service
with excellent recommendations, which with his certificate
from the engineering hoard, he
exhibited occasionally with
great pride. He was a man of
extreme neatness, which habit
was doubtless due to the training which he received while in
the employ of the Allan line.
He likedr to keep his engine as
neat and as bright as they are
kept on board the crack ocean
greyhounds on which he formerly worked. It was this characteristic which led to his death,
as he was engaged in polishing
the shaft of the hoist engine
when he received the injuries
which caused his death.
As he was a master of his
craft, and a very careful and
conscientious man, he was seldom out of employment. He
was of an extremely quiet disposition, steady, sober and reliable. All who knew hiin were
his strong friends, and his death
will be learned of with the deepest regret.
Before coming here Ins resided
in either Wallace and Wardner'
where he was a member of the
K. of P. lodge. Last night the
members of the local lodge <>f
Night of Pythias telegraphed to
Wallace to the K. of P. lodge
there to inform his brethren of
his demise. His funeral arrangements were under tlie
auspices of Knights of Pythias.
Thomas was 40 years of age
and a native of Wales.
$100,000 as part Payment
on Volcanic Group.
Good Prospects for  the Early
Development of Another
Boundary Mine.
Boundary Mines.
4jv*' ■ :rAL     _mh ...<imm'
Thomas has been a resident of
Rossland for seven or eight
years past, and during that
period has  been  employed  at
Tlie output at the Oro Denoro
was a little smaller last week
than formerly, owing tt) the
fact that a 7-drill compressor
plant is being set in place at
that mine.
Manager Piewman is pushing
work at the Winnipeg mine, in
in Wellington camp, in his
usual brisk way, and last week
nearly doubled the output of
the previous week. The compressor huilding hns been enclosed, a night-shift put on, and
Other plans matured that will
still further increase shipments.
The inability of the 0. P. R.
is still retarding progress in the
Boundary. The Snowshoe
would have shipped more ore
than it did last week, if it could
have secured ore curs. This
fact taken in conjunction with
the blowing out of a furnace at
Bouudary Falls for want of
eoke,because|the C.P.R. couldn't
or wouldn't haul it, goes to
show that we need bettor railway facilities.
Messrs. Macdonnell. general
freight agent, and 0.11. Becker.
traveling freight agent of the
Canadian Pacific rnilwriy.receht-
ly examined tho conditions at
the Oro Denoro, and as a result spurs will lie put. in which
will enable the company to almost immediately increase its
shipments from 100 to 200 tons a
day, and further on to a larger
The Canadian Pacific railway
is daily hauling 00 tons of ore
from the Le Roi No. 2 to the
smelter at Greenwood. The ore
is valuable as a Mux, and the
smelter is giving such a low reduction rate as to make it an
object for the   Lo  Roi No. 2 to
It is reported thnt nn important deal has been made for a
group of claims located on the
north fork of Kettle River, the
properties in question being the
well-know Volcanic group,
which is a landmark for miles
around to travellers into the
While details are not given,
it is understood that the deal
is made on the basis of over
$100,000, a cash piiynieut having
been already made, and tin-
other one being now in the
bank ready for turning over.
Late in July a party of eastern mining men arrived in the
Boundary to examine the Volcanic, and the deal is the result
of their investigations. In the
party were D. O. G. Youngquist
ami Dr, Fred llarkin, of Marquette, Michigan, who were
accompanied by Alex P. Mead,
a mining engineer, and it
thorough examination of tho
Volcanic was made. Last week
a diamond drill outfit was sent
up to the Volcanic, and is supposed to be now at that work.
The Volcanic was located
years ago by ll. A. Brown, one
of the hest known prospectors
in the Boundary, who hold the
title to the property up to the
time of the. deal. As he has
been able, Mr. Brown has worked the Volcanic, the greatest
miiount of development being
iu the shape of a long tunnel
which was being driven to
strike the immense ore body at
ilepth. This tunnel has been
driven into the mountain several hundred feet.
This is the first time that
capital from the great copper
producing state of Michigan has
taken an interest in Boundary
* em
Big Haul for British Columbia.
Last Wednesday morning the
provincial treasury received
from Ottawa the sum of !jf25X,
000, being 50 por cent of the
Chinese head tax, which tho
federal government has remitted to British Columbia.
About six or seven thousand
dollars go to Victoria and two
or three thousand to Vancouver
for tho upkeep of the Dairy
Island Lazaretto.
Canada Passes Railway Bills.
Oitawa, Ont., Sept.. .10,—-The
National Transcontinental railway bill, which provides for tho
building of a railway fiom
Moncton, IV. B,, to Port Simpson,
B, 0., was read a third time in
the Commons today. It was
passed on a straight party vote.
Ottawa, Oct. 1.— The railway subsidies bill will be submitted this week,
British Columbia will fare
well, as at least Irom :t50 to 100
miles of road will be provided
Although it cuuno't be staled
specifically what roads will receive aid, the total sum to be
envolvod for British Columbia
railways will certainly be from
$1,500,000 to $2,000,000, excluding the C. P. lt. and Crow's Nest.
which are trunk lines, and there
fore of exceptional character,
Theaid tbis year will exceed
in amount tho mileage assisted,
and be much  larger  than tho
aggregate of all aid given, and
ship the quantity of ore men-. all mileage assisted since continued to the Boundary. federation. ,C. M. CHOUSK  Mltoti'a"h<l Proprikor
Publlshod woulcly nt Mlilwny, It. tv
SnbRoriptipn |>rloo, fi nn pit annum, pivynblo
advance, either yearly ov half yearly at tho
prion of the BUbsoriluM'.
