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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-09-26

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 foL 2, No. 13.
$2.00 per Year.
This week we are showing a full line of NEW SHOES for
Children, Hisses, Ladies, Boys and
Mens wear.
If you require anything in the shoe line whether for rough
or dressy wear, it will pay you to call and examine
quality and prices,
A Cash Discount of 10 per cent.
On all shoes in the store.
Good Condition
Bring that stock into good condition
,€." Condition .PoWdi
Prepared Especially for Horses and
Cattle   Ral«ed  in   Hilly   Sections.
They must go.
The remains of our Summer Stock will be cleared at prices which would
Tempt a Miser
These are preseut season  goods—New, Stylish, pretty and fashionable.    Hut
we don't want to carry any over to next season and in order to dispose of them
We are Slaughtering
^Va'l    yourself  of   the golden opportunity   to  provide Seasonable Goods at
\ When we eut we eut deep.
j   Agents for F. B. Wright & Co's Wall Papers.
!    HAIN & CO.
COAST - KOOTENAY LINE T10"" "J"'"8   -
Requests Electors to Ques-
Construction to be Started
Within two Weeks.
Association special call of the president, tlmtevi t y
candidate ful election at the provincial
elections almut lo he helA t-huuld  be
interrogated   hefore the sniil election
with a view to ascertaining   wBethei'
Hiich candidate favors the rcmnimend-
Tho following letter has been j »-tio»s "f the "llifl Association,  and
.,.   . .                      ■.-.-■■         i.        , ,      ,     ..      <    ' i *,,••   •       whether, in case hv lie elected, he will
In Not Connected with any  Other issued by tlte Provincial Mining!__ J, ,,,	
tion Their Candidate.
Construction on the proposed j fy> the provincial press for |iub]i
cation and is as follows :—
To the Editor,
Dkau fciiK,—At the request of
the executive committee of tliis
association, I hand you copy ol'
resolution passed by them at
their last meeting.
In doing so, I'bog to state emphatically that our objects are
non-partizan in polities, but
business ones, solely for the
benefit of the mining industry.
We desire, therefore, to elicit
from each candidate for Parliamentary honour—whether Conservative, Liberal, Labour or
Socialist—his views on the subject matters which engaged the
attention of 250 delegates to
our last convention in Victoria,
whereat they represented the
ideas of Home six thousand persons dependent upon the success
of the mining industry and were
certainly well posted on the
several mining questions.
As an association, we have no
interest whatever in a party,
but we look to the Government
of the day, and the Opposition
of the day—which together
form the House of Legislature—
to care for the great and increasing industry of mining.
We ask that the new Government and Opposition shall,
which-ever, Party they represent,
not only refrain from retarding
this great industry, but that the
House when it meets will vigorously proceed to examine our
suggestions and amend the laws
which are proved to be injurious,
when we say the mining industry will rapidly"' become the
greatest revenue-producer, indirectly, in the Province,
This association includes till
classes of the mining industry! Bankers, lawyers, niine-
lownors, miners and muckers;
blacksmiths: engineers, civil,
mechanical and electrical; tini-
bermen, farmers and ranchers
smelter and refinery men; mine
managers, clerks, teamsters, et
al, whose political views include
Conservatism, Liberalism, Industrialism, Socialism, and the
rest of the political parties!
large and small. All arc, however, unanimously of the opinion
that each party member elected
shall be placed upon tt stand
hedged round by his public utterances, which it will bo impossible for him to escape from
as heretofore, for he will le-
present. not himself, but sonic
distinct party which will feel
tho responsibility and see that
ho who is elected to represent
itwilldo his duty, bearing in
mind that the mining industry
is a provincial question and not
u party one in any sense what
ever.    I am,
Yours truly,
John Khun.
short Coast-Kootenay line, eastward from Vancouver, will be
commenced in two week, accord*
ing to an announcement made
by McLean Bros. Surveyors
have been in the field for ten
days hetween Vancouver and
New Westminster, making a
detailed survey of a line previously decided upon. The promoters say that as soon as the
route is finally located actual
construction on right of way
will begin. Proposals will be
made to the city council of Vancouver regarding the, route of
entrance into this city, and pos>
sible concessions of a right of
way in the east end of False
Creek, as soon as practicable
after the return of the mayor
ai|d the city solicitor from their
Oitawa trip.
This is thc substance of the
statement made this morning
by Mr. Hugh McLean, partner
in the firm above-mentioned
"We have had a party of surveyors working for some time,"
said Mr. McLean, "locating a
route between this city and Xew
Westminster. We propose to
start from somewhere near the
centre of the city going east
ward from New Westminster
Avenue along the northern
shore of the city's False creek,
mud aflats, then around the
eastern end, crossing the Great
Northern extensionat the south
east corner of False creek. From
there our survey runs up u
ravine for a distance of several
blocks, then strikes south, passing the western side of Clark's
park, and will cross the main
wagon road to New Westminster at or near Cedar Cottage,
Our survey does not cross the
tram line at all. Then we come
back into New Westminster
from the western side. Leaving
false creek, our grade may be a
little heavier than the Great
Northern, but the route hus
other advantages, beside being
a little shorter, to counterbalance any loss in grade.
