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Vol. XV, No. 12.
$2.00 per Year.
B.uiiwstbk., Solicitor, Etc,
(llllJKNWII.il., 11. C.
—: Notaiiv Public;,
Hallett & Shaw
Notarial Public,
!iililo AililroM": "IIali.ctt."
Culms: Hinl'iird MoNiiIII'h, Muri'lng &
Ni-iil'i-. Lulliur'H.
" ...  MIUWAY, 11.0.
Customs entries passed. Mineral Act
and Land Aet papers drawn up. Affidavits taken.   Abstracts made.
Communications by mall or telephone
promptly attended to.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone VO, V. A S.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
Midway ask OuBKNWOOB.
| Hotel Spokane,
t^^^T Seventh St. . nidway. ^rtt™!
t . ********
yy   B. RICKARDS fit CO*
I*Jeal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
K.irn flr«t-clin« Shave, llulr Out, Sua Foam
nr Shampoo. call at thu nlitirc pai'lor.
I:./.ir- I..HHI.I and Kriiuiiil.
KIKTH  HTltKET.  -  -   -  MIDWAY, B. C.
_>n»»l     BUMSfc-mUtJi
AH Kinds  of  Kepalrln-r.   Horseshoeing
> A Hponially.
__X.   X?LOAmm».*AasAmt*.   Xttmas-
CmeT-OudB  AocoMUiiDATioN  roK Oumrs.
Kxctillorl VlahliiK on Kotllo llivor.JO
All kinds of work executed to
tha Mtiofaotton of ouetomero.
Wm. St, Quintin, Prop.
Everything;   B'lrat-i.lHMM.
m*_-_to**.M*msa*m*. HXXOkmrmaar-
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. ""Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
| - Midway Meat Market-|
• K. tk. MATTHES, Proprietor. |
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts of
c-n-t-o-- on. the x>x*__o.ji.s_^fli
•   ■ 3fc_>±_-v
Therefore Meats arc always fresh nml sweet Call and got n good joint jjj
fin- ilinui-i' to-dav. v
TELEPHONE 311- P. 0-BOX 25.       B
j£       Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
II. KEYES, Prop.
Guild Accommodation,
Hi'H.. Liquors and Cigars.
Flrat-Clnas SUbling.
We have opened the above hotel at (ireenwood and
Jo  are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation.    Good  catering    First-class Livery Stable.
n R. MON,   '
Praditil Wil* laker,
'    ®r
dnod Tools, Plenty Mmcrlil.
■nd 30 yeirs e«*nrlencc to do
work correctly.   .  .   ,
Seasonable Goods
Downtoattndeost. 2flpereentless than formnrly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and' wishing to .dispose of the same, we have
made the above reduction, bringing these goods
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goods for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few lefl, as they sell fast at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Boys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opp-.-irtunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, to suit all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with n full
line of goods sold ai small margin for cash. Prospectors' Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
Clearing of Right of Way  Ia Well
Under Way   Grading Will Commence To-Morrow.
A despatch from Ofiitid Forks says:—
DuriiiK I lip p.ml wei'k several hundred
laborers stiirti-d work on lho proposed
Grout Northern railway extension
from tbe Columbia river I o Vancouver,
Tlmt portions of iho road in Canadian
territory will he limit under tin. no-
oalli'd Virioria, Vancouver k ESiuttern
railway charier, nwiipil liy Messrs.
MHrk.'iizi... Munn k Co.
Tin- Canadian firm and the Great
Northern are |»uIih-i-i in iln- deal,
which promises iii have fiii'-ivaeliliiK
results in the development of the mineral resiiiii'iies iif hiintlii-rii Briiish Columbia. December will see Hie railway in operation west from the Co*
lliliihla river Of) miles tn Midway, iih
well us branch linen lo Republic, and
Phoenix camps, UU and 'MS miles long
The suction!, nnw under cnntnict are
as follows: Miircus, to Cascade, 20
llljles i Cascade to Cuisoti, 15 miles;
Carson to Midway, via Curlew, 23
mill's; Curlew (o Republic, (branch
line) 31 miles; Cars in lo Phoenix, via
Snniiiiil camp, (liranch line) 2(1 miles.
The route extends from Marcus, a
point on iln- Spokane Kailsk Northern
nt the confluence of l lie Kettle river
to Midway. The grade is only six-
tenths of one per cent. The International boundary is crossed nt Cascade, Carson mid Midway. The branch
lines to Hnpiiblic and Phoenix will lap
iwonf ihe richest mineral camps in
the Pacific northwest,
The distance from Midway in Vancouver, traversing the Okanagan and
Siiiiilknuiccn districts, is itfn miles,
un.I engineering parties are now en-
wlged in Inciting lhe line. Construction work, however, on that sectii.n
will not he started nnlil next spring.
The Canadian PaclHc also has engineering parlies in the Held and contemplates huilding over the snine mule.
M.wiith. Wash, July III.--To-day
iiiiolher large cimslruction parly ar-
jived  here from .Spokane ell route lo
le iniildl- Kettle valley.   Al.an early
jtxr ibis morning a nunilier of men
and tennis and heavily loaded "wagons
crossed lbe Columhia and stun ul up
the river.
This construction outfit belongs to
Messrs, Johnston and Peterson of Sp>
kune, who secured tlm conlracl from
PatVlek Welch, alr.o of Spokane, The
contractu for Hve miles, nnd Includes
Imth clearing the right of way and for
i;iailing ihe rondhed. The contract
includes that section of lbe line beginning one mile below Wall's bridge and
extending five miles down Kettle river.
Holli Johnson nnd Peterson iiccoii.puny
tbe outfit. About 2011 men will he employed at pieseiit. This force will be
augmented as snonaspiaelicahle.
The foi re will begin at the lower end
of the section and work up the stream,
Operations are to commence acioss the
river opposite the "half way bouse."
The Hrsl camp will lieesliil.lished Ihere,
Another camp is to he located further
A small force of men began work
yesterday on this section picparing
camping grounds and huilding a ferry
boat to cross Kettle river. Clearing
the right of way will hegin to-morrow
The grading will follow close iu the
wake. There will be some heavy rock
ami earth work to be done along this
seel ion of tin- road.
Marcus, July Kl.-Col. A. M. Anderson, Indian agent for Colville Indians,
has jnsl arrived here from Fori Spokane with Mr. E. ('buries, right of way
agent for the (ireat Northern Railroad
Colonel Anderson is here in connec-
linn With securing the right of way
Ihrough the various Indian allotments
along Ket tie valley. There nre a iniin
ber of these allotments scattered along
llie villey, and the line ol roud will
cross through the lands.
To secure the righl of way across
these allotments .it is neocssiuy thai
lhe muller should pass .through the
bands of the Indian agent. and the
proper departmeni at Washington.
The required preliminaries are heing
hastened, sn thill there will lieno delay
in the work of construe!ton.
It is conlidently expected that the
rigbl of way will he secured tlirough
these Indian binds in lime so thai tin
railroad construction will not he hull '(led.
Dominion Assay Office.
Tho staff or tbe nonunion Assay Office, now approaching completion, will
he : Mr. McCaffrey, manager ; Mr. C.
S. Hurler, B. Sc, chief assayer; Mr
J, li. Fiirquliiir, assist mil assay, r ; Mr.
tl. Midilleton, chief inciter, mid two
computers, who have not, yet been appointed, ln addition there will lie a
janitor, who will he trained to llll the
position of assistant inciter al a later
dale. The machinery for the office Is
expected within u few days,
Hope Mountains Pass.
There is a very strong desire among
a piirliculitr class ul' mining men iu Ibis
country that the Hope mountains
should be pierced by a railway, ll is
declared by somi. lhat a feasible route
has beeu found from Hope up the (to.
