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Vol. XVI, No. 14.
$2.00 per Year.
lililJKNWllllll, 11. C.
' —: Notary Purlic,
■pMoKlNNEY, B.C.
Hallett & Shaw
[barristers, solicitors,
NoUrle* Public,
|to Address :''HaU.ott."
CouRS: Bedford MoKolll's, Moreing &
Ni'iil's, l.i'ilii'i-1..
Indell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 00, V. O S.
A. M. Can. Soo. C. E.
loviNciAL Land   Surveyor
Iway and Obukkwood.
. =: AT COST :=
Our entire stock of Dry Goods,
and Clothing, Ladies and Childrens Shoes, commencing Jan.
15, we will sell at cost.
You cannot afford to overlook these cash values.
All 15c and 17c prints 11c
" ioc Flanneletts 6c
" $4.00 Ladies Shoes       $2.50
" $2.75      do      do $1.65
" $15.00 Mens Suits $i< .00
" $12.00     do      do $9.00
" $8.00      do      do $6.00
" $5.50 Boys Suits $3.50
Call and see our $2,75 line of mans shoes at $1.75
I^eal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
Jn flrat-claR-i Hhnvo, lln.tr Cul. Son -ORW
liic Sluiinuoii. ciill nt Uie above luirlor.
IHri/.nr. himiiil nml ground.
rrn stukkt,
_i»_-»l     BluclunmltU
Kindt of Repairing.   Horseshoeing
A specially.
Kxccllort Huhlnn on Kettlo Uivor../F»
I kinds of work executed to
•atisfaotion of customer*.
Practical Watch Maker,
eholt, b. c.
Qood Tooln, Plenty Material,
and 30 yean experience to do
work correctly.  .  .  .
»!d by All Newsdealers
t<»*J.W. PEPPI'Ki
|i'a 170
Unl"*hH Monthly tit all lovers ol Smut
Jl MUllo a nut viiliimo o( New, Choice
■Wight Comooaltlons bv lho inrsl pop-
Im'"1'1!"?' ,«.« Paneaof Piano Mualc,
SMoail, hall liniriiinniuil-ai Complete
_P _*• \9' Piano-Olive a StonUi (nr as
■nta. Ycnrly BubMjrIjiltoii, »a.oe>. If you
IL wna0" ™ name ami aildri'H nl Fivn
■no or Onmn l'laypin. wo will nt'iid you a
|>y of tlio Marine Free.
L..J. W. PEPPER, Publlaher,
»hth»locuatSla., Philadelphia, Pa
Hotel Spokane,
! ~r-»~—,
i-CCrCOCSeventh S1, ■ nidway* xxccx
. -********-
A new building, well furnished, Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for .Mining
and Commercial Men. [NoChi.ykse Employed.]
ES. C.
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything eut in all Departments.
J. Roderick Robertson Killed in
an Explosion in New York.
Wc.s General Hanager In Canada for
the London & British Columbia
Uold Fields, and Associated
with  Many   Other
, Quick Sales and '
Small Profits.
A fresh stock ol'stsiploaiKl fancy groceries arriving daily.
Nnw York, Jim.'27.-Tin' neighbor-
linini nf Flirty Second street nnd
Fourth avenue wns iJl'U'iilly wrecked
shorlly after noon lodny. Five people
warn killed anil fully n hundred more
oi less injured liy iln teirilile explosion nf a large quantity uf dynamite in
ihf- Rapid Ttansit underground exia-
VHtioii un Fourth avenue al the eniiier
of Fnrtv-First street. Men und women
were killed or hurt in the lliree. big
hotels near hy. The Murray Hill, Ihe
Grand Union and lhe Manhatlan, in
which all lhe windows were blown out
and the ceilings fell. Every store and
oflice buildingnnd private dwelling fur
1)1.n:ks nir.uml shrink fiinn the cxplos-
inn, Inst windows iiiid doors, and in
some nf tli'in persons were injured.
It was ih lhe Murray Hill hnlel thnt
the excitement and fright were worst,
and the cil'eel of I he'explosion must
disastrously fell. One gmsl of lhe
hotel. J Roderick Robertson,a wealthy
Briiish Columbian, was killed in his
lied nn ilie lirsi floor at the corner
nearest, the scene of lhe explosion.
The celling fell nn him nnd crushed
Ills skull. His window was ill.-o
"ina--lied, nnd a flood of iron, siones
and wood struck him, terribly mangling his body and killing lilin pnssilly
instantly. He was found by Father
.Suiuli, chaplain of thefire department,
J. Roderick Robertson was iihout 41
years nf age anil a native of Senl Iai.d,
but* wag raised in England, where he
receivnl a luslness training. Afier
following business pursuits in London
he lefi Kngland fnr Aineiiea about
1883mid became ihruuditnrforsevciul
large insurance companies mid in lhai
J-?.|'r'ljiJtV      lrf.lx illlt.r-li      Ik! UL-ell      IVeW
York, Chicago hiiiI olher large cities;
When English capitalists conceived
the idea uf pun liu-ing a number ui
lhc linger hh weiies in lbe Unilid
Slates lv was llirir ngi-nt nnd bought
n niinilier of lending estjihlishiuents oi.
llieii lielnilf. This was mi inipnriiint
uudcrlakii g and ihe fuel lhat he was
engaged in such dealings ns were then
concerned reveals ihal he wns a sue
cesr-fiil wan nf affairs lung before he
in.ide bis advent iu mining ventures iu
Britisli Columbia.
Aluiig in 1885 Mr. Robertson removed
to Victoria, where he was fur several
years a real esiale and invcsimeiii
broker. It was not imiil 1S01 thai lie
Hrsl canic to lho Eooleiiiijs und ihen
he made only a short visit, but he
came fiequei-Uj afierwnids and finally
in 18'.lo he liccniiie a perinnnenl real
dent. In Ociobei-180(1, he in conjunction wjth some wealthy Lonilun ciii
Zen* nrgai izcil lhe l.ondnn and Brit
ish Columbia (luld Fields witli a capi.
tal stock nf 16200,000. This company
in lurn I111snrgiini7.nl subsidiary coin
pares. These ate the Ymir Gold
.Miins, limbed, the Whitewater, limit
ed, lhe Entei prise D. C. Mines, limited,
and lhe Cascade Power and Ligbl-Cnur
puny, The Ynnr is the most succesful
i.f ihese, and was organized in October
181)8, wiih 11 cnpilal of £200,000, Willi
1 he assistance of S. S, Fowler, M. E.,
1 his properly hns been developed into
whnt Is one of the Insl mines in Ihe
Konli nays, li has for .leveral months
I'jisl yielded a prolit, of $1,11(1(1 a day
ahd lilts already paid its slock hold ers
$210,000 in dividends. The While
water hi fore it passed into the hands
of the London ami British Colunihia
Syndicate had pnid $104,000 in divi
(lends, hul since I hen il has been uiiilei
development and only such ore as was
taken out 111 the com se of such work
lias heen shipped. Thn Cascade Poivi r
company is cons!mating ils plant ami
has uiit yel begun to supply custom
ei's with electricity, Besides this Ilv
London and B O. has ncipiitctl some
olher propel lies which mc Icing tie.
veloped in order to determine their
won It. Mr. Robertson has lhe full
innliilouce uf a number of Briiish in
vesiurs and has done more perhaps
I luin any single individual lu Induce
lhc invcstini 111 uf English cnpilal in
Nelsnn, Slocan and Kellie river mining divisions,
Mr, Robertson was a public spirited
citizen lind Was Hie chief spirit in the
Mine Owneis' association nnd has lieen
II lower of slivnglh lo that otunnlzii-
I li ni. He had a large social side lo his
linfurc, look a deep inlerest ill the Sl.
Andrew's society, in society generally,
nnd wav a pniroil nf legitimate spni'ts
and nf 1 lliv drama, lie wins a meiubi'i
nl lbe iMnnniiic society and of llu
I'leshvlcrian chinch.
