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The Advance Jun 24, 1901

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Dl. XV, No. 8.
$2.00 per Year.
viittiHTicit, Solicitor, Etc.
Ohkknwouii, ii. c.
—: Notary Pobmc,
i McKinney, B.C.
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrlH Public.
Aildrewt: "IIai,i,htt."
Corks : Hudforl McNeill's, Moreing fc
Seal's, beilieis.
, . . Midway, B.o,
I Customs entrlei ptiMd.    Mineral Act
|nd Land Aet papers drawn up.  AIH-
svlts taken.  Abstracts mads.
Communications by mall ar ulephone
vmptly attended to.
Jndell Block, Greenwood
Phone Oil, V. A N.
A. -. Can. Soc. C. E.
Iovingial Land   Sukvkyok
I-Jeul Instate
Tonsorial Artist.
tr n tlrat-. Ihm Shine. lUir Oul, Sen Kcnuii
nr siiiiin-imi. i-j>ll »i tlm ajpve parlor.
It.ix.ir* honed ami ground.
|mi   STItKKT.   •   -    -   MIDWAY.  II. 0,
•pbI    BlKckamttk
|ll Kinds of  Repairing.    Horseshoeing
A Npeeially.
Pttt»iulrlB'_,   __gg_-.
'law-Cuss  Accommodation  rim GUwrs.
Exoellert fishing on Kettle Hiver..**
Ul kinds of work executed to
ths •atUfaotion of oustoMoro.
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
Everything  B*lr»t.iil**jw*i
!«_•••«, Kl«wa|*.
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
j Hotel Spokane,
j^xxs-"_«.. run™,, xxxa
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
- Midway Meat Market -g
K. k. MATTHES, Proprietor. |
At this establishment customers cm get choicest cats of |
.  . KetFl(eratoi• on tbs premiasa  - - J
Therefore Meats are always fresh and sweeu   Gull and get a good j.iiiit X
'foi'dinner to-day. y
TELEPHONE 311- P. O- BOX 25.       5
Pioneer hotel
^      Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the ahove hotel at ("ireenwood and
jE are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom-
fa  modation.    Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
II. KEYES, Prop.
[ O.iod Accommodation.
Hen, Mi|imni and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling,
\tt)*944 't**************9
In R. N1CELMQH,  "
Prmtieal Watch Maker,
tlnod Toitlt, Plenty Itntrrtil.
mil js years experience   to to
work correctly,   .  .   ,
Seasonable Goods
Downtoaetualeost 20 per eent less than formerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we have
made the above reduction, bringing these goods-
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goeds for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats atgneatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell fast at
our prices,
Clothing for Men and Boys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, to suit all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
line of goods sold at small margin I'ot cash. Prospectors'Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
al Country in the Province.
going up to Greenwood there is plenty
nf evidence that tin. country in not
given up altogether to the miner mid
iimi..-!- ni.'ii; prosperous looking farms
(dot the valley everywhere, and "the
_g^ _ _ cattle  mi a thousand hills" (lennie a
Ine Richest Mineral and Agricultur=""'"'^''"^^i"■«fuiep™io..i«liiii,*-.
It is needless here to dilate upon the
exquisite panorama that unfolds itself
in majestlq pictures an tbe train follows
the course nf the Valley : suffice it lo
A Description of Its Delectable Climate, Its Boundless Stores of
Mineral Wealth. Its Farming: Lands and Interminable Forests of Timber.
T. L. Grahamo, of Naiiaiino. who
recently visited the Keitle river country, has written the following regarding Ihe resources nt this dislrict, He
points out the necessity of a railway
from here to the const, and gives an
idea of what, ihis country would lie if
the V. V. Ac E, were built :
H'lwever vivid and minute the description whieh may lie given of the
Kootenays, ('oast people, or Iliose who
have not ai-tually viewed lhat glorious
count ry with their own eyes, can fund
hut x flint conception of its wonderful
fertility, its delectable climate, its
ttoii'iilless stores ot mineral wealth, its
interminable forests nf uu.gnifi.jent.
timber, when dealing with tlie practi
cal side of the matter, it may bc as
well to spare ihe reader anything more
than a bare reference to its marvellous
sieii'-iy, its streams and lakes leaping
will, lish that light valiantly with the
lucky angler ; or of ils birds and ani
mals of the chase. These, of course,
have their place iu the calculations of
ihe must practical persons, when seek
ing mi arena for life work, Even Ihe
shrewd railway projector is nnl alto
gether unmindful of the. hard cash
value of them In his railway : whal
time tiie loui-ist. and tile sportsman
i-nine in tbeir legions seeking pastures
T.J tl-., nlisp|.|-Hi,|.   t.-»l'ell*tv   tl,,.,,llu.|t
thai wonderland of the West, nothing
is mure obvious than Ih" fuel lhat vei y
mu. ti remains to lie done by the railway companies in the nuttier of extending and adding lo theii lines iu all
directions. It is tine ihat none have
lieen more apt loseiue lipoil Ihis fact
than the gieat Canadian Pacific railway, which, itis understood, Iijis projected lilies upon all the more feasible
routes, and bus included in its policy
the gradual extension of ils system so
as to ramify the Southern Kootenays,
in the most effectual manner. With
the straggle of smaller concerns iu obtain a foothold in this territory, lhe
people of Briti-h ('oluml.ia are familiar. It is one of the most romantic
chapters in lhe railway history of the
Dominion. While many have been
keenly disappointed at lhe failure of
thuse compel ing companies t.. achieve
their object, the Canadian PaclHc railway has given the strongest pledges
that ihe lines of communication which
are lo solve the problem of "what to
dn wilh the Kontenays," will be buill
all in good lime.     '
Pei-haps the most Interesting of all
the railway lines in the upper country
is the Columbia and Western, which
extends from West Robsott. on the
Columbia river, lo Midway, and has
leen surveyed much faitIn-r west. The
history of the buililing of liiislni'is
quite a romance In its»lf. The contrive*
ims encountered obstacles in the progress of const met ion which were
enough to discourage the most determined ; one sel of emit motors abandoned l heir contract, and allot hot set
took it up, and so.ai, Ull tin* line wns
eventually completed through the difficult port ion, In the mountains be
I ween Kolison and the Kellie river.
The tunnel, which wns driven nn tbis
line, t hn.ugh a IliullUtaill of solid hick,
is nne of I he marvels of riUlway construction ill tbepi-ivin.e,
Immediately after leaving llnbsoii,
the train passes many a famed milling
.amp. There Is lhe great Burnt Basin
districl, far up the mountains, reckon*
ed to contain ample deposits nf the
precious metals to justify the mosl extensive operations. All around this
district tlie prospect ins aie busy at all
seasons of lhe year. One llnl.lv and
daring miner has lnue.l a bole in the
face of a Leetling cliff hundreds of feel
in height ; Ihe drop fiom lbe uioillll of
the mine tti the Imu drr-strewn shoulder ladow la-ing fully IKM feel, sheer.
Ki om this il can he gathered thai what
the prospector*, of the Kootenay miss
is hardly worth notice. Wild, savage
appalling in its oppressive grandeur,
the scenery h>*re equals anything on
the main line of the 0. P. K. Foaming
torrents thai are ihers in dimensions
pour endlessly, wilh thuti.leiing roar,
over the lip of abysses, the hollow of
which cannot he disci-rued froni the
car windows, and drench Ihesomhre
woodlands round in everlasting mist.