A Ivoi'tisluif ratiis sent on applir'iil ion.
The result of the election held
today in.the Greenwood electoral district was as follows:
Brown, Liberal, .— .41
Spankie, Conservative.. .12
Mills, Socialist    4
Brown, Liberal 10
Spankio, Conservative... 5
Mills, Socialist,  4
Brown, Liberal, ISO
Spankie, Conservative. .160
Mills, Socialist 224
J. R. Brown, Liberal, received
243 votes, E. Mills, Socialist,
211 votes, and Dr. J. E. Spankie
conservative, 177. votes.—
Browns' majority being 12 votes.
Justus we go to press the following names have been received ;
Alberni, W. W. B. Mclnnes
Dewdney, R. McBride, Conservative.
Nelson, John Houston, Conservative.
Cranbrook, Dr. J. H, King,
Fernie, E. C. Smith, Liberal.
Rossland, J, A. McDonnald,
Grand Forks, J. A. Fraser,
Delta, John Oliver, Liberal.
Kaslo, J. L. Retallaek.Liboral.
Cariboo, two Liberals ahead.
Victoria, four Liberals ahead.
trict, it has the vast agricultural and. stock country^ tir' the
west of hore to support it. The
rich garden lands niMhe immediate vicinity of the town
produce all that is necessary for
tho exhibit of vegetables; the
results of the threshing in the
district is sufficient guarantee
of a respectable grain display;
many in this district as well as
in the country west of heto.'are,
and have for years, been ini
proving their herds of cattle;
Oar 24th of May celebrations
demonstrate that horses, Of j a
good class, are very plentiful,
then why with everything in
its favor, and Seeing that Nelson, ftir from being similiarly
siiuated can meet with such
success, cannot Midway hold an
exhibition next fall that would
be a credit to the town and
district? This is' a subject for
every right' minded citinen to
think over carefully.
The citizens of  Nelson, B. C,
are.deserving of no little praise
forthe enterprise displayed in-
holding a fall fair.    Although
Nelson is not nearly so well situated for. the successful carrying out of an   undertaking  of
this kind as many other places
in southern British  Columbia,
it has takeft tho initiative  and
its example Avill doubtless   b6
followed by many other towns
in this part of the interior.   To
say that Nelson  is  not overly
favored    for    conducting   an
agricultural exhibition is but to
increase  the  praise   given its
citizens for  their  energy displayed.   Nelson   is  more   dependent  upon its   mineral re-
sorces than upon   the  benefits
received from agriculture, and
for this reason alone it may lie
clearly seen  that- the    undertaking was no little task.   To
run   a successful agricultural
fair in an eastern town, or city,
even in thu centre of a farming
community  requires   considerable-attention   and is attended
by no sm.dl amount of work, so
that it  can readily be   understood that the directors of  the
Nelson   exhibition,   no   doubt
many of whom   wore   inexperienced, must have worked unceasingly to lutve brought the
exhibition up to the high stand
ard it attained.    But in spite
of the many difficulties encount
ered in carrying out tho work,
the Nelson fair was  a success
and with the experienced gained this year, that  city  will  be
able   to  next  year  excel  the
fair held  last  week.   Now,   if
Nelson, situai'ad in practically a
mining district, can so successfully carry out an undertaking
of this kind, why cannot some
of the   towns  in   our district
follow its example?   Several-of
the  towps    in   the Boundary
have   exceptional   advantage:
for holding a fall  exhibition;
Midway in particular, is favored
in this respect.     Besides being
situated in an agricultural dis-
McMUlan Interviewed.
A. J. McMillian, of . London,.
England, managing -director of
tiie Le Roi Mining company apd
ii. the Snowshoe Gold & Copper
Mines, arrived in Rossland on
1 hhrsday night. Mr. McMillian
was accompaiued;.from|)ngland
by G. S. Waterlow, who is also
a director of- these companies',
but unfortunately Mr. Water-
low has been very |fti well since
leaving ijfhgland and has gone
on tothe coasts forttjAJ few days
to recuperate. He is" expected
to reach Rossland about the
end of next week.
Interviewed by a representative of The Miner yesterday,
Mr. McMillian said that, he had
nothing of special interest to
tell regarding Le Roi matters'.
He and Mr. Waterlow, will tab
the opportunity of discussing
matters fully with the general
manager, Mr. Parish. '
Asked a» to the feeling ic
London with reference to B. C.
Mr. McMillan said fchht no great
interest was noticeable, and tlie
market ih fi. C.'securities is fhtt
and is a liniited one,'!T|ii!) is'
also true as regards Australian
and Africatr'seciirites. The public takes at present but little
interest i.n thesg mutters, but. it
is believed that before long
there will be a revival of interest.' ' ""■' '•'■■■■■ '   '    ' -•
In connection with B, jQ. min
ing everything.'possible is being
done to reduce the cost., of milling and smelting, and these
efiorts are meeting with success,
thus making it possible to deal
with ore of a grade not considered of commercial value in
the past. The best evidence of
this is that a number of new
properties jure now being opened up, not only in the Rossland
district, but iu. the Boundary
and other; parts pf the interior.
With reference to, the Snow-
shoe mine Mr. McMillan said
that he intended spending some
time there with Mr. Waterlow.
