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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-09-19

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 Vol. 2. Ho. 12.
$2.00 per Year.
Do not send your Cash away
for anything until you have
inspected my stock and cash
The   Senator   Expresses
His Views On
Of British   Columbia--The  Old
Gang' Must Go-- Liberal Gov-
ernmen.    Will   Best
Serve the interests
of the Province.
Good Condition
Bring that stock into good condition
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Cattle   Raided in   Hilly   Sections.
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Tempt a Miser
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1 /    m
""' **■ tti&tt-MZ'lidi.: '*   '"■■*'"*
Being interviewed nt Ottawa
recently, regarding various
matters pertaining to the provincial political situation Senator Teinplenian gives his views
as followsi—
. It was suggested to the senator that probably tlio'lieuteviaiit-
governor bad intimated to Premier McBride the propriety oi:
making an earlier appeal to the
electorate than he had intended,
but on tbis point tbe senator
could not express an opinion,
"Possibly," be said, "thereniay
bu something in that, but 1
doubt it. I am rather inclined
to think Mr. McBride is iniin-
oeuvering to obtain an advantage. He made a tour of tlie
province, and found out, very
likely, tlmt bis cause is steadily
liming ground, lf he waited another month, he very probably
reasons, his party will bo overwhelmed] and so be bus determined to try and snatch a victory liefore his opponents are
ready. Hut it will not succeed.
The Liberals may not be ready
for the contest, but neither are
their opponents, and on that
score tliere. is no advantage on
either side.
Reminded that the Liberals
were leadorless, and reported to
be divided, while all the inllu
ence of patromigij at their back,
and hence the conditions at this
distance would seem to lie in
favor of the latter. Senator
Templenmn replied that conditions could not be accurately
ganged at such long range.
■It is," he said, "British Columbia's misfortune to Iw misjudged in nioi"i ways than one.
The Conservatives have the
position, but the Liberals have
the better cause and the numbers* They have only to strand
together to control the situation.
Because there is no ollicially
proclaimed leader of the Liberals timid friends may fear that
lbe party is thereby at a disadvantage, while the Conservatives would not hositate to
point to that fact, as an evidence of weakness. fn my
opinion a united party with a
leader is infinitely stronger than
a disunited party with a leader.
Sir John Thompson was at ono
time the Conservative premier
of Nova Scotia. On one occasion
he appealed to the people, and
wa.'i opposed by the Liberals,
who had no leader. The Liberals wero victorious and subsequently, from among the representatives they then returned,
there was selected one of the
most successful provincial premiers who has ever been in
public life in Canada, the lion,
W.8. Fielding, at present finance
minister of the Dominion. What
was done in Nova Scotia will be
repeated in British Colunihia.
There may not be a Fielding
among our candidates, it is true,
but it is equally true that the
gentleman who leads our opponents is far from being a Sir
John Thompson. After the
elections the Liberals can select
from among their number, as
tbe Nova Scotia Liberals did,
one who as premier will give to
tlie province stable and honest
government, whicli is above
everything else the one thing
that it is most in need of."
"The excellent character and
high standing of the Liberal
candidates thus far placed in
nomination is nn indication of
greater interest in public affairs j
by our hist citizens than ever,
before, The personnel of tin?
two tickets will no doubt have |
much to do with the result, for!
our people, or many of tliemy]
will continue to be influenced i
by tbo personality of tbe rival |
candidates. Tt will take tbem!
some time to become 'imbued |
with the roal party instinct.
"Of course there is no use disguising tlie fact that the Liber-1
ids have had in tlie past divisions in their ranks, just as their
opponents have today. But
they bave not been divisions
arising out of disagreements in
respect to any question of policy
or principle. They have been
mostly of a trivial kind and
generally the natural outcome
of the 'no-party' system that lias
prevailed in British Columbia
over since it was given responsible government, lt was impossible that Liberals should be
arrayed against Conservatives
iu the so-called 'no-party' struggles of the past and no friction
result, between party friends.
Both parties in Victoria have
but to recall the last bye-election to admit the truth of this
sttiteniout. But whatever tbe
divisions in the respective
parties, or whatever their
causes, there is now no longer
the semblance of an excuse for
maintaining them. The. Conservatives will come together at
the last moment if they have
not already done so, and even
Col. Prior, ex-premier, may yet
be found championing the cause
of the party's section of whicli
was responsible with the Liberals for hisfxpiilsiou anddown-
full. If the Conservatives can
(ind standing room with tbe
party led by McBride, the Liberals can with greater propriety'
and less sacrifice of pride and
certainly without any sacrifice
of principle, unite under one
banner. Those who decline to
do so will be working almost as
effectively in behalf of the Conservatives as though they actually joined the old gang, thut
for twenty years'has given to
British Columbia the worst
government that any province
iu Canada had ever had.
"There is no split in the Liberal ranks thnt I know of, and
no friction that  may   not  bo
made to disappear.   Tbe loader-
ship question, as agreed to by
the excutive, will be settled immediately after tbe election nnd
in a way satisfactory to all.   It|
is according precedent that, tbo |
representatives     select . thoir I
leader and in voluntarily resign-1
ing tho position and submitting
the selection to the decision of
the representatives to be elected,!
Mr.   Martin   clearly   indicated |
that ho approved  of  the   con-1
stitutional course being followed :
at the outset of party government in British Columbia.   In |
so doing, 1 think Mr. Martin not
only acted wisely but unselfishly
and in the best interests of the
party as a whole.    Mr.   Martin
having thus mude   it  possible
for a united party to go to the
poll to   defeat   the   common
enemy, that is the  only thing
that should concern our political
friends or the public at present.
