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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-10-10

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VoL I, Mo. II.
$2.00 per Year.
This week we are showing a full line of NEW SHOES for
Children, Hisses, Ladies, Boys and
Mens wear.
If you require anything in the shoe line whether for rough
or dressy wear, it will pty you to call and examine
quality and prices,
A Cash Discount of toper cent.
On all shoes in the store.
aaeooati titiaar r,a _,_)_) __._,(, aof,**
Druggist's Sundries
Your druggist has a nice stocK of kh«m
Dressing Combs
Pocket   Combs
Gentlemens Combs
Fine    Combs
Razor Strops
Curling Tongs, etc.
A. F.Thomas
Hair Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Nail Brushes
Lather Brushes
Bath Brushes
Manicure Files
Manicure Scissors, etc.
They must go.
The remains of our Summer Stock will be cleared at prices which would
Tnat alber
These are preseut season goods—New, Stylish, pretty and fashionable.   But
we don't want to carry any over to next season, and in order to dispose of them
We are Slaughtering
Avail,   yourself of the golden opportunity  to provide Seasonable Goods at
When we cut we cut deep.
Agents for F. B, Wright & Co's Wall Papers.
B. C. Railways. I      Retired form Polities.
Of the two million dollars Joseph Martin han retired
Subsidies which come to British from politics. He has quit for
Columbia railways this year, as all time. He is dead. From his
announced in last weeks paper, ashes there will rise a recon-
it is understood that the follow- structed Liberal party in British
ihg roads will secure the amouts Columbia. According to pres-
mentioned: ent plans, it will be u party free
For a line from Spence's from dissension and one which
Bridge to Nicola and Similku-, will present a clean front to the
meen, 42 miles, $150,000,
For an extension of the E. ft
N, line from Wellington to
Comox, 00 miles, $200,000.
'For a line from Vernon to
Midway, 9600,000.
For a line from Cranbrook to
Golden, 9600,000.
It is understood that McLean
Brothers, for the Coast-Kootenay line, will receive no aid.
: »am
Wells Remains Firm.
V VaKcoUvwi, Oct 6.—Premier
McBride yesterday declared that
he would be able to carry on by
inducing Mr. Wells, of Columbia,
to accept the speakership, that
Mr. Wells was really not antagonistic, and indeed had not
Ei opposed to the conserva*
i in consequence of an un-
tanding as to his future
This morning Mr. Wells bursts
the bubble of the premier's
Hopes by this message to C. H.
Gibbon*, editor of the Vancouver World:
"I would under no circumstances desert my party by accepting the speakership, or any
office in the McBride government''
A Good Field for Investment
Mark F.Maddon, of the firm of
Madden Bros., Chicago, who is
president of the Providence Mining Company in Greenwood
camp, and who arrived here
last week, was interviewed by
a Times reporter and, among
other things, said: "I know of no
better field for investment than
the Boundary. My friends in
Chicago and myself feel very
friendly towards the Boundary.
Those who join me in the Providence company all have previous experience in the mining
ventures, but nearly all received
in the Providence dividends
their first returns from mining
investments. There is plenty
of money in Chicago that could
diverted into the Boundary if
the men who have the money
could be convinced that they
would have a decent run for
their money. I bave examined some very promising looking prospects that fully warrant
money for development but
r.laiin-owners should be reasonable in their demands. If capital is to be induced to invest
hero these owners must not demand too exacting restrictions
in bonding properties. I expect
to be here another two weeks
and I am hopeful that I can
bring back with me one or two
propositions which will commend themselves to investing
Reports from Poplar Creek
still attract wide-spread attention. Rich new finds are daily
reported and large numbers are
still flocking into that section.
Recently some men, while
prospecting on Lake creek, near
Poplar, came on a lead about
nine feet wide carrying in the
crevices a peculiar yellow ore of
light weight The yellow stuff
showed little or no values in
gold or silver, but an analysis
proved it toautunite, ono of the
very rare uranium ores.-Bound-
foe in forthcoming elections.
Ruminating on the tone of the
electoral voice of Vancouver, as
displayed on Saturday last,
Joseph Martin came to the conclusion that he would retire, not
fora season, but for all time.
He so announced his intention
this morning. When interviewed he said :
"I'm quit, Fm done, I'm tired
I'm disgusted with politics;
don't misunderstand inc. I am
not disgusted at the result of
Saturday's election, but there
has been such dissension in the
party and I have received su
much abuse from my enemies,
and so little thanks from my
friends, that I am glad to avail
myself of the opportunity of retiring from politics."
Mr. Martin  does not think
that the conservatives have a
sufficient following to carry on
the governnient.
■ ■     ».«
Spoiled Ballots at Fernie.
About twenty ballots marked
for Mr. Smith but with the cross
placed not in the disc, but in the
white space following candidate's name were disallowed by
some of the returning officers
as not being in strict compliance
witli the requirement*) of the
statute.       iiizztJdii. ■.■.-■•-<■
In addition a number of
Smith ballots were thrown out
because they were marked with
an ordinary black lead pencil
and not with the red lead
pencil thoughtfully provided by
one of the returning officers.
,.,     ,  ,, J,   ,      ,*>.. does not accept this enthusiasm
of the ballots marked outside ,.   .    .  ■ , .  .       .
.,    a.   *    . i ..   __,   .,. i*8 academic; he determines to
the disc,  sniil Mr. Smith nn nnr.
■  » * *y
A telegram from Ottawa conveys the information that .the
Dominion government has decided to grant the Midway ft
Vernon railway a cash subsidy
of 16,400 a mile.
the disc," said Mr. Smith, no om
will contend that the use of un
ordinary pencil such as the deputy returning officer, should
have provided in the first instance would void an otherwise
properly marked ballot In
any event there is a sufficient
number of spoiled ballots, so-called, to overcome Mr. Ross'
majority of five, allowing ull
the ballots counted out against
him, to elect me. I have placed
the matter in good hands and
will fight it through. I have
won Fernie fairly and squarely
and mean to hold my seat."