(pioluilari ver to Unknown creek, thenee
Manager Wilson says It will Blow In,
If Sufficient Ore can be Secured
to Keep it Running.
"If the strike recently niade on the
Sunset, in  Di'iiilwoinl cninp, lills ox-
to tlie Summit nnd then down the enst-: peclatlnns, it U likely that the Stand*
ern slope following Railroad creek to
the Tulameen river and so on to Otter
Flat and  M dwav.    It is declared thai
nnl Pyrltlc bmeltlng Company will
start its plant ui Boundary Fulls, II.
('./'said K, ,1. Wilson, manager of tin*
lhe grade froni the  Hope side to Ibe | upiiny, In a Sptikcsinau-Hoview n.-
summit does nnl exceed two per eeul,   poHer last week.   Mr,   Wilson cann
A railway running through, that conn* down frnm British Columbia on hii
try would furnish triinspiirtulioii for
the ores froni tbe following mining
Summit Ciiy cump, where there ure
large depusiis uf silver.lend oreB averaging 75 oz. silver to the ton.
On Railroad creek lhe deposits of
high grade silver, lead nnd cupper
have been discovered this spring.
Kelly creek camp.—This camp has
been quietly developed for lbe Inst, Hve
years and couliiiiis deposits of high
grade ores, some of which rims over
400 (»!. silver and $45 in gold.
Bear creek cump—This camp bus immense deposits of copper ores, which
were discovered hy C. T. Law of Vancouvei, This camp can today shin
1(10 tons of ore a day if a railway was
Rabbit Mounlain camp at Otter Flat
—This camp has copper ores iu large
pianlities showing good prospects,
some assays giving $25 in gold and 10
lo 15 per cent copper.
Boulder creek camp—These deposits
aie owned and being developed hy
Rossland men and show large veins of
copper ores, assaying $15 per Ion, including gold and copper.
Elliott creek cainp—The Cousin Jack
group of claims shows a large vein 20
lo Ml feel wide, of silver, lead und gold
ores, which will run $25 to $:i0 per Ion.
Tulameen Coal compuny has euor
minis deposits of high class hii minimus
king coal, which could produce, if
lhe railway were buill, and ship from
S.OIKl lo 4,000 tens of coke per day.
This ninii is SO per cent hetter than the
cou-t coals of Vancouver Island. This
coal gives (10.45 per cent of coke us
agninst 42 per cent tor Onmox coal, as
per Minister of Mines' report, 1000,
page 717, whicli was 47.863 ions of coal
were used to produce 1!),2S4 tons of
coke, which gives as above 42 per cenl,
and allowing 7 per cent ash pel ton of
coal would only leave B5 per cent fixed
carbon for the Coast coal, as against
01.04 per cenl for ihe Tulameen. If
Ibis Coast- Koot enay railway were
buill this coal would be a grenl coin
pel itor of the Island coal. The Tula
ineen coal is of the Laiune period,
which is the same us lhe ('row's
Nesl Held, the analysis of the coals heing very similar. It will he seen from
the above that there is enough traffic
in sight lo warrant the building of this
Coast Kootenay railway. The govern
tnriil would in a very short time lie
receiving from $81(0 lo $400 a day royalty on the coal which would more
than pay the interest and sinking fund
on the whole of the bonus of $4,000 a
Work on the Bodle.
wny to Salt Lake, to he gone for iwo
"A hig hody of low grade inagnetile,
en"ried in a lime gungue, bus lieen
oiiencil oti the siitfnce of the Sunset."
he continued. "It ims heen partly
opened on lbe 200-fiini level and work
is under wny to exploit It, on ilu- :i00-
foot I 'vel. If it holds out the mine
will he in position lo give us regular
tonnage. We shall need fully il(M) tons
u day to justify ns in operating our
smeller, mid 100 Ions, whieh is its
maximum capacity, would he better
still. Witl, such low grade ores as
these, running annul $5 to the lon.it
is necessary to work the plant to ils
limit in order to gel economy of operation.
"Tbe smelter IIS it slanils represents
an investment of over $100,00!! by Montreal und Quebec people, who form
the Standard Pyritie Smelting Company, ll needs a few lahor saving devices, Iml otherwise it is ready to be
blown in at any time. Up lo date,
however, it luo.not even been warmed.
The trouble has been tn get custom
ores. The boundary ores generally are
so low grade that they will not pay
t wo profits. A tonnage sufficient lo
work a smeller has not been opened by
any . f tie- mine outside nf tho«e that
have close smelter connections. The
development of lbe Sunset, however,
promises lo put ns in position to start
our plants.
"Why did we cancel uur contract
with the Moirisi.n people to bundle
their ores? Well, the Morrison pre is
a heavy sulphide, carrying ahout 20
per cent sulphur, tt must he tousled,
and it is otherwise bind to smell.
TViu-n i took nvi'.'i'.i- management of
the concern 1 decided lhat the terms
proposed for handling Morrison ore
were not favorable for us, and we
dropped the project, The Morrison,
howevei, bus gome good ore.
''What rate enn be olTeied by smellers in Ilie Boundary no customs ore?
I see lbe Snowshoe pc.pl' in their
prospect us say thai they have assurance of n $11 rule, li was Hrst proposed to make them a $2.1-10 rate by
one nl the I wo Biiuudlll'y smelters in
operation, but Ihe rate wus niised, I
shoulil say thai tin- cosl of running
most of the ores of the district into u
50 per cent matte is ubout $2 a Ion.
The slug lo-ses are very light. 1 understand thnl the (lieenwooil smelter is
making a copper loss of only .2 or .3
percent in the slug. For that mutter,
at the (.real Fails smelter we rim
along steadily witli slug losses of 25
per eeni, I understand Ihnt the Montana Ore Purchasing Compuny at
Butte, under tbe miiilitgement of H.
C. Bellinger, is making aliout the
snine losses.'
 ra .	
Work on the Bodie mine, on Torodn
creek, bus been resinned, und from
now on there will be no layoil till the
big ledge is reached,   W. C. Madison,
general manager of lbe i .puny, bus
returned fnun lhe mine, whore be bus
been to start tbe work.   Ahoul eight Wulerloo Oouipmiy held an ml..rum!
months ago a ledge of high guide ,„.,; mee.nig recently, to see ,1 son.- ■
wns encountered.   ItWHSSi.pposeil.it  could nol be u„  ;,.,'.;	
the time lhat Ibis was the main vein,
but furlher development proved this
'obe a mistake, and  work was then
Waterloo Company.
About   twenty shareholders of the
While at Bodie Mr, Madison let a
contract tn sink Ihe 30 foot shaft60
feel deeper. The ledge is aliout seven
feet wide, while the pay ore is a little
over four feet in width. He has instructed his foreman to tit once let a
contract to continue lhe 450 foot tunnel until il intersects the Bndic ledge,
which is estimated to be less I bun 50
feet from the face of the tunnel.
Work on Ihe tunnel nnd shaft is to
be pushed as rapidly as possible. The
Bodie is considered one of lbe most
promising properties in 'lie Bodie
camp, and the nssays received from
tbe ore in I lie other ledge went very
high. If the main ledge shows up ns
well it will be a big mine.
Coal on North Fork.
Joseph Wiseman, a prospector,
claims lo have discovered coal on the
North Fork of Kettle river, 00 miles
from Grand Forks. He ret urued there
Insl week, bringing with him specimens
weighing over twenty pounds. Al the
Granby smelter they were pronounced
to be bituminous coal. Wiseman
states thnl he discovered three pnrallel
seams averaging four feet in width.
