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■fol. XIV, No. 26.
$2.00 per Year.
, McLKOl),
wiitiMTKit, Somoitor, Kto.
—t NllTAUY I'lllll.ll',
Hallett & Shaw
Nnl.rlci Public.
lAdilrcss: "llALLBTT."
Codes I Bedford Mo.VolH's, Moreing &
.Will's, liidlicr'H.
EN1VIMH1, II. t .
. . .  MIDWAY, H.C
( ISI'OMS   IIKOKr.lt,
■Customs entries passed.    Mineral Act
Hkd Land Act   papers drawn up.   A nt -
-aifivlls taken.   Abstracts made.
^Eommunlc.itlons by mall or telophone
HKoniptly attended lo.
•DKi.i. Block, Greenwood,
Phone lin, V. * N.
Km kerby,
A. M.Cnn. Soc. C. E.
jKviNii.u. Land   Surveyor
|W.IV   AMI  lillKKXWnilll.
hjoal Estate
1 i|Sitnii|i'f.
UII  I     WH I DIIII n ' m™"sl,l,'!i!"M,,,y expenditure uf ureal ! Pacific railway.   The only one I have
fl   I          Wil nil       I J .auma in i-ttllway con-trliution, with >tll heai*dnf In the vicinity nf Vernon, for
111_._.    II 1L.L.    UUILU 1,1,.,,, jinpii,., nf ,.m,,|oy nt for thou* years waa killed last vear near Ducks
—-— winds of wat*e earner*,   [t. mentis that  iiy a Mr, Marten. It was a inagniflcent
The Great Northern Expects t0|H*t"'hll«l» to have a railways that I he | specimen, and Is now In.nypos Ion.
.camp Is to take on renewed life and Others have heen killed In lhe Oarllno
Reach the Boundary This Fall.     s,„,ka, ml other mineowners are a.  .lis,,,,., of late years, hut the mine™
last in n fair way of realizing on  their
ore hollies.
Hut It has n greater and more ini|ior-
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
Hotel Spokane,
At Which the (Ireat Northern Will
Connect \\ ith the Coast-ktinten-
ay Railway- Construction to
Commence  nt   an   Early
In reply to au Inquiry Mi. .1. .1. Mill.
president of Ilie (ileal Non hern rail-
Hay, wired the following announce-
"neill io tin* Spokesman-Review :
St. Paul, Minn., April U.—Spokes-
man Review, Spokane, Wash.—Yonr
message received. We expect tncon-
neet witli t'aiiailiiin line ai. Boundary
ami have connection with Republic
ami Kettle river districts in operation
Ibis full.
In leference to the tilutve telegram
Ilie Review savs :
The Great Northern branch lo He-
pul'li. . via i lie Spokane Kalis & North*
eiii mail jiml tlie Ketlle river mule, to
ne built and in operation Ihis year, Is
whal I hia message means. It is tlie
H-*| definite and auihtii-itnlive im-
imiiiiieui'iii President Ilill luis made
ill-bin plans, lis importance i-i probably realized liy most of the people of
this city ami ib" inineowners of north-
eastern Washington,
ami hunters have now driven them lo
nther haunts. Of il„. American elk,
lUUch could lie sniil, as they have iieeii-
taut  meaning—that Spokane anil the  pied a Wider range than any of the
Inland Umpire an- to have another deer family.   The ,-ik was f< <t in
outlet   lo ih tst.   When  Mr. Hill  every part ot th,. roiled   Males,   in
peaks of his connection with a Can- Northern Mexico, and used in ben bun*
MlliWAV.il C
Tonsorial Artist.
fu llmtrlitis Slijive.  Hair ('ill. Hun  Koniii
or .shioiuioo.  uill  jii ilu-  abovo parlor.
[ ttasora lioio'il ami ground.
fill   STItKKT,   •  •   •   MIDWAY,  il. ('.
Seventh St. - Hidway. ^CCCX^'-^
■iwral     BlBOlonnitli
Kinds   or  Itepnlrlng.    HorseshoetnR
A spcolally.
Flttandi-lirh.    OAtr*'-
Bxoellerj tftshluRon KotUo ltiw'r..M7
doui line jii ihe boundary." This liu
is ili.- Victor! i, Viiniiiuver k Basteru,
the proposed Mackenzie* Mann riiad.
>t hi li Mr, Mil1 i-s.iiil lo iiniliol. Tliis
road is lo in- huiit lllldi r a Canadian
charier, ll i* to run fnun Midway to
tin- Pacific coast, prohahly io Vancouver, 11 ('.
Ymteidny an Assneia'ed Press dis-
fjiftW fi. in Vieioria inld that the
prnvincial govtititiueiil bail announced
is railroad policy and that for this
load a lioinis of JiU.UlO per mile would
he given the ei'ii-'t'iielnis.   'Ill's Itoniis
■'"* ...,,,„.w^— .■,._„■   |j,io  he paid when tlie   mad   is   rom
•'999999999999999999999999999999*9999999999*99i999m,    pi t ri, which must be before Jiinuary
* % j 1. 1004.
* j   The eastern  lei minim  nf the mad
w   being at .Midwav and ilie Hill rond on
| K. A. MAT1HES, Proprietor. {
A new building,  well furnished.    Everything new
and  first-class.    Only the choicest  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars kepi in stock.    Headquarters for Minin
and Commercial Men.
I = Midway Meat Market
At this establishment customers cin get choicest cuts ol
•   • Belrifreviitov on the pvomleoa
Therefore Meats are always fresh ami sweet     Call anil gel a goo.
joint jjj
j» It
this side of the line having iis western
terminus there, means that this new
Hi iti-b ('oliiuibia rond Ir  tin-   eoasl
must connect with lhe Greal Nort hern
main line  at   Spokane.   Tbis  means
4, | another road to the   Coast,   from   this
,.., .1-, ,- g      The Coast-Kuotenay line, aslhe V.,
I       TELEPHONE 31 1- P. O. BOX 25.       v j V. k V.. is sometimes spoken of. will
%999999999999999«999*9999999S9*99999*999999999999*# I "l" " "■',""1   m"U ,ril"il'"V "' SPn
kanea viist  and  rich country lying
soul il of llu- main line of the ('iinailiaii
I'm ilie nml  along  the  Intel national
lint it, is in tlie road lo Republic thai
Spokane is particularly enncer I nt
j tbis time, chiefly because nf ihe benefit
which will artae  fnun  it* immediate
**% —— THE
jk        fo        Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
S££st£3M£«*S SC3 L ^ 03^
We have opened ihe above hotel ai Greenwood and
/Ji are prepared to welcome guests and provide good acconi-
fa  modation.   Good catering,    First-class Livery Stable.
)■•.•.<* 9.©.® 93 0 I.M
'\m'^mr'^a*"^\m*'^m'\wS\m'\im' W W \_--
I kindi of work
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
Mead, pastry, cakes, etc.
Kvi-e.vfliiii-r   BTrst-olllMB.
*_-*.!». ■ ti-oot, Mld-«-ny.
f   II.  KEYES,  Prop.
■poil  Accniiiiniiiiatinii,
lie.j, Liquors and Cigars,
Kirsl-Class Stabling,
$J9)****   *************** 9
Ppiit'ticiil Watch Maker,
(Innil limit, Plenty Material,
I'   Md ,10 ytum cxpt-rli-niT   Iti do
' I   work correctly.   .   .   .
^1******** *tttt+**m***'9
£=___iSeasonable Goods
Downtoactualcost. SOporeantlass than formerly
Having it large stock ol Summer (minis on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we have
made the aline reduction, bringing these goods
down to actual cost,
Fancy Ginghams, for Shin Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
While Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
(Wandies, and numerous other seasonable go'.ds for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
I,atlies' and Children's Straw 11,its at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell fast at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Boys to be sold al a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity, Bicycle Mose
ami Sweaters,
Shoes in Tan and Black, to suil all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked wiih a full
line of goods sold at small margin for cash, Prospectors Hardware nnd Shell Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO.,  General Merchants
construction. Mr. Hill's telegram
naming Midway-as the terminus, nr
1111 lier junetlon point, leaves no dotibl
thnt lbe route to It-public will  be vin
Kettle river.
Tin-news Hull cniiBlrnrllnn would
start bus I,ecu tuittctpttted for itevera)
ive ks. As will tin n poiided mil in
Tin* Spnkesiii.ni Review, lhe nbsl u-le
011 ibe oilier side of ill - line, llu- ue
Icessiiy of 11 Canadian friinrliiie, bus
lien removed bj the denl  hy which
Hi   Bectired 1 "I til the V.. V.  >V
K.   (in tliis side ilie ii hie over cross-
iug tlie [udlnii nlltitmeiil luis also
lie n sel I led.
A.s hm also been pi luted, Ilie sur
M'vors. three large campi*, ure .1 work
laying nut Ihe line along Keiile river
nnd chief Engineer Stevens is per.*nn
ally Inspecting Hie 1 outi*. llnds have
lieen bought according to nn.ithei
(ire.it, Northern iiiiilii-iity nml I'id
l'r, 111 cnntiaclois nre lo t>.- ;i>ked in
tin immediate future.