Greenwood Electoral District
The following is a statement
of votes cast for the respective
candidates in the above named
district as found at tlie official
count on Wednesday the 7th
Rock Creek, 16; Midway, 39;
Boundary Falls, 37 ; Deadwood,
18; Greenwood, 104 ; Eholt, 20;
Denoro, 4. >
Rook Creek, 3 ; Midway, 4 ;
Boundary Falls, 43; Deadwood,
14; Greenwood, 132; Eholt 10.
Denoro 17.
Rock Creek, 5 ; Midway, 12;
Boundary Falls, 15; Deadwood
15; Greenwood, 05; Eholt 33;
Denoro, 6.
J. R Brown, 0; Etnest Mills, 8;
J. E. Spankie, 1.
J. R. Brown, 238 ; E. Mills, 220;
J. E. Spankie, 181; rejected, 18;
total votes cast 666. Geo. Cunningham, returning officer.
Young Canada.
It was Mark Twain who said
itwas impossible to outline a
national mind, to anticipate
what would be a national attitude-   It was not impossible I       ■■	
to know that Britain would be will bear watching.
divided over   the question of {Dispatch
tariff, it was not possible to tell
that the United States would
absorb territory to which the
constitution does not apply as it
does to continental territory.
It is impossible to tell just what
future is brewing in the mind
of young Canada. And yet because Young America did succeed in becoming America, with
all its daring and venture, and
heartlessness and sympathy, so
perhaps Young Canada, which
dwells us yet in schools and nurseries, may be expected to imbibe some of the intense Cana-
dianism which is talked in the
schools and the homes, even
though it is not the dominent
note at Ottawa or at London.
No one can view Canadian
youth in the schools or see Canadian children playing on
Winnipeg or Toronto streets
without sensing the gturdy independence which i&developing
in these young Canucks. Canadian children are not those
historical formal and well-bred
creatures which distinguish
England; they are quite as impertinent, quite as much in evidence as are American children.
They have access to the paternal pocketbook us freely as the
children on tliis side of the line,
and they correct their parents'
errors with sang froid thut
equals that of the American
child. And they have one advantage : they associate with
their parents as companions
where the American child associates as a dictator. As a consequence the Canadian child is
jifcearin-j* hie   ful he I'   disCUSS   lit
table or in study the future of
Canada, und however cautious
the father may lie about airing
his democratic opinions on tho
street or on 'change, he waxes
eloquent over Canada's future
as an independent nation when
his son may  hear.    That  son
make it operative in the future.
Belief in Canada instead of in
Mr. E. W. Thomson, an Ottawa correspondent, hus noticed
this spirit in older Young Canada, in the students at McGill
and Laval and Toronto and
Upper Canada universities.
These have heard strong talk of
the Dominion's future, and they
talk it among themselves with
all the abandon and lack of logic
with which an Oxford or a Cam-
.ridge student may talk imperialism. And it does not require logic to make these things
established--it requires enthusiasm. These students will become in five years a strong part
of tho governing body politic.
They will bring a new spirit
into affairs ; they will not scorn
the mother country ; they will
not court the United States ;
they will make Canada it nation
perhaps enter the word Canada
in the title of the king.
A Canadian who can see a
joke is not English, and American jokes are popular on the
other side, just as "Hiawatha"
and "Under the Bamboo Tree"
wero the airs the traveler heard
on tho other side during tho
past summer. The Canadian
does not even insist on Prince
Albert coats and silk hats; he
weal's the American business
man's simple uniform. He has
become intensely American, as
American as we were up to 1898,
and he does not propose annexation in order to remain American. He has taken our jokes
and our styles;he will tako part
of our adjective "American,"
and he is taking our spirit of
independence. Young Canada
St  Paul to/****
•*.*■*■ mpm'vj
0. M. CllOIJKIO Kclllop-'anit Proprietor
Published weekly nt. Midway,-B. C,
8nl*scri|itimi prlco, 8'-' (HI per allium*, payable
r.'lvanoe, either yearly or half yoiirly al. the
ptiou of the Kiibricribiir.
Artvortising rates nont. on application.
J. R.'Brawn member elect for
the Greenwood electoral district
hns reason tp bo proud of his
triumph Over his opponents in
the recent "contest. A survey
of the returns will show that ho
stands well in every portion of
the riding, being either first or
second at every poll, except
one, leaving third place to
Dr. Spaukio or Mr. Mills. Tlie
supporters of Mr. Mills who
were well organized, had every
confldonco in the election of their
candidate, and the returns show
they had good reasons.for their
confidence. Dr. Spankie was
late in the field, and the change
of date of the election by Premier McBride made him still
later. He ran in the interests
of a party that is not very
strong in tliis riding. The doctor made a splendid fight against
great odds. His supporters, it
is said, claimed he would poll
300 votes, but tlie results of the
election prove their judgment
was at fault.
To  those  who    hoped that
stability of government would
result from running provincial
elections on f'ederakparty lines
the outcome of tho trial of
strength between the Conservatives and Liberals on Saturday October 3rd is far from
satisfactory. Full returns will
probably give the conservatives
21 seats, the Liberals 18, the
Socialists 2 and the Labor Liberals 1. ri is e\ ldent that a strong
and stable governnient cannot
be formed by the Conservatives,
and any attc niptto strengthen
their 'position by offers of cabinet positions to' individual
members of: the parties will
likely be resented, and is certain
to meet with the disapproval of
the. electorate. Premier McBride will, of course make an
effort to fill his cabinet and
carry on. the government, but
in this, we think he cannot •'succeed. It is therefore reasonable
to suppose that before many
months another .appeal to'tho
people will be made, when, it is
tobe hoped, some party will
receive a, substantial majority
of the representatives und will
lie in a position to forma strong
government. .'    • . ■
carried ori under sjjeli con<li-,
iicitti.    Z.tt '  tt :..'  y'i   -JJ' '-,'■•     ',
aim Iftck of conHdjSnce Mi his
government expressed iir the
great majority of the constituencies of the province, the duty
of tho Premier is plain enough.
But he will not follow tho path
of obvious duty. On tlie contrary it is extremely ■prtibhble
Mr. McBride will followf the example of hii predecessors,' iwho
are responsible for most of1'tlie
disabilities Under which British
Columbia grohns today. Beaten
froin his position he will probably'try to effect a combination
with some of tho forces sent
out against him, Appeals are
already being addressed to part
of the opposition that it is essential in the interests''of the
country that political turmoil
should cease for a trine.