"Whether in the east end, we
come around the edge of the
title flats on piles, as the Great
Northern is doing, or build
higher up on tho property now
privately owned, is a matter for
the city council to aid us in deciding. We intend to lay the
proposition before the council
in a businesslike manner, and it
is for the mayor antl alderman
to say whether they will make
any concessions, and what thoy
will be. We are not looking for
something for nothing in return,
but we expect something of the
same treatment that it is giving
to other lines coming into the
"The total length of the Coast
Kootenay line as now proposed
is 370 miles. It was run eastward from Vancouver, crossing
the river at New Westminster,
through Chilliwack antl the
other districts to Hope, from
there to Nicola, and thence
through to Midway. This will
give connection both with the
C. P. K. and Great Northern at
the point last mentioned. In a
fortnight we commence construction from Hope towards
Vancouver. It is useless to talk
this year of starting building
from Hope eastwards through
the mountains, for that cannot
bo done in the winter. As has
already been stated, there is no
connection between our line
and the C. P. R. or the Great
Northern, or any other road."
, , suppoi't the said recommendations liy
Association oi British Columbia, jhis v.,te and influence in the legislature, in order lhat Ihe electorate may
know what stand such candidate
will lake, if elecled, in it gat (I to
such recoiiiiiiendatinns :
the mvinhei's of the executive Ijoui-
oiittev he and they are hereliy reipicsr,-
ed to undertake lhat each candidate,
of whatever party, shall he publicly
interrogated as lo the stand which
Such candidate, if elected, will lake in
Ihe 1'egislaline regarding the said
recomuieiidulious, and particularly
the following :—
1. To repeal the two per.cenl.  tux :
2. To amend the Mineral Acl sn as
tn provide that failure to keep up a
Five Miner's OrliHcale shall nut
operate nn a complete forfeiture of
1'ighls acquired under it. Imt that
some reii-Jimal'le piovision he adopt, d
forextcntinn of time '- ii bin which the
cenilicite iiiiui he renewed :
3. To entitle theowiii'i'" of nn'mml
claims io ihe use of the limher Ihere.*
on for milling purposes on sueh claims,
without the imposition of the loyally
whicli is now enforced :
4. Keduciion Of fee for Crown Grunt
of a mineral claim from $25 to $10 :
5. To enquire into the npeiatioii ot
the "Boiler Inspection Acl," wiih a
view to- ascertaining to whal extent
thesaidact works unnecessary hardship upon ihe owners and operulius of
sleain toilers, and lo lenitive hy
amendment, any just grievances im
posed hy lhe said acl.
6. To ainendlhe"I,laeer Mining Acl"
soaslo enahle lhe holders of pliu-el'
claims lo.secure title iheietohy Crievn
grant, .'is iu lhe else of mineral liniius'.
7. To pass a Conciliation Act for thu
settlement of lalmr disputes :
' 8r To revise an.! consolidate the Ads
relating to (jilai'lii mining and placer
mining, in order to remove the numerous anomalies now existing under said
acts, and to simplify the laws relating
tu hoih classes of mining :
0, The desirability uf opening Indian Reserves throughout Ihe province for mining pur|iose :
the secretary he instructed to send a
copy of the convention proceedings to
euch candidate nomiuaied forelection:
lie    IT   ITKTHKR    RKHlrt.VKD     that
.copies of this resolution be forwarded
to the newspapers'Of each districl. iu
thc province.
Boundary Mines.
The small slag hauling locomotive, ordered some mouths
ago by the Montreal & Boston
Copper Co., for use at its smelter
jit Bouiklary"'Falls arrived at
the smelter recently, and will be
placed in commission as soon as
possible. A similar locomotive,
to be used for the same purpose,
was received at the smelter of
the British Colunihia Copper
Company, at Greenwood,
several days ago, and two are
shoitly expected at Ilie Granby
smelter. As soon as (he latter
arrive, the lit'th and sixth furnaces will be placed in blast.
Wiikiikas The Provincial Mining
Association of British Oolunihlii is a
non-political organisation, composed
nf men of all pari ies and classes :
AND WHRRKA8 the special nhjecl s of
the -said association art; to protect,
develop and foster the mining industry
of British Colunihia in all its hritnehdai
AND whereas lhe association considers that the welfare of the said
mining induslry, and Ihere foi e of ihe
province, demands lhat lhe reforms
recommended at lhe convention in
Fehi'ttary, 19(18, are of prime Importance lo Iw promplly passed hy the
provincial legislature:
Br it tiirrkfork resolved hy the
executive committee of the said association,   iisseii'lileo   at   liossland   liy
Morrison mine, Doad-
ciinip, is now making
regular shipments of ore to the
Greenwood smelter, having sent
out about 2,500 tons this year at
different times. A force of some
twenty men is now employed at
the Morrison.
Yesterday the seven-drill coin-
pressot for Oro Denoro arrived
from liossland, and will bo installed at as early a date as
possible. At this mine the force
of employees i.s steadily being
The Grundy mines now have
about the number of men need-
id until tbe shipments aro increased to 2,000 tons daily,
wliieh will occur when the fifth
and sixth furnaces are blown in
at the conipany'ssmelter. Quito
a number of men, seeking employment havo arrived in the
Boundary this week. At pres-
ont this company is sending out
about 40 cars of ore daily, tho
(implement for four furnaces.
—- ■—	 C. St. CROUHK Kilitnrand Proprietor
Published weekly at Midway, B. C.
Siilmoriptlon prlco. $2,011 por annum, pnyablo
advance, either yeirly or half yciuly at tho
ptlon nt the salHcrllii'i'.
Ad vorllsini* rates sent on application.
Vote for Brown.
Beer is down to a nickel a
schooner in Rossland. This is
no sign of prosperity but simply
paving the way for the use of
coppers, which will doubtless
soon follow.
"We are in the hands of a
receiver," writes a Billville
editor, "and may the Lord make
him duly thankful for what he
is about to receive."
The Dowager Empress of
China appears to be having her
annual thirst for gore. It's
queer how long the Lord lets
some people live.
