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Ll, XVI, No. 23.
$2.00 per Year.
[bhistkiw, Solicitors, Etc,
UkkknwihU). II. G.
—: Notary Public,
[MoKinnev, B.C.
tUtrt. H.C.8IIAW.
Hallett & Shaw
NotsrlM PiiMIc
ldilro«i:',HALtKTT."   -
Icodu: Hertford MoNolll's, Moreing k
1 Neat's, Ulber's.
fc)ELL Block, Greenwood.
Phone 00. V. * N.
A. ■■ Can. Soc. C. E.
yiNciAL Land   Surveyor
I^eal Eatate
Tonsorial Artist.
'ftnt-d-M 8h»vo, H»lr Cut, Ho* f»l«
Hhampoo,  call  at tho   above parlor.
U_r« IiiiihnI and ground.
II  STIIKKT,  • •   •   MIUWAY, B, 0.
(tndi of Impairing.   Horseshoeing
A -p. jlnlty.
ll GREEK HOTEL . . .
ntt-udvich, .mm*.
Iiciass Accommodation roa Oumts.
fliui'llcri KishiiiK on Kettle Itlvor.At
| kinds of work oxooutod to
satlsfaotton of oustomers.
Praetieal Watch Maker,
eholt, b. c.
Oood Tooli, Plenty Material,
•nd 30 ytara «|wiien« te do
work correctly.  ■  .  •
Re-Engaging in Business.
I beg to announce to the inhabitants of
Midway and surrounding district that
I have purchased the entire stock of the
Midway Trading Conipany, and will continue the business.
It shall be my earnest endeavor to
carry a full line of goods usually found in
a well appointed store, particular attention
being given to procuring for my customers
goods of the best quality and freshness, to
be sold at reasonable prices. I hope by
following out the lines mentioned to merit
a share of public patronage.
A  Promising Camp  McKinney  Property That is
Now Being Worked.
The Waterloo Mining & Milling Company Was Recently Re-Organized and the Stock Placed on an Assessable Basis-
Mine Will Likely be in a Position to '
Keep its Mill Going Shortly.
Hotel Spokane,
J^XX Seventh St.. nidway.XXOC^
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Employed.]
i. a.
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
rid by All Newsdealers
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything eut in all Departments.
l Q'07 I ft'C
!""'•■>«• MaMMs tn til Innn ol H-hk
AM Muilc » «ut vofniM ol Now, Choice
ii£!-"'H1" CampoiHIant liy the m<*t POPS'" »»n»M_ ,e«r*(u of Plane Music,
I'll Voeal, hall Iniirumtntal-ai Con-plata
Jlaaaa far riano-onca a Mtmth lor is
_u?u' ,V-*»ly8uliMripMon,»a.oo. ltjmu
* II lend u« tha name and a.Mrw- ol Fiva
ittnopr Ormm Pin yen, we will tend you a
!_____ .*• WM. Publlahar,
**9Mk 4 loci!Su., Philadelphia, Pa
, Quick Sales and
Small Profits.
A fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries arriving daifr
iiiffllHAIN&CO. HEI
An slated in our last issue we will
thia week give a description of the
Waterloo mine at Clamp McKinney,
which, through the kindness ot Capl.
How?, superintendent of the property,
a representative of ihis paper was
recently shown through.
The Waterloo is owned liy the
Waterloo Mining and Milling company of Spokane. The property was
located in the spring of 18U7. The surface oi'e afforded very line specimens
of free gold, occuring as plates in a
dark lilue coarse grained quart/,. Preliminary work consisted of a shaft
near the west end of the property,
sunk to a depth of 40 feet. The ledge
was ihen stripped towards the east
and almut 300 feet away a second shaft
was sunk on a cropping of quartz con-
taining free gold. This one was put
down 80 feet and at, the 00 foot level
drifts were rim 40 feet in an easterly
ind __0 feet in a westerly direction.
Vfter going I'll feet iu this latter drif 1
the ore hody was encountered and
wns sloped out to surface, which, ow
ing lo the incline of the surface, was
85 feet. The di ift was then continued
100feet, Init not quite far enough io
reach the ore shown in the Ht_l shafl
mentioned, Underneath the slope a
winze was sunk lo a depth of 40 feel
and nt the bottom of this the ore body
has increased lo 7 feet in width. Tlie
fact that this width has heen attained
atlbisdepth Ib very encouraging in
deed", as lhe vein wherever previously
jMicountered only measured from 3 to
5 feel, and wilh its exceptionally high
values if the ledge even carries oul
Ihis width as depth is attained the
Waterloo is destined tn liecomeasec
nnd Cnritioo. The present work ron-
sists of sinking the shaft at 1 he east
end of the pro|ierty to the 150 foot
level, where a drift will lie run wesl 50
feel and an upraise mude lo tap the
ledge at the end of a drift run east
from the liottom of the winze. Should
this work prove the existence of lhe
increased ore Imdy the same method of
development now heing carried on
will lie continued, thai is to sink loa
greater depth, drift west and make
another upraise, when if successful
stuping will he commenced and the
mill again put in operation, hut nol
until such time as sufficient ore is in
sight to keep the mill running for a
consideralile length of time will milling
he resumed.
The present equipment consists of a
HO horse power vertical hoiler, a small
hoist and a Nn. & Cameron pump, sup
plied liy Ihe Jenckes Machine coinpaiiy.
The stamp mill consists of one 5
stamp liattery, a 50 hnrse power hoiler
and a 40 horse power engine, a Johnson
concentrator and a Blake crusher, ln
huilding the mill the nre hins, Inttttry
hlncks and concentrator floor were nil
constructed with a view to enlarging
the mill, hence the capacity nf the hat
Icry can he increased to the slumps
with very little trouble nr expense.
T.ie tramway letwertt the shaft aud
the mill is approximately 2SU feet in
length. Ore hins are to he Iniilt near
the shaft and a good supply of ore
may therefore always he kept in reserve.
The vein has a strike nf W. five degrees N„ and is almost vertical. The
ore is a dark hlue coarse looking
quartz carrying heavy hands of sul
phides (pyrites, blend and galena).
