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froL XII, NO. 86.
$2.00 par Year.
MMUTOB. Solicitor, Etc.
OassswooD, B, 0,
—: Notary Public,
Dr. R. Mathison,
Hallett AShaw
LlRRISTERS, solicitors,
Conns: Radfofd MeNMUa,Moreing_
Nesl'*, Lelber's.
. . . MIDWAY, ac
uitoms sntrtss pnassd.   Blnsral Act
_d Und Ast papers drawa na. A«-
Ivltstakra. Ahstrasu mate.
Communications by mall or tolsphsns
mmptly attonds* to.
|lnd> of  hapalrlng.   Horssshoslng
A «nrclally.
Here I   Here!   Here!
Let us say a word aboui our stock of shoes,
Mea's tm aad Mack s* vetting tap dress shoes,
Men's medium heavy tea aad Mack,
Men's heavy shoes with fine uppers gaaraateedwater-proof
and all kinds of shuns for either raining and prospecting
or for hall room and easy walking. Ladies' and children's shoes
either heavy medium or llRht, In black, Un and chocolate eolnr
with silk vesting hips anil all leather viol kid and French kid.
Boys shoes in all sises and varieties.
Is stocked with the latest patterns of Zephyrs, Olnghams, Lawns, Piques,
besides a full line of ready made Skirts for summer wear in linen and fancy,
also Brilllantines, ready made Wrappers to suit all sixes, Blouses In white,
colored and Mack, Cushion Tops in linen and Upeatry, the latest fashions In
Curtains with Torchon lace borders, ladies'umbrellas, parasols In hlack aud
fancy stripes, under skirts in lustre and fancy stripes ahd numerous other
Is stocked with Boisseau's celebrated tailor made goods in
imported English whip cords, cashmeres and tweeds which
musl, be seen to be appreciated, dents' furnishings of all kinds;
latest novelties in hosiery and ties.
Ai usual our stock of Grooeries and Hardware is complete
at prices to leave only a reasonable margin above cost
**amsh.m HAIN & CO. "-Ear*
Political Nous.
Hon. C. M. Mackintosh Described as the Man Required.—Hon. Joseph   flartin's Sincerity
Questioned.—His Failure to Secure an
Interest in the Crow's Nest Coal Lands.
», m. _sgg__
Mines and
•:- Real Estate.
henwood and Camp McKinney.
AconmioDiTiox ro* Oman.
jnwlloi'i Kiuhtna-sn KstUs Rlvcr.Jf
18. M. E. HALE8,
Ute of Adsms, Orsgon,
i Is a Graduate «f
Willamette University.
Salem. Onsnn.
irnparwl ta give InstraeUss on the llano
> hoiras of pupil., and will alao play at
■ and dnnoss In U« district.
Mid war.
Pnttiul Witt Uw.
Oood Tools, Wsntjf Matarlal,
snd jo ysars sspsrisnss  to do
A Private Hospital
and Nurses' Home.
kWUlMCIMM St., Vanoouvcr.
(Ucal.Surgical andMldwifery cases
Terms t- Private   Booms,
week;  Beds in Wards, 110
i sent into the country at the
charges,   telegrams receiving
llaU attention,
pplications to he made to
Hotel Spokane,
££££ Seventh St. - nidway. XXCCC3[
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock.' Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
This week we are showing some excellent
values in Mens' and Boys' shoes and if
you are interested call in and see us.
These goods were bought direct from the,
factory, which places us in a position to
sell them to you at a very low figure.
Askto   see our Calf Lined Bals. at $3.75.  They
lead the procession while others follow.
J.R.JACOBS, Manager.
- Midway Meat Market
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At UiU otttimttmoot cwt—ww can ft choicest cuts of
. . » ■>■ l|na«s-ea *_*.***> i
Therefore Meat* are always fresh and sweet   Call and get a good joint
for dinner to-day.
TELEPHONE 311* P. O. BOX 25.
Midway News Depot
Dealer in  .  •  •
dies, Canoed fioods and Biseoits,
The   Liheral-Oonnervattves of   the
Uttesland Riding did themselves honor
in nominating the Hon. Charles Mackintosh.     Only    the   highest   sense
of   duty to   the    Province,     and
pirticnlarly   the   mining  districts,
induced     Mr.    Mackintosh   to ac
cept  the  nomination.   No ordinary
man would lie capable, after such a
career as his, of entering the lists of
Provincial politics, degraded as they
have li*en liy tbe miserable personal
jealousies and petty art iRcee of meaner
men; hut the Hon. Charles Mackintosh is not an ordinary man.  To Mr,
Mackintosh, as lo every puhlic spirited
man, it was obvious that a seriou*
crisis    in   the   affairs    of   British
Coliiniliia   eii.ts.     The    reins    uf
power     have heen seised hy a political  brigand.   The one   method   hy
which Hon. Joseph Martin ran retain
power is by arraying the jealousy of
class against clans,   section  against
section, so that hy   ruining  the harmony of Ibe whole and arresting the
progress   of   the  Province,  he may
reign triumphant over the chaos he
hns nettled.   In Ihis  design he has
been alily seconded by the ineptitude
of Ilia so-called opponents,   so-called
advisedly, liecause Ihere is hardly one
of them not ready to sell Ins miserable
soul, and give away the interests of
the Province into the  bargain, for a
brief tenure of the sHeets of ofllcr,   A
uian is needed, it man who can doini*
mile by  intellectual superiority and
force of will the Oiit.lous and Marlins
and their like.   A  man   alio  has a
statesmanlike grasp of  the future of
ihis Piovince awl can mould it In its
dcsi.iny, who can interpret and  trans-
foro, into lhe joint ac!ion we call gov
eminent, the aspirations sflerprogreaa
j.nii   advancement   in every citizen'.
mind.   Thai man ia easily   rerogiiiz-
able in lhc Hon. Charles Mackintosh,
and there is but our voice in the district calling him to tlte helm.—Trail
Creek •'New..''
■ s '
Not Sincere hi any Issue.
Tliere wa<< one |siint that Premier
Martin did not explain at his Nelson
uieeting. that is, that he whn the solid
tor of tiie Canadian Pacific Railway
Company at the luxe that company
iniiile tin* agreement, with the Ilritish
Columbia Southern llailway Company
uniler ilie terms of which Senator Cos
ami ills iissiH'iales acquired the Crow's
Nest conl lamia. He now claims that
Cox ami hi. associates after spending
dflllil.lKXl in developing mines on the
Uml in i|iie.tioii, should not have obtained title tothe land. This is an
admission that Joseph Martin, when
acting ns a lawyer for private clients,
was willing to bunco the people with
whom bis clients did business.
Premier Martin is reported an saying
in his speech at Ymir that he would
rather see J. Roderick Robertson
elected iiiem ber of the Legislative
Assembly for the Nelson riding than
John Houston. That means. If it
menu anything, that Premier Martin
i« opposed to the Right Hour law for
men working underground in mines.
It is well-known, that when a member
tif Mr.Semliii's Govern ment, Mr.Mnrtin
was opposed to making the Bight-Hour
law operative, and now he would
rather seen well known repealerelected
from Nelson luin a man who believes
the Bight Hour law should no longer
he made a political issue. This is a
fair saui|ile of Premier Martin's much
advertised sincerity for the interests of
the men who work lor wages Mar
tin ia not sincere in any Issue, not even
Uoveminent ownership of railway*,
for ho i* not in favor of building any
railway, Hither hy thn Um eminent or
by private capital, lunl does not begin
or end nt Vancouver.— Nelson "Tribune,"
Mr.Martln and tha Crow's that Coal
Tlie Vancouver "News-Advertiser*'
lately published the following from a
correspondent relativa to Mr. Joseph
Martin's connection -With tbe Crow's
Nest coal landst-In the year WW,
shortly after the Liberal* eame Into
power at Ottawa, It was understood
that a proposal to aid the construction
of the Crow's Nest Pass Railway wai
under, the consideration of the Dominion Government. A lawyer of Victor-
la, one of the nott prominent banisters at the Provincial Bar, wai ih Spokane, Washington, at tbe time. This
gentleman hud acted  professionally
tot Mr. D. C. Corbin, Uw promoter of
the Nelson and Port Sbeppard Kailway and the line from Northport to
Rossland. He mentioned lhe subject
of the Crow's Neat Pass Railway to
Mr. Corbin and asked him if he could
carry out the undertaking if the Government gave a suhsidy and some arrangement could he made with tbe
parties who had the charter fur the
British Columbia Southern Railway,
with its valuable land grant. The proposed railroad could be connected with
Mr. Corhin's road and form a very valuable feeder for traffic. Mr. Cm hin
thought favorably of. the suggestion
but intimated that he had no connections or influences at Ottawa. Tlie
lawyer recouuuended him to secure
the services of a legal gentleman, whn
happened to he In Spokane at tbe
time, as one who was well acquainted
with the Oovernnient and leading men
among iti supporters in Parliament
and wbo heing at that time rather
"down on bis luck"—as the story goes
—from having lost both hia seat in
Parliament and bis nspectatloo of a
place in the new cabinet, was looking
around for some way to retrieve his
fortunes. It In, perhaps, scaicely nee
essarytosay that the individual referred tn was Mr. Joseph Mirtin.