There can be no peace until
the victory of Saturday is followed to its logical conclusion,
the completeroutof the McBride
forces. The premies declared'
for party lines as a'trierin^'of
bringing to'an end the repeated
slump of politicians from one
side of the house to the other.
The test Mr. McBride craved'has
been applied. It is too late now
to enter a plea for mitigation'
of the sentence on the ground
of patriotism. The members of
the house, we liave'bot the
slightest doubt will stand firmly
by the principles upon which
they were elected. If Premier
McBride refuses-to follow tin-
only course that will bring fixed
and stable government to the
provinsp, ho will be fought-. at
every step he attempts to take.
Eventually the will of the majority will prevail. .
In face of the disabilities under which the liberals of thc
province fought the result of
the election is surprising. The
party went into the fight leader-
less, which it may frankly bt
admitted now, wooiv great handicap. The faith displayed by
the electorate in the condidates
Was the most splendid* tribute
that could possibly be paid tb
their personal attribute!?* At
though in ai great number of
constituencies the liberal forces
were split up by the .presence -in
tho field of representatives !of
the elements whose ligitimate
place is in the ranks of liberalism, the closeness of the contest
in almost every instance proves
how strong the principles of
Liberalism are in the province.
The mouths of lhe braggarts
who have of late been prating
in season and out* of the wane
of liberalism in British Columbia'are closed for a'time.
Commenting on the provin
cial political situation the Vic
toria Times of Monday says , in
But; it is fully determined that
the McBride government with
the electoral machinery in its
hands, with   the  patronage of
•the province at its.disposal, and
with the prestige of power to
help it, all of which influences
it made use of to the utmost, is
hopelessly beaten and cannot
carry on. The best the government can hope for is22-seats
out of 42. The probability is
that when the full returns are
in and the partisan idiosyncrasies of returning officers cor-
rested by independent authorities, the government will find
. itself in nn actual minority. At
tho present time of writing 18
Liberals, 17 Conservatives'and
'two Socialists are known to
have been returned. Should
Mr, MeBi'id'e secure the remainder of the doubtful seats succeed
in reconstructing the government and selecting his ministers, he would have but ono of a
niority over the opposition of
Lilierals and Socialists, A majority of ono In a houso of forty-
two members cannot be considered   a   factor  of absolute
J. S. Mathot, .for the past
three yeai; assistant, customs'officer at. ©reenwood, has been
ordered to. report at Ottawa,
and it is understood will be assigned a position at some prominent point in Ontario. Mr.
Mathot and family leave for
Ottawa this week,
two of them.
Mrs. Hayes, of tho Manitoba
Free Press staff, was in Midway
on Friday, and Saturday gather-;
ing information about the district, for the 0. P. R, company,
which will bo used by,them in a
pamphlet soon to be issued setting forth the agricultural possibilities of 'British' Chrluinbia.; aitd
tlie field it offiri for immigration. Mrs, Hayes took a number of photos, including fruit
orchards, vegetable ..gardens,
bands of cattle etc,,, which will
be useful in illustrating the
book of informatibn.
* Ijeaver^ftiul otter, ■»»•«?«•
'" i^'is'iiifflpfiil to shooter 'de-
|trt}y »!;$£' time: Bird||iv|%
on noxious' insects; English
blackbirds;" caribou cowor emf;
Gfcaffinch; deer fawn under
twelve months; elk, wapita,
Sow or calf under, two■ years;
gull, linet; moose, cow or calf
under twelve months; mountain
sheep, ewe or lamb; English
partridge; pheasants ■ cook or
hen-'-oxcept' as; hereinafter provided; qjmil, all kinds; 'robins
(farmers only may shoot those
in gardens' between June 1st
and September.'.' -Ut)fJ t&jrldrk,
thrush. ; • ." tt-'-''
It lWiilawful to buy, sell or
expose'for sale, show; or advertisement, - 'caribou, . hare, bull
hioose,<.> mountain goat, mountain t-mri, before Oatober 1st;
deer, before September 1st; nor
uny of the above-named animals
pr birds at any time, exeepE
duck!, ■ bltio grouse, heron and
plover, during the open' season.
It is unlawful to kill or take
moipetliari five caribou in* One
Season -foriore fch^n ten deer,- for.
to hunt them with dogs or kill
for hides'alone1;-.more than 250
ducks; more than two bull oik
or wapita; more than two bulK
-moose; more than five mountain
rains; or to take or destroy the
eggs of protected birds at any
time. ■■.-•>.
It is unlawful to enter ■ land
enclosed by fence, water qr natural boundary, after notice or a
notice under section 11 is posted up; for    non-residents   to
shoot   without  a license';  for
non-resident  Indians   to   kill
game at any time; to export,or
transport for export in the raw
state, game birds of every kind,
and animals, protected, .except
boar, braver marten  and   lurid-
otter;'to use traps, nets,  gins,
drugged bait, etc., to catch game
birds; to expose for sale   with
out its head, any doer, or bird
without its plumage;.to use batteries,  swivel-K"ti(3  or sunken
punts  in non-tidal  waters to
take. di)cks  or  goose; for unlicensed . non-residents to trap
or kill boar or beaver for their
pelts; to;kill any game bii;d, between one hour after sunset
and oue  hour beforo sunrise*,
to kill game birds or animals
imported   for   acclimatization.
purposes; to talfe. trout except
by hook and line, or to use Sal
mon roe as bait; to^;.enter, with;
hunting implements or permit
dogs to enter fields,.or. growing
or standing gpain, or enclosed
lands, without permission; fori
Indians to kill does or fawns
from Peburary 1st to August fat
to shoot on enclosed lands ion'
Sundays   without ''|ierqussioti.