To put llu1 rn nl through to Republic
by full, ns Mr. Ilill snys. will ivipiiio a
laige force "f men. In lhe no 1111-.1l
order of tilings I Inir supplies will lie
piirihtiiid here nnd her,' tlie laborers
will tome 10 s|i, nd 1 heir money. Probably Willi Ilie CIIIIHII-Ucll f   tile   l)e.
public branch there will In- 001 h dune
ill the way of linpiovliig the present
rojiill'i'd of lie Spokane falls\- North
i'i 11. especlnlly between here und Marcus, or some point iu ih,11 vicinity,
win-it- tin- lit-piiilii- line will branch
President .1. .1. Hill lelegrnplii the
Spokesmiin-Iteviow thai ihe (ireai
Northern ''experts to conueit with a
Canadian line at the  boundary nnd I Indeed, most other quadruped
uilinn lim- lie mentis ihe Victoria, Vim-
couver \ Ivistcrn, a sirotig eomliimi
tion organized in build a railrotid fnun
the llrilisli Coliuuliiii const to Midway
in tin- Boundary tlistiiri. The Hritish
Columbia government bus definitely
annul.need iis purpose to aid this enterprise with tl cash subsidy of $I,IKXI
per mile.
This hears out lhe policy announced
niie- years ngn hy President Hid. when
lie was si-ekinK a riglii of way through
Spokane, of making tlie (irrnt Northern a della railroad, with terminals
nl various coiisl points. Apparently
Spokane is to be the point nf confluence for a nunilier of Ihese delta lines.
li throws 11 revealing light, 011 Mr.
Hill's large expenditure for hig depots
and extensive grounds in this city. It
is planned ihal Spokane shall continue
the most important point between St.
Paul anil tin-const. Et is lhe growing
gateway of a growing sysiem of train-
continental lines and their branches
and connections,
It would be difficult to overestimate
Ihe iiiij'ortanie of Mr. Hill's announcement. Tbe connect ions be mentions
will put Spokane in direct connection
wiih the wonderful mineral country
nlong tin- border hetween Washington
and Briiish Columbia, ll menus a
branch line to Republic nnd doubtless
another branch into ilu- Okanogan dislrict. And there is lemon to believe
1 bai ii means ultimate railway connection with Alaska,
There Is Utile doubt that lhe.se grenl
plans will be hurried to execution. Mr.
Hill isslnvv to reach important conclusions. Hut once the resolution s'-i'/.es,
lie strikes wilb tremendous vigor.
We may expect some record breaking
iu railway construction (hit summer.
 r * .	
Big Game of British Columbia.
\\•'. (', Pound, taxidermist, of Vernon, who is well known In hunters of
big game iu tin- Interior, haa written
for the Northwest Magnssine of -St.
Paul and Winnipeg the following ar
tiele :
N'o new knowledge is imparted when
it is stated thul lbe moose is the largest
nnd must ungainly in form of all the
deer fnniily. The average weight of
Uie adult male may be given as 7tXl
pounds, although they nttnin lo twice
that weight. These animals are characterized b) a short body, a very short
tail and neck, untl 11 prodigiously l.inir,
uglv bead with a projecting nose nr
upper lip, whicli gives tbem a revolting
look, Tbey have enormous ears, short,
spreading, palmated antlers (011 the
males only) and very long legs —to
which ihey are indebted for their great
height, aliout six feet at Ibe wil lier-,
or ew n more ju extreme eases
Tin- male moose, and souietlmes the
female, is furnished wilh n pendulous
appendage under the throat : it may
vary in length from four to 10 inches,
nud il is entered Willi long, coarse,
libick hairs, This''bell." Hail is called
by hunters, is not. found on the young
male, and it disappear! when the animal geis old and bis vigor and vitality
me on lhe decline 1 so that it Is generally routined to the male moose in the
pi line of life—all hough, us stilted, in
rare instances il is found on I he female
The lltnimer COIlt of lbe inoose is of
soli, line, llrni hnir 1 while the winter
mil, which is at Hrst short, fine mid
rjossy, .is ihe season advances becomes
coarse, open, non-elastic and rather
fragile. During the winter tlie inoose
bus an nhiindanl undei cnatof fur, and
the enrly winter cont. when in the
prime of life, may be said in general
to he black. Towards spring ii fades
very considerably—more mi the aged
ihan on iln1 younger specimens,
Tin- roll iug season 111 lhe lower latitudes commences In September, ul
ihntigh lhe females do not reciprocate
until October. During the Interval
I he hucks are almost beside themselves,
and are avoided ny tlie females, At
the proper time 111" female   seeks a
companion, and ibey retire tn some
secluded spot nnd spend the honeymoon    together,   ipiite   ronteiilt'tl   111
each other's company, Thoy are more
strit-tly monogamous In their habits
than any oilier of oiirdeei fnniily, or,
Imu- ilie connection with ibe It' puhlic
nml Kettle river districts iu operation
tliis fall."
This is cheering news for Spokane
British Coliiniliia inoose range from
the Canadian PaclHc railway Hue north
and  wesl froni Sicnmous to the coast
and far into Alnska,   They  are   not
nnd the north country,   lt means lm- very abundant, nor are they very often
mediate and  endmluu hem-fits.    It seen within 100 uiileB of the Canadian
dantin Ontario, Quebec and Labrador,
lu the Interior In- was found as fnr
nort has I he 1VIU1 or 1,71b degree north
lalllude ; Imt, like ibe bison, beUed
hefore the approach of civilization, mul
sought safely in seclusion, As much
as possible, though, iln-y remained iu
mountainous regions and deep forests
long after the bison had been'driven
away by Hie occasional presence of ihe
white man.
They are smaller in size lhan the
mouse, and Ion well known tn go jm,,
detail of color and habits, (if nil
known deer the mule American elk is
provided with the longest and most
graceful and symmetrical antlei-s,
which are also most effect ive as both
weapons and shields. Nol only the
beams, but the tines also, me cylindrical in form, although on adult's they
are more or less blunted towards lbe
eiuis.   The Hollers are growi petli.
eels, which rise somewhat obliquely
from either side nf the crown of the
head to the height of Ihree inches,
more or less; nnd, like all lhe deer
family, tbey fall off annually about the
month of January, Late-horn fawns
carry their antlers later. Curlbuu iu
this country lose their miller the Utter part of December, Imt ihe rows
carry iheir antlers until spring.
In this country their range is almost
limited to Vancouver Maud, li is 15
yenrs since Hie nul-le elk hns been seen
in the Okanagan Valley- I hnve mi
uniler in my possession wbb li dropp d
from an Htiimal nliuiii Hint, time. The
elk wns killed in the spring, while the
antlers were growing in the velvet, hy
an Indian who did not know what lln*
animal was,
Hoih in tliis region and 111 ihe Nicola
Lake Valley signs go lo show ibal elk
weie very numerous, Ahoul 60 years
ago, at the approach of Ihe white man,
they left. There wen- no deer here
then, bin. when the elk departed the
mule deer came iu and became exceedingly numerous ahout six yenrs ago.
Elk ure gregarious iu theii ha'dts,
hoih 111 tbe wild nnd domestic stale,
During ibe lull ing season the monarch
of the herd drives off the oilier bucks,
and gathers Hie dues into a hand,
which be appropriates to himself as
much ns pnssihle. Tie- other Inuks
hover around in his vicinity, gem rally
keeping together, annoying tlie chief
by iheir unwelcome presence and hy
occasionally stealing away a part nf
his harem ; for lhe does will slip away
from his tyrannical rule whenever
1 hey get a chance, The flesh is fine
flavin id. Ii differs from all oilier
venison and is more nutritious than
any nl ber meat of which I hue know-
led ite.
The elk is not entirely voiceless, yet
it never utteis a sound except under
strong provocation, generally of alarm
nr defiance, Eithei expiesstnn ison a
veiy high key, often in tired with great
force. During the tut, the muster buck
is often heard in loud defiance, which
serves jis a warning to lhe younger
males lo keep deal of bim.
Next in size is llu- wood 1111 id cailbuu,
lis color is generally dark brown. Tha
neck is light lale In the season, lhe
belly liglil and mil white- with da. k
tinge on upper side Tlie legs ,11 e dm k
chestnut brown, with a white bard
around the lop of each hoof. The
uppei lip is covered with short, silvery
hair. Thc hoofs are very broad, Hal
and  short,  mill   III" forms of the Pel
mul hind legs enable ihe ciribou lo
travel over Hie deep snow better than
any other lutuinanl of iis size, In
travelling ihrough the snow, 01 over
soft, marshy places, I he caribou throws
Ids hind feet for waul, so as lo Irii g
the leg Into something liken horizontal
position, spreads wide bis claws and
broad accessory hoofs, and thus pre*
suntsnn exiratudiuary bearing sut face
tu sustain him mi the yielding ground
or soft snow ; so Hull h - is enabled lo
shuffle along wilh greal rapidity where
any oilier quadruped would mire in
the bog or become absolutely snow
In this c'linlry, wliere they range
far up lu the mountains, they have to
travel and exisl over oil feet of snow nr
more,   The carillon nlone leaves 111 his
track tin rk of all four of Hu- hoofs
belonging In each kind loot.