The result of the Hist months' run of
the stamp mill alter ils erection in the
fall nf IMI was a gold hiick valued al
About a year ago the funds ot the
company becoming exhausted, an appeal was made to the shareholders to
voluntarily agree In pay an assessment
nf-nne cent per share to be paid in
four, payments, one payment on April
1st and the others the lirst of May,
June and July, the company agreeing
to repay the amount- so advanced
from the flrst net profits of the mine,
with six per cent Interest, after the
indebtedness of the company wan paid
off. This appeal met with henrty re-*
ponse. and considerable money was
put Into the treasury. However the
amount received was not sufficient in
go on with the work and the secretary
of the company issued lhe following
circular to shareholders :
"The trustees announce to the stockholders that Ihe plan attempted lo
continue development by voluntary
assessments of 1 per cent per share has
failed, tt sufficient nunilier not respond
ing to the proposition to justify going
on with it. According to the promise
in the circular, the money already
paid in will be relurned.
"The mine and mill are now closed
down. Owing lo the manner in which
nur recent mining was done (being
more for prospecting the ore body
lhan for permanent working), the
handling of the ore was very expensive. The concentrator owned by the
company is worthless and does not
save the value in the ore, so that by
using it, in connection with the expense of extra handling of the nre, the
mill would not more lhan pay expen
ses. From the 15 days' run only $479 •
35 was caught 011 the plates.
"As staled in a former circular, the
company is in debt. The debt is close
lo $3,000. The trustees see no way 10
save your pioperty except by reorganizing into an assessable company. The
large majority of the stock is owned
by Canadians, and it is only fair that
the new companv should be a Canadian
company and managed by t hose having
ihe majority interest, So lhe trustees
are ready to call any stockholders'
meeting di-tiired lo volenti ilie question
of reorganization. It requires a large
vote tn reorganize, viz., two thirds of
the stock, hence we urge the Canadian
holders lo see to getting the stock
registered and securing tbe needed
"We can only say in conclusion that
in our opinion the property is a Unions, and will yet make a mine, The
nre is there in sight, but more work is
needed lo make it. pay."
Last Sept ember I he company decided
to disorganize and reincorporate on au
assessable basis, nnd later on this idea
was carried nut with its old enpitaliza
lion of 1,250,000 shares at a p-tr value
of 10 cents per share, holders of stock
in thu old company getting an equal
number of shares in the new. The
stuck was made assessable for 4 cents
per share, payable at a rate not to ex
ceed two mills per share per month.
This assessment, will bring the company aliout $50,000. Shareholders res.
ponded promptly, and sufficient funds
were provided 10 resume work on the
property. Capt. Howe, who has lieen
siici-e .fully connected with the man
agement of many well known properties, was put in charge with a crew of
right men, working two shifts, and
from the large amount of work Ihal
has been accomplished during lhe comparatively short time since work was
resumed the mine will soon be inn
position to again resume milling operations. Not wilh simply enough nre
iu sight to supply the mill frnm day lo
day, but with huge reseives Ibat will
guarantee its continued operation.
The result of the completion of the
presenl work mapped nut will he looked forward to with interest as it will,
to a certain extent, decide the future
of the property. The Hrst dividend on
the Cariboo wns paid out of $12 ore,
Hildas there is little doubt hut. that
Ihe ore in the Waterloo will average
$12 at least the mine should, under the
present able management, be ill a position before long to pay dividends and
thus reward lhe shareholders fnr tbe
faith they bave expressed, in such a
mai ked way, in thc property.
» e-m-	
Fourth Contingent Accepted.
Ottawa, April 1.—A cable was re
reived today from Kl, Hon. .losoph
Chamberlain accepting Canada's offer
of a fourth contingent nf 2,000 men,
Thc contingent will mobilize nlQuebec
in ahoul, six weeks' time, ln addition
to recruiting the men, 2,000 horses and
saddles will require to be purchased in
Ibis country. A large port ion of I he
officers will be selected trom the noncommissioned officers of the Mounted
Police, tbe permanent cavalry regiments nnd the active militia regiments,
The procedure adopted will he to ask
commanding officer of each regiment
In make nominations Colonel Les
said will be asked to command the
All Roads Will Shortly Lead to
For the Town During the Coming
Summer-V. V. & E. to be Constructed—Survey of Midway & Vernon to be
Completed by
Vancouver, B. ('., March 81,—It is
reported lhat a contract was entered
into today between the Dunsmuir
government aud McLean Bros., contractors, of Spokane, for the construction of lhe Coast-Kootenay railway.
A cash subsidy nf $1,000 per mile is
to be given ami a bonus uf a million
acres of laud. Normnti nnd Hugh
McLean are iu Victoria today fixing
up lhe deal. It is understood that Ihe
contract will be submitted to the legislature in a joint liill with Mackenzie ft
Mann's Canadian Northern scheme.
The Coasl-Knoienay road will connect with Ihe Hill system at both ends.
At Ihe coast end it will join the Oreat
Northern sjsl em now under construction from Liverpool, on the Fraser
river, opposite New West minster, to
Ladnet, and with a ferry system from
Ladner to Sidney on Vancouver island,
Connection with Victoria will be had
liy means of the Victoria and Sidney
railway, while a branch will lie tun
frnm the month of lhe Fraser to Vancouver. In the Boundary country the
line wilt make connection Willi the
Hill system lo Spokane, known an the
V„ V. k E. and Washington ft Oreat
This contract with the McLeans is
practically a victory for the V„ V. k
V,., as the McLeans obtained a charter
fm- that line, and have been lighting
bitterly in recent years against great
isld*. and powerful opposition lo get
government aid.
The sudden reversal nf the Dunsmuir
government's opposition lo theV., V.
ft K. is bel ieved 1 o be ow ing to I he fact
that it hopes to secure a favorable,
opinion fiom the public on lhe bill
embracing both the Canada Norlhern
and Coast Kootenay schemes, which it
could not, dn with the Mackenzie ft
Mann contract alone. It is considered
a clever move.
The announcement that McLean
liri'S. and the Dunsmuir government
ar- ananginga contiact for the construction of the Vancouver, Victoria
ft Eastern ratLvny may be taken as
marking the end of a most extraordinary and litter railway llghl.
In 1800 the Hist serious effort, was
put forward to secure the construction
uf 11 line that wnuld connect, the rich
mining districts In the Boundary
country with Vancouver and Victoria.
The merchants nf those two cities lmd
seen Spokane take the trade nf Rossland and ihen the Boundary, end ibey
determined on the scheme of a direct
line in order tn attempt to divert some
of the trade that was going to the vigorous capital of the Inland Empire,
The McLean Bros, interested Dr. liar-
roll, Mr. Webster, Dr. Milne, the late
J. C. McLagan, Lawyer McDonnell
aud several other Well known men nf
lhe twn coast cities, who put up thu
promotion expenses of the company
which afterwards became known as
lhe V. V. ft E.