That is the only thing we have
now to  do.    Afterwards  the
Liberals elected will choose the
leader nnd that lender will lead
a united Liberal party,
"Gro.it things 'wiil be driing
in British Columbia during tbe
next live years. We aro going
to build a great transcontinental railway fn ra the Pacific
to the Atlantic, live hundred
miles of which, costing .f25,0CO,
000 will be in British Columbia.
What that will mean to the
province in   growth   of  ;
population and the development of
its marvellous natural resotirci s
every person who lias resided
in British Columbia since the
COmplol ion (.1' I be ( . 1', J{. (save
Senator McDonald nnd Mr.
Ear!'.') enn fell. .'•, Liberal government, is in oded ai, Victoria
during those live years, The
Conservatives have been bungling projected railway < nter-
priscs king enough, and there,
would be a positive danger in
placing Iheni in a position to
retard or bold up tiie Grand
Trunk I'acilic. Tbe only two
Conservative representatives at
Ottawa, benator McDonald and
Mr. Thos. Karl". M. P. (Senator
Eleid being absent) bave done
all tbey could do to defeat tbat
magnificent enterprise. In tbe
regrettable pni'ti/.an spirit displayed, tbey represented, it is
but reasonable to suppose, the
views of the Conservatives of
British Columbia, chief among
whom are Mr, McBride and his
colleagues. If the people of
British Columbia desire that*
railway to be built, and at a
cost to them of not one dollar,
tbey should see to it tbat. the
nien who oppose its construction
are not placed in a position to
defeat their wishes. There will
be other railway building in
British Columbia during tbe
next year or two, and on the
completion of the (r. T, P., lines
to the north and south, opening
up vast mineral and agricultural
areas now absolutely valueless,
will rapidly follow. What ihe
C. P. K. luis done in developing
the southern fling' of the
province will be duplicated by
the G. T. P. in the center, possibly even to u greater degree
because tiie natural difficulties
to bo surmounted are less while
the natural resources of tho
country are known to be equally as great. This, tben, is not
the time to place ineu iu powei
at Victoria who are ready to
kill a project, calculated to do
so much for British Columbia.
For this reason alone if for no
other (and of course there are
others) the best interests of the
province require that a Liberal
goveriinieiint shall rule British
Columbia after the 3rd day of
October next.
Among the Mines.
The Athelstan mine, Wellington camp, is shipping steadily,
and is gradually increasing the
daily rate, although the ore must
be hauled ou wagons about a
mile.and up bill at that. The
ore is so easily mined, however,
lhat power drills are hardly
necessary, picks and shovels being the chief tools needed. Excellent returns are said to be
received from the shipments,
which all go to the Sunsot smelter at Boundary Falls, the management of which is interested
in tho bond on the property.
Shipments from the .lack Pot,
adjoining the Athelstan, are expected to iie started at an early
At the Oro Denoro there is u
steady story of progress, and as
soon as the power plant is in- '
stalled, in a few days, the present rate of shipping, of about
100 tons daily, will he largely
Continued on .wm- four,
^.r^r,rrrr--'i---r'''t-, --'..-,'•■•x:-:ii--,-.., C. M. CROUBK Mltor and Proprietor
Published wookly at Miilway, R 0,
Subscription prion, «2,0I) per annum, |>nyablo
advance, dlthor yu.irly or half yoarly nt tho
pilon of the subscriber.
Advertisingratossent on application.
Was Held at Midway on
Friday Evening
uvuir.     Ullir*      WllVAV      IMi«
And Others  Address a  Large
Audience in McNicol's Hall.
Mr.   Clement Refuted
All The Wild Arguments of The '
What is regarded as the best
Liberal meeting   ever held in
Midway took place last night.
McNicol's hall was crowded to
the doors with an audience, the
greater part of whom were in
sympathy   with    the  Liberal
nominee, J. K. Brown.    R. D.
Kerr occupied the chair and on
the platform were J. R. Brown,
W.H. P. Clement, the Liberal
candidate for the Grand Forks
riding and W. A. Galliher, M. P.
for  the Yale-Cariboo  district.
The meeting was very harmonious, only once was it necessary
forthe chairman to call order
owing to the interruptions of a
few Socialist hoodlums imported
forthepurpose of giving trouble.
R. D. Kerr briefly opened the
meeting, introducing./. R. Brown
the   Liberal candidate for the
Greenwood riding, who followed
in a rousing speech, which although necessarily brief, owing
to an arrangement whereby the
speakers, wore given but thirty
minutes each, dealt with all the
issues  that   are of vital importance tb the welfare of British   Columbia.     Mr.    Brown
opened his speech by a few remarks on the affairs of the ,'pro-
vince as they are at the present
referring to the fact that although British Columbia is one
of the richest of the provinces,
it is the worst off financially of
any of them, a condition that
should not exist and would not
at least for long, if the Liberals
were  returned  to power.   He
pointed out that during the past
four years the provincial de t
has increased five millions of
dollars, which, considering that
the  province   only   contained
about 177,000 people, was startling in thc extreme.
The Lib • : platform was such
as should commend itself to all.
Condi! iuns wore ever changing
and to meet these changed conditions the Liberals met on the
19 and 20 of August last and
draft'i'1 additional clauses, and
it was now on this platform
that he appealed to the people
of this riding.
Redistribution was next
touched upon. Up to a short
time ago this district was but
inadequately represented while
others had more than thoir fair
share of representation, but
session beforo last this injustice
was remedied and now we lmd
the representation we were entitled to.