Un was nut fill nil several weeks ngo by
George A, Fraser and R. R. Gilpin, for
whom he located 1,2.10 acres,
puny ou ii wurking ba-is. It was the
general opinion of those present that
the nnly method to be adopted was
the a«s. s-nient plan, and Mr, Wider
was appointed to ud as temporary
secretary wiih a view i.i corresponding wilh the Spokane und other shareholders. About -BO.OOO shares were
represented and it wns the opinion
Uinl ns many more could be found in
Ibis purl of British Columbia. The
miners and shareholders in '.Ids country are all agreed tbat with gnod
n anageineiii nuii $15,000 in the treasury tbe mine could he put in shape lo
pay handsome profits.
Lost Their Dust.
Several miners wbo arrived
Dawson with pokes of gold
learned upon checking up their riches
thul al Home point on their way down
they bad been robbed of considerable
amounts. None of tlicni are at all
positive wliere the leakage occurred,
but some of them nre suspicious Ibat
il wus nt a Skagway hotel at which all
of the losers slopped. The heaviest
losers ure A. Wanger, of No, 13 Eldorado, who found bisshortugelo amount
tn 188 ounces. August Buy, of Nn. 2
Eldorado, is -lion, 59 ounces, ami nt
lenst three other recent arrivals have
siilfered similar losses. The men declare unanimously thai the only place
where tbeir pokes were out of their
hands was at the hotel in question. THE ADVAN tb.
JOHN W1THKI.I. Paoi'iiiKTiia
K). il. CttOCSK Man.uo.ii
I'ulilishoil   wuukly   ut  Mlilwny,   11. 0.
Subscription Prion, $'2,U0i>c.r annum, iniyaMu
In lulv.iiiiiu, olihcr yearly ur luilf-ywirly at this
option nf tlni siiliHcriluir.
Adviii'llnliig lUtuH sunt on ii|i|ilii-iu inn.
The Victoria Post has no doubt Ihal
changes are impending in Ministerial
circles. What opportunities it has for
ascertaining the secrets of the government we do not know, but It se "ins to
have a fairly accurate knowledge of
the situation as it presents itself from
tune to time.   Wc quote in full the
on enls   and   prognostications   as
published iu ils last issue ; "It is veiy
unlikely lhat lhe Hon, .lames Duns*
iiiuir will meet Ihe next session nf the
legislature (piovided ihe ornamental
short se»siou does not lake place) as
Premier of Briiish Ooiumbia, He is
thoroughly disgusted with lhe job.
As bis caliinel goes floundering ubout
from one limit of incompetency lo number, he gets sorer and sorer, and it is
hecomiiig daily more difficult to hold
him In Hue. He does nm understand
Ihe fineness of politics. He docs not
understand why the government, having started out on such a proposition
us special constables lo bulldoze slrik-
ers, should withdraw fiom its position.
The wall of dismay thnl went up from
Dennis Murphy, F. .1. Taylor, John
Houston, and R. F. Oreen curries no
meaning loa mind like bis. He sees
merely weakness nnd cbiciinery, where
Ihe others see what tbey are pleased
to cull policy. And he bus pretty
nearly reached the point nf saying,
'For goodness sake let me go.'
"Tint being sn, the members of the
cabinet, are in a horrible quandary.
They dare not take in an outsider.
Dun-mull' dare not recommend that
an outsider should be culled on to
form a government. That would let
loose the Hoods of desolation. Whal
then is to be done? Pi entice wouldn't
dn. Wells wouldn't do. McBride
wouldn't do. Eherts wouldn't do.
There is only left the sheet anchor of
reaction, J. H. Turner.
"But if Turner goes to England, the
government is gone uny  time that
Dimsiuiiir chooses to jump the traces.
Therefore Turn 'r will not go to England ul present.    Turner is practically Pc-mlTof British Columbia at the
present   time.     Dunsmuir    does   nol
even take ihe trouble to attend meetings  nf the   executive,   und   his discharge nf his duties is quite perfunctory when  he does attend.   Without
Dunsmuir and Turner the government
would not lust five minutes ; without
Dunsmuir and wiih Turner ii would
lasl live nuinllis.    Of course the government   would  have to go on  will,
only live inembers of the cabinet.   To
n a constituency so us to bring an-
minister in  wnuld spell ruin
way, whether be was re-elected
.   No member of a Turner cab-
mid be elecled in any mainland
|luency, and if elected for some
the  way   small constituency,
■ wnuld In- extremely doubtful,
'-"      .era   enough   would   leave   the
nmentto detent it hopelessly.
"In the   meantime  the  cabinet   is
clinging to Dunsmuir with leeih and
toenails ; but Dunsmuir is not clinging
to them hy a very large majority, aud
is lik- ly at any moment to precipitate
a serious crisis."
Witli n ctisis would probably come
a dissolution,us it is hopeless to look
for stable and progressive government
from a cabinet depending foi lis existence on such combinations ns may he
afforded hy the present legislature.
ll is the worst caricature of a deliberative assembly Ihe province hns ever
lind. It is impossible il can survive
ils full term, and ils demise will U-
something lo rejoice ut. In the Nelson riding there will be a feeling of
profound relief. The election of the
present member was a fluke, and it
bus ever since been a regret. A disso-
lu um wnuld be the most welcome
tiling lhat could biipptn.
goon mm tnrongu i.ur. nsij... .v..«... -
Fish lnke, Where the Keremeos valley
cominenccsand continues eight miles
furlher west. The mountains on
either side of the valley rise to high
altitudes, mid contain a large number
of ore bodies of unusual dimensions,
These ores are principally pyrrhotite
und calcopyriie of payable grade, the
deposits being similar in character to
those uf Rnssiand and this dislrict.
They are so situate as to be easily and
cheaply worked, almost inviirlbly being tunnel propositions, and the ores
outcropping at lho surface in large
The mountains are moderately
timbered but enough so for all present purposes, and generally covered
with soil to their summits. Access lo
this valley is very easy, as a good
wagon rond runs from Midway, the
terminus of the Columbia & Western
Railway, or from Penticton, at the
end of steamboat navigation on Ok-
iinugan lake. Later on when lhe V..
V, & B, is built, this country will have
a railway,
The various features of large ore
bodies of excellent quality, its easy
accessibility and mild climate constitute it a mining region of large prospective Importance, and justify the
prediction that, with developnienl, it
will in the near ful ure rank well among
the mineral producing districts of
this province.
Fire in Republic.
Repuiimc, Wash., July 90,—What
looked like n serious blnze broke out
about ISO o'clnck this morning in an
unoccupied frame building formerly
tenanted by u man named Rutherford
as Ihe Combination saloon and restaurant. For a while it looked as if
the greater part ii nut all of the town
was doomed, The building, a u ere
shell of a wooden affair, was located
on the east side of Clarke avenue, between Fifth and Sixth streets, uud
burned like tindet. As the place has
lieen empty for three or four months
past, the origin of the fire is a mystery,
unless the woik of an incendiary. The
adjoining buildings, both brick struc
lures, were almost ablaze several
times, and the roof was hadly scorched
on one of them. Thiji, beyond the
total destruction of the Rutherford
building, is the extent of the loss, and
it seems certain that at this hour (2:^0
a.in.I the lire is under complete control.
RANCH nCia.iii'i'iis, Bltilftlo mu; inlli) frntn
Mlilwny, Ul norm linrtw cultivation, UJ
Horn or wliisli Is if"1"1 lltnotlty inendow,
I'lmiiv n( wiilnr Is piiiviilcil hy ilirop gnuil
springs. Thoio l« alno u tauiluul young
iiirluinl on Uw pin™ beginning In bonr, gin»
House, burns ond ouilnilliliiigs. H'ur lorius mul
piirliiniliu'supply to
A.HOI'I'KII, Mlilwny, H.0,
Keremeos Valley.