The tonnage of ore there is very
large, and shipments have been
on a greatly extended scale this
year. The Boundary district is
turning out . an enormous
amount of ore and the conditions of mining and smelting
there are very favorable.
Mr. McMillan and Mr. Water-
low expect to. be in Rossland
and the district > for several
weeks, and will probably leave
for England,tpwards the end of
the month. — Rossland Miner.
on}, noxious • • Insects; Ei iglftli
b^ckbi'nls; isa'ribon cow or c$]l';
u^i'ineU^'dttijr lawn uaj(|ei'
twelve lrfonthi; elk, wiij^n,
cow or calf tinder two years;
gull, linot; moose, cow or calf
undor twelve months; mountain
sheep, ewe, or lamb; English
partridge; pheasauts * coqk or
hen, except as hereinafter provided; quail, all kinds; robins
(farmers only may shoot those
in gardens between June 1st
and. September 1st); skylark,
thrush. . ■■■ ...',.
j It is unlawful'to buy, soil or
expose for sale, fchow or advertisement,, caj-ihpii. Jiare, bull
inoose, mountain golit',' mountain ram,'''before October 1st;
.deer, before September 1st; nor
uny of the abovo-nanied animals
or. birds at any time, except
dupk, blue grouse, heron and
plover, during the open season.
Itis unlawful to kill or take
more than. five caribou in one
season; more than ten' deer, or
to hunt them with dogs or kill
for hides alone; more'than 250
ducks; more than two bull elk
or wapita; more than. two bull
moose; more than five mountain
rams; or to take or"'destroy the
eggs of protected birds" at any
It is Unlawful to enter  land
enclosed by' fence,' water or natural boundary, after notice or a
notice under section 11 is post-'
ud up; for    non-residents   to
shoo!;' without a license; for
non-resident  Indians    to   kill
gam6 at any time; to export or
transport for export in the raw
■itate, game birds of every kind,
aiidaiiimills, protected, except
bear, braver niarten  and   land
otter; tp uso traps, nets,  gins,
drugged bait, etc, to catch game
birds; to]expose for Sale   with
out its head, any deer, or bird
: without its plumagef to use bat;
tends,  swivel-guns  or sunken |
punts  in non-tidal waters- to
tyke ducks 'Or geese; for ujn-'
licensed  non-i*osidents to" trap
Or kill bear or beaver for their
pelts;"to kill'any gaine Bird between one  hour  after '"sunset
and'one" hour before sunrise;
to Rill gaine birds  or animals
ihtppfted' for;'''aeclimatizatio'ti
[iurpijises; tb take trout  except
by ho'pk' ithd line, or to use Sat
.ition roe lis 'bait; to enter with
'hunting implements 'or permit
.dogs to enter 'fields, Or 'growing
orstanding grain,  or enclosed;
lands, without permission; for
.Indians to kill, doe's Pr' fawns
t'rom Fe.biirarylst to August 1st
to shoot oh'dnelosed lands  on
Sundays   without   permission.
But Farmers or  their  authorized  resident  employees  may
kill dear depasturing their cultivated field,' and  free miners
may kill gamd for  their own
use.any time.
wr*.it.'i u#i-'
'.'    Ji..    rr*jfcj--*- :    •T'•,■•''.Jf
A   iiintfi^i   r^est^ii "CTAtxikWA'n,
GllKATKSTRimsEIUKS'1 In the town of
MIDWAY and Ruimundlhg country,
unit lnke orders I'or
in fruit Trees. Small Fruits,
Ornamentals, Shrubs, Roses,
Vines, Seed Potatoes, &c.
Slock li'iie to iiiune unit free frnm,- San
.lose Hi-iili*. A pei'iiiaiiint pouilion for
the right man on elihei' salary or
•j Stone & Wellington
over 8oo teres .
TORQIJirrO        .       .       ONTARIO
To Andrew biiillnw and to any porxoh or
poi'tous to whom ho t'nay luxxe tniusfniTed b\*
tutored'l(i tho "Colby nml    iVedo" mlnoral
Olllilll-, xl'llrltinlll Kirlly  I'nrirk    III    Hill UlOIIII-
wood Mining Division of Yalo Dlsti'lql, lti'll.lrth
You aro'horoby iioliHuil that I 'havo, expend*
I'lIS.'KlOtllniirili'i'iii hnlil tho »ald Colby and
ROoo mineral chiima undor llio provisions of
tho iiiiiioral aot, nnd havo paid Iho null] of
jJjj.jK) for recording Lho mxnxxx for llio yoar ond-
lni*ail"i .lliiio 1903, thai you ilioukl oontrlhulo
$il,Siitf)u>ur proportion o( tlio mhl ■um. for
yonr ulKlividod niio-quai'tor Intoronl. Irt nald
claims, and If within 90 (lays from Uio flwt ih*
Hortion of thin notico you lull or refuse to con-
tribute tho num §51,26 which is no.vduohy you,
together [with nil enstn nf nil vortjidiig, your
itiLorostliithu.'-'tid minoml ulaliiti| will booohio
lho properly of Uio KUbsoribor-iinnVr section
four oi-ab, Aot onllilorl tlio ".Mlnoral' Aot
AiiK'iiitjaidil Aol" 1IW1.
UatodatMidwjiy 11. ('. t.ltiHI5tli rlity ntAiXg
First Insertion, loth AuKimi 1903,
Last        do.    llth Nr.vuinhor. I'H)3.
