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 \S V
Vol. XV, No. 23.
$2.00 per Year.
I 1   p, McLEOD,
Baimistbb, Solicitor, Bto,
OKKKNWnnn, II. tl.
["■ —t Notary Public,
Sale .  .
l.ll.ll'UKTT. H.C. SHAW,
Hallett & Shaw
Notirbt Public.
Cable Atlitross i "HAUBTT."
Codks : Bedford HuNulH's, Moreing _
Near*, JLolbor's.
1 ... MIDWAY, U.C.
Customs entries pasted. Mineral Aet
and Land Act papers drawn up. Alii-
davits taken. Abstracts made.
Communications by mall or telephone
promptly attended to.
Rkndell Block, Greenwoou.
Phone BO, V. O S.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Provincial " Land   Surveyor
Midwav anii Ukukswood.
I-Jeiil Estate
Klt'T-'I  STItKKT.
Tonsorial Artist,
Fur a llreUlaaa Bhavo, Hair Out, Una Koain
nr Slimniiiiii, call at the above parlor.
lump, houod anil ground.
FIFTH  STIIKKT,  • •   •  MIDWAY, B. 0.
PAlftviEW, B. C.
All Kinds of ■•pairing.   Horseshoeing
A   HtH'dlllt)'.
a.  -»H.*__**i -a mrXwrXm,   _K_-_*.
Phut-Clam  Accommodation  ron (liu»t».
HT Kxivlliirt. Kiahinii on Kottlo llivor.At
AH kinds of work axaoutad to
the satlsfaotion of ouatomars.
Our large stock of DRY GOODS,
CLOTHING and GENTS' FURNISHINGS must be reduced at
once. While they last we intend
to give the best vaiues in these
lines ever offered to the people of
|>    Midway.   A call will convince you.
The flidway Trading
Company, Ltd.
] Hotel Spokane,
V^~~^ Seventh St. - Hidway. "ff^^^t
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
'^       Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood an
Ji  are, prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom*
l\  modation.   Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
Wm. St, Quintin, Prop.
Everything   Ii'irHt-oliu-H.
pmh«tt_*it, KtAwKr.
H. KEXES, Prop.
Qo0(1 Accommodation,
hesx, Liquors and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling.
mA_*.m.m._mmm._m._m_m aaaa/S\
'muUwI ttm liktr,
<*** Tool., p|,My MMirlil,
•nd jo yn„ tupjHinee  to in
,_  work correctly.  ...
Seasonable Goods
Downtoaetualcost. 20per_3iito than formerly
Having a large stock of .Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we have
made the above reduction, bringing .hese goods
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goeds for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' ami Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell last at
our prices.
Clothing for Men ami Boys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don'l miss ihe opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, to suit all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
line of goods sold at small margin for cash. Prospectors'' Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
Speaks of the Early Days in Southern
British Columbia-History of
the Dewdney 'I rail.
Princeton, September 25.—Fori y-
two years ago there arrived at Yale,
then thf principal lown tin the Fraser
rlver.a young Englishman liy the name
of Edgui Dewdney, who was destined
tn become mi Important, factor in tht'
building of (Jiuiiitla'H musl. western
province. At that time the mainland
of British Ooltitu liia was an independent
ctdwii colony, governed by Mr. (afterwards Sir).James Douglas, who was
also chief factor of the Hiids.in's Bay
company. Iatlle was known of Ihis
wonderful country, except that fur
years previous it contributed largely
to I hn commerce of the Old World in
the shape of raw furs, ll wns inhabited liy roaming hinds uf wurliki Indians,. with here and there n solitary
trading post, in charge of a factor, and
ft'few'courageous hunters, trappers,
and adventurers who knew no law, ex-
cepi thai, administered, when necessity
arose, liy Ihe representative of the
trading company.
Then, as if hy magic, the ne^s spread
far anil wide I hat gold had lieen found
and ina few months a steady sl ream
of humanity came pouring inin the
lew Eldorftdo. The fall of '51) saw
hundreds of prospectors cradling the
sands uf the Siinilkniiieeii and Tula-
niei'ii rivers. The necessity at once
arni-e fur means of ciuiiintinieation between the numerous camps on Lhese
rich streams and Yale and Victoria,
the supply points. Between stood
the frowning and at lhat lime nearly
impassable Hop-' range. A trail hod
to be made and Governor Douglas in
the spring of 1800 lei a contract to
yiiuiig Dewdney for the cnnsiruction
nf 05 miles tif a fnur font trail from
Hope across 'he mouniaius tn Vermilion Kinks—the juncliiin of iheSimil
kauieen rivers—now ihe,si'e uf the
thriving town of Priuceinii. Pur over
forty, years this trail has been in con
lintlii'ls use, until nn"' the gro t th anil
tlevt'ftipmeiil. of the s'ohih'etn portion
if the province wtfrr.inls the building
.fadirect line of railway connecting
the towns and camps uf tlie Kotiicnays.
Itiiiiininr.y anil Siinikanieen will) ihe
eiiies uf lhe cnast, The first step, wilh
i Ids end in view, was inaugurated hy
ilia government placing in Ilie field
ihis summer a party of engineers to
locate il feasible pass for sut h a rond
across the Hope mountains. The man
to take ctmigeand conduct ihis highly
important, though arduous undertak*
mg, nas found in the pioneer surveyor
and trail blazer, Edgai Dewdney. The
ex governr,*.., for his sterling worth and
ambition has made him the recipient
of inanv high offices in ihe gifi of the
crown—though now in his 67th year is
still as active and tit fur duly as when
he niitlerlonk his initial cnniiacl of
trail huilding in I he early history of the
Camped down nl. the old Allison
homestead yesterday evening I fonnd
tlie governor after coining in from a
hard day's work iu the hills. He had
just finished his frugal evening repast,
nnd leaving his puts and puns to he
cleaned hy his packer he invited me
into his tent, "Well, I declare, yuu
newspaper men are always hum ing for
iews," was his genial opening rem uk,
niter I had intrndticed myself and
slated my errand. "But," and h» hesi"
ated for a tninnte, "you must remember I am in the employ of the govern-
ent, so cannot consistently lull you
ahout the survey."   1  felt rill ber (lis-
niraged, but ventured to ask hhn for
story of his pioneer days, the days of
ihe (Mi's, in fact something, anything tn
make copy. "Ah, that is something 1
inn tell yon about I" and his kindly
yes twinkled amusingly as his
thoughts carried him hack again tn ihe
period I was most anxious to learn of.
Fixing himself comfortably  upon a
large buffalo robe, the governor told
ihe following narrative:
"The winter of '00 01 was one of thc
bardest, tlie old timers had experienced,
and those of us living on the coast, entertained fears that the miners along
the Similkameen would suffer for lack
of provisions, The impression was so
strongly founded lhat early in February 'fll I was dispatched to investigate
the situation. 1 made the lonely trip
across the mouniaius on snowshoes
only lo find that those wintering on
the river had no cause for complaint.
