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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-02-14

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 m* <Pjutoh p^pajuro
Voj. i, No. 35.
$2.00 per Year.
Our Stock Taking Sale will be
continued for two weeks more, as
we have a few Odd Lines still left
11 and wish to clean them out
Was Fined.
A Boundary Falls Smelter Employee  who  ?ot  Gay.
flow is p? chance to me twenty five cents
on every Mat of yonr Boy's Snit.
$8.00 suits ior $6«>   I   $4*-*5   *--*ts   for  -3-20   &
$5.00 suite ] .for $375   |   $3-00  suits   for $2.25   |
Certainly It's Coin
But good warm Clothing will keep you warm any
day. Don't go around shivering in cheap, shoddy
Clothes, but call in and get goods that will defy the
winter's chilly blast. It costs but very little more, and
besides you will look like something in an up-to-date
Suit of Clothes or Overcoat. Purchase now and enjoy the winter, it is liable to last a long time.
hen in doubt
As to where to buy your footwear, c;ill on us,   A
trial purchase and you become our regular customer.
Good quality and low prices combined never fail to
j <*ive satisfaction.
Tlmt one   individual win   no
longer tnko possession of Midway nnd temporarily run it to
suit Iiis own ideas, was shown
one day last week, when a husky
employee of tlie Boundary Falls
Smelter, suffering slightly from
inclination, drove down to Midway and immediately sot. ahout,
displaying his pugilistic abilities
upon inoffensive citizens,   The
visitor made assaults upon two
people, and to demonstrate the
fact that  he was a   had man,
drew a knife; not the kind that
would impress one as being very
destructive, no matter how viciously   handled, hut more of the
order of the kind that is usually
swaped "uusight  and   unseen,
whole   blade   or    no    trade."
Nevertheless it was a knife and
judges, as a rule, are evidently
not authorities 011 knives. They
regard anyoldthingwitha blade
and handle a knife, and cinch a
man just as badly fordrnwinga
cheap weapon as though it hada
pearl handle, live blades and cost
several dollars.   About tho time
tho Knight of the smelter  was
getting in his fancy work on his
second victim, Provincial  Constable, V. L. Thomet, appeared
on the   scene,   simultaneously
with whicli the visitor ceased to
be the hero of the hour.    He
found that  constable   Thomet
was just a   little  harder  pro-
p<T-'itiim than he had expected
to run up against and so he left
for Boundary Falls a sader bul
a wiser man.
The following day the visitor
was made the recipient of a piece
of blue paper, which contained
an invitation to visit Stipendiary
Magistrate, McMynn, and toll
him how it all happened. This
ho did on Monday, and the
Magistrate paid his respects by
imposing a fine, which will
doubtless teach the smelter man
to be good in future.
This is the first duty Mr.
Thomet has heen called upon to
perform since acting as constable here, and the manner in
which he fulfilled it, is a sufficient guarantee of his ability to
keep law and order, lie is the
right man in tho right place
Whilst he is fearless and impartial in carrying out the
work assigned to him and
will maintain rigid order,
he is not over-officious, a fault
so prevalent among provincial policemen,
Heretofore there has boen too
much liberty taken in the town
by numbers of people, in the
abseuse of a resident constable.
but it is safe to predict tlmt
from now on law and order w.ll
be maintained.
nothing of the new business,
and went broke. Then Donald
and Davie got hold of the line,
and, securing charters every
where, went into the business,
on paper, in the most extensive
They had surveys and proposed lines everywhere. Hates
were cut, and an active war lietween them and the Vernon
and Nelson took place all
through the Kootenays and
Boundary country. Every town
had two systems, and merchants1
had to subscribe to both, A
charter in the name of the Wesl
ern Telephone and Telegrapl
Company was obtained to run
a line from Kootenay to the
coast, and then things stopped.
The Royal Bank of Canada hat1
made advances aggregating
some $80,000, and they si ui i
down on the builders. Thai
ended it, and Donald and Davit
sold out to the Vernon and Nel
son Company for the inure cos!
of the material that was in
their system, and went out of
business. Now it appears Mr
J. B. Donald is at it again.
Good Ore on Summit Claim,
Archie Connors  and Donald
Mclnnis have run into a prom
ising body of copper ore on thc
•'luniinit mineral claim, in Sun;
init Camp, about a mile west ol
the Ore Denoro.   After runninp
an open cut about 20 feet hit,
I he side of the   hill  they   com
meuced tunneling.    For 1(1 feet
the tunnel passed through ledgi
matter and then entered an qn
shoot whicli now shows four ft
In thickness and the tunnel nol
yet through it,   The ore carrii .
small values in gold and silvei
as well as the copper.   Mclnnis
lias a bond  011 W. J. Corbeit'j
interest in   this   property, and
with Conuors has been prospecting it lately.   Connors and Cor
bott did a deal of prospecting
on theclainiduringseveral years
but they did not meet with a
permanent  shoot of  ore,   al
though bunches  of   good   ore
were occasionally encountered.
Power Plant for Morning Star
R. P. Williams,    agont     a'
Greenwood for the .Jenckes Ma
chine conipany, has sold a power plant   to Dr.   Wells, of the
Columbia University School oi
Mines, New  York,   for  use  in
prospecting the  Morning Star,
in   Fairview Camp,  Okanagan.