Hoih male and feinule have antlers,
but the antlers of the female are sinnl-
Icr thnn Iliose of the male, Thi- is ihe
only member of Hie deer family in
America ibe females of which have
(Continued on page U.i joits wrniiai, ..l'uoritiCT'oit
('. M. 0I10U8K     Man.uiijii
I'libltstied   WOOldy   ul   Midway,   11. 0.
suiisenintrii Prloo, $100 iiit annum, payabln
In ndvanoo, ulther yearlj nr half-yearly nt tuts
o|i'iun ni tin mlisciibor,
Advertising Hams sent mi application,
i i     . i  " ' ■
MONDAY. APRIL 29. 11*11.
When Hie majority of the inliitlii-
t ill's of Hie province decile for a certain railway tbey will get It sooner or
laler. Bill those who aid lo make it
later will reap the whirlwind  in lime.
Snys the Mail mid Empire! "In British Ooiumbia an effort is being made
to legalize champerty. This process—
tlie bargaining nf inwyer nml client,
witli the view to giving I he former a
sb.i f the proceeds of n suit,   if  any
be obtained—is criminal in Scotland,
while in England the lawyer w lio is a
tyloil iooses his gown, in Canada
champerty isi Isuillegal. Theorlglnal
object Inn to It wus Ilml il led I'i ill
tempts upon Hie judiciary, Bul the
pi"seiii-dnv argument is tint it encourages HiIgalion.  The sjiI'o bargain
lietween lawyer and cllenl is Hint
whicli leaves the lawyer Independent
ns lo thu result of any action iu which
In- may be rtitiiined."
The 13, I'. I!. Ims noi announced iis
Pan linerioan exposition rates, butas
u niattei of course they will in- similar
lo the rales announced by lhe American roads, viz., single fare return. An
official statement mi this bead is expected daily. The rale announced i*
generally regarded as a reasonable one
uml quite ns much as tlie r.iilroads
could hi'" '"'en expecled to giant nl
ihis time if rate-slaahlng is ever In-
augurn d in the racefor tastern business arising  oui   of  ibe  big   Buffalo
Show it will be Intt i in  lhe seasuli.
The attendance at the exposition may
not come up fo the expectation
management aud in
are  sure  to  appeal
of the
this event they
to appeal to the railroad
lo come to their assistance with
lover rules. Reduction brtiughl. about
iti ihis way often lead lo a general till
in which the ordinary convention of
Hi" passengers business are disregarded.—Nelson Miner,
Tlie business
np-ning  their
ni,.n of Mid iiiv,
respective plat
husiness this morning, found
s iineone hid perpelrati d u ling
In i'.is oning a little sheet <
"Rock Creek Placer Bulletin
to tlie door.   Evidently Hie
•s of
ill'll   lhe
work of
distributing the little piper, devoted
exclusively lo placer mining ou Hock
Creek, nni-l hnve hen done either
during Ihe quietude of ycteiday or
Ihe dark hours nf last night, [is leading article under ihe heading of "The
Big Boom al Work" is as follows:
('Yesterday th" Rock Creek Consolidated Placer Mining Company, surted
tb-Bic Boom dam, its wurk is simply
marvelous, mul alu-iist beyond dis. rip-
tion. The large discbarge gate is automatically opeio'd every 20 minutes, and
tlie r, set voir 800 x lnix 12 is let loose
onii- ,ay down Ibe canyon, this im-
ni.'ii-e body of water flows through
the gale ln the incredilably shun
penod of iwo mid one quarter minutes
—tearing down Hie canyon carrying
boulders sand anil gravel, ns if it were
a cloud burst. It actually does ll
work of 1000 men whicli shows to
demonstration how cheaply the gravi
can lie iiiot'd."
A, Hi" Rock Ci k  Placer Bulletin
bears no date, "yeslerday," of course
is very vague nnd we hnve no im aus
of computing the exact date ut, which
tie- Rock Cieek Consolidated Placer
.Mining Company stained the Big
Boom dam. Bui we are informed by
the ai tide Hint Rock Creek is being
badly lorn up every l tventy twn ind
one quarter minutes and we think it
would have heen advisable hnd Hie
publication of the Rock Creek bulletin
been deferred fnr forty four and one
Imlf minii'es. ibe mtiiuigenienl could
then have shown Rock Oreek to be in a
mini >lil, | in I lied condition, and pros-
pe   ive bltyeis would have lunl n mnch
1   , In lu judge the results of
- "in ' g pn ci s-." Those who
lunate enough to already be
sbiueholders In lhe li .rk Creek Con
solldated Placer Mining Conipnny
In.xi- il," satisfaction nf knowing thai
Ihey aie Inter sab d In n concern that
is c ipable ol doing inone hour ns mnch
wmk as can he accomplished hy 24,(KKl
innd,   This is  whal  the managei u
lei    Its  shareholders,    The Bulletin
nes that the round trip can be
II! ii   one   day,   always   provided
however that an early start be made,
Ii will be interesting to Iliose living at
the eo.,s|, lo know Hint tlu-y cm visit,
the mt-cc.it of the placer miner and get
home in lime fur dinner,-uch speed
would rival that of the flow of
wafer tearing down the canyon when
the discharge gate nf the limit Creek
Consolidated Placer MiningCampany's
dam is automatically lifted, Another
important staletnenl made hy the
Bulletin is Ihnt the road lo lioek Creek
is in fine condition. Travellers tn
I! uu11 M"Kinney.I In- Similkameen and
other points will be pleased io learn
thil they will hnve a good road at
least that far, but we wish to mid tlmt
the rond does bv no menus end at
Hock Creek. Over 8800,000 has been
tnkn fnun Rock Cieek (but not by lhe
"booming process.") The question is
asked, Whnt. will the "knockers say
when Hu flrsl clean tip is mads?"
I j pographical errors will rreep In,
No kUuilit the copy n-iitl ".suukers";sucli
make tiie rending appear naiciuous
Tin-grentcsi joke in the Bulletin  Is as
Hows: A photo of the Windsor Uolel,
(ireenwooil, is shown.   This photo was
itlenily taken in Greenwood's palmy
dnys, as a number of ligs are standing
in front, while the sidewalk is covered
wiih | pie.  Underneath the photo
are the following words : "TheMecca
of tbe Placer Miner—Rock ('nek."
■Viijiuit- unacquainted wilh ihe lowli
if Rock Creek would he led tn le
lieve Hint the photo was tint of a
large hoiel at Ihnt place, and it looks
very much us if this were done for the
piirnose of deception, The booming
system mny he alright. We sin-endy
ope Hint, if is, nnd that il will he flic
means uf gei ting much gold from Itock
Creek, hut such booming methods of
Inducing people to invest their money
ihls country as the publication of a
paper like the Hock Creek Placer
Bulletin, until such tinies ns tbey nr
sun-of the success of the booming
process on Rock Creek, is what is injuring legitimate   mining in British
liimbia and is driving away capital,
KJUl/llUlIU A   UllkJ v»nv
k.\ii,w.\\ i 'i.
Nelson k Ft, Shappard
Railway Co.
Tho oiily nil roll route between
till points Kast. West mid South
to Rossland. Nelson .ind nil
Intermediate points; oonnoct-
lltg H* Spokniu* wilh the (ireiit
Nort hern, Northern I'm-ilie and
o. U.& N. Oo.
Connects at Nelson with the steamer tor
Kasio and all KtMetmy Ulto points.
Connects nl Meter's Fulls Willi smifo dully
for Republic, and oonneots at Bostburg witli
Stage duily for Grand Forks and Greenwood
■ ,KUWLL_.a-nuitr   i
SuTeuth   St.,   M'Jdxii/ii^,
One Block West of Customs Office.
Big Game in British Columbia.
(Continued from page I.)
A feature of the antlers of the o_>i
bun is that almost always one, ami
generally both, of I he brow tines pro
ject, downwards over l he face, reaching
wilb the spurs on the palm nearly lo
ihe end nt the nose, and vi-t-y fiuqui-iit-
ly obstructing the vision more or less.
I have had llieiu when this palm mens
lied 14 inches at. the end.   This is c.ill-
tl by hunters the plow, and is said to
lie   used to break the  crust  nn   the
now so that, they can gather the moss
ni which they feed. I think it serves
lo protect their eyes, also, by separating the evergreens in their gnat haste
m get away from tbeir pursuers, At
ilie head of Keit'e river, Cherry creek
ml Shuswap Ihey are found in large
numbers the year round, places thai
ire e:isily accessible from Vermin, uml
great resorts for sportsmen evei y year
I suppose lhat Vernon (the home if
the » riter) is the best spot in America
in dny wliere game of all kinds can I 6
secured in season. It is easy nf access
fnun Ihe Canadian Pacific niilw.iy
station, Vernon lieing situated in the
ceinre of ilu- famous Okanagan valley,
50 lui.e." from Sicamous on Ihe main
line. Caribou, mountain sheep, mounlain goal, deer in abundance—all can
be found in a day's travel on horseback.