Through the introduction of the lawyer from Victoria, Mr. Martin was
brought into contact with Mr. Corbin
and made acquainted with the proposition. He agreed to the proposal that
he should immediately proceed to
Ottawa and dn his he-t tn secure the
subsidy and charter fur Mr. Corbin.
The latter accordingly provided him
with transportation to Ottawa aa the
flrst Step towards paring Mr. Martin
for his services whieh, if they had a
successful result, were to be further
remunerated on a very
Mr. Martin departed for Ottawa.
Weeks passed and ran into months
hut no word reached Mr. Corbin from
him, At last, tn the utter astonishment nf both Mr. Corbin and his Victoria lawyer, the news came that the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company
had secured the suhsidy for the road
and that Mr. Martin was in tbat com.
pany's employ.
But this wai hot all. Mr. Martin
has an excellent nose fnr any enterprise or speculation whirh promises
satisfactory returns, ln connection
with bis position ai a solicitor for the
Canadian Pacific Railway, he was
brought Into contact with Messrs. Cox
and Jaffray and their associates in the
conipany, whirh had heen organised
to open up the great coal deposits in
the Crow's Nest Past. Mr. Martin
desired to secure an interest in the
Coal Company, but bis wishes in this
respect were not gratified, and from
thnt disappointment may be dated the
hostility which he has since displayed
to the company and those connected
with ik
There is one other incident in connection with Mr. Martin and the grant
of these lands which I noticed with
some surprise and nnt a little amusement. During the debate in the recent
session of tbe Provincial Legislature
whirh arose out of Mr. Martin's bitter
attack nn the Semlin Government for
carrying out the terms of the Act
granting these lands tothe British Colombia Southern Railway. Mr. Martin,
in reply to a query from a private
member as tn why he had not raised
the question long liefore he did, said
that the whole subject tras new to bim
when he entered Mr. Semlin's Cabinet,
and it took him some months to become familiar with it. I thought then
of Mr. Corbin ; of those Interviews in
Spokane and wondered if Mr. Martin
had forgotten how he was provided
With transportation to Ottawa and of
the manner in which he had found the
Canadian PaclHc inducements more
irresistible than thaw of the injured
Spokane railway man who had been
the meani of putting him in the track
which has landed him In tha Provincial Premiership. I venture tbe pro
phecy that tha rich vein struck at that
Spokane meeting will he still further
exploited in the ampler opportunities
which a membership in the Government will afford. But I have always
been curious U> know what were the
sensations Of that. Vtetmla attorney
who wu thi iuaocMt cause ef mob an
extraordinary dMounamt aa that
of which I have related thi lnslda history. Perhaps ha will be mora cautious
in future Introductions! Quien sahef
It is said thai orders have ls*en issued from headquarters In Molilalia
that all Miners' Unions should suppn• r.
thr Mat tin Government.—Nelson "Miner."
Mr. James Wbetham has lieen selected by the convention of the Dewdney
supporters of lln- Martin Government.
to run in opposition to Mr, R. MiHnd ,
A press despatch from Victoria
states tbat at a meeting of Government supporters held 24th inst, Premier Martin. Aid. Yates, Aid. Beck-
with and Mr. J. G. Brown were nominated, This is considered a very
weak ticket,
Mr, John Keen, of Kaslo, I. reported
lo have resigned hi. position as mining
recordet, assessor and collector, and
registrar of the County Court In order
to run at the Provincial elections as a
straight Conservative candidate iu
tbe Slocan.
The four representatives of Victoria
City constituency in the recently-
dissolved Provincial Legislature,
Messrs. J, 11. Turner, H, D. Helmckeii,
A. E. McPhillips and R. Hall, have
been renominated fnr that constituency. Of these the last named is a
Liberal and the others Conservatives.
Mr. W. W. Mclnnes, M. P., for the
Vancouver constituency (Vancouver
Island) was interviewed at Winnipeg
isst week. In answer to several queries, be .aid. "No, it is not true that I
have resigned from the Federal House
to support. Mr. Martin in Ihe Provincial elections. I dr not intend to re*
sign my seat at present nor bave I any
intention of entering Provincial politics."
Mayor Goodeve, of Rossland, who
with Ur. Bowes nnd Messrs. D. B*
Bogle and Alex. Sharp lately visited
the Boundary district in the interests
of Hon. C. li. Mackintosh, upon his
return to Rossland told the ''Record"
"All four of us spoke at Greenwood,
where we hnd a good meeting, which
was entirely with us, although Mr, R,
li. Kerr brought down an opposition
crowd from Phoenix."
Mr. John Houston, of Nelson has announced himself a candidate for tbe
Nelson Riding of West Kootenay in
the following nol ice i— At tbe request
of my friend, and political supporters,
I will lie a candidate at tbe ensuing
election for member of the Legislative
Assembly, subject to nomination hy
a duly constituted convention of del*
egates selected by electors opposed to
the adoption nf party lines in Provincial politics, I do not believe tbat Joseph Mart in ii a representative Lilieral,
any more than Charles Wilson is a
representative Conservative, und both
are self-appointed leaders of political
Hon.C. N. Mackintosh and the B. A.C.
The following excerpt from the published report of the general meeting of
shareholder, iu the Biitish America
Corporation, held in London a few
weeks ago is of interest at this juncture : Mr. Campbell asked whether
he was rightly informed that the directors had dispensed with the services of
the Hon. C. H. Mackintosh, who hnd
always been regarded as a man of verj'
high quantities for the position which
he held.
Mr. Whitaker Wright: "We did nnt
dispense with his services. He was
not a salaried employee, but aditector,
and he had so many interest* of his
own which made such a large demand
upon his time and attention that he
could not Jo justice to himself and to
us ; therefore, as au honourable man,
he retired from the board. But he
has still the interest of the corporation at heart, and is perhaps its belt
friend in British Columbia."
Had Nothing to do With It
Even the Victoria "Times" makes
•the mistake of crediting Mr. Smith
Curtis with the "satisfactory settlement of tho labor troubles" in Southern Briiish Columbia. Does our contemporary not think it worth while to
know what it is talking shout? Mr.
Curtis had nothing to do with the settlement of the labor troubles iu the
Slocan, where there are more uiiues
than in all the rest of this region outside of it. H« had nothing to do with
tbe settlement of the labor troubles in
Nelson. Ymir, Aiusworth, and the
whole of East Kootenay dropped Into
line with Nelson and the Slocan. These
settlements were effected by tbe
miners and mine owners themselves,
without the Intervention of any Government, or Minister, or Government
Commissioner. Mr. Curtis bad something lo do with the settlement of a
little trouble over contract work in
one portion only of the constituency
in which he hopes to be a candidate.
That was all. However considerable
tt may he regarded, it is very litlle in
comparison with the settlement luada
elsewhere, which affected many niinei
mure aud whioh also showed tha way.
-Nehou "Mluer," Published   w.elly   at  Midway,  I). C.
Huliecrlplloii Prloo, fttuiper annuin, payable
in advance, ellhor yearly ur half-yearly al the
0|itiiin uf Iho subscriber.
Ail vorl IhIiik Hates Dent on application.