This   property    was   recently
bonded by outside parties from
S. Mangott, of Fairview. and at
the time   the transaction was
made public it was staled that
it was intended to sink .'500 feet
on the claim.   The plant  now
purchased consists of a ilO-korsc
power vertical boiler, (I by S
Bacon hoist, No. 0 Cameron
sinking pump of plunger pat-
torn, ropes, buckets, cars, pipes,
and all necessary accompaniments. M. E, Puree!!, a mining
man well known in Rossland
district, is in charge of the development work, which is now
in progress at the mine.
-— a	
Business and   Advertising.
There is an interesting parallel to  bo drawn between the
statements   ul'    lbe    business
agencies in whicli tbey say that
the year 1002 was the greatest
Business year the country has
ever known, and the statements
f the advertising agencies i.liat
tt greater amount 06 money was
spent iii advertising during 1902
than during  any   previous   12
months iu tlte History Ot advertising.    Advertising is the most
powerful  force that, can bo employed in the acquisition of trade
it, is the   battering   rain   that
;>ushes tlvough the solid wall
of   competition   and   launches
;oods in the place once occupied
by tho old competition, whoso
mistaken   notion    that   "long
years ol' bua;ne3s" and the '"reputation of the firm wero a suf-
j'ioieut safeguard against the onslaught  fo •  newer  but   more
progressive enterprise*.
Judicious    advertising    hay,
forced unknown goods into tho
lands of unwilling dealers and
created a demand with the consumer that no trade combination, price cutting or anything
dso could impair.    A business
iniilt upon this basis is strong,
'lighly satisfactory and   independent.
Old advertisers who have tast-
.1 the full strength of publicity
md known its value appreciate
iiest the possibilities of advertising and comprehend the  im -
.nensoaiid unlimited   scope   of
the field of operation.
Advertising is an absolutely
in.lispens ibleliecessity in thous-
.inds of businesses, many of
which could not even exist witli
Out it. IV is a mighty power
and properly wielded, yields
greater and more satisfactory
returns than any other one
thing. There is no business, so
small or so large, so noor or so
■ 1 If you are going to keep
iGROCERlESi that N@« Year's reso-
cicll that cannot in some form
employ advertising with profit.
Montreal, February, 7, Mr.
Hays says it has not been
decided yet what amount of I
per cent guaranteed (I. T. H.
stock will be issued, when tho
permission of parliament has
boen received, but it is understood that eil her $5,000,000 or
$10,000,000Will be   the  amount.
To economise during 1903. the best way of car- &
rying it out is to purchase your groceries from us, we|
will help you to keep it, in fact we will guarantee that |
it is kept if your orders are placed in our bands, be- g
cause our prices for choice, fresh Groceries are such |
j that a saving of many dollars during a year is effected. |
. z^tt'&'x'- "*V
Is again in the Telephone Bust
ness,  This time in
The telegraphic news that Mr.
.1. B. Donald is about to build a
series of telephoue lines through
out the Northwest, and Alberta,
in opposition, apparently, tothe
Boll Telephone Company of
Canada, recalls the time Mr.
Donald, with his partner, Mr.
William Davie, figured in the
big telephone company light in
the Kootenays.
Two men who had made a
couple of thousand dollars in
the Hall mines went into the
telephone business in the interior, and wore building a line called the Spokane and British Columbia, to meet, the Vernon and
Nelson Company's wire at the
boundary,     The minors knew
99 out of 100
Pairs of hands will roughen and chap during the next tew
months, if they are not taken care of. It is much easier to
keep them soft and smooth than it is to make them so. \ ou
perhaps have a favorite preparation among the following, ol
which I have a good supply
Cold  Cream,      Camphor Ice,
Almond Cream, Witch Hazel Cream,
Yellow Vaseline, White Vaseline
Or maybe you have a receipe of your own  you
would like prepared.
Dr. Shoop's Family Medicines in stock.
A. F. Thomas,
■ j ■■'■$ttft__Ei_£ \*14 U.    £i-f lS»f» i**v*j
0. M. CR0USK  luliur nml Proprietor
Published weekly >vl Midway, H. C,
RtOworlptlon prijju, $2.ihi por uiuuim, pnynlilc
i-i advance, olttior yearly or hall yonrly nt tho
option uf Lhe subfierlher,
Advertising rritos sunt on applloatton.
There is plenty of room at the
top  of   the   greased  pole   (f
When a man's temper gets
the best of him it shows him at
his worst.
Many a fool man casts a shadow on his life by standing in
his own light.
A man usually makes a lot of
new tracks in attempting to
cover his old ones.
The man who feels like a lord
at night generally feels like the
devil in the morning.
MIUWAY   .NEWS ucrui
Boooks, m
and Stationery
All the best   brands of Cigars and
Tobaccos kept in stock.
The Mad Mullah was ''killed
while saying his prayers." And
yet people will persist in this
dangorous habit.
! P. BURNS & CO.
I \>**_     _s_*
1        Wholesale and Retail Meat
Markets at: Greenwood, Grand Forks, P_*oer|ix
ar|d Midway.
Once there was a man who
wasn't, prepared to give, advice
on how newspapers should ho
run. Uut that was a long time
A falnilmr munn for tlio Chicago,
Milwaukee* SI. 1'aul Rail way, known
nil over Ilie Union as the (Ireal'JlUjI
way running the "Pioneku Limited'
trains every day und ninht lietween St.
Paul and ('hicago, mid Omaha and
OhioafJO) "The only perfect trains in
the world." Understand: Oonnet*
tions are made wilh AU. Transeon
tinental Lines, iissuriiiR to passengers
the hest, service known. Luxations
coiuhes,.electric lights, Sleain heat, of
a verity eipmled hy no other line.