But Farmers or th&r authorized resident  employees, i^nay
kill dear depasturing their.' titivated field, and free miners
may kill game for their own
use any time.  , ■
tt       ri   ^   '-fiT' -tt    f.    H     I
A   than  to2^pl*rn^f#;x1*U
Ghiui§rr NtfKSBspfe" iirth^ta-vflSjBl
MIDWAY and (surrounding country,
and lake orders for
In Fruit Trees, SmaH Fruits,
Ornamentals, Shrubs, RoSes,
Vines, Seed Potatoes; fcc. ~
Slock true to ntunejtnd free from Sail
Jose Hoile. A pevniaivnt' potiilioirifi*
lliejjjjlght man on /either fwl.trj*. or.
Stone & Wellington
over 8oo acre.    '"""'
TOfJONTO ■       -       ONTARIO
fo'SAinirow Ijvidlivw ftml to tiny ponwnor
pur^-im to whom 111) mny lnuo tmimfarred hin
iiiKSujiit In llm "Colby mid Hocq'; nilntml
iJlniiM, sluuili) on Holly Creek' In ilie (Aooti-
woofiMinlng Division of Ynle District, llrilisli
eoljiwlilu. I    :,,•;■        '..
! Yojfiire hereby notified tlml'l mit'e ox)tetiii\
ed i'_Hx).m in order to hold lho -mid I'nlby mul
Relg*inlnoral clninis uinlor'the' prbvMob'B uf
the' iiiineral net, iiiid hum pnid lhe slim of
JjJ.W lor recording llm same fur tho yenr end-
i,i|}Slth .lime 1903. tlmt ynn Ahiy)ld contrlbuto
$il$tt8 your proportion of lho' snid sum fnr
ynur,undivided imoqiinrtor interest.,In, snid
clnlirit, nnd if within HI dnys from the first in-
iJi'i'tioh nf I his notico yon lull or refuse to contribute the sum $,il.ai which is no vduchy yon,
(ngether with nil costs nf nilvor>l^i|g„ yin*r
interest In thorJiil.l tninenil ,'lainiA wiU^ecoiuc
thp property of the subscriber under soctlon
fnur of nn Ael entitled the .''Mineral Act
.\mtflWinciit, Act" 1900. I--"
Dated nt Mid wny 11. C. thlslith day of August IKI.
Hrst insertion, Uth Augiisl llm.*!.
last       do.    llth November, mull.
LKFTiU the premise ot lhe umfrrfliitortfti
. Jnminry last, ono black how. Owner
inn hiivi; s.\inv. tiypa.viiiKttwi. of this lulcrllse*
ii tentand fen! of animal Io dato, othoi'Wif* if
'iio(»rliiiiiioil within;m days will be sold to pay
Arnrehist Moun I aiu,
-TO anu vmrn ALL-
Points   East
The Game. Laws.
Opeii Seasons.—September 1st
to December 14th,—Deer, IkucIc
or doe; mountain goat, mountain sheep (rani)..
September 1st to December
31st. —Caribou, elk, wapita
(bull); grouse of all kinds, in
cludihg prairie chickens; hare;
moose.(bull). .*'.', ;. .:.;,,■, . ..■,
Septembefj isrtoX,ebi>i|iuV'S8
th.—Bittern; duck of all kinds;
heron, meadow lark, plover. •
2Vasm±mam m-fthVJjti ti ■" ' '
M*mm*  •MAaatZm  A
New Equipment Throughout, Dey Coaches,
Palace and Tourist Sleepers, Dllung and
"     Buffet Smoking Library C'' .
• ..t,^^kot»^|Vi^:lfoWo-w.pKiill .;. .:,
j;'\\'#f5rtriatioh;.?i(tt4(i.'iir''*Hrs*ZJ.  .:.
,**y Agent ol the Oreat  Nortkern  Railway
if Write
fi-i        A. B. O. DKNUIST0N, G. W. P. A.
'Mf! Kind. Avenue, Sratti.e, Wash
To A. W. lloyd or nny'-mison or porsqiis to
whom you mny have Inuts^erTen yonr intei'Mb
to,lii lhe "Morning" Fractional Mineral claim,
sltnnto in Oamp McKinney, ih the Oreenwood
Mining Division of YaTo, Dlstriot* •      ,; ■ !;
You aro hereby notified that I havo expended JI0J.9I Iii order to hold tho said mineral
clilin under the provision! of tho Mineral Aoj,
tbuCyo'*should contribute IM.Iilj as your por-
tiiuipf the snid sum for your nndivlded 011c
tMrd'lutorost. In said olnlm nnd If within Kl
days of tliu first Insertion of tlio dale of tbis
nctlcoyoli fell or refuse tn contribiito. thcsuni
of AA.Itii whioh is no* duo by yon, together
•Wilh all cdlits (if advertising, yotir interest,In
sald.nilneral cl lira will ,bec.onic.t|io. proporty of
thp (ubiicrlbcr uitddr section four' oil an Act on-
tilled the". ^Mineral Act Anieiidiiient Aet;"
■l.# »•''•-' ■ ■ -ir. ,,' ■-    '■","■
Dated this ink day of ,luho, 1808, •   3
'*'"■   '•■'■■- fltoftgK:M.;UKNSKrr'
Ticket's at Low Rates to the East, ',
■'■''  '■  ■■    1      ' VIA j':tt--l
Will be . on sale at all ticket
offices on June 4th and 5th,
June 24th' "to 80th- inelusrvfc;
July 15th and 10th, ahd August
25th ttiul 20th. ..
Tickets 'good'for going jiass
age for ten days from date of
fj{do, with final return limit of
.PQdays, from date oisale. .J
H. S. Kowe,';, ii t- ',
General Agent.
Portland, Oregon.
VIA   »
Spokane, Seattle and Coast Points,
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago
Carrying His Majesty's Hails
- -Will leave IvTI DWAY .on^Tuesdays,.'Tluns,
days and:i Saturdayli, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returnii\g"<will leayti CAMP McKINNEY on
.Sundays," Wedh^sdrfys and Fridays at 9 a. ni.,
reacliing MIDWAY at 1.36%. m.aiicl making connection witli t(ie train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
Th* boat of •ooommodntlon lor
•', \tf_9 boforehlenoe of tha
travaUIng publlo.
The Canadian Bank of Commeree
■ ■.    Ii:     ;!w'"> ::'      '"' :.'.■ '  /
With Whioh is Incorporated
The Bank *of•* British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,700,000.   •   REST, $3,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. IHgr.