It looked plain sailing at flrst, and
the Turner government, in 1(8)7, was
induced lo bring in a bill to aid the
const ruction of a railway from English
bluff, near Vancouver, to Midway, via
Penticton, a distance of 330 miles. Thn
aid was to be nt the rate of $4,1X10 a
mile, and the promoters of the V. V.
ft K. Imped also tn get a subsidy from
the Dominion government at Ottawa.
The bill passed the In.use. But ihat
early success was about the only one
the V. V. & V. secured in Iheflveyears
following until lasl. week.
The Canadian I'aciHc railway succeeded in hlocking the V. V. ft E. project with the Dominion government at
Then Mackenzie ft Mann entered
upon the scene. They became largely
interested in the V. V. ft I.. In 1S1W,
when ihe dream of an "all Canadian
route to the Klondike" still had attractive powers in the Doniinion, the
Turner government widened the scope
nf its railway policy and brought ilia
(Continued on page 2.) MONDAY. APRIL 7, 1002,
A Chinaman living near Nelson
con,uiii tt-it suicide a few days ago, It
is to tie hoped the fad will become
piiptllor among the Celestials of this
Joe Martin is credited with having
stated at a Masonic banquet, in Vancouver-recently that he would defeat
the government after the redistribution bill had passed and al once appeal
I-, the country.
Previous lo the recent rich (Inds of
gold in Idiihn a mini would have been
indifinuiii if told lo go tn thunder;
HOW he looks upon it as a piece of gnod
advice if luld I be same thing. Circumstances alter eases,
The people of lhe Fniser valley favor the V. V. E. At a meet iug held at
Langley last week the following res-
obit.nits Were passed.!
"Whereas, while apathy and neglect
ine apparent on every hand iu the
Fraser valloy, where much money has
I ecu expended in partial development,
closer connection wiih the markets by
menus of the Coast-Kouienay railway
will establish our position,cause a very
large influx of settlers and progress
nnd contentment will reign :
"Be it resolved, that the government
of British Ooiumbia he urged to at
once either take action tn construct
nnd operate, the first sec! inn of the
pioposed railway as a government
work, or otherwise permit some other
conceit) to take up the work nf con-
mind ion under proper conditions of
control by the government of freight
and passenger rates.
"And be it further resolved that this
nieeling is uf the opinion that lhe V.
V. ft li. R. II. Co. would do the woik
nnd operate the road more to the advantage of the country than any now
in existence.
"Whereas, so far the governnient
lias not taken any active measures to
wards entering upon the construction
uf the lirst section of the Cuast-Kuol-
enay railway.
"And whereas, the district east of
Lnngley prairie is heavily handicapped
through the lack of railway connect ion
with the coast cities.
And whereas, in the blatter of land
values through the inaction of the
governnient lit not. going ou with the
projected (nasi-Kootenay railway or
alio'ving ,-nnie oilier company lodu so,
the above described dislrict is must
unfairly disciititiiuileil against, iu that
without the railway connection it is
impossible to obtain capital to clear up
and develnpc our lands j
"And whereas.the value of import"'!
agricultural products is rapidly in-
ceasing every year, the hist available
statistics showing upwards of $5,000,
(liX) per annum, while large arias of
choice lands are permit ted In be wild,
unproductive and ifndeveliiped,
"And resolved that, the above resolutions be adopted i" carried,
Il wjis also moved by A. Beaton, and
seconded liy ,1. P, Swanson :
"Thai lhe residents of Otter, Alder-
grove, eld., in mass meeting assembled,
view with alarm the proposal .to heavily subsidize th" construction of the
Canada Northern while the Coast-
Kooteuay is neglected.
"And be it further resolved, thnt
when the matter is again brought up
in the House the member for Delta
tiding, Mr. John Oliver, lie directed to
oppose its  passage."  Carried  uniiiii*
,        - -'     '". ■"« '    ,
miners marched in a body to McKee
creek, and after a consul tatlnn between
tbe committee dE minen and tbe .lap
nncse, litile trouble was experienced
in persuading tbo Orientals that their
room was better 'ban their company,
witli the result above stilled.
It is a noteworthy fact lhat neither
force nor violence wasresot led '.o ; not
nne man among the whole 150 I.ad a
gnu in bis possession, tbeir intention
being lhat the laws of the land should
be strictly adhered to.
There is a general feeling nf gratification now among the people ihat the
question nf Oriental labor iu Atlin has
been settled, and it will fare hard with
any other conipany who attempts to
trifle with public sentiment by importing Oriental labor into Atlin. Serious
trouble will doubtless follow any further attenipt in (bis direct inn, A gang
of white men bave taken Ihe place of
the Japanese nn the work to be started
for Ihis company.
(Continued from page
railway aid lii'l, providing not alone
lor lhe Coast-Kootenay railway, bul
also for a line from Hudson to the
United Stales houn.lary. approximately 80 miles, and further for a road from
Teslin lake lo the British Coliiniliia
coast of not more than 400 miles.
The .-lid in cvrry case was to he $4,000
a mile, with tiie understanding that
the Dominion would give a subsidy to
each line, Mackenzie ft Mann entered
into ii contract with the government
at Victoria to construct the line from
Vancouver to Midway and also the
road from Teslin lake to the coast.
They at once started work on Ihe portion nf the Coast-Kootenay railway
from Penticton to Midway.atid during
IMW it is reported they spent $12,000.
The subsidy was repealed by the Semlin ministry, 1898,
Mackenzie ft Mann then withdrew
from Ihe provime and placed all their
attention upon the construction of the
Ontario and Manitoba portions of what,
is lo be ibe new transcontinental line
known as lhe Canadian Northern rail
For a lime the Coast-Kootenay
scheme languished, though the Mc
Loans and their friends still held on to
their charter and believed all would
come right. The Canadian Pacific,
during this period of quietude, showed
the greatest activity,
Two years later James. I, Bill entered
the arena, and the fight has since been
enndu ted ou lines mapped out by the
Ureal Nort hern president.