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any poinl
in ilie Ha ii cd States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell Ihem.
Forrates pit tuphlets or other information, address,
R. L, Ford. H. S. Howe,
T niv, l'liiw, Agt, Uoncral Agent,
I   0-
There is no reasonable excuse
for a man living in town if he
doesn't lite it. If you have no
word of commendation to say
for yonr own town, its institutions or its people, emigrate.
You won't, stop the course of
events by going away, neither
will yoij' harping criticism cut
any figure if you remain.
Hal;  Colonel Prior  preferred, nie went out on strike at
and rightly, not to step beyond clock this morning.    All
wh.it, in recognition of the bas-  mines are tied up.   lhe miners
upon which he  was elected,. refuse to make
Noah was on. of the earliest
advertiser*. lie advertised
that he would sail on a certain
day. Those, wiio did not believe in advertising failed to
get tickets and were left out in
the wot without umbrellas or
bathing suits. As most of them
could nit swim, they took to
the trees and became monkeys.
The origin of the monkey is now
Up-to-date journalism has
radiated to tbo very heart of
Missouri, and Tiie Press of
Salisbury thus warns ofT till
leisurely correspondents: "Send
in your items of news when
they are fresh. We don't like
tb publish a birth after the child
is weaned, a marrage after the
honeymoon is over, a death
after the widow is married
again, nor the notice of an en-
tertainmenb after the job work
is done elsewhere and the
editor is charged for admission
An exchange sums up tho
names of tho papers published
in Toronto in this way ; There
is a Sun which shines all over
Ontario, a'Moon which is full
once a week instead of the old-1
t'nshi mod way of once a month;
a Stir that twinkles everywhere, il'a citizen wants tho
News of the Empire and finds
the Mail too slow hi! can send a
Telegram around the Globe and
locate the latest War Cry, or if
he finds Time close he can buy a
AVorld for a cent, sit down on
Saturday Night with a Sentinel
at his gate, a Guardian at the
entrance of bis bonus aud enjoy
Pleasant Hours.
was the only legitimate course
ho could take."
Thus the Victoria Colonist
speaks of the electors' mandate
and the basis upon which Colonel Prior was elected. When
did our present premier come
before the province for an endorsement of bis policy? Unless we ansiime that Victoria is
the whole province, which
assumption people beyond the
borders of the Island City, no
longer make, though, of course,
it is still law and gospel in Conservative circles of the most
Conservative-city of Canada.
The truth of the matter is
thut Colonel Prior succeeded
former premier Dunsmuir,
audit is altogether likely that
his present policy is in recognition of the basis upon wliieh he
succeeded to the premiership.
A large part of his address to
the electors of West Yale is de
voted to his advocacy of grant.
I ing land subsidies to railroads
which he previously stated
should have their termini at
Victoria and Vancouver; and
yet Colonel Prior knows perfectly well that the majority of
tho people of the province
are opposed to this policy.
There was a redistribution Act
passed at the last session of the
house, which means, if it means
anything, that there is not a
fair representation of tbe people in the present legislature.
The last clause of that Act is to
the effect that it shall come into force when the present legislature is dissolved. Why does
the premier not ask fora dissolution of the legislature?
Because he feels in his bones
that the mandate of the people
would hurl bim from the premiership.
known their
grievances, and the public arc
in the dark as to why the
strike is   declared.       B
The coal company refuse to
take any more orders for coul,
and as no one is stocked a famine of domestic fuel is in sight.
The miners claim they have
the support of the Western
Federation of Miners, their reji-
prosentative, J. A. Baker; having been hore last week looking
into tho trouble, lt is under
stood that the chief grievance
is the scale of wages paid at
Morrissey. The 'price pai<
tliere is 40 cents per ton, while
at Goal Creole minora uv. pjiii
00 cents.
_______        C0WW«MT» Aft
Scientific American.
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The best of accommodation for
tho convenience of the
travelling publlo.
n ssiBiMdon,
vntt*.'m r sl. wubtutM.
union. 1>. C.
"There may bo Conservatives
in the province, who consider
that Colonel Prior should have
us ;:1 his p nilion to do what
the electors gave liiiii no inundate to tlo, namely to form a
purely Conservative government; there may he Liberals
in the province who are aching
to see the provincial government turned into a political
machine for strengthening of
their hold upon the federal cap-
Strike is Declared.
Fernie, Fob. 11.—The miners
at Morrissey,  Michel and Fer-
EJltorally Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
Nowb from all ot Iho world—Well
written, original slorios—Answers
tn qncriu*. Articles tax Health, tho
Home, New Honks, and on Work
Almut tlie  Knrni nml   (iiirdlrll.
The Weekly Inter Oeear
Is k mumber of this Aflfloolatejl Presn,
thu only Weston. NewNimper rcceiv-
INK 'lu: enlirt! tcleijniphic iiewn aerv- .
ice of the New York Sun ami Kptsdul
cable of tlie New York World-daily j
report-*  from over 2 UW Hpecinl cor- «
respondent*- throughout the country.
Sulmcrlhe for THS (MSIMTCH and
The Weekly Inter Ocean one year,
lio Mi imperii for V2.50.
