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The Advance 1900-01-29

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 _,*&■■ '■■'
T«Lin, No. 13.
$2.00 per Year.
|   P.McL-OU.
BAX«iM«I<   S.iMcitiiH, Prr.
Qhkbnwoop, n. C,
U   NICtfOLSO*.,
**• _: Notary Puhi.ic,
pf*R. Mathison,
plett & Shaw
ilhttilii Public
Bedford MctJolll's, Moreing k
Neat's, Leltwr's.
.  . .  MIDWAY, B.C.
cwrnatfl brokf.r.
CmNM Mtrlss passed. Mineral Aet
aot that AM paper- dnwn up. AIR*
Oatmtmhm. Abstract*, made.
ations by mill or telephone
r attended to.
A9 ttht* *l lepelrlm.   Horteihoelnc
»  A upminly.
R. M. MsBatlra.
I m%
MeDoQnell & MeEntire,
Miies and
-:- Real Estate.
Oreenwood and Camp McKinney.
jioi tii uk itot'K ( p.r.Ki;
BE.   JM t,-Lwna.tAjtri.&lx,   T**s*::_.
Now is the Time
to buy your furs, winter dry
goods and clothing, heavy   and
medium gents' furnishings. We have taken
stock and find   that last year's business warrants us to reduce the price on all the above
articles and  we offer our patrons bargains in all.
There arc quite a few remnants in  plain and fancy silks
and satins as well as dress goods, which we wish to
clear.    This week we will show ladies' white
wear in chemises, nightgowns, skirts and
drawers, and make a special sale of
ther during the month of
We have a full and complete stock in plain and fane)
Groceries at lowest possible prices. New consignment of
California Naval Oranges and Fancy Lemons at
Post Offiee Store,  -   *   Midway, B. C.
| Hotel Spokane,
J^X^; Seventh St. - Hidway. XXSCC3[
The Eight-Hour Law.
Kootenay Mine Owners Bequest
its Amendment or Repeal.
Hu Made Investors Timid and
Caused Capital to be
(IS    f'OH   GfUKRTil
left Ki-liiutf mi Kettlo ttiVor.—V
H.  KEYES,  Prop.
Qood Accommodation,
Best Liquors ami Cigars.
First-Clam Stabling
||—ical Wileh laktr.
Tool*. Plenty Material.
tayeat* ttperlcnct «• *»
_ comctly.  ,  •  •
********* ****(<m)
St take's Home...
IA Private Hospital
and Nurses' Home.
OfMNHEiMr-rt St., Vanoouvm.
Medkal,Surgical andMidwifery cases
received. Terms:— I'rivati* Rooms,
$16 p«r week ;   Beds in Wards, $10
MuiMI m*nt. into the country nl. the
MUIA charge*-, telegrams receiving
Immediate attention.
AM applications to he mule to
A new building, well furnished, Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Ahead of the Railroad....
Is still to the front with a large
stock of
Dry Goods      Groceries      Crockery
Clothing      Blankets      fcctts and SSmcs
Comforters   Carpets     Curtain Poles and Trimmings.
The Midway Trading Company, Ltd.
J. R. JACOBS, Manager. Midway, B.C.
Midway Meat Market -
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At thl* establishment customer! can get choked cut* of
Therefore Meat* are always fresh and sweet    Call and get a good joint
for dinner to-day.
TELEPHONE 311* P. 0. BOX 25.
_______________A 1      I __b_____________k______bd_.__b____k__
Is now open with a Stock of
AU the Leading: Magazines Kept on Hand.
Circulating: Library In Connection.
Thos. Walker, Prop.
Seventh Street,
Midway, B.C.
A petition has lieen presented to the
Provincial Legislature liy Kootenay
mine owners who art the limine lo repeal what is known as the Right-Hour
Law.   The petition in full is aa follows!
"The petition of the undersigned re-
preventives nf incorporated -.ouipun*
lea owning and operating metalliferous
mines in the district of Ko.iienay, in
the Province nf British C'otumliia,
hninlily shnweth as follows i
1. That lbe companies represented
liy ynnr pel il loners are either incorporated under the laws of British Columbia or under the laws of (ireat. Britain,
and in the latter case are now registered and authorized to do husiness in
the Province of British Coliiniliia.
'I. Thnl the capital of lhe companies represented liy your petitioners
aggregates many millions of dollars;
that Urge sums of m mey ll ive been
invested by the said companies in tbe
purchase of mineral claims in the district nf Knoteiiuy, British Ojlunbia,
and further luge sums in the develop*
in ntof such prop-rtles and in the
purchase and erection of machinery
lor the working of tbeir respective
3. Tiiiit a Urge number of mines
owned hy companies doing business in
the Slocan district hive not been working for some months past, the opera
Uou of tbe same hiving ceased oning
io the unsettled ami unsatisfactory
state of the lahor market occasioned
hy the passing mid enforcement of Section 4, Chapter 49, Slatutes of British
Coliiniliia, iti Vic, entitled "An Act tn
Amend lhe Inspect ion of Metalliferous
Mines Aci," wherein il is provided
Ihut "no person shall lie i-mpin-ed
underground in any metailifeiotis
mine for mure 'ban eight bouts in
every Iwen.ty-four hours."
I. That your peliliiiueis were not
aware that such legislation was heing
sought, and ihe first intimation they
hud of such legislation heing passed
was through the columns of newspapers. And your pelilioiieis humbly
submit that legislation of such importance, vitally affect ing large vested
interests, should not bave been passed
by the Legislature wit bout an opportunity bating been given lo those
iulrirsieilof expressing iheir opinion
npou lhe subject.
5. Ynur petitioners are satisfied
that Iliis change in Ibe law was unl
ask.d lor hy lbe miners, and 'lie en
amiii-iii .1 us ae greal .. surprise lo the
iniueis us il Was Lo tile iinnc-mv tiers.
Nu fucs Having been adduced to show
that lbe miner, am King ill the mines
ihrougiiniii the KiKHiiiays complained
a.aiust ui siilieii-d under lbe system
in v.i^ii* |.i'ii>i io tne passing of the
—ui, ...iu lii .ti. ..usenee ot any petition or evidence liefore ilie legislature
ihal sum it swei-piu* change iu lhe
Acl ttusiisked tor oy those wbo are
in.'Sl imeiesied iu the change, namely,
ihe winers.)our petitioners submit
ibat Ihey aie luuy jiistiiied in asking
ihal this latv in- mnunili u ur repealed,
0. lhe pissing uf this legislation
has had a very misruled ctfeel uu the
market; investois are timid, and rap*
mil that is seeking investment in the
Kiaiteua). is Iwiug withheld, awaiting
lhe action of Ibe Legislature in the
premises. Thai tunning could hate
• veil mure promising lhan ihe milium.
for large luvesloielil of K ig.isn and
Eastern I hi.mil.hi capital in ihe Kii.H-
eiinjs al lhe I.ginning of Uk- year
IMW, bul we regret to say that tile passing of the leirisiaiioh in question hus
neitled so much distrust in the minds
of the Investing public ihal ihe large
sums uf iiiuu.-y thai were ready for
Investmenl in milling operation- in
Briiish Columbia have lieen withheld.
7. That up to the time of the pas.
sing ol Ihe law in question mine owners and other* interested in mining in
the KiHiteiinys had reason to congratulate themselves upon Ihe pleasant
and prolit able relationship lhat enisled
between Ibe employer and the employed, and it is the wish of your |teti-
lionets Ihal nothing should occur to
disiinli the li.iriniiuy and peace existing hei ween employer and employed.
But speaking in the light of experience
liming the months lhat this law hus
been in operation, ynur petitioners
stale us a fart thnt il will he impossible tor all mine owners to continue to
pay tbe rate of wages for eight hours
it lalsu that they have heen paying
for ten hours j the expense nf carrying
on the wnrk in the mines lhat are at
present being operated is su greal I hat
the same has heroine burdensome and
iinremunerative. The necessary alternative will he a reduction of wages,
and upon such reduction, speaking in
Ihe light of experience, your petitioners are a/raid consequences will ensue
lhat will greatly retard the progress of
mining in the Kontenays.
8. Your petit loners desire in emphasize the fact i hat large sums nf British
and Eastern Canadian capital were
invested in the mines and mineral
claims throughout ihe Kootenays liefore the passing of the Law inquest ion
and ymir petitioners submit that it is
unfair to those who invested their
money that Ihey should be discriminated against as they huve been by the
passing of tbe Eight-Hour Law,
9. Youi petitioners submit that the
Law complained of is unconstitutional,
as the same is imposing unwarrantable
restriction upon the riuhl to contract)
that the privilege nf contracting is
both a liberty and a right which has
heen enjoyed hy British subjects from
lime immemorial, Hnd that any legis.
lei inn such as that complained of. which
prevents the making nf conl tacts, is an
inie'-ference with ihe freedom of con
trading lietween workmen and employer.
And further that the passing of the
Law in question Is sn unfair discrimination against the industry of metalliferous mining, and deprives persons
employed In metalliferous mining of
the privilege allowed to and enjoyed
by other persons, under tike conditions, in other mines.