This.I reported In Governor Douglas,
who thanked me for ihe Information :
al. the same time it originated in his
mind the idea of constructing a wagon
road across the Hope mountains to
facilitate tlie shipment of supplies tu
the camps so that lhe possibility of a
famine iu future years might be avoided. That spring witnessed the rush of
over tWo thousand miners to llio placer
diggings at Rock creek. The needs of
a wagon road at once became evident
if the trade was not to he lost lo Victoria merchants, who were then clamoring for uasy access to Unit camp and
the Similkameen, Hacked by the pop
iiln r demand Governor Douglas set
about to build the wagon road. I secured a contract for I he first nine miles,
starting up the western slope trom
Hope. The royal engineer corps under
Colonel Moody surveyed and built the
next sixteen miles. In all twenty-five
miles of a splendid mail were construct
ed when Ihe placer mines at Rock
creek worked out, and in Iheir place
Cariboo was struck. To this day nol a
wagon has ever been over the road.
"Three years laler, in'01, Wild Horse
creek, in East Kootenay, was discovered. The r* ports of enormously rich
dirt soon reached the coast and a veritable stampede set in. Goods and supplies for the diggings were taken in
principally trom Lewislon and Fort
Colville, at Ihal time an old Hudson's
Bay trading post, Our own people,
disgusted at not being able totfeeiire
the trade except hy sending supplies
through American territory und either
resorting to blockade miming with its
attendant liability of seizure and confiscation, or liy paying an official Sjil
per day and grub to convoy pack
trains ihrough, urged upon Governor
Frederick Seymour the iiiiporliince of
building a direct, trail on British soil.
"In Match, 1801, Governor Seymour
instructed tne to go to New Wesl inin
s'l-'r. I had just finished the inspect ion
of the old Spence's hi idge, across the
Fraser, ami hastened lo comply with
his request. The audience, 1 remember, was a decidedly brief one. He
explained what was wanted, and asked
me if I would undertake to build such
a trail. I agreed to on condition that
I should choose my own assistants and
be left with a free hand. This he readily consented and with letters of credit
in niy pnckel I hurriedly set off for
Fort Hope. There I picked up several
old time-expired Royal Engineers, one
of whom, George Turner, is now in I lie
oflice of the Dominion public works at
the Royal City. With the assistance
of 18 Indians lo pack our supplies we
started across the Hope range nnd-j'j.a
few days struck Ihis same camping
ground. At that lime the only white
settler in the Similkameen was J. F.
Allison. With him I arranged for
saddle and pink horses antl the actual
work of blazing for a trail eastward
was started.
"Down the valley as far as Richtcr's
puss we followed a well worn Indian
trail, necessitating litlle wnrk. Eu
route below the townsile of Keremeos
we passed a Hudson's Bay trading
post. Crossing the divide we came
out on Osoyoos lake, where Judge
Hunes made his headquarters in ad*
ministering justice and collecting her
majesty's customs dues. Tlie nature
of the country as far east as Eholt's
ranch—now Midway—on lhe Kettle
river, was mostly rolling hills and vul-
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during September, so far as ascertained, is as under :
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 19.266.
Mother Lode  7,420
B. C  2,180
Sunset  395
■ Winnipeg  200
King Solompn  330
Snowshoe  489
No. 7  180
Total 30,460
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,782 tons, and during
the current year to September 30, 270,463 tons, making an
aggregate of 368,245 tons.
leys heavily covered wilh tall bunch
grass, Many Indians made that sec-
tion their hunting ground, fm deer
and other game 'van plentiful. Ruck
Creek was already a descried camp,
except fnr a few Cbinnnieti.
"East from Eholt's ranch the trail
followed tlie mennderingsof Boundary
creek, crossing over lo the North Fork
of the Ketlle river. On reaching this
creek I decided In explore due east and
came out at ibe Arrow lakes, I found
tbis route to be out of lhe way, being
loo fat north, so relurned and cumin-
uud down lhe stream to the Keltic
river—where Ihe amalgamated cities
of (irand Forks and Columbia now
stand. The, Keltic liver was followed
to Christ ina lake; Ihence eastward
across Norway mountain to the bead
of Sheep creek, down lhe valley below
the wonderful ciiy of Rossland tn lbe
Columbia river. Between Christina
lake and the Columbia was one of the
mosl difficult sections, on account of
the dense undergrowth and fallen timber. To clear Ibis out for the passage
of lhe puck I rain required many hard
labor. Arriving at. tbe Columbia—
Ihere being no ferry—we all swam
"Al, Furl, Shepptird, tin important
trading post of the Hudson's Bay ciuii-
pany, in charge nf an eccentric old
gentleman by Uie name of llardisty,
we ie-oiitliltei.l and divided tliefoi.ee,
Taking a canoe manned by Colville In-
di.'ius, 1 decided to explore tbe grenl
lakes. The other party continued fin
eastward blazing a trail via the Pend
d'Oreille and Salmon rivers across lhe
range down to Kootenay lake, crossing
al Gout river. Here I afterwards met
"•Meanwhile I went up Ihe Ooiumbia
river tn the tniiutli of.Ihe Kootenay
river, which wus followed up by making It portages tn Kootenay lake, I
crossed the lake at its east shore, laod-
ing at what is now called I'ilul Bay,
The Indians named il Chicainoon
iiioiiiiiain, inclining money mountain,
from which they obtained lead for
bullets. I thought at liisl,thnl jistenoi
ferry service could be established, but
on account of the distance tii bring in
material and machinery from ihe cnast
to build Ibe, same, the idea was abandoned. When coining down the west
side of the lake alter examining Ilie
north end, al a poinl where Aitiswortli
camp is, we were surprised tti lind,a
white man. He was standing on .the
shore industriously showing a crowd
of Indian children how In shout, wit b a
bow and arrow, I tin ned lhe eanue
towards shore and hailed liiiii. He
told me his name was Dick Fry, the
lirst prospector to Hnd gold on the
Pend d'Oreille river. He was practically living in exile, having lied with his
Indian wife from Ibe vengeance of a
Irihe of Indians, who bad a few months
previous massacred a small party nf
miners, hut through the agency of his
squaw—a woman of their tribe—had
spared his life, lu afler years Fry,
with lhe Hall buys, discovered the,
Hall mine, above Nelson. Before leaving he showed uie over the hoi springs
and exhibited several specimens of rich
galena float,
"Continuing my canoe journey south
I struck Gnat creek and the balance ot
the party. The march was again taken
up, heading northeast for Movie lake
and across Si. Joseph's prairie, now
Oranbrook, to Wild Horse creek, our
"Tbe diggings proved to hu rich.over
:i million at. Unit lime having been
lakeii out, and a, typical Bret Marte
mining camp had sprung up at the
mouth uf the creek. Some years later
the plane wns named Fort .Steele, afler
Onion..I Steele, now ill South Africa,
who had come into Ihe country iu
charge of a company of the Northwest
Mounted Police to quell an incipient
Indian uprising.