St.Paul, Duluth, ntnneapolis, Chicago
Through 1'ulaee ami Tourist Sleepers
Dining and   Bullet   Smoking   Library   t'jirs
Cor llnlcs,  t'olden. and Full Inforinatioii,
null on or address
11. BUANUT. V. P. &T. A.,
, 701 W. Riverside Avenue,
1 Spokane, Wash.
A. B. C. DENNISTON.K. W. P. Ai,:;
Seattle, Wash.
Mining and Commereial Men
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Motel,
The Mormon Temple.
Whv vmi slinulil liny
BB0AD8B it is the In'itt nui.lity
B.OAUSK it is most lusting chew
HlidAUSK it is tha lnrgHst. hi|*h grade
10 ur 'Es: plug
BECAUSE the tng< mn vnlimhle. for
premiums until Jan. i, 1905
HIUlAIJSEyiiiir Aealer is iiu'hortonrt
in it*fimil yon r iimnev
ymi tn. mil sstislied,
The   Mormon   temple    nt   Suit
Lnke City is nn dim .1 the must, hiiIi-
stiiiit.iiil and well constructed religious
edifice in the United States, if not in
tlie world.   Corner stone laid April (I,
1853, cap Btone April 0, 1892 and dedicated April (I, WW, over forty years of
constant, lahor heing consumed   in its
construction.   ThismngniHcenl structure HM) feet long, 1(X) feet wide is Iniilt
entirely of Utah white grrnite, heauti-
fully carved, symbolic of the Mormon
faith, surmounted liy  six towers, the
highest beiugiSKI feet from the ground
supoorting a hrou/.e statue of the angel Maroni.   The coat of  this building
is about $<>,0;>»,OUO.   There are   ninny
other all ructions at, Salt Lake City of
inteiest   to the traveler nr   tourist,
where aday can   he well spent    The
Rio Grande is the only   Trans-continental route passing directly through
Salt Lake City, where a stop over is
allowed ou all classes of tickets.   The
service of thc Kio Urnnde lines  is unexcelled.   Three trains daily between
Ogden and Denver, curying all clas
sej of modern equipment,   lf you  are
conteuiplating a  trip  lo  Ihe   East,
write the undersigned for information
regarding rates via the "scenic line nf
the world :"   W. 0. McBride, Oenernl
Agent, M, J, Roche,  Traveling Passenger Agent, 121 Third St., Portland,
Midway htm! Vernon Iintl way Company
will npply Initio Parliament of Canada al Hh
next ScKslon for an act drdarinp the railway
and work, which thi- Company Ims boon nut li
orir-ed by the legislature nf thc Province of
Britilth Columbia to crih.truoU to bo works for
tho general iul vantage of Cnnu.ln intending
Iho time within which It may coimtrnct the
same, nnd giving to Ihe Company such powers
as to maintaining nnd operating or disposing
of itR ralhv-iv nnd works nnd euch other now-
en. nnd privileges ns are nwunlly given toll itl-
wuv CompnnicH incorporated by tho Parliament
of Canada.
Dated at Ottawa, tin. 18th dny of December,
A.D., 1002.
Solicitors for Applicants.
Agent* for Ottawa
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
Boundary Falls Hotel
Tty^otal is centrally loeated and is a stopping place for stage
lines.*  -Good stabling on the premises.
Orvlvj th? choicest brands of Wir\es, Liquors,
ar\d Cigars at the Bar
This well-known hotel has
been re-opened and offers ev-
ry convenience to the travelling public. The building is
newly re-furnished and the bar
is stocked with only the best
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Excellent meals served in the
dining room.
Hake this your   Headqusrters
When in Camp McKinney.
W. E. McBoyle   Gorman West
r     ..ft,..'
tx PORTERS    plID^N       V *"V\
Z00-2I2 first Ave.North.   MINNEAPOLIS, MJNN
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.   -   RES., $2,500,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch. I
Mrs, W. Powers and daughter,
rL'il, are visiting friends at
trSnd Forks,
B()1.llr_In Midway on   Wed-
Ltdny.,lth insfc! t,,e w5fe °'H>
brray, of» son.
jIjsS Josephine   Leveque, of
eveistoke, is visiting her sister
rs. J. A- Jackson.
IT. Piekart, of the Arlington
lotel, Greenwood, was a visitor
i Midway on Wednesday.
,\ Box Social will be  held in
|u. Sivilor hall, Camp McKinney
Friday, February, 27th.
The i«e harvest is now on and
|,0 wop is of tlie same grade as
liitittolMi wheat, No. 1 hard.
J\V, B.Cochrane, of the firm
|f Cochrane &Caley, Barristers,
'liiniix was in town during the
11 legal business.
I), McDonald of Chesaw has
jtniicd iv daily stage between
•e nnd Chesaw  to   connect
pith the Curlow—Midway stage.
A banquet was given at the
irmsfcrong hotel,   Greenwood,
\st Saturday night to 8. F. Par-
sb. M. E. manager of the B. C.
e, the occasion being his im-
bii<liiig departure for Rossland
r take charge of the Le Roi
Hine and smelter in the capacity
general manager for the Le
ioi Mining company.   Mr. Parish iH highly esteemed ;n the
loiindary and his departure is
jntcli regretted throughout the
list riot,
I The death of Mrs. Vinnie Mc-
took place at the Hpokane
lotel, Midway, last' Wednesday
burning. The deceased had
on complaining of a headache
I nr more than a week, but was
|li 1>I_ to perforin her duties as
I ook at the hotel, up to Tues-
I ay evening. Early Wednes-
ay morning she awakeded her
jttle girl, who assisted at waiting table, and told her to go
iwn and start the breakfast
i she did not feel able to get
l> just then. Tlie little girl
fas gone but a short time whon
Be returned to see how her
iotlier was and found her in a
fry low condition. Ur. Op-
.nheim.r, who happened tobe
town, was immediately summoned, but when he arrived she
fas beyond human aid and ex-
ired in a few moments, heart-
Hluro being the immediate
tuse of death. On Thursday
le remains were removed to
le residency of her sister, Mrs.