Strange as it niuy .-erm Air. Robert
sou lor a lung lime has eiili'iliiineil a
presentiment thnt ho wnuld die snd
denly by means nf an accident. This
presenl.iiiienl was so strong Ihal be
curried a large uccidenl insurance on
his life,
lie leaves a widow and four children
tu mourn bis demise, and they have
the sincere syinpaiby of the entire
c'lmmuniiy iu this the hour nf Iheir
great bereavement.
The funeral look place in New York
on Friday iifternonn and was, in ne-
enrdiince with the wish of the di used, of a simple eharact"!', Th" mines
of the l.nii'hni ,'.: Briiish Columbia,
Gnlilllelds subsidiary compiinies were
closed fur the day,
It is understood Untl Mr. Robertson
citified iin accident insurance- policy
for $20,000. and lhat he bad other insurances aggregating $00,(100.
Of the Boundary Creek  Mining and
Hilling Company was held
on Jan. 25th,
The annual meeting of shareholders
of ibis conipnny was held at Green
wood nn Saturday afternoon, 23lh ull.
The president, I). A. Holbrook, wns in
tin* chair, ami Ihere were represented,
iu person nml hy proxy, more lhan Iwo
thirds of the Issued stuck. Tlie luni-
ness wns routine and unimportant.
The directors^-'D. A. Holbrook, D.AV,
Uiilhinnk, E, Jacobs, ,1. Vf. Nelson nnd
C. JE Shaw—were re elecled.
A -special general meeting followed
and al this Ilie sccri-tnry siaied lhat a
couimiiiiicntiiiii had been reci ived from
ilm secretary of lbe London & Canada
Syndicate, Ltd.. London; England, tn
tin* 1 Heel Ihnt a scheme hnd been pro
posed 10 Ibe syndicate for a conipany
having an available capital of $100,000
and a nominal capital uf £200,000 in
■11X1,000 leu shilling shares, In neipiiiv
ihe mining properties nnd all olher
assets of the. Boundary Creek Mining
& Milling Co., conditionally ihal, the
$11X1,(01 he set apai't for the purpnSi-
of paying off the existirg liatiliiies nl
the local Company and developing it.:.
in.liiing properties, or some of thi 10,
and Ihnt lbe shmeholders iu the
h'cnl iiuiipiiiiy rei-cive as cntisiilerallnii
for their pien'iil holdings oil.OOO fullv
paid up ten shillingshllies ill lbe Eilg
lish conipnny. Acting in.due the nu
tbiiiily given l.hi'in ni a special meet
iuguf slnirchnlileis held last year tin
directors lmd given the Lou.Ion A: Can
ada Syndicates ihree months' opiiun
nn ihe properties on the tHiin.s und
ciiiiditinns named, and hnd issued n
power of altoi'iiey lo the s. cietary of
tbat coinpaiiy in act ns this company's
agent in selling or disposing of tin
|irn|icriies on those lenus und con-
ilitions. The documents iu coiiuectinp
with ihis proposed tiaiis'itciion hnd
heen scut to England ihruugh a hunk,
these tn bed livered 10 the Loud >u &
('jinuila Syndicate only upon the hunk
being satisfied I hul there is a icit>on
able probability of 11 sale being efficicd
upon lbe lenus named. The nieeluig
uiiiinimoiisly nppimcil nnd ratilied tin'
action of lbe dil'ictors, and ulsu
udopieil aiinther resolution autlinriz
ing the directors 10 iua|ie olh.-r ar
ijingi'ineiits fur the disposal of the
properly should the proposal now fix'.-
milled by the London k Canada Sin
dicate.liol be curried In a successful
The directors mel later and reelected
D. A. Holbi'in k. presiikiit, and E.
.lacolis, sccrHnry-1rt'a*urer.
Samples will be Sent Free.
By Instructions uf ihe Hun. Mlnl-tei
uf Agriculture aiiolllei dls'l'lbutioii
will he made this season of samples of
the inosl pioduilive-oris uf grain tn
Canadian fut'iniusfi'i'ihe impeuveiiicnl
of seed. Tbe stock fur distribution is
rif the very he<t niid lias hen secured
by lhc Director of the Expeiiineulnl
Farins flout the record hveiiklng crops
recently had in the Cuiiadl'in Northwest, It wid he worth while fnr farmers generally to ren-w theii seed of
oiils wbeii vaiiolies which hnve produced more than 100 bushel* per uie
can he bud. The disitlbittiun ihis
spring will consist of simples of nuts.
spring wheal, hurley, Held pen e. Indian corn anil potatoes. Every fii'iii"!'
may apply, hilt only une simple can
he senl lu each applicant, hence if an
Individual receives 11 sn'ipl" of nuts he
caniiol also receive niu'nf wheat, bur-
ley or potaines, and applications for
more than one sample for one bouse
hold cannot he enlerl ibiejl. These
samples will be senl free of charge
ihrniigh lhe mull,
Applications should he iiddr/wrrt in
lhe Director of Kxpci'lmeiilul Fnrius,
Ottawa, nnd may be sent in any time
liefore the ISth of March, after which
the lists will be closed, so Hint all i\„,
samples n.sked for may be sent out in
good lime for lion ing, Parlies Wilt-
big should incut inn the inui or vafli lv
they won!.I prefer, unl should the
available sinck nf lbe kind asked for
he cxhiilHiil, -iiii e nther gnod sort
will be senl iu iis pi ice.
Concentrator   May   be  Erected  tt
Mill the Ore.
The No. 7 Mining Oompany, of Ne*
York, F. ICuffer manager, continues 10
do steady development at ils No. T
mine, nenr Greenwood, wilh increasingly snlisl'nciory lesuhs. A recent
slrike of ore of mnch higher grade
than what the mine hud been shipping
during the last >enr bus iitliacted
more nutlee to this mine, which In
181X17 wus developed down lo lhe 120*
fool level, and llieu for ahout three
years was nllo.veil 10 remain enmpur*
alively idle su far as development
work was cnnoHriied. In 1801) commodious mine building were erect-d and
aluti-f mine limbers and coidnood
cut. lu December of 1000, however,
wmk was resumed, Mr. K'ITt-r placing
S. C. Holuiaii in charge at the mine,
and operations have been continued
ever sincu, under bis direction as foreman.
At ihe close of Inst winter the following power plant was delivered at
1 he mine : a Class A Ingersoll Sergeant
sirnit line nir coiupressur rated at Hve
drills, nir receiver, Ut) horse power
horizontal return tubular holler, six
one mini machine.drills,26 horsepower
hoisiing engine, Cameron sinking
pump, and the usual complement of
accessories, Tliis planl was running
in the spring. Meanwhile the main
shaft was being enlarged from a four
I y Hve prospect shaft lo a double compartment working shaft, each coin*
parlllieiil four and a half by five inside liiiilnr. This done, the diift ut
the 12(1 foot level was extended, similar
work having fur some lime been in
iri'gr.-ssai tlie 110foot level. Lately
tin1.shaft, bus been deepened to250feet,
witli '.he timbering finished down to
105 feet. A station is being cut at I he
200 fool level, at which a -111 fuut crosscut has already encountered the ledge,
drifting oh wliieh will be put in huud
as somi as the slnliuii is liiusheil and
ul In r iiecessui y work in shupe to admit of the link being expeditiously
bandied a: lbe drift advances. II. is
claimed that Iheshutt, Ihe sinking of
wlileli Is to be ftiiilliiiicii, was more
cheaply sunk from lhe ISO-foot lo the
2i.ll fl. point than any other shaft, of
similar dimensions ami timbering, in
the district, sinking and limbering
having cosl only $18 per foot.
The ilrill at tlie 00-fniil level has
been run a total distance, easl and
West of the shaft, of about 44ll feet.