.•-tti wmxmow
Manager Greenwood Branrh.
Lancashire House, jl
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-ope ned this well-
known and comfortable hotel invite the
patronage of all old.customers and the public
generally. *
1 I
Fiirniicc-heHtedlt-nd com fort ably furnlihed room*.
Wrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
ffl'V »,«
ll 1
-tf%. :
t   rii
Best tlotel; iir . Midway
Rigs to any 0r| ffithe^nfrf^f^^
a    '.VV   -.   •j.'Z.    \.YA>.l,'   .   ti   e  ***AJl*A«TTriTT1T
^^^y>^7;^:<^■'• '*'■•-,■*:•■'■'.'*?>■<■-<>*-tVA*^ .-. ■ ■ ,
LUU"- ii'"
q 0. Guise of   Wesftrfidgie,
us in town one day this week.
,. T. Larsen, of Rock Creek,
itcd  the  toW during  the
Y. H. Lamont, of Greenwood,
lS« visitor to Midway during
eweok. ,., V
jen, Perkins nod' John Link
Rock Oreek woje visitors to
ivn during the tyeek.
I. Biirnife, of this town leaves
lay  for an extended    trip
outfh the Territories.
f, L. Soinmer, of New York,
jtod Midway during the week
i spent a couple Of duys fish-
in Kettle river.     ;
)n Saturday C. L. Thoinet
)t throe deer while out hunt-
These wero obtained at
i shots, the flrst shot killing
0 of them.
fits. James Kerr of Green-
od, who hnB been, visiting
n, N. Munroe, left for home
ay. Mrs. J. Kerr accom-
lied her.
', D. Banbury passsd through
Iway one   day during the
k on his way to the Oka*
{im to buy a number of
ch cows to add to his already
gc dairy herd.
'nrtiaces Nob, 5 and 6 at the
why smelter will be blown in
loon as the locomotives, two
timber, designed for hauling
g, arrive from the factory-
three or four weeks.
„ W. Haley^eturncd on
urday fromjfetWo months'
(ition in the,; East Mrs.
ley is stopping over with
nds at Rossland for a few
ft, liefore coming on to her
home here.
. P. Tierney the well known
Iway contractor, of Nelson
il 1). G. Kurtz, manager and
t owner of the Nelson Trans-
1 Co., have been' spending a
days in town and left for
hi« today.'
Amossage was received by
ends here today announcing
b death at Romliuid of Mrs.
Bain. Up to a short time
o Mr, and Mrs. Bain were re-
ents of Midway and much
row was felt by their many
ends here at the aad news.
Vice-chairman George 8.
ntcrlow, of the Snowshoe
Id and Copper Mines, Ltd., is
ported to arrive hi the
midary this week. Managing
rector McMillan, who return-
from London in company
tii Mr. Waterlow, will also be
re this week.
■*-r- -Jiurim xrunk Pacific Bill
in the House of Commons n
meiliber ofParliament remarked how Very few up-to-diit<
maps of the Dominion of Cau-
ada were to he found. As n
matter offuct, very few homes,
or even school-houses, possess
such a useful article. It remained for the publishers of the
Family .Hearld and Weekly
Star of Montreal totftke advantage of this, and it will not be
their fault if every home in Canada is not soon in possession of
ono. One of their best premiums this year is a large 22 x 28
in. coloured map of tho Dominion, with a further enlarged map
of this province. It is called a
Quick Reference Map, and is
well named. Tho location and
population of every town and
village Jii seen at a glance.
Every railroad route, including
the Grand'Trunk Pacific, is seen
at once. It ought to be in every
home. Every scholar should
have it The Map is only one
of three valuable premiums
given with that popular paper
this year, j The others are pictures entitled "Heait-brtiken'
and "Harijl to Choqsef'ond are,;
without I exaggeration, ,.t1ie
grandest collection of premiums
ever given with a newspaper at
one dollar per year. That so
much can be given for a dollar
is marvellous.
The publishers of The Family
Herald and Weekly Star, of
Montreal, warn the public regarding an offer made by certain papers in which another
Montreal paper, with a some
what similar name to The Family Herald, is offered in a clubbing combination. Itis reported to the publishers that in
some coses the offer has been
accepted under the impression
it was The Family Herald and
Weekly Star that would be received. The paper in question
hus no connection whatever
with:the Family Herald and
Weekly Star. It ia the Family
Herald and Weekly Star that
is offering the handsome premium pictures and large coloured map of the Dominion as a
premiums. The word "FAMILY" shou|d bo used when addressing that paper. This caution should have the effect of
putting people on  their guard.
When you rise lu the morning form ft
resolution to make thc dny a huppy pnc
to a ftjlow creature, says 8ya,,e-»;
Smith. It la easily done-a left off gar.
went to the man who needs It, a kin*
Word to the sorrowful, an encouraging
•xpn-nlon to the atrlvlng. Trine, in
thtmselTei aa light na air will do tt, ai
east for the tweity-four hours, and
,,fou. *w Jmag de**nd UP°*> It It
will tell when you are old, and If you
•» old H will aend you gently ond
tapplly down the stream of time to
•teraity. By the most simple arlth*
metlcal aum look at the result-you
■end one person, only one; happily
through the day; that la 865 during the
course of the year. And suppose you
Hto only forty yearn after you commence that kind of medicine you have
made 14,000 beings happy, at all events
for a time. Now, la not thia simple? It
la too abort for a sermon, too homely
for ethics, too easily accomplished for
you to say, "1 would If I could."
■-•rate Md Hm-mb vitality.
One haa but to look back through history to aee how closely related la the
forest to human vitality. It waa in the
forests of Theasaly that the early
Greeks received their energy that later
flowered into genius. It was the forest
dwellers of Germany that conquered
decadent Rome and later gave to Spain
the vigor that swept back the Moor
•nd brought under her flag almost the
whole known world. But today what
la Greece, what Is Italy, what Is Spain?