To hunt the nolde caribou apetson
i ds m go about the Hrsl of Octoln r.
for later thnn thai tbe snow falls so
heavily that It is impossible tn secure
tiiein with succe.-s, ns no feed ran ,
found for the pack horses, Caribou
are en»ily secured. Unlike the elk,
tbey do nol trust t.i sight, bir d p ml
mi scent altogether; so, hy watching
closely the wind, hunters can bent up
to llieiu.
bl'lltl'. Arriv.
SPOKANK     Sim "..in.   , ll.l'ip
ItllsSI.ANIl      II Mil n
mji.jsiin    7,lKla,n
SPOKANK IH.'ip. in,
UOSSJ.AN1)     It.OOp. iu.      7.00a.m.
s. A. frA.oxszati.tisr,
Usnoral 1'uwepgor Agonl,
7,16 p.in
1,00 n in
Direct Route   Unequalled Service
In nil point!
§§   This is a first-class building, being bard    •::
rfe   finished throughout.    Phe dining room   .-::•
•5)   CS   's run ll,lt'l'r l'11' lK'rs"n;tl supervision
§)   ®   nf Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with
(*gi   igy   the best an the market.   Choice stud
@   <§)   ©   °'  Mini's, Liquors and Cigars ai
©   _}   _}   §§   li;"''     '""^''   Stable   in   com
aii .ii.
First-Class Sleepers
Dining Cars Tourist Cars
Btoat.n-.lilp Bcrvloo (nun Vanoouvor to
Cape Nome  Alaska Points
Australia      China      Japan
Tlirniiuli l.lokol ml f	
Patronage of the Public ie Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
General Real Estate & Financial Agt.
___re_t  Por^--
Titij Royal iNsuiuNOJt Cot,
Thk London ami Lancashire Kim-
Tiik  Inhiiiianck Cot. iif  North
Thk London and Oakadiam Fihk
Insurance Coy,
Thb Sun Lips Assuranch Ooy nr
Till;  Dll.MIMIIN H'.'II.IUXII  ANlll.lltN
Appraiser run the ('an\ua Pbr-
Fnr ll'iit* tables,
rail iiii nr nil'lris- A.
Midway, or
.1. 8. < AI'TI It.
I). P. A.,
Nil  II  0
Try a Bottle of
Tor that Cough of yours.
i nml full Information
Mil II I.V, Agent,
B.J, lilYI.K.
A. (..I*. A.,
Yiiiifituit'r, 11. C.
1*******1****9999*9* «ee««|
Agent for Stuart's   *
I* Map of the Boundary *
I District. |
J-5 •;•»-;■}•»-»•} )„•)««■«« etc**
■Mil: NOTICE ihnt 00 days after dalo I in-
tend to-apply to tbo ' lii'.f (iiiiiiin--ii.ini'
ml.-mul Wurk. f"i- portnlaalonto purcliai-c
crtw nf land, bi-glnnlng al itii-Sntulini-i
or nf l"i Htm  iln' south lunik "f the
Ikiiiiic'ii rivor, thonco Si.uili In ch linn.
■!., net i ml I" ,n ..;,-, Ihenoi North I loll, -.
ihenoe Wont iiiiiinii. tolhti point of beginning,
| and contAinhig 100 ocrofl more or li --.
nf Ij
UM i
il llii*. 18th day of Maroh. 1001
KDWA1ID 111 l.l.ot'K-WKItsTtl!,
J. A.
Two Smelters to Treat Phoenix Ores.
For some months tl bas been known
in n k--!u i-i I wny Unit iln- plant nf tbe
new iii.'iiiiitti'ini'iii of iln- Dominion
Copper ('" included the erection of a
500-ton smelter nt smut- convenient
point, for tbe purpose of Mealing tbe
ores from the company's mines in
Phoenix cninp, as well as any olher-
ili.it might be obtained. No deci-iun
as lo tin- sin- of lhe nt-.v reduction
woiks w.ts definitely given mn, but il
i- ninv pretty well set lied that Midway
will In- lhe location, in fnct, Mi.
Robert Jaffray, nne of the largesi
stockholders, tvln-n in tin- Bouiidtrry
Insi nek, privately staled iis much,
When tin- smelter will he built imd
nut Into operation is not stntod, but ns
sonn as a steady supply of ot-8 can I"'
obtained this wili undoubtedly bedonc.
Il is tiiininiin knowledge that Ihe development on tin- Brooklyn and stem-
winder Ims lit-i-n ofa most sntisfni'liirv
mil nre, and thnl Immense bodies nf
ore have already lieen proven to exi-l
in these two properties 'done. The
j installation "f tin- new plant, nnw very
shorlly, will hasten the day when ihey
can maintain steady shipments,
Midway is in many ways an ideal
■ite fora smelter, ns it is must run-
veiiieni, tor the bringing in of ih-
siliiions ores of the reservation, to s;iy
nothing of those from the Situilk, •
lueen, Wesl Fork, nnd of t-tiuist- nil
tin- well known Bmnidniy camps.
When ibis smelter is built, Phoenix
will In- the nnly camp in BriiishCnliini
bia containing mines for the reduction
of the ores of which two smelters have
been specially constructed, No other
mining cump in the province now
enjoys tliis distinction,—Phoenix Plo
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
■ - J3.  C
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
$.5.00 per moir.li.   Single Horses, delivered in Midway, $5.00
Twn or mure, ileliveret
each $4.00 per month,
per month,
|>er month.
in Midway,
in Midway,
Miners Strike.
It is reported that a  miners' slrik
is on nl the Nickel Plate mine, iu Uie
Notices warning union men to keep
away bave been senl out by the Oamp
McKinney Miners'union, tb,- nearest
organization of miners.  The Nickle
Plate is located ill damp Hedley. up
Twenty Mile creek, about four miles
f 1 <xii Similknnicen city.
Manager Rogers of the r'ickel Plate
Is said to have announced a cut from
$M.ti(l to $11 per day in ivnges for inini'i s
All but 11 few of the 25 men employed
walked out, The Nickel Plate.is owned
l.y Ibe Mart'lH Daly estate, and is said i
lo Ik-out-of the richest mines iu iliej
Siinilkauieen country. Iiis equipped
ic ith an air coin pressor and is one of
the largest employers of labor In thai
Pack and Saddle Horses for Sale or Hire
in tin
f yon have lost ;t 1 [orse
country it will be found.
semi me the
and if
it is
The Boundary Hotel
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Excellent Accommodation.
Large Sample Room fop Commercial Men,
THOS. McAULEY,   .      Proprietor.
^ ",■>. •■■■ '.]*.
: '* ;!'-    !
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY o
5 P
days and  Saturdays, at
Sundaj s,  \\ edm tl ivs an
rt aching M I DWAY ai 1.30 p. m.,
nection with the train Koino east at
uesaays,   1 hut
in.,  arrivin
will leave CAMP Mi kl.WI
it  -i
l\s    III     y
and making
11 clock,
The host of accommodation for
the convonience  of  the
travelling public.
-!' il-  it t; l'r J'1 f r '        •■» try,.
,:-. *i. Sir. i.f t!' wxi V* •«;;.' iii :,. »,.
i',i .'x'i fit r'A _r. Mi tii t'x* Hi
m._-a_-rrmm-_T_-.r_. -,
I'.Ml'A ill.I ill i'ii   i-—:t.
-   LADNERS,   •   BRITISH   -   COLUV:
Our  Specialties   Varipn'es Profitable in Brirish 1
'I rees Free from Pests,
Send for Free Cataloeoift,       E. Hi'Tcherson, M i
<: Lancashire House,.\
The Riverside Hot
v.. I
Kock Cn
ituatctl at
route of travel between
dary (..'reek points.
k, 11. ('
'enticton ane
nn the 111,in
Qood  Hunting. Good   Fishing
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
tf tf ff
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary  District   only
$2.00 per year. :alani)disiKici.  s -11 » >"■ «•« "».-
JJ "'"I"      I    in     Mi',  Coniiilighuili u.i-
l99t99*99S99i'ri9A-t:(:< „t„-„l ll„   ,, . ,  |„,18pP.t.„'H ol   Ih"
liii'vii, ul Roolt Oi k, i- in l; '''H I ir. il'.-ii'i, i jm.I iti'Mi-tl Hiini  of
'' ISl        .    , ■' I'lllllllS   ill    Ml  ..l.li.
■Hurry'  Rose,  ot  Dump   McKinney, 0HI"I'' "'"'" ll" '- ("1" "' "'" U"V '
W»B"»' Sniii.ilj.y.