From this levi I, al about 200 feet from
the shaft," a raise whs lately made 10
ihe surface for nir. Owing to lhe
rapid rise of the hill into which the
drill 1 uns, ii tin-k II) feet of raising to
g'M 1 liroiiglt to ibe surface. This raise
wns iu me, whicli at the (ill-loot level
ranges in width fnun 18 incite* lo
seven feel, ihere being fully seven feet
ufqiiariz in tbe cast luce of the diifi.
lhe oro is mineralised with gold, silver, lend and zinc. The recent strike
nbove mciilioied was mnde in one of
'be stipes on Ibis level, wheie the ore
bid been but two feel in thickness,
Git breaking into what hnd been taken
forthe porphyry foolwall a body if
rich ore, loin feet iu width, was uncovered, The extent of Ihis ore has
mil yet been prnved, but its occurrence i.s important since it indicates
1 hill much higlller values mny be oh-
laim d in pails of the hail than has
been found to be the case so far as pre-
v ions explorations hnve proved.
Al lbe 121 foil level lbe drift, al.*o
holli ousl und west fl oil) the shaft, is
ahoul I.V) feet ill tolal length. Here,
tun, Ibe me lias heen found lo vary ill
size, milking a pinching, soiuellnies
narrow und again wid, iiiug out to full
■ixfii'l nf quarts. The ledge where
.in at the 21X1 foot level is only two
feel iu width, bill I his is nnt surprising,
since, ns already stilled, iis width
varies ciiiisidernbly, so it is anticipated
that when dri fled on here it will, all
iu gnuil time, widen out similarly tu
whal ii did iu Hie other levels.
Whilst the roads were in gnid
ciii'itgh condition fnr hauling smneOov
tuns uf nre were sent I n the Greenwood
smeller. Since October, however, it
bus heen Impossible tu haul heavy
loads, the roads having (list been too
sort, nfter the late full rains, uud since
1 lieu ihere bus uot at any 'hue been a
sufficient deplh of snow 10 admit of
sleighs lieing used. An early fall of a
font or inure uf snow is hoped for, so
that tlie shipment of ore may he resumed mul, too, a hulk tesl he made nf
lhe licit nie lecently opened up. As
Ihere Hmil inii.'hlikelibnodofitrallway
being const rin toil to ihe mine, at any
rale mil in lhe near future, the question of concentrating the ore is having
careful consideration nml it is not im-
, probable ihal before Ihu curreul yeiti*
closes the example of some of the Slo*
I can mines will be followed ami a con.
[contrajror bu erected 011 McCarren
creek, n mill site 011 which, only a
short distance 'from ihe mine, having
Jul ready I een .secured, THE ADVANCE.
JOHN WITIIKI.b fy.'PitOrltfa-'OR
C,;M. CKOUHK !. Manaokh
Piilillshud   weekly 'nt'Midway,  11.0,
8ulisiirl|ilioii Pride, 92.00 per Hiiiuun. payable
In advance, either yearly or half-yearly al llio
option ol Che stilmrribur.
Adviirl isinu Hales seat on application.
The Ciinadiiin Pacific Railway is set
Ing a great, pace for its tiaiixonli-
mjntnlrivals.whoeveryfew weeks have
presented to litem a new illustration of
th** enterprise of the management of
our mil innal highway. A tritnsconti-
li en I ul flyer tn make the trip from
Montreal lo the coast, in three days,
Is the latest suggestion, and as a Seattle paper sorrowfully remarks ; "The
trains will make the run to Montreal
in ibe same tune lhat trains ordinarily
lake to reach St. Paul. The run from
Montreal to New York is made in
altont half a day, and a passenger enn
tlietefore he carried from Ihe PaclHc
coast to New York city in about a day
a'nd a half less lhan liy any nl her route.
Iii|!Kleiitally, considering the distance,
the*rate per hour made will necessarily he very fast. The distance fiom
Montreal to Vancouver is 2.000 miles,
and to make it iu seventy-two hours,
the average rate per hour will be
uIhiiiI. forty and one third miles." The
new train, we aie luld will handle no
local traffic and will he run three times
a week. "The equipment, now in
lourse of construct ion, will duplicate
that of the royal train that carried the
Duke aod Duchess of Yoik across tbe
colli incut.
The prospects foe railway  building
iu the Boundary country never looked
l>iighlcr than  at the present  time.
The V. V. k V,. is located as far west
ns Oroville.   The location of the Phoenix spur is completed.   The Midway
and Vernon is backed hy ample capital lo assure its completion, and is only wailing for the Legislature to ratify
its promise of a suhsidy  which wus
Made at   last session,  to   commence
work.   No town in Southern British
Columbia is so favorably  situated   to
receive such exceptional  advantages
fiom the construction of these   differ
ent lines as Midway.   The main line of
the V. V. k Vi. lunches tliis  place im
mediately upon crossing the Inlernitt
tonal  boundary   line    from    Curlew.
Th-' Phoenix spur leases the main line
at a pmnt in the town.   The  Midway
nml  Vernon    starts from here, and
when ihe V. V. k &. commences eon-
mruction on its main line  west from
Midway, th" 0,   P.   R.  will  he com
pelled lo build, and it, too, will  begin
construct foil nt this pnint, which will
make four roads building out of Mid
way nt one time.   This  Is no flowery
hallucination of an imaginary  brain,
but cold facts that cantiiil be got over.
It  is simply   tlie  natural   course   of
eveiilf.   This is the natural gateway
from the   CoiiJit  to   the   Kootenays
through which all lines have  to pass,
ns is recognised by all  the companies
wlm propose to operate   the lines in
question, and all that is now required
to start, construction  on  these four
roads inside of sixty days,  is a little
wise and just  legislailrn   in   dealing
with lhe railway question,  when th
house meets,
justified as is proven liy the results,
and the fact Ihal no dividends were
paid since October 1001), wus not be-
cutise tbe mine was mil, in it position
lo do so, but because the management
decided that wilh more money expended on the properly, it would be in
a posilion to pay increased dividends
later, and the shareholders are now beginning to benefit from the wise policy
adopted by the directors. Regarding
the recent low quotations for Cariboo-
McKinney slock it will be remembered
that iu November we published an
article explanatory of the cause, which
was that a Toronto hunk, which held a
large block of shares as security for a
loan, seized tbe psychological moment
when lhe shares Hrst coalmen, ed lo
advance early in October, to realise,
hut the market being abnormally
timid and sensitive Immediately became panic us lbe big offerings continued lo cuine ont with extraordinary
rapidity. Cariboo shares experienced
a similar slump on it'foi mer occasion,
followed shortly nfterwii'ds by an unprecedented raise and it would appear
from present indications that the
recent slump is going lo he followed
hy a similar raise, as there is at present
an increased demand forCarihoo stock
caused no doubt by a strike of a body
of gond ore, together wilh the dividend which has heen declared, It is
generally understood that the mine
was never in a lulller position than it
is at present and the payment of a
dividend will greatly change the opin
ion of the properly in tlie minds of a
number whn had probably lust faith in
il, so we may from now on look for a
continued advancement in the quotation of Cariboo McKinney shares.
At a meeting of I he directors nf the
Cariboo, Camp McKinney. held lust
Wednesday a dividend of IJ cents per
share was declared. This is the first
dividend paid since October 1000, bul
previous to that lime $108,078 in dividends were paid. Much speculation
has heen indulged in for some time by
those unacquainted with the circumstances why it was that the Cariboo
had not lieen paying regular dividends
as it bii'l formerly heen doing. The
fact that no dividend had lieen pnid
since October. 1000 together with the
decrease in value of tbe Carihoo stock,
gave Ihe impression to many, who
Were not in a position to understand,
thut the Cariboo was noi the properly
Ihal il was when il wits paying such
larjge dividends, but to anyone who is
at all familiar with Ihe mamigemenl
it-lithe Cariboo or who hits even fol
lowed the reports of the Carihoo McKinney Co.. it is easy to understand
ivlly no dividends have been paid for
some lime. At the last annual meet
big of ihe compuny held in Toronto
about a year ago the most important
feature of the reports piesenled was
that Ihe management hud decided to
temporarily suspend paying dividends
in order thill the product'of the mine
might lie put buck iuto the properly
to iiisuie a heavier production laler on.