Your petitioners  therefore humbly
submit that they are entitled to relief
in the premises, and would ask that
such action be taken hy the   Legislature uf British Columbians will grunt
a restoration of their rights hy eith-r
the repeal nr amendment of Section 4,
Chapter hi, Statutes of British Columbia, 62 Victoria,   heing  "An  Act to
Amend the Inspection of Metalliferous
Mines Act."
The petition is signed hy :
War Eagle Con , Mining and  De-
| velopmetit  Co., Ltd.
I   The Centre Star Mining Company,
i Limited.
|    Brandon Si  Golden   Crown   Mining
Company. Limited,
i   The Kettle River Mining k Develop*
! ment. Co . nf B. C„ Limited.
!    Montr Cristo Consolidated Mining &
Development Co., Limited.
!    British America Corporation,   Limited.
j   Colmnbia-Kootenay    Mining    Co.,
| Limited.
Le Roi Mining Co,, Limited.
\   The American  Eagle  Gold  Mining
Co., Limited.
Virginia Mining Co., Limited.
The Homestake Mines, Limited.
H. E. Lee (told Mines. Limited.
The Gopher Gold Mining Co.,  Lim
The Santa  Rosa  Gold  At   Copper
Mines. Limited,
Red Mountain View Mines, Limited.
The Rathmullen Consolidated Mining k Development Co., Limited.
King Mining Co., Limited.
The Iron Colt Mines, Limited.
Tlie    Lavinia-Bulte     Consolidated
Mines, Limited.
White Brothers' Mine.
Gertrude kCnxey Mines.
Tlie Canadian (loldfields Syndicate,
Another Petition
has been ptesented by the Hull Mines,
Limited, and 'Xl other companies nper
sting or   owning  mining   properties
within West Kentenav, and more particularly the Slocan district, of precisely similar tenor and effect to I lie foregoing from ihe mine owners of ihe
Rossland dislrict.   The petition   from
I Ihe Slocan was signed hy ;
i    The Hall Mln»s, Limited.
I   The Fern Gold M. *   M,  Company.
Duncan Mines, Limited,
j    Granite Gold Mines. Limited,
i   Queen Bess Proprietary Company,
j Limited.
I    I/mdon snd H. C. G.ililnelils. Ltd.
I   Tbe Exchequer  Gold   Mining  com*
punv, Limited,
The Ymir Gold Mines, Limited
The Enteiprise B. C. Mines. Limited.
The Wakefield Mines, Limited.
The Northwest Mining Syndicate.
The Bosun Mines, Limited.
Finch Hi Campbell.
The Rtilli Mines, Limited.
Minnesota Silver Company, Limited,
Sunshine Mining Conipnny, Limited.
Fontenoy Mining * Milling Companv, Limited.
The Reco Mining A* Milling Company,
The Slocan Southern Mining Companv, Limited.
The Wonderful Group Mining Companv. Limited.
Miller Creek Mining Company, Ltd,
The Chambers Group Mining Company, Limited,
Slocan Star Mine.
Scottish-Colonial Goldfields, Limited,
Idaho Mines.
I'lira Mines.
Whitewater Mines, Limited.
Juekson Mines, Limited,
Anton Consolidated Mines, Limited,
Humbler Caribou Mines, Limited,
Whitewater Deep Mine.
Payne Consolida'.ed Mining Com*
! pany, Limited.
!    Noble Five  (Wotiduted  M. *  M,
Company, Limited.
British and Boer Losses.  Queer
Boer Statements.
Patriotic Enthusiasm   In Canada and
The entire special service squadron
is going to South Africa when relieved
at Gibraltar by the Channel squadron,
Sir William MucCormack, writing
to the London "Lancet" states that of
the SUM wounded visited by him, in the
hospitals, only eight had been hit hy
The War Office lately announced Ils
intention to embark 72 guns, 3,710 men
and 2,210 horses. This will Is* the
largest lot of artillery ever sent abroad
at one time,
Mr. F. J, Deane hus given notice in
the Provincial Legislature of an im-
poitant motion to protect, during their
absence at the war, owners of mineral
claims whn may join the British Columbia Contingent.
A number of Canadians, including
two experienced scouts, have arrived
In Cape Town and have offered their
services for scouting purposes. They
have paid their own expenses, and say
that there are hundreds of others anxious to follow them.
Carefully compile,! llgures from
South African Republic sources, some
of which have heen investigated and
found to he correct, show that the
Boer losses up to date ure approximately 6125 men including 2000 casualties during the siege of Ladysmith.
Banks in New Y'ork have refused to
take care of the fund for the widows
and orphans of Boers killed in battle
if the word "Boers" or "Transvaal'
occur, so the money has heen pla ed
tn the personal account of Mr. G. W.
Van Bidden, who is at the head of the
The German barque Marie; from
Australia, ,vith a cargo nt flour for
the Transvaal Government) has been
taken nsu prize by the British third-
class cruiser Pelorus, near the Isl.uul
of Inyak, Delagcui Buy, and has been
sunt to Durban, Natal, with a prize
crew on hoard.
A Boer railway official writing from
.Johannesburg to his sister in New
York saysi "Up to the present 1.301
English are prisoners, among whom
are 50 officers, and OflOO are slain, Our
loss does not exceed 200, Including lhe
dead and wounded. It sounds like a
miracle."   Very like a whale.
Dr. Leyds is at times very amusing.
It is stated in a recent telegram from
Antwerp that he does not believe that
the Boers will take Ladysmith, us the
cure of 10,000 prisoners would greatly
embarrass the Burghers. Recent
events suggest that the Boer besiegers
are likely to be equally embarrassed
hy failing to rupture the prisoners.
The "Spokesman-Review" remarks ;
The science of war is imperfect when
it fails to train soldiers to dispense in
field service with all luxury and trim
down their necessities. A thousand
mountain men picked from the hills,
trails and cabins of British Columbia,
would give the Queen Is-tter service io
South Africa than she will get frnui
lO.OUOcity men from London.
The departure of the Second Aus*
tralian Contingent from Sydney, New
South Wales, for South Africa took
j place amid unprecedented scenes on
117th inst. The streets were decorated
and thronged with enthusiastic crowds
of demonstrators, At the United
Stutes Consulate was u streamer hearing the words : "America wishes the
Australian patriots God-speed."
At a largely-attended and enthusiastic meeting, held last week in Vancouver it wu* unanimously resolved—
"That in the opinion of this uieeting,
it is most desirable that u large consignment of socks, woollen caps, jerseys, and other useful articles be sent
hy the public of British Columbia ns
soon ns possible for distribution among
the soldiers now in active service in
South Africa, und that for such purpose contributions lie asked for iu
articles or money." A ready response
has since been made.
At the patriotic concert held recently
In Rossland the sum of $317.50 was
thrown upon the stage or taken up in
the audience, In addition to this the
tickets sold brought in $373 or a grand
total of 1)880.50 for lhe Mansion House
fund. There was the greatest enthusiasm shown during the time the money
was is'ing thrown upon the stage and all
seemed anxious to put into practice
Kipling's words "Pay, pay, pay."
Eight transmitters were on the sUuo
nnd connected with the copper and
metallic telephone circuits leading to
Nelson, Greenwood. Grand FoikH,
Spokane, Portland anUSualtle.
K. JACOBS Maxmikh
Thinks the Provincial   Uovernment
Will .Stand.
Intliecnurseof ull the talk  bin few
Hubliiiliwl   weekly  siMldwsr,  B, 0,        disclosures of public inlensi huve been
Subscriptloii Price, linn per annum, pnynhlo ... j    • ,   .
in advance, eilher yearly or half-yearly at the made,   Il Ims, however, been Hdllillled
•PAfcMXltS™iuo,,applica,|0n. hjr several 0,.p. in spokesmen, that
Though Ihe column, of Tin: Aiivanuk nre i ||„,v eaiiuot in reason oppose the giani.
alwajii open for the discussion of matters of;      • ,      .
piihlfc liilemd and importance, we do not nee-1 lo Boundary of representation in Hie
•us-mrilji.iiiliirse any .if ihcu-iiniiin-i expressed, .. i : i i „1,j^i.1,.,..,. neiidinir the
Con-wndenoe ofa peinon.l nature will nol be I Provincial Leglsliiluie, penning uie
published. mii,niu. Hon   in another session   nnd
i previous tp dissolution,  uf a" general
■'   —  -—    — ! measure nf redistribution.   Hence on
! Iliis juqsii unit issue as on olhers. the
Provincial Government, will seemingly
receive sone Opposition support, in
addition lo ihe unanimous endorse*
ineiitof the members uf iisown party,
holder's right to ihellinbergiowlngon Another impnriant pronouncement
hi-claim was leiulered last  week  l,y | was also uuid.-hy a leading Opposilion
His Hi r Judge Spinks, silting  at  member, Mr. McPhillips, of Victoria
Greenwood .is a County Court judge. I who has declared his approval of ihi*
There Iiiid pietiiiii.ly been prnsecii- Eighl-Hoiu■ ilny. us enacted in favor of
I ions and penalties Inflicted in cases miners wm-kiiig nndtr ground, Of
where those taking the limher did 80 thistiewil is kimttn Ilml Mr. MrPbll*
wiihnil' lhe requisite logger's licence, j lips is by lio means a suliliiry adherent
hill in the case under notice Ihe ques* •" ims Opposition ranks,
lion as In the rights iif the claim uw- j Hence, despite I lie presentation of a
tier wasdeali wiih ull Us inerils. The ! petiiiun froni certain Sniilli Knntenay
Judgment, in favor of ihe claim-owner I mine owiiers and managers, asking
appeals tn be a cmiiinnn-sense decision i fur ihe repeal of the shriller hntirs leg
as well as one lhat is just und equii-1 islatiou, it mny be l.ikeii for granted
iible. In a sense it is a lest case ami il j thai SO far al least as Ihe Provincial
Will probably have a restraining infill- House is concerned, such legislation
euce upon those inclined  In  take pus- j will stand,
MONDAY. JAN'MKY 20. 1800.