Perhaps the Hon. tbe Attorney-
General will next. Friday inform rest*
dents in and about Midway what he
intends to do in the matter nf police
protection throughout the district
along the International boundary line
from Midway for 20 or 30 miles westward, nnw that he is removing thc
Provincial police from this town to the
Greenwood municipality,
The Vancouver "World" says: "Ex
Governor Mackintosh should bo able
to liuiki' a good light of it in the Koot
enay*. His nomination by the Ross
land Conservatives has tlio approval
of the Conservatives throughout the
Province. Mr. Mackintosh has ample
experience as a political fighter," Evm
the ii-lmisatiin by the chief organ of
MiirtiniKiii thnt Mr. Muck intoshshould
make n good fight is something to he
thankful for. It is un acknnwledg
ment that the "white shifted hoboes''
of liossland and many other good iin-1
true electors of thn riding, unlike the
"World" itself, have not been led
astray by tbe allurements ot witchery
of Hon. Joseph Miirtin, or the vote
catching policy of his Minister of
Mines. Yes, Mr. Mackintosh will put
lip it good light, one that will leave
Hon. Smith Curtis "in the soup,"
Hon. Joseph Martin and his Minister
of Mines, Hon. Smith Curtis, are announced as intending to address a
public meeting at Midway next Saturday. Notwithstanding that the latter
has, for the sake of the Greenwood
Votes lie anticipates it will win him,
done tliis town and the larger half of
the Kettle Kiver Mining Division the
injustice of removing from the town
the office of the Mining Recorder nnd
the Provincial police, he at least
appreciates lhc fact that from 51) to 80
votes umy he polled here nnd so will
put in an appearance and endeavor to
influence some of them in his own
favor. Possibly the Conservatives, who
tints far hnve practically ignored this
part of the riding, will now wske up
to the fact that their opponents are
lint going to take any chances nf similarly damaging their cause hereabouts.
In the. opinion of the Victoiia "Colonist , many penple air afraid of Hon,
Joseph Mai I iu for the same reason
that ihey nre afraid of Ihe measles.
It is not so much lhe disease itself as
the quarantine, Hritish Columbia
wili be put in liuaticiiil quarantine just
as long us Mr, Mm I in is in I he premier
ship. Herein lies one of Ihe strongest
reasons why lbe electors of the Rossland riding shnuld do their utmost to
defeat a Marlm candidate. Capi:al is
easily- scared away, as Ihe Boundary
country will know to its hitler cost
should Martinism prevail in Ibis Province iu distinct contrast to tbe distrust capitalists have in Mr, Martin
stands out their confidence iu Mr.
Mackintosh, than whom no single individual bus intiuenced the investment ot more money in mining enterprises of the riding. Thc mural is ob-
viiiuh—support Mackintosh.
The Lilieral Association of Greenwood exhibited a very narrow und
petty spirit when last week it struck
oft' its membership roll the names of
Messrs. G, R. Naden, Duncan Ross and
A. M. Whiteside. Such n course reflects not upon the three prominent
and respected citizens of Greenwood
who have tlie courage of their anti-
Miirlin opinions, but upon thc organ
isiition which, falling its inability to
coerce them into falling into the line
it has seen lit to adopt, tries to discredit them in tlie eyes of tlie party
they bave been associated with. This
aclion is a singular contradiction of
the principles or feelings of liberalism,
wliieh word is authorati vely (Mined as
"freedom from narrowness or bigotry,
especially in matters of religion or
politics," Petty acts of injustice always (I ■feat their own ends, and this
one will assuredly recoil upon those
who were so blinded by prejudice ii"
to perpeli ate it.
An earnest effort is being made to
bring about the immediate opening to
white settlement nf the norlliei n half
of ti.e Colville Indian Reservation,
Washington,imte.-ul of deferring action
until next October. There does not
appear to lie any good reason fnr the
delay the law, as it now stands, requires. On the contrary excellent
reasons are given against such delay
Tn throw land open for settlement
only a few weeks liefore the time when
winter will set in is not good policy.
Better fnr throw it open early in thc
summer and so give intending settlers
time to establish homes and make other
provision for their necessities before
the winter comes upon them. Of
course nothing this Province can; do
or suy wiil expedite matters but it is
permitted to us to wish success to
our neighbors across the lixie in .their
endenvoi b to hasten the settlement of
thin extensive Area.of land capable of
supporting a' large population.
hnve outlined a scheme liy means of
which a Kettle River Valley railway,
connecting at the boundary line witb
au American road', thereby providing,
competition with the Canadian Pacific
road, isto be secured. The Vancouver "Province" makes the following
comment upon the proposition:
'Both Mr. Onrtis and Mr, Martin
musl be well aware lhat international
railway traffic can only be carried on
under a Dominion charter, and that
there is no chance of evading the law
on this subject by any such scheme as
that outlined. Clearly they are intent,
on befooling, the people of the Bound
ary district. In Mr, Martin's case
this is nnt at nil surprising, hut the
public would huve expected belter
things of Mr. Curtis."
The sequel to the negotiations to
establish an ore sampler at or near
Green wood shows that'altogether too
much importance was attached to tlie
overtures of men who had so little
confidence in the profit producing
capabilities of the enterprise they pro
lessed themselves anxious to launch in
thediitrlct that they wire nut prepared to run it on its own merits. They
would not even try it with tho aid of
a liberal bonus. As the Greenwood
"Miner" observes : "The City council's
offiir of50 cents per ton for the first
10,000 tons of ore crushed was very
lilieral ; and tlie action of the company proves conclusively thut they
were out ,vith the 'big init' for the
cash, and had not the necessary tfiian.
o'al backing nor the inclination to
carry on such an enterprise," it has
thus lieen demonstrated once more
that though bonus-hunters may lie
plausible enough there is hut one
sensible wny to deal with them and
that is to see to it that nothing he
allowed to go but a straight nnd
reasonable husiness proposition the
lu-iieHt from which will lie mutual.
There is much enterprise and public
spirit to lie found in Greenwood, but
with it is associated a common-sense
caution that guards against giving
something for nothing.   .
TheToronto "World" Seems to lie
very unfortunate in lis sources of information relating to this district.
The mining news it publishes fiom
Boundary Creek is frequently inflated
and unreliable; its statements a fow
weeks ago respecting the district and
the labor troubles were simply untrue.
Now it is serving up fake
items, evidently supplied by its Vancouver namesake. For a sample we
quote the following which appeared in
its issue of Monday, 23rd inst. ''Advices from the upper country tbis
morning show unmistakably that the
iide k turning strongly in favor of
tlie Government. Greenwood gave
Smith Curtis a magnificent reception
lust night at ex-Governor Mackintosh's
meeting, the Minister of Mines heing
the only man the audience wanted to
hear. His references to a Government-owned railway from Boundary
l.o the coast were hailed with tumultuous cheering." This, no doubt,
makes nice reading for Mr. Martin's
Ontario friends, if he have any, but
Ihere is just this little qualification lo
add, viz, that Mr. Smith Curtis was
neither at the meeting in question not-
even in Ihe Boundary country at the
time it waa held. As lo Ihe "tumultuous cheering"—well certain press correspondents in Vancouver have lung
been km wu to possess a very vivid
imagination, hentfe the designation
"Vancouver liar" which sopersisten t-
ly stuck for along while,
A Bait to Catch Voters.
The plan by which the Rapid Transit
Company of Grand Forks proposes to
overcome the effect of the refusal of
the railway committee of the House
of Commons to report favorably upon
the Kettle River Railway hill is interesting, hut there may he a snag in the
way.   It can hardly he possible that
the British Columbia Government has
power by oider-in-coiincil to authorize
a company to make a rail connection
with a line in a foreign country, when
the Legislature could not pass an act
to that effect.   Of the good faith of
the promoters of the project we have
no doubt, hut in the bona fides of the
Provincial Government we may he al
lowed to express lock  of faith.    The
election is not very far away, and if
Mr. Smith Curtis can have a prospective railway hi opposition to the
C. P. R. as a bait to the voters of Rossland riding,  he will    no  doubt he
stronger than he otherwise would lie.
We take leave to doubt If the Government of this Province can exercise
powers under the Tramway Act,which
the courts have decided are vested only
in the Federal Parliament,— Victoria
messiB. J, Aivutill, <l, vv,  nun,  ......
.1. Winters left this morning for
.lamesCreek where they will do further development on the Crown Polut
In accordance with section 12 of the
Bnieau of Mines Act, nn examination
for efficiency In the practice of assaying will be held in the Laboratory of
the Bureau of Mines, Victoria, on May
Uth, prox., and on such following days
ns may be found necessary.