"The arrival of lhe party was entirely unexpected and elicited the hearty
approval of the Britishers, fur you
must remember it was tlie most re-
mute and inaccessible portion of lite
colony. Law and order was maintained by a vigilance committee, who were
responsible for the protection of life
and property and (be settlement of
numerous disputes.
"Having blazed the route of lhe pro.
1 posed trail I ul once set about lo huild
it, in cainp I had nn difficulty in securing Oj"i nien under the able leader*
ship of William Fernie, years after
the discoverer of the famous Crow's
Nesl, coal measures, I had made up
my mind on leaving Osoyoos lake thai
the easiest and musl convenient, route
lay near lhe International boundary
line, and accordingly had followed this
idea out wherever practicable. Fernie
took charge of the consli nction westward to Kootenay lake. Other parties
I placed at work at different points, so
that hy Septemher, or seven months
from the lime the survey started fiom
Hope, the trail was completed, and
the merchants of lhe coast were send*
(Continued ou page i.)
C. M. (MOUSE M*njo*jh
Published   weekly   at  Midway,   II. C.
Subscription Prlco, $2.00 per annum, payable
In advance, either yearly or half-yearly ul the
Option nf the subscriber.
Ad vorl Isiiik Kates sent on applieat inu.
In the early days this district was
regarded by many as unfit fnr farm*
ing; the only land that was considered
worth anything was that situate in
the valley along the Kettle river and
although there was considerable of
Ihis in the vicinity of Midway, it was
never thought by those who were
residents of the valley at that time
that ihere was enough of this class of
land to bring the Kettle river valley
into prominence as a farming district,
But as the land along the river became
taken up those who were searching for
homes in this locality were compelled
to go farther back antl locate on the
bench lands. This move was looked
upon by many wilh anything hut
favor, as it was thought that probably
their time would only be wasted in
cultivating these mountain ranches,
lul as time went on they found their
efforts rewarded hy enormous crops of
all kinds of farm produce. Their success encouraged others to go a little
farther back, who found that they
were no less successful until it became
nppjirent to all that Ihere was no difficulty in producingexcellentcrops from
any tillable laud nn matter at what
height it was situated, and today this
highly favored district is looked upon
as one of the hest agricultural districts
in Southern British Columbia. During
the past year a large number of preemptions have heen taken up hy immigrants from Manitoba and Dakota,
whose dislike for the severe climate of
iliose places, have taken up their
homes in the Wonderland of the West,
the famous Kettle river valley. But
Ihis district is as yet only in its infancy
as fur as fanning is concerned, later on
the large holdings will he divided into
smaller trad s and these more economically farmed and then, and not till
then, will these lands adjacent to Midway give the enormous results they
are capable of.
The question of the West Fork
wagon road is again receiving the at.
lentiou of the people up the West
Furk. A new deal is on whereby this
much needed road may he completed.
E H. Thruston has submitted a proposition to lhe towns nf Carmi and Beaverdell,asking that each of these places
build Hve miles uf roadway, in which
event he, through some understanding
with tlie provincial government, will
agree to complele ihe road and put in
the bridges. This arrangement appears to he very satisfactory to the
Carmi people, hul the people of Beaverdell object to it because in the
agreement the road is to be put on the
opposite side of ilie river from the
town, thus, they think, diverting the
trade to Carmi. lt is doubtful if lhe
residents of Bea verdell will contribute
a sufficient amount, under the circumstances, to huild the live miles of road
asked of them, but it is altogether
probable that the road will he com
pleied, us the live miles in ipieslion is
au inexpensive piece of toad to huild,
and if lhe building of it is the only
drawback to lhe completion of the
road, there is little doubt but thai
wurk will he commenced at once and
hurried to completion before winter
sets in. It is nothing short of an outrage that lhe people of the West Fork
country are asked to contribute to the
fund required to put this wagon road
in a passable condition. Instead of
the provincial government encourag
ing those who have gone into that new
tountry and opened it up, it now asks
them to dn a little more and complete
the wagon road, Already the government has spent enough to complete
this work, but it was squandered
through poor judgment in paying out
money to high salaried officials instead
of to laborers, and it now asks the people of the Wesl. Fork to pay for Ihe
error it has committed.
Is Acknowledged to be the Best in
the Boundary Country.
In a letter to the Commercial, Win
nipeg, that paper's correspondent has.
Ihe following to say in reference In
this town :
Midway, the terminus of the.C.k W.
railway, is acknowledged to possess
the liest townsite in the Boundary
country, ll is in a broad, level valley,
near the junction of Kettle river and
Boundary creek, It is surrounded hy
a good fanning country and has bright
prospects of liecoming an important
business place, II. is so situated thai
any railways lieing built into this section ot the province must necessarily
pass through it. Tliere is a lot of farming done in tbe different valleys, vegetables, timothy hay and some fruit lieing the principal products raised, and
there is room for furlher growlh in
this industry when the demand increases. The most of the husiness
here, however, is done with the pros
pectots. ,
There uit a lot of claims close lm
town nn wliieh a considerable amount
nf work hak been done with some good
showings of ore. The Bruce is one of
the most important of these. A tun
nel has been run for 200 feet without
•triking the ledge and it is now thought
Up the West Fork of Ihe Kellie
river Ihere are a number of good properties. The Carmi has done moreahip-
ping lhan any of the others, least
winter about 1,000 Ions were wn). la
the Greenwood smelter. The Sally
made a trial shipment of a carload Imt
as these properties are a long dirt—nor
from the railway it is very expensive
shipping. Some work has also been
done on the Washington and Idaho
and a small plant installed.
South of the International boundary
line there is a very good property
known as the Zala M. It thippMl a lol
of ore to the railway at Midway last,
year, but is closed down at present al
though It is understood that they will
resume shipping shortly.
The Texas, In Graham's camp, has
had a lot of development work done on
it showing up tome good copper ore.
On the l.ygia a tunnel has been run a
short distance, and a shaft sunk, but
no shipments have yet been made.
West of Midway, the country is
comparatively new, and a lot of pros*
peeling is being done,
One of the best known camps de-
yond the railway is Camp McKinney.
There are several good mines here, the
principal one heing the now famous
Cariboo, This is a free-milling gold
property, and has been paying dividends since 1801, Tbey have a very
complete mill which crushes ahou'
1,400 tons ot ore a month, The con
centrales are teamed to Midway, and
shipped from there to the Trail smeller.
It is estimated that this mine produces
ahout $20,000 monthly. Mouth of the
Carihoo is the Minnehaha Uold Mining
Co.'s properties, including also the
Brushwood, Sylvan, Sinlmd, Fraction,
Big Bug and Iron Duke claims. A lol
of development work has been done,
principally on ihe Minnehaha claim
A lot of development work has been
done on the Sailor property. Assays
of this ore have given from $17 to $11
per ion in gold from a vein averaging
ti feet. Other properties here which
have heen developed to a considerable
extent are Ihe Kamloops, Waterloo,
Fontenoy, Shannon and Dolphin.