It was this policy Ihal has placed Ihe
big American railway systems ou Iheir
present excellent basis, and the same
policy adopted by the management of
the Carlhoo.la placing Ihe properly in
h similar substantial footing. During
the year I0IH), $50,000 was paid to Ihe
ehai ('holders, but owing to difficulties
encountered In tbe working of the
mine; .vhich entailed unusual expense,
Ihe profits arising from tlie company's
operations were Hot as large as was
anticipated, so uot Ing upon the recommendation of the managing director,
the directors determined on the policy
tt<above outlined, and this policy has
been carried out with the result us anticipated by the directors, and IheCitri-
hoo Is now in excellent shape and in a
position to pay regular dividends.
Much money has lieen expended during the past year in gelling the property in Its present satisfactory con
4ilion, but the expenditure Was well
The Montreal Guselle recently con*
lained un interview with Smith Curtis,
member nf the provincial bouse from
lhe Rossland riding, in which that
gentleman was questioned as lo Ihe
railway question in this province and
in reply said :
"I notice that certain newspaper
utterances in British Columbia are Inserted in the eastern press directed
against allowing or assisting 'Jim'
Hill's branch lines in Southern Briiish
Columbia. Our people want railway
compel ition. and nre hound lo have it.
We have a right to ask the Dominion
government to assist Ihese branch
lines through mountainous districts.
The railway must precede population
iu such cases. There is no danger thai
Auiericnn railway connection will be
oilier than beneficial to us. if non-
intercourse with the south were no'
good for us il would not be good for
Montreal; cut off your city's connection with the south before you actively prevent our conned ion with the
smith. The proposed Ooast-Kuot'enay
railway bus caused tbe foundeiing of
the Dunsmuir government which hus
sided with the Canadian Pacific Ruil
way, and delays i's construction. The
opposition of the Canadian Pacific
Kailway is easy to understand, The
new route mikes the distance from Ihe
rich Boundary country 325 miles, as
lignum he Canadian Pacific route, 050.
There are only u few thousand people
now uliing Ihe route of the Coast-Koot
enay railway, but once the railway is
started the population will tremendously increase, and a rich mining, farming aud ranchingcouilry will be exploited. Hon, Mr. Siflon has recently
stated that the yearly interest on lbe
money given lo aid the Crow's Nesl
Railway in $100,00, but lhat the customs and Inland Revenue have been
increased I hereby $500,000 a year. The
huilding of Ihe Coast Kootenay Rail
way will duplicate ibat iesult, and the
governiuenl of Canada should uid Ibis
and other necessary railway lines
which we desire to see buill. We have
territory o|ienrd up justifying the
building of over twelve hundred miles
of railway, and these lines should be
built within the next four years, and
will mean an expenditure of $35,000,-
000 ; two-thirds of this would go in
wages ; and will enormously conduce
to lhe rapid growth of the province."
When Mr. Curtis mude the slate*
ment that our people -vant railway
Competition and nre bound to have It
he expressed lhe opinion of nearly
every resident of Southern British Columbia, and when the house meets on
Feb. 20th Mr. Dunsmuir will find that
neither bis lengthy appeals to tbe
electors, through lhe press of Ihe province, nor his discourteous letter to
Sir Wilfred Laurier, will reconcile Ihe
people of Southern British Columbia
lo lhe luetics adopted at the last
meeting of the legislature lo prevent
competition in railways in Ihis province. The Premier's actions in connection with the building of Ihe Coast-
Kootenay roud nt thnt time were disliked hy the people, but when he tries
lo defend his actions, Ihis dislike is
turned to disgu-t and Ihu,' is the only
feeling the residents of Southern British Oolumhla have for lhe Premier today. Bul for his partiality lo the 0.
P. R. the Coast-Koolenuy railway
from here to the Coasl would now be
under construction. Sn under the
circumstances, how can tbe people of
tliis poiHon of the piovince have any
sympathy for Dunsmuir or his govern
ment? However, the time of the
Dunsmuir administration is shorl, but
none too short to suit the people, for
when the house meets tbo Premier and
his benighted followers will reap the
reward of their unjust legislation in
connection with the building of Ihis
rond that means so much to this province in gi-ncinl and Southern British
Columbia in particular.
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district.   With the advent of more rail-
ways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it is an
For prices and terms apply to
a*\?f,\T: Jii. n|»-5tS'I'l-i ■.!'. ''l" el*n*l*i-*-i-t'nl.n|3 tie TO cin-wa ol.'-illi "l»r|'j"ffla|
Carrying His Hajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs*
clays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. in., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p.m.
Returning will leave CAM1» McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. ni.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1,30 p, m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The best of accommodation for
the convenience of  the
travelling publlo.
\i Syrup of   I
*White Pine f
fa fa
1  and Tar   #
Certiflciite   of  Improvements.
Ai-riNE Mineb.il Claim.
situate 111 the O-oyous  Mining Division of
Yale  District.   Where  located :-Camp
TAKK NOTICE thnt I, Charles ilcllloln
Green; iim lujcnt for LouIh O. Hclluml.
froo miner's cortiltor.lc- No. rtIMM, ntu| fnr
John Oreenhlll, freo miner's ecrilttiialr - No.
iiltmin. Intend, sixty dnys from llio dato hereof,
to apply to tlio MlnlnK ftooorder for tx Coriiti-
cate of Improvements, tor the pnrpono of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho above claim.
Anil further tako untie*! Hint aetlnn. under
section 37. mum he commenced beforo tho
issuance nf such Cerlillcate of Improvements,
Dated this 18th day of Jan., 1002.
13c C. null. GltKKN.
Dr. R. Mathison,
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate   of Improvements,
HOLLO AND Kino Minkkai. Claims,
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where Located :-Camp
TAKK NOTICE that  I, Clmrlos do Uinl,
Green, an ngcnl  fnr Unhurt 11. Hcdlny
free miner's eerlilleale No. H50378 and fnr Haul
.loliiiwin, froo miner's cerlilleale Nn. nllli'il and
frank Fletcher. Iree miner's cerlltlinte No,
—  • Ii.i0.va  anil   for   Poter Scotl. froo   miner's
Ct?     Pr\CXT7DT,r,iNriS?Hlac?t4i »*-.   Hil,m'   '"'end  aixty  days
.   r.    KrfkJD I CIV 1 WIN   Jr""" 'he dale hereof, lo apply to the Mining
„.. ..„., _ „ -I 'loc"ril<!1' ,ur a formicate of Improvomonts,
VKIINON B. C '■ f Jir the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
tho abovo clninis.
And further lake notice that aotion. undor
section 37. must bo commenced before ' he Issuance of such certitlcato of improvements.
Dated this 18fli day cf Jan., 1002.
General Real Estate & Financial Agi.
AmmaaA Fov*->*
The Royal Insuranck Coy.
The London and Lancashire Firk
Insurance Coy.
The Insurance Coy. ok North
The London and Canadian Firb
Insurance Coy.  '
The Sun Life Assurance Coy ok
The Dominion Building-and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
To I). McKay, Esq., of Keremeos, British Columbia.
Take notloo that I havo dono on tho "Valley
View" mineral claim situate on tlio West side
of Koromcos Crock ln the Osoyoos Division of
Yalo District, the work required by si*clinn 24
of the Mineral Actior tbo two years whicli expired on Oct. II, 1900and 1001 respectively,, and
have duly recorded the eertlfleato of rark :
Anil further lake notice that if, at the expiration of 00 days from the dalo of thc Hrst publication nf this not lee In the Midway AnvixuK,
you, a co-owner, fall to contribute your proportion nf lhc expenditure required liy said section
21 in respoct nf such work, namely fl0lt..W together with all tbo costs of advertising, your
inlerest, In said mineral claim shall becomo
vested in mo upon tiling with tbo mining recorder of snid mining division the notice and
.titlilavll required hy the "Mineral Aot Amendment Act 1000."