Illandre, of Greenwood, from
pere tho funeral took place
the (ireenwood cemetery.
ie late Mrs. McRae, with her
He girl, came to Greenwood
jut three months ago from
fizona, where she has a broth-
She had been conducting
'dining room of the Hpokane
-U*\ since the flrst of the year.
». has a brother living at Oro,
fash. Much sympathy is ex-
essed for relatives of the dewed lady and especially for
little girl, who at the age of
irteen is deprived of a moth-
en re.
fa £
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Emoted to the Satisfaction of Customers
■BO|   WiUluiiMnn-    n>v>
Gkkkn WOOD, R. C.
—: Notary Public
Camp McKinney, B.C.
A. M. Can. Soo. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway anr OinutKwoon.
Rendell Block, Greenwooo.
Phone IMI. V. * N.
ed a large hotly of high grade
Mr. H. Main moved and Mr
P. Graham seconded a motion
that all present in favor of the
Association should place their
names on the enrollment list,
and thirty-two of those present j one handed
did so.
The evolution of the youthful
Missouri idea was aptly illustrated when a school teacher
down there wrote the word
"dogma" oh the board and asked the pupils for sentences containing the word. The bright
in  the following:
Mr. C. E. Betts seconded by',
Mr.  J. W. Blough  nominated j
Mr. Nicholson as a delegate to
the convention  to  be held in
Victoria on the 24th. inst.
Mr.   A.   Megraw
there should be
cussion to give their delegate
ideas to carry to Victoria and
incidentially mentioned that
prospectors should be given
some relief for cutting trails, to
be applied as assessmene  work.
Mr. T. Murray suggested the
removal of the two per cent,
tax from the gross output to
the not profits of a mine.
After some further discussion
it was agreed that the signers
of the roll should be assessed a
certain amount to defray the
expenses of their delegate to
"Our dogma has three pups."
Tli.il I, Charles do Blots Orcon, for myself
and tut agont for M. K. Oroon, A. Wood. P.
Umb. C. A, C. Stowarrt and C. H. Arundell,
Intend till days from lhc dnte hereof to apply
uuir-ri'uriul   ,0 "10 (''1'<!'   '-"•"'"''""'""■Jr of leixxAs  and
MU^gi-NIUl   viork* for permission to purchase respectively
individual dis- ! and in the Mime order:  The ... J of 8ec.    XI.
Tp. IS; the Weal I of s... II. Tp.   ol;   thc
North I of Sec. Jl, Tp. 411:   Ihe Weal 1 of Sec.
38. Tp. 19: the fractional North Rant I of See.
5 and fractional North Wesl 1 ol Sec.   4, Tp.
,'■1 and the North Weal 1 ol Sec 18, Tp.  Jl, all
In Osoyooe District,
Dated this Sill day nf January, IMI.
CHAS. dell. OltKKN.
Reduced Rates from the East.
Commencing February 15th
and continuing until April 30th
there will be low rates in effect
from the East via the Illinois'
Central R. R. to all Washington, Oregon and Idaho points.
If any of your friends or relatives iu the East are coining
West while these rates are in
effect, give us their name and
address, and we will make it
our business to see that they
are given the beat possible service. We operate through personally conducted excursion
cars, and in fact give you the
benelit of the latest conveniences known to modern railroading. We have 15 different
routes between the East and
the West, and are in position to
give you the benefit of the best
combinations. Write us and
we will give you full particulars.   B. H. TRUMBULL Com'l
p MeKlnney elects Delegate.
meeting was held at the
filler's Union Hall at Camp
(•Kinney on Friday evening,
eliruary 7th., to discuss the
ets of the proposed Provin-
|il Mining association of Brit-
l Columbia.
ftir. H. Nicholson,  J. P.  was
(pointed Chairman and   Mr.
Eastwood, Secretary.   The
virmnn having read the cir.
lar letter explaining the  ob-
Bts of the Association, pointed
™ t the  great benelit to be delved by the mining industry of
Iritish Columbia from an asso-
lation formed on   such   such
jroad and comprehensive lines,
od that it would be especially
Biiefleinlto Camp McKinney,
.hich had been but little advertised and possessed such   properties as the Cariboo, unequalled among the dividend mines
of the province, and the Water
loo which had recently develop-
Certlflcate   of  Improvements
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.~-No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In urdfr tti httvc Dr. Arnold'* Knglish Toxin " Ha placed in ihe hands of
nil persons suffering from lmd health
we make the following most liberal j A(,ellt m (jent, r R( 142 Third
oH*ri~   ,„      . , St., Portland, Ore.