Ho believed in government
ownership of public utilities.
This hail been tried with marked
success in Germany, Australia
and elsewhere, and there was
no reason why it should not
work here as well. Much was
said against the Intercolonial
railway, and rightly enough,
too, under Conservative man-
« agement, for it had cost the
country over seventy million
dollars, and the interest
amounted to two millions annually, while.-it always showed
u  uoliicit,  but  the,  last three
the form of a surplus, last year
amounting to $13S,000. fl.ot
only had it returned |his surplus but the wages of the employees had been increased $21,-
000 and the freight rates had
been materially decreased. No
one could say anything against
the Grand Trunk Pacific, deal,
the only place it met with
any objections was in tho East,
where they had not boen
touched up by high freight
The giving aWay of land subsidies such as had been done in
the past was bad in principle
jiudworked out worse iii practice.
Heretofore two or three men
would seo a country rich in
mineral resources. They would
go down to Victoria, lobby and
getcertain concessions j reserves
would be put on land by the
government, and then these
men would hawk the charter
jiround the country endeavoring
to dispose of it. Nine out of ten
were unsuccessful iu. finding a
purchaser, which resulted in
:igain and again renowing the
charter and keeping the public
domain out of the hands of the
people who would, if pnrmitted.
take up these same lands. As
an in stanco of this we have only
to look to the present tie up of
rich coal and petroleum lands
in South East Kodter.ny, which
have boen tied up si'nee VM)
Tho same was the case in tht
North Wost until tlio Liberals
declared against it.
Tho immediate construction
of the Coaj-it-Kootenay railway-
was another question that
would command tiie attention
of the Liberals if returned to
power. If tlie former government had done its duty it would
have been built bofore this.
The Conservatives had a
wishy washy plnnk in their
platform doaliug with this
matter but it was very vague.
This road was badly needed ;
there was the agricultural and
mineral wealth of the Simillca-'
meeu valley practically locked
up awaiting the advent or this
Ono great question neglected
in the past -Was the fiscal policy
of tlie province. He was' in
favor of reform. A thorough
adjustment of the taxation of
railways was required. He believed in taxing the railway to
a greater extent and doing
away with the tax for the privi-
ledge of entering upon government lands in search of minerals. Pre-emptors should not be
taxed for their homesteads
while they were performing
settlers' duties. The tax on
wild lands should be increased.
At the present time there were
immense tracts of rich agricultural lands taken up by various
parties at little cost to themselves und that contributed
practically nothing to the government in the form of taxes.
The system must be revised.
Civil service reform was next
dealt with by tho speaker in a
most able manner. He stated
that it cost this province seven
times per head what it cost
Ontario to conduct the civil service department. Of course,
this was a larger province and
more sparcely settled and farther away from the distributing
centres of the East, but thii
comparison was too great. At
Victoria alone $9,000 was being
paid out monthly to maintain
this department. There was no
reason for it costing the government such a large amount.
This department required a
thorough shaking up all over
the. province, which would result in u great saving to the
government. Tho Conservatives do not promise nny reform.
Better terms with tho Dominion government was what both
parties wanted. At the present
time the province was contributing three dollars to the Dominion for every two it, Received in
ruturn. It stood to reason that
if a Liberal government were
elected it would stand a better
II'OIII   llll' {.'UYIH IIIIHHIlr   III    |IU«t'l
at Ottawa,
In referring to Socialism Mr.
Brown very aptly remarked
that it was a subject to talk
over during the long winter
The, speaker closed his address
by a brief reference to the large
majority given by Midway to
Mr. Galliher at his election to
the Doniinion house and an appeal was made to the voters for
their support on election day.
Cheers marked tho conclusion
of the address.
Throughout bis discourse Mr.
Brown was listened to with
great attention by tbe large
audience and it was evident
that there were but few present
who would not support him on
October 3rd.
Mr. .Mills the Socialist candidate followed and was given an
uninterrupted hearing. In a
long harangue he stated • that
tho Socialists had a |11atforni
but it was in Germany. Ue
guessed it was the Liberals that
gave the Crow's Nest coal fields
away; to which statement Mr.
Galliher afterwards courteously
replied by saying he thought it
was just a slip of the tongue as
ho felt certain Mr. Mills knew
lietter, because it was a, provincial not a dominion matter.
With jealous rage he went into
convulsions in referring to P.
Burns having a monopoly of the
meat business.
Long before his speech was
finished the audience showed
si;,iis of having that tired I'eel-
. ing and wero heartily glad when
he completed,-or rather stop-
ded, his foolish discourse. He
was very abusive in his remarks
mid instead of gaining the sympathy of a single individual he
wou the enmity of many.
VV. H. P. Clement in an able
address successfully refutted
every argument advanced by
the Socialist and his continuous
[scoring brought forth round
after round of applause.
i Tho comparison '.betweeri the
[uninterrupted , hearing given
Mr. Mills and the discourteous
treatment given Mr. Clement
'by the Socialists was vory
noticeable to all and called
forth many expressions of censure.
W. A Galliher, the Dominion
representative for this riding,
next addressed the meeting.
lie spoke at some length and
was asked many questions by
the few Scocialists present, to
which Mr. Galliher in each instance gave a   satisfactory lie-
A vote of thanks was tendered the chairman and the meeting closed with three cheers for
Mr. Brown.
A   mun  to   represeni   "OANAU.v's
(litioATKSTNmisaiuiflsl'iii Uie town nf
MIDWAY and RUirnunillng country,
nuii lake orili-cs Inr
in Fruit Trees, Small Fruits,
Ornamentals, Shrubs, Roses,
Vines, Seed Potatoes, &c.