HL'i'iitn-lJit. April 25th, in Mr
^^Bt. 11 .Mi'-i'i'lii'lT,
|J. It. Jacob*, left on Saturday's
Ore 'nwood, « here aim w i.i
§, I', u il iv- wi'li Mr . Piirhi'i \i
I ■ =K___W"fl3d
There is row no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
■las, I'. I'uiiniiigliaiii mul Mnrv ling   ,      M 1' , t*   h/t* i
.•■■.-,.,.> n.i,ni- it. i, i.,in-building out oi Midway as soon as
T. M. Guu
l""i Cl'l)    nwill-l-i      l/isl    full   ll"   Wl 111
•■■■"I i" vinil fiii-ndi in  l'"iin-vl' ii 11,
WllCfe In- I, ,   (lined  illl   whiter  "Hi   n-i
lily foi-iln* mind of hl« in'iiiii.  nn Hi- I
l"'li lust., in ,Iit e's church, Tiiinii
qu»,Pii„Ki-v, Pat her Brady olliclai lug, i
"'"I     III      llll'      l-l'l'i'll V      III       I
Iniul Mr*. Bernard l,i'.|i,ini" !|)hl.W) jH|1| h Rugl(i   ,h„ WvU..
] "u" l"y" l""" -V'"l'"c the maid  «,_   \1Ihh Annie <Junul..gh.,ni,
£"> ( "iirornia, in" returned a.   ,.-,., ,j{ ,,„. _,, |l(   ,,',,„„ lh(1 i „,
l*.v' i l?oitig ii   will 11- -."rn thai ii >i.i- im'
lH   P,   Murray   lel'l   to*d«y for ln-cauin Tilinaqila Win a health resnii
liiiv.'i'.   where lv- will attend a thai   kepi   him  there   all   winter,
niu.- nl' 111" Sy I of llrli-h (!o i Miner,
iitIs i hin week, ,.,,»•■, ■       ,        ,.   ,
I'.. .1. \\ il-mi, •iipprinlendenl "I Ui"
Standard Pyritie Hnn-lting cninpiiny'
-nii'li'T,  1m- returned   from  Qutihi c,
where In- wenl tn Htelid il in 'film of
.nr ii.w doiug a large whole- Ufa ,,,,,,,. ,,,v.   A  rt.li ago Mr, Wil
"I''' ! reported loth" dlioi-tom ii|hiii tb
^Vil-ni.   ol   Vii'ii'inii-i-r, iMiiieriii-   , ,hl.|i,.,. ....n-i ru ti.,1,  woik   in whlt-li
ifUieO. P. R i legrirph I     had been well advanced Iiiwiird* c	
. iti-i. nnl II  M  Intyi". "f  Nel    pleiion    b-Jwe   he   anived   to  ink"
ttn-|i I'Uii'.'l 'In- -.iiini-  lines, Wete1 rl,,,,..,..     |„   \u.   ,.,.|„,,.    [,),.,   \V,U,,,,
|n, Vt III
Mat nrdy, uierehiint, nf i hell in town ii'-iliiy. piirt'hnaing
i from llnin A' fn.   Midway inei-
■ • •-.
UL, ~_1 • <r»
pring Opens, and Midway is destined 9 ******<>***
tc become the commercial and railway I FUNERAL DIRECTORS ' ALMEBS. |
j£ Large Stock
centre of the Boundary country.
Ot. hoc. g*tt:i_:__:__
Now is the time to buy lots in the x
town.   They will make you rich.   It is
Rilwiiy lull Monday uii it i ur nt
fei lion,
|\V. We-I. nf N-l-nii. will luis
I in Mid ■ jiy for Hi" pint few days
Imu g I'.i';i prnspnctlng nip n iln-
Jlk.i n i-'iiitilry. leli nn Saturday
-I'i'iit'iiiii. lie expert* I" he ahsenl
nl  ths
made certain t c itntn- tidnliongfnvulv
ing ihaiigei ai tlie unflter and thus,
hive In en in-".|,1|. I liy i lie iliri-i'lo s.
t h i .ii'" nn v ji lin;; along the lim n li
re nitiniendi d, li is not y, I iletini "I.
nettled when the amelter uill ho in
■ '!>■ t-..ii.,n, im there will prulialily lie
I'liillii-rtli'liv til ,i few tvi'i'ls.    M. h
not a speculation, it is an investment. I f j-a f
For prices and terms apply to
***r*z***iiiiiZi**.***iS9-..-..-..: ••   t
\m InsurarsCD Co.,,
1 rrrrrnrmTrrn
| .... Of Hartford. C<>;m>. I
nd-.ll  k On.-bt.eo   ehs-d   their while «1fc-n8 will he..,, .tie Ui'iiiraii-te | THE      MI]        ';     L.Y     COMPANY,      Ltd.*
ch«Uireul Boundary  PiiIIh   The  loieeure* lulficienl supp'? i-foretn
ik h.i- lieen -uiii t-i  Xeith&Uo.,   keep lbe HKplter running when iiimc
■ are now moving ll in lieittlell, m   ,h" l'"'""'   "»"-" 1">" '"' " ,l'""" "'
T\V"-i Pork of Kettle nver, » e  ''■ "  |,,,r''' l,|1,,l;"1' "' th'' president
; "i  the company, h is  win de I   Mr
'■ I. licit iw ji- Manager nf i be conpatiy in
Chnrtertd 18(1  .
sttn-u 1 iff and
Accident  inst..'unco.
intend op nmg H »tnre,                    I" i '  e,c
,,   ,,                     ...                    ■      ,   ■ I."il' ivt :,- IliiilniL'. I- nf llii-i-ii'»|i.iiiv in ; lis
Omitoii ii nl l.nniiv irrired In ...   .                                                     .'Iv
....                ,. iiiisiiisii'Hi.                             \n\
.uu mi Fridays ir-iiu, whi r  ihej •*;
In future make llli Ir I, nm .   Mr i " *"                         \ fa
jton in Inking Hie place ol  Harrj Bldea Cleveland,                               \fa
'in 11, fore mi thi* -"ii 'ii nf ih"     vi in*, M mdolina nnd Uuiturs from   :j\
A. \\ .. wlin In--." H- lo  \i.-i nli,.     _jB.00.up,   iii'.-mi 1 Music Store.       | fa
"  '"   "">   ""'   """'i''  "' Por.Hll  hlcyde r„'"-'...„-j„„l-ji|' \fa
'"■' "''"«" ";  "   "Hful   's plie-t ci Ion VV, II. W.hli.                   iii
„i |y, and thai ul Brewster, chniged W
h hurgltiry at Qreeow I, will lake *275 will liy a gnod  Upright   Piano  '".\
„   ,    Ver , w  il ml ol  uemlv new,   Sreenwoiiil M-isii-SI Afa
fezes will lie opened on Wednesday, Ordefat evelund whe IfioinW.H.   W\
- 15th v\,   M. « h i h i- iii" Mi !■''' ugi nc..      -ii
ntheUil I'll- rtlieOrn ,, di, ;i pipu,n|1 wM    Th„ ,., yi
' '  ' '    '!'  "   l;" k ' '' p"    '    ' li         li ".ti".l...iil','i, Ihi -ii... .■
 ' ■'   -' - :" '"■ she I made lodny.
I in I- inokiug in- lieen if
"■...^.'Xv.-v •■*..•».-k .-■■--..*<. .*-v-' *.'-   ...->«,.>■ ■". ■*..■*':■•*.. -v .       !* |SSDKS thehesl life insurance
^e'S:-*-4*-er   ff jr*?   .-.'-r' ■^■s'-ne'-J'-er-*' ■*•**•*' '.-»".»'_' ,.   fy. -jj i.'llll.Hi-   111   llli     Wtlllfl.
- %j|      I disiippi.ini ut .'- 10 dividend*-. j     sg «,
._.'.      Ml I'.t' l\ !|llll|     L'll:llrllll"''il    Hi    Itfl ,'"'    il)
VI    It
,   .-.
' tx               /                   i              r      \._ttr         a        t VSf    *   luiii't*.    Preiiiiuiii rates IB  In 25                                      ,    ,.-,. -,.., .,,  *
h^ * antral rlotel w s f-■■■"-■*m,.,,, n,.,-,.,.,■ „i„          51.../^.„M9i
li^'      '■.*# ^   11 L *   CL '      i.    &^tV-        X-     (ft    liiieMutoalcoii.pi s. .2,070,4-.1-Mi   *
llth St., Midway, B. C.
lit   z-' ■
In    i,x. 'in ji chai-g
VW 9
it-, il/ II"  rravelleis Comhlnallnii Arcldenl 1'                            irareidenla)  til
Vs. -I under ordinary ecu I                                           S
vt *
Y /|\ H'"l'h llrll.'lll       ....      jj.ii.rn
\f/ /it I,,,-, ni ,-i.,-!ii i,f Bath i:\"'     .      ..mi
This is ,i  new   threi storey  Intel, comfortably   ...t   ■■ iboUik RotiiH-ma«
I...- ul .in.- ll.in.l antl inn- l-'ii.n    S,tttxi       I
il  t.
eued   up   in  ji sli   11  i mum 1      V*s*tl"
III, s  jii"   l' I id ll'lil  ' li ' -li iWi   .: '    '
ierj protniiilng one.
'I le- uoiki ig fori e "ii lhe Montreal-
Hill's Latest riove.
Mon'ii il, Apil '-''i     Ri port  i- i ur-  "i
i. re in  well   inl ".I finnnci I   '.';
Miuingcompany's .Sniim-tm   e    ir. \es Ih-it Jim Hill i»st-itki..(      nl
.  fa
|uiTiii-hi ti ihriniglioui
....      ..a.,..