The practical uiansee-. iu these gigantic "grey mare tails" millions of horse
power going to waste ; he calculates
lhe enormous amount of labor saving
machinery which could be driven by
tlie resistless force of those lofty
cascades, whose only apparent object
in the world at present seems to be to
supply a grand diapason sostenuto In
the wood notes wild from Ihe denizens
of the suri-oiinding forests, While the
poet notes wilh ecstacy the Bound, the
sight, mid drinks in rhapsody for his
lines at those spots, and the artist
frantically sketches wilh flying crayon
an impression of the scene, the man of
machinery and engines calmly jots
down the possibilities for factories anil
workshops contiguous to lhe Cascades.
If ever water power is In play a leading part in the production of the articles of commerce and industry in this
province, assuredly not lhe least iin
pottatit centre of that new-old fone
will I e in those mountains along the
line of the Columbia and Western rail
Across lhe divide quite another kind
of scenery awaits i he I reveller. Leaving the mountains with a rush, tbe
train brings one in sight of lhe far-
fj....«l valley of Ihe Kettle.   Well hns
it been named u.„ B,ua. uu granary
of tile Kontenays. Experts will tell
the visitor that the soil is of ji soil
which is admirably suited lo what may
lie termed garden-farming; ihat is,
mixed farming in whieh fruit and vegetable raising takes second place.
The aspect of ibe country reminds
one strongly of certain parts of West
em Ontario, or of lbe dales nu the
borders if Scotland. Ever) where are
to be seen the trim cottages, or more
pretentious dwellings Of-people who arc
evidently well-to do. One might search
far to feast his eyes upon a mure pleasingly 1iani|iiil landscape thai, that of
lhe Kel lie valley toward evening,when
the sun is mellowing into lhe west .and
lhe blue smoke ascends from cottage
and farmhouse straight into the sap
pbire sky ; the lowing of tlie kine from
the river shallows ; Ihe bleating nf
sheep softened by dislance from the
green hillsides ; lbe call of the driver
lo his team, all blending Into a I one
winch sets one murmuring instinctively (.ray's Elegy in a Country Churchyard,
The laud which can otter such scenes
to the traveller is mil likely tu remain
long untenanted. Nor is it: mosl of
lhe land, nt all evenis the liest of it,
has been long in occupation. As lo
(he products of lhe soil in ihis favored
-trip along British Columbia's southern
frontier, lhe available area is hy in
means worked yet to its full capacity :
so far il can raise enough to supply the
numerous mining camps iu the mountains north mid \veot. It is a question,
though, whether in the event of those
mines being worked to their full extent, and large towns nnd even cities
spiinging up around the valley, if the
farmersaudfrilit and vegetablegrowers
of that locality could product ougli
to supply ihe demand.
This is a portion of the great p.
bell and the peaches nf lbe Kettle
celebrated.   For il is fervently warm
iu   thai   long vale in the dug   days,
though  every  day   the  cooling   airs
from the surrounding mountains cuine
s;iy that art i-t and photographer have
Ihereahnppv hunting giotuid which
offers Inexhaustible riches of form and
color—grulesque pinnacles, castellated
crags, fantastic ornamentation as nature in her latest throe left ii forever ;
blue distance, gaudy stripings and
splashes of l.rilliiint color—in sll. rt, a
place once seen never lo he foi gotten.
Since the railway was pushed ihrough
Ibat wild but rich and fertile valley
there hns heen a wonderful increase itl
the population and the piospeclsare
that within a few years that part of
Uie province will he noted fur Immense
mineral development.
Leaving (ireenwood, the railway
goes on tn Midway, and Ihere, if possible, the thirst of the agii. lilt ural (level-
npinenl is met with. This may. possibly, be due tn lhe fact that one is then
approaching the famed Okunagan legion. The salubrity of the climate
makes one feel the spirits rising and
lassitude disappearing. Il is tbe easiest,
uf predictions tn make that the dwell-
eis in this favored region w ill have go
abend enterprise mid great energy, as
they have the finest climatic conditions
in the province to hearten them.
It is now proposed to extend the
line aliuig the Boundary through the
renowned copper-gold region of the
Siiuilkaineeu, a district of the province
which has a glorious future liefoie it ;
for the "stuff" is tliere in such quantities as to stagger belief and defy cnl-
culatiou. Mure than this, iheSimllka*
1111*1*11 is the land uf h.-auiiful streams
and polling prairies, covered peien*
nially wiih sweet and succulent grasses,
upon which the fluesi stuck in ali
Canada is fattened, Careful surveys
have pioved the feasibility of the
route tlirough the Hope mountains
into the valley uf the Kiasei, and the
l.....,..., .....J..I ...:i...v     :.. o..
have given it as their well-weighted
opinion lhat. not until that line is cull*
structed and in operation will British
Colunihia see its leal day of great
things arrive.
It is simply impossible lo predict the
enormous change which tlie existence
of this railway will have upon the
commerce and industries of this piovince. The placing of tlie Kootenays
within seven or eight bonis of Victoria
and Vancouver can have hut one result-the stimulation to an unprecedented and extraordinary extent uf
trade of all kinds. Only thus can llm
western division uf Briiish Columbia
compete on someihing like equal
terms with Eastern .Canada for the
magnificent market of the Kootenays.
il should be the earnest endeavor of
every British Columbian lo help Foi*
ward by every means ill his power lhe
construction of thai road.
to soothe panting humanity, and hint
and beast. The apples, plums, pears,
melons, pumpkins and lhe small fruits
all attain astonishing |i"oportions,
while retaining the hiscinusiiess of tlie
best of their kind. The various fruits
aod vegetables are present ad in Ihe
consumer at an eai lier date, probably,
than anywhere else iu lbe province.
The wheat, oats and barley raised in
the Kettle valley are too well known
to require more than reference,
Whilst the Kettle valley is the uiain
lowland along the boundary, all the
minor valleys poss'ss the snnie fertile
soil, the same prodigally nf returns
for thc labile expended and offer Ihe
same advantages lo lhc settler. Ou
the line of th" Columbia and Western
With llu- Eras, r, Siinilkauieen, Oka*
nagan and Boundary districts linked
by a railway, British Columbia would
he ten tions the country lhat ii is at
i lie present time,
 . t. -
Forty  Additional  Stamps   Will   Be
Added, Bringing thc Capacity
Up to Sixty Stamps.
(leo. B, McAulay, managing director
nf the Cariboo mine, Camp McKinney,
nnd frank E. Meudenhall, manager of
the Hossl.ii.il branch of the .1. tu kt»
Machine conipauy, weie iu Midway on
Thursday on their wny lo Camp McKinney.
It  is the intention of the Carihoo
.   conipany  tn purchase -In additional
stamps Inr its mill, which will bring
lhe capacity of lhe mill, up to sixty
On Friday Messrs. McAulay and
Meiidenhall weie going on to Eairvi.w
to inspect the Smuggler twenty stamp
mill, which is owned by the Jenckes
Machine company. If Ihe plant be in
a satisfactory condition it will be purchased hy lbe Carihoo coinpaiiy and
taken tn Cainp McKinney, and as it
has been used but very litlle since ils
Installation at Fair-view, it is altogether likely thai it is nearly as good as
The mini' never looked as well as it
does al the present tini". It hns at,
least 78,1)00 Inns nf oie in sight that
will run about $12. During Mr. Me*
Aulny's stay nl McKinney he will lay
oul plans for sinking a new four com*
parlinent shaft, logether with letting
contract 'foi uew hoist, wiih sinking
capacity of fifteen hundred feet. THE ADVANCE.