The flrst decision given by a courl in
Ihis district relative lo a mineral claim
session of all logging limher in sight
no matter what the righis uf olhers
may lie in the premises.
The regululions issued for the prevention of thc introdtirlinn Into Ihese
Boundary distiiris of smallpox which
Is iu a degree epidemic at Spokane,
though irksome and in some measure
it hindrance to trade and industry are
doubtless vety necessary, the first duty
nf thc authorities being to conserve lhe
public h?ulth. Better far to suffer the
sin ill inconven ient- that virlmil quurnn-
Sn too will, in our belief, the much
assailed administration of Mr. S.-uiliu
tu which lhe old udat;eiuay well apply
—"Tllreulctieil men live long. "—
"News-Advert isi-r."
Preventive Measures.
Chief Provincial Constable Win. G.
McMynn, of Midway, has issued to all
Provincial Constables in his district
copies nf the regulations received hy
him fnun the Government officials at
tilling of the country tn ihe smith nf I -Rossland nnd Nel-nn who ure taking
us involves than to im-tr such grave IKl\,-e sk,pS |„ p,VVenl the introduction
risks snd heavy losses us would ussu,-j()f smft|1        U)U) (h(Jse B()lindat    dis.
i-dlv follow Iheiiitmduclt in of small-! ,  , ,
t : tricts of the provuice frnm Spokane or
pox into the district, which being fi
from Infection should he kept so even [ otller places in the neighboring Suite
at much temporary inconvenience and |of Washington   from  which there is
loss.   The regulations do mil appear any risRoflnfecttyi.   The regulations
lo besiiffii ienllveninplirensive though, I .
,       . ., , ■ i- . .7,    arc i.s under:
for whilst protiding against possible:
infei-lion from passengers by rail and ; "'• Every passenger arriving ut the
singe ibey make un mention ol those i boundary line from the south over the
anu iug by private vehicle, horseback, | Great Northern Railway, Spokane
oi on fool. Doubtless ihis omission; Falls and Northern Railway, Red
will lie promptly discovered and recti-j Mountain Railway, or any stage lin ,
tied and meanwhile il fflceis wi.I act 'shall be required uiftirnisli the iuspec-
iis though uu such omission had been : tnror any officer in charge of the carry*
made, j lug hul of these regulations, with a
m^_^^_____^ "ertiflcate from the health officer of
'" | the city or town which he or she has
i liuit left, containing the following par-
Petitions both for ami against Ibe tloniaw:(a) Thafi he or she has not
repeal of the Eight-Hour  Law  havej liee:n in (lllv p|aCP or huilding infected
'" Presented to the Provincial   Leg- | wi,h mMp0X . (Ux   T|)al |le,„.she has
Islaiure, The "NewsAdvertiser" -s* not lived .In any buildingorplacewhich
a-rtslhat there will Is- no repeal, the||ies dungerouslv near any infected
iniiji.rityofihe.iieiubersofihe House building or district; ( | Tha he or
strongly favoring the law. The Nel* sbe has ,wn va,einated since the 15th
son ".Miner".says; "No one has «W day of .latlliary, 1900.
thought of seriously dispui iug thut ihe I    „.   ,. ,   .
... .v..      . , .,        ,      "in the event of anv passenger bring
Eight Hour Law wus slipped ihrough
the Legislature without allowing the
meiiiliers au opportunity In ronsidei il.
It was late at bight, at lhe fag end nfi,.,.   .,,,,, .    , .
" titicute shall also he required from the
' health nffli-er of the city or townafore-
i'said :[a) That the said linggage (here
j give lull description of the snid bag
gnge, so that there can he no question
lis to identification) has not l>een in
ing in any haggagr(hand or other-wise,
or whether the same shall he forwarded hy express) the following cer-
A- numlit
any place or building infected with
j smallpox ; |h) that the said
| has not lieen stored or used in any
I ouslynear any infected building or dis
"2. All
Ihe session.
were being hurried l.hriiilgh! The |
short amendment was hurriedly lead
mid as hurriedly declared carried,
und iu the brief space nf a minute nitwit, wilh lind and impatient members vut ing for Ibey knew  not v.liat,i       i, ,,,   ,        ,        ., ,
•-...? a i       u.i      smallpox;   b that the said baggage
a few words passed iiitoa law Ihut has1- ' "" h
paralysed lie (,'ieutesl i duslry of thei,   .,,. , , . ,    ,.
V,     ., . . ,-   .  - building or place  which  lies danger*
_ iiiviiick and h is produced   an angry '
division hetween classes ihal has done
and is doing  iiiculcouhle  harm,"   . Be
llii-a* it may. the probabilities lirel '~i Ml ****.*«-y, companies, trans
Ihal this lioiiblesmnelaiv will not lw ] pt-it-atinn companies and stage lines
repealed. Yel il is au unfair discrimi-1 "1USt Mwn strict|y to the following
lint inn ugaitist one branch of industry, !,'t'gulilti(,lls: (a) A" n"'il fr"m ''ical
which disciiiriitiatii.il should not lie P°in,s '" H*8***" Washington and
perpetuated. The law shuuld either ' Ct'nt*"1 ■"»• Western Idaho destined
be repealed or be allered so as lo make if'"'**)i"t8 "n hhe *""H*dary lineor north
it affect all industries alike. I"f  sal,le  ,lmst   bp  fumigated   before
, leaving the lu-t point of call .south of
■ said line, and the master in charge of
i such innil must furnish the inspector
In st mugronI rust to w hat the Green- • Or officer in charge nf the carrying out
wood "Miner" characterizes iis the; of these regulations with a certificate
"lin.tal frankness" of Mr, Joseph from the health officer nf su.-h point
.M inin. M, P.. P.. in his public ci iti-1 where fumigation tak«s place that
ilstns and ireatuienl of the Provincial; such has been done; (b) All cars must
Premier, Hon.. *C. A. Semlin, is thej be fumigated liefore. leaving. American
glowing eu ngy of Mr. A. E McPhillips -points for British Columbia points and
M.P. P., whn, .though a 'pronounced! the health officer's certificate must be
political n|i|Hii)eul of the* Premier and j furnished that such Ium been done ; (c)
« severe i-.nit of lbe policy of lhe. No Indians shall he allowed to land
Government which that'gentleman j in West Knntenay or East Yale under
lends, follows naturally the dictates of any conditions."
ju-iice-uiiu comtesy. Mr. McPhillips Por the purpose of strictly enforcing
s.id   lev. Ill ly  in  lbe Uous-:     "Thei these regulations   the  oflicein naniiil
Pi line Minister has heen a ( lie  Hg-| Mow have lieen detailed toad at the
liref..r .a quarter of a century, and I j respective places also mentioned and
am pleased to Is-able  in  this public! situate along the International bound*
iiiaiiuci t. speak of his courteous de-, ary line :
ineauouraiidnf hi, well doing.   „„„yL^„-      proy
. v-ais  I  saw bun  in this House dis-j      raunh
cbargin. hi. ilntie. honorably .-aid well i t,ftl,so|)   p|i()v  ^^
as I. -ad -rnf tlieOppositmn.   Alih"iigh   Midway, Prov.
»•• mav Is- foes on maUersnf pnlii-y^al i       li_ni.
th-same lime wo must recognize ihjat-f ]||ye_B*Creek
lie has la-en, nnd Is now, a uoiahlc fig- Anarchist Mountain \ ^•>f'!:;."' .Ofl-t
iiiv in the public life of Briiish Coluin-j .-
Wn, and lie has devoted his lime, alien-! J?."!'.*0™ .    I
iimi ind talents,  iu so far as he   nasi' )
advji.-d.lo ihe   best   interests of   the'Kairview        ),
... Siinilkiiineen ,''>'ov.Const .J.R.Browii.
Records   for the    Period   Ending
January 17th.
Ohio, Camp McKinney,  A. Mueller,
Enterpiise. Camp McKinney, 0. M.
Baltimore and Anchor, Kock Creek
.1. A. Frank.
Q.ieen of tbe Camp, Keremeos. Archie McEachern.
Bluebell, Camp McKinney, J. P.
Metropoliiiau, Camp Hedley. Peter
Sunshine No. 1, fi acl Inn and Sunshine No. 2, fi uii inn, Camp Hedley,
M..K. Rndgers.
Winchester, fraction, Camp Hedley.
W. P. Kodgers.
War Cloud, Camp Hedley, H. W.
Perhaps, fraction and Maid of Ibe
Mist, Cump Hedley.  J.   F.  Campl-ell.
Victory, Cump Hedley. C. Hell.
Golden Age, Cump Hedley, H. W.
Last Chance. Keremeos, Jas. Orant.
llKIKMHhK  22.