LEFTftt llio premise* of Lho undcrxtgnodln
Jlthjmry liwt, nno lAntili linwo, Owner
ran hnvfl wuno hy piiyina cost of I his iuIltiIko
niciiiiiiicl ffltirl of Mitltnal to dale. uLlmrwir-o if
not clniinuti wiiliiiillll days will he sold to pay
.  ,.    ' ^VrarofiisCMo'un^ilit.
(?srrying His Majesty's Hails
'''' ;'J A^iiWeave -M ID WAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. in., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
, -',JteWning will leav* CAMP McKINNEY on
SjHKtoyajS We<J[ngsd|ys*"r*ind Eridaiys.„.at 9 a. ni.,
reaching MIDWAY at I.3op, m., and making connection witty the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
Tho beat of aqeommodatlon for
the convenience of tha
travelling public
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
■ > \i :-... ''''• D
With. Which is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,700,000.
The Game Laws.'
Opon Seasons.—September 1st
to December 14th.—Deer, buck
or doe; mountain goat, mountain sheep (rem).
September 1st to December
31st. —Caribou, elk, wapita
(bull); grouse of all kinds, including prairie chickens; hare;
moose (bull).
September 1'st Co February 28
th.—-Bittern; duck of all kinds;
heron, meadow lark, plover.
November JJnd to March 31th.
—Beaver, land   otter, marten.
It is unlawful to shoot or destroy at any time:   Bii'ds living
To A. W; lloyd-'oranr [Hj'iBOD.or [mrnons to
whoiu you may have U-nntsforrod your inttjrirHt
■.toin thu "MorninK1'l^ractiijiml Minoral claim,
hitualu in ('Amp MoKiniioy, in the Oroonwooc! l>ivl.;ii)ii of Val« l>iniriol.
■ You aro horoljy noliljoil that I havo oxptiml-
wl 51IJ2..iO in ordof' W' bold - the said mlnotol
(rl.iiii) undor tho.provifiomof tho Mineral Aot,.
that you aliould contrt>)uto$:fl.l(!JiaHyour por*
tion of tho said «utu fbr your fallvldod ono
third.iuloruut in said claim and If within.IM of thcliratiiiKortion of tho date of UiIh
notice j*ou ft'.ilnr rcfiiHoto coritribiitd the sum
of |.7l.lii.i whioh ir, now due by you, together
Willi all cosUi of advortifilnu, your interest In
nald mlnoral cl tlm will becomo the (irqporty bf
the subscriber ujidur sqctlon four of an '.Vol entitled the "Mineral Act Amendment Act."
18011.' ' '    '   ..
Hated tliMnrt day of Juno, 1903,    .
Tickets at Low Rates to the East.
The Chiuago. Milwaukee I St,
Will be on sale at all ticket
offices on June 4th and 5th,
June 24th to 30th, inclusive;
July 15th and 10th, and August
25th'and 26th. -     :
'Tickets good for going paSaS
age forten days from date- of
sale, with final, roturn limit.of
00days,.from datti of sale. 	
Kor f urtlunv ini'o tinatioit ad< I m;ss
H. S. Bowe,
General Agent.
Portland, Oregon,
Points   East
VIA        V   "'   '
Northern j •
HON. $19. A,.COX, Pres.
RESr, $3,000,000.
B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Spokane, Seattle and tat Points,
St. Paul, Miflneap^ .;C|ic.ag8,
2Tral>iiiOBtly O
Fermi*.   T.tiue   _C
New Eqiilpmont Throughout, Day Coaches,
Palace.'and Tourist Sleepers, Dllung and
Buffet Smoklug Ubrary 9   , ,
I'or Ticket*' hates, KoldorS^lirlid'Wi'll'**-
■    loforiniitioii, call mi or wldr es
Any Agent o( the Oreat   Northern   Railway
«• write
A. II. xl. DKNN1ST0N, G. W. P. A.
012 Klrst Avenue, SeATTI.K, Vi'ixsh
MiDWAY.B.l. : :
The . uiidfersi^iied jhaving re-ojieiiedxhi*; well-
kfiown   ,'ind   comfortablti    hoti;l mvite    ihu
patronage of till okl cusioiiiers and the public
generally. ■
Fiirniice-heatedSiuid coniforttibly furnlKlicd r'oouis.
• Mi^SdMirigy Proprietress.
■ "♦'   ■■■"■ *- ■-•' ♦        w
4 j.
Best Hqtel ill  Midway
Rigs to any plff of the tyjfatirf for guest's convenience.
•*',' •.-' >'''i^*yf^'*X^.'t^ffiipitt^<fS **J,*a* ».;■> «'«V' .•
ilex McDonald, of Phoenix,
in town on Monday.
Jih, Jrts. NeNicol, is visiiing
father, John' McLaren, of
jinn Grace Dny, of Camp Mummy, is visiting Miss Ella
r, and Mrs. D. S. McRae re-
nod from an extended honey-
i trip on Thursday evening.
S, Harrison, returnd home
dne-tday, after spending a
iie   of    weeks  at    West-
Ijjft    .,
; W. Craig, general merch-
uf   liounilaiy    Falls  and
iiy  visited    Midway    last
day. .,
large hand of cattle were
on tlirough here on Thurs
toP, Burns'slaughter house
r Anaconda.
bout 50 tons of baled hay
sing hauled from Oie Johns'ranch and shipped from
Depot here to A. J. McNeil
J.Bunneriimn, of Boundary
Is, passed through here this
rning on his way to the
lerican Okanogan to pur-
^e a load of poultry.