The apparent Increasing Interest iu
lhe mining resources of ilu- Keremeos
and Siiiiilkameen regions and the prospective large mining activity therein
Is the cause for a large amount nf tbe
passenger traffic west of here at the
presenl I ime. The locality called Keremeos consists ot a stretch of the Similkameen valley eight or ten miles in
length, occupied by a few large ranches, and situate at lhe junction of the
Keremeos valley wiih ihe Similka-
•meeii about 15 miles ninth from ihe
International boundary line. The
K.reui''os valley has a northerly
course foi about ten miles, the local
mlnernl belt beginning aboui three
miles up the valley and occupying an
area nf about two and a half miles
lung by about one nnd a half miles
wide, and on both sides of the valley,
which varies from one half In one mile
in width. The mountains risn abruptly from heights of 1,51X1 to 2,5(10 feel,
Four mil"8 np Ihis valley and quite
near its eenire, is situate Ollalla at (Injunction of the creek of that inline
with the Kereiueos, which is lbe
present centre of mining activity uud
development. Copper is the prevailing mineral of the oamp und the formation is a lime diorite, the ore being
practically self-fluxing. Four miles
north from Olnlln, Keremeos enters
the main valley by a sharp itirn from
the we*t, after passing through a narrow deep canyon for four miles.    A
Oh, James the First, Resign.
There i- "more truth than poetry"
in the following, which appeared in
'lie Victoria Times:
The days an growing shorter,
Tb- sun has crowd the line,
And the p. ..pi.- tbey are u.*kii.g
Will James the First resign ?
Our Premier, James the First,
Once the people's pride,
Your glory has departed,
And we'll surely let you slide.
You have forgotten all ynur promises,
Made in those speeches Hue,
When speaking (o the people ;
Oh, James lhe First, resign.
The people will not swallow
Thai wicked scheme of thine,
To give Ihe C. P. It. the railroad.
Oh, James Ihe First, resign.
Yon have lost the people's confidence,
Which ne'er can he regained,
And the common cry is now :
Oh, James the Fist, resign.
Victoria has condemned you,
The Mainland not far behind,
And the miner boys will shout,
Oh, James the First, resign.
Against those solemn warnings
8ieel hot that heart of thine,
For better late than never,
Oh, James the First, resign.
P'-rcy F. Godenratli, accompanied
by his mother, were passengers on today's stage for Fairvlew, Mrs. Godenratli will remain in Fairview for some
lime. Mr. Godenrath will go on to
the Similkameen country, where he is
interested In lhe coal lands in thai
CAMK In my promises nbntil six wooksago,
ii buy iiiiii'u, whllo strip In (noo, rlglu
light lilnil loot wliiln. ul"n nne liny Imiw. w'lul"
strip hi (uou, right lihiiironl wlillo. UotlliU'O
liruiiili.il 8 Via. lefl. tblgli. Owner run havo
Miuie by proving pruporly uinl pitying uliiirgoa.
A, UUI'I'Klt.
Mlilwny, July 8lh, MUI.
To — Sclilui'lio, lftlo of Spnknno, Washington
Iwhoso lirst. or Christian iiamula unknown),
Sir,—Vou arc liorouy notified Ilml, I have ex.
pi'liileil Sill,'. Ill Inhor nml  illipmvill Is upon
llio "Itiiiin" Mini ml 01ul.ui, sil I In Kreger
Mniinlnhi Mining Ciiiup, in llm Kiilmuw Mining llivlslun, in Osoyoos Mining Ulslilet, in
llrilisli I'ohiniliiii, in order in Imhl wiiil elaini
uniler llio provisions nf soclion 21 of the Mineral Aol sneli tiring tlm ntinniiil roqulfsn In Imhl
sulil claim for lho your onding May Inn, 1W.1.
Anil If, nt, tlie expiration of niiiely days of
piltilleilllon nf Ihis nolleo. you full ur refuse In
oonlritiiilu your portion of tlincxpt'iiillttire roqulrod under sulil srcllmi 24, together with nil.
insls of advertising, your inn i est In snl.l elaini \
shall become vested In llio Bilbuirtiior, ilm of
your en-owners, under suction ( of llm Mineou
Aet Ainoiidineiil Ael, lOUD.
li.ileil nl Midway, II, 0„ lids iilh duy of
Mny, IIMI.
Co-owner In the "Iliinii" Mliiornl Olttlni.      I
I'usliillleu address  Dragoon,  Spokane   I
4ru County, Washington. ,
From Kuolunny Common Points.
Pan-American Exhibition,
Buffalo, $76.
June 18, July t, III, August ft, 20.
Epworth League Meeting, San
Francisco,   $50.
July 1:1, u, is.
Christian  Endeavor  Conven-
tiun, Cincinnati, $68,50.
July 2, s.
National  Education   Association, Detroit, $71.25.
July 2, 3.
JAftmaxX. _ao_*^k—
The Royal Inhuhanck Coy,
The London anu Lancashire Fihk
Insuiianck (Joy,
Tiie Insurance (Joy. oe Nohtii
The London and Canadian Fihk
Insurance coy.
This Sun Like Assurance Coy ur
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Ciiy
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale dislrict. Whero located :-Kruger
TAKK NOTIOK 1I1.it I. Chaa. iie B. Groon-
as ngonl for IdA. Thompson.froo minors s
cortiflcato Xo. ulullti ami (or Frederic W.
Mebiiiic. freo miner's cortiflcato No. II3Q53G,
Intond, sixty ilnys (ror.i lhe .Into hcrool. to
apply to tno Milting Itooordor fur n CorUficnfo
o( unprovomonlH, for I Ihi pnnioso of obtaining
n Crown Grant o( tho above eluiin.
Anil (urllier lako notico Ilml action   uiiihri
' section Xi. mnm  be couuiiouced  botonl the
iatuancft'ofancii Corfiflonieof Imurn'em-jjlii-i.
Ilnlctl this illl. day of June, IIKII.
I(lc ('HAS. null. II1IKKX.
Certificate of  Improvements.
TtiiiNK Minkiiai.Claim.
Sltuato In Yuneman group. Summit camp,
Similkameen    river,    Osoyoos   Mining
Division or Yale Dlstriot.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Chas. dolllols Uroini,
ns agent for Edward Iliillock-Wubslorfrce
miners cortilicato No.u3U)37 and for John
\ oiing free mliicr'sccillllealo Nn. B40106 Intend,
sixty days from tho dnto horeof, to apply lo
lhe Mining lliroorilor tor a CorllHcaUi of Ino
liroreinunl for tho purpose of obWInliig n
Crown Grunt of the nbovo olalm.
And furilior lako notice that notion, undor
section 37. must Iw commenced before the Issu-
mice nf such Oortlfloato of Improvement.,
Datod Ihis 17th dny of July, mm.
Ittc t'HAS. .lolll.iUSGliKKN.
Oertiflcnte   of Improvements.
lli.Ann Pink, Hush Rat, limn Bull, IIi.ai-k
Jack, Hin, Far WguT, and I.ittk Hkhhii:
Minkhal Claims,
Situate In Yunoman (roup of Summit eamp,
Similkameen river Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.
TAK K NOTICK that I. Chns. nnlllolii Green,
us ngonl for Edward Iliilloek-Wnlwli.r,
free minors cerllllente number iuWI7,
Intend, sixly days from tlio (Into horeof, in
apply la Ibo Mining lleimrdor fnr n Ccrlllloiilo
ol liniiroviiiimnls, (or the purpose of obtaining
u ( ruwii Gnuil, of Mm above claims,
And dirt hei  tike nolinc that action under
soirllon87mtH '.<icommenced before tlm i,,...
ance of -noli i on in™ !•■ of Improvement).,
Dated Ihis 17th day nf July. IIMI.
Its CIIAS. imfl, (IKKKN.