If jotl will aend M your name and |
address anil agree lo sell for xu twelve
lioxes of Dr. Arnold'* Knglish Toxin
Pills Ht^'. perlmx.we will give ynn
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
•nd Chain in either Laities or Hems
si/.e, or yonr choice of twenty other
premium's such asHne sels of Jewelry,
Rings, Violins. Mtindnlins, Ten Sels,
Bateen Skirts, Cameras, etc. Hemeni*
her we don't want any money until
after you sell the Pills and yott don't
have 10 sell any more than 12 hoxes lo
gel, the premiums. This is a bona tide
otter from a reliable concern that Iibs
given thousands of dollara worth of
premiums to agents all over the country. Kemeiiiber also that Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diseases nf the kidneys
and bladder, Brlght's dtseaj-e. diabetes,
rheumatism, iv-rvous tiouhli., and
female complaints, and ate fm-sale hy
all lli-st class druggiBta and dealers 11
all purl s of the world. You have only
to show I hem to sell them. Yon annul offering something thai the people
don'l know. Our watches are the
regulitr standard sixe for Ladies or
fienilemen in Nickel or Gun Metal
Oases with handsome illuminated diuls
and reliahle tlme-kcepcrs, watches
■uch as no lady or gentleman need be
ashamed to carry, and they will be
sent ah.-lately Free to all who sel
only twelve boxes of thine wonderful
Toxin Pills. Write at once and be the
Hist in vour loctility to earn one of
1 hose lieaul If ul watches and chain. As
won as we receive your letter or post
card we will send you post paid twelve
hoxes, together with nur Illustrated
Catalogue nnd beautifully colored card
with vour name and address on as our
aiithoriwil agent. Bear in mind thai
yuu will nnt he asked to sell any mote
lhan the 11 lioxes and we don't want
■ny money until after yon have sold
them. We hear all Ihe expense and
are only making this liheral offer as a
method of advertising Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills. Don't delay,
write at once and earn a heaul tful present for yourself for Christinas.
go Adelaide St. East, Toronto.Ont.
S-.-MKT Minkiiai. Claim.
Sltuat* In Ul* Kettle River MlnlnK Dlvlilon
of Talc Dlstriet.   Wher* loeated : Camp
TAKK NOTICK Hint I. Forbes M. Korby, as
agent (tir l.j-tton Wllmnl Shatford, tree milter's corllflnato (jn.- IffllNG, Sidney C. Cosens.
free minor's oertllloato No. MMM. Alfred
Muller, free miner's cortlllonto No. MUMS untl
William KriwanMrae miner's eerll.rnlu No,
ItllSII, intend sixty dj-ysfrom the dale horeof, to apply to tho Mining llceorder for a
CerUAoataofl'npnivaniouta. for the purpose of
obtaining* Crown Orant of tho abovo elnlm.
And further lako notico thai action, under
seetion 37, must bc commence, hoforo thc
Issuanco of such Certificate of Improvement*
Dalod this llth day of NovemHer, 1002.
Fob.28. KOII1IK. M.KKItllY.
To H. K. Mitchell or any person or persons to whom you may havo transferred your
Interest l« In tho "Oold limp' Mineral claim
sllimte on Pry Creek, on tho West Kork of
Kettle lllver, in lho Kottlo lllver Mining
Division  of Vale  District.
You nre hereby nollHi-d thnt I have oicp-jnd-
ed $KW./_ In order tfl hold the said mlnoralclnlm
under the provision of thu Mlnoral Acl, Ilml
you should contrlhulo W1.3J as your portion
ol tho saiil sum for your undivided one half Interest In sntd clnim and If within «l dnys nf
Ihe Hrst lnsortlon of this notice you fall or refuse to contribute tlio sum of IM.tll which Is
now duo by you, togothor with all costs of advertising, your Interest In said mineral claim
will boenmo lho proporty of the subscriber
under section fnur of an Aol ontltlod the "Mineral Act Amendment Aot." Mm.
Datod this Wth d»y of January, IW.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane,Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C
Stage Line.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
'.reenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Gieen-
vood at 6:30 a, m., arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
n time to connect with tlie train for Spokane clue 10:45 returning
vill leave Curlew at 5 p. m., upon arrival of incoming train,
eaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p m.
.Vill connect with Meyerhoff's Stage from all points West
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls {.Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson k Ft. Sheppard
Railwav Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & fi. N. Ry.,
Van., Vic&E.By.&N.Co.
The only all rail mute hei ween
pointa east, west and smith to R<w»-
Ihm.1i Nelsnn. Giantl Forks antl Hepttli-
In-. Cotineeta at Spokane with the
(Ileal Northern, Northern Pa-ilk- and
0. »1. k N. (io. for point* east, west
ji ml south ; connettU at linn-land mul
Nelson with the Canadian PaeiHit Hy.
Connerta at Nelson with the K. H. A N.
Co. for Kaula ami Mocan polnln.
ConncHu ut   Carlew  with  Mage for
Oramwood and MMway II. C.
Ilnffi't  ran  run  on train, hetween
Spokane and Republic.
Leave Arrive.
tl.lVv.ni SPOKANK      S.«p.iu.
Hl.1,1 ii.ni  ROSSI.ANIi      5.111pm.
7.1*1 i*,-il  NKI.HON      8.II0p.m.
ll.lKlii.r.i (1UANII KORKS...    1.00 p.m.
(I.l.iii.m  RKI'.BUC.    ..      ."i.40p.m.
XX.   A.  JtAi
Ueneral Pawetitter Agent.
SpokaJie, Wash.
A. Maslonka
formerly of Nelaon, B. C,
has opened a oot and
Shoe store In Idway,
with a large stock on
Midway Livery, Feed k Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,  -   Proprietor.