'iiite a number of miners,
clmnies, and laboring men
coming into the district, all
it'll om find ready employ-
nt nt excellent wages.
he Greenwood court house
ow completed and tenanted.
ins cost the government $15,
It is a very commodious
ucture, and adds greatly to
appearance of Government
unit A. Dixon met with an
ideut one day this week by
ing from a chute at Burns'
ughter house, near Anaconda
ich resulted in the disjointing
lis leg. lie was taken to the
ip/faJ, and is under treatment
Dr. Spankie.
jist Tuesday the secretary of
board of trade, Greenwood,
pped out to the Spokane instate fair 1,500 lbs. of very
! ore samples taken from dis*
it camps. Some very fine
icimens of both high and low
ide ores Will he on parade,
lalph Sinailes, who spent
(ie weeks in Ottawa recently
the interests of the Midway
1 Vernon Railway, received
gratifying intelligence by
e on Thursday evening that
ubsidy of $6,000 per mile had
» granted the enterprise.
is railway will open the West
rk country, a most promising
ning section.
or extention of their plants, in
order to hold the field as far
as possible from foreign .competition: By an intimate knov -
lodge of the country and ils
special requirements, and also a
personal acquaintenceship with
the business men, they feel that
they can retain command of the
situation. Therefore, the visit
is one of earnest business intent and not « pleasure jaunt,
and their purpose should result in material benefit to both
east and west.
More Eastern Visitors.
)ver ono hundred and fifty
>iosentative business men of
stern Cartiada.niembersof the
iiadian Manufacturers' Aeso-
tion, will arrive in Nelson on
tmday Afternoon by a special
■\n interesting incident of the
I'was the meeting with the
itisli delegates to the Trades
mgross at Peninsula, east of
ft, Arthur.   The two trains
'ossod at that point and were
Wed for  an   hour,  during
"ch tiino the members of the
0 Parties fraternized   pleas-
%•  The impressions of the
'•tish delogutes indicated that
!°y had formed a high opinion
Western Canada, and are
jungly  inipressod   with   its
I'ious   resources   and  trade
nihilities.    The two parties
parated with cheers for each
p-M-i" and wishes of good luck.
Several of the manufacturers
«ve been in the  west before,
J'1 tho majority are visiting
"o country for the first time,
n(l those eviuce a keen interest
Western affairs, and are do
'"''"hied    to   thoroughly ac
IJiaint themselves with all con-
lt,0l,8 appertaining to western
'"•nmorcial life.   Believing that
tester* Canada will become a
k'i'Ciit consumer of 'Canadian
'nanitfaetlired goods, they de*
8il'e information thitt will be a
*>'u*do to them in the operation
Boundary Ore Shipments.
Shipments from the mines of
the Boundary continue to run
over the 16,000 mark each week,
with a probability of increasing
at no distant date.
For the last week the tonnage
from the several mines was us
follows: .„
Granby Mines, to Granby
Smelter, 8,80.'l tons.
Mother Lode Mine, tt> Greenwood smelter, 2,012 tons.
Snowshoe, to Sunset smelter;
2,370 tons, j
Sunset Mine, to Sunset smelter, 288 tons.
Morrison, to Greenwood smelter, 240 tons.
Emma Mine, to Nelson smelt
er, 231 tons.
Oro Denoro, to Sunset smelter, 504 tons.
Winnipeg, to Sunset smelter,
450 tons.
Athelstan, to Sunset smelter,
270 tons.
Total for the last seven days,
16,158 tons.
Total for the year to date
from the Boundary, 4611,818 tons.
Great Northern's Annual Report.
New York, Oct. 2.—The annual report of the Great Northern Railway for the year ended
June 1(0 last was issued today.
The report of President J. J.
Hill says that during the pust
fiscal year the compuny has
opened for operation six new
lines, namely, the Dakota and
Great Northern Railway, Mon-
tnna und Great Northern Railway, Washington and Greut
Northern Railway, Vancouver,
Victoria, and Eastern Railway,
Crow's Nest Southern Railway,
and the Montana and Greut
Northern Railway (Great Falls
to Sweet Grass, Montana).
The tonnage of revenue freight
hauled during the year increased
$3,506,217. The earnings of
passenger trains increased
President Hill also states that
there has been no increase in
tho authorized share capital of
tho company, which still remains at $125,000,000,
Notice of Forfeiture.
To Thomas W. Stock, formerly or thi City of
Rossland In tha Provlnca of British Columbia, but whose preunt address is unknown lo the subscribers:
You are hereby nolilied that we bavo ex.
pend iii |9n in labor und improvements upon
the "Ureal Lnxcy"nnd "Twin Mine" mineral
claims, situate In Summit oamp in tbe Ureen-
wood (formerly Kettle Klverl Mining Division
of Yalo District, as will appear by Certiorate
of Work recorded In the om™ of the Mining
lli'cgidor for the said Greenwood Mining
Division on the Hh day of August imt, tn
order to hold said claims lor the yoar ending
September 3rd MM.
And you are further notidud that wo have
expended tliu further sum of $-1"l, in labor and
Improvements upon wild "Ureal Lilly" ami
"Twin Mine'' mineral claims, its wiil- appear
bv Certificates of Work recorded August lllh.