JOHN WITHKI.b Pmoi*hktoii
0. M, 0R01/8E   Manaokh
I'liblisliod   wooldy   at Midway,  B. 0,
Subscription Prtoo, t'l.XD) |,.-r minimi, piiyAhlti
in oilvaiicu, ollhor yoarly or lialf-ycurly at the
option ot tho subscriber.
Advertising Rates stout on application.
The editor of (he Nelson Tribune,
unahln l.o hold his own with the editor uf the Nelsnn Miner, Ihrougb the
columns of his paper, has resorted lo
the childlike expedient of employing
a legal firm in Nelson Iii write I he MInei' a "lawyer's letter" demanding its
editor to publish an apology for having offended his majesty, hy publishing certain statements about him
thai, the Tribune mail did not like to
see iu print. Such an nclion is wilh
oul precedent, and is deserving of the
light treatment given It by the editor
of the Miner, who Is evidently not at
present engaged 111 making statements
to he retiacted hy such tank  I lull's.
be in
"Be kind tu Tommy Atkins,
the London News.
The people ut London cannot
need nf such advice.
Tbey will have no chance to lie
either kind or cruel In Tommy Ai kins.
The citi/."ii soldiers of Canada to the
number of several hundred are in
camp iu London. These men are Canadians and dn notanswer in the names
of "Tommy Atkins," "Alwnl Minded
Beggar," or any Of the terms of contempt or endearment which England
may apply In her regular soldiers.
Tommy Atkins is a type, hut. mil a
Canadian type. The volunteers in
cimp ui Loudon are Canadians, aud
second hand mimes do not fit them
any hetter than cast off clothes.—Toronto Telegram.
The following taken from the Rossland .Miner shows clearly what the re-'
spec-live editors of three of the most
Important dailies of the province think
of the editor of the Nelson Tribune :
The blasphemous bully who conducts
the Nelson Tribune in lhe inlerest of
indecency hns opened his 0. P. K.-
nioiilh just once too often, and has
lhad a deserved cast igat inn administer
ed to his lough hide hy the Victoria
Tunes. Bully Houston, desiring lo
leave nobody free from his spewing*,
charged the coast newspapers with
being dull, Hat. prosy, frothy and generally iiiiint. resting, patting himself
upon Ihe cbcsl at the same time fnr
hi" own roguish excellence. The Vic
tin in Times gels hack af him in Ibis
The Nelsnn  Tribune has a very low
opinion nf the coast newspapers.   It
mentions six uf thein ns In ing dull, fiat
prosy, fnil by and generally uninteresting,   Genius is confined entirely lo the
interior of the province, according lo
nur brilliant contemporary ot the Am-
bilious City.   The Tribune man never
had a great admiration I'm- the coast
cities, instil ul ions or  people, and we
must admit that the style and manners
of the representative of Nelson are not
properly appreciated here.   He has. as
he would say himself, run up against.
some liard, in point of fact stunning,
"propositions" in Victoria, Our people
have no reason to revere the proprietor
of the Tribune nnr Ilv proprietors of
its proprietor,' lie is tbe champion of
monopoly and the opponent of progress
and development.   But for liim and
his small following in thc House the
governiuenl might have been forced to
yield tn public opinion nnd adopt a
policy which  would  have resulted in
ihe emancipation of the province and
the creation of business activity where
l here is now stagnation and depression.
The member for Nelson  excuses his
enmse to his constituents on tlie plea
that ihe merchants of Nelson must he
protected   from   competition  of the
coast  wholesale houses    lie is a Tory
. and a protectionist, hut he cannot, deceive anyone wilh such an excuse as
thul.    We do nol believe the people of
such an enterprising place have any
desire  to   be placed  in a position nf
splendid or any other kind of Isolation.
It i.s as much in  their interest as itis
iu lhe inlerest of llm people ou the
coast lo see all pails of the province
opened up and placed in communion-
'tion wiih each other hy railways and
they know perfectly well lhat il is not
desirable    thai,    the    transportation
routes lo the s"a const shnuld all be
under Ihe control of one corporation
as cerlain newspapers are reported lo
he.   No doubt   they will have an op-
pnittinity hefore long of acquainting
their member In a practical way wilh
their opinions,
"As to lhe slyle of the six dailv papers no the const, a grenl deal depends
upon ihe point of view and environ
mini. Wo are disposed to believe
that many of the brilliant "things''
which appear in some journals would
not be appreciated in thiseffel.esectioii
of British Columbia. Vulgarity is
sometimes mistaken for originality
and profanity for cleverness and wit
even by members uf legislatures."
The Colonist hits him also : "It is
I he misforl une of I he eoasl newspapers
to have fallen under I he disapproval of
the. bright and shining light  in   Ibe
journalistic world, the Nelson Tribune.
It is likewise alleged thnt His Satanic
Mniesty finds the Ten Coiiiiiiniidiiieiils
shockingly commonplnec."
Bully Houston is not only a disgrace
lo Nelson—he  is a disgrace to lhe C.
P. R. and will prove a. losing proposi
tion lo that corporalioii.
The Nelson Tribune is one of tlie
few papers iu the province that is endeavoring lo uphold the Diinsmuir
government in its aclion in connection
with the Coast-Kootemiy railway. Il
comes forward and boldly announces
that no action of the Dunsmuir govern*
went hus in any way Interfered with
the building of an Independent com
petitive railway from Coast lo Kootenay. The government would b»
fortunate indeed if its action in con'
nection wlih the const ruction of this
line nf railway were favored wilh such
admiration by any paper other lhan
the Tribune, but its editorial utterances
are guided entirely by the 0. P. IL.
which is praclically the goveri mt.
Tlie Ti ibiine in its endeavors lo shield
ihe government  iu its recent action
regarding the building nf this line says
lhat the country through which ihe
road will run is not fenced in and tin re
are two charters under which tlie wurk
could he underlaken.   It then goes Oil
to say .that the  V. V. k E.  is one
charter and is controlled by J. ,1, Ilill
and Mann & Mackenzie,   It does Uot
say that, tho C. P. R, has the other
charter and that there is nothing in
the world to prevent thai company
from going ahead  and   huilding lhe
road without a cent of suhsidy.   The
country is no more fenced in lhe case
of the C. P. R. than in that of the V.
V.&E.   Either company is privileged
to construct the road in question wil limit submitting to  the policy bf the
government, providing no subsidy is
asked,  but the Const Kootenay road
never was intended to he limit inde-
pendentof government aid.   It was au
enterprise requiring public assistance
and the V. V. * E. hasequally as good
a claim to that government assistance
as the C. P. R.   But the governiuenl
instead of doing nothing to prevent
lhe huilding of the road, has, on the
contrary, done everything in ils power
lo prevent the V. V. k B. from build
ing the road.   If there were anything
left undone   by the government  tn
make it impossible for lhat company
to submit to its terms, it was because
the  Dimsiiiiiir  government  did nol
think about it at ihat time, and wa-
not omitted intentionally.   -When the
government realized that the V. V. A
Vi. people were prepared lo huild and
it became  necessary  lo declate the
terms of the contract, it submitted a
rigorous railway policy ; each clause ol
which was framed purposely for shut
ling nut the V. V. k E   However, im
possihle as it seemed for that company
to accept the terms of the con tract.
Ihey did sn, with  the slight inodili.i
(ion the government was compelled
into making, ivith  one single excep-
iio,., ,,inch I,..it ii rfitvea to, worn.I
have forfeited all its claim  to a  Doniinion suhsidy.   The government adhered to this provisioo, knowing tlmt
itwas its only means of preventing
the V. V. k E. from building the rond,
and lhe contract was not let,   The V.