Slock 1.1'UU to inline mul tge from Sun
Jose Souk Apcrihiui. in pnsilio ; for
thc right, man nd fiLhtsi- sul,try or
Stone & Wellington
over 800 acres
To Andrew Ulillnw mill lo nny pursuit or
persons in whom ho limy luno Ironafiirrod his
Intercut In Ihu 'Colby uml liooci" mlnoral
Inlnis, sllunluiiii Kelly Crook III tlio Oroon-
vonil Mining IMvlslun of Ynlo lllstriul, llrilisli
You brti horiibynotlllod Ilml I havu oxpoiiil*
eil J'.'IKMN) In nnlor In lipid lho wiiil Colby mul
Rooo mliiornl olnliiu iiiulor llio provisions of
llio mlnornl nol, mul hnvu paid llio sum of
JAM) (or riji'irrlliig Iho sumo for llio yonr ulicl*
|i|« i'lli li Juno IMf, I hul you slinulil Clllll I'llllllO
il-Allla ns your prop'ii'tlon of llio said sum for
your unilivi'loil one-quarter Inturost In nnlil
iiIiiIiiih, niiilif wllhiii IKiilnys from tho llfst 111-
surllon of ihis notloo you jnil or rofuso m coil*
Irlbiilc lho ium S-M.'JU which Isno a-iIiio liy you,
lii|*cthor wllli nil cosls r-t liiiVortMIng, vour
Inlerest. In Ibomlil niiiiciiu elatiuri will bcomo
Iho properly of lho subscriber iniiler suction
four of nn Acl. untitled tho ".Mineral Aot
Aincndiii'jiit. Act' UM.
Dated at Midway H. C. thin 15th dny of Annus!. IIK13.
First Insertion, l.il.h Aiik.isIIIM.
Uit!       ilu.   llth November, 1UIKI,
I  EKTatlhoprcmiiws of Uio nmlerplfriitjd in
run hilvo sivmu liy lmylnif com. nr this ftriurl
monliimi fuerl 6f mitmiil tn rtnlo, othnrwtaoif
nnt elnhnuil wUhluUO daya will bi: sold In pny
' Anarch int Mortmain.
Carrying His Majesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8,30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning'will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. 111., and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock,
The best of accommodation for
the convenience of the
travelling public.
! ,«i.,'|[.j«i<.il'*riis.'JHj'li!*l>M*(il*.«**»|» 81* tif iij*"i*l* t'lJi el;
i|fl*SI*1!!{ *!>£;•'<' ...
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,700,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.
RESr, $3,000,000.
B. E. WALKER, Gen. IWgr.
Points  East
Spokane, Seattle and Coast Points,
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago
Manager Greenwood Branch.
To A. W. Hoyd or any prison or persona to
whom yon mny have Irnnsforrod yonr Inlgrent
tn In thu "Morning' Fractional .Minrrnl clitlni,
sltunto In I'miip McKinney, in the GrooiAvoou
Minliij! Division of Vale  lllairlct.
You nre hereby notified that I havo expend*
ed im ,vi lu order to hold tho mid mliiornl
claim uiuler the |irnvlHloni< of the Mineral Aet,
tliul you should euntrlbutc $;■' Kij as your pur-
linn of llui mild sum for your undivided one
third Interest In wild elnlm and if within lit)
dnys nf tho first Insertion of tho Ante of thin
noliee ynu fi'llor refuse In contribute Uur sum
of iitl.m which Is now ilmi by you, lo|*elticr
Willi all costs (if advertising, your interest in
salt! mliieritt cUlm will become the propurty of
the subscriber tinder seetion four of an Aet on-
titled the  "Mineral Aet Amendment Aet."
Dated tills 2nd day of .lime. IIHIH.
Tickets at Low Rates to the East,
The Chicago. Milwaukee & St.
Pauls  Dailway.
Will be on salo at all ticket
offices*} on June 4th and 5th,
Juno 24th to 30th, inclusive;
July 15th and 10th, und A iigust
25th and 20th.
Tickets tfood for goin^ passage for ton days from date of
sale, with final return limit of
90 days, from date of sale.
For further information address
11. S. Rowe,
General Agent.
Portland, Oregon.
2Ti*alnaOBll]r ft
Pant   Time   £.
New Equipment Throughout, Day Coaches,
Palnoe".an<l Tourist Sleepers, Dliung and
Bullet Smoking Library C
Kor TlckotB' Rales, Polders and Full
Information, callon or atldr ss
Any Agent of the Oreat   Norlhern   Railway
jr write
A. H. 0. DKNNISTON, O. W, P, A.
612 First Avenue, jSkatti.k, Wash
re ib
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invite the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Ftirniice-lieatedgtMid comfortably furnished rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Best Hotel in  Midway
Crowell's Hote
Rigs to any part of the country for guest's convenience-
r ^U.i..UA *. A JLA.JLj9.JULA.Hr9-r* -nr*'
r.r     ^-rrt$.
PROPRIETOR Ifjtiftti&rw.xw** ■
flioinet shot a large
JJW on Tuesday.
jjjhrtich, manager tor P*
\ Go., Greenwood,  was
on Friday.
In Midway on Wed-
» Iflth inst* t'ie w'*-'° ot R.
'oft oi B daughter,
|ley. Megraw, sub-Mining
j.jecot1 Beaverdell is spencl-
(|10 Week in Midway.