19n:t, In thn ulltce of said Mining Hecordrr, in
orrli'i-to hold said claims for the year ending
September 3rd, llttl:
And Hat tho expiration of ninety IM dnys
of publication nf thl* notice yon fall or refuse
to oinitr'lhut'i your proportion of the expcnili-
lurcs required under section J!l of the Mineral
Acl. lo hold said claims for the yenrs iibni'ii
mentioned, togother with all ousts of ad ver*
llsinir your Interest in said mineral claim*
•hall become vested in tlio subserlliers lyour
oo'ownersl under Seotlon i ot the "Mineral Ael
Amendment Act, lllflO."
Dated at, Orocuwood, It. C„ this 1st day of
OoUbor,M3. ANm,RWHAMaT0N,
Hallett & Shaw, Solicitors.
To Joseph K. Boss, formerly of the City of
Spokane in the State of Washington, and
how supposed to bo In Mexico.
You aro hereby notlllod that I and  Jamos
Napier l'alon havo oxoonded $101) In labor and
improvements upon tho •'Monte Iteco  mineral
claim, sltuato  In Greenwood oamp In   the
Oreenwood (formerly   Kottlo lllverl Mining
Division of Yalo District, as will appear by a
Cortlfloato of Work recorded March Slut line,
In Hie ofllco of tbo Mining tteeorder for the
wild Union wood Mining Division, in urder tp
hold said claim  for tho yoar ending March
And youaro further notified that I and said
James Napier Patoh havo oxpended a furihor
mini of f MM, In labor and Improvonieiils upun
sniil mineral olalm, aa will appear by a Jw-
Ullealo of Work reoo-dod Maroh IBrd 1003,
In the olllce of said Mining Heoordor, lu order
to hold said olalm for tho yoar ending Maroh
Aiiil yoii aro furthor notlflod that your prn-
iioi'tlon of the expenditures ahove mentioned
was conlrlbutod and paid by tho subscriber:
And If nl the expiration of ninety IDOt days of
pnhllealloii of this notico you fall or refuse I"
contribute your proportion.;! the expend Hire;
rooiilrod under section 21 of tho "Mineral Aot
lo hold said claim for tho y.nrs above men-
n toirothor wilh all cost* of advertising,
.•ii Interest in said mineral claim shall become
voile in lho subscriber la co-ownerl undor
gSV;jpjS|lio "Mineral AotAmondmonl, Aol
' Hat-slat Oreen wood, B.f!„ tho Wild day of
Seplomher. IM      ^^ WUABTi
HalleU and Shaw, Solicitors.
pUHI.10 NOTICK Is hereby given to lhc Kloe.
tors of the (doctoral District, of Oreen
wood, lhat In obedience to Ills Majesty's V.'rlt
to me directed, anil hearing dale tlie tilth day
of September, In the your of Our ton! one
thousand nine hundred and three, I reiiulre the
presence of the sulil Klce.tors at the Court
llouae, Oreenwood, on the nlnelocth dny of
September, at It o'clock noon for lhe purpose
of elecling a person to represent them In
tho Legislature of this Province.
The mode of nomination of Candidates shall
bo as follows:
Tlie Candidates shall he noinlualod lu writ
Ing. the writing shall be subscribed   by two
registered voters of lbe District as proposer
and seconder, and by throe other  registered
voters of the said Dlstriot as assenlliig to Ilie
nomination, and shall be. delivered to the Hemming Officer al, any time between Ur. date
of the 1'roclnmallon anil one p. in. ol I lie day
of nomination, anil In the event of a poll lieing
necessary such poll will be open on the third
day of Octodcr at
OHKKNWOOD  iu lho Court House.
MIDWAY        in thc Oovernnient liullding
BOUNDARY FALLS In the hall over Smith
& McKwen's store.
KHOLT in the old school house.
DKADWOOD    lu tho School House,
IlKNOIIO In lhc  Kholt Trading Coy's
of which every person is hereby required to
to lake notice and govern himself accordingly.
Given under my hand at Grc?nwood. the
ninth duy of .Septemher, one thousand
nine hundred and three,
Hot urning Oltioer.
Reduced   Summer    Excursion
The Denver & Rio Grande,
popularly known as the "Scenic
Linenf the World,"has announced greatly reduced round-trip
rates from Pacific Coast points
for the benefit of teachers who
will spend their vacation in the
East, and of delegates to all the
prominent Conventions—N. E.
A., at Boston; A. O. U. W„at
St. Paul; B, P. O, E„ at Baltimore; Woodniey of America
at Indianapolis; Eagles, at
New York; Mystic Shrine, at
Saratoga Springs; K. of P., at
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis.
Tickets at the reduced rates
will be based upon one fare for
the round trip, but will be sold
only on certain days. These
tickets will carry stop-over privileges on the going trip, giving
passengers an opportunity to
visit Salt Lake City, Glenwood
Springs, Colorado Springs, and
Denver; and will be good to return any time within ninety (90)
days. Passengers going via the
Denver & llio Grande are giving the privilege of returning
via a different route.
Por the rate to the point you
wish to go, and for date of salo
and other particulars, as well as
for illustrated pamphlets,
W. C.McBRIDE, General Akhh.
124 Third St. Portland, Or.
To.Thomas Murray, of Ymir, nnd M. J. Mon
iarty, late of Ymir, B. C
Yon arc hereby untitled that I havo
oiponded One Hundred Dollars If ItSi.WI in assessment work on tlio "Lucky Jim" Mineral
Claim, situate near Myers Creek iu tho Greenwood Mining Division of Yalo District In British Columbia, lo hold said claim for the year
oiiiilng October, 10th. 1901. and a further
sumofOnelliipdred Dollars u)li*i.(mi In assessment wnrk to hold said claim for the year onding Octobor lllth. 1002, and have further expended thc sum ol. t'lvo Dollars ($5.0(1) in ro-
lording said assossnieiils In order to hold said
elaini under the provisions of Section '.'1 of
thc Mineral Aot.