Kur time bibles, rales nnd full Information
I'liiloiinrnitdress A. K. Mi(TU.Y, Agont,
Mlilwny, or
,1. S, CARTER. K. •■• COYMS,
I). 1\ A.. A.tt.l*. A.,
Nelson, II. C.      Viim.mm.i-, II.!'.
Spokane Falls ^Northern
Railwav Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sbeppard
Railway Co.
Bed Mountain
Railwav Co.
The only nil mil route between
nil points Bust, Wost mid South
to   llosslnr.il,   Nelson   mid   nil
Intermediate points ; connect-
injf nt Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific nml
O. It. & N. Oo.
Connects nt Rosslnnd with tho Canadian
Pnciflc Hiii.w.iy tor Brand..ry Crook points.
Connocts at Meyer's Falls with stago dally
for Ropublic.
Bullet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
EFFECTIVE MAY 6th, 1901 :
Leave.        Arrive.
.SPOKANK     iinti'uu.     ".:«p.ni
litlSSI.INI)    1530am.     1 I'i |i in
NKI.S0N   ...-...: * ll'tia.m*.   T.1Sp.m
mc. a. fXA.oxK.aoxr,
Ucnernl Pn-jsi'itgirr Agonl,
The Boundary Hotel
...J*l IDWAY, B.C..
Strictly First-class Throughout, Excellent Accommodation.
Large Sample Room for Commercial Hen.
THOS. McAULEY,   -      Proprietor.
KSTAlILrHIIl-'D   18S3.
Our  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Ml'tciiekson, Manager.
I ROWtLL'5-nuiEI
^^*************************** **************t*l**,
So-vuntH  St..   OT* a-wnjr,
One Block West of Customs Office.
<|5§ This is a first-class building, being hard {$ <|g m „
ig)   finished throughout.   The dining room   <fo   ja' ^
@ i!g i.s run under the personal .supervision |j (| a
•$J  <§}  of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with  @ $
(§ §$ {§ tlie liest on the market. Choice slock | -a
$}   <$}   ©   ol" W>nes> Liquors and Cigars al the i
_}   ©   $)   ©   bar-     Lal"tfe   Sl:iblc   in   connection, all
The Patronage of the Publlo is Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Carrying His flajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays,  Thu
days and  Saturdays,  at  8.30 a.  m.,   arriving
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY
Sundays,  Wednesdays and   Fridays at 9 a. 1
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. 111., and makingcc
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The best of accommodation for
the convenience of the
travelling public.
l-i ik
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
e   XXcL-tre   Tlxexn.
The Midway Pharmacy
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
B. O.
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned  having re-opened this well-      '
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the     ,
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furiiiioo-lientod mid comfortably
riiniiHiii><i  rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed,
Carriage Painting a specialty.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre .k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Bonn
clary Creek points,
Qood Hunting. Good  Fishing
Best of Accommodation.
Min. Fnink Davis hns iciiirueil tnu
i U'lp I" Spokane,
8, BeneriiHin l|llH retiii'iieil from n
frlplip 111" West Pork.
Mi', niirl Mrs. A, H. Speri-y Avtm
inin (<!''"'»""'"' "" Sunday.
Mi', nnd Mis. James Kerr, nf Uieen*
wood, arc spending a few days in
Win. Powers lias returned froni it
.trip In Nitku«p nnd ojhi'i' Kootenay
A. W. Knglisli, of Hie Bank of Com-
■mi'iire, (Ireenwood, is spending his
Ihulidnys in Midway,
James MnNicnl left limt week on u
Itrlp In I'ai'son.   He expects to tie ah*
ent almut a week.
0, U, Ooihln, of Hpokane lias Blurted
lit force of met) nt work on the King
IHiiloiiiun, In .Oopper cninp.
0, L, Tliomel and P. Hi'ldslnb re-
Itui'iii'd on Wednesday fr a fishing
| tiip In tti- vlelnliy of Westbridge,
The new addition  to ihe Urowell
Utilise is now completed mid iIk- pnim,.
( enare Imsy panning the whole Imilil.
I ing.
Miss Iva Jakes has returned   from
I Vancouver, where she has heen noting
I fur several  mouths as  nurse nt Kl.
Luke's Home.
,1, 0, Thompson returned from Beaverton on Friday, where lie has heen
I il.iiiig a niimliprof nss..Ksment!i on his
properties up the Wesl Fork.
J, W. Walker, editor of the Free-
hum's Lahor Journal pnid Midway a
visil lift, week. Mr. Walker Isolating
nliiiirnf the country In the Interests
uf Ills paper.
.1. W. Winters and   Dim MeOlnng
have secured thp contract for cli-arlnu j home of the hrlde'spnrenls liiUohourg
ihree miles of right of wny on tlie Mm* _l the hour iippiiinl ad, 12:S0.-tbe groom
tended to give i\w „„.,, Hm-ilnyed al
m<* Hntisli ('iihiiiibimomniihv'H Alol-li-
''''l''"1 'ue theii. Sunifiyn olf,   hut
lie luucssiiy f,„ iluuiniug „ „.|*|.
cient ore supply for the smelter hns
noi hllherto adiiiitted of ihis heing
'' '   Al' longtlli  however,  umlltrs
nave been gn|, inu, „,,„•, g0(J(1 ,u„„jn(,
cifdtn* ni .h Iiietlmi n siis| Bloiinf
work on Sundays is pracliml.le. F„|.
Iwo Sundays pasl the mine employes
nave had the dny to themselves, iimi
Hie new nrrnngiinent proved n deeideil
iidviiiitiign |,„ ni.iuy nf the men, who
Were very inn. I, pleiisnd |.„ |„we t|ii8
break In the monotony of the week's
On ThuiKilay .Inly I Ith Olive Pringle,
Imrrlslerof Oreenwood, was nmrried
nl Oohourg, Out. The following tnk. n
froni the Toronto Globe gives ihe par
tiruliii'Bof the iimriingo •
Al high noon yesterday InSt.PeterV
olllllvil, ('obolll'g, the innrringeof Miss
Hebecca Brooks Oornell, daughter of
Chevalier mid Mudiiui de Diaz. Alitor-
tlni, Washington, In Mr, Olive Pringli.
sou of Mr. nnd Mrs. Iloderick It.
Pringle, (Inlmdii, were soh'inuijzed, Mr.
James M. Dickinson of thu Drexel
Institute, Philndi Ipliin. presided nt
lbe organ. The marriage sendee wns
read liy Rev, Canon Sprilgge, reelor.
The church wan beautifully decorlited
with palms and hanks of lilies. The
wedding party was composed ol
friends from Coboiirg, Toronto, Mon
Ireal, Ottawa and many Aineilcan
cities, Almut two bundled gues!*
w.i'u present nt ihu church, unit n
large numher atieuded lhe retepiioii
nt "Interli ken," lln- Innutifiil minnier
iiU'llepuhllc railway.    The   portion
Ihey have is south Irom Curlew,
J. Argo, of Wallace, Idnbo, wns iu
Midway Inst week mid from here weill
ou 'o Palmer Mountain, where be will
examine and report.op theHorn .Silver
gr.mp of claims, owned by a Spokane
Two Indies from Phoenix met with
nn accident ut Midwuy Inst Sunday',
Tbey had driven a I' nm and rig down
in Midway, and while turning a Pti'eel
1'i.i-in r collided with a telephone pole,
Tii" l.uifKy wns hadly broken, bul
heyiind thai no damage wus done.
A, I'l. Howse relurii' d on Tliiir-du*.
frnui Beaverton. It was Mr. Hotvse'i.
Hi .st trip to ihe rich West Fork country, and htt wits naturtlly very much
sinprised nl lhe large ore bodies oi
■ lb.it dislrict. He wns very much
planned with ihe town of BenVPt'lon,
nn.l is of the opinion ihat ii is the
coming town of ihe West Fork country.