P. R, never offered lo build Ihe road.
That company, accustomed lo receiving such enormous bonuses it has been
used to receiving wilhoul any comes
sionsin return, did not feel disposed to
put in a tender, when the terms of the
contract were made known.   The con
tract would certainly have heen let to
the V. V. k E. bad not the C. P. It.,
with  its   dog-in the-manger   policy,
stepped in, for the terms on which the
V. V. k E. olf.-red to build it on were
satisfactoiy lo the governiuenl a short
t hue ago.   There is no reason why the
C. P. R. should  he awarded  tbe con-
tract for the building of lhe Coast-
Kootenay railway, on  the contrary
there are   several  plausible  reasons
why it should  not receive ihe (ran-
hise,   In the first place to allow thai
company the right to huild the road
would be disastrous to the country, hs
in   all   proliahility   it   would  make
tho   best   of   the   monopoly.    F. r
the country to be dependent upon one
railway, and es|iecially if il were con
trolled.by Ihe C. P. R., would be very
unsatisfactory tothe people who would
have to do business with that rond.
Theprcseot   exorbitant rates charged
by that company over its lines, where
it does not have tn compete wiih some
other road, is an   indication  of whnt
would be the result if it had Ihe   monopoly of all the the trade from I lie
Kootenays to the Coast.   Then again
if it weie awarded the  contract, Ihe
country would l-e much longer in being
developed than it wonld be if the V.V.
k E. receive the snlwidy,  as  the former company, when the Midway-Ver-
nnn Railway is built, will have a short
line to the const and  will  he in no
hurry to build  the  line over  Hope
mountain, while if the V. V. k K. con
siruclsthe road work would he com
uienced much sooner aod more deli
gently prosecuted, as it  would be hs
earnest endeavor to constiiict the line
as soon  as possihle.   The  frail argil
ment is advanced by supporters of the
0, P. R.I hat the V, V.&E.  is a for-
■cliulius ol the iiiui-iiiiiii
in an effort to sacrifice the
heller ils own   interest.
way   policy the govern 11101
larded development
govei-nnn ut
province fo
By its rail-
it has it-
throughout the
entire province, whereas hnd it acted
wisely ami bontised an independent
competitive lino, lhc huilding of* lhe
road would now he well under way, a
large numher' nf private capitalists
would have been eager lo invent iu I In
ni'.iiing Industry, which would have
led to the huilding nf sin. Iters and re
fineries. Mining districts would have
Immediately become progressive and
the whole country would now he en
joying prosperity. But lhe Hunsmiiir
governu i-til by ils actions prevented
the building ofa road that wo ul.' |.iii
rue people oi   in.    [ii.Hinir.- .-..,..   |"m,»-
peiiiyand lotdt at the conditions of
lhe cniinlry In-day nnd see ibn resiill.
The present dullness in Ihe mining
districts of the Interior nnd the Coast
cities, as well, can he traced directly
to lhe railway policy of the govern
inetii, and il is upheld iu its scandalous
notions by I he T'liluine. However the
people of the provinceiire not uiimilid
fill oft he government'-, action ii: this
ina'ler, and lime will Willi prove this
..nd the absurd mi 11 n 11, In I m-sJs of the
Til'-utie's statement,, when It. snys
that "No action taken hy lhe Dtinsuiuir government has in any way
ititerfeied with the building-of an independent, competitive railway fnun
ihe Coast, to Kootenay."
Dr. R. Mathison,
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shsppard
Railwav C<*.
Railway Co.
Thooiily all rail route between
nil points Enst, West nnd .South
to Kosslnnil, Nelson nnd nil
intermediate points ; connecting nt Spoknnc with the Grout
Northern, Northern Pacific und
O. It. & N. Oo.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian
Pacific Railway for Boundary Creek points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stago dally
for Republic.
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
EFFECTIVE MAY 5th, 1901 :
-Lojivo. Arrive,
SPOKANE    ' 9.<U "..m.    «j.85p.in. I
ItOSSI.ANII    l'i.SI a in.    'Unpin, i
NKLSON     il.loii.m.     7.I5|liii.
HC.   A.   JAOKSOir,       I
General PiiTsenger Agent.
^^************************o**************H% I
Be-re—th  MA.,   Midwuy,
One Block West of Customs Office,
} This is a first-class building, being hard
^ finished tliruti^hout, J'he diiling room (&. -»"•
) 5§. i.s run under the personal supervision '>.', ■?/
'$} ® of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with $,",.,
) $$ ,(§} the liest on the market. Choice stock »
® .® ® of Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the (
I®   ®   ®   @   bar.     Large   Stable   in   connection
The Patronage of the Public is Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
To — Schlnrke, Intent Spokane, Washington
Iwhosc first or GhrlstifUl iminu is unknown).
.Sir.—Yim aro hereby notified that llm-vu expended Sllli'i in lab.il- uml inipriiveinentB upim
the"Rona"Mineral t'lniin, Rittialod in Kruger
Mountain Mining t'uiiip. in lho t-'.-iirvie.v Mm-
il? Ilivi-iim, in fl.-Jii.vi.ii-; Mining llislriri, in
Ilritish Columbia, in order to hold said claim
uniler lhe pro visions ot auction 11 nt Llio Mineral Act sm-li lieing ilie amount required t.i li-.lil
-Jiiiil claim for tho ye,-ir ending May "-'ml, ltl.,1.
Anilif,al the exptrjitlfJii of ninety days nf
publication of tliis notico. you fnil ur rofuse to
contribute .vour portion 01 tho exp'-ndituiT required under sni.l unction 11, together wiili nil
.justs of advertising, yi.ur interest in said claim i
shall become vested in lho r-ubsui-ibor, mo of
your co-owners, under section -2| of the Mineral
Acl Amendment Aet. 1IXKI.
fi'1'.Li" Midwnr. II. 0„ thta »th dav of
May, 1901.
Co-owner in the "Hmm" Mineral l.'lann.
PosLoltlee address lli-nguon. ' Spokane
Ire County, Washington.
Fan-American Exhibition,
-Buffalo, $76.
Juno 18, July2, HI, AugustII, 20.
Lpworth League Meeting, San
Francisco,   $50.
July 1.1,11, Iti.
Christian  Endeavor  Convention, Cincinnati, $68.50.
July 2, 3.
National  Education   Association, Detroit, $71.25.
July 2,3.
will exhibit in
Kor time table*, raios ntnl full information
enllnnnriuhlretw A. I1'. McCULLY, Agent,
M Id way. or
1). I'. A., A. 0. V. A.,
Nelson, B.C.      Vancouver,. H.C.
General Real Estate & Financial Agi.
A._s__»wa.A  i*oi*"*—-
Tiik Hoyai. Ixhoranci* Coy.
The London and Lancashire Fihk
Insi'ranck <!oy.
Thk   Inhuhanck L'oy,  of   Nobth
Thk London and Canadian Fihk
Ikhi'rante Coy.
The Sra Like Assurance Coy or
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser eoh the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
ui. —
ftfft at*».»si»r
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKlNNHV
Sundays,  Wednesdays and  Fridays at 9
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and makii
nection with the train going east at 2
The best of accommodation for
the convenience of the
travelling public.