And now people are asking, what
will the Canadian Pacific do? Or,
has snine ariangeinen;, perfectly satis
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it i s an
For prices and terms apply to
the (iicat Norlhern, but unknown to
the. people, be-.-n entered into between
ihe I wo',,'reat roads, an I the light, for
lhe(.'na-i Kootenay line lieen allowed
to die suddenly ly inulnalcojtisent?
ll is ri ported on what is considered
reliahle authority that the linn! survey
of the Midway ft Vernon railway will
be completed by July, it is stated
that Jus. Coyle, C. E„ who is under
contract to complete the work by tb it
date, is now in Spokane completing
a1! arrangements for commencing the
woik immediately and rushing it lo
completion, and itis now confidently
expected that the work of construction
will be well under way before many
MINERAL ACT, 1896.    ">
Certificate   of  Improvementa.
Tobokto, No. VGaMm and Bosks. rnac-
TKUtM, MiNUHAi, Claims.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division.of-
Yalo  District.   Whero  located -.-Cainp
-TAKE  NOTICK that  I,  Charles do nttis
faefciry t, Uie Canadian Pacific and J- cQ0Rl«^'i»?,ffi^«
mi Mfodato heroof, to flpp!? to the Minlnjj
toordor fur n CorUfloalo uf Improv
Dr. R. Mathison,
NADEN.-PI.00l>  BLOCK   •   0RBENW00D,
Mineral Act, 1S95.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
All that is necessary to rid a town of
Chinamen is for the residents of the
place to tell tbem they are not wanted.
That is enough. The words have a
magical effect if Ihey come from the
entire population of the place. The
thing can be done quietly. No violence is reipiired, John knows when
his presence is distasteful and docs not
long stay in a place where his absence
wnuld be appreciated by the entire
cninuillliily, But let a few of the Petil
dents of any place pet the Celestial
and express their deepest sympathy
for him, and I.n get him out of a place
is a more difficult task than to subdue
the wily liners in South Africa. Phoe
nix—Oh I enviable town In ibis respect- tnld the Chinamen to go, and,
without cunsideriiig the oide- of tbeir
going, went, never to return. Phoenix
is a (Ihinaless lown, and deserves
praise for iis worthy action that
prompted these demoralizers of lahor
to migrate. Now word comes from
Ailin of n similar occurrence l.o tha1
which took place in Phoenix a few
yeaisagn, imd shnws clearly that an;
town lhat harbors Chliiamen has m
one to blame for the misfortune hut
themselves, The following explain*
itself :
As   an   indication  nf Ihe feelinc
a ig the citizens of Atlin regarding
ihe importation of Jnpkn»se Ittliorert
hy the Atlin Mining conipnny, ol
which It. f), Featheislnnhaiigh is man
ager, the Japanese arrived on Thursday night and left for lhc coast in
Saturday morning.
llatilly a day passed during the laut
two weeks without au indlgmitin
mecliug, and l.lie llual outcome of tin
Unanimity of foiling was ii mceiiuL
Friday, wbi'ii a bundled and lll'l;
miners from the crce|..rs of ilie disir'ct
.inarcliud ilito Atlin, with lhe intention
      "■     "rn,   ,'r.   -, l(OJ,|.0 AND  KlNO Mi.VKlt',1, Cl.AIMH.
Inr Die purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant  _, _    „
uf the nbove claim. ... , Situate In tho Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale Uistrlct.   Wliere Locatod :- Camp
i   ■.      i.iti    jrtti I' i-x      .1
ul tlie above claim.
And fnnhirr take notice Hint action, uiuler
section 'il. must be eoniniciieoil  k-fiire tlie ;
issuance of such CortlnYateof Improvement!)
Hated Ihis Will dn)' of Mnrcli, IIM.
21c 0. DHU. OltKKN;'-
TAKK NOTICE Hint  I, f'bnrle* do Uloi-
Urc.eix. as agent  for Itnheri lt. Ilodloj
free miner'scorlltTcati No. aMSnan. forl'aiii
Johnson, free r<.-..,-' ■ M.-in-- No, til'Kii nnd
Kraut Fletcher, tree, miner. oerliBoalS No
• H.50ji;'.l   nnd   for   Ivter -cott, tree   inlimr'r
 1     iiun-.   i-rin.nirr. live mlircr-   ccililleaie   No
t_     rnPTHnTAMA*™?-!  "»<l   for   Peter Scott, bee   intiiiir'ii
a .   \_s\s_j 11-1V1W1-   fm,,, iho dat, ]m„,n, ,„ „,,„,   ,„ .|19«MJ|)1£g
Requires Many Men.
Few people, who have not actually
run a blast furnace, realize what il
means to fill the capacious maw of one
uf those monsters. A stack of 200 tons
ilaily capacity, running on 50 per cent
ore, must bave delivered to it each day
something more I bun 200 tons of oie,
230t6'800 tons of coke, and over ](X)
Ions of limestone, besides sand, coal
and minor supplies—say DlX) tons raw
materials. Add the 2fW tons of pig
iron product shipped out, ai d we bavp
a daily freight movement nf 1,100 tons,
taking no mile of thc disposition of
the sing, The mining of i|1() ore requires Ihe labor of 150 to 300 men ; the
nml mining, Coke making, quarrying
of limestone and transportation, at
least :«)0 more. The furnace itself employs about 150 or more hands, Start-
intf tip'a furmice of ordinary capacity,
therefore, calls Immediately for the
Inline of neatly a thousand men | for
the uso of at. least a thousand railway
ears and many locomotives ; for per
haps several steamers and vessels on
ihe lakes j for capital, from tbe mines
tn the pig irnn, of from one to two
millions of dollars, and last, hut not
least, for a high order of managing
ability.--Engineering Magazine.
Will Rest In B. C.
MoNTitKAl,, April 3,-Arrangenients
have been Completed for the shipment
of the remains of "Father Pat" Irwin
n Hritish Columbia, and they will
leave on the C, P. It, express In the
morning.   It is stated thai the family
rf the deceased will erect a hospital al
■nine point in li, i, Ish Columbia, proha
iiy New Westminster, as a memorial
if the deceased,
A gnod buckbeard fur sale, En*
quiratifW. II, Wehh.
8, C, \V, [,1'gliutn ICggs for sale, $1,511
per salting or W, Mrs. ('. |{, Pittiw
nitiotl, Hmk.(,reek.
AmmaaA  X*oz-'_w
The Royal Insuiianck Coy.
The London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Insurance Coy. of North
The London and Canadian Fihk
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy or
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser kor the Canada Permanent Loan and Savinos Cot
_      ... ...... ,„...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,„ ,,,,. ,,,,,1,,^
Hocoritor Inr a Cerlilleato of Improvement*.