And if within iilnoty days after tho publication of tlilstinllco, vou, or clthor of yon fall
or refuse lo pny or contrlbuto your portion
of Iho expenditure required undor said section 21, that Is to say, the said Thomas Murray iu llio Minn of £11.111 and the said M. J.
Morlarty lu Ibo sum of$88.:», together with
your portion of ull eosls of advertising, the
inlorost of such of you ns tall or refuse to
eon tribute your portion nf said expenditure
and costs of advertising, shall become voslo(|
n the subscriber (your co-owner) under so
Hon 4 of the "Mineral Aet Amendment Ael
Dated at Camp MoKlnnoy, ll. C„ this ISIrd
day of June. 1003.  Last issue Sept. Slill, 1KB.
,1, A, DALANDKlt,
Hour)' Nicholson, Notary Public.
Commercial Job Printing
Tl)<g Dispatch
Special Round Trip  Rates.
Between June ith and August 2(11 h the Illinois Central will
sell round trip tickets from Oregon mid Washington points to
Chicago, Cairo, Memphis and
Now: Orleans at GREATLY
Tickets good for three
months. Going limit ten days.
Returning limit ten tkys after
starting west. Stop over privileges either way, west of the
Missouri River.
Sale dates are arranged to be
convenient for delegates to conventions of National Educational Association ar, Ronton; Elks
at Baltimore; Woodmen at Indianapolis ; Eagles at New York;
Shriners at Saratoga; Knights
of Pythias nt Louisville and
Commercial Travelers at Indianapolis.
Yon can take your choice of
Sixteen Different Routes.
Write us. We will cheerfully
give you anydetailed information you want.
B. FI.,
Commercial Agent.
142 Third St.
Portland, Oregon
Uakhistkhs, Solicitors, Etc.
Ohkknwood. II. C,
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway,BC.
f§ M. KERBY,
A. M. Can. Soe. C. B.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 00. V. * N.
Spokane Falls Morton
Cars East
Many experienced travelers
prefer tourist sleeping cars
for the transcontinental
journey.        The
Chicago, Milwaukee & St
Paul Railway
can arrange for your trip
east in tourist cars, offer you
choice of routes and save
you   money.
(Icneral Agent.
134 Third Street, Portland
11 Riverside Hotel
M Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T LABSEN, Prop.
Stopping plate for Singes ti>
nd from ull Boundary
Ot-eli point!..
Good Aeeommodation for the Traveling Poblie.
Manufactured by the Hilda Cigar
Factory, I. Blumenstiel, Proprietor,
Hamilton, Ontario,
The "BARRISTER" is u Hand Made, Union Make Cigar. It is
■U inches, full size and ic made out of Pure Havanna Filler and
the very Choicest of Sumatra wrapper.
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railwav Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co,,
k. G. N. Ry.,
The only nil mil rout* between
pointy enst, went nnd smith to Rowland, NoImiii, Orand Korku and Repuh*
lit'. Connects at .Spokane with the
(imai Northern, Norlhern Pacific aud
O. tl. * N. Oo, for points east, west
mul smith j connects at Rowland and
Nelson with the Canadian PneiHc Hy.
Connects nt Nelson with the K. II. * N.
Co. for KhsIo anil Sloenu -Mints.
Connects ut Curlew with utoK** for
Ori'iMiwooil mul Midway II, C.
lliiffet curs run on trains between
Hpokwie nml llepiibllo.
Loovo. A"ive'
IM*,'Uii  SPOKANK  .US-nii.
10.1S a.m  UOSSl.ANI)  5.111pm.
7,00 n.m  NKI.SON  Mi p.m.
ll.Wl'im OltAND KOHKS... I.lllp.lli.
ll.lSiun  RKl'UHUO
Oonoriil I'lfwiiKur Ai*otit.
Hjmkiuiti WiihIi.
J AKK notloo Ilml ijll days from lho aatii
liiirouf 1 Intond lo apply to lho Chfpf Coin*
oilssioiierof Lauds ami Works (or poruil-wljii
tu piiruhaiw llm niuiin'iiplud fmollonal norlli
wilBl J n( Sooloii III Township 81, Ono.vmw ills-
I ili'l.
luiii'il MilsHril ilny of Almost, unci,
COS. II. Altl'SOKI.l,,
C, ili'lt. Groon,
Throuflt Salt Uk* City, Lendvtllo, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver   and
the Fatnoui Rocky Mountain Scenery by Daylight to all Points East.
id other W.C. McBRIDE,   den.   Agt.
Information, addresi
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Rinds of Work Executed, to the Satisfaction of Customers
To Joseph Snnltur or any poison or porsnns
to whom yon mny hnvi' tmiutftirrod your In-
torcst to In the "Highland Chief" Mineral
claim situate In Cnmp MoKlimcy, In the
Orocnwnod Mining Division of Ynle Dlstriot.
You are horony notltleil thai 1 have expended
(118. ln ordor to hold yonr interest in the
said mineral claim under the provision of the
Mineral Aot, that yon should contribute the
sum of $118. for your intorest In said claim.