The district covered by this letter
hits made wonderful progress since lhe
building of the railway, hutnven greater growth may lie expected in the
future, as there are a large number of
valuable propel ties which are too far
lemoved from the railway and « hieh.
therefore, cannot he worked profitably
at present, hut must wait until heller
transportation facilities are available.
There are also a very large numher of
good properties within easy reach of
the railway which arenot being worked
owing to the lack of capital. While
1 he ores here are as a rule low grade,
still they contain the necessary fluxing
properties which permit of their lieing
smelted al a very small cost Ore running only $3 a ton can be mined aud
smelted at a profit.
" *'" " ■
The British Columbia Copper company has decided to increase its capital
hy tbe addition of 60,000 shares at $5
each, par value, making its nominal
capital $1,250,000. The market value
of tbe shares is much higher than their
face value. This increase of capital is
for the purpose of enabling tbe com
pany to add considerably to the producing capacity of its Mother Lode
mine and the treatment capacity of ils
smelter at Green wood.
The quantity of ore treated by the
single furnace uf the British Columbia
Copper Company's smelter at Greenwood during September was 11,831
tons, this giving a daily average of
:«W 1-10 tons. The largest tonnage of
aiijr.single month was that of July,
when 11.713 tons were smelted in 81
days, the daily average having been
385} tons, The tonnage for Seotemher
is larger than tbe other two 80 day
months of the year, that of April having heen 11,322 inns, or 3771 per day,
and that of June H,iU0 tons, or 375J
tons a day. The total tonnage of ore
smelted during rather mote lhan seven
months since the smelter was started
is 79,543 tons,
The statements that bave heen made
puhlic at I'hoenix from time to time
to the effeel that the Granbv company
ini ends equipping its mines at Phoenix
wilh a larger power plant than any
yet brought into the Boundary di.-trict
appear to have been somewhat prema
lure. Mr. C. H. 8. Miner, president of
the company, is authority for the
statement lhat Ihe company has no
intention lo add to its present plant
either a much larger hoist or air com*
pressor. Although deep mining will
have due attention the shipment of
ore from the hig surface openings of
the Knoh Bill mine will lie proceeded
wilh on a much larger scale than will
the mining and hoisting of ore from
the underground workings of the adjoining Old Ironsides and Victoria
mines. Steam shovels will lie used for
handling ore in the big quarries thai
are lieing opened up. The company
has definitely decided to put in two
more furnaces at ite Urand Forks smelter as soon as it can do so after the two
now being prepared for and the two
converters shall have lieen got into
working order. It is anticipated that
liefore tbe current year closes tb»
Granby smeller will he treating not
less than 1,200 tons of ore a day, and
that during the early port of nextyear
it will have a treatn ent capacity of
hetween 1,880 and 1.HU0 tons per day.
jxniJ^Wi^i     nc/WJ
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kooten-
ajuRailway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more rail
ways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it is an
For prices and terms apply to
Certificate   of Improvements.
Hlack Pine, Rl-sh kat. Hi.i'fj Bki.l. Hum
Jack, Hun. Kak Wkst, and I.ittk Hijbsik
Sltuste In Yuneman group df Summit tamp,
Stmllkamten river owyoot Mining Mvls-1
ten of Tale District.
TAKKXOTICK tlmt I. ('Ium.Dclllols Glroon,
iw ngonl for Edward HulliK-k-Wiibstor,
tree   miner's   corlMciUc    nunilier     1139937,.
intend, sixty days fnun tlio dale Ina-wlf' |o |
apply to the Mlnlni; Heiwdor fur a Certltlriito
of Improvements, fnr lhe purpose u	
a Crown Orant of tlio above cIaIiiih.
Dr. R. Mathison,
And further lake notice lhat action ninter
.•usjlion Tl must be commenced befnru the iirnn-
ance of such t'ertiflcatu of Improvements.
Dated Ibis 17th day of July, 1901.
Certificate of  Improvements.
TrIUNE Minkiiai. Claim.*-' i
Situate In Yuneman group, Summit eamp,
Similkameen    river,   Oioyoot  Mining
Dlvlilon of Tale District.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Ohm. drlllnls Ureen,
an nitwit fnr Kdw;.rd Iliillock-lVehHterfree
miner's certificate No.**3H!KI7 unit foi John
Yuu na froe miner's cei litlcnte No. iiltutei intend,
sixty dnys from the dale hereof, to apply to
Iho Minim* Recorder for a CcrlitknUi of Iin-
I provement. for the purpose of obtalliinK a
Orown Grunt of the above claim.
Ami further lake notice that nclion, under
' section 117. mutt he conimenred before the issu
I ance of suoh CertitlcaUi of Iniprovctneui-.
Hated thin 17th day of July. IIHIl.
12c UII AS. doBLOLS OltKKN',
Thk Royal Insuranck Coy.
Thb London and Lancashire Fire
Insuranck Coy.
The Insurance Coy. or North
The London and Canadian Fire
' Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy or
Thr Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Cot
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
C««itKtiNiAR Minkhal Claim.
Sltaate In tht Kettle lllver Mining Dlvlilon
ofYaleDtitrlct.  Where Ideated: Ahout
4 mllei nortkaaiterly tret* Camp H»
Kinney. '
TAKE NOTICK that I, Korbe-i M. Kerby,
ne latent for Alee. CMiiernn, freo minor«
ccrtlflcute No. ntaito. Intend, sixty dnys
from tne dele henol. to apply to the Mining
'tertirder tor a UertlHcate of improvements for
the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Oram of the
above claim.
And funnel take nolleo that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the
isHiianut. of such tJertltleiiic of Improvements.
Dated this 141 May of June, A. D. l'.mt.
fflo KOHBKS M. KKItllY.
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
VVariiorsk, KixasToN, Oiiand Viuw, Met-
.Minkiiai Claims.
Situate In the Oseynei Mining Dlvlilon of
Yale Dlatrlct.  Where Loeated :-Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I. Charles de Blols
Green, as agent for Peter **rotl. froe
miner's cerilUuatc No. IM01XI. Intend,
sixty days from Ibe dato hereof, to apply
to Ihe Minim* Recorder for a oerllUcuto of
Improvements, fnr .lhe purpose ofoliluinluK
a Crown grantof lhe above claim.
And further lake notice tlmt. action, under
section 37, must ho commenced beforo iho issuance of suoh cerlilleale of improvements.
Dated this 30th day t f August, Itmi.
IDc (.'. Mill. OltKKN.
Certiflciite   of Improvements.
Situate In the Oioyoge Mining Division „
YaW Dlitrtet. WheUt loeated i-Camp
Hedley.        ;   Z".■:ri..-Ztt,
TAKK  NOTICK that I,  Cllnrlcs doIMols
'   rJfS,?,*!! "US.™ .Mcott
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Pit.Tou Minkhal claim.