They have been stripped of their for
csta, those nurseries of vigor, and their
decay has aet In. Everywhere the law
holds good. It Is ln tbe forest tbat the
manhood la nourished which builds up
gnat civilizations. But cities arise,
;1treea are swept away, and the Inevitable decline sets In. Forests once destroyed cannot return, and over all the
sites of ancient civilization are blowing
tbe desert sands;—Arthur Goodby In
New York Times.
Notice of Forfeiture.
ore Furnaces for Greenwood.
I. L Sommer, of New York,
J-president of the. B. C. Cop-
i" Ho., has left tho Boundary
r the const After paying his
st visit to this district. Tho
npnijy own* th* Mother Lode
he and the Greenwood srtfelt
Mr. Sommer, beforo leaving
nounced that it lmd recently
on decided to enlarge the
eonwood plant by the ad-
tiim of a converter and four
litional furnaces. Tho presto equipment consists of two
maces, but with the proposed
ditions, which will be com-
«t«d early next summer, tho
olter will have a daily treat-
out capacity of 2,100 tons.
**■'• Sommer stated that he
as very favorably impressed
itli the magnitude of the min-
'»• resources" of the Boundary,
fftct, after iin Inspection of
various mines, he had reach'
• the conclusion that the min-
>g operations us conducted at
'•went, represented only a
'do preliminary scraping, as
-mpared with the enormous
>»nage that was destinod to be
"tracted on an ever increasing
«'e in the near future.    >
To Thomas W. SUak. formerly of Uie City of
Rossland In the Province of British Columbia, but whose pi-aunt address Is unknown to the subscribers:
Vou aro hereby notlflod ihnt wo havo ex-
pond-nl |300 in labor and improvements upon
(ho "Oreat Uiey" and "Twin Mine" minora!
claims, Hiiuitto ill riuiiiiiiit camp in lho Oroon-
wood (formerly Kottlo Itiver) Mining Division
ot Yalo I»l«trlct, an will appear by CertiflcatcK
of Work recorded in the olllce of the Mining
itceoidor for   the said   (ireenwood   Milling
Hi vision on I he Ith day of August IOTA. in
order to hold wild claim* tor tbo year onding
ri rot are further notlflod that we have
_. iMed the further kuiii of fJQO, in labor nnd
Improvement* upon nald "Oreat Laioy"and
"Twin Mine" mineral claim*, aa will .munkr
10 1
Twin Mine" mineral claim*, M will appear
by Cortiflcato* of Work rocordod Align*! llth.
HUB, In the ofllco of wild Mining llooorder, in
order to hold aniil claim* for tho yoar onding
September 3rd, 1KB:, ■>. *'
And If at the expiration of nlnot}' IW day*
of -Hililieatlon nf Ihi* noliee you fall nr refuse
to contribute your proportion of the expenditures required under section 21 of lhe Mineral
Ael to hold sold claim* for Ilia yoar* above
mentioned, together with all ensw of advertising, your- interest in *nid mineral clnim*
ahall become vested in die subscribers lyour
co-owner*) under Section I of Ihe "Mlnornl Acl
Amendment Act, WHO."
Dated at Greenwood, II. ('., thl* lat day of
Oottbor, 1903.
Hallett k Shaw, Solicitor*,
AH the good things of an old-
'Nliionetl Thanksgiving. dinner
"ll be getyedT\&, Crowell's
lotel on ¥huV|foy,' October
6™. at noon and six o'clock.
To Joseph B. Boss, formerly of tha City of
Spokane In the Stale of Washington, nnd
now supposed to be in Mexico.
Vou are hereby notlflod that.'I ami Jamoa
Napier I'alon have expended $1110 in labor and
Improvementa upon the "Monte Rooo mineral
claim, sltunlo In Oreenwood camp In  tho
Oreenwood (formerly   Kottlo llivcrl Mining-
Division of Yale Dlatrlct, a* will appear by a
Certlllcalo of Work rucorded March 21st IMS,
In lhe olhoe of (ho Mining Heoorder for tho
said Oroon wood Mining Division, In order tp
hnld *aid claim for tho yoar ending March
MAiid vou aro further notlflod that I and wild
Jamoa Napier Paton have oxpended a further
mini of till), In labor and Improvements upon
nald mlnoral olalm, as will appear by a or-
tlllcato of Work recorded March fflrd IBM,
In lhc olllce of said Mining llooorder, In order
to hold wild olalm fer the year ending March
Aiid you aro furthor notlflod that your proportion of (ho expenditure* above mentioned
vas contrlbotod ami paid tar the«ulwr|bor
And if at the expiration of ninety 180) day* of
ptiWloation of thf* noUoe you fall or tofiiso to
•omrihute yonr proportion nf lho expenditure*
•eKTiinder section M of tho "Mineral Act"
o Id wild claim for tho yuanI above men-
inn 7 together wilh all coats of advertlalng,
viiuInterest In Bfld mineral olalm ahall become
ijffij| in lb" subscriber (a co-owiior) imdor
HeJtion 1 ol Ibo "Mineral Aot Amendment Aot
'^.ant Greenwood, B.C., tho Knd day of
mmw,im.    RAtfnou>HSTUAinv
Hallott and Shaw, Solicitors.
Reduced   Summer    Exeursion
Tlie Denver & Rio Grande,
popularly known as the "Scenic
Line of the World," has announced greatly reduced round-trip
rates from Pacific Coast points
for the benefit of teachers who
will spend their vacation in the
Eost, and of delegates to n}l the
prominent Conventions—N. E.
A., at Boston; A. O. U. W., at
St. Paul; B. P. 0. E., at Baltimore; Woodmey of America
at Indianapolis; Eagles, at
New York; Mystic Shrine, at
Saratoga Springs; K. of P., at
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis.
Tickets at the reduced rates
will be based upon one fare for
the round trip, but will lie sold
only on certain days. These
tickets will carry stop-over privileges on the going trip, giving
passengers an opportunity to
visit Salt Lake City, Glen wood
Springs, Colorado Springs, and
Denver; and will be good to return any time within ninety (90)
days. Passengers going via the
Denver & Rio Grande are giving the privilege of returning
via a different route.