I for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Oram of
the abovo clninis.
And furlher lake notice Hint nclion. undor
sod Ion :I7, must In- commenced before 1)10 issuance of such cortilicato of improvements.
Ilntcd this I8th dny cf Jnn„ WM,
130 C. dkH. UIIKKiV.
To I). McKny, Ksq., of Koromoos, Hritish Columbia.
Tnko notico that I havo dono on the "Valley
Vlow" mlnernl claim sltunlc on tho West, side
of Korcnioos Creek In tho Osoyoos IH vision of
Ynlo Ulstrict, the work required by soollon 24
of thc Mlnernl Aet for lho two years wliieh expired on Oct, 24,1(100 and Wil respectively, and
havo duly recorded tho eortlOuato of work :
And further Inke notice tlmt If, nt Iho oxtfr-
I imu iif (Ul il<i i.i, t   , I.  .  .1 a . t       11..   . 9 ..
,,',,'' ,"" ':"S "inniM, 1110 nqiico and > em cert   ca c No. 11I20IB. .Inmes I'rlci   iWn
I no. !' A■ .ffi»Ml by t'"1  Mi'""'nl A0* An"""'-' \".im.'ii ».»'«*I*»V» N'"' «&S Md iZl'.  Me.
   A" '■"' !,';"'!• . ™. SIM  '■oillllcnlir So,   BlS,
Certificate   of   Improvements,
. SiLvnr Stab Minkkai. Claim.
Situate tntho Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale District.  Where located : Wellington Camp.
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs*
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. nv, arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY (J„
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. ni.
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. tn„ and making con'
nection with the train going cast at 2 o'clock.
Tho best of accommodation for
the convenience of the
travelling public,
Headquarters for Railroad, ]
Mining and Commercial Men
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop,
TAKK NOTICE tlmt I. . orbm M. Korby. nn
rite \ftt|T,-rV •iiU¥ik- ,">Ti"cn' W'M'
catoNo. mitll. T. A. Hownnl, fruo iiiincrn
Jortlfta.il, Ho. nam, ,„„| chrk Mrliondl, tree
ininerHcorllllKAlaS'n. warn, inliriiil.nlvty ilav«
trom llio dnio horooll,to apply'in thu Miami* Ito-
cordorfor a cwiiitaite ol Improvement* tor llio
abovo80! j 0,ui"'"1' " ,'rmv" Ut'»'i ot tbo
And furilior take notion that aotion. undor
Motion 37, musl bo oommeneod before llio
IsHUanco of uunli curtllloaio of Improvement*.
Hated l.lii»!8lh day of November, IIKII.
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of  Improvements,
,',  .'j;11,'-1 "".Li'wrwinni 11, at 100 OXDl.
atlon of (Kl days from lbe dale of ibo flrnl. nnUI*
,„,,I......, 1!.-......,, 1....... ...-.--.     .       n.
........ _. ......... - it.,,,, >,,„ ut.iu ui liiu iirMi. nun
enllonof tblnnotice tn tho Midway Advan.
you, a en-owner, full lo contribute yonr priipo
tion of llio exponililurc rccpiirod by wild Mon
21 In renpeet of suoh work, nainulv $IIB!.,'iO to-!
I'lrf    ||>|'   u il 11   ., II     t 1...  ..... I.,     ../    ...I • t.i         1       I
Situate In tho Kettle Rlvor Mining Division
of Yale District.    Whore looatod: ln
Wellington Camp.
(•olberwllliall t.hocoBlH of ndverl.Mni*, yetxrATAKK   NOTIOK lhat I Forboa M Kerhv
!!!,lSHL.l!!..™li..l±.er.,lL!;.1;111.'! »"'•» Jwoiimo!  I ..m m-onl for.T. W. klixek.'freo mlnerV
IlinVani, freo mill-
.,..,._...  ...   ......   ,i,,„v...,   _,.,,,,  nm,,,   ituuoniu ,    ■      nt 11KOIH. ior    I,   vv.  NKiok    Tri'i,   ,,
vcBtedln me upon lliim* with lho inlnlin*  re  eertilleale No. littiBI T. A.tinkii'lrel
H.rderofHai.ln.inngdrvKion the nqtleo" and ! er'» eerlilleale No. ixVm  ,)IZ* 1' ™  free
Inr "Mr,,,,,.,,I  1..,   lm......      ,,,J.......  ,!„....,.. ,,-    —,,.... .   ...'J"r   "XX,
Ilotod I IiIh iMt day of January. IIKII.
To J. C. Ileilly, W. It. Ilollly and J. M. .luild,
of l.niiiolr,, WiihIiIiikIuii 1
TAKK notloe tlmt I havo dnno on the Unek
Oreek Mlnorul Olalm, Blltialo on 'tnok
t reek, In lho Osoyonn lllvlslnn of Ynlo Ills,
trlol, tlie wnrk required by Hwitioii itl of the
Mineral Am for ihe yoar wliieh expired ou
A nitwit III, IMI, nnd havo duly recorded tlio
rjorlillealo of work for llilmuid lho two yearn
preeeilhn*,      * .
And further tako nolleo that If al tiio expiration of Ml ilnyH from llm ilnln of I hu llrut iniliU.
ca'loii of tlilB nolleo In Tiik Miijwav Advanck
yon, eo-ownors, fall tn cnnlrlhuto your pronnr-
I on nf tho expenditure reiiiiirnd by said Hen-
tlnii 'II In remind of Htieb work, nnjnolv tiiiVi
louotlinr Willi all thn oiwIh of ndvirrtlnl'ni* you^
InleioBt In Milil inliiernl elnlm nhall hernum
vested In mu upon IIIIiik with lhe iniuiiiK re-
erirdorof wild inlnhiK Jlvlnlon the notloo ntiil
allldiivltrcqiilri'd by the Mineral Aet. Amendment Ael, Wm.
A. MKtlll.WV.
Hated t his III h day of Mnreh, IUO'2,      in,.,,
;-; ;'   ** .    ':'""»"   iruiiiiirrnu: ,,u.   xxxzIHIS
intond, Hlxty days Irom the dale hereof to
amily tothe Mlnftig Heoorder fnr a Cor I float e
oniiiprovenienta, Hir the purpose of obtain lo.
a Crown Ornnt of Ibo ahoi'o olnliiiH.   '""""""*
And furthor tako notloo thnl, aetlnn, under
Miction 87. niiiRt be ooinni ;;l  before   hi
Datod this lmh day of November, A. ll. Will,
,   ■*> KIJUHKS M. KKItBY.