Situate In the Kettle lllver Mining Division or
Yale District.   Where loeated : About 4
mllei north easterly from Camp McKinney.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Forbes M. Kerby m
agent for Duncan A. Cameron, fr™
miners'oerMllcnto No. MUSH, Intond sixty ditl
from tho date hereof, toapply to the Minim-lie.
oorderfor a certincate of Improvements, fa" the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant of tlm
above claim. '
And furthor take notico that nclion, undor
suction .37, must bo commenced before ||,„
iMUauoeof such cortlHcaUi of Improvementa
Hated thhMth day of June. IDM.
Oe FOlUlliB M. KKItllY
.      ........ o. «kjc>r   mr  i-oier  MCOM.   fro.,
£__P*. S?r!!*l ,ro" mni'iii' iierlitlcute k
«W»I, intend, sixty days from the dale hereof'
to apply to tho Mining Itecordt'r for a Corll :
ealc of linprovemniilK, lor the piirrww of'
talnlng a Crown.lirunt'of the nl5"eota|„.
And furthor lako notice Ihal r,..il.„.  _,_,.,..
Dat*d this Sllth dny of August, I«||.
180 '*■'■■ »*H. UliKKN'.
IS _£_&_ 1»""'«*««HHftiK
IngpMSif^' "' "•""""""ii "'id grim
and abMixlnnlTnl'TK'J."I.WKLi'!}»<
trie, j Ihence east !SI olialtmi thwffl mil *
cha as, hence rust MohSllll | I 0niu «,UD, in
chains ; thouen west 11 chains ,,,Ztti.. ,'.
along the bank of the &UWS,59B?B
comiiienuoiniint, and onutnlning ,. im '„ (
and sixty acres more or less    K        hundred
ffimmhTffijifr ""» *tMntl. day
»u ««MiM*WOHn,l__ten
Carrying His Jlajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving n
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNKY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and  Fridays at 9 a, ni
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m„and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Th* bart «f aoMmmodatton for
tha oonvanlanoa of tha
travailing publlo.
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
the Midway Pharmacy
Our Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British (
TreeS Free from Pests.
'■' Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutcherson, Man.-i.
The Riverside Hot
Is situated at Rock Cre.k, B. C, on the mail
route of travel between Penticton and all lion:
dary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good   Fi
Best of Accommodation
AAAAAAAA _l_t_l_t_l_l_l_l
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor
Spokane Falls &Nortbern
Railway Co. .
Nelson & Ft, Sheppard
Railwav Co.
Bed Mountain
Railwav Co.
The only nil rail route betweon
all point** Kast, West nnd South
to KoMtlnml, Nelnon and nil
Intermediate point* i connecting at Hpokane with the Oreat
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. R. & N. Oo.
Connects at Rowland with tha Canadian
Paelflo Railway for Roundary Creak polnti.
Conneoti at Meyer'i Palii with itafe dally
fop Republic.
Buffet Service on Paiwngor Tralni between Spokane and Northport.
1/ciivo.        Arrlvii.
Sl'OKANK     9.0H.m.     7,;«p.m.
KOHSI.ANII    I2.ii(lii.iii.     4,111pm.
NKI.MON         (1.15 a.m.     T.1S p.m.
BE.   A.  fXAtTMMOXt.
General I'twKnxer Agent.
/ill Rail.- bake Me
Soo Line.
(via St. Paul nr Chini'i"!
September 17, .October 1. '5
Through HIcppinK'"1
One Change to llnffni"
Kor time tabloii, mum nnd l"H i."'"1"1"'1"
cull on or ndilroim S. «'. BAIMSV, .U'"1'
Midway, or
J. S. CABTHII, B.J. covi.i:.
D.P.A.. A.fir'4"
Mellon, II. C.      Vancouver, U c' mmymww^r  .
,   „,,(i Mrs, Frank Carey, of Rock
";;;;;, ■v,..onKy«f««»y,8vi»it<'rs.
0 1*o-P«*fi>d G. D. Cunning*
returned, on  Friday   from   11
t01|,„ WesM-Wk country.
,- t^peiley. of the flini of Oep^i-
'M'u.ki'.i/.i«< * Boi'nsfell, insurance
"„, „f VanCOuVer, »>* '» Midway
F, (lodenrath wiih in Midway
,v „„   IliH  K'tuW  »» lhB «»»»*"•
n „llint,..y.   He ex|*ct» to return
houl t«"° vlm'iH'
\V   drier,  editor of the   Wesl
k News wil- .«» ,,e,-n spi'i'ding a
„.,l„yH iii Midwuy. lefi.hyHatmtiay'8
„l,lli,,1.|jjfton to-day's twin for
'cmt whew he will remain a few
,,,'after whirh he will go toToron
tn'H iii Knox College.
, j (aiilllold.oflheflrmof Russell,
„.' CaiilHi'd, Co.. Oreenwood, paid
j-vayavifrtj last week. From here
wenl on to the West Fork country,
herein* «ill take a nhori holiday,
ll,,,,!, Cameron," ihe popular hotel
Camp   McKinney
,n,e nn Saturday from an extended
,p to his old home at Nov* Scotia.
>. away he viiited the Buffalo ex*
The C. P. It- time Uhle changes on
,, lUih inst., and trains will after
bir,i dnte arrive 'lid departHtthe same
ime as before the Imperial Limiied,
im put on, via., arrive 4:10 p. in. de-
|uri 2:10 p. in-
Ahd Hulltii-rg has opened up a liar*
m -hop nil Fifth HI reel, in the huild-
in: immediately east of Hain A Can's
riieriil store. Mr. Hallherg is also
practical shoemaker and will keep a
irge stock of hoot* and shoes, besides
itlending to repairing.
In cutting i hrougb the point of a hill
i,.,iCiiimm the graders on lhe V. V.
t E. lailwny uncovered a four font
nip. of line Innking copper and galena
nv. The men who made the stiike
Nil iml seem to Appreciate the valuuuf
I, Int it wns formerly located by
ilaiirice O'Connor,
Fred. .1. Fine, formerly editor of the
Jln-s.iw Tillies, hut now proprietor nf
Ii-i-i-I fiMiit livery of ihal  town,  in
ni|uuiv with K. II. Barker, of the
Hutel Barker, Chesaw, drove over to
Midway on Saturday. Mr. Barker
k the train for Winnipeg, where he
Erill remain for some time visiting bis
A nieeling was held in Urand Porks
|li*i vve.'k to ie nrganiw* I In' local brass
Imnl. under the leadership of Prof
Kirelmer. When Ihe sunmier Benson
!i...iiiiiii..|ii'..|1 Midway wits the only town
tin- K.iinuliiry dintrirt lhat hud n
II iirganlssed   brass hand,  but line.
nne of the other towns are fulling in
J II. Kennedy, chiff engineer of ihe
V.V, k K. railway was in Midway on
Fii.lny on his way west to where a
Ipiuy nf surveyors nre pushing the
iiiivev line of that railway towaid
Hope mountain, Mr. Kennedy stales
iln' i< is ihe intention of the company
mm rolling lhe V. V. k E. charter lo
.nil iis line from Curlew Ui Midway
tliis year.