-..   ti'   tr  1; .,    ru    .1-.  -l.nl*     111    li.'. Sll   -u.i!.   -i 1 >r'u »I*.*U '1.
mmm n* *u- v.* m m % v~ 'Ihijj m ta a? tis »it» m-v- -■=-
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
Igh coi'poi-iitliin, bill, we slinulil  lllli.lt
that would lie Uu- last argument ilml
should lie advanced, as that company's
lines traverse Ihe    United   States nl
linih the Pacifiu nn..   Atlantic Coast
slates : its stock is held principally I.y
foreigners, so that if the govern men t
confines Ihe letting of the contract lo
a purely Canadian company, the C. P,
R. will lie left nut  ill   the cold.   The
Dunsmuir government in negativing
the construction  of Ihe Coast-Knot-
enay railway has lieen the means nf
losing Ihe confidence of the Dominion
government, who would have assisted
in the const ruction of the road hail the
I contract leen given  to a ootiipaiij
J that was -not  jiacuciated   wilh  tin-J
First introduction in this country of Edison's latest
Notice to Pre-emptors of Crown
TIIK attention i.f Pre-emptom of frown
lands is lior.-by r.-illijil loon iiinciifliiiinil to
Wm   Starve   TIslosml.
The Midway Pharmacy
|nirwii nl ifio lust sfssirm iif
whioh  pi'ovldoa iw follows,
thu "!.;iwl Act,
the  LiOgirtlalurG-
"9 Pro-emt)lore of Crown lands, wholhcrin
nrrefira in pnymunt of inKUlnionlsof jMirehft*e
iiii'iiisyor not, who nl thc ttirifl of comioK into
forrvof thin Act have obtained. Ccrliit-uti'H nf
Improvement-, or i\im. iml) Imve obtained l>r-
tiflcatCC oflmprovmncnt wltbiu twelve months
thereafter, Rbull on conforming \vUliTlie pro
;ionsnf (hi*, "hand Ael." except an hun-hy al-
oil, hectitiiled lo obtain Crown fcrnilti uf
•ir pre-emption claim* noon complying payment" of purcbftW money at the rule of unveil-
ly-llve cfliits per acre, and Crown Kranl finis,
which pay men tu may be madon* foil owe:
"Twentv-Hvu eetitH per acre on or beforo the
Sir'! dayiif Uw«ml«r. lflUl;
"TwentV'livocenlK per acre on or before thc
3')l!id:iyof .hioe. ift _ ;
'and Die remaining
"Tweiiiy-ihe cents per ncroon or bofore tho
'AU\ day of June, 1P02, wtlhont any further
payment, of interest or arrows of Interest.1
w. s. (iouii,
Deputy Commlnrinnur of l/ind*- & Work1-.
I,iuii|- and Win ks Department,
Victoria, li. C, lat June, 1901. 7l|
-W. H. WEBB,
Lancashire House,
The undersigned Having re-opened thi-: well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old.customers and the public
Furnaoo-heatod nnd comfortably
furnittliod   rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
The Riverside Hotel
situated at Rock Cre .k, H. C, on the
Penticton and all Bonn
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder
MIDWAY, . „ ^   ^
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed,
''aiming a specialty.
route of travel between
dary Creek points.!	
Good Hunting. Q00d   Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor. ina avvaniiii
i-iU and  10.  J nines,  of Kork
|wei-e in Midway lust Friday,
■pedal issue nf tin* Uiizrtte con*
hint ice of the iiit:oi'|ioiiitinn of
m nf Trail.
i. Sperry cauiedowti fr Green-
kturday uiorning unci left the
Lfieriinon for Camp M.-Kiniiey,
litittl Mrs. Harvey, of Greenwood,
' down  lo Midway one day last
I to enjoy a day's outing and see
Doniinion Day ull C. P, If.
Is will sell round trip tickets at
Ind one fourth, good going June
[anil July 1st, and returning until
■pedal train will leave Midway
j Mm.day, .Inly 1st, nt ft a, in, for
|d Forks, so lhat people going
; lure will r.-at'li Urand Forks liy
time tlie sports l.egin,
and Mrs. .1.  I'elerson, of Hock
k.arriveil in Midway List Tu.-sdiy,
lhe following day Mrs. Peterson
(tlie train for Spokane, where she
[i-pend  a  few  weeks at  her old
i liefore ret iifning.
tin Mcl'lierson,  one of the  pro-
j'uik of Ihe Boundary Falls sawmill,
(who hud the niislortniie lo have
leg In.iken, while at work around
[mill, over a III.mill   ago,   is Ji^iin
lo he around on crutches.
jie delegate  epidemic  hag slruck
t'uw nod und the greater portion of
IresideniHof Ihal   town ure eithei
Ring upon the government ut  Vic-
a, or unending meeting- of various
i tliiiutghi.il! the province,
■ercy V. (indriirui h stopped over in
Iway   on   Thursday on  his retuiti
In a trip Ihrough  Ihe Similkaniceii
■iitry, where ha had heen gutherini!
[iriuuiion aliout that district, for an
de for a syndicate of newspipers
peh he represents.
W. Hi Wood and J. Hamill, J. P.,
"truislr.ing,  who  are looking over
i district,  relumed on Wednesday
Ihe West Fork.   They are very
ch pleased  with that district and
Is reported tliat'Mr. Hamill is likely
lenguge in husiness there,
inolher rich discovery was made on
■ Bul dier Hoy the pasl week.    Dur-
[the  high  wal.-r Canni creek nn
|i civil  a nice   ledge  on   the  claim.
• Butcher 1J">' adjoins lhe Cum,i on
West Fork, and is oh ned  I.y .las.
, Dale uud .lames mid li. D. Kerr.
ID.  W.   Wilkins, of Rend.ll. wus a
Isil.ir to Midway one day lust  week.
Wilklns has heen engaged in lhe
■ry husiness in a nunilier of towns
i the dislrict, Imt helices lhat to lie
ferce-sful  in  lhat husiness it is li.-l
i keep ahead of lhe railway.    He i-
:>,.- locaied ut Rendell, which place, he
•links, is going to  he au  Important
lUul. E.G. Prior, of Victoria, M.  P.
• Victoria in the Dominion House ot
ominous, and president of ihe Liheral
l.iiiservative  Association   of   Hritish
iluniliia,  was a passenger on Thins-
|uy morning's stage, en route for Vei
n.   The Colonel is innking a lour
Ihrough  the mining districts of tit.-
James Breen, managing director of
Ilie Dominion Copper Company,  lel'l
In Friday for Toronto, wliere early ill
Inly a meeting will he held to decide
lhe location of the smeller il i.s under-
I'mid the conipany   intend* 10 shortly
iiiuiuence the erection of.   Meanwhile
evelopinet'.l, work is actively proceed
ng  upon ihe. company's Brooklyn,
Idaho and  Raw hide mines, iu Green-
'ond camp,
I.. Norris, government agent, of Ver
|uii, was in Midway lasl Tuesday, hav-
ug come down lo this dislrict to heai
Ivldence in conneciion wilh ihe .lis
iiule over lhe ownership of certain
lands up tho West. Fork, in the vicin
Ity of He.ivertoil. Tins was Mr. Nor
rls' lirst visit to Midway lor some time
and naturally lie was very much sur
lirised at the growth of the town since
pie lasl visited it.
The Nelson Miner says that lust
[Tuesday a chci|iie for $l:t,tXK) was paid
Angus [jiiiiiiiiit and James Pollock,
Iif Princeioii, hy the Similkameen
■Valley Conipany, Limiied, for 1,K».I
lucres of coal laud and thai it is under
■stood lhat this oompany now own
17 SIX) acres of coal land in the Similka-
liueen Valley in wliieh development
•work is to he commenced in the near
Ifntiire to determine the quality of coal
■Willi depth,
A party composed of Max Ribs, of
j Chicago, general Immigration agent of
I the   Great    Northern  ;  George    G.