The following appointments have
heen gazetted ; William G. McMynn
and Sidney Russell Almond, Esquires,
Mining Recorders, to be Gold Commissioners within the Kettle River and
Grand Forks Mining Divisions, respectively, and to exercise their powers
under tho "Water Clauses Consolidation Act, 1807."
The British Lion Gold Mining Co.,
Ltd,, hits lieen incorporated with a
capital of $260,000, divided into 1,000,*
000 shares of 25 cents each. The registered oflice of the company will' he
situate in Fairvlew. The objects for
which the company has been established include the acquirement of the
British Lion und British mineral
claims, situate at Fairview.
Mr. Leslie Hill, C. E , formerly resident engineer for the Prospecting Syndicate of British Coliiniliia, for which
company lie opened up the Jewel mine
at Long Lake cump, was last week
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert
Mahon at the mine. Reports frnm this
mine are to the effect that development
work is steadily progressing, with increasingly satisfactory results.
It is announced hy the management
of the Brandon k Golden Orown that
Mr. J, G, Sullivan, chief engineer of
the Columbia ft Western Railway, has
promised that early in May the branch
from Eholt to Hartford junction will
be extended to the ore bins at the mine.
Thru shipments will be commenced
and kept up regularly.
It is reported tbat 40 or 50 Chinamen
are placer mining on Conkle Creek,
which enters the West Fork a few
miles above ihe confluence of that
stream witb the main Kettle River,
No definite information that may lie
relied on is yet to hand, hut there are
rumors of returns up lo $2, per pan.
Thos. Curry is said lo have worked
this creek years ago, hut wilh only
poor results.
Mr. W. Y. Williams, superintendent
for the mines controlled hy the Miner
Giaves Syndicate, reports that he has
the assurance of the officials that the
tracks of the C. P. R. will be extended
to Phoenix in about four weeks. The
ore bins for the Knob Hill and Old
Ironsides have heen completed and, are
now being filled with ore as a prelim
inary to tuaking shipments to the
Granhy smelter at Grand Forks. Just
as soon as the spur is completed to
Phoenix shipments will lie commenced
and the smelter will begin operations.
Phoenix, Mr. Williams says, is certain
to be one of the largest mining camps
in British Columbia. — Rossland
Mr. Leslie Hill. 0. E., who was in
Midway yesterday, last week made an
examination of the Jewel mine in Long
Lake camp. When in England aliout
three months ago he attended a meeting of the directors of the Jewel Gold
Mines, Ltd., and then., anged to report on the property, Development
work has been proceeding at the mine
for some time past and sufficient having heen done to allow of the value of
tlie property being fairly estimated,
the directors have decided to suspend
work, pending receipt of Mr Hill's report. Although not at liberty to give
out any particulars respecting the
mine, Mr. Hill admitted that his examination warrants him in reporting
favorably upon the results achieved hy
the work done and the prospects for
■    '     >s»
flay not Discriminate Against Jap-
learned thai the candidature in this
riding of Hon, Smith Curtis wai unanimously endorsed by the 40 member* of the Liheral association who attended the meeting held at Greenwood,
lust Wednesday night, Mr. A. K.
St uurt.vir'-presldent of the association,
presided. A resolution endorsing Mr.
Smith Curtis met with no opposition., W. S. Keith
and J. H. McFarlane were appointed
delegates to Ihe convention to lie held
In Grand Forks on May 8. They were
instructed to vote for Mr. Curtis.
At the Central Experlmentil Farm.
A trip to the Central Experimental
Farm, Ottawa, shows business on the
move these days. Horticulturist Ma*
conn expects good returns from his experiments whirh, will he again made
Ihlsyear with tobacco, over 50 kinds
heing experimented with. Sixty varieties nf tomatoes and 120 kinds of potatoes will he tested. At present, on
the 40 acres of orchard, there nre 075
varieties of apples, 70 of pears, 186 of
plums, 20 of cherries, 175 of grapes, 85
of currant s, 180 of rasplierrles, 100 of
gooseberries and 300 of straw berries.—
Toronto "World."
J. L. TUKKY'a ai URE
Seventh Street, and see our stock of
Men's,   Youths' and   Boys'   Suits,
At Bed Rock Prices.
Also a   Fine Line   of  Millinery Goods   now
Being Opened.
S. A. CROWELL, Proprietor, h.*-,,,*., *****, mu..,, .,. <.
OMBIook Wntof lUoonl-r'-Oa**
Provincial Land Surveyor.
SUIT.  Architect and
____ Civil Engineer...
l^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
mm VOTARY    rl.'JU.l''.•••*
i nil view Towimitx* A((«iit.
.. . SDDKISS. ..
rjtaviEw, a e.
Corrmpondenoo Solicited.
Applications  tor Certificates of
Notices advertised In this week's
Advance are those of :—
Oreen Mountain, Black and Alfred,
in Oreen Mountain eamp, Keremeos
California, Kruger Mountain.
Eicelsior, Oolden Crown and Home-
stake, McCaig Mountain.
Nickersnn, Kruger Mountain.
Sunny Side, near to Eholt Creek,
(formerly called Prior Creek), lying
partly upon and Northerly of and adjoining Lot 252, Township 70.
Lake View and Orient, KrugerMoun
Copper King, Kruger Mountain.
A Torn In Politics.
"Well," said the coloredcampnigner,
"I'semighty glad that politics has took
a turn fer de lietter."
"You think so ?"
•:'< knows it, suh, De time is done
past en gone w'en a man could git inter office on a plug er terbacky, a Ration er turnip, a peck er meal en six
drinks on 'lection day. No, stth ; hit
teks 'bout six dollars en a hn lf ter move
a fust class voter in dis .day .en time,
en. de. drinks thowed in fpr. good
measure,"—Atlapta (jonstihition.
The British Columbia Oovernnient
has been repeatedly adyised that the
Imperial authorities strongly condemn
discrimination In Canada against the
Japanese, but notwithstanding this
the British Columbia Oovernrnent bas
been and still is excluding Japanese,
During the session of the British Columbia Legislature of 1800 sonic fourteen bills of this eharaeter were passed.
They prevented the employment of
Japanese labor. The Minister of Justice asked British Columbia to consider nil amendment of them. This
was not done, and as a consequence
four bills have been disallowed. They
are an act relating to liquor licences,
an-act relating to the Midway and Penticton Railway, an act amending the
coal mining regulations act (these three
have heen disallowed because of Jap*
panese clauses in the bills) and the
placer mining act. The last, which has
caused so much discussion In British
Columbia, has been voted against he-
cause it was ultra vires. Some ten
bills affecting private companies have
lieen allowed, ns It was not thought
prudent to interfere with organization
of these companies.— Ottawa press
The Royal Insuranck Cot.
Tbe London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Cot.
The Insurance Ooy. of North
The London and Canadian Fihe
Insurance Ooy,
The Sun Life Assurance Coy or
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Per
manent Loan and Savings Coy
Dissolution or Partnership.
NIOTICH In hereby given lhat the partnership
I heretofore existing between tho nnit-sV-
Htenod under the Arm name of Harcklnyfc
Harris has this dajr been dlsiolvod by mutual
All accounts due to the mid firm to he paid lo
I). L. Baroklay. The mid D. li. Sarcklay to be
respon«lblo foi all debts contacted by said
Arm previous to March 1.1th WOO.
Dated at Midway B.C.
, Msrcihiith, 1900.
HPHIS is a new building hard finished all through and
furnished in first class style. The dining room
is supplied with the best en the market. The bar is
furnished with a choice stock of Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    :   :   :   :
Patronage of the Public is Solicited and Satisfaction is Guaranteed,
The Riverside Hotel,
Is situated at Itock Creek, B.C.,  on   the  main route of   trave
lietween Penticton ind all Boundary Oreek points.   Sloppily
place for stages.
Good Fishing *•:** Oood Hunting -:- Beatof Aocommodatiog.
Our  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests,
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutchkhsok, Manager.
Commercial and Mining men should  put up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. SheeKar*      -      -      -     proprietor.
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY.B.C. : :
The undersigned having taken thr*; wdl-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fnrnaon-liented and camfortnbly
furnished  rooms.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
In the mitter of thnestate nf Aliiimiilnr
Wallace, late of Hearer Creek, ill tlio
Comity of Yale, Bril Ith Columbia, Freo
Miner, deceased.