Dated this 1st day of January. 1901.
Certificate   of   Improvement*,
Sii.vnr Utah Minkiiai. Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where located : Welling
ton Camp.
TAKK NO'l'iCK that I, Forbes M. Kerby as
agent fnr T. W. Slack, frceinlners' ccrtill-
cale No. iiKim. T, A. Howard, freo minor's
eertlfleato Noi B4ZtHK, and Cln-ls. MbDonoIl, froe
minors cerlilleale No, HUM, inUinil.sixty ilnvs
rami tho dato horeof, to apply to the Mining lie-
cordorfor a certificated Improvements, for the
purpose nf oblaining a Orown Giant of lho
above elaini.
Anil furthor lako notico that aetlnn, undor
section H7, musl, bo commenced hoforo the
issuance of such ccrtllleato of Improvomonts,
Dated thin 18th day of November, IML
120 forbbs m. KKitnr
In the Goods of Ronald T. Hodgson, late
of Greenwood, B. C„ deceased Intestate,
NOTICK Is hereby glvon pursuant to thollo-
vlsed Statutes of British Columbia, Chapter
187, that all persons having claims against the
cslulenf the late Itonald '1. Hodgson, are required on or boforo Ibo 20th day of January,
lllli-., lo send In tho undersigned their names,
addresses nnd descriptions, together with full
particular.*.of t.holr respective claims veritlcd
by statutory declaration—And all per«nns Indebted tn lho said oslnto are required to pay I ho
amount of their indebtedness tn the undersigned forthwith.
And furthor tako nolleo that after tho said
Until day nf January IMS, lho administratrix
will proceed In dlst.rlbul*i the assets nf the do*
ceased among the partlcsoiitilled therein, having regard only lo Ibo claims of which sho
shall then have notice and that tho said administratrix will mil, lie liable fur the said assets or
any part thereof tn any porsnn or persons of
whoso claims notice shall nut have been re-
col veil by Ilium at, tbo dato of such illstriciition.
Dated Ihis 1st dav of.Innuary. IMI
Solicitors for Administratrix.
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Situate in the Kettle River Mining Division
of Yale District, Where located : ln
Wellington Camp.
TAKK   NOTICK that I, Forbes M. Korby,
ns agonl, for T. W. Stuck, froo miner's
cortllleaio Nu, U42181. T, A. Hinvard, true miner's certlllcalo No. aim!, James Price, freo
mlner'soerllllciile No, |ilM78, and Chris. Mo*
Diiliell,  froo minor's  oei'llllcalo No,   1)121100
intond, sixly days from  the dale horoof, tii
apply to tho Mining lloeordor for a Cortlfloato
of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of tho above claims.
And further take notice that action, undor
soction 117, must bo commoncod  boforo the
issuance of such Cortilicato of linprm umonts.
Dated this 18th day of November, A. II. IIKII.
12c FOllltKSM. KKHIIV.
Teaming of all kinds done at
-a^Fop that Cough c
I yours, H's good,]
The Midway Pharmacy
Travellers up the West Fork
of Kettle River will find this
popular hotel thc most convenient stopping place. Dining-
room well supplied and managed.
Best liquors and cigars at the
bar.   Stable in connection.
. Proprietor.
The Riverside Hotel!
Is situated at Rock Creek, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good  Fishing,
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls (Northern
Railway Co,
Nelson & Ft, Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only nil rail route between
nil points East, West nnd South
to ItoNNli-ml, Nelson nnd nil
intermediate points ; connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Noil hern Pacific and
O. It. & N. Co.
Connects at liossland with the Canadian
Pacific Railway for Boundary Creole points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage dally
for Republic
BulTot Service on Passenger Trains be
tweon Spokane and Northport.
IMV TlXhltt.
Loavo. Arrive.
SPOKANK    b.ttlix.ni, 7.1.5 p.m.
UOHSI.ANII    MM!. Ullpiii.
NKliSON     IUtlii.111. (U,',p.m,
K.   A.   JAOKSOM,
General Pa}iiciigor Agont,
Worlds Scenic Route.
Dinner mnb . . lowest hates |
.St. Pauls, Chicago and ll. S. Point*.
CflQT/!;y.!IKyKt,RTOKK Wei. Tn. »
t-HOl )'." MINBMOItKJCT. Moil, Time.Snt-
Leave Knolonny Uniting Friday for St. I'Attl
Toronto, Montroal, and Iioston.
HiriiT /'!Sl*vn HKVKI.S'I'OKK. Monilnl"
Aril -\ Wednesdays nml Fridays tor V«»
,M-UI    Unu ver, Seattle, CmM.
From Vancouver to Alaska, Htiwolli
Clilna, Japan, Australia.
Via all Atlantic Lines.
Prepaid tickets from all |«iiii|s ,tl
lowest rates.
For tl'tie tables, rates and full iiiforin'ili""
i'ii I mi or address A. Vf. IIAH.KV, '»«*'"'
Midway, or
J. S. (AH ITU, H, J. rOYI.K.
». P. A.. A.O.P.A..
Nelson, II. V.      Vuneoiivei', "•• Local and district, j
, Fletl. wns down  from central
i last Tuesday.
V, Holhrook, *'of Greenwood, was
Kor to Midway last Tuesday.
bdeath Ib announced of A. B,
, repi-Minting the  R. P. Kitliel
|nt Nelson.
D, Darling,  representing   the
linnd Cigar Oo,, Vancouver, paid
Vay a visit lost week,
j, MoBoylu, of Oiirmi, left last
day for Dodgevlllu,  Wisconsin,
[-e lie will lit future reside,
Wheatley. proprietor of tho
lei'di'll sawmill, oame down from
((Vest Fork:on .Snt.uiiky.
en Kerr and J. 0, Dale, returned
.(Inesday to Oariiii, afler spend*
. f,-w days in lown,
, Rugur, customs officer at Che*
I Wash., was iu Midway on Halur*
[accompanied hy his wife,
he V. V, k Vi, surveyors have com*
led local ing lhe Phoenix spur, ll
11 iieut wilb the main line in Mid*
frank Davis haa sold half of hie
th on the hill above Midway, to A.
|Hiirildge, formerly owner of the
■rim ranch.
|rs. J. W. Reed left last Wednes*
I for Trail lo join her husband, whn
inikiitg oh the Ooiumbia k Western
Ivvveii Trail and Eholt.
b. M. Wilklns, who formerly ran
I stage between here and Canni, hul
jet wauls was engaged in the hotel
lini'ss at Beaverdell, bus gone to
lhe new residence that is lieing
fit hy Jas. II. McNames, on lhe pro-
Ity purchased from E. A. McAuley,
hearing completion and presents a
ly neat appearance.
In order has beeli given for an ad-
(innal plant for the Snowshoe mine,
■Hiding a 42x10 air receiver, and a
lo hundred horse power wainwright
lii vvaier heater.
the remains of the Ial e Geo. T. Wells,
Inst, death was reported in List
tele's issue of Thb Adva.ick. were
erred in the Midway eeilietery last
esil.iy, afii'l'iinoll, lbe llev. II, P,
(jrcay officiating,
(subscription list for  Ihe  Father
|i Memorial) has been forwarded to
office from   Rossland.   Anyone
•ous of contributing In the fund
■ilnso by calling here.   Subscripts are limited to one dollar.
I. Francis came down from
laverdell on Saturday. He reports
Isiness very quiet up the West Fork,
though much development work is
ling done on the'properties iu thai
strict. Me left again for Beaverdell
i to-day's stage.
reporl comes from the West Fork
j nn exceptionally rich strike ou the
Inunt.y, which is said lo surpass any
nil yet made in lhat district.   Il con*
ktsof an  eighteen Inch stringer of
Igh grade silver, which will doubtless
Irry some gold values.