Hay md Oats for Sale. - Bus Meets all
General Transfer and Dray Business.
itt:y^^i^:'tt"'--'-'tt^>A :- A,,
miiiiiMiSfliimmit '-.at-Z&iiiiJz
Rock Creek, B. C.
8. T. LARSEN, Prop.
H-KppiiiK plac-e foi-Sttigba to
mul from all linniidiivy
Creek pninla.
ood Aceommodation for the Traveling Public.
>rtlflrnt.   of   Improvement*.
Hmni.AM)  '''IKK     MtNUtMA I   I
situate In Uw Kettle Rlvar Mining DIvIj 1 in or
Yale Dislrict. Whore located : In ..aver Creek Cam), about one mile North
Easl of Beaverdell.
AKK .NOTIOK Dial 1, Korbos M. Korby, or
iiK'-ni for _ ayeim llarrln. (roc miner's uor-
itlraituNu. tiiillJ litujiiil siiiy days Irom tbo
.laloheru., loapplplo  lho Mining lloconlor
inr a Ccrtlllciitti of  Iroprovoi Is.   for tin:
tmrpnst! uf obtaining n l!ni«-n Orant "f   thu
nbovo elaini.
Anil furthor tako notico that aotion nmlur
.i.iIon 117 intiNl bo nntnineni'utl boforo ll o issu
moo of such Cerlilleale of Improvements.
Haled this litlh day of November. 1002.
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifcrs, Hoar Figs, Sows
and Young Figs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
it/i   miles from   Midway, or
Dispatch office.
made to order.
Repairing   promptly attended to.
All work guaranteed.
Only the best stock used.
A. Maslonka.
■. • .j .j. ■•■.' ■■■ _". t
It will lis tho mast ii
ant Railway Centre. in the  .
Interior of British Columbia.
It is' in the centre of a
ric'i Minim, Stock-Raising,
Ranching, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Proi.cing,
and Railway District.
Midway property will
nuke you rich. It is not
a speculation, it is an in-
Midway, the coming pail-
| way, commercial, wholesale and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle River
and Bonndary Creek Districts, is situated at the
confluence of Bound;.
Creek and Kettle Hivir.
The leili; .'ii'li
town in the country, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and surrounded by rich agricultural land.
Business,  residence ,and garden lots at low'priaes and on easy terms.
Send for maps, prices, and'full particulars to
-.    !
;«) Sl   .Iniin Nli-eH,--
Montreal, 1J. «. -
0. M. 0U0B8K,
Agent for BHtifeh'C'oliiiiiliin,
Midway, 11. (.'.
'- ■ O      ,1H«;+     III
Mr. T. T. Mclirntii, a well-known
jourmili.-l of Hi', Jolnis, ..cuftmtiu-
iuml, in tin- course of un uril.'le on
Lnbmiloi', nays —
ll is u re.mtiJvUljlc fact, tlml wjillo
virtually ti.eiv retlviOHl of Labrador:
has bte.i ii.i n ny tne Havana l*"Ks
ol the fo ion tuot'ii ins nuver icon a
CU e n( iiyJl'-iJiJO.iu then-, lho fuel
is iitlcsiul by ii. .i■-..11it.*lI, llio supur-
iiiluiitluni nl lho l.n^lish uietlii'ul mis-
sum there, und whu lias nnw spent
ton yours nn tho coast untl (routed
over Hll,UOI) patients, no cannot explain this siii^ii|tli- cii'ctiinstunce; it
may be due to climatic, condition*,
but it is inure |.T0j,iu1j UW raauli of
tut: woltish strain in llio brood ol lhe
uo^s. I he extraordinary part of it
is thai such a condition should bo
found allied with the most absolute
savugot-y on the part of the animals..
Thoy tiro It fiercest of any Limits
tfiilliud to ie of senl o to mankind;
they will nt:ack anything thoy bo-
lie.e we.iker Uinn thcmsJvos, und
they ine only I.opt'in subjection by
lire unceasing use of thc lush. .  .
'!'!.,•;. are a (,-ross between'*' the
Wolves untl the t-itlii'i' Ncwfnundlitiid
does I roi gilt there mid by this time
almost all but th;1 wollish churnrtrr-
isties are elilitiitutod. Tho coastfolk
llltd them lm,lspensiblo, yet li\e in
fj'af of thorn. No mun ventures
tt!.road without Iiis whip, evo-y woman carries n stout club; it is ileal li
lo a chil I tn gel among them. Only
Inst month lho JJlih' sun of the,
aeoit of the llud's'.m's Hay Oniii-'
pany a post nl Samlwiilt Intel was
iitt.rc i'I hy t-eHO Iji'i tea. j'Within a
minute thoy hjul iullicted fiver sixty
litis in tho chill, and but fnr lho
t.o otlon of a pit retriever ting nnd
the I d's mother promptly Hying tn
the iesMic, he musl novo been literally lorn lo | ie o:>. l!o was lalen
,lo the hns iti.l at India harbor,
where he is making a t*tti<'k fo.'ovory.
This was u more fortunate outcome
thiirw.is tho cnse.jj^'.aijL'lwrlght lust
your. A child tVHiidcred from lioipe
uml whon fie distracted molher Mew
to where a pnci\ of angry dogs wore
ravening she found nothing hut thc
bonis of her olTs; ring. A little girl
whs i-i Imtlly mniigled by them nt
1'iinchhowl last yenr also thut she
never toco crod.