KIOTICK le hereby given pursuant tn the
IN "Revised Statutes nf llrHlsli Columbia,
1807, Chapter IK7,' lint all creditor* ami olhers
having claims iignlntt tho tho mid
Alexander Wallnco who died on nr almut the
5th da jof February UNO, aro required on or
before the 1,5th day of April UNO to aend to lhe
undersigned, sollnitora for Kdwtti Jamba and
i. P. McLeod, the executor* named In llio laat
will and teata'nont of na',d deceased, their
names, addreaaes and description*: and Iho full
particulars of their respective claims duly
vorifiod by statutory declaration.
And further take notice that after mild last
mentioned date the aald oxoctit-ira will proceed
tn distribute tlm asset* of the deceased among
tho partita entitled thereto, having regard only
to tho claims of whieh thoy ahall then havo
noliee, und that the aald executors will nnl be
liable fnr the said easels or any part thereof
to any person or persons of whose claims
notion shall not have been received by them at
the lime of audi distribution.
Datod at. Oreenwood, 11. C, thia llth day of
February, IWO,
Solicitors for aald Executors.
In tho matter of the nut* ef ««ll'"l"t
■eCaalf, lata of Rook Creek, In •"•
County of Yalt, Irltlsh Columbia, d-*
ceand, IntMUta,
NOTICK Is hereby »lven pursuant t«> If*
'-RerM Stnlufa of Ilritish l'''""1""'
1807, Chapter 187," that all creditor! nnd ninnj
having olalm* against, the estale -l '"''',,
Malcolm McCuaig who died mi »r "'""!,,.
Ml dat of May, IftW, arc required on ur nn™
the l.'iOi dny nf April MM, to send "'""',',, ,.
signed,'.1™;,!   ,
mihlslrntjirofaalddnccnscd. tbeir names.
dresses and descriptions and the in" W'i\.
Inra of their reapeollvo claims duly vrrim"
statutory declaration,
ANI) further take notice that, ufi ci '
mentioned dalo. tho said *linWf"'''!''„|
proceed lo distribute Ihe asset* of I ItJ «"    rc.
among lliepartlos entitled therein, h■    »
gard only lo lho claims of which he a "     r
havo notice, and that lho snid adnlnwtnj
will not bn liable fur Ihe aald assets ni
thereof In  aiiy poison or pcin.'i     .
claim* notico shall not have been roccn
hliiiaUhctlmoofsunlidislrlliiill""- .„,
I>at*_at0reonwoodthl*'ih d'U' «•'
tm. Ion "New*" aayi that VV.
wa* recently naturalized
Bab  tiuliject   before Judge
, NoMe, business manager
ni'khnrn,   War Eagle and
jip; enmpaniee operating in
visited  Midway (or tbe
leric Ketfer, of Anaconda,
imager for the British Col*
pel-Company, ia about again
ju'|i attack of illneaa which
■im to hia room for a wci k.
■mil ball of Boundary Valley
V 88,1. 0. 0. V., waa held at
ou Tuesday  night, ittth
ire waa a large attendance
lance waa a very enjoyable
gun K. Stuart, nf Oreenwood,
|lng to the official duties at
f Acting Still-collector of Cua.
ilardotn, during the latter'a
ittending the Vernon Court
hn Douglas waa in Midway
I last week, nn hia way tn
bke, near Faicview, where he
rests in coal lands. He wa*
nii-il by Mr. F. M. McLeod,
, of Oreenwood.
9, Stanhope, who left Midway
1 full on a visit to relatives and
Yorkshire, England, Is hack
lying conio in laat Tuesday,
icompanied on his return by
knner who put poses remaining
ollector of Votes at Nelson
|ved   instructions   to  allow
I up to tbe last moment, which
une 7, two daya liefore election.
: instructions he received by
lor* there is yet time to add
(the Voters' lists.
fclic meeting will he held tonight in the building at the
le Midway Trading Company's
j make arrangements for hold-
titration at Mid way un Queen's
I, May 24.   A large attendance
flit* is requested.
Roberts Brothers are thia
mling down  with timothy
j acres of their ranch on Myers
(They have lately built a new
made other improvements
e property begins to show
i well looked after.
Ilnwna correspondent of the
I'Nnws" writes   to that join-
It innal l« excused for remark-
at  we  will    back     Kelowna
Iny place of it* age nr size on
f inriii fur iis splendid showing
Pemly natural increase of popu
ess despatch from Montreal inti-
I that the Eastern Townships
i about to open another branch
llshOnluinbin.Mr. William Shier,
Jter of tlie Eastern Townships
I in Cookstnwn, Ontario, having
appointed the inauager of the
Six branch.
{Fred W. McLaine hns relurned
iway after an absence of aliout
booths, during which period he
I visit to England. Mr. McLaine
r Vernon last Thursday, having
notified to attend the Court of
Ito give evidence against the
Vr Everett.
A. Brown, manager of the
[mine, Copper Mounlain, Simil-
, was in Miiiway on Friday on
[toGrand Forks. He waa as
stic us ever about the Sunset,
|e says will prove to he the
opper mine in the world. He
bunded faith in the Smilka-
fmntry and predict* a big and
on* future for it. He eipecta
fn to the mine in ahout ten
T. Wilgruss, for a year or
kat 0. P. H. right-of-way agent
he Columbia and Western Rail*
pm Robson to Midway, has been
1 C, P, R, land commissioner
Ihh Ciiliiniliiii, He will make
his headquarters and offices
kt month he ready for him in
vn. He has appointed Mr. A.
nn resident agent at Oreenwood
|sa|e of 0, P. R. town lots.
|notenay exchange remarks:—
i a surprising cordiality, as well
himity, in the reception of Mr.
■tosh's candidature throughout
pndary district. Nearly every
w supports him-and the
j Is dotted with newspapers.   If
Represent the popular feeling,
i fair to assume that they do,
U'kintoah will have an easy vie.
er nny person,' be he Minister
••wise, who has the temerity to
*|iatch  sent out from Grand
(tales that John  Hoffman, a
M, Was shot and dangerously
I in hia lent on the outskirts
(ty at an parly   hour on the
I of 21st inst.   It seems thnt he
> Hnd a man going through
King.  Hoffman grappled with
uderand a desperate struggle
place.    Finally     the     men
lout     „f    ih*.   tent    and
pnffiuwn was getting the mas-
i antagonist, drew a revolver
The bullet struck Hoffman
. knocking out seveinl teeth
1 in bis neck.  The unknown
de off, having failed lo secure
pey.   Hoffman will recover.
»l   Constable . Dlnsmore  is
Do the case.   .
i"ier of Mines, Bon. Smith Cur*
•■la, will address puhlic meeting* at
Greenwood on Friday evening May 4,
and nt Midway on Saturday 5. They
will probably go hence to ihu Okanagan.
Father Pat conducted Church nf
England service laat night. The attendance wa* larger than there was
seal Ing accommodation for. AI a meeting held after the service Mr. W, B.
Mellaril* wns appointed delegate to
represent St. Colnmha's Mission at the
flrst meeting nf the Synod nf I be Diocese of Kootenay, to be held at Nelson
on May 80.
Mr. Wm, Oliver, of Oarliort y, Mnni*
tolia, last week completed the pur*
chase of Mr, 0. 0. Warmnih's prA*eii!p*
lion near Midway. The transact ion
whs carried through to a successful
issue hy Mr. James Sutherland, of Midway, who acted for Ihe principals in ll.
Mr. Oliver write* Mr. Sutherland thut
be cannot remove to Midway i edi*
nlely, having hi* Manitoba affairs to
an ange before leaving. Furl lier lie is
desirous Ihnt what live stock, etc., he
bring* with him ahall he goml, especially poultry, of which he Is determined
to gel superior strains.
New* routes from Nelsnn thai the W. Mtirfiir*
lane, manager nf theBlackcock mine in
• he Ymir districl fell when descending
a bill and dislocated his shoulder. The
MrMacfarlane here referred In is ilmilit.-
less Mr. Rleiml W. Macfarlnne, C. E..
whu in 1807-8 had the direct imi of development work on the Snowshoe, in
Phoenix camp; the Ruby and the Republic group in Smith's camp, and the
0. 0. D. group in Lung Lake camp,
these several properties having been
under Isind to a British organization,
whose milling engineer he wns. He
was very popular in the Boundary
Greek district, in which sre ninny nf
his former friends who earnestly hope
for him a speedy leenvery from the
injuries he appears to have sustained.