The Hen i to the Railway Station,
nn oi con' for railway l
The best i
.-  •
i;      r. a .
\.t   1
;' j*      i.u--- lm   'FiM    m ui'i .inn mil'
vf    fa   r. phi .neill Total in-.i-ii'v e50U
' " '       US
I .ni|iis nf   Weekly   It l.iiOO, 'T
i.'l Xx '.'
its ^ AND, If such injuries are misl .      ngcr in  .-»'
V,f /|t rin;. passenger eoi vt-yu chctri.-iti        ..   ■'
ill t m                     the nniount un  %
.", »              spe iii' '1  in ,;.
Mr * '
Vl/ I COSt $52    '.   M ■-.■:.    TO    ! Kl.    ANII     BlJSlNEi
Kt'l   i, MliN.AK'D ( OM . *
ilmi '.I   imp taslaielyI :     hi    QmiiiI 11'll  k rsilwn}  ind    nn !
it. .il - nit 'iu 1 i"   fr uk W. ■ "i 11 fol the 1 in p
I    "
|i, i     shnfl,ia pi
... 1   i. ' I 1 ' ll
1     8*ti-fn tory di vein
'i loiinectioti f iih this 1 1  11"   y u-u)
I       iked f .1 iihortly.
I'lii.k Bailey, 0 vnerof ihe rl 11
|im rn  towi site,  « 1-   in  M 'I ■   v   n t1
il.it   In-l   week,     II"   savs thai   the
:,'   pie o( Hi"   91iiillk,.t      "■.>""" All-mi" !• inui ii-.ImI'iuj  llu
1   .. 1 ..  t 1 tin- Al lin' "  ' nasi
■ ■ nld -     hy  h
In   li  nd T ij k '■ in fr nn Chi ngn lo
I'n , an I. Me    Al B dtalo the  !,
\ .     \    tinlil I   ti> ••   liiii   N" '.    'i   1 It
I    priel or.
W' % Other sums at proportionate pates
•^  (;.: "VST". 3__. !_'«•
o»   -
-. ,■- ,-: »-. .*■■ -
v _J;   '■ ^*il-*l—-->s'
>   - »"'■..■*-..- i-*^-■*«•"«_
* " _ ' i'i
ty    £   A'.KNT Pol! sill TI1KI1N BHITISH \\']!.(.  t
Ji*  ***********t.*******i.*i$***t.■ ■■    -■•.-.,"• ***
■ zzi^-.ii    i  _. .^ t__ ______^__,
'   '' l ''om im  -ul sl  Mo in il    lyiT jl,  '.T', J
il,,'  Oeninil  Ver.noni   innltl ftnn   li   _,„!._-'    ".  .   .     .    -
Bo ton   " mnr Holli   Ilill   would ids
1   ■ '  ij WFTT  T    r':i wo
• :lAZZ"^Z'h>tt"9j/,i~.ih,'r''.'
■   fr-*-.   *•**    .   Ci ft.. xfiZA,- .'-h-        -    •
'i^t_Wfi_w*(i_iWtJwf-..:' -j.
".: '""
i" I ting !"i'w nil 1 ■ tl in ding "i
11 1 inei s n-M r ,1,   Mo iiri'jil.   Ai   ihe
, .1 d I'imim. nffi eipinmiiii n official*
- ild they it.iiil.l pi-olinhly he lhe ki-'
...-I- .11 I" hear Hh nil  lhe mallei jj- il
l       nl   1  I he rr 1.    JM.I  'it   III"   i ".il.l    .'.
I, 11 i ■ . 1 .11 1 bey ailn 11 'I lli.il li"
rr imigemenl ivn   piKxible,
, r.
Won the Victoria Cross.
Ihe ( 'mi- K I ji .y I'jiiht iy .11 in
i'11 it- dak>, Mr Ball -y b.n aiTaog .1
In have 1 - iwmill in ip ration in in-
: , in liy the 15th nf next month.
r.iiniii" 1 Ing   M iy % 1 1   Owen
-  mu I  ji  ,1 May ."' ir  P 11 Willin 11,
the ( 11 ad nn   I' 1   I■    ■ )   uppei
lake Bli 1111 ■ -f « iii res iiii-ri
on ih" following - l--.lt-'-- 1 Kr.mi
Owen Bonn I. 8S. AlherU on 1 In
SS .\ih.il.'-ii n ■ lli'r-.1 iy, SS Mm ■
t.ilui mi Snnr.1 ,x -. from Purl William
Ailn' i-"i mi Biiudtiy, Manltoha on
Tuesd iy. I Ail., ii 1 ' 11 Frldity.
s miiil iv lasl (lenrge Shipley, 11 well
linnwil resident o(  Boundary, died  in j Novel r 7.   1000, in protecting   lite j
Phoenix of typhoid   kt  r.   II-   cnue artillery fi japiiire.   The Qav Us*
In this ilislrifl   nhijill   four  y.i'- ago also iriik-.s   the  aiiiiolliiceiuenl   tlia   1
i.nil  Inui -in.'. Ih. r 'iin ■  been   in   tlie   Rnberl flun h HndWytidhauiS. Poitnl,
Lequime £ Powers, Proprietors.
I   sdok, Vpril 23.   The On ;etH''; 1
iflei 1 ii Jiiiii'H - ih ' 1 lie \
1   r    --    li I-   III 11 if   1 I    ll  Oil    I'l   llten
ni- II  '/, C. Om kl iii'ii   ui.l 11. li   i\
I'li'iiei and SiHi-nii lv lloll ui.I "1 il
li i'l  ' ii-in.— nnd was verv pnpul >r
li'<   niiiiieioiis ;i 'in lintancen,
II" '" Is   .1 Wjis ii llliliv r    if    Ails '    C'lllig,
ll   'nr ...   rr ,1    u nl    nliiilli    thll'ly li'"
years of sge,   The fnni rai  took place
I!  A. Iir wn of Sin eel md Vo'csnii
■ 1 rs nf all kin      I
ROUGH UI j     ' ■ LUBES
I i,   in .  run ,*>  l|<i Jill    1-.   11.111 inn mi  11." _ |T1      Ml 1 1 1 V'-i-'t
•'! tican.di.ut Dra8 f s„ic gancj Sawins ■ in. 1 Job vVoi'K aone to OFCier sg
nuns bravery al Knoniiliponrt tivei-on ° uCiZi
^S  Try mir Lunch Counter f
yfesx any hour 1
i    ■
I   ■
__)        1
elephone Xo. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
WM. ST. Qli
Good assortment of Fi .es 1
Confectii nery al
Fresh Fruit
. ".j
lave lii-i n uiitde Imroi ets
The annual r-nu tl-of   rrtiiiiingf"    f %~^\\   I
lUIOaho ■- ji 10I 1 ' uii- ii" nt of z ■ II ^_
itguiiis   12,700 In 1800,   Th   re ru ii -z i
for ihe liifiifttiv is rog ird - nn- iiii \y
factory,   In -pi " • f lhe impetus i.f the r3
.-, ,1 md tii" i- ilni'iinii in iii- - and i-1 »
f .ni". and Mis M id1 r, well kn.>wn
in   nf 1,,-iglu, the nun  "f "i ii- "'I infill-
ryim-ii i- beltm ihal  nf  C-i"   1 h    11
"iml- geni'iady hatilng preforri il ih
showier Ini" 'lu-s i.f lii- set   lee,
Vpplii jfi"ii« I"!' the net,  w u  I
s   1 in
i\ \'l
tin- city wh "iv  hot,! 1I1 ni f.i lim;
[   p ii'lie- have resid .1 for yen », stole s
i     liuir.il .ill I hi'ili'l'i'li 1- l.l-l W. ll'i'silnv
j   1111.1  wenl  nver  to   JMsnn,   Wash.
j    where ihey  were i|nietly  married  in t'oiiiiniie ti p-ur into I In* B-tnk t-f Kl
the holj   bonds  rf  mHtiiiiuniy.   The lmd,   Tlie siibsoiiheri In diy ih-Ugl.
 nnny look phu-e al  lhe residence miniernii* were itins'lyi-inill investors.
.1   Mil, Huff and   was iviiiv-si"d hj |t is estimated that i'■<■ 1
oily a few friends, tit-* party r turn wilhed for si
Ing Immediately nftei w ud to Oni
I'.irUs v.here thev will continue 1
"''    Th-.nnny frl Is nf the happy! loch up I „i,l, ev. I., the I,.,,,-- V0 _ s
rnnpli-unite in wIMiinn  llu-in   ji l'"'t-' nf cnminnni today various  niliers 1 f t 1 (f|\    rt'      1 1   T*     1 1      t-   •
 ' *»™p« H' > •l""" lir"'a Bh '* w,tw hi.t..,dg,,incr,,,iie ^1ULXo,    1   _'AVM..lJLX.9JS.9JL<llJ fa SlDRie ailll UOilDlO Dl
"'        '   ft'',l,M'"j)o   (JI..JI  "   ■
1111    .iiilii'il   rnr 111   or seven   I'lin-   over  I      lM.lt
nnd   mil it isexpc ted thnt the lisis uill he  )°
re- dosed t.i-nmrrow a« it isnot de-lied to Vo
walk together.—Grand Forks Onxette.   mil the ehancelh.r .ftheexiii qttetysir
,. o ,■ ,.       ,  i-   1      „•!  , Mi'ln.'i   Hi kl- Beach,   replied   ilml
IS, Spragne.t, nl  Orand  I-  ik-. win- .    .