Allison, manager of tho
^,j'Commerce, Greenwood,
| visitor to Midway last
Anderson, of Portland,
IM| Mrs. J. M. Bulger, of
visited Mrs. A. (J. Mes-
iuring tho week.
Iiiotlior large bund of shoe])
].-', Burns & Co., went through
dwiiy during tlio week.   They
in; fi'uiii tbe Aiueriean Oican
■ii ■ i-
'|io Evening'*-1111' published at
Lm bin, lm }mm eulat'ged to
L ooliimns. it i» published
Le! 11 week and is one of the
j/lilBsloi: oui' exchanges.
Ijlio recent continued wet
•athor has done considerable
o to the hay and grain
-in the district and particu-
l|y to the more elevated por-
Ls sniil* as Anarchist mouii-
iTlieiioon train over the Can-
(iau 1'iieilic yesterday brought
a diminutive   locomotive
•ing the name Of the Mollis Boston Copper Mining
Smelting  Company.   Tlie
|pis intended forthe Bound-
rFalls smelter, where it will
editor convoying slug from
,c fiiniaces to the dumps, and
the first of tlie kind ever built
Canada,— Rossland Miner,
pt. 15th,
1. V. Buniyeat, roadsuperin-
mlent for East Yale, arrived
i today's train kid will proceed
the West Fork to   suporin-
J tlie work of  building the
Tinisneftfioiitiofi of ''the long'
anxiously looked for wagon
id between Westbridge and
vertoii.  The work has ally been commenced under
supervision of Ainsley Me-
i% and will be pushed to
npletioli with out further de-
iy, and that rich and prosper-
is country will bo opened up
«1 shortly become an open
>mpotitor to   the  wonderful
id much renowned Boundary
Tlie incoming train on   Wed-
•"titty   was  unable   to   pass
jfeemvood owing to a rather
nous wreck which made traflic
-i'iishort portion of the line
wisible,    A   train  of nine-
**   ore   cars with  caboose
N for the Boundary Falls
*Ni   was derailed in  the
ik cut just a little this side of
ieeifcy,   The train was moving
Mer rapidly at the time of
I* accident,    and   before .it
Nd bo stopped ton loaded cars
p left the rails, thoroughly
ping the ties for tho entire
Puce.    A spread   rail was
"direct cause, tho indiret one
"11 appearances"being the un-
N condition of the ties.   The
,e™S in carriage of ores to tho
M' was not  sufficient to
''''■"'k any ■rroat hardship there,
I'kJbhnsqn hurried forward
1,0 work of clearing and re-
'"""^nctiiijr   the   track,   aud
Mi'sdnya train came through
11 time,
lllx> Saturdity, of Robert Curtis,
le y°llllg miner from that
^"'lV who wa8 killed in tbe
f""1'mine last Thursday week,
jyboing buried with falling
J* Walter Morrison, noble
;'""d of Snowshoe lodge No,
Jy>*F. Phoenix,  of which
10/leceased was a member'
71V0,a b,lck   Saturday night
°r the Groat Northern  with
[ JUU accidoufc. Funeral services
dl,»1(ikl at J-80 Sumlny in
JJlfollows' Han,  fch0 services
'■"gepnductedby the Ltov. T'
ureen. j Methodist minister, of
shoe lodge. The interment was
held in the Greenwood ceinc
tery, almost the entire member
ship of the lodge attending in a
body, Curtis was a young follow of about 27, whoso father
and mother were dead, but who
had a sister andt brother living
somewhere in England, his
native land. He was steady,
quiet, arid well liked during
the three or four years he was
employed in that campi
The deputation of over 100
visitors, delegates to the recent
mooting of Chamber of Commerce of the empire in Montreal
have been visiting the Boundary during the week. The
Board of Trade in tlie different
towns have shown them over
the mines tributary to thoir
respective towns. The visitors
wore shown the various ores of
tbo district from the low grade
copper, worth $5 to the ton, to
the high grade per gold and
silver, running into the hundreds, and some beautiful samples of tolurido, with $.{,000 to
the ton, Most of tbe visitors
appeared considerably interested in the district and many of
them in seeking light on the
mining situation in British Columbia, learned that many of
tbo enterprises counted more on
American capital than on English for the development of the
country. Some of them were
collecting reliable data for disseminating at homo in the resources of the Boundary.
J. A. Macdonald Nominated.
Rossland Sept. 14.—James
Alexander Mcdonald, barms ter,
was unanimously nominated to
night to contest the Rossland
riding in the provincial election
in the liberal interests.
The convention was exceedingly enthusiastic,
Mr. Mcdonald made a iinuily
and straightforward address of
an houiv ■» Jhr-jdeelttred for a
complete reform of the fiscal
laws and tbe system of taxation
and the granting of licenses for
east Kootenay coal and oil prospectors to all bona fide locators.
Editorally Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
News from all of Iho world-Well
written, original stories-Answers
to queries'- Articles on Health, lhe
Homo, Now Hooks, and on Work
Abouttho farm and Garden.
'»» "I the Ifllontoral Wmrlcst o['Groon
wood, Ihal, In obedience lo Ills Majesty's Writ
to ino directed, and bearing im „,„ „(u . ,
of September, In lhe year of Our Lord cm,,
thousand nine hundred und throe, I require tho
presence of lhe said Mooters nt tlio Court
House, Oreenwood, on the nlnotoolh day ot
September, at is o'clock noun for tlio purpose
ut electing a person to represent tlieiu In
tlie Legislature of Ibis I'rovliico.