In addition to the list of polling places mentioned in the proclamation paper, Returning Officer Cunningham has added ono
at Rock Creek. This will be a
great convenience toRockCreek
voters who otherwise would
have to come to Midway.
The Loudon (Eng,) Recorder
evidently still regards Canada
as a dumping ground for criminals. Recently he released a
boy convicted of theft on condition that he go to Canada. He
afterwards sentenced a Canadian, who had been imprisoned
in Canada, and remarked that
foreign countries were in the
habit of sending their criminals
to Great Britain.
Tho McBride government has
suddenly grown ambitious and
taken an unwarranted interest
in the province. The building
of the V. V. & E. railway and
wagon roads to every old place
are among the many projects to
receive its immediate attention.
It seems rather a pity that such
an enterprising government is
to be put out of business on
Oct. 3rd, but the inevitable will
For three years the ranchers
on the hill above Midway have
been imploring the provincial
government to build a new road
or repair the old one, leading up
to their ranches, but all to no
avail. Now, on the eve of an
election the McBride government, promises money for this
work. This scheme is too old
to work successfully. The
spending of money on improve-
ments of this kind just before
election was in vogue in the
Garden of Eden and is too antiquated to catch the voter of today. Better try some new bait
Richard when you go fishing up
Salt creek, after the elections on
Oct. 3rd,
Work has again been commenced on the West Fork wagon road. When this same announcement was made several
years ago it was welcomed with
joy by many industrious prospectors who hud advaneedahead
of civilization into that remote
district only uceessable by
means of a rough trail. A num
ber of mineral properties worthy
of attention had been located
up the West Fork and when
word was received that the
road would be built, the owners
of several of those properties
went to work getting out ore to
be hauled out ns soon as the
road was completed. It was an
unfortunate hour for those
mine owners when they put
faith in the provincial government's promise to build the
road, and began spending their
money on their properties; it
was equally, if not more so, unfortunate for the poor prospec-
ors who spent their last dollar
tne nope that the building ot
the road "would direct attention
to that district and afrord themj
an opportunity to receive some
reward for their labors and the
hardships incidental toaf rontier
life. In due time work was
commenced and the history of
that government piece of road
building is familiar to every
person within the province, or
we think we may, quite within
the bounds of veracity, say the
entire Dominion. Its publicity
was not due to any remarkable
feats of road building performed
by the government but as one
of the worst instances of the
squandering of public money
that has ever been haiidetl down
in history. After the squander
ing of something like $12,000 in
the payment of an army of
bosses and a few employers,
with only a few miles of road
completed, the enterprise was
abandoned. Again work was
resumed and with the display-
ment of the customary intelligence of the provincial government, bridges were built, which
admitted of another short piece
of road between them—under
water at certain times of the
year—being used. This accomplished, the governnient again
suspended work and left the
road, in a practically impassable
condition, until the present.
Now, on the eve of an election
the McBride governnient, with
probably less intelligence than
could possibly .through courtesy,
be attributed to its predecessor,
has commenced work on this
wagon road and asks the two or
three remaining residents of
that district to believe that it is
for their welfare that it is being
done, that all of a sudden it lias
taken an intense interest in that
long neglected district and wishes to see it opened up by a
wagon road. Nothing has occurred in that district to demand an immediate resumption
of work; no new strikes have
been reported; no new enterprises engaged in; then what
has directed the attention of
the government to this piece of
work and caused them to renew operations? Nothing, absolutely nothing beyortd the fact
that the provincial elections are
coming on and as a last hope of
securing the few votes in that
nearly deserted part of that
constituency the McBride gov
ernment, void of every quality
that is possible of admiration
and with deceit stamped on its
face, asks the voters up the
West Fork to become tempor
arily gullible enough to grasp
the golden bait. Will they do it-
will these enterprising, industrious and intelligent men who
have braved the hardships of a
frontier life mistake the insults
offered by the McBride govern
ment fur complaints ; will they
for a moment believe this work
is being started for any other
purpose than to get their votes?
certainly not. If there were a
voter up the West Fork who
was not definitely decided as to
how he would cast his vote, the
dishonorable tocticts adopted
by the McBride government to
obtain his support would but
have a contrary effect and
arouse his antagonism. The
former government erred grievously in not completing this
road and the present government has added insult to injury in attempting its completion at the present time.
piacMJirits; c.'ii'inoii cow or-caii;
chafi'incii; deer fawn under
twelve months; elk, wapita,
coW or calf under two years;
gull, Huet;,moose, cow or calf
under twelve months; inountain
sheep, ewe or lamb; English
partridge; pheasants cook or
hen, except as hereinafter provided; quail, all kinds; robins
(farniers.only may shoot these
in gardens between June 1st
ahd September 1st); skylark,
It is unluwful to buy, sell 61*
expose for sale, show or advertisement, caribou, hare,]* bull
.moose, mountain goat, mountain ram, before October 1st;
deer, before September 1st; nor
any of the above-named animals
or birds at any time, except
duck, blue grouse, heron and
plover, during the open season.