Teaming of all kinds dono at
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre.;k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good  Fishing
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co. •
Tho only all rail route botwoon
till point* Bust, Wost and South
to ItoxNlaml, Nelson and all
intermediate points ; connecting at Spokane with the Oreat
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. It. & N. Co.
Copnect-at Rossland with tho Canadian
Pacino Rallwny for Boundary Crock points.
Conn«ot«at Moyor's Falls with stago dally
■for Ropubllo.
Buffet Service on Passengor Trains between Spokane and Northport,
I-oiivo,        Arrive.
SA™     jf**     7.I.P.H,
W   «ftt.ni.    I.:«i|un.
mm,N    »"Wa.,n.    B.46 p.tn.
**.   A.  JAOKSOW,
Oonoral 1'a-neiiKer Agont,
DIHBCT LINK                    L0WH8T UATB
Oi tiiwa
Now York
Seal tit'
Sun Finiicl**
Via Soo Line
St. Pnul, Chicago untl all Dnilctl SKt*
EAST - Leave   Kootenay   LaiiniW
Tiiewlity mid   Friday   f;»   ™
Paul, Toronto. Montreal, Ho!"1"
WEST-Leavo Revelstoke iln")' '"'
Vaneonver, Seattle and ""
Excumlon Tickets on mile, wenll«""ld
March Ito April:».
ThroiiKh l»ookiii|?a In Ettryl"'
via all Atlantic linen, I'''"
paid HckeU from all poinln'11
lo went, rn ten.
Kor lime lablon, raton anil '«''' .'i!r''' i'^'t'■ "•'
Mil on or nildriM A. »'. IIAIM1'-. **
Mlilwny, nr
,1. H. CAIITKII. ». J- CO"'";
D.I'.A,. A.ll.1'"1^
Nolion, B. O.       Vtuwouver. »• |AL Al-Uinaiim^i.
jjuige, merchant, of West-
ove down to Midway today.
Jonuld and Allan Gillie, of
St.were In Midway on Thurs-
>, McRae, of Greenwood, con*
Line service in Midway yes-
Bhainhers, of the Golden Era,
(to establish a weekly paper at
llurd,   of    Mojave   Desert,
[brother of Mrs.  Dr,  lakes,
»it to Midway last Monday.
lis proffN'Sjiiiig very favorably
liverside mine under Siiperin
loliti-..   It is reported that al.
00 tons of oro ore ready for
P. Murray, for the pant 18
piutor   of the  Presbyterian
,>re, left lasl Thursday fur tbe
Id ufter a short stay tliere will
I his nld home at Nova Scotia.
V. Godemath, who for the
months has been in the easl
■rinK to dispose of small tracts
l>ti the Covert estate, is expect-
eturn to the district in a few
has heen received that Geo.
|em will arrive in Molson from
oi k about the middle of May.
Ilium Intends lo start develop-
irk in the Poland China mine
al place.
-annual meeting of members
jreenwood   Board  of Trade,
2nd insi., G. ft. Naden was
fcil president and VV. G. Gannce
ly,  The members of the conn*
i also re-elected.
I Venner, recently from Vernon,
[tlirough on Saturday on  his
ICatiip McKinney, having heen
ed provincial constable  there
lession to Wm. Brent, who left
eeks since on his return lo
Lfrica,   Venner was a mejnber
.mthcona Horse.
I, P. Murray was called upon
ck lo conduct the funeral ser-
Mrs.  Johii   Chadler,   whose
junk place last Tuesday at ber
car Chesaw.   Deceased was (lii
liiirl, and had been a resident of
p. itii l tor about two years.   She
mourn her loss a husband, a
Chadler, and a duughter,
|Urand Forks Driving Park and
: Association has decided to
er $1,000 iii prizes for lhe big
■et to beheld thereon July 1st
ll. The programme wilt be one
|tie<t ever presented in the inter-
Id already many Inquiries have
received from Butte and other
centres in the west. The new
lile raoe track here will be (om-
I this spring at h cost of $12,001).
Ih McRae, of Princlon, was lu
iiy lust week on bis way lo lioss-
I Mr. lUcHue, together with his
l'r. owns the Olympia ilaini on
rdy mounlain, which Thk An
made mention of last week us
[tieli in platinum, The name of
oP'Tiy has heen changed to the
Dion. McRae Bros, are now on*
j iu sinking a shaft ou the proper-
Inch is down over HI feet. The
phirh was about two feet wide
; surface has widened until tbe
baft shows only one wall. The
: is a diorllic feldspar wilh some
, and carries besides platinum
l gold and copper. How tbe pin-
I incurs it is impossible a» yet to
nt i' appears probable that it is
Med with a magnetic iron, which
Itritniteil in varying quantities
gh the ore.
police pf (Ireenwood were last
U'sclay looking for Ihe pcrpetra^
I a theft which had unusually hus
*■ surroundings.    The  evening
i Dr. Oppenheitner's surgery was
'd whilst that gentleman  was
iding the entertainment given by
■ Phoenix  minstrels,  and  several
(nil instruments abstracted that it
(likely a novice In their use would
I taken.   At the sumo time some
inform and wmie other were also
In from a case, the lock of which
|fi>rre.l to admit of their heing re*
wl.   The theft was discovered he-
midnight, and   thu noliee  were
►'tied of the occurrence.    Next
ling a man going up to the Moth*
("de mine in search of work found
riiinenU, Which had the appear-
' of having been used since they
' taken frnm the possesssion of the
'er, uninjured and carefully placed
i conspicuous position so that the
passer hy could not fail to see
J1"'  The inference is that they were
|en fnr use In an attempt to procure
J1'1 ion,  and   were   placed   win re
Ind so that the owner wonld soon
Jt'of tbeir whcrvutioiils mid recover
l"t.  So far no clue lo the Identity
I""' guilty parly has beeu obtained.
4.10 p. m.
Wed., Krl.
A Sundays
1*1 |i. m;
All Const polnlB
rlrt. ( row's *.',.K| |, j.
Eastern Canada   '   '
Vernon, etc.
Orand Korks
All pis. Kast k South
Rainy MeKhuiuy
, „    Itoek (.'reek
All Wont Kork points
1.80 p. in.
Tiles., Thurs,
& Siitimlriys
8.311 u. ni.
Mall, for points fart tier west of Mid way than
Camp MoKlmiqr Ko via. Ilevelstokc.