I Hubert Wood has returned from a
|ip to tbe old country.   Geo,  R. Na-
n, who went with bim  and accom*
anied him ou his return as far as
Jimtreal will arrive in a few days,
i delayed return being occasioned hy
I short stay in Toronto.
I The last week has dispelled all fears
[ their being an ice famine next sum-
her, as there id now   belter ice on
Kettle river than there has beeu for
pars, and much of it will be stored
J'ing lhe present week.   Tbe 0. P.
, is having one hundred tons stored
lear the depot.
I Duncan Hnss, editor of the Boundary
peek Times, left last Monday for Vic
Via, where he will remain for a few
ninths, during which time he will lie
plliiected witb the Vlctoi.ia Times.
le was accompanied by Mrs. Ross.
faring   his   absence the "Boundary
ii'ik Tillies will lie cnniUiiti'il by W.
I. (iaiince.
if there were, a few inches  more
pnw, there would   he a large quiui-
fly of ore hauled from a number of
Vest Fork    properties lo  Midway.
Jot only is the scarcity of snow delay-
< hauling; ore, but those that were
Spending on using the proceeds from
|>e proline*, of their properties to do-
|eln|i them ate compelled lo suspend
I The structural materials for Ihe ex*
•■union to the blast furnace house of
he B, C. Copper Company's smelter
lave arrived.   The building will now
|e completed and the secoud furnace
Fill he pushed to a Hnlsh as soon as the
Veather moderates sufficient to permit
picklayers to work.   It is anticipated
he new furnace will be in operation
fatly in March.
Last Monday inmning as W. Powers
K'as driving a spirited team from bis
jesidence to Midway, the cutter ran
•gainst a slake driven iu tbe ground,
Vith ihe result that thc sudden slop
Imiseu the double tree lo break throw
lug Mr, Powers over the dash board
»«Alighted on bis head,  causing n
mber of   bad  bruises, but It is
•tight they will not prove serous.
Ur. Powers succeeded in stopping the
earn, hut the cutter was badly dam-
Col, L, Edwin Dudley, Dulled Stales
imsul In Vancouver,states that after
Inquiring into consular rnal (era In the
|Merior he does not feel justified  In
^commending lo the Department at
Vashingto.) the location of an agency
4,10 p, in.
Weil., Kit
Ji Hiiiidiiys
'2.30 |i. in,
All Hoam mints
'Is. C'row'H Nest ll, ll,
KilSllrl'll  ClIIIIUlll
Vernon, uio.
Grand Korks
Union wood
All pis, ICust St. Mouth
Camp McKlnnuy
Hook Ct'uuk
All Wost Kork points
I 30 p, III.
Tuns., Thurs.
& Snlurdiiys
8.311 it. ni,
MnllH for points fnrlhor wost of Midway than
(lamp MoKlnnoy gn via. Itovolstoku.
Monoy orders from H a, ni, to 7 p. in, with tho
exception of ono half hour boforo ilopnrturo
milliliter arrival of malls,
at Greenwood as petitioned for by
citizens of that place. He stales that
he has every reason to believe thai
Greenwood's interests arc well served
by the agencies at Rossland, Nelson
and Fernie.     .
A. Munroe ami J, N. Greenshields,
of Mon I real, two prominent dliectnrs
In tbe Montreal nnd Boslon Copper
Company, which nwns the Sunset and
Crown Silver properties situate In
Deadwood catnp arrived in Greenwood
on Wednesday and after looking over
their properties and tbe Boundary
Falls Smeller went out again on Saturday. It is reported that Ihe Montreal
and Boston Copper Company are
about to purchase the Pyritie Smelter,
and tbefilct that Messrs. Milnrne and
Greenshields were accompanied on the
latter purl of their journey hy E. J,
Wilson, manager of the Boundary
Falls smelter and II. C. Bellinger, a
smelter expert Irom Butte, lends color
to the report. The Sunset hos now
reached tbe Mage where it can ship
•100 tons of urn daily.
The wife of Major Ainslie Megraw,
of Camp McKinney, died last Thursday uiorning at lbe Sisters Hospital,
Greenwood. She had heen ill for
several weeks at her home, Camp McKinney, and as she showed no bigns of
recovery bnlon the contrary gradually
grew worse, Ibe attending physician
advised taking lier to Ihe Greenwood
hospital, She was nccnidingly taken
lo Greenwood on Wednesday's stage,
but died lhe following morning from
acute pneumonia and other complications. The funeral look place on
Saturday to the Greenwood cemetery
and was largely attended. The deceased before her marriage, was Miss
Ada Maigaret Killins, and was horn in
Camion townsliip. Lincoln county,
Ontario. Mnjnr Megraw is well known
In tbo upper country. At one time he
conducted lhe Vernon News and later
was manager of the Minnehaha Gold
Mining Company, Camp McKinney,
and is one of the miners of the Riverside Addition to Midway.
 ra a	
Will Increase its Capital.
Ottawa, Jan. 27.—The Canadian
Pncille Railway has applied to the
Dominion government for approval of
a resolution atilhoiiziDg the Board of
Directors with the sanction of lbe
shareholders to increase the capital
slock of the company for the purpose
of making great improvements all
along the line of tlie railway,
These improvements will aggregate
$20,000, which is the amount by which
the capital slock of the conipnny is
sought lobe increased. The wiirk of
improvement has already been practically started, and will be carried out
innlljiarls of the Dominion during
the next year or Iwo,
This is the first time in the history
of the Dominion that a railway company has been financially strong
enough to raise additional capital by
the selling of Ils comninn stock. An
additional arrangement, beyond the
fact of the financial standing of the
company, has been effected to insure
that every dollar of slock issued shall
be represented by a dollar 111 cash ill
betterment of the railway. Tbe governnient bus stipulated, nnd officers of
thu company have absolutely agreed,
that none of the stock shall be sold below pat.
The purpose for which the additional
stock is to bo disposed of is to
enable the conipnny to double-
track a large part of the line,
and for new idling stock, locomotives
and cars and the laying Of heavier
rails along the presenl line.and lo provide such other Improvements as may
be found necessary to cope with the
large increase in traffic, which lias taken place, und which is expecti d to con
tinue In the tulitre,
The money is to lie expended in
somewhat the following manner : Rolling stock, $0,000,01)0 ; double tracking,
$0,000,000 i Montreal, $1,1300,0001 new
eleyiitt'rs and improvementsnttermin*
ills' $3,000,000 i iiiiscellnlieoiis Improvements, $800,000 i making a total of $20,-
000,000.     __  ^ ,
The Victoria Election.
Tbe insult of last Tuesday's election
In Victoria, when Mr. Geo. Riley, the
tiliprnl candidate, was elecled lo re
place the Hon. E, G. Print', who was
unseated, was very gratifying to tlu*
Liberals of this province, ns Victoria
tobeenrepifsflntedby an unbroken
succession of Conservative mem here
since 1871, when British Columbia en
lered Confederation. The Liberals
have for some time been lowering the
majorities of Conservative ineiiiliers
at each succeeding election until It at
last resulted In a Libetal victoria.
'®_t__i_____ _£___£• &.&.&. &&£.&&&&&. &&&■&)'
" x**T*C^ T^!^ ^'■S1^ s?^?^^-*??^^^. *«*«*J5!w
PETERSEN & CO.,   -   Proprietors.
.   .   MIDWAY, B. C.   .   . .
The tonnage of ore shipped bf'the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, is as under !
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group .233.424
Mother Lode  89,034
1,1 C •• 47.405
Sunset      802
Winnipeg .• 1,040
King Solomon  875
Snowshoe  1,731
No. 7 .....•.'...  850
Jewel '.  350
To*a* 375.5"
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,741 tons, and during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 375,511 tons, making an
aggregate of 473,252 tons.