It is unlawful to kill or take
more than five caribou in one
season;more than ten deer, or
to hunt them with dogs or kill
for hides alone; more than 250
ducks; more than two bull elk
or wapita; more than two bull
moose; more than five inountain
rams; or to take or destrdy the
eggs of protected birds at any
It is unlawful to enter  land
enclosed by fence, water or natural boundary, after notice or a
notice under section 11 is post-1
ed up; for    non-residents,   to
shoot   without a license; for
non-resident Indians" to   kill
game at any time; to export or
transport for export in the raw
state, game birds of every kind,
and animals, protected, except
bear, braver marten and  land
otter; to use traps, nets, gins,
drugged bait, etc., to catch game
birds; to expose for sale   with
out its head, any deer, or bird
without its plumage; to uso batteries, swivel-guns or sunken
punts in non-tidal waters to
take ducks  or geese; for unlicensed  non-residents to trap
cr kill bear or beaver for their
pelts; to kill any game bird between one  hour after sunset
and one   hour  before sunrise;
to kill game birds  or animuls
imported   for   acclimatization
purposes; to take trout except
by hook and lino, or to use Sal
thou roe as bait; to enter with
hunting implements or permit
dogs to enter fields, or growing
or standing grain, or enclosed
lands, without permission; for
Indians to kill does or fawns
from Peburary 1st to August 1st
to shoot on enclosed lands on
Sundays   without   permission.
But Farmers or their authorized resident  employees  may
kill dear depasturing their cultivated field, and free miners
may kill  game for ' their own
use any time.
A   iiisii  to :-(|»'preiienl *'"OaSada,w
Greatest Nu^jSRlks" injtlic (town trrf
MIDW'AY a'fta siitWmtiding roniifty,
and lake orders for
In Fruit Trees. Small Fruits,
Ornamentals, Shrubs, Roses,
Vines, Seed Potatoes, &c.
Stock true lo name nnd free front San
Jose Scale. A permanent position for
lhe right man on either salary or
Stone & Wellington
over Soo screi
The Game Laws.
Open Seasons.—September 1st
to December 14th.—Deer, buck
or doe; mountain goat, mountain sheep (ram).
September 1st to December
31st. —Caribou, elk, wapita
(bull); grouse of all kinds, including prairie chickens; hare;
moose (bull).
September 1st to February 28
th.—Bittern; duck of all kinds;
heron, meadow lark, plover.
November 2nd to March 31th.
—Beaver, land  otter, marten.
It is unlawful to shoot or destroy at any time:   Birds living
To Andrew Uiilluw and to mi)' pormnor
|H!*Nuim tu whom hu mu)' Iiiiui triinsferreil Ills
iiitcrast. In thu "Colby nml llis'ii" mlnoral
linlniR, situate mi Kelly Crunk In tlio Oroon.
wiml Milling Division of Yalo DlHtriot, llrilisli
Yon aro hereby notillwl that I have expand*
oil $200.00 In order Ifl hold tbo said Colby and
llmomlnoraloliiims undor lho provisions of
tho mineral not, and havo paid lho earn of
li.U0 for rei'imlhiK tho snine for tlio yonr end,
Iiik'.lllh.lime WW,ihal you should contribute
fil.iins yonr proportion of the said sum for
your undivided unoi|iiartor Interest In sniil
olnlms, and If within IHIHuys from the Hrst insertion of Ibis not loo you toil nr refuse Mi eon*
tribute tlio sum gil.tfl whioh is no A'duo by you,
toKcthor with nil oosls of iiil\or,nslug, your
Interest hi Ilieriilil inliiorul rlnlius will Ihiijiiiuo
tho properly of the subscriber under soelIon
four of an Aet ontlllod the ".Mineral Aot
Amendment Aol' HUM,
Dated nt Mlilwny 11, C. this Uth day of August IHS.
Kind,Insertion, t.lth August WuS.   jj
l*tt.      do.   lllh Novombor, low.
LKfTatthopromises of tho unilerslgnod in
January Inst, ono Mark horse. Owner
oun have samo by paying cost, of this ndcrtlile*
mcntniiil fool of unlmnfto dnlo, otherwise If
not claimed within 110 ilnys will bo sold to pay
Ararohisl Mountain.
Points   East
To A. W. Boyd or any peison or persons to
whom yon may have transferred your Interest
to In tho "Morning" Fractional Mineral claim,
situate in Uainp McKiimey, In the Grccnwooa
Mining Division of Ynlo Dlstriot.
You aro hereby notlflod that I have expanded tltrlM in order lo hold the said mineral
claim undor tho provisions of tho Mineral Act,
that you should contribute HU.IIIilns your portion of tho said sum for your undivided one
third Interest. In said claim and if within 00
dnys of tho first Insertion of tho date of this
notice you fell or refuse to contribute the sum
of J.M.IIi!l which Is now dun by yon, together
Willi all costs of advertising, your Interest In
said mineral ol ilm will become the property of
the subscriber under soclion four of un Act entitled the "Mlnornl Act Amendment Aet."
Datod this 2nd dny of Juno, 1009.
Tickets at Low Rates to the East.
The Chicago. Milwaukee & St.
Pauls  Railway.
'Will be on sale at all ticket
offices on June 4th and 5th,
June 24th to 30th, inclusive;
July 15th and 10th, and August
25th and 26th.
Tickets good for going passage for ten days from date of
side, with final return limit of
00 days, from date of sale,
For further information address
H. S. Kowe, ttjl
• General Agent.
Portland, Oregon.
• ■    ■   ■ i
Spokane, Seattle aod Coast Points,
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chieago
2nwinaIltU-r ft
J»*-.a-fc  Vktmxm  _L
New Equipment Throughout, Day Cosehes,
Palacejind Tourist Sleepers, Dliung and
Buffet Smoking Library C
Kor Tickets' Kales, folders aud Full
Information, call ou or mldr ss
Any Agent ol the Ortot  Nortktrn   Railway
w wrlto '
A. II. 0. DBNNISTON. O. Vf. P. A.
612 first Avenue, Skatti.k, Wash
Carrying His Majesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays, at. 8.30 a..jii.,; arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m. \
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MI DWAY at 1.30 p. m„ and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
Th* best of accommodation for
tho oonvonlonoo of tho
travelling publlo.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,700,000.   •   RfSr, $3,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Lancashire House.