Admiral Dewey (2 years) Campbell
and Robertson.
Blue Bird aid   Bow. fraction,  Jas,
Rob Roy. .las. Copland.
Oman, Cnplaiidjuid Megraw.
Ill.il M1IKH 29,
O. K,, fraction. Win. 11, Bourne.
Prince of Wales, John Kearns.
South Sea. fr nt ion, Jas. McGee.
Iron Duke, Arundell, Wollaston and
Terrier, C. IVB. Green.
Coldspring, Cahill, Fray ne and Hine.
Ironsides, Sllversides, Gnodview and
CopperPlate, Campbell ami Yates.
Sunset, Peter Scott.
Cornel, J interest, P. Fletcher lo C.
E. Betls.
Triangle, J inlerest, P. Fletcherto C.
E. Betts.
Dayton. J interest, C. E. Hamilton to
0. D Sanford.
Klnndyke, % interest, Dayton, i in
U-rost, Porto Rico, I, Interest, Mascott,
J interest, 0. D. Sanfoi-d to C. E,
Paymaster, } interest, Never Sweat,
i interest. Lucky Boy.J interest. Red
Jacket J interest, G. H. Ford to 8. M.
Duncan, j interest, John T. Bell to
S. M.Johnson.
Homestake, J interest, L. Bosshart
to S. M. Johnson,
Rainy Day, J interest, A. Bartholo*
my to J. A, Frank.
Buster, Old Smoky, CO. D., Alaska,
Windsor. J interest each, E. Schooley
to li. Malcolm.
Gold Hill, Cliff, Ironsides, Golden
Gate, Vulcan, Queen of Sheha, i inUT
est each. Pat 0 Hara to John E. Fleming.
Alameda and Referendum, i interesl each, J. V. Yiiiingliusb.iiitl to J. E.
Vulcan and Goli-onJa, j inten-st
each, Pat O'liara to ». V. Yotiiighus*
White Knight. J interest, C. H. Arundell to F. H. Wollaston.
Molka, 1-10 interest, Hugo Schroeder
to Chris. Nagel.
Oman. . interest A. Megraw to J.
No.l, I interest, Euiiiia, J Interest.
Fred Ddvey tn A. Hanson.
May, J interest, N. J. LaPlant to.las.
May. i interest, N. J. LiPlant to J.
('. Dale.
Rapid, all Interest, W, D. Glaze to
J. Sutherland.
Hiawatha,  all  inlerest,  Lacy   and
McEachern to H. W. Conkling.
Whale and Little PitUhurg, J interest each, Wm. PurvisstoGeu. H. Col
Florence and Bullnn Beck, J interest
each, T. Bradshaw to Geo. H. Collins.
Valley View, . interest, D,  Courtney
and Jas Riordan to D, McKay.
Father Lode and Copper King, 1 Interest each, Peter Merkley to Geo.
Douglas nnd Republic, nil interest
each, Oie Johnson to Nils Pearson.
Bertha, fraction, 1-16 interest, Hugo
Schroeder to N. Kirch.
Bromley, . interest, Pete Bromley to
W. A. Haloing.
..•New Store on Seventh
•7. Xa. T©i»r»y
Is now on deck with a complete stock of
General Merehandise, Men's Cl
Shoes and Rubber Goods.
Call  and   convince  Yourself.   :   Special ,i
oi 25 percent, off Ladies' Hats for ti*,_- next ,jf)
MILLINERY DEPARTMENT—Mrs. L. R. Terry in charge,
MIDWAY • H. 0.
f S.A.
" ' CROW-LL, Proprietor. 8.»...ii,8irW.,-i,„„,1
Oi.cHli.fk Westotlii ,,..t
'THIS is a new building hard finished all throuji
furnished in first class style. The dinin
is supplied with the best on the market. The
connection is run by Messrs. FRANCIS & J
late of Cascade City, and has a choice stock of
Liquors and Cigars.    :   :    :    :
Thk ROTAL Insi-ranck Coy.
Thk Ixinixin- and Lancashire Fihk
Inbi-banck (,'uv.
The Isschance Coy, op Nobth
The London and Canadian Fikk
Inhi'ram k Coy.
The Scn Life Assurance Cov ur
The Dohinion Hvildinh and Loan
Appraiser por the Canada Permanent Ixian and 8avinos Cot
MIHEraL Aff. m
Certlflcate   of  Improvements.
Patronage of tbe Publio is Solicited and Satisfaction is
The Riverside Hotel,
Is niliintwl .il  K.iik CiH..";, n,C.
Iihiui'i'ii IVuiiiii.il -ml ,,11 ftiim
pliicr  f.n
'HI    lllill.! iv Ci.
Good Fishing -:- Good Hun;;.-,.; -:- Bestof Aoconiniodalion.
tSV. Lui'niiii,        rop.iolor
«BOH__a_____--__a_,_.a_ii._w:. "z-zissmt
Practical House and Carriage
Paper Hanging, Graining and Sign Painting. AIsoKalsomi
and all kinds of Decorative Work exceuted by
E. Nash j Co., Midway and Greenwood City.
JWTA1H.WHKI)   1883.
Gkkisj**   MnrxTiix,   Huxat   hnd  aifmui
MixrKU Cum*.
Sltuju In tin Otwoei Hinlns Dlvlilon of
Mo-inutn camp, Kanimwi eraek.
TAKE NOI ICE Itrnl I.Cbn».ileR|„i.()r,.,.„
■ ',*••,,«..a• "W>< tor David Black froo
m nernrertWcMe So. ntSt. Jamiim lllark. tree
nita-Tni-crti'lci—e No. HII7S. Alfred Woodcrofl
£"?. I"'.'ier'". etttmeet* St.. aim. and H.
L. McArthur, frw inincrnctrtiflwiie tti.!!_.»,
Int«id,«|jt*. dj»r« from the dale litreof, 10
amly 10 lhe Mining Hecorderfor s CcrtiUn-*-.
or IinpriivemcBla, for the purpoiw of obMIuliur
a Crown (Irani of lhe above rUinw.
And further take notice that action, under
aeclion .17, mu«t  be cominented before lhe
Wuniice of mieh Ortitlcalo of Improvement!
Datod Un. Mb dar jf January, lim.
A. Dinaomre.
0. Ciinning-
A. Shnrt.
-I'mv. Const. C. Winter.
rujiitij." Thnafn'tnarUs xxere geiier-\
».lyili«*i.ilf,i|. VHvi».*,».|.,itf,.w nienj Mr. Chas. Hislop who hns l-een ap-
in th.. UxIslHiun. wiih whom the polnteii Inspector for .the district has
»ne.4iiii...ss,ui'l pettiness of -pile nr ie- allvsUy entered npoi, his duties in that
Vi,m^ IlllH lierniue .1 I lllill)* |lli*..in,,. ,■;.-< icitji
Treeholm to C. E. Wetts.
Hiawntha, ' Interest, P. Fletcher to
J. M. Treehiilin.
GilirilUr, nil interest, Jno. Old U) J
Delaney and I). .1. Payette.
Elgin, I interest, Frank Zcll to A. A
Prince of Wales, all interest, A. McEachern to .Im.. Kearns,
Calumet, | interest, Jno. Kearns to
Geo, Hun,
Queen of the Camp, nit interest, A.
Provincial Lund Surveyor.
XUg   Architect and
==_: Civil Engineer...
I^eal Estate..
Insurance and
Mining Agent
•••votary   punucj*
.—^ —
t all view Townsite Aicoiit.
. .. ADDKESS. . .
CVH*i*«*8poii<leiice Sollaitod.
Our  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in Hritish Coiumbiajj
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Caulojjue.       E. HUTCHERSOK, Manager.
WouldV thmi ihy lioinui and aorrn prize
And ivl.tcn pliiamirei) innri:i.|
Oo build lliy hul of anv Mm,
llu'. make Ih*- garden laine.
The Midway Conipany stili
have for sale a few 5-acre tracts.
Buy one on easy terms, and
"make thy garden large."
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICK 1; hereby (*lvcn lhat lho p irtnemhip
heretofore existing between lho under-
Wied, under lhe name of Kreueia tt Milne, iw
hotelkeemnat Midway. II.C, ha* llu. day
been diiwolred. '
Dated thia 3Wi day of Dee-imber, 1KB.
Commercial and Mining men should put u:
at the I'airview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. Sheehar*
Lancashire House
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigried having taken thi. well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers* and the public
Fhrnace-liofited and comfortably
fiirnislicd   rooms.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor. LOCAL 4\l» DISTRICT.
Th* branch milwiij lint' tn Plne-ni-;
In lotweoiiiplftiil U-Iijiv thu end nl
ItUiUtedthat   the Eastern Town
■tain BmA "ill "I"" " I'l'-nirli ;'t
PhMMtilhiH week.
Ho rent the  Livery  barn at
^■bw occupied by Sawyer Bros.
(iin liy Thursday next.
 I New Year will be celebrated fMa today until next Friday.
tfcfW Will la* "high jinks" al Kock
UNlfc parti, ularly.
A HWial meeting of tin' iliuirn ul
UeMMt I'oniinissioniTs fnr the Id.uml
Igry Onek Licence Districl. is tu lie
Mill Trail mi Friday Feb. II.
htht Thursday evening lieing tin*
HIltMmi" r -i'• (ifhisbirtha I..n<■ m-t
Mthftd in Greenwood tn coiniiiein
tmUtbe birthday uf Koberl Hums,
tcotfwd's poet.