The D-pu'v Minis'ei of Agbult'.r.'.
,1 I!. An.le son, rep if s mat io tie
Oiaungan Kil.iu: o gr.i.iiig Ibetv hit*,
leen soniewbai backward owing lo
uiif.ivnrible w.alber, Imt 't is noi.
pi.'kiug up and prouiH.'S lo be good,
There is in thnt district a iiioduini.
uci'i'iigu under tobjici'o, which is still
to some extent an experimental crop
I here.
The public school picnic held ln*i
Wednesday afternoon in ibe grove on
K»ttle river, was ilie most successful
of lho kind ever held In Midway. The
weather was beautiful and a large
crowd attended. Over seventy chil
ilren sut down to Ihe excellent luneli
prepared hy the ladles of Midway, A
liuinhei of pri'/.es were given tbe chil
then lor different sports,
0. W. H. Sansoin has given a work
iug bond on Ihe Goldfinch, Immediate
ly adjoining the town of Greenwood,
to Robert Wheeling, of Denver, Cnl.
The terms provide for continuous work
wlih it force of not less than eight men
during the period of the bond, lhe eon-
siilerntlon being UU.OUO. Mr. Wheeling has slarled preliminary work, tbe
erection of cabins, e'c. lie will continue tile present cros-cut tunnel lo
the ore body.
S. Haiti nnd K. rU'enginnn hnve returned from Phoenix camp, where
they hnve been doing an assessment
on ilia Midway olalm, This claim ml
joins the Rawhide nnd Is only HM
feel from the Snowshoe and is owned
by V. J, l.undy, of Midway. Consider
able woik has been done on it and n
big vein of copper-gold ore hns been
located, which it is expected will cany
gond values but no assays have been
made as yet,
.1. Winters apd Thos. Humphries
left their team standing oulside one of
the Homier street hotels iu Greenwood,
a few days ago when something
slirlled the horses, whieh bolted down
the street, lu trying to turn the corner lulo Deadwood sl reel the rig came
Into contact with au electric light pole
and I ho horses wore thrown against
Ihedooi of F. Hart's corner stoie.
There was not much damage done
other thnn breaking the doubletrees
nnd n couple of panes of glasH.
The shutting down of tbe copper
fiu'tiaees of the Trull smeller will not,
f"r the pieseut, affect the H. 0. mine,
«liich sends lis ore to those works I'm
eduction, p„r Ihe tiuie being thai
smelter will continue lo lake the ore
from this nihip, luu should ihe miners'
siflkeal Rosslnnd he long protracted,
It is very probable thut arrangements
will have to hu innd., with eiiher the
Grand Forks or the Greenwood tuucl*
ter to treat the 11. 0. ore. Either of
I   Hiesu smellers would, no duuhl, olfer n
wight and treatment na,. ihnt would
be advantageous to the iiiiuu,
uml bis lust man, Mr, W. II. Hunting,
Toronto,took iheir places Ufuie lhe
clergyman nt ihe altar. Mndnine de
Din/, Albeitini. ihe hride'." moth".,
entered wilh her brother. Chevalier
Kihvaid Snivel. Then cuine lbe usher*, lhe iniilrcn of honor, llm foui
liridesiimiils, nnd ll.e lair bride, es-
eoileil by her father. Chevalier tie
Din/. AHeitini. SI.e wns gowned iu
while satin panne witli voluminous
cbiff n li'iuur.'s uml h.-rihe of luagnifi
rent old luce iu rose poinl, mid wil.il
her cliarni tel Istie grace and beauty
looked most churitiillg, She wore ,.
li 'uinl veil of lulle, and i-airied a white
ivory prayer hook. The matron ol
honor was Mis. (inline Wilder, Uoeb
esler, nee Mis-Lilian Chew. She wore
it while organdie trimmed wiih Vnl ,
ciennes lace and white hat.and cirri d
pink carnations, The ln-i.l, sin ■ 1.1-~
wei-e nlso g.iwui'd in white orgiindi
wilh riflhs of la.-e. The) wore pink
straw uud chiffon hats und c.-irrie
large lmi)iiet» uf pink canintious, The
il'i.lesm lids were Lltlia Ciiiliell,da>igli
e, ol'C.I. S. D.iugl-is C.ij'iied, Buffalo,
Mi s Alee Caul, Washington, daiigh
lei-of den. Caul ; Mi-s Muriel lltiiiii.lt*
daughter of Mr. John II. Uuinbl ,
police magistrate, Coboiirg; Mi*s Betiy
Po,., dmighter of the laie General Poe,
Detroit. The usherurs were llonnld
Armour, Chicago i Frank Drake, Geo
Higginbothiiitt, Toronto ; Duiiglus
Cornell, Buffilln i E, M. Bruiiet, Wash
ington ; Frederii-k Roosevelt Seovel.
Palis. The bride's mother, Madam
de Dia/. Albeitini looked extremely
hjindsome in a guwn of while satin
wiiil princess ovei ib ess of black tulle
iiiid chenille, With this was worn n
while lulle toque. Mr. Roderick R
Pringle wns elegant iu a becoming
gown of flowered organdie over man ie
silk. The groom's gifi lo the bride
wus a beautiful threosluiie sapphi .
ring. To the liiidesitinids be git.r
while sut in leather card nt-es, with
silver nioiiogi'utn, nnd lhe best mnn
mul ushers pearl horseshoe pins. Th"
bride's goingwuy dress wns pnng-c
silk with oinln iid. ty. Aiming ihe
invited guests were Mrs. (Gen.) Guml,
Mrs, Gtiint S.-iitofis, Mr. nn.l Mrs
Roderick II. Pringle, Mrs. Hugh Nelson, Col. and Mrs. S. Dougl is Cornell,
Mrs, Peter Cornell. Major und Mrs.
Waterhury. Mr. A. Ahbolt, General
and Mrs. Wilcox, Mrs and Miss Cum
pun, Mr, nnd Mrs. Steele. Mrs. Owen
Po,-, iMr. and Mrs. John Mason, Mr.
and Miss Udd, Mrs. Shoeul.erger nnd
MissTiite, Mr. and Mis. Cruso. the
Miss.-sCrusii, Cobourg ; Mr. and Mrs.
Strachan .loluisni, Mr. nn.l Mr*. Alfred Oameron, Mr. und Mrs. Seiigrnm,
Mr. and Mrs. .1. .If Dickson, Mr. aud
Mis. hilly McCarthy, George Blggar,
Mr. nnd Mis. A melius Hildwin, Mr.
und Mrs. .1. Ilrytin.it, Toronto-, Mr.
uml Mis. 0, A, Harris.", Mr. Caineion
Stanton, uncle of the groom. O'tnwn j
Mr. Frederic Benrdmore, Montreal.
Madam de Dia/. Alberiini gave her
diiugbler a ten sel comprising four
pieces of old sIH'i'i' of nnUqiie pnttern,
lieiiriug the (lulu 17H7. Tbe bride is n
lll'lhgenerniion to receive this gift,
It is n family heirloom, belonging urig*
innlly io Madame Alherilni'i* grenl*
griintlfiiiher. Mr. Chief Justice Mny of
Delrnlt, Chevalier de Hin/, Albei'llul
gave u cheek i H R. Pi ingle, cheuk i
Mrs. Pringle. check ; Mi". Pringle, a
beautiful sliver culver; Sain. Cornell,
gave lie-biidea I'OnUtlful iinlllple din*
mond pill! nnd M sl.-t  Rafael Abel'
linis gift lo his sister wns a g.