IArose, assistant  to Mr, Buss ; Arthur
(Dunn, Industrial agent  of ilu*. Ureal
[Northern ut Wetiatthee, Wash.; K. c
1'iidy, Great Northern agent at Kansas
! Gity | A. B. Peters and J. A.   Weaver,
came iu on Saturday night's train ami
registered at Ihe Crowell House.   Tlio
lust named two  gentlemen  are Dun*
kinds from tlie   central states.   They
wore the conventional Dunkard attire.
Yesterday   morning   the   parly was
driven over to Chesaw hy ,1, J. Flood,
liveryman, nf this place,  from  which
place  they   will la. shown over the
country around Chesaw  and  all   the
ilesiruhle locations in Washington ami
Oregon, With u view to Uniting u locution to  euluhlisli a clony of Dunkiirds
li'.nii the ueniriil slales, who are said
to make ilesirahle settlers, owing to
their thrifty a„d industrious  hahiis
aud luve of older and clean living.
Work of Construction Commenced
States That the Road Will Be Com-
pleted by November 1st Next--
A Large Number of rieu
Will Be Employed.
Tin-re was a persistent rumor in lown
yesterday that Ihe contract had heen
let, for the huilding of the Great
Northern Branch from Marcus to
Republic, hut all the information
seemed to have originated from an
unoflicial source.
A telegram to the Spokesman Review hroughf the following reply today : SpoKANK, June 24th, This An
vance, Midway : The Spokesman Review has the following official despatch from St. Paul, Minn. :
"Mr. Peter Sims said, "I shall do
the wurk under the upprovul of Chief
Engineer John Stevens. 1 shall leave
for Spokane on Monday. We will go
over lhe ground and reach a lauds
for carrying on the work. There auto he 81) miles of road Iniilt and lo
do this, il will necessitate much earth
"I shall put men to work at once, as
many as can he worked to advantage.
"1 have sent out. some woikiog out
lit. and more will follow at once.
"There ute no details to giye out, it
i.s the ii gulur guiding and iruckluying.
"Ohief Engineer Stevens says woik
will he pushed thiough without untidily.
"All of the rolling stock for this en
tension was ordered lust week for delivery Nov. 1. I.nt that dale i.s likely to
lind the R.pul.lic I.ranch iiii.-ntnplr ed.
"jMr.Sinis will have us his chief nssi-
latit Lee Searles. who will remain con
statu ly wiih the winking new-.
Trai-klayiug will follow as fust, as lies
.-nil he laid."
It is re|iorled nu good uti'hiirlly thnt
ciislruclioii on the line of lhe V. V
k E. will he commenced immediately;
A despatch suit out from Grand
Forks ed June 2l)th says : John F
St evens,--chief engineer i.f the Gr.a
Nni-lheru railway, "ill reach Marr.il-,
Wash., tomorrow for the purp.se of
helllg pes. nl, at the comm. nee.neiil, of
constructiuii work on the piopos tl
i ail way trom Marcus t" Vaucoiiv. r.
The Canadian seni.ui of the line is
known as the V. V. k U Ry , and a
liranch froni Curlew, Wash., "ill extend to Uepnhlic. -The news ha.
created greatjjuhilutioii here, especially as I he delays had created the impression that the ruihwiy would nol
lie built until next. year. J. H. Kennedy, chief engineer of the V. V. k E„
with hi-H.lipiuiters here, stales tint
I lie line has heen located to a point 'A)
miles wesl of Midway.
•lames Kerr, J. P., nml Miss Carrie
Z-nt, huth of Greenwood, xvete mar-
lied Hi the residence of T. McDonnell.
at ten o'clock on Wednesday morning
of last week, hy lhe Ilcv. R. P. Murray nf this place.
Afler the ceremony, whicli was witnessed only hy lie friends of ihe con-
trading patties, -. wedding hreiikfasl
«as served hy Mrs. McDonnell. The
happy couple lefl in the al'ternnon hi
private rig for Colville, lhe former
home of the hride, where the honeymoon will lie sneiii. The newly married couple w.-re lhe rccipietils of a
large nnnihsr of handsome nnd costly
presents, whicli speaks vol nines fnr the
popiilaril y of I he young couple.
Mr. Kerr is well and fiwnrahly
known iu the dislrict. nf which he ha*
heen a residenl for n number nf yenis,
the hride was one of Greenwood's
most popular young ladies. Their
many friends unite in wishing Mr. and
Mrs. Keren long life of i-onliiiunl hup
pines* uml prosperity, ill which Tun
Advance joins,
 r-e . '
Hide n Cleveland.
For all hicycl cssorics nnd supplies call on W. II. Wehh.
Order a Cleveland wheel from W. H.
Wehh, who has the Midway ilgetioy,
Ride a popular wheel. The Cleve-
wheel made today.
Fur sale at a special hargiiln one
new upright Gerhard Helnlzninn Art
Piann.vc-y latest design, handsome
walnut, case, for $4* "orlh $101.
The Gerhard Heiiil7.nian is tli«P';«l,,iiLpf
Piapn of Canniia, is
lending (Jonservntnr
hy the hrsl   prnfessi
Greenwood Mu*"' Sl
?a !_
$3,000 IN PRIZES!|7><T7^:r>jr:';
mmm mm mm&m mm® mm
July i and 2, 1901
i.4J!42!4,>!4i!<, i!4i!4i!4i!<i!«!4 ili_iltfS_tA\t,il_S--\i i'' »!> <le Me Me Me Me Me
ff ff tf tf tf ff ff tf ti, ff 'f tittifVitffftimtt,' 'f,?fi\'ei?tl'Vitfi<rtl?fit
■m/L&T&zij&.'^z; jtj]__~__-   _l__±.
Double Hand-Drilling Contest.
9 a.-m.-•Pur.e $200 ; donated hy Jay
P. Graves and A. 0. Flimnm-i-felt;
$150 to first and $;ill Int.croud.
Time,   Ij".   minutes;   fork,   granite;
down   boles |   mi i. tit e  changes;  size,
seven-eighths steel.
Special Prizes
For Boundary  dislrict   learns  in
same contest:
1. F.  H.  M.-Oiirter  k  Son,   Grand
Forks Gazette, $25cash.
2  W. R. Megaw, suit of clothing,
value $'25.
mile track recently completed, the
finest iu Hritish Columbia.   Races
will he held at, 1,80 sharp.
l.-Qiinrler Mile Dnsh, purse $200.
2.—Puny Hare, purse $50.
3--Tlu    Hundred   Yards   Dash  (injfi^
heiiis)j'hesttwoitithree!pui-se$l50. 'gSra   1P1
■l.-lliilf Mile Dash, purse $250. JTjtJ-g       I     Hi f\
Large Slock,    l.<i\v I'tic-s. js
************ K
LTtL.   G-"C7i:___ai_s-,_r   Ss   CO.,|
5.— Cowboy  Race, 250 yards and turn, |
purse $50,
Boxini) Contest.
9 p.m. sharp.—(Biden's Opera House)
—-Middleweight   Boxing  Ooiitest,  lie
,,   ,.     .      ,.,,., ,  i tween Charlie GntT,  of Spokane, and
.1 Hunter, hendrick .V Co., suit, vnl-   n i   ...       .,       i        >        «tii
„,0. ' Boh  Hodge,   the  champion  of Idaho,
tinder the auspices of the Grand Furks i H.
Athletic Association, for a  purse  of 2v,S
ue $2o.
Lacrosne Rlatch.
10.30   a.   in.--(Lacrosse   grounds)
$600 jinda hclnf $500 a side.
WM. ST. QUINTiN, Prop.
chiding a Fencing Bout, the principals
being 8, Gagne, of Queh.BC. Can., and
Vf. A. Duff, of Hamilton; Out.