: : MIDWAV, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel inviie ihe
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fnrnnce-heHted|and comfortably furnished rootui.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Best Hotel in  Midway
Crowell's Hotel
Rigs to any part of the sountfy for guest'sionvenietitf
"" « « frwT-rxntAAJtAAAAAAXJXAajijLA'X-rvr'rxx-* xrxrrx
PROPRIETOR 10V*"- ™w  www'    x
.... for Brown. •
ote H»r unmii.
p_ McLeod, of Oreenwoodk
in town on Thursday.
*,„, Powers, of Grand Forks,
ft visitor to Midway yester-
Bubar, returned to-day
inn it trip through the North
\nother carload   of   horses
ii shipped from Midway on
Conductor Irving,of Rossland,
. » visitor  to  Midway on
L, Jas. Kerr, of Greenwood,
[,- guest of her sister-in-law
,, N. Munroe.
fcobert Joliusou, of Camp M«-
Lney, had the misfortune to
his leg  one day  this
ir. and Mrs. F. W. McLaine,
Oreenwood spent a couple
I days in Midway during the
, H. Jamieson, representing
I ion Leiser Co., wholesale
cer of Victoria, was in town
|rs, McKaracher, and daugh-
, May, left on Wednesday for
throe months vacation at
pkane.  ^^^
Vni. Melville, of this town,
[for Eholt on Monday, where
Jhiis secured employment
In the C. P. R.
than. A. Webster,  returned
Thursday   from Spokane
(ere he has been spending a
iple   of   months   with  his
| Old Time Prospector Crushed
to Death.
Phobkix, Sept. 23—The flrst
fitlity that has occurred for
i at any mine in Summit
fnp happened yesterday morn-
t at the Emma mine, which is
operated by the Hall
nes smelter, of Nelson. Archie
r,'one of the old time
upcctors of the "Boundary,
i the victim, losing his life by
; crushed by a mass of ore.
onnor   and   Morrison,  the
* a brother bf the foreman,
1 gone into the ore chute to
«en some large pieces of ore
Iit prevented tho balartce from
ng down, and provided them*
ves with a rope, to be quickly
ight in case tho ore should
Idenly give way beneath
The ore did give way, as
bected, when loosened, and
prison succeeded in grasping
i rope, while Connor unfortu-
/ missed it, and went down
the falling ore. Death must
ve been almost instantaneous,
it took the mine force several
mrs to get his body out, there
ivitig probably been twenty or
'enty-flve tons of ore above
Dr. J. E. Spankie, of
•enwood, was sent for, snd
lived long before the remains
i recovered, but, of course,
Ke had long been extinct. The
'mains wero terribly mutilated.
Wr. George M. Foster, the dis-
>ct coroner, was summoned,
"1 this afternoon an inquest
|«» held at tho mine, which is
Med on the Phoenix spur,
'tween this place and Eholt.
Connor was a native of Bel-
«t, Maine, where he has a
ther and mother residing. He
!* a man of over 50 years of
e< and unmarried. He is one
the old time prospectors in
e Boundary, having been in
i» section for the last ten or
rvelvo years, ahd having some
Niortieg in deffercnt camps.
fast winter he workod at the
Jranby mines, and but a little
jver a month ago joined Phoe-
|x Miners'Union No. 8.
Nelson's First Fair.
NemoK, Sept. 24.- Nelson's
r8t< agricultural and mineral
"hibition was opened today
"d so far has proved a great
"mom, despite a steady down
l0«r of rain which lasted most
lf the day. The mineral and
r"it exhibits were the chief
f«at«jl* of the fair, although
pWe Were also hiany interest-
The Ymir camp took first
prim-for best mineral exhibit
and Rossland second. For free
milling gold ore exhibit Ymir
came first, with Nelson second.
In the gold and copper dry ore
class Hossland came flrst, with
the Boundary second. Slocan
took first prize for silver-lead
ores, with Ainsworth second.
Poplar Creek took a special
prize for richest ore shown. The
Ymir exhibit was an especially
good ore, containing samples of
ore from nearly fifty different
properties. The Nelson camp
was principally represented by
a splendid assortment from
Forty-Nine creek.
The fruit astonished everyone
that viewed it, as larger or bettor looking apples, plums, pears
or peaches had not been seen.
The first balloon ascension
ever givon in Nelson took place
this afternoon, when John
Leonard, the well known aeronaut, made a most daring but
successful voyage in the air. He
descended with a parachute
from a ditzy height, landing on
the beach within six feet of the
Boundary Ore Shipments.
Ore shipments from the com
bined mines of the Boundary
district were greater last week
than ever liefore, as all the large
mines are now working at full
The output has averaged con
siderably over two thousand
tons per dny for the seven days,
and the total is several hundred
tons more than the greatest previous week.
The following are the shipments for each mine in detail:
Granby Mines, to Granby
Smelter, 8,012 tons.
Snowshoe, to Sunset Smelter,
2,010 tons.
Mother Lode to Greenwood
Smelter, 3,840 tons.
Sunset, to Sunset, 780 tons.
Morrison, to Greenwood, 640
Emma, to Nelson, 462 tons.
Oro Denoro, to Sunset,' 792
Winnipeg, 175 tons.
Athelstan, 180 tons.
Total for the week, 10,791
Total for the year to date,
430,784 tons.