Judge l.eainy went nver to liossland
-'   Wednesday   .mil  on  Thuiaday
ni lhe appeal  nguinst  lhe Police
i|.iui.liiiti.'8 sentence of two mouths'
imprisonment passed on one of Iwo
1 men f..iiinl gollly of assault in connec*
i.n with I he lahor troubles at Boss
lind. The judge upheld the decision
"f tlw I'olice Magistrate, ho the licensed
"ill have to spend a few weeks in
Tlie equipment for the machine shop
llir Ilritish Columbia Copper Company
is lining opal,iis Mothei Lode mine,
nciii' Oreenwood, haa been received
■ nun the American Tool Works, Cin-
•i'liinii. Ohio. It includes a 85-Inch
National drill press with a set of laper
Khiiiiku isi drills from one eighth of
mi IihIi in on., inch and a half, ad-
vanning by sixlienthi; a SBIn. x 22in. x
Mt. planer}, a U x 10ft. Challenge
liitlie; an emery grinder, etc. John
A. Crawford will have charge ut the
Tin' Granhy Cnmpanyia substituting
''"'i'i rli' pon er for steam lit the machine
SH'I>'| iis smelter, and when this
slnill have been done ihere will not he
lll,ys in power al all used In these
winks. The Jenckes Machine Company on Saturday shipped from ita
'li'i'i'invnnd machinery warehouse an
nil• twelver and fittings, the recetver
Willi fnr riiiiipressed air to work the
Wn Imn mer in the machine shop. An
"'"'Iiii' nml or will compress the air-for
'his purpose,
A carload nf ore from lhe Bodle mine
wiw treated at lhe Greenwood smelter
1,191 week. It. is understood that lhe
"'""ns left a handsome margin of pro*
"l for the Bodie Mining company
orvuiiteen sacks nf high grade ore were
",,,t in hesldes, and this lot carried
*''rV high gold value**, Mr. Loie 8.
H;7'' "a ".Rent for the Bodie company.
"it. Saturday when in Oreenwood had
, P,easure of receiving a rheque for
11naiiilsiime amount as net proceeds of
llii** ore.
R. Jacnhg returned tn Greenwood on
"'""day iiigl,,, fron, a week's trip,
"""Ing which he visited ihe Granhy
Frecheville and Bratnoher ou L." Km
mine lalmr matters. During an hour's
delay at linlroon he had a long talk
with Mr. Miner relative tn the Oranhy
mines and smelter. At Rnssiand he
met, among other friends Mr. Jus.
Anderson, of the Bunk of Hi it ish Nm th
America, who stated thai it was his
intention to ride from Rnssiand to tlie
Boundary leaving the former place
A. C. Li Nelson, a miner Injured Insi
week in the Knoh Hill mine, Green"
wood camp, died Friday morning in
Sister* Hospital, Greenwood. He wns
injured in the back and bail his skill
fractured. He came frnm Norsmi,
Maine, and Was a llie'inher in good
standing in both lhe Freemasons gild
Oddfellows imlers and llonslntnl Miners
Uninn. He was fully yenrs of age nnd
leaves a widow and a four-year-old
child to mourn his loss, His remains
were sent lo Maine on Saturday's train.
Walter C. Adams. M. I')., who is
looking after the interests of the
Adams British Columbia company in
this province, cania in over the Hope
Mountains from the coast yesterday
and to day took the train fn" Rossland,
where, after attending to snine business; he will go, un to Slocatl City,
where lhat company's office' for the
transaction of business in British Columbia is located, This was Mr.
Adams' Hrst visit lo Midway during
tho last two years and naturally he noticed a great change in the appearance
of tbe town, which shows a marked in
crease in size since his last visit. Had
not urgent husiness necessitated his
early return to the Slocan country he
wnuld have enjoyed a holiday in Mid
way, whicli in Mr. Adams' opinion is
the mosl lieaiiiiful spot in I Iiis favored
province. While coming over Hope
mountain Mr. Adams met lhe survey
ore that are at present locating a pns^
for the Cbaii-Kootenay railway and
was informed liy them that I he pass,
known as rallrnnd pass, offers no obstacles to lhe building of the railway,
as all easy grade of two ami one half
per cent, or prohahly less cull lie ol.*
The  Company  now   on  ■  Strong
Financial Basis.   Two Carloads
of Ore Net Big Returns.
The nieeling of stockholders in the
Winnipeg Mines,  Ltd., culled for Ist
inst. was admit ned until 'JHIiii.st.   A
statement if leceipts and expendilure
to Sept. 80 wns submitted.   Suuuniii'
i/.ed tbis was ns follows :
Assessments 1 lo 9 (IniUi inclusive!   $88,285.70
Nel, proceeds nf ore snid...      21118 III
Proceeds ffl.000 shares Treasury stock     4,86000
Sundries         HII St I
Total  $44,818.51
Reorg.ini7.alinn expenses.
Cnmnany .
Liiibilitii'H  of old Winnipeg
^999 999 99999999 999 tit#^
The Central Hotel ^
llth St., Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers,
'lhe best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No.  12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
-    Carpets,
..Large Stock.   Low Prices,
T.   HX.   C3KUI_I_E-!_r   Ss   CO.,
Lancashire House
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned  having re-opened this well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
The Travellers Insurance Co....,
*0*i***b****99999*Hx****99999999 (rt<rt9f:9999*tt999*****
* *
.   .„_ .    . *
I rmTtfrrmTrmr i
$ .... Of Hartford. Conn. |
* JI  Olinrtcred 1863. |
I 2»     st0<'' 'ir<> "",l *
Hi 1 I   Accident InHiirnncp.
X ISSUES thi* Ih'sI liff iiimii-iin.i.e
5 I I i-iiiii.t-m-is- in thp wuildt .Nn
if dlimppiil.iituii'iii n*i in iliviil.'iiil-j.
9 Kvi'iythiiiir   (hl'irntttHKl in   il'l*
$ vjiin-f.   I'l-i'iiiiiiin rniHH lo tu 2,"i
4j. per 1'i'til Ihss iIijlii  lluisu uf nlil
J2 line Mul unl iiiiii|iHiiii..*j.
ASSETS,' . . . .
I.IAUILITIES. .. iq.oia.lbo.tn
SUKPLUS; .... a,97<i.4»4*3*
nl (irand KprkB. H*lryon Hot
„ —...... .<„ M, n-inyiMi nm       t"" i'"''  ikU u*»wk
H, Nelson nnd  Eo»»U.id.    Al [expect to vl.lt the iiiim tUtoem
OpermiiiK expenBesi—Laltif,
81H,III.(«: Mnt-riali.. $,".,.