The last comiuiinicalinn the writer of
ihis paragraph received frnm Mr, Macfarlnne was sent from Ymir, so there
is Utile loom for doubt aa to the iden
tity of the injured man.
pmnleil nperniioiiH. pending the examination to determine Ihe fun her development of thu pioperty.—Toronto
From Vernon.
Many of the fruit ttee* are now lu
full blossom and thu prospects lire good
for a big crop this season.
A considerable quantity nf Inst year's
wheat is still in tlie hands of tho farm-
era of this auction. Over 4i.ll tons are
yet to be delivered lo the Vernon mill.
There are now just. 1751) mimes on
the roll for East Yule, an increase of
1X18 since Mny las', despite the fact that
a large number have recently been
removed to other ridings.
The prospect* lor a big 'influx of
prospectors to the Wnuchopn district
thi* spring are on the im reuse, the
nnw mining suction nt.irui ting much
attention in all parts of the Kootenay
—Vernon "New*."
A plain-spoken Visitor.
Mr. T. I.. Orahame, a recent. CoaBi
visitor to Green**ood, in a letter tn
the Victoria "Colonist", is very plain-
spoken in expressing his opinion* of
some of Greenwood's draw backs. He
says: Oreenwood lie* in a narrow
glen, flanked north nnd south by high
bills. It I* stilling hot in summer, ami
it appeared lo me somewhat exposed
tn Ure. Once n lire gut a good hold nil
the wooden huildings, nnd any tiling
like n wind were blowing up or down
the gorge it would lie h very difficult
thing to cope with it. The town is exposed lo ov-rflow, ns wns seen Ihe
nther day when the floor of one of the
theatre* was flooded to a deplh of
three teet, Then again a very serious
question with tlte Oreenwood people
will always be the disposal of sewerage, Theie is is no river nor Like ncai
il, and unless the corporation adopt
the expensive septic tank, il is difficult
to see how the problem is to lie solved
satisfactorily. It is also snid that the
city suffers occasionally from a search y
of water. This is, of course, a drawback tbat will lie overcome in time,
for there are known to lie in the
neighborhood many excellent springs,
and not far distant one or (wo mountain lakes, wbich might be used.
What are Vou Doing?
It is not so much a question of "how
much the citizen* of a town are doing
by concerted aclion to advance tlie
public interest," hut rather it. is n question of "what nre you doing, individually." Individual effort soon lends lo
concerted action. It must come first.
If you can do anything tn improve the
town's appearance ; anything to help
to huild up the community and attract
the attention of capital nnd sturdy,
honest home Keekers this wny, don't
wait for n puhlic meeting to bu held,
but do it. lf your property is not
fenced don't wait for your neighbor to
fence hi* j do it. if your heighhnr has
cleaned his lot of .stumps nnd boulders
and thrown them on to yonr tot, puss
them on. If you have no lot, touch up
the sidewalk and street, Anything to
keep the improvement mania in prime
condition, and the town advancing.—
New Denver "Ledge."
Camp McKinney Affairs.
Fox ft Ross issue the following circular re Camp McKinney:
Tbe Carilioo, of Camp McKinney,
still holds il* own as the mosl, consistent gold p-oducer in the Province.
Since April, 18<H, or for nearly six
years, Ihis mine and mill have lieen
continuously working, producing over
9100,(KK) n year, -mil to day at the 4110-
foot level is tu he t-eeti one of the Hurst
bodies ol ore ever uncovered in the
mine, and as one of thu management
remaiked, the old Cariboo never
looked belter than at the present time,
The work ia now more particularly
confined lo the eastern end of lhe company's property, on the Okanogan
claim, where the vein is over four feel.
wide and remarkably well mineralized.
On the Sailor claim, some 20.KI feet
west of the Cariboo nn the same vein,
a rich Imdy of ore, identical wilh Cariboo ore, was struck in the 75-foot, level,
the vein lieing 5| /eel. wide, with 30
Inches of pay ore, This strike hns
caused quite a ripple of excitement in
tbe camp, proving the value nnd continuity of theCarihon vein west of that
company'* property, and giving assurance of future prosperity.
Like the Cariboo, the Sailor I* owned
principally in Toronto, nnd it is most
gratifying that Ihe Toronto people
ihotild-ineet with such success lu nur
camp, for they have invested their
money freely, equipping (he pniper-
lies with the latest improved machinery, nnd sparing no expense at making
a thorough investigation.
The Waterloo mill is not running nt
the time of writing, though thu development of Ihe mine colli ill ties, lhe
west drift being pushed ton aids the
Fontenoy at the 60 font, level, wlieie
some good oro has been encountered.
There is a. rumor in enmp that tin-
Fontenoy and Waterloo am about lo.
consolidate, when thu Waterloo mill  would in th' majority of eases, hnve
will he Increased to ten stamps and lhe i,i\ \K or no material fur bis prospectus,
Allison, Similkameen.
Considerable inlerest. appears to lie
taken In the Similkameen dislrict ut
the present time. A number of pros
pei-Uirs are passing up thc valley, some
breaking off from different points on
on the river, but the majority radiating from Allison in different directions, some for Copper Mountain,
others for Kennedy Mountain, while
olhers again are going into the Hope
Mountains and the. Otter Valley.
The new town ot Allison is fairly
underway. The survey is completed
Lots will now be placed on the market.
There is a force of men under con
tractor McAlpine, litlildlng the hridgi-
across the Similkameen I liver In connect on the south side with the Qnppei
Mountain road. It i.s under contract
to be llnished by the lirst of Julv, nnd
in nil probability wiil be completed hy
the middle uf that luoulh.
The huild iug about completed fnr the
townsite offices has been rented to Mr,
Lawrence, from (ireenwooil, who dis
poses uf Ins interests iu Greenwood to
take a bund in the curly developuienl
of tliis ti-w town. He brings Iiis wife
and family with him. He expects to
start a In i ky.u-il and 1 me kiln iu tin-
vicinity of the town. A!T,iiige.i i tiL-
ure being made for the liullding of a
first-class hotel, nnd lilaiksiniilis nim
other business men are Lurrying t<
Allison to get a first start,
The townsile trustee* are erei-tin:
new offices nt. a convenient point mi
the river, A sawmill is to he crcte.
on the townsite if thought by tlm-'
qualified to judge thai tb" sin-he suitable, if not the new mill "ill lie Willi
in easy reach, and n lumber yard located in the town.
One of the advantages which Alli-mi
possesses as a townsite is i lin il is I In-
nearest point to start for Coppei
Mountain. The new biidge will do
away wilh tbe fording of the river.
which even at its lowest stage has iis
The railway leaves the valley of lit-
Siinilkauieen at the point almut two
nndn half miles east of Princeton.
and Allison will lie a junction point
should any branch line he built i<<
Inke out the ore from I lie const rnrtgr
of mountains.
The sale of the town lots will nnl he
forced nn the market, the trustees
wishing only lo sell to those who «T
build. We look fur a very active time
during the next year at, Allison, The
trustees have shown their faith in the
location hy Ihe const Miction *t'n *ui<
Htuiitial hriilge, and will continui to
take nn active interest in thedevelnp-
ineiii and tlie prinrress of the property.
—Kniulnops "Standard."
Look out for Him.
The San Francisco "Mining and Scientific Press" teniiirks "Fo||mv)iig
closely upon the developnienl of a
good mine ni mines comes tne parasite
nf llli.'milling business, He is never n
beginner, but walls unlit tin* energy
or money of ul her men makes a place
for him tn attach himself, He Is the
individual whn sendstui'tihesuuintlily-
worded prospectus, In which is nnclnli-
unite description of good mines, which
eonstitiiles the Infurunilion eoniviu-
ing the invest ment offered. His el'
furl is expended iu telling uhal gond
things ihere nre in Ibe section where
bis proposition is, resliug the merilsof
his oiler opnii those of olher etilei*
prises—a purely parasitical method.
Were be forced In attempt business on
tho merits  of Itis own scheme,  he
For the In tm unit inn of all concerned
the Mining Recorder for the Kettle
Hiver Mining Division lias issued lhe
following not ire re Cert ideates of Improvements and Orown Grant* to mineral claims.