Monoy orders from 8 a. m. Ui 7 p. ni. with the
exception nf ow, half hour before departure
and uftor arrival of malls.
Kl). A. HAIN.
The Installation of furnace No. 2 in
the Greenwood smelter is almost com
pleted and will soon bo ready for the
reduction of ore. What will delay
matters some will be thc putting in of
a new crusher at the mine. This is
being done and the delay will be a
matter of only a few days. The No. 2
furnace is a duplicate of thu No, 1. The
latter handles from C£, to -15() tons per
day and when tbe new furnace is in
operation 800 Urns every 21 hours cun
easily he reduced. With the Orand
Forks smelter turning out 1,600 tons
and the Greenwood plant 800 tons per
day the Boundary output during the
present year should be large. The
pyritie smelter will soon he leady for
operation and when this is an accomplished fact thc combined Boundary
smelter capacity will lie something
over 2,500 tons per dny. Fnur furnaces
ure now'in operation at the Granhy
smelter, which brings the cupaojly up
to 1,500 tons daily.
Extra Early Bovce, Rose of
the North, American Wonder,
Early Rose and Pride of Midway.
For first class seed of the
above choice varieties of Potatoes apply to
M idway.
The Vancouver and Boundary
Creek Developing and Mining Company, Limited Liability.
NOTICE is hereby gi veil that forty days ufter (I'l'ell ts Intended to remove the Otflec
or principal plaeo of business of the above
Company from Penticton to Orccn.vtood.
Dated this Ist dny of March, 11908.        18b
Certificate of  Improvements,
Anaconda MinkkaiClaim.
Situate In tho Kcttle River Mining Division
ot Yale District.   Where locatod : At the
mouth of Baker Creek.
T.KK NOTICK that I. . orbes M. Kerby.
froo miner's ceriillenle No. ntOS'.'J, for myself and as aaont for Charles I nnnhon. tree
miner's eertlfleato No. n.mfl.and Win. Itolllj,
free minors' certlflcate No. bUSM- and Ainsley
MOKTatv, (roe miner's eerlilleale Nn. n.«k«a,
liitenil.W dnys (nun the dale horoof, lo ii|>|ily to
the Mining lteeordor for a eertilleale of Ini-
•irovcmenl (or the puniose of olil'iiiilng n
Crown Oram of the abovo claim.
And further tako notice that netion. under
sect inn 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of sueh Ccrtltleate of Improvements.
Haled this Oth day of llocember, W01.
,»v, KOHHKS M. KKItllY.
Oertiflcnte   of  Improvements,
Situate in the Kettle Bivor Mining Division of
Yale District, Whore locatod: Graham s
miners crrtttlino .mi   '»-"■.        .    ,
"vruill/^|\|  imi. OlliriYILIIIO.
J he tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the.Boundary
Ulstrict during 1901, is asunder :
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group ....231,762
Mother Lode  99,548
[:•c •• 47.517
Sunset  800
Winnipeg  ,,040
King Solomon  850
Snowshoe  1,731
No, 7  665
J(;wel •• •       32S
Sundry small shipments     2,500
Total 386,738
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons, and during
the year 1901, to  December 31st, 386,738 tons, making an
aggregate of 484,575 tons.
jf The Central Hotel |
I Uth St., Midway, B. C.
fa m******99999(m
I      . Ttt is , „e. ,_ec.Sto_, heel, __fo_ably
fa   furnished throughout.
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The  ty
fa   most convenient hotel for railway travellers,
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
IL. iVr
\yt&£i£__£- £a£a£_ _£:____: ____\____i£i._tf.____:€t&& -_:__•-_•_£*£
PETERSEN & CO.,   -   Proprietors.
.   .   MIDWAY, B. C.   .   .
Fresh Bread, Cakes and Confectionery
Fruits, eta., always In Stock.
Try our Lunoh Parlors for a good meal.    Meals at all Hours.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
v Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and job work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
attention.   .
. W. H. WEBB, <
Orttnt of Hie aliovo uliilni.
An,l(iirtlnJf lllld untl™ ■*>»- .nclit"! "Ki?,1'
-tlIII -  >»l ".'I'll'""'™™11 Mmv lu "*"'■
K!!f iiiSiVoninrolo ol Improvements.
)»«1«<1 IIiIkMikI tins' of Kol.n.ary, llHtt.
„„ iroitBKS M. rbrby.
oof, to apply W tbo Min-
''iVo.'or.lw tor a CorltnqatQ "1 linjirovo-
Don't Throw Them Away.
1* 's just like tin■tiwinn nwiiy money,
f'» ymi throw awuy Ihu SNOW
JOK TAGS which am on every plug
I p»y Roll Chawing Tobacco. Save
pn und you cun have your .clinic-1 of
" luiiidsntHi! pti'sctitH. Tags are good
'o Jan. 1, 1963. Write for our
|lv Illustrated premium Catalogue.
I"'Kinplre Tohacco On., Ltd. win.
i'"K Bmuch, Winnipeg, Man,
of Ynlo DM riot,
I   of thr iiimvnlm , '"'  ' „ui,i „f tun nml
laUniiilliminn;;;..;,  "'"t'j,( tym*.
MliiriilMliniVltlOII OJ im
folium iw I"'"1;
llioltt Ai't. n**t.
Qmtod Uito 10th
WlUJAM Mhli?.
hytteteek,\tm.   Mrt
T. M. Qulley&Co*
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
t. ax. G'crXaXaETsr ss co.,
Lancashire House,
i 9 O.V..   #   •
The undersigned" having re-opened this well-
• known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated and conifortnbly
furnished   rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Strekt, Midway.
k£_sik:__•^:2i:_^• i=&iSt •_> i_f:_i &__t_!_ AiSfc^'X .
^^»!-Pi5?5? 51?* »•_?■_? ??!_?^ !_P*i_P^
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of      ty
Single ani Mb Brivers |
Saddle and Pack Horses |
Hay and oats for sale.    Bus meets all trains,   iii
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town,   ty
'■____i4b. £a__Ma£a ■<£__:!__ •■£_£_£ 'Sf£i&.£l.&&A&&£fisS
10    ®    @
tiru/c 7 ® ® Tl
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
MIDWAY, - - B- O.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All tho bos. brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
. j       All ine   nosx   uranus   ot *.       pnnAn
anQ        ( Cigars and Tobaccos kept C      uOOUb
i constantly on hand. r
Stationery   ) .   Latest shades and pat- {    BlSCUitS
Seventh  Street, Midway.