Id hut
pill studded with din ids-   Col. nnd
Mrs.S. Douglas Cornell gave a cnli
inet of solid silver, The Cons.-i vnltve
Chili, Cobourg, piesented Mr. Pringle
wilh a silver bowl, engraved wuh
„„nie,date of muirlage, .Ic 'Ibeie
were niutiyolber mosl clmrniing |irus'
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as .soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
 •2*s;St_fe_fc iStifea!- _fc_ls__*_t_rs £&:_>:__ _____: i_*_fc___*. «.
i?/9999 y^5? 5=5?!Sf 9 5s 5> _>3* 3* _*_* 9999i*\
I The Centl*al Hotel f
llth St., Midway, B. C.
rtably  |
fa This is a new three-storey he tel, comfo
fa   furnished throughout
fa ■»:*>ai»i»»a«*g*e'e6«<» W
fa The nearest house to the Railway Station.    The   ty
fa   most convenient hotel for railwav travellers.
ijC i«:»93i9J»S's'!irf6S«-
The bi-st of acommodWtion in every respect,
|      8. DAHL, Proprietor.
^S___ A&'£ &.&&. £miZi4L.&fSL&.___Z&. £i.&.£i£j&
•37 _H_ _E3
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No.  12.    Telephone orders receive prompt
M**»j»j»»»»aa3*3>**s5 5»*»e«i«««««««e««e««««««««««»»^*
The Travellers Insurance Co..,
. . Of Hartford. Conn.
Cliurt'TCd 1863.
htook Life untl
Afcitli'iit liisnrnncc.
% ISSUES  the liesl lil'e insuiitliee
* I   iMiiiniets in the win It!.   No
% ili«iippi.intiiienl iih In dividends.
ill Uveiyiliiun   Ifilitl'itlil I i"   nd-
» Vlltlff.    Plelllillllll-.il.'' IS  in ?>
si pel-eeni less I Ium  t lto.-<ti ut uill
§ line Mm mil ciiuipiinies.
January ist, 1897,
LIABILniES, . . i7,f>Jo,*io.2t>
SURPLUS   .... 2,976,434-36
I  Tin. TmveHeiaCiinil.iii.il imi Aei'liletll Ptilley Riiai'iint-eesfoi'Hccideiiliil |
f under iii'dlniiry t'Onditliina. Jjj
|   iiraililteniiHl Pl«»      I-*s;of Itlglit HMld     .     .   '   Wm |
m   |.ii.s.i( Slttln of ll-itli Kic-i     .      ,'*'■>       laws of l.i.fc'iil mi'ulmvii Imicc ,    8,800 (R
"   |,os<ni llnlli foot nrllolli Ilainln   :'."""      Loss o( Uft llaml     .   .     .      l,i"W «
U»-.s nl (lim Umnl "11.1 dm. H\,.il    5,0011       l-iiss nf KIII11.T hi.it I.IKH) J
IVnieini'iit T.,.,.1 lihit.ll ty 8.™ I   IiOHSfll Wgl.to( One I )'0 . . ,    . too |
Limits of   Weekly Indeniiiity $1,300. |
\NI), tf Hiioll Injui'les nre Himl-iilned while elding its 11 piwseiigc.v in tf.
nny piwsuiigor ooiiviiviineo using stqfvui   oilblo,   nr  elootrlolty ns 11 (ft
imilivc pnwei' Ilie iiinniiiil  to t"' l-tufl   sltitll Iw-ODUBLIi  Hie sum 3J
speeilled m thi* elnuso uinl. i'wltieli tlie olltllti is 111(1(18, n
I   COSt  $52  A  VKAK    T(l   PkOKKSSIONAI.    ANI)    BUSINESS I
« \Il-:,\,.\NH ('i)MMI K'TAI, Tl'AVI-'.l.KKS, |
I Other sums at proportionate rates |
I "V&". IHE. _STo_?3C»is, I
T. M.Qulley&Co.
Large Stoek.   J.nu- Prices.
T.   M.   OTTX^EiZa^ST   Ss   CO.,
Bakery i
JINT1N. Prnn. We
Good assortment of Fresh   Bread, Cakes and
Confectionery always in stock.
Fresh Fruit in Season
-g!  Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold lunch at   BwS
$6 any hour of the day.
_._>:_»-»_&-&&&-__&&_& ;____& _i^£jii i&^*i& Jiisti&'\ .
•ft^!^y'?-y^-^-yT5P'^ 999 999 &9& 999^
m' ~tt
Has opened up a
In the premises formerly occupied by
BaxHS-clajr  *Ss  _«i:_i.-2*x*'i-_
and has on hand a first-class outfit of
Single and Double Drivers
Saddle and Pack Horses
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus
meets all trains.   Freight and express tie-
delivered to any part nf the town.
^ |M»
\Vw--_-_-_: __<__ iii ii*£' < £;"_ £ <■ _tL-_°L.£ ££. 'Ji*
* TXXXt    FBOjSPEOTOKB'     K 'AL_It a*.AXl i-i IA *
1 No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi . B. C. *
Gnlil, SilviT-lifiul <>ml t'oppcr Minos watttotl 111 lho KX'llAN'
KIIKK MII.I.INO (101,11 proportion wttnltsl ftl onci' tor Eastern Inventors.
Partieu liitvliig mining pri-pei-ly tor _le nre roqtlcstctt l.» fieml stitnpltM of tln-ir
lo Ilie EXCHANGE tor exhibition.
All munplon dliouH be neni by express, PREPAID,
Cort'ospomlenoosolicited.   Atldressall eniiiiinnii juJ-.i.-. !..
A.wxtct.xrar-w   'XT*.   Boaenlae^a-ea.', ♦
m Telephone No. 1(11, P. 0. Ilnx Wn. NKI.snN.Hr.     J
********************* ******** *** ***** ****************
DEPOT      ^ Gan(iies
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor. ♦;     \tt\n\y>\
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
,   & §
Seventh Street, Midway.
Rider Agents Wanted
Oni'in hk'Ii town In I'itli. and exhiliit 11 snin|ili' 11X11 model Im-vi o i.f nur own
i.'iniilm'ltii'i*. YOU CAN AIAKI; SUI Tl) 860 A W13B1C, ti Ides hitting 11
lioel to vide yniiiself.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed,
1900 and 1899 Models, Best Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new ....
$io to $18
$7 to $12
$3 to $8
Wh will ship imv l.icvi'li' ON APPROVAL lo .-limine without. 11 cimi deposit in iiih'iinci' nml itllmv TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Ymi tnkf iil'snliitoly nn
risk in nnli'i'iiiK from us. its ynu rin mn nrcil lo pity 11 n'lit if the hlrynl-* rloej
not soil vnu. I'n not buy 11 wheel until vnu hitvo writ 1 en fnr our KACTOIt V
PRICKS mul KIIKHTHIAIjOKPHII. 'fhla liheral nffer Ims never lieen iqtntl'
led mul is 11 uniirnilt'i' of (he nihility of 01111 wheels, WK WANTnieluihle
iierBon in eiii'h town tn distribute CHtiilogues foe int In exchnngo foe a bioyole,
Write In-ilny for free eiltitlogne nnd nur special offer.
JT. Xi. -VEea-cL Ojrole Oo., ciam-to.
i; __](__
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
||J_ g£ The most important railway town  in  the  Kettle  Kiver  Mining Division.