#5.275 <l7i Repairs, renew*
niu mid mills. tfVii.'.Zi ■
AstuiyiiiK. $121 05 ; Oi-n-
eral ihiirxt-s, mine and
oflice. fcMttl.W    27,843.21
BiiildlliKH, S4SI.HII; Plant mid
iiinehineiv, $2.(142.41 ....    3,127.411
Cash   in (Jaiiadiiiti Bunk uf
Diiliiini'ice,    $(1.5(13.70   ;
Oanh in hand, $50.15...    6,663,85
The fullonitiR were elect (id direclnra:
W. W. (lilitw, R. Bodge, T. (I. Hnlt.
Kirliaid I'lew ninii and It. I''.. Plewninn.
Siilweqnently Ihe following wen1
chosen aa the officers of the conipnny :
T. G. Hull, Vancouver, president.; W,
\V. Oihlis, I'orlrlAiKl.Ori.gon.vUi-pit.si
dent,; Hii-liiiiil Pli-wiiiiui, m.-inaging
director and secretnry-tiensurer.
A report on the alfnirn of Uie cum-
pany was read to the shareholders
present al the meeting, Tliis report,
together wilh tha stateninit of ac
counts,duly audited, will lie p'inlid
and mailed to the shareholders later.
It may lm men tinned ihal the 81,(100
shares of treasury stork su 1.1 liy i lit*
conipnny Were forfeited sharei snid tn
provide against contingencies mid lo
furnish innney to pay for a winter's
supply nf coidwond, the purchase nf
which ill the full has effected a saving
of $1,111 per coid us compared with I lie
price Hint had to he paid for wood Insl
winter. This receipt may he renin di d
in the light of a realization of lUTeill'S
of calls. There still remain iu the
treasury more than 460,0X1 shares, the
total liuuiher of shares held liy stockholders lieing less than NOI.OIO.
Work is now heing done at whnt is
known as the station ledge, al the t!(KI
font level and un the railwav ledue,
near Ihe surface. Development was
lesilined on the latter at 20 feel depth,
the ledge having natrmved nl thai
depth to ahoul one foot In width,
Now, at 45 feel In depth, it, is seven
feet wide, A hoisting engine mid
nallows frame have heen placed ovei
ihis shaft and ft machine drill is used
init. Two ears of ore frntn this ledg
recently lirouglii the rompnny $1,289.
26 net. More ore frntn this ledue lia-
slnce heen sent to the smelter, hut ih
returns have not yet heen
Fifteen cars of nre fnun thc
ledge, value almut $10 grnss and n
little more thnn $5 nel, have heen sun
in the Oranhy smeller.
|   The presideiitand iniinagliig dlreeloi
The Travelleis Qoiuiiiiinlion Accidenl l'oliej,* guarantees foniccidenlal  jK
tinder ni'diiiiu y cnnilitiims.
Ilcnlh Itoneflt            .     .     . |3ln>l
l/iss of Siifla of Holli Kjiw     . Ml
Lo« of Holli Knot or Holli Himls .i.ilffi
Loss of ilur linml ami Ono Knot 5,mio
PornrvnohtTotal liisatillty 2.iim
Loss of Right. llaml     .     . 82.500
IjOHs of ling nt or above Kiicti  . t.rlnl
Loss of Loff Hand     .    .     . l,inm
Low of Kitlior Koot I.imli
Loss of sight, of Ono I j-o   .     . .09(1
Limits of   \Veoklyi Indeiintiity $l,:-IO<).
_ ANI), If such injuries are sustained while riding as a passenger in
w any passenger conveyance using steam   cahle,   or   electricity as a
§ motive power the amount to lie pnid   shall he DOUBLE tlie sum
S specified in tlie clause under wliieh tlie claim is made.
I   COSt $52  A   VEAR    TO    I'l'llrKSSIONAI.    ANI)    BUSINESS
1* Men,and Commercial Travelers.
Other sums at proportionate rates
"W. 12. Iffomis, f
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦a*»**>*9*«*«**«*«« «*««♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
HXDW-A-Y,       -   -       s- o-
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed. '
Carriage Painting a specialty. ...
Furmtce-licntcd mid comfortably
fiirnislied   rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
-_&-AAi___-l__ _fe&_b i^i i:^J_t J>.->->*.V .
1»f79999999999 ^5^ y^?y _?5?9 9^^Sjji
|   JOHN J. FLOOD   1
|ili!,iiiSiii« I
*% i   . ty
fa . In the prgmises formeiiy occupied  hy flj
9     Bax>c-_lay  Ss  _E3:e_3?3':*.^     W
'fay hi vt
fa "' and has on hand a first-class outfit of d'f
1 Single and Double Drivers I
Saddle and Pack Horses t
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus   }j£
meets all trains.    Freight and express de- *;»>
delivered to any part of the town. \,'f
Z__Z_Ci_ii _Zi_ii_Zi _&_££. <i_\-t£i i4ii45«ii_'//<l>
__x_i   frobfbotohb'   __ax.c__x.A_yit3-___i. *
No. ♦ K."-iW.'-'C. Block, Nelsoi. B. C.
Ool(). Sllver-Ixuid ami Copper Minus triuiteil at lho KXCHANI
KRKR MILLING GOl.il proportlw Hnntcil nt onoe tor Bust or
Farttcuhnving mtiiiiiK pronprty for i-nlu aro roiimrsioil to Bcntt
to lho KXOHAKOE loruxlilliiliuii.
y\ll sanipliw wlitnil'.l he nont by express, PttK.l'AIIl.
lorr'osponilcnco tioliciloil.   Ailtlfoss all ooiumuniciitlons I
^^^^^ ♦
nvostors, ♦
mpliisoC Lboirore     *
M ♦
Andi*evir   —'.   Kosenberg-oi*. *
Tolcphoho Xo. llll, P. O. Box Ton. NKI.miN, lie.     t
-X********************************************* o*
DEPOT      ^ c<C|n(li()S
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh  Street, Midway.
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District—
,  $2.00 per year.
Is prepared to
fill all orders
for Job Printing at lowest
rates consist
ent with good
Rider Agents Wanted
One in riifli town tnriilu nml oxliiliitn kiiiii|)1|. IINII mnili'l Iiiiti h nf nur nun
inaniifiictiiri'. YOU CAN MAKE ,$10 TO *rjl A WEEK, I. Ides having!*
wheel torideyouist'ir.
High Grade Guaranteed,
I901 Models^^^	
1000 and 1899 Models, Best Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
.  as new ...
$10 to $18
$7 tO $12
^^^^     $3 to $8
We will ship nnv hieyeleUN APPROVAL In anyone wil limit, u eeni ilepns-
'!>,inlulviiniT nnd nliow TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Ymitnkenlisolulelymi
risk in onlerini! fnun us. ns vnu iln nnl ncuil to pay ji eeni If the hlcycle fines
not suit, vnu. Dn not Imv 11 wheel iinl.il ynu have wrlllen for our FAOTORY
PRICKS ami FRI5B TIHAb OFFER, This lilieral nffer luis never been eijiinl-
ledaild isa giinnintei' nf thn quality nf nnr wheels. WIS WANT a reliahle
ne.rson In eaeh town lo dislrihute catalogues fnr us in exchange for n. hioycle,
VVrite lo-day for five catalogue and our special offer.