Phoenix vs. Grand Forks.
Horse Races.
At the new Westniuiint Park half-
^TD"_QS:D-___-!2\ JULT 2xxd
(1.110 a. in.- -(Biidgr street).
Hose Race.
Wet test, purse $100.
2—Hull ami  Hull Knee;  distance,
100 yards ; purse $75.
Fontbafl Match.
11.00 ji  ii, -(Lacrosse ur uniM-Foot-
h.ll   Mai eh (As-si.ciuii -n ml-s) lie-
l-veen 'Pliueiiix and Grand Forks, ,
fl  p.   in.—(olden 8   Opera   House)—
Llghtweighl Hexing Contest hetween
Dal Hawkins, of San Francis™, formerly   llghtweighl    clinuipion  of  the
rhere will he other attrac.iions, in- SSfi  Good assortment of  Fresh   Bread, Cakes and
start nt 1.80 p. in. sharp.
1—Mil.- Race, purse $250.
2.—Gents' Saddle Race, quarter mile,
purse $50.   For local horses nnly.
.8.-],ndies'  Race, half mile, purse $40.
-1—Five Eighths nf a Mile, purse $200. | j^jtjj
5 -One Mile Tint (green), purse $50,       ~""
Boxing Contest.
£_?» Confectionery always in stock.
jabj s^c^s f^ZSef
^ Fresh Fruit in Season.
S«5 Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold lunch al   ctt-zi
ftp* any hour of the day.                         njy#
Font Races.
19.00 noon -(Bridge s'i n-One Hun- j
died Yards liisli. $21, $5.
Quai-ler iVile Dnsh, $20, $5.
Horse Raess.
Wx stinoiint Race Track.—Races will
w.uld, and Martin Denny, the Aus-
Irali.iii liglv.i. ighf, iinilert.il.- auspices
of the Giand Forks Athletic Assoeia
tion.   Purse $J>H0,
For all infoimation apply to W. A. HARKIN, S
■,-. ',• .• n—rrrtw -
_.-_*j;_^:2^_^_»&_u_t^_ ^.&& ;_l"*,"- ^ ■•"■'■       '■ '->*-Jf*'> ,
•ft-/<■*'*"*'* *e'^-*--*f*!''* ■*"*?■*■ ■te-'-je-'Zr 9*5  -     -'■ ">' ef SjjS
■■**&&£& iii_:i& *»'iiiiii Aifeife V^-itr^^X v
ffit?97y fZ&99 ■J-*"-*-**'-*'-*-* ■jr-*'*' ■^■^•^e^2zi^
w *,.
I The Central Hotel |
* llth St., Midway, B. C. |
fa -tsH**»'*H('99990e*- V|/f
A This i.s a  new  three-storey he tel, comfortably   ft-,
fa   furnished throughout iif
fa *>*»*&9999999«*>- W
fa of
fa The nearest lvnise to the Railway Station.    The   y|^
fa   most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
ln the premises formerly occupied  by
_3__2»«_ __r.l._t,sr   &&   2SIts.T_»urmiL*'35
sS, \fa and has on hand a first-class outfit ol
fa Single and Double Driveps I
Die best of accommodation in every respect,
Saddle and Pack Horses I
n . tti
iK    Will also conduct a transfer and dray'business.    Hus   o*-t
ijA meets all trains.    Freight and express  tie- ro
fa delivered to anv part of the town. Wj»
<1 :»
v^£i£i£i £:£;& &&,
V's.-^-v -v-*<k-*».- *%-*v
.*■ *m.^.A£_ ^. fr.,.'.*',e*.fr. ft-e^-J*-•*•■£*&
******************* ******** O**********:-**";**,*********
* nc-wrwi    3_.3S.OSjSS»a3C_*0_lS"    B:Ctf™AKTG<-33. ♦
* No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi . Q. C. .^
* ftnlil, SIlviT-hejul uml Ci.|i|iirr Mine, .vn.ut.-il al llu- KXCHANOE. ♦
,1   iii   nil  the
and  loiseil
ul   nnisiciaiis,—
Mrs. K.
week from
\. Mai
had heen cilh'.l lo
of her sister, «'lu>s.
of, hut who is ltn»'
I,, s relurned Irn-t
Idaho, "h.-re sic
llelld lhe silk hell
Uf,, rt-as ,les|iriil'.'il
,,u a fah' wny I"
S. DAIL, Proprietor.
' _?^_2_£_C: _£Le£i£i £t.£f.£i &£i£i£i£i£i4L£. £i&&iJii
I'ai-ii.istinviiii,- minins' iir.i|..-i-i.  fur sale ure rcquostad lo solid samples ot Ihelroro *
*M  *   to the KXt'llANtiK l.ii-cxliiliili.ni. *
ill   *        AH saniplcssli.ull 1 licsuiil li) i-xprcss, I'llKPAlli, J
•I-   *       Coi-ruspunileiiucsiiliciluil.   Address all ooinraiinlratlons to t>
yfl; ♦                                                A-xxcAxsG-vsr   HP.   3K.osoxjLTt>«?3c**5-»Xr*, ♦
Hi  t  Tcl.-iilinni. Xn. Ull, P. O. Hex rntl.                                                              XI WON, tic. J
Vf I ****■»,**************** *♦♦♦♦♦*♦ «'*♦»«•♦♦* ♦♦*♦«*-*♦ ********
■1. H B
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers xi all kinds of
Band Sawingand Job Work done to order
Telephone No.  12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
fftf ff X   X Otf
ff tf tf
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary  District-only
$.2.00 per year.
Is prepared to
fill ill I orders
for Job Printing at lowest
rates consistent wilh good
Books    !        ^r-^^T        )       "1
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
Ml the L-.'st brands of
Cigars an.i Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest rh_..Jes and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh  Street, Midway.
Rider Agents Wanted
OlH'in .'iirli liiivii I., riili'inui "xhiliit 11 siiii.|iI|. IIHII iniiili-1 l'irvi-1.. nf mil- .... n
manufacture, Vol' CAN MARK $ld TO $60 A WEEK,'l.esitltts havinga
wheel l.n ride yourself.
iqoi Models, High Grade Guaranteed, $10 to $18
1900 and 1890 Models, Hest Make*, $7 to $12
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, main' good
as new - $3 to $8
Wi. will -Iiil' anv l.ii-v.-l,. ON APPROVAL In hhvcwp .villi rein rlepns-
ii in advance and ulinw TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Ymi Uii . snlutely nn
risk in iir.li'i'inir linlil ns.'i'i vmi .In mil ni'i'il In pin- 11 rrn! If Uie hi \rl tlnt-e,
lint suit vnu.    U.i nnl Imv ji whi'i'l 1111l.il vnu  have wriii. n I'nr nnr 1'' VITORY
PRICBSiitid FRBK TRIAL Ol'lTEB.   Tiiij, liln-ml .iffer him nev^rht quill*
li-tl nml is ii (,'iiiiriiiii'i' nl tlm quality uf mu- wheels, WEWANTarrhahla
|i..|-nnn in I'li'lt tnwn In ilislrilu.ti. i-iilnlnuiics I'm- u-. in e\i hullge I'nr ll hlcycle,
Write in-.lny I'nr Free calaliigne anil nur special nllVr.
J. Xi. IHIe<a.d Cycle Oo., oia*-a»«. \&&&d&A
MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
W|j_|_ |J£ The most important railway town in  the  Kettle  River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing   point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,   Meyers   Creek,   Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps,
and full particulars to
30 St John Street,
.Montreal, P, Q.