(I.) There must he a separate application for n Certificate nf Improvements fur each claim (including affi-
Ittvlt Form 0, exhibits, elc.elc)
(2.) If oui de I.y an agent, authority
In writing miikl he attached and (If fnr
iiioru than nne co-owner), state in ench
•use the interest claimed, and give
roll name* (Imth christian name am!
uriiame), of each applicant.
(8.) At least. Hve cerl of work
must have been duly issued and n-
t'orded iu the offiee of the Mining
Recorder for ihe mining division in
which the mineral claim referred til ill
lhe application ii situate, If such
work ha* heen done on an adjoining
nlnei'iil claim under notice tiled In
■neb Mining Recorder's office, then In
acb case a copy uf such notice ought
o accompany each such application
fur a Ourtitivttte of Improvements
(4.) The whole of the documentary
vidence pertaining to tlie l it It* of each
mineral claim musl tie in each such application in itself complete. The
grouping uf two or iiiuru mineral
claims in nne sueli application is objected lo hy Ihe Department of Lands
und Works, as it prevents the tiling in
u separate packet of thu evidence in
each case,
(5.) No Certificate of Improvements
can lie issued liefore Ilie eighty-first
day from the limu that all the notices
required hy section 80 of the "Mineral
Act" have heen properly given. The
reason for this is that under Section 87
if the snine Aet a parly wishing to
institute adverse proceedings may do
<o hy issuing his writ uf summon* on
ihe sixtieth day after such notices
have heen given, and in such ease such
party ha* a fun her period of twenty
days within which he may Hie such
writ in Ihe officii of Ihe Mining He*
colder fnr the mining division in
which such mineral clnim is situate.
(fl )   Office fees are as follows;—
Each record of Certificate nf
Wnrk    $250
Each filing of Held notes 25
Eii'-li thing of pint of claim 25
Each    tiling     nf   application
(foruiG.) 25
Certificate   of Improvements
rerun!     2.50
Each Crown Ol ani fee   10.00
.'OH PRINTING-Gel yiittt' printing
done at Thb Advanck offiee. Good
work, reasonable prices,
Livery and   Feed  Stables,
-Midway, B. C.
Now is the Time to Furnish Your House.
Receiving oew Goods Daily,
REFRIGERATORS   etc., just arrived.
T. HOC. GHxlley & Co.
Furniture   :   Undertaking and  Embalming,
I The Travellers Insuranee Co.., |
l TnrmrrrrmTrrnnr s
RECEIVED-Something item
Invitation tvr Is anil Hail  I'm
.... Of Hartford. Conn. |
i'o iii? r
if the
*  ii
hv Mr.
I). ti.
.    Hi
$7 per
A quantity of good seed
potatoes for sale. Stock
new to the district and
grown without irrigation.
?3P prices apply to...
A few tons of carrots also on hand,
.uiliKaJU. - J._.r ,_«HHHMHHi
Cert I (lent e   of   Improvement**.
MicHvin.ii Mixkhai, Claim,
Chartered 1863.
Stock Life and
Accident Insurance.
ISSUES tlm liest life insurance
I contracts in the world, No
disappointment an lo dividends.
Everything guaranteed in advance. Premium rates 15 to 25
per cent less than those of old
line Mul unl companies.
January ist, 1897, *
$20,884.53 §
LIABILITIES, .. 17,920,160.29 *
SURPLUS   . , , . 2,976,424*36
The Travellets Couiliinaliou Accident Policy guarantees foraccidetilal  ill
under ordinary conditions.
tf,    lieni h lieiictlt           ... t-i urn
9    Loss of siu'nt of Roth Byes     . ,0u0
Loss of llulli Koot or Holli MiimN 8,009
I.IUW of Ono Hand nnd Ono Koot 8,000
I'ornintiont Total Dl-abilty 2.ino
Lo™ of Right Hund
Loss of Log nt or nbove Knco
Loss of Left Miinil     .    ,
Loss of Wither Foot    .
liflss of sight of Ono lye  .
tVMl   Z
_.rm 5
t.oon _
1,000 2
■ liJiO   S
Lttr)ita of   Weekly  Inderrinity $1,300.
AND, if sueh injuries are sustained while riding .is a passenger in  <ji
any passenger conveyance using steam   culile,   ov   electricity n.s a  0.
motive power tho amount to ho paid   shall be DOUBLE tlie sum $
specified 111 the clause under whicl' the claim is made. <p
Cost $52 a vear  to Professional  and   Business jjj
Men,and Commercial Travelers. Jj
Other sums at proportionate rates «|
"W. IX. Sfoxvis, I
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•at>»i»^»W<<«i«tg*Mi«ie>ii*i!tg'il»»*»*»*»»<'» >♦*
Osoyoos Mining Division
Where Loon tod: Kruger
Sltunto   In tho
or Ynlo   Dlstriot.
-l-AKK XOTU'Kllnit I, ('lins.llrlllolK Orccn
I iiHiigmit fur t\ li. Arundell freo miner's
corlttleuto Nn. ItiMS:' a. intend, sixty dnys
from 1I10ilnl'i hnrii'if. to npi'ly to tlio Mining
'toonnlur for n. Cdrlltlcatu of Improvements for
1 lio purpose ot otiintiiing 11 Crown Orant of thu
illlllVO elllij.l.
And (lil-lliut 1.ike nolleo that action, under
seetion 37. must tie conimnncod before Die
Issuance nrsitnli itei'l.illenlo of ImpfovomotiU
I hit eil tills IT1.I1 dny of April, A. I). MX).
CHA8. Dull. QHKKN.
II. KEYES, Prop.
Oood Accommodation,
Bus, Liquors and Cigars,
First-Class .Stulilin-*,
FALLS HOTEL...      ^^
The   hotel   is  centrally locaied and is a stopping place   for  stagt: lines.
Good fishing iu the vicinity.   Gond stnliliiig.
A variety of the.ohoicest brands of liquors and cigars at the bar
Commercial Job Printing.
I ut _.,,.y,mmtmmimr*m*m**t*IA
Greenwood City Boundary Creek, B. C.
Wo have opened the ahove hotel at Grceiiv.-nral City, unci are prepared
to welcome guests and provide good nccumiuui..iLion, Qood Catering. First
class Livery Sluhlc.
Canadian PaeifieRy.
Operate tlie Fastest Train across
tbe American Continent.
First Class and Tourist Sleepers
5:45     lv.     Sicamous Jot.     Lv.     WA)
Lciwes   Penticton, Tne., Tliur., Sat.
Arrives Penticton, Mon., Wed.. Fri.
Accelerated Service to and irom
all points and through
Ex. Six.     DAILY TRAIN       Ex. Si's.
15:35  Ar.      Oreenwood       Lv.   11:35
For full information as to time, rates,
etc. or for copies of C. P, Railway
publications, address:
E, R. REDPATH, Agent, Greenwood.
8. L. SMITH, Agent, Piiiticton.
W. P. ANDERSON, T. P, A. Nelson.
E. J. OOYLE, A. G. P. A. Vancouver.
n IDWAY, B. C.
Beantifally situated at the eontoiee of Bonndary M and Kettle Biver.
ILL BE The most imp°rtant ritoy,own in the Kettle River Mining Division"
The Western Terminal and Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts,
The distributing  point for  Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers Creek,  Palmer Mountain and  other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and ow easy terms...
Loudon k Lancashire Building,   TUC    MID'WAY CO.   Ltd.      A**"t'^^"mlA*""^'
J. P. PIGGOTT, Manager,
Montreal, P, Q.
IUOTICK Is hereby given that thiiljr dnys
IN nfter date I intend to apply to the Chief
CumiiiisHioncrof Lands ami Works for per-
tntssslon to purchiuio 320 acres of land as fol*
lows- commanding nt a post half a mille South
of the North Kast corner of Lot 'Si6 thence
K-i-r ID ciiniiiH South thence 80 chains, thence
West 10 chains, thence North SOchnintt to place
of cumniunceinont and containing 320 acres
more nr le.s.
The said land being required for agricultural
Dated this 8th day of Jnnu try. 1900.