I The C^tral J-J0tel
llth St., Midway, B* C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
<M_A_t__ AA __t_\b t\_ti_Xt_ti _______
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
Fresh Bread, Cakes and Confectionery
Fruits, etc., always in SU.
Try our Lunch Parlors for a good meal.    Meals at all Hours.
•j* n 23
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and job work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
>W. H. WEBB.f
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
- - B. O.
T. M. Gulley & Co.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   M.   GTJ__-__m_B*3T   Ss   CO.,
Lancashire House,
:: MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiirnnce-heated and coinfortnbly
fun-lulled  rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
* a 1 mm. iiiniiiiiti^^^« mmm
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, VHIPS; etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing,
Fifth Struct, Midway.
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of
Single and Double Drivers
Saddle and Pack Horses
Hay and oats for sale.    Bus meets all trains.
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town.
l_£-_&____l €i&& &.&&. £i£i& 4mm&&4Si£i&&t*i£i&{
••c-sp^ -ccs «*? *«c*c* «"C^**?**?*?^**:-*^*
; ® ®
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
% ©
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor,
All the host brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly oh hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway. m&s.
Beautifully jsituated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
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A.M. 'WiOVtRNDEiV. Sec,
MM ilnliii HU'uiit,
illnii Weill, y. il-
T.he  most -important :ruilwa\- town  in  the  Kettle iR'i-ver Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply  and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle Kiver and Boundary
Creek Districts.
IThe distributing   point for  I%jper Kettle River,  West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
iriining camps.
Ute meanest Railway Jiown to Republic, Meyers Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern 'Washington uriinin^ camps.
Ute Heading iiresidence town   in   the  country, with an excellent  climate, ;pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at tow prices and on easy terms-
Send .for Maps, Prices, and full particulars >io
C. M. (iBOT!SE,
Agmit for BritiiHli f loluuihUi,
Midway, .K. V.
-, '"I
'-v ii, I
.At Cnsoade is Keartng' Cample-
i ion. Wili Furnish Power for
#taupe Number of Min-
ing- Pi'operties.
jEluctric Machinery of the Mosl Improved f-uut-i nt- is -now .Being
iV.riiui: i.'Jtii'i.(l  :;.s|)t-ciol!,\
Aur the Plant.
The llfvi'ltipiui'iil nf thi. inrjf.. water
poseur in i'n,sr'ii(l,' (.iit.j-, wlili-li lm-. Iii.i-ii
tmiiiir mi (ur lin- fm.st :\x:, yi-iii'.-. ii- nu»
ii'-u mn- i|iiiii|il,'iini.. ii.(i(|.(,iuji|ii'hu*j we
tibim ilil'lu- i-iil'lv n|il'H,)C il WSi|l   li,<   f|*r
S==St;]11 .ITI CUE Al MS STlffli lAHpi
.P-i-ftlx   Street.   IKEici-way.
'lllHlllll)-    |ll'«.*l'   ll
iiutiii'i'iiiuj   iumiiii':
BiiHiiliii-y  i-nmrlriv.
(iik<s tin- linnd KHli'i'.
Tiii.'w- riluiiic wiM'H nre o'iuhiiiI  iu   low
w.iU'f liy iiii'.iiiis iif nt.ii'i lui;i„ i2 .imllies
' Mjiuu'!'. (lrii|i|iirii   nm.  mi   •,,,-,  „f ..(Jin.
llli"!  ill   il (-Hun.    'il'in.i<||.(|   I,,,   l,|„,i|.
j I'u.-f'lUnll. Jtiiii*. UmilUtiltillil'ig  Irllf ui'.uii'
, liuiill  ul  iill tttiigee til witter.
A Hleitl  fnil ii'intli .«■ ill III- r|li|ll,|,(l  on
^tlll' llft,ll"(l|«UI   llll     llllii'll    ||   U'lr.Vtllljtlg
■wind) it. lu lii'i-im livur Uii'nliii(:,..vvH.vB
.'fill   llll'.(IU!'tlllH»|lf (llDAVilll! Up I lie Ml-t}>
jli'K!- rn; Din- maker jitow rttHjiijg the
,,linnd*.   llui'iiir; liu liiiii WHtarilnHnne
l.i.si ii Imp' i.uiiiii uf Iqgs l„.|(| |,y u mi.vv -
null ctiiiJ-iiniy  u   lVvv   lniudiiitl yurdu
j uinn,- ihe dtnir. guive wny mid inni'i-
Ijhttll J iHIIII.IKilM'i'lll uf lliyf VKllr l.lllinvll
liP'illiit  till-  (IIUII   ill   tl   hrilid llllHftJ III    |l
iinir vvlimi t,i,i. vin.ii'i- vmi,- iu   its rat
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
'Cigars, -Cigarettes amd Tobaccos of all kinds
lhat can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals of tbe clay at
publishers' prices.
0«r iB<*,ai*   <»f   lit-pro-eim nts.
Provincial Land "Wnryw. I xoorriam..
momi -_* _ itiJAiiT C'.AHii J''Krtirrnii..ii. Hijiui.        us.
Saljf    ArCJilteet AMI , situutt In Um 0«oy«oiJ  Miiimr I'      * »l
______   CivD Engineer -.. ffflL hlmnet.   Whore Iiicumj C«mp
TlSjttllflnE tlmt wu .limii'i 9! i - I-t*
miiiur. 'iM,rl.lfiiin»i' Kii. ullllltir m- ' i'-
I.nj-jriu Ipuij niliiur e uurtitluiu.i N '■ ■■
liiiiinil, alxt) iBtff* tnmi tin tla'.i —'„
Iff up|i|i ii.tlii-"lllliiiic ljllimriliil III! a t <: ' »!'
iiMiiilii-iiviiiniiiiii,. lur tin- *nir]iintt tifi'J S
a Ui'iiwn Hnint tif Uu nliiivi' ciiun.
Anil ftii'tlmr uiIjc niiitini- Uml a '     '-'j'1
r „ , ,    Mwitiiiir 117. ntum   lie noniniriii'i'ii  *"' '■   !l'
Aaaning" A^Crit,  lumuoitmrii Himl, niirtiliuutr uf lmnri iii -iii
',   Inuiii! tiik- UMi llio; jjf JAiipum. IW!
5awi->v   ■>■
Mn £. Ii. flOWMi
I^iea3 Estate,
inline .ilriutl  w ti;h<>ut    inlliu
It nil x-ie-w '1'n-wmtsilJf Ajjent.
.. . .Uil'UIJK*     - .
jauaosBw, K. r..
OnrrfwipoTiclcmcie SoBlcdSiedL.
R.-VfTTnllUlfiarawi, nr'ni.-,  mn n.-J-
MllfWlii.   !UU!   lUITIltr   lllillni   I'llll.ll.'
mii'if nf n'liicli Ih   pnntl  LimiiMii   n.r
i t'liiiny cif w-fttJiiT 1r.-ppm'lflitri 1" jl.-
Up'riiips.    Tli'irn   ix kiwi tt InialjI-iliiJ
ormiJ.*'(i nn ultr 7ilitni  liiiriiHiinp n  lm.:.
i lurii-ri. irM-iii. and .ir |,iiin; ii'-..   for Krn
jwrUniihm »iiiil< Ur
intr   Hit'
A.Horrjnn. Mw»»:. i^1
HliKl>H'SMri,|i»-y't'..-tUt'atii-iii'Ut!'!'.   Zlhttii
Illii-X,ll!l-Il'(l tlJ.-rl <.!' Irh.r dun, tun,- (li,,,,.!
uuhii nim! il* HWliUil y.
il''i'inii iIih (Imir itlii. wiit.i-1- it, to -lie
uimvi-yi'd  l.o ilur •mui'ilmi-H.  :llit|i   l>v
|iMi),.'l'l.i,-Mir   il;
1'ili'ivui'l; in lin1   linml   I'.'J'tmtitvi' l.lid
j'i'(i-,ii't,inii nf the kxinZ ium- K'iiii; an in
.buiLi'i'ii Uiiliuii'iiii, mr it will ll'dllljl' i.lic
i"j'l  ul i In' in tidtii'i i'ni nnd vi ill -ii'i'mii
tliH'hn.ii(lliiip nf  iiiiiuM'ii,!   hoit-ins lint!