The nioileof nomination of Candidates shall
be as fellows:
The Candidates shall bu nominated lii writ
ing, lho writing shall lie Biibsorlboil  by two
registered vol ers of the Ulstrict as proposer
ami Bpuomlor, and  by throe other  registered
voters or tliu said Ulstrict as assenting to tlie
nomination, and shall bu delivered lo thu He-
turning Oillcei'-at any time between tin date
uf the Proclamation and ono p. in. of tho floy
ur nomination, and In thn event ofa poll being
i.cccsnry such poll will bu opun on the third
clay of Octucloi' at
I1HEKNWOOD  lu the Court Housr.
MIDWAY        in lhe Government Building
HO UNUAHY FALLS In tbe hall over Smith
& MelCwen's store,
KHOLT In llio old scnool bouse.
IIKAIIWOOD    in lho  School House,
IHCNOIlO lu Uie   Kholt Trading Coy's
of whioh every purnon Is hereby raiuirud to
lu take uotiuc ami govern himself accordingly.
Given uniler my band at Greenwood, thu
ninth clay of September, one thousand
nine hundred and throe.
Hemming Olllcer
sell rem nd trip tickets from Oregon inui Washington points to
Chicago, Cairo, Memphis anil
New Orleans at GB.EATLY
'Jackets good for three
months, Going limit ten days.
Returning limit ten days after
starting west. Stop over privileges either way, west of tlie
Missouri River.
Sale dates are arranged to be
convenient for delegates to conventions of National Educational Association at Boston; Elks
at. Baltimore; Woodmen at Indianapolis; Eagles at New York;
Shrinei's at,Saratoga; Knights
of Pythias at Louisville and
Commercial Travelers at Indianapolis,
You can take your choice of
Sixteen Different Routes.
Write us. We will cheerfully
give you anydetailed information you want.
B. H, Tbumbuix,
Commercial Agent.
142 Third St.
Portland, Oregon
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Qhkkxwood, B. C.
Chas. A. Webster,
ie,Wash.. U S.A.   Midway,BC.
The Weekly Inter Ocean
la a member of the Associated Press,
tho only Western Newspaper receiving the enllro (olographic news serv-
loo of the Now York Sun and special
oabloof tho Now York World-dally
reporl* from over 2.000 special correspondent throughout the country.
Tlie Denver & Rio Grande.
popularly known ns tlie "Scenic
Lineof the World," has announced greatly reduced round-trip
rates from Pacific Coast points
'or the benefit of teachers who
will spend their vacation in thu
East, and of delegates to all the
prominent Conventions—N. E.
A„ at Boston; A. O. U. W„ ai
St. Paul; 11. P. O. E., at Baltimore; Woodmey of Aniei*it;:t
at Indianapolis; Eagles, at
New York; Mystic Shrine, af
Saratoga Springs; K. of P., af
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis, ■' ,
Tickets at tbe reduced rates
will be based upon one fare for
the round trip, but will be sold
only on certain days. These
tickets will carry stop-over privileges on the going trip, giving
passengers au opportunity to
visit Salt Lake City, Glenwood
Springs, Colorado Springs, and
Denver; and1 will be good to return anytime within ninety (90)
days. Passengers going via the
Denver & Bio Grande are giving the privilege of returning
viaa different route.
For tho rate to the point you
wish to go, and for dato of sale
and other particulars, as well as
for illustrated pamphlets,
W. C. McBRIDfi,G',n*"'*1 AKpnt"
121 Third St. Portland, Or.
"The writer regrets tho nepeHsityof lodging
complaint concerning your usual excellent
service,but in a friendly spirit begs to submit
the following: Yesterday you sold me lower
nine, car three, on The Pioneer Limited.
But you neglected to advise me that it would
be necessary to have the porter waken me in
the nioi'iiing.and as there was so litti'e ni'otion
to the car, I overslept. Ihave covered a large
area on some of the other famous trains of
the United States and this is the first comprint of this character I have made. I
trust you wilLsee to it in the future that
passengers are ad ised."
Tbo Pioneer Limited runs daily from
St. Paul to Chicago via tbe
Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
. S. ROWE,
General Agent.
134 Third Street, Portland
• ■is?
Rook Creek, B. C.
S, T LAESEN, Prop.
Stepping plm-C fnr Singes to
nil f um uii BmindnVy
Vreek point*.
Good Aeeommodatloa for ik feetii Public.
;i. M. KERBY,
A.M.Can.Soc. C.B.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway and Gkkrnwood.
KulimrllN) for THR DISI-ATOI1 «»«
The V tail, lii-ie O"''-1" "n« 5''"1'
both |iii|irMoi»2.50.
ygGHtfRIC^S'Ann ^
'•zZf'-K..     •;       ....' tTj...' .is*:
'Mtm-'r   SMlPVOUBy  tt-ZZi
™       J'b
McMillan fur & wool,!'.
',"' '    'laoo-212 Finer avC'.-nO.    &-.
■ 'Minneapolis, famm
.-, -'.r.-'^tsTOBLISHED, SO ,YtAR»(.,').;ji|l
Rendell Block, Greenwoon.
Pliono BO, V. A N.
Manufactured by the Hilda Cigar   Ye
Factory, I. Blumenstiel, Proprietor,  **"■!
Hamilton, Ontario.   ,.
The "BARRISTER" js a Hand Made, Union Make'.Cigar. Itis
IJ inches,'full size nnd ii* made out of Pure 'Hayftnna Filler and
Hie very Qhoices(: of Sumatra, wrapper,'
To.Thomn*' Murray, ol Ymir,nml M. J. Mor-
Inily, lulotit Ynilr, 11. O.