It _ aiintmnced tint Hev. \V. A.
I will deliver a lecture in Green-
on Wednesday evening Feb. 7
oath Africa, having particular
i to the war now in progress
Information was received from Fen
in ton on Friday tn the effect that Mr.
llms. Ellis .lunr. had lieen seriously
inui in nu accident caused liy a buck
illg Ilur-e falling upon bill). The extent of his injuries waa nut then
known liu tit was stated tint the un
I,nl,ni..ic young in in was neither able
tu move Dor speak. Dr, White of r.uup
.Mj'.viiiney and a doctor from up the
lake, had been sent for!
.Messrs. A. K. llonidge, J, U.  Du- •
fresne and Alan.  Eddy have entered
into a partnership lu acquire and work
the Ingrim  ranch,  si Unite about live!
j miles up lhe Kettle River valley from
Midway, Tho ranch contains 010 icr j-.
Including some ol thoinosl fertile uud
I productive ". utUim" land in the district. 8otno200 aeri* ni ii iiiixi- ni
ready .been cultivated yielding a good
emp i.f timothy hay whieh will I	
the chief product until. 'i-- new o
ship.   The  laud   has  Its    avn   waiei
right and Irrigation ■■    ■    .    -      ■■-.
Dufresiie   and    Eddj   ,,......   on Ui
the property lust Saturday and they
will at once commence preparation! fur
the coming seasnn's cultivation. The
pui-ehaae price uf the ranch is stated
lo have been IjiKJ.OIIO.
Mr, llniii.. Wood returned on Frldaj
fron) Penticton when1 he intended the
annual meeting of the Vancouver and
Boundary Creek Mining tc Development i'o. owning among nther mining
properties, a claim near Penticton
upon which a quartz vein, carrying
gold, silver, cupper and antimony, is
In-ii.tr developed by it drift at a depth
nf 100 feet helow the tunnel llrsi driven
ou i he ledge from the edge of Okanag
nn Like. The business transacted at
the meeiing was chiefly routine, and
the acquirement by the company uf
more claims was authorized,
An Important Decision.
';■'. A Plumbers'and Htennilltters' l'nion
■M been organized at Greenwood.
Mistakes the fifth lalmr union es-
tahlta*-d in that town, the cithers lie-
tag the Miners'. Carpenters', Printers'
Md IMIors' Unions.
Twenty inure cottages
built at   Phoenix   fur the
families of men employed
homides and ass,
Will b* built  on
adjoining the Old Ironsides
Hn.8nyd.-r. mother ur   Vrs.   Dan.
MrClltOg. who   lived   just  across the      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
International line frnm Midway,  died'-, the i-eceipient ofa niniilH-r of presents,
are to lie
use of the
n the   Old
•iated mines.   These
Ihe  Victoria   claim
On Tuesday afternoon 2inl inst ai
the iitime pear Midway uf the bride's
sister, Mrs. A. Lander. Alfred   Finest
Hnniilge.suiiiifAlherl C Horridge.Esi|
M. D , of London, England was inn-
rid hy Hev. W, A. I!., litis, M. A . of
Greenwood, to Miss Ann e Turner
daughter of F. Turner Esq., Derby,
England The bride wns given away
by h-r btuther-in-law, Mr. A. Lander,
and Mr. J. 0 Dufresne, cousin of the
groom was best man.   The bride was
.i was dealt with bj HU Hum i
1 rlgi Spinks who held Onnnty llouri
,,. ' h m ' .ui 21rd ins'. His decls
i th • ■ f i.dm Mulligan v.
I Hlue \- li -her, .1, Lindsay and the
• 'till Lumber Company, an action
r ■ ilaiiinges by reason  of the defem
I ii. . ts .ppropriatlng to their own use
the timber on the plaintiffs mineral
I claim, was as follows: "The miner is
entitled to the use uf all the timber nn
his claim fur milling purposes. Any
one wbo takes timber from bis claim
interferes with that right and com
mils a trespass. The defendants have
cut and carried away trees ofl the
plaii tiffs claim,the exact quantity the
plaintiff o innol khnw : but he claims
lor 91 trees, and tbe defendants do not
contr diet that claim. I give judgment, lor $45 as da magi -."
Mulligan is owner of only a half
Interest in tbe claim so the judgment
nf the court gave him nnly half tlie
value placed upon the trees.
last Thursday and was buried   on   the
there nation.     Consumption,
whieh malady deceased   had   suffered
several years, was the cause of  death.
ThMe U an incrennu feeling
MMHgKsiib'nts in favor nf the incorporation of Phoenix. Al a nuuieroii«ly
and representative puhlic
|held last week n committee was
appointed to nn-angr for iiicnriKtration
*"!■* Way suit ahie lu lhe ureal ina-.
}ority"ol those direciy concern"!!.
The manv frauds in Southern Yale
of Mr. W. H. Bullock Webster, Chief
PiO»inclalConstalili. fnr thcKootenays,
who h|f.lately been visiting family
connection^ and friends in Suinerset-
■hire, England, will he pleased to learn
that he is expect. I In resume bis of
■rieldii'ics at Nelson itlaiut February
It, prox.
Mr. F. Keller, iiiiinnger of the British Coliiniliia ("upper Co., of New
York, is expected kick from lhat
city at the end nf this week. It is
stated that. Mr. Paul Johnson has
htm appointed manager of tbe com
pony's smelting depart ment, and thai
be will return to Greenwood two or
three weeks hence,
,'. Health Inspector Hislop, who visited Republic last week in his official
•Opacity, says there are no smallpox
eases in that town,   The   disease  has1
useful and ornamental, and the groom
from is settling $f>,000 on her On the day
nf his marriage Mr Horridge attained
his majority and, too, came in for a
consideralile sum of money falling to
him on his beenralog uf age. For the
present Mr, and Mrs. Hnrridge are Ilv-
An Admiralty Colli I has been eslali-
lished ill Vnie .iiiver and lhe tics! case
under Its jurisdiction was tried lu-fnre
Chief Jnsl ice Mi ('ull 00 l-Slb insl.
Mr. R,  Marsh, a  Hns.land assayer,
has In-en requested by a lady to slarl a
i lass fm ladies in assaying  and  cheiii-
11st ry nn similar lines to  the one he
recently mailed fnr gentlemen,
The project uf establishing a High
School al Nelson will have a strung
supporter in lhe person of Inspector
William Bui ns. whn has relurned fmill
a lengthy trip through his noil hern
Ih- moil in i . Mi i-. .1. Deane, M . .
P.f to protect thi interests in mlueral
claims of pei-suns volunteering for service iu South Africa, mentioned iu
another column, was ruled nut of order
in the Provincial Legislature.
Ii is now suggested In Victoria, that
a. ihe Chinese then-live in muh unsanitary ipi u'lecs, si a "I ii ts 11*1
' ren a9aitend ilie puhiic schools nf Ihe
city shnuld he separated frnui ethers
and taught in an nld scbool-house,
specially set aparl for iheh ice,.inin..dat inn.
Yhe Miners Home,
THIS HOTEL offers the best of accommodate
at moderate charges.    Only  the  best  brands
liquors and cigars kept on hand.   A   good ta!
and good beds add much  to  thc comfort ot
J iseph   il iniu's
Ihe Ouveriiuieiit
ing v Mrs Lander's,
will make their hiime
hul   Int.
un the
been   i n
A compressor plant  ha
stalled at   the   War  Eagle,
camp     It is   in!.-tided   to   ll
itart it winking regularly.
The R-public Consolidated
Company has uaid another dividend of
135.000, making $000,000 in all the Republic mine has paid lo dale.
li is reported thai a movement is on
find to lerure the Biiiish Columbia
mining exhibit al ihe close of ihe Paiis
Kxpo-.itii.il for lhe Imperial Institute,
Another shipment of 100 tons of
Mother Lode ore, this time to the
Hall Mines' smelter al Nelson,is to he
made this week trom the mine in
Dead .vocal camp.
The Sunset Copper Company will
hold a general meeting of sharehnldeis  mem
■feeared among the Indians «t. ^«*|st0hind F,irkg0„ Peh. fj.   This
paliin on the south half of the Ileser-
yation, hut all trails and roads north*
Wards are guarded night and day, so
infection is not feared.
It is stated that all Customs cnllec*
toteancl sub-collect.-is, jire requii-ed ill I
eneeof necessity arising to lake steps
thifrevent the introduction into the
Dominion of infectinus diseases. If
this he so there will probably be vigi- :
lance on the part of those stationed on
the Boundary line, in addition tn the
hfiilness of the provincial officials
iled for similar duty,
'minder is given nf the entertain*
ts at Oreenwood and Camp Mc-
ney respectively, bullion the night
Wednesday 31st insl., in aid of the
Widows' and Orphans' fund in enn-
Motion with the Smith African war.
.With an excellent programme ami i
Wry worthy ol.jecl ther.. slmuldhea
■Wiiper house in each lown.