IHWtcmi  imt   Iih  imi'ki'd.   UHlttl   iiiH"'" "•'"" r',,!'; ' "! '-^>> 'f'1'1 lung, -Cliance
pmiii.i '.In- i'iuin'1 ■ mini'M," pnv lii'i,u-i  ih'-'uiwl' n Miiiiii'i Dhumijlb i-Ut* milid
jn .itifj. nnd ivill ,.iniul.- Kb* ir.vv. r fc-v,1(l,.' w"'l- » dimiMi'.-i- of iljllt I'm't,, I [„■ t un*--)!
|lri|llil't,ll-r. Vlilil'll lljij'lrl    llMl.-l'llihir   Ijpl   l'"u'K !--vi'   faHt,    lill'IIIJI-    liy   Ull   ll)l,„|
ii' itlfii- '•■ "ii-m'.i-,  u, |i,-r.iii„.   'iiiyin-.'! t'1,1 ■'" '''"' ni'tl-l- HliMtiiii'ji- ul Sllti liii'l :
f>' Hf.-r*!-' i.-K. I'lilllll   lllil   ■lllilll. *|-|„.|,. „ |>|I|„,,.,.|,(. IttllK -
'liiitJiiu'i:.' i, ,,1,,-r ■,,.«,„-, |.v f«r l,l„.! i",a(l Avi;i '"' '"""''I'1' «»'■'" «'iil !»'
liit^tKl ill l.liiMlisri.-l it. Hii\i,ii,.(l u„ :':"'"P"'"''"""l-''""'li'""it" Ilium- 1^
Hi'-liiJ.iiiJvlrili' i'ii'i-i BUVt..',i(!f (!||j ,'""t '" •*iH»8,,,<>r H' iBht1 Mi'Miii'litiilHi:.,
iii.d.1,. i..„,ti(,iw   i.y  ii„.  L,,,i(|,„,  <f|;i-i''<'l"W«"'i>l"'-v,i!dMif i-„.!k liiivr
(.*•■ iUli C'.iiiniiiiin  i.nid  lipids tliuu- i >. i-N'jiui'.i.i.(I tfinii ulnw mu,.  'X'he
liiuij-.tilbrindiiii. Kii^'liii.d. •J'li.'liiJi',l.i",'"'"i '"v "" ll"'H'' l|l"i "" iiI'Mfiiiiftlil.
K..<|...i'ii'i, K'..l,..|'imm. vilm ii-.u* killud I ll''"!*'uf !l'""(1 ,,i'i ("'m"''m(] **"' *'ttU'r
i-."i'iii,ly in K.-ii- Vin'k. viiur iiemnil i "'"''"u''' '•'"• Hi"'"-«'iUi " h'.'itd hjIkmii
luiuiii-ji'i'. ivi'li li,'ndtnini'!,iri!.-i,! :\\.|„,m rtyMt *9 ll"' l''v'•| uf U»' Muter in tlie
li.''., mid V\iHiu„, A.i,(li...t,ini. Iiii'im-i- j(l'1'"-
iy vi.iuli lbe 'Stiii J'l'iuiniNii" lii'idf;i"(.Ami. i H'liejpuwei .luiiiMe, now tu'iietng eom-
fnui'y. i.* linjiil ii.i«iii(;i-i and enginuei- i,, ' (il'-lioii,   it. n   (lie   piiiiif nl.i uc une .of
mam and iiitink, 2 D .\ it £noi in eis-.e,
r'l •(.'n.-cide I iie  Ke|(UH)  livni'   IJUHlUtf   ""(' if "^'tn'-li'd n.l I lie flii.il  J'f lju; fnllt,
HjKbrti i„,-i... gum i„r „ ai-tti-iij.- 'm' ''"'" IV""1 ""' a,"!,,■   Minid m$]
"".'' "in- lii.il mile nnd  butt ii nut,   '1U'" rOkn»*ttf0 "eie I'.-iuoved Inin, I
I .11 uf !_! I'.-.'t.    A   dulll   'Hm  lei.|    "'" '■''■'•■    "•**' K'TOi-Ull-  it- enei-ud oil I
'r.i: dOU-liiet   hi^l;  Ibftrg   I,,,.„   , ,,„.  " *""»'' lutindiUiim In id iii •omit e(.t.
Ml.e'ii-lri'd nl   Ihf   heud   nf   |,iij.   pcii'Bgll    Jii'e'f.unl lliintliinei'y.iil'the ii.nsl iui-|
v hii li i'«i-,i*- lhe  wi'.lei- Wi f,..,.| irhnie   I'fi'ifd   JiuHenit.   h,);flher   ui^li   nil j
the iiiilriinrl i,-i,. |, -t.ii v.j- --ivii.-! ii inn',; ;tnil'itie h Ii.iIh nl ihe .borifr.i.Uil lyjie
jjijX lii'tid i.f J.."it;li-.-i nl Ji,\i vi„,!,,.,;,  'JV   is now lii-iny (iiiiiiitfiictiu'iid esjieijii..Jj-!
Imn, iiliir.h it  il()  f,,,,|   t,L>ii-k M   |,he ' fw U'ii-Mlinil.
'■'*.-, ii ml 'ii f..ft  iliiek   ,u  |.h, (,,,(,. I.:    Atl'ixii'ie  line  of   poles   ,1ms   h,„.„
'"'T"'"'"'01 "'  ,'",:ii'   WW*  '"'"(I , WHO* li'.lti Unseats u., ll.e unm-s nenr
>"i t.-..-k.   AI...H1 JiWimhi-y.n-d., ol'IWinfiiiK ,u,d uimpw «;,-,- |,„,,|„.i,,d
■■"■■). are iviJi,,,.,i-| |,„ m ).),,. ,.ri,, H,„,k I ,,,. u>,.,,,„,. (l| „.,,„,, ^        ^ |(  |y .
- i...fiH.t.i t,..xM, solid k t,..d i,i,mi>;ll. i,..,,^,,,!,.,,,,!. nttmmimmi ma >n>-
•■< n„cl  m h.'ilidm,.,,, fi,„|,m „,,. (,m(,,ull a i.hi, ..,-„,„, .„,,„,..,  tt,u,  (ll,
*mm? i.o.i,ed i... ii,.-1 k. j(Uniha.^ ,h, Ul„ ,..nuSnf m-    vn|
J lie ■lieltlimi'll!   uiii,,.,   hiel   vvitl   I.n ' i ,      .
I'lf'-et lielrnv, l,t ,,.,,, rnhfOn'i, Lt* "'"'k *> U"«'M'h'« °f " ""(V """ "''
i.tji.Uiuis liei'ii iinirj.   1,0 f,,„|,.,ji   !,|„.   I" '>«(.»*-i M.y   lor (ixxnende (.'ity  nnd l,l,n-
VlU.CI' J.'l.l .Irllll'il^ |r rin'ls l,f l:ij'l| '""'ll.V >'lliblUibl« llli.tl.ill',' lllr>|lf!'ti(iS i
.V.iltg- I y ,i tit ies of t Inee ,l „ j ., (Jj ,„ , ifaxil^boUl till,' .Bonlldlliy 1,1-il.llliil-i ,(,,., I
tttiWllW,   WiUllh   1111.1    l,e   irj.find   In   ,1 I i(,.
Riverside  Add ition.
Jost a Word I
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
Midway, a C Camp McKinney, B. C


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