-.nil If within l» days of the tlrst Insertion o(
this notico you fall or rcttise to contrlbuto the
sum o( fIM. which is now duo liy ynu. together with nil costs of advertising, your interest. In said mineral claim will become the
properly o( lho subscriber undor lootlon tour
of nn Act entitled the "Mineral Act Amend-
in,'iri Act." IWO,
Dnleil this I8lh day nf July, ina.
TAKE notice tlmt W) days from thodtih)
horoof, I Intend toapply to tho Chiof Pq»u»1m<
kI on or of Lands antl Works for pornlisHlon to
purohnao HSl noroH of lain! being lho north wotfi
[otSoction6, TowuH-hip fil, Osoyoos district-
Dated ihis tth day of August, IIKjH,
C, dull. Union,
TAKK notice that (HI days from the dato
hltroof, 1 intend to upply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for permission
to piircl.nsc 1120 acres of land boiiat the north
i nf Section 31, Township 40, Osoyoos district,
Ilntcd Ihis 4th dny of August, i««.
A. vvonn
C    tell. Cl'l-.'li,
Agi'U FO STAY...
It wiil be the most important Railway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranching, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District.
Midway property will
make you rich. It is not
a speculation, it is an investment.
Midway, the coming railway, commercial, wholesale and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle River
and Bonndary Creek Districts, is situated at toe
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kcttle Biver.
The leading os ience
pn in the country, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and sur
rounded by rich
tural land.
Business,  residence and garden lots at iow prices and on easy terms.      Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
'At) St John Street,
Montreal, P. Q
The Piece in Danger.
No painter of military sub
jects ever excelled Alphonse de
Neuville in the depiction of
spirited action* or introduced
greater dramatic interest into
his pictures. "The Piece in
Danger" is a most striking example. It is a picture wlitoh
communicates to the spectator
the artist's enthusiasm and the
emotions which he felt in painting it.
A picture can actually represent only a single instant of time
but de Neuville gives iii this battle picture  a  situation   which
tylla   dearly what action has
led up to it and give*.a suggestion of the action about to take
place, but still leaves the observer in doubt as to the final result, thus making it a mine of
intet'estinj;    conjecture.      The
artist's object, not only in this
but in a large part of the pictures
which lie painted in the Franco-
Prussian war, was to show tho
vim, valor and fighting qualities
of his fellow  countrymen  and
this could ba  best shown by
representing action in progress.
Alphonse  de  Neuville    was
born at St. Omer, Pas-de-Calais,
in 1835, ami died inParisinl885,
in  the   height of  his  career.
Unquestumalily    he   was   tho
greatest military painter of the
last century ar.d his. paintings
have been  popular  in almost
every  civilized  country.     His
work is  almost  as much  esteemed ii? England or America
as in France and  some  of his
most    important   works   are
owned in Australia.
"The Piece iii Danger," one
of the best, examples of de Neu-
villo's bi'iish, is one of tho
monthly pictures which the
Free Press, Winnipeg, have selected to be presented to the
readers of tlie Weekly Free
Press. Wo understand the
picture selected for distribution
in September is very handsome,
the subject Ipe.ijig a sporting
Edltorally Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
News from all of Iho world-Well
written, original morion— Anaworii
to queries- A Melon on Health, the
Homo, Xnw llookn, and on' Work
Auiiii.t'e farm and Garden.
The Weekly Inter Ocean
In a member of the Annual:* tad Pronn,
the only Western Newspaper receiving the entire telegraphic news service of the New York Sun and npcclal
cable of the Now York World-dally
report* from nver 2 ("1)0 special cor*
rcspondonhi thniiiKlinnt the count ry.
Hulmrrlbe for THR DISPATCH ami
Tlio Weekly Inter Occnn one yeut
both ]iipvr«for*2,50.
'■'»''' i -'-'iM.!- ' ait Ci . ■
tt.--'{.     feSHIP YOUR'V
.', _.   JSaoMi I'fiittiTitxx .no. .': -   ■
M$N tit APO WSj    MINN;'
tf$ ■ o ,JJ§W •    i   "* ■
" :{■   i-fi-K ';      J-*?.''* „     ^
■; ,xwm-'Ttt ttw   •vr,
•w^e*fo^ci^u Lars'
0. M. (5R0USE,
Agent fur Hritish Cnluiiiliia
Miilway, li. V.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Forks, B. C,
Home-grown, thrifty, aeollmatlsed trees ind shrubs,
Currants, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A line assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Ruts, other ornamentals.
,. -     .   ..       . i..   )■,,
Tbe seerot tit micceim in plnntin-f, l». WWtT— linwrnrr (r,norl stork
MKfOJtii—lo plmit im won kt pui-tiMr niter it n dag.
Trees obtained fron enr ursery enr be plntei it
Midway tWo days after tbey are dag.
Price list, and foil Infortnatloa promptly glffn.
■•:■■'■■ r        , .     .     i
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
Commereial Job Printing
Tfjt Dispatch
The school where thorough,work is done; where the reason I
is always given; where confidence is developed ; where Hoof '
KEKriNti is taught exactly as books are being kept in biisin/.-ss". |
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is al "*
best; where merit is the standard; Where the training in C'v"
11. Service, T{mEQiURHr> English and CartoonIM Wakes «P|
students, develops their powers and teaches them    howto b?|
successful.   No argument is so eloquent as   the record 0||
things well done.    No mortgage can corrupt,   no thief «n-|
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do.   WhenJ
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done lo|
others is it better to trust to luck ?   Is il wiser 10 guess ?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
809 £ecocd Ave, Spokane Wash;
ise in
Tbe Dispatch.


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