&>'Sheriff IViu'eitnii. f Dm ks. imsseil
ugh on Saturday's stage to Camp
Kinney, where he has business in
nection witb the recent seizure nf
Granite ami  !'.. iii i   mine   i ii
nl. Hi- depot) n th * districl is
P. M. Elk m Ui , -.,, , vitii
resident, imilill a t.i ind Forks and
ther at Fairview. in facilitate the
ire of documents and making nf
lures, et".
cssr-. P un _ ('.' n ■  the r
lighted I
a PurfecK
offss   for in.- ;
the   stores
the lighting j*
fWllI a distance
pany owns lhe much-linomed Sunset
{claim, in lhe Siniilkameen.
Railway Buildings.
Lssl Wednesdsy Engineers J. 0
Sullivan and A. C. Dennis were in Midway local ing sites fnr railway buildings. Ou Friday evening Mr. A. H.
Bears, superintendent nf buildings,
with a gang of 211 men, (maiding cars
and several carloads of huilding materials, an iced to commence the work
of erecting them, A gang of section
men with i h.-ii'initHl alsn arrived la*i
The Hist liullding tu he put up will be
a 28ft.x 100ft.. freight shed. The excavations fur ih- depot, ,-niind house
and tank will he commenced ihi« week
by contractor P. 8. Hughes, who has
brought down a gang of men fur Ihis
work. The station landing will he *>-l |lhe $U0Odepi
feel hy tt)feel, one and a half s cirys
high. The section bouse will he nf
similar-i/.e and style 10 those already
i built along the C. & W. railway, Kor
Mining the present lbe round house or running shed will hi- athree-stall huilding,
SO constructed lhat additional stalls
j ill ay lie added at any time. The erer-
'linii of these several buildings will
mi upy six weeks ur two months—the
shorter period if ihe lumlier come to
band wuhuiit delay, so as to allow of
lhe number uf carpenters employed
on Ihem being increased. Mr. Bears'
office will be in lhe fin mer residence
of Messrs. Lamb Bros., near lu which
Ihe new buildings will Le erected. A
telephone will la* placed in his office at
once and other necessary arrange-
will be niMile in facilitate the
work nuw entered upon.
Mure lhan li. I leinari who een
llleuihei-s of lln- V   • . .   0 ■    siiiui
Cniiuniiieeduring lie  Pioviucis
elect inn baVHali.--.ii      i-jjcied   in- p   i
lion which is in     I        xj       i.
disjippinval uf Mr,
conduct iu opposing
al the- present limn.
Aleli gin i has i ■ ■ e- •: u thai
"He.i Le li," lhe .c l-kllUWIl liulle
uwiu-d l.v E m*t Kennedy, if llnss-
land, had cciiii al Tiaiifuraii Paik, San
Francisco, ihecl-4 mile handicap iu ihe
j gimd lime iif nne minute, I hii leen and
i ihree quarters seconds, 11:^. She
carried tqi weight and Dialled at lhe
odds.if 4 Inl.
The Kamlnnps''Siandard" bas made
full ap-ilug. for its in-1 in attack nu
Hi. Hnnui . :>.• Lieiuenani Quyernor,
md has confessed lo inexcusable ne-
gieci iu ii .i r-visingi sciiri-espund^ni's
letter,    nml.lining    lhe    ol.jeetiollable
matter wbich led to ihe editor lining
sumuioiied to appc-aral ih*- Bar uf lhe
Huuse. li is now unlikely Ibal fill*
ther action will lie lakeii.
At a recent uiee'iug of th-* Vancouver Trades & LaUir council il was re.
solved un iniilliiUsly, with r gard to
in Provincial Pa.lia-
mem ary elect inns, "That Ihi. Oouiicil
jisk the Pi-iicinci.il (iuvei iiiucnt luhave
the la.v lepealrd ihis session which
compels every candidate for Provincial Imn.as tn depusit lhe si t $210.
as we think ihis practically disfranchises a large majority nf citizens from
running a* candidates for such honors,
and Isln*-refc-ieunjust in the winking
.■lasses, and that a copy of this resoln-
lion he >ent tu each member fir Vancouver,"
In the Ontario Court of Appeal lhe
Trusts and Guarantee Company, of
Toronto, sought to hold the Oily uf
It.i-slann lo a contract made hy the
Mayor and rallHcd hy ihe Council,
agreeing to sell ihem $,t0.1>O worth of
Rossland hoods. The i.y-law was p;is-
sed with-.ill heing siiliiuitt.-d in Ihe
ratepayers, aud heing attacked iu the
Bcill*ll C  lllili      Is, v. IS  ..ll ishell
D. I- Barcklay, J. A. Hakki.
Livery and  Feed  Stables
Midway, B. C.
nf lbe  Bran-
Mining Cinu
■ud -ni  M.in-
LO the
■ lui   I h. in
tliere since
nn Ti
it   up i
A nieeling of directors
don and fluid, u Clown
pany was held at Greenw
day evening 22nd iu-i.
lbe visiting directms wel
(Jnlden Crown mine In i
selves the progress mad
their last visit.
Superintendent J, Wllmshurst has
ivpoi-U'il that the fault encountered in
the Mammoth, Camp McKinney, has
been passed, that the ledge is nnw in
place hetween well defined walls and
that a rich shout of ore will probably
Ih* met with soon.
An exchange stales that the lead
furnace at theC. P, U Cos smelter at
Trail has heen blown in There is already sii IB lent le i.i ore on hand to
keep it running two v liree mouths
.luring which period il wil. give em
ployment tu some On or more nien.
The Kepuiilic Reduction C . is re-
pi.H.-d to have almut SO men employed
in   In .-  miifll*   uill "ud:   jj.   lbs
dimensions >>f which  will  he,  length
Jlllfe.-i and   li llli   80   feel.   Three
l-.ulmd. f niacbin i> f n the mill aie
al (irand Forks and ihree mure ai
Husshmg wiih iimi-. expected sbmtly,
Oood Work Appreciated.
It is stated on what appears
Now is the Time to Furnish Your Hous.
Receiving new Goods Daily.
REFRIGERATORS   etc., just arrivec
T. JUL. GHxlley &. Co.
Furniture   :   Undertaking and  Embalmin
m.m.A _&l__J__l_A_____iiftftft_____ki
JTV 1f999999ff99799' -9WWWW
{The Travellers Insurance Co...
I TinnnrrTnrTTsTTnrnr
Of Hartford. Conn.
J    Chnrtend 1S83.
_*     Stock Life and
i    Accident Insurance.
ISSl'KS the liest life Insurance
I   cuiilracls in the world,   No
jippiiinliiient a-
ervliii'L' en u
, '      |>
in dividends.
.itii.ed iu ad-
iIhs I.i in 2.)
these  nf nld
ASSETS, . . .
January ist, 1897
1,076.434 .6
Ui he
sed is
1*.  H. Cnnt*
j. un Ibe Hul)-!
f the  Colliui-
"   Ufi*-
id  Ar
I hev
^^^^^        1 lelle
ihlch    ■■ .nl
ilrteenj pi .-..I in
1. ni pr.. .'iii.-nl iu
ver iml ic. ,1. ie, iv n
nf two nr Ihree bun
dfed yard-., sn well are the pn inises
flluininiiled. This is another evidence
toithi.-i linn's enlerprise.
.. Ur. E. C Finch, fiiriintly uf Hnss-
M0d, lull nnw ul Sunipl.r, Oi-eunn.
paid Midway anullier visil Insl Wed
ncaday. He stated Hint fnun infor
mntinn i-eceivnl he lmd Km.il r ' '•'
DHieve lhat Midway ci ill reinalii lhl
{tnninus uf ihe rnilmid !ur*i.uie lime
JBnbalily fur two nr lliree m-,,i... (hi re
b-iliK very little pnilmliilily uf the ( ,
f. H. ('nnipany undertaking any ex-
teiisiun farther westward fur sum.
Hlue to cciuie.
ih. -
1    II ..I cent
Tin- •-   lii
Ie  d<   iveled
Railway d>-
11 Iiis1 fi. i  'I
■ I   shlpine il,
fi. 11  .Mi..   ..
"14i.li Fu-e (i
line will iiii
The News Adv
le-pniideiil slnlc
cnlilegmm Im!
■ i -ii 11 ...i ih.. ig
London .md Can
linlds .1 Inrgii inl
Th. s
I Minn
tin   tl,
inning this way slim t-
•nisei's   London nir-
thai   Ih-  fntiiiwlng
..11 received   In Um-
, : .il K,.-.i..|i.| Inr lile
iiln Sc ndii ue, which
I..1 in ihe ahipplog
Uie H. in.
nu |'
u y Cr.
iiiy 1   '
if inf.
k Min
Hi.- (II
, Buuiidar; Ci-eek, glvelbiee nun
if gold per Inu uf 2,1X111 puiiud..
iillices nf silver per loll of 2,000
|iiiiinds. The lend ore ussays 10 pel
cent, uf lead per Ion of 2,000 pounds."
good iiiitliuriiy'thnt bo i
tbe directorate nf the (.'
pany wilh the work ilon
son-Midway extension .