For the rate to the point you
wish to go, and for date of sale
and Other particulars, as well as
for illustrated pamphlets,
W. C. MCBRIDE, General Agent,
124 Third St. Portland, Or.
To,Thomn« Murray, of Ymir, and M. J, Mor-
larty, late of Ymir, 11. C.
Vou aro heroby notlflod that I havo
oxpended One Hundred Dollar* ($1110.00) in as*
«essmont work on the "Lucky Jim" Mineral
Olalm, situate near Myor* Crook In Iho Greenwood Mining Division of Ynlo District In Ilritish Columbia, to hold aald claim for the yoar
ennliig October, 10th, Mil. and n furihor
sum of Ono Hundred Dollar* ($11,(1.001 in assessment work to hold anld claim for tho year ending Ootobor loth. MB,' and hnve furthor expended the sum of Five Dollara (13.00) in recording Bald assessment* in order to hold wild
claim under the provision* of Section 21 of
tho Mlnornl Aot.
And If within ninety dnys after the pnuli-
ontion of thia notice, vou. nr eltborof yon fail
or rofuso lo pay or contrlbuto your portion
of the expenditure required under said seotlon 21, that Is to say, the said Thomas Murray in the sum ot (31.10 nnd lho mid M. .1.
Morlnrty In tho sum of $08.33, together with
your portion of nil cost* of advertising, tho
interest of such of yon as fall or rofnao to
contribute your portion of said expenditure
nHd costs of advertising, shall become vested
ii tho subscriber (your co-owner) nndor «e
tion I of tho "Mlnoral Aot Amendment Aet
Datod nt Camp McKinney. B. C this 23rd
day of June. 1003. Lost l**uo Sept. 2ith, inn.
Honry Nicholson, Notary Public.
Betwf'cn June 4th and Aug-
UHt2(itli the Illinois Central wl}]
soli round tripticketfe front Oregon and Washington point's.to
Chicago, Cairo, Memphis and
Xe-v Orleans tit, GREATLY
Tickets good for throe
months. Going limit ten days.
Returning limit ten days after
starting west. Stop over privileges either way, west of the
Missouri River.
Sale dates tire arranged to'be
convenient for delegates to conventions of National Educational Association at Boston; Elks
at Baltimore; Woodmen at India napolis; Eagles at New York;
Shrinet's at Saratoga; Knights
of Pythias at Louisville and
Commercial Travelers at Indi-
You can take your  choice of
Sixteen      Dilforent      Routes.
Write us.   We will ciheerlully
give you anydetailed   information you want. j
B. H. Tbumbui.i,
Commercial Agent.
142 Third St.
Portland, Oregon
fyJcLEOD k BROWN.     ,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
QftF.ENWoon. II. C.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane,Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
ft M. KERBY,
A. M. Can. Soo. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midwav and Oiikhnwood.
Rendell Block. Greenwood.
Phone 98, V. • N.
J. s. Hakrison.
New- Overland
Double daily train service to
Chicago via the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul Railway
Only one change of cars, Portland to Chicago, and that is the
day time from one car to another on the same train.
If you go east via St. Paul,
you will naturally perfer to ride
on the famous Pioneer Limited
to Chicago,
General Agent.
134 Third Street, Portland
Riverside Hotel
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T LABSEN, Prop.
Stepping pliue furSiiiges to
nd from nil Boimiliity
(.'i-eek point*'.
Good Accommodation for the Traveling Public.
Spokane Falls &Norihern
Railway Co.
Nelson 4 Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & 0. N. Ry.,
Van., Vie ^E.By.&N.Co.
The only nil rail roitt* between
points mist, tyPBt mul south to Kosu-
Imiil, Neln"ii, Unind Forks nnd Republic. Connects nt .Spokane, wilh the
Oreat Northern, Norlliern P.iciftc and
0. rt. k N. On. for points easl, west
and south ; cnnnects al Hossland and
Nelson with the Oanadiau Pai'iflt: Hy.
Count-eta nt Nelaon with tho K. II. * N.
Co. for Kiwlo nnd Slmiin pointa.
Connect, nt Curlew with atu-re for
Greenwood und Midwuy 11. C.
Iluffet car. run on trains lietween
Spokane nnd Repnlille.
Leave. Arrive.
0.2.1 int.. SPOKANK........ J.«p.m.
10.1(1 iuii HOSSl.ANn....... ft.l0 p in.
7.00 a.ni NKI.SON  8.00p.m.
!1.00a.ro ORAND FORKS.... *.«0p.m.
O.l.lii.m KKI'URIJC  MO-MH
Tt)@ Dispatch
. mTJAi
Oenenl I'mmmiwr Agent
Spoknno Wjinh.
Manufactured by the Hilda Cigar    C^ m ff£& f*
Factory, I. Blumenstiel, Proprietor, WlgOI
Hamilton, Ontario.
The "BARRISTER" is a Hand Made, Union Make Ci^vr. It, is
■U inches, full size and in made out of Pure Havmina Filler tmd
the very Choicest of Sumatra wrapper.
AND Tjjgf
Through Salt Lake City, Loudvillo, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver  and
the Famous Rocks' Mountain Scenery by Daylight to all Points East.
or rates folders and other
Information, address
W. C. McBRIDE,   Oen.   Agt.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Exocuted to tbe Satisfaction of Custonicps
TAKKnotlun that IM Aay* trom tho dato
liwuot f liliotul to apply to tho OhM fiom-
mlusiniitjrof IjihiIk anil Works far jicniiissliii
to purohaoA tlio liiuioouplod fractional north
west I ot Secton 18 Township 61, Ouojooaillu-
Datod thlsSra day of August.. IHO.
C. doll. Oroen,
To Joseph Saultor or any person or porsoiw
to whom yon may have trnnaforrod your In-
toriwt lo ill tho "Highland Chiof" Mlnoral
claim ailnate In Camp MoKlnnoy, in thc
(Ireenwood Mining DIvMon of Yalo DMrtul
Vou aro hereuy rotMeilthat I havo oxpended
|U8, in order ta hold your Intercut in thc
Maid mineral claim under the prorlidoii of thc
Mineral Aot, that you aliould contribute lho
sum of |I48. for yonr intercut, in hiiIiI olalm,
mil If within W days of tbo Hrst insertion of
I his notice you full or nf use to contribute tlio
snnioftll8. whloh Is now duo by yon, together with all costs of advertising, your tn-
t«rost In said mlneml clnim will become lhc
properly ot thoHUbscrlhcr undor section four
of an Act entitled tho "Mlnernl Aot Amendment Act." INO.