*r 9--tm
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, II. 0.
Will be Built-Road will Leave Oreat
Northern /lain Line at
It. is understood that, the mountain
barrier encountered at Tobacco river
ou th« Jennings route can be avoided
by continuing up tho Kootenay river
to u point south of the Galton range
where a feasible route, is obtained
across the Tobacco plains. There is
also aiiniher route presented via Elk
liver tun th of the Galton mountains.
The preference given the Jennings
route is because of tbe hettei facilities
of bundling the coal products of the
Orow's Nest, nearly all of the shipments being designed for the west.
By touching the main line at Jennings
the rang,*, of mountains between Kalis
pell aud Jennings will be avoided,
thus giving practically a down grade
haul from the coal fields to Spokane
and the Cascades.
According to the articles of incorporation of the Montana k Great
Northern, Ihree branch lines are contemplated as follows :
First, from Jennings station on thc
line of the Great Northern in Flathead
county, in a northerly direction tn the
boundary line between the Uniled
Stales and Canada, and from a point
ahum, live miles south of said boundary
line and near Tobacco river, southeasterly to a station on the line of
Raid Great Northern in the county of
Second, front Kalispell station on
the hue of the Great Northern in
Flathead country, in a southerly dheotlon to Flathead lake, and from thence
southeasterly to a junction with the
Northern Pacific at or near Jocko
station, in Miusoula county.
Third, from a point at or near Chester station on the line of the Great
Northern, Choteau county, northerly
and northwesterly to a point in said
county near Sweet Grass Hills.
Control of the Fisheries.
Ottawa, June 18,— A temporary
arrangement, mutually satisfactory,
has been made hetween the federal and
provincial governments regarding the
moot questions of the control of the
The Dominion government has re-
reived a telegram from the British
Columbia government making an offer
for the settlement of the difficulty over
the fisheries. Attorney General Eberts
wired that the Briiish Colunihia government, were willing lo leave Ihe
question ol sea-toast fisheries for the
presenl in abeyance. In regard tn the
provincial  fisheries    of   thi   Fraser,
Skeena, Nans and other rivers, it was
suggested that the Dominion government should continue collecting li
cense fees as a I present on the understanding that the matter would lie lefl
lo arbitration and tbat the Dominion
would refund lo the province what-1
ever amount of such moneys as might
he held to belong to the province
The province also agrees to amend
any portions of the provincial art,
which may lie shown to encroach on
Dominion rights.
A reply was sent this afternoon from
Ihe Dominion government to the
effect that ihis arrangement would In-
satisfactory for the present,
The Company had Right to  Make
Assessment and Wins Against
DisMtlslfled Shareholders.
Fred Oliver and the other officei*
of the Morrison Mit.es Ltd. who wet.
defending Iheir action against hi
organized fight on the part of tin-
dissatisfied shaieholders have won in
the Supreme Court at Victoria an.i
the two cent assessment will now In
It will lm remembered that when tb.
assessments were announced, several
sliareholders, Ihe majority of them be
ing local ones, strongly protested
against such heavy charges on their
shares and organizing for that put.
pose they secured a temporary injunction at Nelson to restrain the directors
of Iho company frnui making tho levy,
Tho motion to continue the injunction
was heard in the Supreme Court hi
Victoria on Monday last, A. M. While-
side of Greenwood appearing for tin
company and the shareholdeis hoion
represented by Bodwell & Duff who
were acting for J. P. Myers Gray of
Gieenwood. The plaintiffs charged
that the money to be secured from the
levy of two cents was to be expended
for an undertaking beyond the power
of the company in as much as the
money was to he expended in arranging with the 0. P. K. for a spur line
with the Morrison in order to get out
ore. The plaintiffs also held t hat t he
call was irregularly made as tie
money was to be paid at Spokane out
of the jurisdiction of the B. V. courts.
Mr. Justice Martin refused lhe motion
on the ground that the Morrison Company was acting within its rights in
arranging for tin* spur.
Now lhat Ihe matter is "settled, tie
Morrison will probably lie making arrangements at, an early date for the
construction of the spur so that the
mine should be a shipper in a short
To I). McKay, Esq., of Kcrcnicos, llrilisli Columbia.
Take notico that I lin ve .lone on the "Valloy
View" mineral claim nituato on the West side
of Koremeoe Creek in tlio Osoyoos I ii vision of
Valo District, tho work requires! I.y section tl
nt Iho Mineral Act for tho yoar whicli has ex-
pired and have (Inly recorded the c-orllltoato of
.vork :
And further take notice that if, nl the cxplr-
nlionof Itu.liiyHrroni the dale of Hie llr-t pul.li-
i-ntionof thisnutlrcln the Midway Ai.vanck
you. a co-owner; fail in contribute ynur pi-unor-
linn of the expenditure required liy said section
24 iu respect of such wurk, niimelv 161.2a to-
Kelherwiihi.lt the costs of advertising vour
interest in mid mineral elaini shall become
vested in me upim lllinif wirh llio mining recorder of wild mining divl-ion the notico and
affidavit required by lbe ".Mineral Act Anieiul-
inenl Aet WHO."
Hated this ailli day of April IMI.
Certificate    of   Improvements.
ti.ii.i. llti.i. Minkkai, Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District. Whero located : Kruger
TAKK NOTIOK that .ve. K. II. Ilnrlng. tree
minor's ciiliilcnio No, nXttim. and Steve
Mangott, free miner's oortlfloato Xo. nJltw-JI.
Intend, slvly days from the dale hereof,
lo apply to llio Mining Itooordor fora Cortiflcato
of Improi .iiniils. fm- the purpose of ohtaining
a I Irown Oranl of the above claim.
And fnrllier lake notice ilml notion, under
section Jii. must. Ihi commenced laiforo the
Issuance of such Cortlfloato of linpiovcineiilH
Haled this 1711. dny if May, IMI.
Provincial I.n nil Surveyor.
Xll/   Architect and
____  Civil Engineer...
hjeal Estate,
Insurance? and
Mining Agent.
HMVOTABY    Pi;HI.l''.«W«»
P aii view Townsite Aut.nt.
. . . AIIIIIIKHH . . .
Oojrrtwpouclenoe Solicited.
ToO. A. Pelers.iu, kl.. of KI...II Creek in
dlstriot :
J^ir: You -ire hereby untitled iti.i' --■
cxpondod III'.'.jVi in tat..,; i.ii.I linimi.™
iiji.ui lhe "Hig Windy" .Minci.it i liiiii •;
lu I'n.vldciicr l'iuu|i. in tin- K.-iil. I -'
ing Illusion ot Vale Hislrlel in llrilisli l.
bin. in order to hold slid claiiu nn.l. r •'■''
vM.iiimif Scc'ion'JIof the Mineral A. '•
la-iug the amount required lo liultl tlie
.-Inllu for Ihe year coding April ■'•. It1''
And If nt lbe expiration nf mint. ■'■"'*
publication of this noliee you fail or nl»'
eoiiiribnic yoar proportion of tin- rxprwt
required undor nld motion -t. l°8' f,r
nil coifs of "idvcr'isliiir. ynnr ini.i.- - -1
claim shall booonie vostod in th. ■'■'".
tjour co-owner*.) under Section I "Hi" *
nl AilAliiriidmiiil Acl, MM.'
DatOd at  Midway, 11. C, Hii* Sll	
April, IMI.
0. L. TllOMKT, ,Mll.l«s.'r-
Zlrc J. A. I'NHWOinii..~un">rf-
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C. Camp McKinney, B. C.
'.tt/'i -ZtlZZ i<  :.-.'.,•


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