Certificate  of   Improvements.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division ot
Yale District. Where located:-On HeCatg
TAKE NOTICK tlmt I, Chas. -lcBlois
Ureen ns iigunt the National Mining nml Dcvcliipiueiit Company, free minor's
ccrtltlcate No. ii3nill. inteiul, sixtr days from
the ilnie hereof, toapply to the Mining Uccor-
dcr for a ccrtitl'jntc of impruvcincnUi. for the
purpwo of nbtninlng n Crown grant of the
a'mve claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37. must be conimonced  before the
issuance of such certificate of improvements
Hated thin Mnd day of March, 1900.
THK British Columbia Southern llailway
Company will ripply to the Parliament of
Canada tit its next Session (or an Act author
firing the Compuny to complete at any time before the end of lliey:ar Ifttf, it* western section
a-s described in the Act of tho said Parliament
(fi'Mil Victoria, Chapter 36) and a branrh Hue
from a point on its main line nt or near the
forks of Michel Creek thence by way of Michel
Creek to Marton Oreek, and for otht-r purposes,
By order of tho Board,
Secre tarj*.
Montreal, 17th November, i&W,
Aq Ideal Residence Town.
Buy a residence site whilst
there is plenty of choice. Pure
air and water, beautiful scenic
surroundings, skilled resident
physician, excellent school-just
the place for families.  Try it.
For Pricks and Terms
Apply to
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Nickebson Mineral Claim.
Situate In Osoyoos Mining Dlvlilon of Tale
Dlttrlei.   When Loeated:-On Kruger
TAKE NOTICK that I.Chas. do Blois Oreen,
as agont for John C. Fisher, freo
miner'* cerlillcate No. 18728a, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to thc Mining Recorder for a eertitlcate ol
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant nf the nbove claim.
And further take notico that action, under
ection 37, must be commenced beforo ibo issu
onoe of such eertitlcate of improvements.
Datod this 27th day c f March, WOO.
Certlflcate   of Improvements.
Thk Sunny Side Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriet. Where located:-Near to
Eholt Creek, (formerly called Prior
Creek,) lying partly upon and northerly
of and adjoining Lot 262, Township 79.
TAKE NOTICE that I. William Graham
McMynn, free miner's certificate N'o.
Hfilot, intend, sixty dnys from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Itecordor for a Certiflciite of Improvements, tor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further tako notice tbat action, under
section 37. must be commenced before the
Issuance of such (.'ertiflcate of Improvement*.
Dated this 27th day of March, 1900.
Certificate of  Improvements
Spokane Falls
..& Northern.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard,
- - AND - -
Red Mountain Railways.
The  only all-rail route, with
out change of cars, between
Spokane,   Rossland
and Nelson. . .        M.
Balmoral Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Osoyooi Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where loeated: Camp
TAKE NOTICE that I. R. H. Parkinson
as agent for William Small, freo
miner's certlflcate No. a .5639, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Kocorder for a certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before tbe
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of November, law.
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
fire Insurance a Speciafty.  ^JS^SStm^ST
Certileate   ot  lnpr*v*)i-«-ti.
aa* Airus
Bob Hall's Stage Line
(Carrying Her Majesty's Mails)
Meets the steamer Aberdeen at Pentcton on Mon
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Passengers to
and from Fairview, Osoyoos and Oroville, Wash.,
delivered in quick time, and by comfortable
conveyance .   ,
Moiktaik,   Black
Mixuul Claim-
SIMM ta tht Oeeftoe Waha MtWh ef
YaleMatHel  Whorejooaiod: le team
TAKK NOl7t"^lh« 'chLdeBetoOnes.
r-ltug aa agent for DarM Black tree
•Blow • rrrithi-lo Not eWA iaarn IMacfc. Owe
miner'e oertUcale No. alTtB. Alfred Woodcraft
free miner's eortMcau Na. a_ff. aad P.
C. Mo Arthur, free miner •otrtifcaio No, IIS? a.
lalend.siitr due from the dale kereof, le
atnly to the Miaiag Reeordertor a Cot-lido*-
ol Improvement*, fer the porpooe ofobtaining
a Crown Grant ot Ikm above claim*.
And farther lake notice that actten. aader
•eetloo St. must lie tammatom before the
_naace of eaeh Certlfionu of UtmatmmtaUl
Dated tbi. Oth day it Janonry. Max
Miami Aet 18M.
Certiiicate of Improvements.
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables.
At Penticton, B. C.
"" m.%. MALL, kVM
Subscribe for
>  Um row and Omut Mi.-iual cuiai.
Situate  ta tto Otayaee Watag M*U«* *t
Tata Wit-let   Where located: Oa Im-
fmm HomitAllt
TAKE NOTICE Ihnt I. Chaa. deB. Oreen.
aa agent (ar Benjamin Andenon free
miner« certllente No. atttt, nnd H. A.
Howermen free miner certllente No. »WII,
intend, aiaty daye from the date hereof, lo
apply lo the Mining Recorder tar a Certileate
of lraproTeo-enla. for the parpme of ohtaining
I a Crown Orant of Ihe above ciaime.
And farther tahe aotke thnt ection nndor
•njtion Smut be oommeneod hefore Ihe tarn*
ance of ench Cenigcate of Imgnvemenu.
Haled thia Itlh day of
On good pap
[and in thei
approved stJ
of any kind.
forms for Mineral ClairJ
^Affidavit forms for Fidi
Notes, etc., etc.
A Trial Order Solicited. |
TKe /IdVance,
Certlflcate of  IngpffT—eatE.
Cauiowiia MiaaiuL Claim.
Tiie pioneer newspaper in tke Boondary distriet
Only $2.00 a Tear.
i egret for Benloejle oedema  keo
 cerBnenteNo. aAlt, Intend e_t,-_n
from the dote hereof, to only to Ihe-mtagle-
pargooo ot oMoiniog a Crow* Oaaat al Ita
abore claim.
And farther lake notice that aoMaa, aader
■ection SI, meat be mmmia-id bedim the
Imaaaee of euch certileate of tmaroi
Hated thia llth iay etttanh mk
GOINO NORTH,                       OOISQ SOUTH.
12.41 ii. n    HABITS
Train leaving Mareua at 12:41 a. ni.
makv.i close connections at .Spokane
with trains for all
Pacific Coast Points.
Clone connections at Nelaon with
attain lioats for Kaslo and all Kootenay
I.'ik* points.
ftuaengera for Kettle River and
Boundary Creek counect at Marcus
wilh uta***.'daily.
O. P._T. A
Riverside Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and allot her information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C. Camp McKinney, EC
Certificate of   Improvemenis.1
1' Votloo.
Com™ Ems BlS-lii. Cxais.
Situate la tho Oaovoou Blnl-if. Dl*i**i 'I
Thl* dtetrlet.     Where   kieaiei    Is
■ruter Beoatala.
TAKK   NOTICE.   Un* I.    Chm. it I
One*  an Mem   for  tfeencr (cat,
tree   minora eertiacste   N".   a.'*'.'    •■-' ?
•Utr   der*    froci    tbe   ilnit    k, -■■
•poiy to the Minina I'.mmli 1 I«r > '>."■■«• I
of ImprarnoeaU. for the puraov of obuuJJtl
a Crown Ufant of the oborr c-Uim.
And farther tahu notke thol * li""
ncctino ST. mu"i  ho eo_menn-l  before J*!
*Mn.n_ of >uch Cert Mole uf Impro- e mi r. -
Dated Ihi. llth doj ef April. IMO.
Certlflcate   ot Impr*ret_*enti I
OotnB-'a -umitCun.
Stlaata  la ho Oiojraaa Kalac Wviiial
«T Wi  MatttM.   When Ueatadj u-i|
TASK NOmCB that I. C_- DeRloin xArttt
m steal fcr dome Sheet*    "
eertihau   No.  aim. iatead
trom the date henof.
tree minen I
■Ut,   Jij'?
 to appljr to the Minh-1
Heeorder fcr a Ceftifleate of Imp—.»r_,n:- 1x1
aCioora Omni nt-I
above rhUa.
Aedfarthet toko eotieo that ostion. un-l
Mutlao St, mast ho coeweeneed before im|
■eaaaeeotaoehCertMeetoof laiproranenu "
Dated thia JUtda, of J»ooaryi_D H«'
Practical Amm
Midway, B. C.
Promptly and  Neatly
WmUtmm ■■_•»•■■•**


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