1        '   .    ..     ,  ,,    ,     ,   , in .ic 11..111CV musl he unsr.l s iinliMit.
cleared ih.. Notih Porlt ol ub«l 1.1 lions "
I '"'''ilv. is in iking 'i big dl i"' nf  log"
f nn the t ii'iiiit v nf Lynch 11 k   md
experli tn land the  inn] r 0 r'lon of
them s I'.'ly.i! his mill-    In previous
* 11 s*  ' rands
id   j obaccos  ke
1 on I
adei r.cd r.;tt-
Wall I 'apar iw* iu
ievooth Street, Midw \].
_j     fir/f S'-fS'te ■*■&■ -vr *s 'ef  j-   -     ■      . ..■■.-..
'"(   JOHN j.    	
11 till' lii",-I'll-
_3ia._ycsS3c_._a.2y-   &v   3E      .- _?>j.s
and has on 1  nd
i„. i,.f way.   II" Imped tb-H the  i
;,,„,;,I    |  iXlltitl gill     '"i"H   h 'Hi"  I"    "ll'    in ' ii    li
ier   .  ents Wj :-:ed IS
Hi,. .'Miiiilry   lhe  t,lines nl ec n -my.
n in    ■ '
years nenrly hnlf lhe l"gs sl uted nn
sinii ii drive wnuld  hit e  be ut hung
The In. nine I ix
hy IllRI ImSs Villi
ninii 't.is adopted
. i      M, rid   ■" us If.
IOO!  M ' '  '•
,1,.  , ■ • '    |(HI|  iii" lei 1. 'Vile nf - ill
i To ,.:.'i A  v\ , EK,  hesiil - having« ^
,,  ide Guaranteed,
M,. Horses ?:;:
meets all trams,    fn  . - cie-
delivered to an) part
Will also conduct a transfer
Best   Maki
npotijamihefoiereiiching lhe Forks     Two li Ired of the RmviiI Munsl-r l900 I ' -
but Itis believed theyean he inn down  Pusillers refused t'. parnd jir ..-!-  *.00 SeCOIld '••■-'.  '--'■" m trade
$10 to $18 ^|
$7 to $12  fe^_,jc^j-r;.*?'-irjr:. ■ .■ i -   :
this vr,,' clear l',,..„ ji'mvc l.virh i-H In < '""• J'( terd.iy as fl mark of
creek to the R.nelter like The hig ihelf disjippn.val fnr being Ir.insferrti
drive ii nnw In full swing nnd  Ihnifs   from S|
nil III Hall isle f. U-l      As
1,. 0ur 1 11 retail stores, many jjoi tl
as I- w
depo"    ♦
nnd the snw mill   will   he  kepi   busy  quarters m Spilt   Islnnd of .1
most nf   Ilie   siiinin.'i',   Mr. SpuiMMli   rence.    ll Is uliilersHtn
having the contract   for outfits the from anntli
I iinber 1.1 be ii-ed In tho enlarseinenl  Parlislefoi ' H h"in«nlHmIln-«t*'|
*****,*$**+:• 1: -it a*** *.*■*< tt,: 1 ■ *******oe. ,*****.***
$, to $S  *           a?__—I   pk.isi' .       . ........xz.           *
No. 4  K.-W.-CBlooi «
Sflvi '   I Wl .ML.  ''I...' *'
1    . ,   tin.1 IM. mil.li i"  J
I',   lestiiivtiigtninltiRfrnpovtj  fm ■   1 niivjiMoftliolrort     $
w   to 1)1,   KNl'll \"';l': loroxlilbl li f
"'    I'llK'l                                                              ""- I'"""'1 '» "  ,'  7 •'■\V,''"'"I'I"|V.   a.         tllsn„l|,l.-ss ,11 lie s,,„',y , M„-e- ,':' '..    I *
I' 'IUJ   "   our  wheels.    i\h\\ 1V 1    "In'.   * M,ll.,„.,,    Vll! .
'      "' "'-"„ "'"' nlnvyae.  * _^ ;   .
Wiite 11. il.it In    1  " rn '   ''    I"   ' '' ' n''1'' . • ■ ■ ..
um-eti nnw tn mil  wring ann  .nn„s  ■ i- hin nnv Me*   l.-H\  \'   "'•   '     '  "i'l 1,   deptr
flndioffect..,f)ogi, epnrted |mw-  " 1"  "'■""""  ""    " ' ,  J■. **}   .   |, -  f *--   j^k:..   V 1   nl-snlutely no
Ing Bannock OH vdatlv.   A large mint- of this buialioii loi-Kul 1 • «■«' ""    ' ,   -,    f, n.-.-tl io pm   n   nil     ■   '■  ■   '■   d	
birof nis einnli.vi'il  I,"  .lm nn  I ■-..lifl-.l U illfrS  '   I,.. .;„,.„„    1-     1 feel     tilvotibnt    ,         '     ,r our FAt'TOin
- Ill I
Tolciiliiini Sn
"f Uie (ii.inl.y ..n.ellei'.
soldiers IMlilel ' """
3".    _U.     A.Zi~-.-  -. d'^rtZzZ.Gt    CO.,   Cl*lv«3». ,♦♦♦♦„».♦♦♦♦♦*« •OO*0****O0wi.*-.-.l...A***********.mA**'**.-im
tt-H MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
the   Kettle   River
centre of the
||__L DL The most important railway town
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing
Creek Districts.
distributing   point  for   Upper   Kettle
■ii in ing camps. ^^^^
nearest Railway town to   Republic,   Meyers
Northern   Washington mining camps.
ice town   in   the  country, with an  excellent   climate
supply  and  favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Mining Division.
River and Boundary
iver,   West   Fork   and  Camp  McKinney
Creek,   Palmer  Mountain  and   other
pure  water
Send for Maps, Prices, and full partictil
trs to
('. M. GH0U8E,
Agent fm- British Uoluiubla,
Midivny, 11, 0.
^■^m-mmm mmmmmm
To be Spent on New Railways in the
to lhe satisfaction of the Lieutenant-
(iovertior-iti council, all right and
claim to I he aforesaid subsidy granted
I.y this net shall he cancelled and I'm"
(li) That lhe aforesaid subsidy Bh-ill
not  he payable  until the railway is'v
completed and in running order tn the
satisfaction of tin- Lieutenant-Ooveni-
or in t'liiiiii'il,  nur  until   security   or
guarantees, ial isfactory to the I
i-iinnt-Onveriior in council, is deposiled |
for iln- cominiious maintenance
uperation of the railway, inui lu
hi -,. It. ('.. April ii. '!' ■ gov
," nu • it i-ailw ry poll y hI       ijt.Ii lute
I"- n iinnoiu .1 in ti bill >-1   li iiithor
i/.-' the govi ruin'i.i Ui borrow si.i.lioi,-
.-io I.n the purposo of assif ing railways
uinl i . build ,. railroad und general
triiflfl    hridge arross the Fraser river
l Nev, V.'.'iii'i: ster.
1. I'.r ii railway from the coast, iu
the neighborhood of Knglisli Blulf.
near Poinl Hoherls, via I'lillliwack
and Hope, to Midway, 1) iutid ir> creek
district, approximately three hundred
and thirty miles. _
-• For '' raillv,1>' ,'""" "'" I"""'1 ii.iiilit.tliepmvinee^inil'suehMiiii
teiininiisol lhe l-.-ipn null & N.iliaiino   „..,„„.,„...,..„. sha|l |JH „ ,_rsl lllal.g
railway tu the Northern end of Van*  upo„ „„,.,, groM eai.n|ngg,
couver island, approximately two hun-       ,  „„   .   ,        ., ...      ,
dredandfonyn s. ;   (di lhat ihe railway obtaining Ih
S. For a railway from Rot-k Oreek to  l'"'"'1" "f ,my M"'1' s"l''si,ly s1"111 '
Veri i'..'. e'.t with lbe Shuswap ! *trne^ wholly and as»coiitiuuou.
,  ,., ■    , ,    line wittiin ihe province,
ti Okanagan railway,  approximately '
line hundred and twenty five miles.   '      (e) Tlml tbe t-ietitenant-GoVernor-lii-
I   Forn railway from the coast, al   Council shall have .'ihsiiliile control ul
Kiliniiit. lo llnzi'liun, approximately  the freight and passengPl rates or th"
,1 miles. charges hy the railway and that, not
1 withstanding in the event
'I? sw^^f i#'f ^M^;ff $Hg m
-•£'. ® il*. 'A1 ill SSife 5P Al*
y.*. X'H'. Xi}:.--. y.'..--. y.'. .--.-.iii Zi'i'.'.ttx'ii'-zTtZ'A**.
tf ii ff -zzZ 'f' • '■*■     —
iirs.r ,..„e .v \te ... xte       ...   „   ,.r .. .