The following is a statement
of the ore tonnage shipped over
the Kettle Valley lines during
the past week:
Republic camp — Mountain
Lion to Montreal and Boston
Copper Company, Boundary
Falls, 135 tons; Mountain Lion
to Canadian Smelting Company,
Trail 673 tons; Mountain Lion
to Hall Mines Smelter, Nelson,
100 tons; North San Poil to
Hall Mines Smelter, Nelson, 100
tons; North San Poil to Hall
Mines Smelter, Nelson, 113 tons;
Knob Hill to Hall Mines Smelter, Nelson, 30 tons; Hall Brothers to Granby, Grand Forks,
20 tons.
Chesaw Camp: Ruby Mine to
Hall Mines Smelter, Nelson, 20
Danville camp: Lucelle Dry*
fus mine to Granby C. M. S. and
P. Co., GrandJForks, B. C, 130
Total, 1,271 tons.
To JoMphft,loii. formerhref tht Cltr et
Spokane In th* SUM ar Washington, ant
now nippost* t* t* In Mul**.
Younrohorebjmntllled that I and lantern
Napier I'M-m have expended |IW In labnr Mid
improvement*! upon tht "Monte Keen" mineral
Alum, situate in Oreenwood osmp In the
Greenwood (formcr'y Kettlo lllverl Mining
Division of Yale District, m will appear bv a
(Vrtlflcatoof Work recorded March 21st IW8,
In the oftta- of the Mining Heoorder for the
mid Gran-wood Mining IHvl-lon, In order tn
hold Mid claim (or the rear ending March
And you an further notified that I and aald
Jntnes Napier Pawn hnve expended a furl tier
mini of |ltn, la labor and Improvementa upon
wild mineral olalm, aa will appear by a fnr.
titleeto of Work recorded March Srd MM,
ln thc officio of nald Mining llecorder, In order
tn holil aald claim for the rear onding March
JJrd. imn:
And you are further notified that your proportion of tho expondlturna ahove mentioned
waa contrlbulMl and paid by the subscriber:
And If at the elplratlon of ninety WH Anytt el
publication nf thia notloe you fail nr rolifc In
omitribute your proportion nf the oinondllum
required under section'M of thr "Mineral Act"
to hold aald claim for the yuan above men-
Honed, together with all coata of advertlalng,
your Internal in aald mineral olalm ahall Income
vcated In the aubacriher (a co-owner) under
Section (of the "Mlnoral Aot Amendment Aol
Dated at Greeiiwood, B.C., tho Mnd day of
ScPtntnbor, l*fl.
lUNDOim STl'AllT.
pUDI.lt: NOTICK la hereby given to the Km.:-
Uira of the Kleotoral Dlatrlct it Greco
wood, that In obedience to Ilia Majesty's Writ
to mo directed, and bearing date tho llftli day
of September, in the year of Our I/ird one
thouaaud nino hundred and three, 1 require the
preaence of tho aald Klcclora at the Court
House, Greenwood, on the ninotoctlt day of
■September, al 12o'clock noon for the purpoae
of electing a poranti to represent them ln
the Legislature of thia Province,
The mode of nomination of Candidates shall
be a* follows:
Tho CnndldntcH ahull be nominated In writ
Ing, the writing abail be aubacrlhud by two
rcgiatcrcd votera of thc Dlatrlct. aa propoacr
and seconder, and by threo other rcgiatcrcd
votera of theaaid Dlatrlct aa aaacntltig to the
nomination, and ahall be delivered to the Hemming Olllcer al nny time between th. date
of Uie Proclamation and one p, in. of lhc day
of nomination, and In the evonlof a poll being
nocc*Mry aucb poll will be open on the third
day of Oetodor at
GltKKN WOOD In the Court llouae.
MIDWAY In the Government liullding
HOUNDAItY KAI.IJS lit lbe hall over Smith
It McKwen'a atore.
KHOI.T In tke old school hoiiae,
DKADWOOD    In thc School llouae,
DKNOItO in the  Kholt Trading Coys
of Which every person la hereby required to
to take notice and govern blinaelf accordingly.
Given under my hand nt Qre-nwnod. the
ninth dny of faptomlier, one thousand
nine hundred and three.
Returning Olllcer.
petwaenaune itn tint! august 20tli the IllinoiH Central will
well round trip ticket* frnui Oregon mid Washington point* to
Chicago, Cairo, Memphis and
New Orleans at GREATLY
Tickots good for three
months, Going limit ten days.
Returning limit ten days after
starting west. Stop over privileges either way, west of tbe
Missouri River.
Sal« dates are arranged to be
convenient for delegates to conventions of National Educational Association at Boston; Elks
at Baltimore; Woodmen at Indianapolis ; Eagles at New York:
Shriners at Saratoga: Knights
of Pythias at Louisville antl
Commercial Travelers ut Indi*
nim poll's.
You cun take your choice of
Sixteen Different Routes.
Write us. We will cheerfully
give you anydctailed information you want.
B. H. TbumbuMj,
Commercial Agent.
142 Third St.
Portland, Oregon
Reduced   Summer    Excursion
The Denver & Rio Grande,
popularly known us the "Scenic
Lineof the World," has announced greatly reduced round-trip
rates from Pacific Const point*
for the benefit of teachers who
will spend their vacation in the
East, and of delegates to all the
prominent Conventions—N. E.
A., at Boston; A. O. U. W.. at
St. Paul; B. P. O. E., at Baltimore; Woodmey of America
at Indianapolis: Eagles, at
New York; Mystic, Shrine, at
Saratoga Springs; K. of P., ut
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis.
Tickets at the reduced rates
will be based upon one fare for
the round trip, but will be stdd
only on certain days. These
tickets will carry stop-over privileges on the going trip, giving
passengers an opportunity to
visit Salt Lake City, Glenwood
Springs, Colorado Springs, and
Denver; and will be good to return any time within ninety (90)
days. Passengers going via the
Denver & Rio Grande are giving the privilege of returning
via a different route.