Ynu W'li liciroliv nnllllwl Hint I Imvu
c«|)oiiclcicl Oiici Hundred Uullnre l$UKi.M) In na-
aosumtmt work on tlm "Lucky ,llm" Mlnoral
Clnim, slln.ilo nonr Myoi'K Crook In llio Grow
wnnil MiniiiK Divlsimi of Ynlcilllfltrlolrlli llrit-
l*h Ooliiniblii.to hold wild olnlill for tlio yonr
onnliiK Ootolior, 10th, Wl nnd n furthor
mini nf Ono Hundred Hollars |?l(ll.00l In assus-
uncut work to hold utile! olnlnifor lho yoar ond.
IngOotobor l(lth, 1002, anil havo furl lior ox-
licnidcd lhc mini of Klvo liollnrs IW.mil 111 ro-
ooi'dliiB wild cuwoiwinoiit* In order lo hold snid
olnlill undor lho provisions ot Suction 24 of
tho Mineral ■W.
And If within ninety days after tho •lubll-
caillonof llilsootlue. vou. or clthorof you fall
orrefuse to pny.or oonti'lbiito ynur portion
of lhe expenditure required under n.t.iil noo-
Hon 21, thai Is to say, tho said Thomas Mur-
ray lu the sum of SM.1I1 and the aald M. ,1.
Morliirty iu tho sum of (IH, touolher with
yonr pni'llon of all cosla of nilvertlfiliiK, lho
interest of such nf yon ns fall or refuse to
contrlliiilo youf portion of said cixponilltiiro
and onsls ol advertising, shall hecoine vesloj
In the siibsorihor lyour co-owner) under so
Hon .4 of the "Mineral Aot Amendment Aol.
Iialoil at, Cnmp MolClnnoy,, II. C„ this »rd
day of .1 une. IUTO.   Last Issue Sept. 2!th, 1IK13.
,1. A. DA LAN 111011,
Henry Nloholson, Notary l-ubllo,
Spokane Falls ftHorthera
Railwav Co.
Nelson k Ft, Shsppard
Railway Co,
Red Mountain Railway Co,,
Washington & G. M. Hy.,
Van., Vic.&E.By.&N.Co.
The only all foil route hftwcwi
pniiits cnstr, west nnd smith to Ross-
liiiici, Nelson, (Ji'iinil Forks unci Rnpii1"
lie. OoiintwilK nt Spiikiinc. with Ilie
I;veal Northern, Not'lliern Piiciflo unci
O.-rt. &N.CJo, for points unsl, west,
nnd south l cniiinents at Rossland nnd
Nelson with the Canadian Pat'lftii Hy,
Coniioots nt. Nelson with tliu K. B. A.N.
Co. for Itlislo nnd Sloenn points.
Ooiineet-s ut,  Cnrlnw  with  stngo for
Greenwood und Midway II. O.
Buffet onus  run  on  truliis  lietween
Spokuue nml Uepulillc,
' Through Salt Lake City! Lendvilio, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Denver
the Famous Kooky Mountain Scenery by Daylight to all Points Enst.
i '..__
or ratos folders nnd othei
Information, address
W.C. AkIWIUE,   Gen.   Ajct.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty,
All Rinds of Work Exoouteii to tho Satisfaction of Customers
Commercial Job Prints
Tl)f Dispotch
0.35 'I.m	
lit 111 a.in	
7.00 a.m	
11.00 a.m	
11.15a.m.,. .
. ItOSSIrANl)	
.1,4ri p.m.
n.ll> p in,
8, IK) iun.
4.IH) p. in.
5,1(1 pari
Gonoriil I'iksoiikoi' Agent,
f AlCK.nolloo that IHI days ti'oiu tlio dalo
hoi'oot I Intond to .. ,
iiiisBlonm'of Uuulmilid Works for porinisnl.iii
in purcliaiM tho unoconplod fractloinil norlli
wost!otSootcin IS Township 61, Onoyoondistricl,.   ',',
Datod this 3rd day of August, IM.
C. doll. Green,
To Jcisoph Saultor or nny person or persons
In whom vou may havo transferred yonr. In-
torost lo In tho "Highland Chief" Mlnernl
olnlill sltunto In t'aiop JIoKlimey, in the
Qroeliwood Mining Division o( Yalo District.
You aro horooy notlliocl that 1 havo oxpeii l«"l
JH8. In order to hold yonr Intorest in tho
snid mlnorul claim under 1 lie provision of the
Mineral Aot, that you should ccmll'lbiiio Iho
sum of 9118. for your inlerest.in snid claim,
inillf uithiiittl days of the Hrsl insertion of
Ihis notico you fall or.refuse to contribute lho
sum of J1I8. which Is now duo by yon, lo-
Holher with all costs of advertising, your in-
toroNtln said mlnoral-claim wilV become tho
proporty of the subscriber under 'suction (our
ot an AM entitled,tho "Mineral Act Amciid-
incnt Act.;' 1000.
Datod tills I8lli day of .Inly, lilffil.
TAICR notico Ilml (in days frnm lho dalo
hereof, I Intend toapply to tint Chief Conimis.
siouci'of Ijiimls mul Wurlcri for poriidsslcin to
purchase niu nerusof liiiiilholiigl.hu norlli wctt
| of Seel Inn 11. Township ,11, Osoyoos distrlol.
Dated ihis llli day of Angust, 1008.
C„ doll, Qruon.
"notice. r~
"[*i\KK nolleo thnt Oil days from the dale
hereof, 1 Inlond to apply to Ihe Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works for permission
In pure! use ll'.'O acres of land being the north
inf Soul Ion ill. Township lii, Osoyoos district.