Ian and  Western Kailway tbat they
have manifested their appreclatinn in
a very  practical manner.   The repent
is thnt it was anticipated it would Inke
two ye ns to locate a line of the desired
grade,  and  that Chief Engineer Tye
and his stalf of ahle assistants not only
located the line but  practically mill*
pleted c-iiiistructiun within   the period
mentioned.   The story further (."it's!
that fur this splendid work  Chief Engineer Tye received a bonus of $5,000{
Assistant BnginnerSullivan $1,000 'luilj
Ilie several Divisiutial  Engineers .s'iuO'
each,    '.sn  further  evidence nf rec-
iii'iini 11 of good  iv ik. ns exemplified
in   iiit-   substantial and   thoroughly
well finished road hedol the Rolison-j
Midivny   Railway (which drew from I
both the Dominion Chief Engineer of
Railways, .Mr. Colllngwood Sclireilier. I
and lie- President of the 1 . I'. It Cum
pan;   Mr. Tti Shaughnessy, merited
11" ■ tiiumsjiit is slated thai Mr. Tye is
to in- promoted to the position nf Chief;
Engineer of Construction for tbe whole'
('. P. 11. sy-tein;   Mr. Sullivan is to
su ceed Mr Tye iis Chief Engineer of
the 1 .. iiinbia .V Western rlailwny mid
Mi  Dennis is l<i bo Engineer in charge
i.f Maintenance "f the C. IV H. system,]
li  Is earnest ly hoped thai  this infnr-
unt un. which has leaclied Thk  Au
vam'k   from two nr three different
sources*, is au then lie aud tbat it Is now
in "i.ii 1 In heartily congratulate the
several officials mentioned.
! • em nr • ei
1 Tlie cniii-i he
j intra   vites
and   Ihal
ud I e disi
I   Im
I   lbe
I ■ ; . .cl.el-
i-i.nllHci ecu
a* and Conn
my's   nppes
The Travelleis Cnuihinalion Accidenl Policy guarantees foraccidenlal
under ordinary t'ouditions,
JOB PRINTIKG (let ynnr printing
done ai Thk t hvanck office. OoiKi
work, rcJisniuclile prices.
TO LET. lhe cottage recently occupied
by Mr. J. R. Jacobt. Rent -.10 |ht
Heath Itenelll
Lev. nf Sighl  'if
Um nf H nh f. il
L.M0f U.i- Jliii'
Pernianont ■ ■ nl
I. i j 11 i t j*
Cost $5^
l.ith Bye*
■ir Until Hand.
! anil One Knot
[Hsabll tj-
ti 00(1 I,"- of   ltlgbt Umnl      .      .
. ■ 0 Loss of Lea al or above Knee
S,r*7i lxi*8 of Left Hand     ,    .
5,ao 1/iss of Hither Koot
2 j v Ixiss of sight of fine I ye  .
. K0
*ekly   Ipdernnity $1,300,
■ lined while riding as a passenger iu
j steam   cable,   or  electricity as p
paid   shall be DOUBLE  the sou
'.r which the elaini is made.
Men.and Commercial
Other sums at proportionate rates
in Invitation t'ards and
grainmesi nt
••PAY. PAY. PAY"-Reftieniher the
(Ireat Variety Concert to he held
in the Alhnmhra Theatre, Greenwood, on .limy, lllst.
LIQUORS, the best: meals, excellent 1
nioins, cviir-n nnd cnmfortahle ; attendance cnurteousaud prompt jot
Ihe l-ancashire House, Midwav.
Try it.
*** **************** -*i****9«9*i*Z-kt.e*Xt}*Z9xt99*********
PAY, PAY, PAY. AtCanip McKinney. loo, on 'll«l inst., (Irand Concert and Variety Show by local
talent, with a Jully Dance to wind
up. ('nine jiii-I help lo sccell the
Widows' and Orphans' Fund.
Busy Creameries.
The mil put uf   lhe  21  clelllll' lies   ill,
the Nmlh West Territories cnuirolled
by ilu- II iuiiin Departmeni nf A^ri ,
dilute, totalled  fm   Ihe  season just
closed over half a million   pounds uf;
Inlller.   During MU thete wereslxteen
creameries in   nperation
m.HH |i muds, uf lhe villue of   SH'i.iM.
in l,S!l*i nineteen creameries wero operated yielding iHt.snl pounds, uf value
of $83,740. Twenty creameries|iii open
sllun iii 1800 produced5(11,824 poiuidsof
luiiier, of rvalue uf $105,888.
TO LIVERYMEN -Offers will be received until Feb. 1st. prox. for a
lease for om'year fnun April 1st
next of the large Livery Barn al
Midway now rented by Sawyer
Bins. Rent to la1 paid monthly in
NOTICK i« hereby yirtn thnl thiily dnys
nflrr llale I ililmil lonliply I.. Ihi! Cl.lef
producing j Coromfwfcwiftr Oi Lnml* nnn Work* for jmr-
inl«s.inn in tinn-lin.*.,- SKLsoraS of Iniul h. fnl-
locvs— I- 'rniein-iiiK Sl n posl half a inillt' South
nf lhe *• -ill Kisl corner of Ul tit Ihence
Kiel (0 cliiiii* Soulh tlipni-e Sll chain., thenco
\Ve-*t 40chains, Ihenc-u North SOchalns to place
of enninieficcjiient and conlainii.o TA) aci-es
more i.r lo...
The -ui.l land being risiniir. Ior agricultural
Prtwl tin-st I. .I,i) of .Liniin  nw.
The   hnlel   is   centrally  Im-a.ed and  is  a
Gund fishing iu the vicinity
.lopping place   for  »tng'  li
<iu.ni stabling.
A variety of the choicest brands of liquors and cigars at the bar.
irlC.  , , ■ iaemmmammim*i*M*tmttt0*Jh
Greenwood City  Boundary Creek, i
We iiave opened  ihe ahove  hotel al Qreentrood (iiy, .mil arc pn
to welcome guests and provide gn.nl Accommodation.   Good Catering.
class Livery Stable.
J W.NELSON   •    -    •      PROPRIET ana SOC HOE
imv. li- t\m& Trir emit. i_mn: mum.
n I DWAY. b. c.
BeaatiiJ!' siiMec a to eoniniK o: tenor te; am Knife Biver.
r.    r.
-    -
■I Cas: ift. 'Iocni Ssseoer;
GCSAJ- 9  CC3A1;
.      —■
<     r_it_l_     it
*♦    name .    !ou..
i imw: '
a .-'.■merxuxi aercD- i  a__iror.
all point  acl: izrotigz
■_::. b etois m
ft ft *
A    fr *
ft  rl* ft
>r ft ft
« ft f
tf *, •
«   ■__   npman: raiiinr, ••-«-:   :.   cc    Ketti   Broa   M:r.m.  Ionian.
..-.    .—::..-   am    1}iv»-om    l-::e    ■:    *<v   Ltt.inr.ia..-:   «»■*■   K*B-*»
e   V..-.. ■-.:_,-■    Mft-    ni   «  ..i-f.....i_I   c«r.rr   c   tn*   Rete*   Kivr: ani  liounoar-
_eb_   Biuiiku
;.    disrrLxL-i;     com    ic     i pee:    Rati    Kn-r;    Vise     &•_   »    >•*■■,    -sUSm*
Or (|ooi uaih.   jj
|| and in tto m
.-. .-
li      ket-b
r_»,     Vainif   Mountain  ani:   otftr-
,.:.   a     ■::•. :eji:   annat*    Dcrt  water
l-i---    Mi
V—;    ;'■■
EN1;..  •
:;.:tt'l'Ml ■
W)  '"
ig  iii *■■' -
r-ri iB—wnaalKKiasi.   nob.. ».*«-;.
■ ji:.;e- ■        :.. ! . biunrxr
paia__m.-. adore*?
SED 'ATI.. .ipi-i: ijfii-amuot
_   V-JITI.  Jtxee... jWcuctec.
niaaHomrT'    uu      m       i * rs
H     1     nnrtraA*    3.   .atfi'i (' mi
- *-*nnilBerc__L:.:  L    I  w»-     poult
• tBmiupimHt
i xtem* '''aottiii': _**"?—• * \ . .
laont     >..-r,     I    r_mim
.;.      fa . mn mm        .-.    ma
■    r ■ -nr ■ iuuaei
.t - poM Dl eomwe!j7*^siiwf:.i nx>    _H_t_nai .* .'-
_rTt._i__TK.i urrpoHt*
•. VS      ..;_-..
lertfn«u.    o'    itnoT-jTeojeni.
busmesb   r?woenc* aw atfroer tots a   tw   once1   dm  or: e_s' term_..
 sex ► to:: AAfr. .&:■:-£: ah ' r.z. :xn::•:_12--1>	
' :,:;_tl;- TEE MIDWAY CO.. Ud.   *-'
if^    BLANt   FOJv».M
I . .I.tl'OK-
:i ■. -i.,. li. I
__;.JT£    AZ.  iSSr
i-  c    i—Drcvnna:_
%mr,   :■    ...    :
■ ,'HJilEJ ,   LtHJ
I1KS3A. AC.   li'2
lento eat.    of   1m»t«*
:.« BULL tfi  _v\  I
__• _   .  .. —
as :ctoi :c';:--:- ■
£:r •••
>>v BDWffiVOKJ
unrrti u*__rr-
Reai Estate and Minim Brokers
: iE'll   '-'■   '[.ttztt  ttltt.