- *7(s
MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The most important railway town iri the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing point for  Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers Creek, Palmer Mountain and  other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
.   80 St John Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, B, 0,
The Plain Truth.
All sorts of obstacles art' lieing placed
in the wny nf the construction of the
V. V. k E. railway in its attempt to
get. through lhe Boundary country.
The company has Imiil its trucks up to
thn lines of a certain ranch and are
prevented ft om going further hy an
armed hand of deputy sheriffs.   Thia
does not seem to he the proper spirit
to show on the part of the people of
the Boundary country.   For several
years the resident* of that section, and
particularly of Grand   Forks,   have
been anxious to secure a competing
line so that they might hare the hene
which it would hring.  Twice attempt
to secure a charter for the road was
defeated in parliament, although the
Boundary people sent delegates to the
seat of governiuenl lo assist in securing the charier, who made personal
appeals to the government to grant
Iheir prayers.    The attempts   were
balked, and mainly through the influence of the Canadian Pacitlc railway,
which last year received $100,000 for
Ihe transporlalion of ore and supplies
from nne Boundary company.   Now
that the V. V. k E. is built into the
Boundary and Ib carrying on the extension ot the enterprise wit hout either
n subsidy of money or land it is opposed hy sonic who will he most benefit-
led by its completion and hy the advent of a competing line.
Mr, Hill haa evidently made un tin
wise move, Hid he asked for a suhsidy
from holli the province and the Dominion and half of each of the townsites
which lie passed through he would nol
have been opposed ; on the contrary,
he would have h.id Ihe path of his
builders smoothed, instead of obstruct
ed, and he would have been welcomed
by public oval ions and brass hands,
It would appear from the obstruct ive
tactics that are being lined that, all the
talk and fuss whicli the people of the
Ketlle river valley made to the effect
thalt hey were apparently anxious to
tenure the benefits of railway competition, were mere pretenses and that
Ihey are satisfied to go on foiever paying the present exorbitant, transportation rat es to the C. P, H, They do nol
want cheaper rates for the haulage of
their coke, ore and supplies, and ap
patently, judging from their actions,
are anxious tn be left with only one
railway. If this is what they want no
effort should he made to help Ihem,
We helieve, however, if Mr. Hill
would pull up his survey stakes, infuse
to go on with his railway and leave
Ihem tn presentcouditlons, Ihey would
in a few days be sending delegal ions to
Sl. Paul to Interview him and petition
him to go on wilh his enterprise and
at the same time would promise that
lin more obstructive ladies would be
resorted to. There are many, however,
who helieve that the C, P, It. is at the
bottom of the obstruction and that
this company is behind the Hot Air
line, which Is partially responsible for
the delay which is now heing experienced in the forward operations of
the V. V. & E.—Nelson Miner.
The Midway Pharmacy
We carry a full line of
Drugs, Chemicals, Drug Sundries,
Jlurder at Northport.
A despatch from Northport of last
Monday's date says :    Aliout three
o'clock today Ernest Lutz shot and
killed Thomas Kane and wounded John
Lacasse.  The difficulty occurred on
Onion creek, about eight miles south
west of Northport.   Ernest Lutz and
John Lacasse are neighboring ranchers,
their lands adjoining.   Thomas Kane
is a member of the Hrin of Kane Bros.,
who are running a sawmill on Onion
creek.   John Lacasse, Thomas Kane
and C. Kelly were engaged in survey
ing and staking the line mai king the
boundary between the ranches of Lacasse and Lutz.   While they were thus
engaged  Lutz appeared and ordered
them off his ground, claiming that
they were driving their stakes more
than 200 feet in on his property and
warned them that if they did not leave
he would kill them.   He then went lo
his house and came out with his rifle
and again  informed  them   that  he
would kill them if they did not quit
driving stukes on his land.  They refused to leave, when Lutz commenced
firing, nnd the first shot struck Kane
tn the breast, killing bim instantly.
Another shot struck Lacasse in the
hip,   Lacasse made his way to a nearby camp and Kelly came to Northport
for a physician,
The deceased Thomas Kane wns
four yeara ago a member of the firm of
Kane Bros,, general dealers, at Erie
and Craigtown, About three years
ago they sold their husiness and since
have been engaged in lumbering and
in the' getting out of wood, and this
year had the contract of supplying the
Northport smelter.
School Supplies,  Stationery,
Fishing Tackle.
A. F. THOMAS, Proprietor.
Provincial Land purveyor.
SUlt  Architect and
SB Civil Engineer...
I-Jeal EBtate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
P nil vii-w Townnlto A-p-ut.
,,. mintkiw ,..
r.-iitviKW, ii. r.
Corriwpondnnoo Solicited.
Certlflcate   of   lmproiemenli,|
Rjum- Cash KliAiTiosa Mi-Jimi'""!
Sltuat* In ths Osoyooi "'n'"'W.„|
Yalo   DlilrW.   Where loeaied. cui|
T AKk'S'oTICK thnl wr. .I.i."' MH;«.tne|
I    miner'' mllHr«i» So. »Tm\*
mill   I
t)u ilnif take
Intend, «l«tr  ilv«   '"""  ," ,
lo apply tothoMlnliigllcM-rtlit lor»> «;"j
of Improvement-, fnr thc purlin*'' olesim
» Crown Grunt ol iMi shove rimm.     Ilfc
Ami furlher lnke notice Ihm *■''»■"*
mjctlon 37. mum be commencedMor."
lK.u»i.rcol»urh CiTllllc.tr ol lm!'"'"""!
Ilalvd IhlH-/Isldny af Auitu-i. IW.        f
Uo K. Il BOWS*
Commereial Job Print!
Injured at Eholt.
Peter Pollock, a young man employed at Eholt, hy lhe V. P. It., met with
nn accident on the 3rd Inst, which hat-
resulted in the loss of part of his left
leg. With other men he was engaged
jn loading car wheels, and the last one
was heing put on Ihe car when it slipped and crushed the unfortunate man's
leg against the rail of the track. Dr.
Spankie was sent for nnd he had the
sufferer removed to Oreenwood, where
nn Friday morning he amputated the
Injured litnli lielween thc knee and
HtiKle. Pollock is reported l.o lie getting u'ong np, wi'll as can bc expected.
Riverside  Addition!
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an invest-1
ment in Midway real estate, the information is'
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C c^ McKinneyi B. C


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