J. Xi. HflCc»Eii<l- Cycle Co., cuicu_«
E* 10
MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
|U_ p£ The most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing point for  Upper  Kettle River,  VVest   Fork and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
30 St John Street,
Montreal. P. Q.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, IS. 0.
■ Mi
... «!*,
The Snowshoe.
George S, Waterlow. chairman of
the Hiiti-.li Colunihia (Rossland k Sin-
ran) Syndicate, Limited, was expected
to arrive in New York from Kngland
last week, Anthony J. McMillan,
managing director of the syndicate,
will meet Mr. Waterlow in New York,
having left Rnssiand last Tuesday and
will go thence via Montreal with that
ohject in view. Business connected
with the further development of the
Snowshoe mine, in Oreenwood cainp,
and the treatment of itsores, will have
the particular attention of Messrs,
Waterlow and McMillan when they
meet. The Snowshoe Gold Copper
Company is an offshoot of the syndicate which purchased the Snowshoe
group of mineral claims and, afler
proving the Snowshoe to be full of
promise for the making nf a mine,
organized a separate conipany to develop it on a large i-citle and hy opening np its hig ore bodies, made it one
of ihe continuous shippers of thc
Hoiindary district. It is understood
that no definite arrangements hare
yet lieen made for the treatment of
the Snowshoe ore, hut Mr. McMillan
has lieen in recent consultation with
the respective mnnagers of Ihe Granhy
smelter at Grand Forks and the B, C.
Copper Company's smelter at Greenwood upon this subject, and will now
consider wilh Mr. Waterlow whether
or not it will pay the Snowshoe Company lo send its ore to either nf these
reduction works, or lo defer shipping
large quantities of ore until such lime
ns it shall lie able to make tieatment
arrangements more advantageous to
the company,
The Phil Sheridan Deal.
Republic, Sept. UO.-Jttniea Cronan
has bought out, the interest of one of
the other partners in the Phil Sheridan
mine. This mine was bonded last
spring for $20,000, when but 10 feet of
work hud been done up in it.
Since then Mr. Cronan has sunk the
shaft, to a furlher depth of 70 feet, and
the ore extracted has not only grown
continually richer, hut to such an extent as to enable Mr. Cronan Io pay
for ull development work from thn production, and iu addition huy out tlie
inlerest of one of the Phil Sheridan
"Tliere is yet many a promising
property to lie unearthed hy the prospector through the Sheridan camp districl," said J. W, McCann, upon a return from a visit, thereto, "and ihere
are several facts that, should hear me
out hi Ihe statement, In the first place
there has not been a pay shoot opened
up yet (hat did not grow richer with
depth. This is notably so in the case
ef lbe I'liil Sheridan mine.
"The same general results remain to
lie obtlined from other claims not yet
known to the public. Activity will
henceforth he greatly stimulated in
the camp from the fact lhat the Republic-Grand Forks road will run within six miles thereof, and It will he an
easy matter to then transport the ores.
It is a coining camp and no mistake."
Flftlx  Street,  Mid
(Continued from pnge 1.)
ing in supplies hy long pack trains,
through British territory, a distance
of some 300 miles. That, trail cost the
colony $71,000 in gold dust, hut it opened up to civilization and development
the richest heritage iu the possession
of the British empire," fie concluded.
When I arose to bid him good night
Ihe eamp Are had burnt low and it was
dark outside the tent. I wended my
way back to Princeton wondering Ihnt
afler all the hardships he had endured
pioneering in what was literally "a sea
of mountains" that the governor was
so hale and hearty. Yet he assured
me on parting that be was hale and
Ht, and long ere sun-up he would he
journeying across the Hope range lo
inspect the wurk of his engineers on
lbe Coqtiihnlla river.
 ►-♦-« ,
Burned at Phoenix.
The funeral occurred last Thursday
of W. J. Wlieatley, who was burned
to death Sunday morning in a stable
on the Ne,v York townsite, adjoining
tlie city. Wlieatley, with his brother
Milton, occupied a room in a barn near
the residence of Geoige E. Brecken-
ridge and is supposed to have retired
about midnight, Aliout two o'clock
Sunday morning the barn was discov-
ered on lire. Wlieatley wus finally
gotten out through a window. He
was so badly burned all over the body
that after lingering in ugony for about
21 hours he expired. His llesh dropped
off in several places, and when he was
taken out of the burning building Mr.
Breckenridge was forced to roll him on
tlie earth to put the lire out. Wheat-
Icy was a young man, unmarried, and
a son of Mrs. Bieckitnidge, having
been employed at the Granhy mines in
I'hoenix cump for some time,
The tonnage of ore shipped liy Boundary dislrict mines during September
was ns follows: Old Ironsides, Knoli
Hill group, Ill.ailO tons; Mother Lode,
7,120; B. C, 2,180 ; Snowshoe, 480 ;
Sunset, .'tii."); King Solomon, m; Winnipeg, 200 ; No. 7, 180 ; total, HO.KXI.
Shipments during 11*0 totalled 07,782
tons, and for nine mouths of Ihe cur
rent year ending September 110,270,483,
making uu aggregate of 908,213,
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Provincial Lund surveyor.
Xlto  Architect and
=___ Civil Engineer...
I^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
UrtVOTABY    PVBJZ.10.99m
_ all view Townwlte Agont.
,.. aiiiiiikbs...
r*orr«nponde,ic!o Solicited.
Certiflciite   of  Improvement!.
lienor Cash Kkaotional Mno-Jut.
Situate In the Osoyoos  MlnlnK Dli
Yale   District.   Where located:
TAKK NOTIOB lhat xxc. .Iniin - M.'
lllllleVK OtrtlflOau) No. H3MIH'. ,r
llorluK. trim miners oorllltniti V
Intend, sixty  days   from   tin."  il.i '
iiiiij.pij t.i tin. Minit'K I: i'1''|ir ,l''
of improvement*, for tho piirpow "i-
ii in,«ii (Irani of lite above olnlni.
And furlher Hike notice thnl mu
section .17, must   be commenced i -1
tauutiHcoisuon Ccrlitli'iile nf Iml   '
liiiluil thin 21st du) nf Augunl, H"'
Jamkh v.
I7o K. II. Hi', l
, UK,
ion of
... fr«
. 1. It
RANCH of .19)arras. Bltlinlo one m
Mlilwny, 2111 ncres under nil'
iicren nf wbich Is   gxnnl liiimilii
I'lcnly of wider Is provlilisl lij Hi.
spring*.    Thoto   Is ulsn n lin ■
i.i-cliiuil on Hie place IntfliiiiiiiK I" "
Itiiiir-c burns and outbuilding-". Kin it
|iiirticiiliiran|i|ily lo
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word I
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition maybe
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C. Camp McKinney, B. C.


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