Every yon'- .lirinr.B its quota of
those tnisliups, while there ure scores
if nol hundreds ot cases of mlidm luring hitton. Tl is impossible (A keep
litre i, gouts nr poultry on. tho const
localise nf thc I r iteSf-,1 n I their ex-
tcrinlmttl n v.oi'M-hi've Iipci "ff^cled
long ago were It not fcr tho fact
that they nru t io only menus by
which cninniunicuiion is kepi up in
winter'. There are no horses on th«
const, its I1 ce i-j untiling lo feed
1'i-in. Teams of dogs, nttnclted to
flo'hr'S, hit the means of travel.
VI:h Ihem the seniors go from harbor In harbor, ninke hunting tripsin
lie Intori-ir, hit ul firewood from thn
forests imd convey peltries to the
Unison's liny Company's postn.
These dogs play Ihe sumo part •«
tie ei'nnnniy of this region ns they,
do in the Arctics, and there the rhaf-
ncteristi s nro the suee, though w*
do lint ho.tr of such instances of thftt*
Certificate of 'Improvements.
Nai.i.k.n Minsk vi. Claim.
Sltuste In th* Kettle River Mining Division
nt Yale District. Where located: In
Beaver Creek Camp, adjoining the Idaho
Mlnefer Malm.
TAKK   N'OTIOKthut 1, Forbes M. Korby
ns ngont tif'tlonalil Smith, ftco minor'
eOTtHtalttf'Wi.   H.iMJW.   HlllUMtl ..^uiith. froo
minors ctiMflehl. No. .nttt&l,-ami .Alexander
.iniliti, froo mlnor'ii corliflcnto No. iiiiflM. intend, sixty dnys front    tho (into liercof,   to
apply to the Wining Itcrertlcr fnr n Ccrtili'iili.
of Improvements for the pnrtKwie nf obtaining a
Grown Urittrt'-of tlio nbovo claim.
And furthor take notice thai notion, undor
soction 117, must  be eoitiiuunceil   boforo the
issuance of such Certificate of hnprmomonts.
Ilatodilltts loth day of November, A. I). I'Ml.
_ob.S8 KOHIIKS M. KEItriV.
['Certificate   of   Improvements
The Midway Sawmill
!■■.. , ,   ...     r of,,,-.
,.-4 ■
wm. Lowers, proprietor.
'  I'tqH
All kinds of ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER,
'mS^^^ e.
Band Sawing and Job Work done io   order.
K.0I1 ITll.l, MINERAL Pt.AtM,
Sltuate.in the Kettle River Mining Dlvlilon
.of Yale District  Where locatod j   About
Six miles north from Boavordcll on' the
divide  betwo n Beaver Creek and the
West Fork of Kettle River.
TAKK NO'l'iCK that I. Forbes M. Korby.
osngont for Kidney C. Cosens. free, minor's
ocrtlflqalo No. it,Vill(t, intond, sixty days from
the dat* horeof lo anply to the Miiihin itecordor
fora eortillcate of improvements, fm- tlio»mr-
prwnof obtaining a Crown (Irani nf i lie above
Anil further tako notico that aetlnn. under
soction   37, must, he commenced before the
issuance of.such cortilicato of improveiaeiitii.
Ilateil l.hlB 10th day of Novombor, 1!K«.
*    Mronl..
809 Second Ave.,  Spokane, Wash.
Oertifl.nt-   of  Improvement*!
ItnsiK  Minbrai. Claims.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Divial
yalo District.   Where  located : Camp
TAKK NOTICK that l,.ForboK M. itirby,
as mienl fur Alox.*..M. Winston free miner's cortlllecte Nn. txUltSt. Intend, sixtyd«ys
trom tho date horeof, tOjaptily In the Mining
Itcoortler fnr a (lertlRenle of Improvements.
fnr thc purposo of obMiniUK a CrownOrant
nf tho above claim.
And furthor tako nollcc that action, under
soctlon 117. must be commenced before (he
Issuanco of such Oortlllcatoof Improvements.
Dated thin 20th day of J ane. IUM.
Feb. 28. FOItllKS M. KKRBY.
Riverside Nurseries
.,...._   t      Qrand Forks, B. C.
Horne«grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
.Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The secrpt of success in pluntinit, ia, FIRST—lo secure good slut k.
SKCONn—to plant as soon as possible after il is dug.
Trees obtained from our nursery can be planted at
Midway two days after tbey are dug.
Price  lint, and  full  Inforinatioii  promptly   (riven.
The school where thorough work is done; where the reason
is always -riven; ^where confidence is developed ; where Book-
kf.I'.imiM; is taught exactly as books are being kept in business;
where Shguthani. is scientific ; where penmanship is at its
best; where merit is the.stanckrd,: where the training in Civil, Slrvick, Telegraphy, F.ngi.ish and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and'teach_§ them " howto' be
successful. No argument is so eloquent,as^ the record, of
'things well done. .No mortgage can corrupt, . no. thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of HowtoiDo. When
you know*what a school can do for you by what it has clone for
others is it better to trust to liick? Is it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
• 8o9,Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash,
flen Wanted kt m it.
L       To sell for the large Fonthill nurseries.   AppM t
cations should be filed at once.   Highest wages |
paid, permanent place assured to the right men. }
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding highest test i- j
montals from British Columbia Inspectors. i
wZrSfK- Stone & Wellington, j
Advertise in
The Dispatch.
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY. B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites thc
patroiutgeof all old customers and the public
Furnaee>heated and comfortably furnished rooms
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.


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