Ilntcd this I8lh day of July, ltKI.1.
TAKK lUrtleo tllht. Bl dnys fmiii lhc dulo
horoof, 1 Intend to apply lo 111 J I'lilcf Commissioner nf Unils and Works foi' permission to
purchase 1*1 noresof Inndbcliigllic north welt
(of SectionII. Township ill, Osoyoos dislrleU
Hated this 1th iU.v of August, 1(110.
O. dell. Oroon,
JAKK notice that 00 days from lhc dato
hereof, I intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
tO purclase II2U acres of land being the north
(of Section 31, Township ID, Osoyoos district.
llutod this 1th day of Augnsl, 1W».
C   toll. Orccn,
'■' i
ila • • f
It wiil be the most important Railway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
ii     wm*
Ranching* Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
make you rieh.   It is
a speculation, it is an in
• • •
Midway, tie coming railway, eoimereial, whole.
sale ud naonracturiDg
eeitre if the Kettle River
ind Solidary Creek Dis.
trlets, is situated at the
Creek and Kettle Biver.
The leading es ience
jiwtlttlw eautry. with
ii eieelleit eMaite, pun
water supply, and sur
raided by rieh agrieul-
tint tint
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for' maps, prices, and full particulars to
Ml St, John Street,
Montreal, P. Q
0. M. (IROUHR,
Agent (or British Colimiliis,
MMway, B. V.
®he ftejmidj
Mm! AatltkHlt of Iko ttm M* Kay
Follow to the II-him.
Then Is precedent In these matters,
and the clerkship In tho Mouse of
Commons having long been held by a
Novo, Scotian, tho knowing ones predict that Flint of Yarmouth will bt
Bourlnnt's successor, writes II.F.O.
in Toronto Star.
Mr. Flint is in many ways the direct antithesis of .Sir John.  He is  a
tall, spurs man; Sir John was portly.    He wears   a    moustnche;    Sir
John was clean shaven.   He is  well
provided    wiih grey hair; Sir John
was very bald.    In manner Mr. Flint
if stow   and formal; Sir John was
nervous and alert.    Mr. Flint speaks
In measured tones; Sir John's utterance wa». ruptd and jerky.   Mr. Flint
is a lawyer by profession,    and,   to
thnt extent hia training   will   help
him in the new oflice.    He will,    no
doubt, bo able to digest quickly that
great   bundle of ruin and sub-rules
which    is     known as parliamentary
procedure.   The lei-nl mind will   be
able to distinguish thc great underlying principles from the multitudinous sub-sc tions which often seem to
contradict diriTily what has gone beforo.   At the bottom, no doubt, common sense operates, hut It t:ilcs .an
ncutn and discriminating Intellect' to
lix the correlation nnd proportion ol
aU the*," technicalities.    Much of the
parliamentary procedure in all coun.
tries has been contrived to give tae-
tirinne n clinnce.   There are rules by
which a ticklish     question can    ho
forced to tho Iront; and oilier rules
by which it ran I* suppressed.    I'he
adroit parliamentarian is recognized
by   his knowledge of thiyu matters,
and    nearly   every politician of uny
consequence   prides     hlin.self   on hit
adroitness   in using that knowledge.
Mr. Flint being a lawyer, and having
a lawyer's thoroughness, will doubtless   arm himself ca|eu-pio to withstand all comers.   Tn arecpting a position which doe* not permit him to
take part in the debatos, prohibition
loses a skillful and earnest advocate.
»n (Ild BmAf*.
k bright-looking young fellow who
lives uour Hamilton, woe In the city
one dny this week Inquiring for the
American headquarters of tho Pinker,
ton Detective Agency, says The
Spectator of thnt city. He had read
the advertisement for the young
men wishing to enter the detective
service and hnd corresponded with
tho agont, and sent on the lee, and
in return received a certificate of appointment in the Finktrton Company and an order for his star and
revolver. He invested several dollars, and is now anxiously waiting
for ths credentials that will make
him a regular detective. This adver-
tlsing for young men to enter the
detective service is an old dodge, and
yet, scores of suckers are caught in
the trap every day. .
Edltorally Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
Neva from all of the world-Well
written, original atorlea—Answers
to queries- Articles on Health, Iho
Home, New Hmiks, and on Work
Atwuttli    Kan'n and Garden.
The Weekly Inter Oeean
Is a monitor of t lie Associated Press,
the only Western Newspaper receiving the entire telegraphic news service of tho New York Sun and special
cable of the New York World-dally
reports from over 2 iiotl special correspondents throughout tho country.
RnbaertbeforTHF; MHPATCH and
The Weekly Inter Orenn one year
botb papers for *l.i,0.
DRY    tl lOlLO
"*'    ■ ">•'• J,
McMillan'fuiu wool co.
ft'   • ..._..
rSri.B_l_.HL 0  26 YIAHi
write; for cihculahs
i   00*********
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trtea and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc
A line assortment of lapis* and ether shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The secret uf success in planting, is, KIMT— to secure good stuck,
srconii—lu plant aa soon as possible after it u dug.
Tiw iMaiM. Aw nr iirsery ni n piloted it
IMway two liys liter the? an Iir.
Price list, and tall information promptly gl»<'n.
CommereialJob Ppintiog
Tt)(i Dispotch
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
The school where thorough'work is done; where the rea«|
is always given; where confidence is developed; where ita
kkki'ing is taught exactly as books are being kept in busing
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is ar
best; where merit is the standard ; where the training in
il Sekvick, Tklkoraphy, English and Cartooning wakes i
students, develops their powers and teaches them    howto
successful.   No argument is so eloquent as   the record!
things well done.   No mortgage can corrupt,  no thief
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do.   WW
you know what a school can do for, you by what it has clone *
others is it better to trust to luck?  Is it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call,' telephone or write
809 Secocd Ave., Spokane WasM


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