,., .. ve ... Me f,,steni,steiifia**50->
"if wot mWwffwwIfff,
^iinilii1, K"'V' ''""''' "' Kl™"'",s'  ,lrili»1' Co
ziftV ItWwm WiWtWiSASN^ ■■:".
Take notico that I bave done on thc "Valley
iew'* mineral olalm sltuato on tbe Wesl Mn
nf Koromeoa Oreek In tin1 Osoyoos Division of
Vale District-the M'ork required liy section 2i
if ibe Mineral Act for tho year which luis ex*
- _>   "• j plrcd mul have duly recorded tho cortiflcato of
aiisfactory to tbe Lfeul-| work:
,    .And furlher Uikr noliee Ihnt if, nl lhe explr-
| ' ni ion of DO daya from lhe date nf ihe Hrsl puoli-
uatlon of this notico in tho Midway Advanue,
 j, ****** hu nun i you, a coKiwncr, fall lo contribute your propor*
idy shall Im payuMeorpilid until nft-r" V/7/,'^'j!^^xJJf'-l,\V,;r^1r;;,|i,liV,;;\/;*'|v*"^^--11'--'
such completion,  and  tbe  giving of pother with all the costs of adv
security <»r tfunranlee
(<■) Thai four percent pp_ anntiin oi
the i_rM>ss earning* nf the railway shall
    ..-i__.j-.ik or aavortlsingt your!
fnlorest in said mineral claim shall become
vi'.-ted in mo upon filing with ihe mining  recorder nf said mining division (he notice imd j
Affldnvll required by Llio "Mineral Act Amend*
ment Act WW"
Dated Ihis _Dth day of April 1031,
^^^ MALCOLM C. McAl'LAY.    '
i,lie ^^^^^^^^^^^^™
6  Pom iJiil.v.iy from Furl Steele in
ilili-n,  n]i|i."Xiiii.iti'ly  nn' In idi'ed
mi i fifty miles,
Section 15 of the hill ie,.ils.- "li sh .11
I"' In- llll ful Ml    l.i.'lllrliaill-di'.'Tiii.l'-
iii r.,un. il tii canse to be htiill a litidge
iiiiii.-s the Ki-iiser livet- lit the neigh
I'lii'liiinil nf New Westmlnsipi
IUII    l"J "■ ' .iilirr   nlie ll 11IX1
ll.il il'.-.   fin-   till'
III II i,1.1
.  f the railway lieing or becoming subject to the
ji ri . .'iimi of the Dominion govern
in..ni, ib,-.- une shrill he deenn-d it con-
iijiet lii'itvei'ii the province ind il"
if) Thai lbe railway may be acquired
at any time by ibe province ill il vnlu
Iml thousand I atlon lo be determined hy arbitration
•poses nf railway, under tha provisions of Arbitratl
ami passenger traffic, and Act, provided, hi
for the purposes aforesaid to enter Into
contracts for ih instruction of tlit*
said bridge as nny be ileiou-it expe-
nt, siilijeti to submitting name to
Trade Mark*
^^^^^^^^_   Copyrights Ae.
AtlTime .ptitllnn n Bkclrlt nnd dOMTInllnn may
i)ni,'itir jutremiin nur opint'>n free * i.,-i n,r mi
lii».,iil|..n I. imiltitlilj. imlt-iilnlile. remnjiiiilni.
tloii.Ktrjrtlyr..iitl,lntitliil. llttlitltlftokotl I'ali-iiU
lent freo. oldfLt m.-ent'-' tor nectirnir piuenm.
I'ni.'iitr. taken tlin.uiiti Munn A Co. n.i'lvr
.j,rr!n/ fi'.flt-r. wllhout chnree, in the
Scientific American.
A hntirt>nmel<r IllnptrnlPd wpcklr- I.nrpfflit rlr-
riiiutiuii of jntv m leu* iiii- journal* Ternm, I-I m
vpfir: fnur months, fl. Sold byull nowrirtcjilvm.
MUNN _ Co.3— New York
Bnnoli Ofllco. ffl K St.. WMlUninmi, D. C.
Provincial Limit Surveyor.
Xl//   Architect and
____  Civil Engineer...
I^eal Estate,
Inaurarice and
Mining Aj;i*i|t.
trtJVOTARY    IT iu.K'.««#•
I' nit Yit-w 't'owiiHiti' A-ctlllt.
Tor. A. IVIer«iii, iBlenf Kli„!ll rr, i.
ili«lritit :
Sri  Yon Me l..r.l,}  noUfied Uinl
l'" il'.; BIB Windy" Mineral  Kil„,„ h
.1   '"M.|''„.',.|,,,„|,, j,,,),,.   K,.nl,    |.|,(|    Jj,,      ^f
ll!l'ltlrrll,li„f\,l|,. |||Mr|,.| ,„  |(l,,,       ,
»»_ In order lo bold a ild claim undt-i       ;      ■
l*l"li-...f *.,,-„„, '.(„f   „„,   Mlr„.nii
Ming the ntnouni required lo hold llir :„:
claim for the yoar ending April.'.. IHtKi
.■ii.iifiiiil,„,.s,,iraIl fninoi, ,.,	
PUbllmllon ottlilii uoUoeyou fall ... i-m*.
i..iiiniiiii.'.i„tir proportion of Hi,  r •■
J-.;in.i..I underealdtectlon «, lon-llm ni I
ii len-ijiif .■iilvi-riiwm... tnur InlcrcniH in -...
otalm nhall booome roaled in ibo mi •
Qour oo-ownen.) nnder Soctlon i ot tht "11
nl Aol Aim ii.lin.nl A[.|, mou
lt.  II
• ■ ■  A|.|.|(l>-. . , .
.iiflf-iu-t- Solifitf-tl
Hilled ul  Mi.iiniv,
April, Iimi.
H.  a,  tin* HI,
HIGHLAND Vt'KKX 1'iiN.slil.lli.MH'
MINING ANU Jill.I.IM.' i "
('. I,. Tin.Ml. 1. .Mniiiijir.
J. A. Unsworth, txcretan
^^^^^^■^t.i  Ai'iiilrnli.iii
'lliclllill'   IIIIU   iihsbmI^—S—S»S—ii^^^^       ^^1^^^^   ,|mL  jn   (,()||
lidct'ing the valuation nn stun slnill he
I'lileil.iiiieil hy I lie iiibitrutors lor the
franchise helnnglng to the company.
(g) Th.it the conditions of this s.c-
lion may be varied at nny time, untl
froni lime lo lime, uinl us often us the
^^^_^^^^jL,ii'iiteiunit. - (ioierninent • iu - i-oun.il
iiiuj  deem  expi'ilieni  in eoiiiiei'tion j may deem advisahie, always provided
with tin- user of said li Idge by uny i tlmt control of tbi
railway or olher companies, persons j ferred to In this
or firms, with power to iW u tariff of
.Section 10 rends
public competition, nml afterconsliuc-
iimi to enter Into nny agreements ilnii
the Lieutenant -Govei uor- in'-council
deem  expedient  in connection
 "The l.ii-iileiuiiil'
Governor iu council may enter into nil
agreements niili nnv persons ot-company un lertaklng ihe construction of
any railway to ivhich n subsidy Is here
by uiiii-bi'il, which may he neces-ary
to convenient for the due consttnciIon
mul opeiatiou of such luilway, whit-1,
ttgt*. eiiienis ^linll, In every Instnnci
addition to other maiters tl
viiletl for, coniain in • fi Hi
visiii!.-. t!/. :
subject matters re
seel ion by ihi- govern
incut   of Ilritish  Columbia   be    mil
(it) Thai in the event of a charter
heing granled by the Dominion gov-
ernini ut foi a line of railway over nr
parallel to Ihi "otite proposed in tliis
net. that the  foregoing   conditions
shall lu- assumed and curried oul b)
uie company so Incorporated ns i
ti I contract- And obligation of said  com*
n ' pany pi ior to any other charge I herein.
lerein pro-I   (i) That such terms aud conditions
.tint.' pro* for the proper currying out of all t'-
I clauses of
(n) That nnles* ,,,„!. is(,„„i„t.,„.,„il|,,,""T-  '" ","'v s'"'h ■»"»»"«•" »nd
<"><■ -'i-y. „,i„„,,;::;:' ;;:.'-s!2*,tarto«*-«i	
Honsa, li. .'.tliiiiilc of-,,.,!,.„ si,,,,.,,■          '     "" ,v"hv,,>''" r,'*l'"''' ••''"'■"
 ■ heton the C -, ,,   .     ,       I '  ""' M "'" 1'i"1""1"""
-i-t.,. .,„„., ,„,„.„/ ;:t^(;;:r •,n-counrf *^»^
iverside Addition.
Just a Word!!
ment in um  T° *T COntemPlatin*i: an invest
ment m Midway real estate, the information
offered that on the Riverside Addition
found 300 very choice residence sites
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
_ _!__■____________■[       ~   ujuuw
WH NORRI-T """,wui-—<*»
W.H. NORRIS, or        A MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C ~ '
Camp McKinney, B. C.
may be


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