For the rate to the point you
wish to go, and for date of sale
aud other particulars, as well as
for illustrated pamphlets,
W. C. MCBRIDE, Oenwul A|?Mit»
124 Third St Portland, Or.
To.Thomna Murray, of Ymir, and M. J. Mor*
inrty, latent Ymir. II. C.
Ynu are hereby notified that I have
expended One Hundred Dollara if Muni In as*
acaamont work on tlte "Lucky Jim" Mlnernl
Claim, situate near Myera Crock in the Greenwood Mining Dlrlalon of Yale Dlatrlct In Britiah Columbia, to hold aald claim for the year
mining October, lllth, 1901, and a further
aum of One Hundred Dollara HHm.ihii In asses-
amont work to hnld aald clnim fnr the year ending October loth. 1M2, and have further expended the aum of five Dollara OVUM In recording aald aaaeaainolita in order to hold auld
claim under the provlaioua of Section 24 of
tho Mlnoral Act,
And If within ninety daya after tho publication of lhl« noliee, vou, or cither nf yon fail
or rofuae lo pay or contribute ynur portion
ot tho expenditure required undor aald see-
Hon 44, that l« tn aay, the aald Thomas Murray In the aum of $31.1(1 anil the auld M. 1.
Morlarty In the aum nf f(W.ffl. together with
ynur portion of ull coata of advertlalng, the
interest nf audi nf you aa fnil nr refuae to
contribute ynur portion of mid expenditure
nnd coata of advertlalng, ahall becomo veale,]
n tho aubacriher lyour co-owner) under ae
Unit 1 of the "Mineral Act Amendment Act
Dated at, Camp McKinney, II. C„ thia 1Srt\
day of June, MB.  laud laaue Sept. 27th, MM.
J. A. llAUNDKlt.
Henry Nicholson, Notary Public,
Commercial Job Printing
Bakkistkhs. Solicitors, Etc.
Ghkkn wik-i>, B, C,
Tb® "Dispatch
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
A. >. Can. Soe. C. I.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midwav ask Ghkknwimiu.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phono BB. V. * N.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & 6. N. Ry.,
Var.,Vi 4E.Ry.ftN.Co.
The ony all rail rout* between
point* eaut, west and south to Ross-
land, Neln n, Urand Forks and Republic. Cornier,» at Spokane witb the
Oreat Northern, Northern Piielflc and
O. ll. k N. Vn. for points easl, went
and south : eminent* at Ros-Jand and
Nt-kini with the Canadian Pacific Hy.
Connect, nt NoUnn with the K. It. ft N
Co. for Kaslo and Slocan points.
Connects at   Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and MMway 11. C.
Buffet ears ran  an trains between
Hpokane and llepnlille.
The Pioneer
in excellence of equipment, is in a
class by itself. From Minneapolis
and St, Paul to Chicago it is The
Train of Trains,     It runs via the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St
Paul Railway
the route selected by the United
States Governnient for The Fast
Mail, Three other daily trains to
Chicago via this route.
(Jeneral Agent.
134 Third Street, Portland
■m mm
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. f LARSEN, Fro?.
Slopping plrne foi'Smite." tt:
nd from all Btni|ii|»i y
Ciivnk point>■.
Traveling M!ie,
e Hilda Cigar     f^ < rut '-5 *.:•
tiel, Proprietor, ^^fcfek
Manufactured by the
Factory, I. Blumenstiel,	
Hamilton, Ontario.
The '"RARRISTER" is a Hitnd Mude,Union Make Cijftvv.   Ii h
U iiicIipn, full si/.i! and i,» made out of Pure Huvauna Filler »nd •
the very Choicest .of Sumatra wrapper.
Thrauih Salt Lake City, Lendvillu, Pueblo, Cobra'do Springs and Denver   and
the Famous Rocky Mountain Scenery by Daylight to all Points East.
or rates folders and other
Information, address
W.C. McBKIUE.   Hen.   Agt.
..SPOKANK ,     .\W11.1n.
. IlltANIi KltltKS....   4.lin*i.ni.
It.l.'in.m... .
Ja.. .TAtrmMoxr,
Qeneral PaweiiRor Agent.
8|nkii*ie \V»»li.
JAKKiinticollmt it) rtnyn from tho Unto
heronf I Intend tn apply to thn ehlof Com.
mls-itinornt l^ntdHand Wnrku (or pcrtnlwi.in
to purchaee the nnnco.uptod fmot.innal nnrlh
»o»l I ot Sectnn IB Towimhip SI, Onoyonn din-
Dated thlailnl day nf Almost, 1IW.
0, doll, Oroon,
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Exooutod to the Satisfaction of Customers
Tn Joseph Snulter or nny person or persons
to whom you may havo trnnsfurrod your interest lo In tho "Highland Chiof" Mineral
claim situate In Catnp McKinney, in tlie
Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.
You nre horoiiy notified thnt I have oxpemlcil
tUS. ln oi-dorto hold your interest In the
sniil mineral claim undor the provision of the
Mineral Aot, that you should contribute fill!
sum of JUf*. for your inlorest. in snid claim.
nml If within 1)0 days of tho first, insertion of
ihis notico yon fnil or refuse to contribute tho
sum of $118. whieh is now duo hy you. to.
nether With all costs nf adverllsllig, your Interest In said mineral claim will become the
property nf tho subserlhor under section four
of nn Act entitled the "Mineral Aot Amend'
ment Act," IVdO.
Doled this Will day ot July, l!>«.