Haled this 1th day of August, I1K«.
C  -loB. Oroon,
i.      . Agcut
.„ -.-.  .'a ■.r.-.'-...,r.,-^„.,.:....,,/|J.,„
■■  ■   ■   - ■■■■MtW|,1HI»Bty     ■.■r,x^l<w*Wf<r*mme~«l, ...MIDWAY IS ON THE MAP TO STAY...
It wiil be the most important Railway Centre in tbe
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranching, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District.
Midway property, will
make you rich. II is not
a speculation, it is an investment.
Bus;,ess,  residence and garden lots at'iow prices and on easy terms.      Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
W St. John Street,
Montreal, P. Q
Midway, the coming railway, commercial, whole-
salo and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle River
and Boundary Oreek Districts, is situated at tiie
confluence of Boiiiiry
Creek and Kettle Hner.
The leading osie nee.
pn in the country, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and sur
rounded by rich agricultural land.
0, M  CHOI'SK,
Agent fnv lli'ilinli (liiliiiiiliii
.Midwuy, li. I.
i%h£ Qtepatclj
Provincial Elections.
The following nominations
have been made over the province :
Atlin—John Kirklantl, Labor.
Chilliwack—J. L. Atkinson,
Conservative; C. W. Munro,
Liheral.        »
Comox—F. McB. Young, Liberal.
Skeeniir-C. W. D. Clifford.
Conservative; P. Herman, Liberal.
Sloriin—R. A. Brt-.dshiuv, Liberal; W. Hunter, Conservative;
VV. Davidson.
Vancouver—T. Ogle, Socialist,
J. Edwards, A. G. Perry, and F.
Williams, Labor.
Yale — Stuart Henderson,
Liberal; T. G. McMana mon,
Ymir—A. Parr, Liberal; H.
Wright, Conservative.
HI     .
Columbia-W. C. Wells, Liberal.
Oranbrook—Dr. J. H. King, Among the Mines.
Liberal; Thos. Caviu, Conserva- . <co..tln«c«if-„„, -»-» u
tjve | increase, ospeeially after tho C.
Cowichan-J. N. Evans, Lib- p- R> Putf> in the additional side-
oral ; B, M. Skinner. |track th,lt is w»»>ted.
Esquimalt - John Jardine,' Cftrs lmve be«n delivered to
Conservative; C. W. Munro, jthe Winnipeg mine, Wellington
Liberal. cainp, for the purpose of mak-
Fernie—E. C. Smith, Libera
J. R. McPlierson, Socialist.
Grand Forks—W. tl
ing the first  ef  the  ore  shipments since work was resumed
P.Clement, jat the mine. For the present,
Liberal; George A. Fraser, Con-(until the machinery is in full
servativo; John ltiordaii, Social-1 working  order, the shipments
from this  mine   will be on a
Greenwood—J. ll. Ilrown,
Liberal; Dr. J. Ei Spankie, Conservative,
Islands -T. VV. Patterson, Lib-
Kamloops—F. J. Deane, Liberal; F, J. Fulton, Conservative.
Kaslo --J. L. Retallatsk, Liberal; Hon. R. F. Green, Conservative.
Lilloet—-Dr. George Sanson,
Nanaimo—Ed ward   Quennel,
small scale. Lumber has been
delivered at the property, and
work on the new gallows frame
and compressor building is progressing, the shaft in the meantime having been pumped out to
the 100-foot level.
The third seetion of the ore
bins for the ore "rom the No. 2
tunnel of the Knob Mill mine is
now being built, and will shortly
be completed, giving greater
capacity from this part of the
Conservative j J. II. Hawthorn- 0runb.V «■"»«-. whieh will   bo
needed as soon as the 2,000 ton
daily rate is started. Friday
the old rate of 40 ears daily was
resumed, to supply the four furnaces at the company's smelter,
now in blast. As soon as the
slag-carrying locomotives, ordered some months since for this
smelter, arrive the fifth and
sixth furnaces will he blown in.
They have already been con-
connected up during the recent
close-down. It is now expected
by the management that the six
urnaces should be in operation
waite, Socialist,
Nelson,—John Houston, Conservative; tt 8. Taylor, Liberal.
Newcastle—t). W. Murray,
Liberal; I'. Williams, Socialist.
New Westminster—W, Gif-
ford, OousBrvativoj John C.
Brown, Liberal.
•Okanagan—T. W. Sterling,
Liberal; Price Ellison, Conservative,
| Revelstoke—T. W. Taylor
Conservative; John W, Bonnet,
Similkameen- VV. J, Snod-
grass, Liberal; L.  W. Shatford;] iu three or four weeks.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents. Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The secret cif success in pliintinir, in, FIRST— In serine Rood stuck,
SECOND—to (limit hh soon ns pnssilile nfler il is ting.
Trees obtained from our nursery can be planted it
Midway two days after tbey are dun.
Price list, and full Information promptly  glvi-n.
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
The school where thorough work is done; when: the rea
i.s always given; where, confidence is developed ; when.: Bo
KEEPING is taught exactly as books are being kept in busine
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is at
best; where merit is the standard : where the training in l
il Service, Telegraphy, English and Cartoon ini; wakes
students, develops their powers and teaches them     Howto
successful.    No argument is so eloquent as    the record
things well done.    No mortgage can  corrupt,   no  thiol  <
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do.   V\ n
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done
others is it better to trust to luck?   Is it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
809 Secocd Ave,, Spokane Was"
Advertise in
The Dispatch


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