'   I
efe.. -"-er- - ta4.vi.i_:.
hih«t2 ac Esee
'erd-xae   c    hmxi «
Bob Halls Sta^e Line
. i*rrjiiiiJ^jj.JJ.l»JT"iMiiJj.r»ijr™j    )t.«j_-
! _—_.j :j tie- I—Sim,    kin—.   imam   tl
tmt Inini     Heart' —u.-*.    ift: »r*■ ■
er * »on*B*r..
•*T"j_t     Wire     _t: i.(•__»—«.
etemr »■  «•—   >r ——«—■■
**. mn-• - err-cat3b' '■*. . sir:..... xtmt*
*c *_-- nuorr «rr_—m- X. .c'J. mt,-
jot. , Yvmer tax- tutmrt crr-JUlMa*'
' V Viir. uace. max- ov, - mx _-
. co, r brr. , mp?. . ift Mime,' aitoocc-
ir r , xterrxsoMie x' ieatxrvtwmtns.: Irr \r or
: mtes 11 nnuutticc -   —. ■ .rwx;.,    :t.   a_v.
■ riiCM
.ho: Serum-- -—t. utftjr ia. aucici. uno.-
.*«_(, C TO*> > «inj»r»_ o«t«" Um
. Mw*_--:--> C4 ".-'       ---.'.i^y. •    ' ixnrr'.'rmr-.
UX-.     jJij.Hr 'i u»    : ■* '.ir.nr.  .tte
<~iA..ia.   xjitsK:
C-c-rtiUeai*     Oi   ineraie«ii*ai,
fr «
is-    ■
-iiioajtn   —
m   ftfl_arca:
:*i!;'V .■
'  .n— :r     t.'Sr^'j.j    "*"-..-
iai? iKir.-;      Iw _,.e:
-r__j  wr •
•<-■   J-      -       .
,J'I       . . -   ■
ttanaeatmhmm : —mumsmi
...    - ■ .. — -c.    '.ft
Ti OdJ
©S^SfiR? -5-.-="":'.*->':'   -' ■
:&ihttz-.ZT-_jZy.AAy.A. :::::.-.
XVOSJl AtT 15*
Lrnir.cat*   t     i~i -
Carrvm; tier Ibuj-R
— H
- ap-9
■»*. . np:*
:  ■
mi • mnm
!^i   '
ut -
-wiai_     -     w«iros    Smnrc Itjdc    :*ifc- .;*:■-''
■::-*.-•.      Ti err    utL:C:      l:     irsarf
-—-iX    WflK lt*t*. te_tt»-■ im .-::."-'
■'■'-!'        I     .'-j: .' .*- .::.   ■
■"'-.- ^or   .    te^c     br 0'.    ■ rr*.
-'.—*-; *..     . h:      i- •
■■:■ • -r?run_i»;    haJ-3S-._nn_cl CCrV«*:V_
M '"•':      '.£•-     CU:       OTfPW       ..   8U^ ■
\hm»   wamr -• ■      «--■ ril   >«.._ r-_   ..
inmrt^ebn;:.      j-     n      urrt*»-r-     -1 i>uiir.nir.    LitC^ '»     ITO-i tul
■ .:::■ ...    ■ rani
" .».•    o-wue-   _a_. odfuc.    noc-
■•■)'.'    iu.. . ■- mnmad _b_r   tim
."..Mi.  : Mliri-:    Tirt:, ■«
r.r ■' umon . 0        	
 :t-*.'  :-t..   ■-: • ■
tjNfc-     JtwOf©*
a   Penticton
li   i   HIL.
E C.
' :iz__. ac: iir.
Subscrint for
1"»     M t.fcfH"     —AX     HlVttfti.
th    lustra     ?**—* t.att:     11 i*
mt*z u_'x,. rm;   ■■mini       t'
K-.31B • IM sm»r    miDfn    ousn:
"^"iK    ^tTH'-       u smmd .   ,*-.»*t •     4^
i'ji.-   . v • miw^f -fTSirA ' \  .■«».*. jr-
:■ >*> 11:     -     Asv.i     tr-   L.   _.     3_iaar--    wr*
sttusr     /^"iQek'     ,~v     SSU.,     __jjw     ldr>Wi..
Ina nw r rrr^flc*' E k .. HKSi.    nr      I Hun
■?«-*&)     Ma3*rn     *sr    mmt*- •trjOgari-v    a
an ..jtjrtoi*-. *err <■ *»? * ftnaa a**v «a_    mwh
j nprr- ... iir- Mititc; jrwrHtrw- Iw  * v«C:
■ae«* c f simr.rnnrtt;■. ir--r se. nrrM^*-   N t»
uunir_ »'vPMb >tanu.t[!!f-ti«wHM«cuu_,-
««u»    7-    mm*    !-    •^wmiBCL'yp    •smmr-   t*
i-t kot    ir'-uai-ii f jmi«*v*>Qinri;.
**" ' Tȣ 4KW_i___r..  _
I Ltxm.
' ^" -IX -. x m: tt     u*_      . ,«»r
mtmwm~ tttt    mrntrr r -  nrzi&acm
icn- . «tT    as»    bmm    u    tu.
t _«* T 10 i_>; jltUM; jvwn-a— r
1 *■? imopvriirrt.. -. §m if- wtf>»
j ai«w*>ti43mti'i bCHm -w*icsbi»
JUtt .   atSTSJSr ' *4«      trr ■      '.n.
*tt:RJL UHDi      f»        lull.        -
-wM__JHWtrff*OCR ^-«n_tot-.,.-.■       -*r*--
t*v*c^ _ti * l_en at * ■• ' -*.-
xUimeaiftesiaenet Im.
-■s~ .. f**-ne?w r.i miiiss
t2?p-j i -B-xt- c rz:::.. *r:r
3.1-a_ ^itf: oeaz::r, £.•:-:;,;
srrrcjcii^s-.    '.-:„.-?    r*ssii?.-.
p.tTiiaa^   ilOijif.-.. EEOCC—lJir.
t_? csie ■ tc ■ taniiss.    Ir--:.
-»PC1      |.
P- tx-jhtxm
.-iia.'.!'       ;r    '^r?;.     ~*ti:r.it     l*:v_ac- :'
• at-w     ri      id|    a
'. ■ •.■*.-»!*-• •; - . — ~i:x,v imtrt"i.
i   -   -      D     W     r     fnUHCJ    .   '..-ttt:
:  t. 1 .i...
HIM£a_-ACT   IS* IHI-_A..Ar  :*--
Irertihemtf   oi   immxemem.   t-rrtlb«_i.    «    im.r«f**_*■_u
*■ iBii   tr t_9~ tncfot'    -_rm«,     «nn»o" tT
Ai - :
■ ■
Tut raoiieer nwspnr je ine
Ebib   Sl.C: a Tea:
V las-
<•:.,;,■ iigti -    ttPTwm,
•:. SI. ■ -||»»t ■ Tl—_]'  ,'T -'...'.omr
ujr- ---rcre-waim-..trxsmrr
ntf »- «»- 1
■ _    iuxnc
""■AH     VCTTCK-jcj .      _
*Aaret.; l--r .aminr I Jk
r-rixara..   i\    DC—.    w,1lr
. I11HWT. ffillt- -„      XSAL-    —I     rtl|| M. .    _n__■
CTK7. MH_K.;_»«-.!.»»wr ■  ..u-fin-nrtli.-    r».:»,u■■• W»K ■ use
waeamam « m—_. — innrw.rmpi*L..«-_,-   -_»—_- ha »i m—aa
orn«»-   j'siuuK   , tm     -j_u.t'tm  •».-urn_.» -. »—mt—« »   " '
rxmilxrxm.    <_    a_»    ji
Mim. iu«     c-   —a*'*    "
wwwnm- (I *u» "■ '■ »T—aon* i
.._.........'       ...,.:---
...r::r.»-i*i- m*cr- —i   a__
-rjj.r ii,,.      ar tuuimm .  nMTi_    ., .
1 m -wimflKK. 1,1 imrccmiij
i- Ml
CH-i.-. taAifa- OaiCC
W. M. ^Eri:.
IIHHvcim     dlf-
^& NorttK»rri,
H__nn c -or. SneooarL.
-   mm
K'et   Moimuir Raiiwavi.
j       BUILDER.
Ir.   one   aJr>i_i   nan ml"
oc. faaa?-c: «_k  eenreer
joo.__i.    -assaac
tum   hiaiC..       .
*- ' *    -   tt: - • f»j \—y.
tut ,..,. "tAKCT. Ufci-__
.     •■•.-. r    k«rru-  «   Ul.
-ll*.- -».    -r"--.<*MJ*-f,       I       MK.-.U-.
•c _
tell its: Nel
I     WV*
t e.l       >
, M       1       ,v_-.r.     .. 1
' 1*   I IT     X    :c-'.-'!*ijj
tmasnaar-   I *»•-■•    ra_■sl     .    Hans
■ • • -_•    •'
■mc. a . dAOEKPr.
Riverside Addition.
Just a Hord!
To those CDntemplating' an invest-m. ^^
ment in Midwy real estate, the information is J2?JTi_I,*
offered that on the Riverside  Addition may be      fcKa,w'
found 300 veiy choice residence sites.
For terms anci all other inform a:ior. apply to
II Midwav. E. C Camp McKinnev. E.C
£_*  C-fl-UGI   PAJJTTIK.
v. ashing.*- uaj-lki   ro:   At'


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