The Wholesale  Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing   point for   Upper   Kettle River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer  Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at ^^^.^.-^.^y.^^'
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, II. C.
li I
.Ai *'»
(. i*
Ot ,
A * i
The Mine Is now in a Position to
The ore bodies of the Boundary
country are low grade. To ensure adequate returns from the investment of
capital among Ihe requisites aie cheap
minion, cheap transporlalion and
cheap treatment. The Greenwood and
(iijtnl.y smelters have solved the latter
problem for ill no place in the world
are gold-coppet ores treated at a less
cost than at Ihe two Boundary smelters. But little complaint, has heen
heard regarding the transporlalion
charges of the Canadian Pat-Mc Railway company, and the construction of
Ihe Great Northern into the Boundary
country insures, to.a large extent,
competitive rates, stront* bids for tonnage and minimum charges for hauling the ores from the mines to the
smeller. Mine superintendents, loo,
are rapidly solving the problem of
cheap mining, and from the "glory
holes" at the Knob Hill and the
Mother leotle the ore is quarried at a
very low cost.
The latter mode 'of mining, introduced at the Sunset in Ueitdwuod
camp, has demonstrated that.therein
a large ore body in the property and
also given its dtp so that it can be
more accurately encountered at the
lower levels. Last May Superintendent Harry Johns decided In make a
surface crosscut, or tunnel Ihrough
the hill, beginning 2.1 feet helow the
collar of the mine's working shafl, In
making preparations for thin tunnel an
ore linily was exposed and this was followed through the hill for a distance
of Ho feet. The dip of the ore body is
about 45 degrees westerly. This cross
cut or tunnel came out at (he other
side of the hill iii 275 feet. An upraise
was untile from about the centre of the
tunnel to the surface, a distance of 81)
feel, after 80 feet this upraise caught
the ote body and continued in ore to
the surface. Taking this ore hody
front the tunnel lo the surface Mr.
Johns llgures about 200.000 tons of shipping ore, that can be quarried out
easily, alfording an output of IVKI tons
a day while It lasts. Mr. Johns is at
present getting this body into shape
nml in a short lime will make arrangements to open the same body in the
lower levels,
This can he done from the four and a
half by Ave double compartment shaft
which is down to the 400 fool level. At
the 200 foot, level a crosscut has been
rim north 680feel and smith west 250
feet. The ore body was tapped in Ihis
level 4011 feet from the shaft hut has
not yet been explored. Seventy-live
tons of Ihis ore were shipped to the
Trail smelter last year,  the returns
lieing $10 in gold, the smelter allowing
nothing for copper values. Itis understood that sueh arrangements can In*
made with Ihe local smelters as will
allow copper values, increasing the
value of the nre to $20 a ton. The ore
between the surface tunnel and the
apex of the hill is low grade, hut with
cheap mining aud present rates for
treatment will allow a margin of pro
Ht. At the 100 foot level a drift was
run to connect wilh the old tunnel in
which is a 00 foot winze about 80 feet
from its mouth. A station has been
cut at the .100 foot level and cross cut
started. But little wmk has recently
been done on the Crown Silver belonging tn the same company. A quarry
has been opened on this property,
showing gond nre,
The mine is in gond shape to hloek
out the ore bodies on (he lower levels.
The plant consists of a 20 drill com
pressor, an 80 horse power hoist, and
Iwo 80 horse power lioilcrs. Thirty-
live men ure at present employed on
the property.
The Sunset, Crown Silver and other
adjoining claims are owned by the
Montreal k Boston Copper company,
the principal shareholders being Montreal and Boston capitalists. They are
fortunate iu having an eflleienl supei-
inlendent in Harry Johns, win. has
everything in ship shape and who will
from all appearances soon demonstrate
that his judgment was not at fault
when he maintained that the Sunset
.vould yet make a big mine.—Green
wood Times,
— ma.	
Which Is the Best.
It is told of a certain scholar and
literary man, who wns putted up with
self conceit, that, as he was lieing
rowed across a lake, somewhere in
Europe, he fell into conversation wilh
Ihe boatman, and said: 'Have you
ever studied philosophy? When lhe
answer came 'No,' he said: 'Then a
quarter of your life is lost.' Then he
said : 'Did you ever study science f
The answer being the same, he replied:
'Then anot her quarter of it is Inst. Du
you know anything ahout art?' 'No.'
'Well, then, another quarter of your
life is gone.' Just then a violent squall
struct the boat, and I he boatman turn
edand said: 'Sir, can you swim?
'No,'came the answer. 'Well, then,'
the boat iiiiui replied, 'the whole of
your life is lost.'
Ride a Cleveland,
Kor all bicycle accessories and sup
plies call on W. H. Webb.
Order n Cleveland wheel from W, II.
Webb, who has the Midway agency.
Ride a popular wheel. The Cleveland is acknowledged Ui he the euuerior
wheel made to-day.
ToO. McKay, Esq., of KcreiucoK, Hriiisli Columbia,
Tnkc not in; thut I have dono on tlio "Viilluy
Viuw" mineral olalm sltuato on tho Went t.U\p,
of Koromeoa Croek in the Osoyoos DIviBloii of
Yalo Ititdrict, tho work required by Mellon .4
of lho Mineral Act for tho yenfwlilcli Imn ex*
pired and havo duly recorded thc certificate of
work :
And further lake notice tlmt if, nt tho expiration of IKI days from the dale of thu flrst publication of thin notice in the Midway Aiivanx'k,
ynu, a co-owner, fail to contribute your proportion of tho expenditure required by mU\ section
24 in rcHpect of Much work, namely .*.»].:'.i to-
father with all thecoslH of udvcrlisjiiK, your
Merest lu snid mineral claim Khali become
vested in me upon tiling with tbe milling rt*
cordrr of said miniiiK ilivi-'ion the noliee and
alHdnvit required by tbe "Mineral Act Amendment Act IftKI."
Dated thlH .llth day of April ilmi.
Certificate   of   Improvement*.
Ooui Him. Minkkai. Cum,
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located : Kruger
TAKK NOTICK lhat wc. K. II. Ilnrinff, freo
I minor's ctrUflcaie No, iiHHftts. anu8tcvq
MatiKott. free minora certiiicate No. HtthfeM,
intend, Htxly d-tys from the date hereof,
loapplytothcMiiiiiiK llccorderfora Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtainiiiK
a Crown Urant of the above clnim.
And further lake nol ire that action, under
motion 37, must Ih; rommeuccd before tbe
Issuance Of auch Certiiicate of ImprovemenlK
Puled thin 17th day of May, IWL
B. ll. BORING,
Provincial Lund surveyor.
XjJ/   Architect and
____  Civil Engineer...
J^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining: Agent.
#•» VOTARY    I'KIIJ.K'.«•«•
P uii vlow TowiimU.) A**;.*i*t.
. . . J.I.1.KK8H . . .
-TAtRVntW, 11. 0,
((opraspou—enoG Solicited.
TOO, A. PatOMOIl, latnif Khull Creel
Hlr: Ymi MD hereliy notified Ilml
o-jponilod IIW.M In labor and Impi
iii...ii lho --Iiik windy™ Mineral Clnji
in frovldoneo Ufiroy, In llio Ki-n!.- I
n.k tllvltflon i.f Villi. In-lit.' In Hriii-
lilu. In order to ln.l.1 nld olalm inn:.
vUlointof Sto'.lon 84 nf tin- Mlnoral
being tl..- lunotin] roQuirod i<> h":-
clnim tor tho your ending April*, H"
And Km ibo expiration of nlnolj'"
pnhlinitiiin ni I hit notloo ymi full or
contribute your proportion ol Ihe -
required undor wild Motion li, lo?
nlleini>iif ndrortbdnK, ymir Intern
iliiiiii flinll heen  vtwtod iii lhci .1
(vi.nr i-.i-nwni'p.) under Bocllon ("(''
iii Ait Auieliiluiilit Aol, IPCO,"
Hilled nl Mlilwny, II. 0„ tbi* "
April, IMU.
C. lm TllllMKT. Mill
'flre J. A. UXBWOBTII, J
....' ill
Riverside  Addition!
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information isl
offered that on the Riverside Addition may bej
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C.
Camp McKinney, B. C


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