TAKK notice that Kl days from the tin'"
hereof, I Intond toapply lo llio Chiof Cnininis-
sloner nf binds nml Works for peni'issii.n to
purchase tttfl acres of land lieing t he nort h xvoi x
\of Section (1, Township 61, Osoyoos district.
Dated this Ith day of August. 1!K«.
t).delt. Qreon.
"TAKK notice that 80 days from tl'. rti.l
hereof. 1  intend to apply to tho Chiof Cir.
misslnoor of Ijinds and Works for pormitssio i
to purchase 320 acres of land bolnir tho i.ovtli
i of Seotlon 31, Township 19, Osoyoos dintrlf.t.
Dated this 4th day of August, I0O3.
C  ion. Oroon,
mKmstasmmtmiisxsaxr,,. A
It wiil be the,most important Railway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranching, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District.
you rich. It is not
a speculation, it is ao investment.
Midway, the coming railway, commercial, whole-
sal? and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle River
and Bonndary Creek Districts* is situated at tae
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kettle Biver.
Tbe leading osi dice
pn in the country, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and sur
rounded by rich
tural land.
Business, residence and garden lots at iow prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
ill) St, .Mm Street,
Montreal, P. Q
i aaa—
®he p*patdj
Provincial Elections.
The following nominations
have been made over the province :
Atlin—John Kirkland, Labor.
Chilliwack—J. L Atkinson,
Conservative; C. W. Munro,
Comox—P. McB. Young, Lib-
-W. C. Wells, Lib-
Similkanieen—\V. J. Snod
grass, Liberal; L. W. Shatford.
Skeenar-C. W. D. Clifford,
Conservative; P. Herman* Liberal.
Slocan—R. A. Bradshaw, Liberal; W. Hunter, Conservative;
W. Davidson. .
Vancouver—T. Ogle, Socialist,
J. Edwards, A. 6. Perry; arid F.
Williams, Labor.
Yale — Stuart Henderson,
Liberal; T. G. McMana mon,
Ymir—A. Parr,   Liberal; H.
Cranbraok—Dr. J. H. King,
Liberal; Thos. Cnvin, Conserva- Wright, Conservative.
Cowichan-J. N. Evans, Lib- Boundary Mines.
eral; E. M. Skinner, Dounmujr unit-*
Esquimalt - John Jardine, At the Snowshoe the force is
Conservative; C. W. Munro, gradually being enlarged, there-
Liberal. I being about 00 men tliere at
Fernie—E. C. Smith, Liberal; present, the entire tonnage of
J. R. Mc.Piiersou, Socialist. j some four hundred tons daily
Grand Forks—W. U PClement, I being shipped to the Boundary
Liberal; George A. Fraser, Con- Falls smelter.
servative; John Biordan, Socialist.
Greenwood -J. B. Brown,
Liberal; Dr. J. E. Spankie, Conservative.
Islands—T, W. Patterson, Liberal.
Kamloops—F. J. Deane, Liberal; F, J. Fulton, Conservative.
Kaslo—J. L. Botallack, Liberal; Hoi.i. R. F. Green, Conservative.
Lilloet—Dr. George Sanson,
Nanaimo— Edward Quennel,
Conservative; J. H. Hawthorn-
waite, Socialist.
Nelsons-John Houston, Conservative; S. S. Taylor, Liberal.
Newcastle—D. W. Murray,
Liberal; P. Williams, Socialist.
New Westminster—W. Gif-
ford, Conservative; John C.
Brown, Liberal.
Okanagan-T. W. Sterling,
Liberal; Price Ellison, Conservative.
Bevelstoke-T. W. Taylor
Conservative; John W. Bennet,
Work on the Jackpot, in Wel
lington camp,   adjoining  the
Athelstan, is being pushed, and.
shipments to the BoundaryFalls
smelter are soon to start.   The
same syndicate is operating this
claim that controlls the Athel
stan, and it is identifled with the
smelter to which the ore is being shipped.   It is reported that
returns from    Athelstan   ore
have been very satisfactory.
Runaway Accident at Phoenix.
Last Wednesday as James A.
Clark, undertaker of Phoenix,
started to drive over to Summit
camp, to take care of the re-^
mains of Conner and prepare
them for burial. While on the
way his horses ran away and
threw Mr. Clark out of the
vehicle, thereby breaking one of
his legs near the ankle. The
man with him was also thrown
out in the runaway. Mr. Clark
was brought back to Phoenix,
where he has the best of attention at the Phoenix hospital.
Agent fur llnlnh (.'ninii
Midway, 11. Oi
Riverside Nurseries
Orand'Porks, B.C.
I   Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A line assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
i    The tiffret nf succea* in pUntini*, in, HlRttT—to securr guxsl stock,
second—to plant as booh is *xi»-ilile *ft**r It m Aug.
\ Trees obtained from oor nursery een be planted at
| Midway two days after they are dog.
:   Price Uit, and full Information promptly  given.
809 Second Ave,  Spokane, Wash.
The school where thorough work is done; where the reas
is always given; where confidence is developed ; where lb"
keeping is taught exactly as books are being kept in busincs
where Shokthant> is scientific; where penmanship is at i
best; whjere merit is the standard; where the training in Cm
11. Service; Telegraphy, English and Cartooning wakes u
students, develops their powers and teaches them    howto I
successful. ' No argument is so eloquent as   the record '
things well done.   No mortgage can corrupt,   no thief ca
break through and steal,the knowledge of How to Do,   Win
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done f<
others is it better to trust to luck ?   Is it wiser to guess ?
for detailed information call, telephone or write
809 Seeped Ave., Spokane Wash.
The Dispatch.


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